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“The propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules …”



Please note that the articles and links posted (in general) are noteworthy from the perspective of God and the spiritual divide in society today. Some postings touch on morals, liberty, government, and purpose of government. Others have been added including quotes to contrast a point or position. And on occasion I have added some commentary. The author/webmaster of God the Original Intent does not necessarily endorse or agree with every opinion expressed..


Welcome to the ongoing war between good and evil in the United States of America (and the world). Between those who choose to follow God's Laws and Commandments and the country's Constitution, and those who are at war with God. The year of 2019 is off to one hell of a start with one battle after another. Articles and links below …..

“Welcome to a world where truth no longer matters to an ever increasing number of the population.”

The Great Divide

Venzeula’s Guaido Takes To The Streets In Military Uprising - Spirit Daily - Mysterious it seemed thirty years ago when, during an interview in Caracas (see The Bridge to Heaven), mystic Maria Esperanza, whose apparition site was formally approved by the Church, said about her own homeland of Venezuela: “It will start here.”

We have revisited that apparently prophetic utterance several times because the situation has consistently escalated in her homeland and each time we do, what she was referring seems clearer. The headline today:. .  - Link to Website

Maria Esperanza and Betania Venezuela. - I don't know how many of you have heard of Maria or of Betania. Maria Esperanza died recently, but she had many alleged visions and made many prophecies. She claimed visitations by the Virgin Mary at her farm in Betania Venezuela. The local bishop of that area gave 'approval' of the visitations. Rome usually allows the decision of the local bishop to stand.

I was able to visit the farm back in 1994. I had a rather interesting experience. I didn't see anything like I saw in Medjugorje, but during one spanish spoken mass I was able to listen to the mass in Spanish and I understood it all. I don't speak Spanish.

Maria Esperanza claimed that Mary told her that the next big conflict would 'start here' - as in Venezuela. Maria Esperanza also claimed Mary told her about a serious conflict arising out of Asia. .  - Link to Website

… The holy card above, a viewer informs us, “is 129 years old. It’s imagery is based on approved prophecies given to seer Marie Julie Jahenny. Notre Dame engulfed in flames behind Jesus. … -  said Saint Marie-Julie Jahenny (December 8, 1874). “The chastisements will begin with Paris.”.  - Link to Website

“Marie-Julie correctly announced beforehand the French would lose their colony of Algeria to the Arabs and the priests of that country would suffer horrible trials.  She also foresaw World War I and World War II.  Our Lord promised she would live to see the beginning of the chastisements, and she lived to see World War II.”

TURNING AMERICA INTO A S***HOLE - By Jesse Lee Peterson -  White people are under attack in this country like never before. Whites are the only people who, as a whole, are creating and not destroying, who believe in our American freedoms and don’t vote them away. Whites are the ones standing in the way of socialism and the insanity of the left. Weak people have taken control of most of the government, media and “educational” institutions, to slander good and uplift evil. Fake media, Democrats, RINO Republicans and Never Trumpers pretend to care about so-called “people of color,” women and other false victim groups, while attacking decent whites.

The children of the lie hate God, men, Christians and whites. They want to kill the unborn child. They push false “love” and “tolerance” for homosexuals and transgenders, preventing them from overcoming their issues. They support illegal aliens destroying their souls and their children by abandoning their countries to invade ours. Democrats tempt and corrupt people by offering free stuff, robbing them of the ability to build their own character, independence and life. It’s all for “power” and wealth – to advance their egotistical ideology. They weaken and replace men, whites and Christians. Then they seduce and corrupt women and children.” ….  - Link to Website

Deadly germs, Lost cures: A Mysterious Infection, Spanning the Globe in a Climate of Secrecy -  By MATT RICHTEL and ANDREW JACOBS - … Recently C. auris reached New York , New Jersey and Illinois, leading the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to add it to a list of germs deemed “urgent threats.” ….  - Link to Website

Why Christians are losing their country -  By Jesse Lee Peterson - America is a Christian nation, but that fact has been under attack by the children of the lie. The left has pushed immorality to the point we have so-called “same-sex marriage” and “transgender” nonsense trampling the rights of Christians. “People of color” and “women” join the attack on freedom of speech and our rights to self-defense. Good people are accused of “hate speech,” punished for telling the truth in public – or even in private!….  - Link to Website

We Are Slaves To The Children Of The Lie -  By Jesse Lee Peterson - Have you noticed that Americans are not free? The children of Satan rule over us. We don’t have the freedom of speech any longer, no freedom of religion. We’ve been thrown into the lion’s den – and it’s because “good” people have fear.

