"Revival"- (Third) "Great Awakening" - MAIN PAGE - 2023 Q3-Q4


We are at a Red Sea Moment in history.

Do not think for a moment that because Biden is in office that God is done with the United States of America.  He has not forgotten about the American Covenant and will not allow through evil an illegitimate election to stand. The Revival started in 2020 will break forth shortly into the Third Great Awakening, and those who have committed acts of evil against God and humanity will be held to account for their actions.

If you don’t normally pray for your country NOW would be a good time to do it. Pray for truth, righteousness, and that God’s will be done, and the untruth and lies be exposed.

“I am going to give you back your United States of America. I am going to show my might in this hour. I will put off what they intend to do for five years from this day. And I’ll put it off longer if my people say. So, gather up your courage gather up your courage and fight. Gather up your courage your courage and fight. Gather up your courage, gather up your courage and fight. Gather up your courage tonight.” Robin Bulluck 1-1-2023

“He Is going to save you from things you don’t know you need to be saved from. Your nation will be known as before Trump and after Trump. The whole world will be known as before Trump and after Trump. This is my election; I will put him in there. This is a rescue operation, there are things most of you have not idea about. … I am giving him an Isaiah-Cyrus 45 anointing … 45th president.” – Given by God to Johnny Enlow (given before the election.)

“My message hasn’t changed. You are the light of the world. You are the salt of the earth. You must from now on target darkness in society. We are almost there. The pain is for the Awakening. The Awakening is your children.” – Johnny Enlow

 “We are at a turning point the fear is shifting from the masses to the criminal elite.” – Johnny Enlow 7-25-2022 on ElijahStreams

“The prophetic word as I got some things must remain hidden My son so that the enemy will be caught unprepared.” – Bo Polny 6-19-2022

“Out of all of those words, one jumps out at me: vengeance! It is time to make the devil pay for what he has done to California and our nation! It is time for vengeance on all the lies, political tyranny and suffering in America.” – Mario Murillo

“It’s dangerous because your enemy cannot give up. It’s not in his nature. It’s confusing because there are so many people that are not expected things on the scale of what will be happening. You need to be prepared to learn of things so evil. Even the most awake among you surprised and also repulsed on a level you haven’t yet imagined. Then you need to be prepared to have patience for those who are of the woke culture. They have been on a steady diet of blue pills and will be forced to swallow the red ones. (Reference from the movie the Matrix. A choice between the willingness to learn a potentially unsettling or life-changing truth by taking the red pill or remaining in contented ignorance with the blue pill.) They cannot escape what is coming, no one can. The quote church as become a cesspool of wokeism and that is a place there shouldn’t be sin. Everywhere else were its worse.” – Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte – 7-26-2022

“It’s the New World Order that is the Titanic. They’re the ones that are being taken down. This is not our system. This is not the world. Ahh this is not our civilization. Yes, the components that have been run by the deep state and there are many of them. That is why the Lord has allowed this to be. It has been some much clear for me. The protracted slow process is to allow for these boats to come in. These systems to develop for the rescue operations to be able to have multiple facets, multiple ways to come in. The slow process has been so, mercy of God for us. But we really need to wake up.” Johnny Enlow – 8-2-2022 on ElijahStreams

“This is a shift of the ages. … The Holy Spirit is driving everything. … toward a new Kingdom Era. … The Holy Spirit is pushing this agenda. In fact you can find even the most sinister plots of the New World Order, the deep state, almost being in response in reaction to what the Holy Spirit is doing.There has been panic for over one hundred and twenty years from the dark side. They are trying to figure out how not to allow the light of the Holy Spirit to be released on the planet to fulfill the purposes of God. … (The whole earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God as the waters cover the sea.) … He’s trying to stop the earth plan. On earth as it is in heaven. That is the part he wars against.” Johnny Enlow – 8-8-2022 on

“Brace for impact.” – God

“In reality, they’re not after me. They are after you. I’m just in the way.”  – Donald Trump – 12-18-2019

“Do you guy’s know what this represents? Tell us sir. “Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.” What storm? “Could be the calm before the storm.” “We have the world’s great military people in this room I will tell you that we will have a great evening. Thank you all for comming.” What storm Mr. President? “You’ll find out.” – Donald Trump – 10-5-2017

“”Washington DC Is The Swamp. Maybe My Greatest Achievement Since Coming Here As President Was That I Caught The Swamp. I Caught The Swamp. I Caught Them All. Let’s See What Happens. I caught all this corruption that was going on and no one else could have done it.” – Donald Trump – 11-8-2019

“The great exposure is almost done and My Justice is coming. … A shakening in Germany a shakening in the western currency. That one God go uh oh a shaking in the western currency one will fall and others will rise to value for a season. …The Lord what was considered last will be first. I am removing the pride of Nations and they will know I am the Lord. … I will bring back also my servant Donald Trump. But not by his power nor by his might. But by My will and My spirit. … I will restore your nation called the United States according to My Divine will and Divine purpose. I have stirred up the wealth of the wicked for the righteous in Me My children continue to declare My words every day. Whoa and walk in My promises. You will see the glory of the Lord in this generation. And this generation will not pass says the Lord but will witness my historic righteousness in your land.” – Manual Johnson 10-2-2022

“No longer will I tolerate the mixture from men who have watered down My word and edited out My judgments. My word cannot be controlled debated or changed those who speak. My word will be set apart from those who mix My word with human understanding. For my pure ones will burn with passion and ignite hearts once dead. My word is being sent forth as a flaming sword to burn up my enemies and consume those who oppose Me. This fire cannot be quenched by de-platforming My servants or suppressing My voice. I alone am King of the airwaves and master of the media and My voice will not be muted. … Do not play with my fire. Those who attempt to speak My word with compromised hearts and self-centered egos will find their words burning their own tongues. … I am alive and My word is alive. In this war of information it is My word that will override every other word and nullify all lesser words from the minds of men and the mouths of sorcerers. Watch and see how My living word manifests know that when the word on fire is spoken. Enemies melt like wax and altars of both demons and gods fall as ashes.” – Wanda Alger 10-12-2022

Get ready America, the greatest days of history are upon you. And you’ve been brought to your knees, and I have heard your prayer and I have seen every tear. I know the price you paid along the journey. I am not a man that cannot lie. So do not give up hope. America the beautiful, you’re going to see justice restored in your land. For I am dismantling each and every corrupt agency and institution that has not honored My name and My statures. You have not seen it all, there’s more to come. … For Donald J. Trump I’ve have called you and positioned you to get this it done. The battle has been fierce and has come at a great price. But rest assured the victory is at hand. … you are not alone for I am with you. … For I have not only called you to tear down but I have called you to rebuild. And to rebuild you shall first again on My foundation. – Barry Wunsch 12-30-2022

“1776 was but the beginning and now I will continue what I created America to do. This nation is called by My name and will not fail to fulfill the purposes for which I created it. You are My people and I have a purpose for you. You are to be a standard among the nations, a standard of righteousness and peace. You will use what I have given you to fulfill My purpose in the earth. You are My people and you must do this. And doing it will bring you great fulfillment. I will reward you for your obedience. But first you must return to Me and to the purpose for which I created you.” – Steve Pursell – January 19, 2023

Now, as I was praying about this, this is what the Holy Spirit told me about this. He said, the way that God is moving is a reminder and a mirroring of the original principles that the forefathers of the nation of America established through the constitution. The difference is that the focus of the forefathers at the time of the founding the nation was largely centered around protecting individual freedom. This time, however, the emphasis will be on a reinforcement and a reestablishment of America based upon Biblical principles and the Lord first. That’s good. While restoring liberty in the process. And this was what God said, He said, “I am solidifying the Constitution with My covenant. … “ TV host show Prophetic Pulse – Randy ??? name unknown.

The Lord says: Now. We’ve been waiting … lives on hold for about 3 years. The Lord is taking his finger off the pause button. It’s going to be different. The shift is here. You’ve been waiting. Not it’s time to start waking in the spirit. –  Mike Thompson

I (GOD) WILL RIP THE EVIL OUT of this WORLD!  –  Julie Green

“Daughter, this [mercy] is the world’s EXIT ticket out of Babylon. My Mercy!”  “There is an EXIT Plan out of this global dark mess.” Elizabeth Cassutto

“They will even quake and shake when he announces he is running for president, it will be like the shot heard across the world. The enemy will say what shall we do now? This man knows all our tricks and schemes. We have been robbing America for decades, what shall we do to stop this? The Spirit says HA! No one shall stop this that l have started! For the enemy has stolen from America for decades and it stops now! For I will use this man to reap the harvest that the United States has sown for and plunder from the enemy what he has stolen and return it seven-fold back to the United States. … I will protect America and Israel, for this next president will be a man of his word, when he speaks the world will listen and know that there is something greater in him than all the others before him. This man’s word is his bond and the world and America will know this and the enemy will fear this, for this man will be fearless. The Spirit says, when the financial harvest begins so shall it parallel in the spiritual for America.” – Mark Taylor 2011

“I am coming and I will destroy every they have done. … For this is a time of great judgement… Great and Mighty Judgment.…. In the greatest defeat ever seen by mankind before. Yes, I said it. The greatest defeat will be seen by mankind. This is greater than anything that has gone before you. And I chose you to be here see it.” Julie Green 8-16-2023

“I am going to give you back your United States of America. I am going to show my might in this hour. I will put off what they intend to do for five years from this day. And I’ll put it off longer if my people say. So, gather up your courage gather up your courage and fight. Gather up your courage your courage and fight. Gather up your courage, gather up your courage tonight.”- Robin Bullock – August 1-1-2023, 2023

“My children Trump will not be stopped. I have anointed him and appointed him for as such a time as this. My servant Trump will be stopped. You put my servant on trial? What? I put you on trial. I put you on trial. You judge My servant I will now judge you. What a man soweth he will also reap. TELL THEM AGAIN! My servant will be vindicated. He will be vindicated. Shame, shame, shame will come before those who believe they can alter My design will. The days, weeks, and months are coming you will see serious shame.” – Manual Johnson 8-24-2023

“God says. Enough of this for I have promised that this nation would not belong to those who desire socialism, Marxism, fascism. … God says, no you have tried to rewrite history on a nation that was covenanted to Me. No, I take My finger as I did it in the days of Pharaoh, And I’d cause my finger to come and the powers of their witches and the powers of the magicians could not reign over My will. And My agenda My finger has come now to write my history upon this nation at this time, says a living God.” – Hank Kunnerman – August 30, 2023

“I must have this nation.” “I must have America for what I am about to do around the world.” – Dutch Sheets 9-2020

I saw multitudes of people (sitting on the fence). I could not see the end of the fence. I knew the fence represents the entire world. … And then I saw two powerful hands … and I knew immediately that those hands belong God. He grabbed the fence and he violently, listen, violently. He was not just a gentle thing. It was a violent move of God. He started to shake the fence, violently. And saw people falling to the left and the right. To the left and the right and he kept shaking. He did not stop shaking. When he was done shaking no one was left sitting on the fence and he spoke to me.  “When I am done shaking everyone will be forced to choose, either Me or the devil.”“I came with mercy, love, and grace but they have rejected Me (about the western civilization). But I will have My Revival, but they will come through the fire.” – Arthur Pawlowski – Interview 9-7-2023

“America! Watch! 6.. 7.. 9… and 11 which makes 33… For I AM a Covenant Keeping God, and I will not leave nor abandon thee! … My Beloved, awake from your sleep. Arise and be alert in this hour, for a great Battle is raging — a battle between life and death. Look! For did I not say that there shall be two Altars set before this Nation?” – Veronika West – June 15, 2022

This is a covenant nation I’m standing by the covenant nation. – Manual Johnson – January 13, 2022

“I Lord change not and I am doing a new thing in your generation. In your season and will not relent shall. I am opening up the floodgates of My spirit on our flesh on the earth. Which is my footstool. I the Lord and moving mountains you thought that could not be moved. I, the Lord, Am Shifting Positions in Your Nation. I the Lord have established in My divine counsel trips and backfire on the enemies of the Lord. America will know I am the Lord and I remember my covenant for this land.” – Manuel Johnson – June 3, 2022

The Great Removal for I have called this nation by My name because of past covenants that I have not yet walked away. You will see my mighty righteous right arm on this nation you will have to rewrite your historical history books. …  They will know that My hand is on which you call the United Sates and not the divided states. Fear not My people that are called by My you will understand when I say this is not just the year but the season that I am pouring new wine and new wine skins. – Manuel Johnson – December 23, 2021

“For I the Lord God hear the cries of My people, of the ones I call faithful, faithful servants who have continued to stand in faith and stand in the gap for your nation of the eagle, your nation of declaration. For I the Lord your God made a covenant with This nation. I the Lord keep MY covenants. I do not keep deals made by corrupt men, demons and devils says the Lord, for they are as dust in My sight and My presence, they hold no weight in MY courts says the Lord of Hosts. …. the government rests upon MY shoulders, however, corrupt men who made blood covenants and contracts have attempted to make their leadership, their elections, their agreements hold up within MY court says the Lord and they hold no such weight for doctrines of man, man-made, flawed, fallible, deceptive agreements. I the Lord do not make such agreements, I do not make or create fallible doctrines, and in this hour the dogma of corrupt men and groups filled with darkness have solidified such, to set themselves up as Herod, flawed political agreements with demons striking such deals The spirit that dwells and resides in the political arena has an insatiable thirst for power and influence, is beyond greedy and knows not what loyalty is says the Lord of Hosts this day.” – Amanda Grace – March 21, 2021

Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God; for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”Romans 12:19 RSV

Vengeance is mine, and recompense, for the time when their foot shall slip; for the day of their calamity is at hand, and their doom comes swiftly. — Deuteronomy 32:35 RSV

Yet a little while, and the wicked will be no more; though you look well at his place, he will not be there. But the meek shall possess the land, and delight themselves in abundant prosperity. — Psalm 37:10-11 RSV

September xx 2023


Barry Wunsch - CHOOSE THIS DAY WHOM YOU WILL SERVE! - September 20 2023

I have had this burning in my Spirit, and the Lord released me to share.
Unto Him be all the Glory and honor!
Choose on this day whom you are going to serve!
As I was preparing for today, with the understanding of where we are, and what is coming as we are called out of Babylon to Kingdom in Biblical unfolding of events that I was to release this today.
I felt that today I was to stand as a Prophet and make this call to the Nations and to the Seven Mountains to be clear with this word and call for a response. For He is requiring a response.
So, hear the word of the Lord: Choose on this day whom you are going to serve.
I say unto the Nations:
Israel – The United States of America, Canada, The First Peoples / The First Nations -Mexico, Australia, China – Taiwan, Pakistan – Brazil – Russia – Egypt – Iran – United Kingdom – South Africa – South Korea – Argentina – Iraq – Uganda – Sudan – Ukraine – Afghanistan – Saudi Arabia – Venezuela – North Korea – Syria – Malawi – Zambia – Romania – Ecuador – Netherlands – Guatemala – Cambodia – South Sudan – Rwanda – Bolivia – Belgium – Haiti – Jordan – Cuba – Czech Republic – Sweden – Dominican Republic – Greece – Austria – Switzerland – Hong Kong – New Zealand – Lebanon – Palestine – Ireland – Belize – the UK – Germany – England – Vatican City- India – Philippines – and all the others – Choose on this day who you are going to serve!
To the 7 mountains – hear the word of the Lord – Choose on this day who you are going to serve!
I say unto Families – Fathers and Mothers – Sons and Daughters – hear the word of the Lord – Choose on this day who you are going to serve!
I say unto those Religious Leaders and followers -Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists, Sons and Daughters – Christians – those in other faiths – those in the occult – hear the word of the Lord – Choose on this day who you are going to serve!
I say unto those in Education – to every educational system, boards and organization – deans – principles – professors – teachers – students – hear the word of the Lord – Choose on this day who you are going to serve!
I say unto those in Media and Entertainment – to every platform – to every voice – to every broadcaster – to every owner – board – producer – writer – actor – reporter – blogger – singer – song writer – technician – hear the word of the Lord – Choose on this day who you are going to serve!
I say unto those in Business – to owners – to investors – to CEOs – to CFOs – to board members – to managers – to department heads – to every employer and employee – hear the word of the Lord – Choose on this day who you are going to serve!
I say unto those in Government – to every King and Queen – to every President / Vice President – to every Prime Minister – to Premiers – Governors – Governor Generals – caucus members – house and senate representatives – Foreign ministers – Secretaries of States – Civil servants – bureaucrats – Advisors – Chiefs and councilors – Barons – Mayors – Alderman – Councilors – City Managers – Commissioners – Doctors – Lawyers – Judges – Generals – Lieutenant Generals – Major Generals – Brigadier Generals – Colonels – Majors – Captains – Lieutenants – Staff Sergeants – Sergeants – Officers – Privates – every other military rank -Police chiefs – Commissioners – superintendents – sheriffs – assistant police chiefs – deputy police chiefs – inspectors – commanders – investigators – detectives – officers – and every other official- -hear the word of the Lord – Choose on this day who you are going to serve!
If Baal is your God, serve Baal! If the Lord God almighty is your God, Serve Him!
Choose on this day who you will serve!

Barry Wunsch - The Babylon System is Collapsing - September 19, 2023


Julie Green - THE GREAT SILENCER - September 15, 2023


Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - New Year 5784 Prophecy Recompense of the LORD Begins Today 9-15-23 - September 15, 2023

So the New Year 5784 yep starts today starts today. So the Lord says this is the word the Lord says today a new year begins this year will be different than last year. This year as it has been prophesied I am rolling out my recompense for the just and the unjust. The Winds of Change has been busy uncovering things that were unimaginable for most people. Some people are still sleeping but that sleep will end. And all, yes all, will see the strong arm of the Lord as I am working. There is still more evil to uncover and that will continue to happen. There is no evil that shall Escape being brought to the light. There will also be more violence and loss of life. The evil ones will be evil to the end. But the end is near and not far off as some suspect.

As the Lord’s voice Trails off a vision begins and this is a vision Kirk saw. I see those who have misused the law becoming fearful. Indeed they are trying to plan for an end which they never thought would happen. Those who had taken or quote one elections and laughed at the righteous and used the law to go on the offense. To persecute and to punish the innocent. Yes, those who were so well insulated against the righteous that they thought they would never be caught. The people lower in status who were to provide a covering for their higher ups were losing interest in covering for them. Because they were trying to cover their own Deeds. Truly those who had been on a fence were now on the defense. I saw them trying to use the law just as they had done when they used it against the innocent. Only this time to protect themselves. But it did not work. The people had become very, very, bold. And were demanding action and results. Nothing else would do. I saw military tribunals in action. Yes finally.


I saw two attempts at pandemics two different sicknesses from two different areas in the world. But the people would not comply with the mandates and the globalists this time. No matter the consequences and real and inexpensive remedies were found and used instead of the deadly quote medicines being promoted. I also saw that through all of this the Lord was bringing his people along in their understanding. They were seeing all of these things as good. The theologies of the past such as teachings on the Rapture in the idea that the Victorious Church would lose were regular were relegated to the trash. Heap people were looking forward to a better world and they were understanding what a good God they served.

I saw Angel armies being deployed in numbers that I had a hard time imagining. I saw them working out in the open helping people beating back evil and rooting out even the deeply Hidden Spirits in Family Lines, in the Seven Mountains. Places you wouldn’t even imagine that had evil spirits. Amazing. The Angels were doing battle with the spirit of religion too exposing the lies of the institutional church and those who governed it. The spirits behind personal sin were being dealt with too. Lust, greed, Jezebel, fear, and so forth. Every spirit that could be named and those who weren’t named as well. None would escape the uncovering of the Lord. Freedom is on the horizon do not give up

Amen. Amen  

Patty Teichroew - September, 2023

Brian Cull - It’s all true. - The Lord gave a hard word for those who altered their DNA - September 14, 2023

I shall save and reverse the damage in some of those who decided to alter their DNA.

Most will perish.

For the wages of sin is death.

The wages of faith is eternal life.

Didn’t I cleanse the earth from Lucifers previous attempt to corrupt man’s DNA and thus his image with a flood?

Why wouldn’t you think I AM the same God who abhors the corruption of my creation?

You were created in my image and likeness.

Ignorance you cry?

You didn’t know you say?

How dare you use those words with me as if I am not God and can’t discern the intent of the heart and man’s thoughts daily?

I gave you every opportunity to relent.

I gave you endless resources and information.




My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; Because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.

Julie Green - A WARNING TO THOSE AGAINST MY DAVID - September 13, 2023


Julie Green - A GREAT UNMASKING HAS BEGUN - September 12, 2023

A great unmasking has begun. Yes, a great unmasking has begun. I am removing every mask, every veil, and every curtain. I am removing everything your enemies were hiding behind. And I am opening the eyes of My people. You will see the swamp, that deep-rooted establishment that infiltrated and embedded itself in your Nation, oh, United States. Their roots run very, very deep and dark, but I am unearthing the trenches they dug, where they hid many things. 

I am showing the world every single one of them (that was involved), their intentions, and everyone they murdered to keep their power. I will show all those the enemy unjustifiably tried to ruin- be it their names, careers, or by removing them from places they were rightfully sitting in. Oh yes, I am tearing the roof off the buildings in your capital. And I am showing the world documents and paper trails. I am showing the world the money. The money, oh yes, the money, control, and power are what have driven so many. 

They sold themselves to the devil. They have committed many crimes, including many crimes in your justice system. I will free every person who was wrongfully accused so they could hide their evil and what they were doing. I will reveal all the fall men and the people who had to fall to save the establishment. I will show you every email. I will show you every video. You will hear every phone call or voicemail. 

