Third Great AWAKENING - REFERENCE 2023 Q3-Q4

Third Great Awakening ⇨

Flashback - Pope Leo XIIII's Vision from 1884

Satan: “75 to 100 years, and a greater power over those who will give themselves over to my service.” (October 13, 1884)

One day, after celebrating Mass, the aged Pope Leo XIII was in conference with the Cardinals when suddenly he sank to the floor in a deep swoon. Physicians who hastened to his side could find no trace of his pulse and feared that he had expired. However, after a short interval the Holy Father regained consciousness and exclaimed with great emotion: “Oh, what a horrible picture I have been permitted to see!”

He had been shown a vision of evil spirits who had been released from Hell and their efforts to destroy the Church. But in the midst of the horror the archangel St. Michael appeared and cast Satan and his legions into the abyss of hell. Soon afterwards Pope Leo XIII composed the following prayer to Saint Michael, which is the original version: (from Tradition in Action)

Satan: “I can destroy your Church.” The gentle voice of Our Lord: “You can? Then go ahead and do so.” Satan: “To do so, I need more time and more power.” Our Lord: “How much time? How much power? Satan: “75 to 100 years, and a greater power over those who will give themselves over to my service.” Our Lord: “You have the time; you will have the power. Do with them what you will.”

Pope Leo visibly shaken from his vision and immediately rushed to his study to compose the Saint Michael Prayer.
Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host by the Divine Power of God cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits, who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen

“First we overlook evil. Then we permit evil. Then we legalize evil. Then we promote evil. Then we celebrate evil. Then we persecute those who still call it evil.”  – Dwight Longenecker (2019) – Catholic Priest, Author, Blogger & Radio Show Host

- September xx , 2023


Jan Hapler - Trump's Executive Order 13848 - September 21-2023

This is why so many people stay confused, but also jump on the wrong people just because they have a “title.”

EO 13848 wasn’t written because “he was fully briefed.”

This is an Operation with a very war plan / strategic outline aka blueprint and he’s a part of the operation.

EO 13848 is just one tiny piece of the Operation.

This is a Military Occupancy with a Continuity of Operations Plan all outlined with Law of War Manual and Federal Continuity Directives.

It’s not “these are my thoughts”… it’s CURRENT BIPARTISAN LEGISLATION.

Stop riding names and titles and start reading legislation as it was laid out.
Derek Johnson

Diana Larkin - BREAKING UP, SHAKING UP, WAKING UP - September 20, 2023

“You are entering an INTENSIFIED season of BREAKING UP, SHAKING UP, and WAKING UP. My STRONG right arm and your DECREES and DECLARATIONS are BREAKING UP ANCIENT THRONES of darkness. REJOICE as they CRUMBLE and FALL. I AM BREAKING UP the FALLOW GROUND of the RELIGIOUS SPIRIT in My Church. What man has built with his INTELLECTUAL PRIDE has INSULATED the people from My Holy Spirit and His RIVER OF LIFE. I will be BREAKING UP any throne that EXALTS MAN in any area of society—it will be BROUGHT DOWN because the PRIDE of MAN opens the door to EVERY EVIL THING. I will be SHAKING UP the PLANS and SCHEMES of darkness, and they will be EXPOSED before all. Their carefully planned schemes of DEATH and DESTRUCTION I will SHAKE UP, and they will COLLAPSE back onto them. What they LAUGHED about doing to you will SUDDENLY be in their faces, and they will see the JAWS of DEATH OPENING for them. All the BREAKING UP and the SHAKING UP will cause an AVALANCHE of WAKING UP. As Leviathan’s throne of LIES, DECEPTIONS, and DELUSIONS CRASHES DOWN, the SPELL over people’s minds will be BROKEN, and the LIGHT of TRUTH will SHINE through. Remember I have promised you PEACE and SAFETY all through the BREAKING UP, SHAKING UP, and WAKING UP. This is an INTENSE RESCUE OPERATION, as it EXPOSES EVIL ROOTS and DEMOLISHES WICKED THRONES. It will all be WORTH the changes that will come upon your nations, because a NEW DAY will ARISE—SIMPLER, SWEETER, and PURER. Imagine an atmosphere NOT FILLED with STOLEN IDENTITIES, SEX TRAFFICKING, PORN, and ADDICTIONS. Imagine people and families ENJOYING life together, BREATHING fresh air, and EATING good food the earth was meant to produce. Also, remember that as I come to BREAK UP, SHAKE UP, and WAKE UP, that My REWARDS will be in My hand to give FREELY to My Army of Light who have STOOD with Me.”

Flash Back -~ 1987 - Dr. Lester Sumrall - Seven Things the Holy Spirit Told Me About America

… I said well why Lord? He said I’m going to give you seven reasons why I’m sending you home (to America) and I just took my pen out and began to write them down as to why i was to come to America. And he said I want you to help save America and I said Lord I am willing to. He said it’s my bastion of freedom and not only not only of the earth. But of freedom in the great world of mine. A freedom of minds a freedom to think in that country and it spreads throughout the world from there and i need you to help save that. And i said lord I’m willing to be anything for you. Then he spoke to me and said through television I’ll give you a million souls. And i said Lord i do anything for a million souls. He says I’ll give you a million souls through television if you will go home. But it says here are seven things that you’re going to see in America.

And so the first one he said America will depart from the faith. It will depart from the faith of its fathers it would depart from the fundamental churches and from the fundamental preachers. … This is the latter times and and they shall depart from their traditional church they shall depart from the Bible. They shall depart from the religion of their parents. They will just go out from it

…He said not only will they depart from their faith but it says eastern religions that you have dealt with for many years and uh pagan religions will take root in america and will flourish there. …

So the second thing that God told me was that eastern religions would become a prominent part of american life. That hinduism would invade our country. That we have seen this we’ve seen thousands of people take up yoga. And yoga just means one thing that you submit yourself to an unseen force and that you start that you start saying words in the Hindu language that you do not understand. And that you are praising and praying to a Hindu god at that time and you’ve opened yourself up for demon power to enter you that you might be possessed of the devil. And hinduism is growing in this country the heart of christians are showing you how Hinduism can grow and they come in with a lie saying full of love full of love full. Full of love they don’t know what the word means. They just picked that word up it’s not in their language. They only picked it up in in our language and what they’re doing is seducing people to leave and abandon their faith in God the great and mighty. God who created the heavens and the earth and to go into some pagan religion that has no hope. No hope in this life or in the life to come … Timothy 4

7:1 … What’s being perpetrated in this country today doctrines of devils. Which means the very opposite of doctrines of truth and life that come from God …

He said besides orient religions in the third place here he says that cults and demon worship and satanic worship will become prominent in America. And i said Lord how could that be that a nation that was built on the bible that came out of europe for satan worship has always been for many hundreds of years. How could it be that they would go back in into satanic worship? And the Lord said unto me that they will come back to fetishes and carry holy things around with them and that they will have covens and in these covens they will make sacrifices and they will nnd they will be just like the pagans of long ago. You can’t imagine having grown up in a society  of Evangelicalism that that the lord would be telling me that our country that many people in our country would go backwards hundreds of years to worshiping idols and to worshiping fetishes and to be worshipping and identifying themselves with satanic religion satanic religion that was related to human sacrifice. Because in the covens in this country they have discovered baby bones where they have offered they have offered up human sacrifice on the demon gods in our in our own country. …

He says in the fourth place there will come a terrible and awful spirit of rebellion in america. A spirit of rebellion and i said oh god what do you mean he says the greatest place you will see it is in the homes. The home within itself that used to be the place of tenderness and the place of love and the retreat from the world to come inside the home where your little family was where you could say anything you wanted to say and laugh when you wanted to laugh. And you were home you were home folks and nobody else was there the door was closed and you had those that were nearest and dearest. It says a spirit of rebellion from the devil shall come and will rip the homes to pieces … I began to see kansas city and i began to see Detroit. And i began to see pittsburgh and i began to see new orleans and i began to see new york los angeles. And i said oh god what can i do the lord said from coast to coast homes will be torn to pieces like a tornado ripped into shreds. And there will be thousands of little children that have to live with one parent and i lived in a home brought up in a home of of great love in that home we we we love one another and in my own marriage we my wife and i love one another. And i couldn’t i couldn’t understand it. I said god how can it be that homes will be torn to pieces? God says such hate will come it will boil up it will boil up like a mighty wind and just twist the home to pieces. And divorce will be so terrible and at this moment friends any child born today hardly has a 50 50 chance of living with mom and dad together. There will be so many second and third and fourth marriages until little children won’t know who to respect. They will know who to love and they will hate. And they will hate. Rebellion will be in their hearts they will take that rebellion to school and that rebellion is already there teachers today are quitting by flocks. They said i can’t stand it anymore the rebellion that’s in the hearts of the students against their parents. Against education against authority against discipline. … God told me this. Before it came to pass God told me that the spirit of rebellion would come that it would attack the university campuses. That the teachers would have it in their hearts and they would get out like school children and in this scream in the streets. And put up banners and show that there was deep rebellion and rebellion comes from hell and rebellion comes from the devil. … God said he wanted me to know that a spirit of rebellion would come into the labor movement such as we’d never seen before that. That would even try to shut down the whole of the united states of america just stop it because of a few minute to top

greedy greedy for power greedy for money. …

Then the Lord kind of whispered in my ear it wasn’t loud and it wasn’t hard. He said and son the americans will change in their morals. And i said in in in what way? He says so far homosexuality has been something behind the doors. He said it is a spirit that comes upon a man that will make him lust for the body of another man. And the Lord said would you just read Romans and i opened my bible to Romans. He said look in in chapter 1 and i said all right all right lord and i began reading in verse 23. And uh and in Romans chapter 1 and it said and they changed the glory of the uncorruptable god into an image he says you see they’re going to worship images right in your own country and made like unto corruptable man and like birds many of the of the idols of the of the heathen a half bird and half human and four footed beasts and many of them have beast bodies you know and man parts in their bodies and creeping things. Where unto god says he gave them up to uncleanness through the lust of their hearts these evil things were created by lustful hearts against God . The same reason lucifer got thrown out of heaven. Pagan religions are the same state of rebellion against God as they were he said to dishonor their own bodies between themselves. To dishonor their own bodies… such things are worthy of death. …

The sixth thing God told me i don’t like to talk about. God told me that on television just like you have homosexuality claiming their rights and boasting and seeing them carry on on television. He says that bestiality will become the same that women will say …

Diana Larkin - WHAT IS STIRRING BEHIND THE SCENES? - September 18, 2023

“There is a MASTERFUL PLAN being EXECUTED BEHIND THE SCENES. This plan was FORMULATED in the War Room of Heaven, RELAYED to earth by Messenger Angels, and RECEIVED by those in the government and the military whose hearts are SEEKING Me, My WISDOM, and My STRATEGIES. You have FELT the STIRRINGS of the WINDS of CHANGE and ANTICIPATION has risen in your heart that SOMETHING BIG is about to break. These feelings of HOPE are not your imagination; they are your SPIRITUAL SENSES (which you have allowed Me to DEVELOP and HEIGHTEN) PICKING UP what your eyes CANNOT SEE but your SPIRIT is CONFIRMING. I want to ADD My CONFIRMATION to what you are SENSING. You will SEE the MASTERFUL PLAN to SAVE the WORLD UNFOLD before your eyes, and it will VINDICATE all you have SENSED is HAPPENING BEHIND THE SCENES. TRUST WHAT YOUR SPIRIT KNOWS MORE THAN WHAT YOUR EYES SEE. The darkness has spread so many LIES and THREATS that your NATURAL MIND will have TROUBLE SEPARATING out TRUTH from DECEPTION. But I have been TRAINING your SPIRITUAL SENSES through My WRITTEN WORD, My PROPHETIC VOICES, PRAYING IN YOUR SPIRIT LANGUAGE , and HEARING My VOICE SPEAKING TO YOU. These have all worked to AWAKEN your spirit’s ABILITY to KNOW what is of the DARKNESS, what is of MAN, and what is of ME. You are now RECOGNIZING LIES and THREATS and SENDING THEM BACK into the enemy’s camp and FOCUSING on My PROMISES and what I AM doing BEHIND THE SCENES. TRUSTING your inner spiritual senses will keep you in ANTICIPATION of Heaven’s next move, and it will keep you in My PERFECT PEACE.”

- September xx , 2023

“Is this a season of DESTRUCTION OR RAINBOWS? My answer to that question is that this season you have just STEPPED INTO is BOTH a season of DESTRUCTION and a season of RAINBOWS. The enemy has plans of GREAT DESTRUCTION to unleash on you. Instead of the TWISTED satisfaction they are looking forward to as they see you SUFFER and be DESTROYED, My STORM WINDS will send those plans BACK AGAINST THEM, and you will see your enemies REAP what they have SOWN. When I TEAR DOWN, it is for the PURPOSE of BUILDING UP AGAIN with My LIFE and LIGHT. Some voices want you to FOCUS only on the coming DESTRUCTION. I have told you about the coming TAKEDOWN of darkness NOT for you to FOCUS on or to be FEARFUL or to try to PROTECT YOURSELF; but I have shared what I will be doing because I want you PARTNERED with Me in CALLING for PROTECTION for the Light and the REAPING of DESTRUCTION by the darkness. All throughout this season of DESTRUCTION , you will see RAINBOWS because I want to give you a VISUAL REMINDER that I KEEP MY PROMISES and that I can bring you through any kind of SHAKING, hidden in the Ark of My PRESENCE. You will see RAINBOWS after a storm and RAINBOWS without a storm. You will see RAINBOWS around the sun and the moon and painted on the clouds. These are your SIGNS of the NEW LIFE that is ahead, and it is filled with My MULTI-COLORED GLORY and the PROMISE of a FRESH BEGINNING.”
PSALM 27:1 (AMP) “The Lord is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear? The Lord is the refuge and fortress of my life—whom shall I dread?”

Chirstos - Shiba in September, March, Tsunami after Shiba? , Fall and Spring. - September 17 , 2023

He said say that you Lord magicians will weep magic will be done on them. What you sow you will reap upon their heads. See here Exile Exile from Babylon. Babylonian systems brought down. Faith adversity when it comes to see the word persecution a change will come upon your face faces. The glory of the Lord is behind you in front of you all around consuming you in my glory. Pray more and it’s like as we pray the set the smell of our prayers is coming up to Daddy guys and he’s just like smelling it sniffing it all in Hallelujah. Beautiful Aroma now I see a chalkboard and someone’s teaching something. Okay see I don’t want the Lord is speaking to me he’s telling me to teach you guys well for his glory. Misconceptions will be brought down. He’s clearing up he’s clearing up head spaces faces in our minds. Take you away what does it belong there bring us now revelations for his glory. to break down strongholds of the Mind. Thank you Lord he said proportion and wealth is coming to you now Hallelujah Lord we receive it in Jesus name. …

I see the month of March see it on my side Glory will be given on to you see. I think something will happen in March where the God the glory will fall on us. I don’t know if that’s the outpouring. Yeah I think it is but I’m not putting words in your mouth Lord. I see what I see I will show you see that I will show you what’s to come yeah yeah

I see a tsunami I see an earthquake uh. The Earth will tilt for my glory. I see Yellowstone I see the clouds. The heavens will open up outpouring blessings outpouring blessings fo. You all see that I must say I stay in my peace stay in my glory I see the word entitlement entitled to much in this hour. Students behave see the must see the lessons of the Lord and what I teach. Promiscuity runs deep in my family. I will show you more promiscuity in my people. He’s showing me the whore of Babylon Jezebel. I shall remove her. Key by key key notes she shall be torn apart. In my glory I am coming for you my people just wait. I see that image of the um what is that in Revelations where she’s sitting on the she’s drinking the blood of the Saints. She has the crown on her head and she’s sitting on that thing the seven beasts or whatever it is. That she’s riding on.

Still and wait for my glory to arise in you I will paint your faces with my goodness with my glory. Sparkle gold dust shall arrives soon. You shall see it you shall Wonder in awe who is on. Who say the universe who is I’m gonna see it on my side like your God onto me does that make sense who is like your God.

Tall tales that have been told will be brought down. I see the World Trade Centers the Twin Towers. Seattle must see what I see what is that what is that let me see something. Okay I got more to come okay I don’t know what this is but I heard building 12 and I don’t I don’t know any building 12. But he said he just said I will show you more to come I will show you I will show you much more to come. Okay he just dropped in my spirit this Revelation that he gave me yesterday last night he just dropped in my spirit a tsunami. I feel like he’s saying that the next attack that will be greater than 9 11 is this tsunami is in your hair witchcraft. But I heard many more people they’re trying to kill many more people with this tsunami. I just heard the Lord say it will hit land soon and I think California. I see New York, I see Florida and I hear the east coast and I hear revival time get ready.

I’m penetrating the hearts of soul the hearts and soul of many. This is the hour this is the time. Join me speak peace over your lives peace not fear. I am your recompense. I am the dawning of a new day. Whoa. These words that I speak to you are accurate and correct. Above all else trust your God. They are Messiah see me for who I am. Recompense. Recompense will be given. Can you confirm that Lord? Uwaves m and then I saw another month and he said waves for my glory. He’s saying Sheba in you. I feel like it’s gonna come in waves. Like one wave will hit right and then another wave will hit in another month. Right and then he’s saying bringing you proportionate wealth. That’s interesting in portions? Systematic resets. They are my people will know who I am I will see you through all the pain see persecution. I see a rainbow my Covenant promises I keep I see Noah’s Ark. And I hear the Lord saying do not leave my side. Abid in me. Great you will see Great and Mighty things to come. Pay attention and Learn. I’ve been a little bit well more than a little bit worried about um the whole tsunami thing in California.

I had a dream on the same night a few days ago I heard Shibarium and um that was very clear. I heard it a couple times. And then I saw it looked like Sheba but it looked like Shiba by had Z’s in it. For some reason and then right after that I was running. I don’t know where I was running towards but as we were running somewhere we looked and we saw a water waves of water um just coming towards us and so we turned around and we we started running the other way and there was just like no real Escape for from the water and we went underground I don’t know how. But I could hear the water rushing above us and the creaking of the water and it was a very panicking kind of a moment. And then somehow I ended up above ground and with a group of people and I had a backpack and there was this old kind of elderly you know white man and then there are people greeting a son and it was it was it was a Trippy dream um and I I just had asked the Lord is the Lord what’s coming next. Is there anything that you want to share? And I’m in California and uh you just mentioned also Yellowstone um and that’s and earthquakes and you know Yellowstone National Park is in California. So I’m trying to do what the Lord said and not worry and to kind of help position myself so that I can do some of the things that I feel like he said. And for me I think he was talking about XDC. Those are the things that I’ve heard from the Lord.

Chris I want to say this before I forget he said growth you’re growing in him and I hear virtue and he said be patient and wait my daughter I’m I’m showing you. Yea so you so before you went to sleep you asked him what’s to come and you had that dream yeah I went to bed and I I’m trying to hear from God more and more clearly so I asked the Lord um to open my eyes and my ears and I said if there’s anything that you you want to show me?

I’m I’m listening like the verse I think it’s Samuel Here I Am Lord is that you I’m I’m listening. And then I went to sleep and um yeah then I had I had a moment where I felt like I woke up and I went back to sleep. But I guess I was just more awake in my dream and I heard you know what that is right Shevarium yeah yeah. I know that’s related to um you know Shiba Inu platform or whatnot. But I knew it was already launched but I didn’t understand why you know what I mean like I guess figured more of that was kind of coming but then I saw the word Sheba spelled but it had I saw a Z’s like it was sleeping uh yeah maybe. Maybe maybe I yeah I have to learn to kind of pray into it and not assume that it’s just an overactive mind like I’m really taking information from the Lord and then right after that I saw the tsunami. I don’t know if it was a tsunami

But it was a wave the last thing I told you so he’s saying waits for my glory that is just confirmation the Shiva came before The Wave right the Lord’s not gonna keep you in a place where you’re not safe the [ __ ] gonna come so that you can move or go wherever you need to go before it comes but also the wave is like is is a some is a representation of his glory first there’s a marker he’s saying.

The first wave to come you keep telling me that Lord can you please confirm that with somebody David David or Kai can you please confirm this month you keep telling me it’s not that I’m lacking faith is that I don’t want to say the wrong thing can you please huh March who said that he’s he says March but I’m hearing something else. Remember he’s saying you’re hearing September. Right yes did you hear that he told me that’s what you were hearing oh what are you hearing what is he saying he’s saying sooner than you think uh Great Expectations ahead don’t be afraid of what I’m telling you because it’s glory and the joy in it. Don’t let the enemy steal the joy. Uh Lord September 2023? I asked the question yeah

Chris can I read you something that the Lord told me and maybe it’d be confirmation because this is the word me yes okay so I wrote this on September the 8th it said like a flower blooming in the spring my blood my blessings Will Spring forth I was impressed today and I began to ask the Lord about the month of September for myself he began to tell me audibly Prosperity abundance and overflow. I asked them again for confirmation on what I was hearing and that’s when I seen the word September written in Orange. And orange and brownish leaves falling I began to see a flower open up as if it was growing and blossoming. And he spoke these words like a flower in the spring blessings Will Spring forth the flower in my vision began to become very very bright like a neon color it was opening up slowly but gradually then I heard the words uh Shiba Inu starts to hit new lower levels. There will be a way for my glory. Shiba in it will start to see new low levels he repeated it then he reminded me once more saying a fall of blessings in the fall and that means you know all seasons from well I’ll I’ll fall in love and um he said in just a 24 hours change all he needed is 24 hours. Then he reminded me of a big clock up with 24 for just a day this will happen.

Then do you understand the meaning of what he’s saying? Yes so from now until next spring will be like go ahead no when you say next spring you mean like the spring coming up. Yeah the spring coming up from this fall season September October and November and all of that December. All the way up until March there will be a lot of events going on. Do you feel like he’s talking about um September of this year Shiva? Yes. I do. Because there’s some like Lord what’s what’s going on everybody’s saying September and the 20th you know this year 2023. And that’s when I just asked him and that’s when he just laid it on me. Does anybody know if they saw it going down first before it went up or was when it went up then down then up does anybody? Know all my notes it shows that uh I wrote that I think it’s a dream. That I had gonna go down up down up so I don’t know if whether it’s going to be like immediately or like I really don’t know. But based on on my notes and and and and and and and and what I’ve received this that is going to go down first Lisa Lisa said my first thing was a graph with a small Peak a drop and then a second Spike bigger than before hmm.

Christina you asked me to read that again I’m sorry. Yeah can you read it again okay. Um like a flower blooming in the spring my blessings were spring forth. I was impressed today and I began to ask the Lord about the month of September for myself he begins to tell me audibly Prosperity abundance and overflow I asked him again for confirmation on what I was hearing and that’s when I seen the word September written in Orange and orange and brownish leaves falling I began to see a flower open up as if it was growing and blossoming and he spoke these words like a flower in the spring my blessings will my blessings Will Spring forth the flower in my vision was bright orange like a neon color I seen it open it up slowly but gradually then I heard the words uh Shiba Inu would start to hit new low levels there would be a way and for Glory Shiba Inu would start to see a new we’ll start to see new low levels he repeated.

It growth spurts it’s like he’s saying that it’s starting now and it will fully blossom in the spring and it was orange. It was our in September orange the first day of fall in September 24th. You guys tracking. The first day of fall is September 24th or 23rd. So it will start it will be one wave is gonna fully. He’s gonna give us to it to us in waves and it will fully blossom in the springtime. Is that right Lord? You heard me speak to you properly give them keys for my glory. Tell them what I said what did you say. Oh yes September you did say that I heard arrival time you will see it you will know you will run fast pace giving life a new day for my glory. You will see it come to pass. Trust me I am The Great I Am Your provider. Oh he’s giving me when I first got saved he showed me a dream and I knew this was the second wave of the second wave of Covid. And I was riding on top of the way and look what’s coming now. And in the dream he said Jehovah Jireh I didn’t know what it meant and it means great provider I heard the Lord saying sequels it will last greater wealth is being given.

Okay that’s why he keeps saying proportionate wealth it comes in portions. Distributed among the land. …Piece by piece portion my abortions my words will be understood have eyes to see recompense coming for you my loved ones. Behold the glory of the Lord giving you much more in this hour you shall travel you shall all travel for my glory. Judgments and place judgments in order he took my warnings it is coming now I see I see a tsunami I hear the word frantic and fear Seattle Marcia you shall help my people out he’s speaking to us you shall not. You shall not be in fear. Let go of all that’s hindering you and causing you delay climb higher I’m showing you I’m giving you keys I see an angel with a key heartfelt prayers prayers for my loved one says the Lord pray pray for them day and night and I see children pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray that I rescue them out of hell.` …

He’s giving me that verse that um oh the Isaiah 59 2 but your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God and your sins have hidden his face from you so that he does not hear. Thank you Lord. Um David I feel like the Lord wants to speak through you about this um he did show me in terms of like the dip um if you imagine the the price chart and wherever there’s a dip it’s like he’s pushing his finger down into it like he’s planting the seed and then it’s gonna Sprout up when it spikes so he was giving me that analogy there’s more there’s more he’s saying there’s more oh here’s more. Okay what is the Lord saying um I’m not sure but I was this this is what I was thinking um the significance of September you know Joseph was let out of prison in in September the month of March is the month of dark and and Esther that’s when the Jews were saved and then spoils were left in Esther um in the month of March and I looked up a dollar and it means the ability to see and experience hidden miracles in our lives so I don’t know if it’s a correlation between September and March in that regards amen I feel the Lord’s heavy when you said that I heard he said right on amen.  

Diana Larkin - THE STORMS OF LIFE - September 16, 2023

“STORMS are coming in this season of JUDGMENT and RESCUE. The STORMS will affect EVERYONE but what effect the STORM has will depend on if you are of the LIGHT or of the DARK. For those who chose darkness, the STORMS will TOPPLE their THRONES of POWER—both in the natural and in the spiritual realms. The STORM WINDS will BLOW OPEN and EXPOSE every evil deed and plan, and the LIGHTNING will ILLUMINATE who these lying PRETENDERS really are. The ROAR of the thunder will SHAKE LOOSE their HIDDEN STOCKPILES, and these TREASURES will be given to the LIGHT to steward. If you are part of the Light, know that STORMS ARE SHORT LIVED. They ROLL in and MOVE OUT again. Take CONSOLATION in this: what the STORMS DAMAGE needs to be REMOVED, and as the Son comes out after a STORM, the air will be CLEANER, and you will join with your brothers and sisters to CLEAN UP STORM debris and to REBUILD TOGETHER. I will SUPPLY all that you need to SURVIVE the STORM and to THRIVE during the CLEAN-UP and REBUILDING process. Keep your ears TUNED to My VOICE and be LED into PATHS OF PEACE by My Spirit. Then, you will be PROTECTED, UNAFRAID, and fully EQUIPPED to REBUILD in the CLEAN AIR of a FRESH START after the STORMS OF LIFE BLOW OVER. Remember I AM POWERFUL enough to DESTROY the evil that is trying to ENSLAVE you, and I AM POWERFUL enough to PROTECT and SUSTAIN you from THE STORMS OF LIFE: STORMS that bring DOWN the wicked will BLOW IN LIFE for you.”

Diana Larkin - MAKE THE COVENANT POWERFUL - September 15, 2023

I had three DREAMS about COVENANT last night. I was being reminded by Hank Kunneman to look up all my journal entries on COVENANT, I was told to make the covenant powerful, and I was told that the COVENANT includes INTIMACY with God (beautiful!) A natural example would be the covenant of marriage. I found 29 journal entries mentioning COVENANT. 29=combination of EXPECTANCY (20) and JUDGMENT (9).
“As you begin this new year on the Hebrew calendar, keep firmly as your FOUNDATION My COVENANT with you through the BLOOD of My Son. No matter what the enemy tries to do, My COVENANT is MORE POWERFUL. As long as you keep your EYES on Me and your FAITH ANCHORED in My COVENANT, it is your GUARANTEE of PLENTY, PEACE, PRESERVATION, PROTECTION, and PROVISION. It is a PROMISE of VICTORY and RESTORATION. Hold these COVENANT PROMISES close to your HEART and do not be moved from them by any THREAT or FEAR. Your Nation was also established as a COVENANT Nation with Me through the CROSS raised on your soil. You have RENEWED this COVENANT with Me through REPENTANCE and RE-DEDICATION, and I will be FAITHFUL to FULFILL this POWERFUL COVENANT by bringing RESCUE, DELIVERANCE, and VICTORY over the darkness. In your own hearts, MAKE THE COVENANT POWERFUL.”

Diana Larkin - ALL POINTS BULLETIN - September 13 , 2023

“I AM broadcasting an ALL POINTS BULLETIN to those who have EARS to HEAR. The God of Angel Armies is COMING on a chariot of FIRE to visit the earth with His JUDGMENT and JUSTICE. The earth RECOGNIZES My coming, and you have already seen it begin to RESPOND to the POWER of My coming FIRE by EARTHQUAKES and VOLCANOES. Darkness and deep darkness, TREMBLE and be AFRAID because the TRUE and LIVING God is here to bring VENGEANCE on your EVIL and DEATH AGENDAS, and to set My people FREE from the GRIP of your TYRANNY. Heaven’s ALL POINTS BULLETIN has gone out for the EXPOSURE and UNCOVERING of all those partnered with darkness, and NO MAN or POWER of HELL will be able to HIDE or SHIELD you. My ALL POINTS BULLETIN is RINGING in the ears of the wicked, and it is causing them to SWEAT, PANIC, and RAW FEAR is rising in their thoughts and their hearts. (Worst cases of heartburn ever!) Here is another ALL POINTS BULLETIN: everything they UNLEASHED against you—FEAR, SICKNESS, POOR HEALTH, FIRES—will now be TURNED BACK upon them. The MANMADE STORMS they sent against you will now BLOW BACK upon them. They will experience the LOSS they had planned for you. Here is another ALL POINTS BULLETIN: I AM coming with My REWARDS in My hand to give to the STRONG of HEART, who have LOVED Me, BELIEVED My PROMISES, and have FOUGHT by My side. As the darkness FALLS, My Army of Light will ARISE, blessed with My ABUNDANCE and My VICTORY banner will fly above them. They will be known as MINE.”