The left has worked hard to silence the truth, and the right has complied, giving in to fear and intimidation. We have to be careful what we say – we can’t be too harsh, too honest or grow too popular. The children of the lie intimidate and deceive the people with oppressive political correctness. Their phony “love” is really a love of evil – a false emotional love that comes from their father the devil. Their wickedness and our fear brought about the anger and division we see today – a second civil war in America. But it’s a spiritual war of good versus evil, fought around the world.. ….  - Link to Website

George Washington University students vote to remove 'offensive' mascot -  Garcia

George Washington University students voted to replace their mascot, George the Colonial, which had been criticized by many as being "offensive" to some students.

According to Campus Reform, 54 percent of the GW students who voted in their student elections supported removal of the mascot. ….  - Link to Website

Satan’s Attempt To Stop Abortion Movie -  … The writers and co-directors of the upcoming film “Unplanned” have spoken of how they prepared for a “spiritual battle” to make the pro-life film in the hopes that it will change hearts and minds through it groundbreaking depiction of the abortion process.

“We, from the beginning, knew that it would be spiritual battle, spiritual warfare. It was prophesied over us that this is not a normal movie,” co-director Cary Solomon told CNA in an interview following a screening for press on March 18. “We’ve had probably 15 accidents where people or family members of people who worked on the movie, were in a car crash, […] and the person would just walk away,” said Solomon. “They’ve all been crazy violent,”  he explained. One person survived a bike accident that destroyed her helmet, and a producer’s car was split in half after being t-boned.  - Link to Website

Teaching God's Providence in History -  In a recent church service, my pastor referred to a quotation in which Abraham Lincoln was called "one of the greatest theologians of America." At first I was taken back by this statement. Over the decades, Lincoln's fame has won him many accolades, but "theologian" was not one I had heard before, not one I would have given to him.

My pastor continued, "Lincoln did not earn this title because he produced some system of doctrine or defended a particular denomination's teaching, but because he saw the hand of God immediately in the affairs of nations." Now this meaning of "theologian" made sense. From what I had studied about Lincoln (although I do not know if he was saved), he constantly referred to God's providential leading and control in history. This illustration prompted me to think about the teaching of history. Would that every teacher of history be such a "theologian," constantly settling before his students the great truth of God's providence in history.

"History, when rightly written, is but a record of providence; and he who would read history rightly, must read it with his eyes constantly fixed on the hand of God." This statement of a nineteenth-century historian sums up the responsibility of the Christian teacher of history, for "he who would teach history (or any subject matter) rightly, must teach it with his eyes constantly fixed on the hand of God."   - Link to Website

God: Missing in Action from American History -  American history today has become a dreary academic subject. Yet, most who are bored by American history view Bible history quite differently: they love the stories of David and Goliath, Daniel and the lion’s den, and Peter walking on the water. So it’s not that people don’t enjoy history, it’s just that they don’t respond favorably to the way American history is currently being taught.

One reason Bible history is interesting and American history is not is that the Bible (as well as American education during its first three centuries) utilizes biographical history – that is, it presents history through the eyes and life experiences of those involved (i.e., the biographies) rather than through the recitation of a string of dates and places. It is the difference between reading the stories in Guideposts and the numbers in a phone book.  - Link to Website

Our Lady of Fatima at the White House – By Michael J Matt - At a time when raw evil is consuming the world, I have no doubt that Donald Trump's efforts to keep God in the picture is the main reason his enemies hate him so. Of course, he's not Catholic but his innate desire to use his office to remind the world about God certainly is not not Catholic.

