"Revival"- (Third) "Great Awakening" - MAIN PAGE - 2023 Q3-Q4


We are at a Red Sea Moment in history.

Do not think for a moment that because Biden is in office that God is done with the United States of America.  He has not forgotten about the American Covenant and will not allow through evil an illegitimate election to stand. The Revival started in 2020 will break forth shortly into the Third Great Awakening, and those who have committed acts of evil against God and humanity will be held to account for their actions.

If you don’t normally pray for your country NOW would be a good time to do it. Pray for truth, righteousness, and that God’s will be done, and the untruth and lies be exposed.

“I am going to give you back your United States of America. I am going to show my might in this hour. I will put off what they intend to do for five years from this day. And I’ll put it off longer if my people say. So, gather up your courage gather up your courage and fight. Gather up your courage your courage and fight. Gather up your courage, gather up your courage and fight. Gather up your courage tonight.” Robin Bulluck 1-1-2023

“He Is going to save you from things you don’t know you need to be saved from. Your nation will be known as before Trump and after Trump. The whole world will be known as before Trump and after Trump. This is my election; I will put him in there. This is a rescue operation, there are things most of you have not idea about. … I am giving him an Isaiah-Cyrus 45 anointing … 45th president.” – Given by God to Johnny Enlow (given before the election.)

“My message hasn’t changed. You are the light of the world. You are the salt of the earth. You must from now on target darkness in society. We are almost there. The pain is for the Awakening. The Awakening is your children.” – Johnny Enlow

 “We are at a turning point the fear is shifting from the masses to the criminal elite.” – Johnny Enlow 7-25-2022 on ElijahStreams

God says: “I am restoring America’s fortunes. I am restoring the republic that was lost in 1871.” – Johnny Enlow 9-6-2022

God. “This is a time that will go down in History, it will be remembered as the Greatest Spiritual War ever fought.” – Johnny Enlow 12-10-23

“The prophetic word as I got some things must remain hidden My son so that the enemy will be caught unprepared.” – Bo Polny 6-19-2022

“Out of all of those words, one jumps out at me: vengeance! It is time to make the devil pay for what he has done to California and our nation! It is time for vengeance on all the lies, political tyranny and suffering in America.” – Mario Murillo

“It’s dangerous because your enemy cannot give up. It’s not in his nature. It’s confusing because there are so many people that are not expected things on the scale of what will be happening. You need to be prepared to learn of things so evil. Even the most awake among you surprised and also repulsed on a level you haven’t yet imagined. Then you need to be prepared to have patience for those who are of the woke culture. They have been on a steady diet of blue pills and will be forced to swallow the red ones. (Reference from the movie the Matrix. A choice between the willingness to learn a potentially unsettling or life-changing truth by taking the red pill or remaining in contented ignorance with the blue pill.) They cannot escape what is coming, no one can. The quote church as become a cesspool of wokeism and that is a place there shouldn’t be sin. Everywhere else were its worse.” – Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte – 7-26-2022

“It’s the New World Order that is the Titanic. They’re the ones that are being taken down. This is not our system. This is not the world. Ahh this is not our civilization. Yes, the components that have been run by the deep state and there are many of them. That is why the Lord has allowed this to be. It has been some much clear for me. The protracted slow process is to allow for these boats to come in. These systems to develop for the rescue operations to be able to have multiple facets, multiple ways to come in. The slow process has been so, mercy of God for us. But we really need to wake up.” Johnny Enlow – 8-2-2022 on ElijahStreams

“This is a shift of the ages. … The Holy Spirit is driving everything. … toward a new Kingdom Era. … The Holy Spirit is pushing this agenda. In fact you can find even the most sinister plots of the New World Order, the deep state, almost being in response in reaction to what the Holy Spirit is doing.There has been panic for over one hundred and twenty years from the dark side. They are trying to figure out how not to allow the light of the Holy Spirit to be released on the planet to fulfill the purposes of God. … (The whole earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God as the waters cover the sea.) … He’s trying to stop the earth plan. On earth as it is in heaven. That is the part he wars against.” Johnny Enlow – 8-8-2022 on

“Brace for impact.” – God

“In reality, they’re not after me. They are after you. I’m just in the way.”  – Donald Trump – 12-18-2019

“Do you guy’s know what this represents? Tell us sir. “Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.” What storm? “Could be the calm before the storm.” “We have the world’s great military people in this room I will tell you that we will have a great evening. Thank you all for comming.” What storm Mr. President? “You’ll find out.” – Donald Trump – 10-5-2017

“”Washington DC Is The Swamp. Maybe My Greatest Achievement Since Coming Here As President Was That I Caught The Swamp. I Caught The Swamp. I Caught Them All. Let’s See What Happens. I caught all this corruption that was going on and no one else could have done it.” – Donald Trump – 11-8-2019

“The great exposure is almost done and My Justice is coming. … A shakening in Germany a shakening in the western currency. That one God go uh oh a shaking in the western currency one will fall and others will rise to value for a season. …The Lord what was considered last will be first. I am removing the pride of Nations and they will know I am the Lord. … I will bring back also my servant Donald Trump. But not by his power nor by his might. But by My will and My spirit. … I will restore your nation called the United States according to My Divine will and Divine purpose. I have stirred up the wealth of the wicked for the righteous in Me My children continue to declare My words every day. Whoa and walk in My promises. You will see the glory of the Lord in this generation. And this generation will not pass says the Lord but will witness my historic righteousness in your land.” – Manual Johnson 10-2-2022

“No longer will I tolerate the mixture from men who have watered down My word and edited out My judgments. My word cannot be controlled debated or changed those who speak. My word will be set apart from those who mix My word with human understanding. For my pure ones will burn with passion and ignite hearts once dead. My word is being sent forth as a flaming sword to burn up my enemies and consume those who oppose Me. This fire cannot be quenched by de-platforming My servants or suppressing My voice. I alone am King of the airwaves and master of the media and My voice will not be muted. … Do not play with my fire. Those who attempt to speak My word with compromised hearts and self-centered egos will find their words burning their own tongues. … I am alive and My word is alive. In this war of information it is My word that will override every other word and nullify all lesser words from the minds of men and the mouths of sorcerers. Watch and see how My living word manifests know that when the word on fire is spoken. Enemies melt like wax and altars of both demons and gods fall as ashes.” – Wanda Alger 10-12-2022

Get ready America, the greatest days of history are upon you. And you’ve been brought to your knees, and I have heard your prayer and I have seen every tear. I know the price you paid along the journey. I am not a man that cannot lie. So do not give up hope. America the beautiful, you’re going to see justice restored in your land. For I am dismantling each and every corrupt agency and institution that has not honored My name and My statures. You have not seen it all, there’s more to come. … For Donald J. Trump I’ve have called you and positioned you to get this it done. The battle has been fierce and has come at a great price. But rest assured the victory is at hand. … you are not alone for I am with you. … For I have not only called you to tear down but I have called you to rebuild. And to rebuild you shall first again on My foundation. – Barry Wunsch 12-30-2022

“1776 was but the beginning and now I will continue what I created America to do. This nation is called by My name and will not fail to fulfill the purposes for which I created it. You are My people and I have a purpose for you. You are to be a standard among the nations, a standard of righteousness and peace. You will use what I have given you to fulfill My purpose in the earth. You are My people and you must do this. And doing it will bring you great fulfillment. I will reward you for your obedience. But first you must return to Me and to the purpose for which I created you.” – Steve Pursell – January 19, 2023

Now, as I was praying about this, this is what the Holy Spirit told me about this. He said, the way that God is moving is a reminder and a mirroring of the original principles that the forefathers of the nation of America established through the constitution. The difference is that the focus of the forefathers at the time of the founding the nation was largely centered around protecting individual freedom. This time, however, the emphasis will be on a reinforcement and a reestablishment of America based upon Biblical principles and the Lord first. That’s good. While restoring liberty in the process. And this was what God said, He said, “I am solidifying the Constitution with My covenant. … “ TV host show Prophetic Pulse – Anthony ???.

The Lord says: Now. We’ve been waiting … lives on hold for about 3 years. The Lord is taking his finger off the pause button. It’s going to be different. The shift is here. You’ve been waiting. Not it’s time to start waking in the spirit. –  Mike Thompson

I (GOD) WILL RIP THE EVIL OUT of this WORLD!  –  Julie Green

“Daughter, this [mercy] is the world’s EXIT ticket out of Babylon. My Mercy!”  “There is an EXIT Plan out of this global dark mess.” Elizabeth Cassutto

“They will even quake and shake when he announces he is running for president, it will be like the shot heard across the world. The enemy will say what shall we do now? This man knows all our tricks and schemes. We have been robbing America for decades, what shall we do to stop this? The Spirit says HA! No one shall stop this that l have started! For the enemy has stolen from America for decades and it stops now! For I will use this man to reap the harvest that the United States has sown for and plunder from the enemy what he has stolen and return it seven-fold back to the United States. … I will protect America and Israel, for this next president will be a man of his word, when he speaks the world will listen and know that there is something greater in him than all the others before him. This man’s word is his bond and the world and America will know this and the enemy will fear this, for this man will be fearless. The Spirit says, when the financial harvest begins so shall it parallel in the spiritual for America.” – Mark Taylor 2011

“I am coming and I will destroy every they have done. … For this is a time of great judgement… Great and Mighty Judgment.…. In the greatest defeat ever seen by mankind before. Yes, I said it. The greatest defeat will be seen by mankind. This is greater than anything that has gone before you. And I chose you to be here see it.” Julie Green 8-16-2023

“I am going to give you back your United States of America. I am going to show my might in this hour. I will put off what they intend to do for five years from this day. And I’ll put it off longer if my people say. So, gather up your courage gather up your courage and fight. Gather up your courage your courage and fight. Gather up your courage, gather up your courage tonight.”- Robin Bullock – August 1-1-2023, 2023

“My children Trump will not be stopped. I have anointed him and appointed him for as such a time as this. My servant Trump will be stopped. You put my servant on trial? What? I put you on trial. I put you on trial. You judge My servant I will now judge you. What a man soweth he will also reap. TELL THEM AGAIN! My servant will be vindicated. He will be vindicated. Shame, shame, shame will come before those who believe they can alter My design will. The days, weeks, and months are coming you will see serious shame.” – Manual Johnson 8-24-2023

“God says. Enough of this for I have promised that this nation would not belong to those who desire socialism, Marxism, fascism. … God says, no you have tried to rewrite history on a nation that was covenanted to Me. No, I take My finger as I did it in the days of Pharaoh, And I’d cause my finger to come and the powers of their witches and the powers of the magicians could not reign over My will. And My agenda My finger has come now to write my history upon this nation at this time, says a living God.” – Hank Kunnerman – August 30, 2023

“I must have this nation.” “I must have America for what I am about to do around the world.” – Dutch Sheets 9-2020

I saw multitudes of people (sitting on the fence). I could not see the end of the fence. I knew the fence represents the entire world. … And then I saw two powerful hands … and I knew immediately that those hands belong God. He grabbed the fence and he violently, listen, violently. He was not just a gentle thing. It was a violent move of God. He started to shake the fence, violently. And saw people falling to the left and the right. To the left and the right and he kept shaking. He did not stop shaking. When he was done shaking no one was left sitting on the fence and he spoke to me.  “When I am done shaking everyone will be forced to choose, either Me or the devil.”“I came with mercy, love, and grace but they have rejected Me (about the western civilization). But I will have My Revival, but they will come through the fire.” – Arthur Pawlowski – Interview 9-7-2023

“America! Watch! 6.. 7.. 9… and 11 which makes 33… For I AM a Covenant Keeping God, and I will not leave nor abandon thee! … My Beloved, awake from your sleep. Arise and be alert in this hour, for a great Battle is raging — a battle between life and death. Look! For did I not say that there shall be two Altars set before this Nation?” – Veronika West – June 15, 2022

This is a covenant nation I’m standing by the covenant nation. – Manual Johnson – January 13, 2022

“I Lord change not and I am doing a new thing in your generation. In your season and will not relent shall. I am opening up the floodgates of My spirit on our flesh on the earth. Which is my footstool. I the Lord and moving mountains you thought that could not be moved. I, the Lord, Am Shifting Positions in Your Nation. I the Lord have established in My divine counsel trips and backfire on the enemies of the Lord. America will know I am the Lord and I remember my covenant for this land.” – Manuel Johnson – June 3, 2022

The Great Removal for I have called this nation by My name because of past covenants that I have not yet walked away. You will see my mighty righteous right arm on this nation you will have to rewrite your historical history books. …  They will know that My hand is on which you call the United Sates and not the divided states. Fear not My people that are called by My you will understand when I say this is not just the year but the season that I am pouring new wine and new wine skins. – Manuel Johnson – December 23, 2021

“For I the Lord God hear the cries of My people, of the ones I call faithful, faithful servants who have continued to stand in faith and stand in the gap for your nation of the eagle, your nation of declaration. For I the Lord your God made a covenant with This nation. I the Lord keep MY covenants. I do not keep deals made by corrupt men, demons and devils says the Lord, for they are as dust in My sight and My presence, they hold no weight in MY courts says the Lord of Hosts. …. the government rests upon MY shoulders, however, corrupt men who made blood covenants and contracts have attempted to make their leadership, their elections, their agreements hold up within MY court says the Lord and they hold no such weight for doctrines of man, man-made, flawed, fallible, deceptive agreements. I the Lord do not make such agreements, I do not make or create fallible doctrines, and in this hour the dogma of corrupt men and groups filled with darkness have solidified such, to set themselves up as Herod, flawed political agreements with demons striking such deals The spirit that dwells and resides in the political arena has an insatiable thirst for power and influence, is beyond greedy and knows not what loyalty is says the Lord of Hosts this day.” – Amanda Grace – March 21, 2021

“I got from the Holy Spirit was and had me write it down. Yom Kippur (September 24-25, 2023) the delays are now over and that was because the title if I did the full thing the delays are now over judgment on evil now to go public. October 4th (EBS) emergency broadcast … I asked the Lord about it. I got from him: they will try something designed  for not goodness.  There will be an attempt to try it.” – Johnny Enlow – Interview 9-26-2023

“Soon, we will be on the other of all of this. And wherever you land on that side, is where you’ll stay. For this is the time of correction.” God – Robyn Bullock 5-18-2023

God is saying (America) I’m not finished with you yet. …. God says I laugh at man who says we are in control we decide the times and God says no you don’t America is mine. No, you don’t America is mine, says the Lord. In America God says there’s a great light that is coming do you hear the thousands and the thousands of voices crying out in the wilderness God is telling us do you hear the voices crying out? Do you hear the voices that are crying out the same voice like John the Baptist crying out on the Wilderness that was saying repent for the kingdom of God is at hand?” – Gilbert Cervera – JJCC Ministries – September 28, 2023

“God gave me the prophecy of the number of 467 [days – December 25th, 2024]. … I will sound that for God’s call to America and the rest of the world. … He said there is a new calling upon your life … this is not a time of waiting. … for those who reject me shall reap what has been sown in the world. But those who follow me shall reap their Harvest and a new blessing will be poured forth to them. I will take away from those who reject me to give unto those who work unto me. … Many of my children have been bystanders to the defilements of their land. Now I am calling my people to rise. …. I’m I call you not to run from where you live but to change it. Grow where you are planted, where you live, and work. Use that which I have given you to do good works. To pray and to decree my blessings upon your community and your nation. The hour is nigh when your opportunity is will close. When either those who defy me will have their way because my children have surrendered to them. Or my children will no longer accept the defilement of their land and will pray and act through their deeds so that my blessings will pour forth to them. … the clock is ticking [467 day count down].