Diana Larkin - STRIKING DISTANCE - September 12 , 2023

Define: very near to getting or achieving something; a distance at which a soldier, military force, vessel is sufficiently near to be able to attack an opponent.
“Does the enemy and all his DEADLY PLANS seem to be coming CLOSER and CLOSER and SURROUNDING you? I AM telling you NOT TO FEAR because I have DRAWN them into close PROXIMITY to you to help AWAKEN those still asleep but, more importantly, I have brought them within STRIKING DISTANCE. Your PRAYERS, DECREES, and DECLARATIONS will now be MORE POWERFUL and LASER FOCUSED, as these schemes have been brought CLOSE and UNCOVERED, and they are now within STRIKING DISTANCE. The enemy is CONGRATULATING themselves that they’ve gotten so close to you, and they are telling each other they still have a chance now to KEEP their POWER and CONTROL. But I AM telling you, My Army of Light, that I have MOVED them within STRIKING DISTANCE. Let a VOLLEY of your PRAYERS, DECREES, and DECLARATIONS rain down upon their unsuspecting camp. I will EMPOWER your weapons, and the Host will make sure your artillery STRIKES THE MARK. Let the darkness BOAST, TAUNT, and INTIMIDATE. They are so full of themselves that they don’t see they have been TRICKED into a position where they are now within STRIKING DISTANCE of My SUPERIOR FORCES. Let’s give them a SHOCKING SURPRISE, shall we? Let go that VOLLEY of prayers, decrees, and declarations and BARRAGE them with praying in the Spirit. They are within STRIKING DISTANCE, and they are going down.”

Diana Larkin - VALOR, VINDICATION, VICTORY - September 11 , 2023

“Tragic events occurred in your Nation on this date that SHOOK and CHANGED the world. Most people believed the narrative that your Nation was under ATTACK from FOREIGN powers. Men and women of GREAT VALOR ran into the fires and destruction to try and save as many as they could. Even though this attack will be PROVEN to have come from WITHIN your Nation, these BRAVE and COURAGEOUS ones of VALOR will be HONORED throughout eternity. A small group of people knew from the outset that what was being said on the airwaves was a LIE, and they knew this destruction had been UNLEASHED from a group WITHIN who wanted to DESTROY and BRING DOWN your Nation. Your rightful leader was one of those who knew and understood that this was an INSIDE JOB from those with goals of GREED and DESTRUCTION. The events of this day PUT A ROD OF STEEL in the center of your rightful leader, and I placed A CALL on his life to STAND and NOT BEND to the PRESSURES, ATTACKS, and INTIMIDATION of these enemies. This is why when he rose to lead the Nation, they PANICKED and tried every way to REMOVE him because HE KNEW THEIR DARK SECRETS, and he would be in a position to EXPOSE them. Do not allow your chosen leader TO STAND ALONE against this TIDE of EVIL. I want you to CHOOSE right now to have Me PLACE that same ROD OF STEEL inside you so that you will NOT BEND or be BROKEN by the darkness. As you display VALOR, I will bring COMPLETE EXPOSURE of all the darkness PLOTTED and CARRIED OUT. Charges for TREASON will be many. As you STAND in the STRENGTH of that STEEL ROD that I have placed in you, you will see Me bring you SWEET VINDICATION, and a TRIUMPHANT VICTORY. This day will become a MARKER for the people demanding TRUTH, ACCOUNTABILITY, and TRUE JUSTICE. As truth is revealed, VALOR will be HONORED, VINDICATION will SILENCE the LYING VOICES, and VICTORY will be CELEBRATED across your unified Nation.”

Chris Reed - I Saw the Coming Split of America - October 29, 2023

… An earthquake happened under my feet and another person walked up and handed me a headline which read Israeli and Palestinian two-state solution reached. And then another headline was handed to me which said major earthquake hits the middle of the U.S. So it seemed like when America went along with dividing Israel God allowed an earthquake to literally come right down the middle or dividing the United States. I didn’t see the full extent of that but I saw an earthquake hit the center of the U.S and it was a response of God to America supporting a two-state solution. …

Diana Larkin - CAUGHT IN THE ACT - Septembe 10 , 2023

Usually, I picture myself in the River of Life that flows from the Father’s heart, but this morning I felt a stirring, a churning, a swirling, and I found myself in a river of burning fire.
“The ARROGANT elite have a MASTER PLAN to bring GREAT DESTRUCTION, DEATH, and TERROR to the world. Their hearts are so DARKENED and COLD that they have LAUGHED together at their meetings, as they thought about the FEAR and MAYHEM they have planned to UNLEASH against the world. I PROMISE you this: they will NOT have the LAST LAUGH—YOU WILL! It will SEEM that their DEATH AGENDA is going to succeed, but I AM allowing them to go this far because they will be CAUGHT IN THE ACT, and the world will see who they really are—GREEDY, GRASPING, HATE-FILLED workers of darkness who will now REAP what they have SOWN. Do NOT PITY them when they are CHAINED and brought before TRIBUNALS and JUDGMENTS are handed down for TREASON, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, and MURDER. Do NOT FLINCH when those who SOWED DEATH, REAP A DEATH SENTENCE. You can pray that they will repent and surrender their lives to Me before the end, but the end for them has been WRITTEN IN MY FIRE. Therefore, DO NOT FEAR, DO NOT FEAR, DO NOT FEAR, their dark plans because they will be CAUGHT IN THE ACT. After the world sees JUSTICE RESTORED, HOSTILITIES will cease, PEACE will fall like a blanket of snow, and JOY will fill your Land. DECLARE: ‘My God is laying a TRAP, and they will be CAUGHT IN THE ACT.”

Diana Larkijn - THE TRIUMPHAL RETURN - September 7 , 2023

“There is coming a TRIUMPHAL RETURN to your Land. There will be a TRIUMPH of JUSTICE over BRIBED and CORRUPT judges and lawmakers. There will be a TRIUMPH of RIGHTEOUSNESS over those who call evil good and good evil. There will be a TRIUMPH of TRUTH that will arise over LIES, PROPAGANDA, and DECEPTION. There will be a TRIUMPHAL RETURN of your rightful leader, as he is EXONERATED and those who ACCUSED him are PROVEN to be the GUILTY ones. There will be a TRIUMPHAL RETURN of the FEAR of the LORD to your Nation, as My JUDGMENT and JUSTICE sweep through the Land. There will be a TRIUMPHAL RETURN of My Kingdom RULING and REIGNING in your midst through the BLOOD and the RESURRECTION POWER of My Son. WELCOME these TRIUMPHAL RETURNS. CALL THEM FORTH by My AUTHORITY that has been given to you. KEEP CALLING FORTH EXPOSURES, EXPOSURES, EXPOSURES. The MORE EXPOSURES that are UNVEILED, the less VIOLENCE there will be. What the enemy and his partners have HIDDEN AWAY and placed a TIGHT LID on, you DECLARE it will be BLOWN OPEN and EXPOSED to all. EXPOSURES, EXPOSURES, EXPOSURES are the KEY to AWAKENING more and more people. The RUDELY AWAKENED will join you in bringing an END to the REIGN of DARKNESS and WELCOMING in THE TRIUMPHAL RETURNS.”

Robin Bullock - I SAW WHAT IS COMING - September 4, 2023

The Lord let me tell some because I desired to and he was gracious to us. But things are changing all over the world. Things are changing and they talk of a great reset however the reset is not what they think. It will be different it will be something new. Something new. Something new, yes. New there wasn’t expecting something new. It’s going to be something new one death one life. One new thing will come. Keep your eyes looking Watchmen. One death one life. One new thing will come and the one new thing will be enough to delay things to delay things they thought would come. For I hear the Lord say I’m prepared to delay them a decade a decade of time should the people stand. People are co-laborers with God. it’s not that God just does what he wants to do with or without you your co-laborers with him he provides the power you provide the faith and the cooperation and what he’s going to do. But I hear he is prepared to extend and push off for a decade things that they thought would happen. But at this moment not one moment longer. But it is enough to begin. In one year’s time things can look completely new one death one life one new thing. Remember this. One death one life one new thing. Hallelujah! ..

Lord Tahiti what is this sound I hear. What is the sound I hear in Tahiti is it the sound of Revival is it the sound of the wind blowing it is to say it is it is it the sound of praising God. … I heard the Lord say I will blow anywhere you will invite me to come. For if you invite me to come I will come in with my wins and I will begin to blow upon the lives of the people who will invite me in. For like Abraham sitting by the tent flaps In the Heat of the day. I am coming by houses to see if they will ask me to stay should you invite me in for a habitation and a meal I will come and sup with you and dine with you and I will show you how to pray away destruction from those around you that you see coming to them I will show you I will show you what’s going to happen to cities I’m going to show you what’s going to happen to places as I did Abraham with Sodom and Gomorrah I’m going to show you what will happen to cities and the Harvest that’s coming to them. And you will have opportunity to pray and you will have opportunity to move and intercede for these people in these places.

For I am going to use you in this last time if you will allow me to do so. But I am only going to come if I’m invited to come. For as you sit in the heat of the day saying what next. What’s about to happen next? What’s coming next what do we see for it looks like jackals and it looks like all kinds of tyrants are going to to take the cities and take the lives of the people but I’m not looking at them says the Lord I’m looking at my people who are setting In the Heat of the thing waiting and watch watching for me to come by for I’m going to come by and I’m going to bring angels with me and I am going to look at you and if you invite me in I will come in and sup with you I will eat with you .I will dine with you I will also Grant you promises that I have made to you and request to the desires of your heart.

But then says the Lord I’m going to tell you of what’s coming to cities. I’m going to tell you yes cities. Cities, yes, in this nation cities. For there is coming fire to cities. There are coming things to cities that looked and will be desolation to some for I am going to show you of these things and what you pray for me to do I will do but pray righteously and not selfishly pray for more than 10. pray recognize the pattern for those who are sitting in the tent doors now In the Heat of the day. I am coming by your place and should you invite me in I will dine with you I will sup with you and then I will grant you a promise but then I will tell you of what’s coming to cities for Wicked wickedness my America that gave themselves in lives in the times of shutdowns.

They gave themselves to be used as plans and they step back and let jack-o-bands run over their cities and cost my people my America injury. Those Mayors will be judged those Mayors lest they repent will be judged in their bedrooms. In their bedrooms they will be judged for Harvest is coming for the seeds they sow. For they told the police Stand Down stand down. Those were my ministers. says the Lord. They were my ministers called to protect the church and you told them to stand down. Now you will stand down and you will have to step down before I’m beginning in Oregon. I am now beginning in Oregon. I am now beginning to show you what will be what will be from sea to shining sea Hallelujah!

For I am going to nudge Mayors out of office where where says the Lord where you may ask it will follow the path of the totality of Darkness and I will shove them out of office and nudge them out follow that path so that you will know. Hallelujah!

Water of 24. what of it what of it says the law 24 I will open the door and on the other side of that door will be a light so bright that the wicked can’t look at it but on the other side of that door cannot make you receive from that door it will have to be choice for I’m going to Thorn a great disaster in 24. for it has been prayed over so shall it be done. But then when the time comes make your run make your run in the Sun. Make your run with a shout and do not be or says the Lord I’m the one who made the day not governments that you see today Hallelujah …

Diana Larkin - WHEN I SAY ALL, I MEAN ALL - September 6, 2023

“I have promised you a COMPLETE EXPOSURE of the darkness currently ruling across all seven areas of society. ALL of them will be EXPOSED, BROUGHT DOWN, and a JUDGMENT will be rendered against them. I AM also moving across your Nation to EXPOSE the darkness of the people who have ALIGNED themselves with the LIES and SELFISHNESS of the dark leaders. When I bring down the evil leaders, there will be an ERUPTION of VIOLENCE from places where the enemy has raised up STRONGHOLDS of darkness to support the evil one’s AGENDA of POWER, LUST, and GREED. I AM letting you know about these VIOLENT REACTIONS ahead of time—not to cause you to fear—but to INSTRUCT you how to COMBAT this last ‘KICKING and SCREAMING’ TANTRUM of a DETHRONED enemy. DO NOT TOLERATE the VIOLENCE! Take AUTHORITY over the punk’s schemes and send My FIRE to BURN UP REBELLION and VIOLENCE. As you release My BACKFIRE against their FIRES of VIOLENCE, it will SNUFF OUT their flames, and they will find themselves coming face to face with My Spirit of the FEAR of the LORD. Release My PERFECT LOVE into these strongholds of FEAR and DECEPTION to PIERCE the HEARTS of the DECEIVED and VIOLENT. When you send FLAMING ARROWS of My LOVE into their hearts, My PERFECT LOVE will SHATTER their FEARS and DECEPTIONS, and My PERFECT LOVE will TRANSFORM them. Instead of FREAKING OUT over VIOLENCE, realize I have PAINTED A TARGET on an area where you need to ARISE in AUTHORITY and LOVE to STILL the WORK of the violent one and to see My Kingdom ESTABLISHED in those places. This is a THOROUGH HOUSECLEANING that I AM doing in your Nation. WHEN I SAY ALL, I MEAN ALL.”

Shelly Mosley - Joshuas & Calebs Arise - September 04 , 2023

This word is November the 18th of 2022 and I released it the same day and he said many have been the plans of your enemy many have been the plots and schemes. They cannot hide them any longer they have all been exposed and they are all falling into their own traps they’ve laid. They thought their might was great they thought they were in control I am about to show the world who I am. But first I will show the world who they are a great unmasking has begun. It will not end well for them. Their trouble has already begun. It will not go well for them great resignations many sicknesses and many deaths are about to surround them. Much shock and awe is coming over what these fools have done they will have no one to call on to rescue them. The time has come that I will turn a deaf ear to their cries. I will not hear them in my great love and mercy I gave many chances of repentance all the chances and calls were ignored. I opened the gates of compassion and I invited them in.

They did not want what I had to offer they see themselves as their own saviors their own Gods with no need for me oh how sorry they will be great regret will cover them as fear consumes them I am a just and fair God I am a merciful and loving God I call to man’s hearts and give chances for Redemption many ignore me and refuse to answer they feel that they have no need the tables are now turned on them now you are about to see chaos in their camps you are about to see desperation like nothing you’ve ever witnessed I am coming with Justice in my hands it is all over for your enemies great cries are about to be heard throughout the world do not be afraid my children just as the walls of Jericho fell at the shouts of my children.

So will it be now it looked impossible to breach those walls it appeared that it would not work but as I have said over and over again appearances mean nothing they do not mean anything, They are designed as a deception to deceive you. They are designed to make you cower and submit to Satan’s call and his schemes. He has plotted to get you to lose faith and trust in me your spiritual eyes are what you have to look through it is by my spirit that all of those things are revealed I’m calling on Joshua’s and Caleb’s to come forth what do you see do you see a defeatable foe. Or do you see that you are defeated before you. Even try put your spiritual vision to my agreement and see the Giants fall rise up rise up and shout your Victory it is here it is now things are about to change in a way that no man can get the glory for what I do it is coming in at a rapid Pace. Get ready to see things you haven’t seen before I am not coming quietly I am coming in a loud and fiery Roar stay awake and stay on guard put your full armor on and look to the hills from where your help comes from the victory is already here. 

Stand up and Proclaim it stand up and shout it watch what I do. Watch your faith in determination rise up watch as second wind come to you I will come from out of nowhere to show my strength with one swipe of my hand your enemies will be defeated stand strong be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might your enemy is defeated many are about to beg for mercy as they are crushed and in great anguish this year will not finish without seeing a Triump. Many doubt me they are about to see the truth at their doorsteps many in power are about to come crashing down. Many who have dug their heels in against me and my people will perish. My Remnant will remain they will not be touched by what is attempted. I will never leave you or forsake you. So do not fear do not say the Lord has left us no my children I will never leave you. I told you already that it will appear that you have lost and that I am hidden from you. It is not the truth the truth will come shining through in the places that Darkness tried to cover.

I will come from out of nowhere and all will be astonished great celebrating and great cries of thankfulness will go forth when I show up on the scene. Keep proclaiming your Victory. Keep proclaiming the truth even if you do not see it in the natural yet. It will have no choice but to manifest see through Clear Eyes not scaly ones see through my eyes at the Great and Mighty plans I have for you. Decide today to see it the truth is what sets you free so see through eyes of faith and not through eyes of man look beyond the natural and go Beyond the Veil you will find me when you seek me with your whole heart get ready for what comes next. Your enemies plotted mass murder against you. But it will Boomerang on them. Their evil plans will be canceled hold on and cling to my side, turbulent Waters will feel bumpy. But the master of the wind rides with you so do not be afraid. Do not give up now you are nearing the Finish Line. My children hold on and stay close to my side let me hide you under the wings of my love and protection. I will do it I will do it.

Gyn Sweet - SEPTEMBER 2023 - September 4, 2023

I’m coming before you September the 4th 2023 and uh father God has gave a word for the month of September and I want to release that word. But before I do I want to give scripture because he has he’s speaking some things and there is scripture to back up exactly what he is saying. And so we’re going to be in Revelations chapter 18 and I’m going to read uh one through four and it says and after these things. I saw an angel come down from heaven having a power and the Earth was lightened with his glory. And he cried mightily with a strong voice saying Babylon, the great is falling is falling. And it’s become the habitation of devils and the hold of every foul spirit. And a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. Remember that word hateful for all nations have drunk of the wine of the raft of her fornication and the kings of the Earth have committed fornication with her. And the merchants of the Earth are Vex or waxed Rich through the abundance of her Delicacies. The word of God he’s speaking to us.

And um he has said I want you to take some time out in prayer to release some things in the atmosphere over renewal. I want to renew many of my people’s thinking concerning taste. Many have many must have an appetite for understanding my ways. I’m moving in such a way to release my glory but many must come closer to me. I’m designed for many to have a closer relationship in order to grow in ways of authority. This month is the beginning of Sorrow for those who have chosen disobedience instead of righteousness. I’m calling an all-out War amongst those who continue to bring destruction over my people. This month you will see things shift in such a way where many people will fall off because of the rising cost of goods. I’m bringing about change in such a way to release those people who continue to keep their hands over this world systems. This change will cause for a shutdown of this system.

I would then begin to rebuild for the sake of my people. The month of September is the separation of church and State. What I’m doing is to bring my bride out from amongst this world system and allow my bride to stand on her own. My people cannot follow this world systems and survive. They must come out and separate themselves as I move to bring this system down. Continue to speak over this system into the atmosphere as I move over it allow me to show you more ways to cover this area of concern keep your focus on these things. As I move to bring change continue on in prayer and prayers of release as I redefine This World Systems. Stay before me and allow my leading you to see other concerns keep your heart and stay close.

I want to share something else too that goes along with the revelations that I just read Revelations chapter 18. Revelations 18 and 4 it says the command to come out of her is a warning to God’s people to escape the Judgment that is to come upon Babylon the Great. The false religious system in her time of influence when the kings of the earth committed adultery with her. And the merchants of the earth grew Rich from excessive luxuries. Verse 3 but she is the subject of God’s Wrath and she will be judged her sins are piled up to heaven and God has remembered her crimes she will suffer a quick demise. In one day her plagues were overtake death mourning and famine she would consumed be consumed by fire. And the great city of Babylon would be thrown down never to be found again. ….

“This day is a MARKER* in the history of your Nation. A VERDICT has been handed down from the Courts of Heaven in FAVOR of the REMNANT who have CRIED OUT day and night around the world for JUDGMENT against the WICKED who are seeking to DESTROY them. The Officers of the Court** have been AUTHORIZED to SET IN MOTION the FINAL JUDGMENTS that will BRING DOWN evil and corruption worldwide. The Host of Heaven have received their ORDERS to PROCEED! Army of Light, DO NOT CRINGE at what will begin to take place as THRONES come CRASHING DOWN and places of darkness are EXPOSED and DESTROYED. Instead, I want you to SHINE! Shine My LIGHT, My LOVE, My POWER to SAVE, HEAL, and DELIVER. The FIERCEST PART of the BATTLE is just ahead, and I will GUIDE you through to an ASTOUNDING VICTORY. Stay CLOSE to My heart and ASK for My STRENGTH every day—I will FREELY give it! Jude 1:20-21 (MSG) ‘But you, dear friends, carefully build yourselves up in this most holy faith by praying in the Holy Spirit, staying right at the center of God’s love, keeping your arms open and outstretched, ready for the mercy of our Master, Jesus Christ.’ (His mercies endure FOREVER, FOREVER, FOREVER!) As you pray in your Heavenly language, you are BUILDING YOURSELF UP, ACTIVATING My RESCUE PLANS, and RELEASING My MERCY to those still sleeping. ATTENTION, Army of Light! RELEASE your WAR CRIES, PRAY in the Spirit, and WORSHIP Me for My JUDGMENTS, My POWER, and My GOODNESS. MARK THIS DAY—the FINAL BATTLE HAS BEGUN!”
* Reference: Blog:, search for September 4, 1996 for examples of what is now going to be judged.
**Officers of the Court of Heaven: I asked what these were like and was shown huge, powerful Angels who issued the Court’s decrees. I found out the huge Angel who stands in the middle of my sunroom is an Angel from the Court of Heaven! His name is Frankfurt=a fortress of truth.
“You are going to see Me act in ways you have NEVER SEEN in your lifetime but have only read about in My Word. ARROGANCE and EVIL have reached a CRESCENDO but so have the cries for DELIVERANCE and JUSTICE built into a DEAFENING ROAR. Now is the SET TIME for Me to ACT on BEHALF of the righteous who CRY OUT, and I will BRING DOWN and DESTROY EVIL—all its ROOTS will be RIPPED UP, all its STRUCTURES TORN DOWN, and all those who call EVIL GOOD and GOOD EVIL will receive My JUST JUDGMENT. DO NOT GROW FAINT of HEART when you see the SMOKE RISING from the RUINS of the evil empire. This CLEANSING of your Land is necessary to STOP the CANCEROUS GROWTH of RAPIDLY MULTIPLYING EVIL. Those who continue to try and SILENCE you, KILL you, ENSLAVE you, and STEAL from you, have been given MANY opportunities to REPENT. They have REFUSED My offer of LOVE and they have FLUNG My GRACE in My face, and they have TRAMPLED the BLOOD of My Son under their feet. In order to PRESERVE you and your Nation, I will SWEEP THEM AWAY with My STRONG RIGHT ARM, and you will see them NO MORE. Always keep in mind that whatever I do has a REDEMPTIVE PURPOSE. I TEAR DOWN in order to REBUILD. From the ASHES OF evil, A NEW DAWN will ARISE. Together, we will REBUILD your Land on the foundations of JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS, and you will witness with your own eyes the BEAUTY of My REDEMPTIVE PURPOSES.”
Diana Larkin, A Watchman’s Journal 
Scriptures to study: Jeremiah 1:10, 24:6, 31:28; Isaiah 5; Amos 3:15; Ezekiel 13:14, 16:39; Lamentations 2:2; Luke 19:41-44.

Dian Larkin - DAYS OF AWE - September 1, 2023

“The next few months for you will be DAYS OF AWE. You will see My right arm of POWER CRUSH your enemies and all of their WICKED SCHEMES will be EXPOSED and TOPPLED. For those inside and outside the Church not walking in the LIGHT of My REVELATIONS through My prophets of today, these months will SHAKE them and they will FEAR because they have not received insights about these times. To you who KNOW My VOICE, you will see with My eyes and PERCEIVE that the ATTACKS of the enemy are becoming SLOPPY, OBVIOUS, and DESPERATE. As you STAND your ground in FAITH, you will SHAKE the empire of darkness and RATTLE it to its core. Those in FEAR will also be AFFECTED by your STAND of FAITH and your FAITH  and your HOPE for the FUTURE. You will be like little LIGHTHOUSES all over the Land, and they will be DRAWN to you. Speak words of HOPE and COMFORT to them and GUIDE them into the SAFE HARBOR of FAITH in My PROMISES and POWER and PEACE that I give without measure. DRAW ASIDE with Me every day, and I will TELL YOU THINGS TO COME. These are the DAYS OF AWE that you have been PRAYING for. FOCUS on calling forth PEACE out of WAR-MONGERING, PROTECTION from any PESTILENCE, ABUNDANCE in the place of THREATENED SHORTAGES, and BRILLIANT LIGHT to ARISE over the deep darkness. These will be DAYS OF AWE.”

Flashback to March, 2023 ---Gyn Sweet - #Warning #shaking #housingmarketcrash #Mid-September #Crash #bitcon-Shiba-inu- coins - March 17, 2023


Camille Hedrick - World Economic Clocks Are About To Reset - August 28, 2023

This is actually a very long prophetic dream that I had a few days ago … I am being led to discuss is food. Food because I’m seeing food and the importance of doing your research on what is being sold in stores. Having a healthy diet and I know I’ve said this in like tons of Prior videos. But I have to say it again because it’s being stressed to me. So um there’s an unction that I’m having to advise people to buy organic and also if you can start growing your own food. Um I’m seeing Governors and politicians people in the political industry right in this field. And what I’m seeing is a relationship between politicians and food and what is being sold in stores. So um really really being um prayerful and paying attention about what you’re putting into your system. What foods you’re eating are you eating organic doing your research about. The things that you’re buying and reading ingredients that’s always important. Reading ingredients when you’re buying things.

I also saw certain cryptocurrencies taken off I saw certain cryptos taken off. And I’m what I’m seeing is like certain people they’re catching the profits. Some that invested they’re catching the profits. And then I’m seeing others they’re not. They’re not catching them and I’m seeing like I’m seeing cryptos go up and then they drop back down. So not everyone is catching um the Profit when it reaches when it goes up and um at the end of this dream.

I saw these words so clear. I saw [World economic clocks are about to reset] and then I heard this. I heard “I hope you’re ready.” I heard that so clear and very loud “I hope you’re ready” again. Um everything that I’m saying take it to prayer. And this is a season again where you should not be lazy in your prayer life. You should be seeking God more than you’ve ever saw them before. …

Diana Larkin - WARRING, WORSHIP, WONDER - August 28, 2023

“The enemy is THROWING everything he can at you to DISTRACT you, to make you FEARFUL, to OVERWHELM you. I AM telling you to ARISE and to TRULY BELIEVE that I AM so much GREATER than your LIMITED-POWER enemy. You belong to the God of UNLIMITED POWER, and My PRESENCE in you is GREATER and is VASTLY SUPERIOR to anything the enemy has. Set your face like FLINT and KEEP these three as the FOCUS of your life: WARRING, WORSHIP, and WONDER. Begin each day with LEANING into My GOODNESS, and I will STRENGTHEN you to WAR against the enemy until he is COMPLETELY under your feet. CLEAR AWAY distractions that would keep you from coming to Me DAILY—you will not OVERCOME in this war without My DAILY STRENGTH that I WEAVE into you as we are together. WORSHIP Me as a LIFESTYLE of GRATEFULNESS, ACKNOWLEDGING who I AM, SINGING in your language and in the Spirit. EXALT and MAGNIFY My name ABOVE all others. WONDER is RECOGNIZING My PRESENCE, My HAND, and My POWER in your life and in your world. WONDER will keep you in AWE of Me—both My GREATNESS and My INTIMACY—and it will REFRESH you and RENEW your HOPE. This is how you will STAY STRONG in the FIERCE BATTLE and how you will FINISH WELL. ABIDE in My STRENGTH in the WARRING, WORSHIP, and WONDER.”

Edward Umling - Collapse, Collapse, COLLAPSE! - August 27, 2023


Diana Larkin - ANGELS, WATCHERS, AND HOLY ONES - August 27, 2023

“We’ve been talking about how LONELY and how MISUNDERSTOOD you have been as a part of My REMNANT. I have used social media platforms that were designed to CARRY the enemy’s LIES and TEMPTATIONS to be used to CARRY My messages of ENCOURAGEMENT and My GLORY. I want to BROADEN your VISION even more of the SUPPORT that is ALL AROUND you. Open your SPIRITUAL EYES and see all around you are My ANGELS, WATCHERS, and HOLY ONES who have been DISPATCHED in UNPRECEDENTED numbers to SERVE, PROTECT, DEFEND, PROVIDE, and to CARRY OUT your decrees, declarations, and prayers. Your own GUARDIAN ANGELS SING SONGS of DESTINY over you, as they PARTNER with you to REACH the FULNESS of your PURPOSES in Me. My ANGELS bring you MESSAGES from Heaven. They will DIRECT you to certain Scriptures, they will CALL your ATTENTION to SIGNS and WONDERS, and POSITION you to MINISTER My LIFE and LOVE to others. WATCHERS are DISPATCHED from My Throne, as your cries for JUDGMENT, JUSTICE, and RIGHTEOUSNESS to be RESTORED go forth from your lips. Once the WATCHERS have been dispatched, NOTHING will STOP them from bringing DESTRUCTION to those who PLOT and CARRY OUT evil plans. My HOLY ONES are My COUNCIL who will RELEASE to you DREAMS, VISIONS, and REVELATIONS about My PLANS and PURPOSES for your life and your Nation. They supply COMFORT in knowing I have GOOD and POWERFUL plans that you can ALIGN your DECREES, DECLARATIONS, and PRAYERS with and to CALL THEM FORTH into being. Realize you are FAR FROM ALONE and that I really do have you COVERED! Together, you are a GREAT COMPANY ushering in LIGHT and GLORY and BREAKING OPEN the birth of a NEW DAWN and a new era of PEACE and PLENTY.”

Kim Clement [FINAL PROPHECY Over AMERICA] 2024 and Beyond POWERFUL - August 24, 2023

Were was I when this nation began. People lived in their fields prayed to their God. And give their hands and feet and then they bled for this nation that I call precious my darling America. I was there as they stood as families together watching loveded ones die. I was there. Ever? notes of the violin for they played and brought sounds from nations in Europe Britain and then created their own sound America you have imitated nobody. For I created you unique. Where were they when men stood together and signed the Declaration of Independence? Where were they when they sit under God one God? I was there, says the Lord. And today there is still a Remnant that will not bow to the naturalists, to the secular humanists, to the atheists. No, it is not time for the destruction of this nation. There will cover time where the rest of God shall be poured out upon the nations of the Earth. But today I will bring recovery and restoration. And once again America will sing my songs and pray my prayers and declare under God we stand says the Lord. Do not be afraid of the Nations. For in 2016 Everything Will Change says the Lord there will be a sound of Liberty from the White House. There will be a sound of praise from the White House Pennsylvania Avenue shall be surrounded by people pray and ask me to intervene. And I shall, says the Lord.