We distinguish, of course, between sound theology (which Trump obviously lacks) and the President's basic, almost childlike, attempt to remind a nation hellbent on destruction that God exists and that our nation must acknowledge Him and the power of prayer.   - Link to Website

Levels Of Spiritual Warfare - Father Ripperger- Link to Video

Combating the Demonic Religion of Socialism - The Providence Foundation - Recent polls indicate that 40 percent of Americans now prefer socialism to capitalism, and well over 50% of millennials favor socialism.

This is quite astounding considering overwhelming evidence exists that shows socialism does not work. It does not work today (not in Venezuela, nor communist nations, nor Greece, etc.), nor has It ever worked in the myriads of times it has been tried throughout history, from ancient times through the dark ages, to the Pilgrims' brief trial with socialism, to the many examples in the 20th century.

Many of those who favor socialism call themselves Christians. Why do so many people embrace this destructive and unbiblical idea? One primary reason is that our schools and colleges have been teaching this for decades, and most churches never address the issue, considering it not to be spiritual. But it is a spiritual matter. In fact, socialism is a religion, one that believes man is the ultimate authority on earth and the source of law, truth, and morality.

Does the Bible address socialism? Did the New Testament church practice socialism in Jerusalem? Does the Bible speak to the important issue of private property? Link to Video

Is there such a thing as “perfect possession” - that is, someone who is so evil that one cannot distinguish between the person and the controlling spirit? …

‘Perfect possession’ describes a state in which a person not only freely invites a demon to possess him, but also cooperates, with full consent of the mind and will, in the demons malicious desire to destroy God’s Kingdom and children. Some think that this type of human malevolence is not possible, but they are solely mistaken. Of this frightening phenomenon, Malachi Martin writes: As the term applies, a victim of perfect possession is absolutely controlled by evil and gives no outward indication, no hint whatsoever, of the demonic residing within. He or she will not cringe, as others who are possessed will, at the sight of religious symbols as a crucifix or a Rosary. “…. promotion of the Kingdom of Darkness as ours are in promoting the Kingdom of Light.”- Link to Website

House Democrats want to remove God reference from committee witness oath - ‘They really have become the party of Karl Marx  – By Aaron Coen - The House Committee on Natural Resources, chaired by Democratic Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva, plans to remove the phrase “so help you God" from the oath, according to a draft of rules changes …

The proposed change was not the first time Democrats have sought to strike references to God in official party documents. In 2012, the floor of the Democratic National Convention erupted over a sudden move to restore to the platform a reference to God and recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital -- after heavy criticism from Republicans for initially omitting them. Democrats, though, were hardly in agreement over the reversal.

A large and loud group of delegates shouted "no" as the convention chairman (then-Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa) called for the vote. Villaraigosa had to call for the vote three times before ruling that the "ayes" had it. Many in the crowd booed after he determined the language would be restored. - Link to Website

Recent Spate of Biblical Plagues Has Experts Wondering If More Are On The Way – By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz - A recent wave of four Biblical plagues has many wondering if the remaining six are about to strike since, according to Jewish tradition, all of the plagues that struck Egypt will reappear before the final redemption. - Link to Website

Civilization in Crisis: Our Lady, Cloistered Nuns and Prayer – A Solution - Link to Website

As future Pope Karol Wojtyla prophesied when visiting the United States in 1976, We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has ever experienced. I do not think that the wide circle of the American Society, or the whole wide circle of the Christian Community realize this fully. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-church, between the gospel and the anti-gospel, between Christ and the Antichrist. The confrontation lies within the plans of Divine Providence. It is, therefore, in God's Plan, and it must be a trial which the Church must take up, and face courageously.” He said this when delivering a bicentennial address at the Eucharistic Congress in Philadelphia. If I take a tally of early 2019, it’s clear to me that Pope Saint John Paul II was quite the prophesier. …

When Pope John Paul talked about the anti-Church, the anti-Gospel and the anti-Christ forty-two years ago, I wonder if my sober assessment below is somehow symptomatic of the confrontation he predicted.

    The essence of America is fading like the paint on a Kansas barn. We dismember unborn children by the thousands and throw their body parts on a metal slab. And that’s on a Monday. Families, the foundational mirror of the Holy Trinity, are disintegrating like soapstone in the rain. No longer relevant says the collective elite, just an unwanted legacy of patriarchal abuse. Same sex marriage, an immoral union of uncomplimentary disordered mindsets, is applauded and pushed as if a liberating drug.