I have it all. I have every document they tried to shred. I have the originals. I have it all. I told you that I have infiltrated the infiltrators. They are about to do things to cause this great upset, this great distraction. (I say) laugh in their face. Laugh. “But Lord, they’re destroying our countries. Lord, they’re destroying the economy. Lord, they’re destroying our freedoms.” I said, laugh. 

They don’t have the power to destroy your country. They don’t have the power to destroy your freedoms. They don’t have the power to take down the economy. No, they don’t have such power. 

They believe they are gods. They believe they have all the power in the world. I told you these are the pharaohs of today. The same spirit behind them controlling them is the same spirit that was behind Pharaoh (from Moses’ time). And look what I did then. I showed him Who I was. I showed him I was the Great I AM. I showed him I was the God for Whom nothing was impossible. I am that I AM. My children, I am showing the world Who I truly am. I am showing these leaders all around the world Who I really am. I am showing the globalists Who I really am. 

I will show every place where they have hidden bioweapons. I will completely expose what they have had in your medicine. I will unveil and expose the FDA. I will expose Big Pharma. I will expose every corporation and business that is affiliated with the globalists to try and destroy My nations and take over My Earth. 

This is the time to be very awake. This is the time to stand and fight. The battle lines have been drawn. War has been declared, but the war has already been won. Remember these words when you hear them (the enemies) and their news reports. Yes, their news reports that feed the airwaves and the nations with pure lies, deceit, and fear. Truth is no longer in them. But the arm, the One World Government, I will completely expose. 

I am going to shed much light on all the news media, every single one. There is not one news station that has been against Me, spewing hate, division, lies, and propaganda, that I will not expose. Judgment is coming. A great judgment is coming to your news media. 

Oh, United States, a great shaking is about to occur. I told you that I am sending someone. I have multiple people who have proof, undeniable proof of what the enemy has done with your news and how they used it to enslave you, how they used it to bring much fear, and how they used it to steal your Nation. 

My children, awake. Awake. Awake. Things are starting to shake. Awake, awake. Things are starting to shake, shake, shake, shake. The shaking is a good thing for you. It’s shaking those shackles off, the chains off, the oppression off, the fear off, the frustration off, the sickness off, and the poverty off. It’s shaking it off of you. The shaking is good for those who are awake. 

But for those who are asleep, the shaking will be judgment. The shaking will bring much darkness. The shaking will bring much confusion and chaos. 

That is why I told you, My children, I need you to be awake. Stay alert. Be awake and pray. Pray, pray, pray. Say, say, say My Words. Say My Words. A great darkness is about to happen, a darkness that some don’t see. 

But My light will shine through thee. Shine your light bright. Let My Glory fill you up. You are to be My light. You are to be a great light in great darkness. Many will turn. Many will turn. Many will turn. They will turn, and they will look to you. So be My hands. Be My feet. Be the mouthpieces I need you to be to bring more people into My Kingdom. Stand your ground. Stand your ground. It is time to stand. It is time to win, saith the Lord. 

Julie Green - A MASSIVE EVENT IS ABOUT TO TAKE PLACE - August 31, 2023

The children are Mine, saith the Lord. Yes, they are Mine. They are not the world’s. They don’t belong to the world or the world system. No matter how much propaganda has come out or how much brainwashing, deceiving, or leading these children astray has happened, regardless of their age- whether they are younger or older, I am doing a reversal. Yes, I am. I am doing a reversal of the damage that has been done. I am restoring their minds. I am restoring bodies. I am restoring families. I am restoring finances. I am restoring the years. 

“Lord, how do you restore years?” My children, I will show you. Remember that I am Almighty God. Not years or even time can stop My restoration or My healing power (moving) through this Earth and through your bodies. My children, stop saying that these younger generations are lost. Stop talking bad about each other. Stop talking bad (negative) about the things that you see or how you feel.  

Remember Who I am. I am Elohim. I created this Earth. Your enemies have done everything they can to stop this (Me), to stop the cleansing, to stop the Glory, to stop the reversals, and to stop the restorations. Your enemies have done everything to stop this great awakening, to stop My Exodus. 

Nothing, and I mean nothing, will stop what I am doing. This is My Earth, not theirs. I am the judge, not them. My plans will go as I planned, not their way. How many examples do I have to put in My Written Word of Who I am, what I do, and what you should expect Me to do in this time? I am the Beginning, and I am the End. I am the in-between. My children, remember these things. Nothing, nothing stops My hand. Nothing stops My plan. Nothing stops Me. 

I am the way. Yes, I am the way. So, look up now. Look up now. Stop looking down. Stop holding your heads down in discouragement, disappointment, hopelessness, despair, fear, worry, anger, and, for some people, rage. 

Remember Who I am. I have not forsaken you, and I have not failed. I am allowing the enemies to do these things because they are about to take their ultimate fall. Their ultimate destruction is near. Yes, you will see it- one big, massive event unfolding right in front of your eyes. 

It will be hard for you to believe what you are seeing. Their walls are coming down. Their walls are coming down. I have mentioned the Red Sea before, and I am mentioning it again. Do you see what I did? Do you see what I did before? Do you see what I did for My children? Do you see what I did against the enemies of My children? 

I am stopping your enemies. Their walls are falling in on them, and they will not stay in power. They will not stay in their positions. They will not stay where they are. No, they will not. 

I am removing them. I am restoring you. Things are going to happen quicker now, in a flash, speedily. Things are happening. Yes, you will see bad (things happen), and you will see things looking like they are going in the wrong direction. It will discourage some people, but not you. Not the ones who are watching, not the ones who are patiently waiting, and not the ones who are seeking My face. 

I will give you peace, joy, and rest you have never known. So, stay focused on Me this day, and don’t go astray. Don’t look away, not this day. I am bringing restoration, a great restoration that includes your families, your children, and all that you have lost. 

I am restoring it all. Restoration! Restoration! That is Who I am. I am restoration. So, look to Me. Look to Me and receive this glorious and mighty victory, saith the Lord. 

We are about to move from the Babylonian systems to Kingdom ways.
The religious political spirit shall be no more.
The wealth transfer is at hand.
The Cabal has had its day.
Ready or not, it is here.
There is no band aiding this trying to save it any longer.
It is all coming down.
The Father is collapsing it all.
A new day is coming.
Things are being put into place.
It’s not going to look like what you expected.
The best days are ahead!
Stay Strong.
Stay in prayer.
The Kingdom is at hand.

Shelly Mosley Another Warning - September 7, 2023


Barry Wunsch - Though the Nations rage… - September 6, 2023

The Lord woke me up at 4 am with the scripture, “Though the Nations Rage”
I got up right away as He began to talk to me, here it is raw and unfiltered.
“Barry, I have brought you into position to help Me forge a nation. I have stirred up a people after my heart as my remnant.
Though all odds may seem against them, and their enemy appears to be greater in their eyes, they are my remnant that I have chosen in this hour to walk with me.
They will soon see the power of my mighty right hand.
What is about to happen throughout the nations is of Biblical proportions.
And those who have resisted and those who have mocked are soon going to be shaken to their knees and scales removed from their eyes and they will not be able to deny me henceforth. There shall be rivers of tears.
Those who thought they would lead in their flesh shall be set aside. Many will be surprised. For all they have toiled for and all they have built out of selfish pride shall be no more. Gone in the wink of an eye.
Those who have used my name to build their own kingdoms shall be brought low.
Those who have laid down their lives for my kingdom shall be exalted.
Your government approved ministries have been used as a trap and hold you bondage in a system that is not of me.
You have been seduced by the ways of Babylon – and it is now about to come down all about you. There will be little left after my shaking.
For I have called you to walk in my ways and not that of the enemy. They gave you a promise that lead you down a demonic path to full fill their evil agenda.
Your compromise shall now come with a great cost. Many will not recover. Fighting for a system not of me but human secularism.
I am not taking you just into a new year but into a new era.
Things as you have known them are about to taken down.
It is go time.
It is time for my remnant to follow me and advance the line.
I will lead you and guide you as you remain in me, and I will not let your foot slip.
Rest assured there is no other way through but by what is coming.
Great darkness is going to cover the land, but do not fear – for I am bringing you though into freedom – and we will overcome the darkness and nations shall be set free by the power of my might.
Evil kings and evil regimes shall be rooted out and will be no more, and the plunder shall be yours.
Above all know that my love for you is great and I laid down my life for yours.
I shed my blood on your behalf.
It is much more than you make it out to be.
As you walk in the power of my blood you will see there is nothing to fear and nothing you can’t do in my name, the name above all names to which everything shall bow!”
“Barry declare this over my people:”

Patty Teichroew - September, 2023

Kent Christmas - Something Drastic Is Coming - September 2, 2023

The Lord speak to me and for the last three days God has been talking to me and I’ve been writing it down. So today I’m gonna read to you what God has been speaking to me. The day of the Lord, the day of the Lord Has Come. Come my people to Mark Carmel to see my glory, says the Lord of hosts. My little children why have you trembled and feared at the evil that you are seen in the Earth. I am not moved or shaken at the Roaring of the wicked. For their very breath I hold in my hand. I have delayed in answering the intercession of the righteous for time to expose the false prophets. I will not be manipulated by men who put words in my mouth that I have not said. Do not be moved by the damage that the delay of me coming has caused. I can I will repair and I will restore what the enemy has taken. This is the Elijah season. For what you are seeing now is the spirit of Jezebel trying to cut the head off of John the Baptist. And just as I allowed Herod to behead James but not Peter.

So now I won’t allow the spirit of Jezebel to behead the prophetic voice that I have raised up in this hour, says the Lord. This time I am going to reverse in the earth what happened to John the Baptist who was the Elijah of his day. This time I’m going to cut off the voice of Jezebel. I have had much preparation to accomplish for this final harvest in the earth. Many have thought I was not involved in the Affairs of men the last two years. That I had stayed my distance because I did not hear the prayers of my people. But know this I have been setting the stage for the greatest display of the sovereignty of my power that mankind has ever and will will ever witness, saith the Lord. This has been a time of separating the goats from the Sheep. For there are many who call themselves Christians but they are not.

They by their actions have declared we will serve the Lord but by our rules not by his. They have rewrote my Bible they have changed my laws and they have changed my Commandments. And have said if you want me it’ll be on my way and not yours. But they are arrogant and foolish to think that my words and my Commandments can be changed by mere mortal men. It is not the wicked who have weakened the church in this hour. But it is the counterfeit Christians who have been a cancer in my body that have taken the very virtue out of my house. But because sentence was not executed speedily they thought that I had overlooked or that I had accepted their ways. This time saith the Lord I’m going to judge the lukewarm just like I judge the wicked. There will be no separation. Watch now as I judge leaders who did not guard my Sheepfold.

Samson will grind at the wheel blind. Eli will fall off of his throne and Saul will die at the hands of the enemy. After I have finished cleansing my house and separating the sheep from the goats I’m going to turn my sheep into Lion’s that will be loosed in the Earth for this hour. For this next season will require demons to become terrified of the church. The Majesty of my glory that is beginning to be released in this hour, saith the Lord. Is not entertainment it is not the exaltation of the gifts of men. But it is the divine’s holy presence of the Lord God Almighty. In the earth Hallelujah will be fulfilled the next two Sovereign events that are going to occur will be the Fulfillment of Prophecy that the wealth of the sinner will be given to the righteous.

There has been a ne-ball spirit that has been withholding from the Tabernacle of David that I am raising up in this hour, saith the Lord. I am going to force the wicked to release their wealth to my people because it’s going to require much wealth to finance what I’m going to do in this time. You will know that wealth is beginning to change hands when you see me shake Financial sinners in Europe, in New York City, and the other continents around the world. And it will declare that the transfer of wealth has begun. I will also bless my people for their many years of faithfulness. I’m going to bless you my children in such a way that there will be no way to contain the abundance. The words that you have declared surely my cup runeth over will no longer be a declaration of Faith. But it will be the very experience, saith God that I am opening the windows of Heaven upon the children of the Lord, saith God

Because the enemy has tried to destroy and alienate my children with covid virus. Every believer that has walked in faith I am now going to heal says the Lord of hosts. I’m also going to usher in and release in the church and it will begin in the year 2022 in the fall church is now going to experience signs wonders and creative Miracles, saith God. For it is my will that my body be completely healthy and whole to accomplish my sovereign will in the Earth. For the Earth is look at the church and say you say one thing but yet your power is deficient and we watch but nobody is really set free. But this time saith God I will do miracles in such a way that no one will be able to say it was sleight of hand or manipulation or a trick. For arms will go out saith God where there was no arms. I will cause eyes to grow in sockets where there are no eyes, saith God.

I am also coming after the spirit of autism that hell put upon the children of the Godly men and women in this hour. And I’m going to break that demon, says the Lord. Because it is not of me. And then the children of the Lord that have not communicated. They were branded not strong mentally there will be a power of God hit the. And that Saul prophesied and there’s Samuel prophesied. So will your children prophesize did I not declare it, saith the Lord that on the day of Pentecost this is that which is spoken by the prophet Joel and your sons and your daughters shall prophesize, saith the Lord. For there is much that has yet to be fulfilled that I have declared in my word and it has been so long coming that my children have begin to wonder is it just a fable or is it just a good teaching. But know this I don’t work I don’t move just to see myself move. I don’t talk just to hear myself talk. But I will perform my word not one job not one Tittle shall fall by the wayside Nations that are called superpowers in the Earth are not superpowers.

For they have no power for the power of a Nation. It’s not its Army but it’s the god that rules over them and the gods that rule over China. And the non-gods that rule over Russia and the millions of gods that rule over India will not keep me out. saith the Lord. When I get ready to lose my sovereignty upon those Nations. Rulers will stand and say no no no no. But heaven will declare and rejoice yes yes yes. You will remember when I do this. I’m now going to send a strong Spirit of confusion to politicians and the wicked who have seized Authority illegally over the Nations my book is a legal book it is based on laws and the court of Heaven. Therefore I do not recognize, saith God. Those that stand in places of leadership but seized it illegally. You will know that I am fulfilling this when you watch liberals and evil politicians and even the media online with live television turn on each other and begin to destroy each other, saith the Lord. I will cause them to uncover their underbellies. I will make them tell the lies that they have told and declare it was not true. My wrath has been stored up for this time and I’m now going to release it, says the Lord of host.

Just as there was a wailing in Egypt when I destroyed the firstborn. So shall there now be a wailing come up out of the Earth for those who have just tried to destroy my people. For they have set behind closed doors and said there is no God we are God. And they have said there is nothing that can stop us from doing what we want to do. So they’ve killed your children they have stolen your inheritance. They have robbed the widows and they have caused the fatherless to be forsaken as I cause pharaoh who was the King of Kings at that time in the earth bowed down and wail over the loss of his own firstborn son I am going to hit the weakness of those men and those women and I am going to begin to strip them of that which has been so important to them and when I do all of their attention will be on what they are losing and there it will no longer pay attention to what I am doing in the Earth for those Hallelujah now the final battle for the church is going to unfold in the Earth. This battle isn’t going to be fought in natural Realms. This is not a battle of buildings this is not a battle of money. This is not a battle of talent. This is not a battle of who’s who. This is not a battle about who has the greatest air time or who has written the latest book. This battle is going to be far not in the natural realm. But in the domain of the heavenlies.

This is not a battle Hallelujah it is not the final battle, saith the Lord that’s going to occur between good and evil in the Earth. But this is the last battle for the church before I remove her from the earth and bring my beloved whom I have longed for whom to be with me, saith the Lord. The time is short the time is short. The time is short look, saith God. Look at thy garments or they clean saith the Lord regardless of the men that have said you can go to heaven and live in sin not so for I am a holy God I do not know sin I’ve never bowed down to sin there has never been sin in my house and I will not allow sin to come into my Throne Room saith the Lord so if there is sin in thy life saith God get it out for the days of repentance are coming to an end for those that I have moved on rebuked them and called to be convicted I have delayed bringing home my people you call it the rapture I call it homecoming. I have not brought my Saints home because I said though you go forth weeping bearing precious seed when you come back you will bring your sheaves with you so know this saith God this is the time that I’m giving sheaves to the house of God and when you come home. saith God. You’re not coming home empty-handed …

Shelly Mosley - God's Voice - September 1, 2023

So in this word he said my children you are entering into turbulent Waters now. You are entering into shark infested waters. I have already told you that you will enter into a short season of unrest it will not last that long. Lawlessness will appear to take over in some places. But appearances are just that. Appearances. Stand strong and trust me. Stand up and be counted on my side as I navigate you through the turbulence. I’m in control of the narrative. Not those crooked and evil ones attempting to take over. They have all been caught in the traps I have laid for them. They believe themselves to be gods in their own eyes immune to any punishment or judgment for what they’ve done. They will soon meet their own fate. What is coming and what will be seen will be shocking. But it will all be exposed.

All the blood money they paid And all the blood money they accepted will be seen and known. Their sins have found them out and now all will witness their disgraceful downfalls. The love of money is truly the root of all evil. The Love of Money, not the money itself. Many of these wicked ones made money in power their God. They worshiped it as if it were a savior to them. They will now lose it all. Many will stand destitute and penniless as I take from them and give to the righteous. Do you stand believing me my children? Do you stand in faith? Or must you see it with your own eyes before you will put your belief to it? Believe me when I say that all this will happen. It will all come crashing down around many evil and corrupt in this soon coming hour. Do not allow fear or worry to come in. Do not let doubt come in.

Haven’t I told you that I have not given you a spirit of fear. No, consider the source. I have given you a spirit of power, and love, and a sound mind. Consider the source. My children consider the source in everything you may face. And you will come to see that I am the source. The only source you have need of. I will never betray you or leave you. I will never steal from you or withhold any good thing from you. Consider the source. Satan comes in great deception to steal, kill, and destroy you. Consider the source. He comes to enslave you and to cause you to live in fear. He longs to cause you to question me and not trust me. When he accomplishes that he tries to bring you to ruin. Consider the source. In any matter my children, in any matter you face always look at it objectively and consider the source.

Ask yourselves would God do this to me or is Satan trying to attack me. Would God say this to me or is Satan trying to come in and cause confusion. Ask yourselves these questions and consider the source. Life versus death, Truth versus lies. What voice are you hearing in certain situations? Consider the source. I am never far from you so talk to me commune with me lay it all down and allow me to help you. What do I say about you know what I say and stand on it in agreement. You are my beloved my children.n I long to be your only your one and only source. Come unto me all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.

So come.Barnes and Noble will be in the news for a reason that will seem almost unbelievable. But know that the truth is pouring out my children. Watch what happens today my children watch what I do. You will soon see to in Congress die on the same day. It will be a November to remember my children. Stay close to me and pray over your families. Psalm 91 protection my Remnant is rising up and taking their places. Get ready to stand in your full armor and in the authority I have given you. I am not coming quietly. This stage has been set for your rightful president to return. It’s coming sooner than you think children of almighty God. I have already won the war for you so celebrate . This new era will be glorious. Stay clean in your hearts before me repent and come to me if you are away.

Enter into the Ark of Safety and I will protect those who are mine in these turbulent Waters ahead. After that it will be smooth sailing for my my people. Hold on tight and don’t let go of me I will keep you with a watchful eye and by my mighty hand. Put your faith me and watch what I do for you. They will attempt to steal it once again but not this time. I see it all every intention, every dirty deal, every evil scenario they have planned. For I see it all and they will be accountable. When they lose they will attempt to unleash multiple things upon you at once. But watch what I do. Watch what I do through the end of the year says the Lord. Watch the great changes come. It has not been for nothing. What you’ve been through what you’ve been forced to deal with what you’ve been forced to live under it has not been for nothing. I am about to flip it all on its head.

Be prepared to listen to instructions when they come be prepared and be obedient to my words. I will protect you under the shadow of my wings you are protected do not fear for I have overcome all do not fear for I am answering with fire the few days ahead will seem harsh. Just remember that from out of nowhere I will come and Rescue all those who are mine. Remember that I have not abandoned you or forsaken you. No, my plans are for you. They are plans of Jeremiah 29 11. The plans I have for you my children are plans to prosper you and help you. To give you a future and a hope. They are not plans to destroy you so stand up stand firm and don’t shrink back. You are protected on all sides my children. Many in politics that have been there for years their reign ends today. Watch the changes come as my word has been spoken and will not return to me void. But will return to me fulfilled and accomplished for what I sent it out to do it will do. Watch my hand move across this nation today. Watch what watch me Shut the mouths of Lions today. For I am the lion of the tribe of Judah and I am roaring. …. That was the end of that word this was the this was November the 8th and I believe this was the day of the election uh last year 

Julie Green - IT'S TIME TO STAY ALERT - September 1, 2023

My children, it is time to stay alert. Stay alert, I say. Stay alert and pray. Watchmen, I need watchmen who will stay (alert). “Lord, what does that mean?” My children, I have given all these warnings about what your enemies are planning to do. Now I need watchmen to stay alert, to have their spiritual ears open to hear My Words and My instructions. I need My children to stay alert and be obedient to what I am saying. 

Get rid of the fear. Get rid of the dread about what’s about to happen. Get rid of these things. Get rid of these things now. Make sure you continually shut the door to your adversary. No matter what you are saying, no matter what you have done, and no matter how far you have fallen, remember Who I am. 

I am not a God who sits here and makes a list of all your failures, all the times you have fallen down, or all the times you have disobeyed. That is not Who I am. 

I am God, and I am your Father. I have My hands open wide, wide for My children to run into them. I long to forgive you. I just need My children to repent. Then I won’t remember anything you have ever done. 

My love is so big you cannot compare it to anything on Earth- how much I love you and how much I care for you. I am asking you to trust in My love, trust in My forgiveness, trust in My compassion, trust in My protection. Trust that I am your provider. Trust that I am making a way because I am the waymaker. Trust that I am the One that says vengeance is Mine. I will avenge. I will destroy everything your enemies are doing against you. I am that One, the Great I AM, Who stands between you and your enemy. I block, I stop, and I will not allow. No. 