I have heard the cries of my children. My angels have been sent unto the lands where my people pray. They will act as my people act. If my people surrender to evil my angels will withdraw and the defiled angels will have their way. But if my people stand for my truth. My angels will defeat the defiled ones who battle in the Unseen. I shall release in those cases my spirit. …

Each day shall be counted until the end which will be either the day [by Christmas day of 2024] of redemption or of evil poured forth depending on what my people do. … The next president of the United States of America will change the permanent course of the United States of America. The next election, the leaders of all Nations, will determine where ah whether I God will bless those Nations. For if the people fail to choose those who are who honor me then they will be devoured by the evil of their officials. There is one final chance. For those who choose not to be involved they are giving their Nation over to mine enemy. If my people bow to my enemy it will be like the time of Herod when I was born. When wickedness ruled while the light of the world brought truth and blessings to those who would follow me. But if my people uphold my righteousness I shall pour my glory upon their Nation and where they live. It will be like no other time a time of blessing and healing, and salvation. … now is the time of faith of faith in Deeds as well as prayer.

If my children do not obey my truth. If parents send their children to institutions that defile me. Then they defile themselves. For either my glory shall follow those who practice my righteousness. Or unrighteousness shall follow acts of unrighteousness within my body.” – Randy Kay – September 14, 2023

“These are unusual times unusual days. They are unusual because Thrones are being established and Thrones are being torn down. These ancient Thrones have had control over the airways, over territories, over regions, over countries, and Nations. This is a great Showdown. I have let them roll until their fullness of time has come and now that that time has come I am putting a stop to it. … I am visiting my Earth with my great power to destroy these strongholds. … I have set my armies of angelic hosts before me to round up the enemy and destroy those who are Marked for Death.” – Patricia Green – August 8, 2023

“Atlas, Atlas it is here on everybodies doorstep, no turning back, I am looking for the simplicity of heart. This is crunch time.” – Your Lord or God.  (Anonymous)

Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God; for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”Romans 12:19 RSV

Vengeance is mine, and recompense, for the time when their foot shall slip; for the day of their calamity is at hand, and their doom comes swiftly. — Deuteronomy 32:35 RSV

Yet a little while, and the wicked will be no more; though you look well at his place, he will not be there. But the meek shall possess the land, and delight themselves in abundant prosperity. — Psalm 37:10-11 RSV

Julie Green - 2024 IS THE YEAR YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR - December 27 2023

2024 is the year you have been waiting for. 2024 is the year of the open door. I say again, 2024 is the year of more. You ask, “Lord, more of what?” More of Me, My children, more miracles than you have ever seen or experienced, and a year of great deliverance. 

2024 is the year of great judgment for the enemies of Almighty God- the year of great removals and, for them, a year full of sorrow and great defeat. It’s the year your enemies thought they were going to get it all, the year they would take over this Nation and Israel, the year their global government would be fully in control. It’s the year they wanted great death, the year they wanted to defeat President Trump once and for all, the year when they would kill any hope or faith you had left, and the year of great corruption and destruction. That is what they desired for 2024, but they will not get what they want. 

My children, start to celebrate now. The more you believe and trust in My Words, the more damage it does to the enemies’ control over you. 2024 will be a year of more exposures, evidence, and truth coming out like a flood. 

2024 will be the year, My Children, when you will need to hold on to My Word because your enemies will continue to try to steal the Word out of your hearts. 

2024 will be the year their Babylonian system comes crashing down, and their control over My nations will come to an end. 

2024 is the year of more freedoms, restoration, signs, miracles, and wonders like I have not done before. 

2024 is the year My David will be restored. 

A war is coming, one that was meant to bring chaos and disruption. But instead, it will bring My Body together. Unity will rise, and My Glory shall flow through you like never before. Regardless of all the darkness they have brought to try and bring you down, My light will shine through you and destroy it all. My children, the time has come, the time you have been waiting for: a reinstatement, a shift of power, a new government in control, an overthrow, and a takeover of this Nation from the hands of the wicked to the hands of the righteous. 

The fall has come. The time is drawing near. A coup is about to be disrupted and annihilated, and everyone who is a part of it will be exposed and removed. 

So, My children, hold on. 2024 will start out with a bang. Brace for a mighty impact coming to shake you loose from the chains that bind you. It will look worse, but remember My Words. This means your enemies’ days are running out. 

So, stand and shout. Stand and fight because My hand is moving. I am delivering you from all you see because 2024 is the year of more: more of Me, more of My goodness, more of My Glory, more of My hand moving, more revelation knowledge, more freedom, more love than you have ever known before, from Me. More of Me.   

You will see that I am your victory, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 


I, the Lord, this day tell My children that I am cleansing and dealing with every judge (ruling) against My Nation. I am cleansing your judicial system of every person (who stands) against freedom, justice, or this constitution. I am the Judge over all judges, and I will have the final say. You will see them disbarred. You will see some retire, but not of their own choice. You will see some die. I told you, My children, judgment is coming, and now it is here for the ones against Me, saith the Lord. 

You will see court cases overturned. You will see others thrown out. You will see the highest court in this land make decisions you never thought they would. They are about to do their job without turning away or rejecting those cases. It is now time for the highest court to uphold justice in this land, and the ones who refuse will be removed by Me, saith the Lord. 

A great shaking in your Senate has begun. I will reveal every person in the Washington DC establishment and every wolf in sheep’s clothing. Great judgment will reign down on your Senate, oh United States. Great exposure is coming for many senators who thought they had covered their tracks- those who silenced anyone who would talk against them and those who paid off people to go along with their dirty deals. Well, now their secrets and their dirty deals will all be on display for the world to see. 

Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Mitt Romney, John Fetterman, Lindsey Graham, Dick Durbin, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, and so many others: truth is coming, and nothing will stop the shaking in the Senate of the United States.  

My children, many removals are coming, and that is exactly what is about to take place. I will show you that I am God, and there is no one like Me. Vengeance is Mine, and justice will always win in the end, no matter what any man or any rogue government tries to do to stop it. They cannot stop what is about to take place to free My Nation, saith the Lord. 

Great disruptions are happening at your border, oh United States, and many people in your government are connected. Evidence will prove to the American people why the establishment wanted the open borders. I told you before that they want chaos in your streets and terrorist attacks so they can steal more elections because they cannot afford to lose any more. They know what will take place when My David returns- a total wipeout of the Washington establishment will be completed. It has already begun. The Washington establishment cannot stop Trump because they cannot stop Me. This is My Nation, and soon you will see this for a fact. They are not in control, and they have no power to stop the storm that’s upon them. 

Chaos and confusion are growing in the ranks of the Washington establishment. The banishment of “the Biden” has begun, and it will grow more in the coming months. He is being ostracized as we speak because they see his weakness destroying their power and control. They think they will solve all their problems by getting rid of him. But they don’t see Me coming, and they don’t realize they cannot stop Me. I am stopping them from fully destroying My Nation. They will not kill My United States. They will not kill or bring down My Israel. No, the world will know these are My Nations, and no one can destroy what I have blessed. 

Explosive proof on the uniparty in Washington is about to explode all over your airwaves and social media platforms. Emails and other lines of communication are coming out, showing they were part of taking down President Trump. I will expose every effort to stop him from (taking) the seat of the president. 

Mitt Romney is about to be exposed big time. Listen to the evidence that will reveal who he really is and all that he has been hiding. 

A very well-known ‘seal’ will be in your news for a significant reason. 

Watch as the days of the “the Biden” slip further from reality. Controlling him in public will prove to be impossible for them. The great fall is coming, so brace for what they are about to do to let “the Biden” and Harris go from the democratic ticket and who they will bring in to replace them. A great exchange is taking place. They are desperate, and they can’t afford to lose this next election because they know what will happen if they do. Well, what they dread and fear the most is coming anyway because every election that has been stolen will be overturned, and I am the One Who will overturn it all.  

Justice will be served in My Nation in a way no one ever thought of because I do things in unconventional ways. The world is about to know that I am alive, that I am still on the throne, and that I always have the final say. 

My children, your celebrations are coming. No illegitimate government or world elites can stop what is coming, and that something is Me, saith the Lord of Hosts.


I, the Lord, this day am telling My children- awake from the deep sleep of distractions and demonic deception regarding what you believe to be true, and (know that) what they (your enemies) say is not. My children, do not rely on man to save you. Rely on Me. Rely on truth and not some version that has been produced by those propaganda machines- the news media, your government, and even some religious organizations. This is the time to focus on My Word. Stand on My Word because a great shift is taking place- a shift of the narrative, a shift of power, a shift of control, a shift of many people in political and religious positions, a shift of military positions, and a shift of judges, even some in the highest court in your land, oh United States. 

Great shakings are about to take place. More things will intensify regarding this Nation to destroy the corruption that has held it in great captivity. 

My children, your enemy is on the prowl to bring great discouragement to this Nation in this time. Rise up. Rise up. Do not back down, and do not give up. My Glory is coming. My vengeance is coming. My judgment is coming. I am coming, and great changes will take place. 

Putin: this name continues to be in your news. I told you, My children, that you would be surprised to learn which side he is on. Shocking information is about to come out of Russia that will show the world proof of the establishment in DC and the deals it made with Russia, or so they thought. Putin has many things against “the Biden” and Obama- proof of their evil intent, plans, and strategies they made against their own Nation and the nations around the world, and proof of the deals they made with Russia that they thought had been made in confidence when it had always been a setup. 

This explosive evidence is about to surface and will shake this fake administration and the swamp to their core. Putin has proof regarding the 2020 election that most people don’t even know he has. Not everything has been told to the public, and many pieces needed for your freedom have been held back until the right time. That time is drawing near. 

I am not done exposing Italy and every other nation that had a hand in the stealing of this Nation. Your enemies did not win in 2020. It doesn’t matter how long this big lie has gone on; the plans for taking them down are going as planned. So, continue to revolt and resist them because a change of government is about to take place. 

Bombshell after bombshell is coming out against the traitors in your government, oh United States. This is a time of war, and your enemies are losing big time. 

Brace for 2024. Yes, brace for your enemies’ final plans against you. They will drive the economy to the greatest lows ever seen. That is their plan, but remember what I have told you- I am tearing apart their economy and bringing in a new one. So do not fear the collapse. Do not fear your financial future because it is in My hands, not theirs. 

Whistleblowers are coming out to expose the FBI and the CIA in a greater way, about how they controlled politicians, how much blackmail (was used), and how lives were threatened to change the voting to the way they wanted. But your intelligence agencies have no idea that I infiltrated them and that I have proof of everything they have done against this Nation, how they have killed, and how they have ruined the lives of so many people to cover up their corruption. Well, those days are over. Corruption and evil are not in control of My Nation; I am, and soon they will know that for a fact, saith the Lord. 

Keep your eyes on Colorado because great destruction is coming to many in political power there. Great exposures are coming to prove their corruption, dirty deals, and evil plans that were meant to control their narrative and keep their secrets in deep and dark places. Well, the deep-rooted establishment is about to be exposed in a major way. Judges and politicians alike will be removed from their places of power. Colorado: truth will be revealed to destroy every lie. 

Arizona: I told you that truth would continue to be revealed, and I am not done revealing truth in your state, especially in Maricopa County. There will be bombshell reports and proof that election fraud and election rigging occurred before 2020 and 2022. It is much deeper than that. Proof of where many fake ballots came from will be exposed to the world. There will be proof that China had a major hand in the United States elections and that many corrupt politicians paid for their help and sold intelligence to them for payment to help destroy the foundation and power of this Nation around the world. But no deal that has been made will stand against My Nation and win. 

Georgia: your corruption will be revealed. I am cleansing your political positions, and what happened in Atlanta will not continue to be covered up. 

My children, do not give up on the overturning of 2020. It is not too late for Me to make things right. 

Remember what My Word says- when a thief has been caught, he has to give it back sevenfold. My children, that sevenfold is coming in so many ways, not just with your elections but also your taxes, laws, education, media, entertainment, and your health and well-being. Every way they stole these things will be returned. 

These are the days of a great return. So, hold on tight. It is about to get bumpy. But the victory is yours because I am your victory, and they cannot stop Me, saith the Lord. 

