“No authority on earth supersedes God’s Word and Law.”



Evil does not want prayer public or private prayer. Because prayer is one of the most important spiritual weapons against evil. 

Religion and oath are inseparable. Founding Father John Witherspoon noted that “an oath is an appeal to God.” Therefor an oath is an act of worship, in calling of His judgement upon us if we break our oath. Thus implied is a belief in God and His Providence. “Persons entering on public offices are also often obliged to make oath that they will faithfully execute their trust.”

The Old Testament has numerous prophecies of the arrival of (Messiah, the Anointed One) Jesus Christ who would establish a new covenant based in God’s law and written upon people’s hearts.

The following are prints on the life of Jesus collected by Christian woman from the United States doing missionary work in China just before the Communist Revolution. The prints and letters were sent to a minister the United States as examples of prints that she was intending on using in a book to help with evangelization efforts in China.