“But God, so many things have happened. So many bad things have happened to so many people.” I am telling you, My children, once you know the power of My Name, once you know the power of the Blood, and once you know that I live in you, those things will cease. Those things will stop. 

Stay alert. Watch, watch your words. Speak My Words because I am faithful to perform them. Stand your ground and stand guard at all times. Don’t let your shield of faith down. Don’t put it down on the ground. Lift it up because it will quench every fiery dart, every missile, or anything your enemy throws at you. 

Listen to My Words. Get into My Word. Stay clear of your enemy. “Lord, how do we do that?” You do this by staying focused on Me, being in My Word, and having your spiritual ears open to hearing Me. When I tell you to go, go. When I tell you to stay, stay. When I tell you to speak a word, speak those words. And when I tell you to stand and fight, stand and fight. Don’t run away. 

My children, this day, change. Change what you see. Change how you see it. And yes, that is possible. Renew your mind with My Word, and you will have My perception in every situation. My angels are alert, and they are ready to perform My Word. You have an army with you, and it is greater than the army against you. Rely on that (My) army. Call on it. Call on your angels. You have guardian angels. You have ministering angels. There are warring angels. They are all waiting for My Words to be spoken from your mouth. They are waiting for instructions, and they will obey. 

This is a new way. This is a new day. My children, say- all is well. Say- I am free. Say- I have overcome. Speak these words- I am a fighter, and I win. Speak your victory. Speak these things. Put My Words into your mouth and speak. Speak. Speak My Words, and watch what you see before you, in your own lives and in your nations, change quickly.  

I do things speedily, even when you don’t understand it or it doesn’t look like it. I do. Remember, I know the end from the beginning, and your enemies have overplayed their hand. Pride comes before a fall, and a great fall it shall be. So, stand with Me. Stand with Me and receive this great and mighty victory, saith the Lord.

Shelly Mosely - God is stirring our hearts - August 30, 2023

Okay so again October 3rd of 2022 he said there is now a deep stirring in men’s Hearts. I am starring stirring stirring within them. Did I not say that all will be forced to choose sides? Did I not say that I Am shifting and sifting in this hour? The time is upon you says the Lord the stirring is what causes the hidden to float to the top. Have I not promised you that I would redeem you? Have I not said that vengeance is mine? Yes, says the Lord, for what is stirred up will be dealt with. What is stirred up will expose the hour is upon you now where the wicked will dine on their own failures. They will Feast on their own evil plots. They will be filled with their own doing. For I the Lord have already called this the reaping hour and reap they will. Upon their own heads will their schemes be placed. Upon their own heads will they reap their vain Glory.

They will destroy themselves and each other just as Israel’s enemies did. Great losses are coming into their camps the camps of the wicked. … The truth about the World Trade Center bombings will soon be shown to the world. Much truth is leaking out now. The evil ones involved thought it was hidden and closed. But I will cause it to resurface. And I will allow the truth to flood out about it and about how the wrong group took credit for it. Nay says the Lord the truth of those individuals responsible will be shown to the world.

A famous auction house will be in the news about an old artifact it finds look at what the artifact is and the significance it has. The Potomac River will soon be uh in the news soon. Look at what the reason is. Nothing is hidden all will be exposed. A grand jury indictment will be attempted to go through but will fai. Look at who is pushing it and who they are trying to indict. The truth is flooding out about this group of people and in particular the ringleader. Many are through in politics. Just wait and see what gets exposed about many in your Congress. Some you never thought would be liars and manipulators will be proven to be those things. Justices reigning on their heads my children. Put your trust only in me. For I am the only one who can be faithful to you.

A famous bakery and a famous cookie company will be in headlines soon. One is against me and the other is for me. I am moving my hand against those who are against me. Recompense is yours my children, says the Lord. … On October the 12th of last year which was not long after I released this word crumble cookies uh teamed up with Spirit Halloween and I thought wow Lord they are some people are teaming up with things that they should not be in agreement with. And then uh the bakery was on October the 23rd was uh fulfilled Tasties Bakery um the California Court ruled in favor of the Christian Baker who refused to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding in 2017.And so that that happened all both of those things happened within a week of of giving that that word and that God is just faithful doing that those things.

A watch company will be in your world news soon. Secrets will be exposed about them. Watch and see says the Lord watch what I do I love the way he does that too because he says a watch company and then he says watch and see watch what I do and so he he’s has a sense of humor about some things like that. A new virus is about to be attempted to be released into the world. It will not have the effect the evil ones intended it too. No says the Lord for I will reverse this curse and it will be a boomerang on their heads and in their mouths and noses of those who Unleashed it. It will invade their camps. It will take out many in this hour as they desired it to take you out my children. But no I have released it upon them. They will reap every evil morsel they sowed in wickedness.

Excuse me. My children are healed my children are free. My children are blessed. Proclaim Psalm 91 over your homes my children your families yourselves. Stand on the truth I provided to you in my written word says the Lord stand and be found counted on my side for my glory for my glory. And watch as all you have been attacked with Fades away as I protect you. ….For my hands are not lacking and my arms are not short says the Lord no they will accomplish what you need my children rise up in the boldness I have bestowed upon you. Rise up and stand in my favor. For when you do I will release blessings upon you that you cannot contain. They are blessings of Health freedom and wealth designed to help you and boost you. Trust me trust me says the Lord for I am good and my Mercy endures forever. Hold on my children hold on and cling to my side for I will hide you underneath my wings of protection. All you have known will change. It will all be for my glory and for your good. Don’t get into agreement with fear. No says the Lord, but put your agreement your full agreement with my word and watch what I do for you says the Lord. Just watch what I do.

Hank Kunneman - SEPTEMBER OCTOBER DISRUPTION 45 PROPHECY - August 30, 2023

Do you hear the sounds of the spirit of God? Or the sound of War? For this is what the enemy is screaming out from the very vowels of hell. They are saying give us war in the Earth.

But God says listen I will take them up on their desire for war. But it shall not be in the natural realm as they sink for the Bloodshed of men. Yet I shall arise with the assault that I am bringing from Heaven. That shall engage a spiritual battle that this nation has not experienced yet this far. And it shall be the sword of the Lord that shall give this land unto the Revenant who have prayed. And who have cried out, says the Living God.

Therefore pay attention as you enter into a new season in the month of September. In the month of October. There shall be strange things that shall begin to arise. As I begin to cut off and cut down spiritual forces. And there shall be visible manifestations that will begin to rise upon the land that you call the United States of America. For it is my time says the Lord to show that I am the God that is not ignored the Injustice that has taken place among those who have committed crimes. Those who have done Injustice to the children. And those who have thought that they could get by through their briberies their handshakes, money laundering. God says enough of this for now the light shall arise with my sword and my host desires.

As the Jewish New Year arises upon the Earth. Pay attention to the time of Rosh Hashanah. For there is a trumpet blast and there is a sound that is coming from the hosts together. And as the sound of the trumpet blows injustice shall be brought to a place of justice. And there will be many things that you thought we’re not true that I will show that they have been truthful all along. And I will show those who masquerade around as though they think that they can continue in their acting, God says. Enough of this for I have promised that this nation would not belong to those who desire socialism, Marxism, fascism.

But yet I shall give it to the remnant who are crying out day and night shall. I not speedily come to avenge my very own elect at this time. Therefore, there shall be and interruption and a disruption. Watch what I do to interrupt says the Living God. Watch what I do to shake it and they will even say we have not experienced this like this before and God says no you have tried to rewrite history on a nation that was covenanted to me. No I take my finger as I did it in the days of Pharaoh and I’d cause my finger to come and the powers of their witches and the powers of The Magicians could not Reign Over My will. And my agenda my finger has come now to write my history Upon This Nation at this time, says a living God.

You have entered into the season that I will remove Kings. I will remove leaders. I will remove those who thought through selection that they would have a voice my finger and the sword my sword shall cut them down. And then they will look and they will say but who is standing who is standing in this month of September and October and November. Who is standing as I wage a new level of warfare from my Throne? Against the enemy who desires where I will give you War says the Living God. And they will say but who is standing here? Who is standing? Who is standing? Who can lead us now? Who can lead us now in this nation? Who is standing? God says look to 45 who has been through the fire that has been turned up seven times harder. Yet he shall walk out without the smell of smoke, says the Living God. This is my Justice. I’ll lift up your hands man I have seen tremendous spiritual activity should we enter into September. Oh my God I see there is an increase of the spiritual activity. No the spiritual activity from the Divine singer and intervention of God shall increase over the land…  

Shelly Mosley - Stirring the pots - August 29, 2023

So October the uh 23rd 2022 he said I am stirring the pots of the corrupt in the wicked. I am stirring the pots of those who stand against me. I am stirring the pots of the lukewarm and of those who continue to play Both Sides. … Know this says the Lord you have not hidden anything from my sight. You have not done anything in secret as you believe you have. I am stirring the pots of contempt and the fires underneath the pots are burning hotter and hotter . They are being turned up to a group a degree you do not yet see. To the corrupt and the wicked you have ruled unfairly. You have forced evil upon my people and made them do your bidding. You have been found out and you will now reap a great harvest from it. With the breaking of bread and the shaking of hands the corrupt set in secret places. They make deals in secret that will soon be known to all. The plans that they had against you my children have been extinguished. But the plans they had for you are now accelerated toward them and will land in heaps upon their heads.

No weapon that has been forced against you children of almighty God will prosper. They prepared High Gallows for you just as Haman did for the righteous Mordecai. But the very Gallows he prepared he hung on himself. He brought great destruction to his home when he plotted evil. His plans for evil against the righteous was accelerated toward him and he was hung in great shame along with his sons on that very plotted Gallows he intended for someone else. I have already said let them plan their plans. Let them celebrate their false victories. Let them plot and scheme against you. What they do and what they have already done will not stand it will not stand up to the fire. I am sending they are all caught and are now stewing in the cook pot. I am stirring stirring stirring as the Heat against them intensifies. There is nowhere for them to go nowhere to run for I the Lord have caught them all. They will stand ready at their own Gallows very soon.

Do not be worried do not be dismayed for I have made you a Plan of Redemption my children. You will not go from my sight as I lead you and guide you. I have already made a way of Escape for you. You will not be moved as you stand against what they have attempted. You will not be moved. Stand firm stand strong for I am your help and your salvation. Your new era is about to begin. To the lukewarm and to those who are half in and half out. Have I not warned you to get off the fence and decide whose side you’re on? Have I not in my great Mercy called you to repentance? Have I not been patient and shown you a great kindness? If you are not for me you are against me. Therefore those lukewarm and those double-minded. If you do not repent and change your heart quickly you will be found with the correct and the wicked. You will be judged alongside them. Do not let it be so. Do not allow your selfish Pride to rise up and keep you in the pot with the heat turning up on you. Repent, repent and cleanse your hearts get right with me get your pride out of the way and repent….

This next part I’m gonna at the end I’ll have to go back and explain it. But uh this was an answer that he gave me about a dream that I had I believe the night before or two nights before. The house light warning is dimming now and your time to choose is almost over. There is a place reserved for you. The ark is nearly empty but there is plenty of room for all who want it. For all who want me. Choose you this day choose you this day, says the Lord. For the timing is now and the time is short the Sands of The Hourglass are quickly running out. Do not let the door to the ark shut without you inside. Come back to me come back where you belong. You do not belong on the outside of the of my Ark of Safety. No, you belong in my presence and under the shadow of my wings. There is nothing that you’ve done that cannot be forgiven. There is nothing you have done that cannot be covered by the blood of Jesus. Come home choose a side. You are either for me or you are against me. Do not let your decision be to stand against me. Be found as faithful on my side. For I the Lord will cover you and protect you.When you do I will never leave you or forsake you. I am not a man that can lie. No, I am not a man that can create falsehoods. I am the truth, I am the life, I am the Great and Mighty Redeemer of all. Come to me and sit at my feet the choice is yours, the choice is yours.


For I, the Lord, this day want to tell My children that your victory is assured, your victory that was already paid for by Jesus. 

I also want to remind you that the greatest defeat in history has been recorded and will forever stay the same. Your enemy has been defeated by the Blood and sacrifice of your Lord and Savior Jesus. So, hold your head high every day and remember that ultimate defeat and that annihilation of your enemy’s power against you. 

When your enemies are raging, when they are at full force, it appears like, when this world seems to be upside down, when chaos erupts, when tempers flare now more than ever in your enemies’ camps as they try everything to destroy you- remember these Words and the power that lives in you, then you won’t quit. You will not give in. You will not bow to their commands. You will not comply with their lies. You will not submit to their power and control because you are growing stronger and stronger in Me. 

Grow, My children. Grow in My love, My strength, My wisdom, My knowledge, and My understanding. These are the days to rely on Me and not on your own understanding or strength. Don’t rely on your own finances to get you through. Rely on Me, the One Who is your provider, healer, protector, standby, advocate, and deliverer. I am everything you need today or any day. So, press into this revelation. Press into Who I really am, and I will show you all of Me and who you really are in Me, not who you have been on your own. You are not alone, and you never were. So, stop believing those lies from your adversary. Remind him this day of his defeat and remind him of your guaranteed victory. 

My children, march. March in this battle today. Pick up the sword of the Spirit. Put on the full armor I gave you to fight in this battle. To those who think you can’t fight anymore- stand. I will be there to help you stand. Don’t be moved now. Significant things are about to take place, and you will be rewarded for standing and trusting in Me, saith the Lord. 

Goliath is about to fall, and not just one giant, but many. Those who are on the side of the giants are about to fall as well. Their next moves you see will solidify their fall and how fast and hard they come down. I have told you that My David has the stone to bring down the giants, and it is almost time for that stone to be thrown. Get ready for the establishment to fail, to fall, and to be fully exposed. 

Someone on the right is about to reveal which side they are actually on, and many will be surprised about which side they have chosen. 

Another whistleblower is about to come forward with proof that the Senate has been helping “the Biden.” And the House, ran by Nancy, helped him as well. Cover-up after cover-up will be exposed. A raid is about to take place that will prove more of this to be true. 

Mitch McConnell is about to be exposed in a major way. 

Another whistleblower will come forward with proof that Nancy Pelosi and the establishment set up January 6th to impeach Trump and keep him from having any chance of running again. However, a computer will surface and show this plot to take down the president and blame him for what they actually caused that day. Irrefutable proof will shred the lie about that day in January of 2021. 

The sky is falling: this phrase will be in your news for a surprising reason. 

“The Biden” is about to accidentally expose more of their plans against this country while speaking on live TV. Remember, your enemies’ tongues are about to become their worst enemies. They will say things on live TV over and over again that they didn’t mean to say. 

A senator is about to have a massive heart attack. It will surprise you who it is. 

Another indictment against My David will be announced, but yet another one will fail. None of these attempts to stop him or this election will prosper. They will not succeed. 

Nothing will stop My hand from saving this Nation. Nothing will stop My hand from removing those in power that don’t belong. Nothing will stop My hand from bringing back My David and placing him in his rightful seat of power. Nothing will stop his return. Nothing will stop this Great Exodus from taking place. Nothing will stop this transfer that is coming. Nothing will stop the restoration that is coming.   

Nothing your enemies are doing will succeed. They will all fail and fall by their own sword, and their defeat will be seen by the world, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Liberty Turnip - URGENT PROPHECY! The Storms Are Upon Us August 24, 2023

Okay I have a major word you guys this is based on three warning dreams that I’ve received in the last five days. And um this morning God literally I’m not joking. You guys know I don’t mess around with prophetic numbers and warning dreams the Lord woke me up with a right at 555. 555 um with a dream and it was a storm dream and I was like oh man here we go and it was number three in the last five days of a storm dream that I’ve had okay now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna tell you the dreams … So the first dream that I had this was on the 18th okay now you need to track with me on the dates if you want to take notes take notes um or you can pause this video and take notes but um it was um on the 18th.  8 18 okay so I had a storm dream and in the dream we were here in my in my house and and my sons were here the ministry team we were all here and um I said to the team I said I think I need to get my phone and check the weather app and they were like okay.

I said I feel like a storm is coming. And so I went and got my phone and I went to look at the weather app and I was like well you know what I’m just going to call the news I’m gonna call them and I’m gonna ask them if a storm is coming and so I called literally called the news station most likely not fake news okay you guys I would not do that even in a dream okay it was probably a real news station there’s not many out there but you know who they are and so um I called the news and I said hey I feel like something’s up like I’m supposed to look check my weather out there’s a storm coming this is this is Apostle Liberty something’s up. You want to tell me what’s up and the news lady said Yes actually we were just getting ready to release a 24-hour storm warning. This is your warning and she said um everybody needs to pay attention and be alert because the storm is coming. The 24-hour storm watch has begun and this was on the 18th okay.

So now um so in the dream I get off and I tell the team I’m like hey a storm is coming we are on 24-hour storm watch. The Lord is saying we need to pay attention. We need to stay alert. We need to watch and we need to pray. And we need to basically not go out there we’re outside. It represented going outside don’t go out there we need to stay safe and do what we’re supposed to be doing for the next 24 hours and we need to watch and we need to pray. And so um I I had that dream and I released it to the team and we all talked about it because we do dream talks together and um we prayed we and we we come together and pray once a week. Uh me and the team and the staff and so but here’s the thing so it’s not likely it’s a literal 24 hour. … If you’re watching this you need to watch the entire video you guys literally the storms are coming this is a warning word you need to listen to what I’m telling you okay…I began to look at dates and I began to count the days. And I began to do what I do prophetically and I counted the days 24 days from the 18th is 9 11. 22nd anniversary of 9 11. and I was like whoa something major is up here.

The Lord said Liberty things are going down. He said I’ve already been cleansing my house I’ve been plucking people from Ministries I don’t want them there I’m pruning I’m taking care of business and he said um but there’s more coming and you guys know that then I release the word about the waves I you need to go back and watch brace yourself you need to listen to that word and then listen to this word all the way or whatever. But you need to watch brace yourself and so because the waves are coming and so he gave me that word before I had any storm dreams. And so um the Lord so I felt like it’s a timeline it could be 24 days it could be 24 weeks I mean it’s up to the Lord but I felt like the Lord was saying we are in a pivotal moment between now and 9 11. Something major is up and we need to be praying and be on high alert I can’t tell you what it is because he didn’t tell me that he was just giving me the 24-hour storm warning to watch and pray and pay attention God’s people. And so if that’s the case um something might be up on 9 11 is what I’m saying.

Uh something’s being planned uh there’s things that are coming or this next short season up to 9 11 and Rosh Hashanah Rosh Hashanah this year is pivotal you guys. I believe that there might be some storms that are going to hit us they’re going to be like the final of the final of some of the stuff that God needs to remove off of you. He needs to he needs to turn things around he needs to he needs to prune he needs to cleanse he needs to get you going back in the right direction. Maybe some of you have gotten off what God’s will maybe you’re doing things and made decisions that are not God’s will well he’s going to reverse them this is what we’re doing and after Rosh Hashanah I believe he is is going to begin the time of us being under position to receive from Heaven what he originally had for us in the first place that we denied or rejected or refused to see because we have been making decisions out of Pride flesh Rebellion rejection whatever … okay on the second dream.

Julie Green - YOUR ENEMIES' HAVE DREADED THIS DAY - August 25, 023

Your enemies have dreaded this day. Yes, I say this over and over again. Your enemies have dreaded this day because, this day, all hell is quivering at the thought of seeing My children take their (rightful) places. Hell sees you taking back your territory. Hell sees that you know your authority. Hell knows they are losing their power and the ability to deceive you into thinking they have authority over you when they don’t. He (Satan) has nothing. He has been brought to nothing, and anybody he uses has also been brought to nothing. 

Yes, this is the start of a new day, new exposures, great, mighty, explosive exposures, and truth coming in. Oh, yes, it’s coming in. It’s like a tsunami wave about to break on land, a tsunami wave that will destroy your enemy’s plan. This is a new day. This is a new way, I say, a new way to use My Word with force and destroy your enemy. My children, I say restoration is coming this day. Restoration, deliverance, justice, and judgment are coming. 

Oh, yes, you will see it. You will see it. You will see it, but you will not partake. Justice is coming because I am justice. I have seen the injustice, the evil, and what your enemies are doing to you. But this is the time I have been waiting for. 

I have been waiting for My children to break out, break forth, and break through all the tests and chains, all the things your enemy is doing to keep you in his prison cell. 

And you, My children, are doing it. You are breaking out. You are breaking out. Yes, you are breaking out of those chains and those prison cells he’s had you in. You are breaking out of the darkness, anguish, and torment. You are breaking out of the (mindset) of the impossibility of ever winning because now you are seeing you’ve won. 

The enemy has used great deception. It has been like a cloud over the Earth and My people, a great deception people believed was true. 

Well, now those clouds are breaking apart, My light is shining through, and My light is destroying all the darkness. I am telling you, My children, My hand is big enough. My hand is moving, and I am destroying your enemies’ plans and what they have done to you personally. I am destroying it. 

My children, you will finally know Me. Walk by faith this day. Walk by faith, I say. Walk by faith and live in a new way. Start living in a new way this day. 

The walls are coming down. The walls are breaking. “What walls, Lord?” The walls that were against you, that kept you in this world system, that kept you from seeing the truth, that kept you in such despair, that kept you in hopelessness, that kept you sick, that kept you in poverty and lack, and under great oppression. Those walls- you are about to see those walls completely destroyed. 

You are about to see the narrative the news media has used to prop up the ones in DC completely collapse. This narrative has kept the establishment alive and in control. At least, they thought (they were in control), but they never were. 