Patty Teichroew - December 2023

Edward Umling - The Prophecies of December - December 23, 2023

The mouth of the Lord has spoken regarding the month December and he is not a man that he should lie. Prophecies pertaining to the month December are now underway there are three prophetic Cycles unfolding in the form of pattern that occur across three Decembers. This becomes especially apparent when a prophecy of December is mentioned three times in an unbroken sequence. For instance December December December. Within each of the prophetic Decembers there are also three consecutive patterns that unfold, This pattern is most noted when words are spoken sequentially such as disaster, disaster, disaster, Calamity, calamity, Calamity. Moreover there may be additional riddles and patterns of three embedded within consecutive patterns. Such as once twice third time which by the way was correctly interpreted by Brother Trevis Dampier in one of his videos. It is especially important to understand how the Lord defines certain words used in Prophecy.

For God does not think in the same way man does having said that here is how the Lord defines certain words used in these prophecies. The Lord defines as follows. My son when I use the word devastation I mean complete destruction. When I say War I mean vengeance upon my enemies. When I say calamities I release my judgments. When I say purging and refining I mean bringing Through the Fire by a way you do not know. A way by which you would not go. When I say cry aloud and spare not it means sound the trumpet. Now let’s review some of those Prophecies of December as they were spoken Through The Years beginning in December 2019. Here they are December will be a month of devastation. I have departed from this people says the Lord the righteous will mourn mark your calendars. December 25th in America shall be unrecognizable. The words to the very songs they sing will change they shall be words of lamentation and weeping. December is the month I change the land. December is the month I move this land. December is the time I visit.

Calamity say it again December, December, December, sayith the Lord. December sorrow replaces gladness, confusion replaces, order division replaces peace, reason replaces Faith, drink child drags are next December there will be a shaking of immense proportions. Once, twice, third time on the third surprises unforeseen events challenges awaits this people. Warn my people, warn my, people says the Lord. Challenges, challenges, many challenges, says the Lord. I am seeing there are three prophetic Cycles occurring that will culminate in the month December. Does disaster, disaster, disaster, Calamity, Calamity, Calamity, December, December, December. There is a time of testing settling in on this Earth this December. Losses Mount beginning in December.

December the month of turning events that my father has appointed will not be delayed. Vengeance, retribution, and calamities, fortold will now unfold December’s time. Now at 9 is the time for each rhyme and chime of time. I send at 9 my father brings disaster my father sends calamities in time at nine the war of December has arrived. No more delay now troubles and hardship perplexity of heart will pervade this December will be trouble in the history of time. DEC member mourning and lamenting and so this year ends with a bang take note of it a literal bang. Very loud for all to hear the fall of the market followed by panic pandemonium and chaos. No more December 25th celebration says my father he removes this day from history do you not know that this is that December the war of December has arrived.

Liberty Turnip -URGENT PROPHETIC DREAM ABOUT NEW YEARS EVE! - December 31, 2023


He says Barry this is the time we’ve all been waiting for and you know he leaned over to the gate. And he said to me Barry this is my gate and those who want to enter and come with me you know now can only come through me from here on. There’s no other way but through me. …

And he said to me he said times as you have known them are about to change forever. For where I’m taking you now no one has ever been nor have they ever imagined it possible. … He stepped out and he started to to walk down this path to lead the way and I knew right then and there that we were all going to be okay. Now I knew that the path that laid ahead would not necessarily be an easy one. In fact in fact I knew it was going to be actually a rough path but I also knew that we were going to be all right and going to make it. … I looked back over this flock and there were Millions honestly as far as my eye could see. And they were still Gathering they were still coming in from every direction. I mean it was a sight to behold and and to me it it just it was a call of harvest a call of the body Gathering into to the purposes of and this was more than a Remnant this was this was a movement within within the body that uh is going to be tremendous.

So the Lord he spoke to me again and he said this. He said Barry I’m bringing freedom and deliverance to my people. I’ve called them all and it breaks my heart that so many have resisted my love for them. Where I’m taking my people down a path they have not expected or anticipated. So tell my people that they’ve trusted me this far and I will never let them down or lead them down the wrong path. Tell them to stay right with me and to stay tight with one another this is imperative. As I lead you through these paths to hide you and protect you through the Low Places. There is a war that is going to rage in the Nations as I bring my Justice in these days. Things are Tinder dry and a small spark can set it a blaze. So soon very very soon all shall see who is who and you will see whom they serve and what they serve. For the Nations shall see in the light fullness of my light what theyve been hiding and why they have taken Such Great Lengths to kill steal destroy and control everything they have. They have everything to lose and they shall lose it all everything

So Barry tell my people that it shall be over as quickly as it started. And there will be a great cleanup ahead. For it do I who take down and out every evil regime and leader that stands in my way. But you are about to see my Remnant called by my name Step Up in ways they thought were not going to be necessary. For I will cover them and I and they shall have abundant Supernatural grace and favor upon them. These ones shall be led by my spirit and together together we shall remove such evil ones. We shall break down and take out all evil facilities and altars right down to and including their foundations. The Nations will never be the same. The evil andic web that entangles my people shut be removed. Dark web is coming down and you shall see my transformation coming with light on a quorum scale Quantum scale like you’ve never seen anything like it. Now there’s a great fall coming to China and the red dragon in the prayers of my people shall Avail much. So this shaking shall reveal my there are there are no they are no challenge to my Angelic hosts and Waring angels. …

So you know from there I was taking of these huge warehouses and uh I me they were massive I me they had probably 30 foot ceilings and uh this big racking pallet racking and they were just full of gold. And the Lord spoke to me again and he said Barry tell my people that I’m returning the wealth that has been stolen from them through evil regimes throughout history. Tell my people I am destroying the slavery system that has held them in bondage. Tell my people deliverance and freedom or I. So I was taken out of that warehouse Steve into uh another big uh governmental commercial you know secure building and it was a global medical teaching training headquarters. And I saw God’s appointed authorities entering this building and they were military kind of SWAT dressed white hats uh you know with you know arms and uh you know they were they were addressed for combat. And I saw them entering this facility and hallway by hallway room by room office by office they were arresting those responsible for the pharmaka Witchcraft death systems that they teach manage and deploy that kill Millions. You know by their agenda Ways and Means yes Lord and they were clearly being dealt with. And the Lord spoke to me he said Barry tell my people that they’ve been lied to and they’ve been deceived and it’s much worse than they know. So leave it to me as I bring it down and I bring healing to my people in my ways.

So Barry tell my people not to be afraid as I’m turning things over and do not be afraid as things Shake harder than they may have expected. Tell my people to hold fast unto me like never before. Rest in Me rest in my peace through the storm for I’m in the boat with you and you’ll be just fine. So Barry tell my people to pray and stand with those I’ve called to lead in this hour and you will know by my spirit who they are. So do not but be deceived any longer by those I have not called who have assumed positions I have not induced or blessed. For there are those among you who are not of me PR Darkness pretending to be light for their days are over and their gig is up. For it would be best if they repent and turn from their practices for we’re in a critical hour. The fuse is lit and it is short. So now is not the time to fade back now is the time to pay attention. Now is not the time to Slumber and sleep. For I’ve called you called you by name predestined all of your days. For these very days you’re in right here right now so do not falter do not hold back for what I’ve put in you. For it’s time to arise it’s time to shine with me and it is time to advance the line. It is time for victory ah and holy is the word of the Lord. …

Barry tell my people that I’m about to do something new in Mexico. For there is a people called by my name to stand up. They’ve been afraid and they’ve been controlled and many have lost loved ones to the enemy. The dark Forces ran by demonic powers and principalities have in turn controlled Perez and other political leaders in Mexico. The time is here and The Time Is Now for Mexico to come into all I’ve called her to be. The time is now for these dark Forces to be taken down. The time is now for these dark Forces to be taken out. They thought that they were Above the Law. They thought that they owned the nation controlling the highest offices in the nation ah that is until now. For they are not above me the Lord God Almighty. They do not and are not above me and they certainly do not own me. It is time that they are dealt with so watch as I deconstruct these enemy structures in Mexico. Watch as I strip these ones from all power and influence in Mexico. And what is I rendered Justice in the land.


The trafficking through Mexico is and shall be choked out by my sovereign hand. Human trafficking shall be stopped. There will be Justice for every man woman and child handled by the enemy and it would have been better for a millstone to be tied around the necks of these dark Forces and thrown into the sea and harm my children. There have been deals there have been payoffs between these dark Forces and the evil Biden regime that shall soon come into the fullness of my light. And it’ll cost them dearly. For where they’ve opened the gates wide pretending to look the other way knowing what they’re trying to hide in plain sight shall be hidden no more. So let it be known and let it be clear the border that has been breached shall once again be made secure. I am moving in Mexico and I’m dealing with those that stand in the way and I am dealing with the ones on both sides of the Border.


Enough is enough I will turn wailing into Revival. Travail into healing and I will take anger and bitterness and turn it into repentance and I will take fear and turn it into boldness for Mexico you’re mine and I will not let you go yes sir Mexico I am not turned my back on you so Mexico now is the time to dance with me so step into my arms and let me lead. Where I’ll restore you Mexico your shame and your guilt have been redeemed by my blood I will right there with you picking up the pieces. And I will bring families back together I’ll bring children back into the loving arms of mothers and fathers. And you shall see my hand move in miraculous ways for my arm is not too short to reach the gorilla forces once used by the enemy. For I will turn them inside out upside down and they shall know what to do and how to turn the tables on the enemy with me to recover all. For they shall be an unlikely key but that key but a key they shall be in my hand as they turn to me one by one. So I they shall disavow pledges and oath they’ve made with dark Forces as they surrender their lives unto me in my kingdom. So Mexico Mexico my precious Jewel your best and brightest days are ahead and holy is the word of the Lord.

Julie Green - - December 21, 2023


Veronika West - 2024 — The Year The Warriors Will Arise, Shine, Roar and Reign! - December 20, 2023

2024 is a Door that Leads to a Greater Manifestation of Kingdom Reformation and Divine Restore in the midst of a Greater Awakening, Harvest and War!

Arise Warriors! It’s time to Shine, Roar and Reign in 2024!

I hear The Spirit say, ”Call My people to the Altar in Repentance! Call them to the place of Fire and Power — for this is a critical and strategic hour!

There is no time to waste! Listen! For there is a sound of celebration in the camp of the enemy, as he anticipates greater victories.

But Nay, I say! For I have prepared a Remnant for such as time as this! A Holy and Set-apart people, bold, courageous and fearless in the face of the enemy!

For they have taken hold of the Horns of The Altar, and the sound of their cries in true repentance have filled the Court Room of Heaven.

Their tears have filled The Golden Bowls, and their Prayers — day and night — have filled My Nostrils like a sweet smelling perfume!

Ha! Now watch as the weight of their True Repentance and Worship begins to shift the scales of Justice and Righteousness.

scales iamgeFor there is coming a sudden and divine Tipping Point that shall thwart the works of the Kingdom of darkness, for the I tell you The Truth, the sound of the celebrations of the enemy shall soon be silenced by the sound of the Roar of The Lion of Judah.

Have I not said that the War has already been fought and WON?

For the enemy was defeated before even one shot was fired — before even one sword was drawn — before even one shield was lifted!

Beloved, have I not put within you the Power to Prevail against your enemies that relentlessly pursue you?

Have I not put within you the strength to stand steadfast and immovable in the face of every satanic and demonic onslaught that comes against you?

Fear not! As you give yourself fully to the work of My Kingdom ,you shall stand firm and see The Salvation of The LORD accomplished for you!

Now, lay hold of these Truths, My Overcoming Ones, for its vital to the Victory being made manifest in the midst of you!

As you stay seated with Me in Heavenly places, Satan will surely loose the battle in earthly places, for these struggles are not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against The Spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm.

Always remember, My Fearless Warriors, Satan can only take what he has been given a legal right to take, for when The Altars are neglected and broken down, the devourer is given full access to take ground, occupy territory and establish his kingdom of destruction in the land.

Satan is the destroyer and a relentless tormentor; an old and treacherous adversary who hates My Righteous and Redeemed Ones.

Day and night the devourer sets traps and digs deep ditches for the feet of the Saints. Quietly and cunningly he creeps in the shadows, watching and waiting for those who have become isolated and cut off from the rest of The Body, and like a lion, driven and cast out from among the pride, Satan knows that his strength is no match against those who have laid claim to the Authority of The King of Heaven and Earth.

So, arise Warriors! It is time to Shine, Road and Reign in 2024.

It is time to drive him out, and subdue his earthly kingdoms and Reign Victorious in The Kingdom of Heaven!

Lift up your voices like the sound of many loud Trumpets, and let the Battle Cry of victory go forth, and watch as the walls coming crashing down!

I say, Rise up! It’s time — for I have Crowned you as Kings and High Priests that you should sit upon The Throne to share in My Authority and Power, so that My Glory may be seen in all the Earth!

This is My greatest Joy Beloved, that We may be co-labourers together, going forth into The Nations to dismantle strongholds and dethrone the princes of Darkness.

Surely I have invested everything that I have — and all that I AM — in you, so that the inheritance I have promised you shall not be lost nor stolen.

So, take it now! You don’t have to wait! The wealth of The Nations belongs to you!

As you Reign in Me and I Reign in you, My Glory shall be made manifest on the Earth, and the Light of My Son shall diminish the darkness, and My Will will be done, and My Kingdom will come on Earth as it is in Heaven!”

Arise oh mighty warriors…rule…reign and lay claim to your kingdom inheritance..!!


I, the Lord, this day tell My children that great falls are coming- the fall of an empire that was never meant to be, the fall of the global cabal, the fall of their reset and control, the fall of their narrative that is controlling the world, the fall of their “war of disinformation,” the fall of the war they were using to take over the world and everyone in it. Yes, great falls are coming- the fall of their lies, their propaganda machines, their governments, their laws, their economy, their education system, and their religious control over My Body. Their lies are being uncovered and revealed to the world. Their secrets, their fraud, and their socialist and communist agendas will be exposed and annihilated. 

My children, 2024 will be a year like no other- one full of ups and downs, great darkness, but also light and freedom like you have never known before. I am showing the world that evil men are not in control. I am showing the world that truth will set you free. More governments will fall. Some will collapse, and some will be overthrown. Great changes are coming in your new year, but remember not to believe all you are seeing because what you are about to see is going to change drastically. 

