Virgin Mary - In the Americas

Vincent Ferrer said that Christ was at the point of destroying the world (Three Lances), until Mary obtained a reprieve by placing Saints Dominic and Saint Francis who were praying in separate churches at the same time there.

(“Mother mine, what more is there that I ought to do, since I have poured so many graces on the world? I have sent patriarchs and prophets, and they slew them; finally I carne myself to redeem the world. Now I will no longer spare it.” These three lances are the three great tribulations shortly to come on the world, namely the coming of Antichrist, the burning up of the world, and the judgment by Jesus Christ.)

In doing so Mary inherited a responsibility for the conversion of mankind. In the revelation made to Saints Dominic and Francis, Vincent Ferrer wrote that “the whole duration of the world rests on a certain conditional prolongation obtained by the Virgin Mary in the hope of the correction and conversion of the world.

Saint Vincent Ferrer (1350–1419) Dominican Friar known as the “Angel of Judgement” preached the Gospel throughout Europe. He could read souls like an open book; he performed many miracles, expelled demons, multiplied food, raised the dead, prophesied, corrected heresy, and set straight corrupted morals.

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Following Columbus’ voyage to the Americas, there were apparitions of the Virgin Mary and associated miracles that spread across virtually the entire American hemisphere. They started in the southern hemisphere north into Mexico, then spread into the United States and Canada. They occurred from the early 1500s through the 1600s and 1700s, and continue today. Early reports were at times brought to the attention of the often unbelieving Spanish priests and ruling officials. Mary appeared mainly to the indigenous people, and spoke to them in their native language. …