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 Whose Divine Hand Was behind the Establishment of the United States of America and our Founding Documents.


“The propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules …”



Please note that the articles and links posted (in general) are noteworthy from the perspective of God and the spiritual divide in society today. Some postings touch on morals, liberty, government, and purpose of government. Others have been added including quotes to contrast a point or position. And on occasion I have added some commentary. The author/webmaster of God the Original Intent does not necessarily endorse or agree with every opinion expressed.


Principles of Freedom inspired by our Founding Fathers -  We are at a critical time in American's history. We as citizens have the responsibility to stand up for the principles of freedom that made our country great. This is inspired by the book, "The 5000 Year Leap" written by Cleon Skousen. -  Link to Website

“The brief exposition of the constitution of the United States, will unfold to young persons the principles of republican government; and it is the sincere desire of the writer that our citizens should early understand that the genuine source of correct republican principles is the Bible, particularly the New Testament or the Christian religion.”

— Noah Webster (1758-1843)  Father of the Dictionary & American Patriot

State Sen. Ernie Chambers Sues God - OMAHA, Neb -- State Sen. Ernie Chambers is suing God. He said on Monday that it is to prove a point about frivolous lawsuits. … The lawsuit accuses God "of making and continuing to make terroristic threats of grave harm to innumerable persons, including constituents of Plaintiff who Plaintiff has the duty to represent." It says God has caused "fearsome floods, egregious earthquakes, horrendous hurricanes, terrifying tornadoes, pestilential plagues, ferocious famines, devastating droughts, genocidal wars, birth defects and the like."

The suit also says God has caused "calamitous catastrophes resulting in the wide-spread death, destruction and terrorization of millions upon millions of the Earth’s inhabitants including innocent babes, infants, children, the aged and infirm without mercy or distinction." Chambers also says God "has manifested neither compassion nor remorse, proclaiming that defendant will laugh" when calamity comes.  Chambers asks for the court to grant him a summary judgment. ...-  Link to Website    

Lawsuit seeks to take 'so help me God' out of inaugural - A number of atheists and non-religious organizations want Barack Obama's inauguration ceremony to leave out all references to God and religion. In a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Washington, the plaintiffs demand that the words “so help me God” not be added to the end of the president's oath of office.

In addition, the lawsuit objects to plans for ministers to deliver an invocation and a benediction in which they may discuss God and religion. ... The new lawsuit says in part, "There can be no purpose for placing 'so help me God' in an oath or sponsoring prayers to God, other than promoting the particular point of view that God exists." ... -  Link to Website    

United States Debt Clock & Unfunded Liabilities - Debt Bondage - Link to Website

United States Debt Clock - Debt Bondage - Link to Website    

"There are two ways to enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.”

— John Adams (1797-1801) Second President of the United States and Patriot

History of Democracy - 4000 years in 90 seconds - Link to Website    

History of Religion - 5000 years in 90 seconds - Link to Website    

History of the Middle East - 5000 years in 90 seconds - Link to Website    

World Clock - Link to Website   

Immigration to the US, 1820-2007 - Link to Website    

Hamas legislators legalizes crucifixion - Both Iran and its Hamas proxy in Gaza have been busy this Christmas week showing Christendom just what they think of it. But no one seems to have noticed.

On Tuesday, Hamas legislators marked the Christmas season by passing a Shari'a criminal code for the Palestinian Authority. Among other things, it legalizes crucifixion. Hamas's endorsement of nailing enemies of Islam to crosses …  -  Link to Website    

Uneducated, Unethical and Unprepared to Lead - If knowledge and understanding of America’s history and founding principles are essential to the preservation of our nation, our nation is in peril. Over the last two decades, studies and surveys have been consistent in their conclusions—we are increasingly becoming a nation of know-nothings.

