Providential Examples in History - the Third Millennium

“God knows the meaning of history better than historians do because history is ‘his story.’ He is its Author and we are its characters. It is true that human free choice moves history, but so does God … moves the plot.”

— Peter Kreeft (1937) Professor, and Christian Author

Third Millennium

The Third Great (Spiritual) Awakening ~2008-?

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Donald Trump takes the Oath of Office

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Three Days of Darkness - (no date)

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Robertson: Crack In Washington Monument A Sign From God

“Ladies and gentlemen I don’t want to get weird on this so please take it for what it’s worth. But it seems to me the Washington Monument is a symbol of America’s power, it has been the symbol of our great nation, we look at that monument and say this is one nation under God. Now there’s a crack in it, there’s a crack in it and it’s closed up. Is that a sign from the Lord? Is that something that has significance or is it just result of an earthquake? You judge, but I just want to bring that to your attention. It seems to me symbolic. When Jesus was crucified and when he died the curtain in the Temple was rent from top to bottom and there was a tear and it was extremely symbolic, is this symbolic? You judge.”

God Rejects the National Cathedral’s Stand on Gay Marriage?