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Flashback - Pope Leo XIIII's Vision from 1884

Satan: “75 to 100 years, and a greater power over those who will give themselves over to my service.”

Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel

One day, after celebrating Mass, the aged Pope Leo XIII was in conference with the Cardinals when suddenly he sank to the floor in a deep swoon. Physicians who hastened to his side could find no trace of his pulse and feared that he had expired. However, after a short interval the Holy Father regained consciousness and exclaimed with great emotion: “Oh, what a horrible picture I have been permitted to see!”

He had been shown a vision of evil spirits who had been released from Hell and their efforts to destroy the Church. But in the midst of the horror the archangel St. Michael appeared and cast Satan and his legions into the abyss of hell. Soon afterwards Pope Leo XIII composed the following prayer to Saint Michael, which is the original version: (from Tradition in Action)

Satan: “I can destroy your Church.” The gentle voice of Our Lord: “You can? Then go ahead and do so.” Satan: “To do so, I need more time and more power.” Our Lord: “How much time? How much power? Satan: “75 to 100 years, and a greater power over those who will give themselves over to my service.” Our Lord: “You have the time; you will have the power. Do with them what you will.”

Pope Leo visibly shaken from his vision and immediately rushed to his study to compose the Saint Michael Prayer.
Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host by the Divine Power of God cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits, who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen

- March 17, 2023


Barry Wunsch - The Great Awakening is upon us! - March 28, 2023

I had a very vivid dream encounter through the night, here it is as raw as I can share, nothing more, nothing less. I share it with fear and trembling out of obedience to the Father. My prayer as I share is that His will be done here on earth as it is in heaven, and may He blow upon all that is of Him and all else would fall to the ground and die. May He be lifted up and be glorified and may His people be sheltered under the shadow of His wings.
I saw a cell phone go off with the EBS.
As I looked at it and heard the sound of the alarm
It flashed Warning Warning Warning
Then I heard this announcement:
This is an emergency.
This is not a test.
Find shelter, remain indoors.
Await further instructions.
The next thing I knew, I was looking down on North America
as if from a satellite.
As I watched I saw state by state lighting up as the EBS was announced awakening the nation. It was dark and seemed to be done through the early morning hours before day break.
As it lit up The United States of America it simultaneously lit up across Canada and Mexico.
It was then I was taken in the spirit where I watched SWAT teams and equipment rolling out being deployed throughout the nation. Armored vehicles. Loud speakers. Heavily prepared special ops hitting the ground.
My sense was that they were on assignment and prepared to maintain order, as well as apprehend and arrest nefarious leaders and cabal operatives.
They were not fooling around.
Once again, I was taken by the spirit to an air base, it was there I watched fighter jets being put on scramble and hitting the runways heading out on
missions. Air cover for the ground troops but also on defense.
I was shown big radar jets on patrols.
Commercial air traffic was grounded and frozen.
This was a major controlled lock down to protect civilians during a very high level operation that had been years in the planning and execution.
There would be no fooling around, there would be consequences for those who did not comply. It was for their own safety and protection, it was part of the remedy required to execute such an operation.
The next thing I knew I was taken far off shore and shown Russian vessels and aircraft in formations. They were in reach and knocking on the door.
There was still time on the clock to avoid an escalated pending conflict.
From my perspective, the position they held was being used to enable and forcing justice to a corrupt cabal controlled American government.
Again I was taken by the spirit where I watched an EBS broadcast as President Trump took a podium and addressed the Nations.
He was clear and concise with his words as he brought reassurance to the Nation and addressed the current situation. It was well in hand, and under control. It was well planned and being executed with exacting precision.
The enemy from with in was being dealt with. Here and now. The time had come to turn things over. They had met their match. The fiasco they had been operating was coming to an end and justice was going to be served.
The cabal was in trouble, and they knew it.
I was brought into a large conference room. It was set up with tables and chairs for briefing and planning. I saw Joe Biden and his administration cowering and hiding away here, the level of confidence was extremally low if not completely gone. They were caught red handed and now trapped with no where to run or hide. Things were closing in on them. The last song was being played and they were in the final act.
The next thing I knew I was taken by the spirit into an underground chamber in Canada, where the federal government leaders from all parties were gathered together. Behind these closed doors they were not fighting one another as in the public eye, it was now evident they were all under the same control of cabal directives and were being briefed on how they were going to spin this in the public eye and how they would try to control the narrative. I knew by the spirit that their efforts would be futile to control it from here on in. It would not be long until there was full exposure to the depth of deception and deceit they had been operating in, and the damage for which they were responsible. It would not be long until they were apprehended and brought to justice as our American friends took the lead and executed the greater plan.
I was taken in the spirit once again as this played out against these evil regimes and I saw the shock waves go out from North America the Great and there was not one Nation that would not be affected, nor would they ever be the same as justice was served.
I watched as a great darkness was being lifted off the Nations and the light and Glory of God began to displace what had been impossible to displace by man, this was a great awakening! The Lord God, maker of heaven and earth was blowing upon His people empowering and enabling them the victory, and the victory coming was assured.
I could see diamonds, gold and silver as they sparkled and rained down, sparkling in the light of His Glory upon those prepared and called to steward such great wealth. It rained down in every Nation, bringing more than enough for reformation and restoration.
There were also streams of what looked like gold computer code down loading into the hands of the righteous bringing a release of wealth that had been stored up for centuries. It had been unlocked and released for such a time as this. The wealth transfer was well at hand.
Then I was taken by the spirit to what had been a dry and desolate place.
I saw the rubble and debris of what was once called the church. And it had been leveled, reduced to rubble. There was still dust in the air. The shaking had brought down everything that was not of The Father.
I watched as men and women emerged from this rubble, clearly shaken, and now with a new understanding – leaving the religious ways and spirit behind. They emerged with a new humility and Love for Jesus and understanding that they had not had or experienced. They were never going to be the same. This shaking was in fact one of the best things that could have ever happened to them. They had now entered into the fullness Kingdom life! They would build from here in a much different way – Yahweh!
Holy Spirit then spoke to me:
Barry tell my people the Great Awakening is upon them. For it is time to reveal the light of My Glory to the Nations. For I have come to set the captives free! Do you not know that I do not do anything unless I reveal it to my servants, my Prophets? Men will come and go, governments will rise and fall but My word will stand forevermore. For you have been told that you are in a new era, and I say unto you that things can not remain the same!
For those who have dishonored My name shall be held to account!
Woe unto those who have beset my little ones and caused them harm!
Woe to those who have shed innocent blood!
Truth and justice shall prevail in this hour!
I won’t have it any other way!
Nation after Nation shall turn to me in this hour as they turn from their wicked ways.
For they have known me as a baby in a manger, and they have known me as a lamb, they are about to know me as the Lion of the tribe of Judah!
There will be mens hearts that fail in times of trouble should they not turn to me and my ways.
I will restore unto you all that the enemy has stolen – and more!
Recompense shall be yours!
Holy is the word of the Lord

Diana Larkin - HEAVEN IS INVADING THE EARTH - March 29, 2023

“You have become aware of the MASSIVE WEB of evil people and dark agendas that have been raised up in HIDDENNESS and DISGUISE all over the world. They have their LYING media prophets spreading their LIES and DARK AGENDAS for them. They look UNSTOPPABLE, and there are still so many ASLEEP and UNAWARE of the DANGER the world is in from this DARK FORCE. DO NOT FEAR because HEAVEN IS HERE! HEAVEN IS INVADING the earth with a MASSIVE amount of HOSTS and ANGELS. We FAR OUTWEIGH the forces of darkness in NUMBER and in POWER. The DELIVERANCE of Israel at the Red Sea is still talked about today. HEAVEN INVADED EARTH in that specific location to soundly DEFEAT the enemy. The MASS DELIVERANCE and CLEAN UP of evil that is coming to your world, is MANY TIMES GREATER than the Red Sea rescue. The INVASION FORCE FROM HEAVEN has already TOUCHED the earth, and you can see the RESULTS in OUTBREAKS of the Holy Spirit bringing the PRESENCE, the POWER, and the GLORY in your midst. As you continue to TURN your HEART and your EYES to Me, as you WORSHIP Me and continue to WELCOME My RESCUE OPERATION, MORE and MORE INVASION FORCES FROM HEAVEN will be RELEASED on the EARTH. The LIGHT from Heaven will UNCOVER the hidden darkness and SUDDENLY AWAKEN the still sleeping. My REVELATION TRUMPS all the LIES and COVER-UPS the darkness spews out through the lying media. My REVELATION LIGHT grows as HEAVEN INVADES THE EARTH, and it is serving to AWAKEN people, and it is BREAKING UP the SHROUD of DELUSION and DECEPTION that darkness had carefully placed over the earth. The evil ones are about to find out they are not just FIGHTING PEOPLE anymore. There are MASSIVE amounts of Hosts OPPOSING THEM and DEFEATING them, as the darkness watches scheme after scheme FIZZLE or FALL SHORT of its fulfillment. PULL OUT your SWORD and JOIN FORCES with this MASSIVE HEAVENLY INVASION. And we will TRIUMPH together VALIANTLY!”

Diana Larkin - YOU ARE ARISING - March 27, 2023

“My Sons and Daughters of LIGHT, YOU ARE ARISING as those who RULE and REIGN by My side. Your PRAYERS, DECREES, and FAITH have mounted up, and the SCALES have been TIPPED. Dark THRONES are FALLING, and YOU ARE ARISING to take their places of evil rule with My rule of RIGHTEOUSNESS and FREEDOM. Heaven has INVADED the earth, and it is manifesting wherever hearts are YIELDED to My HEART and My PURPOSES. You are not IMAGINING that a GIGANTIC SHIFT has taken place. Darkness has LOST ITS GRIP over your lives and your Nation, and YOU ARE ARISING to bring in the VICTORY in all the FULLNESS that I planned. Oh, Leviathan will continue to SCREECH that the CORRUPT are the GOOD GUYS and that they are still in CONTROL. The REALITY is you will WATCH them IMPLODE in SLOW MOTION. It will be seen on CAMERA as people and props SLOWLY FALL DOWN. The darkness FELT the POWER SHIFT, and they are DOUBLING DOWN on their DARK AGENDAS. You have the AUTHORITY and the POSITION to PULL ALL THESE DARK AGENDAS DOWN and to send them back to EXPLODE in their own camp. They will begin to EXPOSE themselves, as they begin to BLUBBER and PANIC on live TV. Use EVERY WEAPON I have made available to you in this war of dark to light. These weapons are: your SWORD of TRUTH, your SHIELD of FAITH, your WORSHIP, your DECLARATIONS, your AUTHORITY over darkness, your OBEDIENCE, and your LOVE for Me and for one another. PUSH FORWARD against the FALLING, FAILING darkness until they are brought to NOTHING, and their LYING VOICES have been SILENCED. The DAWN of a NEW DAY is approaching because YOU ARE ARISING in My POWER, My GLORY, and My LOVE.”

Shelly Mosley - Firm Foundation/ 3 Words - March 24, 2023

A double minded man is unstable in all his ways the Bible says. He is a Fickle being he sits on the fence of indecision he cannot be to be loyal or faithful he chooses one side one day then the other side the next day his heart and mind are in constant conflict with each other. His instability causes him to falter he speaks out of both sides of his mouth. This should not relate to you children of almighty God your loyalty should lie with Me the God of Truth. It is time you decide whose side you are on. You cannot serve two masters. Decide this day I will never leave you or abandon you my children. I will never forsake you too many have decided it is too hard or it is taking too long for Me to move. Do not believe this lie of your enemy there is no truth to be found in him he seeks to cause you to fall away instead choose to be choose to be on My side and stand and trust Me.

My Foundation is firm and My word is sure my children don’t give up. We are nearly at the final stretch we are close to the Finish Line. Do not believe that I am not moving do not give up hope and trust in me I have never let you down why would I now I know it has been a hard and painful road you’ve been on your enemy has come at you in all directions with a desire to devour you his desires to see you give up and give in to him don’t allow this let your faith rise in this hour decide that you will believe that I am for you and that you are not defeated though you are pressed on every side you are not distressed you are perplexed but not in despair you are persecuted but 16:32 not forsaken cast down but not destroyed second Corinthians 4 8 and 9.

Remember this My children know that I am here to help you. I am here to save you out of the snare of the enemy their plots and plans against you will not prosper. They will fall this battle is not yours says the Lord but mine vengeance is not yours says the Lord. But mine let me fight for you my children let me work for your good and all that’s been trying to consume you and destroy you their plans are brought down to nothing in my sight I have already won and you should be celebrating in great victory. My children a celebration of Faith remain steadfast in what I tell you believe me at my very word I will not fail you. Things are about to change in your favor. Get ready to receive all that I have for you all that was stolen from you will be returned to you. Can you trust Me at My word? Can you believe what I tell you without seeing with your natural eyes? No, you must look through your spiritual eyes through theeEyes of faith. Your natural eyes will only deceive you that is man’s perception my perception is quite different My children I see the end from the beginning. I see what will be I see what will come this is why I say celebrate now your victory is here. …

Diana Larkin - THE POWER TO TRANSFORM - March 25, 2023

“One of the Holy Spirit’s greatest powers is THE POWER TO TRANSFORM. He hovered over creation and brought ORDER and LIGHT into the CHAOS and DARKNESS. He set in MOTION our plan of TRANSFORMATION POWER into the earth. This is why every year you see the MIRACLE of a dead, cold winter landscape come ALIVE, turn GREEN, display colorful BLOSSOMS, and bring forth FRUIT—it is THE POWER TO TRANSFORM in a visual, tangible way. My Spirit also has THE POWER TO TRANSFORM human lives from the DARKNESS and LIFELESSNESS of sin to a NEW CREATION of ever-increasing LIGHT. The earth has no say in whether or not it RESPONDS to THE POWER OF TRANSFORMATION, but you, the CROWN of My creation, you above all other created things, have a CHOICE whether to receive and COOPERATE with THE POWER OF TRANSFORMATION. You determine how much ROOM you make in your life for My Spirit’s POWER TO TRANSFORM. YIELDING and SURRENDERING to My Spirit are key, as He works in your life to CLEAN OUT the old and REPLACE it with NEWNESS, LIFE, and LIGHT. Do you want to SHINE for Jesus? Then WELCOME My Spirit’s EXCHANGE PROGRAM—you surrender the TRASH: unforgiveness, grudges, offenses, bitterness, control, and He will EXCHANGE these for FREEDOM, LIGHT, and POWER. When you HOLD ONTO things like bitterness and control, they are like PADLOCKS on doors of OPPORTUNITY and FULFILLMENT. You have the KEY to OPEN up your life to the Spirit’s POWER TO TRANSFORM—don’t hang onto the TRASH any longer! It BURDENS your life with darkness and actually STOPS My hand from RELEASING JUSTICE and RESTORATION to you. Choose to give Me the TRASH in your life, and I will give you the BRILLIANT EXCHANGE of FREEDOM, LIGHT, and POWER. Fully EMBRACE the Spirit’s POWER TO TRANSFORM.”

Glenda Jackson - I Went to Heaven & Learned the Real Meaning of 666- March 20, 2023

Well, the Lord showed me the number 19 stands for. It stands for faith all through the Bible. The Lord showed me. He allowed the number 19 to be put right in the middle of COVID, so the whole world’s faith could be tried. And in the Old Testament, the 19th book is Psalms, and your faith gets built when you read the Psalms. You get so excited like Heaven is coming down. In the New Testament, the 19th book is Hebrews, and we know that’s the faith of God, the faith book. …

Yes, on the number 666, the Lord told me, “I want you to get a piece of paper. I’m going to show you how the Antichrist is going to work through 666.” Now, it’s going to be the Roman numerals because – we’re going to – They’re going to come back under the Roman Empire, and they’re going to use the Roman numbers. And He told me – six, when God looks down, which He looks down, it’s like He’s looking in a mirror, but He sees it right. We’re the ones that see it wrong.

Well, number six is not man’s number. It’s Satan’s influence on man. Remember when Adam was created, God knew he was going to fall one day short of glory. He made him on the sixth day because He already had everything planned out.

So what is the first six in 666? It’s VI in Roman numerals. But remember, when God looks down, it’s IV. There is your medical. Under – (Sid Roth – The Antichrist.) Christ’s Spirit, every – we’re living in a generation where IVs are hooked up even on your pets, and this is a generation that’s going to see more of this than any other time. And the next is number 60, which means pride and the pride of life that it talks about. Now, in Roman numerals, it’s LX is 60, but God looks down, and it’s reversed, and it’s XL. There’s your food and your clothes. We’re living in a time when there. When I was growing up, people didn’t wear extra large, and you didn’t go in a restaurant or drive-through, and they go, “Do you want to extra-large this?” Everything is extra large. And then the last, this really blew me away when God showed me. Six hundred means warfare. What is 600? It’s DC, but you turn it around it means your banking. (Sid Roth – CD.) and your music, entertainment. We didn’t have CDs when we were growing up, and the bank even has CDs now. So everything there is what the flesh cannot get by without. Do you see that?

Now, will the Antichrist be Roman? Will he be Jewish? Jewish, and He showed me the blueprint of the Antichrist is based on Solomon. Remember this. Solomon came out of the tribe of Judah, so the Antichrist has to copy everything. (Sid Roth – It’s a cheap counterfeit of the authentic Yeshua. Jesus came from the tribe of Judah.)  And Solomon, everything he did fit. The money he gathered was 666. You can find that in II Chronicles. …

Linda Courtney - What Is coming To America March 20, 2023

I am very grieved at the millions on this earth who still drag their feet and refuse to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Pride and Rebellion stop such people from receiving the greatest gift in all of creation. It is because of such sins that I must allow a soon coming time of greatest chastisement on this nation and on the world. Prepare, prepare, your hearts, souls, spirits, minds, and bodies My beloved ones. For this grave chastisement must fall quickly. Now have I not spoken to you before about such a time and more importantly does not my word My Holy scripture speak of this time. Oh foolish people yes even among My people who have convinced themselves that they can pray away My words that are written in stone. Listen my beloved My words that are written in stone. Stand as they are and your breath in prayer is wasted on such thoughts to wipe them away from eventual occurrence.

Now My children I must speak to you of the blanket of dark that is soon to fall and cover the Earth. I must speak to you about the blanket of dark that is soon to fall and cover the Earth. Many scoff at this reality but if it’s recorded in My word. And it is this shall come to pass on that Great and Mighty day the shadows will be erased and total darkness shall engulf the entire world. But suddenlies are coming first have I not spoken about the suddenlies that are soon to happen in the world. Such as wars rumors of wars, earthquakes, volcanoes, natural disasters, crimes, escalation of violence in the world. And when you see these things happen know to you before about such a time. And more importantly does not My word, My Holy Scripture speak of this time? O foolish people yes even among My people who have convinced themselves that they can pray away My words that are written in stone. Listen my beloved My words that are written in stone stand as they are and your breath in prayer is wasted on such thoughts to wipe them away from eventual occurrence now.

My children, I must speak to you of the blanket of dark that is soon to fall and cover the earth. I must speak to you about the blanket of dark that is soon to fall and cover the earth. Many scoff at this reality. But if it’s recorded in my word and it is this shall come to pass on that great and mighty day. The shadows will be erased and total darkness shall engulf the entire world. But suddenlies are coming first have I not spoken about the suddenlies that are soon to happen in the world such as Wars rumors of wars earthquakes volcanoes natural disasters crimes escalation of violence in the world and when you see these things happen know that the darkness soon follows. Yes, the gross darkness engulfs the world to announce the arrival of the evil one and you know of whom I speak.

Your theologians call him Antichrist,  I call him foul evil the Son of Perdition and Satan’s spawn. The evil wickedness he and his minions have created on Earth the past six thousand years will be coming to an end before too long. I assure you however as My Holy Word tells you eventually all hell will be released upon the Earth. This day My scribe, My daughter, who has served Me for many years is being used by My Holy Spirit to send forth a very strong message now this is for America. America the land of the free and the home of the brave indeed. That is what you were in times past. But so much has changed that your younger generation is not even aware of the changes. I see your once great nation now as a land of sin, corruption, and degradation. The vast majority of the citizens in your nation have sold out, and pledged allegiance to the side of wickedness.

Diana Larkin - I AM A MIRACLE WORKING GOD - March 24, 2023

“I AM and I have ALWAYS been A MIRACLE WORKING GOD. I have HEARD My peoples’ voices CRYING OUT for DELIVERANCE and RELIEF because of the harshness of the season, and for VICTORY over the darkness that wants to CONSUME you. Just as in the days of Moses when the people CRIED OUT to Me for DELIVERANCE, I will COME DOWN, My FOOT will TOUCH the earth, and you will see A MIRACLE WORKING GOD. No one could mistake the MIRACLE of the RED SEA PARTING, as I made a way of DELIVERANCE open before them. I AM going to DELIVER your Nation, and it will go ALL AROUND the WORLD to set people FREE because many PHARAOHS have arisen to expand the empire of darkness that STEALS, KILLS, and DESTROYS. You will see NATIONWIDE MIRACLES take place, but I will also bring My MIRACLE WORKING POWER into the lives of HUNGRY, SEEKING people. You have already seen the BEGINNINGS of this taking place, as My GLORY touches people where the POWER and FIRE of My Spirit is BREAKING OUT. You can ask for My MIRACLE WORKING GLORY to fall on your OWN LIFE, on your FAMILY, and on your Nation, and I will RELEASE it to you. Does this all seem TO GOOD TO BE TRUE? Get ready to be OVERWHELMED by My GOODNESS, My FAITHFULNESS, and My MIRACLE WORKING POWER. This season of darkness and warfare has been INTENSE, but My season to SHOW OFF as A MIRACLE WORKING GOD will be GREATER. Ask the Holy Spirit to ENLARGE YOUR HEART to receive all I have planned because you’re about to be AMAZED by A MIRACLE WORKING GOD.”

Diana Larkin - THE SOUNDS OF SILENCE - March 23, 2023

A day will come when I SILENCE the VOICE of the enemy speaking through his PUPPETS, the MEDIA. What will people do when there are not voices telling them what to THINK and how to FEEL? People have grown so DEPENDENT on and MESMERIZED by the LYING MEDIA that they have LOST the ABILITY to THINK THINGS THROUGH or to be able to SEPARATE TRUTH FROM LIES. DISCERNMENT has FALLEN by the wayside because people have been SLOWLY DUPED into depending on others for information, rather than learning to SEARCH A MATTER OUT. I want you to PRACTICE your SEARCHING SKILLS and your DISCERNMENT so that you are able to RECOGNIZE PROPAGANDA and SMOOTH LIES. You will be called upon to HELP others LEARN to SEARCH and DISCERN—especially when THE SOUNDS OF SILENCE fill the airwaves. People will be LOST and CONFUSED and will need to learn how to think for themselves again. Teaching people to have a FOUNDATION in My Word will help them learn to separate DARKNESS FROM LIGHT. When you search out things in My Word, you will begin to SEE from My PERSPECTIVE, and you’ll IMMEDIATELY RECOGNIZE  a COUNTERFEIT. Learn to bring your QUESTIONS to Me, and I will bring you ANSWERS based in TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS. Peoples’ ‘THINKERS’ have gotten LAZY because they have allowed talking heads of MEDIA to do the thinking for them. When I SILENCE Leviathan’s voice and THE SOUNDS OF SILENCE fill the air, be ready to DIRECT people to Me, the FOUNT of all WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE. Part of the Great Awakening is to help people THINK and DISCERN again. This will SPARK CREATIVITY and many new INVENTIONS that will BLESS your world. BREAK FREE from that MINDSET that wants to be TOLD what to THINK and DO, and be ready to EMBRACE THE SOUNDS OF SILENCE, for then a NEW AGE of FREEDOM and PROSPERITY will unfold.”

Chris Bennett - Mock Not God’s Ekklesia - March 23, 2023

Then The LORD spoke, “I AM bringing the battle against the mockers and those who jeer and laugh at your faith to a head.

Will you stand with Me? Will you too stand and lift up your hands and worship Me that I might bring to nothing the efforts of your enemies to distract you?

Your anointing, your assignment, brings fear into the enemy camp, so he mocks you and jeers you.

So I will cause him to ‘self-destruct’ as I did the other Philistines in 1 Samuel 14:20, for they are surely Philistines who jeer and mock the servants of The LORD! and they shall surely be destroyed!

But you must also play your part. You must stand in Faith against those mockers and jeerers, and you must keep standing for as long as you stand so I, The LORD, shall destroy them.

But if you give them any ground at all, then surely they shall continue to seek to destroy you!”

Then He concluded, “Just as I, The LORD, will not be mocked, then surely neither will I allow My prophets or My people to be mocked!”

Shelly Mosley - Great Celebration is Coming - March 18, 2023

March the 18th of 2023 and He said my children take your Harps out of the willows. Wet your lips and prepare to blow your trumpets. Eat the last of your funeral cake because celebration is on the horizon great celebrations are about to be had the captives are about to be free. Be prepared to shout what happened on the 7th March around the walls of Jericho the walls fell and My people took the city. They shouted and they blew their trumpets and the walls fell to dust. Prepare to make cakes of rejoicing the flour and oil continue to flow there is a cloud that is that has formed the size of a man’s hand. Prepare for rain, prepareyour fields for rain for your dry parched season is nearly over. Celebrations like the like you have never seen are about to be seen. My glory has fallen in many places and it will continue to spread with judgment on one hand and mercy on the other. I am making my way through the crowds in search of those who are mine in search of those who have repented and have turned their hearts toward Me.