It is the sound of the enemies of America Living in America. Those are your greatest enemies. Call themselves citizens a police who call themselves citizens that they are enemies of the cross. And enemies of the nation and they shall be dealt with. You judgment says the Lord. Watch the atheists watch you want judgment. Then watch those that have risen up against me and said perhaps we shall Embrace Allah. Perhaps we shall embrace religion maybe we shall Embrace Sharia Law. I laugh at you because the spirit of Elijah is in this nation and Jezebel shall not stand, says the Lord. Victory no the trumpet blow the sofa blow it. For there shall be a combination down to Israel and the sound of the United States of America take the Spanish music and I will take the Latin and I will put it together and a unique generation will begin to rap and begin to sing with a combination of the sound of Israel and the sound of America and the sound of Central America and the sound of South America, says the Lord.

Diana Larkin - BEYOND IMAGINATION - August 25 , 2023

“I know how DIFFICULT this season has been both in WARFARE against the darkness and in NAVIGATING relationships with those around you who are still ASLEEP. You seem to be OUT OF STEP with much of the world, as you operate from Kingdom REVELATION and AUTHORITY. You have learned to VALUE My WORDS and PROMISES above being APPROVED by man. You DRAW your LIFE from Me and ENCOURAGEMENT from the Remnant that I have connected you to. In the face of DEATH agendas, DARK threats, and INTIMIDATION from the EVIL schemers, you have STOOD YOUR GROUND and DECLARED that the VICTORY will be won for the LIGHT and that a NEW DAWN is on the horizon. Realize that I SEE EVERY SACRIFICE you have made—small and large—to WALK in FAITH by My SIDE. I have seen, and I will REWARD and RECOMPENSE you BEYOND YOUR IMAGINATION. VINDICATION will be SWEET when I COMPLETELY UNCOVER the DEEP DARKNESS before the eyes of the world. Even SWEETER than vindication is the NEARNESS that has resulted from our relationship, as you have DRAWN EVER NEARER to My heart. As the DARKNESS CRASHES around you, keep My PROMISED FUTURE for your Nation in mind. It is BEYOND IMAGINATION in its PEACE and PLENTY.”

Liberty Trunip - URGENT PROPHECY! The Storms Are Upon Us - August 24 , 2023


JJCC Ministries - Prophetic Word - August 20, 2023

The Lord gave me on August the 8th 2023 today is Sunday August the 20th 2023. … The message that God has given me as I am the God of restoration only to redeem. The reaper is about to overtake the sower. I’m speeding up. Things what you are going to do for me do it quickly, says the Lord. Watch the clouds unusual formations Red Sky. Look to the constellations and shift of the Stars. Look to Mars something unusual why because I am doing a new thing says the Lord it will happen quickly. I’m putting a heavy burden for Souls upon my ministers the Harvest is ready. I will move in seconds not hours not days not months or years. I would do things in seconds. Those who seek me will find me and those that want my presence. I will reveal myself to them it has begun the separation.

The separation has begun of the weeds and the terrors. They say they they love me but their hearts are far from me. I will put a fire in their hearts those that love me and their hands and those who really seek me and love me. Tampico a storm is coming the Earth will release more Corruptions the Earth will release more bodies. Bodies of people children with have that have been removed from the Earth do not be surprised. I told you that it would happen how long O Lord you say soon very soon says the Lord my light of righteousness will shine like the Noonday. Nothing is hidden that will not be revealed. More lies will be exposed deep lies that will make it unbelievable to believe. So stay strong do not be shaken by these things these things must happen a great Shake of up is coming a great shake-up is coming to your government to the leadership at the highest level many people are involved I’m not finished, says the Lord. A new day is coming you know.

Bo Polny COLLAPSE of USD & TETHER - August 24, 2023


Diana Larkin - KEEP YOUR BALANCE - August 24, 2023

“Because you have SOUGHT My FACE and LISTENED for My VOICE, I have shown you what DARKNESS has been doing for years in your Nation, and I’ve shown you their FUTURE EVIL SCHEMES that they plan to bring to pass. You’ve been EQUIPPED for BATTLE, and you are fighting VALIANTLY by My side. At this point, however, you are part of a REMNANT who have chosen to have EYES TO SEE and EARS TO HEAR. Much of the world is STILL UNDER the DELUSIONS and LIES of Leviathan, and they do not SEE what you see or HEAR what you hear. It’s almost like YOU ARE LIVING A DOUBLE LIFE—one with those who are AWAKE and one with those who are still ASLEEP. I promise you that this will CHANGE, as I UNCOVER the GROSS DARKNESS and DEEP EVIL that lurks behind FACADES and LIES. In the meantime, how do you KEEP YOUR BALANCE between these two worlds? ASK FOR and RECEIVE My GREATER GRACE. JAMES 4:6 (NASB) ‘But He gives a greater grace. Therefore, it says, God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.’ JAMES 4:6 (TPT) ‘But He continues to pour out more and more grace upon us. For it says, God resists you when you are proud but continually pours out grace when you are humble.’ My GREATER GRACE will allow you to KEEP YOUR BALANCE as you move from your AWAKENED world back among the SLEEPERS. My GREATER GRACE will enable you to RELATE to them in LOVE and to be WILLING to SHARE in their world. When the RUDE AWAKENING  comes, they will FEEL FREE to enter your AWAKENED WORLD with you because you loved them enough to CONTINUE with them in their asleep world. In this unprecedented season, you will KEEP YOUR BALANCE by walking CLOSELY with Me in My GREATER GRACE and by allowing My LOVE to FLOW through you to those AWAKE and to those STILL ASLEEP. Instead of being constantly FRUSTRATED, you will find yourself at PEACE and operating from DEEP WELLS of COMPASSION that I have formed in you. I AM and will always be the BALANCE in your life.”

OutpouringGate - Alert! The Holy Spirit Spoke This About September 2023! - August 23, 2023

This is because the Lord sent a servant to share something and it’s up to all of us to get information because he’s the light of the world he wants to reveal things he wants to Showcase things ahead of time. … All right I love you all all right so I’m gonna get into this this was given today around noon 8-22-2023. I heard the Holy Spirit say this Alert, Alert, Alert! Oh September, oh September, he said repent he said for judgment comes to the hearts weighed judgment comes to the heart’s weighed.

I said Lord what more can you share about this September. And it was like it was in the midst of September this is the one thing I know it’s like in the midst of it I don’t know it’s not in the beginning this is in the midst of September all right. He said this a deterioration of Flesh a breakdown of society. But yet I Am the I Am shall bring my yielded ones to Spring in the new offering unto the Father I’ll say it again. A deterioration of fret of Flesh a breakdown of society but yet I Am the I Am shall bring my yielded ones to Spring in the new offering unto the Father. … I just heard the Holy Ghost just tell me right now it’s going to be by Humble.

Wings of Prophecy Blog - August 2023

Diana Larkin - A STIRRING AND A RUMBLING - August 23, 2023

“TUNE into the spiritual realm and you will SEE the STIRRING that is being released upon the earth. You can see it in the WIND that rustles through the trees, and in the UNDERCURRENTS of RAPIDLY CHANGING circumstances. Do you HEAR the DEEP RUMBLING in the heavenly realms? It is Heaven’s WAR MACHINE starting up and being made ready to begin its ROLL ACROSS your Land CLEARING EVIL and everything they have BUILT in REBELLION to the Most High God. The RUMBLE of the WAR MACHINE in Heaven will cause the earth to RESPOND with RUMBLINGS that will be HEARD, FELT as EARTHQUAKES, and SEEN as VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS. As My STIRRINGS and RUMBLINGS go forth, let them AWAKEN you to the VERY DEPTHS of your being. CAST OFF APATHY, REJECT LIES and TYRANNY, and be SHAKEN AWAKE to FULL BATTLE PREPAREDNESS. GATHER the Host around you and GO FORTH with the WINDS of Heaven PROPELLING you forward, and My PEACE as your FOUNDATION to STEADY you through Heaven’s WAR MACHINE’S RUMBLINGS. You were made for this battle, so RISE UP, MARCH FORWARD in GREAT FAITH, wearing your ARMOR OF LIGHT, and CRUSH the darkness with your WAR CRIES and your WORSHIP. VICTORY IS OURS!”

SammyBeForThe Light - God Told Me This About August 23rd! - August 22, 2023

So here we go regarding August 23rd this is what the  Lord had to say. There will be major changes on the 23rd  of August which is tomorrow. These changes will bring forth plans and  motion. Each step is a puzzle piece, a strategy. The wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous. Again, do not, don’t take it in the way you want to take it okay. He says money grabs plots to end the standards, much deception, many voices, much misconception, egos. So that’s what he said. So no I’m not telling you guys that hey the wealth transfer is going to happen tomorrow. That’s not what that’s not what this message is telling you for those that’s wondering, okay. That’s not what he’s saying. He’s giving you his words on changes being put in motion and some of the things that’s going to happen. All right now that’s about the 23rd now.

He put in general so we’re not talking about like 23rd anymore we’re talking about like in general overall this is more what he has to say. But this is not talking about specifically the 23rd okay. Selective listening again this part is in general. This is no longer just talking about the 23rd. Okay, so I hope people listen. Now this is what he said regarding everything else. Wait for the return to Homeland then you will see. Everything is starting to go boom. The crippling of agendas, new systems being formulated. The enemy doesn’t have long. He says foreign assets the key to Victory. Listen carefully my child, foreign. So this is separate. Foreign. He says foreign by itself listen carefully my child foreign. Then he says Investments go boom. So he’s talking about in you know foreign other places. Other than where we are from U.S if you live in the U.S or foreign places.

Investments go boom. Crippling many.  Pressure from all sides, housing and stocks. And then I heard like a man say like as if he was sitting in a meeting a man say so what shall we do then? You know like as if he was trying to figure out what to do with the money and the funds he had. Because something was happening that put pressure on him. So that’s what I heard in you know the spirit. Then the Lord says pressure on both sides. So pressure on both sides. And when he said that I picked your pressure on both sides of the world. Okay both ends. So he says tell them I said China. So US over here China over there pressure on both sides. Okay I hope everybody understands what’s going on here. That’s what he told me. So now he says people cave under pressure, game over. And then he made like an explosion or like psst and then that was it. So I was like okay that was kind of a different way for you to end off a message. But yes so again make sure you test the spirits don’t be taking it like uh the way you want to don’t sit there and say oh the wealth transfer happened tomorrow God did not say that. … God already told you what’s going.


God brought me back in in my in my spirit foreign to the Book of Exodus. And the scripture says that the Lord instituted this Deliverance he said I have heard the cry of my people how many you feel like you’ve been crying to the Lord. We have been so distraught over the last few years as we’ve watched Injustice settle down in this nation. We watched our liberties come under attack. We’ve watched perversion weird stuff that is now being branded as normal can’t even watch the news anymore because of all the lies. Can I tell you that’s not miss speaking there’s no such thing as Miss speaking either you’re telling the truth or you’re telling a lie. But it’s not misspoke for us if we don’t tell something that’s true then they say you’re lying but if a politician does it then they say he misspoke. Well I got news for you but I’m telling you about the Holy Ghost that there’s something happening before this year’s out, says the Lord. And God is going to fix some things that are out of balance and out of character. And when God got ready to bring his people out he said I’m going to take you to a lamb that’s your inheritance you know why that land belonged to them even though they hadn’t walked in it yet it’s because Faith 430 years ago had already walked the breadth of length the width. Hallelujah and the height of that Land named Abraham and God told Abraham wherever you put your foot. I’m giving it to you and I’m telling you about the spirit of the Lord that faith is already walked the inheritance that you and I are getting ready to walk into too. …

God’s going to do something because the Lord is very plain in the Old Testament. He said you will not remove the ancient landmarks that your fathers erected. The biggest issue that we’re having right now is the ancient landmarks that our founding fathers with the Constitution of the United States of America those ancient landmarks are being moved misinterpreted and repositioned and God says I won’t let you do it. …  

So sometimes when God is getting ready to deal with the Enemy. He will draw them out from where they are comfortable and he will put them in a place that they are not familiar with. Because he’s getting ready to do something that he did not want to do where they felt like they were in control. There is a drawing out prophetically that God is beginning to pull the enemy from where they’ve been why because the Lord is unveiling and uncovering. So much stuff that’s going on in the spirit realm Giants are falling right now in the name of the Lord. I hear God saying that the enemy is holding meetings in quiet places in secret places because they are terrified that something is loosing in the atmosphere that they have no control over there is a glorious Church in this hour when Israel got to the Red Sea the scripture says that here came Pharaoh with all the Egyptians we know the story….

I feel the spirit of the Lord today God is in the middle of this building today and he’s already releasing by his Spirit the supernatural. I just declare that that when you walk out of this building today that God has gone before you and already done miracles for you that in the next seven days that prayers that you have prayed that God is going to answer them. In the name of the Lord may God loose a death blow. Hallelujah to the wicked and may He breathe life upon you in the name of Jesus. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah. Well I believe the spirit of the Lord has something to say


Diana Larkin - KEEP ARISING - August 21, 2023

As we see SMOKE RISING from enemy-set FIRES, the Father is CHALLENGING us to KEEP ARISING…
I awakened at 1:29am and grabbed my dream journal, as I heard the Father begin to speak:
“KEEP ARISING until your enemies have been PUT BENEATH YOUR FEET. Don’t WORRY if they keep THROWING SCHEMES at you. KEEP ARISING in response, knowing WE WILL WIN! KEEP ARISING means to CONTINUE to BELIEVE My PROMISES for your Land. KEEP ARISING means DECLARING with more and more CONVICTION that, ‘You have LOST and we have WON!’ KEEP ARISING are your words of WORSHIP and SONGS of PRAISE. KEEP ARISING is REHEARSING everything I have done for you in the past, and everything I have PROMISED that the FUTURE HOLDS for you and your Nation. KEEP ARISING is like Holy Spirit SMOKE RISING and FILLING the SIGHT of the enemy so that they CANNOT SEE what is before them. KEEP ARISING means WORDS of HOPE for a GOOD FUTURE declared into the atmosphere until the AIRWAVES are BLOCKED, and the enemy COMMUNICATIONS are CUT. (Here is a sample declaration: ‘I declare that the ground the enemy burned will now become very rich, fertile ground that will yield one hundredfold crops!’) The POWER released as you KEEP ARISING will cause them to RUN OUT of AMMUNITION and then you will WITNESS the RATS TURNING ON ONE ANOTHER, as their ship SINKS—never to rise again. The darkness thinks you will FOLD and COWER in FEAR before their ONSLAUGHT. Let’s SURPRISE them, shall we? KEEP ARISING in My POWER and tell the enemy, ‘You are UNDER MY FEET!’ VICTORY IS ASSURED AS YOU KEEP ARISING.”

FLASH BACK TO 2022 -- JJC Ministries - Prophetic Word Sept 16 2022 - September 16, 2022

This was Friday September the 16th 2022. The Bible says the Bible the word of that he told me is in Washington DC there’s a closed hidden meeting that would take place today at six o’clock. So my wife and I began to pray uh against that meeting. Because in that meeting God said I placed a righteous man in that meeting uh and pray that to pray for boldness for these men to stand up against the evil plans. Washington DC you have been weighed and found wanting. It begins today Judgment of blood is on your hands. For generation and generation of children. I have tried to awaken you but you have chosen to remain blind. Food what food will get more expensive. Eight dollars for a loaf of bread. The Wicked Will Panic more riots in the streets. But my people that are called by my name shall be protected. I will provide supernaturally. People will use their furniture for fire to keep warm.

I will shake the banks that have placed bondage on my people my people you will pass through the fire but you will not get burned. My people that have walked away from me are no longer in love with me because other things have taken their place. When you see these events begin to happen. When you begin to see these events happen. They must happen. But I am still in control God says look for more Angelic activity they will be at War. Television will go black because they’re trying to hide the news but I will still expose them. My greatest move is about to happen. Take up your sword and shield it’s time to go to battle. People will come by the thousands fight for the souls of men. I will also do creative healings says God darkness is about to cover the land. But my hand will be upon you you will go through a tunnel of Darkness. But you will make it Power majesty and Glory wait on the other side. Take courage I am with you a mini war will take place in Israel. But I will be with her one of many wars to come. So I just want to encourage you with this word this word that God has given me is not to bring fear is not to bring discouragement. But it is for us to pray it is it is for us to pray. You know when Jesus told the disciples in Matthew 24 that when they were going to see the Abomination desolation he tells them pray. ….

Christianos Friend of Yeshua - SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER - August 20, 2023

I saw people hiding in their homes and garages. I saw churches being burned I saw homes being burned I saw absolute chaos. In the fist punch on the November of 2020 is what got my attention and then I heard the words again brace yourself brace yourself. … I saw the people it was dark there were no lights. People were trying to find lights and there was no lights to find anything and because of the darkness the incapability to get any lighted areas pandemonia broke out hysteria broke on there I saw people arguing in parking lots shooting each other. I saw people in in neighborhoods standing out in front of their houses shooting each other. It was crazy what I saw with this I was so Disturbed and I looked up and I said God please help us please help.

This chaos that is going on and all of a sudden I saw China and Russia coming into the United States of America. I  don’t know that I understand it but they they were military they were uh uh soldiers and they were coming in to maintain the peace. I don’t I don’t know where the U.S military was or anything like this but they were coming in and what they were doing was putting people in concentration camps. They were arresting people Chinese soldiers and Russian soldiers were arresting people and they were taking guns from everybody. I grabbed my face and I said what I said what do Chinese soldiers and Russian soldiers doing in America. As soon as I asked that question in the dream immediately I heard the Lord shout and he said September, October, November. He said warn the people and I woke up and then I was seeing this in my spirit I saw Russia and I saw missiles and the Lord said the Army will arrive soon missiles will be fired they will not harm you my people just wait then I heard evacuations are in order anticipate and then I’ve seen a vision of the emergency broadcasting system on the TV the message and then I heard the word drill so what he showed me was about a little over two weeks ago he said that Rosh Hashanah is coming the Festival of the new year it comes on September 26th. He said all my people that I love so dearly My Chosen my elect the ones who follow me completely close I am going to pour a blessing on them for the next year a blessing that is so abundant it is nearly immeasurable that’s such a great thing amen.

But there’s more what he was speaking to me as he revealed it through Jeremiah 29 17. The people who are half in half out lukewarm not on fire for him there’s going to be severe consequences to pay. Plague, famine, curse, War, pestilence what he showed me. ….

HEAVEN WARNS Priest: The Great Tribulation! OCTOBER 2023 is a Key! Marian Sign on 13th of OCTOBER! - August 20, 2023

The key date message to father Oliveira of the Great Tribulation which will begin in October 2023. October is a very prophetic month especially October 13th. On October 13 1884 Leo the 13th had a vision of Jesus Christ giving Satan a hundred years of greater power accepting the given challenge that he Satan could destroy the church. In this period of time the miracle of the Sun at Fatima occurred on October 13 1917 and on October 13 1973. The last Apparition of Our Lady of Akita took place in Japan October 2023 marks the 50th anniversary of the last message of Akita which is apocalyptic and is considered part of the Third Secret of Fatima. Furthermore our lady gave a message to father Rivera of Brazil about events that will come precisely in October 2023. Announcing that she will also give a sign on October 13th of this year we shall cover hear the message our lady gave to Father Oliveira and the prediction involving the tribulation that is announced to begin in October….

Diana Larkin - I AM - August 18, 2023

“If you are to make it through the coming UPHEAVALS with a STRONG FAITH and a DEEP PEACE, you must DRAW VERY NEAR to Me and SEEK My FACE EVERY DAY. For those who do not KNOW Me or who know Me in a SUPERFICIAL way, the coming TEAR DOWN of evil will cause GREAT DISTRESS and TREMBLING FEAR. They have not learned to SEE events through My eyes, and they have not LISTENED to My voice and My counsel that I have made available to all. I AM going to take you through this season of GREAT SHAKING and TRANSITION from DARK to LIGHT with My STRENGTH as a SHIELD, with My HOPE as your HELMET, and My FOUNDATION of PEACE under your feet. You will be PROTECTED, PROVIDED for, and UNSHAKEABLE in your PEACE and in your FAITH. You are going to experience the great I AM in TANGIBLE WAYS every day. You will see the great I AM in POWER. You will witness the awesome I AM release true JUSTICE on the earth. You will look on as your enemies are put UNDER your feet—EXPOSED, DISARMED, and DEFEATED by the UNDEFEATED LORD SABAOTH, the Lord of Angel Armies. You will experience the I AM who is EMMANUEL—God is with us—as I DRAW NEAR and COVER you with My LOVE, My WINGS of PROTECTION, and My PERFECT PEACE. If you want to go through this season of great change UNSHAKEABLE in your FAITH and IMMOVABLE in My PEACE, then SACRIFICE the TIME to get in My PRESENCE and YIELD to the Spirit’s DRAWING you away to SPEND TIME with Me. I will BATHE you in a GLOW OF GLORY—like a sauna—and you will be STRENGTHENED and EMPOWERED for every day. The faithful I AM will CARRY you through from DARK to LIGHT.”

Diana Larkin - MY MERCIES ENDURE FOREVER! - August 17, 2023

“I have another WEAPON for you to throw into the face of a TAUNTING, SNEERING enemy who is FLAUNTING his latest scheme of DEATH and DESTRUCTION in your face. He’s trying to get you to AGREE with him that I AM not POWERFUL enough and that I don’t REALLY CARE ENOUGH to STOP his violence. Don’t TAKE THE BAIT from His dark and rebellious heart. The enemy chooses carefully where to LAUNCH his attacks of death and destruction. He chooses areas where there are STRONGHOLDS of IDOLATRY because man’s idolatry gives him LEGAL ACCESS to that area. When you launch PRAYERS of PROTECTION over an area I highlight to you, also INCLUDE DECREES to bring DOWN STRONGHOLDS of darkness that would KEEP OUT My loving hand. I don’t FORCE My RULE on anyone—that is My GIFT of FREE WILL—but I AM always available to BRING COMFORT, RESTORATION, and MERCY to all who call upon My name. You’ve been shown how this DRAMA ENDS—the darkness LOSES, and the Light WINS, so do not allow the enemy to TAUNT you with DOUBTS. Remind yourself that MY MERCIES ENDURE FOREVER. As My Son or Daughter, you can RELEASE My FOREVER MERCIES onto those who have endured GREAT LOSS, and I will POUR MY MERCIES out on them bringing them COMFORT, STRENGTH, and PROVISION. You will see MY GREAT MERCIES bring BEAUTY out of the ASHES, JOY out of MOURNING, and PEACE out of CHAOS. Here is your NEW WEAPON to FLAUNT in the face of a TAUNTING enemy: Say, ‘HIS MERCIES ARE FOREVER! FOREVER! FOREVER!’ You will FEEL the POWER of that FREQUENCY go out, and it will SHATTER DOUBT and RESTORE CONFIDENCE in My GOODNESS and My POWER to bring LIFE out of DEATH and VICTORY out of DEFEAT. MY MERCIES ENDURE FOREVER!”
PSALM 136:1 (NKJV) “Oh, give thanks to the Lord for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.”

Diana Larkin - YAHWEH YOUR AVENGER - August 16, 2023

Avenger in the Hebrew carries the meaning of “BREATHING FORCIBLY.” 
“Those who have TRAMPLED your FREEDOMS and have UNLEASHED DEATH and DESTRUCTION on you are going to come face to face with Me—YAHWEH, YOUR AVENGER. Those partnered with darkness thought they were STRONGER and more CLEVER than I AM. I AM poised to SHATTER their dark world and AVENGE My people.” NAHUM 1:2 (NKJV) God is jealous, and the Lord avenges; the Lord avenges and is furious. The Lord will take vengeance on His adversaries, and He reserves wrath for His enemies. “The ARROGANT ones thought they could CONTROL the WEATHER and the ELEMENTS and use them to INFLICT DESTRUCTION on you and GAIN WEALTH for themselves. I will use these very ELEMENTS they thought they controlled to PUNISH them and to AVENGE My people.” NAHUM 1:3-6 The Lord is slow to anger and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked. The Lord has His way in the whirlwind and the storm, and the clouds are the dust of His feet. He rebukes the sea and makes it dry, and dries up all the rivers…The mountains quake before Him, the hills melt, and the earth heaves at His presence, yes, the world and all who dwell in it. Who can stand before His indignation? And who can endure the fierceness of His anger? His fury is poured out like fire, and the rocks are thrown down by Him. (Stones of Fire!) “When I ARISE to AVENGE My people and My precious little ones, the darkness will be COMPLETELY OVERCOME. Here is what I will be for you, My Children:” NAHUM 1:7 The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; and He knows those who trust in Him. “YAHWEH YOUR AVENGER is also your DEFENDER. Your enemies will FALL and you will be KEPT in My love.”

PROPHET ABEL T BOMA - - MY PLAN FOR President Tinubu, Niger Coup - August , 2023


Richard Robert - Worship is a key to your - Breakthrough - August, 2023

Okay I I’m not gonna start wanting to begin to declare and decree Doom and Gloom what is this. The next billboard that I passed said the word transfer now I’ve said this one before but I’m going to add to it So the first billboard said in time and the second billboard said transfer.Then the next billboard said wealth wel. I understand the end time transference of wealth Bible speaks of it and they’re all illuminated you can see such a glow in them end time transfer and then the word wealth and you know just I’m going to give you the scripture the Lord gave me. End time transfer of wealth the wealth of the wicked laid up for the righteous is the Book of Proverbs 13 22. so here’s Proverbs 13 22 end time transfer of wealth then the next billboard was the word Wicked and it was like covered the word Wicked was covered in Gold. But yeah yeah go ahead though it was like it was like you could see like money all over the wicked. But it didn’t illuminate it didn’t shine it wouldn’t shine it went to Darkness and it was as though all the light had come out of what they were doing God in a sense was taking the illumination the light the power source if you will out of the hands of the wicked and transferring it into the hands of the righteous now if we’ve got end time transfer wealth all illuminated all lit up with this beautiful glow Wicked it’s like the power just sapped right out of it so I said okay Lord I’m getting the message and then the next one he said go back like back up and look at the word wealth again as I backed up the car and looked at the word wealth on the billboard in this dream the the not only the um illumination was brighter and brighter there was an interesting thing that happened in the W of wealth w-e-l-t-h the w began to illuminate the essence of that gold glow out of it and also as it was coming out like God was pouring the essence of gold like literally onto his people these are the words that also started pouring out of the W I don’t know why just a w technology television affluence influence …

Concepts and insights all pouring out of the W and then the Lord said now hold on. So I parked the car and in the dream there were two distinctive groups of Christians two obvious groups of Christians they were they were Christians by their words they were Christians just absolutely God identified him as two Christians now this word is really gets good this is where it got unique really really really really special. God said look at the different two groups and he said look at their hands all right okay and one group of them had their hands out like pour it on me Lord almost a second to receive they were they were not just expect almost like what’s a better word entitled to receive okay I’m a Christian end time transfer as well it’s just gonna pour right out on me and I don’t have to do anything blah blah blah but the second group remember what I showed you the second group had their hands not like this but had their hands like this and to the second group with their hands like that everything that was in that W it looked like gold coins it looked like the word technology ideas Concepts insights just poured into the worshipers the ones who are lifting their hands and worshiping. And I said Lord what are you showing me and he said I want to pour that end time transference of wealth to my worshipers and he said but I want you to watch something very carefully they’re not doing anything they’re just worshiping they’re not toiling they’re not trying to figure it out they’re not you know working up a sweat so to speak and that’s what’s that’s what Solomon was doing. …

Dian Larkin - Vision - August 15, 2023

I asked the Father what His STONES OF FIRE looked like, and He showed me a vision of them. I’m not saying this is exactly what they look like in Heaven, but this is a picture He gave me that I could understand.
I saw a place in Heaven where the STONES OF FIRE were. It was like a room full of stones—all over the floor and rising into hedges of stones all around the area. These stones began to shine with bright colors—violet, green, red, blue, white—they burned very hot with these colors—colored flames shooting out. The stones in the hedges lifted up and began to swirl around faster and faster until they were thrown out into space, directed by an unseen hand. They began to HIT THEIR TARGETS on the earth. I saw MONUMENTS explode, BUILDINGS collapse, and I saw deep underground HIDING PLACES blown open and exposed. There was such immense power in that room!

Wings of Prophecy Blog - August 2023

Diana Larkin - STONES OF FIRE - August 14, 2023

“My STONES OF FIRE are set up on My holy mountain. They are a WALL OF FIRE and represent My HOLINESS, My GLORY, and My BEAUTY. Nothing of DARKNESS or SELFISHNESS is allowed to INVADE My STONES OF FIRE and that is why Satan, swollen with PRIDE and a THIRST for GLORY was EJECTED from this place. (EZEKIEL 28:14-17 TPT) The enemy has INFLAMED the CORRUPT and REBELLIOUS of the earth with PRIDE and GREED, and they have become as RUTHLESS and COLDHEARTED as he is. My REMNANT has CRIED OUT to Me for DELIVERANCE from the GROSS DARKNESS, and I AM DONE with the DEFILING of your Land. I will RAIN DOWN STONES OF FIRE upon the wicked, and it will CONSUME their HIDING PLACES and DESTROY BUILDINGS and MONUMENTS they erected in ARROGANT REBELLION against Me. Did you think I would not ACT on your behalf? I have heard MULTIPLIED VOICES crying out for JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS to be RESTORED, and My STONES OF FIRE will be a VISIBLE answer to those cries. I have HEARD and I will ACT. WATCH THE SKIES FOR MY STONES OF FIRE.”


“The enemy is FILLING the airwaves and media screens with ACCUSING WORDS, THREATS, and PROMISES of more LAWSUITS and further CONTROL over your lives. DO NOT FEEL OVERWHELMED OR HELPLESS! I AM allowing the enemy to SET THEMSELVES UP for a CRASHING FALL and RUDE EXPOSURE of all their LIES and UGLY SCHEMES. Because you have been PUSHING BACK darkness and using your AUTHORITY to BRING TO NOTHING the enemy’s plans and schemes, they are now SPEWING EMPTY WORDS, EMPTY THREATS, and EMPTY ACTIONS. They are so DESPERATE to HIDE their EVIL and to keep CONTROL over you that they are making SLOPPY, FOOLISH DECISIONS that will contribute to their DOWNFALL. As they DOUBLE DOWN on FRANTICALLY pushing their BOGUS AGENDAS forward, you TRIPLE DOWN on calling for their EXPOSURE and DECLARING that all their evil schemes will BLOW UP in their FACES. Declare that they are now speaking EMPTY WORDS, mouthing EMPTY THREATS, and releasing USELESS, EMPTY ACTIONS. SUDDENLY, DOWN GOES the SHIP, the HOUSE of CARDS COLLAPSES, and the WALL CRUMBLES. NO FEAR, Army of Light! VICTORY IS ASSURED!”

