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Third Great Awakening started in 2001 (Announcement), 2020 (Revival) - ?

Twice the United Stated has experienced prolonged periods of God’s outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the country. These were times when a significant portion of the population turned back to God. Due to the religious and supernatural aspects of these historical events, they are often ignored by many secular historians.

The first occurred ~1730-1770 known as the First Great (Spiritual) Awakening. The second started ~1800-1850 recorded as the Second Great (Spiritual) Awakening. Oddly, the First and Second Great Awakenings preceded the Revolutionary and Civil War which was fought on United States soil. It should be noted a smaller revival started ~1855-1930 including the Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles, California considered by some historians to be a continuation of the Second Great Awakening.

Fast forward to the late Twentieth now to the Twenty-First Century and we see a growing number of Americans that no longer believe in God. We see the growth of the Godless isms such as Secularism,  Socialism,  Marxism, and Communism and attempts anti-Christ agenda trying to take over the United States. Due to the rise of evil in society we see a loss of liberty, religious freedom, disorder, and lawlessness, we also see many people now turning back to God. Thus the spiritual divide that we see in society today.

Some have prophesied of a new Spiritual Awakening in the country and people turning back to God. On Friday April 6, 2001 immediately preceding Holy Week and Easter which is considered to be a time of rebirth the Liberty Bell rang out from Philadelphia to once again “Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the Land unto all the Inhabitants thereof.” A Nebraska man inspired by the scripture passage took a sledgehammer to the bell and with each blow yelled “God lives on!”

If there is a warning from World Trade Center bombing, to earthquakes, warnings given to six presidents and the Democratic Party, and a pandemic it is for the people and country to repent of their sins and turn back to God. For years many have prayed for a Spiritual Awakening in the country. These prayers became more fervent during the Obama’s Presidency due to attack on religious rights and liberty, the economic downturn, lawlessness, and attacks on the Constitution. Sometimes you don’t appreciate the freedom you have until you are faced with the possibility of losing it. These prayers did not come just from the United States, but from a prayer army from around the world. In numbers never seen in human history including persecuted and martyred Christians.

It appears God has heard these petitions and prayers and graciously answered them. During the 2016 election season we saw one coincidence after another which led to the election of Donald Trump. One by one plots were exposed and evil was restrained. We are witness to God’s divine hand in the 2020 presidential elections as these diabolical schemes unraveled. Who could have predicted Joe Biden’s son Hunter laptop and exposure of Joe’s apparent involvement in a family money making scheme connected to China, Russia, Iran and other sworn enemies of the United States? The odd timing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death and Amy Coney Barrett being sworn in as the new justice on the supreme court just before the election. Now in a number of key Democratically controlled battle ground states massive voter fraud is being exposed.

Over these past four years evil doers and their hypocrisy has been exposed in each of the Seven Mountains of spiritual influence in society as one odd set of circumstances after another plays out. Which may lead to Donald Trump’s being inaugurated to a second term as president. Though we see people doing evil ungodly deeds and open anarchy, yet we also now see signs of a spiritual revival. Even though all the chaos we see that God has a plan, and eventually all will be revealed to hindsight of history.

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We are at a Red Sea Moment in history.