Many have been found but many I am still searching for I the Lord I am on your side I have never left you. Darkness has covered you for far too long and the light of truth is breaking through. Great beams of light are breaking through the darkness cannot hide the light no matter how hard it tries. The darkness cannot cover the light for long those things that have been buried and hidden are about to resurface. I am uncovering even the good things that have been hidden the things within yourselves that you thought were dead and dry. I am breathing new life into the season of walking around the walls of Jericho in silence are about to be over. You are about to shout the walls down get Me out of the box you have had me in and give Me full reign over your life. Give Me full reign over your churches. I have been bottled up and placed on a shelf in many places I have not been welcome in many welcome me in watch me move and work in a way that you never thought possible take Me out of the boxes in your mind. The box that says I cannot change situations. I cannot heal, I cannot answer the cries of my people. Take Me out of that confinement and let Me have free reign.

It is my desire that no man perish but that every man come to know Me. It is not My desire to see man fall and fail My mercy and judgment reigns. But My Mercy is great I have given many chances of repentance. I have given many chances but many did not listen. Many did not want to hear the truth they did not wantMe. Oh but many do there is a hunger rising among my people. There is a hunger invading places that have never known Me. I am feeding my sheep I am keeping a watchful eye over them. I will not let one escape out of the mouths of lions. I will take you out of the paws of the bear. I will save you let me be God and you be. My child stop taking the reins out of my hands that steer you stop taking the reins away from Me and let Me work.

My children your understanding is limited it is limited to only what I allow you to see it is limited to only what I allow you to hear. But the choice is yours turn your free will over to Me. And remove the scalesfrom your eyes so that you can see clearly unstop your ears so that you can hear what the spirit of God is saying to you in this hour. Stand in expectation of great change stand in expectation of the things that I am about to do for you says the Lord.

Great changes are on the horizon for your good I am getting many out of the way who have stood in their arrogance against Me. Many will be removed. The decision has been made on their part therefore the decision has been made on mine. Many are unraveling at their own doing they are reaping the consequences of their wicked decisions they are reaping. Many have fallen into the Trap I have set. They try to wiggle out but there is no wiggle room. They are stuck many will cry out to me but I will not hear their cries. They will not cry out and sorry they will only cry out in desperation not in tepentance. Therefore I am turning My face against them oh but the light of my face Shines on. My children it shines upon them take off your clothes of mourning my children and put on the garments of praise the return of your joy is imminent the return of your joy is now. So celebrate this day celebrate your victory because I the Lord have handed it to you.

I have said that things are being flipped right side up. I have said that what is coming will change your life on Earth. What is coming is greater than you could ever imagine. Freedom will reign over you freedoms you have never known. Be glad be glad as you go into the house of the Lord celebrate your victory. Celebrate it in faith see it in the spirit it is done it is finished. Darkness a little longer My children and then light light. So bright you can’t open your eyes to see it so praise Me this day. Praise Me before you see the victory praise Me now for My plans are good and your tomorrows will be the best you’ve ever known the rightful Kings will return to the Nations as I set Kings and I remove them. It is by My hand the harvest is here My children prepare to reap. The seeds that have been sown have fully matured and it’s now time to reap …

It’s 11:59 My children the clock is about to strike midnight and your lives are about to change forever. I have already said that many of your three-letter agencies will either be removed or changed. Investigations are covering them many are about to lose their jobs. Many of the laws you’ve been forced to sit under will be reversed. Many of the people that you thought were truly elected were not. They too will be removed and replaced. The truth has chased them down and the truth will reign in this hour celebrate your victory My children. It will be worldwide it is because of My great love for you that. I do what I am doing it is because of the cries of the people. Sorry it is because the cries of My people has risen into My ears that I move. The Lion’s mouths will be shut the mockers will be silenced. The naysayers will be removed. So stand up and shout your Victory prepare for rain. My children prepare for floods of My glory to come in you are at the precipice of change step into My glory cloud and rejoice. …

Diana Larkin - THE STORM CLOUDS ARE GATHERING - March 22, 2023

“In the spiritual realm, THE STORM CLOUDS ARE GATHERING. The enemy and those who serve him have a DARK STORM they are preparing to UNLEASH against the world. They plan to cause GREAT DEVASTATION and DEATH. To those STORM CLOUDS, I say, ‘HA!’ Their STORM is being STOPPED by My strong RIGHT ARM, and it will be BLOWN APART by the WIND of My Spirit. There is still a STORM BREWING…OMINOUS, DARK, and FULL OF FURY…but this STORM will not TOUCH My people because it is MEANT FOR THE WICKED. The HIGH and MIGHTY will become the LOWLY and the FLATTENED, blown off their HIGH TOWERS of GREED and ARROGANCE by My STRONG STORM WINDS. My LIGHTNINGS will display their WICKEDNESS and My THUNDERINGS will proclaim My JUDGMENTS against them. This STORM will SHAKE the very FOUNDATIONS of EVIL in your Nation, and it will DESTROY them. Those who built their LIVES and FORTUNES on these evil foundations of GREED, CORRUPTION, and PERVERSION will FALL QUITE SUDDENLY, and they will end their lives with NOTHING, NOTHING at all. When My STORM CLOUDS CLEAR, a NEW DAY will dawn that will result in UNITY and PEACE. You will be the RESTORERS of your Land, your families, your institutions, and it will be FINANCED from the WEALTH OF THE WICKED. When you see THE STORM CLOUDS GATHERING, do not be afraid, for it is My STORM OF JUDGMENT against the wicked, and it will result in JUSTICE for My people and My Nation. I AM God, there is no other.”

Wings of Prophecy - March 19, 20, 30, 2023

Kent Christmas - PROPHETIC WORD [The NEXT 7 DAYS] Mortal Wound Prophecy - March 19, 2023

God said: In the next 7 days, I’m going to hit a portal wound, to the enemy of the United States of America. And it is setting the stage, says the Lord, for the month of April. God says, I’m opening the Heaven upon this Church, and upon this Nation, and there is gooing to be a Rain of the blessings and the Favor of the Lord.

Diana Larkin - A HEART LIKE MINE - March 19, 2023

“As you step into your UNKNOWN FUTURE—personally and as a Nation—let your heart REST in the fact that My PLANS for you and your Land were FORMED LONG AGO and that they will be FULFILLED with My PERFECT FAITHFULNESS. You have asked Me to come SAVE and RESCUE you, and I will RESPOND to your cries with DELIVERANCE and VICTORY far BEYOND your IMAGINATION OR EXPECTATIONS. Remember that the death of My Son on the cross had the appearance of the GREATEST DEFEAT in the history of man. Hell SCREAMED in FRANTIC, FROTHING DELIGHT while the followers of My Son experienced the SHATTERING of all their HOPES and EXPECTATIONS. The most important thing for you to remember is that this was not the END OF THE STORY. The GREATEST DEFEAT ever experienced was TURNED to the GREATEST VICTORY by the POWER of My RESURRECTION. In a MOMENT of BLINDING POWER, Hell’s SHRILL VICTORY became a TOTAL CRUSHING DEFEAT. Hell is about to think they have finally won this time in defeating your Nation, but I tell you I AM still the God of RESURRECTION POWER. Your Nation will be BORN AGAIN and will live in the light of My GLORY and My GOODNESS. SPEAK LIGHT into the DARKNESS, SPEAK LIFE into the LIFELESS, and SPEAK HOPE into the HOPELESS. RESURRECTION DAY is coming for your Nation! This will be the fulfillment of PLANS FORMED LONG AGO.”

Michelle May Ministries - Prophecy for America - March 15, 2023

From (December 18th, 2022) Tell the people to pray, pray, pray, fast, fast, fast. This vision … is My prefect plan for My beloved daughter America. This plan includes riding Her of corruption and darkness, and restoring her to her original foundation. I AM Her foundation. Those perfectly resounding fathers came to America so they could freely worship Me their savior, deliverer, and friend. IHer destiny I wrote for America so long ago has not been rewritten. Her destiny is inscribed on a scroll here in the realm where I dwell. I have not changed My mind. I know this season in Her history would come and I am in it. Working behind the scenes in ways you do not know and cannot understand. I am moving on Her behalf I am moving on your behalf. Your prayers both spoken and unspoken ones have moved My heart. Oh, how I love listing to you pray. Oh, how I love how you reach out to Me the author and finisher of your faith. Yes, dear ones America shall be saved. She will become a beacon of light once again bring hope and healing to the nations. For that is part of the destiny I Myself wrote for Her. This restoring has begun and with it I am bring a great reformation. As with all restorations and reformations. There must first be a tearing down of the old before the new begins. …

Money systems have become corrupt and it is time to tear them down. Therefore, do not be overwhelmed by the evil being exposed. But instead, be encouraged for this is what will cause the corrupt structures to implode and fall. Rest assured those corrupt sectors will fall. I Myself will see to it. Continue to pray that all wicked, hidden thieves, be exposed and brought to light. Pray for justice to be administered. Continue to pray for your enemies for a few key enemies shall be saved. Pray for those on the front lines for freedom. And continue to walk closely with Me …

Diana Larkin - A HEART LIKE MINE - March 19, 2023

“I have many PURPOSES in this war against the DARKNESS. I AM FREEING your world from the grip of TYRANNY and AWFUL DEATH AGENDAS. I AM POURING out My Spirit and My GLORY to bring many into the Kingdom and to release HEALING to the multitudes. I AM holding darkness and those who partnered with it ACCOUNTABLE for their STEALING, KILLING, and DESTROYING. I AM REWARDING, RESTORING, and RECOMPENSING those who have BELIEVED My promises and who have FOUGHT by My side to WIN this war. As important as all those things are, I have another GOAL that is of HIGHEST importance to Me and that is to DEVELOP in you A HEART LIKE MINE. If I have a people who CARRY My HEART, then FREEDOM will be maintained, WISE RULERS will be raised up from among you, and you will be an ACCURATE REFLECTION of My HEART to the world. My CHARACTER will be DISPLAYED in your life, and it will DRAW people to Me, and they will want to know Me. You will develop A HEART LIKE MINE by SPENDING TIME with Me, POURING out your heart to Me in WORSHIP and with questions and needs, WAITING to HEAR My answers to you, FEASTING on My Word, and allowing the Holy Spirit to SEARCH your heart for ways that are contrary to My HEART. I don’t send you SUFFERING—that comes from sin and the enemy—, but I will use these things that come against you to DIG WELLS OF COMPASSION in your heart, to TEACH you the FREEDOM of FORGIVING those who bring suffering into your life, to TEACH you to WAR against the enemy’s attacks, and to EMBRACE VICTORY and HEALING (before you see its fullness) because this GROWS DEEP FAITH ROOTS. I AM using everything in your life (including your own sin and mess-ups) to form in you A HEART LIKE MINE. This is the GREATEST TREASURE you have to offer to the world. VALUE and REALIZE that everything you’re going through in your life and in this war will come TOGETHER and will give you A HEART LIKE MINE.”


The Lord please showed me he says you will see now. This is the words of the Lord now you will see the unity of my church. Yes, amen My body will come to unite as one whoa glory to God. That’s good news man. So you have to understand what’s happening here. He uses the word My church and My body not a church. It says My church his church and my body will come to Unity he becomes a day will be in one accord as of the days of My Pentecost. He uses the word not man’s Pentecost. Because I said well why would you say that look he said hey there was two Pentecost going on one up an upper room and one they were celebrating. Yeah God’s pinnacle he said My Pentecost. The Upper Room Pentecost that’s what he was referring to I said okay so he says My Pentecost, My spirit will move in a greater way on My church. And My church will know that I am the Lord. …

Families are divided and the Lord wanted to show me what he was doing in the unity. When the as he is starting to bring the unity back together in the church. Then he showed me healings in the families. Wow family listen to me Saints I’m telling you when God is when he is going to do a he is the author and the finisher of our faith he is a how do I say this he is a family savior it’s a when it comes to the Lord. It’s about the family you know he you know it grieves him to see a family in him divide. It that’s why he says a divided house cannot stand. God’s going to bring family members together that will at odds with each other for years. He’s going to bring them together. You’re going to see phone calls from people that you thought that all of a sudden you will never have anything to do with. They’re going to be a phone call there’s going to be a text there’s going to be a letter in the mail. There’s going to be a vision and a dream call him call her. …T his this Unity is going to be Universal not just the United States. It’s going to be Universal oh wow globally you want to start seeing this yeah and people are going to start testifying and this has come. …

So we know that something’s about to be done here. He said greed will be exposed. My children greed will be exposed. What does profit of man oh he said that he didn’t say that he said what does profit anyone to gain the world and lose their soul. Yes, I will change and I will shift and I will turn over the money changer. Money changers in this era wow but he goes deeper but my children called by Me. He says his name will be the head and not to tail. So there was going to be a shift in positions. An authority were looked like those that were wicked it was in authority. You will see a many of the righteous are now will be coming to authority. It goes deeper prepare My children and stand and see the glory of God. Do not fear what you hear and see regarding the financial institutions. Many are saying no more banks, no more credit union, unions no more institutions, not so my children. A shift in finances we shift and finances. He’s been saying that to me since the beginning.

I’m so the beginning and ending of last of December and made it very strong and firm in January. A ship you will see a shifting what do you mean it’s a shifting. I went deeper on that an adjustment will be done not what people think. He said it is the wicked that’s trying to bring a financial disaster but this will not be so you will see birth pains you will see birth paining’s as if this is bad this is bad. This is going on he said but at the end of the day it will not be so. There are people that said you know oh boy what about this I said um okay those are little birthing those things will happen read the history.

So, God goes on and I you know I want to keep My time here. So God goes on many will fail adults in the past and many will rise. He was talking about the financial institution. This is already spoken many will fall and many will rise. I will raise up for my purpose and I speak I speak this again, said it the Lord. And I will anoint this is him saying it. I will anoint the gold and silver and currency. um I will anoint so something’s going to take place and some things are going to take place. So get ready Saints get ready since I do believe in supernatural wealth transfers. I do believe whatever I do believe that God is still has stirred up the wealth of the wicked for the what righteous. What that level is I don’t know what that is what that portion is for individuals that’s between you and God. But I do believe that God is thinking about you. He’s thinking about your need. Your physical need healing, your financial, need provision. …

Diana Larkin - IS LAZARUS DEAD YET? - March 18, 2023

“My Army of Light has many QUESTIONS, as we head into the FINAL DAYS of battle to DEFEAT the darkness that wants to CONSUME you. You look at your Nation and wonder, ‘How DARK is it going to get?’ I’ve compared your Nation to LAZARUS rising from the GRAVE and so you wonder, ‘IS LAZARUS DEAD YET?’ You ask, ‘How much WORSE do things have to get before people WAKE UP to the DANGER they are in?’ I UNDERSTAND your questions because you’ve NEVER WALKED THIS WAY BEFORE. You find yourselves on a DARK and SLIPPERY PRECIPICE with only My WORD and PROMISES that the precipice will PROPEL you into a future of LIGHT, PEACE, LOVE, and PLENTY. Added to the UNKNOWN FUTURE, you are surrounded by OBLIVIOUS people who don’t recognize the DANGER or know about the DARK AGENDAS planned for them. This is why I AM allowing the darkness to have the APPEARANCE of increasing so that those still asleep will be SHAKEN AWAKE. It is against this DARK BACKDROP that the LIGHT of My RESCUE OPERATION and My GLORY will be UNMISTAKABLE, and the world will AWAKEN to My PRESENCE and My POWER. Here is what will STEADY you through this season: I KNOW the enemy’s dark plans, and I have TAKEN THE STING OUT OF THEM, I AM allowing their dark schemes to continue in order to EXPOSE them and to AWAKEN the world to their DARK AGENDAS. The darkness does not know that I have placed SEVERE LIMITS on what they have planned, and NONE of their schemes will reach their FULFILLMENT. These schemes still seem very THREATENING but realize it is only the APPEARANCE of evil that remains. Instead of being drawn into PANIC at what APPEARS to be happening, keep your FAITH in My PROMISES of RESUCE and of a NEW DAY and a NEW WAY to live in FREEDOM and PLENTY. Don’t keep POKING LAZARUS to see if he’s DEAD yet—FOCUS on My PROMISES of RESURRECTION at just the right time. I AM the God of the FULLNESS of LIFE and that is what is in store for you!”

Mandi - Prophetic word from Jesus! - March 15, 2023

He said wake them up My child wake them up I’m coming. Well that happened again yesterday morning and um he came over even stronger on me even stronger and um and I just felt the urgency. … I’m coming My child I am coming please warn them no one knows My time or hour but I am coming soon. Soon what is the root word of soon I was trying to look that up I think it means quickly. But I’m not sure you guys can tell me you know my season is here are your lamps are your oil lamps full are you waiting for me or are you waiting for Me or are you waiting for My arrival or are you stuck in this world?

Many people have called on me and many are still lost. I speak truth yet they cannot see the strong delusion over their eyes believing in Me. And trusting Me is the only way to break that delusion. My warnings are final and My warnings are almost done. Disaster there are lots of disasters coming the world has not been fully shaken yet. But it will be soon. The banks it’s just the first part. There’s way more to come there will be more collapses. Can you not see the signs all around you? Are you awake yet My children? … Alaska they are going to get hit pretty hard financially. France and Italy this is just the beginning. There’s more coming a government takeover, and chaos, and riots in the street. Are you looking up do you see what I have been doing? I warn you because I love you.

I delay because I love you. But do you love Me. Do you believe in me what are the desires of your heart? Are they for Me or are they against Me? Do you know what it’s like to truly love your neighbor? Why do you mock them? Why do you scoff at them. Digital currency is making a way. There are many banks that have already signed off on it and the media won’t tell you this, But it’s all happening right under your noses and the money will be worth nothing soon. You will have to be part of their system. Some of you have no idea what’s coming. My believers they know I’m coming for them. They have faced many trials and tribulations already and they have endured to The End by still worshiping Me. They haven’t sold their souls and they understand what it’s like to love. They understand what it’s like to trust My word is true and I said no.

There shall be lost there is no trickery or deceit. These are warnings to wake you up these are warnings because I love you and I’m trying to save you. Do you want to be left behind and die for My glory? Faith do you have any? Just believe in me trust in Me and I will save you. …


“My GLORY is HERE and will continue to INCREASE across your Land. It is your CHOICE—your free will—that will DETERMINE how My GLORY AFFECTS YOU. If you are partnered with DARKNESS, My GLORY will cause you INCREASING BLINDNESS. You will be kept IN THE DARK about My PLANS and PURPOSES, and you won’t be able to ACCESS the GUIDANCE of the darkness. CONFUSION and PANIC will overtake your ARROGANT confidence and your COMPLEX DARK SCHEMES. If you continue to pursue darkness, My GLORY will eventually CRUSH you, and you will LOSE EVERYTHING. Sadly, there is another group who will not be blessed by My GLORY and that group are those in My Church who LISTEN to the VOICE of the RELIGIOUS SPIRIT. My GLORY is causing them INCREASING BLINDNESS because they REFUSE to acknowledge that I AM a SUPERNATURAL God. They BLINDLY continue to CRITICIZE how I AM moving in this season to REVITALIZE My Body. 
Their HARDNESS of heart will INCREASE their BLINDNESS and will cause them to be INCREASINGLY IRRELEVANT. Pray that they would be AWAKENED to the POWER of My Spirit and My GLORY. For those whose HEARTS and EYES are turned TOWARDS Me and who are LONGING for My GLORY to fall on their LIVES and on their NATION, My GLORY will bring INCREASING REVELATION of My POWER and My WISDOM WAYS. You will BATHE in the LIGHT of My GLORY, and it will bring SALVATION, DELIVERANCE, HEALING, RESCUE, and WISDOM for the choices you need to make. My GLORY is here and will be INCREASING. Choose to EMBRACE My GLORY, and you will receive INCREASING REVELATION of My GOODNESS and My POWER.”

Diana Larkin - It is now HARVEST time ... - March 16, 2023

“Seeds of DESTRUCTION and seeds of LIFE were sown into the foundation of your Nation. It is now HARVEST time for those seeds have reached the MATURE crop stage. Those whose eyes I have OPENED can see the DARK HARVEST of EVIL and TYRANNY and the HARVEST of LIGHT and GLORY that My hand has inspired. My Army of Light has chosen to partner with Me in MOWING DOWN and TRAMPLING the DARK harvest that evil men have planned for centuries, and My Army is joining Me in CALLING FORTH the harvest of LIGHT and GLORY, and they are JOYFULLY bringing in the sheaves. Yes, DARKNESS was sowed into your foundation but so was My LIGHT, and My LIGHT always OVERCOMES the darkness. The ARROGANT elite thought they were so clever at planting the Nation with DARK SEEDS that the UNDISCERNING GULLIBLY ACCEPTED. In their PRIDE, they DISDAINED the SMALL SEEDS of LIGHT that I planted at the same time. This PRIDE will prove to be their DOWNFALL. They always UNDERESTIMATE the POWER of My GOODNESS. I AM going to INFUSE these words, ‘Give me your tired, your poor,’ with My RESURRECTION POWER, and this Nation will be brought through the Red Sea (Moses), resurrected from death (Lazarus), secure the defeat of those who tried to destroy you, and take your place ruling and reigning by My side (Esther). REJOICE that My HARVEST of LIGHT is coming to OVERPOWER the dark harvest.”

Diana Larkin - THE WINGS OF AN EAGLE - March 15, 2023

“I want to TEACH you how to SOAR ABOVE CIRCUMSTANCES on THE WINGS OF AN EAGLE. My Army of Light, you have AWAKENED to much of the CORRUPTION and DECEPTION in your world, but you don’t FULLY realize how EARTHBOUND and RESTRICTED your VISION and your FREEDOM have been. Will you allow Me to BREAK you free from all the CHAINS and TIE DOWNS that have held you CAPTIVE to world systems—especially FINANCIALLY. The enemy has SOWED FEAR OF LOSS into your culture so that there is great STRIVING and ANXIETY over having enough. Those partnered with darkness MANIPULATE the financial system so you have to WORK HARDER and, meanwhile, they are STEALING from you behind the scenes. It’s time to BREAK My people out of the BONDAGE that these modern day Egyptians built. Will you allow Me to set you FREE from this BONDAGE to a SLAVE FINANCIAL SYSTEM? If I can PRY your fingers off what you consider financial SECURITY and move your EYES and TRUST onto your Great God (the God of MORE than ENOUGH), you will find the EARTHLY and DEMONIC SHACKLES fall away, and you will SOAR LIKE AN EAGLE in My FREEDOM, My SUPPLY, My PROSPERITY. The eagles’ NEST is about to COME APART. Before it completely falls to pieces, LEARN to put your TRUST, your HOPE, and your FAITH in Me to be your PROVIDER and the One who SUSTAINS and PROSPERS you. You will LOVE the FREEDOM of seeing circumstances with My eyes, as you learn to SOAR on THE WINGS OF AN EAGLE.”

Diana Larkin - THE GREAT DISMANTLING - March 14, 2023

“The GREAT DISMANTLING has begun. DO NOT FEAR this season because it will RESULT in GREAT BLESSING and FAVOR for My people. This is the time to TURN your EYES and your HEART COMPLETELY to Me so that you do not WAVER in FAITH as systems you thought were RELIABLE and FOR your BENEFIT are shown to be FRAUDULENT and designed to ENRICH a SELFISH FEW. Do not be DISMAYED if your funds SEEM to DISAPPEAR, as man’s systems FAIL. Have you seen the STOREHOUSES of RICHES that I have in Heaven? I can EASILY double, triple, up to sevenfold REPLACE any losses you may seem to have had. So much in your world is an ILLUSION, and I AM ushering in an HONEST and TRUE system of finance that BLESSES you instead of ENSLAVING you. Be still and know that I AM God. Be JOYFUL that you will know Me as your TRUE PROVIDER who will NEVER FAIL you. Any seeming LOSSES will be SHORT-LIVED, and My people will enter days of FINANCIAL FREEDOM like you’ve never seen. DECLARE to your soul, ‘FAITH, ARISE! STEADY my HEART and my HOPE to be in God ALONE.’ I AM a good, good Father who JOYFULLY PROVIDES for His children out of the storehouses of Heaven and according to My RICHES in GLORY in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19). The GREAT DISMANTLING of EVIL has begun, so CALL IN My Kingdom of PLENTY and PEACE to be ESTABLISHED in your midst.”