Diana Larkin - A TSUNAMI OF LIFE - August 8, 2023

As I was enjoying the Father’s presence this morning, I found myself with Him on a sandy beach in a protected cove, looking out at the vast ocean. I could see a tsunami forming, but I was not afraid. This is what I heard Him say:
“A TSUNAMI OF LIFE is forming not too far from the shoreline. When it WASHES over you, LIFE will CHANGE in many WONDERFUL WAYS. This TSUNAMI will bring an EMPOWERING of My Spirit to WALK in My ways and to help BRING IN the HARVEST of souls that will SUDDENLY be AWAKENED to My LOVE and My POWER. This TSUNAMI OF LIFE will bring HIDDEN and STOLEN TREASURES back to you—FINANCES, RELATIONSHIPS, HEALTHY BODIES and MINDS will come as I FLOOD the world with My GOODNESS. What comes as a BLESSING to My own and to those SEEKING Me, will serve to DESTROY the CORRUPT, the COMPROMISED, and the EVIL-DOERS. My TSUNAMI OF LIFE will wash over them REMOVING their MASKS, FACADES, and their PROTECTIONS and all their DEATH AGENDAS and PERVERSE HEARTS will be on DISPLAY. My TSUNAMI will bring JUDGMENT and JUSTICE, and I will clear the way for NEW LIFE, A NEW ERA to begin. ANCHOR yourself in Me and CALL FORTH MY TSUNAMI OF LIFE.”

Our Lady Reveals Shocking Prophecy About What is Happening October 2023 - August 8, 2023

Diana Larkin - WEIGHTY MATTERS - August 3, 2023

“Very WEIGHTY MATTERS will be UNFOLDING in your near future. These WEIGHTY MATTERS will include the UNCOVERING of dark and selfish plans to DESTROY you, the THEFT of your FINANCES and FREEDOMS, and the STEALING of your children’s IDENTITIES and INNOCENCE. My Army of Light, you have LISTENED to the VOICE of the prophets who have EXPOSED a great deal of these WEIGHTY MATTERS to you; and your hearts are STEADFAST in Me, knowing that I will bring you through to VICTORY. Those who DISCOUNT the VOICE of My prophets, the REVEAL of these WEIGHTY MATTERS will be a STUNNING BLOW to their HAUGHTY, RELIGIOUS COMPLACENCY. Light-Bearers, SHINE your light patiently on them and GUIDE them to SAFE HARBORS of HEALING and then help EQUIP them to be a part of the Army of Light—My UNSTOPPABLE FORCE in the earth! Those who have chosen to PARTICIPATE and PARTNER with darkness and evil, the WEIGHTY MATTERS exposed will CRUSH them. Glory-Carriers, there will be some you can SNATCH from the FIRES that will be set ablaze from My WEIGHTY EXPOSURES. They will still be faced with the CONSEQUENCES of their DARK choices, but they will join us for eternity FORGIVEN and CLEANSED. Army of Light, make GOOD USE of this time before the WEIGHTY MATTERS drop into the LIGHT of HISTORY. Allow My Holy Spirit to SEARCH your own hearts for any REMAINING STUMBLING BLOCKS that could WEAKEN your ability to be a VALIANT WARRIOR who FINISHES in VICTORY as one of My OVERCOMERS. When the WEIGHTY MATTERS fall, you will STAND STRONG with Me.”

Diana Larkin - GET READY FOR A HUGE RESCUE OPERATION - August 2, 2023

“The darkness has orchestrated a CRISIS POINT for your Nation. It is a TRAP they have laid to bring about your DESTRUCTION through a DEVASTATING ATTACK supposedly from another foreign power, but in REALITY, the attack is from TRAITORS among you. After this destructive BLOW, they have plans to start a WORLD WAR, launch several PLAGUES, and create FINANCIAL RUIN for you and your Nation. I AM laying these plans BARE before you so that you KNOW WHERE to FOCUS your DECREES and WARFARE against these evil plots and schemes. Here’s the MAIN IMAGE I want you to KEEP in your minds: you will see with your eyes the TRAP they have laid UNFOLDING, and it will LOOK LIKE it’s succeeding. COME UP WITH Me and see a BROADER VIEW of the battlefield. Prepared in SECRET and HIDDEN from view is My BIGGER TRAP that will be SPRUNG on their trap and plans. I will SWALLOW UP their WHOLE GRAND SCHEME IN ONE BIG BITE, as I CONSUME them with My HUGE RESCUE OPERATION. You need to STAY HIGHER with Me so that you see this HIDDEN TRAP that I have prepared, and you won’t give way to FEAR and throw up your hands in DESPAIR because you SEE MY REVEAL COMING and your FAITH will remain FIRMLY ANCHORED in My POWER, My PROMISES, and My REVELATIONS to you. LIVE IN THE BIGGER PICTURE OF MY HUGE RESCUE OPERATION, AND YOU WON’T BE TAKEN OUT BY FEAR OR UNBELIEF. FINISH WELL,My Army of Light. FINISH in FAITH and not FEAR. FINISH as an ENCOURAGER and not a DOUBTER. FINISH as a ROARING LION declaring VICTORY!”

Diana Larkin - BEHOLD, I AM HERE! - July 29, 2023

“The most IMPORTANT PREPARATION that you can make for the days of bringing down the evil empire is to KNOW WHO I AM, to REHEARSE My PROMISES to you and your Nation, and to EXPERIENCE My LOVE for you. These goals will STRENGTHEN you and POSITION you to RECEIVE My ABUNDANT PROVISION and My SUPERNATURAL PROTECTION. The Holy Spirit will be your FAITHFUL GUIDE in all these things. ASK every day for His GUIDANCE, His REVELATION of who I AM, and who you are in Me. ASK Him to KEEP the FIRES of PASSION BURNING in your heart with LOVE and DEEP SURRENDER to Me. ASK Him to let you FEEL the LOVE that I have for you. I want you to KNOW, to FEEL, to EXPERIENCE how much I LOVE you because then you will be SURE that NOTHING can separate you from the POWER of My LOVE. Let Me make this UNPRECEDENTED season EASY for you: CALL FORTH AND SUPPORT with intercession My PLANS and PURPOSES, and BLOCK the plans of evil with your AUTHORITY and REFUSE to partner with FEAR and INTIMIDATION at his threats. LEARN to be VERY SENSITIVE to My Spirit’s PROMPTINGS. TRUST Him with your life. His GUIDANCE will keep you SAFE and LEAD you in paths of PROVISION. CULTIVATE a HEARING EAR and a RESPONSIVE HEART. Ask Him to HELP you in this, and He will! My LIGHT in you will SHINE BRIGHTLY against the BACKDROP of FALLING EVIL SYSTEMS and the REVEALING of GROSS DARKNESS. SHINE the LIGHT of My LOVE and your CONFIDENCE in who I AM and what I have PROMISED to all those who are around you. The BEST is yet to come! BEHOLD, I AM HERE!”
ISAIAH 52:5, 6 (TPT) “‘And now, what have I here?’ says Yahweh? ‘Indeed, My people have been taken into bondage without cause while mocking rulers howl; and every day My name is continually despised!’ says Yahweh. ‘Therefore, My people will know the power of My name, and they will know in that day that I am the one who promised them, saying, Behold, I am here!’”


“I want My people FULLY INFORMED of the enemy’s plans AGAINST you so that your PRAYERS will HIT THE MARK WITH DEADLY ACCURACY. JOB 36:32 ‘He covers His hands with lightning and commands it to strike the mark.’ There is a STOLEN SUBMARINE that stays hidden in DEEP waters. The arrogant elite stole this submarine, and they have plans to use it to LAUNCH a DEADLY STRIKE against your Nation. You have heard of the THREATS of the darkness to UNLEASH another DEADLY ILLNESS, and you are aware of their PUSH to START another MAJOR CONFLICT in the world. WHAT DO A SUBMARINE, A PANDEMIC, AND A WAR HAVE IN COMMON? They are all THREATS the darkness plans to LAUNCH against you. I AM calling you to have a COMMON RESPONSE to these THREATS, Army of Light, and it is not to feel AFRAID or HOPELESS or to HIDE OUT. I AM looking for you to respond as the POWERFUL ARMY that you are. You are FILLED with My LIGHT, My GLORY, My STRENGTH, and My AUTHORITY. I AM not sending you to DEFEND against these dark schemes—no, I AM sending you to OFFENSIVELY go behind enemy lines, CLOAKED in My PROTECTION, and to NULLIFY these schemes and to TURN the plans around so that they EXPLODE in their faces. Take authority over the plans of darkness and STRIKE them with My LIGHTNING ARROWS and BLOW them up in the faces of the darkness, EXPOSING their evil agendas and who they really are. The darkness CHOSE to WAR AGAINST My AUTHORITY. You CHOOSE to WAR WITH MY AUTHORITY, and watch these schemes FIZZLE and DIE. Goodbye SUBMARINE, PANDEMIC, and WAR. Hello NEW DAWN, NEW ERA, NEW LIFE!”
PSALM 144:1 (NKJV) “Blessed be the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle…”

Sammy be for the Light - God Says, Gear Up! It's Show Time! - July 26 2023

My children many of you have been seeing signs and wonders. This is no coincidence. Lightning and thunderstorms at convenient times. He says rainbows light you know just all types of stuff you know physical world signs like words. Like I just told you about to redirect the Overflow. He’s saying signs I just saw lightning again those are not a coincidence. Go ahead father many of you have faced spiritual warfare much of it especially as of recent as recent as yesterday and today. The enemy is desperate. Keep holding to the very end as he will not be able to stop what is coming nothing will I repeat nothing will the storm is here. You do not have to fear it may be dark. But light will shine upon you. The world is not ready for what your father is about to do. Prepare because this will be an unforgettable time. Many of you have been getting quite fancy for this moment. He says he loves it haircuts uh just getting all comfortable waiting on him to do this. He loves seeing that like the faith the confidence. … He’s loving the faith that everybody has right now. Keep on he hold that Faith strongly it’s going to take you a long way. Because the storm is here both in the spiritual in the physical. And the clouds shall open up as Heaven Rains Down blessings upon your life sooner than expected. ….

Diana Larkin - GET READY TO SING! - July 26, 2023

GET READY TO SING My praises! Sing old songs, current songs, and sing to Me a new song from your spirit. It all is a BEAUTIFUL SOUND in My ears, and it SOWS LIGHT into the atmosphere. Sing BEFORE you see the VICTORY—the FAITH behind your PRAISES is a STRONG WEAPON against the darkness. Soon there will be VICTORIES that will make you CHEER. Your spirits will respond by POURING OUT WORSHIP to Me. These victories will DISTURB those still UNDER the DECEPTION of LYING MEDIA, and the darkness will STIR UP RIOTS and CHAOS. Don’t allow that to STEAL YOUR JOY or STOP YOUR WORSHIP and CELEBRATION. In fact, your CONTINUED WORSHIP and JOY will QUENCH the FIRES of OPPOSITION. They will begin to QUESTION the NARRATIVE they’ve been told. CRACKS and DISCREPANCIES in what the media is FRANTICALLY pouring out will serve to AWAKEN many. As you PRESS IN to SING to Me in FAITH and HOPE, the LIGHT and JOY you carry will serve to QUENCH the FAKE OUTRAGE FIRES lit by the darkness. The lying media have built a DYKE against the TRUTH, but TRUTH LEAKS are showing up in many places on this DYKE of LIES. These small leaks will continue to WEAKEN this WALL constructed against the truth, and an ENORMOUS TRUTH REVEAL will be the GEYSER that BREAKS OPEN the WALL of LIES and COVER-UPS. GET READY TO SING!
PSALM 150:6-7 “God’s high and holy praises fill their mouths, for their shouted praises are their weapons of war! These warring weapons will bring vengeance on every opposing force and every resistant power—“ (TPT)

Diana Larkin - YOUR CHILDREN WILL RETURN - July 23, 2023

“Part of My RESCUE OPERATION is RETURNING YOUR CHILDREN BACK TO YOU. The PRODIGALS, those captured by LIES and DECEPTION, the prisoners of TRAFFICKING, and those snared by ADDICTIONS—I AM CALLING THEM HOME, BACK TO YOU. They will be FORGIVEN, RESTORED, and will become BUILDERS by your side to COMPLETE My great reset. I have heard your PRAYERS, seen your TEARS, and felt the ANGUISH in your heart for your precious children, your HERITAGE; and I will BRING THEM HOME TO YOU. I will RESTORE and REPURPOSE their lives, and UNITY will be a CROWN your family wears. MILLIONS of your children will SUDDENLY come to their senses, as I REMOVE coverings from their eyes and UNSTOP ears DEAF to the TRUTH. They will be SHOCKED AWAKE when I UNCOVER and CRUSH the darkness, and they see how BADLY they have been DECEIVED. It will be a GRAND MIRACLE—DESTRUCTION for the wicked and a FREEING of the CAPTIVES of DARKNESS. Together, you will REBUILD this Land. Lift up your eyes and your heart, YOUR CHILDREN WILL RETURN.”
ISAIAH 49:17, 18 “Your children, your builders, are running back to you as those who ruined and destroyed you are running away. Lift up your head and look all around you. See! All your children, your builders, gather to come back to you. As surely as I live, I make this promise, says Yahweh. ‘You will wear them all like jewels, as a radiant bride wears her beautiful jewelry!’” (TPT)

Diana Larkin - DREVERSE THE CURSE - July 22, 2023

“When SIN entered the world, Satan was able to RELEASE DEATH and CURSES upon mankind. He HATES and is JEALOUS of the CROWN of My CREATION, and he is DETERMINED to WIPE man off the face of the earth. Sin REMOVED a PROTECTIVE SHIELD from the earth and from mankind, and SICKNESS, WARS, HOSTILITY, and MURDER were released from the darkness over mankind. The GROUND was CURSED and LACK and FAMINE came upon the land. In your day those PARTNERED with darkness are using the same old playbook of your hate-filled enemy. The ARROGANT ELITE have been CURSING you for many years. Whenever the Church’s LIGHT GROWS DIM, the DARKNESS MOVES IN and INCREASES LOSS, DEATH, and SICKNESS. My Remnant is now FULLY AWAKE to this CURSED DARKNESS that has INVADED your lands. You can see MAN-MADE DISEASES, TAINTED INJECTIONS, MANIPULATED WEATHER, UNNECESSARY WARS, and CONFLICTS, and DIVISION SOWN into your populations. I want to give you a SIMPLE but POWERFUL TOOL to COMBAT all the darkness has released on people. Wherever you see the CURSE of DARKNESS displayed, simply say, ‘I REVERSE THE CURSE OF THIS—DISEASE, SHOT, WEATHER, WAR, DIVISION—and I RELEASE GOD’S BLESSING, PEACE, and RESTORATION in the place of the curse.’ Your words of BLESSING are more POWERFUL than anything the darkness CURSES. The LIGHT in you will OVERCOME and REMOVE the CURSE through the POWER of My Son’s BLOOD, and BLESSINGS will flow and increase until they FILL your Land. REVERSE THE CURSE!”

Omarion Williams - Warning to America from the Lord - January, 2023

Blessings from the Lord says word from America. I had this message for a little minute and I was kind of waiting you know to get motivated to put it out. But uh today is the day. So uh I’m gonna get out. Uh some verses you know that I want you to go read but it it ties into the message I’m gonna say. So uh one night I was just laying down and because seeing these Visions like Visions. I’s like when you it’s like in the middle of you waking up. But like you’re not asleep all the way. But uh he was showing me visions of like I’ve seen the United States map. And then I seen the news like going certain areas. And then after that I just started having dreams like probably the day after or the two days after. I had I had dreams before though I had dreams since I was little about notes in America and stuff like that. But oh and let me know if you can’t hear me in this video. Let me know if you can’t hear me but uh. I had dreams about nukes coming in America we’re going to war stuff like that so uh.

The reason why we had to go through these things is because America doesn’t want to repent. And he told me that America don’t want to rependt and America is everybody in America. Cursing non-Christians. Christians we will be straight though like while this stuff going on. He will protect his people his chosen people. But if you you are her living your own normally like you know what you’re doing. You might say that you don’t know what you’re doing. But you you the people who say we can live life and get right later on. This is time to begin right with God because stuff that’s going to happen to the Earth, not just America. There ain’t going to be no good site. So if you want to survive about you I advise you to get your life together today. Take this as a chance to get your life together. I don’t want this to be no scary message but God is not playing like with nobody not even his chosen people. He joined a line between Christians and non-christians. People who have relationship with him and people who just say he could. People who just say they Christmas.

So uh I’m getting back to the soul. One night I mean one morning I just heard his I heard his voice he was like watch out for the Army coming from the north. Ad then he was like America repent or the Wrath of the Lord will come through America like a flood. And it’s not a literal flood. But it would be like a flood. Because he’s going to sweep through America and destroy a lot of cities a lot of people gonna die. Mass numbers like in the millions people gonna die. Because your house is ain’t anointed if your house not in order it will be the destroyed. That’s a lot of things that’s going to happen to America in general. Like the famine and food shortages water shortages. I know y’all see it on the news and internet a lot of stuff going out of stock. But uh these are the verses that he had me has like over a month or two. I think I was supposed to poses word last month. But I was tripping but uh I got propper one first Proverbs verses 24-33 King James Version second Proverbs 21 verse 21 through 22 KJV and then the third proverbs versus 25 to 26 and also I got Isaiah 24 chapter 24. verses one through six. The ERV version and this is the ERV version is the same for the second verse that I got after that Isaiah 24 verse 13.

But uh yeah just quick message bro prepare for what’s to come. If we don’t repent bro like our job is to help save the soul. So what we’re trying to do is to get y’all repent. I call this prophets which is me and other people to speak out to warn y’all before it comes. Like we have a chance to stop this through prayer fastiing and repentance. We have a chance to stop the Raptor God just like Moses turned around to God away from people. We have a chance to do the same. So uh I’m gonna put the verses down and uh description or the comment session do y’all can read them. And give y’all some of the homework to do to make sure y’all just go and read it she’ll wake you all up bro because I got a new plan for real like he won’t have me put out his message if he was if he was playing a God don’t play. God another man so uh let me see. Ggetting me some repent or  the wrath Lord will come. A lot of you may think it’s time to party is me y’all may think it’s time to do this and that but these witches out here and World laws and people doing voodoo I told him like this I mean not October Halloween if I’m gonna be a crazy day of this is. But if I was going to get right the rest of you ain’t gonna be no good year either.

Banks from the crash I’m not Basics. The banks you know the bank’s gonna shut down, They’re gonna go bankrupt. The uh start marketing crash because the power’s gonna go out. You don’t got no credit union your money’s gonna be gone. What else uh that’s supposed to be happening. It’s gonna be cold like real cold like real cold. And that power go out. You don’t need wood or whatever you can to keep yourself warm. Uh again repent, repent, repent, that’s the message the other day repair before the Wrath of the Lord comes. If you want to be protected during this time to do so share the message like and comment. And a lot of y’all may not watch the whole video but if you watch it like and comment share to wherever you can because it’s gonna happen real soon. Yhy y’all gonna be woken up because y’all asleep too long.

Shelly Mosley - Distractions -July 20, 2023

This word again was from July the 18th of 2023. … He said I am rebuilding what has been built by the hands of man that were satanic agendas. I am tearing down those places that have stood over my people. They have been forced to look at them. I am tearing down those things that have been strongholds over my people. I will rebuild what I deem necessary. The shock and all are coming. Much shock and awe will be seen on the faces of all. Those places will be in ruin just as the Georgia Guidestones are. They will not be rebuilt by man’s agenda. I will sanctify those places and they will be dedicated to me. The blood of many cries out from the ground. Much Bloodshed has been sown into the soil of the Earth. Many that thought they buried their secrets six feet under will be in great fear as their secrets are revealed. Watch as these secrets become public knowledge. Great fear covers those who have done these atrocities. They will not Escape as they have believed they have. Many faces you recognize have taken part in evil plans that were forged with hellish desires. The truth of these people and their plots and schemes will be shown in plain view. Nothing is ever hidden as it is believed to be never. I see it all every deed Every Lie every evil work every plan every disgusting thing done in the name of Satan. I see it all and I am answering with a fire that will not be put out by man’s hand.

I have told you I have to allow you to have a near-death experience oh United States in order for you to rise out of the ashes. You must be brought to a place so low that you will cry out for me to deliver you and I will. I have said I will come from out of nowhere to rescue you and I will. Do not be dismayed or allow fear to come into your hearts. Do not fall for Satan’s tactics. I have not given you the spirit of fear my children. I have not given that to you. I have given you power love and a sound mind. It is by my spirit that those in satanic power will be crushed. The only Power he has is by my hand. He can only go as far as I allow him. He can go no further. Many believe he can, many think he has power that matches mine. I assure you he does not. He is not powerful by his own might from the rising of the Sun to the setting of the same I reign as all-powerful and supreme. My strength and might are unmatched. My fire is unquenchable. There is soon coming a day that will look so dark you will believe you have lost this battle that has been raging on. Do not believe the lies of the media. I am telling you in warning you ahead of time so that you are prepared. I warn you so that fear does not grip your heart.

There are many lies that have been spoken to you out of the people that held the keys to these evil plans that were made. And out of those who just spoke the lies they were told to tell you. I am removing many in the coming days. Many who stand against me who made the decision to Bow up against me as if they could. I created them they have no power in their hands to rise up against me and attempt to stick out their chests and curse me in my name. They will be reckoned with. A reckoning is at hand with one swipe of my hand they would be ground into dust. And with one move of my finger they would be utterly destroyed. I gave many chances for them to repent I gave many chances but they refused they refused my offer and instead have decided to go down with the ship they are driving. They’ve been driving sorry Shipwrecked. They will be as they scramble to put on life best and call out in desperation to be rescued. They will indeed go down with their ships. Their names blotted out. This brings me no pleasure none at all I am a fair and loving God. I am the truth and I cannot lie. What I say I mean and what I mean I say believe me at my word my very word.

There Is Something Brewing in your South Atlantic Ocean. Something big that will soon be revealed. Heed the warnings that come and listen to authorities. Many of these things are by the hands of men. They have used their intelligence that I gave them for evil deeds. Wery evil and vile deeds. They have manipulated your weather. They have done many things that you would not believe unless I told you. For many years they have done this and it is at times that the higher ups and higher ups is you know in quotes that the higher ups want to divert you and keep the big news hidden from you turn your attention elsewhere to cause you to be distracted my children do not be distracted pay attention. The storms that are coming will be by my hand. The eruptions of volcanoes that have laid dormant for years will be by my hand. These strange sightings in the skies Over You Are by my own hand. They have created narratives that speak of UFOs. I laugh at this I sit in the heavens and laugh at what they have schemed up to sell you lives liars and thieves they all are.

Don’t you remember what happened at the Tower of Babel the same is going on now. They believe they have risen to Power by their own strength. They have mocked me as they create ways to birth babies in wombs that are not of me. They have created machinery and artificial intelligence to try and take over the world. The days you are in are evil days but I am uprooting many in this hour. Many will be removed from their places of false power. Know that the Hunter story is just unfolding. There is much to this story that is about to be revealed. There is irrefutable proof that will be leaked out as videos and phone calls come out. Leaked by my doing he will not get away. There is a disgusting laundry list of things he’s done. Son against children. He has not escaped my Justice. He and those with him the illegitimate one who sits in a stolen seat over your nation will be revealed. He will be demasked. He will be silenced watch as even more truths slip from his lips on live TV. Watch as he falls over and over again. There is irony attached to this. His great fall has already begun.

Napa Valley will soon be in headlines as storms cover the area more catastrophes will be shown in this area. Top secret documents will soon surface leaked out to public view. My children you were sold out by your own government. You were bought by other countries there was a price on your heads that has been paid. Prepare your hearts for what’s coming. What is coming was meant for your total Annihilation. It was intended for your ruin. I am helping you my people will not be touched. There are places in your ocean that will be exposed. What’s been hidden there and what lurks in the darkness of the deep will be uncovered. It’s all happening soon. Up until now it’s only been drips of Truth.

The flood is on the horizon my children floods of truth will not be held back any longer. Truth bombs as you would say will be explosions in many places. All across the board these truths will explode to destroy the narrative at hand. Mayorkas is in hot water he will soon answer for his part in the evil schemes that have been cooked up. He will not get away unscathed. Wesley this name you will hear very soon. A Tale of Two Wesleys. John Wesley and Wesley Snipes. John Wesley’s Vision has been destroyed. Watch what is spoken about regarding him. Wesley Snipes will also be in the news for a significant reason watch and listen to what is said regarding him. Angelina Jolie will be a topic of conversation very soon. Not all is ever as it seems. A tarnished reputation will not be all she receives. My children Hold the Line. Do not be moved by situations that arise. Do not be moved by what you see and hear with your natural eyes and ears. They are always prone to see things in fear. Remove the scales from your eyes so that you can see clearly with Clear Vision in my spirit. So that you can begin to see all the truth of what many and evil power want you to see and believe. Rise up and stand in your place I have called you to stand. Do not waver do not back up do not back down. Stand very soon all I have said will become a reality. The natural must manifest when my spirit calls it forth. Ready, Set Go, go, forth in my name. Repent of anything and everything you are holding on to. Turn it over to me and be healed that was the end of that word. 

Diana Larkin - THINGS ARE ABOUT TO GET VERY NOISY - July 21, 2023

“Your CONSISTENT and UNRELENTING WARFARE against the darkness has SHOCKED the evil empire. The SOUND WAVES of your decrees and declarations have DISRUPTED the TIGHT CONTROL the darkness had on the airwaves. They can sense CONTROL SLIPPING from their fingers, and they can feel the grounds they have held in darkness for years SLIPPING AWAY because you are BOLDLY SPEAKING the TRUTH and ADVANCING into their territory with your BANNERS of LOVE and VICTORY. What do you do when you can see you are LOSING and that people are no longer LISTENING to you? You SPEAK LOUDER! Well, that is exactly what I AM DRIVING the darkness to do, so THINGS ARE ABOUT TO GET VERY NOISY. Don’t let that INTIMIDATE you! See it for what it is—a DESPERATE ATTEMPT to hang onto POWER and CONTROL of the narrative. The LOUDER they get, the more they REVEAL who they really are. Their NOISY ACCUSATIONS and DESPERATE ATTEMPTS to FRAME the INNOCENT will BACKFIRE upon their own heads. Their schemes to DIVIDE people and set them AGAINST each other will become TRANSPARENT and will be REJECTED because I have UNLEASHED through you, My Army of Light, a DESIRE for UNITY, HONOR, and PEACE among all. The darkness is pretty much going to start SHRIEKING about how BAD everyone is who desires a STRONG and FREE America. Their TWISTING WORDS and PLOTS are going to become OBVIOUS, as people TIRE of the TUMULT they are trying to create, and the people begin to listen to those with words of HOPE and PEACE. The NOISE LEVEL of the darkness is BUILDING to a CRESCENDO and then, SUDDENLY, a SILENCE will fill the airwaves. It will be a SHOCKING SILENCE that will FORCE people to RE-EVALUATE their lives and the voices they have been listening to. As you share My TRUTH and My LOVE into the SILENCE, it will RING with FREEDOM and HOPE to peoples’ SHOCKED ears. Let the darkness SCREAM and UNCOVER themselves. You keep PRESSING into Me and SINGING LOUDLY My praises and FORCEFULLY declaring My WILL be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Don’t FEAR the RISING NOISE and don’t FEAR the SILENCE. EMBRACE Me and watch Me bring you through with the HIGH PRAISES of Me on your lips.” 

God Driven Designs - [Marshal Law is coming] - It's a GOOD NEWS REPORT. CHEER UP AND DON'T WALK AWAY FROM WHAT GOD SAYS. - July 17,2023

This is a word that father God gave on June 26 2023. He covers a lot of topics. … I hear God saying, I hear don’t walk away. I’m hearing him say also keep blinding and release. Let’s add to this prayer uh name and Below Jesus Christ by God’s Authority Lord God we give you the glory and the highest praise we cancel out every Devil’s assignment every attack of the enemy we cut the head and the root of every enemy off name and blood of Jesus Christ. By God’s Authority we can’t out every attack of the devil. That every attack of the enemy explode in their own camps instead. We declare that we decree and declare leviathans be forced to tell the truth goodbye lying leviathans who release God’s truth. We decree and declare it is written no weapon that is formed against these shall prosper every time that rises against the in judgment that shall condemn it is written test not the Lord of God.

It is written um touched up mine anointing her under my prophet’s harm. It is written there shall no evil befall thee neither shall any plague come nigh thy Dwelling Place. And we also decree and declare we cancel out the root of every enemy attack every witchcraft attack and all of the demonic hikarabosha all satanic attacks are defeated name and blood of Jesus Christ. By God’s Authority and we need to create and declare Every Which every warlock every sorcerer every stronghold every strong man every worker every principality power ruler of the darkness of this world spiritual wickedness in high places stand at the attention Jesus right now. You stand at the attention of Jesus be command you in your shallow obey God’s word does not leave void. You stand at the attention of Jesus Christ right now. And we cast you into Eternal Darkness we bind you away from here you cannot retaliate you cannot transfer powers and you cannot speak we decree and declare it name and blood of Jesus Christ by God’s Authority. Should we bind you away from God’s people we bind you away from president Trump and our military and our police officers and our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Fellow Believers we cast you away from him we cast you into Eternal Darkness you shall obey we bind you away from here you shall obey right now. Stand at the attention of Jesus you go to where Jesus sends you we cast you into Eternal Darkness. You’ll flee from here get thee behind us Satan. We release warring angels .We release God’s covering his favor and his divine authority to defend Us in battle name and blood of Jesus Christ. By God’s Authority we pray amen. Saints remember situations are about to change soon, change suddenly keep focusing on God now. I’m going to try to get through this word in its entirety but the one thing I want to stress is when you hear me say they. Because I can’t change the word as God gives the word but understand that sometimes when he says they he’s referring to us like when he says they are going to receive the help that they need but when he says they’re going to be saying not fair soon soon. I am assuming that all of that is referencing the evil the wicked and the Demonic. I don’t want to change it because you know I want to leave that with Father God and we listen for his clarity.