A great narrative and great deceit regarding “the Biden” is about to be seen. Not much longer now. Not much longer now, and their entire narrative will fall apart. 

Obstruction of justice. You will now see the proof of this. Oh, My children, just wait. Just wait for what I am about to reveal to you. Pride comes before a fall, and your enemies have become very prideful. They’re making one mistake after another. 

The fall is coming. The fall is coming. A great fall is coming. Be prepared for this fall. You may think you know what fall I am talking about. You will know it when you see it. A great fall is coming. Get ready for great change, saith the Lord. 


Julie Green - THE COMING CHANGE IN THE ECONOMY - August 18, 2023

Children of the Most High God, if you have ears to hear, hear these Words I am speaking this day. These Words, these Words are bringing a change. A blessing explosion is coming, one that no eye has ever seen and no ear has ever heard. 

You see what these people are doing to you financially and to the economies around the world. You can see their control with (through) the World Economic Forum. The enemy has controlled the money. They have controlled the money in the governments, your health system, the news, and what you hear. They have controlled many people in churches and what was spoken. 

There has been a great deception in this world, a great deception that My people were to receive being poor, living in lack, and barely getting by. There has been a great deception in the Body of Christ about the love of money. The love of money is the root of all evil, but not money itself. It depends on who has the money because if evil has it, greater evil is done on Earth and around the world. 

I know a lot of people, (including) My own children, will not receive this Word. But be careful. Be careful whose report you believe. With this blessing explosion, I am blasting out (of their hands) everything that is yours- everything they stole from you through taxation, everything they stole from you through their interest rates, everything they stole from you through inflation, everything they stole from you with medical bills, and everything they have done against you to put you into financial bondage and slavery. 

I am blasting it out of their hands, and I am giving it to the ones who are believing for it. I am giving it to the ones who will stand. I am giving it to the ones who have given (of themselves) into the Body of Christ. I am giving it to the ones whose hearts are fixed on Me. Not everyone will receive because their hearts weren’t fixed on Me. Money should not be your god, and money should not be your reason for getting up in the morning. I should be. My children, I want you to have it. I have spoken this in My Word- the wealth of sinners is laid up for the just. And it is, but for the ones who will receive. 

In this time of great change and shaking, when all these governments are imploding, when all these people are being removed, when the Angel of Death is coming, when all these things are shaking, changing, and rattling, they are breaking you free.

Can you hear the chains that have held you? The chains and the bondage you have been in are rattling and shaking because they are breaking off you. 

This is not the first time I have done this. I am not just breaking the financial chains off you; I am breaking all the sickness off you. I am breaking all the spiritual things that have held you back and held you down- the chains of fear, torment, lying, self-pitying, sin consciousness, and unworthiness. All those things your enemy has done, I am breaking those chains. 

Do you hear it? Shake them off. Shake them off. Shake free. Break free. Break out. Break forth. Break through all these plans of your enemy. 

I am saving your nations. I am restoring freedom. I am restoring justice. That is what people are crying out to Me for. I said I would deliver you out of it all. Do you think all means all? That includes financial.  

My children, the blessing I have given to you is empowerment for you to prosper, succeed, excel, and rise above, but it is also an increase. It’s empowerment, and with that comes financial (blessing). This is the least of all, but don’t leave it out. I am not giving it to people who will be selfish and hoard it. I will give it to people who will be a blessing vessel. 

Your enemies hoarded it. Your enemies stole it and kept it away from you. But I am going into their chambers, their accounts, and anywhere they have kept it, and I am blasting it out of their hands and turning it over to My people supernaturally. 

I am the God of multiplication. Remember that. I have given you many examples in My Word where I multiply. Speak to your cupboards and pantries, wherever you keep your food. Speak multiplication. Speak increase. Speak that there is no lack. Speak that nothing is not going to run out. 

You shout. You speak. You speak overflow. You speak increase, and watch what I do. I am your source, and now it is time for Me to show it. Give Me the opportunity. Look to Me. Look to Me. Ask, and it shall be given unto you. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened. 

These are the days of increase. These are the days of multiplication. You see things shaking around the world, but know that this (increase and multiplication) is what is on the other side of that. This is your time to be the head and not the tail, the above and not the beneath. This is the time for increase, saith the Lord. 

Barry Wunsch - Prophetic Encounter: Tell my people not to comply with the enemy! - August 20, 2023

Sunday morning, I woke up early in the morning and the heavy, heavy weight of the Spirit of God came upon me.
He spoke to me personally about a few things and then He deposited something into my spirit.
Then He took me into the spirit and I saw another dark season approaching.
There was another lock down being prepared.
At this point it was an act of criminal warfare upon the nations.
I saw WEF and WHO documents being circulated through out the nations and a demand for compliance to fulfill the evil agendas they had in hand.
I saw the upcoming American election and this was another attempt to try to stop what God has in store.
I was taken into the spirit where there were truck loads of deadly poison being delivered to airports to be sprayed, as well as to water treatment plants to poison the water.
All I can say is that this demonic plan was so disgusting I wanted to throw up, and actually still do.
I was taken into airport after airport and they were basically empty.
The few that were there all masked up once again.
I was shown the fake news the false prophets showing fake and false information releasing a spirit of fear one more time.
I was then taken in the spirit, where I watched as tens and hundreds of thousands began to hit the streets in protest.
Standing up again, but this time much stronger than before and much greater in number.
I saw those places the enemy had used to divide now not able to do as much as the people were not going to swallow this hook line and sinker again.
I watched as the grass roots stood up and not only held their ground but they were now mobilized in a new way.
I saw governments as we have known them destroyed, stripped down and brought to their knees.
I saw the deliverance from Babylon!
Old systems and structures gone. Torn down and removed.
The corrupted systems that we have know and that we thought we could redeem were being destroyed and people released from all the bondage they had been held by.
I saw the convergence of the ecclesia and new governance forming, and being released to rebuild with the Father.
The rebirth of the Nations was coming.
The enemy had pushed too far, and it was all going to backfire upon them.
Then the Holy Spirit dropped this word on me:
Barry, tell my people that they are not to fear.
Tell my people not to comply with the enemy.
I will protect them and watch over them as they stand for me and my Kingdom and for life, truth and justice.
Tell my people that I will protect them from every deadly thing set up against them.
Though they are going to try and remove the straw and make things harder, I will provide for you in supernatural ways to meet and exceed all your ways as you walk I my Kingdom ways.
Barry, tell my people that the wealth transfer is at hand.
I am cleaning out the enemies war chest and giving to my people and all that the enemy has stolen shall be returned seven fold.
Barry tell my people that they are going to witness a great harvest of souls.
They will be crying out to know me and be saved.
As you walk with Me I will touch heal and deliver the hurting, wounded and the broken in unprecedented ways.
Revival is here and it is coming!
Holy is the word of the Lord.

Barry Wunsch - I SAW PRESIDENT TRUMP WITH EVIDENCE IN HAND!. - August 24, 2023

I had the same prophetic dream two nights in a row.
They were identical bumper to bumper. Front to back inside and out, they were exactly the same.
In this dream I found myself on a city sidewalk, there was President Trump walking at a quick pace leading a group of his team and security.
I was in the spirit following behind the President,
In a position like a camera or drone up over his right shoulder about 5 feet higher than he was and 5 or six feet behind.
It was the perfect view. Front row seats.
He was surrounded by his team and high level security.
The thing that was different today was that the President was not following the team, he was leading them and they could not get ahead of him on this one.
His countenance was a little different than I had seen before.
He was not happy. Not happy at all.
In fact, I would say that he was in a fighting mood.
Enough was enough.
He had seen enough, and had had enough of what was going on.
He had evidence in hand.
And he was ready to go with all he had.
He would be well able to shred them.
Expose them and what they had been doing behind his back.
It was go time.
The righteous anger that had been brewing was at an all time high.
They had dug a pit big enough for long enough – and the President knew it and it was time to deal with it.
I followed him down the sidewalk and entered a building, through the lobby to an elevator and then down a hallway.
He knew that there were traitors and insiders there and were there meeting that were up to no good.
They were leaking information and trying to whisper in his ear with council from the dark side.
They were about to be exposed.
Trump now had evidence of who they were and what they were doing.
And they were about to be confronted.
Old school face to face.
He had suspicions and knew they had been meeting and scheming and plotting not only against him but the Nation for some time.
He knew some of the folks around him didn’t pass the smell test, but had kept them close regardless until he had enough on them all to deal with them and shut down all that they had going on.
The moment had come, not to early and not to late to deal with it. The timing was perfect.
The Holy Spirit was leading this whole deal every step of the way.
When he and the team got up to the right floor they got off the elevator and the President again led the way.
He marched down the hallway and got to the room they were secretly meeting in – or so they thought.
President Trump stopped for a few seconds.
Took a deep breath and swung that door wide open.
He did not knock, he gave them no warning.
He wanted to catch them red handed.
And, so he did.
The room had a big board room table in the middle with chairs all around. 20 or so.
I watched as they were frozen – caught in the act.
They knew this was it for them.
Their goose was cooked.
The gig was up and it was time to pay the piper.
There would be no excuse or reason that they could possibly offer to escape the consequences that were coming.
They seemed to be in a bit of a break time as they were pulled away from the table chatting in groups of two and three in side conversations.
The table was full of laptops and documents.
It was all there.
There was one man in particular that stood out to me.
He was on the right hand side of the table talking with a couple of people.
He was I would say in his 40s.
Dark hair, on the heavier set side.
He was greasy. Not who he portrayed himself to be.
He did not have the equity that he boasted of.
He was one of the insiders who had faked his way close to the President.
He was not who he said he was.
He had been manipulating and controlling as much as he could around the President, and from what I saw had a very dark demonic spirit upon him.
He had been working with the enemies camp since the beginning.
He was a master chameleon and actor. He played the role well.
Until now.
Caught red handed – sitting down with the enemy sharing sensitive information and betraying the trust of the President and the other righteous leaders he was shoulder to shoulder with.
Trump entered the room and his detail and the rest of his team right behind him.
It was a moment of truth and exposure.
You could cut the air with a knife.
Trump remained calm at this point.
Nothing really needed to be said in this moment.
The evidence was in plain sight. It could not be denied.
And, all the right people were in the room to see it with their own eyes.
I was then taken in the spirit into another meeting where President Trump was sitting down with legal council, he had added a couple new faces to the team.
They were talented, but more so gifted and anointed to do what needed to be done in this moment.
They were reviewing the J 6 inditement file and the file regarding the biggest election fraud in history.
The enemy had actually brought them a gift through this action, for it would give the President and his team opportunity to bring the real truth and the whole truth to the light for all to see.
They had cases and cases of documents and evidence
They were preparing to release and go public with.
There were a couple of Military Generals in the room as discussions were had as to next steps.
And they were big ones.
They all were acutely aware that the future and destiny of America the Beautiful and the future of western civilization as we knew was in the balance.
After intense discussion, The President asked to close the meeting in prayer for what they had to do.
As they prayed one by one around the room the presence of the Lord flooded – actually saturated the place.
The Lords favor was upon them to be certain.
As this meeting ended and some of the team left, I was taken into the lobby where Roger Stone was waiting to be called in to meet with the President.
Roger was stronger than ever and in top form, in fact the best he had ever been in.
He almost glowed as he entered the room.
The Fire of God was upon him in such a good and amazing way and he was well aware of it and that it was only by Gods grace!
He had a briefcase and had been entrusted with evidence, information and insight that would cut the enemy off at the knees and take the enemys head off.
He pulled a couple of files out and set them up on the table.
The first was labeled in big bold font “The Clinton Files”
The second was “The Obama Files”
What Roger had in hand was next level.
This information released in the right moment at the right place would be key to taking down the enemy in the Nation on the Government mountain.
The unity and trust that was in that room with the President at that moment was so tangible, I could weep.
I saw in the spirit that as they walked this out with the Lord the shackles that the enemy had put on the nation were cut off once again bringing freedom to America the Beautiful.
Holy is the Word of the Lord.

Manual Johnson - Urgent Stock Market ! Who will Stay, Leave or Be Removed ? 2024 - August 24, 2023

My children Trump will not be stopped. I have anointed him and appointed him for as such a time as this. My servant Trump will be stopped. You put my servant on trial? What? I put you on trial. I put you on trial. You judge My servant I will now judge you. What a man soweth he will also reap.


My servant will be vindicated. He will be vindicated. Shame, shame, shame will come before those who believe they can alter My design will. The days, weeks, and months are coming you will see serious shame.

Nino & Dr Jan Halper - August 18, 2023

I’m under contract (DOD) and what my specialty has been in mergers and Acquisitions. So it is change and it’s understanding what the mindset is um what the resistance what the barriers are let’s dive into that for a second the mindset in of the employees so at the DOD. No just in general so this is why they asked me. So in general I am known for zeroing in on the issues and understanding exactly what the employees are thinking and feeling and being able to coordinate that with management. So I was asked if I’d be part of this task force and I basically monitor um and give feedback of what I think is going on with either the Awakening. Or what the obstacles are to people accepting or opening their eyes. …I think what it is well one thing I say is when you have any kind of security clearance you exist in silos so you have this bit someone else has another bit compartmentalized very compartmentalized.

But I think that they are very concerned about what is going on with the public. If they’re going to take any action of any Direction they want to have a sense and they but more importantly is that it’s it’s the optical up it’s the obstacles and it’s the barriers that these people have in their thinking. Of why they won’t see things why they reject it. … So where my information goes on a higher level I just know what we discussed as a task force and what we’re looking for and what we’re concerned about what are what are you looking for uh we we are looking at getting a sense of why people have bought into Biden and what can be done about educating them. But we we don’t we don’t believe in criticizing and there’s other people that do a lot of monitoring and posting I do rather little of that um but the concern is if we take action what is the response going to be what are the repercussions going to be. …

This one guy put a trivia uh tweet up and I really liked it and I participated in it and the other thing was that it was the first time it had a list of names . And so I said oh maybe we’re not all Shadow banned anymore this is really great to see that this is being sent to a whole new group of People. Well they were all liberals and they went after me. And I had so much fun just going back at them but eventually I stopped and I realized they don’t have a faculty of critical reasoning. In fact I thought I’ve got to go back to my psychological theories and I went to the simplest one. Eric Byrne we have three ego States parent adult and child they are a parent who can only judge and they are a child who can only emote but it’s and then in my research I discovered that there are all these workshops on adulting that they’re very much aware that there’s this hole in people that they haven’t been raised that way. …

I read an enormous amount of individual posts. And then when I find someone who is like Beyond nuts but has followers then I really delve into that. And I take notes and then I have to go back and reflect upon it and think what are they really saying. Are they saying anything. Do they have any idea and then I get back to they have no critical reasoning.

We’re not looking at candidates we’re really looking thinking and the movement that’s going on and who’s who’s influencing others and an not really the influencers. Because I don’t I don’t look at a lot of them. It’s I don’t like using this word but there are psyops and the psyop people need to have this kind of information so they know what they can do for their job so you’re looking at all sides of the spectrum here you’re looking at every part of it right everything than I ever have in my life. But I try to go on Incognito um you know and I’m on all the social sites um how many people are doing this how many people do you suspect are doing this oh no there are 12 of us [psyop team]. … you well know will eventually come into play boom and then we need to figure out the timing of it and be able to predict that’s what I wanted to hear yeah so this is big so okay all about timing yes it hasn’t been because for the first two years it was just gathering information and the majority of us couldn’t get our head around how liberals think. I mean honestly I have just struggled and struggled with that and then finally I thought I’m not going to try and interpret I’m gonna pretend I have Mind of a liberal and I’m just going to take everything in and then that’s when I came to the conclusion that uh they don’t think for themselves. ….  

That’s why I said your uh security clearance comes in silos and you don’t get input on what the others are doing did you have to get permission to come on my show or go on any shows or even in the morning so I might get in trouble eventually but no I like you I do my own thing I wouldn’t have thought to ask for permission. Because they already know I do the media. I mean I’ve been doing the media since 2015 or 2016….

It has been very interesting um what’s been even more interesting David is hardly any negative feedback or posting on my Twitter or my sub stack just minimal and and it’s more of well what does space force in 1871 and uh a DOD task force uh what does that all have to do with the indictment. Um and that is really helpful when we get that response but what is more interesting is to see the people that respond to that kind of post on LinkedIn especially. And they say well I guess I can tell you’ve read all about 1871 as you haven’t. You know and and I don’t have to deal with it at all because I think that there are far more people that are awake but I think they’ve needed that push that what they’re thinking because the best outcome for me about this is that people said I gave them hope they knew and I gave them hope and that to me is I couldn’t have done any better any better in sharing that information because now they can feel stronger in what they’re thinking and what they’re sharing with their friends. ….

I have great trust in the portion of the military that’s on Trump’s side. … When you think about who Trump was in charge and who knows what’s going on all the way down to the details it’s only seven people that have all of the information and then of course you have the specific generals and those generals have troops behind them so I don’t I don’t think it’s as uh negative although although I think that at one point at first there wanted to be a little bit of rebellion not a lot not a large percentage . But you got the woke military and they’ve done the best things by trying to make it woke because more people want Trump back. …

I actually wonder if 24 is going to come to pass. I think that the only way that we can monitor it is by seeing how many more truths come out and how many more times the evil fails. And that’s what we’ve really got to look to. I think I don’t know what will be the catalyst that is going to then make the military come out of the closet. Because we know that they’re operating. But it hasn’t been made public. … I sure hope we’re going to see massive arrests and execution. But I think that when you have power you do not see other people or other situations always taking your power away and when you have power. … and you’ve been in with the In Crowd and you feed each other. …

Okay, I will say it again. Um there is a very strong belief based upon evidence that the 2020 election was rigged. And because of that there are several task forces that have come together as well as full-time employees. And the military would like to know to right time that they are going to take the lead and let the public know. Because they don’t want the public to freak out. Because the concept of Martial law is always with the Banana Republic. And so I’m waiting for the next phase of educating the public about if the military did this. If the military did that. If the military is going to step in. If there’s a riot in a city. But I don’t know if it’s going to be a Black Swan event I think we just had one in Hawaii. But it is when can the military take over and finish cleaning up the evil and the corruption. ….

Panic moves but you know what’s great is the fact that those indictments are waking more and more people up. It is amazing and I don’t know if you’ve seen some of the black people on Tick Tock that are outraged by it and one person said well he’s being treated just like a black person that’s how you know the judicial system treats us. So I don’t think they’re realizing that in their actions they are actually converting people. … That’s a lot of what I’m looking for and I believe that I keep wanting them to do these things yes it’s bringing more and more people to open their eyes. Because you can’t tell someone they’re wrong. But if enough thing I mean I’ve always said the truth stretches the mind and the mind fights to bring it back but once the truth is there you can’t run from it you absolutely can’t. But if we’re thinking about just the black community and that Democrats are finally worried that they’re losing the black vote. I think that they’ve already lost that. …

Flash Back to 2021 --- Liberty Turnip - "350 Million Deaths" Many Deaths are Coming - May 17. 2021

I have a very heavy word to release today … I do it with fear and trembling … I will probably lose subscribers I will most likely get a whole bunch of  hate email and a bunch of nasty comments by people who don’t really want to hear the word and hear what God is saying in the word. They want to immediately jump on the bandwagon of offense and how dare you that’s fear-mongering … He spoke to me and he said the first of many deaths are coming. And I said what and he said the first of many deaths are coming and I know you’re probably thinking yeah a lot of people have already died from Covid. This is bigger than that you guys. Because he’s made me sit on this because he gave me a dream about it last August and I’m just now…. T

The first of many deaths are coming. The first of many deaths are coming. More is on the way more death and destruction. As i prepare to do a mighty work on the earth. Many deaths are coming these will be physical deaths and spiritual deaths. We’ll go into all that after I read it. There are many deaths coming in all different forms. As my manifested glory goes forward this will be a side effect of the Kingdom of God rising and the kingdom of darkness falling. There is a death coming there is a death coming. But many more are coming behind it. There’s things I will be allowing on the earth to bring my people closer to me. And to woo the unsaved into my presence.

The unsaved will literally have nowhere to turn but to the light of Christ. As I am preparing the earth for the final outpouring hearts will come in. In droves looking for help deliverance and hope in the midst of despair. There are times I have to allow despair to woo people in. It is not a terrible thing. It is a beautiful thing. Some people can only brought be brought up out of the pit. They will not receive me without there being many spiritual and physical deaths. The body of Christ must be ready to receive these souls. They must be ready to manifest the presence. Because the presence is what’s going to woo them in. My presence is where perfect love is and perfect hope. They will need this perfect love and this perfect hope. It will be our job to bring it in. To build it. To release it. This is what I’m preparing the body of Christ for a death is coming and many more. …   

Patty Teichroew - August, 2023

Barry Wunsch - The enemy when caught stealing must pay back 7-fold what he has stolen. - August xx, 2019

 The enemy when caught stealing must pay back 7-fold what he has stolen.

The Fire of God is going to be released like never before!
Get Ready!
The war upon our freedoms is escalating.
The global social engineering plan is well under way.
One of the attacks upon us that we are facing is one of environmental propaganda and climate change.
The evidence is mounting regarding Direct Energy Weapons
and the deliberate arson that is being launched across the nations.
There is much more to see here. There is much more that is being exposed.
The enemies war chest is being cleaned out and all will be held to
They have nothing to lose and have pulled out all the stops against us to break us and control us.
Let it be known that The Lord of Hosts – The Lord God Almighty is His name is flipping over the tables!
He is bringing His justice to the Nations and will not stop until it is done!
He is looking for faithful ones to walk closely with Him in this hour.
It is not for the faint of heart.
The enemy when caught stealing must pay back 7 fold what he has stolen.
The Fire of God is going to be released like never before!
Get Ready!
Together we will assure the victory!
Stay strong. Don’t hold back.
We are going to make it through!