Diana Larkin - THE FIRE OF MY SPIRIT - March 13, 2023

“I have RELEASED THE FIRE OF MY SPIRIT upon the earth. It has BROKEN OUT in SMALL WILDFIRES, but it is now MOVING into more and more places. It will become a WORLDWIDE BLAZE that CANNOT be PUT OUT by the DARKNESS or by any RELIGIOUS CRITICS who know the letter of the Law, but who do not KNOW MY HEART. THE FIRE OF MY SPIRIT is BREAKING OUT wherever there are HUNGRY HEARTS. There are NO BORDERS to this MOVE of My SPIRIT, and you will see it manifest in LIKELY PLACES (churches, chapels) and UNLIKELY PLACES (bars, parks, seashores, schools, sports events, government and business meetings). My FIRE is a CONSUMING FIRE, but it only burns up what is not of Me. If My FIRE removed something from your life, it is not a LOSS, it is a GAIN of FREEDOM—a freedom to KNOW Me on a DEEPER LEVEL and to FULLY experience the POWER OF MY LOVE. This FIRE OF MY SPIRIT will also FALL upon the WICKED. SUDDENLY, right in the middle of a SECRET, HIGH-LEVEL MEETING, My SPIRIT will BREAK OUT bringing TERROR, CONFUSION, and PANIC, as they are faced with THE FIRE OF MY SPIRIT that will BURN UP their BLUEPRINTS for their next planned DISASTER. The FEAR OF THE LORD will be so GREAT that they will RUN in PANIC from their meeting. Their FOCUS will be on SAVING THEMSELVES, and they will TURN ON ONE ANOTHER trying to ESCAPE the CONSUMING FIRE of My SPIRIT. The breakout of THE FIRE OF MY SPIRIT will usher in the RESCUE OPERATION. Its CONSUMING FIRE will bring GLORY to hearts seeking Me, and it will bring GREAT JUDGMENT to those partnered with darkness.”
ISAIAH 1:31 “The ‘powerful elite’ will become like kindling and their evil deeds like sparks—both will burn together and no one will be able to put out the fire.” (TPT)


“Can My LIGHT SUDDENLY BREAK THROUGH the deep darkness in such a POWERFUL way that when MORNING DAWNS, a Nation has been BORN-AGAIN? In the middle of one night, do I have the POWER to completely CHANGE the COURSE of a Land CAPTURED by darkness? Can a Nation be REBORN IN A DAY? Does this seem like too big a CHALLENGE to you that BEFORE THE DAWN BREAKS, IT WILL ALL BE CHANGED? I AM who I say I AM. What I PROMISE, I DELIVER on. Can a TRUTH BOMB be so BIG that when it is dropped, it will BLOW UP and COMPLETELY EXPOSE the deep darkness? This TRUTH BOMB will come in a way you have not even considered. It will DELIGHT you, and it will bring COMPLETE DESTRUCTION and DEFEAT to your enemies. Your VICTORY will ARISE out of your enemies’ ASHES. Your enemies think they have gotten away with their SCAM, but I AM coming with JUDGMENT in one hand and HEALING in the other. You will see My JUDGMENTS RELEASED like you have NEVER seen them released before. You will also see My HEALING come to your Land, and I will RESTORE you like you have NEVER DREAMED of being restored, and you will be PAID BACK all that was STOLEN from you. Can this happen that BEFORE THE DAWN BREAKS, IT WILL ALL BE CHANGED? You’d better BELIEVE it!”

Diana Larkin - KEEP THE FLAME BURNING BRIGHTLY - March 10, 2023

“No matter what outward circumstances you face, if you KEEP THE FLAME BURNING BRIGHTLY in your heart, you will be WARM in My LOVE (no COLD HEART of FEAR). When you first believed the GOOD NEWS of a SAVIOR, My SPIRIT LIGHTS a SPARK in your heart. As you WORSHIP Me, EAT My WORD, and COMMUNE with Me, that SPARK becomes a FLAME. You FAN that FLAME into a ROARING FIRE by SURRENDERING every area of your HEART, your THOUGHTS, and your LIFE into My WISE, POWERFUL, and LOVING HANDS. The more you SURRENDER to Me, the more you will RECOGNIZE My FAITHFULNESS in your life. The BURNING SURRENDERED HEART is a heart I can ENTRUST to receive My SECRETS and REVELATIONS abut the FUTURE. When SHAKINGS come, the on-fire heart knows it is SAFE in the GUIDANCE and SHELTER I provide. Do you want your heart to BURN MORE BRIGHTLY for Me? Ask My SPIRIT, the FLAME-STARTER and SUSTAINER to HELP you see anything that keeps you from TOTALLY TRUSTING in Me and SURRENDERING to Me. Are there LIES you believed about My CHARACTER? Are you carrying an OFFENSE against Me because you have been DISAPPOINTED with an outcome of something you’d hoped for? Have you been taught FALSE RELIGION (man’s attempts to please Me), instead of a LIVING RELATIONSHIP with Me? My SPIRIT is great at HOVERING over CHAOS, DESTRUCTION, and DARKNESS, and He will lead you to CLEANSING and WHOLENESS that will KEEP THE FLAME BURING BRIGHTLY in your heart. Be My PASSIONATE ones!”


“You will see with your own eyes MONUMENTS and BUILDINGS, LEADERS and GOVERNMENTS, CORPORATIONS and AGENCIES COLLAPSE into the DUST OF HISTORY. What men who had partnered with darkness built up to RULE OVER YOU and to HONOR the enemy they chose to serve, will ALL CRUMBLE into DUST as SHAKINGS, FIRES, and STORMS from My hand hit them. All these things that were built out of GREED and PRIDE and that were DEDICATED to the enemy, became PERMISSION for STRONGHOLDS of DARKNESS to be built. Army of Light, you have partnered with My heart in DEFEATING and BRINGING DOWN all these places and people dedicated to darkness. Their POWER STRUCTURES and their ABILITY TO HIDE their WICKEDNESS has been FALLING, FALLING. You can tell this has happened because the LEVEL of EXPOSURE is INCREASING. There are FRANTIC ATTEMPTS to put the TOOTHPASTE that’s being squeezed out back into the tube of HIDDENNESS and DECEPTION, but I’m just going to SQUEEZE the TUBE of EXPOSURE even HARDER and FASTER. Nothing can STOP what I have begun. It will continue until the TUBE IS EMPTIED OUT before the world and ALL can see the darkness’ ROTTENNESS and the MESS they have made with their SELFISH, PERVERSE, and PRIDEFUL HEARTS. This is your ASSURANCE: where I bring DOWN and DESTROY, I will REBUILD on RIGHTEOUS foundations, and you will see those areas SPRINGING FORTH TO LIFE.”

Lois Vogel-Sharp- About Your Economy - March 7, 2023

I have a word about your economy. It will fall as surely as Humpy Dumpy fell off the wall.  Much to deal with for evil will be acting truly sick and will stop at nothing for their comfort. So, batten down the hatches as you go through these patchs of chaos and rebellion. You will truly see the helion. The collapse has been in effect for quite some time. And it so the day will come when we will dine.  …. Hold on to faith …

Diana Larkin - MORE GLORY COMES AS THE HAMAN’S FALL - March 6, 2023

“Grasp this fact: as BLOOD-BOUGHT Sons and Daughters of the Most High God, you have become CO-HEIRS with Jesus. You have been saved, healed, and delivered, and you have become ROYALTY because ROYAL BLOOD now flows in you. This is the basis of your AUTHORITY over darkness. The enemy works hard to CONVINCE Believers that they are HELPLESS against the darkness and that they must HIDE from the darkness. But I tell you that you are MORE THAN CONQUERORS: Romans 8:37 ‘Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors and gain an overwhelming victory through Him who loved us (so much that He died for us).’ The darkness TREMBLES with FEAR when a Believer realizes their AUTHORITY over the enemy and all his plans. The darkness will PUFF itself up and GROWL INTIMIDATING THREATS trying to scare you away from EXERCISING your AUTHORITY. Do what I do an. LAUGH at the enemy! As My AWAKENED Sons and Daughters raise their voices in LAUGHTER, in DECREES, in PRAYERS, the FREQUENCIES of these sounds of AUTHORITY will COLLAPSE the enemy’s house of cards. You are dressed in the ARMOR OF LIGHT (Romans 13:12), you have the FLAMNG SWORD OF TRUTH—not to use against your brothers—to CUT OFF the heads of LIES and GIANTS. Raise your BATTLECRY, Army of Light, MARCH FORTH to take back your INHERITANCE that was stolen by the darkness. YOU ARE ROYALTY!”


This is the word the Lord gave me. My son during the days of chaos men will formulate various Solutions that will not degrade in water. But will keep the strength of the Solution in full. Evil men have planned this attack on the Water Supplies of mystery Babylon to control the populations for easier takeover. Some of these solutions will not kill but bring whoever drinks the water under passivity. The people will act drugged and will not fight. Some of these Solutions will drive whoever drinks the water insane and they will go about killing anyone in their way. These ingredients cannot be boiled out. But can only be filtered out to make the water safe. Bottled water unless it’s from Natural Springs also will be tainted. My son because the children refused to drink the water of My word to Living Water. I will give them tainted water.

I say repent now get into My word and be refreshed with the Water of Life. Some water will be radioactive where bombs have been detonated. Because the skies have been filled with chemicals much of the lakes and ponds have been tainted. Water used upon plants will also be tainted which will bring the famine to new levels. People will not buy the food in stores fearing it will be tainted. My son many people will perish from drinking tainted water fear will run amok. And lot large cities with many fleeing to the countrysides. I say now to my children brace yourselves for the judgments will be in full swing. Then and will affect all who are living in America must be brought down as a power and tainted water is part of the plan. My son tell My body to learn to walk by faith trusting Me with all things. I am the living water and I will fill you and keep you. I love you my children. But watch for a town or city whose people suddenly become very ill for no reason. I tell you now it’s the water I am coming soon to fill you with the Living Water from the River of Life in heaven. Amen, Lord Jesus.

Samuel - Earthquake Tsunami all around the world prophecies - March 6, 2023

I just wanted to share a few prophecies of some prophets from India and around the world. As there are earthquakes in Syria, Turkey. And they have prophesied that it will happen again in the same country. Many had prophesied that there will be many earthquakes all around the world. Especially around Indonesia and maybe around few Islands there. But many after the Turkey and Syria earthquakes even the news channels in India. They have said there are 50 centers in India where earthquake can happen just like turkey and Syria. Okay, so it is not a great news 50 centers. People are taking it lightly foreign okay many prophets have taken the name of major major cities in India. The earthquake still has not happened in India because people in India and around India. They are praying that it should not happen. It is getting delayed. It’s already been one year that few people have said that the earthquake was supposed to happen. But it is getting delayed. Because many people are in prayers asking for forgiveness repenting for their sins asking for forgiveness.

Okay many prophets in India have taken name of major cities and places. Like the capital of India, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Goa Kerala. These are the profits from India are saying that not just the news channels who are unbelievers. But the prophets from India are saying that there will be major earthquakes. People many people will die. Because in the major cities the top cities of India there are skyscrapers. And when earthquakes will happen the skyscrapers will turn to ashes. It’s been already one year the earthquake should have taken place but people are praying on their knees day and night for it to get delayed. So you need to repent. But one of the prophets said that he is praying earnestly to God for it not to happen. But the reply he got was it is difficult that it will not happen. He said these places will turn to ashes. Nothing, nothing will be left in these cities. Because people are not repenting for their sins and when earthquakes and tsunamis will happen all around the world. At that time people will start repenting and the only option they will have is repent and turn to the one and the one true Living God. So people there is still time repent for your sins. …


It’s not just India it’s gonna happen all around the world earthquakes tsunamis pray repent all you have got is few couple of more years that’s it till that time that’s it.

Diana Larkin - MORE GLORY COMES AS THE HAMAN’S FALL - March 6, 2023

“As My prophets continue to PROCLAIM that My GLORY FIRES ARE BURNING across this Land, you will see this GLORY INCREASE, as I cause the HAMANS of your day to FALL. Quite SUDDENLY, they will be EXPOSED and REMOVED from positions they thought were SECURE. They were so PUFFED UP they did not think anyone could BRING THEM DOWN. Well, I have a SURPRISE for them! The DESTRUCTIVE PLANS they had for you will now BECOME THEIR FUTURE. I have sovereignly LIT GLORY FIRES across your Nation and as evil HAMANS are DEPOSED and DARK THRONES FALL, the GLORY WILL INCREASE across your Land. WELCOME My GLORY to RUSH IN and FILL all the places where darkness is EXPOSED and REMOVED. Let the word ‘INCREASE’ be on your lips. ASK Me to INCREASE the GLORY LIGHT of My EXPOSURES of evil men and schemes, DECLARE INCREASE over your FINANCES and PROVISION, DECREE INCREASE in the GLORY FIRES that I AM setting across your Land, DECLARE My GLORY will INCREASE until it INFILTRATES every area of influence in your Nation. My GLORY STARTED FIRES in HUNGRY HEARTS that are receiving personal CLEANSING from darkness. As I EXPOSE the HAMANS who tried to DESTROY and CONTROL you, their FALL from power will MAKE WAY for My GLORY to INVADE and to bring CLEANSING and FREEDOM to your Nation. MORE GLORY COMES AS THE HAMAN’S FALL.” Esther 4-9


“Every REVOLUTION that history has seen BEGINS in the HEART of a MAN that TURNS TO ME crying out for FREEDOM WITHIN his own HEART and for FREEDOM in his NATION from tyrannical rulers. It was for FREEDOM that Christ set you FREE. (Galatians 5:1) The enemy let loose a FLOOD of CORRUPTION, LIES, and PERVERSION across your Land. Its PURPOSE was to WEAKEN and ENSLAVE people and to ultimately STEAL their FREEDOM TO WORSHIP Me. This was an ORCHESTRATED ATTACK by the darkness to ENSLAVE you and to STEAL from you and to FORCE you to BOW to the enemy. This scheme of world DOMINATION nearly succeeded due to My Church having grown COLD in its LOVE for Me and because many were DECEIVED by PRIDE and fell prey to DECEPTIONS that DISEMPOWERED the Church. But My Remnant still had PASSION for Me and the FIRES of FREEDOM still BURNING inside them. Your PRAYERS and DECREES have been FIRE-STARTERS, and I QUIETLY began to SPREAD THE EMBERS into SEEKING HEARTS crying out for TRUE FREEDOM WITHOUT AND WITHIN. They enemy DID NOT SEE this SILENT, BEHIND-THE-SCENES build-up to a REVOLUTION that began in individual hearts but is now BURSTING FORTH into an UNSTOPPABLE REVOLUTION of FREEDOM and LIGHT. They are finding FREEDOM within and now they will DEMAND FREEDOM without to be able to FREELY WORSHIP Me. This isn’t a REVOLUTION of man’s weapons of war—the darkness was PREPARED to SQUASH that. But a REVOLUTION of WORSHIP, THANKFULNESS, and individual FREEDOM from darkness they were NOT prepared to stop. Nor can they because My LOVE, My LIGHT, and My GLORY are UNSTOPPABLE FORCES when peoples’ hearts OPEN to Me and choose to SURRENDER their lives to Me. The darkness is TERRIFIED, as they see this SILENT UNDERGROUND REVOLUTION BREAK FORTH like WILDFIRES all over your Land. Keep the FLAMES of PASSION for Me ALIVE in your own hearts and RELEASE FULFILLMENT of all I have purposed for this REVOLUTION OF LIGHT to accomplish.”

Kent Christmas - THE ANGEL OF DEATH WILL BE LOOSED - Next 90 Days - March 5, 2023

The Lord says that there is a great movement of the power of God coming out of the black community and the Lord says because slavery started in the south. This movement will start in the south and God said there is there is an element of anointing that has to be released from the African-American Community to facilitate this last move of the Lord. And God said I’m going to break he says this is why says the Lord there has been such a spirit that has been released through the media to start racism and black lives matters and all of that stuff. Is because the devil sees what’s getting ready to happen. … and the Lord took me back to Azusa Street and the and the Pentecostal movement that we see in the united not just in the United States. But in every country in the world. … And the Lord says I’m breaking down this middle wall of petition that the enemy has tried to raise up in this nation by the power of the Holy Ghost. Hallelujah!

And God says that I’m raising up voices in that movement that are going to begin to speak truth and speak Life. By the power of the Lord God says I’m loosing now an angel of death in the earth and I’ve been hearing this in the spirit for some time. But the Lord said even as I moved in the land of Egypt when I got ready to bring my people out and loosed a spirit of death on the house of pharaoh and his people. I am now loose an angel of death not just in the United States. But in every nation, says the Lord that has resisted the hand of God. And God said I’m going to let you behold Psalms 91 With Thine Eyes. For they will fall on thy right hand and they’re going to fall on thy left hand. But they shall not come nigh unto thy dwelling. For you have asked me where am I where have you been Lord the Lord says I have been been building a wall of protection up in this nation around the people of the Lord. That when the enemy is judged it will not judgment will not be able to come inside of the walls.

And as I’m beginning to move in the next 90 days says, the Lord you’re going to see us shaking in this nation that though they said it could not happen. Be not moved by the fact that it looks like the wicked rule I still rule says the Lord I call the shots I wrote the gameplay for this hour, saith the Lord. Before the men that are in power were ever born in the earth. I’m still God and though I have been silent for a season. I have been silent to see which side you would stand on but know this this night, saith God. The battle lines have been drawn in the spirit and the army of the Lord is on one side and the arm of the enemies on the other side. In this season says the Lord right now there isn’t a lie to anointing that is loosed in the earth to destroy the spirit of Baal that’s been in this hour. And though this world says we are not religious know this the enemy has tried to raise up a Baal Worship in the United States of America. And this night, saith God, there is an align to anointing that is breaking down this Idol and this image by the power of the Lord.

But in the season there will come an hour when it will no longer be the Elijah anointing in this hour. But the Lord says in the last days I am raising up the spirit of David in the house of the Lord order for this Tabernacle of David cannot exist without there not being a davidic spirit of the Lord that is released in the atmosphere. As I release this saith God you’ve already killed your lion. You’ve already killed your Bearer. But get ready says God. That was done in secret what you’re getting ready to do, saith the Lord will not be done in secret life. But I will do it on the front lines. I will make the media film it I will make the media declare it, saith the Lord. When the battle is not theirs its mindset God I’m just getting warmed up. For this is an hour of Praise of anointing of Liberty from the House of David is being restored, saith God.  …. Hallelujah! …

But the Lord says even though I’ve started on a national level every state that refuses to bow down to the word of the Lord. Get ready he says gone. But the Lord says even though I’ve started on a national level. Every state that refuses to bow down to the word of the Lord. Get ready he says gone for I’m going to loose natural disasters in the nation. In places that have been the strongholds of the enemy. Because they would not bow down to the hand of God Sunday and know this saith the Lord. I’m going to judge Disney for what they have done. God says the enemy raised them up and they disguise themselves as defenders of children when they were really predators says the Lord and I’m going to deal with them on the West Coast and I’m going to deal with them on the East Coast, says the Lord. And the days will come says God when you will drive by and the gates will be shut. I see roots and weeds growing up in places that the enemy said you could not touch us. Do you not know? Hallelujah! I am God Almighty do you forget?  Hallelujah!

Diana Larkin - DEEP AND ABIDING PEACE - March 4, 2023

“I have allowed you to GLIMPSE THE FUTURE that I have PROMISED to bring to My people. Those who have FOUGHT VALIANTLY and who NEVER BACKED OFF of BELIEVING My PROMISES, will experience the GREATEST REWARDS and My DEEP AND ABIDING PEACE. The whole world will receive a MEASURE of My PEACE because of the war that is being waged by Me and My Army of Light against the DEEP DARKNESS. Darkness will not cease to exist, but it will be kept in CHECK by the GROWING and EVER-EXPANDING KINGDOM of My Son. FIGHT ON, My FAITHFUL WARRIORS, we will WIN, your REWARDS will be GREAT, and I will give you a season of DEEP AND ABIDING PEACE.”


Children now is the time to see what spiritual eyes and here with spiritual ears the evil ones are showing themselves. A tree is known by its fruit. Look at it the evil one’s fruit is rotted use your discernment. Do not be deceived the double rums the Earth seeking whom he may devour. Put on the full armor of God these are the most perilous times in history. The adversary knows who you are. The demons know where you are they pursue you. They are sent to wear you down discourage you and lure you into sin. Be careful who you trust. They want your soul rebuked the devil and he will flee. They know the power of the name Jesus Christ and tremble when it is spoken repent and return to Me. And let me have the Holy Spirit all over me. The clock strikes 12!

Diana Larkin - LIARS, TRAITORS, AND THIEVES - March 3, 2023

“The arrogant elite have portrayed a FALSE FACE to the world. They present themselves as the SOURCE OF TRUTH, as KEEPERS of DEMOCRACY, and as PHILANTHROPISTS whose generosity helps those in great need. In REALITY, their darkened hearts do NONE OF THESE. When the FACADE they hide behind is SUDDENLY BROKEN OFF, the world will JOLT AWAKE with HORROR at how DECEIVED and GULLIBLE they have been. When that facade crashes down, the world will see the darkened hearts and lives of LIARS, TRAITORS, AND THIEVES. What has caused the Church to be so BLIND to such HIDDEN DEPRAVITY? My people are meant to be the LIGHT of the world, the CITY set on a HILL so that the LIGHT of My TRUTH would SHINE into EVERY area of life. What caused the Church’s LIGHT to GROW DIM and their voices to be WEAK and IRRELEVANT? The enemy took advantage of some dark seasons in the last 100 years to SOW A FALSE COMFORT DOCTRINE into the Church. That is the belief that My Son is coming soon to snatch the Church away to Heaven out of all the darkness and evil. This ESCAPE MENTALITY DISARMS and DISEMPOWERS them from WAGING the VICTORIOUS WARFARE they were designed for. My Son is NOT an ESCAPE ARTIST—He is a VICTORIOUS KING! I have given Him the NATIONS of the world as His INHERITANCE. His KINGDOM has NO LIMITS, and it will continue to EXPAND FOREVER. The Church will recognize and no longer be FOOLED by LIARS, TRAITORS, AND THIEVES when they AWAKEN to who they are. You are not VICTIMS OF DARKNESS; you are VICTORS CALLED TO RULE AND REIGN over the darkness with the LIGHT that is within you. Army of Light, take heart because OPERATION WAKE-UP has been launched. Many are about to be RUDELY AWAKENED to the WRONG FOCUS they’ve embraced, and they will join you in SHINING My LIGHT on the LIARS, TRAITORS, AND THIEVES. Spoiler alert—WE WIN!”

Barry Wunsch - The Canadian Hammer - March 2, 2023

Barry, just as a bow is pulled back to shoot an arrow, have I pulled back many of my people in this hour.

For if they remained in the positions that they were in, they would not be able to fulfill the destiny on their lives.

As I have pulled them back it will cause others around them to reevaluate their motives and selfish ambitions.

The days of blame shifting are no longer going to acceptable.

These ones I have pulled back are going to be released as flaming arrows into the enemies camp.

They will carry the Holy Spirit Fire, full of love, power and authority to set many free.

The fire shall burn in these camps and many will come running out into My arms of salvation, healing and deliverance!

The scales shall be removed from their eyes  and they will know the truth and it will set them free!

These flaming arrows have been saturated in my Holy Anointing oil and will burn indefinitely as they remain in Me!

Some have been pulled back and thought that they had missed it, and were done – but I tell you today you can rest assured that they are not done!

Nothing is going to stop what I am about to release across the Nations!

Barry tell My people to prepare for a wave of My Spirit that is bigger than anything they have ever seen!

Nothing will ever look the same!

Do not be distracted by the debris!

Keep your eyes on Me!

These are the days you have been waiting for!

Behold My Glory as I behold you!

Holy is the Word of the Lord


God Bless and Protect you and your families!

God Bless and Protect Israel!

God Bless the United States of America the Beautiful!

God Bless Canada the True North Strong and Free!

Diana Larkin - COVENANT PROSPERITY - March 2, 2023

Today’s date: 32=Covenant, 23=Prosperity, Abundance
“COVENANT PROSPERITY has always been My plan for My children. Everything I touch EXPANDS and GROWS GREATER. It is My NATURE to GIVE and to GIVE and to BLESS you with INCREASE. Sin and the works of the enemy can HINDER the flow of My COVENANT PROSPERITY to individuals and to nations. I GIVE, darkness STEALS. The world and even much of My Church have become IGNORANT of My DESIRE to BLESS them with COVENANT PROSPERITY. They have looked to MAN’S systems, and man’s systems will NEVER measure up to My BLESSING OF ABUNDANCE. Man’s systems promote GREED and the EXPLOITATION of others. My COVENANT PROSPERITY BLESSES, and I add NO SORROW to it. When I give you ABUNDANCE, I want you to ENJOY IT, but I also want you to FREELY BLESS OTHERS with your OVERFLOW. This creates a CYCLE OF PLENTY that just keeps FLOWING from My COVENANT PROSPERITY. In spite of everything the enemy has tried to do to SABOTAGE your Nation’s economy, My COVENANT PROSPERITY has continued to FLOW through those who SEEK My HEART and who FREELY GIVE BACK to Me. THANKFUL HEARTS and FAITHFUL GIVING have thwarted the enemy’s EVIL SCHEMES to DESTROY your Land. Put your FAITH on My Promised COVENANT PROSPERITY and then when man’s systems FAIL, you will not be SHAKEN. I have a NEVER-ENDING, ALWAYS INCREASING FLOW of PROSPERITY for My people. Come out of agreement that there is going to be LACK and REJECT the religious spirit that says I only give you enough to ‘GET BY’ because you can’t be trusted with riches. If you ALIGN your heart with My heart, you will receive My COVENANT PROSPERITY, and you will WANT to FREELY GIVE as you have FREELY RECEIVED. DECLARE: ‘I receive Your COVENANT PROSPERITY, and I PARTNER with Your heart of GENEROSITY to allow the ABUNDANCE You give me to FLOW OUT to others.’ As we DEFEAT DARKNESS, My COVENANT PROSPERITY will flow unhindered.”