It’s almost like I’m hearing they’re scared to hear God’s word. But we don’t have to be afraid. Because this is a very powerful word it’s very positive for God’s people good news promotions favor so much good that’s coming. Hear me clearly as we get ready to go into so much good news about President Trump too. We rebuke the disasters we rebuke disastrous reports also that’s what I’m hearing. Thank you Father because God has good news that’s coming for his people this is so important okay I’m going to start with this God Is So merciful and thank you Father for this powerful word and we praise God for president Trump tell.

Them cheer up don’t give up when they see what God does. I hear rebuke their ugly personalities I hear reunions are coming for some marriages. Restored promotion favor moving to better neighborhoods. Tell them cheer up my good news is coming soon. God has good news for so many for some that need it and he had to keep praising God for that good support my clean report that President Trump news that’s coming. Keep getting before me singing before me, sitting before me, saturating the atmosphere with my goodness and its holy matrimony. For some and good news is coming cheer up. So much good news you will see the things that God does the things that he has for you. Keep holding on to him keep holding on keep praising God of President Trump and that good news that’s coming. I also heard look at the reasons why they are falling away. So I asked I was asking this question are people losing faith and falling away and father God covers Us in this message. Watch and see what our military does which is in demons will be running and fleeing when they see what I do. Watch and see what God does with President Trump. Watch and see how the Trump news comes out it’s going to be very alarming to some. Because they did believe it they thought that God wasn’t going to use him wasn’t going to use you. But watch and see what I do They thought they set a trap for him that they set a trap for president Trump. But they’re the ones who have fallen into it instead now all the haters, and acehers, the mockers are going to see what I do. Watch and see what I do. Watch and see what I do.

 They’re going to be saying not fair not fair soon watch and see how it plays out on the fake news how they report and interpret it and are forced to tell the truth. Keep resting in God more keep believing in me keep coming before me and being obedient to me. Keep singing to me don’t worry about what’s around you. Because I am surrounding you and you have my support, my good support. Many are not sure many are going to be so afraid by what they see because they did not believe me. They did not believe what I said I would do. But the forecast for you is good. Watch and see what God does. Watch and see how I deliver you. Watch and see how you receive my good support I have an advocate in you. That’s what I want you to say that’s what I want to hear you say about me yes Lord. We have an advocate in you don’t worry about what you see don’t worry about what’s around you or how it looks that martial law is coming. Don’t worry about it keep asking are you sure keep coming before me.

Um in the background in the spirit realm I heard someone like in an exasperated tone saying you ruin everything. Separately I heard I keep praising God for my good report keep singing before me. Martial law, martial law, let them know they’re going to see God’s helps and they’re going to see my good support. That martial law is coming that good report.Keep praising God for me watch what I do keep rebuking natural disasters. I want to stop for a second this message I noted that he sees martial law in a good light. Because remember the military is coming in and that’s intervention to help us. So don’t see it as you know time to be afraid and oh my goodness. The military is coming that’s what we want we want God’s support. We want that because when ???? Lightner said the military will come first and then president Trump. Okay that martial law is coming that good report keep praising God for me watch what I do keep rebuking natural disasters. Many will see that they were not calling on me but now they need my support. It’s like you almost want to say why don’t you wake up and see holding on to me you keep saying to me many will see they will see as that martial law comes that they did not trust in me that they did not build their confidence in me they had their  

The Trump news that’s coming soon know that Trump news is coming soon. They’re going to try convince them to believe a disastrous report. But that’s not from me it’s not from you. Keep reading your Bible more. Then I heard ladies and gentlemen I’m hearing that in the background keep praising God for that good report. Let them know that Trump news is coming soon. Be on guard and obedient to me regardless of what they say. Keep being very obedient to me about that trauma support. Let them know they will have that support my good support. Let them know that I have you keep calling on me singing to me. The Trump um thank you Father I hear him saying in the background it’s going to be a marvelous time in the Lord as father that Trump news is coming. So keep being obedient to me as I prepare you for what I am about to do. Let them know they will resend that martial law is coming here. And yes Lord let them know they will receive a landlord help soon that my relief efforts are coming. Keep sitting before me keep reading your Bible more. Praise God for me it’s going to be good news for God’s people. But it’s going to be a terrible time he stressed this and the way. He said it was almost like it’s going to be a terrible time for some many who have not called on me. Who have not believed on me.

He said let them know that Trump news is coming and we’re going to write up another letter. Yes Father um any who have not believed in me who have not turned to or opened the scriptures are going to be very upset by what they see. Keep singing to me keep believing on me keep praising God from a good report keep knowing that God’s Army is surrounding you. Keep rebuking their personalities keep coming out from among them. Keep getting in my presence and more watch and see how I surround you um. Again I hear that Trump news is coming that martial law. Yes Lord tell them cheer up when they see what God does tell them cheer up when they see martial law how it comes. Many are going to think it’s a disaster but it’s not tell them keep praising God for my good support. Keep being obedient to me let them know they will receive my help and my relief efforts. …

Soon keep putting those Joel Osteen messages on keep sitting before me and worshiping me more that martial law that news is coming but keep getting before me reading your Bible more be confident in me watch and see what I do they don’t have to panic when they see what I do watch and see how I Supply what you need how so many have help um watch and see how my help comes to you that’s what I want you to keep saying to me again I hear martial laws coming keep reminding them that even if martial law comes now or it comes early keep praising God for me even though they feel sheltered or stuck in remember it’s for a short time or a short season and they will receive my help. So let’s stop for a second because from what have heard what if it’s three days what if it’s a week what if it’s three weeks like you know when God is restoring things and putting them back in place.

He had said make preparations for that he said that I believe through their Lightner. He’s mentioned martial law through her also and I believe he said about that time of of being you know shut in Waiting for God for sure. I thought he mentioned it through Diana Larkin also. Keep getting before me. Keep singing before me. Keep worshiping God more. Keep coming out from among them. Let them know make sure you let them know so they can see it clearly and plainly that martial law might come unexpectedly. Some are seeing it others have not seen it yet and you don’t want them to be surprised or caught off guard. When I stop here for a quick sec I’ve been showing videos about the tanks moving in and the military National Guard. I’m assuming it was a National Guard but they’ve been showing in different areas. And some people are trying to say oh that’s nothing we see that all the time but in Derek Johnson’s 1776 Nation page. Tons of flights tons of military planes from different countries.

So we have to be confident in God but father God wants us to know what his what he’s doing. Because remember he reveals it to His prophets first. He does not want God’s people panicking because they talking about the world. The Wicked the evil the Demonic they are going to Panic. It’s for us to stay in peace and to rest confidently in our God. But they’ve got to realize oh my goodness we believe the fake news instead of God. Because remember uh that scripture about you can that it can fool the very elect for there shall arise false Christ and false prophets and shall show great signs and wonders and so much that if it were possible. They shall deceive the very elect and I’m calling good evil and evil good and because they came against and they slandered president Trump. That’s the man of God he’s the prophet of God. He holds God’s mantle there’s going to be a lot of shock and awe on the streets when they see what I do. When they see how I move. Some people are going to think oh I’ve got to get away.

I’ve got to move away from here but they might not be able to do it. Yet regardless of what you see keep believing on me keep trusting him and keep only obeying God praising God for my good support. Keep writing the vision and making it plain. Keep saying to God keep sitting before me. Keep coming out from among them keep putting Joel Osteen messages on watch and see how I show you proof what I’m about to do. How that Trump news is coming tell them I am not playing keep getting before me believing on me. For what you need I keep saying I only believe that God’s good report. …

Diana Larkin CAN I ROAR OVER YOU? - July 20, 2023

“I have shared with you that I AM ROARING in JUDGMENT over your enemies—EARTH- SHATTERING ROARS that will cause SHAKINGS all over the earth. I have also told you that I AM ROARING over your Nation’s BOUNDARIES. I AM ROARING over My Church’s BOUNDARIES. My ROARS are PUSHING BACK the DARKNESS from these boundaries. The SOUND VIBRATIONS are shaking their GRIP off your Nation and My Church. Army of Light, you are BEHIND Me PUSHING BACK the darkness with Me. The darkness will eventually TURN TAIL and RUN. A NEW STAGE of WARFARE is beginning. I want you to LEARN to OCCUPY until I return. I want you to NEVER AGAIN BACK DOWN or get APATHETIC and allow the darkness to STEAL your ground and INFILTRATE your ranks again. I AM offering you an EMPOWERING for this new stage of WARFARE. CAN I ROAR OVER YOU? My powerful ROAR will go DEEP INTO every part of you, giving you STRENGTH, CONFIDENCE, and a DETERMINATION to KEEP WATCH over your LIBERATED TERRITORY and to EXPEL any DARKNESS that might try to INFILTRATE or STEAL GROUND, or SPREAD LIES and DECEPTION. My ROAR over you will SHAKE you as well, but it will only SHAKE LOOSE what is not of Me and what would keep you from FULFILLING all I’ve made you to be. My ROAR over you will MARK you as My very own, and it will TUNE you to My FREQUENCY so that everyone will know that you are Mine. After My ROAR has RETUNED you, your life will SOUND like Me, and it will REPEL the darkness and DRAW those seeking Me. So I ask you now, CAN I ROAR OVER YOU?”

Diana Larkin - THE MARKERS OF FALL - July 19, 2023

“As the Army of Light looked back on the date of September 4, 1996, you DISCOVERED the PLAYBOOK of the darkness was alive and well and in operation back then. You have come to have EYES TO SEE these PATTERNS of EVIL, and you can figure out their BLUEPRINT of OPERATION. You can plainly see their plans to spread their agenda of DOMINATION by media control, murdering those who would uncover their crimes, putting a lid on investigations that would expose their corruption, developing diseases to kill and weaken the population, endless wars to gain wealth for them and to maim and kill as many as possible. Of course, these schemes have been going on for many years before this date, but you can see the RAPID PROGRESSION that has happened since that date. Something TRIGGERED the darkness into a FRENZIED PUSH for control. You, Army of Light, are what is pushing them OVER THE EDGE. The AWAKENING you have experienced, your WARFARE, and your RESOLVE to bring back JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS to your Nation have TURNED THE TIDE of GROSS DARKNESS, and the darkness is being PUSHED BACK. My Army of Light, you are SUPPORTED by Me, by My Host, by LOYAL members of your military, and by BRAVE leaders across all areas of your society. The AWAKENED are still a small number, but they are POWERFUL in My LOVE and in My STRENGTH and your numbers WILL GROW, as the MARKERS OF FALL UNFOLD. REVEAL after REVEAL will be displayed. You will RECOGNIZE them as UNCOVERING all their SCHEMES and DARK PATTERNS. Some MARKERS will eventually become GRAVESTONES for those REAPING the DEATH they have SOWN. These are SERIOUS times but always REMEMBER they are the necessary CLEAN UP of EVIL to make room for a BRIGHT FUTURE filled with LIGHT and HOPE. WORSHIP Me for My GOODNESS and WORSHIP Me for My JUDGMENTS. They are both My MERCY and will RESULT in a GOOD FUTURE for you and your Nation. WATCH for the MARKERS OF FALL.”


*NUMBERS 16:31-33, 35 “Now it came to pass, as he (Moses) finished speaking all these words, that the ground split apart under them (those challenging God’s choice of Moses), and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them up, with their households and all the men with Korah, with all their goods. So they and all those with them went down alive into the pit; the earth closed over them, and they perished from among the assembly. And a fire came out from the Lord and consumed the 250 men who were offering incense.” (strange fire) (emphasis mine)
*The Father speaks:
“REBELLION against the Most High God has grown among the ARROGANT elite to a SHOWDOWN between their GROSS EVIL and the LIGHT and GOODNESS of My HEART. Their DARKNESS and REBELLION have MULTIPLIED until they are FLAUNTING it before the world and INVITING OPEN REBELLION against Me. The WEIGHT of this GROSS EVIL is BEARING DOWN on My creation, and the earth is GROANING under the GROSS DARKNESS. I have told you this season of RESCUE, JUDGMENT, and JUSTICE will be like the RED SEA DELIVERANCE. The earth will SHAKE as the Children of Light call forth My JUDGMENTS and JUSTICE, and you will see the earth RESPOND by OPENING ITS MOUTH and SWALLOWING UP THE WICKED, and you will see them NO MORE. My FIRE will BREAK OUT and CONSUME the wicked and their platforms. The evil FOOLISHLY called for this SHOWDOWN because they were DECEIVED into believing they could win. I have COMMISSIONED you, Army of Light, to join Me in this SHOWDOWN. Come with your SWORDS of TRUTH, the HIGH PRAISES of your God on your lips, and DEMAND as My Sons and Daughters that DARKNESS and REBELLION bow their knee and come under My JUDGMENT and JUSTICE. DECLARE LIGHT and LIFE to ARISE over hearts and over your Nation. The earth will RESPOND to your WARFARE, and it will SWALLOW UP the gross darkness at My command, and RELEASE the clean and enduring FEAR OF THE LORD and an era of PEACE and PLENTY.”

Diana Larkin - THE PUPPET MASTERS - July 17, 2023

“You are familiar with the PUPPETS you see displayed in the lying media. They PORTRAY these people as the ones in CHARGE and that they are MAKING DECISIONS for your Nation. However, they are only doing and saying what they have been TOLD TO SAY AND DO by their PUPPET MASTERS. The PUPPET MASTERS make it appear that these people have all the POWER and CONTROL but, behind the scenes, they are being controlled by people who are completely CORRUPTED and SOLD-OUT to the darkness. As much as you are looking forward to having ALL those PARTNERED with darkness REMOVED from their places of power, I want you to realize that the BATTLE and the EXPOSURES don’t end there. Begin, even now, to DECREE and DECLARE that the HIDDEN PUPPET MASTERS will be EXPOSED and SOUNDLY DEFEATED by My Host DESTROYING their PLATFORMS and by My HAMMER of JUDGMENT and GAVEL of JUSTICE COMING DOWN HARD and DECISIVELY on them. When the leaders you see are REMOVED, don’t RELAX your WARFARE because there are still BIGGER FISH TO FRY. These PUPPET MASTERS will throw out SMOKE SCREENS and DEATH AGENDAS to PROTECT themselves. You be just as COMMITTED to BRINGING THEM DOWN as they are to LAUNCHING every scheme they can to DESTROY and CONTROL you. Even now, begin to FOCUS some of your WARFARE on these HIDDEN PUPPET MASTERS. Declare EXPOSURE, DISEMPOWERING of their schemes, and TURN THE TIDE of their FINANCIAL backing into the camp of the Light. My Host are ASSEMBLED and My RIGHT ARM is STRENGTHENING you, and together, we will BRING DOWN the PUPPET MASTERS.”

GodsHealer - The Book that has been closed has been opened says the LORD - July 13, 2023

I got this and um last night on July 13th 2023 … I’m in the Book of Matthew um New Testament uh let’s see chapter chapter 24 verses 42 to 44. …They’re saying the same thing that this knowledge is coming out now yeah it’s it’s the appointed time. Okay so here we go okay I shall oh and Okay anyway I shall open the Book of Knowledge to the page of Truth. Isn’t that cool? Shall Everlasting knowledge not serve its purpose this day. I just find it so cool I’m sorry I’m interjecting weakness begets weakness and strength begets strength where shall you be found The Sword of Justice shall cut the tie that binds thee I was doing I’m inter ejecting and I’m sorry. But there’s there’s so much in this I was looking up the Sword of Justice and I was trying to and I don’t know exactly what’s the tie that binds the is it my illness is it your illness is it what’s going on. I don’t know so anyway here we go. Speak now son of man speak the words of truth the book that has been closed shall be opened me too right from head to toe. Death comes to the unbelievers for the truth shall Roar the war clouds are gathering.

Prepare thyself for the coming. Destruction and as soon as I hear that I think of sudden destruction. Those that this part listen to this part and I have a lot of inter in my head on this one. Those that open their eyes shall be Blinded by the Light. Now is that a nuclear thing or is that just you know the Lord. Yes exactly what shall come to pass shall not have been witnessed since the beginning. No one shall hide for my judgment. And that goes with your last one remember the caves the rich people, yes. So let these words bear witness to what shall be. These events shall be proceeded by a deafening Roar. For it is I who returns double whoa sorry for the interjection. But there’s so much stuff in there I just thought I I wanted to offer my opinion. So I’m going to turn it over to you you want to add anything onto this before we go into the day of Vengeance or anything else with uh the Lord and the glory of the Lord? So I just want to run that by you in case you don’t see us just come back and check maybe tomorrow or later. So I’m going to do the um day of Vengeance and then I’m going to do the Prayer of Jabez. So on September 24th 2022 the Lord called on me to proclaim the day of Vengeance of Our Lord is at hand. …   


I was walking in Heaven with the Father on one of my favorite forest paths. Suddenly, a breeze sprung up and began swirling around us, and I could feel a stirring and I could hear whispering voices in the wind.
“A SUDDEN wind is moving through the trees. This is both a SPIRITUAL WIND and a WIND you will SEE in the NATURAL. PAY ATTENTION when a SUDDEN BREEZE SPRINGS UP—I AM sending you WHISPERINGS of things TO COME so that you are prepared and so that you know it is TIME to WORSHIP and EXALT Me. What is the wind WHISPERING? What are those voices COMMUNICATING to you? Here are some of the WHISPERINGS: ‘CHANGE, CHANGE, winds of CHANGE are blowing.’ ‘CRASHING, CRASHING, Babylon’s systems are CRASHING.’ ‘FALLING, FALLING, ancient THRONES of EVIL are FALLING.’ ‘GONE, GONE, the EVIL is SWEPT AWAY in a POWERFUL GUST of the WIND of God.’ CHAOS and DARKNESS for the WICKED, but LIGHT and PEACE for those in Goshen.’ ‘OVERPOWER, OVERPOWER, the SCHEMES of DARKNESS by your WHOLEHEARTED PRAISE!’ ‘NEW DAY, NEW DAY, a new day is DAWNING.’ ‘LOOK UP and REJOICE, your RESCUE DRAWS NEAR.’ As you feel the STIRRINGS in the wind and hear these WHISPERS, DECLARE them back into the atmosphere, as ARROWS of TRUTH. SING them out as VANQUISHING WARRIORS, and see them UNFOLD before you. WORSHIP Me as EVIL SYSTEMS CRASH, and EXALT Me as you see the NEW DAY DAWN. Pay attention to the STIRRINGS AND WHISPERINGS IN THE WINDS.”

Liana Larkin - LIKE A REALLY BAD CARTOON - July 15, 2023

“When the enemy gets in your face and THREATENS you with DISASTER, either personally or for your Nation, I want you to use this WEAPON to BRING him and his DIRE PREDICTIONS DOWN TO SIZE. Declare to the threats, the lies, and the liars, ‘YOU ARE LIKE A REALLY BAD CARTOON.’ This phrase will have GREAT POWER because it is My JUDGMENT against their HIGH and LOFTY plans for CONTROL and DESTRUCTION. I want you to understand that your prayers, decrees, declarations, and partnering with My Host have gone into the deep darkness of the enemy’s camp. The result is that much of their POWER, their WEALTH, and their INFLUENCE have been PLUNDERED. You will see the REALITY of this when their evil empire DISINTEGRATES before your eyes. They are CLAWING desperately to hang onto POWER and CONTROL of the narrative. When you speak the TRUTH into the atmosphere, it serves to further BREAK DOWN the evil FACADE that has been reduced to BOASTING and the PREMATURE release of death agendas. Your WARFARE and My HOST have already NEUTRALIZED much of the planned DEATH and DESTRUCTION. Increasingly, there is no REALITY behind their boasts and their plans. The EXPOSURE of all their CORRUPTION, PERVERSION, and TREASON is in My hand, and I will RELEASE it at just the RIGHT time to do them MAXIMUM DAMAGE. Put your FAITH in My ability to DISEMPOWER and EXPOSE the darkness. WATCH as I FOLD UP their FAKE SETS, and I SHOW who the voices are BEHIND the CURTAIN. As you wait for this to happen, give VOICE to your FAITH by declaring to them, ‘YOU ARE LIKE A REALLY BAD CARTOON!’

Joy of the Lord - This Great Shaking Will Bring ME and My Glory To You! - July 15, 2023

I got this word on July 10th of 2023. … He says will you tell my children today that I am a proud, proud papa. I see the struggles each one of my children are going through and see them continue to stand with me in the wake of all that seems to be crashing in on and around them. As you continue to stand and fight with me children in the in the Raging battle against the darkness in the land. You will begin to see me move in your midst, in your trial,s and circumstances. And not only your individual lives but in your Nations, says the Lord. As you continue to trust me and all that I am saying and all that I am doing in this hour. You will notice that each battle you are facing will become less and less burdensome. You will this is in bold you WILL you will have Victory after victory that will suddenly take place. Hallelujah!

My children as you stand in faith watch me move on your behalf. Watch as I remove each and every battle wound, says the Lord. Stay focused on me my children as even though the wounds will begin to be healed up and the scar is completely removed. There is still a raging battle to fight. So don’t relent. Don’t Stop Standing. Don’t stop shouting your Victory. Don’t stop shouting down your enemies, my enemies to the ground. No this is the time to shout louder and louder as they are so close to complete and utter failure and destruction, says the Lord of Hosts. You are almost at the finish line for my reset. My ruling and reigning in your land. My ways to go forth out into your land. Yes, mine but first my children there is a big push. Yes a big push that is set before you these next couple of months will seem very challenging. This is where all that you have learned and grown in me will pay off.

I need you to stay strong in me not in yourselves no in me says the Lord. You will need to focus on all that I have been saying and all that my word says as the shaking intensifies to a great, great, magnitude. This great shaking is what will bring your complete Victory and complete freedom. This great shaking will bring me and my glory to you. Don’t fear the shaking as you are to be unshakable, my children. For you belong to me, says the Lord. This this will shake you loose from the from the hands of the enemy. This will shake the world awake to me and bring my light into this dark, dark, world. You my children will be steadied by my mighty hand as you stay close to me. I want you to rest in me and receive my peace that passes all understanding. I need you to believe and who I am and trust me. Regardless of what is going on around You, says the Lord.

I have talked about this shaking that is upon you for some time now and it is right at the door. This is that time. It is rapidly approaching. So get with me and get into my presence like never before. So ,I can fill you to the fullest of all that I am I promise you. If you are close to me you will not be moved by all this shaking that will bring in my new era. A Red Sea moment Beyond. Your Wildest imagination is at your door, says the Lord. My children as this Red Sea moment approaches I need you to remain steadfast stay in my word and never forget I am faithful. I am your protector. I am your provider. I am your deliverer. I am your healer. I am your freedom. I am your peace. I am your strength. I am your joy. I am all you need everything you need is found in me. I will never ever leave you and I will never ever forsake you. I am closer than your breath children.

So do not fear, says the Lord. No Rejoice with me and celebrate as you are entering into the greatest time in history to be alive. Remember I chose you, yes, I the creator of all things your loving proud father hand-picked each one of you to be here for this time. Hallelujah! You are my special chosen people to receive me and all of my glory that is about to enter your Earth. Hallelujah! Yes I’m coming this is on Bold yes I’m coming with all of my glory, says the Lord. To set you free. So get ready for me to show the world I am the I am and you are my children wait hold on I am the I am and you my children are about to radiate with my light, and my glory, to show the world you belong to me. Yes the world will know you are mine and I am yours glory to God get ready my strong beautiful children get ready for me to come set you free, says the Lord your God your father in Heaven the maker of heaven and Earth and my son Yeshua’s holy holy name amen and amen. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord.

Diana Larkin - SEVENFOLD RETURN - July 13, 2023

 June 26, 2023

A follower who has listened to my video series on Hearing God’s Voice asked if I would inquire of the Lord about what the “sevenfold” return meant. They had received something from the Lord about that subject, and they wanted to compare with what I might hear. I had never thought to ask for illumination about the word “sevenfold” and what it might mean. The Father said to me, “You have not because you don’t ask, and you know not because you don’t inquire.” Wow! I’m inspired to ask more questions! Here is what I heard on the “sevenfold”; it’s not the whole enchilada 😉 but it’s an interesting slice of information about it.
I began by asking the Father, “What do You mean by a sevenfold return?”
He responded: “Seven is My number, so it means a PERFECT RETURN of what was stolen. A PERFECT and JUST RETURN can involve REPLACEMENTS for what was taken, but in some cases, it will mean the RETURN is MULTIPLIED to MAKE UP for LOST time, LOST wages, INFLICTED health problems that ROBBED you of RESOURCES and RELATIONSHIPS. If someone in your family was STOLEN from by the enemy, but came home to Heaven without experiencing the SEVENFOLD RETURN, you can CLAIM it for your family now in this present time. The STOREHOUSES of Heaven are FULL of UNCLAIMED SEVENFOLD RETURNS. Ask Me, and I will SHOW you what to CLAIM back through your family line. 
Here is an example of how a sevenfold return works: Let’s say your HEART was damaged by the enemy. You don’t need SEVEN HEARTS—JUST ONE! But you can DECLARE the enemy PAY BACK the money LOST in an amount SEVEN TIMES what you originally spent. Come into My COURTROOM and lay out your case, and I will REQUIRE the enemy to PAY YOU BACK a PERFECT SETTLEMENT. A SEVENFOLD RETURN is My JUSTICE released to My children.”

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - Vision Military Tribunal, DJT & Expectations Word - July 7, 2023

(Kirk) I just uh was praying that I found myself in this um like it was like a courtroom um but it was uh I’ll just read it so I see a courtroom and there are proceedings in progress this courtroom is arranged differently from what I’ve seen on TV or whatever in the front of the room in the center is a desk um to the right of the desk is an elongated table and to the left there are like defendants now the defendants were like uh they it would look actually kind of crowded so they they were all like just standing with people that would escort them in front of the the judge. And so on um and the uh the center desk um is has what it appears to be a very decorated uh military man sitting behind it. I think what I might be describing here is a Military Tribunal looking thing. But I’ve never seen one and so I’m just describing what I saw. I don’t know what they’re what they would look like but.

So there’s two desks in the room he’s at the center desk and then there’s an elongated desk to his right yes and to the left there’s just defendants standing there yes okay yeah like they’re um ready to be let out right and yeah. So um and then the table to the to the right of the desk um also has military people sitting behind it. But they don’t look as decorated or whatever I don’t know how to describe them. They uh they look like you know people that were maybe had been in the military for some time they weren’t like the real young people or something but um they were not they didn’t have the decorations like the one in the center. So as I watched just that a defendant is escorted to the center table a brief description of the charges is read and the corroborating evidence is produced. Questions are asked by those at the table on the right just then Donald Trump walks up to the table in the center of the room. He bends slightly and speaks to the man at the desk.

There is a brief discussion between those seated at the desk um between the seated at the table and the and the Man Behind The Desk. Um then the man at the center Dust picks up his gavel slams it down and it makes a this this place seems like you could hear a pin drop there was very quiet it was very orderly and it was like military-like you know. Yeah so um and then after the gavel slams down the defendant with his head hanging low is let out I did not I did not know any of the defendants or any of the people that had been or you know standing um off to the side I None of these people I were anyone that I recognize except Donald Trump this scenario happens over and over in very rapid succession and Donald Trump would be involved in some and others not I understood that he was acting as commander-in-chief and as such he had considerable influence regarding what was going on. Each case took a matter of minutes to decide. It was very very orderly, very quick, and like very serious. And there was no fooling around.

There was no like like I’ve seen um courtroom proceedings before and the judges and lawyers who would go back and forth with things and then you know it was It was kind of uh like there was a discussion going on between the lawyer and the judge maybe and then you know like the defense would present their side and the prosecutor their side and that no there was none of that there was none of that at all. Um the charges were just read and some evidence was produced and the decision was made. The gavel was struck and the person would go out the other side of the room that was that was it. So um so the people at the elongated table they were helping to make the decision with the guy in the center yes and Donald Trump you just saw him like come in and out of your view as he wanted to say something about a certain defendant or he just stood there the whole time, Nope he just um only appeared a couple of times like a certain person maybe he had something to say to say or there was there was something like he pretty much has the final say maybe. Because as commander-in-chief he’s telling the judge a movie or something like that I you know I assumed he was allowing the guy to do his job and yet there was influence like that Commander would have.

Okay so I don’t I didn’t it didn’t look to me like he was like barking orders it was a just a back and forth like discussion and then you know but he’s acting as commander-in-chief. He was yep that’s true and now is this something that uh or you’re maybe you’re not sure this is this has happened is currently happening or it will happen. I have no idea but the main point of it was as far as I can tell that when this happens. It is going to happen so quick we won’t um you know I’m fooling around. There’s no there’s no blah blah right no Antics as far as the law goes it’s military. We don’t have standing to take this case here right sure. Yeah some of that baloney okay well everything that you’re watching going on in the courts. Now it’s not going to be that yeah awesome.

Dianna Larkin - ARISE! - July 12, 2023

“ARISE My Sons and Daughters of LIGHT! ARISE and SHINE into a world where DEEP DARKNESS has taken so much territory. Don’t be INTIMIDATED by the GROSS DARKNESS, and do not PAY ATTENTION to its BOASTING VOICES that FORETELL of your ENSLAVEMENT to them. I want you to realize that the SMALLEST RELEASE of the LIGHT that I have placed in you will PENETRATE even the DEEPEST DARKNESS. What does releasing the LIGHT in you look like? It can be anything DONE or SPOKEN by you that comes from the Kingdom of LIGHT. Little releases of LIGHT and big releases of LIGHT—taking a few extra seconds to hold a door open for a stranger or greeting someone with a genuine smile—these small acts communicate their VALUE in God’s eyes and in your eyes. These small acts of kindness release My LIGHT into the darkness of peoples’ lives and SOW SEEDS of LIGHT that My Spirit can CULTIVATE and bring forth a HARVEST of more LIGHT. When you PRAY for someone and release My HEALING, My LOVE, My LIGHT, the darkness TREMBLES, and its POWER is BROKEN. When you ARISE in your blood-bought AUTHORITY and DESTROY the works of DARKNESS, darkness begins CRASHING DOWN over households, cities, and nations. I’m trying to get you to see that you are NOT the UNDERDOG—you have been EMPOWERED to RULE and REIGN with My Son. The Kingdom of Heaven is ARISING with you, and we are FLOODING you with our LIGHT. Allow it to FLOW through you, and we will see the TRIUMPH of LIGHT over the darkness! ARISE!”