Patty Teichroew - August, 2023

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - The Deal Vision - Trump & Generals - August 11, 2023

This vision (Kirk) is entitled the deal and August 11 of 2023. The deal. I’m taken in the spirit to a place a room with a long table that seats maybe 20 to 30 people. At this table are military generals these generals are plotting a coup. Some are objecting and suggesting another way. I hear one of them speak up saying, well you all know that he’s a deal maker. I believe we could propose a deal and I don’t think he could resist it. Most of those present seem to agree the meeting goes on for a while as discussions regarding the details of the deal are worked out. The meeting then breaks up and the room is empty. Then I see what I believe is the same room and a series of meetings with a handful of those same generals or maybe a few more.This meeting also includes Donald J Trump. Some of these meetings are just with Trump. All others also include members of his family, particularly his sons the two oldest. The deal that has worked out is risky and all of the participants acknowledge that. To fail would be certain death. But to succeed would be the greatest coup the world has ever seen. And an overthrow of evil like no other time in history.

The deal that was reached would be particularly rewarding to Donald Trump as well. Even though the risks were very real and quite high. In the end a deal was reached. Promises were made and it was on. Trump’s first presidency was assured. The cheaters would be cheated out of their plan for Hillary. And the actual presidency would be an amazing success as well as being a setup for what was to come. In 2020 Donald Trump was going to lose the run for presidency no matter what. He had to this is what the Plan called for and it would happen during these four years of 2020 to 2024 Trump was to maintain his presence and popularity. But also be the bait in a high stakes cat and mouse game drawing out the Deep state by seemingly by being seemingly powerless and inept in the legal system. Nevertheless, Donald J Trump was to keep taunting and saying things that are a real threat to the Deep state. So that they could not resist coming after him in every way imaginable.

The meetings and the words stop at this point and I’m asking what comes next? Wat comes next is rather funny. I see a giant rat trap. It’s the old kind with a wood base and heavy wire which is lifted and pulled to the opposing side of a small pocket for cheese in it. I see Trump where the cheese is supposed to go and there are many, many, rats trying to get at him just then I hear the Trap is set and will be sprung over and over. None Shall Escape! Amen …

Yeah that’s that was an amazing both vision and the word that came. Just uh to see the generals um and this this room had more than a long table in it. It had technology it had other things in it too. And the table was long like the people at the ends I doubt could actually hear each other speak if if they didn’t have Technologies to help then, But the seriousness of this was incredible too they were very stoic. I would say in in in planning this and um it it seemed to me like, ah like, they had a plan obviously they had a plan. But it seemed like it was some sort of like that was a technological uh they had some sort of advantage over the the deep State somehow. And they they knew how to exploit this this what they had. Um what I did not see was how what was God’s part in this. And you know him showing me this I I’ve expected to see that I expected to see what part he played.

Although there’s some some things that that I what I heard one of the people say that while you know he’s a deal maker. That just sounds like something that the Lord would say to me. You know like trying to talk the others into going a certain way and using that as a well when you were talking to me about this and you said that same thing you couldn’t see you didn’t see where God was I was like I can totally see. Because you all the visions that we’ve had of the Angels working and how the Lord has told us how they work and how they are able to press people’s will to a certain point. Uh how they know how to work with it I should say work with their will. And so I can totally see the angels in the room and leaning over to the general and saying okay say this. You know he puts the idea in his head well he’s a deal maker. Let’s Make a Deal. You know yeah and then Holy Spirit you know prompting the angels to say okay now this is the deal we’re going to lay out for him and you know you just see the the angels have been at work for a really long time at this yeah um this it was amazing I think this is so clever. And to see I never understood any of this really I mean I now that. Now that I’ve had this experience it’s you can’t unsee it or unlearn it or whatever. But I look back and I go well of course he had to win the first one he had to lose the next one and then I can see where you know he doesn’t seem afraid of anything. And he keeps taunting like go ahead arrest me again try it again. You know like he’s having fun with it absolutely it looks like that I you know and people will say well yeah but he’s concerned and this and that you know well look realistic he’s he’s playing a part.

He’s well and there is a high risk I mean no to to fail a certain death right so I mean there is a risk without risk and we should be praying for him right and for his family yeah but there’s good reason why he’s yes playing this role well yes yeah yes is that what you’re saying yeah and I just love it that you know I remember in 2016 when you know Hillary had her fireworks ready and all of this stuff they were certain to win because they’ve been winning for however many years by cheating and so it was like of course they were gonna win yeah this is what they had planned. And so for them to be cheated out of their cheating it’s kind of hilarious. It is and then and then of course he sets up the space task force or whatever it’s called the space force and at the time when he did that I thought why is he wasting his time on the space force thing but now I can totally see because obviously they they must have all the evidence of the 2020 election and all of that stuff and yeah it’s to play and the Lord has said in other prophetic words about the trump card being played at just the right time sure yeah and how the Lord you know they think it’s their card to play. Or Trump thinks it’s his card to play but the Lord. They’ll find out it was the Lord’s card the whole time or something like that yeah it’s always been his card to play yeah. Uh that’s going to be exciting whatever that is but this is just really amazing. 

Julie Green - POWERFUL WORD FROM THE LORD - August 16, 2023

… I am coming and I will destroy every they have done. … For this is a time of great judgement… Great and Mighty Judgment.…. In the greatest defeat ever seen by mankind before. Yes, I said it. The greatest defeat will be seen by mankind. This is greater than anything that has gone before you. And I chose you to be here see it.

God is saying, I am here for you, and I have heard every cry, and I am holding every tear in the palm of My hand. There is nothing you are going through, there is nothing your enemy is putting you through that I have not seen and that I have not known.  

But I am the God who is faithful. I am the God who delivers. I am the God who heals, and I am the God who restores. So, you hold on to Me. You trust in Me because I will not fail you. I will not let you down. I will not let you stay in that situation because I am speaking to you this day that I am here for you. I am getting you out of all of this darkness. I am shredding the darkness. I am destroying it with My light because I am light, and I am truth. My children, all you need to do is trust and believe in Me.  

You’re asking Me, “God, what do you want me to do? God, what do you want me to say?” And I am telling you this day, My children, to trust in Me. Believe Me. That’s all I am asking. No matter how you feel. No matter what your thoughts are telling you. No matter what your situations are saying. No matter what your relatives are telling you. No matter what the news media is telling you, you trust in Me. I will not let you down.  

You say, “God, I’ve been praying. I’ve been crying. I have been pleading with You to hear my prayer.” My children, I heard you from the moment you opened your mouth that first day, the first moment you prayed that prayer.  

I always hear My people. That’s not the problem. I always hear My people. The problem was My people didn’t always hear Me because they weren’t listening for Me, because the things that I will tell you, the things that I will say to you in the midst of your situation will not line up with your circumstances, because I will call those things as not as though they already were because they are. You just don’t see them yet.  

I see every test, and I see every trial. I see the torment and the torture the enemy is putting you through, but remember what I have done for you. I sent My Son. I sent My Son for you before I even placed you upon this Earth. I gave you an answer. I gave you a victory. I gave you a solution to every problem that you have, and His Name is Jesus. My children, you just have to have faith in that Name. 

You’re asking, “Why is this happening? Why is that happening? What is going on? What am I suppose to do?” But you’re asking the wrong questions. The right question is “What do You want me to say? And what do You want me to do? Because I believe You.” 

My children, why certain things have happened is because of a lack of knowledge and not knowing what is rightfully yours, not knowing what I have already done. A lot of My children are waiting for Me to do all of these things when I have already done those things. You just hadn’t seen them yet.  

So, My children, this day build your trust in Me. Build your trust in Me, and you will see Me at work. Stop saying what you have because what you have will stay. Say what you want. Say My Words, and your situations will change. Many of you have cried out to Me because of a doctor’s report. I heard what the doctor said, and I have seen death try to latch on to you.  

But remember that I am life. I live in you, and My life that I have on the inside of you will destroy the power of that death, will destroy the power of that cancer, will destroy the power of any doctor’s report. The resurrection power that is in you will destroy every single malignant cell. It will destroy any damage in your brain tissue or your nerves. It will destroy every tumor. It will destroy every lie. It will destroy those thoughts that your enemy has put in your head.  

My children, do you trust Me and My report. Your body is telling you one thing, and I am telling you another. Which report do you believe? Do you believe Mine or do you believe your body and your feelings? My children, when will you fully trust Me with your health? 

Remember what My Son did for it. My Son was tortured in a way no man has ever been tortured before. He shed His blood to destroy that torment in your body. He destroyed that sickness that is trying to plague you. He was tortured in the Garden of Gethsemane so much that He was sweating blood, but that blood signifies your freedom from the tormentor, the one who torments your minds. Every way that My Son shed His blood was a way that destroys the power of the enemy. But so many of My children have not trusted in that blood, have not trusted in that sacrifice that it was more than enough.  

Do you see? Do you see the enemy and what he has done? Do you see that he has deceived. He has got you into a way of thinking that you couldn’t receive what was already yours.  

These are the days of change. These are the days I am speaking loudly, and I am speaking clearly to My children. I have given you warnings. I have given you things to say. I have given you what to do. Now is the time to obey them. Now is the time to start declaring My Written Word, not out of weakness, not in despair and defeat. You speak My Words because you have a lion on the inside of you, and that lion will roar when you speak My Words. When you speak My Words and you speak them boldly, that is what your enemy hears. He hears a lion roaring with such power and might. He can hear it from far away, and when he does, he runs in stark terror.  

Why do you think I have warned you about what is to come? I am preparing you for this day. Suit up with My armor. Don’t go anywhere without bleeding the blood of My Son over you. You have angel armies that are at your disposal, that are there to protect you where ever you go. So don’t be afraid of their lies. Don’t be afraid of their plans. Don’t be afraid of their inflation. Don’t be afraid of what will happen to their economy. And I said “theirs.” Don’t be afraid when they speak about viruses. Don’t be afraid when they speak about My David. Don’t be afraid because what they’re doing will fall to nothing. 

My children, I need you to speak My Words in agreement with Mine. Get your words in alignment with Me. Speak My Words today.  

“But Father, I’m in agony. The pain is overwhelming. It’s unbearable, and I don’t know how to keep going.” Well, My children, you know what I say to that? You speak to that pain, and you tell that pain it is defeated. You tell that pain it has no power. You tell that pain to go. Remember, you resist the devil, and he must flee. Don’t put up with that torment and pain. You speak to it. You speak to it. You speak to it until it goes.  

I will honor those Words that you speak of Mine. I am Jehovah Rapha. I am a healer, but My people haven’t known Me by that name. My people thought that I put sickness on them when I am the One Who takes it away. Your enemy comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy. But I have come that you may have life more abundantly.  

Speak to your bodies. Speak to your minds. Speak to your circumstances. Speak victory. Speak blessing. Don’t speak what you have. That just gives your enemy authority. When you say, “I have a disease” or “I have these things”, you are keeping those bondages on yourself. And it is keeping the curse in your life.  

How forcible are right words. That is what it says in My Word. How forcible are right words, and how forcible are negative ones. That’s why I am teaching you this. That’s why I am speaking to show you how to live, to show you what to say, to show you what to do.  

What you see before you in your life doesn’t have to stay that way. The doctor’s report you’ve been given doesn’t have to stay that way. They say death. I say choose life. I will honor those words. You don’t have to die because your body says it’s going to or the doctor says you are going to. I say you choose life. They can’t take that life away from you unless you agree with them.  

Remember Who I am. I give life, and I gave it to you to keep it. You can choose. Many people say I take people away, but I don’t. I receive them, but I don’t take them. So, My children, believe My Words when I say, “I set before you life and death, blessing and cursing”. You choose. It is your choice. 

Many of you had to hear this today. You had to know that the choice is yours, not your enemies. Some of you out there, that are hearing these words now, were very close to ending your own life. But I say this day, live. You are important. You do matter. I will take that shame. I will take that pain, and I will take that torment. You just have to trust Me with it.  

I have put you here for such a time as this. The enemy has deceived you into believing that no one loves you. Your enemy has deceived you into believing that there is no use for you. The enemy has you deceived into believing that you are unworthy to receive My love.  

Well, I am telling you that My Son saw your face, and I see you. That’s why He died for you. That’s why I sent Him for you. I have been there all along. You just didn’t know it.  

That darkness is going away. That hopelessness and despair is being destroyed right now. If you lift up your hands, and you say today, “Father, God, I live for You. I will do what You want me to do.” Then I will show you, My child, what I have for you. My plans for you are to prosper you. My plans for you are to bring you out and to bring you up and over in every situation. My plans for you are so far greater, you will say, “Lord, this is a dream.” But your enemy was trying to steal it from you.  

I am here this day, and I am telling you to live. There are so many of My children that have so many different questions about things that have happened to different people. “God, why did You let that happen?” “God, why do You do some of these things?” I don’t! Your enemy does. “Why do bad things happen to good people?” My children, you didn’t know. Certain things happened in their lives, and soon you will understand that.  

But now, don’t focus on those things. You focus on Me, and I will give you peace. I will give you rest. I will give you joy. Your enemy will come and try to bring confusion. Your enemy will come and try to bring offense. So many of My own children have been offended with Me because of situations that have happened on this Earth.  

But remember, I have given this Earth to you. That is why I am exposing these things. That is why I have given you the Name above every name. That is why I am doing these things for you right now to show you the evil upon this Earth that was hidden so dark and so deep. I promise you that all those things hidden will be revealed, and all things will be restored to My children, yes, even to the ones that were taken. I will restore to them everything that was stolen.  

Many of you may not understand that right now, but I will restore just like I did with My children in the land of Egypt. I restored their health. I restored their sound mind. I healed them in every way. I am that same God. My children, this day, remember Who I am. Or learn of Me, and you will see Who I really am and what you can expect from Me.   

This day I am asking you to go forward and trust Me. These are the days of decisions. Decisions! And a great separation will be seen, yes, a time of great separation- those who believe and those who don’t.  

Remember, in these days when things look so uncertain, in these days when your enemy wants to bring so much deception, I am truth. I am the way. I am life. I am coming, and I will destroy everything that they stand for. There are things going on right now that you don’t see, but My hand is already moving. I am already judging. 

Indictments-you will see the truth about those. You will see the real ones not just the fake ones. I said days of Haman. Remember the end of Haman. He was hung on the gallows that he made, so, too, will many enemies that you see before you. A time of great harvest of what they have sown, they shall reap.  

I have given time, but people chose not to repent. This is a time of great judgment, oh, yes, great and mighty judgment. Don’t be afraid because all of this is about to end in the greatest defeat ever seen by mankind before. Yes, I said it. The greatest defeat will be seen by mankind.  

This is greater than anything that has gone before you, and I chose you to be here to see it. So learn to trust Me, and I will show you My plans. I will show you Who I am. I will show you great and mighty things, saith the Lord. 

Flash Back - Robin Bullock - August 1-1-2023, 2023

I am going to give you back your United States of America. I am going to show my might in this hour. I will put off what they intend to do for five years from this day. And I’ll put it off longer if my people say. So, gather up your courage gather up your courage and fight. Gather up your courage your courage and fight. Gather up your courage, gather up your courage and fight. Gather up your courage, gather up your courage tonight.

August xx, 202311


My children, I, the Lord, this day, am telling you to participate in the good fight of faith. You have been fighting your enemy whether you realize it or not. But, because you were unaware (of this), you weren’t winning. You weren’t gaining any ground. And in some cases, you were losing ground spiritually because your adversary was in control when you were supposed to be demanding him to be under your feet, rebuking him, forbidding him, and denying him the ability to win in your life.

So, step into the ring today with your armor, My Name, My Covenant, and My boldness, and knock out your enemy. You have the power I gave you, so use it. Use My power that resides on the inside of you to take back territory, your freedoms, the children, your nations, your health, your sound mind, your peace, your joy, and your finances. Take it all back in My Name today.

Do not wait, My children. Take back your victories this day and begin to shout your enemy’s demise. Stop letting him take from you what doesn’t belong to him. This is a new day. Leave your past in the past and receive the future I have for you, one with joy, victory, and peace you have never known before. Take what I have for you. It has already been paid for, saith the Lord.

The Liberty Bell will be in your news for an unusual reason.

Unusual forecasts will be in your news. “Unusual weather,” they will say. “So unusual and surprising. We don’t usually see things like this.”

Again, I say a skyscraper will be your news for a shocking reason.

Barack Obama is going to be in your news more and more for his connections to the Biden crime family, and everyone will find out who was really in charge. It wasn’t “the Biden.” Many secrets have been hidden to protect Barack because the globalists still want him to lead their One World Government. But secrets will be uncovered that they didn’t count on. Big mistakes have been made by “the Biden” and Barack while they were president and vice president.

The doors will be opened wide to the truth of what was really going on during that time and what foreign nations they were working with. Bank accounts will be discovered that will implement Obama padding his pockets. It doesn’t matter whose name is on this account. It will be proven to be Barack’s account, and a great money trail will show you where all the money has been coming from. No matter how hard they tried to hide this fact, he has been in control, and “the Biden” has been his puppet all along. Well, the day is coming when this puppet show is about to end. Barack will soon realize this is not his Nation. It is Mine!

More explosive information will come out regarding Facebook. It’s about to fall for the crimes committed on that platform. Mark Zuckerberg will pay for the crimes he committed. All those he’s been connected to and all who were paying him to use that platform to spy, steal, and do horrible evil crimes are about to be exposed. It will also show how they interfered in the elections and COVID and what a major propaganda machine it has been for the globalists to control what news can or cannot be seen. I have said this before- judgment will come to the many social media platforms against the truth.

Australia’s government is about to collapse. Watch the shock it will bring.

Something significant is about to take place in Brazil.

Wild weather in California: this will be in your news.

A rat’s nest will be exposed in Pennsylvania. An evil has grown to completely suffocate this state and bring it to its knees, never to recover. But, My children who are there, remember that every place which the soul of your foot shall tread upon, I have given to you. Take it back. Take back your state. Take back your House and Senate. Take back the governor’s seat, for whom it rightfully belongs. It rightfully belongs to My son, not the one who now sits in that seat. All who stole have to return what has been stolen.

So, to My children, not only in Pennsylvania, but My children in every state in this Nation, and My children in every nation, take back your freedoms. Take back what has been stolen. Don’t give up on justice now when justice is just about to be seen. Because I am justice, and I will not fail you.

My children, this day fight how I tell you to fight and receive the victory that has already been paid for, saith the Lord your Redeemer.


For I, the Lord, this day, am telling you, My children, shout to expose (it all). Expose every lie. Expose every person. Expose all the corruption. Expose all the stealing. Expose all the money trails. Expose all the foreign business deals. Expose all the insider trading. Expose all the bribes. Expose all who are against us. Expose all those against our freedoms. Expose all those against the truth. Expose all who are against our Nation. Expose it all.

Shout this, My children, and realize the power you have in your words. Do you not remember that I created the world with words, and you have been created in My image? So, use My Words against their lies, against their oppression, against the globalists, and against their reset.

My children, shout now. Unite now. Stand now. Arise and awaken now to the truth to totally set you free today. I am on your side, and with Me, there is no fear. With Me, there is no weakness because I am your strength. So, rise up today, children of Almighty God, take your place of great authority on this Earth, and watch all this before you disappear, saith the Lord.

More whistleblowers are coming to expose Hollywood more and more. More will be told about the great evil they have done in darkness and behind closed doors. But now those doors are closing in on them, and the truth will destroy everything Hollywood stands for.

You will be shocked about a certain actor and actress who took part in many evil things in Hollywood and how they committed this evil in this Nation and against children, freedom, and the truth.

The days are coming for Hollywood to fall, a fall so great it will never be the same.

A great judgment is coming to the entertainment industry, one no one would have dreamed could take place.

A great cleansing is coming to Hollywood and the entire entertainment industry, and it will shock the world.

Exposures and whistleblowers are coming out against the judges in this land who have ruled not for truth or the constitution but ruled how they wanted and against justice. Many were paid to rule a certain way to save the ones the deep state wanted to be saved. They ruled against the innocent to silence them from exposing the truth.

A great judgment is coming to the justice system in this land, oh, United States. Whistleblowers are coming to expose the truth- the phone conversations, hidden emails, and hidden papers which show things that were done they wanted no one to see. Judges are falling. Judges are being judged along with lawyers who were paid to cause great injustice. Justice is coming for you, and all these scandals will be told. Many will fall and be imprisoned. It is time to free the innocent, saith the Lord.

Fox News: truth is coming for you for the lies you told and the narrative you tried to save. I will show the world who you really are and what has really gone on behind the scenes to come against My David and steal this Nation away from the people. Oh, you allow certain news (to be shown) for ratings. You think this will save you, but it won’t. Judgment is coming, and it is coming faster than you think.

“Paris has fallen,” the news will say. The government will collapse, and the president will be removed. Great exposures are coming about Macron and who he really is. Judgment is coming for all who are against the truth.

A significant weather event will take place in Africa. “Unusual,” they will say. “Biblical,” others will say. I told you, My children, things are changing everywhere to show you that everything that can be shaken will be shaken for this great awakening.

My children, things are changing rapidly now. Things are moving quickly to bring in your freedoms. So, hold tight now for your victory. It is almost over, saith the Lord your Redeemer.

Dr Jan Halper-Hayes, on GB News - August 9, 2023

What he’s being accused of but what part do you think is to answer that the 2020 election is going to be re litigated because of this.They’ve made a huge huge mistake with this one. Because even though we thought what was going to happen was they were going to go after him for treason or Sedition. But they did criminally charge him but they didn’t go to that extreme. As a result he has due process. So he can subpoena people and bring things in. Now let me say something about this 2020 election is that Biden is a legitimate president. But he’s a legitimate president of what is now the bankrupt U.S corporation and that was a treaty in 1871. Well on September 12 2018 Trump created an executive order. Within that he outlined in future elections any kind of foreign or domestic interference. Specifically for the 2020 election.