A recent report entitled “Our Fading Heritage: Americans Fail a Basic Test on Their History and Institutions,” released on November 20, 2008 by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI)  ...Over 71 percent of participants failed the test with an average score of only 49 percent. Of the college educated, 57 percent of those with a bachelor’s degree failed the test. There were also 164 participants that disclosed that they had been elected to government office at least once. Their average score was only 44 percent. Among those who formerly held elected office, 68 percent incorrectly answered the question regarding the definition of the free enterprise system, 89 percent did not know the difference between a free market and central planning (socialism), and 85 percent did not know the source of the phrase “a wall of separation” between church and state. Perhaps these appalling results explain a lot about what is presently wrong with government at every level. …

On November 30th, the Josephson Institute released its report card on the “Ethics of American Youth” and the news is not good. The report, which is based on a survey of attitudes and behavior of 29,760 high school students nationwide, found entrenched habits of dishonesty in today’s young people.  

The report found that overall, 30 percent of America’s high school students—more than one third of the boys and over one fourth of the girls—admitted stealing from a store within the past year. When it comes to lying, 83 percent admitted to lying to their parents and 42 percent admitted to lying to save money, with boys leading the way at 49 percent and girls at 36 percent.

The survey also found that cheating in school is getting worse. Sixty-four percent admit they cheated on a test in the last year and of those, 38 percent admit doing it two or more times. ...Perhaps the most disturbing finding from the survey is that 93 percent of the students said they were satisfied with their personal ethics and character and 77 percent said that “when it comes to doing what is right, I am better than most people I know.”

So what should we conclude from these two reports? For at least four decades, liberal activists have removed the core historical and religious principles that previous generations of Americans were taught in school and replaced them with politically correct dogma that undermines faith, character and patriotism. Consequently, we now have a large majority of high school and college students and adults who can’t pass a straightforward civics and history test and we have rampant corruption throughout government and the private sector. -  Link to Website

“The only foundation for a useful education in a republic is to be aid in religion. Without this there can be no virtue, and without virtue there can be no liberty, and liberty is the object and life of all republican governments. Without religion, I believe that learning does real mischief to the morals and principles of mankind.”

Benjamin Rush (1745-1813) Founding Father& signer of the Declaration of Independence

Incorrupt Bodies of the Saints - Part 1 - Play - Video

Incorrupt Bodies of the Saints - Part 2 - Play - Video

Incorrupt Bodies of the Saints - Part 3 - Play - Video

Incorrupt Bodies of the Saints - Part 4 - Play - Video

Incorrupt Bodies of the Saints - Part 5 - Play - Video

Report: 92 Percent of Americans Believe in God – A study released June 23, 2008, found that 92 percent of Americans believe in God, including about one in five who say they are atheists.

The survey by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion and Public Life is the organization’s second report based on the U.S. Religious Landscape Survey, one of the largest polls ever conducted on Americans’ religious views, with more than 35,000 adults interviewed.The first report, released in February, examined the religious makeup of America. The second report states that 74 percent of Americans believe in heaven and 59 percent believe in hell. And a majority of people also believe that both angels and demons are working in the world, and that miracles occur today as they did in ancient times.  -  Link to Website    Link to Study

Boston Tea Party 2008 - Garrett Lear - One year and four months after the "Boston Tea Party", the "Shot heard around the World" was fired at Lexington Green. On the night of April 18th 1775, Samuel Adams and John Hancock while sleeping at Pastor Jonas Clark's house in Lexington, when Paul Revere arrived bringing news the "British were coming" to arrest them. The British were then heading to Concord to retrieve the cannons and gunpowder the Militia had confiscated a few months before from Fort Mary and William (Portsmouth,NH). -   Link to Video

Court Bible Donation Program - The mission of Retired Judges of America is “to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity through the networking of retired and former judges who are committed to upholding the principles of America’s Organic Laws.*

Supreme Court Justices all sign the Harlan bible donated by Justice John Marshal Harlan in 1906. ….“We believe God wants a bible in every court in this nation, and soon.” “How is we started off saying that the oath of Federal Judges mandate acknowledgement of God. That “So Help Me God” is absolutely essential to the oath. How is it that we can force our Federal Judges, the same Congress that passed that passed the 1st Amendment …  they were aware of the no religious test requirement of Article 6 of the Constitution for office holders. How is it that the two can exist simultaneously, that is the mandatory acknowledgement of God by Federal Judges on the one hand, and the no religious test requirement of Article 6 on the other hand…. acknowledgement of God is not an unconstitutional establishment of religion or a violation of Church and State, rather it is a philosophy of government that goes to the heart of what America is all about.”