Dianna Larkin - THE POWER OF MY SPIRIT - July 11, 2023

“Let Me INTRODUCE you to the third member of the Triune God: HOLY SPIRIT. My Spirit CARRIES THE VERY ESSENCE OF THE GODHEAD and that is why He can REVEAL to you WHO I AM. The Spirit is My BREATH, My FIRE, My WIND. He carries My FREQUENCY and if you LEARN to RESPOND to His INVITATIONS, you will find yourself TUNED to My heart, to what I AM doing, to how I would like to FLOW through you to TOUCH someone’s life with My LOVE and POWER, to OVERTHROW and BRING DOWN evil, and to DECLARE VICTORY, BREAKTHROUGH, and the RESTORATION of all that has been lost or stolen by the darkness. As I introduce you this morning to My Spirit, REACH OUT and TAKE HIS EXTENDED HAND of FRIENDSHIP. Ask Him, and He will TUNE you to the FREQUENCY of My HEART. He will DRAW YOU DEEPER into My heart and SHARPEN your LISTENING SKILLS so that you do not PASS BY the KINGDOM OPPORTUNITIES I lay before you. When a SOUND in the natural sticks out to you—a wind chime, a birdsong, a child’s laughter, the thunder, the sound of water—PAY ATTENTION! The Spirit is TUNING you to My frequency, so begin praying in tongues and PARTNER with Me in this God MOMENT I’ve laid before you. I will call to you through My Spirit with your other physical and spiritual senses—SIGHT, SMELL, TASTE, TOUCH. For instance, the SMELL of NEWLY CUT GRASS will speak to you of LIFE and GROWTH, so PARTNER with Me and CALL FORTH NEW LIFE and GROWTH for your family and your Nation. I AM TEACHING you to WALK WITH Me, to ENJOY Me, in every moment of your days. Sometimes I just want to make you LAUGH, as it opens you up inside, and I can reach in and LOVE you and SPEAK to you. My Spirit is EVER-PRESENT in you and He LONGS to be your FRIEND, your GUIDE, your INSPIRATION. AWAKEN to and WALK WITH THE POWER OF MY SPIRIT. He will TRANSFORM your life to become a KINGDOM Son or Daughter—one step at a time, as you TAKE His EXTENDED HAND.”

Liberty Turnip - PROPHECY: The Truth About Trump July 4, 2023

I received one on July 25th 22. and the second one on July 26 22. So it was Bam Bam back to back and so I’m just going to release to you. What this word is um basically I’m calling this the truth about Trump. …Basically he had me read Isaiah 10 for like literally the two or three hundred times since 2020. And the Lord said America will be saved. America is Egypt. When the Lord is done with America he exposure, removal, cleansing, and uprooting of Idols. America will build an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land. And America will be bowed low and brought to a place of kneeling before me in humility and Truth. America will be saved from its idols that have taken over the land. They will be uprooted with truth and the truth will take over. America will become a place known for worshiping the Lord and many will come to find the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords

America will be known for the Light of Christ. They will um no longer be known as a place to be free to serve the devil. That’s how God has been seeing America that’s really sad that that’s where we’ve gotten. But it had to get this bad you guys. Free to serve the devil ,um serve false freedom, they will come to America for true peace, healing, and deliverance from the darkness. America has gone the way of Egypt. But God will bring America through Deliverance of her idols. And then he will place a pillar on the borders so all who enter will know they are entering Holy Land. A holy Place. God will be sending a man to prepare to bring deliverance and point America back to the Cross. Trump has been chosen for the task. Hang tight you guys I only write down what he tells me and I’m telling you right now um I write down what he tells me. Okay, and he this is what he was telling me in the spirit. When he gave me this word I write down what he says I don’t add to I don’t stop and think that’s why half the time it’s so sloppy I can’t read my own writing okay.

Trump has been chosen for the task not a savior. Just a man chosen by God just as all the others on the Earth have been chosen. Trust all God is doing through the removal and the reversal that’s being brought upon the land. Egypt must be removed from America and the Reliance on her. So America has to stop especially the Christian side. This is big you because I’m called to release over the body of Christ to kick you in the butt and wake you up and set you Ablaze. And the body of Christ has to be with it. You guys we have to be on track with the Holy Spirit. We’re not here to save a political party. We’re not here to save a political party. We are here to save people and to see America come back into alignment with its original call. … America is not a political party it is not an object America initially was founded on Christ go back and look through historically through the through the men and women of God who came over  …

Trump can be used in a million different ways or one or two however he chooses. Whether it’s a as a president or a not elected president and then all this other stuff came out about the election. And then all this stuff ended up happening then people were exposed in America. Christians well known their true heart how they were you know um I’m gonna offend some people voting for abortion. Voting choosing okay I’m not going to go into all that because I’m going to offend some people. And so but the thing is the real is being exposed and this is what’s been happening

everything that happened with the election with Trump at that time had to happen. That way God wanted election fraud exposed. He wanted all those Christians you guys. I’m giving that look because I’m about to offend you okay. …

So when you look at it many things have been accomplished in the spirit just by Trump existing. And it’s not about all about oh I just want to hear he’s going to be President. No, get a grip on yourself. It’s much bigger than a political win. It’s much bigger than a political party. It’s much bigger you guys he’s being used in so many ways. I can line out if I wanted to make this video 35 minutes. I could line out all the different things that God has used during this whole since 2020. This these whole seasons um to wake up the body of Christ. To wake up the remnant to begin to separate the wheat and the tares. To bring cleansing this is what he’s been doing and it’s very necessary. So whatever way you wanted to Trump to be being used or not he’s been being used. Whether you like it or not he has been chosen to be put at the Forefront for God’s glory and his kingdom. He chose Moses. He chose David, he chose King Hezekiah. Get a grip Isaiah Jeremiah

he chose all these people and they weren’t perfect. …So here’s the thing God wanting to use Trump for. Whatever in office or out of office he’s already accomplished a lot by Trump just existing. …  

Lord has told me to say and that is he has chosen him for such time as this he has a purpose on Earth. It is all supposed to be happening pray for Trump. Because I’ll tell you this right now in the end he has taken a whole lot of heat and a whole lot of hell for God to use him to wake you up. And it’s really sad because when you sit down and think about it Man it is so sad that God would raise someone up like Trump and use him and the hell he’s had to go through when the whole time God’s using him to wake up the body of Christ and the remnant. To get back to doing your job to stop being asleep and being Egypt and being complacent and living like the world. It’s really sad the beating that Trump has had to take he could be anybody do you understand. Trump could be anybody it just happens to be that it’s Trump he has taken a beating because the body of Christ has been asleep. And it’s really sad but God chose to use him just like he’s chose to use all the other men and women in the Bible that died horrible deaths because of their faith and so I’m going to end with this this. The truth about Trump he is supposed to exist. He is supposed to exist he was chosen to be used for such a time as this and what always we don’t even know yet we won’t we can’t even conceive of it. Amen.

Diana Larkin - A FLOOD OF REVELATION LIGHT - July 9, 2023

EPHESIANS 5:8 (TPT) Once your life was full of sin’s darkness, but now you have the very light of our Lord shining through you because of your union with Him. Your mission is to live as children flooded with His revelation-light!
“I have shared with you how I AM releasing a FLOOD of TRUTH that will EXPOSE and OVERWHELM the darkness, but at the same time, I AM RELEASING A FLOOD OF REVELATION LIGHT onto My Sons and Daughters. The Scriptures will be OPENED to you like never before, and you will SEE MY HEART and WALK IN MY WAYS. The FLOOD OF REVELATION LIGHT will SWEEP AWAY and CROWD OUT any areas of AGREEMENT that you have with the darkness. You will SHINE ever more BRIGHTLY as your SURRENDER to My heart of LOVE GROWS DEEPER. Where the world once IGNORED or DISMISSED My Children, the GROWING REVELATION LIGHT that you carry will SHINE BRIGHTLY against the backdrop of all the EXPOSURES of EVIL. People will be DRAWN to My LIGHT and POWER DISPLAYED in your life, and your REVELATION LIGHT will AWAKEN a HUNGER in their hearts to LEAVE BEHIND darkness and come into the LIGHT, the FREEDOM, and the LOVE that you carry. The world is set to see an EXPOSURE of evil and darkness that will SICKEN and SHOCK people awake. You, My Children of LIGHT, are the ANTIDOTE to this SICKNESS of EVIL, and you are the HOPE for GOODNESS and LIGHT to be RESTORED in GREATER measure than ever before in history. STAY CLOSE to My heart, and you will receive A FLOOD OF REVELATION LIGHT.”

Diana Larkin - WHAT DO FEAR AND ANXIETY EXPOSE? - July 8, 2023

“FEAR and ANXIETY are DESTRUCTIVE EMOTIONS that have NEGATIVE PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, and SPIRITUAL CONSEQUENCES. Fear and anxiety cause you to be DOUBLE-MINDED in your FAITH, and it WEAKENS your ability to FIGHT, and you are ROBBED of your PEACE. FEAR and ANXIETY open you up to physical DISEASES (dis-ease) and to mentally being TORMENTED by DOUBTS and by the enemy. FEAR and ANXIETY are symptoms that you FEEL OUT OF CONTROL. Once you RECOGNIZE that this is a CONTROL ISSUE, then you can COMBAT these destructive emotions. SURRENDERING CONTROL over the areas that bring you FEAR and ANXIETY will RELEASE My PEACE and My PRESENCE into those areas, and I will PROVE Myself STRONG enough and WISE enough to be not only your PROTECTION, but your ABOUNDING PROVIDER and DELIVERER. Can you TRUST Me with your FINANCES? Can you TRUST Me with your UNBELIEVING spouse or your PRODIGAL children? Can you BELIEVE I will PROTECT and BLESS your FINANCES? Can you BELIEVE I AM coming to RESCUE your Nation from the GRIP of TYRANNY and DEMONIC LAWS? I AM that I AM, and nothing is too DIFFICULT for Me. When you SURRENDER CONTROL to Me, FALSE YOKES will DROP from your shoulders. It will RELEASE BURDENS too HEAVY for you to CARRY, and you will come into a FREEDOM and PEACE that bring LIFE, HEALTH, and STRENGTH to you body, soul, and spirit. You will feel LIGHTER, and your FAITH WILL SOAR. EMBRACE this life of FREEDOM and FAITH, and your FUTURE will be BRIGHT with HOPE.”
PROVERBS 3:5, 8 (TPT) Trust in the Lord completely, and do not rely on your own opinions. With all your heart rely on Him to guide you, and He will lead you in every decision you make. Then you will find the healing refreshment your body and spirit long for.

Wings of Prophecy Blog - July 2023

Diana Larkin - WHOSE POWER WILL BE SHOWCASED? - July 7, 2023

“As the SHOWDOWN between DARK and LIGHT in your Nation draws near, WHOSE POWER WILL BE SHOWCASED? I will ALLOW the darkness to THINK their MASTER PLAN of causing a WAR with much DEATH and DESTRUCTION is going forward. It may APPEAR that their plans are succeeding but, remember, I have COMMISSIONED you to use your AUTHORITY to REMOVE the DEATH, the STING (poison), and the DARK POWER behind these plans. They will go FULL TILT forward in PUSHING the world to a nuclear conflict, it it will NOT HAPPEN. Just when things LOOK very dark, I WILL DROP THE HAMMER on them and I WILL SMASH AND EXPOSE THEIR DEEP DARKNESS, THEIR HATRED, THEIR PERVERSION, AND THEIR GROSS SELFISHNESS. Their SELF-ABSORPTION will be their FINAL DOWNFALL because it BLINDS them from the Light and from what I AM doing. This is why I tell you to REMAIN in LOVE and to KEEP CLEAR ACCOUNTS because, in the end, it is the POWER OF LOVE AND LIGHT THAT WILL TRIUMPH over the SELFISHNESS AND DARKNESS. You have been PREPARED for this day with GREAT SPIRITUAL WEAPONS, and the POWER OF HOPE. You will come through VALIANTLY, PROTECTED and SUSTAINED by MY SHOWCASED POWER. Do not FOCUS on how DARK it might get; PICTURE My HAMMER coming down and SMASHING the darkness, DESTROYING its plans and RELEASING a BACKLASH of JUDGMENT and JUSTICE on them. WHOSE POWER WILL BE SHOWCASED? My MIGHTY RIGHT ARM is coming to SAVE THE DAY and to usher in a NEW DAY OF LIFE, LIGHT, AND PEACE.”

Amanda Grace - T.R.A.N.S.G.E.N.D.E.R. - July 5, 2023

So about and you know an hour before I was I was getting looking up things and and getting notes and things like that this had come to me once again I’m going to read it to you again. To Redesign And Negate Sex, Genetics, Education Negating DNA Embryos and Race. This is the meaning of it within their spelling and the Lord is exposing it. This is the true agenda.

Diana Larkin - WATCH THE SKIES - July 6, 2023

“Many of you have noticed STRANGE CLOUD formations and UNUSUAL STORMS developing in your skies. These are My SIGNS to you that I AM MOVING in the heavenlies with My Host to CONFRONT the established DARKNESS and to DESTROY IT. These CLASHES in the heavens between My Host, as they INVADE and CONQUER DEMONIC STRONGHOLDS will have an EFFECT on the natural realm. That is why you see AMAZING CLOUD formations that PICTURE what My Host are doing and that is why THUNDER is so POWERFUL that it SHAKES buildings. My Host are STRIKING BLOW AFTER BLOW against the darkness, and they are LOSING POWER and TERRITORY daily. The Host are FUELED by your PRAYERS, DECREES, WARFARE TONGUES, and RAW FAITH that what I have PROMISED, I will do. These VICTORIES in the heavens will be PLAYED OUT on the earth in the form of EXPOSURES OF CORRUPTION, PERVERSION, and LIES. It will MANIFEST as REAL JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUS RULINGS by UNCOMPROMISED JUDGES. Even the EXTREME PERVERSION that sits on the highest court in your Land has not been able to OVERCOME RIGHTEOUS RULINGS that have been recently released. As you WATCH THE SKIES, know that I AM DETHRONING the darkness and ESTABLISHING My Light. As you seek Me individually and allow Me to BUILD STRONGHOLDS of RIGHTEOUSNESS in your life, you become part of the GOOD that OVERCOMES EVIL. You are part of the Light that OVERCOMES the darkness. WATCH THE SKIES and let your FAITH SOAR!”

Cynthia - Slaughter the son - July 6, 2023

An assembly line has formed an all who ate the bread of life will join our big day. The wedding of the Lamb it’s here do you see? Do not have doubt in your heart? Your flesh is taking you off your course of Faith? But I am mighty I bring you back to your path of righteousness, faith, love. Our day the assembly it’s here. We’ve been speaking about it the assembly line of all who love me and all who love you my Dove. We bring all of our people together. It is great and numerous is our ancestors the children all I have is for you. I’m for you and you are for me. You hear me in your heart love the heart speaks to your mind a soft Whisper of goodness love. Do you think I will allow your eyes to see such decay in death? No, and now it’s time for death slaughtering of the sons who forsook my bride. The Arrogant ones who led you astray. Turn away as I bring them all down to never rise again. They stole from me and they will pay. Gather my people for the Great and Mighty supper. It’s here and it’s time that all repent. For what they imposed on me, yes. They will all repent on their knees. This you will see they will repent then they will die a death that leads them to Darkness and decay and awaken death with no sleep this is their punishment.

Diana Larkin - RELEASE THE FIRE SHUT IN YOUR BONES! - July 5, 2023

*JEREMIAH 20:9 (NASB) But if I say, “I will not remember Him nor speak anymore in His name,” then in my heart it becomes like a burning fire shut up in my bones; and I am tired of holding it in, and I cannot endure it.
*”Are My words of TRUTH SHUT UP IN YOUR BONES LIKE FIRE because no one around you will listen to them? DECEIVED EYES and DELUDED EARS cannot receive My TRUTH, as it seems too FANTASTIC and UNBELIEVABLE to them. Leviathan has done a number on the SLEEPING, COMPLACENT Church and society in general who are caught in SELF-FULFILLMENT and SELF-GRATIFICATION. What is there to be done with this FIRE SHUT UP IN YOUR BONES? You know these are My words, and you want to show people TRUTH and PREPARE them for the future SHAKINGS. I have a SECRET WEAPON that I want you to FULLY ACTIVATE at this present time, and that is the GIFT OF TONGUES. Pray OFTEN and pray BOLDLY in this POWERFUL GIFT. This is a PIVOTAL time in the BATTLE for peoples’ MINDS and HEARTS. Leviathan has BLOCKED the AIRWAVES, but the WARFARE TONGUES I AM releasing to you will go forth with GREAT POWER to BUST THROUGH all his PLATFORMS and all his LYING MOUTHPIECES. Let the FIRE SHUT UP IN YOUR BONES PROPEL your WARFARE TONGUES. It will RELEASE that FIRE that is BOUND UP INSIDE OF YOU, and it will go forth as a POWERFUL SECRET WEAPON launched against LIES and PERVERSION. As your COLLECTIVE WARFARE TONGUES go forth, it will UNJAM the Leviathan BLOCKADES against the TRUTH, and you will know your WARFARE is being EFFECTIVE when people in media begin STEPPING ASIDE and MORE TRUTH begins to LEAK OUT, until it becomes A FLOOD. Don’t get FRUSTRATED with FIRE SHUT UP IN YOUR BONES. Release it in your WARFARE TONGUES, and watch this SECRET WEAPON TOPPLE an evil empire’s ability to CONTROL the airwaves. RELEASE THE FIRE SHUT IN YOUR BONES!”

Diana Larkin - EVERLASTING COVENANT - July 4, 2023

“I AM the God of COVENANT, and My covenants are EVERLASTING. They never RUN OUT, they don’t have A LIMIT, and they DON’T EXPIRE. The COVENANT of SALVATION will EXTEND its POWER and GRACE over you for ALL of ETERNITY. My COVENANT with Israel and with your Nation EXTEND FOREVER, covering you for all of ETERNITY. You will always carry My BLESSING, My FAVOR, and My LIGHT. Whenever a Remnant in Israel CRIED OUT to Me in REPENTANCE and called on Me to RENEW My COVENANT that they had BROKEN by turning to IDOLS and FALSE GODS, I INTERVENED and SAVED them once again. Ezekiel and 7,000 faithful ones were all it took to TURN BACK their Nation from the EVIL and IDOLATRY that had TAKEN OVER the Land. Now a GROWING REMNANT is RISING in your Land, acknowledging the SINS of your Nation and coming out of AGREEMENT with them and CALLING OUT to Me for DELIVERANCE, for FREEDOM, and to be RE-ESTABLISHED as My COVENANT NATION. I have HEARD, I will ACT, and with GREAT POWER and MIGHT I will DRIVE OUT the darkness and RESTORE you as a COVENANT LAND—ONE Nation, UNDER God, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all. I AM RENEWING My EVERLASTING COVENANT with you. STAND STRONG, PUSH FORWARD, WE WIN!”
ISAIAH 61:8 For I, Yahweh, love fairness and justice, and I hate stealing and sin. I will rightly repay them because of My faithfulness and enter into an everlasting covenant with them. (TPT)

Diana Larkin - QUIETLY STRENGTHENED - July 3, 2023

“As you QUIETLY (and without HURRY or URGENCY) WAIT in My PRESENCE, I will BLESS you with RENEWED STRENGTH and VISION. Picture Me WEAVING My STRENGTH into you. This STRENGTH will see you through the COMING MONTHS of UPHEAVAL. It will SURPRISE you that you take in STRIDE one event after another with your PEACE INTACT and an INNER CALMNESS springing from the STRENGTH I have placed in you. This is a PRIORITY ASSIGNMENT for you because, SHORTLY, ALL HEAVEN IS ABOUT TO BREAK LOOSE. Darkness will FLAIL and SCREAM as My LIGHT REVEALS their EVIL SCHEMES and DARKENED HEARTS. I need your VISION to ALIGN with My vision so that you will CLEARLY SEE when THREATENING EVENTS occur that these are NO LONGER OFFENSIVE MOVES by the darkness, but they are FRANTIC DEFENSIVE SCHEMES LAUNCHED IN PANIC, as they can see Heaven’s MIGHT coming to CRUSH THEM. Reading My Word will help you ALIGN your THOUGHTS with Mine. Then take the next step and QUIETLY WAIT for My STRENGTH and VISION to fill you. Even if you don’t ‘feel’ like you are receiving anything, TAKE NOTE that your HEART RATE and BREATHING have SLOWED DOWN and PEACE has entered your atmosphere. Like manna in the wilderness, you need to RENEW MY STRENGTH AND VISION IN YOU DAILY. You may not be aware, but others around you will SENSE your PEACE and STABILITY and will be DRAWN TO YOU. You can SHARE My STRENGTH and VISION with others and let them know they can come to Me and be QUIETLY STRENGTHENED.”

New Mark Taylor Special Trump & the Church Presentation: 'Remnant Rescue - Part 1 & 2 Documentary - July 2, 2023

Mark Taylor interview and review of past prophecies “Remnant Rescue”.

Flash Back – Mark Taylor 2011 – The Spirit of God says, I have chosen this man, Donald Trump, for such a time as this. For as Benjamin Netanyahu is to Israel, so shall this man be to the United States of America! For I will use this man to bring honor, respect and restoration to America. America will be respected once again as the most powerful and prosperous nation on Earth, (other than Israel). The dollar will be the strongest it has ever been in the history of the United States, and will once again be the currency by which all others are judged.

The Spirit of God says, the enemy will quake and shake and fear this man I have anointed. They will even quake and shake when he announces he is running for president, it will be like the shot heard across the world. The enemy will say what shall we do now? This man knows all our tricks and schemes. We have been robbing America for decades, what shall we do to stop this? The Spirit says HA! No one shall stop this that l have started! For the enemy has stolen from America for decades and it stops now! For I will use this man to reap the harvest that the United States has sown for and plunder from the enemy what he has stolen and return it seven-fold back to the United States. The enemy will say Israel, Israel, what about Israel? For Israel will be protected by America once again. The spirit says yes! America will once again stand hand and hand with Israel, and the two shall be as one. For the ties between Israel and America will be stronger than ever, and Israel will flourish like never before.

The Spirit of God says, I will protect America and Israel, for this next president will be a man of his word, when he speaks the world will listen and know that there is something greater in him than all the others before him. This man’s word is his bond and the world and America will know this and the enemy will fear this, for this man will be fearless. The Spirit says, when the financial harvest begins so shall it parallel in the spiritual for America.

The Spirit of God says, in this next election they will spend billions to keep this president in; it will be like flushing their money down the toilet. Let them waste their money, for it comes from and it is being used by evil forces at work, but they will not succeed, for this next election will be a clean sweep for the man I have chosen. They [the enemy] will say things about this man, but it will not affect him, and they shall say it rolls off of him like the duck, for as the feathers of a duck protect it, so shall My feathers protect this next president. Even mainstream news media will be captivated by this man and the abilities that I have gifted him with, and they will even begin to agree with him says the Spirit of God.


“As July HEATS UP, expect to see more EXPLOSIONS of TRUTH, witness more IMPLOSIONS in the ranks of the wicked, and observe a string of DEMOTIONS to continue to happen.  Oh, the darkness still has some BIG CARDS to play to try and SCARE the people into SUBMISSION. These are DARK and DESPERATE schemes of GREAT WICKEDNESS meant to STEAL, KILL, and DESTROY. Your assignment is to DISEMPOWER these schemes. In other words, I want you to use your AUTHORITY to REMOVE the DEATH, the STING (poison), and the DARK POWER behind these plans. Declare these will be CUT OFF and OVERPOWERED by the LIGHT within you. I will ALLOW these plans to go forward because these are the FINAL STEPS into the JAWS of My TRAP, and because many people still need to be AWAKENED to the darkness that has STOLEN and CHEATED its way into POWER. Some of the IMPLOSIONS in the ranks of the darkness will come about  because COMPROMISED, BLACKMAILED ones will come to realize they are going to be EXPOSED and LOSE everything. They will CONFESS and THROW themselves on My MERCY. Their CONFESSION will further UNCOVER the DEEP WEB of LIES and DARKNESS spun by the ARROGANT LIARS and CHEATERS. The darkness will SHUDDER when they realize their IRON GRIP on people is being BROKEN by their victims saying, ‘Enough!’ of being CONTROLLED by FEAR, and a STRONG DESIRE to have a CLEAN CONSCIENCE will OVERPOWER their FEAR of EXPOSURE. The enemy always UNDERESTIMATES the POWER of My LOVE to TOUCH and CHANGE hearts. Pray for those you know to be COMPROMISED that they will FEEL My LOVE and be given the COURAGE to COME CLEAN. You will see many be DEMOTED from their positions of power by EXPOSURES and by the ANGEL OF DEATH being LOOSED on the earth to REMOVE those steadfastly committed to promoting their DARK agendas—especially those against the CHILDREN. Through it all, My Army of Light, remain STEADFAST in My PROMISES, My POWER and My JUSTICE being displayed on the earth.”

The Lord showed me the dollar crash and banking, crash, and a new digital platform -July 1 2023

American flag and the American flag was transformed into a hundred dollar bill and the hundred dollar bill was waving in the wind. And all of a sudden it was it started to transform into some kind of digital uh code. Like almost like crypto code and the crypto. It was all it was moving and it was alive. And um it was it was it was all kind of like an internet math code and it was moving and moving and moving. And I said Lord what is this and the Lord said the the Dollar’s about to turn into a digital dollar. And and he said um it will be worth half than what it’s worth right now. So a hundred dollar bill would be worth fifty dollars and so um he showed me the banks all went bankrupt. All the money that was in the banks every person that had money in there no matter if you were really rich or if you were poor. Watever was in the banks They seized it all.

The money was now property of the bank somehow I don’t know how they did it. But all the loans that you have on your house and all the on your cars and everything. I saw that all of it they would call it a debt Jubilee and and because they couldn’t foreclose and take everybody’s houses and to everybody’s cars because of the dollar crashing. They um they just wiped it out and they created a new platform. They created a new digital dollar with this. And then the Lord showed me lines for people standing at Target stores for trying to get food. But they weren’t dressed like in poverty looking clothes. They still had nice clothes on it’s like it happened so suddenly It was just like it was like an overnight deal and people were in lines at the target at Walmart for like a mile long. Because there was no products and there was no food there was hardly anything in these stores and people were waiting just to get whatever they could get. And so I could see them. All in a single file line and it stretched for forever. And he showed me certain cryptocurrencies that would go up in value. He showed me certain things that would happen with gold and with silver. And he showed me that for this year he talked to me about the Euro. And he told me the Euro would be in trouble because of what was going on with Europe and this war. And so that was one of the words that he gave me when I was praying about 2023. 


Diana Larkin - TURNING UP THE HEAT - June 30, 2023

“Do you remember that I told you this summer would be ‘FIESTY?’ Well, We are ready to TURN UP THE HEAT on the DEADLY SOUP of DESTRUCTIVE SCHEMES, CHARACTER ASSASSINATION, and PLANNED THIEVERY that the darkness has CONCOCTED. The darkness sees their soup SIMMERING nicely, but We have decided to SURPRISE them by TURNING UP THE HEAT until ALL of their DARK PLANS BOIL UP and SPILL OVER onto them. What they were BREWING for you to eat will BOIL OVER BACK ONTO THEM. They will be be BURNED, their FACADES REMOVED, and what they had planned for you, will BOIL OVER on them. Have you noticed the EXPOSURES of CORRUPT AGENCIES and PEOPLE are PICKING UP? Wait until We TURN UP THE HEAT! When the DEADLY SOUP reaches a BOIL, it will SPILL OUT a multitude of LIES, CORRUPTION, and BRIBERY. Oh, and look, there comes the TREASON they are planning to ACCUSE your rightful leader of. Well, now, what is this? The TREASON is BOILING OVER ONTO THEM because they are the ones who committed TREASON against your Nation and against its people. So many WHISTLEBLOWERS are coming forward to bring the EVIDENCE of the DEADLY SOUP INGREDIENTS that the darkness’ DEFENSES are being OVERWHELMED. Join Us in LAUGHING at the game of WHACK-A-MOLE that will commence, as TESTIMONIES come forth with the TRUTH, and watch the SCRAMBLING as the pot of soup BOILS OVER with a VENGEANCE. WE ARE TURNING UP THE HEAT!”

Flashback - Hank Kunnerman - God I will flatten/deflated your Federal Reserve I will rise up something new/greater - September June 15, 2022


Truth, no compromise. … Holy Spirit began to talk to me about the next three months and how it would end, of course that would be June, July, August. And how that would like us towards a reset of this nation that would come through great shaking. … I will now deal with the oppressors of my people.

Diana Larkin - YOU ARE MY WITNESSES - June 29, 2023

“You who have walked this difficult road of FIERCE BATTLE and an UNKNOWN FUTURE are My WITNESSES. You chose to BELIEVE My words spoken through the prophets that VICTORY, BREAKTHROUGH, and a GOOD FUTURE were just around the corner. You FOLLOWED Me through the CLAMOR and the DANGER of the battle. You could not see ahead because of the SMOKE that filled the air from FIRES and EXPLOSIONS the enemy set off. And yet, you FOLLOWED ME STILL in BLIND FAITH because you had felt My LOVE and I had PROVED My FAITHFULNESS to you through the CROSS and through PROMISES kept to you. When the GREAT DECEPTION FALLS and I bring in the LIGHT OF TRUTH and FULFILLMENT, people who MOCKED and SCORNED you will realize you were HEARING and FOLLOWING Me, and they will come to you for WORDS OF TRUTH. You will be MY WITNESSES, and you will declare My GREAT DEEDS and MIGHTY ACTS that I have performed, and you will show them the GOOD PATHS to walk on. Instead of SCORN, you will be HIGHLY ESTEEMED and because of the HUMILITY you wear, you will FOCUS people on ME and you will show them the path of LIFE. DO NOT TURN ASIDE from the BATTLE because the SMOKE is thick and the enemy is SCREAMING THREATS. PRESS ON close behind Me, and we will SUDDENLY BREAKTHROUGH into the prophesied VICTORY. Be MY WITNESSES of My POWER and My FAITHFULNESS.”
ISAIAH 43:10a, 12b-13 (TPT) Yahweh says, “You are My witnesses, My chosen servants. I chose you in order that you may know Me intimately, believe Me always, and fully understand that I am the only God.” “You are My witnesses that I am God,” declares Yahweh. From the very beginning, I am the only God! No one can be snatched from My hand. When I choose to act, who can reverse it?