So we say how did he know some of these things were going to happen? Election Integrity on both sides of the aisle is tough. It’s really tough. But what this has done is it’s opened the door for Trump to present his case. … Exactly and and it’s a great mistake by Jack Smith that he’s done that absolutely great. See the thing is think about um uh Edward Snowden and all the information he had. Think about the fact that our military our department of defense Space Force. If you think that they don’t have the actual real results from the election then you’re fooling yourself. … That’s what someone’s claiming but that’s not the fact and that’s not what Donald Trump really has ever said. He’s been very very clear. I mean the issues were for example in Pennsylvania the Supreme Court of the state of Pennsylvania stepped in and changed some of the election laws under our constitution. It’s only the state legislators that can do that.

Two thousand mules the film that came out. What they did they spent over four million tracking the phones. And the reason it’s only 2 000 mules is that based on the visits to the drop boxes in Georgia they had to have gone over 10 times. And they’ve got all the film for that. So the thing is that um the election Integrity is so different and so problematic in every single state, every single state. But that doesn’t mean that the machines didn’t do something. That there were some other kind of finagling but the long and go ahead …. Okay wait a minute everyone the media goes oh there were 60 60 court cases that were rejected. No, there were three he won two he lost one, 57 were never heard because they had no standing. And standing means that the person bringing the case has to claim some kind of impact or injury. So it’s really you know the media did that and they’re great at doing that but it it was a fallacy.

In there and the thing is that um you know. You know I sit on a task force at the Department of Defense and the thing is they’ve got the goods. They’ve got the goods and Trump knew that if he presented any of the goods early on we’d have a Civil War. That he really felt that the people needed to see how bad it could get. … Well a democratic vote and so therefore he should be silent about it? … So because you think he’s being criticized because in Georgia he said can you find me 12 000 votes. Or um you know the thing is he didn’t try to subvert anything. What he’s really done is he set up the Deep state to come out and that’s why we’re seeing all these things. I mean it just it was revealed with whistleblowers and um Hunter Biden’s ex-best friend that in 2015 um the head of Barisma gave Joe and Hunter Biden 10 million bribe. In 2018 Hunter is I mean uh Joe is on TV publicly saying that he threatened that unless they got the prosecutor fired that um he wasn’t going to let them have their 1 billion in support. In 2019 Trump calls Zielinski to find out about what went on to get the prosecutor fired and he gets impeached. I mean that’s we’ve lived with it for a long time. …

Well I don’t know if I said everything or always because I do call him the embellisher in Chief because he’s a marketer. But in terms of telling us things Optics you better believe that he’s very much a straight shooter in terms of actions that he’s going to take or what he thinks needs to be done. You know they made fun of him because they assumed he broke protocol and walked in front of the queen. No, if you go back and look at it you will see he looked at her she gave away with her hand he proceeded. She took a couple steps he stopped and he waited for her to join. That was an optic to tell us that he then was going to bankrupt the U.S corporation because it was the Vatican the crown and the U.S that was part since 1871. And we were giving you our tax dollars we were paying back. You know we forget this tea party and without taxation without representation we owed you a lot of money because you helped us in the Civil War. And so that is what Trump has now he told the Queen I’m ending this. We’re dissolving this Corporation. We’re going to go back to being a republic and we’ll all be separate. The Pope wasn’t happy you should find the picture of him visiting the pope it took 650 planes to remove our gold from the Vatican Bank.

Dr Patricia Green - Prophecy and Trump Dream - August 8, 2023


Johnny Enlow Unfiltered Ep 70 - August 7, 2023

“The Trump train is taking off get onboard last chance.” … “Things are on track, God’s track.” …  “Get on board means agree with God. It means with agree with Trump and obey.”


An end to the war is coming- a war that has been afflicting My people; a war that has been enslaving My children; a war that has brought in much oppression; a war that has brought in much deception; a war that has kept My nations from rising higher; a war that has tried to keep My nations from being the great, powerful, and blessed nations I called them to be.

Hold on, My children. A death is coming. A death of a leader is coming. A death of a politician is coming. A death of a rising star is coming. A death of a senator is coming. A death of a congressman is coming. A death of a judge is coming. Great sorrow is coming for all those on the side of the left who were on the side for death. A great harvest is coming that cannot be stopped.

My children, it is time to hold fast. It is time to walk by faith and not by sight. A great deception is coming to the land of My eagle- a deception to try and steal another election and to try and steal this Nation from the hands of whom it rightfully belongs.

“Another virus is coming,” they will shout. They are about to try and bring great fear upon this land to shut it down. They are trying to stop the real indictments and the floodgates of truth from bringing them all down.

The Washington, DC establishment is crumbling. Their walls are falling. The ground is shaking underneath them, and they can do nothing to stop their demise. No, nothing. A great collision is coming to damage any power they have left, a collision of two sides that were really on the same side. The fear of the loss of power is getting to so many who are trying to stay in their positions. They will stop at nothing. They will turn on anyone to save themselves.

A great catastrophe is coming to the deep state of this Nation for every secret they buried, every lie they told, every election they stole, every person they killed, every person whose life they stole, and every person they used to take a fall to save themselves and the ones they truly wanted. It’s all coming out, and it’s all falling apart.

Something significant is about to rock your Senate, oh, United States. I have said this before, and I am saying it again, be prepared. Oh, United States, great exposures and major whistleblowers are about to expose the ones who say they are in control. They can no longer hide behind their lies.

Lifelong politicians are about to be exposed for who they really are and how they are in those positions. I have told you, My children, no one against Me will stay where they are now.

Pelosi: you will hear this name once again. Nothing is how it seems with her, and soon you will find out the whole truth.

Jack Smith: the truth is coming for you with things you never thought people would find out about you. I have whistleblowers that will wipe out this indictment, and it will boomerang back on you. These are the days of Haman, and many people are about to find out who the Hamans are and what their final outcome is about to be.

Kazakhstan is about to be in your news big time.

A whistleblower is about to come forward about President Zelensky and who he really is and will blow the doors wide open with the truth about Ukraine. Every secret hidden in that Nation, because of the establishment of DC, will be exposed.

Peru is about to be in major headlines. Watch and see what is taking place there. It will also happen in other nations.

A great coup is about to be fully exposed. Another coup is about to take place in a nation you wouldn’t expect.

These are the days of many nations collapsing and leaders being removed, and many will die. “Lord, why are people dying?” My children, I have warned before that the Angel of Death is coming. Well, it is here now. Some people have already died, and actors have taken their places. You will see the major role Hollywood has had in Washington, DC. Many people are not who they say they are, and a great unmasking will be seen in this Nation and around the world.

Harvey Weinstein will be in the news again. This time it will be a great shock about what they continue to try and hide and who was involved with him from your government, Hollywood, and your three letter agencies.

Another whistleblower is coming- one that will bring down Christopher Wray; one that will bring down Merrick Garland; one that will bring down Bill Burns; and one that will incriminate and bring down Michael Morell, just to name a few. To all who used the system to protect themselves, who brought so much injustice, deception, and thievery, your clock is about to run out, and justice will be served.

Great exposure is coming concerning a cargo ship. It will show the children inside and how this was one of the ways used to traffic children from one country to the next. I have warned you about the cargo ships, My children. What is inside them, who those ships belong to, and where the money came from will all be exposed.

Another Biden scandal is coming, one that will rattle DC. When this scandal is exposed, watch what they try to do to My David. Little do they know, they can’t break him. They can’t stop him. They can’t destroy him because he is protected by Me. I am strengthening him, and he will rise above it all. Don’t be alarmed by what they try to do to him next. It will not work, and it will not stand.

A great shaking is coming! Where is your faith, and what will you do when all things change?

It is coming- a great deception that your enemies will try to pull off, but it will not work. So again, I tell you to stand. I tell you to live by faith and not by sight. A great shift is taking place, so pray and never quit, no matter what your feelings tell you.

Julie Green - WOE TO THOSE AGAINST ALMIGHTY GOD - August 4, 2023

I, the Lord, this day, have warned and warned the enemies of Almighty God to stop what you have been doing. I have warned you to let My people go. I have warned you of your sins and the evil you have done not only to My United States but also to Israel and all the different countries around the world. 

I have warned and warned, and I have been long-suffering. I have waited for you to repent, but you refused to turn from your wicked ways. 

Woe to those who do not listen. Woe to those who do not repent. The judgment is coming. Many judgments are coming to this land. Many judgments are coming against those in that so-called Capitol of Washington, DC, that evil, wicked, heinous capital, coming to all those people. You refuse to repent, and you continue down the path of destruction. You continue down the path to tear this Nation apart. You continue down the path to cheat, steal, lie, manipulate, and kill. Woe to those.  

I have warned about the Angel of Death. I have warned because My Will is I wish that no man would perish. I have seen the evil that you have committed. I have seen what you have done, and I have heard the cries of My people crying out for justice. 

I am the God of justice, and My gavel is coming down. There will be judgment and a high price. Not only will many of you in this Capitol pay, but those of you in Hollywood and those of you in the corporate world that have joined forces with the elites (will also pay). You have joined forces with the globalists to bring in a system, a system that will destroy and annihilate all freedom and will kill anyone who’s against you. 

Woe to those bringing in AI. Woe to those trying to bring in the mark of the beast. Woe to those bringing in these viruses. Woe to those poisoning the food. Woe to those who have done unspeakable things to innocent children. You have done these things in your buildings, in a house you call white that is dripping with red, that is dripping with so much red. Blood is on your hands. 

That blood cries out to Me for justice. Justice has begun. A justice has begun. For what you have done, justice is coming, judgment that you never thought you would ever know. Judgment will collapse, annihilate, and destroy what you are about to do next to My Nation. The blood of all those servicemen and women cry out. They cry out to Me. That blood cries out to Me for justice.

Death is coming. Death is coming like no other time in history. Even worse than what you saw in the book of Exodus because the evil is so much worse than it was in the book of Exodus. 

I am coming to judge. I am coming to protect. I am coming to deliver. I am coming to annihilate and destroy your plans.

You’ve hid. You’ve been behind all these closed doors. You put up all these walls and barriers. You put up all these things to protect you. Well, nothing can protect you from My hand.

You are going to shake. You are going to tremble, enemies of Almighty God, for what you have done and what you were planning on doing. You will not have those children. You will not have your global reset, that great reset you planned. You were just about to flip the switch.

Well, I will tell you; I am in your way. I will tell you; you will not have your way. I will tell you; I am destroying your reset. I am destroying your global economy. I am destroying your world economy. I am destroying everything you had. Your global government, it’s not yours. 

This world is Mine, and I have given it to My children. And I am honoring their prayers.  

My children, things are about to change. A darkness is coming that you have never known. A shaking is coming that you have never felt. 

Remember Who I am. I am in the way. This is not for you. This is not for you! This is for them. I promised to protect you, and I will do just that. I promised to rise you above, and I will do just that. I promised to restore, and I will do just that. 

So, hold on. Hold on to this shaking. Hold on to these judgments. Remember Who I am, and that I AM is always with you, saith the Lord.

Patricia Green - Knock Out Punch Prophecy - July 25, 2023

The Lord gave me this message on July 22nd of 2023. So, I just want to read what the Lord has given to me. So as I sat down to receive this message the very first words that I heard was knock out punch. Then the Lord said I am delivering The Knockout blow to the worldwide Elites who have controlled the politics, the financial world, and the pharmaceutical industry. And yes I say industry, because that is what it is. By no means does big Pharma have the interest of making people well or healing them. Just the opposite says the Lord they create drugs to make people dependent on them so they can line their pockets with trillions of dollars. The Lord said I have put my glove on and with one blow I will remove the global Elites Who hide in the shadows and control the people, says the Lord.

The Lord said I say enough I have had enough of their wickedness. I have had enough of their deceit and control, and manipulation. I have had enough of them controlling the wealth. For with my knockout punch I will strip them of their wealth which is built on a false system and layers of lies. The Lord said and now this part um I find quite amusing. Um so as I read it just just listen okay. The Lord said the wealthy Elites will but will be like the Emperor who wore no clothes. In this child’s storybook called The Emperor’s New Clothes a scheister convinced the emperor that he was weaving him a beautiful robe. But in fact there was no row it was imaginary. He further convinced the emperor to parade through the city in his glorious robe that did not exist. This is the same fate as the global Elites, says the Lord. It was the common people who revealed to the emperor that he was naked and without any Royal apparel. It will be the common people who will strip the elites of their fine apparel, their riches, and their properties. And the elites will be naked and exposed, says the Lord of hosts.

How do you say can this happen because they are so powerful and so rich and so hidden? But the Lord says but I say nothing is impossible with me, says the Lord of hosts. How could the entire Army of pharaoh and Pharaoh himself be swallowed up in the Red Sea and yet I did that, says the Lord. No one in Israel could have imagined that their enemies against them could be here one minute and the next minute forever Gone. Forever annihilated. I am that same God I created the Earth and everything in it. It all belongs to me, says the Lord. The heavens are my throne and the Earth is my footstool. Who is man that I am mindful of him, says the Lord. I say man is my creation and I will not tolerate the altering of men women and children. For that is the work of the enemy to try and improve and alter and change my creation. No one knows my mind or my power except my Son Yahushua. So if you want a glimpse into my thoughts and a glimpse of my power come to my son and ask him to reveal to me to reveal me your heavenly father.

For I am Almighty all-powerful all-knowing and ever present I Am. The Great I Am and I am has spoken. Now go my children and declare my words in this Earthly realm. Declare all that I have spoken and already given to my true prophets. For when you declare my words you are taking your Spiritual Authority on this Earth. Luke 10 19 behold I give you authority to trample on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means harm you. The Lord said use your voice my children lift up your voice in one Accord. For your voice has power, my power, says the Lord.

So what I want to do here at the end is I want to give you some examples of how to make these Declarations of what has already been said by me and by other prophets. Um and so as you make these declarations in one Accord it has power in the spiritual atmosphere. I will also include these in the description box so that you can say them because if everyone that listens to this video, in one Accord will lift these into the atmosphere we’ll speak these out it will have such power so for example you would say in the name of Jesus or if you use Yahushua. In the name of Yahushua I call down and cancel the power of the global Elites and all demonic power to release any new viruses. To poison the food the Airways and the water to Geo engineer weather with hurricanes storms droughts fires earthquakes or volcanoes. To control the world finances to persecute and kill the Christians. To release dirty bombs nuclear bombs missiles submarines attacks or EMP attacks. To assure to usher in the one world order. To operate sex trafficking rings. To start wars and to cause food and fuel shortages and famine.

So ,what you’re doing is you are decreeing and declaring and calling down their power to do any of that in the spiritual realm. Amen. Then you can also declare this in the name of Jesus in the name of Yahushua I declare that the one world order has fallen. The Federal Reserve and IRS have fallen. All the illegitimate governments have fallen. The woke agenda has fallen. The gender change of children has fallen. Sex trafficking has fallen the trans movement has fallen. The global Elites have fallen the bank of international settlement and Switzerland has fallen. The wicked have fallen and are stripped of their wealth.

Okay so that’s another set of declarations and then here is one other set in the name of Jesus in the name of Yahushua I declare that the United States will rise up like an eagle and be prosperous and take her place in spreading the gospel worldwide with signs wonders and miracles. In the name of Jesus Yahushua I declare there will be a great transference of wealth from the wicked to the righteous. In the name of Jesus Yahushua I declare that all the charges and indictments against President Donald J Trump will not stick. And they will be water off of a duck’s back. In the name of Jesus in the name of Yahushua I declare that President Donald J Trump will win the 2024 election. So, if you declare these things in faith we’re going to watch and see how father God is going to perform his word.

Flash back 20 2016 - John Paul Jackson - The Coming Perfect Storm (Full)

I have already written has come to pass most of these things will take place 10 years from now. In other words it will take some time for it to totally play out. Further the most of what we see today is seemingly economic based much of what I have written is not. This perfect storm has several components … What I’m about to say this is very important because some of you may hear what I’m about to say you may think that the wrath of God has come. And what I’m talking about is not the wrath of God. What I’m talking about as a loving God who is chastening his children because we’re headed the wrong direction. So when you listen to what what’s going to be said about the coming events about things are going to be happening in the world. Please understand this these things happen when righteousness fails to rule God wants this nation to be everything is called – he loves this nation he loves America. He loves it you but he can’t keep let us keep on the path that were on because we’re not following the dictates of why we were created in the very first place. What this nation was founded on that needs to be come back into alignment with God’s purposes and God’s plans. The church has to become a living light again.


The church has to become something that is a change agent in this earth especially a change agent in this nation and this message is designed to help bring that about as people seriously listen to what is going to be happening. And what the plans of the evil one are if we don’t do something to stop it. There are five elements to the coming perfect storm as in the movie the perfect storm. I see the storm that is coming to the United States as a combination of more than one element and when the elements unite the storm becomes exponentially more dangerous. However unlike the movie this storm is not just a storm emerging weather patterns. This storm is worse it involves five different elements religion, politics, economics, war, and geophysical events. At times these five elements will be so intertwined that it will be difficult if not impossible to distinguish which elements are driving a particular manifestation of the storm. Massive problems in these five areas will come often and in combination is sometimes repeatedly. Each element has potentially several elements that will have national and international ripple effects. Some ripples will be worse than others depending on where you live and how you make your living. Different areas of the United States will experience different severalties. Some will experience more economic elements and others more geophysical elements. Some will experience all the elements. Remember it’s the combination and the rapidity that will make the storm problematic. Also this does not mean all five elements of the storm will hit at the most devastating levels. For example on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst one element may strike at a 6 while another strikes at an 8. It’s the particular combination of elements the proximity of each element as well as the intensity of each element that will make this storm. So difficult and seem to last so long the strong will not be. …

Why this storm is coming? …


I’m going to try to take more time with it but the question has to be asked. Why is the storm coming well the storm is coming? Because the church the body of Christ really is no longer the backbone of this nation. From our inception the Christian faith has been the plumb line of decisions made at all levels of life in this country. The Christian founding of this nation is what makes it different from every other nation on the face of the earth maybe other than Israel. Other nations may have become Christian and they’re focused. But none were initially formed with Christianity as the core of its DNA. The church is to make known God to manifold wisdom to the world and the powers of the air that’s what Paul wrote in Ephesians 2:2. But this demonstration of the heaven does not accomplish by speaking to those powers. It is through righteous living that we will make that known. How do we how we live opens or closes doors? For Satan to legally afflict us and potentially rule over us via leaders who do not know the ways of God.


The basic principle is simply this and I get this sin separates us from God. Since Adam and Eve through today the actions of humankind have given room for the enemy to strike and attack humanity. So how does this happen? It really is pretty simple. If you could picture you as this hand of this nation as this hand and God’s hand covering it sin. Whenever we sin causes he God’s hand to lift to the degree God’s hand lifts. The enemy has a chance to come in. And right now God’s hand is lifting off of this country. Some people call this judgment and I would agree if that’s the definition of what judgment is. I would agree that that is that this is judgment. Judgment simply being then the removal of God’s hand allows the enemy to attack his people. The only legal way the enemy has access to us is by the hand of God lifting. This results in there being a space between him and us and as that space increases we distance ourselves from him and his ways anytime there’s an increased distance between God and humanity.


It leaves room for attack to come and for principalities and powers of the air rulers of darkness to take up residence afflicting the people or a nation. The longer that dark powers reside over an area the more the people begin to call right wrong. And wrong right in other words it affects the culture. So here in the United States leaders arise for the people or the culture in other words as the people believe and think. So do the leaders believe and think as the lines between right and wrong as well. As the holy and the profane become blurred leaders make choices those choices reflect their upbringing those choices have dramatic impact on you and me. One consequence of the choices is this that in this nation the way to God through Jesus and the cross is no longer seen as an absolute. In fact absolutes have become touted as intolerance first by the world and now even within the church. Yes I understand there are many exceptions to this with them within the church culture. But it’s changing and the lines are gradually slowly being blurred without. It’s through compromise that the absolutes of heaven and eternity are clearly evaporating in this nation. God can fashion a disaster a lot of people don’t understand that. But we’re living in the times I believe of Ezekiel and Jeremiah who wrote that God can bring a disaster upon our nation if we continually choose to walk according to our own plans.


God spoke this to Jeremiah the instant I speak concerning a nation and concerning a kingdom. To pluck up to pull down and to destroy it if that nation against whom I have spoken turns from its evil. I will relent the disaster that I thought to bring upon it and the instant I speak concerning a nation and concerning a kingdom to build it and to plant it. If it does evil in my sight so that it does not obey my voice then I will relent concerning the good which I said. I would benefit it now. Therefore speak to the men of Judah and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem. Saying thus says the Lord, behold I am fashioning a disaster and devising a plan against you. Return now every one from his evil way and make your ways and your doings good the Lord goes on to say in verse 12 and they said or the people said we will walk according to our own plans and we will everyone obey the dictates of his own evil heart. …


Veronika West - Ireland! Arise From The Dead! - July 23, 2023

I hear The Spirit say,  ”Ireland, awake oh sleeper!  Arise from the dead!

I say again, arise, it’s time to cross over to the land which I have given you — and every place the sole of your feet shall tread upon, I will give to you as your inheritance!

Ireland!  I say it’s time!  It’s high time — for your Salvation draws near!

Ireland, cast off the cloak of darkness and put on The Armour of Light, for this is The Season of War!  This is the hour when kings go to battle for the destiny and birthright of Nations!

Ireland, I call you to come up here, to come up higher, to come up into The Secret Place, into the place of Divine Encounter!