Epstein: this name will continue to be in your news. I am not done destroying all that it stood for and all your government did to cause so much evil on Earth. I told you before, My children, this is about so much more than an island, and every person who was part of this evil will be exposed and brought down from their place of power. 

January 6th will not be what your enemies want it to be. I have blueprints, emails, phone calls, text messages, and more body camera footage. Their lies and this narrative are about to blow up in more ways than one. They will not continue to use this narrative against this Nation or to hold My people. Get ready for explosive and undeniable evidence. Get ready for something so big it will incriminate most on the left and even some on the right- proof they were using this (day) to keep your rightful president from ever being able to take the seat of the presidency again. But little do they know, they do not have the power to control the seat of the president, and they are about to find that out in a big way, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Secrets in the White House are about to be revealed, but not just secrets regarding “the Biden” and his fake administration. All the secrets regarding many presidents and their administrations, the establishment in DC, the three letter agencies, your Supreme Court, and many foreign governments working hand in hand to bring down My United States for a global government will be revealed. These secrets will shock this Nation and the nations around the world. The government, meant to protect the people and this Nation, was actually doing everything it could to destroy this great Nation and its citizens. But they have not gotten away with anything they have done, and nothing that has been hidden will stay that way because I am the great Revealer. I am revealing all of it to the world to destroy their cabal, their regime, and their control and bring freedom, peace, and liberty back to My Nation. 

China: you will not kill My Nation. You will not take over My Nation. You will not bankrupt My Nation, but I will bring down your Nation even greater than (how) I brought down Egypt. 

Ukraine: you received money as bribes and blackmail. I am about to show the world what you did to receive that money- you padded your pockets and are trying to keep (something) hidden in your Nation for the Deep State in Washington, DC; it is about to explode through the airwaves, and it will destroy your government. It will prove to the world how fake President Zelensky really is, that he is just a puppet for the globalists, and that he was being used to help financially destroy the United States and bring a war that was supposed to grow bigger to take out My Nation and cripple the world. Treason will be proven and seen by the world, and no one against My Nation will get away with their plans. 

Watch for shocking evidence that will solidify this impeachment against “the Biden.” I told you, My children, they no longer want “the Biden” to stay in that position. More will come out regarding his bank accounts, information that has been held back until the right time. 

Something significant is about to take place in Japan that will get the world’s attention. 

Keep your eyes on France.  

Truth and explosive information will come out of Rome. 

Oh, United States: damning evidence will be revealed regarding the FBI and how Christopher Wray and so many others were paid or blackmailed to lie to the American people about many things happening in your government and the White House. I have infiltrated the infiltrators, and whistleblowers are coming forward to destroy not just one secret agency but all who were against this Nation. 

There will be a blowup on Capitol Hill proving that there are foreign agents in your government and who they all are. Explosive evidence will reveal these traitors in your government, oh, United States. Brace for the truth that is coming to root out the deep state and every operative in this Nation. 

No one against My Nation will stay where they are. They will not prosper against My Nation. Enemies of Almighty God, your plans will fail. Your plans will fall, and My Nation will live and grow stronger than ever before. 

My children, resist in this hour. Fight back. Stand and hold the line because things are about to drastically change, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Patty Teichroew - December 2023

Patricia Green - December 2023 LORD'S Message - December 19, 2023

I was given a message from the Lord on December 9th and December 19th. So, I want to read to you the word that the lord gave to me. So, I was praying um on December 9th and I heard the words spring forth, and then the Holy Spirit took me to Isaiah CH 42:9. And it says behold the former things have come to pass and new things I declare before they spring forth I tell you of them. Then the Lord began to give me this message and I want to read it to You. The Lord said, I am about to upset the money changers and turn over their tables. For this unjust system of money is over, says the Lord. What has been withheld from the people is being returned, says the Lord gold is being returned. Taxes are being returned land is being returned. Interest is being returned. All that has been false in the financial industry is being reversed and corrected, says the Lord.  

What has been a yoke around the necks of people is being broken off says, the Lord. The surf system is over no longer will Banks Lord over the people. The banking system is about to change with one flip of a switch, says the Lord. Get ready my children for great wealth. A wealth I am giving you for my kingdom plans. For those who Steward my wealth righteously I will give more. But for those who do not it will be taken from you and given to another who will Steward it righteously, says the Lord. Goshen will be on display for all the world to see. My people will be distinguished and set apart as they were in Egypt in the ancient days before The Exodus. I have set a seal around my children in these last days. A seal of protection, a seal of provision, and a seal of perfection. Great exploits I have planned for my elect children and the world will take notice says the Lord. For this is the season for great exploits and we see that in in Daniel 11:32. The people who know their God shall be strong and carry out great exploits. The Lord said many all over the world will come into my kingdom. The darkness will get darker but the light will shine shine brighter and expose the darkness, says the Lord.

Then the second message he gave to me was on December 19th. And the Lord said there is a newness on the horizon, says the Lord. This newness Will Spring forth and I tell you before it happens. Tell my people there is a newness coming. What newness you ask what does this newness mean? Let me explain says the Lord. What I have in store for my people are new things. He said new inventions new buildings new homes built. New Revelations of heavenly workings. New anointings new Glory. New children birthed into my kingdom. New ways to travel new ways to farm to produce bumper crops with larger yields. New businesses new families. New homegoings for such as the cycle of life. This is the newness that is coming says the Lord. For those who are doomsday people and those who are sitting and waiting for a Rapture I say look for the newness that will Spring forth, says the Lord. Behold the former things have come to pass and new things I declare before they spring forth I tell you of them, says the Lord. Hallelujah


This is Crunch time - 12-16-2023

“Atlas, Atlas it is here on everybodies doorstep, no turning back, I am looking for the simplicity of heart. This is crunch time.” – Your Lord or God. (Anonymous)

crunch time

A critical period of time characterized by a heightened pressure to succeed, usually at or near the end of a given situation or undertaking.

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - The Four Winds Prophecy - December 1, 2023


Julie Green - GOD IS MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - December 12, 2023

For I, the Lord, this day say, I am ripping the power away from your enemy. I am ripping away their control. I am ripping away their narrative. I am ripping away everything they had over My Nation. 

I told you, My children, I AM, and I say again, I AM that I AM. I am the God Who delivers, and I am the God Who will do what I said I would do in My Word. I am doing it. I am making this Nation, the United States of America, great again. I said, I am making America great again, and there is nothing your enemies can do to stop these Words from coming to pass. 

I spoke in My Word: “Let My people go.” It did not matter what Pharoah said or did; he had to let My people go. Again, I have spoken these Words: “Let My people go.” And again, the enemies of Almighty God have to let go of My people. They have to let go of My nations. They have to let go of everything they have tried to control. They have to let go of My Church. They have to let go of the corporate world. They have to let go of the economy. They have to let go of all the seven mountains of influence because I said, “Let My people go.” 

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that any man can do to stop My Will from coming to pass; no man and no plan. No amount of money can stop what I am doing across this Earth and in your nations. Revival is breaking out everywhere, so do not get into despair. 

Let your light shine, children of the Most High God. Let your light shine because that light inside of you is destroying the darkness in your life. It is destroying the darkness in your family. It is destroying the darkness in your cities. It is destroying the darkness in your nations because that light is Me. So let Me shine through each and every one of you, and your enemies will flee. 

My children, your enemies are in panic mode. Confusion is setting in. I told you before that I have cut off their communication lines. They are not able to do all that they have wanted to do. They cannot go as far as they want to go. No, they cannot because I am in the way today. I am in the way every day. They will not get their “plandemics.” They will not get what they want. They will not get what they want. 

You will see them shout. You will see them shout. You will see them try to bring in much fear with their viruses. You will see them try to control the masses and the governments. They will try to control the world once again, but it will not go as planned. They will try anarchy in your streets, but it will not go as planned. They will try to cause a global catastrophe economically, but it will not go as planned. They are trying to bring down My nations, the United States of America and Israel, but it will not go as planned. They are trying to bring down My David, President Trump, but it will not go as planned. They are trying to bring down Benjamin Netanyahu, but it will not go as planned. 

My children, I have told you about people in your governments stepping down, and they are doing that. Have you not seen this? Resignations are happening, one right after another. It is not because they want to. It is because they are forced to. The vacating of seats has just begun. The vacating of power has just begun. They are being removed by Me, you see. 

So do not get into despair today, and do not believe in your enemies’ words. Do not believe in what they are going to do. Do not believe or fear what they try to bring next. I see their end, and so should you. Their end is near. I have told you this, and I am saying this again – their end is near. Go and read the Book of Exodus and see what happened to Pharoah and his men. Their end was near, but they did not realize it. They pursued My people and lost. Your enemies are pursuing you, and they will lose, and nothing can stop that. 

So, today, say, “We are winning.” Today, declare and decree that the works of My hand are working mightily on your behalf. Lift up your head. Lift up your head, My children. Lift up your heads. Do not fear what is near. Do not fear what is near because what is near is the end of your enemies and your triumphant victory, which I have promised you. 

So, hold fast. Hold that line, and do not be moved by anything you see because I am the Great I AM. I will not fail you. I will not forsake you. I have not forgotten you, and I will not let you down. I am winning. You are winning. We are winning. Believe it and receive that. Receive these Words. Receive these Words this day. You are on the winning side, saith the Lord. 


For I, the Lord, this day tell you, My children, everything you see before you- the death, the destruction, and all the wicked and evil- appears to be lording over this world. Your enemies are controlling the news media, what you hear, the education system, your government, your medicine, the corporate world, the seven mountains of influence, and even some of the churches, or so it may appear. 

It may appear impossible for anything to change. It looks impossible for justice to ever be served. It looks impossible and like there is no hope for deliverance from any of these situations. It looks impossible for truth to reign. It looks impossible for the wicked to come down from their places of power.  

It looks impossible for any miracles, signs, or wonders to happen because the wicked and evil are out of control and ruling and reigning. It looks impossible to some that the prayers they have been praying can or will be answered. It looks impossible regarding the doctor’s report you have been given. It looks impossible regarding your children and their situations because of the blinders that have been on their eyes and the deception they have fallen for. It looks impossible for anything to change with your finances. It looks impossible for things to change with your job. It looks impossible to destroy all the fraud. 

It looks impossible for anything to change course or for good to win and prevail in anything you face today. People say, “It’s impossible for people to be removed (from positions) or for governments to fall. It’s impossible for the money to be ripped from those who have been hoarding all the finances in the world and given to whom it belongs.” People say all these things are impossible. “People will be raised from the dead. Impossible.” “People will be healed from an incurable or terminal disease. Impossible.” 

It is not impossible for Me. You see, I am the Great I AM. Get into My Word, My children, and bring up your faith. Lift it up. I will reveal Myself to you as El Shaddai. I am revealing Myself to you as the Almighty God. I am revealing Myself to you; that I am still that One. 

It is impossible for man to change all these things; yes, it is, with man’s power, man’s ability, and man’s reasoning. But I have told you time and time again that I am the way. I am truth. I am life, and all things are possible with Me. I have told you this in My Word. I am not a God that I should lie. 

I have told you about great victories. I have told you about the enemies’ defeat. I have told you the narratives of the enemies were all coming down. I told you great exposures were coming; whistleblowers were exposing. I told you about laptops. I told you about body camera footage. I told you about the emails. I told you about the phone calls and the surveillance cameras. I have told you time and time again that I have infiltrated the infiltrators because I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am the Beginning and the End. 

I know what the enemies are planning. I know what they are doing, and nothing is impossible for Me to stop them in their tracks. They are heading down every path I knew they would go down. They are making the plans that I knew they were going to make, and I knew the things they were going to take away from you. 

Many, many have been caught red-handed. Many have already been sentenced, and more sentencing and justice are being passed down. Justice is being served. You say “impossible” because it looks like your justice system is not upholding your laws and that no justice is being served at all. 

Your judicial system is being cleansed, washed, and shaken by Me. Judges that stand against Me are about to flee. I have seen the judges who will not uphold the law. I have seen what they have been doing with their wicked and evil schemes, plots, and plans against this Nation. I have seen what they have done around the world. I have seen what they have done with governments- hiding them behind their injustice, their lies, their schemes, and their backroom deals. 

You are about to find the money trail. Money, lots of money, has been given, traded, or (used to) blackmail and sabotage. Oh, yes, you will see, My children, all the things they have been doing with your tax money and against you in this Nation, how they were padding their pockets and who was paying them, how so many people in your government have gotten multi-millions of dollars to make plans and pass laws to destroy the foundation of this Nation, your judicial system, your election system, the economy, and your government in every single way. They will all pay. They will all pay. 

This is impossible for man to do alone. Many look to My David. Many look to My son, President Trump. They look to him to do all these things. They look to him to fix all these things, but even he cannot do it alone. And he cannot do it without Me. But he has been anointed and appointed in this hour. Yes, he will be used by Me mightily. But My children, do not look to him alone to fix what you see. Do not rely on him alone to turn things around because it is Me (that turns things around). 

Do you see why I had to set him aside? Do you see? I know many do not believe Me or agree with My plan. But these things had to take place because, My children, you cannot look to a man to save you. You have to look to Me, the God with Whom nothing is impossible- El Shaddai. I am Almighty God. I am the Great I AM. I am Elohim. I created this Earth, and I am going to cleanse this Earth. 

There is a shaking (happening) on this Earth that I have told you about over and over and over again. Judgments are coming. A darkness is coming. Things will be uncomfortable for some people. But with My Remnant, My light and My Glory are going to shine through you even greater in the midst of that darkness. You will feel My presence more. You will receive more revelation, miracles, signs, and wonders. This is that hour. This is that time for My Church and My children to rise up in Me in greater Glory. Rise up in Me in greater Glory, and greater Glory you will see. 

So, in this time of impossibility, know that I am that God Who will show up for you. I am that God that will show you nothing is impossible for Me. So, put your trust (in Me) and rely on Me this day. 

Great removals are about to take place. I am shaking governments around the world. I am shaking the government of this Nation. I am going to shake it, and I am going to show you the deep-rooted wickedness and evil. I am going to show you everything they have done. I am going to show you all they have accomplished. I am going to show you everyone who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I told you I am going to take off the masks of all the actors that have been in places of power in your government. I am going to show you how Hollywood has been so closely connected to your government. Many people say that this is also impossible. No, it is not. 

