Billy Falcon – Make America God’s again

“A storm is coming, The sky is cracked and gray. …. To make America God’s again heal America’s hearth heart again. God bless the USA. … Shake America, wake America, make America God’s again. They’re Reckoning that’s coming. The devil he can’t stop. This ain’t a drill all it will last it’s built on Rock. There’s a whirl wind coming hear the tacking of a clock. Your debts come do it’s time to pray, pray, pray. If I were you I’d pray, pray, pray. ….

Shake America, wake America, make America God’s again. I’ve seen this movie know exactly how it ends. There’s a room without a view for you and all your friends cheering treason and oppression and corruption. Spoiler alert here comes the interruption you locked us knocked us, slandered as you mocked us used us, accused us jealous without justice labeled us useless tasteless faceless, or lynch mob calling everyone else a racist. Then it’s his mind says the Lord I will repair remember Sodom and Gomorrah, He’s got he doesn’t play soon you’ll understand. All the while there was a plan. To make America God’s again heal America’s hearth heart again. God bless the USA.”

Natasha Owens - Trump Won and You Know It

Stay Strong - Band Glory's Gate

The Battle Hymn of the Republic, by William Steffe, U.S. Army Band

Star Spangled Banner As You've Never Heard It

The Star-Spangled Banner, by Francis Scott Key, US Army

Stephen McDowell interview - Discussion regarding the First Commandment from the Bible

“Since there is one God, therefore there is one law. There is one source of that law. There is one source of truth. All truth, all law, emanates from the one and only true God. And that’s what is says, you shall have no other Gods besides me. You shall have no other source of truth besides me. You shall have no other source of authority besides me. …

Who is the source of the law of your society? It is fundamental because the source of that society is the God of that society. The source of law in America was the Bible. … Unfortunately we have been putting aside the Bible as the source of our law; I am talking about civil law as well as personal and moral law. And we’ve been adopting this concept of evolutionally law or man centered law. We have put aside God but we have taken up the idea that I will be the source of law, five men on a court, or a legislature or as an individual. I will decide what is right and wrong, good and evil we don’t want God to do that. Any time you change a law system you are changing God and that is what we have been doing on the Twentieth century in America. …

What is the first amendment to our Constitution, what does it secure? Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. In a way that presents the same concept as the first amendment. Congress does not have any authority over God. Congress cannot legislate matters that invalidate God in what he says in his truth. In a way so it repeats the First Commandments that principle in the first amendment to our Constitution. …

This teaches us that government’s authority is limited. Because if it unlimited they it is claiming to be God itself. In fact Jesus taught this … when the scribes and Pharisees were trying to trick him. They asked him if it was lawful to pay taxes. … Jesus said show me a coin and he asked whose image is on the coin and they said Cesar’s. … Then render to Cesar that which is Cesar’s and to God that which is God.

What he was saying is that Cesar represents civil government. He is saying civil government is a divine institution that has a legitimate function. But Cesar’s authority and power is limited. Because he said  yes, we give to Cesar what belongs to him so he can fulfill his mission to protect the righteous … and punish the evil doer. … But Cesar’s authority is limited, because he said we render to God what is God’s. There are areas of life that are completely outside the authorty of civil government.

And this is in accord with the First Commandment. So civil government’s authority has to be limited or it is claiming to be God. Of course we know the history of man is that he has always attempted to be the sovereign, the one that is the source of law, and right and wrong, and morality or not in conflict with this first Commandment God gave us.”

Father Malachi Martin Interview on the Art Bell Show (1996, 1998, 1999)

Renown exorcist and Jesuit, one-time advisor to three Popes, and best-selling author, the late Father Malachi Martin made his first ever appearance on the Coast to Coast AM in this five-hour-long conversation with Art Bell about exorcisms, the nature of evil, demonic possessions, and his chilling book Hostage to the Devil.

Biblical Principles and the Political Process (Part 1-3)

“God judges nations, states, cities, local areas based on the policies they have.”

— David Barton, Author and Public Speaker on America’s Biblical Heritage (Wallbuilders Daily Radio – 9-10-2014)

“Those public policy decisions do result in consequences … even the good guys had to go thought the nation judgment brought on by bad policies from national leaders. Even if you disagree with those polices, even if you disagree with  non-discrimination ordinances if your city has one God not going to be able to bless that … Even for those who don’t get involved in politics you will pay a price for what your political leaders do. You are not isolated from that …”

— David Barton, Author and Public Speaker on America’s Biblical Heritage (Wallbuilders Daily Radio – 9-9-2014)

“We may wonder at the choice of Israel and Rome as the archetypes of the new nation, in view of the long history of suffering of the former and the decline of the latter. We may wonder that our ancestors over-looked the darker days of those earlier nations. They did not. They hoped to construct a republic on principles so sound that it might avoid their fate. But they were certain that if we should decline in piety and public virtue we would meet the inexorable fate of nations, which are as but dust in the hands of God.”

— Robert N. Bellah (Sociologist, Professor and Author)

The Sovereignty of God - Radio Interview (November 15, 2008)

“When a nation becomes wicked, when a nation becomes corrupted, God has no choice but to step back and let the powers of darkness do whatever they want to do. … When you hear the term ‘allows,’ is that he has no choice he cannot do anything because we have shut him out. We have shut him out of schools. We have kicked him out of schools. We have kicked him out of the government. We have kicked him out of our lives, kicked him out of everything and so he is unable. He cannot intervene. God cannot relieve his angels to minister for you because you kicked him out of your life. … It is a legal issue.

It is a legal issue. See the Lord ‘WILL NEVER’, I repeat, ‘WILL NEVER’ come into a place he is not invited. It works both ways. The devil and the demons cannot come into a house, a life, or a nation or whatever unless they are invited. And the angels of God and the Lord himself cannot come into a life, into a city, into a nation unless they are invited. It works both ways.”

— Augusto Perez (1951) Cuban Born Pastor, Author, Radio Talk Show Host

David Barton & Rick Green - Abraham Lincoln & Slavery

David Barton - American Exceptionalism

Back to school liberty-history sermon - Mr. Paul Jehle

“A nation is blessed by the condition of the people in that nation who have been chosen for His own inheritance. …The condition of God’s people determines the immediate, not the ultimate, but the immediate blessings of a nation. …The delay may be a generation or two but indeed that reflection is true… The condition of God’s people in relationship to His convent bears a direct reflection to the condition of a nation whether it is blessed or whether it is cursed.”

— Dr. Paul Jehle – Historian, pastor & director of The Plymouth Rock Foundation

Medieval pilgrim song to Our Lady of Montserrat - Stella Splendens

Battle of Lyndanisse in 1219 - Composer: MediumAevum Art: Lorentzen (1749–1828)