    Christian persecution is untethered, a chisel to God as Truth, brazen mudslinging at the Supreme Good. Gender fluidity has crept into the public consciousness as if an ear maggot whispered the destructive premise into a compliant brain, but it’s based on a lie. Cultural demise is pandemic, but the progressives are blinded by both relativism and modernism and see nothing. Islamic terror and domination are not fiction; read the Koran and recognize its global creep. Russia and China, our great power competitors, see God as a poker chip in a winner-take-all card game. The politics of the day is shrill vitriol directed at those who disagree, civility a rarity. And on and on…

As Archbishop Fulton Sheen said in 1958, “Very few people believe in the devil these days, which suits the devil very well. He is always helping to circulate the news of his own death.” I believe said devil is quite real and the main architect of the global conflict between good and bad, right and wrong.

Lucifer, the enemy, and his surrogates (many of whom are unwitting) are orchestrating a siege of civilization and Catholicism is his greatest threat. …

Photos: Women’s March Protesters Call For Trump to ‘Drop Dead,’ His Children to Be Caged - Link to Website

"Political language ... is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind."

— George Orwell [Eric Arthur Blair] (1903-1950) The British novelist & essayist

Battle over Virgin Mary painting at a trailer park goes to a higher authority — the attorneys - Link to Website

A cross appears on the floor of the U.S. Capitol Rotunda - Link to Website

Rare sapphires discovered in Israel

Gem found in mountains has sparked end times discussion - Link to Website

… “These stones could have been discovered ten years ago, or 100,” he emphasized. “The Rebbe told us to begin when he did because he knew the Moshiach (Messiah) was coming and that was when these stones were to be brought to light.”

The devil is using the Democratic Party to destroy America - By Larry Tomczak - Link to Website

21 areas reveal Democratic Party positions

1. Radical redistribution of wealth;

2. Aggressive climate change initiatives;

3. Complete takeover of health care by federal government plus inclusion of all illegal immigrants;

4. Open immigration policy with full acceptance of all children and relatives; no border walls, entrance requirements, E-verify or penalties for those refusing deportation; disregarding the rule of law and full support for “sanctuary cities”; neglecting national security and allowing George Soros funded anarchy to “crash” our immigration system;

5. Government control over corporate profits;

6. Progressive taxes on the upper middle class and above;

7. Legalization of recreational marijuana;

8. Implementation of comprehensive LGBTQ agenda – including indoctrination of children in schools, transgender initiatives, gender reassignment surgery and removal of any “sexual discrimination” in the workplace and schools, disregarding conscience objections;

9. Taxpayer-financed abortion-on-demand until birth with full-funding of Planned Parenthood;

10. Major defense spending cuts with money redistributed to entitlements;

11. Comprehensive gun control;

12. Liberal, not originalist, judges on the Supreme Court and federal courts;

13. Alignment and support for radical feminist agenda and marches;

14. Increased censorship of “hateful” conservative thought on social media;

15. Liberalized voting standards to include fraudulent practices and everyone the party deems as “disenfranchised”;

16. Partnership with Palestinians;

17. Alignment with United Nations and European Union transnationalism initiatives promoting “One World” globalism, rather than nationalism with international cooperation;

18. Euthanasia/physician-assisted suicide;

19. Taxpayer-funded child-care and college tuition;

20. Elimination of the Electoral College; and

21. Re-establishing the Iranian “nuclear deal” alongside increased protection for Islamic “rights” in America and abroad at the expense of Israel’s safety.

… The brutal reality is that the Democratic Party is not the one of even a generation ago. It has become radicalized; hostile to biblical values and religious freedoms; disrespectful to individuals and institutions; unashamed in using profanities and employing intimidation in the media and public square; increasingly irrational, lawless, dishonest, hypocritical, corrupt and mean-spirited (remember the Brett Kavanaugh hearing?); and finally, flippant in dismissing “due process” and our two foundational societal pillars of the sanctity of human life alongside the sanctity of man-woman marriage. …

“From my numerous observations, our Liberals are never capable of letting anyone else have a conviction of his own without at once meeting their opponent with abuse or even something worse.”

— Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky (1821-1881) Novelist & Journalist

DOJ expert: Dems strategize to take control of elections nationwide - Link to Website

Earth’s magnetic field is acting up and geologists don’t know why - Erratic motion of north magnetic pole forces experts to update model that aids global navigation. - Link to Website

Why Christians are persecuted - by David Kupelian - Today, sincere followers of Jesus Christ are under attack everywhere, not only in lands dominated by religions and governments hostile to Christianity, but increasingly in those parts of the world historically home to, and founded by, Christians.

Think of it. The most transcendent way of life a man or woman can embrace on this earth – one that commands not only that you love God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself, but that you “love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you” – is cursed, hated and persecuted. …

And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. – John 1:5 —   Link to Website

Wallbuilders Profamily Legislators Conference with Hans Von Spakovsky - Link to Audio1 -  Link to Audio2

Must listen ……………….………

“ Do you all recall in 2008, Norm Coleman was the incumbent Republican senator in Minnesota?

On election day, he was declared the winner by about 700 votes out of 2.9 million cast. However, Al Franken, the losing candidate got a lawyer, a guy named Mark Elias. Have you heard that name recently? That’s who they’ve hired in Florida.

After eight months of litigation, Al Franken was declared the winner by a little under 300 votes. Why did that affect every one of you in this room? Well, because Al Franken was the 60th vote that passed Obamacare. There were all kinds of issues in that race. I wrote about in the book that John Fund and I wrote; but, I’ll just tell you this. We know that–remember, margin of less than 300 votes.

After the election, a conservative grassroots group in Minnesota went and got a hold of the voter-registration list and the state-corrections-department list. They found 1200 felons who had voted illegally in that election, four times the margin of victory. So, there’s some fraud that, like I said, affected everyone in this room. …

In 2012, the Pew Foundation, which as you all know is not exactly a conservative organization, did a study. Liberals have been trying to deny this study exists ever since.  What they found in looking at Americans’ voter-registration system was that there were 2.8 million people registered in more than one state, 1.8 million people who are dead who are still registered, and 24 million voter registrations with significant problems. Now, what does that mean? Well, I’ll tell you about another study that I’m sure you all have never heard about, because because the media has kind of ignored it. But, in Florida, there is a non-profit organization, a great organization, called the Government Accountability Institute; it’s run by a guy named Peter Schweizer.

Does that sounds familiar? Peter Schweizer wrote a book called Clinton Cash, a big New York Times best seller. Here’s what what his organization did.

They went and they managed to get the voter-registration lists from 21 states. Now, these are mostly smaller states and represented only about 17 percent of the registered voters in the country. Then they hired a big, data software firm to supplement the voter- registration information.

So, for example, in states that don’t require a social security number, they got the full social security numbers of these registered voters, based on their names and their birth dates and where they live. Then they did a comparison. They were comparing by first name, last name, birth date, and full social security number, which means that getting false positives is just about nil.

Estimated 45,000 Voting Illegally in More than One State

Well, what did they find in the 2016 election when Donald Trump won? In those 21 states, they found 8500 people who voted illegally in more than one state. Twenty-two hundred of those illegal voters who voted in more than one state were in the state of Florida.

Twenty-two hundred votes, that’s four times the margin of victory of George Bush in 2000. Now, they said that–oh, by the way, I don’t know if it says something about people who are married; but, 200 couples voted together illegally in more than one state. They said that if, based on the algorithm they were using, that if you extended this to all 50 states, their estimate was there were probably at least 45,000 individuals who voted in more than one state illegally in the 2016 election.

By the way, they found 15,000 voters registered at UPS stores, post offices, basketball courts, parks, gas stations, vacant lots, warehouses and office buildings. Now, how many of those are legitimate voters? I don’t know; but, if somebody is registered at a vacant lot, that’s a problem.

Presidential Commission on Election Integrity

In 2014–so, how big of a problem is  this? We don’t know. The President, as you all know, last year appointed a presidential commission on election integrity; I was actually appointed to be a member of it.