My children, they have done things that are going to cause you to be in shock and awe. But, everything the enemy tries to accomplish, everything they do against you, and everything the enemy has planned and meant for evil, I am turning into something good. And yes, that is also possible with Me, and you will see great, great Glory, saith the Lord. 



Patty Teichroew - December 2023

Barry Wunsch - Warning to Shepards and Leaders - December 6, 2023

I share this word with fear and trembling. I share it in obedience, just as it came over the past few days, and strongly tonight as I can’t sleep under it’s weight and counting the cost that comes with it. Let him who has ears hear.
Respectfully submitted
Barry Wunsch
Warning to Shepards and leaders.
There is a shake down that has been coming, that is now upon us.
There have been signs and ample warnings.
But now there shall be consequences,
not by the hand of man – but the hand of God.
‘For you thought you could handle it your way and avoid My Kingdom ways.
You thought you were scott free, as if I was unaware of your actions and behaviors.
There shall be no more hiding what has been done or what is going on.
In my Love I am bringing it into the light!
There have been a few back-room discussions.
You have tried to make deals to appease, control and hide the truth.
There have been denials.
There have been smoke and mirrors.
There has been avoidance.
There have been blatant lies and slander.
There has been manipulation and exploitation.
There has been deception, stealing and lieing.
There has been darkness masquerading as light.
There have been rejections, underhanded dismissals and removals leaving many questions in its wake.
And there has been great hurt and pain inflicted upon My children.
There have been many hurt, and taken out.
But things will not be hidden any longer.
The shaking that is hitting the church shall be much rougher than you ever imagined.
For has it not been said judgement starts in My House?
For I have called you to be a bride without spot or wrinkle!
And that you shall be, for I am calling you higher!
Embrace My Fire in this hour – and let me burn the things away that hinder you, so that you can in fact carry My Glory.
For it is My hearts greatest desire to bring healing and restoration to everyone!
Consider your ways – examine your hearts – and repent where repentance is due – and equally be quick to forgive as to not be bound in a spiritual prison of unforgiveness!
For where there is unity there shall flow My Blessings and My power, signs and wonders!
Hasten your step. Don’t wait another day!”
The choice is yours – it is really up to you.
For you shall move at the speed of your obedience and humility!
Holy is the word of the Lord
Respectfully submitted
Barry Wunsch
Part 2
Prophetic Encounter:
Warning for Shepherds & Leaders – Is it your altar? Or Mine?
September 16, 2022, 3:33 am
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch
I had a supernatural dream and encounter where I was taken into a church I know, and into a board meeting.
But it was more of a business meeting to run the show, than to care for people and shepherd them the way it was supposed to be.
Jesus walked into the room, and cut through the plastic to the heart in a moment not mincing words.
He did not say much. But what He did say was very pointed, undergirded with love.
Is it your altar? Or mine?
Is it your church? Or mine?
Did you lay down your life and shed your blood for my children and their redemption?
They are my children. Not yours.
Have you forgotten where you came from?
You permit and insist on playing dirty hurtful political games?
Jealousy, envy, gossip and backbiting abounding over them and behind them, backstabbing and
inflicting those I brought for you to care for and to shepherd.
Why do you use them like a commodity to build your own kingdom?
You get close enough to get your hands in their pockets to build your own kingdom.
You grease them with fake words of affection to get them to perform for you.
You run from accountability. Out the side door at the end of the show so they can’t get close. Hiding away in silos, not as the family I have called you to be.
You don’t have boundaries, you have walls.
There is no love in that.
Why is it a one-way street only going your way? Holding your distance with intentions.
Why are you hurting the very ones that you have been entrusted to care for?
Shredding and rejecting them with your words, actions and apathetic indifference.
Carefully consider your ways.
Carefully weigh your accounts and actions.
If you are stubborn and continue in your ways, you will have no fire on your altar, and your favor shall be diminished, and you will be like a barren woman and what you have will be taken away as swiftly as it came.
So, listen closely on this day, and hear my word and weigh it before me and your flock.
Render your heart before me today and hear my plea, turn back to me and my ways for there will be a great reward, or a great price to be paid.
For I have called you for far more than this, do you not perceive it?
You have asked for my Fire, and it surely is here, to burn away everything that impairs you from coming into your destiny.
The choice is yours.
Holy is the word of the Lord

Julie Green - THE END IS NEAR - December 5, 2023

For I, the Lord, this day am speaking to each and every one of My children. I am speaking to you and reminding you that the end is near. The end is near for your enemies and their control. The end is near for all the global governments around the world. The end is near for their tyranny. The end is near for their lies. The end is near for what they have done to you in every area of your life. 

The end is near because I am here, and evil cannot be in My presence. Evil cannot stand near Me. It cannot stand against Me. Evil runs at the sound of My Name, and I told you, My children, to use My Name, the Name above every name, the Name of Jesus. I said that Name, that Name scatters and shatters the power of the enemy. 

That Name puts your enemy on the run. On this day, the enemy is (trying) to make a way. Oh, yes, they are trying to make a way. They are trying to do more things against you- plot, plan, and scheme against you to get you to give up and quit on the victory that is yours. They want to deceive you out of something (your victory) that they do not have a lawful right to unless you give it to them. 

Refuse to comply. Refuse to give in. Refuse to quit. Refuse to let go of the promises that I have spoken to you. I am God, and I cannot lie. I have guaranteed you victory through My Son. I guaranteed victory through what He already did- the shedding of His Blood. I have a Blood Covenant with you that I will not break.

Your body, your mind, your circumstances, or people tell you to give up, quit, or surrender, or that nothing is going to change, it is too impossible, or it is just getting worse instead of getting better. And they tell you these things over and over and over again. Your thoughts will try to torment and control how you lead your life and what you believe. That is why I have told you to look to Me. Look to Me and focus on Me because when you focus on Me, the enemy flees. Their control over you flees because it cannot stay. 

The enemy cannot stand the faith of a believer, the faith that I have put inside each and every one of you. Grow that faith. Get into My Word. Listen. Listen. I am speaking, and not just to My prophets. I also speak to My children.

You say, “Lord, I don’t know if that’s You.” Well, if it does not line up with My Written Word, it is not from Me. Your enemy is trying to come right now in this day to bring more deception and distraction than ever before. This is when you have to stand and hold your ground. 

I have repeated these Words again and again because I hear the murmuring. I hear the groaning. I hear the complaints of My children. Stop complaining about the situations you are in because (if you do not stop complaining) then you will remain in those situations. Start rejoicing despite them, despite what you see, despite what you feel, or despite what your thoughts are telling you. 

If it is not true and it is not in My Word, throw it out. If your body tells you it’s not healed, throw it out. Deny its power. That (not being healed) is a lie. If your doctor has given you a report, believe My report instead. Deny the doctor’s report (the power) to rule in your life or to destroy your body. My Body was broken for yours so that yours would not have to be. 

This is the time when you choose what to believe and what not to believe. This is the time when a great separation has already begun, separating My remnant, My children who believe in Me despite what they see. They will believe in Me despite what they see, and what you are about to see will bring much fear into this world. 

My children need to declare and decree: “Fear will not be in Me. Fear will not control me. Fear will have no power over me.” Say it. 

Do not receive the negativity. Do not receive that darkness that’s coming upon the enemies of Almighty God. That darkness you are about to see is for the enemy. It is not for you. It is the judgment that is coming against the enemy.

I have told you about volcanos, about the eruptions of volcanos all over the world. I have been speaking to you about the increase in earthquakes. I have been speaking to you about unusual weather. I have been speaking to you about things that are going on in governments all over the world, and I have been speaking to you about a resistance that has been growing.

You see the Words I have been speaking and that they are now coming to pass to build faith in your hearts. The Words I am speaking to you (I have made) very clear for you to hold onto. Keep declaring that darkness will not be in you. It will not be in your family. It will not be in your household because I am in you, I am light, and light destroys darkness. 

Remember Who you belong to. You belong to Me. Stop complaining so you stop remaining. Do not give in and do not quit because if you quit, you are guaranteed to lose. Your adversary is the loser. He has a guaranteed loss because I destroyed his power over you. That is why he will always be a loser, but he tries to make you one to deceive you out of what has already been done. 

It is already done. It is finished. Remember the Words of My Son – “it is finished.” It is. So do not grow weary. Do not grow weary in this time. 

I am warning you that the enemy is drawing their line, and they are doing more against you. They are fighting harder. They are pushing more. They are about to do something right now that they haven’t done before, not to this degree. So, what do you need to do, children of Almighty God? 

Do I need to keep reminding you of Who I am? Do I need to keep reminding you of your enemies’ guaranteed loss? The end is near. The end. Keep thinking that. Keep declaring that. The end of tyranny is here. The end of tyranny is here. The end of rogue government is here. The end of their lies is here. “But Lord, what if it goes on for months and months?” Keep saying it. Keep declaring it. Keep marching forward to your victory. I promise you, it is worth it. 

I promise great rewards for those who hold onto Me. You will see it. You will see great rewards- the ones who stand (with Me), believe in Me, and have faith and trust in Me despite what they see. 

I, the Lord, this day remind you that I will always, always win. There is nothing too big. There is nothing too dark. There is nothing too impossible that I cannot remove in an instant, in a second, in a flash, in a blink of an eye. Suddenlies can change the world, so hold on. Hold tight because the end is near, saith the Lord. 

Julie Green - GOD'S WARNING ON WHAT IS TO COME - December 4, 2023

For I, the Lord, this day am telling you, My children, distractions, distractions, distractions are coming. Distractions are coming, My children. They are coming to deceive you. They are coming to destroy you. They are coming, yes. They are coming with great force. They are coming to bring great fear. They are coming to overwhelm you. They are coming to destroy your nations. Distractions, distractions, distractions (are coming). But I, the Lord, have warned you, My children, about these distractions. I have warned you about your enemies’ plans. I have warned you what they are about to do. 

They are through. They will not have you. When your enemy comes in and tries to deceive you with all these distractions, when he tries to destroy you, My children, I am coming in like a flood. I am coming in like a flood to deliver. I am coming in like a flood to save. I am coming in like a flood to heal. I am coming in like a flood to restore. I am coming in as a greater flood, greater and mightier than the evil that is before you. 

I am warning you of their plans. The pressure is mounting. Yes, pressure is mounting against your enemy. They are losing their narrative. They are losing their grip and control over nations and the population. They are losing it, and they are shouting in rage because they don’t know why. Their lies are no longer working. 

They are bringing much darkness, anguish, and despair to cripple the nations. Yes, that was their plan- to cripple the nations with financial debt, overwhelming debt, debt impossible to ever get out of. Not only to your nations, they were also trying to bring much lack, poverty, and debt to the population all over the world to gain more control over you. Hardship, hardship, yes, great hardship is what they want. Great hardship is what they desire for you on a daily basis. You think this has been bad, and you can’t take much more. Well, their plan was so much greater than this.

This is nothing compared to what they were about to pull off- great death, great death, great despair, and great anguish. They wanted the world to cry out for them in desperation. They wanted My people to turn their backs on Me for them. They think they are gods. They think they can win. They think they can have My nations. They think they can control the world with their money. They think they can control the governments around the world. And they also think they can control My church. 

My Body? My Body? Enemies of Almighty God, you will not have My Body. You will not have My nations, and you will not have the financial prosperity that you think you can keep ahold of and keep control of. No! I said in My Word that the gold is Mine. I said in My Word that the silver is Mine. And I said that I am shaking the nations, and the desire of all nations is coming in. 

So, I will tell you, enemies of Almighty God, what you are about to do is going to come back on you- the mighty death, the great death from your viruses; yes, a planned epidemic that is even worse than the 2020 epidemic because you want to do everything to stop this next election. You want to do everything to stop My David. You are through. Yes, you are through. I have warned you, but you would not listen. 

Well, nothing you do will stop Me. Nothing you do will stop him (My David). Why? Because he is anointed and appointed by Me. Not only is he the rightful president now, but nothing will stop him from taking back the presidency. Nothing! Nothing! Because the person that is there (in the White House) is not even recognized. No.

The jackal in the White House, the jackal in the White House has defied Me, so a great fall you will see. I said the jackal in the White House will fall. Yes, he will fall because he defied Me. 

So, My children, in this time of great distraction, the enemy and the world will want your attention. They will want your focus on them and what they are doing. They will want your focus on the darkness. They will want your focus on the fear. 

Well, I say, have no fear because I am here, and I am the light. I am the way. I am the truth, and I am the life. I am blessing. I am your deliverance. Yes! I am your restoration. Yes! I am everything that you need. Yes! And you can count on Me. You can count on Me to see a victory. You can count on Me. So, count on Me. I will not fail. 

As the world grows darker, you will grow brighter. As the world starts to quit and give in, you will rise up higher in Me, and then the world will turn to My church. Yes, the world will turn to My church because they will see. They will see your victory. They will see the blessing. They will the restoration. They will see the miracles, signs, and wonders. They will see. They will see these things because they will be undeniable. 

So, hold on. My children, I said, hold on. Hold on because things are about to shake even greater. Hold on because I am shaking you completely free from your enemy. Do not quit now. Things are about to get interesting. There will soon be an hour when the enemies you see in power today will no longer be in those positions. 

It is coming quicker than you think, so do not quit. Hold on. Hold on because you are about to see Me, the Great I AM, show up for you and all of My nations around the world. Celebrations! Great celebrations! Yes. Celebrations! Celebrations! 

2024 is the year for more. 2024 is the year of the open door. In 2024, you will see; you will see great victory, saith the Lord.

Julie Green - YOUR ENEMIES PLANS FOR THE 2024 ELECTION - December 1, 2023

Enemies of Almighty God, I say, woe to you. Woe to you and what you are about to do. Woe to you and the death it will bring to you. I have warned you. I have warned you to back off. I have warned you to stop what you are about to do, but you want to go through with it. You want to go forth. You want to do it. But I say you will not. 