Joy of the Lord - All Systems Go!!! - June 27, 2023

Okay so I got this word again on the 23rd of June of 2023 at 5 19 a.m and this is what he says. He says all systems go and I kept hearing in my in my I was praying and then I just kept hearing all systems go all systems go and so I was like okay he wants to give me a word so um and that’s exactly how he started he said all systems go everything is lining up perfectly and is in place for my great Rescue Mission my children yes all things are all things are as I have been planning for oh so long our let me start that over yes all things are as I have been planning for oh so long are in or on the cusp for taking off saith the Lord let me read that whole paragraph over I should have read this before I uh I haven’t read it since the 23rd or actually I read it yesterday but um I’m gonna start over because I just need to start over

All systems go everything is lining up perfectly and is in place for my great Rescue Mission. My children yes all things are as I have been planning for oh so long are on the cusp for takeoff, saith the Lord. What does this mean for you you ask. This means your complete freedom from the hands of your enemy and the enemies of almighty God are here. This means everything as you know it and have known it to be is on the verge of a complete redo. Yes, a transformation of a lifetime. One day you’re in bondage and held captive and at the flip of a switch complete freedom and victory over it all. Yes, freedom from the slavery you’ve been in without even knowing it without even knowing is in your very near future, says the Lord. There’s a taking off about to take place and you shall be launched into all I have planned for you oh so long ago. Yes a launching my children into the new high above all you see now.

The boosters are coming off which will send you shooting into the atmosphere of my glory in a way you’ve never seen or felt before. Let my glory fill you to the fullest as I bring you up higher with me this time that is set before you will bring my children to new levels of faith in me. The fruit that shall be produced during this transformation from the olden to the new will be great will be great as you become one with me. Yes, you my chosen Remnant will begin to see your Harvest of Plenty with an increase of my glory and power and and through in and through you says the Lord. It is the time I have spoken about it is the time I have spoken about for many years to my servants the prophets. Yes, my children it’s time to fulfill the words I’ve spoken even the words from long ago in my written word. Does not my word speak of my glory being greater in the latter days than the former? This is that day. These are the days of my glory being poured out like never before. I need you my children to ask me for this glory and expect to receive it. I need you my children to expect my glory my great glory. To fill you up to fill up your homes and your streets to fill up your cities and your States. Yes, and your Nation,s says the Lord.

Let your faith in me and all that I am saying bring you to a place of expectancy and all that I want to do in and through you my children. I have said many many times that everything as you know it will change which will bring fear and uncertainty to all that do not know me. This is where you my children will shine and be my light in the darkness yes it will look dark to the world says the Lord. But you my chosen people my beautiful precious children will be filled with my peace that will draw many and I mean many to me. As I pour out my glory the Miracles, the signs, and the wonders, of my awesome power and might will be poured out bringing a harvest of souls you’ve never dreamed of. Oh the oh the joy and excitement I have for you my children as I see up ahead and know how great these days will be. You can’t comprehend children all that I am saying now. But just wait just. Wait for it is all about to take off. Nothing. Nothing. I say it again nothing. that’s in bold can’t can or will stop my plans and all that I am getting ready to do. You are the door of Freedom, Victory, blessing, favor, prosperity, and restoration. Glory my glory is coming my glory is here reach up and take it my precious ones for it belongs to you, saith the Lord. Your God maker of heaven of the heavens and the Earth and Jesus Yashua’s name. Amen and amen.

Diana Larkin -LIKE A MIGHTY WARRIOR - June 26, 2023

ISAIAH 42:13 (TPT) “Yahweh goes out to battle like a hero and stirs up His passion and zeal like a mighty warrior. Yes, His God-shout is a mighty battle cry; He will triumph heroically over all His foes.”
“Are you ready to SEE Scripture FULFILLED in your day? You are going to see Me ARISE as a MIGHTY WARRIOR who comes to TRAMPLE your enemies into the DUSTBIN OF HISTORY. When I arise with a BATTLE CRY that will SPLIT the heavens, its SOUND will be HEARD around the world. Its FREQUENCY will send SHOCK WAVES that TOPPLE MOUNTAINS, GOVERNMENTS, BUILDINGS, and MONUMENTS. As darkness and all its dirty deeds are CRACKED OPEN and SPILL OUT for ALL the world to SEE, I will RIDE OVER THEM and the hooves of My warhorse will TRAMPLE them into the dust. The HIGH and MIGHTY will become the LOWLY and SCORNED. When I SAVE, I SAVE. When I DELIVER, I DELIVER, and NOTHING will stand in My way. Therefore, DO NOT FEAR what the enemy has planned because all their ELABORATE, DESTRUCTIVE schemes will be BROUGHT DOWN like a house of cards by My BATTLE CRY, and we will TRIUMPH GLORIOUSLY over them. LIKE A MIGHTY WARRIOR I AM coming to RESCUE you from all your enemies. CALL OUT for My WAR CRY to be RELEASED, and I will SHOUT as I come like a HERO to SAVE you.”

Diana Larkin - SURRENDER TO MY TIMING - June 25, 2023

“I see a lot of ANXIETY in the HEARTS of My children over the TIMING of My RESCUE OPERATION. ANXIOUS THOUGHTS STEAL FAITH and WEAKEN YOUR DECLARATIONS. Let’s talk about this together. I AM not CONDEMNING you for having ANXIETY about the FUTURE of your Nation, and I UNDERSTAND that what you SEE being done by the darkness is DESTRUCTIVE. I AM pulling you aside today to talk about this because I have such a HIGHER WAY for you to walk through this season of the GREAT WAR. ANXIETY and DREAD are LIFE-STEALERS. All you begin to see is the DARKNESS and how they APPEAR to be WINNING. Let Me ask you this: Are there LIMITS to My ABILITY to RESCUE, REVIVE, and RESTORE? Is there ever a situation that goes TOO FAR that I CANNOT TURN IT AROUND? I have given you BIBLICAL PATTERNS to STEADY your FAITH—the Red Sea rescue, Haman’s gallows, raising Lazarus from the dead, and My Son’s resurrection. When ANXIOUS THOUGHTS arise, take it as a WARNING that your FAITH has not been ACTIVATED in that area. Bring Me your anxious thoughts, and I will ASSURE you of My POWER and My FAITHFULNESS in that area. If you will SURRENDER to Me the TIMING of when and where I RESCUE, you will be RELEASED to live in My PEACE and in HOPEFUL EXPECTANCY of the FULFILLMENT of My PROMISES. When you SURRENDER TO MY TIMING, you are LETTING GO OF CONTROL, and you will find GREAT FREEDOM and PEACE as you REST in My GOODNESS and My ENORMOUS POWER. Goodbye CONTROL and ANXIETY and hello PEACE and FAITH. Learn to live SURRENDERED TO MY TIMING—it’s the way of PEACE, and peace gives birth to POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE prayers of faith that bring in the FULLNESS of My Kingdom.”

Donald Trump - They are fighting against the almighty God.

Donald Trump - Demolish the Deep State ....

Diana Larkin - LOVE, WISDOM, AND FREEDOM - June 24, 2023

“The world right now does not hold My people in HIGH REGARD. The enemy has SPREAD LIES about you and painted a picture of you as being WEAK and INEFFECTIVE. Sadly, much of the Church has BOUGHT INTO this LIE, and they believe the ONLY ANSWER to the RISING DARKNESS is to be SNATCHED OUT OF IT and taken to Heaven. Do not BUY INTO this DISEMPOWERING, DESTINY-STEALING DOCTRINE OF DEMONS. My Son won COMPLETE VICTORY over SIN, DEATH, and HELL. When you SURRENDER your life to Him, MY Spirit EMPOWERS you with the SAME ANOINTING that He carries. Are you not now Sons and Daughters through the BLOOD of My Son? You are now CO-HEIRS of ALL He is, ALL He won, and you are now COMMISSIONED to share the treasures of LOVE, WISDOM, and FREEDOM that you have INHERITED. LOVE, WISDOM, and FREEDOM will continue to grow in you, as you DRAW NEAR to Me, EAT of My Word, and WORSHIP Me with all your heart. The world and the enemy have told you that what you say or do doesn’t REALLY MATTER all that much. The TRUTH is the OPPOSITE of that! You CARRY the VERY PRESENCE of your God in you, and the LIGHT that you carry causes darkness to BOW and to FLEE. My LIGHT in you is LOVE, WISDOM, and FREEDOM RELEASED to the world through your PRAYERS, DECREES, ACTIONS, and EVERYPLACE the soles of your feet walk. Be AWARE of carrying My PRESENCE and CONSCIOUSLY RELEASE it wherever you go and whatever you do. Can you see that My RISING REMNANT is already IMPACTING the darkness? They are being EXPOSED and will be brought to JUSTICE. You are not WEAK and INEFFECTIVE, you are the WALKING POWER and LIFE of your God, and you are called to release LOVE, WISDOM, and FREEDOM into the world of DARKNESS, CONFUSION, and BONDAGE. SHINE FOR ME, EMPOWERED ONES!”

Diana Larkin - THE WHOLE ENCHILADA - June 23, 2023

“There has never been a time on the earth like these days when I have REVEALED so much of your FUTURE to My Prophets, My Watchmen, and My Prophetic Voices. My Spirit is MOVING ALL OVER THE EARTH, AWAKENING My Sons and Daughters to LEARN and to EMBRACE their KINGDOM CALLINGS. The darkness is ALL-OUT trying to STOP this awakening because as My LIGHT GROWS in you, you are EXPOSING the DEEP DARKNESS and the LIES and DECEPTION that have CAPTURED many. I have given you a BROAD OVERVIEW of a GOOD FUTURE where much of the world will live ACCORDING to KINGDOM WAYS. I have also supplied DETAILS of the darkness’ planned ATTACKS and DIRTY DEEDS so you know where to FOCUS your AUTHORITY to STOP dark schemes and to UNCOVER gross darkness. However, I will never give My people THE WHOLE ENCHILADA of future events, because that would TAKE AWAY your sense of WONDER and AWE, as you live each day in My presence. Your FIGHTING SKILLS have been developed at GREAT COST, and I want them to REMAIN SHARP and READY to meet any enemy scheme now or in future days that you live on the earth. Darkness will be UNDER your feet, but it will still TRY to KILL, STEAL, and DESTROY; so I need My Army of Light to REMAIN VIGILANT and POWERFUL to STOMP on the darkness and to keep it from ARISING again to bring such WIDESPREAD PERVERSION and SLAVERY. I will continue to REVEAL the FUTURE to My chosen voices, but I will never give you THE WHOLE ENCHILADA because I want life to hold MYSTERIES for you to SEARCH OUT and WONDERS for you to see, as I UNFOLD a GOOD FUTURE before you.”

Diana Larkin - WORLDWIDE COLLAPSE - June 22, 2023

“The EVIL SYSTEMS of this world are set for a WORLDWIDE COLLAPSE. Do NOT FEAR as these systems COME DOWN because these systems were DESIGNED to STEAL from you and to exercise CONTROL over you. If it seems your funds have DISAPPEARED, do NOT FEAR. I AM well able to RESTORE your original amount, plus RECOMPENSE and RESTORATION of what should RIGHTFULLY have been yours. If I have the POWER to BRING DOWN DARK SYSTEMS, realize I have MORE than enough POWER to give you WEALTH. I have promised you, My Army of Light, REWARD, RECOMPENSE, and RESTORATION, and I keep My promises. Some evil systems that I COLLAPSE will NEVER RISE AGAIN. You were told they were NECESSARY and for your BENEFIT, but those were LIES, and these systems have been STEALING your FREEDOMS and your FUNDS. The world will function with much more FREEDOM and PROSPERITY without GREEDY, EVIL FINANCIAL SYSTEMS that ROB you and keep you UNDER THEIR THUMB. Systems developed to SPY on you and to ULTIMATELY CONTROL your every move, will IMPLODE and NEVER RISE AGAIN. Many of you are CALLED to help ESTABLISH Kingdom FINANCIAL systems and FAIR and JUST law and order systems. Don’t WORRY or FRET over WORLDWIDE COLLAPSES. Instead, DREAM and PLAN with Me in BUILDING systems on RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE. Out of the ASHES, a NEW DAY, a NEW DAWN, and NEW LIFE will ARISE to give LIFE, PLENTY, PEACE, and FREEDOM.”

Wings of Prophecy Blog - June 2023

Diana Larkin - DELUGE - June 21, 2023

*This word began with seeing a large council of those partnered with evil. The leaders are boasting and confident, laying out death agendas and power moves to crush freedom and take control. This dark council is now fully activated to fulfill their assignments, and all sleepers are commanded to come out of the shadows and complete their orders. The leaders are speaking boldly, but the hearts of the rest of the council are feeling vulnerable and exposed. After this meeting breaks up, a smaller council of just the leaders meets. The atmosphere is not so bold, as they realize something has shifted. They are beginning to see lights shining through the dark cloud of lies and fear they had released over the Land. In hushed tones they are discussing backup plans for escape, and they give no thought to those they have tasked with dangerous, dark schemes that have the potential to backfire and expose them. From my vantage point, I can see the seeds of disintegration that our decrees and declarations have sown into the camp of darkness. Our glory lights are piercing the darkness.
*”I AM giving you a BEHIND-THE-SCENES picture of the enemy’s camp because I want you to see BEYOND the BOASTING voices speaking LIES and PREDICTING the DOWNFALL of My anointed leader. It LOOKS LIKE a POWERFUL, UNIFIED camp, but you have been shown how your prayers are bringing about CRACKS in their unity and SOWING SEEDS of SELF-PRESERVATION that will GREATLY WEAKEN them from the inside out. As My DELUGE of TRUTH RAINS DOWN on them, it will TRIGGER every man for himself, and the evil empire will COLLAPSE in the MUD of their EVIL. My DELUGE of TRUTH will WASH THEM into a PIT, and My JUDGMENT and JUSTICE will come CRASHING DOWN on them. Call in My DELUGE OF TRUTH! It is BUILDING and BUILDING as more and more EXPOSE themselves as being COMPROMISED and actually working for the DARKNESS. The DELUGE will REVEAL IT ALL—down to every CORRUPT ROOT, and it will all be WASHED AWAY.”

Glyn Sweet - Currupt LAND BANKING - June 18, 2023

So I’m going to go and give a part of that word he says the uprise of Calamity in the areas of this World Systems the world are happening right now. I want you to look at those who are causing a corruption over land and how these people are stealing land through Deeds that are not secure in systems. Of banks I’m needing to bring change into these areas over land to secure these systems. I’m causing a Fallout to cover uh those that have set themselves to continue to steal and manipulate these systems. I will overthrow many in this hour for for bringing ungodly activity over those who are innocent and have been taken advantage of.

And I’m going to stop right there. because father God is talking about uh uh properties land things that over the past has been stolen manipulated controlled up through greed of men. When he showed me this particular part about land banking is I had to do a study into it. Let me move my cursor okay. I had to do a study into this to get a better picture that I myself could have a clearer understanding of how to pray. And I want to share with you what I found out. This is part of the wealth transfer so we must know these things. Um let’s talk about land banking and I want to I have notes so I’m going to go through these notes. I’m gonna try to be on here very short uh uh a very short video. So just hold on with me for a minute uh land banking the practice of buying land as an investment holding it for future use and making no specific plans for its development. Deeded land uh unsecured systems and Banks stealing and manipulating systems is what father God is covering in this hour over land banking around the world so wherever you are in in the world he is also speaking to you. We’re all a part of the body of Christ and so let’s listen the purpose of land banking land banks are public authorities over non-profit organizations created to acquire hold, manage, and sometimes redevelop property.

In order to return these properties to productive use to meet Community goals. Such as increasing affordable housing or stabilizing property values. Now if you say what is a land bank, I have an answer. There are not financial institutions they’re not financial institutions separated different they are public or community-owned entities created for a single purpose.

The purpose is to acquire manage and maintain and re-pro repurpose vacant abandon and foreclosed properties. Also Land Development and farm mortgages federal land Banks. There are 25 states that have land Banks. And I could give you this the stakes but I’m not going to because of time. You can look in to see to see or do your own inquiry about finding out what those land banks are so I can keep moving Forward. Land banks are a A specialized government bank with a universal banking License. Universal that means that that this type of banking uh is all around the world and many uh entities or people that needs to use or develop the banks as are learning about uh land banking. This this is how they utilize it around the world. It’s a it’s a global um transaction. It’s a growth it’s a global entity and there’s many uh in America. I think there’s 40 42 Banks.

In America that are land Banks and that is all they do they don’t go over to over to the commercial or the banking as I would know it or you would know it. It’s a different type of banking and so uh with all that being said how does this fit with uh how does this fit with father God opening up doors to release before his people uh the wealth transfer. He said that he’s going into these systems and he’s getting ready to cause a huge corrupt a huge breakdown. He says that he will expose the manipulation and the padding of books. Uh the things that they have been doing over foreclosure over land uh purchase in properties. Um over redeveloping land and and where monies would go would be allocated uh to develop a property or to develop a community or a structure. We had we could look at a lot of some of the um uh what do you call them I’ll just looking into them a lot of the malls are uh have been in foreclosure have closed Down. um we’re looking at a lot of commercial property uh things of this nature that is being closed down foreclosed on. These things goes back to these types of banks.

And what father God is showing me that he is going to use these entities around the world. And and when I say use them he’s using the corrupted people he’s using those greedy people. He’s using those that are manipulating the Systems. Padding books of falsifying Deeds everything of that nature is getting ready to be exposed right now. We’re going to see an uprising of it it will be in the news it’s going to be everywhere about these uh Bank land Banks being exposed. It has to happen. Praise father God that it has to happen this is how many of us will be able to go in once these things happen there’s a lot of turnaround that’s that has to come through this for people to be able to purchase property. Um land um uh malls whatever that uh maybe a apartment building. Whatever uh uh infrastructure that is in your plans or in your heart.

This is something that should excite you. Because father God is exposing what they have done the manipulation and the control is stealing for years the the padding the books and the false Deeds that has been given over some time. I do believe that these fake Deeds has been given uh uh to those ones that are wealthy and the uh the land was actually stolen. And the Deeds were just made up. Well that’s getting ready to be a great exposure. It’s going to help each and every one of us that are looking to do God’s kingdom work through these areas uh these things will be uh uh uh freely giving uh to us to purchase. Like I said the we we can’t expect for uh these things that come about just falling out of the sky. We can’t expect for the the the uh uh wealth transfer to be something that’s just created out of the atmosphere and you go to a place in your hand in your book of keys uh or your your deed or your whatever that looks like. That’s not how it’s going to happen it’s you you just can’t walk into a place and they just give you all this Stuff. We have to purchase it …

Very cheap, very affordable we have to come back in and and within this next seven years building up the kingdom of God to Reign for seven years after 2030. We have to be in position to Reign after 2030 with Power Authority with every resource every connection. And father God for the next seven years will be building us for to be a resource to be a connection to be a conduit. Whatever that looks like for building uh uh stewardess for building storehouses within our own Community for uh for God’s. People within that area within our area of influence so around the world. These things will be happening it is not just for America. America is falling apart we’re going to be Holding On by the by the grace of God. Thank you Father that you’re covering America of your people here. You’re covering us you’re going to keep us safe and you’re bringing us into a place where we’ll we will be able to sustain those that cannot sustain themselves. …

Diana Larkin - BE BOLD, BE STRONG, BE COURAGEOUS - June 20, 2023

“The enemy and those who PARTNER with him are growing BOLDER and LOUDER in their THREATS and in their SCHEMES. They are set on REMOVING My anointed leader and on SUBJECTING you through FEAR and MANY EVIL ATTACKS until you COWER in FEAR and DEFEAT. Let’s give them the SURPRISE OF THEIR LIVES, shall we? I AM EMPOWERING you and AWAKING you to your TRUE CALLING as My Sons and Daughters who walk in the POWER of their AUTHORITY as blood-bought, Spirit-EMPOWERED children of LIGHT. Is the enemy BOLD and LOUD? You RISE UP, and be BOLDER and LOUDER! I have already WON the VICTORY, and you are TASKED with ANNOUNCING it and ENFORCING it—both in the SPIRITUAL and in the NATURAL. Realize as the enemy sounds LOUDER and BIGGER, it is because he FEARS DEFEAT and the fact that you are COMING INTO your AUTHORITY—which is MUCH MORE POWERFUL than anything he has. His POWER lies in THREATS, INTIMIDATION, and DESTRUCTION. Not only do you carry the POWER of the BLOOD, you have SPIRIT-INFUSED STRENGTH and WISDOM, and I AM RELEASING to you My MANIFEST GLORY—the very presence of the KINGDOM FLOWING through you to DEFEAT the darkness and to release HEALING and RESTORATION. BE BOLD, BE STRONG, BE COURAGEOUS, and be LOUDER and BOLDER than the enemy. Let no CHALLENGE or SCHEME of the enemy go UNANSWERED by your SUPERIOR AUTHORITY, WISDOM, and POWER. ENFORCE the VICTORY and DECLARE HOLY WAR against the WAR-MONGERS. Your enemies are your BREAD, and you will CONSUME them with your BOLDNESS, your STRENGTH, and your COURAGE.”
JOSHUA 1:9 (MSG) “Haven’t I commanded you? Strength! Courage! Don’t be timid; don’t get discouraged. God, your God, is with you every step you take.”

Shirley Lise - TAKING DOWN WORLDLY KINGDOMS - June 19, 2023

The Lord your God has come to make his will known among his people he is setting the prisoner free giving sight to the blind soon all shall see and understand the Father’s Heart of Love toward those who are his he is a jealous God merciful and truthful his deeds are just magnify his name exalt him in the assembly declare his ways make them known to the people Prosperity is the will of the father that you prosper and be in good health that you be blessed in the land that your Offspring be blessed and be a blessing do not give up hope for it will surely come I have designated it says the Lord and it shall be. You will see it and Marvel at what the Lord your God has Done. Faithfulness shall be rewarded I am turning the tide industry will be Revolutionized. No longer will a hierarchy of evil rule it. I am putting my handmaidens into position of authority in Industry. Clothiers will be those who have a vision to impact Society with the message of Salvation. Their lines will direct attention to the one who provides for and clothes the Meek. You cannot see the scope of the fashion industry that I am bringing into Order, says the Lord. Pride and idolatry shall be removed and humility will take its place.

I am manufacturing garments that give glory to the Lord not to men and the craftiness of men. A complete turn around will take place in this industry fashion shall line up with Godly standards. No longer will it dictate immoral codes of behavior. But it shall supply the people with clothing that befits humility and a surrendered heart unto the Lord. How will I do this you ask? I am taking down the kingdoms ruled by the world and the fashion industry is one of them. And I am raising up the kingdom of God and the rulership of Christ over all the kingdoms of the world. The music industry is another example of a kingdom of the world. And I am at work to take it down and replace it with that which honors the Lord. The standard of the Lord shall go into all the Earth. Music will reflect the glory of the Risen Lord.

You will see it the fall of the ungodly Kingdom of music and the raising up of the standard of the Lord in the music industry. Even those who use my name and perform under its Banner will be removed unless they submit to what I am doing in the industry. This is the day of a Great Awakening. Your sons and your daughters shall be awakened to the call they shall go out in the name of the Lord. To storm the gates of hell I am giving the tools and they shall build according to my plan, says the Lord. You will see the building going up and you will recognize it as the building of the Lord. It will outshine all others missions is another kingdom. I am dealing with in this day, says the Lord  

Ungodly bureaucracy will be discovered and brought down and in its place will be raised up the ministry of Christ. Those who claim to be ministering in my name will be tested with fire. All performance all politicking all red tape all covering each other will be removed. And a true Ministry undefiled by the hands and mentality of men shall emerge to take its place. You will see the upheaval of Ministries. The cutting off of funds supplied to buffer those who use Ministry for personal gain. For Prestige and to make a name for Themselves. Ministries that of exact the life out of the people stolen resources and weakened them will be dried up from the root, says the Lord.

Let me put this in perspective I am coming with a sword to cut away evil Activity. Even those called by my name have engaged themselves in these evil Works. I am putting an end to it. No longer will those in Ministry feed off the people. I shall cut off their supply and they shall dry up. Only Ministries birthed of the spirit and carried by the spirit will remain. Testify to my Works tell of them it shall bring life to those who are truly called of me. I shall encourage them in Ministry. I have ordained that Ministry take place in the midst of the people it is not a scheduled event and cannot be contained within the confines of a man made agenda. I am taking down man-made structures and replacing them with a spiritual structure that does not limit Ministry and tie up the hands of Ministers of the Lord. I am addressing issues that need to be addressed, says the Lord. I am putting together a whole spectrum of activity that will pull together my instruments of.

I will house the effort and condone the ministry that will take place through my vessels of Praise. This is my quest, my desire to raise up a Powerhouse of Praise that will go forth to storm the gates of hell. This is my will to take this house to the hurting to bring my joy and counsel. Efforts of men shall be crucified talents hoarded will be overruled. I will Implement my minstrels into the ministry and remove those who are imposters says the Lord. Instruments of praise shall be raised up in this day and I will institute them into the Earth.

Truth Contender - Monday live service:Prophetic update - June 19, 2023

Then he went on to say America. America received strength strength for the coming days receive strength America. Your enemies all around are salvating over your over you. America they say now we shall see now we shall devour her now we bring her to her knees now. We silence her for good never never you will rise again. America you will rise again under my wings. You will rise again. I’ve given this word many times to say there are individuals that have caused a lot of nightmares and pain and destruction in Many Nations that are in the nation of America. But we need fooled by the enemy to think Americans are our enemies because the citizens of America majority of them have no idea what has been done in Nations. So now the enemy who knows how to make us you know fight one another as the people. When we hear Americans it’s the same way if maybe we had a few bad people in our country and those people were doing some awful things and because of that in whatever country they did that the people in that country. Then want to come to our nation and kill all of us. So we need to understand the same thing has been happening in the United States of America and that is why God wants to raise this man Donald J Trump to come and set the record straight. And to be the kind of leader that the United States of America and the rest of the world needs. So we need to pray continue to pray for the United States of America especially now. Because they’re trying to close in on this man. But this is the hour as they attempt what they’re attempting now this is the hour where we’re going to see a turnaround and we’re going to see God’s hand over the life of this man and the change that is going to come to the United States of America. But we need to pray for them because the Lord did one of the Civil War by reason of this the enemy is not just going to give up like that. The Lord made us understand that precisely because he knows he’s losing he’s going to come vicious so we need to pray and we need to stay on our knees in prayer for our nation and the nations of this world. In the United States of America the Lord continues to say prisca Vision fire receive that prisca the Lord says Vision fire. I believe the Lord is giving you very very Vivid vision and understanding of what he wants to do in your life at this point in time. …

Okay I’m going to start where he was talking about feeding centers. He said I command you to increase can you imagine being commanded to increase. He said I command you to increase from all Corners increase. There’s a lot to unpack from this word and I hope that we’ll have time some other day for you to get the fullness of what God is saying and what he’s doing. Uh we’re also going to go through Genesis chapter 26. I don’t know whether we’re going to go through it on the 25th during the impartation of that or he will give me time before the 25th for us to go through it. Because I don’t know whether he’s going to have something else to do or say on that day but that is the message of the hour. God wants to empower you with much because there is a lot to be done there is a lot to be done. So listen to this word very carefully he said I command you to increase from all corners increase soon. Soon I open feeding centers feeding centers. Soon yes many will not have food nor a place to live soon feeding centers my children my children. Keep these things in mind keep them in mind. Before I rebuild there will be much much help needed. Remember that you see that which you see. My help requires for me to destroy what they had built that’s the only way to get rid of their the reset is to destroy what they have built. That which you depend on I Must Destroy to answer you.

So what God is simply saying is that it’s a no-brainer we all know that a great a reset has been planned and part of the agenda of that great reset is to also depopulate to reduce the population of the world. Um and all sorts of things that are not really in line with the ways of God what is saying because this plan has been in motion for the longest of time it has now been intertwined. It’s Inseparable with the current system and the way that it runs. So because it’s Inseparable with the system God must bring down the system. The fullness of the system must crumble and you’re gonna feel some pain as the system crumbles. Because you were so dependent on that system that is why the Lord is warning us to understand what is coming so that we prepare. He says listen I’m about to distract some things but while I’m doing that you go over here and make sure that you have some supplies while I’m destroying this. So that during that time when I’m destroying this it’s the same thing that he had instructed. No one he told them build an I’m about to destroy the world as you know it. The systems of this world as you know it I’m about to drown all of them. So I’m going to require you to build an arc and then make sure that you put everything that needs to be preserved into this Arc. You know I’ll talk to the animals they will come they will come to the up don’t even worry about them the ones that have earmarked the ones that are still pure. The ones that I have not been tempted with that DNA. I’m going to cause them to come to your heart as for you build the ark and make sure that you put Food Supplies into this Arc …

Diana Larkin - BE GUIDED BY MY PEACE - June 18, 2023

“I understand that for you, these are very UNCERTAIN TIMES with UNCHARTED TERRITORY before you. You may be finding it difficult to PLAN AHEAD or to VENTURE OUT on TRIPS or to BEGIN NEW ENDEAVORS because you don’t know WHEN or WHERE My SHAKINGS will happen. Ask yourself this question: ‘Will my GOOD and POWERFUL Father ever LEAVE me UNPROTECTED or WITHOUT GUIDANCE?’ As sure as all My PROMISES will COME TRUE for your life and your Nation, so SURE is My PROMISE to ALWAYS be with you, to PROTECT you, and to GUIDE you with My PEACE. Lay out your PLANS and DECISIONS before Me, and I will RELEASE My DEEP PEACE into your spirit to let you know to PROCEED. I will be just as FAITHFUL to let you know when it is NOT a SAFE or a GOOD DECISION by you SENSING A BREAK in My PEACE. There will be NO LIFE in your plans or decisions if it is NOT My plans for you. If this is a decision or plan I want you to EMBRACE, then you will FEEL LIFE SPRING UP INSIDE YOUR HEART. My PEACE and LIFE go together, and UNREST and DEATH are partners. Choose to be GUIDED by My LIFE and My PEACE, and you won’t MISS OUT on My OPPORTUNITIES for you. Even in the midst of WAR, I want you to EMBRACE the LIFE and FULLNESS that I send your way. BE GUIDED BY MY PEACE.”