Diana Larkin - A WARNING - February 27, 2023

“In the military, DISCIPLINE is always a priority but during a season of WAR, it becomes CRITICAL. If PROTOCOL is ignored, it can result in death and destruction. I AM issuing A WARNING to My Church because this is an INTENSE season of WARFARE. I AM requiring that you RESPOND QUICKLY to My Spirit’s PROMPTINGS to do or to say something or NOT to do or say certain things. You must SUBMIT to My PROTOCOL (diplomatic or military rules of behavior), My ways of doing things and NOT MAN’S WAYS. In much of the Church, My Son’s Body, there has been an INFILTRATION of MAN’S WAYS and MAN’S PROTOCOLS. Their ears and hearts have become so DULL to the VOICE of My Spirit that they REJECT anything SUPERNATURAL because it is SUSPECT to them. They rely on WHAT THEY KNOW and not on WHO THEY KNOW. They have become BLIND GUIDES that lead My people on a road of MENTAL ASCENT and not on CHANGED HEARTS and EMPOWERED LIVES that can WAGE WAR against the darkness and DEMONSTRATE the SUPERNATURAL POWER of My Kingdom. I cannot bring a HARVEST into a CRITICAL, WEAK, MAN-CENTERED Body. Just as in the days of Ananias and Saphira (Acts 5) when the initial HARVEST was being brought in, I AM CLEANING My house of man’s ways and RE-ESTABLISHING My SUPERNATURAL KINGDOM WAYS to display who I AM to a world in CRISIS. It is CRITICAL that My Body AWAKEN to the VOICE of My Spirit once again; otherwise, much of the Church is in danger of OPPOSING My Rescue Operation because it will be SUPERNATURAL and beyond man’s intellectual reasoning. WARNING: do not find yourself OPPOSING what I AM doing, do not SAY what you believe but your ACTIONS do not meet that standard, and do not BITE and DEVOUR your brothers and sisters. Those who IGNORE these WARNINGS are in danger of being REMOVED. RESPOND to My Spirit, ALIGN your heart with My heart, and you will be part of the GRAND ADVENTURE of bringing My Kingdom RULE and REIGN to the earth.”

Winds of Prophecy Blog - March 01, 03, xx, 2023

NarrowRoad79 - "Judgment for California." - February 25, 2023

I have a word for the lord it’s a judgment for California. This is what the Lord said. A selfish and greedy place people live in luxury while others starve. There is no love for the neighbor, no compassion. The shepherds are not leading well. They have become immersed in the lust of the flesh. The lust of the eyes and the pride of life. Very few of them know the meaning of sacrifice. Very few of them concern themselves with the poverty of the congregation. You were blessed to be a blessing not to hoard up treasures on the earth. I said be not conformed to the world so why do you insist on looking just like them. Much corruption has made a home here. Affairs are carried on in secret. There are large rings of trafficking young children. The people who are supposed to uphold the law here are the ones bringing in guns and drugs. They are responsible for the level of violence in many cities. Luxurious homes, housing, unspeakable, many of the women who are working the street were sold into slavery there is no loyalty in this place most of them are deceptive untrustworthy. Willing to do whatever it takes to rise to the top

But I will pull you down from the heights. Te name you have made for yourself will be no more. I will expose every dark and vile thing happening here. The scandals the lies the agreements made in secret I will uncover everything you have buried. Evidence you think that you disposed of will resurface. The blood from the ground will cry out against you. Blood sacrifices are common here among common household names. Unthinkable evil, perversion of every kind, many churches teaching a false Gospel. Who are you to change the divine order of the marriage covenant. A man shall leave his mother and cleave to his wife and the two shall become one flesh. Souls are being knit in ungodly unions who then produce generations of ungodly offspring.

The children are not being trained in the way they should go. I said those who keep the little children from coming to Me. It would be better for them to have a millstone tied around their neck and be thrown into the sea. You will reap what you have sown. You say nothing will happen to us. We will do as we please. But disaster will overtake you in a moment. The beautiful homes that you have built will be occupied by another. There will be earthquakes in many places. Homes will be destroyed businesses sky high rises will topple. Your security swept out from under you. Bridges will collapse, much devastation. I will flood the land. Towering waves will leave behind them a ruin of what was. The judgment is final. I will not relent.

Diana Larkin - A DEVASTATING BLOW - February 24, 2023

Don’t MISS OUT on the fact that the Holy Spirit OUTBREAKS you see happening around your Nation are one of My SUDDENLIES. I want you to realize what A DEVASTATING BLOW this is to the empire of darkness that has spent YEARS building STRONGHOLDS around DOCTRINES OF DEMONS that they established across all seven areas of influence in your Land—especially EDUCATION and the CHURCH. Can you IMAGINE as the darkness LOOKS ON and sees years of crafty schemes and lies CRUMBLING IN MINUTES, as My Spirit TOUCHES lives with a REVELATION of My HOLINESS and My LOVE? Make no mistake, this is A DEVASTATING BLOW to their scheme of WORLD DOMINATION, and they did not SEE IT COMING. Any DEFENSES they had erected in education or in My Church were BLOWN THROUGH by My GLORY moving quietly, yet, oh so POWERFULLY right in the middle of their STRONGHOLDS.  ANCIENT strongholds are COLLAPSING, LIES are SWEPT AWAY as a TSUNAMI of My LOVE and My POWER sweep through. This is the FIRST ARM of My RESCUE OPERATION, as I move in to LIBERATE a CAPTIVE Nation and FREE them from the PRISON of LIES that kept them in darkness. REJOICE in this SURPRISE MOVE of My Spirit, DECLARE it will DEEPEN and WIDEN, CALL DOWN My PROTECTION over this important part of the RESCUE OPERATION, and WELCOME My Spirit to MOVE in your own heart and life. WELLS OF REFRESHING, INTIMACY, AND HOLINESS HAVE BEEN OPENED—DRINK DEEPLY!”

Dr Robert Malone - Fifth Generation Warfare and Sovereignty - February , 2023


This is the name of this technology (Fifth Generation Warfare). I didn’t invent this name this is the technology that’s been deployed on you over the last three years. … The Covid crisis has revealed a modern battleground in which molding controlling and capturing your thoughts emotions and beliefs are the objective. I’m going to speak about fifth generation Warfare. As I said this is not a term that I invented. Fifth generation Warfare is the new Battleground and it has been deployed by military largely in intelligence communities on the entire Western World. In an amazingly harmonized fashion during the Covid crisis. Fifth Generation Warfare is a war of information and perception. A strange game, the only winning move is not to play the basic idea is that in the modern era. Wars are not fought by armies or gorillas but in the minds of common citizens. Your mind is the new battleground.

This is not hyperbole. This is standard military strategy. And unfortunately the United States has led in the West in our response. The European Union has largely followed American leadership. And in America the management of this crisis was not primarily driven the data now showed. The document show was not driven by Health and Human Services. It was driven by the U.S Department of Defense and basically the National Security, State Homeland, Security domestically. Our intelligence Community, Department of Defense, the National Security Administration. That’s how it came into the White House and that’s how it got delegated. And  managed and as often happens I like to say. When you give a three-year-old a hammer everything comes a nail and we have this new powerful technology that’s been developed and deployed offshore for resisting Fourth Generation Warfare. Which is the insurgencies the United States has lost very essentially every single insurgent war since Vietnam that it’s engaged in.

And it has now tried to transform that Battlefield metaphor into what we now call fifth generation Warfare and as they’ve developed those tools for offshore in information management and psyops. For whatever reason they determined that it was appropriate to deploy it on their own citizens in the context of what they determined was a National Health Emergency. Which they responded to as if it was a National Security emergency. So my goal here is to help you to understand this new environment. The technology that was deployed and eventually to get to the point that I want to make which is that those of us that are awake. And I hope that this lecture will help awake awaken you even more those of us that are awake can become empowered by understanding this technology. And employing it for our side for the sake of truth, honesty for spreading the type of information that seemed just shared with you. …

This new battle space, okay, that’s where I’m coming from. Precursors to Fifth Generation Warfare the first accidental Fifth Generation conflict was Arab Spring. Many people may not appreciate that Arab Spring was employed by the U.S government to test deploy some of their new technologies for manipulating thought behavior. And action, those key Technologies we call social media. Twitter was intentionally deployed during Arab Spring. Twitter is a weapon it is not a business. Facebook is used as a weapon. It has intrinsic capabilities. When you think when you think to yourself I’ve been Shadow banned. Okay, that’s that is that language is kind of irrelevant. It’s you’re personalized. These tools are used to shape the information landscape. The cloud of information, your contacts. Who’s talking to who what they’re allowed to say how they’re allowed to say it with specific intentions to shape the direction of thought and emotion. There are tools embedded within that in the analytics that extract emotional content out of every single thing you tweet. And derive from that understandings of what your emotional, personal, emotional, landscape is and allows that to be manipulated. By what you are then exposed to what your eyes see.

Okay these are weapons understand that in the case of Arab Spring it was almost Fifth Generational Warfare. Except it lacked a couple of the key elements. We actually knew who the antagonists were. In true Fifth Generation Warfare you do not know who your opponent is. Example who is responsible for who’s the Puppet Master behind the coveted crisis have we as we’ve experienced it who is it anybody here know was it Klaus? No, there’s something above Klaus. Was it Biden? Was it Tony Fauci? These are all surrogates. Okay you don’t really know who is managing. The message that has been propagated on you that’s Fifth Generation Warfare over the last three years. Western government’s non-governmental organizations, transnational, organizations, pharmaceutical industry, corporations, media, and financial corporations have cooperated by a public-private partnerships. Which I assert is a euphemism for fascism to deploy the most massive globally harmonized, psychological, and propaganda operation in the history of the world. Okay over the last three years you have been subjected to the most massive, harmonized, globally coordinated propaganda campaign in the history of the Western World full stop. …

Western Nations have globally deployed military-grade psyops on their citizens during the Covid crisis. And my intention is to convince you of that and to help you to comprehend the inner meaning of that and then to help you to see how that can be turned to your advantage. We’re going to have evidence a definition of common terms this is such a bizarre psychological landscape that it’s difficult to even process. We have to have language. We have to have common language and understanding to even be able to comprehend what’s been done to us. What is meant by military-grade psyops or Fifth Generation Warfare.  …

The nature of the attack is completely concealed. You never see it coming. What are the characteristics ambiguity of the opposing force? I’ve said this ambiguity the TAC Vector you don’t know. What’s being done to you and how it’s being done? Dopamine loops, these are the hits that you get on social media, click, click, click, Oh they like that, oh they didn’t like that, oh look how popular I am. Dopamine loops triggering existing cognitive biases in the targets by choosing words that trigger you in a positive and negative way is how you are manipulated and influenced. How your thinking is shaped I mentioned Arab Spring before this was solidified. It was the power of this technology in this approach was clearly demonstrated during the 2016 U.S election. And now the lessons from that have been deployed worldwide. …

NarrowRoad79 - "War is upon you!" The Lord said this 3 times. - February 23, 2023

The Lord gave me a word and he told me this one is for America. But also several other nations. He said that are been under surveillance. I heard war is upon you and He said it three times. Then I heard marching and the marching was pronounced. Like there were many and I had a vision where I saw these Chinese soldiers in these green and red uniforms lined up in a formation standing perfectly still as soon as the sound of the marching stopped and they were all facing forward. And this is what the Lord said. They will die like flies lining up the coastlines. Bodies washing ashore trapped in the prison of their sunken ships crying out for help that never comes.

Cities will go up in smoke. A fleet of planes flying overhead. Missiles will be released onto the land. Terror will grip the hearts of the people. I will cleanse the evil in this place. I will purge it from the land. But first a foreign nation, a great multitude, shall sweep through the streets. They will have no mercy. They will shoot on site to secure their prize. They will hoard the abundance of the land leaving little for the people. People will starve lawlessness will abound. They will loot and plunder in a desperate attempt to survive. Men will turn on each other and be lovers of themselves unaffected by the suffering of another.

The US dollar will be no more. They will push for a One World currency and they will succeed. Banks will close down at a moment’s notice. All money they had will be lost, gone like shaft in the wind. Your every move will be followed much more than it is now. Closely monitored. Anyone who does not comply with the New World agenda will be marked an enemy you will not be able to buy or sell. Even transport will become difficult. But My people who are called by My name who have not bowed down to other gods will be sustained and have more than enough I am the God who provides. I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging for bread. Fear not little flock for it pleases your Father to give you the kingdom. The earth and the fullness thereof are mine to give to whomever I choose. For he who closed the lilies and feeds te sparrows. Will he not take care of you he will not withhold from you. Any good thing but those who have rejected Me I will reject before my Father in Heaven. I will not spare the rod. They will eat the bitter fruit of their decision.

Winds of Prophecy Blog - February 20, 21, 22, 2023

Chris Reed - 30% Dollar drop, New Currency, Highest Inflation, Food Shortages, Riots prophecy - Flashback to April 2022

Don’t get in fear don’t get in fear because we have a as believers we have something that the world doesn’t have. We have a solid rock a sure foundation in Jesus Christ and I believe he’s going to help and preserve His people through these rocky periods. So here’s the dream I saw an unknown man dressed in a black suit holding a fifty dollar bill US fifty dollar bill and in the dream he tore the fifty dollar bill in three stages. In the first stage of the dream he stood in front of me he took the fifty dollar bill and he tore off one third of the fifty dollar bill. And as he did random people started coming up to me bringing me national newspapers where all I could see were the headlines of the newspapers or the sub headline and this happened. After each stage of the tearing of the fifty dollar bill what you hear about I was given. These headlines the first headline that was handed to me after the bill 50 bill was tore third of it was tore off was quote.

The dollar drops 30 percent in value unquote subtitle mid-east oil strikes deal with China.Wow! Out of the US then I was handed another headline someone else came up to me handed me another headline. And it said quote the perfect storm unquote inflation reaches a new high. Then someone else came up and handed me another headline which read food shortage crisis as wheat and bread imports are at a stalemate. Then another headline was handed to me which read quote riots and civil unrest as citizens demand entitlement checks unquote.

In the second stage of the dream I again saw the man dressed in black in the black suit holding the rest of the fifty dollar bill and this time he tore it in half and as he did I felt an earthquake happen under my feet and a person walked up and handed me a headline which read quote Israeli and Palestinian two-state solution reached unquote. Then another person walked up and handed me a headline which read quote major earthquake hits the middle of the US unquote. In the third stage of the dream the man in black took the rest of the fifty dollar bill and started tearing it into smaller pieces one by one then another person walked up handed me another headline which read quote, America in pieces more states secede from the nation. Wow, in rebellion to the federal government. I was then handed another headline which read quote US military takes charge as uncertainty looms over the federal government unquote.

In the fourth and final stage of the dream the man in black took out what looked like a new one dollar bill. But it also looked like a cell phone and I know that that kind of sounds weird but it was like a one dollar bill that was a cell phone and I saw George Washington’s face on it but it yet looked different and as I looked someone handed me another newspaper and its headline read quote, new currency for a renewed nation. And then the last headline was handed to me and it said simplicity restored as Americans grow their own food again now that was the uh end of the dream and this is the good news.

I just want to start off with how I think this ends before I go through what leads up to this. Okay, I believe the man in black, you know, there’s you know trying to interpret these is just as important you know when we’re processing prophetic revelation. We have to get the revelation right of course the second and the application third. Okay, usually in processing prophetic revelation one of those steps or more is lost so the word will fall to the ground. So it is hearing the word processing it you know or getting the right interpretation and then the application or who it applies. If you share it or who you share it to so the man in black I’ll just go back up to the top and just be warned that the good news is at the end okay stick with me. But I do feel like I’m respond I need to be responsible in sharing all of this it was the most vivid dream I’ve ever had.

So the man in black trying to give an interpretation of that as I process this with my team and you know Johnny Cash was known as the man in black and his name cash. You know I think is not a coincidence considering the 50 US bill. I don’t think that this man in the dream was Johnny Cash okay, but I do think that there’s a lot of prophetic parables or parallels that could apply. Johnny Cash told his audiences he dressed in black to mourn for the moral and spiritual depravity of the nation. And of course I think that in this uh dream the 50 bill of course is cash and Johnny is dressed in black to represent the current condition of America. But I also believe the 50 bill represents the 50 states and the financial uh condition or value of the nation.

Now 50 is also the number of Jubilee that’s true in scripture understanding the Hebrew culture every 50 years there was what was known as the year of jubilee. If you were in debt, if you lost your family inheritance, or property. If you were forced as a slave to work off accruing debt every 50 years all debts were erased all those in bondage were set free in the nation and everything that you lost you got back. Well I do believe that the 50 bill is tied to this dream is tied to the renewing of America the renewing of the nation. But just some of the turbulence that will happen before the nation is renewed.

Now there’s another thing tied to this the book of Revelation chapter 6: talks about four horsemen and one of those horsemen is the black horseman the black horse rider. And what’s interesting is the black horse rider is tied to um economics. But also there is a protection clause put in there black horse rider announced and said if you remember. He said a measure of wheat for a penny, that’s in your Bible. But he said don’t touch the oil and the wine. So I think the significance of that is the black horse the black the man in the black suit I believe is tied to  financial and economic distress. But there was a clause and a provision I want the people of God to hear this those who have the oil in the wine. I do believe are going to have a special protection that’s good those that possess and carry the anointing the oil and are carriers of the wine and wine skins.

I want to encourage you that I do believe that specific words of the Lord or of the angel word, don’t touch the oil and the wine. So I believe that’s a you know a word of encouragement that God is going to guide protect and help His people that are prepared during this time and keep their faith in Him. So the 50 states, the 50 bill, the first headline read the dollar drops 30. So he tears off one third of the bill and then one third of the value of the dollar or 30 percent drops in value and it’s somehow tied to the subtitle with the mid-east or the middle east striking a deal with China instead of the US. Now here’s the reason why I believe this is setting up to happen …

Diana Larkin - WAKE! AWAKE! AWAKE! - February 24, 2023

Psalm 118:24, 25 “This is the very day that brings gladness and joy, filling our hearts with glee. O God, please come and save us again; bring us Your BREAKTHROUGH VICTORY!” (TPT) (Emphasis mine)
I heard the Father say: “You are in the middle of the CLASH of SWORDS, RUMBLINGS of THUNDER, SCREAMS of RAGE, and the ROARS of My LIONS. Every day I want you to WITHDRAW from the battlefield, QUIET your heart, and JOIN Me by the STILL WATERS that I have prepared for you. BREATHE in My PRESENCE, OPEN your spirit to My Spirit, and We will FILL you with Our PEACE, Our STRENGTH, Our LOVE, Our HEALING, and our COMFORT. This is the KEY to staying STRONG and FAITHFUL to the end. In this place of PEACE and REST, I will UNFOLD to you VISIONS of a future that you’ve hardly DARED TO DREAM OF. What is coming is a DISPLAY of My SHEER POWER and GREAT GLORY, as I bring you a BREAKTHROUGH VICTORY—in your PERSONAL LIVES, in your NATION, and rippling out into ALL the world. You can see the SIZE of the WAR, and you’ve come to know many of the TENTACLES of EVIL and STOLEN POWER that the darkness has SPREAD like an IRON NET around the world. As you sit with Me, I want to give you a BIGGER VIEW of the BREAKTHROUGH VICTORY that is coming. It will sweep DEEPER and HIGHER and WIDER than you ever thought possible. My BREAKTHROUGH VICTORY is a BATTERING RAM, a TSUNAMI, a VOLCANO, an EARTHQUAKE, and a FLOOD that will REMOVE the darkness and bring in My GLORIOUS LIGHT and BREAKTHROUGH VICTORY. CELEBRATE and then FIGHT with CONFIDENCE in My PROMISES and My STRENGTH.”
Psalm 118:27, 28 “For the Lord our God has brought us His glory-light. I offer Him my life in joyous sacrifice…For You are the God of my life and I lift You high, exalting You to the highest place.” (TPT)

Diana Larkin - BREAKTHROUGH VICTORY! - February 25, 2023

“There is a great need for the world to AWAKEN from LIES and DECEPTION, from the DARK SLUMBER of MORAL DECAY, and from SPIRITUAL APATHY towards Me. I have 
begun the GREAT AWAKENING by a BREAKOUT of My Spirit on college campuses and in other places. I AM awakening people out of DEAD religion into a LIVING ENCOUNTER with Me—the SOURCE and GOAL of all life. PRAY that this move CONTINUES, DEEPENS, and that these REFRESHING STREAMS become a MIGHTY RIVER of My PRESENCE. This SPIRITUAL AWAKENING will make a WAY for the other areas where people need to AWAKEN. DECREE AWAKENING to peoples’ MINDS so that they can be set FREE from LIES and DECEPTION. BIND the MIND-BINDING spirit that keeps people from SEEING through DECEPTION and from HEARING TRUTH. RELEASE My LIGHT and My TRUTH into their minds and hearts. Put up your hand and DECREE that MORAL DECAY be STOPPED. BIND SEDUCING SPIRITS that seek to FILL EMPTY PLACES in peoples’ lives. DECLARE that My LOVE and the POWER of the CLEANSING BLOOD of My Son would be POURED OVER all these empty places in peoples’ lives. DECLARE FREEDOM to captives, SIGHT to the blind, and DELIVERANCE to the prisoners. Army of Light, NO MORE sitting on the sidelines COMPLAINING about the state of the world or being FEARFUL nothing will change. You are EMPOWERED with My LIGHT, My TRUTH, and My LOVE, so begin to EXERCISE your AUTHORITY and INVADE the DARKNESS, TAKE BACK the land, and you will RECOVER ALL. Cry out: ‘AWAKE! AWAKE! AWAKE!,’ and the world will respond.”

Diana Larkin - THE CANNON OF HEAVEN - February 19, 2023

“You are well aware of the many DESTRUCTIVE plans being unleashed against you by the enemy. Let Me ASSURE you that your INTERCESSION and My RESTRAINING hand have MINIMIZED and/or STOPPED some of these attacks. Also be ASSURED that every life taken or injured by the darkness is WRITTEN in a book of remembrance in Heaven. Those who died as a casualty of war were received into Heaven with a MARTYR’S WELCOME, and they will wear a BADGE OF HONOR for eternity. Your PRAYERS for the wounded allow Me to VISIT those lives with My HEALING and RESTORING POWER, and they will be RECOMPENSED. Now, let Me REVEAL to you Heaven’s plan to DEFEAT and DESTROY your enemies who seek to RULE OVER you and who have launched DESTRUCTIVE plan after destructive plan. They are very PROUD of all their EVIL plans; although, a bit CONCERNED that they have not been as DEVASTATING as they had hoped for. Quite SUDDENLY, when they least expect it, I will LET LOOSE THE CANNON OF HEAVEN. 
The earth has NEVER seen a DISPLAY of the TARGETED POWER that My CANNON will unleash. At My COMMAND, a MYRIAD of CANNON BALLS (Host of Heaven) will be SHOT FROM MY CANNON. They will STRIKE the mark—every plot and scheme UNCOVERED, every darkened heart EXPOSED, ancient evil agendas UNCOVERED and BLOWN TO BITS by My FIRERY POWER. My CANNON OF HEAVEN will COMPLETELY OVERWHELM  and EXPOSE your enemies. The many schemes the darkness is now unleashing is UNSETTLING to you. Continue to WHACK-A-MOLE them, don’t be DISCOURAGED, and CALL FORTH MY CANNON OF HEAVEN. The whole world will be in AWE of My EXPLOSIVE RESCUE OPERATION, as I launch THE CANNON OF HEAVEN.”

Diana Larkin - KABOOM!!! - February 19, 2023

“That loud KABOOM!!! you just heard was the DOOR of My FURNACE slamming shut. A FIRE has been started in My furnace SUDDENLY and with one match. Where did the FUEL come from that is BURNING in My furnace? It is the BLACK COAL produced by the LIVES and CHOICES of those partnered with DARKNESS. The darkness has GATHERED TOGETHER with all their EVIL SCHEMES into a DARK HIDEOUT where they think they are SAFE from EXPOSURE and in a position to LAUNCH all their DEADLY ATTACKS. As they look at each other in this dark place, they are SMIRKING in TRIUMPH over you and LAUGHING at your perceived WEAKNESS and HELPLESSNESS. In their ARROGANCE, they did not notice that I had turned their SAFE PLACE into a HUGE FURNACE. They will SUDDENLY realize they have been TRAPPED when they hear the big KABOOM!!! of the furnace door SHUTTING—right after I THROW IN My LIT MATCH. It will crash in upon them that they are the WEAK and HELPLESS ones. The SMOKE will rise from their hiding place REVEALING where they are gathered. The STENCH of their PERVERSION will drift across the Land, and it will be a FOUL SMELL in the nostrils of those STILL ASLEEP. The FIRE will REVEAL all their DARK DEEDS and SCHEMES, and there will be nowhere to RUN or to HIDE. I have heard the CRIES of people worldwide to be set FREE from TYRANNICAL and EVIL LEADERS, and you will know My MATCH has LIT their lives of COAL on FIRE when you hear the furnace door close with a KABOOM!!!”