I say that I am the defender of the United States of America. I defend this Nation. I defend the Nation of Israel. I defend them, and I never sleep or slumber. I see what you are about to do to raise the death toll, to bring such destruction and chaos, but I will not let you go through with what you are about to try. It will not happen because I am standing between you and My Nations. 

I am standing between you and what you are trying to do to bring war, chaos, and destruction throughout this world. You will not have that virus. You will not destroy the population across the Earth. You do not have the power to stay in power. You do not have the power in this hour. 

I am going to expose each and every one of you. I am going to expose all of your secret hideouts. I am going to expose every place where you are storing death sentences for people- the viruses, plagues, and pestilences. I am going to expose what you are doing while people are unaware- with the medications, food, air, and soil. I am going to expose all the things you are doing. You will see My hand smite you. You will see My hand devour every single one of your plans. 

Obama, you are not in control of My Nation. You are not in control of the nations around the world. No, you are not. And judgment is about to come to you, a judgment you never thought you would ever go through. You will be in torment and torture. You will be exposed, even though you thought you had hidden all your dirty secrets and all your plans. You have hidden all these things, but I tell you, I will expose you mightily. You will not have death in this Nation, and you will not have the death of this Nation. 

You and all who are with you, you are through. Do you hear Me? All who are with you are through. Obama, I am going to show the world every dark and evil secret you have hidden. I am going to show all those who put you in the position you were in, and I am going to show all the things you have already done to My Nation. 

I am going to expose to the world how illegitimate you were and how illegitimate you still are. Do you hear Me? You are illegitimate, so every law you passed, everything you have done to cause damage to My Nation, the first two terms of your presidency that were illegitimate, and the third term you supposedly have now will all be wiped out in a day. 

Oh, United States, awake, awake now, awake now. The enemies have a plan. They have a plan to stop your next election. They have a plan, oh yes. If the replacement of “the Biden” and Harris does not go as planned, they have a plan in place, their plan B, you would say, to stop the 2024 election. They have evil things on the horizon. Yes, they have many evil things on the horizon that they want, but they do not see Me, and they do not see My plan. And they are not counting on Me because they think I am dead. 

Well, I am about to show them how alive I really am because I am a God. I am alive, and I will always be alive. I am not dead. So, My children, as My hand is moving, as you see judgment, as you see the weather become extremely unusual, both good and bad, and when you see the markets (shake) or things becoming so restrictive, don’t fear because I am near. 

Your victory and your celebrations are closer than you realize. They are already yours. You have them now. So, do not stop. Push them back. Push them back. Push them back and resist. Resist the devil, and he what? He must flee. Resist these enemies. Resist their plans. Resist their power. Resist, and they must flee. 

This is your time of a great jubilee. This is the time of great movements you are about to see from Me. Great shock and awe are about to take place. So, arise, My children. 

In the face of evil, you will rise higher than it. You are not going to just survive; I have you to thrive through it all. You are the head and not the tail. You are the above and not the beneath. Do not ever expect or accept limitations.

Receive My Glory. Receive that I am alive. Receive Me this day, saith the Lord. 

Patty Teichroew - November, December 2023

Barry Wunsch - November 22, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends and family!
What President John F. Kennedy started President Donald J Trump will finish!
60 years ago on November 22, 1963 the assassination of President John F. Kennedy rocked the world. The Lord is exposing these things and how it is related to the hour we are in right now. .

I had this word back in September you know September 15th and uh you know I’m calling families back to the table and you know I you know so I’m preparing this morning and isn’t that interesting here we’re at Thanksgiving yeah and we got families Gathering and next few days spend time together and I know that often holidays can be painful yeah for a lot of families. … He very clearly spoke to me and he said Barry tell my people that I’m calling families back to the table. The hurt and the pain that have been released upon my beloved children is coming to an end turning. I am releasing a spirit of conviction repentance and humility that’s going to turn the hearts of these ones to lay down every offense that separates. That they shall come together in a humble and broken Spirit of repentance and forgiveness shall flow. And watch as I restore and heal those deepest places of pain Within Me their families. For I’m bringing healing and I’m bringing Deliverance for the harshest most powerful addictions and Brokenness. That my children have been struggling with that has held them captive for far too long. So on this day my precious little lambs surrender it all to me. Lay it all down and come to me. For there is no sin that is too great that my blood did not cover. So bring it all into the light where the enemy cannot control you with it any longer. So come on to gathering around the table and know that I’m there in the midst of you let my love once again draw you and your family close unto me. And unto one another and you will be a Beacon of Hope and a brilliant light to the world. And you shall overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of your testimony. And Holy is the word of the Lord. …

I had this on July the 8th uh 2023 where I had you know a prophetic dream encounter with the Lord. And uh so you know anyway on this day uh you know what John F Kennedy couldn’t finish uh Donald J Trump will. So you know I was taken in in by the spirit of God uh in this encounter into a highly secured room. Okay and it didn’t seem to be a vault but it was kind of like close to it. And there were piles of box documents and evidence all around me and they were stacked and they were sorted. And you know basically by events that had happened through days gone by and hidden away. Locked down to hide truth and to hide you know risk of exposure. And the first pile uh of secret documents that that I was taken into and was shown was regarding you know JFK you know President John F Kennedy. And labeled in big bold red font it said classified top secret President John F Kennedy. And so I’m looking at this and and you know all of a sudden I’m taken in and there’s a an overimposed video that I’m looking at over over all these documents. And I’m watching this video play out before me and it was actually the assassination of JFK.

And uh what was hidden in these classified documents came into life in a open Vision in front of my eyes. And so all of a sudden I’m there in Dallas and I’m on the Street Watching This motorcade pass by. And it was like watching an old home recorded movie uh you know washed out color you know screen you know. Uh no sound you know only only the moving picture and from my vantage point where I was was standing I saw you know a a man across the street and he was on a grassy kind of berm you know watching the the motorcade go by. And I saw him from that place draw a gun shots fired. And there was Puff smoke in the air and what I saw was a deadly shot that took the president’s life. And after I mean it was terrible. After after he shot President Kennedy I mean he was calm you know cool and he slipped away from the scene.

I mean didn’t have any fear on him I  mean he’d been supported and there were other operatives that were covering him for his own protection and I mean these guys were other undercover CIA operatives and they were around them like by standards who you know they were part of the plan and part of the crowd you know has to not make a scene and kind of blend him in. So he’s dressed in black dark sunglasses he had a fedora you know Fedora of the day. But I knew that he and those around him were all CIA. And uh I mean this was a well orchestrated plan. They uh they had covered all the bases as best as they could to hide you know what they had to to try and keep a public narrative for the nation to try and maintain peace and control. But it was sobering like very sobering. And honestly I was I was just chill to the bone. Now, I knew that JFK knew it all and he was going to blow it all wide open for the nation to see. I mean he knew like the global Elites. They could not risk the truth getting out about how things were running and who was really in control. And JFK was tremendous threat for what he was fixing to do.

So see I mean and I’ll just interject here. But this is where where president Trump is coming in to finish what he started, plain and simple. So I’m taken there you know I was in this room of you know into this place you know into these rooms where these Global Elites were meeting. And they were planning and they were executing demonic plan security and control. So one moment you know I’m out on the street of Dallas. Yeah and the next thing I’m you know in this room with these these elitists and these globalists. You know basically making their plans. I was taken to places in Germany, and Austria, and Switzerland, Argentina, New York Washington DC. Steve I was in rooms where there were guys you know I mean they were on telephone calls. And they collaborating and managing and and trying to hide this and hide that and and planning to manage the the takeover and maintain the control they had and they had.

These machines I watched these machines and they were old. I don’t know how to explain them they were kind of like typewriters yeah uh and they were printing out coded messages. You know basically and it looked like as he strips of paper came out it actually looked kind of like a form of Braille. Like it wasn’t it wasn’t like an alphabetical thought like like it wasn’t a language that it was it was it was a code of some sort that they would s back and forth to one another. So they had you know trained men and women uh as these things would come out. They would you know translate them and then you know they would correspond on back as they were directed once they you know had shared with their officials what you know was happening. And uh the next thing you know Steve I was taken in the spirit and I was taken to the top floor of this big round Bank Tower uh in Switzerland. And this was it was the bank of all banks I mean it I mean all banks I mean I don’t know how how I know but but I know I mean I could see it I could feel it. Everything was fed and controlled from this place internationally globally. This was a place of international control. [Bank of International Settlements] Yes that’s this is the one. I mean someone sent me a picture they said is this a place? said yeah that’s it that’s the one yeah one. And I as taken into the top floor of that building and you know it had glass windows all around a beautiful view.

What that’s worth and uh in the center it had a big round uh boardroom table and I mean this is going to sound bizarre but it’s what I saw yeah but one of the seats at the table was actually a statue of Satan himself. And those that gathered around this table were were his pawns. And the farkness that filled the air was absolutely gross and had such a demonic stench. So I watched you know men entered the room took their seats and they opened their meeting with a satanic ultic ceremony and liturgy I mean which I never see never seen anything like it. Yeah now now these guys and these principalities they were positioned to oppress and control at every level on every nation. They held the money and they held the control and I could see in the spirit over this bank. A spirit that it was in the shape of an octopus and it had all these tentacles and these tentacles. They were able to extend and they had reach into the highest offices of the Nations and uh to tie and control and manipulate whatever they needed to.

Now I don’t know how else to to share this but but the spirit of God took me through time and all of a sudden you know what was black and white went to Technicolor really that bringing you into present day or day okay present day and so there I was again I’m I’m over looking down at this big round building this big Bank in Switzerland that I knew that it had power lines from it to the W and to the who other nations other governments and it was collaborated. But now what what had changed was I could see there was an Angelic host as far as the eye could see that was coming in and surrounding this bank and surrounding this dark portal of evil now this Angela Coast I mean there were millions of them I mean as far as I could see in every direction they were coming in and they began to Circle and circle this host began to Circle this place and pretty soon you they picked up momentum as they came in and like a force they were like a whirlwind and the father had dispatched them for this very time in history and and by the time it was done there was not one piece of it left it was disseminated gone nothing left everything the the building itself everything’s gone gone oh level.

Wow the connection Steve to the WF and these evil governmental regimes they were toast. I mean I looked I mean it was just debris or what had just happened the father had come in and he turned the table on centuries of demonic control and oppression. I mean there was a some look in this mess like there’s debris. Like it’s just there’s it’s just like a explosion went there was nothing left and in came a a fleet of Air Force helicopters and they were flying in a formation and here they were given president Trump the tour so he could see it with his own eyes he could see the debris field all that he could see the debris field that he could see that this thing was brought down.  …

Julie Green - 2024 THE YEAR FOR MORE - November 27, 2023

My children, I am telling you this day not to put faith in elections. Do not put your faith in elections. Do not put your faith in something man can manipulate. Put your faith in Me because man cannot manipulate Me. 

My children, your enemies have caused much fraud, lying, and deception throughout nations around the world. They have caused much damage, destruction, and chaos. They have spread disinformation throughout the world, much disinformation. And people have believed that it is the truth. 

I tell you, My children, no matter what the enemies have planned for the year of 2024, no matter what they do, no matter what they try, and no matter how dark it may seem or how devastating it may look, they will not have their way. 

An election will not bring your president back. I am bringing your rightful president back. It is not an election that is going to bring freedom and liberty back to your Nation; it is I, the Lord, that brings freedom and liberty. And with Me, no one can take it away. No amount of deception or disinformation can take it away because My truth is coming in like a raging flood. 

As you read in the days of Noah, there was a flood that filled the Earth to cleanse it, to cleanse it of evil. My children, do you think this evil now is too big for Me to change? No, it is not. I have promised man that I would never flood the Earth like that again, but I never said I would not flood the Earth again. 

I will flood it with My truth. I will flood it with My Glory. I will flood it with the Holy Ghost and fire to bring more miracles, signs, and wonders that man cannot deny, that religion cannot deny. I am showing the world it is Me that saves nations. It is not a man. No one will get credit for what is about to take place in the nations around the world. 

Yes, I use man, but it is not a man that will save you. It is Me (working) through that man. It is Me (working) through you, each and every one of you. You are in My Army, and you are not alone. You have a host of angel armies with you wherever you go. They are defending you. As I speak these Words, they are defending you. 

I have heard your cries. I have heard the prayers you have been praying. I have been hearing the decrees, the declarations, and the Words I have given you to speak. I am hearing them. Those words are going forth, and those words are destroying the foundation of your enemies and what they have been standing on. Those words are going forth. Yes, they are. They are going forth to bring victory. They are going forth to bring restoration. They are going forth to bring peace and healing. They are going forth to bring much light in the midst of such darkness. 

2024 is the year for more. For more of what, you may ask? More of Me, you will see. More of Me, you will see. My children, I am still the Most High God, and I still sit in the heavens and laugh at your enemies, thinking they can overthrow Me. Overthrow Me? I created this world and everything in it. And they think they can outsmart Me. They think I am dead and want to tell you I am dead when I am so alive. I am alive, and I am bringing life into your nations. I am bringing life into your children. 

The enemies have caused much damage to the souls of so many people and destroyed the innocence of so many young children. They have manipulated and brainwashed them into thinking they are someone they are not, the gender they are not. 

But My children, I can wipe all of this out. All you need is My Glory. That is it. Do not give up on what I can do for you. No matter how impossible, I show up in the impossible. I hear so many people crying out, and they are saying, “I can’t wait until the 2024 election. I cannot wait. I cannot wait.” They are putting their faith in that (election) instead of putting their faith in Me. 

My children, your enemies want war. They want war, every kind of war, to stop this next election. They want to do everything they can to stop your rightful president. They want to do everything they can to stop Me, but they cannot. Do not put your faith in man-made things. And if people are asking, I am not telling you not to vote. That is not what I am saying, but I have told you time and time again that I do things in unconventional ways. I do not do things by the ways of man. I am higher than that. 

So, the year 2024 is the year for more. Expect more from Me. Expect more of My Glory. Expect more of My goodness. Expect more of My hand moving in your life. Look to Me and not to man. Look to Me and (see) what I have already done for you. 