It was dissolved after only having two meetings for two reasons. Every left-wing organization you can imagine filed a lawsuit to keep this commission from working, doing its work. There were a dozen federal lawsuits filed, making all kinds of nutty claims about it to keep it from working.

And, about 40 percent of the states, more than a third, said, “We’re not giving you any information.” We had asked for state voter-registration lists and state voter histories, so we could do things like what the Government Accountability Institute did: compare different states and find out how many people are voting in different states. About a third of the states said, “We’re not giving you this information; you have to sue us if you want it; because, you’re going to use this to suppress votes, which I don’t get.”

Listen; if what the left says is correct and there’s no voter fraud, why would they be against us researching this and trying to find out what the extent of the problem is? Which tells you a lot about what was going on with that. But, because the commission couldn’t get it to work on it,  it couldn’t get the data it needed, and the staff were spending all their time trying to answer these dozen lawsuits, the President  dissolved the commission, unfortunately.

So, how big is the problem? Look. We don’t know. …

6.4 Percent of Noncitizens in the U. S. voted in the 2008 election

Let me tell you about a study that was done in 2014. It gives you an idea of the potential problem.

Three professors from Old Dominion University and George Mason University in Virginia where I live, took a look at this election survey that’s done by a number of universities. And they survey literally tens of thousands of voters after elections. Based on that and answers to that survey question, they estimated that 6.4 percent of the noncitizens who are in the United States voted in the 2008 election, 6.4 percent. Was that significant

Well, if 6.4 percent of the noncitizens who are in North Carolina voted in that election, then that may have thrown the state to Barack Obama who won North Carolina by only 14,000 votes. They also pointed out that if 6.4 percent of the noncitizens in Minnesota voted, that would have thrown the vote to Al Franken.

Oh, by the way, their study was a was relentlessly attacked, and I think those professors have become pariahs in the academic community, which as you know, is very liberal. We started a database at Heritage about three years ago, because I was tired of getting calls from reporters saying, “There is no voter fraud in the country. Why do you keep talking about it?”

More than 1200 Voter-Fraud Cases Around the Country

So, we started collecting stories about voter fraud convictions from around the country. This is really difficult to do; because, there’s no central database. A lot of times these cases aren’t even reported.

Sometimes they’re reported in local newspapers. It’s a lot of trouble to get this. But, we are already up to 1200 cases, and we’re really conservative.

We don’t put in any cases where people claim they think something happened. We only put in cases where somebody has been convicted in a court of law in a criminal prosecution for committing fraud in an election, or a judge has ordered a new election because of fraud. So, we’re up to 1200 cases from all around the country.

We’re working on 30 more that we’re about to put in. And, about two weeks ago we sent an inquiry to the attorney general of Texas saying, “Can you send us whatever information you have on election-fraud cases in Texas?” He sent us a list of 427 election-fraud offenses they’ve prosecuted since 2004.

Just two weeks ago in Texas, they charged and criminally indicted four Texans for what they call “a vote-harvesting scheme.” What these women were doing was forging the signatures on absentee ballot forms for voters, sending them in to election officials, and then when the ballots came in, they either fill out the ballots themselves and force the voter to sign it, or they just filled it out forged the signature again and sent it in.

For arrests, dozens of felony counts; and, guess who paid for the funds that paid for these four ladies? The former executive director of the Tarrant County Democratic Party.

19 Noncitizens Indicted in North Carolina & Buying Votes

By the way, also just a month ago, 19 noncitizens were indicted in North Carolina by the U.S. Attorney. That’s the first indictments like that in 10 years; because, the Obama administration had no interest in prosecuting election fraud. Nineteen noncitizens were registering and voting illegally in multiple elections.

Just last week three folks were indicted in Hoboken, New Jersey, particularly a guy who was a local powerbroker, run for city council mayor, for paying voters for their vote. The going rate was fifty dollars. Obviously, the guy is well-off.

I can cite you cases like this all over the country, all cases that could make a difference in a close election. I don’t want to go through all this, because there’s so much of it. But, I’ll give you one more example of this.

I’m on the board of a great conservative organization called the Public Interest Legal Foundation. If you guys watch Fox news, you’ve probably seen our General Counsel on there; his name’s J. Christian Adams.