Lois Vogel-Sharp - 124 Let Me Say Some More - February 18, 2023

Winds of Prophecy Blog - February 15, 18, 2023

Chris Barnnett - What Does God Think He’s Doing? - February 17 , 2023

A critique of the nay-sayers!

Ever since news began to filter through about the goings on at Asbury University eight days ago, there has been a constant clamour, from both sides, arguing fiercely about it.

Last night I was praying about this, especially about the doubters and critics, who are becoming ever more strident with their views.

As I was settling down to sleep, The LORD gave me my headline, “What Does God Think He’s Doing?”

I woke again with a start! “What was that? Was that you, Lord?”

“Yes, now grab your notebook!”

“Can’t you remind me in the morning?”

“No — get your notebook NOW!”

When The LORD says anything like that, I move!

“The Pharisees among you are very vocal. They are saying, “This cannot be, is not revival, because Revelation 8&9 haven’t happened yet!”

“This hasn’t happened!”….. “‘That hasn’t happened!”

What they’re really saying is, “What Does God Think He’s Doing? What is He thinking of? He’s far too early — this cannot be revival because . . . .”

“Well,” said The LORD, “This is what I’m doing. I AM pouring out My Spirit as promised in Joel 2:28-29.

“It will come about after this, that I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind; and your sons and your daughters will prophesy, your old men will have Dreams, your young men will see visions. And even on the male and female servants I will pour out My Spirit in those days.”

He continued, “Your interpretation of My Word doesn’t concern Me. My Timing isn’t your timing. My Timing doesn’t have to match your assumptions and interpretation of My Word!

Behold ye among the heathen, and regard, and wonder marvelously: for I will work a work in your days which ye will not believe, though it be told you.” (Habakkuk 1:5)

And again, “For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.” (Habakkuk 2:3)

“Who are these who speak as if I should obey their thoughts, their ways, their interpretation? My Time is NOW!” says The LORD.

Then The LORD spoke a confirmation this very morning through another prophet, whom we know well,

“Touch not My Ark! Touch not My Glory!”

Veronika West - Warning: The Asbury Awakening and Outpouring - February 17, 2023

Warning: The Asbury Awakening and Outpouring: ”Touch not The Ark! Touch not My Glory!”

I have received many emails from folk asking for my views on what is taking place in Asbury, and I have felt to hold my tongue, pray fervently, and watch what God is doing.

This morning, as I was again before The Father, speaking to Him, I heard The Spirit say, ”Watch and Pray — for now the Winnowing Winds of My Spirit are blowing forth upon The Threshing Floor!

I say: Touch not The Ark! Touch not My Glory!”

As I heard those Words, The Spirit of Revelation quickened to me 2 Samuel 6:7,

“When they came to the threshing floor of Nacon, Uzzah reached out and took hold of the ark of God, because the oxen had stumbled. And the anger of the LORD burned against Uzzah, and God struck him down on the spot for his irreverence, and he died there beside the ark of God,” 2 Samuel 6:7

I will share more in time what God is saying to me.

“I say: Touch not The Ark! Touch not My Glory!”

Diana Larkin - THE WAR AGAINST LEVIATHAN - February 17, 2023

“Evil is EXPOSING itself in plain sight. TYRANNICAL RULERS and OUTRAGEOUS LIARS are becoming obvious despite Leviathan’s attempts to continue to TWIST truth and HIDE evil. Leviathan’s tentacles are being CHOPPED OFF one by one, and he is shrinking in size. The CORRUPT elite have been completely protected by this wicked MONSTER and his grip on foolish men who allowed themselves to be used to call EVIL GOOD and GOOD EVIL. The enemy used the Leviathan spirit to PROMOTE those of ARROGANT, DARKENED hearts, and to TAKE DOWN and SMEAR those who are seeking to establish RIGHTEOUSNESS and TRUTH. Leviathan weaved a WEB of deception that VILIFIED truth as HARSH and UNLOVING and even part of My Church bought into these deceptions and COMPROMISED My standard of TRUTH, which is My character of holiness. When you affirm someone in their sinful lifestyle because you want to be seen as ‘nice’ and ‘loving’, you are joining forces with DECEPTION and keeping that person from true FREEDOM and from FULFILLING their destiny. Love speaks the truth about sin with the HOPE of My POWER to set them FREE. Allow My Spirit to search your heart to see if there are any areas where you have been ENSNARED by some of Leviathan’s deceptions. I will CLEANSE your heart and mind and fill them with My LIGHT and TRUTH. I need your heart COMPLETELY unified with Mine in this battle to DESTROY this ancient and evil enemy. IT’s STRANGLEHOLD must be cut off your Land so that people can be freed from its MIND-BINDING spirit and so that they can see and EMBRACE TRUTH and LIGHT. Together, let’s CRUSH this darkness that has held your Nation CAPTIVE. When you see or hear a lie, STOMP on it and DECLARE that My truth will PREVAIL and be brought into the light. This will have great power in this WAR against Leviathan. Shields of FAITH raised up and swords of TRUTH at the ready!”

Diana Larkin - THREE-PRONGED RESCUE - February 16, 2023

“My RESCUE OPERATION will have THREE PRONGS. Just like a THREEFOLD CORD is not easily broken, so My THREE- PRONGED RESCUE will not be taken apart, and it’s BLOW will be DEADLY to the enemy’s plans. This is what My THREE-PRONGED RESCUE is made of: the Father’s FURY and POWER are aimed directly at the enemy; the VOICE of the Son’s BLOOD of VICTORY is resounding throughout the heavens SHAKING and BREAKING the darkness; the Spirit’s FIRE and WIND are burning up and blowing away the enemy’s SCHEMES and those partnered with darkness. When I SURPRISE ATTACK with My THREE-PRONGED WEAPON of My POWER, the Son’s VOICE of VICTORY, and the Spirit’s WIND and FIRE, the enemy won’t know what HIT them. They will TOPPLE ONE AND ALL. The FULL FORCE of the Kingdom of Light will SMACK DOWN and SILENCE the BOASTFUL empire of darkness. My THREE-PRONGED RESCUE will strike a DEATHBLOW to their camp and all their carefully orchestrated SCHEMES of darkness. Join Me, Army of Light, and CALL FORTH My THREE-PRONGED RESCUE. Great celebrations will replace the doom and gloom, and RESURRECTION POWER will fill your Land.”

NarrowRoad79K - "Oh America, how far you have fallen." Repent!! Seek the Lord while you still can!! - February 13, 2023

I heard the words February 15th three times and then I heard the time is near. And so I asked the Lord what what is near what is February 15th. Lord that’s in three days and he said the end of America. The first of many attacks but he said nothing else after that. And so I’ve been praying about this for quite a bit and finally the Lord spoke this is what he said. A day of mourning for what was what will never be again the first strike of many. Oh America how far you have fallen. What will become of you now? Thriving cities landmarks of tourism will become dust and ash. I said repent. I said turn to me and live I said to humble yourselves and pray. But you are deaf to My Cries you shut your ears to My instruction.

Your abundance will be cut off. Your days of thriving will come to a screeching halt. There will be no more joyous festivals in the streets. No more religious feasts. The people I have sent will strip away every ounce of your freedom. Will drain dry your resources. Will inhabit your homes. Martial law is coming you will have curfews. You will be expected to comply. There will be another series of shutdowns. Military fficers will swarm your city streets. Cities will burn, houses reduced to rubble. Explode explosions heard for Miles. You said this could never happen here. You shrugged off all My warning. Laughed at My Prophets but I will have the last laugh as your immoral cities go up in flames. Will you defy Me scoff at those I have called mock My son blaspheme His holy name and live?

Those who have shown no mercy will receive none in return I will hold  you fully accountable for your corrupotion. Your treachery, your shedding of innocent blood your drunkenness, and reviling your adulterous acts. What will become of your pride? You will hang your head in shame America. I am withdrawing My hand so you can see the difference between those who honor God and those who do not. …

The Kingdom of God Matters - God Says: “America The Great Is Falling But My People Will Stand” LISTEN UP - February 13, 2023

So I can release this word God just started downloading. Some things through his Holy Spirit into My heart this word is for our nation this word is for America. The Lord says the freer that you think you are the harder you are going to fall. You guys God is not playing around my heart is deeply grieved right now those of you who are in Christ. Those of you who have entered into the habitation of the Lord. The Lord says do not worry for the calamities that you will see. Do not worry because you have entered into My shelter although a thousand may fall on one side ten thousand on your right. …

God is not playing around he is wiping people off of the face of this Earth. He has warned he has called he has sounded the trumpet and he is finished with many who will not listen. The Lord says and this is in Psalm 91 because he wants me to read it. He says you will only look with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked. Because you have made the Lord your refuge the most higher dwelling place. Evil shall befall you people of God no scourge come near your tent that is Psalm 91. I believe it starts at verse 7.

So God is saying you don’t have anything to worry about you and your household are covered the blood of the Lamb has sealed you from the death angel. Says the spirit of the Living God. Right now the Lord says that his seal thank you Holy Spirit the Seal of the holy spirit is onyour forehead. This is a spiritual thing okay and so whenever these things begin to happen to begin to take place you guys the death angel will see that you are marked. You are marked by God. He doesn’t have access to you. He doesn’t have a right to touch you. He doesn’t have a right to touch your children. He doesn’t have a right to even touch her children’s children and those who aren’t even born yet. He does not have a right God’s not going to give him permission to do so. Thank you Lord thank you Lord.

He had me look up the number 23. Because we’re in the year 2023 and those of you who follow this ministry. I’ve been saying to you guys since last September when we crossed over to the new year. Then in the Hebrew and the spiritual side 5783 and so this is prophetically the year of exposure. Things being laid bare God already started it. But it’s going to be an uptick. It’s already going on. It’sgoing to be an uptick but God is ticking up the time even though he’s the God that sits outside of time and space. This is why those of you who are in Christ will receive acceleration. Because you’re in him and if you’re in God you’re not subject to the time it would normally take for something to happen this is what acceleration   is what God is doing to catch you up. But what he was having me to look up as far as and let me back up I’m sorry because 5783 although it’s a year of exposure of judgment is also a year of exposure of blessing for God’s people. So just as God is dealing with the evil in this nation and in this world he’s also blessing his children on the other side of that. It’s time to take your land many of you are coming into your spiritual Canaan. …

I looked up the number 23 the Greek concordance and it means to grieve much to be indignant and the usage of this word means. I am angry or incensed and this is what God is saying he is angry he is incensed he is annoyed he is furious indignant is a feeling or showing anger because of something unjust or unworthy. Snd so this is what has stuck up to high heaven to the Lord everything every blasphemy, every joke every. Whatever it’s been against God he has heard it. All this all the the laws that go against his principles and his laws and his word all the wrongdoing of his people of the oppression of his people whether it’s in this country and then just all over the world God is doing it but he sent me before you today for America. In particular because he is about to break loose with his judgment. Repent if you need to repent. God’s going to work your situation out for good but you do not want to be caught on the other side of his righteous judgment. …

Diana Larkin - REAL LOVE - February 14, 2023

“Let’s talk about REAL LOVE this morning. The darkness and the religious spirit both DISTORT LOVE and ROB it of its POWER. The standard of love the darkness says you MUST AGREE with is to APPROVE of EVERY LIFESTYLE CHOICE, no matter how DARK or TWISTED or DESTRUCTIVE it may be. The only lifestyle they say you should OPPOSE is the one that FOLLOWS Me and BELIEVES My Word is TRUTH. They CONDEMN this lifestyle as RESTRICTIVE and UNLOVING. It is basically what Isaiah WARNED against becoming those who CALL EVIL GOOD and GOOD EVIL. You can call people out of these destructive, DESTINY-STEALING lifestyles by EXTENDING My LOVE, GENTLY EXPOSING LIES that they were told, and GIVING them a VISION of a FUTURE filled with My FREEDOM and FULFILLMENT. The religious spirit bases acceptance and love on PERFORMANCE of THEIR SET OF RULES. You must LOOK and ACT EXACTLY like them. They JUDGE other people by their ACTIONS and themselves by their MOTIVES. This leads to SELF-FOCUS and not LOVE, and it opens the door to JEALOUSY, BACK-BITING, and GOSSIP. It does NOT PRODUCE the FRUIT of the Spirit. It produces CLUB MEMBERS and not a FUNCTIONING and POWERFUL Body of Christ. REAL LOVE comes from a heart that is SURRENDERED and YIELDED to My heart. It is WALKING daily with My Spirit and ALLOWING Him to GUIDE you through the TRANSFORMATION process until you LOVE like I LOVE. My REAL LOVE brings REAL FREEDOM and REAL LIFE. Welcome to My heart!”

Kent Christmas - BEGINNING THIS MONTH MENS EARS WILL TINGLE - February 13, 2023

2023 will go down in history as the year change the destiny of men.

Says the Lord, I’ve watched till I can no longer be silent. Men have thought that I would stand at a distance and allow them to do what they have done in secret places and I would not judge. But know this saith the Lord, the ears of men are going to begin to tingle at the sound of the reports  that’s going to begin to come forth. Not just out of this nation but I am shaking the earth now, says God. I am going to begin to deal with the false prophets saith the Lord that have put words in My mouth that have prophesied not to advance my kingdom. But to advance our own kingdom. And know this saith God, I do not need other men to stand and point out what is true and what is false. I am God enough to defend my own name and I am God enough to defend My own honor, saith the Lord.

So just as I’m going to saith God even this month. I’m going to demonstrate my power and I’m going to begin to deal with the false prophets. Know this saith God. Those that have moved Me off of my Throne of judgment and have appointed themselves as arbitrators of the kingdom of the Lord to say who is right and who is wrong I am also going to deal with them saith God did I not say judge not and ye shall not be judged for there has been confusion and chaos saith the Lord that has been loosed in the body of Christ by men who have not feared me who are dare to think of themselves as ways that they can point a finger and say who is right and who is wrong man looketh on the outward appearance saith God. But I look on the heart and I am raising up voices in this hour who will defend My name. And there is they wave of the glory of the Lord that is coming but know this say it God.

 I have already declared that judgment shall begin in the house of the Lord and this day saith God I’ve had enough of the hypocrisy I’ve had enough of the counterfeit I had enough of those that have stood in wicked places and have done wicked things and saith God does not see us so I’m gonna begin to move now saith the Lord not just in the secular realm but know this saith caught up I said be ye holy for I am Holy and if they, saith the Lord. I loose a righteous anger out of the nostrils of God. I’m gonna send a fire saying the Lord of purification that’s going to hit the church and hit the nations and hit the government, say a God. I do not bow down saith the law because I’ve been silenced the pride of men has risen up in my house you’ve only known me as the god of Mercy. But you will also know me as the God of equity Justice and righteousness. You do not hear the cries that I hear say it God when you are asleep at night you hear not the moans of the oppressed and the broken and the afflicted.

Bbut have I not told you I don’t sleep so I hear every cry I hear every moan I see the injustice that has been perpetrated in the house of the Lord. And for what men have shown up in My name that has been for their own self-promotion notice what they have sown. They shall reap Sevenfold for this generation has never seen the muscle of My arm uncovered. But I’d say unto thee when I get done shaking the church and shaking the nation. I’m gonna shake television networks that are Unholy and unclean say a God. That you have dared to go on camera with filthy garments and say my name I am gonna raise up your men and women that out of their failure. Hallelujah …

God says that men have been in disguise in the house of the Lord. They have put on a disguise that the sheep could not see past. But I say unto thee I’m gonna pull your disguise off and I am going to uncover your nakedness, says the Lord. And I’m gonna reveal to the Nations when I am done there will be shame and humiliation on men that have been honored by the house of the Lord. Yet are not worthy of that honor saith God. My focus for the next three months will not be on the governments will not be on politics but it will now be on the house of the Lord saith God. Get ready saith God for vomit’s going to come out of heaven because I’m gonna vomit out of my mouth the lukewarm that has been in the house of the Lord. You say no one sees Me I saw you says the Lord I watched you, says God. You did it without fear you have practiced sin without worry of retaliation. …

 2023 go down in history as the year change the destiny of men. God says one of the reasons the church has not been powerful it’s because the spirit of pride. The Lord says the gifts that you have who did not earn I gave them to you Sunday. Hallelujah …

I will tell you Hallelujah it’s coming, said God. It’s coming said God. It’s coming said God. I can’t stop it says the Lord. I’ve already released it I’ve already looked at the death angel and thank God and he’s already on his way, saying the Lord. And then left the blood of the lamb and it’s on the doorpost of of your house and he will not pass over you. … Hallelujah! Hallelujah! And the spirit of the Bride say come Spirit of the pride say come the spirit and the bride say come I’m going to astound what you have seen so far it’s me blessing the hand of man for what you’re getting ready to see the creative power gone without the help of men. Over time says God you have watched funerals and major networks great politicians at least they were great in the eyes of ungodly men but I watched with disdain, says the Lord. And they stood before me you would have not seen the arrogance for they wilted. They begged and I was not moved because for many of your leaders, saith the Lord they know who I am they have heard My voice to take the laws of ungodliness and force it’s Nation.

Diana Larkin - THE MOUNTAINS ARE TREMBLING - February 13, 2023

“The NATURAL MOUNTAINS and the CORRUPT LEADERS on the tops of the mountains of influence are TREMBLING. My foot has TOUCHED the earth, and the VIBRATIONS are causing the earth to REACT with STRANGE WEATHER and ODD OCCURRENCES. The LION of the Judah’s ROAR has RELEASED FREQUENCIES that are TOPPLING and DESTROYING the dark structures that the corrupt used to RULE from and to LAUNCH their death agendas from. You will realize how SHAKEN and FALLING these wicked structures have become because of the OBVIOUS DISTRACTING stories the LYING media is PUMPING OUT. They have become so DESPERATE that they have already PULLED the science fiction card to STRIKE FEAR into peoples’ hearts. This launch is PREMATURE, and it will not succeed. Don’t be ALARMED at the PARADE of FEAR-FILLED, DISTRACTING stories. Instead, PICK THEM OFF one-by-one until the darkness is FULLY EXPOSED and BEATEN. In nations where My LIGHT is DIM because the people worship false gods, the DEATH AGENDAS have caused GREAT DEVASTATION. Pray that My PRESENCE will be RELEASED upon these people as they cry out in PAIN and SUFFERING. DECREE that the darkness will SUFFER a DOUBLE DEFEAT—EXPOSURE of who released this destruction and death, and the ARISING of My KINGDOM to COMFORT, SAVE, and DELIVER a people in BONDAGE. Do you see THE MOUNTAINS TREMBLING? It is a SIGN of OUR VICTORY being MANIFESTED in the spiritual and the natural realms.”


“You have progressively seen that the WAR we have been fighting is much LARGER and much FIERCER than you originally realized. I AM also releasing to you a GREATER REVELATION of the VICTORY I have promised you. This is not just a VICTORY in the realm of government, it is a SWEEPING VICTORY over all areas of society where DARKNESS has invaded. Let Me EXPAND your thinking again and help you realize that My VICTORY will also INVADE the INDIVIDUAL HEARTS of My people. Any darkness that lies UNCHALLENGED in your own hearts will WEAKEN the POWER of My LIGHT that dwells within you. Will you allow Me to have My VICTORY in your heart? Not only will this make you a more EFFECTIVE WARRIOR, it will make a way for the LIGHT of My LOVE to SHINE FREELY from your heart. Allow My Spirit to SPOTLIGHT any areas that cause you to STUMBLE or that WEAKEN your love. Here are some of the areas My Spirit may be targeting: FALSE COMFORTERS, COLD LOVE, A CRITICAL SPIRIT, PROJECTING YOUR CALL ONTO OTHER PEOPLES’ LIVES, INSISTING THAT YOU ARE RIGHT OVER GIVING PEOPLE FREEDOM TO RECEIVE REVELATION FROM ME. You will notice that this partial list is addressing issues in your hearts that bring DIVISION. GUARD YOUR HEART and YOUR THINKING in these areas, and I will bring you to VICTORY in your own heart. Your LIGHT will be BRIGHTER, more PENETRATING against the darkness, and filled with the WARMTH of My LOVE. The victory I have planned is SWEEPING and much BIGGER than you thought. I AM inviting you to participate in VICTORY WITHOUT and VICTORY WITHIN. FREEDOM!!!”

Diana Larkin - WHY DO THE NATIONS RAGE? - February 9, 2023

“Mankind is the CROWN of all that We created. More COMPLEX, more BEAUTIFUL than any galaxy that We formed. In all of creation, ONLY MAN was made in OUR IMAGE. There lies in man the CAPACITY for GREAT LOVE, BEAUTIFUL CREATIVITY, and spirit to Spirit COMMUNION with Us. Because We chose to give mankind the gift of FREE WILL, man can also have the CAPACITY for HATRED, GREED, and the choice to TURN AWAY from RELATIONSHIP with Us.  BLESSED is the one who chooses to come to us through the BLOOD of the Son—blessed in this life and for all of ETERNITY. As they DRAW CLOSER to Us, they begin to RELECT Our nature more and more, and they leave a DEPOSIT of Our GLORY, Our HEALING, and Our LOVE everywhere they go. Those who continually REJECT Our love and choose to go their OWN WAY will become OPEN to the INFLUENCE of the enemy. They will become DARKER, more SELF-CENTERED, and open to being INHABITED by darkness. All the DARK DEEDS of the world are DISPLAYED through them because they have rejected Our love and chosen to believe the LIES of the enemy. Our heart BREAKS for each one who chooses darkness and eternal SEPARATION from Us. But know that Our heart REJOICES at each one of you who have given Us your HEART and who have allowed Our PRESENCE to GROW in you. It now SHINES out in GREAT BEAUTY, GLORY, and HEALING. Beloved ones, the enemy has now stirred up such HATRED and GREED that the nations given to darkness RAGE against Us and against you. We will now ARISE to come and RESCUE you and to PASS JUDGMENT on those who have REFUSED to back down from ENSLAVING you. You will WITNESS darkness FALL, and the nations and people who RAGE will be cut off, and you will neither SEE THEM or HEAR their RAGING again. Our heart is toward you, and you will be VINDICATED and REWARDED. Your WORSHIP will be Our GREAT REWARD.”

Diana Larkin - RESURRECTION DAY IS COMING - February 8, 2023

“As EMPIRES TUMBLE, LEADERS FALL, and SYSTEMS FAIL, it is very important that you COMBAT FEAR of the FUTURE or FEAR of DEFEAT by speaking My promise: RESURRECTION DAY IS COMING! Keep REHEARSING examples of DEATH to LIFE I have laid out in My Word. There is the  OPENING and CLOSING of the Red Sea, the CALLING FORTH to LIFE of Lazarus who was dead—really dead for four days, and the ULTIMATE RESURRECTION from death to life EVERMORE of My Son. I can DO IT AGAIN! Are you afraid of LACK? Remember how I FED the nation of Israel in the wilderness, Elijah at the stream when he was hiding from Jezebel, the widows SUPERNATURALLY fed and provided for through Elijah and Elisha, and the FEEDING of the multitudes through My Son’s hands. Am I able to PROTECT and PROVIDE for My children when My JUDGMENTS FALL? Think about Noah and his family in the ARK, Israel PROTECTED from My judgments in the land of Goshen, Israel PROTECTED from Egypt and other surrounding enemies in the  wilderness, My Son KEPT and PROTECTED as the enemy sought to take His life many times. When My Son died, it was because He GAVE His life away as a RANSOM for many. As shakings come, keep these words in your mouth, ‘RESURRECTION DAY IS COMING!”

Winds of Prophecy Blog - February 6, 13, 17, 2023

Trey Smith - Special Presentation: The Last Prophecy - February , 2023

Many so may prophecies fulfilled and with more in the process of being fulfilled?

The Last Prophecy is a documentary about the prophecies surrounding Donald Trump, and the Great Reset. This film covers some of the final prophecies Kim Clement gave before he passed away of a rare brain cancer on the 23rd of November 2016. His last prophecies seem to match identically with events of these present hours. Kim was also considered a private advisor to presidents of the United States, the FBI and often world leaders.


Diana Larkin - DO NOT FEAR THE COMING SHAKINGS IN MY CHURCH - February 7. 2023

“My EXPOSURE of the dark agendas and those who are seeking to unleash them against the world will come at EXACTLY THE RIGHT MOMENT. It will be when they reach THE HEIGHT OF CORRUPTION. At this point, there will be NO HIDING their TRUE MOTIVES or the DEEP DARKNESS of their hearts. They are RAPIDLY CLIMBING towards THE HEIGHT OF CORRUPTION, and they have thrown all CAUTION aside. They are all CONSUMED with the PRIZE they can now see within REACH of TOTAL CONTROL over people and wealth. They have BLINDED the world with DECEPTION about who they are, but they don’t realize they themselves have been DECEIVED by GREED into a TRAP that is set by Me at THE HEIGHT OF CORRUPTION. They are rapidly climbing up the TOWER OF POWER, and they don’t realize that as they reach
towards the top, I will SUDDENLY SHAKE that TOWER of DARKNESS, and it will COMPLETELY COLLAPSE. They will be THROWN DOWN, and their evil SCHEMES and personal CORRUPTION will be EXPOSED to all the world. THE HEIGHT OF CORRUPTION will also include some from the media mountain and when they fall, I will RAISE UP those who will SPEAK THE TRUTH and will EXPOSE the evil ones for who they really are. The lying media is one of the major GATEKEEPERS who COVER UP the corrupt. When this GATE FALLS at THE HEIGHT OF CORRUPTION, a FLOOD of TRUTH will come forth that will BURY the wicked. Don’t fret or stew when you see evil continuing to climb—just remember, My plan is to take them all down at THEHEIGHT OF  CORRUPTION.”