“And you, Ezra, according to the wisdom of your God which is in your hand, appoint magistrates and judges who may judge all the people in the province Beyond the River, all such as know the laws of your God; and those who do not know them, you shall teach.” Ezra 7:25 RSV

The concept of “Circuit Judges” comes from “Samuel judged Israel all the days of his life. And he went on a circuit year by year to Bethel, Gilgal, and Mizpah; and he judged Israel in all these places.” Samuel 7:15-16 RSV

“and said to the judges, "Consider what you do, for you judge not for man but for the LORD; he is with you in giving judgment. Now then, let the fear of the LORD be upon you; take heed what you do, for there is no perversion of justice with the LORD our God, or partiality, or taking bribes.” 2 Chronicles 19:6-7 RSV

Retired Judges of America – December 17, 2008 – Play - MP3    Link to Website

Nude Virgin Mary cover prompts Playboy apology - A nude model resembling the Virgin Mary on the cover of the Mexican edition of Playboy magazine, published only days before a major Mexican festival dedicated to the mother of Jesus, prompted the company's U.S. headquarters on Friday to apologize.

The magazine, which hit newsstands on Dec. 1 as ceremonies began leading to Friday's pilgrimage to the Mexico City shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe, showed a model wearing nothing but a white cloth over her head and breasts. She is standing in front of a stained glass window with the cover line, "We Love You, Maria" in Spanish. The model's name is Maria Florencia Onori. The Virgin of Guadalupe, said to have appeared to a sixteenth century Indian peasant, is Mexico's most revered Roman Catholic figure and the annual pilgrimage to the Mexico City basilica dedicated to her is one of the world's largest religious events. -   Link to Audio

Freedom Requires a Conserative Economic Paradigm – Part #4 – December 12, 2008 – Play - MP3

Freedom Requires a Conserative Economic Paradigm – Part #3 – December 11, 2008 – Play - MP3

Freedom Requires a Conserative Economic Paradigm – Part #2 – December 10, 2008 – Play - MP3

Freedom Requires a Conserative Economic Paradigm – Part #1 – December 09, 2008 – Play - MP3

Praying for a Nation at War -  Lt. Col. Oliver North discusses the importance of faith and courage during times of war and encourages listeners to pray for our nation. [Broadcast 12/05/08] -   Link to Audio  

The Patriot Pastor Visits Plymouth MA USA -  Garrett Lear, The Patriot Pastor visits Plymouth MA USA and talks about our Christian Heritage using the Mayflower Compact and other writings. -   Link to Video

Americans are dangerously ignorant of U.S. history - Consider the staggering data: …  Fully 71 percent of Americans flunked a 33-question civic-literacy survey conducted by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. Among 2,508 respondents ISI randomly selected, 1,791 failed this test of U.S. historical, political and economic basics. The average score was just 49 out of 100 -- a solid F. While just 2.6 percent scored B's on this quiz, only 0.8 percent earned A's.  Just 49 percent of rank-and-file Americans can identify the legislature, executive and judiciary as our three branches of government.  Forty percent of college graduates have no idea that corporate profits equal revenues minus expenses. (Thus, congressional demagoguery about "windfall profits" falls on sympathetic ears.) Only 24 percent of college grads realize that the First Amendment forbids the establishment of an official U.S. religion.  Amazingly enough, this sample's 164 self-identified elected officials know even less than laymen. They averaged only 44, as the blind lead the bland. Among officeholders, 30 percent did not know that the Declaration of Independence heralds "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."  - Link to Website