Come up here and behold My Face.  Come and be Changed, Transformed, Revived and Restored!

Come and see and behold My Glory, and I will reveal to you, your True Identity and Destiny.

Ireland, let me take you into the deeper Realms and Dimensions of The Spirit, where the Mantles of My Glory can be revealed and released to you.

Let Me fully Ignite and activate you in The Secret Place of My Presence — the place of deeper consecration that you may qualify as Carriers of My Fire and Glory to the ends of the Earth.

Ireland!  Arise!  Shine!  Let Us Rebuild and Restore the Altars of Consecration once again, and as you become My Living Sacrifices upon the Altar, I will send My Fire, and My Fire shall fall, and the land and the people shall be cleansed and purified, and The Wells of Revival shall be Uncapped and Healing and Restoration shall flow forth upon this land, to The Nations of the Earth.

Ireland, I say to you, My Glory is looking for a Resting Place.

Will you prepare a Resting place for My Glory?  A Place where My Glory can invade and Inhabit.

Ireland, will you take up The Mantle of Priesthood, even as the Ancient Saints of this land did?

Ireland, I say, How Long will you Falter?

Choose this day whom you will Serve — Baal or The Living God!

I say to You, My Rising, Shining, Roaring Remnant in this land, will you choose the Way of Humility and Purity?

Will you cast off your pride, envy,..and self-seeking ways?

Will you take up the Sackcloth of Repentance and true Servanthood, that My Power and Glory may come and rest upon you?

I say, let Purity, Unity and Surrender set you apart among the Nations!

I tell you, only Intimacy, True Repentance and Purity will qualify you to Carry the Greater Manifestation of the Power of My Seven Spirits in the Coming days — for I tell you, these are the days of Elijah — these are the days of Divine Separation and Distinction!

Ireland!  Awake O sleeper, and arise from the dead, for the Sound of the Roar of the Lion shall be heard. the hour of your Rising is Now, for this is a Kairos Time — an Appointed Time — in the Nations!

Arise and shine, Sons and Daughters!

Arise in the Mantle of Sonship, and Shine forth in The Light of My Glory, and All Nations shall be drawn to the brightness of your Rising!” says The Spirit of God.

Julie Green - IT'S TIME TO GET SERIOUS -July 17, 2023

Enough is enough, I say. Enough is enough with what the enemy is trying to do to My people. I have given you the Name that is above every name. So, I say- get up, stand up, and fight the good fight of faith. Stand and use My Name. Use My Name as your weapon.  

I said in My Word that no weapon formed against you shall prosper, and that is exactly what I mean. The enemy has used many weapons against My children. I say that every weapon will fall to the ground as nothing. It will be like nothing. So, you speak to those weapons. You speak to the attacks of the enemy. You speak to his plans and say they are nothing. Tell those symptoms in your body they are nothing. Tell that doctor’s report it is nothing. Tell your finances (what to do). What the enemy has been trying to do against you, you say it is nothing. I shall lack nothing because my God is my source. 

My children, it’s time to get serious. It’s time to get serious and come to the courts of Heaven with praise and thanksgiving. Come and get serious about using My Authority. Come and get serious with learning how to receive from Me in greater measure. It’s now time, time to get serious. 

My Glory shall fill this Earth. Yes, it will. My Glory will fill this Earth. It will overflow in My children who will receive it. Not everyone will partake of it. That is why I said to spend time with Me. Get to know Me.  

A flood is coming like a raging river flowing out of its banks- a flood of truth, a flood of judgment. I told you this before- a flood is coming to destroy every lie of the enemy. So, brace for that. Brace for what is coming. Brace for this shaking. Brace for this avalanche of truth.  

They all do damage- an avalanche, a flood, an earthquake. All these things naturally do catastrophic damage. My Words that go forth do catastrophic damage to your enemies. So, start speaking My Words so they start destroying your enemies in every way, shape, and form. Catastrophic damage- you see it in the natural, but it also takes place in the spiritual. 

These are the days when My children need to open up their mouths and speak My Words with My Authority that I have given to you. Call these things down. If you have symptoms in your body, tell those symptoms to shut up. If you have things in your body telling you that you’re sick, you’re sick, you’re sick, you tell that sickness where to go. Tell that sickness that it’s null and void against you. You tell that sickness and that pain that it is brought to nothing. 

I said again and again (to speak) against diseases, afflictions, and thoughts in your mind that are against My Word and My Will. Those thoughts are lying to you- (that say) you can’t get up, you can’t fight, you can’t win, you can’t do these things, you’re overwhelmed. Your adversary wants you overwhelmed. It’s all a lie. 

I am the One that gives you peace. I am the One that gives you rest. He’s the one (the enemy) who does the opposite. Which report do you believe? Do you believe Me or your adversary? Do you believe My power over his? My power is greater. 

So, My children this day say- I have no lack. I have no lack in my body. I have no lack in my mind. I have no lack in my family. I have no lack in my finances, but lack is not just about finances. You have to speak My Words and say I shall lack nothing. That means health. That means healing. That means restoration. That means soundness and wholeness. That is what that means- peace, nothing missing, nothing broken. 

So, I say to you this day- declare, declare, declare, declare, and decree that I lack nothing, I live under an open Heaven, and I shall lack no beneficial thing. 

Receive from Me this day in ways you have not received from Me before. Open your minds and open your hearts to My Will and My love. Remember My love, My children. Remember, I am love; I don’t just have it. Receive My love for you this day, saith the Lord. 

Barry Wunsch - China, Russia, Cuba, America, Biden, Obama & Donald J Trump - July 17, 2023

I was taken in the spirit into a meeting with officials from China.
There was a table on a large platform, it was theatre style seating.
I was off to the front and side front row seats.
There was a Chinese man on the platform that was highlighted to me front and centre. He had the letters Xi floating above his head, wherever he moved it followed him around floating over his head.
There were others with Chinse letters over them as well.
I realized it was Xi Jinping the CCP leader was there front and center.
He had advisors on each side, gathered for high level strategy and planning.
There were several hundred in the auditorium listening and taking notes as they presented the updates.
I saw reports on the big screen of the tens of thousands of CCP members that had gained access into America and had assimilated into the Nation.
They had strategically positioned themselves in the Nation to gain advantage and control wherever they could.
Extremely well planned and executed.
I saw how they had bough and owned the Bidens to get the access they needed.
It was easier that they had expected it to be,
They had access to information that they should not have ever had.
These treasonous actions of Biden were all going to be fully exposed.
They would pay a high price for their actions.
Decisions were now being ramped up.
They were walking a narrow path, and cautiously but surely were taking step by step forward movement.
They were now being forced into position by the actions and moves of the Biden administration.
The room was quiet.
The reality of what lied ahead was heavy in the air.
It was sobering.
This was no ordinary meeting.
It had been called as an emergency response and it was not business as normal.
I was taken into a side room where Putin, and Xi were on a briefing call. As they were now in it together stronger and more unified than ever.
They were collaborating Intel and data.
Putin (who is no angel) had evidence of the WEF and Globalists home base in the Ukraine and the cesspool that had been operation though there.
From trillions of dollars in laundering money out of the Nations,
to human and child trafficking to biolabs. It was all there – hidden in plain sight.
Putin was determined to put a stop to it in and by what ever means he had to.
The exposures that the enemy had been hiding are coming to full light.
Justice is being served.
Holy Spirit whispered to me that He was going to light it all up in a way the Nations would be able to see.
They had about enough from the Biden administration group and the blatant and reckless actions that they had taken and were still on.
The corruption and instability of the Biden regime had clearly impacted things beyond anything they were able to negotiate or sort through in a practical way.
I was taken into the spirit where I saw Cuba from the air.
It was “a buzz” with activity.
I was taken closer and was shown areas that had been designated for the CCP to come and move in military assets and set up what I would call a staging area.
From this location it gave them a reach into America that they had been waiting for and planning for some time.
Cuba and Russia were in support and well aware of what to roll out, and they were in full support of this move.
I was then taken into a governmental military style facility into a back room with Obama and Susan Rice.
It seemed like an out of the way military base. It had a bit of a remote feel to it.
Obama was visibly angry and almost punch drunk.
His emotions were running high and in my mind were impairing his logic and ability to function in a normal way.
The stress, fatigue, frustration and high pressure high pressure were taking a toll.
They were in a position where everything was collapsing around them.
Plans were not working out as they wanted.
It was at the point where they were unleashing everything that they could to stop President Trump from exposing and removing the evil ones from position.
I was taken into a daily morning meeting / briefing where Obama was calling the shots, he and Rice had operatives reporting back to them daily, as well as daily briefings with the global elites and the WEF.
They had an evil agenda to roll out and were not going to be stop until they had been themselves taken out.
Biden and his handlers were brought in to meet Obamas administration and they were given the daily update and instructions.
Biden was a mess.
Out of his natural mind.
Impossible to control.
Things had gone from bad to worse and the writing was on the wall.
They had to get him out as soon as they could at this point, but the damage would be irreparable.
There was much more yet to come.
Obama had a temper and was yelling at those around him.
He was not doing well.
He was also soon to be in the spotlight to answer to his role in the corruption and deception in front of the Nation.
Obama had a suitcase he had been packing everywhere, he couldn’t let it out of his sight.
It had details, documents and electronic files that he could not let get out for if it did – things would be all over for them.
It contained evidence they had to hide, it showed the collaboration that they had used to steal the election.
It was all there.
They had tried to spin this and spin that in the face of the public,
They had a way to try and twist it in a wrap of lies and deception an throw it back against President Donald J Trump.
They had a legal team that I watched wheelbarrows full of cash and gold coming in from Soros and his group to fund and interfere in the process.
But try as they might, they were not able to get the traction they were hoping for as they were getting caught and exposed – lie after lie.
I this dark spirit, and it was a spirit operating through a principality launching attack after attack upon the Nation, President Donald Trump and the remnant of patriots and believers.
I saw an angel army gathered and boots on the ground, they were gathered as far as my eyes could see.
They were working making a way – I saw as they moved through the streets they were surrounding Trump and his team and other righteous leaders.
It was reassuring and most amazing to see the strength of this angel army and the growing strength of the Nation moving forward taking back the land for the Glory of God.
As they moved through the streets they claimed one building at a time, the Whitehouse, the senate, the supreme court, the FBI, The CIA, The federal reserve.
By the time The Lord was done it would never be the same again,
I was taken in the spirit to a remote rural facility.
There was a line up at the gate, different ones from not only the USA but also from other nations.
This was a safe place, a secure facility that was meant to receive whistle blowers and evidence from the Nations, of whom had tie ins with corrupt leaders from their Nations into the Biden regime and Globalist elites.
The white hats knew exactly what to do, how to do it and had the grace and favour of the Lord to do so.
I was taken to a large gate.
It was at least 40 feet tall and 100 feet wide.
Probably 2 feet thick.
It was a cross between an ornate design and that that of a fortress.
It was built of bronze and iron.
And swing easy on hinges of grace.
We stood there together in unity as the ecclesia, the remnant and the new governance leaders.
I stood in front of the hundreds of millions that were lined up and ready to enter through these gates!
I was surrounded by the Hosts of angels, brothers and sisters, President Trump and his team were off to my side as were other leaders.
There were millions and millions of people ready to enter in.
We were standing there laterally ready to enter through those gates.
For I knew that once these opened and we entered it was a new day.
The horrific past would be behind us – and we would be once again free.
Freer than we had ever been before.
This was what we had been waiting for!
Tears rolled down my cheeks as I looked back over the millions.
It was over the top for me!
It was happening!
Clearly there was going to be no way we could open those gates on our own.
As we stood there waiting, there was shouts of victory, there was spontaneous worship that flowed through the crowd.
The atmosphere was electric with anticipation.
I stood there in awe, and saw from a distance two of the biggest angels I have ever seen.
Beautiful, massive and strong. Adorned in strength with an authority I have never seen – yet Love flowed from them.
They made their way through the crowd with cheers and reverence.
They approached the gate and each one took a side.
They were there reporting for duty.
Given the word of the Lord they would swing those gates open wide for all to pass through!
Things were all coming into place.
The Father then said to me:
Barry, tell my people you are about to pass through into all that I have for you!
For things as you have known them are about to be changed forever!

Patty Teichroew - July, 2023

Veronika West - America: Could This Be a Prophetic Sign? - July xx, 2023


The following is an excerpt from July 13, 2023 HKP Word: “America: The Red Dragon is Circling!”

“I heard The Spirit say this to you concerning the coming days,America! It starts with you!

Listen! For what I have begun, I shall bring to completion and perfection, for surely if I started it, you can be assured I have already finished it — and I declare “Victory!” “Victory!” “Victory!”

But I say to you, to My Rising Remnant, to My Governing Ecclesia, “It’s Time!”

It’s high time to take back what The Red Dragon has laid siege to!

It’s time to take your place and to take Dominion over Time!

I say again to My Sons, It’s TIME, it’s high time to take Dominion over Time! For the Time to Redeem what has been lost and stolen — is NOW!” says God.

”Watch! For you must arise! You must come up here! Come up higher — and I will show you what must take place in the coming days, for these are the Days of The Dragon versus The Great Lion of Judah.

I say, take your positions, take your place. Stand upon The High Places and dig your heels in deeper and defend and lay claim to your Kingdom Inheritance!

Again I say, Arise! Arise and come up higher and see, for The Red Dragon is circling.

Yes! I say The Red Dragon is circling, for The Dragon circles Its nest, guarding over its treasure troves of gold and silver.

Ha! Yes! It’s the lost and stolen treasures troves from many Nations on the Earth.

Watch, for as My Remnant rises in this hour, so the economic structures and systems that are governed by the powers of The Red Dragon, will begin to fail and fall, and that which was held captive and that which was lost and stolen, shall surely be fully restored and redeemed.

Listen; pay attention; for the time to take Dominion over Time is Now! For this is a Kairos Time, an Appointed Time, for a Great Wealth Transfer has surely begun!

For a Divine Exchange will take place, and the wealth of the wicked will be put it into the hands of the Righteous, for the curse shall be reversed!

I say again, the Gold and Silver that was lost and stolen, shall surely be fully Recovered and Restored, and the Times shall be Redeemed,” says God.”

Now what’s interesting about the timing of this Word, was that it came at 8:00 am (BST) on the 13/07/23 [July 17, 2023] — as we are 5 hours ahead of New York City in the USA.

And then, there was, ”BREAKING NEWS coming out of New York on the same day 13/07/23 [July 17, 2023] — around 12:00 pm (GMT) time.

”XRP coin surges after judge delivers a huge WIN to Ripple!”

I believe that the timing of both the Word received, and the Breaking News Story, is not just a mere coincidence, but rather a Sign that there is a Mega Shift taking place over the Economic and Financial Systems and Structures.

There is a Great transfer of Wealth Coming in the days ahead and nothing can stop.


The following is an excerpt from July 13, 2023 HKP Word: “America: The Red Dragon is Circling!”

“I heard The Spirit say this to you concerning the coming days,America! It starts with you!

Listen! For what I have begun, I shall bring to completion and perfection, for surely if I started it, you can be assured I have already finished it — and I declare “Victory!” “Victory!” “Victory!”

But I say to you, to My Rising Remnant, to My Governing Ecclesia, “It’s Time!”

It’s high time to take back what The Red Dragon has laid siege to!

It’s time to take your place and to take Dominion over Time!

I say again to My Sons, It’s TIME, it’s high time to take Dominion over Time! For the Time to Redeem what has been lost and stolen — is NOW!” says God.

”Watch! For you must arise! You must come up here! Come up higher — and I will show you what must take place in the coming days, for these are the Days of The Dragon versus The Great Lion of Judah.

I say, take your positions, take your place. Stand upon The High Places and dig your heels in deeper and defend and lay claim to your Kingdom Inheritance!

Again I say, Arise! Arise and come up higher and see, for The Red Dragon is circling.

Yes! I say The Red Dragon is circling, for The Dragon circles Its nest, guarding over its treasure troves of gold and silver.

Ha! Yes! It’s the lost and stolen treasures troves from many Nations on the Earth.

Watch, for as My Remnant rises in this hour, so the economic structures and systems that are governed by the powers of The Red Dragon, will begin to fail and fall, and that which was held captive and that which was lost and stolen, shall surely be fully restored and redeemed.

Listen; pay attention; for the time to take Dominion over Time is Now! For this is a Kairos Time, an Appointed Time, for a Great Wealth Transfer has surely begun!

For a Divine Exchange will take place, and the wealth of the wicked will be put it into the hands of the Righteous, for the curse shall be reversed!

I say again, the Gold and Silver that was lost and stolen, shall surely be fully Recovered and Restored, and the Times shall be Redeemed,” says God.”

Now what’s interesting about the timing of this Word, was that it came at 8:00 am (BST) on the 13/07/23 [July 17, 2023] — as we are 5 hours ahead of New York City in the USA.

And then, there was, ”BREAKING NEWS coming out of New York on the same day 13/07/23 [July 17, 2023] — around 12:00 pm (GMT) time.

”XRP coin surges after judge delivers a huge WIN to Ripple!”

I believe that the timing of both the Word received, and the Breaking News Story, is not just a mere coincidence, but rather a Sign that there is a Mega Shift taking place over the Economic and Financial Systems and Structures.

There is a Great transfer of Wealth Coming in the days ahead and nothing can stop.

Ripple XRP Historic Win in 2023 - July 19, 2023

April 19th 2023 and the Lord gave me a download … the Lord started to show me very powerfully about cryptocurrency. Let me say this again on this year’s right XRP in cryptocurrency I saw what’s happening this year in the spirit they are going to win. XRP is going to win the security clearance from the United States and you’re going to see it’s going to go all over the media and it’s going to start to rise this year. You’re going to see it you’re going to see it a great win historic win. A historic win it’s going to go up. … The Lord is reminding me again he says it’s going to happen this year and it will be a sign. Why am I saying that it will be a sign? The Lord had informed me that the Lord is taking back the United States. So, this year XRP is going to win over the security court case and it’s going to start to go up and it will be a sign that God is working behind the scenes for wealth transfer. And the Lord is taking back the USA.

Barry Wunsch - What John F. Kennedy couldn’t finish, Donald J. Trump will! - July 8, 2023

I laid down this day for an afternoon rest and had a dream and encounter. Here it is as raw and unfiltered as it was.
I was taken by the Spirit of God into a highly secured room, it did not seem to be a vault but close to it. There where piles of boxed documents and evidence all around me.
They were stacked and sorted by events that had taken place through days gone by, hidden away, locked down to hide truth and risk of exposure.
The first pile of secret documents that I was taken to and shown was regarding JFK, President John F. Kennedy.
Labeled big bold red font “Classified – Top Secret – President John F. Kennedy.”
As I stood there looked at these classified documents – all of a sudden there was an over imposed video of the assassination of JFK playing before me!
What was hidden in these classified documents came to life in this open vision and played right in front of my eyes!
There I was in Dallas, on the street watching this motorcade passing by.
It was like watching an old home recorded movie, washed out color, flickering screen, there was no sound, only the moving picture.
From my vantage point I saw a man across the way, across the street.
He was standing on and behind a grassy berm near the motorcade.
He drew a gun and shots fired with a puff of smoke in the air.
What I saw was the deadly shot that took the Presidents life.
After he shot President Kennedy, he calmly, cooly, and collectedly slipped away from the scene.
He did not have any fear on him. He had been supported by other operatives that were covering him for his own protection.
These were other undercover CIA operatives around him like bystanders who where part of the plan and “crowd” as to not make a scene.
Dressed in black, dark sunglasses, with a fedora of the day – I could see by the spirit he and they were CIA.
This was a well orchestrated plan. They had covered all the bases as best as they could to hide what they had to and keep a public narrative for the Nation and maintain peace and control.
It was a very sobering sight.
Honestly chilled me to the bone.
JFK knew it all, and was going to blow it wide open for the nation to see….the global elites could not risk the truth getting out and how things were really run and who was really in control.
I was then taken in the spirit into rooms where these global elites were meeting, planning and executing demonic plans of tyranny and control.
I was taken in the spirit to places in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Argentina, New York, and Washington DC.
I was in rooms where they were on telephone calls, planning and managing things.
I watched these old, encrypted type printers printing out coded messages back and forth, they looked like a form of brail, trained men and women at hand to translate and correspond as directed.
I was taken in the spirit to the top floor of a round bank tower in Switzerland.
It was the bank of all banks.
I mean all banks.
I don’t know how I know, but I know!
I could see it and I could feel it.
Everything was feed and controlled from this place.
The room I was in on the top floor had a big round board room table.
And in one of the “seats” there was a statue of Satan himself.
Those that gathered around this table were his pawns.
The darkness filled the air was a gross demonic stench.
I watched as men entered the room, took their seats, and began their meeting with satanic occultic ceremony and liturgy.
These guys and these principalities were positioned to oppress and control at every level, on every nation.
They held the money and held the control.
I could see in the spirit over this bank a spirit that was in the form of an octopus. It had tentacles that had a reach and access into the highest of offices and nations.
Now, I don’t know how else to share this, The spirit of God then took me through time.
All of a sudden what was black and white went to technicolor.
I was over this bank in Switzerland that now had power lines from it to the WEF and the WHO and other Nations and governments.
But now, what had changed was that there was an angelic host as far as the eye could see coming in and surrounding this bank and dark portal of evil.
This angelic host and there were millions of them!
They began to circle this and move around this place, and as they did, and picked up momentum and force they were like a whirlwind!
The Father had dispatched them for this very time in history!
By the time he was done there was not one piece left of it.
It was decimated.
Nothing left.
The connections to the WEF and other evil governmental regimes were toast!
I looked over the debris and what had just happened.
The Father turned the table on centuries of demonic control and oppression.
There was then a fleet of Air force helicopters in formation doing a fly over.
President Trump was given the tour, so he could see it was done with his own eyes.
I was then taken into a press release where it was time to publicly release the contents of the JFK files for the world to see.
It would be a key for connecting the dots for all that had been going on for far to long.
The humility on President Trump was obvious.
It had been a battle far greater than perhaps he expected.
He dropped to one knee and said a silent prayer before he shared all he had to release.
From his left, approached and stood the Kennedy Family as he began sharing.
The emotion in the room was gut wrenching.
Justice was served. And it was clear we were in a different time and place.
The World press gathered, more cameras and reporters than you have ever seen.
This was history being written right before us.
I could see the dust was settling and peace began to flood the land.
The storm was behind us. Skies were bright blue and clear.
The entire atmosphere felt clean and different.
(After this the Lord took me back into that classified file storage room and was shown into another series of files, details and meetings.
Praying and preparing for today, The Father has not given me permission to share it publicly at this point.
It will remain a point of intercession.
I can say that there is another big piece of the puzzle that is also going to be fully disclosed in the near future about a past event that changed the world forever.)
Then the Lord said to me:
“Barry, tell my people all that you have endured has not been in vain.
All that you have endured and all that you have suffered has not gone unseen or unnoticed.
For I know the battle has taken a toll on you, many have grown weary and are near despair.
For I tell you today to count it all joy.
For you have made it this far, and you shall make it to the end!
For it is my great pleasure to restore all things!
Be prepared for the vacuum that I am about to fill with the power of my glory and my might.
There has been a restriction by evil men upon my people.
They have repressed in every way!
They have repressed innovation given by My divine inspiration to men over centuries.
I have given inspiration to men to bring abundance to My people.
Get ready for it is about to be released through out the Nations!
I am moving you from days and years of lack into days of abundance and plenty!
It shall be available for all!
There is a new grace coming to share My good news!
Where it once was hard ground and hard hearts, there shall be a
softening as the outpouring of My Spirit goes with you.
As you step out in faith, I will make the way.
You will pray for the sick and they shall be healed, you shall cast out devils in my name, and you will lead many to My Cross to accept me!
Great shall be this harvest!
Watch, pray and walk with Me as we transform Nations together!
For this is the hour I am shaking and extracting evil Presidents, Kings, Prime Ministers and leaders from their lampstands.
I am dealing with evil regimes and shall bring my justice and loving vengeance to the land extracting all that is not of me.
It is time for My ecclesia to stand up and be all I have called you to be!
It is time to put compromise and excuses behind you.
There are those among you who have self appointed yourselves in positions that I did not endorse.
You are calling yourselves something that you are not.
You are trying to walk in places that I have not called you or commissioned you.
You have to kick and spur in your flesh to get things done,
There is no favor on that.
There is no power in that.
What you start in the flesh you have to finish in the flesh.
What is birthed by My Spirit is done by the power of My Spirit!
It would be better to humble yourself before me, before you are humbled before man.
Since when is it right to attack and take out another brother for your own selfish gains or motives?
Be aware, the same measure you have used on another shall be used on you for as you sow you shall also reap.
Let me be clear, let me make it plain;
I am your only hope and redeemer!
Your hope does not come through a political spirit or a religious spirit!
Your hope and redemption comes from Me and Me alone!
For I am the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!
For I am the Lord of Hosts!
El Shaddai is my name!
God Almighty!