Diana Larkin - FRESH, FULL, AND FREE - February 6, 2023

“Let’s have a Fatherly chat together. PULL ASIDE and  give Me your FULL ATTENTION. You are very aware of the LIES, MISINFORMATION, and CORRUPTION that the enemy has promoted in all areas of your society. You’ve seen these LIES in government, education, business, arts, entertainment, media, and families. If the enemy’s LIES have PENETRATED all these areas, what makes you think that he has not touched the Church with his DEMON DOCTRINES? If you think about it, you can plainly see some of these areas of INFILTRATION. My ORIGINAL DESIGN and PLAN for man has not changed since I CREATED them and that is to TAKE DOMINION over the earth (that is to live in My PRESENCE and to release My GLORY into all the earth), and to be FRUITFUL and to MULTIPLY. Any doctrine or teaching that OPPOSES this MANDATE to RULE and REIGN and to be FRUITFUL is not from Me. Does it SHAKE you and cause you a bit of PANIC to think you may have bought into BELIEFS about Me or My Kingdom that don’t really ALIGN with My CHARACTER or My WORD? DO NOT FEAR THE SHAKINGS IN THE CHURCH, as I EXPOSE and CLEANSE teachings that were SEEDED in by the darkness. HOLD UP all you have been taught before Me and give My Holy Spirit PERMISSION to LEAD you into ALL TRUTH. Search My Word with FRESH EYES and an OPEN HEART to be shown NEW revelations by My Spirit of Truth. He will help you see what has been SOWN into your FOUNDATION of FAITH. He will SHORE UP what is TRUTH, and He will help you REMOVE stones that WEAKEN your foundation because they contain SEEDS of darkness. DO NOT FEAR THE COMING SHAKINGS IN MY CHURCH, but know that as I CLEAN OUT and ESTABLISH My truth that a GREATER GLORY will be released. Get ready to SHINE INTO THE .DARKNESS.”

Bo Polny - D-Day, 2023 MIRACLES, Reality Changes Forever!! - February 5, 2023

Diana Larkin - FRESH, FULL, AND FREE - February 5, 2023

“Because you are made in Our IMAGE, your experience of life on this earth should be FRESH, FULL, AND FREE. You can see how darkness has tried to MAR your personal life with SIN TRAPS, SICKNESS, and STEALING PROVISION and CREATIVITY. He is currently doing this same DESTRUCTIVE, DECEPTIVE program to nations, as he
seeks to DOMINATE and CONTROL through GREEDY, ARROGANT people. These PRIDE-FILLED ones don’t realize that they are also being DOMINATED and CONTROLLED by the darkness. The darkness DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THEM. It only wants to fulfill its ANGRY WAR against My GOODNESS. The enemy has tried to CONVINCE you that this is just how life is and to not expect much. But I AM telling you to RAISE YOUR FAITH EXPECTATIONS because I AM coming in response to your HEART CRIES for DELIVERANCE. I will COMPLETELY EXPOSE the dark AGENDAS and SHATTER the delusions the darkness has ESTABLISHED in the areas of culture where I meant for those of the Light to be RULING and REIGNING. As the evil empire CRASHES and BURNS, look with EXPECTANT EYES as I establish My KINGDOM RULE through My people. My Kingdom ways are FULL OF LIFE AND FULFILLMENT. Rise up in FAITH and EMBRACE a new day where life is FRESH, FULL, AND FREE!”

Joshua Giles - China Prophecy from last year - February 03, 2023

Beny Wilson - Divine Intel presents " The Prophetic Last Warning and the RV" - February 03, 2023

I lead you guys all of you to the prophetic word of the Virgin Mary or Lordes a hundred and ten years ago I believe it does happen when she requests the Vatican to consecrate Russia under the immaculate name of Mary. After a hundred years of denying the request for the Virgin Mary Pope Francis finally the consecration of Russia. …  I just found out about it and I’m shocked I am overwhelmed for the information I just found out about it let me tell you where it was just about two hours ago.

The biggest theologists Catholic theologists Taylor Marshall in the world came out with a broadcasting on YouTube talking about the visit from Bob Francis to Russia according to the news Pope Francis has said that he wants to visit Russia. And that we don’t have a day yet when he wants to visit Russia we need to watch his visitation to Russia. Everybody must watch the visitation of Pope Francis to walk to Russia alleged Apparition at Garabandal the Visionary said and here’s the quote. The pope will go to Russia to Moscow as soon as he returns to the Vatican hostilities will break out in different parts of Europe now this is notable. Because Pope Francis twice in the last year has said that he deeply desires to go to Russia he’s already had several meetings with Vladimir Putin and with Cairo the patriarch there’s a picture of Pope Francis Vladimir Putin and Archbishop garaganzfein in the background rather controversial. Pope Francis has said that he would like to travel to Russia to go to St Petersburg and to go to Moscow and he says quote I am ready to go to Moscow. This is Pope Francis I’m ready to go to Moscow for a dialogue with a brother and here he’s referring to patriarch Carol who is the head the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church has also told reporters on an airplane interview. We know that Francis is famous for those that visiting Russia and meeting with Cairo was on a quote Horizon that is not too far away. …

But God knows what he’s doing right so now he wants to visit Russia. What I didn’t know it was that his visit was prophesied by that Virgin Mary. I didn’t know that according to the sourcesthe Virgin Mary who appeared in the Garabandal is a little small town in Spain. She appeared to four little girls those four little girls one of them is still alive her name is Conchita, Conchita said that the Holy Mother told her that as soon as the Pope will that they assume the pope returned from his visit to Russia a huge conflict will happen in Europe. A conflict yeah I I do I would like to add also that um Conchita confirmed twice um that Mary told her that there would not be a World War. Three so I I at least like to bring that point forward because obviously people assume immediately this Russian uh uh War that’s going on is going to escalate immediately into World War Three. So uh I believe it’s part of the prophecy too when when God said when things are at its worse he’s going to stop everything and bring the warning so to me that indicates yes this will escalate. It’ll get bad but hopefully it won’t get to the point of World War III because uh more than once Mary had indicated the Vegeta that there will never be a World War Three so I hope that brings some some peace and comfort. To people who are listening now let me remind you what I just found out about it I find out that the same Virgin Mary said that we are not going to have a nuclear war he mentioned that to conceit that twice. What was the uh the uh the whole ritual the whole. The whole visit the whole consecration to Russia is to prevent World War III. So now we have the confirmation from the same virgin saying there will be no World War III. But we’re all going to be afraid for is what is going to happen after the Pope returns to Europe because a huge conflict will happen in Europe and Russia is going to be part of it. Let’s remember that the Virgin Mary warn us that if that will happen in the Vatican by consequent Russia it was not made on time then Russia will spread their mistakes all over the world. That’s the way that Virgin Mary say mistakes or errors so what is she talking about nuclear war. …

So now God’s telling me drb in the middle of the conflict in Europe. In Europe we will have the break of the financial system where in the Middle East we will have at the same time the dinar coming out through all these years God had been given us the 12 Days of Christmas through all these years God’s been leading us to follow England. Why England is no more part of that Community European community England’s no more in the euro English now depending in the currency is dependent independent. So God is believing us little by little who was coming in the near future there will be a huge conflict in Europe and the whole world will think we are World War III. And in the middle of that there will be Financial breaking breaking stuff. How the financial system works the dissolution or the Fiat system and then the dinar. But here’s the part that most of you don’t know we also going to have the three days of darkness. According to the Catholic theologies the three days of darkness are the equivalent of the three days of Jesus the three days that we don’t have Jesus for example in the Bible talks about the three days when Joseph and Mary lost Jesus and found him in the synagogue teaching people we also have the three days. That our Lord Jesus Christ was dead and went to the death and then resurrected from the dead, Hhow many days three days? …

Padre Pio he talked about the Garabandal event. I didn’t know that we’re talking about over 65 years after his death of the event of the Virgin Mary in Garabandal. That’s what we’re talking about. We’re talking about an event that happened years later. …

When the three days of darkness happen you cannot go out or you will die. You cannot have your windows open to the light or you will die for three days and three nights. You will be at home or you’re going to die. Now the huge community the biggest community in the world of Christianity the Catholic Community is now getting the worst candles preparing for the event. Now I and I understand many Protestants my brothers Protestants do not believe in that  That’s fine but what if it happened? What if this event happened in the most unexpected way? What if the prophetic word of Protestants and Catholic prophets has been saying it will happen and you get caught up in the middle and don’t recognize the event?

Diana Larkin - LEARNING TO BATTLE FROM A PLACE OF REST - February 4, 2023

“Are you asking how you WAGE WAR with a FIERCE enemy from a PLACE OF REST? Aren’t ‘BATTLE’ and ‘REST’ opposite words that don’t go together, you ask? In My Kingdom, these are not opposing words. REST in My Kingdom is NOT ceasing all activity and just sitting in one place. REST describes a POSITION I’m calling you to LIVE FROM. My REST calls you to LAY DOWN your HUMAN EFFORTS and REASONINGS and to ALLOW My Spirit to FLOW THROUGH YOU with His POWER and His SUPERNATURAL INSIGHTS. Warfare waged from RESTING in My POWER and WISDOM is very EFFECTIVE. You will not become so WEARY and BEATEN DOWN when you are using My POWER instead of your own HUMAN strength to fight an enemy EMPOWERED BY DARKNESS. The darkness has learned the lesson of RELYING on DARK POWERS to wage their DESTRUCTIVE AGENDAS. Your warfare against spiritual powers will be WEAK if you are trying to BATTLE SPIRITUAL FORCES with only the POWER OF MAN, and you will find yourself EXHAUSTED and fighting HOPELESSNESS. My kind of REST is not CEASING from all ACTIVITY; it is CHOOSING to lay aside human efforts and ENTERING into the REST OF FAITH in My ABILITY to cause you to TRIUMPH. Then your warfare will be STRATEGIC and POWERFUL because you are DRAWING from My STRENGTH and not your own. I AM calling you to learn to battle from a place of FAITH-REST in Me. When you learn to REST from your own works and ENTER into My works, you will experience greater FRUITFULNESS and GROWING INTIMACY with Me. And that BLESSES My heart!”


*PSALM 10:2 “The arrogant in their elitist pride persecute the poor and helpless. May You pour out upon them the very evil they’ve dreamed up against others!” (TPT) *ISAIAH 10:1, 2a “Woe (judgment is coming) to those (judges) who issue evil statutes, and to those  (magistrates) who constantly record unjust and oppressive decisions, so as to deprive the needy of justice and rob the poor of My people of rightful claims…” (AMP) *”WOE—great judgment—is coming to those who set their hearts AGAINST My Covenant Nation. They devised plans to DEFILE and to CURSE the LAND. Their GOAL was to DEFRAUD My people of their WEALTH and to completely CONTROL them by FEAR and DEATH AGENDAS, and to SOW schemes of DEFILEMENT among the people so that they PURSUED FALSE COMFORTERS instead of Me. These FALSE COMFORTERS grew more and more DEFILING, and they put My people in CHAINS and IMPRISONED them in DARKNESS, far away from My LOVE and My LIGHT. WOE to those who set these SNARES for My people. Those partnered with darkness were REJOICING at all the MISERABLE lives they SOWED, and they looked with HAUGHTY eyes on those they had DECEIVED, WEAKENED, and ENSNARED with DARKNESS. NO MORE!!! I have AWAKENED, ARMED, and RELEASED My Army of Light to join their SHOFAR BLASTS with the LION of Judah’s ROARS, and I AM proclaiming FREEDOM to the captives, SIGHT to the blind, and OPENING of deaf ears! A MIGHTY DELIVERANCE is taking place, filled with RESURRECTION POWER, and this awakened army will RISE UP with My faithful Army of Light and PUSH BACK and TRAMPLE those who tried to place them in CAPTIVITY. Those who SOWED to your DARKNESS and DESTRUCTION, will receive FULL FORCE what they had PLANNED for you. BLOW the SHOFAR, ROAR with My LION, and SHOUT FREEDOM to the captives. WOE to the DARKNESS and TRIUMPH for the LIGHT!”

Sid Roth - These Gemstones Came from Heaven (AND We Tested Them) - February 2, 2023

Bo Polny - Haman Effect - ‘Their’ Kingdom has Come to an End & ‘Their’ Secrets Will Now be Revealed! - February 02, 2023

Diana Larkin - DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA - February 2, 2023

“What you see before you right now are three separate DRAMAS being played out. If you allow your FOCUS to be DIVIDED among  these DRAMAS, your WARFARE and FAITH will be WEAKENED. A DIVIDED HEART and MIND will cause you to be INEFFECTIVE, because you’ll be UNSURE how to PROCEED. Evil is always trying to release DRAMA to get you to FOCUS on FEAR and INTIMIDATION. Their efforts have become FRANTIC as the BREATH of the LION of Judah is HOTLY PURSUING them, and the MARCHING FEET of the Army of Light are right behind the LION. If the enemy can DISTRACT you with his THREATS, he can THROW you OFF your ASSIGNMENT, and you will FALTER on the field of battle. The second DRAMA being played out right now is in My Church where BROTHERS HAVE TAKEN UP ARMS AGAINST BROTHERS. This, of course, greatly WEAKENS My Army of Light if their focus goes on this DRAMA. I have STIRRED UP this DRAMA because My Body needs a DEEP CLEANSING. If you are going to RULE and REIGN with Me,  then you must learn to process different points of view according to KINGDOM WAYS and not the world’s ways of ACCUSATION and FAULT-FINDING. I AM asking you not to take up arms against your brothers, but allow My Spirit to SEARCH your own hearts for UNFORGIVEN OFFENSES and to LET GO of CONTROLLING someone else’s WORDS or OPINIONS. If you’ll allow Me to cleanse your own heart, you’ll be FREE to PRAY for and HOPE for the BEST for those who OPPOSE you. Then, allow Me to FOCUS you on My DRAMA of the AGES, the GREAT PLAN OF RESCUE AND DELIVERANCE that I’ve called you to partner with Me in winning the GREAT VICTORY of this age. Leave the other DRAMAS in My hands, and you PRESS ON to FULFILL My CALLING on your life. Don’t CARRY BAGGAGE onto the battlefield! Look into My eyes and be SEALED in what you’ve been called to do. I have the VICTORY over all the DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA!”

Veronika West - Faith Must Overcome Feelings in This Hour! - February 02, 2023

I hear The Spirit say, ”Feelings…. Feelings…. Oh how unpredictable are the feelings of men, like a hellish roller coaster of the carnal soulish realm, their feelings take them round and round the same mountain, up and down, in and out they go, hearts and minds so easily misled and confused.

Oh My Child, how your feelings have hindered your faith. Guilt, shame and unworthiness have brought stumbling blocks to your prayer life.

Delays and unnecessary detours could have all been avoided, if you only, you only, would seek rather, to harness The Power of Faith in Me, over embracing the power of your inner feelings.

Then your life will be changed and transformed. Have I not said, ”Blessed is he who believes and yet have not seen?” (John 20:29)

Surely I tell you Beloved, blessed are those who believe in spite of their feelings. Yes! I say, ”According to your FAITH — let it be to you!” (Matthew 9:29)

My promises are of no benefit, except they be applied and appropriated by Faith.

Breakthrough and Victory belong to those who Trust Me, those who will take Me at My Word.

Faith is a firm foundation and enables you to see what is unseen! (Hebrews 11:1)

Will I not answer those who answer The Call?

Will I not respond quickly to those who mix Faith with Action?

It was only when their feet touched the raging waters that the River Jordan parted, (Joshua 3:13) and it was only when the Rod was lifted, that the Winds began to blow and the Great Waters of the Red Sea were separated (Exodus 14:21)

Oh, where are the faith-filled Warrior’s who will not be moved by their carnal feelings, but those who will ascend the highest and most treacherous of mountain ranges with Me — by Faith?

And where are those who have learned to lean not on their own understanding, but have put their Hope and full Dependency on Me?

I tell you, nothing is too hard for Me!

I delight in displaying My Power and Majesty in the midst of man’s impossibilities, and in the darkest of times, My Light shines the brightest and the darkness runs and hides.

Ha! For every adversity and infirmity is swallowed up by the Power of My Mercy and Compassion, and every man-made limitation is yet another opportunity to show that My Grace is endless, boundless, all sufficient and free.

My Beloved, with certainty I can tell you that the arm of the flesh will bring failure and defeat — but a heart that is set on Me, will bring great accomplishment and Victory!

So, let feelings bow low, as Radical Faith Rises!

Let Supernatural Strength be made perfect in human weakness and frailty.

Let My Grace operate in greater power, in the presence of humility and surrender.

Let the eyes of Faith see that Miracles are first birthed in the unseen realm, before they are made manifest in the natural realm.

Let human reasoning be replaced by The Mind of Christ!

What buried treasures and untapped riches await those who will dare to move beyond the shallow waters of earthly mindedness, and launch out in pursuit of the deeper dimensions of heavenly perspective!

I tell you Beloved, I laugh at the minds of the Scientists — those who have created what they call CERN.

Whom do they think they are? Is it not I who has put breath in their lungs and brains in their heads?

Is it not I, who has declared the number of their days on the earth,. and none shall live one minute beyond that time?

Oh Beloved, tell me, who among them can even fathom the Mind of their Creator, or measure the smallest fraction of His Intelligence?

Ha! I sit and laugh in the heavens at the foolishness of men!

Watch — as swiftly and suddenly their man-made creations are no more, and with just one touch of My Finger, their grand plans and ambitions shall go up in smoke, and that which they have desired and conspired to create, shall be turned to dust and rubble.

Behold, the Door of A New Day now stands wide open before you!

Faith — and not feelings — is required to step over the threshold, to receive the bounty and beauty on the other-side.

These are Glory Days! Look, for a great deluge is coming, and many will see the reality of My Power, such that hearts and minds have never dreamed or imagined, and the mouths of the scoffers and mockers will be silenced, the doubters and double-minded will be confounded, and many will be swept away by the rising tide of My Glory and Grace!

Finally, I say to you, if you will keep your eyes firmly fixed on Me, The Author and Perfecter of your Faith, then your heart will not be moved, in a constant and ever-changing world roundabout you.

And if you keep looking through the lens of My Spirit, you will see clearly, with Revelation, Wisdom and an Understanding of the times — and then you will have Spiritual Stability, even though life may seem to be spinning out of control!”

Diana Larkin - I SEE, I HEAR, I KNOW - Feburary 1, 2023

“I SEE, I HEAR, and I KNOW everything that is happening in your world. NOTHING slips by My NOTICE and NOTHING can be HIDDEN from Me. Do not let the enemy LIE to you and tell you that I don’t SEE what’s going on or that I’m not going to do anything about INJUSTICE and DEADLY AGENDAS. I CLEARLY SEE the evil in the hearts of those partnered with darkness; I HEAR every IDEA, PLOT, and SCHEME they are planning; and I KNOW where and how they plan to LAUNCH new schemes, and I KNOW how they are maintaining the INJUSTICE and DEADLY PLANS they’ve already launched. I have MARKED each one for JUDGMENT and JUSTICE, and it will come as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow. Everything I have SEEN them do, every word of HATRED for you and REBELLION against Me, and every FUTURE scheme they are planning is CATALOGED in the courtroom of Heaven. When that book is opened by My hand, GREAT and SEVERE JUDGMENT will fall because they are GUILTY of GREAT and SEVERE EVIL. Nothing has ESCAPED My notice and EVERYTHING will be used AGAINST them to bring JUSTICE to you and to the world they tried to SUBJUGATE. I also SEE, HEAR, and KNOW your every KIND DEED done out of love for Me. I HEAR your PRAYERS, your WORSHIP, your WARFARE, and your words that BLESS and build up others. I KNOW the DEEP DESIRES and DREAMS of your heart. These are also CATALOGED in Heaven, and they will be REWARDED and  RECOMPENSED by My GREAT LOVE and POWER.”

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - The Time is Near Prophecy - January 27, 2023

The Lord says until now things regarding My great rest have been quiet subdued in the USA. That is about to change. There shall be a series of events that shall take place that will divide the wheat and a chaff. Yes, these events will indicate to the intellectual mind that the world is coming to an end. Those who’s anchor are not with me shall be in a panic. And they shall do things that will show that this is the case.  DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. You have the truth. You have heard the prophets. You know Me, do not fear. There will be signs and there will great wonderments that will make men faint in terror. But you will not pay attention to them. Your eyes will be fixed on me. There will be signs in the heavens and the earth   darken. These events must take place to wake up the peoples of the world. To jar them from their stupor.  And I am shall allow satan to have his little hissy fit and I shall use if for good. His attempt to frighten the world into submission has and will fail. I mention the USA, however these sorts of things shall happen around the Globe. And especially in areas where people have been waking up. The UK, Australia, South and all of North America, and ASIA. Amen.

Diana Larkin - THREE-PRONGED RESCUE - January 31, 2023

“My RESCUE OPERATION will have THREE PRONGS. Just like a THREEFOLD CORD is not easily broken, so My THREE-PRONGED RESCUE will not be taken apart, and it’s BLOW will be  DEADLY to the enemy’s plans. This is what My THREE-PRONGED RESCUE is made of: the Father’s FURY and POWER are aimed directly at the enemy;
the VOICE of the Son’s BLOOD of VICTORY is resounding throughout the heavens SHAKING and BREAKING the darkness; the Spirit’s FIRE and WIND are burning up and blowing away the enemy’s SCHEMES and those partnered with darkness. When I SURPRISE ATTACK with My THREE-PRONGED WEAPON of My POWER, the Son’s
VOICE of VICTORY, and the Spirit’s WIND and FIRE, the enemy won’t know what HIT them. They will TOPPLE ONE AND ALL. The FULL FORCE of the Kingdom of Light will
SMACK DOWN and SILENCE the BOASTFUL empire of darkness. My THREE-PRONGED RESCUE will strike a DEATHBLOW to their camp and all their carefully orchestrated SCHEMES of darkness. Join Me, Army of Light, and CALL FORTH My THREE-PRONGED RESCUE. Great celebrations will replace the doom and gloom, and RESURRECTION POWER will fill your Land.”

Diana Larkin - SHOCK AND AWE REWARDS - January 30, 2023

“I AM God—there is no other who can COMPARE to Me in POWER, in MIGHT, or in LOVE. What I have done in the PAST for My people, I will do AGAIN. Every time Israel TURNED to Me in REPENTANCE for wandering AWAY from Me and turning to IDOLS, I RESPONDED with FIRE, WATER, and GREAT POWER to DELIVER them and to RESTORE their Land back to them. When a nation turns from Me, it OPENS THE DOOR for DECEPTION and TYRANNY to enter. My Remnant, My Army of Light, had EYES TO SEE the CREEPING DARKNESS, and you CRIED OUT to Me in REPENTANCE for your Nation, and you PETITIONED Me for DELIVERANCE and a CLEANSING of your Land. I have heard your righteous cries, and I AM MOVING on your behalf with a mighty RESCUE OPERATION. I AM peeling back the DECEPTIVE COVERING on those partnered with darkness, and I AM EXPOSING their SELFISH GREED, their DEATH AGENDAS, and their DISGUSTING CORRUPTION and PERVERSION. A GREAT AWAKENING will be the result, and many voices will join yours in CRYING OUT in REPENTANCE and asking for DELIVERANCE. You will see the FULFILLMENT of all you have been praying and longing for. Life is about to be UPGRADED all around the world, but My BEST and FINEST REWARDS will come to you, My Remnant, My Army of Light, because you have STOOD IN FAITH with Me, and you have continued to PROCLAIM My PROMISES to an unbelieving world. You have been FAITHFUL to Me, and I AM about to SHOCK AND AWE you with My REWARDS.
Well done, Army of Light!”
Diana Larkin 
A Watchman’s Journal 


Hank Kunneman - [2023 YEAR OF COLLAPSE] LEADERS WILL FALL - January 29, 2023

Before you are given a promised land there has to be a collapse. … Collapse of these structures…

Diana Larkin - FULL DISCLOSURE… - January 29, 2023

“When I told you that I AM UNCOVERING ALL the evil agendas and those partnered with darkness, I MEANT that you will see FULL DISCLOSURE. What has been HIDDEN, what has been LIED about, CORRUPT CONNECTIONS, SECRET MEETINGS, DEATH AGENDAS going back many years, will ALL be UNCOVERED and brought to FULL DISCLOSURE before the world. You can help PAVE the WAY for these FULL DISCLOSURES to be released by BINDING the mouths of lying Leviathan and RELEASING My GLORY on the TRUTH so that it is so POWERFUL, even the LIARS will be FORCED to speak it. FULL DISCLOSURE is an important battle STRATEGY to fight for at this point in the war, because a GREAT AWAKENING requires a GREAT REVEALING of the TRUTH. These FULL DISCLOSURES will SHAKE BLIND EYES OPEN and UNSTOP DEAF EARS, as the SHOCKING TRUTH is FULLY DISCLOSED. Join Me in launching a MAJOR ASSAULT against LIES and DECEPTION. COMMAND the LIGHT of My FULL DISCLOSURE to shine all across the earth. DECLARE that every LIE, every HIDDEN WEAPON, all DEEP PERVERSION and CORRUPTION will be FULLY DISCLOSED in My GLORY. The darkness will have no place left to run or to hide when we bring forth FULL DISCLOSURE.”