Handshake Man Says He'll Steer Clear Jan. 20 - A confounding and perhaps divinely inspired Inauguration Day tradition is coming to an end: Handshake Man says he can't make it to the celebration Jan. 20. President-elect Barack Obama miss that special greeting experienced by Bill Clinton his second inauguration and George W. Bush at his first: An overcoated, entirely normal-looking man, whose only security clearance is his beatific smile, steps from the crowd after the swearing-in. He offers the new commander in chief a handshake, a medallion and a message from God. ...

He was barred from trying to attend presidential events or entering the Capitol and White House  for five years.  Then last week, Weaver says, he was watching television when another message from God came to him. "The glory of the Lord has departed from the Democratic Party," Weaver says, reading from the message. "You have chosen a secular messiah. . . . You will see the Democrats take America farther down the road to insecurity." Tough words, and Weaver says he's a little uncomfortable delivering them.  ... But a message of God must not be edited, he says. -  Link to  Website

Michigan liberals attack Lansing congregation in the middle of Sunday worship - On Sunday morning, amidst worshiping congregants and following unifying prayers that our President-elect be granted wisdom as he prepares to lead our nation through difficult global, social and economic challenges, the Michigan left declared open war on peaceful church goers.

They did it with banners, chants, blasphemy, by storming the pulpit, by vandalizing the church facility, by potentially defiling the building with lewd, public, sex acts and by intentionally forcing physical confrontations with worshipers. This didn't take place in some dystopian, post modern work of fiction and it didn't take place in San Francisco or Berkley.  This was the scene at a Bible believing church in Lansing, Michigan. -  Link to Text - Link to Website

Atlas of Faiths  - World map of religion by region. - Link to Map

"We Will Be Judged," Says Bishop Aquila - … “When the soul separates from the body and comes before God, we will be judged on how we lived. It’s important to understand the reality of that judgment.” …"An intrinsic evil is anything that is always and at every time wrong -- that can never be seen as a ‘good,’” he noted. He said abortion, contraception, premarital sex, same-sex acts and the taking of innocent human life during war are all intrinsic evils: “No society, and no person if he is Catholic, can ever support an intrinsic evil nor can he or she ever vote for someone who supports intrinsic evil. It is important to understand that, and to understand that truth especially in the upcoming election. "Because, yes, all of us will be judged by how we vote . -  Link to Text

A Nation Abandoned by God (Part 1 of 2) - Pastor John MacArthur - ... But there's this other category of the wrath of abandonment, it is a form of God's wrath in which He lets go of a society and let's it catapult full speed without restraint in the direction of its own sinful desires and devices and choices.  That's the wrath being described here.  This is the cyclical reality of this wrath that has defined human history and will always until Jesus comes.  As Paul said, in all the generations gone by, God permitted the nations to go their own way.  

I don't believe we're waiting for God's wrath in this society.  We haven't had a massive calamity such as the destruction of an entire city, we certainly don't want that to happen, pray that does not happen, but it could happen and God would be just in any calamity that He brought upon us.  We have not entered into eschatological wrath that comes in the end times, we are experiencing, all of us do, consequential wrath of sin.  But this massive concept of the wrath of abandonment I'm convinced is now at work in our society.  We'd like to talk about the fact that America was founded on Christian principles and God was at the center of it, and all of that, whatever it might have been in our founding, it's no longer the way it is and I want to show you how you know that has happened. .... The first thing you look for in a society you're trying to discern whether God has abandoned that society is whether or not that society has gone through a sexual revolution so that illicit sex, adultery, every form of immorality is accepted as normal in that society. And we're there. The second step in the progression …

Link to - Audio Part 1  Link to -  Audio Part 2 -   Link to Text

Somalian rape victim, 13, stoned to death - An Islamist rebel administration in Somalia has had a 13-year-old girl stoned to death for adultery after the child's father reported that she was raped by three men.