Veronika West - Your waiting will not have been in vain! - July 11, 2023

I hear the Word of The LORD, “The boards have been up, for I have concealed construction for a season.

Even in the midst of diversions and detours, My Invisible Hand has been at work behind the scenes! Yes! In all your circumstances and situations I have been moving and shifting,” says God.

“Beloved, now trust Me! These are the hidden works of My Deliverance.

I AM building, preparing and making a way for things to come together in your favour and for the timely fulfillment of My Plans, Purposes and Promises in your life!”

Friends, in this very hour, I see the loving Hand of our Heavenly Father arranging and rearranging, directing and redirecting your every step.

He is strategically organising and reordering every aspect of your life, even down to the very smallest of detail in this hour and season.

Papa says, “I AM not vague or haphazard, I AM exact, precise and detailed in every design.

I AM not in a hurry. In My Kingdom time has no restraint or restriction. I AM The Perfecter of all Things, time is in My Hand”, says God.

“I do not make mistakes! I AM not the author of confusion and chaos, I AM Peaceful, full of Wisdom and Mercy. I AM without partiality or hypocrisy.

Now be still, trust Me in the waiting, for My Perfect Plans for your life are yet to be fully realised or fully completed.”

Listen! In this season I encourage you to deal seriously and soberly and swiftly with disappointments and discouragements.

Do not let Satan get a foothold! Guard your heart from unbelief and double mindedness, for surely these things will disqualify you from fully walking in the fullness of your destiny in Christ.

Hey! It is time to stir up a fresh and greater hope and expectation, for He is The God of The Suddenlies and The God of The Impossible.

I believe as you do, this you will see, The Father revealing what He is has been Healing and Unveiling what He has been so busy creating deep down within you.

Decree with me; In Christ I have the victory, therefore nothing that has been lost or stolen cannot be fully healed, restored and redeemed!

I hear Him say, “I AM The God of Outrageous Extravagance and Generosity! Watch! For I will do Exceedingly, Abundantly and Above all that you could ask for or even imagine.

My beloved, eyes that see are rare, but eyes that look are common. So come up higher and see!” says God.

“For the launching pad of Greater Release is now before you! Watch, as you are catapulted into new spheres of influence, for My Hand is promoting you, up-scaling and upgrading you, for I have equipped and empowered you for even greater impact in the earth.

I have assigned and commissioned you for greater exploits and I have promised you even greater victories in the days ahead,” says God.


Patty Teichroew - July, 2023

Julie Green - THINGS ARE RAMPING UP - July 11, 2023

For I, the Lord, this day am telling My children to call down the fire of the Holy Ghost. Call down the fire of the Holy Ghost. 

This is the time of great destruction. Great destruction. Your enemies think their plans will destroy everything they want to destroy and that they’ll get away with it. But this is the time of destruction for your enemies, not for you. They will not get what they want. 

Call down and deny the power of another virus. They (your enemies) have more than one. Your enemies are saying, “Well, if this one works, we don’t have to deploy the rest. But if this one doesn’t work, we’ll deploy the rest all at once. We’ll use their water supply. We’ll use the air they breathe. We’ll use the food they eat. We’ll use the medicines they take.” (God says) I am hearing them. I am hearing them. 

Your enemies are saying, “Ramp up. Ramp up. We have to ramp things up. Things aren’t going right. We have to do something else. We have to get something else done. These plans were (intended for) much, much further in the future. I don’t think we’re ready for these plans.” They are not ready, but their masters are telling them to do it anyway. “We’re not ready.” “Do it anyway,” they (their masters) are saying behind closed doors. 

You are hearing these words and these conversations because I am giving them to you. They are attacking you with your border. They are attacking you by using your laws against you, by twisting them. They are giving money to your enemies for your ultimate destruction, oh, United States. They are giving money to foreign lands you don’t even know about. They try to keep it off the books, but I told you I was opening those books. 

They are desperate. They are desperate because the puppet they put in place can’t be their puppet much longer. So, they are devising a new plan to lock you down and lock you up so you can’t interfere. 

My children, that is why I have said (all) the Words I have said to you. That is why I have given you everything I have told you- because you have the power to stop and deny their access to what they want to do. You have the power to bring down their systems, their machines, their plans, and anything they have against you. You have that power. You have that authority. So start to use it, children of Almighty God. Start to deny. Deny- I keep saying this word over and over again, so you get it down in your hearts. Deny their power.  

They want another death blow on a massive scale, worldwide death. But it won’t work. I am telling you this day that you will see things that will bring fear to some. You will see things that will startle some. You will see things you don’t understand, what’s going on, and why. That will send most people into panic mode. But, remember what I have said. Don’t panic. That just gives your enemy more fuel to do things against you. 

Stay focused on Me. I told you that- stay focused on Me. There is not much time left. I told you My warnings will soon stop. Get up now. Get up now. Get up now and use My Name like never before. Get up now and take back what belongs to you. Get up now and be the church I have called you to be, and be one with Me, saith the Lord.

Patricia Green - Mandate From Heaven Prophecy - July 11, 2023

I want to share with you how the Holy Spirit downloaded this prophecy to me he directed me to go to Jeremiah chapter 37 and to read it. So after I read it that is when the Holy Spirit deposited this message. So in this chapter kings that ikaya summoned Jeremiah for a word from the Lord and Jeremiah told him listen he said the Chaldeans are going to come back are going to fight you. They’re going to burn the city with with fire. Im in Jeremiah 37 2 it says this but neither King Zedekiah nor his servants nor the people of the land gave heed to the words of the Lord which he spoke by the Prophet Jeremiah. As soon as I read that scripture that is when the Holy Spirit began to download this message to me so I want to read it to you. The Lord said child you see how the king of Judah did not listen or take heed to Jeremiah’s prophecy. It’s no different today. The leaders of the nations are not listening or taking heed to my prophets either. Their ears are stopped up and their hearts are hardened. But their fate will be the same as King Zedekiah.

So let’s see in scripture what happened to the King in Jeremiah chapter 39 verses 6 to 8. Then the king of Babylon killed the sons of Zedekiah before his eyes in Rebla. The king of Babylon Babylon also killed all the Nobles of Judah. Moreover he put out Zedekiah’s eyes and bound him with bronze fetters to carry him off to Babylon. The Lord continued with his message and he said they, meaning the leaders of these nations that are not listening to him to the prophets. They will be arrested and put in leg irons and taken to a place where they do not want to go. The time is coming and is now here where injustice wickedness, evil, and corruption will be judged by me, says the Lord. People think that because they have gotten away with these things for so long that no one can stop them but now. But I say now is the time for my vengeance, says the Lord. Many who have died before my vengeance has come to the Earth are indeed reaping what they have sown and they are in hell. Hell is a real place just as Heaven is a real place says the Lord.

No one who has entered hell for all eternity has the chance to come out of that place of torture. So, warn the people to repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ Yahushua Hamashiach while there is still time. My day of vengeance is at hand, says the Lord. When my Vengeance hits the Earth it will be like the tenth plague of Egypt. Unless you have the blood of Jesus you will not have a chance to survive. So, come my children and hide a little while well until I have passed over the Earth with my Vengeance. And then the Lord took me to Isaiah chapter 26 verses 20 and 21. Come my people enter your Chambers and shut your doors behind you. Hide yourself as it were for a little moment until the indignation is passed. For behold the Lord comes out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the Earth for their iniquity. The Earth will also disclose her blood and will no more cover her slain.

The Lord said child this scripture has not yet been fulfilled. But soon it will be, says the Lord. Once my vengeance has passed there will be a new holy reverential fear of God that will cause people to seek my salvation. Many of the broken people who have been held in the bondage of sin will receive salvation through Jesus Christ Yahushua Hamashiach. This is where my Remnant will step in with the words of Life demonstrated with signs, wonders, and miracles. You see I have this all planned ,says the Lord. And no forces of evil no Wicked person, no demon, and not even Satan can stop my plan, says the Lord. For I want a complete family and I will have what I want. So get ready my Remnant for you have a mandate from heaven. And that mandate is to take the Gospel to the ends of the Earth and bring Souls into my kingdom. Do not say but I am not a minister, I am not a prophet, or a pastor, or Apostle, or an evangelist or a teacher.

Do you not know that my power will rest upon you says the Lord do you not know that I can commission anyone I desire I am not looking for the greats. I am looking for this small who I can make great with my power, says the Lord. All I am looking for is for you to say yes to my mandate and I will do the rest. Oh this will be a glorious time this will be a joyous time. This will be a prosperous time. You will you will you will be just like my disciples who return to me rejoicing because they had my power to heal and to cast out demons ,says the Lord. But you my children because you are alive in this season will even have Greater Joy to be a part of these Greater Works ,says the Lord. So once my indignation has passed Get Ready, Get Ready, Get ready, for these Greater Works that I have in store for you, says the Lord. Prepare yourself even now by spending time in my presence and in my word. I love you my children with an everlasting love says the Lord.

Now I also want to share with you a word that I got from the Lord on July 4th. The Lord says this America, America, I established you as a nation for my purpose and my plans, says the Lord. Although you have been tattered and torn as a result of foreign infiltration, satanic plans, and evil ideologies. Just know that I am restoring your freedo, freedom, and removing those who taken you off my course says the Lord America America you are 247 years old. When you are 250 years old there will be a Fourth of July celebration like you have never seen before. The people will be proud to be Americans once again. And will know that my hand of a my hand of blessing is upon them, says the Lord. After the 2024 elections America the Beautiful will be rebuilt from the ground up and from the top down. Prosperity, peace, and perfection, in the Holy Spirit says the Lord. The old has been removed and the new has been ushered in, says the Lord. I will fix that which is broken and break that which is against me.

Those who fall on the Rock will be saved and those who do not the rock will crush them. For I The Rock have spoken, says the Lord of hosts. Oh America you have a bright future a brilliant future as you lead the way for my kingdom and to advance against the kingdom of darkness America you have a Destiny and I will see to it that you fulfill your Destiny, says the Lord. Hallelujh.

Julie Green - DEAD MAN WALKING - July 6, 2023

This day there is a dead man walking, and I mean more than one. Some people have withstood (God’s Will) and gotten extremely arrogant and prideful. They stood their ground and (took) positions that didn’t belong to them- men and women who stole for their own purpose and reason; for more money and power. Yes, there are dead men walking.  

I say this day that judgments are coming- great judgments for those who stood in offices that did not belong to them. There are great judgments coming for those in seats of power that were never meant to be there. And the strategies they used to put themselves there- the enemies have done many things and had great plans, so they thought. They strategically put certain people in certain places to get everything they want, not only in this Nation but around the world. 

There are many dead men walking in this government and governments all over because this is the time of judgment. This is the time of removals. This is the time of a great shift of power. This is the time when the world will know who these people really are and all they have done against humanity and your freedoms, with your food, air, and soil. The world will know what they have done to your governments and economies. The world will know all they have done, how they were puppet masters with puppet strings, doing all these things that they wanted (against you). 

I am making sure each and every one of those men and women come out of the shadows. They are coming out of the darkness and the places they want to hide in. They are coming out because My light is shining them out. 

Remember what I said this day. Things will happen in your White House. Things will happen in your Capitol. Things will happen suddenly in governments worldwide. Suddenly people will leave. Suddenly people will be removed. Suddenly some will die. I have used the word tribunal. I have used the word justice. I have used the word treason many, many times before. Treason- many people have committed treason. These high crimes you never thought they could possibly do, they did. They think they protected themselves by surrounding themselves with judges, lawyers, and other political people; to protect them behind their walls and doors. But they, too, are dead men walking. 

But this is the day and the hour when there are going to be many in political positions that are judged. I have told you that their walls of protection have come down, no matter what it looks like. Call them down. (There will be) suddenlies. Suddenly people will drop. Suddenly people will be removed. Suddenly people will leave and retire. 

This is My hand moving, correcting, and cleansing this country and the nations around the world, including the land of Israel. I am protecting them from their enemies. I am protecting this Nation, the eagle, My United States, from their enemies. I am protecting (them). And I am not only protecting, but I am showing the world who the protector really is. I am showing all these men, who boldly stood up and thought they could just overthrow Me, how mighty I really am. I am going to show them who I really am. I am going to show them how I am the Most High God. I am showing the world that I am the deliverer and that great deliverance is coming. 

So, remember these Words- dead men walking- when you see presidents being removed, congressmen and women being removed, senators being removed, prime ministers being removed, and any other government official being removed; when you see lawyers, judges, and generals being removed. Yes, judgment has come for these people in high places. It is time for great judgment to be seen, saith the Lord. 

Julie Green - THE GREAT RETURN - June 30, 2023

A great return is coming. A return To The King. A return to morality. A return to Freedom. A returned to Justice. A return of a great and mighty nation. A return of a rightful President. A return of a powerful Body of Christ. A return to peace. A return to truth. A return to my glory upon this Earth. A return to order. A returned to power in the hands it belongs to. A return of the world out of the hands of the wicked. A return of my children to my lands and into my authority. A return of children, families, wealth, jobs, inventions, corporations, rightful governments, rightful positions and who they really belong to. A return of the actual White House and the anointed one I have chosen, saith the Lord. The return of a great and mighty nation and not a twisted version your enemies wanted you to see or believe in. A return of the airwaves into the hands of my children on the side of the true side of Truth. A great return of miracles, signs, and wonders.

A great return back to me the most high God. A return to People’s First Love which is my son. A return of the Nations. A return of congregations to the rightful pastors. A returned to a Great and Mighty victory. A return of wealth. A return of health. A return of freedom in your minds. A return of the right way of thinking. A return of power. I say again my children it’s time to arise and take it this day. Return of the economy. A return of my hand. A return of this world and what it has for my children. Yes, I say a Great and Mighty Return Of My Angel Armies. A great return to me, saith the Lord. A great Revival because the great truth pouring out filling this Earth. A great return to your promised lands. Your promised way of living. A great and mighty anointing. A great return of a Great Mighty anointing that will get the world’s attention. A return to church.

A return of a great hunger for my word. My children is time of the great Exodus. Which is the great return to how things have been to where they should have been all along. Get ready for this great return. A great return of spirituality of discernment of resurrection power. It’s coming so be prepared get ready get ready to move get ready to stand get ready to fight. Get ready to receive it because it’s time of a great restoration and to my children rejoice in this restoration. Rejoice for this great return it’s not if it will happen. It will happen this is guaranteed. Because I have guaranteed it and I am a sure thing. And the world will know soon that the world and the world will soon know that saith the Lord your Redeemer.

Julie Green - A GREAT DARKNESS IS COMING - June 29, 2023

For I, the Lord, this day am telling My children to prepare your homes and to prepare spiritually for battle because a gross and dense darkness will fill this Earth, it will seem. It will look like evil has grown out of control. It will look like things are much worse all over this Earth. Yes, it will. 

But, I have warned you about this shaking. I have warned you about this darkness. I have warned you about these times. I said there would be a time when I would lock you in for your safety, away from the Angel of Death. To lock you in, away from My hand of judgment that is moving forth across this Earth. 

Yes, great judgments (are coming). My children, you are about to see My vengeance, not My wrath; that’s not for now. But you will see My vengeance. My vengeance is pouring out. It says in My Written Word that vengeance is Mine.  

I have seen an evil in the world. I have seen an evil in governments. But I have also seen an evil in congregations, churches, and pastors, no less, that were leading My sheep into a gross darkness of liberalism, progressiveness, legalism, and religion. It just progressed and progressed and progressed- a progression that grew so dark and had woven all throughout the Body of Christ. That is why no one was using the authority I gave them- their authority in My Name. No one in these churches knew what My Written Word actually said. But a small few did know, and they spoke these Words and were teaching My authority and about the Blood Covenant. 

That is the reason why you see so much evil. The evil is not done, not yet. It has its day, but it won’t stay. Believe Me, My children. It won’t stay. 

This is My day to show the world who I am, who I really am- that I am the God of justice and the God of vengeance and protection for My people. I will show the world that I am still the same God. I will also show My church and My body that I am still the God who does miracles. I am still the God that saves, even though some of them believe that’s not Me anymore. 

You will see My hand in judgment against this Earth, against the men and women on this Earth that were trying to take Me out and steal everything that rightfully belonged to My children, including their authority. They took (My children’s authority) and twisted and manipulated it into their own and used it against My children. 

Many will say, “These are dark days. What in the world is going on? Where is God?” I am here. I have always been here. 

This is an opportunity. When everything goes dark, it’s an opportunity for My children to see My light. They will see Me as their provider. They will see Me as their healer. They will see Me as their protector. They will see Me as their deliverer. They will see Me, (and know) that I am the same God. I am the God of Abraham, I am the God of Isaac, and I am the God of Jacob. 

I have made My promises in My Word. I am faithful to those promises. I cannot lie. I have saved My children time and time again. What makes you think in this dark time, with all this evil going on, that I would not save you this time? My children, what kind of God would I be? But ask yourselves this, what kind of dad would I be? I am your father. Who would I be if I just let this go on and on? 

I am doing this for your good, no matter what it looks like. I promise you the evil regimes and the evil, evil governments are being removed- every last one of them. Read My Word and what it says that I have done with leaders in the past. 

I will show the world who I truly am, and for some, there will be no doubt, but others will be in shock because they were lied to for so long. 

As darkness grows, I will shine My light upon My people, and it will grow, and grow, and grow. (There will be) a Glory upon this Earth never known to mankind, not like this. When the world seems like it’s in chaos, the finances seem to be stripped away, and you don’t know what’s going on, this is part of My transfer. One day your bank account will look one way, and the next, it will look another way. 

Get prepared to see how big I am. I am an unlimited God. This is not for your own wealth and riches; this is for you to be My vessels- My vessels that I have called you to be. 

These are the end times, you will see. You will see Me. I am coming. Always be watching. When the time of the completion is done, when the Word of My Son goes throughout all the countries of the world, and when every person has an opportunity (to hear about Jesus), the end will come. It’s not very far off. “Lord, how many years? Five? Ten? Fifteen?” No one knows the day or the hour but Me. 

But I am showing you this great jubilee. I am showing you great victories. I am showing you My hand. I am showing the world who I really am so that more people come into My Kingdom. I will show great mercy and great grace. 

In this day and hour that you are living in, you will see Me and the manifestations I am about to pour out that no man has ever seen and no ear has ever heard, not like this. Not at all like this. 

You are coming into times when unprecedented things will happen over and over and over again. Get ready for My flood. Get ready for My truth. Get ready for Me in greater glory, saith the Lord.