Diana Larkin - A DAY IS COMING… - January 28, 2023

“A DAY IS COMING, My faithful Army of Light, when you will no longer be FORCED to live under evil leaders who seek to DESTROY you or to CONTROL you. Their plan was
EXTENSIVE, very DARK, and covered over with  DECEPTION and DELUSION. My Beloved Church was not waging an EFFECTIVE spiritual war against this RISING
DARKNESS because they bought into an ESCAPIST MENTALITY—TARES SOWN among the WHEAT. Their focus was on ESCAPING all areas of culture because they saw darkness in them; thus, they ABANDONED society to the darkness and allowed it to RULE in their place. They HUNKERED down behind their stacks of freeze-dried food and waited to be TRANSPORTED to Heaven out of the darkness they FEARED. Let Me assure you that when My Son brings His Bride home to meet Me, she will be a STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, VICTORIOUS BRIDE who helped ADVANCE My Kingdom of Light and who FOUGHT BY MY SIDE to DEFEAT darkness and to RULE and REIGN with Me. It’s time the Church FACED HER FEARS and came out of HIDING. You are not called to ESCAPE, you are called to REIGN with Me. You are not called to HIDE from the darkness; you are meant to SHINE My BEAUTIFUL LIGHT into the darkness and to bring My Kingdom RULE and WAYS across all areas of your society. Don’t MISS the TIME of your VISITATION! I AM coming to RESCUE you from the dark death agenda and to bring in My LIFE and LIGHT. It will be those who BELIEVED My PROMISE and FOUGHT by My side in FAITH, who will receive GREAT REWARDS. The world is getting ready to FREAK OUT at My coming shakings, but to you, they will not be OVERWHELMING because you see with My eyes and know that A DAY IS COMING when we will TRAMPLE evil into the dust and a NEW DAY will dawn for JUSTICE, RIGHTEOUSNESS, and FREEDOM.”
Diana Larkin, A Watchman’s Journal 

Barry Wunsch - America I am increasing the breaker anointing that is upon you! - January 18, 2023

I woke up in an encounter last night. Here it is raw, uncut. Nothing more, nothing less. Once again brought with the fear of the Lord in obiediance to Him. May His name be lifted high above all names.


I saw Joe Biden on the back steps of the Whitehouse. He was looking for a way out. I was shown a deep-sea submarine.It appears to be off the northeast coast of the USA. I saw the statue of liberty and the city of New York. This submarine had been on standby for some time. It was submerged in deep water and had just received an order to come closer to the surface, in order to gain its best position in relationship to the city.

They had been issued an elevated code and were on high alert standby. It had the ability to discharge something that would be capable of initiating a tsunami.I was then taken into a very large facility.There were computer stations lined uprow upon row. There were a couple hundredIn this room. These ones were the elite secret strikeforce. These were some of the world’s besttactical hackers and programmers.

They had each been given a target to take out. They were all getting into position, and when the time was right were preparing to attack. The United States of America was most certainly the main target. I was taken and watched Obama and a securityteam rush him and his handlers and administration to a large elite bunker of sorts, but larger. This was more of an under-ground base. I was taken state to state where officials were being taken to cover and safety. I was then suddenly watching Vladimir Putin on TV.He was making an address to the USA and the world.

History being written. This felt like the Cuban missile crisis was a picnic. I saw Joe Biden surrounded by a team of officials. Investigators and was cornered and forced to step down. Charges werepending. I saw a TV with Kamila being sworn in to Presidential office. Then I saw her address the Nation as did Vladimir. Then the word of the Lord came to me. Barry tell my people the time of impasse is about to change. Their bluff is about to be played.  Sit tight under the shelter of my wing. The day of reckoning is nearly at hand.

Watch as I revive and restore a nation. Watch as I open up the eyes and hearts of my people. Do you not know, have you not heard that I am the God that has resurrection life! There is not a Nation, son or daughter that I can’t raise up. America the beautiful, I am going to get your attention. I am calling you to turn your heart unto me. I am going to expose the lies that you have about me. And I am about to bring my resurrection life to this land that I love.

Watch as I expose and extract every evil and demonic leader and lawmaker from their office.  I will not relent until I have them all for they have been used as pawns of the enemy. I am calling my ecclesia to stand and walk with me take your positions, stand in your authority with me to take back this land for My Kingdom.

Watch as I blow across this land that I love with winds of change! A revolution shall once again establish My Kingdom in this Nation upon my ancient foundations. Try as they might – this storm can’t be stopped! The harder they push and resist me the faster it will turn around.

Donald J Trump my hand of favor remains upon you. Their hostile endeavors to take you out, and shut you down shall only bring you victory for as you continue to walk with me I shall use each move to bring truth justice and Righteousness to the land. Donald J Trump I have given you keys for this hour. You will know when it is time to use them! Draw unto me, remain close to me and I will lead you and guide you and American the Great into the greatest victory! I am bringing an increase to the breaker anointing that is upon you. Not only to bring freedom and justice to America but to the Nations! Holy is the word of the Lord.

Barry Wunsch - Prophetic Encounter, The Federal Reserve; Justice is upon us! - January 18, 2023

This morning as I went about my day I kept hearing the
words “Federal Reserve”, I must have heard it half a dozen times.
As I pulled aside and began to pray, I was immediately taken by the spirit into The United States Federal Reserve.

There I was in the Federal Reserve Server room.
It was bright, very well lit, and had rows of racking and servers
humming along.

I watched as a team of highly specialized techs worked behind the
I could see them, but they were mostly transparent, I knew that they each were connected into the system, some on the inside and more from the outside but all were working on the same project.

They were tracing and identifying connections from other nations, banks, stock exchanges, and wall street.
They were preparing to cut each one, each line off from this old server for a new system was very soon to be fired up.

These Federal Reserve servers were at maximum capacity and were not going to last much longer. The system was in trouble and on the verge of a fatal crash.

This team was diligently working behind the scenes, tracing each line, each connection into the system and preparing for the change over.

This system was outdated, had served its purpose for a time, but was now done.

There was a new system ready to go to replace this old server.
It was a Quantum system, like nothing ever seen before. Years in development and ready to roll out.

It was smaller, more compact and lightning speed faster than anything before.
I saw a case opened up and the inside core looked like the most perfect diamond, crystal clear and bright. It reflected and radiated
light in a way I had never seen. The light bursting out of it was as bright as the sun.
There was something very new and different about this technology.
This was the future.

I was then taken out of the server room down a hallway to an elevator, up we went. The elevator doors opened into a hallway
with offices running down both sides.

As I walked down the hallway things were running hot.
Conversations were loud, passionate and animated.
The Federal Reserve had been in trouble before but never this bad.
Agents were pleading with those they were talking to, trying to hold it together with all they had.

The men and women working the phones in a state of panic.
It had suddenly gotten “real”. This was not like anything they had faced before.

They were negotiating here and there with banks, wall street, stock exchanges in the USA and abroad trying to hold things together, but this time it was different.

There was a room full of agents working the phones, speaking foreign languages explaining things and negotiating as hard as they could to other Nations and governments, foreign investors and stakeholders trying to navigate the storm and what was happening.

As I continued down the hallway, there were agents dealing with
Government agencies, going through reams of reports, searching for ways and places to cut – because there just wasn’t enough to go around the way things were. Others being prepped for next steps when it goes down and how to deal with the fall out.

A little farther down the hall was another meeting room and there was a group of political leaders being briefed as to what was on the verge of happening, and what the potential ramifications were going to be.
The room was very somber, emotions and tensions were running high. It was a powder keg ready to blow.

Another room had a team plotting how they could spin this crash in a way to blame Trump and the Republicans when it was clear in their briefing discussions the Democrats themselves were to blame and they knew it. They had to try to spin it because they would not be able to hide it any longer. Everything was going to be exposed.

There was a set of locked security glass doors at the end of the hallway, where there was a group of journalists standing with cameras and microphones in hand prepared to attack with questions.

This was going to be historic, major breaking big news.

Holy Spirit then spoke clearly to me:
Barry tell my people it is time for the take down, and it is time for the wealth transfer to be released.
It is time to pull the plug on the most corrupt system of all and those who think they control it.
They have raped and pillaged my people for far too long!
They have held my people in slavery and the day is upon you for freedom.
Watch as I dismantle this system that has held my people in bondage.
What I have started can not be stopped.
It is time to remove those who have controlled the purse strings!
And it is time to take back the purse!
Never again shall it be in their hands.
For all that was gained through unrighteous means shall be returned a hundred-fold to my people!
I will see to it that justice is served, and slave masters shall be apprehended, and brought to justice!
The round up is about to begin.
They will turn on one another left right and center to try and save themselves but, in the end, justice will be served to all.
Watch as I pull the clinch pin they have held and protected at all costs.
They are about to lose all control!

I am taking it out of their hands.
It will be there today and gone tomorrow!
The day they have dreaded is upon them!

Barry tell my people do not fear, do not be afraid!
For even though it may appear like the end is near,
a new day is dawning.
Draw together and draw unto me, for as you remain in me I will meet your every need!
Holy is the Word of the Lord

God Bless and Protect you and your families!
God Bless and Protect Israel!
God Bless the United States of America the Beautiful!
God Bless Canada the True North Strong and Free!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers, love and support. May God Richly Bless you all!


So Federal Reserve was merged in under the Treasury (under Donald Trump) around ~2020. The Cares act had line items in it dealing with debt instruments. The Federal Reserve as of ~2021 can no longer sell debt instruments only the Treasury? So is this the reason why the drop in remittances to the Treasury? If the Federal Reserve (private international bankers not part of the government) can only take on debt and no longer create money are they broke?

Flash Back - Hank Kunneman - God will Flatten Inflation, Federal Reserve - September 15, 2022

Tomi Arayomi - Preparing for 2030 and the coming global crisis - January 26, 2023

Diana Larkin - LOOK OUT! HEAVEN’S LETTING LOOSE! - January 24, 2023

“As EXPOSURES of the WEB of darkness roll out, you will be STUNNED at how WIDESPREAD, and how INTRICATELY PLANNED this web was. Fresh REALIZATION of how CLOSE you came to being COMPLETELY OVERTAKEN and CONTROLLED by the darkness will wash over you, and you will know that without My RESCUE OPERATION, all would be lost. Gaze at the darkness only long enough to see what is at STAKE and then FOCUS back on Me, on My POWER, and My PROMISES of RESCUE and RESTORATION. You may have a SOBER FEELING resting on you these days. This is NOT a lack of FAITH. It is a KNOWING in your spirit of the MIGHTY SHAKINGS that are coming to AWAKEN the people and to BRING DOWN those partnered with darkness. Being SHAKEN AWAKE because something FEARFUL is happening, is never pleasant. The PEACE and CONFIDENCE that you’ve found in Me are COMFORTS that you can RELEASE to others. That is why I AM drawing you CLOSER and DEEPER in Me so that you are STABLE and STRONG when the SHAKINGS ARE LET LOOSE BY HEAVEN. Here is your ASSIGNMENT(besides drawing aside and resting in Me): you can RELEASE SUPERNATURAL AWAKENING to people still lulled into COMPLACENCY and INACTION. My AWAKENING POWER is GREATER than the enemy’s power to SEDUCE and DECEIVE. Some of the SHAKINGS can be LESSENED if more AWAKEN to the THREAT of darkness and realize I AM their only HOPE for DELIVERANCE. As My Sons and Daughters, you have AUTHORITY to BIND seduction and deception and to LOOSE awakening over the people. Take AUTHORITY over SEDUCTION and DECEPTION, REMOVE its power, SHATTER the ILLUSIONS that hold people captive to lies, UNSTOP ears, and OPEN blinded eyes. LOOSE AWAKENING to the people, and they will join you in seeing all of HEAVEN LETTING LOOSE against the darkness!”

Patricia Green - GOD'S SYSTEM OF WEALTH - January 22, 2023

Veronika West - The Stone, and A Prophetic Warning for The UK! - January 20, 2023

A house built on sand will not stand! A Royal Throne not built upon stone, will surely fall!

“A Coronation — a King in waiting will be found wanting…”

This morning as I was sitting before The LORD, I suddenly heard these Words, ”Watch! A Coronation — a King in waiting will be found wanting!”

Then I saw Scales come up before me, and I could see what looked like a Royal Crown spinning violently above the Scales.

But then, suddenly I saw a large and very heavy Stone fall upon the right side of the Scales, and I heard these Words, ”Watch and Pray! For The Stone of Scone will fall upon the Scales, and a man weighed in the balance is found wanting!

For a kingdom divided could not stand. Watch! As the strong Winds of My Spirit shall blow forth upon this land to Shake, Shift and Transform a Nation, and the house built on sand will not stand, and a Royal Throne not built upon Stone, will surely fall!

I say, Watch and Pray! Set Watchmen on the walls of the city, for the Destiny of a Nation now hangs in the balance!”

As I heard those words, an old and strange song was quickened to me, …

Steve Pursell - Return to America’s True Purpose - January 19, 2023

This is the word that the Lord spoke ion the 25th of June in 2017 that He spoke again today. He said, 1776 was but the beginning and now I will continue what I created America to do. This nation is called by My name and will not fail to fulfill the purposes for which I created it. You are My people and I have a purpose for you. You are to be a standard among the nations, a standard of righteousness and peace. You will use what I have given you to fulfill My purpose in the earth. You are My people and you must do this. And doing it will bring you great fulfillment. I will reward you for your obedience. But first you must return to Me and to the purpose for which I created you. Praise God!

Diana Larkin - I WILL LAUGH IN TRIUMPH OVER MY ENEMIES - January 18, 2023

“I have told you of your enemies’ evil plots that they are planning to LAUNCH so that they
can TAKE CONTROL and DOMINATE your Nation and your lives. If you put your FOCUS
on these plans of DESTRUCTION, FEAR will CREEP into your heart, and it will STEAL
your FAITH and DISEMPOWER it. Keep your FOCUS on the fact that I have CALLED YOU,
TRAINED YOU, and EQUIPPED YOU for this very season you are living in. DO NOT leave
any SCHEME OF DARKNESS UNCHALLENGED by the LIGHT that dwells in you! The
LIGHT in you is My very PRESENCE, POWER, and AUTHORITY that DISARMS and DEFEATS the enemy. (Picture these words: DISARM—see the enemies’ arms FALLING OFF; DEFEAT—see your enemies’ FEET FALLING OFF). The POWER and AUTHORITY resides in you to DEMOLISH and TURN BACK every scheme of darkness. Don’t be OVERWHELMED by the ONSLAUGHT of attacks, as they frantically try to REGAIN POWER. Remember you were made to RULE and REIGN in this season of time, and I will be with you ALL THE WAY. Together, we will WELCOME in a STUNNING and SHINING VICTORY. As you pushback the darkness, keep in mind that I LAUGH IN TRIUMPH OVER MY ENEMIES. Fretting and stewing over what may come in the future will only make you DEPRESSED and FEARFUL. Instead, join Me in LAUGHING OVER YOUR ENEMIES. Your LAUGHTER sends SHOCKWAVES of INDECISION into the enemy camp and causes them to make FOOLISH choices that will BLOW UP in their faces. Join Me as I LAUGH IN TRIUMPH OVER MY ENEMIES.”
Diana Larkin 
A Watchman’s Journal 

Diana Larkin - SHAKE AND BREAK IN ORDER TO REINSTATE - January 16, 2023

“I AM coming to RESCUE your Nation. Because My PRESENCE carries RIGHTEOUSNESS,
HOLINESS, and JUSTICE, when I come it will SHAKE and BREAK many people and
systems that are ROOTED IN DARKNESS. Do not FEAR and do not MOURN the loss of
these people and systems. They must be REMOVED in order for Me to REBUILD on
JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS, and their removal will enable Me to REINSTATE a
affect all areas of your society, including the Church. There are leaders in My Church
who are SOLD-OUT or COMPROMISED by darkness, and they must be removed. Some
of them will be SHOCKING when they are UNCOVERED, but remember what is partnered 
with darkness must be REMOVED so that those partnered with My heart can be PLACED
in those positions. I will also SHAKE and BREAK foundations in the Church that were
laid on MEN’S PRECEPTS and on the RELIGIOUS SPIRIT—it promotes a FORM of religion
and not RELATIONSHIP. Don’t be disappointed or distressed when you see LEADERS and
SYSTEMS not founded in Me FALL, because they must be REMOVED in order to RESCUE
and REBUILD your Nation and other nations around the world. Don’t be AFRAID to let the
OLD DIE because the NEW I have planned for you is full of LIFE and PEACE. Place ALL

Barry Wunsch - Prophetic Encounter, America Justice, Espionage and Treason- January 13, 2023

During a time of worship and soaking with the Lord
I was taken into the spirit into a room where I saw a big round vault door, it was partially open and approx. 12′ in diameter, 2′ thick.
In an instant I was taken from this room to outside of the building for a mere second or two and I realized that I was in the depths of the Pentagon, and just as fast as I was outside, I was back at the vault.
As I got closer to the vault I was able to see that it was a highly secure storage vault.
There was racking down both sides and half a dozen or so rows in between.
I heard a rustling in the vault and saw some movement.
As I got closer and peered into the door, there was a man there going through a few boxes of files.
He had a push cart with him that he appeared to be using to wheel about some of these file boxes.
He appeared nervous and fidgety, and was working quickly.
He was by him self. There was no one else in sight or around the area.
When he had gathered all that he was looking for he came out of the vault with his cart of files, closed and locked the door with a security code, went down the hallway into another room where he then boxed these files up in rugged plastic looking bins, and sealed them with a high tech security clip.
I watched as he finished packing them up and pull out three cell phones.
He began messages on two of the phones.
I was shown a Chinese official receive his message, and it was clear that things were in play. He was clearly going to be the recipient of these sensitive files that had been pulled.
It was not long until there was a plain white service van that backed up to a loading bay of some sort where these boxes were then rolled out to be quickly loaded and driven away.
He was as cool as a cucumber at this point working in plain sight.
I also saw a man dressed in black, I watched as he received his message, just as I watched the first.
As soon as he read it, he called Joe Bidens Chief of staff to advise them things where in play and on route to the Chinese.
I watched this man in black then message Hilary Clinton and bring her up to speed.
There was an investigation on going that was getting too close and they were forced to make a high risk play.
Holy Spirit then spoke to me:
Barry tell my people that there is nothing done in darkness that won’t be brought into the light.
Tell my people that I am going to connect all the dots!
Barry tell my people that the greatest security breach in American history will soon be on display for the Nations to see.
There will be nothing left to the imagination!
Espionage and treason on the highest levels shall all be held to account!
No longer shall it be hidden and swept under the carpet!
Those days are done, those days are behind you!
Prepare for the changing of the guard!
For there will not be one enemy left by the time I am done.
They will try to run, resign or retire but to no avail!
For there is nowhere they hide from me.
For in corruption they removed good men and women from places and positions of high authority to stack their deck to play their game.
Let it be known and let it be clear that on this day I am calling the righteous back into position and back into place!
Once again will America know the power and might of My hand!
There is nothing that has been compromised that I can not use for my Glory!
There is no breach that I can not handle!
The investigation is about to escalate!
Prosecutors prepare!
Evidence is coming your way!
Justice is about to be served!
Holy is the word of the Lord
HOLD THE LINE!God Bless and Protect you and your families!
God Bless and Protect Israel!
God Bless the United States of America the Beautiful!
God Bless Canada the True North Strong and Free!
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers, love and support. May God Richly Bless you all!

Julie Green - A SHAKE-UP ON CAPITOL HILL IS COMING - January 10, 2023

For I, the Lord, this day I am telling My children to stand firm in these days of change that appear dark and confusing. Some have cried out to Me and turned away from Me, thinking and believing that I have forsaken them and turned My back on this Nation and the nations around the world because of such evil and darkness. But, My children, I don’t turn My back in times like this because I will never forsake you under any circumstances. I will not punish you for other men’s transgressions. I will not punish you for being enslaved, blinded, tormented, and held captive by this world system.  

Most of My children don’t know this is not the way of life I want for My children or the world. It seems like gross darkness has overtaken this world, but I have said in My Word this is the time to arise from darkness and the depression in which circumstances have kept you. It’s time for My Glory to be seen on you. Your adversary is trying every weapon he can to stop this glory, this revival, and My great reset for My children to be set free from this beast system. He doesn’t want to let you go, nor does anyone he is using. But since when does that matter? Pharaoh never wanted to let My people go either. But when everyone least expected it, including My own people, My hand moved at the right time to dissolve and destroy the situation that they were in. Their captivity was destroyed, and the power of the Egyptians that held My children was annihilated in that moment. And it had to take place. 

I will remind you that everything you see is nothing new. This is not the end, and this is definitely not bigger than Me. I am not leaving you where you are. That is the opposite of what My Word says. My Word is the good news that sets you free. So fight for that good news. Fight for what has been guaranteed. Fight for truth. Don’t lie down and take your enemies’ plans and everything they are doing to you. You don’t have to. Their power is nothing compared to the resurrection power that lives in you that has been dormant in some of My children. But know in this time to tap into it. Know it and receive it. No more will My children live beneath their privileges and their redemption rights. That power lay dormant because you didn’t know about it and how to use it. Now listen to My Words that I am telling you, showing you- it is through your words, so speak and say what I need you to say. Stand, pray, believe, and receive, and there is no devil in hell that will stop you because once you tap into My power, strength, knowledge, and understanding, your enemies can’t stop Me, and I am in you.   

Study My Word and how I was with Jesus. Study what He did and how He lived. I am sending all of you to do greater works because (after Jesus defeated Satan in hell) He returned to Me and sits at My right hand, and through His blood sacrifice, He destroyed the power over you. I’m reminded every day I will not forget this sacrifice or My Blood Covenant I have with you because of My Son. So rejoice, your time has come to receive what all belongs to you, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Bethlehem: this name will be in your news for a significant reason.  

Bolivia will be in your news for a surprising reason.  

Brazil, something significant is about to happen there. I will say this again- something is happening that you cannot see yet, that will destroy what you see.  

Murkowski: this name will be in your news for a significant reason. Great exposures and a vacating of a seat will take place. 

Collins: this name will also be in your news for a significant reason.  

Battle lines have been drawn: this phrase will be in your news.  

Watch Capitol Hill. Soon you will see a mighty shake-up. 

Do not be moved by the Supreme Court and all the decisions they seem to be making right now. Nothing will stop what is coming for that court. Justice will prevail, and justice will be served. Call them down, and call for them to be removed, the ones who do not belong in those seats of power.  

Boiling point: this phrase will be in your news for a significant reason.   

Keep your eyes on Russia. Something big is brewing, and the world will be in shock at what is about to take place. 

Also, keep your eyes on Nova Scotia. Something significant will also take place there.  

Wendy’s: this name will be in your news for a surprising reason.  

A great shaking is about to take place in the sports industry that will not go unnoticed.  

Gale force winds will be in your news for a significant reason. The winds of change are here. You will hear more unusual wind reports in your news. 

Confidential papers are about to surface that “the Biden” and Obama never wanted to come out during their time as president and vice president. Look at the countries involved and all the connections to China, Iran, India, Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, Turkey, and many more. They have been playing this Nation in more ways than one, and it is much larger than you ever expected it to be.   

Get prepared for the suddenlies and great shifts that are about to take place. It’s coming faster and harder than you think. 2023 is a year to be free, so get ready for your freedoms to begin, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Joshua Giles - Prophetic Vision for 2023 - January 9, 2023

Coming into the New Year when I stood up to speak and I heard the Lord say share this with the people. That in 2023 you’re going to shake you head at what God is going to do. …shaking our heads at what we see now the Lord is ding as it relates to judging the corruption that is within our world and bring things within to balance. Also as we’re seeing some abruptly remove and others place in positions. We’re going to shake our heads at that as well. This is going to be one of those years of shaking and you are going to shake your head what you see occur this year. … This year deals with the of the Lord being placed upon the head. Actually this entire decade deals with the hand of the Lord as the crown being placed upon the head. But specifically 23 means to be lifted. The word of three or gamel it deals with camels and you’ve heard me release this according to Isaiah 60 that the camels are coming. Which signifies resources and wealth that’s being transferred into the hand of people that have the right heart. And so you’re going to see what the wicked had. You’re going to see that being transferred to the people that have the right heart. Those that can be trusted to do well with that. But it also means a lifting and so symbolically this year means the lifting up of a crown. …

It’s a quantum leap that is coming to the body of Christ. …

Julie Green - THE TECH GIANTS ARE ABOUT TO FALL - January 8, 2023

For I, the Lord, this day, am sending a war cry to My church and My children to come together, stand in My Name, have faith in My Blood, and stand on My Word, even when circumstances are screaming at you not to because it appears nothing is happening. My children, that is the farthest thing from the truth. 