Diana Larkin - ADVENTURE IS BEFORE YOU - June 17, 2023

“It is true that life is going to DRASTICALLY CHANGE for people all around the world. These changes will be SUDDEN and without MUCH WARNING for most people. If you LISTEN to My PROPHETIC VOICES, then you know that EVIL SYSTEMS must be TAKEN DOWN in order to REBUILD on My Kingdom foundations of JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS. You realize SHAKINGS must come, but I have ASSURED you of My PROTECTION and My GENEROUS PROVISION for you throughout all the coming UPHEAVALS. This is the MINDSET I want you to have: look at this season of GREAT CHANGE as a GRAND ADVENTURE that is before you. You will experience SUPERNATURAL PROTECTION, PROVISION, and WONDER as I UNFOLD the NEW FUTURE I have for you and your Nation. Don’t look at the future with DREAD—I AM YOUR FUTURE! Don’t FOCUS on HOARDING SUPPLIES— expect Me to PROVIDE SUPERNATURALLY in ABUNDANCE so that you have an OVERFLOW to share with those in NEED. If I AM your future, what is there to fear? I AM already in your future, and I see the ABUNDANCE and PEACE it contains. Begin to DRAW ON that future NOW, and PULL IT into your PRESENT. Look with eyes of FAITH at the ADVENTURE BEFORE YOU.”

Deborah Williams - A Clear & Amazing Prophetic Word: “Things Are Not As They Appear!” - June 16, 2023

I’m just going to read it June 15th 2023 I name this things are not as they Appear the spirit of the Lord says I want America to live. The thief has come up another way unlike your lord and your God who only comes in through the door. I am the door and I am notice the I am in both of those the way. My people have believed the lies but these are the words of your enemy who hates you with a perfect hatred. The thief has come in to America to steal to kill and destroy. I sit here with my servant Deborah Who Weeps for her I tell you my people it does not have to be so. A few of my people know this and they are holding the line but they are like the army of Israel. Arrayed in battle with their armor on I gotta stop right now and pray Hallelujah …

I’m going to start that paragraph. I tell you my people it does not have to be. So a few of my people know this and  are holding the line. But they are like the army of Israel arrayed in battle with their armor on waiting for their Champion to come back into his appointed office. They have not yet received the Revelation and understanding that I am their champion and they are my Army. And together we are invincible. It is imperative that they see I am their David I am the king over all Kings and the Lord over all your enemies who think they are Lords. Open your eyes my Remnant Kings things are not as they appear. Together we can upend your nation in a moment. Will you believe me that I am your leader and there is nothing I cannot do? Asolutely nothing the enemy thinks he has it in the bag. He believes he can now parade his lives and his pride openly. But the work of the devil cannot stand before you’re David. Hallelujah!

I am of the lineage and household of David of old and I have chosen my Army many of them are gathered to me in the cave of adulam. They are in distress Over The Who. Hallelujah! Listen to these words this is the way he spoke it to me. They are in distress Over The Who and the weft and the Sia, and the FB, and the Ires and all their armies that are gathered together against you. Many of them are in debt because these enemies have stolen the country and even their children. And more of them have gathered to gather to me in the cave are discontent. Because the champion has not performed as they had anticipated. Many have left the battlefield. Even my Prophets have struggled to keep believing me.

Even as my Prophet Jeremiah did. I gotta read that verse that he was making mention of to me. It’s Jeremiah 20. verse 9. Then I said I will not make mention of him speaking of God nor speak any more in his name meaning. I’m not going to give any more prophecies. But his word was in my heart like a burning fire shut up in my bones and I was weary of holding it back. And I could not I’m saying that to many of you today many of God’s prophets. Many of you who no one has heard of. The only people you’ve prophesied to are the people in your family or your neighbors or your friends. A prophet is not without honor saving his own home and his own family. So if you’ve been rejected don’t worry about it. You keep on prophesying in the name of the Lord. Because the word of God is shut up in your bones like fire and you will not be able to continue to hold it in. I prophesy that to you today. Hallelujah!

Now I gotta find my place uh even as my Prophet Jeremiah struggled to keep believing me. Most of my body meaning the body of Christ has given up thrown up their hands and surrendered. Boy this one’s hard right here. Others have Run to the Hills. but all my people those who continue to stand and fight with me for the freedom and deliverance of this nation shall be greatly rewarded. For this nation is a target it is not set for total Destruction. So that the enemy can bring forth his rule and his Christ. But I say to you it is not time. I have not changed my word. I have not changed my mind. I have not changed my plan. For I am God and I change not. I remind you today that you do not fight against flesh and blood. See the real enemy. See that you have complete authority over him in my name. These who you have supposed were your enemies are Mere Men. And just as I breathe life into them I can remove my breath and they will be no more.

Your enemy is the one who animates them to do his bidding. But he hates them the who the wealth the ires the Sia all of them the FB he hates them as much as he hates you. It is time for my spirit that anoints you even as I worshiped my little worshiping David of old to take down Goliath. I authorize my true and faithful ones to take down your Goliath. His name means an exile a captive that has been stripped. And I give you authority to take him down and make him like his name and Chase his army from the field. And to declare to him you cannot have America. That America will never bow its knee to the Antichrist. Thank you pick up your slings and place the Chief Cornerstone in it and hurl it and I will send it to the mark. If my remnant bride will follow her King David who is Seated on the throne of Israel she can save America. And America will become a sheep Nation and millions will be saved in her borders.

If my Remnant Army does not arise and take hold of the plow and not look back. If she will not cry out to God for mercy as my servant David then what did when he was on the Run from the king I rejected. Then America will fall and will not survive before me as a nation. And a people and she shall not enter into the glorification of the third day. They believe they have the cat in the bag and they can do whatever they want. But my people I call you this day and I say to you open the bag and let the cat out. They think she is merely a pussycat that they can throw into the river. But they will discover the cat they threw in the bag and thought they were done with her will emerge from the bag with the Roar of a lion. According to Hosea 11 10. my people shall walk after the Lord he shall roar like a lion when he shall Roar then the children shall tremble from the West. The West. I’m gonna read it again. My people shall walk after the Lord you are his people. If you will walk after the Lord. If you will believe the words of this prophet and start standing on it. And start praying and take hold of the plow and say I’m Not Looking Back.  

I’m not asking God to make things the way they used to be. I’m not asking God to make everything all better I’m asking God to save America and the souls of Americans. When he shall Roar but my people shall walk after the Lord he shall roar like a lion when he shall Roar than the children shall tremble that means the fear of God. The fear of God is going to fall on America and I shall liken you to My People Israel and you shall be blessed and you shall be called a delightsome Land, saith the Lord of hosts. That’s it that’s all I got. I’m not going to try to tell you what it means. I’m going to let you pray and seek the face of God. I urge you to pray as you’ve never prayed before.


Today I was flying from Vancouver British Columbia to Miami Florida. I had my ear buds on and was soaking and praying.
I glanced up and looked at the in-flight computer screen on the seat in front of me and saw that we were coming into Oklahoma. I didn’t think anything about it other than we were over the heartland of The United States of America.
I closed my eyes and continued to worship, pray and soak as I had been. It was with in a few moments when I was suddenly taken into the Spirit by the Spirit of God.
I found myself in the spirit realm over America, and as I was looking west, I saw the darkest, blackest storm clouds brewing, they were like principalities that were whirlwinds gathering together to unleash unimaginable things into and across the Nation.
This was the most angry violent storm that was brewing and boiling before my eyes that I had ever witnessed.
I then looked to the east where I saw the Angelic Hosts of heaven gathering from the east.
They were dressed in pure silver armor, the sun reflected and gleaming off of them. They were shoulder to shoulder and went as far as my eye could see!
These two forces were coming face to face now and it was soon to be go time.
This Angelic Host was at its best, the purity, power and strength that they carried was like nothing I had ever seen.
The Lord of Hosts was behind them and empowering them all, and this was not all of them, there were more from where these had come from and they were still pouring in.
They would not be defeated, and these demonic principalities would be held to account and taken down and taken out.
There were demonic powers that flowed out of these principalities into the land.
I saw cords and portals that ran out of them into regional offices and authorities who where gates for the demonic to flow into the land.
These cords were all about to be cut and portals closed in and through this angelic host.
I then looked down from spirit and saw the ground over the heartland and I could see the movement of assets being positioned for conflict.
There were dark groups with nefarious intentions preparing to strike and cause damage on the ground. They were being strategically positioned to stir up in a very negative way.
My focus and attention was shifted and there I saw the National guard and military movement on the ground.
Trucks, trains, white hats, patriots and assets being put in positions to counter the globalist, demonic antics and tactics.
These ones did not come under the command of the Biden administration, but rather were under the authority of a table of Generals and leaders working in conjunction of Donald J. Trump.
The tactics of the judicial strikes against DJT would only strengthen the position as the tables were about to be not only be turned but flipped over.
The exposure of evidence about to be released upon the deep state was decades worth of hidden things.
I was taken into a warehouse that was housing it securely.
The team on the ground cataloguing each, and every bit.
It was being prepared for release unto the Nations in due time.
This play that the deep state was making was going to rebound upon them in a way that they did not see coming!
I was then shown “Old Glory” The American Flag, but this flag was slightly different.
This flag was framed in gold.
It had a golden frame! Sewn to it there was a golden braided rope with tassels on the corners.
It was breathtaking!
I knew that there was a rebirthing of America.
She would be brighter than ever before.
She would be stronger than ever before.
She would be more unified than ever before.
She would be more resolved in her destiny than ever before.
The battle ahead would be great, and many were weary,
regardless, by the grace of God we pressed through unto victory!
Those ones bonded together with each other and the Lord.
The Love and depth among them brought me to tears!
As things advanced, more evidence exposed those officials who were paid off, blackmailed and controlled by the deep state.
I saw military SWAT teams entering and apprehending these ones, removing them from their positions.
Civilians on the streets cheering as they were arrested and taken away.
Buildings and facilities then being protected and under the jurisdiction of the rightful authorities.
I was taken into an airport hanger where I saw Obama entering into with his security detail.
The gig was up and he had a plane waiting and ready to fly him out of the country.
He had intentions to flee.
The aircraft that was prepared for him, was suddenly electronically disabled by the specialized unit assigned to the assignment, with out it moving, it allowed for the military SWAT team to apprehend him and take him into incarceration.
I was then taken back in the Spirit to New York. I had seen this before.
I was taken into a high-rise office tower into a corner office.
There was a high level banking executive at his desk.
He was on his computer and was going to make a major financial transfer, as he did he was given a notice on his computer “insufficient funds”.
At first he thought there was a glitch, he opened up another screen to see the account he was using was at a zero balance!
Fear and unbelief hit him.
Now in a panic mode he was opening other accounts, and one after another the balances were all zero!
The evil war chest was empty!
The resources they controlled were now completely gone!
He lost it, emotional breakdown was now upon him.
I watched him screaming and yelling take the elevator down and leave the building screaming and yelling out of control like a child having a tantrum.
The wealth transfer was in hand!
I was taken into the spirit into a briefing room that had a team of commanders being briefed on a mission in which teams of special opps were being deployed strategically – surgically into nations for further apprehensions and special assignments.
They had areas that it was now time to go into to assure freedom would prevail.
It was all business; they knew what they were called to do and they were there to serve with honor and integrity.
I was taken by the spirit to witness weaponized communication towers being taken down; they were at large telecommunication facilities running networks of towers.
As they were being taken down, they were being served legal documents that in conjunction with the forces and boots on the ground to enforce, were sure to shut the demonic portals that they had been using to control narratives and positioned for other nefarious deeds.
The Father was shutting them down.
Justice was being served.
Then the Lord gave released this word:
“America the eyes of the world are upon you, but much greater than that; My eyes are upon you!
America, rest assured I have called you for an hour such as this!
America, I have called you to be bearers of light in times of darkness.
You are called to take My light through out your land and to the nations of the world.
America the beautiful, the enemy has taken full advantage of the compromise in your land to gain access and take ground in your nation for the kingdom of darkness.
And I am calling you to take it back with Me now.
America my beloved, I am calling you higher in this hour!
There is nothing that my Blood has not covered.
I have given you authority over such things, and it is with in you to walk in it and enforce my word in this hour.
You may think that there is no way out and all odds against you.
Let me draw your attention to the fact that I have never called you to a fair fight.
For if it were, you would try to do it without me and take credit for the victory when the Victory is mine.
Be prepared my Beloved for things that are going to make you uncomfortable, but do not fear and do not loose heart.
For I must tear down what is not of Me before I can build what is of Me.
I will never build on a foundation that is compromised or not of Me, nor will I share My Glory with another.
There are many sick and dying among you as you have not properly discerned my body.
Be careful of what you hold onto and who you judge.
For it is for Me to judge the heart of a man.
How can you rightly judge when you can’t see it all?
For there is nothing hidden from Me, and it is I who compromises not!
Stay close to me and close to my cross at this hour.
This is not a moment for self exaltation.
I have always resisted the proud and always will.
My best paths are through the low places.
These are the paths I will meet you on!
There is more shaking to come, and it hurts more falling from those high places than if you stay low and remain in Me.
America, I am bringing righteousness and justice back to your land, and as I do hearts will turn unto me.
Men, Women and children coming into the kingdom in unprecedented ways!
Prepare for the harvest that is at hand!
New wineskins are being released.
There are some that will miss it, bound by religion.
Bound by the religious and political spirits.
I have come that I may bring life!
Abundant life!
I am holding those to account who will not turn from their evil ways. The crimes against humanity, the warmongering and oppression of my children shall be brought to justice.
The fear of the my name shall once again be known in the land.
I beseech you on this day, in this hour to examine your heart, and come to my throne of grace and let me set you free, heal you, deliver you and bring you into the fullness of my salvation and refresh you with the spirit of joy!
Let me behold you as loved sons and daughters.
I assure you that you will never be the same!
Holy is the word of the Lord.

Bo Polny - D-DAY 2023! - June 15, 2023


Diana Larkin - STOLEN LIGHT - June 16, 2023

“As you look around your Nation, you can see many inventions and advances that have made life EASIER, but you can also look around and WONDER why there seems to be AREAS where there have NOT BEEN BREAKTHROUGHS to BETTER HEALTH and LIFE in general. Start ASKING yourself QUESTIONS like: ‘If we can put satellites into orbit, why can’t we make a red food dye that does not AGITATE a child’s brain?’ ‘Why has the MEDICAL field FOCUSED on giving out DRUGS that MASK symptoms instead of DISCOVERING ROOT CAUSES of DISEASE and bringing TRUE HEALING?’ Is there a REASON why ADVANCES in all areas of your lives have been WITHHELD and HIDDEN from you? Is there a REASON why some nations have received VERY LITTLE ADVANCEMENT over the last 100 years? The enemy and those of darkened hearts who partner with him are GUILTY of STOLEN LIGHT. They have HOARDED for themselves ADVANCES in ALL AREAS of your lives, and they have HIDDEN CURES for disease, and ROBBED you of MONEY and RESOURCES that would have GREATLY IMPROVED the quality of your lives. My LIGHT brings REVELATION and DISCOVERY to make your lives BETTER and more FULL, but the darkness has been STEALING for themselves the LIGHT I meant for your Nation to have. I want you to know about this STOLEN LIGHT because I want you to RISE UP in your AUTHORITY and DEMAND that this STOLEN LIGHT be RETURNED to you, to the Church, and to your Nation. DECREE: “GIVE ME BACK the LIGHT you have STOLEN from my LIFE, my CHURCH, and my NATION. I have CAUGHT you, THIEF, and you must release this LIGHT back to me SEVENFOLD!’ As MANY voices are raised demanding the LIGHT be RETURNED, you will experience a FLOOD of NEW IDEAS, HEALING, and REVELATIONS that have been WITHHELD by the darkness. Your personal life will BENEFIT. The Church will receive REVELATION of WRONG DOCTRINES they have been DECEIVED about because they allowed the enemy to STEAL the LIGHT of SUPERNATURAL REVELATION, and they are teaching MANMADE doctrines and not Spirit-breathed revelation. Your Nation will be the LIGHTHOUSE I called it to be when you DEMAND that the STOLEN LIGHT be returned. I have given the AUTHORITY to My Sons and Daughters to TAKE OWNERSHIP again of My STOLEN LIGHT, and the whole world will be blessed.” 


Ok I’m gonna get to it I got this on 1 14 2023 at 9 48 a.m and um. This is what he says he says my children listen and listen clearly to what the spirit of the Lord is saying. This is a crucial time of battle in the spirit. The war cry has begun. Put on your armor and pull up your boots. Tie them tightly and don’t take them off until I release you to do so. Remember the battle is mine says the Lord. But I need my Army, my Warriors, in position to stand strong and hold the line. Many of my Warriors have become battle weary and are slowly surrendering to ever to the enemy without even seeing their already in surrender mode. Be careful, I say be careful children as the enemy is looking for those who are ready to quit. DO NOT PUT YOUR WEAPONS DOWN that’s in bold. This is all it’s in this isn’t bold. Do not put your weapons down. Do not put your weapons down children. For although the end is close the Battle Is Not Over. Stay strong my Mighty Warriors and keep your eyes on me at all times ALL TIMES is in bold as the battle is peaking and will grow in intensity in this hour.

I know that you’re tired and worn out come and spend time in my presence and I will renew your strength. Does not my word say I will give you wings like eagles to soar high. High above all that you see. Come to me and I come to me and be renewed in my strength, says the Lord. It is not time to quit. Your adversary is prowling about seeking to devour seeking to devour. He is looking to steal your peace joy and strength. He is trying to kill your faith hopes dreams Faith hopes dreams. He is determined to destroy all that you love and all that you are believing for. He is a liar he is trying to make you think this battle will never end. So you will get out of faith in all that I have told you. The enemy wants you to believe All Is Lost and there is no hope for you, for your family, for your children, for your loved ones who are still not awake. For your freedoms your finances your health your schools your churches your governments your Nations and your victory. He is clearly aware that his destruction and all of his plans to still kill and destroy you my children are coming to an abrupt end. So he’s amplifying all he has to throw at you and in intensity as he knows his time is short.

This is why children I am giving you instructions to tighten up your boots. Hold on to the end hold on to every piece of my armor that I have given you in this hour. Do not put your weapons down. It is not time. Gird yourselves up and stay close to me like never before and see the enemy’s fiery arrows bounce off and not harm you. If you are armored up in all that I have given you the enemy’s shots will have no effect. This will bounce off you an intern Boomerang back on him, says the Lord of hosts. If you do all that I am instructing you to do you will stand undefeated and will continue to stand strong in this raging battle. Stay in my word so you don’t allow the enemy to steal the truth from you about who you are in me. This is his biggest tool he is using on so many of my precious children right now. And so many of you are falling right into his trap. I have warned and warned you children that this is the Battle of your life. This is a battle of a lifetime. But you are my chosen Army my Warriors that I the Lord God chose to war with me in this hour. Yes, each of you I personally hand-picked for this specific time that is written in my holy scriptures to war with me the creator of all things. I knew you were the ones that I could and would accomplish all that I set out for you to do, says the Lord.

You are my end time Army. My Chosen Remnant to defeat the kingdom of darkness and take back the land. You My Chosen Army are undefeatable warriors that will bring down all the wicked evil rulers in the land. And penetrate the core of evil with my spirit and bring my light into the world. You my faithful chosen Army will be my glory carriers and bring in the final Harvest of souls. You my Fearless bride are getting ready to have the time of your lives as you are filled to the fullest with my powerful glory and see and feel my hand move across your land. To bring recompense restoration, Deliverance, healing, freedom, and your full complete Victory. You my children will be filled to the brim of my peace joy and power. And will see Miracle signs and wonders that have not yet been done or seen before by man. Yes, says the Lord this is what is up ahead and and in store for you my chosen Army. So you cannot quit now. Keep going keep fighting keep standing you’re winning, says the Lord. You’re winning big you may not see all that is happening and all that is going on in the spirit. But I am telling you this day you are oh so close.

This war May grow in intensity for a short time and you may feel like it’s never going to end. But this is when you must trust me as I have said many many times. This is all in bold. Trust me and all that I am saying put all your trust in me and in me alone. Do not look to man to save you or or help you in this hour. Look only to me and know I am with you. I am right by your side and will never leave you. I am not a man that should lie. I can’t lie. I am truth my word is truth, this is why you must meditate 8 on my word day and night. Keep my words always in your thoughts and on your lips, says the Lord. Oh how I love to be glorified I love the Praises of my people so lift up your voices and worship me children. Glorify my holy name and watch my glory and presence fill you full. Spend time with me so I can give you my peace and joy. Which comes in my presence as you were in battle. Don’t ever think for a second that you are undefeated, says the Lord. As the victory has already been won. I have I have you sheltered under my wing under my wing as you march forward to the finish line.

Cover all things yourselves, your families, homes, finances, Hearts, mind, souls, and in the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ every day. Decree and declare your victory over it all and just watch says the Lord as I do only what I can do. This is the season this is the hour for the sudden suddenlies to become more apparent and to pick up speed. The new is on the way so do not fear this is all in bold. So do not fear as you start to see the sudden changes start to occur. Rapidly and begin to intensify. No, do not fear a thing. Instead my children this is when you lift your voice and praise Rejoice my children. Rejoice praise me for all I am about to do I am coming to show the world who has the victory. Your reward is great. Contine to shout your Victory as it’s coming quickly. I love you more than you’ll ever know my Beauties my strong Warriors stay with me and know you’re almost there the cease fire is almost here, says the Lord. Your father who sits on the throne in the name of my son Jesus Yeshua the king of kings and Lord of lords who is sued to come amen and amen.

Diana Larkin - THE COMEUPPANCE Comeuppance: began as a term that meant “present oneself for judgment by a tribunal.” A deserved rebuke or penalty. - June 15, 2023

“Does it seem like the WICKED, ARROGANT ones are CONTINUING to GET AWAY with MURDER? Who is STRONG enough, COURAGEOUS enough, and POWERFUL enough to bring them THE COMEUPPANCE they DESERVE? I AM AND I WILL BRING THEM THEIR DAY OF COMEUPPANCE. This COMEUPPANCE will not be a SLAP on the wrist or a FINE, it will require FULL PAYBACK of STOLEN resources and COMPLETE JUSTICE for all their CRIMINAL actions. Some of their COMEUPPANCE will come DIRECTLY from My HAND, worked out through My mighty Host. THE COMEUPPANCE for some will be a LOSS of their lives—their BREATH will be taken from them. THE COMEUPPANCE from My HAND will COLLAPSE buildings, monuments, and systems tied to their EVIL empire. I have placed My COURAGE, DISCIPLINE, and TRUE JUSTICE into your MILITARY TRIBUNALS, and they will render JUST decisions, DESERVED penalties, and DEATH sentences for HIGH TREASON and the MURDER of innocent lives. When the day of COMEUPPANCE arrives, you will no longer WONDER if JUSTICE will every come. That day of COMEUPPANCE will SLAM into them like a FREIGHT TRAIN and ROLL over them like a TSUNAMI—NOTHING WILL STOP THE COMEUPPANCE. The world will once again know the FEAR OF THE LORD and will learn WISDOM WAYS to walk in. Don’t get DISCOURAGED, My Army of Light, the day of THE COMEUPPANCE is at hand.”

Shirley Lise- THE COMING STORM - June 14, 2023

I’ll begin reading this word let the heavens Rejoice let the Earth be glad. For I am doing a new thing, says the Lord as the waters cover the earth. I am pouring out my spirit upon All Flesh and your sons and your daughters will surely prophesy. Get ready I’m about to pour out my spirit upon your children in portions never seen. I am doing a deeper work in them than you see. I have entered the recesses of their hearts. No other generation has been raised up the way. I’m about to raise up this generation. They will go to and fro in the power of my spirit. The word of the Lord will pour forth from their mouths. This is the generation I am leading in to take possession of the land. You will be amazed at what you see in your children. I have come to redeem them from the pit of Destruction. From the hordes of hell. I have heard the Cry of my people and I will heal the land, says the Lord. I will restore and bring back the back slider. Those who have known me but have gone astray. And those who have known of me but have not known me. I will reveal myself to them at every turn. They will see me. They will experience my joy. They will see that I love them care for them and am for them and not against them. They will experience my love and be healed of all their diseases of all their addictions of all that the evil one has Afflicted upon them.

I am about to set your children free. To release them from captivity. To untie every rope that has bound them. I’ve heard your cry for your children, says the Lord. Did I not say that I would do these things? Did I not say that I have come to release those in darkness? And to make for myself a people who would worship me in spirit and in truth? For they shall be called my people and I shall be called their God. Hear oh here my people incline your ear to me and you will hear of great and marvelous things. I will show you the desires of my heart. And I will put my desires into your heart. And you will be a people after my own heart as David was. Dance Before Me exalt the Lord your God. For he is great and greatly to be praised. Lift up your voices of exaltation. Let the name of the Lord be lifted up on high. Let his Banner be lifted High. Rejoice Rejoice my people and again I say rejoice for I am about to do Great and Mighty things amongst you. You will Marvel at the things I do.

The sea is roaring and raging round up about Humanity. The waters are rising and the people are drowning. Go you must go do not hesitate to pull them out of the waters. The Tide is coming in a great tidal wave of Destruction is about to hit. Go and get them now is the time. My angels are holding back the winds so you must go now. Leave everything you are doing and go for the time is now. They are crying out to me won’t someone help. I hear their cries day and night. I their cries. I want to rescue them to pull them out before it is too late. So go I say go in my name into the highways and byways and into those places. Go I will go with you. He who has an ear let him hear what the spirit is saying to the church. I am sending you out into the Harvest Fields. The sickle is being swung. The trumpet has been sounded and the sickles have been loosed into the fields. I am speeding up my coming there will be no more delay.

Rise up rise up my people for the glory of the Lord is upon you. I have called you to take my glory to the lost to those who are drowning. I have prepared an ark and they must enter it. For soon the doors will be closed and the flood waters will come. The tidal wave is coming and the end is soon. My wrath is about to be poured out upon the sons of Disobedience. The Grapes will be put into the wine press and the blood will flow. The blood of my son was spilled for them. Yet they refused to repent to turn from their wicked perverse ways and my judgment is coming. My beloved rest in me you will find peace under my wing. I will hide you from the Wrath that is to come. I will shelter you says the Lord your God. Draw near to me run into my arms and I will hold you and the waters will not hurt you. And the winds that swirl around you will not touch you. You will be safe in my arms as in the eye of a tornado. There will be Darkness for a time. But the light and the love of my son will be upon you and in you. And you will be at peace even in the raging Storm.

Did I say I would take you out of the world? No but I said that my peace will be upon you. Destruction will be everywhere. For I am tearing down the kingdoms of this world. I have shown you the way it is through my son. There is no other way. This way leads to life tell them there is no other way many have tried to enter by the wide gate. But it leads to destruction. The way to life is through the narrow gate. This is a warning to the people tell them the way is through my son. And that there is no way to the father except through the Son. My dearly beloved Son who shed his blood. It was poured out as an offering the propitiation for all sin. Only the blood of Jesus is acceptable. Tell them my son died for them that his blood was shed for them to. Go and bear fruit for the kingdom do the works that the father sent you to do. To labor with him till the full number is in what I said I would do. I will do for truly all nations shall be blessed through him.

This is the culmination of the age and the son of righteousness is coming with healing in his wings. And he will restore all things. No longer will a man say know the Lord. For he shall know him for from within his innermost parts will come Springs of Living Water. I am about to take you to a higher level in my spirit if you are willing to go where I send you. To do what I do to say what you hear me saying I will make you ready I am coming I am he faithful and true the son of the most high God and I have come with a sword to Smite the enemy who has prevented my people from moving forth in the power of my spirit. I am setting up my kingdom in the midst of you. I am establishing my throne in your midst. You shall come to worship me. You shall come with fear and trembling to worship me says the Lord. You’re gone for I have created all things for my pleasure. All creation shall bow down and worship me.

Liberty Turnip - "The Smashing is Upon Us" What you thought was True is Not. - June 13, 2023

Okay um as you know previously I had released a word based on a couple of Visions. It was like a two-part word. Um a vision of a hammer smashing a glass jar. And in those words I released um I don’t even know how long ago. It was I  think it was back in March. Um the Lord said it that those glass jars represent things in the spirit and in ministries that are taking up space. But they’re empty and shallow. That God is crushing them and removing them to make space for the real things. That um that are supposed to be taking the place of those empty jars. And that is um people being cleansed out. Programs being cleansed out. Things that the Lord has been attempting to remove since 2021 as he brought a wake-up call. And um he’s not playing games you guys. He’s done with the empty jars. And so he gave me another vision and actually there’s part four to this. And I don’t know that I’m gonna put it all on here right now. But I’m gonna give you the next step that he gave me um in the process of the hammer and the glass and the jars and all of that.

And so um as I was praying he gave me another vision of the hammer smashing the glass. And I was like I stopped for a minute and I said Okay God I’ve already had this Vision twice I’ve released uh two parts uh of a word to you know to that vision. And he said um basically gave me the vision again and then he said the hammer is smashing the lies of the enemy. And so I want you guys to be ready to receive this word. I can already feel the glory um amen um this is a huge word and I hope that if you’re listening to this you receive it in all its glory. Aamen. There’s another word that’s going to come with this but this is like the third piece to the Smashing of the glass with the hammer of what is coming it’s going to feel like it’s coming at you body of Christ but it’s actually coming at the enemy and his scheme. Okay so it doesn’t feel that way in the moment. But that’s what’s actually happening. And so the Lord said the hammer is smashing the lies of the enemy. The lies um the enemy has spoken over my anointed ones. The ones I have chosen from the beginning of time to be mantle to bring in the end time Harvest.

You guys this this is a powerful word. It meant so much to me because I know that I’m one of these. I declare in Jesus name. From the beginning of time um to be mantle to bring in the end time harvest. The enemy has fought over the last couple of years to destroy and defeat those that have been called and chosen for such a time as this upon the Earth. Time is short so the enemy is fighting hard and moving quickly. Because he knows his time is short and he’s losing ground. He’s upping his game big time to remove the Heavy Hitters from their position to slow down the work. But the hammer is coming down on the lies he has spoken over my chosen ones. They will be smashed to pieces and blown away like dust and Scatter in the wind. They will um lose their power and my chosen ones will March forth in Victory. They will be stronger than ever before. More bold than ever before. These anointed Ones Will Rise together in Victory and conquer the enemy in one Accord. They will defeat the enemy. Watch as the lies watch as um the Lord crushes the lies under the weight of his glory. The truth of who you are and the truth of who you are in him um will be released on the earth on a massive scale. There will be new alignments new relationships new Ministries rising in power and old Ministries will receive a glory facelift. The hammer is coming down watch me work and Trust all that I’m doing in the end time Seasons Body of Christ.