Amnesty International said al-Shabab militia, which controls the southern city of Kismayo, arranged for 50 men to stone Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow in front of about 1,000 spectators. A lorry load of stones was brought to the stadium for the killing. Amnesty said Duhulow struggled with her captors and had to be forcibly carried into the stadium. - Link to Website

Hanged for being a Christian in Iran – Eighteen years ago, Rashin Soodmand's father was hanged in Iran for converting to Christianity. Now her brother is in a Mashad jail, and expects to be executed under new religious laws brought in this summer. Alasdair Palmer reports. A month ago, the Iranian parliament voted in favour of a draft bill, entitled "Islamic Penal Code", which would codify the death penalty for any male Iranian who leaves his Islamic faith. Women would get life imprisonment. The majority in favour of the new law was overwhelming: 196 votes for, with just seven against. Imposing the death penalty for changing religion blatantly violates one of the most fundamental of all human rights. -  Link to Website

2008 Election Map - County by County Results - NewsMax - Link to Website

“Barak Obama” and “John McCain” get an unexpected lesson in constitutional government from Founding fathers: George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison - National Heritage Center for Constitutional Studies, Constitution Day 2008 – (added shortly) -

War on God in America - Play - Video

The Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation – A call to Prayer for America - Link to Website

The Movie Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed - Link to Website

Basic Instinct' author writes book about faith - Joe Eszterhas' latest book is a shocker, but not the kind that made him rich and famous. The upcoming release from the man who penned dark thrillers such as Basic Instinct and Jagged Edge tells the story of his spiritual conversion and his newfound devotion to God and family..  ....Link to Website

Peg Luksik: Who Controls Our Children ? (Public Education Dumb Down Kids) - Play - Video

Man Who Was In 'Fast Lane' Of Hollywood And Drugs Finds God, Kidnapped In A  Cave - BEVERLY Born in the highlands of the Andes mountains, he moved to Germany in his late teens, where he married and studied music before relocating to Hollywood and entering the music and film industries -- as well as debauchery. It is not a pretty picture, although it is certainly a familiar one. There were endless girlfriends, there was the pot, cocaine, hallucinogenic drugs, there was the alcohol and dabbling in the occult -- every stylish Sixties thing from Eastern religions to yoga and tarot cards. …. "The Lord conveyed to me that never in the history of humanity has the world been so far away from Him," says Marino. "The state of idolatry has surpassed every single human cycle of the past that might be registered in the history of the sacred Scriptures. Our spiritual bankruptcy is of alarming dimension."

Infused with knowledge from the Lord, Restrepo makes observations on everything from fallen humanity to why the devil and his evil minions attack us. There is power on every page. "The Lord showed me that our present times are worse than Babylon and Sodom and Gomorrah," writes the former musician, now evangelist, who lived the life of Babylon before an experience that puts us in mind of Saul. "Everything has been justified so that we can live totally unattached to the Ten Commandments." - Link to Website

John Taylor Gatto - State Controlled Consciousness - Play - Video

John Taylor Gatto: Schooling is not Education - Part 1 - Play - Video

John Taylor Gatto: Schooling is not Education - Part 2 - Play - Video

John Taylor Gatto: Schooling is not Education - Part 3 - Play - Video

John Taylor Gatto: Schooling is not Education - Part 4 - Play - Video

John Taylor Gatto: Schooling is not Education - Part 5 - Play - Video

The Influence of the Bible on America, Part 1 – Wall Builders – September 15, 2008 – Play - MP3

The Influence of the Bible on America, Part 2 – Wall Builders – September 15, 2008 – Play - MP3

The Influence of the Bible on America, Part 3 – Wall Builders – September 15, 2008 – Play - MP3

The Influence of the Bible on America, Part 4 – Wall Builders – September 15, 2008 – Play - MP3

The Influence of the Bible on America, Part 5 – Wall Builders – September 15, 2008 – Play - MP3