But I will tell you something, My children. Do not fear this. Do not fear what I am about to say. Much death is coming, much death across the world. But it is not, and I repeat Myself, it is not for you. 

I honored the lamb’s blood on the doorposts of My children in Goshen, but you have My Son’s Blood in you. How much more do you believe I will honor that Blood, the protection of that Blood, and what it stands for? 

So, in this time of 2024, you proclaim and decree more. Do not be distracted. Do not give in to deception. Do not. Do not give in to their pressure. They are desperate. They are caught in a corner that they cannot get out of. You will see much destruction. You will see things, see more chaos, but that is for your enemies’ defeat. 

Do not waiver now, and do not give in now because you are about to see Me do something that I have never done on Earth to this degree, a degree that no man has ever seen. They have brought much evil and darkness into this world, but I am bringing much light and My goodness to destroy it. And I am bringing much restoration. 

So, no matter what your situations and circumstances are telling you, and no matter what pressure is brought to you to (get you to) give up, remember Who I am, that I live in you, and I win. Nothing defeats Who I am, and I am in you. I am on your side. I am your defender. I am your victory. I am your healer. I am your provider. I am everything, everything that you have to have. And everything that you need, I am. 

Vengeance is Mine, and you are about to see much vengeance in this new year. 

So, hold fast to My Word. Hold tight to My Words, My children. Press, press into Me. Press into Me, and I will show you more of Me. Press into Me, and I will show you more of Me, Who I am, and how much love I have for you. 

Do not look back. Look forward. Do not look back. I am warning: do not look back. Look forward because your past will try to hold you back and hold you down when I am moving you forward, raising you higher, and bringing you to a new place with Me. 

So, receive. Receive Me. Receive more of Me in the year of 2024, saith the Lord.

Hank Kunnerman - BURIALS WILL SHOCK - BIDEN URGENT 2024 PROPHECY - November 19, 2023

Do you really believe says the spirit of the Living God in this time that I the Lord of hosts. The Lord of Angel Armies the Lord of War. Shall lose a battle against defeated entities who think that they can take my America from me and from the remnant of those who stand at this time. For fear has dominated the minds of many. Yet my spirit, the spirit of Truth, speaks loudly and shall speak even louder as the lion of Judah Yeshua himself is poised at this time to establish the righteousness and Justice of the court of Heaven. You say but what about the Supreme Court. Watch there is a shaking there is a shifting and there is something unusual that will begin to take place among two upon the court. But it shall not be what you think.

It shall not be what men would demise to stack a court. But it shall be me that shall bring exposure that shall hit th the highest court of your land and the lower courts. And this that runs through your courts the Injustice. It’s not the way of your future. For I the God of righteousness and justice has come at this time to restore order and Justice in this land. Therefore watch watch the Spirit of betrayal. You say but God we have seen so much betrayal. You have seated it against the innocent. But God says now watch among their own ranks those who have stolen those who seek to kill and those who seek to destroy and to stop a generation of the young arising and those who to think that socialism and Marxism and communism shall be the way of this country.

Nay do you understand that I have a say. Therefore betrayal shall arise but this time it shall be among the ranks of the ungodly. Betrayal the spirit of betrayal shall turn their sword upon one another. Because of emails, laptop evidence, pictures, names, that will be associated with great acts of evil and to that which has touched the very young. It is time now that the sheets are pulled back and the curtains are open and the masks are ripped off. Because I the God of Justice am am roaring and this is why I say to you as you go into this year a Jewish New Year that is about to be upon you but a new year. I speak in my timeline of events that you strengthen your bond with the Living God. That you may then stand with the grace and with authority to bind. And to loose and to be used used as an instrument of War for me.

My battle axe. My weapon of War, says the Living God. And this is the time to call forth for the spirit of betrayal to be released with the spirit of confusion in the enemy’s camp that ambushments will arise and those that you thought were against you shall suddenly turn to save their own name and Future. Sure for if they do not speak if they do not betray their own life will be brought in a way of justice that they fear. But I am the god that is pointing my finger into the very heart of the matter of man. And the Very heart of the matters that you think will never happen. It I say to you this is my time now of my righteousness and my Justice and the spirit of betrayal shall lead to many you know their names you’ve seen their faces.

Yet some shall say we did this we did that this is what they did this is what is the truth and there will come an exodus says the spirit of God even among your networks. And it will seem strange when you see this one shall be removed and this one shall quit. And this one shall go to another place. What is happening? The spirit of God says they cannot contend against the spirit of truth that is shoving his finger into the face of Injustice. Now I speak and what I speak shall cause men to fear. An order to be established that a Divine reset and reversal shall come. Not at the hands of the global elitists so they call themselves eles I laugh and I mock. You you call for a new world order.

But you have left me out of the equation I will reset it I will reverse and I will establish my way and my say in this day says the Living God come on lift up your hands. I’m seeing something come on lift up your hands now lift up your hands those of you around the Earth come on those of you that are watching around the earth God is speaking and something is Shifting. Something is Shifting. The countering of God the righteousness of God. The truth of the Holy Spirit Come On Everybody Everybody Just begin to do this come on God is countering as the spirit of betrayal arises in the enemy’s Camp confusion ambushment. The Turning of the sword of one upon another thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord.

Julie Green - VACANCY IN THE WHITE HOUSE - November 17, 2023


Patricia Green - The world will know that I AM THE LORD - November 11, 2023

The Lord laughs at him for he sees that his day is coming then the Lord said I have the victory when things look Bleak and it seems like the whole world is upside down with wicked and evil works just know that I have the victory says the Lord. The season of wickedness and lawlessness is about to end and order will be restored my order says the Lord. So look to me the god of order to bring this chaos to to an end look to me to end these wars the one between Russia and Ukraine and the war between Israel and the Hamas.  …

In this Vision he (brother in Christ) saw a child in a cage and the cage was embedded in a wall in an underground tunnel the little boy was dirty and he had his face pressed up against the bars and then he heard screaming and then the Lord told him that the blood of the of the children is their currency. Then the Lord spoke these words to him (brother in Christ) the Lord said do not forget my children tell the people to pray for the children and contact their friends and tell the churches to pray for the children. The Lord said if people will pray it will crush the enemy and Crush their plans.

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - Spirit of the Law Prophetic Word - November 3, 2023

Okay, so this word was given on November 3 of 2023. And the first part the Lord um took us to Second Corinthians 3. This is verses 4-9 and um it’s out of the NIV this time. It says such confidence we have through Christ before God not that we are competent in ourselves to claim anything for ourselves. But our competence comes from God. He has made us competent as Ministers of a new covenant. Not of the letter but of the spirit. For the letter kills but the spirit gives life. Now if the ministry that brought death which was engraved in letters on Stone came with Glory so that the Israelites could not look steadily at the face of Moses because of its Glory transitory though it was. Will not the ministry of the spirit be even more glorious? If the ministry that brought condemnation was glorious how much more glorious is the ministry that brings righteousness.

Okay well today the Lord is opening up these verses in 2 Corinthians three. When Paul wrote this he was obviously speaking of the Jewish religion including all of its laws and the Ten Commandments which were engraved in letters on Stone. He was calling it a Ministry of death. But just now the Lord is saying that the Jewish religion is just an example of religion in general. Religion does not and indeed cannot follow the spirit of Christ. Instead it takes up the model of following the letter. Even if the New Testament is read and quote believed it is looked at as new rules to be followed. This offers no hope to the followers of course because they cannot follow the law any better than the Jews did in Jesus time. Therefore to the religious the new New Testament also becomes a Ministry that brings death. Why is that so? It’s because the people are not able to follow the Law.

As soon as laws are given people begin to find loopholes and ways to work around the law. Then more laws are needed to control and cow them into following the original laws. This process leads to totalitarianism because Lawless people will not obey laws unless they are pressed into it by force. I’m going to read that sentence again Lawless people will not obey laws unless they are pressed into it by force. But where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. Spirit-filled Believers have a bent toward righteousness in fact they despise lawlessness because it’s not from the spirit of God. Few rules or laws are needed for those who follow the spirit of the Lord. And there truly is freedom in this lifestyle. All of this is a background for a look into the world today.

The Lord is showing us why he has decided to intervene. I see all the laws that worked well for years now being corrupted by the Lawless judges, District Attorneys, and lawyers. Who have no interest in being fair or law-abiding at all. Their unfair and illegal Antics make the communist countries look good and fair by comparison. And the Lord says that only good people can be truly free. And it’s the spirit of Christ who makes people good and righteous. Amen!

Patty Teichroew - November, 2023

Julie Green - UNITING OF THE PROPHETS - November 7, 2023


Barry Wunsch - Recompense for the Nations is at hand! - November 5, 2023

I woke through the early Sunday morning hours, at 3:33 and again at 4:44.
The Lord started speaking to me, and dropped this word on me.
As I received this word, The Lord impressed upon me this is going to be a very big week and the Lord is preparing us for what is to come in the near days ahead.
The demise of the Cabal and Deep State – Babylon is coming down!
Evil Demonic regimes are going down.
Recompense is coming!
Here is the word the Lord gave me, nothing more, nothing less.
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch
The Canadian Hammer
“Barry, I want you to tell my people today the
tipping point is at hand.
What the Nations are bracing for is about to
come to pass.
This is not the end, it is only the beginning.
Let me assure you that there is no turning
this one around!
It is time to embrace a deliverance of biblical
There is nothing in heaven or earth that can
restrict my furious love for you and bringing
freedom and deliverance to the Nations!
The enemy is playing every card he has and
and he shall prevail not!
For it is time for my people to stand up and
walk in the power and authority they have
been given.
This present darkness is nothing for Me!
For do you not remember that I overcame
death and the grave that you could have
abundant life!
Watch with me as the evil plans of man
disappear like vapor in the wind!
Have you forgotten who established the foundations of the universe?
Let me remind you I can change a nation in a day!
Do not underestimate My power and authority, or the wisdom in my ways!
It is time for the hammer to drop!
And drop the hammer I shall!
And the Nations will not be able to deny My hand upon them in this hour!
This is the hour, this is the time, to stand and advance the line in the power of My great name to advance My Kingdom purposes!
What looks impossible to man is nothing for me!
The key to advance is found only in intimacy, surrender and obedience unto Me.
As you come to trust me as a loving Father, and as you surrender unto Me, your every agenda, every ambition, every gift, every talent, every hurt, trauma and offence I will heal you, lead you and take care of you better than you can yourself! I will move on your behalf and you will see miracles signs and wonders as we advance together! You will have every resource that you would ever need!
And I will get the Glory, for it will be not by your strength but mine!”
Holy is the word of the Lord

Julie Green - NOW IS THE TIME - November 6, 2023

For I, the Lord, am telling you, My children, now is the time to fight back. Now is the time to attack. Now is the time to unite. Now is the time to be bold. Now is the time to shout. Now is the time to resist. Now is the time to bind. Now is the time to rebuke. Now is the time to know My Written Word like never before. Now is the time to know the power in My Name. Now is the time to know My Blood Covenant. Now is the time to push back. 

You are no longer victims. You are victors. Now is the time to take back ownership of all that belongs to you. Now is the time to war in the spirit with praying, speaking My Words, and praying in tongues. Now is the time to march forward and push back your enemies until they retreat because they will. It is their time for defeat, saith the Lord. Worship Me like never before, and I will set up ambushes against your enemies just as I have done in times past. I will say this again as a reminder to you of what to expect- your enemies are falling, falling before you like the walls of Jericho. No one stands before Me and wins. So, remember these Words, soon you will see your enemies no more. The tide has turned. The momentum has shifted. Your enemies are slipping, and their power is weakening by the day. So, say, “Enemies of Almighty God, fall.” Fall now, for your day and hour has come for your defeat, saith the Lord. 

George Soros, you and all your henchmen will be exposed for every protest you paid for, every single uprising, where and how all your money was spent in bringing unrest to this Nation, and how your money was used to plot against the rightful president. Everything you have done behind closed doors is about to be leaked and exposed to show how evil you are, how many in this supposed Biden administration are working for you, and how you paid many government officials, news agencies, three letter agencies, and other groups to go after My eagle and the American people. I will show the world how you have been a major part of the stolen elections for a very long time. I will show all your ties to other globalists and every corporation working to help you bring down My nations. Not only will you be fully exposed, but treason will be your end for all eternity. 

For I, the Lord, am pulling the roots out of the deep state, and I will show all the fakes in Washington, DC.  

A major situation is about to take place to remove all those sitting in places of power who do not belong and were not elected to those seats they are sitting in. 

Enemies of Almighty God, I am unraveling that corporation you built to destroy My Nation. I am tearing it apart, and there will be no saving this fraudulent corporation or its control over My United States. 

I am removing every entity you put in place to enslave this Nation. I am saying again that the UN will fall. The IRS will fall. The Federal Reserve will fall. The imposters and traitors in the intelligence community will fall. Wall Street, you will fall, and every person in this Ponzi scheme will be exposed. For many of you, treason will also be written on you for all eternity. 

Judgment is here, and I, the Lord, am cleaning house, you would say, of every rat, traitor, imposter, and infiltrator in My eagle and in My land, Israel. 

Your days are running out, enemies of Almighty God. A clean sweep has begun, and a great restoration of freedom and justice will be celebrated, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Hope Owen - Major Word from the Lord - November 4, 2023

I said speak to your servant Lord. And he said will you write down all that I command you and I said yes. So he began there have been 60 years of this madness and now madness abounds in plenty, Have I not given this generation everything it desires? And yet they are not satisfied indeed they Hunger for More unrighteousness than their fathers before them. They crave it like a baby craves milk they are not satisfied until they desecrate all that is Holy and mock all that is good. They are a continually ravenous beast who is never satisfied with a little. They will consume everything in their path until all is corrupt. I must put an end to it indeed I shall.