Darkness has appeared to be winning, while light has been diminishing. Evil is ruling, while good things don’t seem to happen anymore. Justice has been trampled upon, and injustice is running rampant. Nothing is staying that way. War drums are playing to let your enemies know that My church is awake and My angel armies are with you and marching into the enemies’ camps to take back everything that belongs to you. My children, these are the days for My Great Exodus and for you to experience great victory in the year of 2023.   

I am pouring out My Glory like never before, so expect it, take it, and receive it. Glory days are here to stay for My children. Get ready for a great outpouring that I have for you in these days. Don’t give up now. Your victories are at hand, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

My children, the economy is about to shake. A great rumbling has started to expose all in control of the world’s wealth. Governments, corporations, Hollywood, election officials, elections, intelligence agencies, judges, lawyers, the DOJ, your House and Senate, your White House, and your news media will all be exposed. 

Whistleblowers are coming, and again I say they will no longer be silenced. Your Pentagon is being exposed. The medical industry is being exposed. The globalists are being exposed. This is a great year for exposures and a mass exodus of people out of positions they don’t belong in. 

A mass exodus is coming of powerful seats being vacated in powerful corporations, and big tech going bankrupt. Get ready, My children, for a great shaking to all the big tech giants. I will say this again, My David is here to bring them all down, but My children, speak them all down now, and every lie will be revealed. 

Another island will be in your news. Yes, another island that so many used to hide what they had been doing to children. I told you before Epstein Island was not the only one. Underground cities will be exposed of child trafficking, and where all the tunnels lead to will shock you. My Children, much darkness has been hidden that My light and My truth are exposing in this hour, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

I am saying this again, Florida is about to be in your news for something very significant that will change the course of this Nation. 

Guantanamo Bay will be in your news. You’re about to hear all the things that have taken place there that have started a shift of this Nation away from the globalists’ control, saith the Lord. 

Archaeologists are about to uncover breaking news. People will be shocked at this newfound discovery that had been hidden.  

Gold is about to be in your news for a significant reason.  

Something significant is brewing in Mexico that you don’t know about yet, but you soon will. 

A massive avalanche will be reported that will get the world’s attention.. 

Something is about to take place in New York City that will get the world’s attention, and great exposures will continue to pour out of that area. 

Again I say, pay attention to the next wildfire and where it’s located. Something significant will also come out of that area. 

Significant evidence will pour out of DC regarding many crimes that have been committed by many government officials. Get ready; a flood of truth has started that they cannot stop from ultimately destroying their narrative. 

This country’s history is about to shock the world- how corrupt corporations paid to control this Nation and to steal freedoms from not only the American people but the world, and it’s all coming out, saith the Lord. 

Great exposures will come out regarding the Rothschilds, the Kennedys, the Bushes, the Rockefellers, and many more families who have controlled many things behind closed doors. I have told you before- I’m opening those doors wide open to destroy this corruption once and for all, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Magma: this word will be in your news for a significant reason.  

A bell tower will be in your news for a surprising reason.  

Charles is about to be exposed big time. A great exposure is coming regarding the royals that no one saw coming. 

My children, a great battle for the soul of this Nation is about to be seen and felt. I told you a great shaking has begun to free you from the globalists’ control, and it’s now. So, get ready for shock and awe to take the world by surprise. Your year to be free is here in 2023, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Mary Diovie - The LORD’s The Threshing Floor - January 5, 2023

“I will be seen on My Threshing Floor, removing the debris of false doctrines and the fables of men.

I will expose the white-washed tombs of doctrinal error and worship of the culturally acceptable version of Christ.

I will reveal the Truth in all His Power and Glory. Those who desire to know Me this way will reap in the days of famine.

Their wells of supply shall overflow so that many can be helped. I will mark them with My fingerprints so all will know them by the love they have for one another.” …

“My dear child: There are many hidden in plain sight in Christian congregational meetings who are like the Pharisees of old.

They cling to their culturally acceptable doctrines and demonize My Bravehearts who are true Warriors of The Cross.

They adhere to their doctrinal statutes which they have elevated over My Word. They speak the “religious lingo” of the hour, but in truth they hearts are stony and far from Me. They say I AM their Father but in fact they are children of vipers.

But I AM coming, and will be seen on My Threshing Floor.

As I come, I AM releasing the baptism of The Holy Spirit and FIRE to reveal the depth of every heart of those who profess to be Christian.

I AM coming to sift and separate the chaff from the wheat. These days are not for the faint of heart but for the purifying of My Church. The stench of cultural compromise will be expunged from among My People.

Those who will reject the FIRE using their man-centered doctrines as an excuse will find themselves swallowed up by the darkness.

Their lampstands shall be removed, and their doors locked by My Hand. I will station My Warrior Angels on their land so that their perversion of My Word shall not rise again.

I AM come to expose and fight against the fake, culturally accepted version of Christ.

I AM not a social justice warrior, I AM The LORD of GLORY, Prince of Peace, The Mighty GOD! I will not share My Bride with another.

These may seem to be harsh Words. But they are rooted in My jealous Love for My Bride. I have given the chaff time to repent; I sent to them My Bravehearts with Prophetic Words; I sent them Dreams to warn them and call them back into the fold; I left nothing undone so that they could not accuse Me of an offense.

The time is over for the Sardius-like and Laodicean-like Churches to flourish using My Name on their doors. I AM the embodiment of Love.

Therefore, I have been patient to woo these with kind words of admonishment and rebuke. But look to the consequences I spoke to the Churches of Sardius, and Laodicea and you will know what is ahead for these who will not repent and return to Me.

They have led many of My sheep astray and camped them among a den of wolves. They have not kept watch and are now counted as hirelings.

I needed to elaborate on My Warnings, because the vipers will try and portray themselves as victims of the dark one when My Winnowing fan comes cleaning the threshing floor.

Listen, to Me. Ask Me your questions and I will show you the Truth as the hidden things are exposed.

Do not put your faith in a man/ woman with a title bestowed by other men.

I AM the Author and Finisher of your faith. Your Faith and Devotion are to Me first.

There are true leaders among you whom I will elevate in their humility to My Hand of Correction and Sifting. You will know them by their fruits and their love walk toward Me and the brethren.

What I have told you today is for you first, because the saints have the assignment to know Me for themselves and not look to the platform for how to walk with Me.

I AM a personal Savior. The incoming FIRE is for all who call Me, LORD.

Take heed to My Words, for they are strong meat for these dangerous times.

Seek Me in your private times and you will know the Truth and you will experience the joy of the FIRE.

I love you with an everlasting Love. Trust Me. Stay in My hands and receive the blessings and the FIRE I have for you. Shalom.”

Kent Christmas - [MANY FUNERALS 2023] MEN WILL SAY HOW COULD THIS BE Prophecy - January 03, 2023

The Lord said that this is not just the latter ring of my glory in the Earth. But God said I’m reaching back even centuries and I’m going to recover the former ring and God said. I’m going to pull the former ring from the past and I’m going to release the latter rain. Hallelujah from heaven and God said they’re going to come at the same time and the Lord says. It’s going to sweep across the Earth the Lord says because we live in the United States. That we have the thinking that this would be a Revival or a harvest that would affect our nation not so says the Lord God said. This is not a one nation Harvest but this time this is a global Harvest God said. I’m going to glean from every nation and uh the other day the Lord spoke to him he said. I’m getting ready to release my glory in the United States and God said I’m going to hit the four corners of the United States.

He said I’m going to start in New York City because that’s where originally the glory of God began to move in this country he said. It’s going to go all the way down to Miami Florida. And then he said I’m going to cross over the lower part and I’m going to invade California starting with Southern California. He said I’m going to go up and hit the state of Washington the strongholds of the new age the strongholds of abortion. And God said My Revival is not going to start in the Bible Belt it’s going to start in the midst where it looks like it’s dead it’s dried up. That the enemy said this is Our Land and you can’t have it and God said. I’m going to invade the areas that the enemy put no trespassing and I’m gonna lose my spirit my glory and My anointing when it hits those four corners says God there’s going to be a convergence at once and all of my spirit is going to begin to sweep across from the East to the West. Hallelujah!

Until this nation is ablaze with the glory of God now it doesn’t matter how bad it looks God said even as I waited for Gideon to have his greatest Victory till it was midnight. I waited until it got dark in this nation because when the light of the glory of God is released. Everyone will say only the Lord could do this I’m gonna make demons bow down to the name of Jesus. I’m going to lift up My son saith God and I am going to redeem the hour that you live in Hallelujah! Hallelujah! …

God said it’s going to be a normal thing to begin to watch six and seven-year-olds prophesy the word of the Lord and as it begins to happen. We will begin to recognize that they have certain gifts and certain anointings. And God says that you’re going to see children lay hands on people that are paralyzed and they’re going to be healed instantly by the power of God. But I says the reason I’m going to do this is because the enemy targeted your children. Right God said this foul demon of Hell of sexual confusion and sexual identity confusion that has been loosed in this nation on your children God said. I’m gonna break that thing Hallelujah God said this thing is short-lived by the power of God and you say. How can the Lord do that because God says I’m going to invade your educational system. Hallelujah!

And where they have had tenure professors that did not believe in me I’m going to begin to physically remove these professors. I’m going to let my spirit break loose in colleges all over this nation before I get done, saith the Lord. Yell in Harvard who used to be Bible schools will embrace the baptism of the Holy Ghost and the power of God tonight, saith God. I touch your spirit Hallelujah that I give you eyes to see in the Holy Ghost that have got before you. Nobody can be against you. I find every stronghold over Louisville I find every demon Spirit of every Jezebel spirit of every religious Spirit. Nothing that rules over this area and our chain is shaking up to the heavens by the power of God.

Lord says, what’s getting ready to happen. God says the greatest move of the Lord is not going to be in the buildings in the book of Acts. The Lord said the disciples stayed in Jerusalem but the church went out and God said I told them to go into the highways the byways and the hedges and God said prepare yourselves. Because I’m releasing such a heavy Spirit of the Lord on people that are sold out. That you’re going to be sitting in a restaurant and it’s going to be full and all of a sudden the spirit of God is going to settle down in restaurants praise God hallelujah. And God said men and women that I have made God gates are going to get an unction, Hallelujah. They’re going to stand up in the spirit of the Lord’s going to begin to come out of them and God said. Whole restaurants are going to have Revival in the midst of it they’re going to come out of the kitchen the servers are going to get saved there’s going to be release of my presence. …

The Lord said one of the strongholds I’m going to break off of this nation is a spirit of entertainment particularly Sports. God said get ready because within the next two years sports are going to die and it’s not because there’s not going to be athletes but God said I’m going to change the appetite of what this nation is looking for Hallelujah. God said they’ve not come to the house because there have been no food house that they wanted to eat but the Lord said what I am putting on the table of my people is going to be so amazing Hallelujah that when they come in they’re going to forget about golf they’re going to forget about college football they’re going to forget about professional football they’re going to forget about baseball and the World Series pastors are not going to have to beg their people to come to church anymore but they’re going to have to try to figure out where are we going to put them because of the draw of the spirit of the Holy Ghost Hallelujah! …

God said I’m going to take secular news up and I’m going to make them one of the biggest voices for the kingdom of God. They’re going to come and beg to film Services. They’re going to want to come with their cameras and say can we film your services. Because of the release of the majesty and of the power of the Lord make God get inside of your spirit tonight. May God begin to speak to you in dreams and vision. May the Lord set you on fire. May God revive you up may there be a resurrection anointing us begin to get a hold of you. May you never say that’s not My nature that’s not My personality. But I’m Gonna Give You feet like David and you’re gonna dance before the Lord and shout and praise God. I set you free up for such a time as this I delivered you for this hour shout out to the Lord and watch what I do thank you. Hallelujah! …

Amanda Grace - 2023 Economy, Blessings, Provision Prophecy - January 2, 2023

And says the sprit of the Lord this day your economies are not a determinant of whether I bless My Capital children says the Lord. I am far above the world economic system. I am far above the economic system of the United States. I am far above their trades and their merchants and corporate bodies and markets. I the Lord have not submitted to there that’s capitalized system. Therefore My Capital children their system does not determine whether I bless you for My Capital ways are higher than your ways and My Capital thoughts are higher than your thoughts. You shall see that in the coming year for I am Faithful that’s capitalized and I will demonstrate that I Will Bless. I will provide. I will open doors that were locked for years in the midst of an economic mess. My Capital children shall be provided for in unusual ways through avenues they never thought would provide. Do not look at what man has built look at what I the Lord can build and you your lives.

Prophetic Flashback? – 2017 – Mark Taylor – Full Circle

The Spirit of God says: “Russia, that’s right Russia, I will use Russia, the United States of America and her allies, to take on the 4th Reich called lSlS.

For it has come full circle again, that’s right again.  The New World Order is trying to rise and take its’ place, just like they did in WWII, using the Nazi’s.

They will try again using lSlS.  For this plague is spreading but not for long, for they will be wiped out for their wrongs.

For just as in WWll, America and her allies came in from the west and Russia from the east, so shall it be again to slay this so called beast, and it will be brought down to the least.

Some will say, “Why would I use Russia?”  Am I not the God of the cosmos?  I will use anyone and any nation I choose, whether some like it or not!  I will not be put in a box!”

The Spirit of God says. “The ties that were severed between America and Russia, will begin to mend and they will take on this so called Goliath and with one stone shall slay it and all those that are behind it.

For it is not just lSlS they will fight, but the Elite, the Globalists, and the Illuminati who will be exposed by My light.

For they are an enemy to the world and my agenda.  They shall fall with a mighty blow, so that my gospel will begin to flow.

For they wear their flag as if it were a prayer shawl, so they will be taken down with My Shock and Awe!

For freedom and liberty will begin to ring, and the people will begin to sing, as healing and light come from my wings.

My people rejoice and shout, for My gospel is coming and will go through all the earth, and all the nations will know this is why My America was birthed!”

Lois Vogel-Sharp - A Proclamation for 2023 - January 1, 2023

A proclamation from 2023 from the Father this is his plea. It is for you and it is for me. 2022 was a year that was blue, 2023 will be a year filled with glee. For many of you will see. The blinders will come off and see clear as a bell that you were headed directly to hell. The spirit you will hear it as He speaks loud and clear. The enemy will fear and will look to will run away and no longer be on display.

They know about the great and awesome day. They will wreak havoc to make people panic. But My people will stand tall and will not fall. For the truth will be told as My people become bold. And share the good news relieving those who have been so confused. And love will reign across the land, people will be holding hands. They will begin to understand My plan of redemption of America. Even in all this crazy weather.

The proclamation that I will speak tonight is that people will no longer live in fright. But will walk with the joy of the Lord and no longer get ignored. And the smiles will come back on their faces and the father will pour down His graces. …

For they will speak from the spirit oh yes many will hear it. So proclaim the year of the Lord, much will be restored. God’s love will hit the cord they will be restored. From living in a lie having been tongue tied to truth being told. Even to the moles. Things will start off slow but will pick up the pace. Many will run in the race and fight the good fight of faith. It’s called saving grace. Make no mistake, evil will still be around. Falling on the ground trying to hide what it does, but will be exposed by the dove through love.

Watch and see what all that takes place in 2023. Roe is the jubilee from 1973. America is turning back to Me, once again to be free.

Bobby Conners -"This Will Shock the World!" - January ??, 2023

[What does that mean for their children, for their health, the Gavel of God?] Okay, it means the verdict of God is for the saints of God, and it says they will possess the land. And here’s what God told me. He said, “Part of possessing the land is taking back everything the Devil has stolen.” and so it’s going to be a time of great recovery, and I’ll tell you, God is going to – He’s going to shake everything that can be shaken. So that the only things that can’t be shaken are what He’s planning. And so we’re in for some real quick changes, but they’re going to be changes for good because “All things work together for good.” And I’m telling you guys, this – I wouldn’t change this time for any other time in history. I think it’s the most crucial time in human history worldwide, and look who God has let live. I said to Him, “What are you thinking?” And He said, “I finally found Me people weak enough to work in,” and not weak in character, weak in their own ability.” He said, “I have found Me a group of people that’s embraced ‘Without Me you can do nothing.'”

Philippians 4:13 said, but “I can do all things through Christ, who infuses me with inner strength.” I’m telling you, guys, God wants us to prevail, and we’re going to prevail over the enemy, and we’re going to recover back – The Bible said if you catch a thief, you can command him to pay back sevenfold. So we’re going to see a great recovery. We’re going to see the church really, really, really receive the Awe of God, the Holy reverential fear of the Lord. Guess who it’s going to fall on first? It’s going to shock you and shock the whole world. The Holy reverential fear of God is going to fall first on the millennials. I’m telling you. You watch it happen. And, boy, we’re going to be stunned and go, “Well, how come them?” but I’m telling you. You watch this. God is going to teach the millennials about the Holy reverential fear of the Lord. And a big word coming for 2023 is awestruck.

Veronika West - "Watch the Fig Tree in 2023!" - December 26, 2022

Prophetic word received on December 26, 2022:

The Captain of Angel Armies Is About to Act! 

Today was notably different—another defining moment I will never forget. As I entered my prayer closet and began to sit before the Father, I literally felt the burning of the LORD’s wrath!

It is hard to explain, but it was as if I was encountering a facet, or a dimension, of His character that I had not encountered before. It was a deep and reverential place; a holy and sacred place. I can only liken it to a court room experience or encounter. But the atmosphere was weighty. The only word to describe what I felt is “imminent.”

The Captain of angel armies is about to act! Lights! Camera! Action! The curtain is about to lift! The final act is about to unfold before the eyes of all nations! Heaven is about to invade the earth realm!

I Will Use the Chaldeans! I Will Use the Wicked to Destroy the Wicked!

Then, suddenly, I heard these words: “Watch! For I will use the Chaldeans!”

As I heard this, suddenly I felt the Spirit of the fear of the Lord fall. I can only describe it this way: The moment I heard, “I will use the Chaldeans,” I literally saw angels stand to attention! A holy hush fell upon the heavens…a divine, pregnant pause before a powerful demonstration and manifestation of the glory, power and kingly authority of the King of kings on full display. The earth was about to see God do something we have never seen before.

Then I heard the Spirit say, “Watch! For I will use the wicked to destroy the wicked. For an invasion of a greater evil will bring utter devastation to their doors, for they will have nowhere to run and hide. Their time is up, and those who are corrupt will be fully exposed. And from their high and lofty places of self-promotion and self-preservation, they will fall and never recover.

“Listen and pay attention to My word! I say, these are the days of greater shakings—shakings that shall shake the house of the harlot. For these are the days of great trouble—trouble for evil troublers!

“Watch as I use the Chaldeans in the days ahead to bring them to their knees! Ha! For My ways are not your ways, and My thoughts are not your thoughts. Am I not the Creator of the heavens and the earth? For your enemies are My enemies; My enemies are your enemies—and the earth is My footstool.

“Watch as My governing hand of justice and judgment moves in this hour; for surely I tell you, the head and neck of the house shall surely be broken, and many will rejoice, shouting, ‘Babylon has fallen and shall never recover!’

“Watch as I bring swift and severe destruction to the dynasties of the kingdom of darkness, for My name will be feared among bloodthirsty and evil men; and My name shall be lifted high among the stiff-necked and rebellious nations; and My name shall cause every other name to bow in reverence and worship. My name shall be heard like the sound of ten thousand trumpets among the nations of the earth. For the power of My name in the mouths of My remnant shall strike the earth like a rod of iron, and smash to pieces the thrones of wickedness in high places.

“I say, watch and pray! For My Spirit shall move in strange and unfamiliar ways in the days ahead. Lean not on your own understanding! Look up and stay on higher ground, for that which is to come will cause many to lose hope, if their hope is not found in Me. (Photo via Unsplash)

“For I shall send swarming locusts, and like a strong east wind, they shall blow forth across the lands of the nations to devour the devourer! Yes! I will use the wicked as a mighty weapon to destroy the wicked, and they shall be consumed from within; for I shall put within their wicked hearts a divine dissatisfaction and discontent. The more they have, the more they will need. They will drink and yet remain thirsty. They will eat and stay hungry, and they shall never be filled—nor become satisfied!

“Watch! A tormenting army shall be assigned to them that will cause many to take their own lives. I say again, watch the fig tree in 2023, for it shall be the beginning of a new seven-year cycle.

“Yes, a time of bread and wine…a season unto a great harvest of souls, for a greater outpouring of My Spirit shall be seen.

“Watch! Look to My vineyards, for a new wineskin is now forming over many nations. My remnant is rising to war for divine restoration and recovery in the coming days.

“I tell you the truth: eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, nor has it entered into the mind of man what I have prepared and planned for the days ahead!”

Prophetic word received on December 5, 2022:

America: Watch the Fig Tree in 2023!

One week ago, I heard these words while in worship: “Watch the fig tree in 2023. Watch, for even greater exposures and full disclosures will take place in the coming days that will shock the world.

“Yes, I say again: Watch the fig tree in 2023, for divine inspections and supernatural interventions will take place—a year when the manifest power of the spirit of Elijah shall go forth to shake, shake and even break rebellious and stiff-necked nations.

“For, in 2023, My governing hand will move to bring forth a divine distinction, division and separation between that which is holy and that which is defiled. For surely I tell you, My eye will be upon the roots and fruits, and the leaves on the fig tree in 2023; and many will ‘see’ and be brought to their knees.

“For these are the days when My righteous anger shall burn hot against the proud and the arrogant! I shall not be mocked, but the tables of the money changers shall be overturned, and the merchants shall be driven out of My Father’s house!

“I say again: Watch the fig tree in 2023, for then an overturning of the tables and a flipping of the script will take place as My remnant rises to war for divine restoration and recovery; yes, an appointed time of great blessing for the obedient and barrenness for the disobedient; a withering up for the wicked, and signs, wonders and miracles for My righteous remnant!”

Now, as I wrote down what I was hearing, the Spirit of revelation began to speak to me specifically about the fig tree. For the sake of time, I cannot share all that I heard and saw concerning the significance of the fig tree, but we know Jesus cursed a fig tree for its fruitlessness—for not living up to what it appeared to be when it had foliage but no figs. He cursed the roots of that fig tree. Then He entered the Temple and began to drive out those who sold and those who bought in the Temple. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who sold pigeons (Matthew 21:12-13).

So, looking at this sequence of events, God began to show me a prophetic timeline and parallel that I believe we are going to see take place in the season to come. I believe, as we advance into this next seven-year season, prophetically, we are going to see the Spirit of the fear of the Lord moving in a mighty way across the nations of the earth.

Divine Administrators

Some of you may have recently read about a vision I had where I saw divine administrators being released from the heavenly realm into the earth realm to take inventory.

I was shown, by the Spirit of revelation, marked places and marked people. Then I was shown that these divine administrators were commissioned to not just take inventory, but they were mandated to remove the candle stand from places where there was “mixture.” (Photo via Unsplash)

Then God spoke these words: “Contaminated wells!”

I was then shown that some of these “marked places” would become habitations/Goshens where God’s glory would reside; they would become springs/wells, where great signs, wonders, miracles and revival would begin to take place.

However, I saw other “marked places” being completely dismantled and destroyed! The Spirit has spoken to me many times in the last year about a simultaneous move of His Spirit coming to uproot and tear down; to build and plant!

A few days ago while in prayer, again I heard the Spirit say, “I say again: Watch the fig tree in 2023! For an overturning of the tables and a flipping of the script will take place, as My remnant rises to war for divine restoration and recovery!”

As I heard these words, the Spirit of God reminded me of two powerful, prophetic words. One was concerning a “Donkey Piñata,” and was titled, “America: The Curse Will Be Reversed.” The other, concerning a bull and a matador, was titled, “Urgent Word for the United States of America!”

While praying about both of these words, the Holy Spirit really had me focus on the one [above] about the bull and the matador. Then I heard Him say, “Watch as I flip the script, for the hunted shall become the hunter!” In that moment, I knew immediately what God was saying: The bull would now become the matador, and the matador would become the bull.

Looking at this through a prophetic lens [in all of these revelations together], I could see the parallels with the cursing of the fig tree, the righteous anger of God in the Temple, and how the tables were overturned and the merchants driven out. The coming visitation of the divine administrators and a simultaneous move of the manifest power of the seven Spirits of God are coming to do a clean sweep. The fires of purification are about to manifest in ways we’ve never seen before!

Recently, an intercessory friend of mine sent me a video of an Elijah Streams interview. As I took some time to listen to it, the man speaking (Juan O Savin) began to describe, in detail, a brutal bullfight, and how the bull spoke of the kingdom of darkness, and the matador spoke of President Trump and the fight for truth and freedom.

I can honestly say, after listening, I was left undone, because this interview served as powerful confirmation of what the Lord has only just begun to speak to me about, and of what is to come. Take a listen to the interview on Elijah Streams: “Prophets and Patriots” with Juan O Savin and Steve Shultz.