Evolution Cannot Explain Left-Handed Molecules – Miller, in his famous experiment in 1953, showed that individual amino acids (the building blocks of life) could come into existence by chance. But, it's not enough just to have amino acids. The various amino acids that make-up life must link together in a precise sequence, just like the letters in a sentence, to form functioning protein molecules. If they're not in the right sequence the protein molecules won't work. It has never been shown that various amino acids can bind together into a sequence by chance to form protein molecules. Even the simplest cell is made up of many millions of various protein molecules. … -  Link to Website

The Truth (Vertigo) - Play - Video

American History in Black and White, Part 1 – Wall Builders – June 17, 2008 – Play - MP3

American History in Black and White, Part 2 – Wall Builders – June 18, 2008 – Play - MP3

American History in Black and White, Part 3 – Wall Builders – June 19, 2008 – Play - MP3

Movie “The Passion of the Christ” - Creator of film's score 'battled with Satan' – BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – John Debney is used to writing movie scores for comedies like "Liar, Liar" and "Bruce Almighty," but he admits that composing the score for Mel Gibson’s powerful movie "The Passion of the Christ" was the most difficult assignment of his life. For it turned out to be a battle between good and evil that he had never experienced before in some 20 years in Hollywood. "I don't think I will ever be given the opportunity to write again for a movie as powerful as this one," he said during a recent media interview in Beverly Hills.

"I was stretched every which way but loose," Debney said. "I was stretched by Mel Gibson. I was stretched by the Guy Upstairs and also I was stretched by the guy downstairs. What it did was completely strengthen my faith and I have realized something very interesting. I had never before subscribed to the idea that maybe Satan is a real person, but I can attest that he was in my room a lot and I know that he hit everyone on this production." Debney said that the battle he felt with Satan as he wrote the music became "really personal between us." - Link to Website

Mikhail Gorbachev admits he is a Christian - Mikhail Gorbachev, the last Communist leader of the Soviet Union, has acknowledged his Christian faith for the first time, paying a surprise visit to pray at the tomb of St Francis of Assisi.  …Ronald Reagan, the former United States president, allegedly told his close aides on a number of occasions that he felt his opponent during the Cold War was a "closet believer".

Mr Reagan held deep religious convictions himself. However, until now Mr Gorbachev has allowed himself to express only pantheistic views, saying in one interview "nature is my god".  Link to Website

Raised From The Dead - Is it a medical mystery or a miracle? A South Florida man pronounced dead from a massive heart attack and then brought back to life. His doctor says the man was raised from the dead by a simple prayer. Seven's Louis Aguirre has the story. -  Link to Website

Space Euphoria- Do Our Brains Change When We Travel in Outer Soace? - In February, 1971, Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell experienced the little understood phenomenon sometimes called the “Overview Effect”. He describes being completely engulfed by a profound sense of universal connectedness. Without warning, he says, a feeing of bliss, timelessness, and connectedness began to overwhelm him. He describes becoming instantly and profoundly aware that each of his constituent atoms were connected to the fragile planet he saw in the window and to every other atom in the Universe. He described experiencing an intense awareness that Earth, with its humans, other animal species, and systems were all one synergistic whole. He says the feeling that rushed over him was a sense of interconnected euphoria. He was not the first—nor the last—to experience this strange “cosmic connection”. Link to Website

Collins: Why this scientist believes in God - I am a scientist and a believer, and I find no conflict between those world views. As the director of the Human Genome Project, I have led a consortium of scientists to read out the 3.1 billion letters of the human genome, our own DNA instruction book. As a believer, I see DNA, the information molecule of all living things, as God's language, and the elegance and complexity of our own bodies and the rest of nature as a reflection of God's plan.  Link to Website

Christian Coaches Face Off for Super Bowl XLI - For many people, football is religion. Superstar players are deified, weekly games are strictly observed, and everyone—devoted fan or not—watches the Super Bowl. But for Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith, football has not taken God's place. The head coaches of the AFC champion Indianapolis Colts and the NFC champion Chicago Bears, who will lead their teams in Super Bowl XLI on Sunday, have a lot in common. As has been well documented, they share the distinction of being the first black head coaches in the Super Bowl. They are close friends, having coached together with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for five years. They are also Christians.