A couple of years ago, he went to every county in the state of Virginia where I lived. And, we said, “We would like to see the voter registration forms,” which you are entitled to under federal law, “of every person who contacted your office and said, ‘Oops, I’m a noncitizen; you need to take me off the voter rolls.’” Okay?

So, this isn’t election officials discovering that a noncitizen–but, these are noncitizens who contacted and said, “You need to take me off.” You know what it usually is, it’s usually legal noncitizen who’s decided to apply for citizenship and it’s trying to clean up their record. We got information on 5500 noncitizens in Virginia who had asked to be taken off the voter rolls; but, not before they cast 7500 ballots in various elections.

Now, in the last dozen years in Virginia, we’ve had two statewide attorney general’s races decided by less than 1000 votes, one by less than 300 votes.

Newport News, Virginia

Last year–we have off year elections. Last year, control of the House of Delegates of the state legislature came down to one district, the 94th district, which is Newport News, Virginia. Because, the Democrat and Republican tied. …

A couple of years ago, the Republican legislature in Virginia passed a very common-sense law, and this is one I’m going to recommend to all of you as state legislators. They passed a law that said, “When an individual is called for jury duty in the state courts of Virginia–.” Now, how many have you been called for jury duty?

Okay, in every state, you get a form in the mail; and, you have to answer a series of questions. The one question that’s on there that in every state is Are you a United States citizen?

Because, if you’re not a citizen, you can’t serve on a jury. And, in every state, your answer to these questions, under oath, under penalty of perjury if you lie. So, what the state law would have required is that every individual who is excused from jury duty because they said, “I’m not a U.S. citizen;” and, by the way, where did they get the jury list? From the voter registration list.

The jury–the courts would have to notify local election officials that this individual was excused for being a noncitizen. Why? So, the election officials can take him off the rolls.

Terry McAuliffe who was the governor of the state; you know, the former head of the DNC, big Clinton crony. He vetoed that bill. Now, there is no rational, public-policy reason for vetoing a bill like that unless you want  noncitizens to be able to register, to vote, and to get away with it.

By the way, you know the 5500 noncitizens we found on the Virginia rolls? Do you think that a single county-election official in the state of Virginia, after taking those individuals off the rolls, do you think any of them sent that person’s file to either the county district attorney or the U.S. Justice Department for investigation and prosecution?It’s a felony under Virginia law for noncitizens to register to vote; it’s a felony under federal law to register and vote.

Another Potential 5500 Cases of Voter Fraud

Not a single one of those files were sent to local prosecutors. So, I’m proud we’ve got 1200. We found twelve hundred voter fraud cases. But, hey, there is another potential 5500 cases will never get into our database; because, they’re not being investigated and prosecuted.

The 8500 Americans who who were found to have illegally voted in more than one state in 2016 by the Government Accountability Institute, that study has been out for a while. Do you think a single state contacted the Government Accountability Institute and said, “Please send us the names of the registered voters from our state who you found also voted in another state?” Not a single state has contacted them for that information.

Christians 'Standing in the Way' of China's Xi Jinping's Totalitarian Rule - by George Thomas -  Link to Website

Scientists: Sodom destroyed by 'superheated blast from skies' - A scientific study aligns with the biblical account of the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah being destroyed by fire and brimstone from the heavens.  …“Excavations at five large Middle Ghor sites, in what’s now Jordan, indicate that all were continuously occupied for at least 2,500 years until a sudden, collective collapse toward the end of the Bronze Age. Ground surveys have located 120 additional, smaller settlements in the region that the researchers suspect were also exposed to extreme, collapse-inducing heat and wind. An estimated 40,000 to 65,000 people inhabited Middle Ghor when the cosmic calamity hit, Silvia said,” Science News said. -  Link to Website

Why has the Democratic Party gone mad? - By David Kupelian - …  indeed a major factor, since intense hatred can, all by itself, literally make a person crazy. As I write in “How Evil Works”: “Hate is like spiritual plutonium, possessing bizarre, explosive and transformative qualities of which we are largely unaware. It is the means by which evil itself blooms on this earth, especially when rage is focused and magnified by a malignant worldview.” If you get mad enough – you go mad. …