"God is the center of my life," Smith told the media during a Super Bowl press conference earlier this week. "It controls all that I do. I hope I don't have to spend my time telling my players I'm a Christian. I hope they see it in my life every day." Smith and Dungy are not just Christians when the spotlight shines on them. Their day-to-day coaching styles and set of priorities stand out among a league of coaches obsessed with winning at all costs. Link to Website

Handshake Man gets probation - The Rev. Rich Weaver of Sacramento, known in Washington for his uncanny -- divinely inspired? -- ability to penetrate security and greet presidents, pleaded guilty Thursday to a misdemeanor charge of unlawful entry. For the next five years, while on unsupervised probation, he may not attend presidential or congressional events or set foot on the grounds of the Capitol or White House.

"I feel with all my heart that God had given me a mandate to give a message to President Bush, which I did," Weaver told The Post's David Montgomery after his sentencing in D.C. Superior Court. "I didn't feel I was guilty before God, but . . . I admitted guilt under man's laws."

The charge dated from two years ago, when Weaver attended the National Prayer Breakfast in the Hilton Washington without a ticket and slipped Bush a message that America must repent or face severe casualties in Iraq. But the Secret Service didn't lodge the charge until last month, several days before Bush's second inauguration. Weaver, 59, who had a ticket to the inauguration, was unaware he was wanted when a Capitol Police officer spotted him at a security checkpoint.

In his nondenominational ministry, Weaver said under oath, he has met six presidents on 14 occasions, usually chatting with them about Jesus. He has done the same with numerous senators and professional athletes. Link to Website

The Handshake Men - Unless your profession involves Presidential security then chances are you have neither heard of Richard C. Weaver or known how and why he earned the nickname, “Handshake Man”. Wikipedia explains:

Richard C. Weaver is a mysterious Californian man known by the nickname Handshake Man. Weaver has earned notoriety for the way he is frequently able to bypass the US Secret Service and shake the hand of the American President. Weaver has allegedly been able to personally shake hands with every US President since Jimmy Carter, in some cases even multiple times on different occasions. Not much is known about Weaver other than the fact that he is apparently a strong, possibly fundamentalist Christian of some sort. He is a self-proclaimed minister of a non-denominational church in Sacramento. His handshakes are often used as a way of passing "notes from God" to the presidents. According to his site, Richard C. Weaver is a born-again christian who...believes that God has directly spoke to him and calls him a "modern day prophet." On February 6, 2003 Weaver attended the National Prayer Breakfast meeting and was able to hand Bush an eight page typed letter about Iraq "from God." - Link to Website

A NOTE AFTER THE PASSING OF PRESIDENT'S DAY - Providence: God, conceived of as guiding men as a race and as individuals to ends he has in view for them or as preserving individuals from danger through his prescience, loving care, or intervention.. … Is some supernatural agency in charge of history? …. President Abraham Lincoln had several visionary experiences. After learning that he’d been elected president, Lincoln twice saw a deathly image of himself in a mirror. It was an hallucination and a premonition that the presidency would spell his doom. …. There is an old idea that has been set aside today. It is the idea that all things are foreordained, that there is a divine plan. Perhaps we have been wrong to set this idea aside and forget the wisdom of our ancestors. ...

In closing, I will outrage the skeptics further by mentioning a dream I experienced 23 years ago. In the dream I saw the future presidents of the United States. Their portraits were lined side by side from left to right. The first in order was Ronald Reagan who had just been elected. The second was George H. W. Bush. The next two faces I did not recognize. An old man was present in the dream and I turned to him. “Where are the others?” I asked, wanting to see the rest of the future presidents. “There are no others,” he replied. “After these the Republic ends.” - Link to Website