There has been enough murder of the innocent. They murder with their tongues all that is pure. They corrupt the smallest youths and teach them wickedness from infanancy. A baby’s first words are evil. They know no limits. They are without a soul. They have never known conviction or discretion. They have made bankrupt everything in their charge. And now what must I say of them should I forgive them? Indeed I cannot their evil is too great their remorse non-existent. They shake their fists at my face and dare me to act. But I shall act. And woe to them who stand in the way. They who have never seen watch shall know what want is. They who have never lacked shall be depleted of every good thing. They who want a world without me shall receive their heart’s desire. And woe to them for they shall never awaken from this bad dream.

This nightmare shall become their reality. They will not escape. The only good is in me the one whom they have despised and rejected. Their father who has graciously given them more than any generation before them. And yet they are 10 times more evil than their predecessors. Shall I now be patient with them? Indeed I shall not. My patience has gone so much farther than any could even hope. I will no longer listen to the prayers for more time to be given. I will shut my ears to them. I have given, and, given, and given. But now says the Lord God Almighty the God of Heaven and Earth of hosts and All Flesh I shall punish them with a mighty Fist and they will know that I am and is no other in Heaven and Earth. And they will come trembling before me before it is through and they will know that I am.

But I will have mercy on those who know my name and speak tenderly to me. I will have mercy on the ones who crave my presence in my word. There is a Remnant who adores me and follows me wherever I go. And they shall eat of the tree of life and live in plenty. They shall dine with me in glory for they are worthy. They have been washed and purified and passed the test of living in this most wretched generation. And still have held fast to my name and have not departed from my side. They shall be most beautifully clothed in splendor and Majesty. As a bride who reflects her husband they shall be to me. I who eat and do not regret will do so to this generation. They shall be utterly consumed and I will not pity them. But you dear daughter, do not seal up these words and store them only in your heart. But reveal and share what I’ve spoken to you the time is near. …

The very next day at exactly the same time of morning 6:00 a.m. where I’m at I said again speak to your servant Lord. He says will you draw out. I didn’t know what that meant. And then he began I am coming against this people with a violent hand. With a fearful Force I will come against them. Like a wall of water destroying everything in its wake draw out draw out my chosen ones in whom I Delight. Who know my way and who follow after my heart draw them out and unto myself forever. These things must come to pass. It is written and it shall be accomplished by the end of the moon. I will lie with them forever in a sweet place of rest where we will abide. Take my hand dear one. Take my hand and come this is not your home. But for those who have made it their home they shall eat the fruit that it bears. The fruit of this world is destruction. It is eaten evil and it shall be overcome by it. This is in quotes “by the sword you live then by the sword you die.” They have drunk their wine continually and now they must vomit.

For no one can take in that much sin and not suffer its wrath. It is their own works which will turn against them. Their own works which they praised and loved. They made Gods out of sin and truly worshiped it. Now it turns against them and devours them. Poor pitiable souls who know no good. Why must they turn themselves into plunder? Why must they write doomed for destruction upon their foreheads? For that is what they do. They mock my son. They abuse my people. They throw their fingers up at anything holy and good. They hate it with the most passionate hatred. Do they think that they have chosen the way of peace? Do they think that paradise is theirs? They have no peace. They have made sure of it.  They have no light in them. How can they dwell in the light with me? They are angry, but they do not turn back and change their minds.

They will be their own undoing. They have made their place in hell and booked their room there. They say I’m going to hell. And laugh as it as if it is the greatest joke. But have they tasted real death? Have they known endless torment? Have they sunk into a place where my hand does not go? They speak foolishly of things they do not understand and yet boast of their evil to one another. Always trying to outdo the other in wickedness. I am done with striving with them. I have called them, again, and again, and disobedient children. They do not come. They are near their own death and still they refuse to obey. They would rather be rebellious and perish than obey and live. Oh foolish children, don’t you know that I would rescue you from the lion’s mouth. Even now I would snatch you away so quickly you would be spared every evil you’ve ever brought on yourself. Don’t you know the matter is you do know? And yet you block up the ears of your heart so that you may not hear me anymore. You have become an expert at doing this.

I could cry out to you with a loud voice and you would not hear. You have made sure of it. Then do I let you have the things you so crave? I do not want to let you go to your own place of choosing. But alas I must. What else is there. It is me or not. You have chosen not. Where are your parties, and hookups, and drunkenness when destruction comes. Were is your peace when death. Where is your peace when death is at the door? Where has your heart been that is where you are. The things you love are your God not me. I would have been the most gracious father to you guiding you to the choicest streams and fruits, and showing you the good way to walk. But you would not have it. So you don’t even know me at all. That shatters my heart dear one. You wouldn’t recognize me if you saw me. If I spoke you would not recognize my voice and my my words. They are foreign to you. You find them odd and amusing and uncomfortable. But to the humble it is like warm milk on a cold day. A place of comfort and rest.

But to you my words make you squirm inside with Restless discomfort. That is because you do not know me. And my word does not abide in you. The enemy which clings to you tortures you when you hear anything of me. You could be free dear one you could be. If you ask if you so desire. If you change your mind and heart if you give me a chance. Leave the scraps for the dogs and they will gobbled up. But feed spoiled children and they will turn on you. You will all be like those dogs once what is coming comes to pass. You will gobble up the goodness once it is taken from you. You will cherish every bite every scrap of hope. The things you scoff at now will become a boon to you in a time of distress. Distress will abound and none will be immune or escape it. You will each be tested to the maximum of what you can bear and be beyond. No one will be exempt. Except my chosen ones who will be long gone. The ones you hate now but you will mourn them.

You will see what a light they are and were you will feel their absence and be ashamed of the things you said against them. The things you said out of spite and jealousy you will take them back. You will hope to glean whatever you could of them afterward. Oh foolish children if you only would see now. But it must be this way.You need this or you will never turn and some still will not. I grieve their loss but I must press on and do what must be done.In the end it will all be as it should very soon it will be put right. That will be my day of rest me and all those who are mine sweet rest. My hands are scarred and blistered from the plow my brow furrowed from the Sweat. Do you think I don’t toil because I do. Each day and night I Toil and toil over this people every nerve and senu is engaged but the work is nearing its end and my reward for from my labor will be given me. The love returned from those I hold most dear to my heart. …

Patty Teichroew - November, 2023

The Journey Vision - Part 3. “911” Gods Word 11/1/2023 Judgement “The Roller Coaster” - November 1, 2023

See I told America to repent. I even sent you a prayer. And so videos back God was telling America to repent that I had to release. He also gave um prayers for America to repent. All you had to do was say the prayer and God was going to forgive you. So that’s what he’s speaking of. And then also of course not even just me being the messenger of course he’s given other Messengers messages as well okay. Roslin some said the prayer but Roslin some didn’t. Then I sent you another prayer so he sent multiple prayers you guys. Roslin some said the prayer. But yet some did Not. They laughed. They dismissed my messengers, my warnings that I sent. So I will also dismiss their cries and pleads for help. Why did I say don’t pray for them? He’s talking about for the ones he doesn’t know. Why did I say don’t pray for them you ask? Because there are people amongst you who does not want me in their lives. Countless times I’ve warned them to repent out of love. I gave them a way out.

Repent and turn back to me. But again I asked did they do it? Let me answer, no, they didn’t Roslin. I can see all things and I know the ones who does not want to know me. They serve another god that is not me. They don’t want to turn back to me their father. So I also do not know them. I will not force anyone to love me. The one who created you. If you choose to pray for the ones I do not know that’s up to you children of God. But hear me loud, and hear me clear. I will not receive your prayer. My judgment is final. It has been sealed,. marked and stamped. And there’s nothing no one can do to unseal it. It’s final. It’s cleanup time and as much as I would love that everyone is saved and chooses me everyone will not be. And it’s not because of me it’s because of them.

And so when God was um telling me this I just knew God you know he knows what he’s doing and there’s a lot of people playing with him they are just it’s like they’re taking his grace for granted his kindness for weakness um and I’m like do you not know the god of wrath because the god of wrath does not play you guys. Um you can reference the Bible um in many different stories he said it before he’s taken down, many, many, nations. Many nations because of this. Um and God’s just not playing and what he doesn’t want is he’s not going to keep allowing people who choose not to serve him to keep getting in the way of his children what father would right? So God is here and he’s cleaning up America and like he said in the video before he said he’s preparing for the great Revival and you can watch the domino effect if you want to reference that.

It’s cleanup time and as much as I would love that everyone is saved and choosed me. And it’s not because of me it’s because of them if they only had took the time to give me a [Music] chance took the time to learn about me there father and as God started speaking y’all I could just hear it was it was the god of wrath. I could hear how strong and it was like a roaring fire as God spoke. And he meant every bit of it when he said. Took the time to learn about me their father. When he emphasized father. My God because he’s like hey I created them and I’m just it’s like God is pissed off that these that there are certain people who are saying I’m not going to choose you even though yeah you did create me. But I’m still not going to choose you. He said I knocked on their door plenty of times. But not once did they answer me. My call so now it’s time for me to show up. Children of God this is also a warning for you. God said do not get in my way. Remember you will see these things but it’s not your portion. So when God said um don’t get in his way. He definitely talking about for us you guys. Unfortunately yes we can pray for people all day but we can’t save them.

They have to choose for themselves. And I did a video in the past where God was saying um that I wasn’t covered to save you know certain people like my loved ones right cuz he was saying they’re going to have to open up their mouths and actually speak and repent and and choose him for themselves in their heart and because we don’t share the same heart right I can’t do that for them you can’t do that for them and so God said don’t get in his way in a sense of he’s trying to protect you. Okay, he said do not get in my way remember you will see these things. And that’s Psalms 91 but it’s not your portion. Protect your mind and God was talking about your mental health again. He actually said create a group now and he emphasized now. And when he said create a group it remind me of like support groups right so maybe people who are likeminded. Um who is holding on you know to God. Who wants maybe to pray with you. Um because this season that is coming that is here you guys is going to be so disruptive that if you’re not holding on to God and the promises that he has given you. And your focus isn’t clear my God you’re going to be pulled into a portion that is not yours. And you don’t want it to affect your mental health. God said pray over your homes and the ones you love. That you will not fall in the trap of deceit. That you won’t fear for it shall not come n thee Psalms 91 you guys. Bbut you have to stay in the secret place of God.

Psalms 91 this is your warning judgment will hit America so fast who say my God lord so quickly Jesus they will not be able to keep up I’m going to read that again y’all all. God said this is your warning. Judgment will hit America, so fast so quickly. They will not be able to keep up. This is why I said prepare my children. Many will fall yes it will get tough but I will be in the midst. And when he said that so God show me a vision and I put it on the thumbnail of a roller coaster and it was as though we were we were in the roller coaster you guys. But we were holding on. We were holding on. Because you know if you ever Rod a roll roller coaster you have um times where you feel it more than other times. My God. But God was showing me in the vision y’all how beautiful is this it is two seats right and you’re sitting in one and you’re holding on. My God and God is sitting right beside you.

My God so please hold on to that visual Lord Jesus please show this to them. Because when times get tough and like God said it will get tough it will get tough because you live here. Right this isn’t heaven. So you’re going to see it and when it get tough just know who standing right beside you just know who’s standing right beside you. Yes, it will get tough but I will be in the midst. Do not stop what thus says the Lord during this time. The instructions I’ve given you. Don’t get distracted with what’s happening in the world. Get distracted and be intentional to focus on what I told you for my kingdom. I’m raising you up. So during this time you guys even though you’re going to start seeing so much going on if you refocus your mind on the instruction God has given you you’ll get busy. Okay you’ll pull back and you’ll get busy in him. And what he’s going to do is lead you and he’s going to protect you. And when you when fears start to rise up in you. My God he’s going to whisper sweet nothings in your ear and he’s going to comfort you in the time of need when you need it most. …

Yes there will be great joy for you okay and my kingdom let me read that again. During this time yes children of God there will be great joy for you and my kingdom. But I have to clean up for you. You will thank me later and when God said that I had a great peace that came over me. And I could see so much evil happening you guys and God was cleaning up the evil okay so as he’s cleaning up the evil this beautiful peace fell upon me. And I was like my God that’s what he meant when he said you will thank me later. Because during the Mist you’re like what is happening what is going on Lord. Oh my God but at the end of the day when it’s all said and done you will have a beautiful peace and you’re going to thank God for stepping in and cleaning up. Yes Lord.

Now this judgment on America will be different like the Egypt times. So much will happen from pestilence, plagues, Wars, tsunamis, my God, droughts lack of supplies, great death. My God he said people will go missing and I kept hearing kidnapping. Jesus that will rise. God said in a video that I did in the past he said cover my children I encourage you to read that to see what’s going on there. And he keeps going he said market crash. He said people will lose their homes. I did a video in the past related to the market crash reference that he said the corrupt will be revealed. …

Whitfield Harrington - High Level Witchcraft is Fighting President Trump - October 31, 2023

As you can probably can tell by the title of this video this is um what I would consider to be an extraordinary video that I’m about to start talking about now. When we look at a lot of the things that are going on in the world um we can speak in conjunction to the things that are going on in Europe as far as War. Um the rise that are going on in France. The things that are going on in the Middle East and even the things that are going on in America. One of the things that we see is we see what the media says, but it takes God opening our eyes to see what’s truly going on behind the scenes. And what is truly going on behind the scenes is what is known as high level Witchcraft. When I say high level witchcraft I mean extremely top-of-the-line high level witchcraft. There are some things that happen they look like they may be just random acts random events that are occurring in the world. But if you pray and ask the Lord to show you what’s really happening you will see that many of these things are strategically coordinated from individuals who are working in conjunctions with wicked spirits to generate evil powers to bring about a lot of the disasters, the massacres, and even Wars that you see going on in the world.

Nothing just happens things are planned in the spirit. One of the main reasons I’m making this video is because I want to send a message to president Donald Trump. And a message to the the rest of us who are observing what is happening in the world. That when you see the things that are happening to a former president of the United States in plain view. Think for a moment that if there are individuals that are willing to do these things to a former president right in everyone’s sight. What do you think they will do if they could have their way with everyone else? Let that sink in for just a moment. Then you will understand where this is coming from. You know a lot of people may say that they don’t like President Trump’s tactics, the way he speaks, or the way he you know is bashful and they have their own perspective. But you have to understand this one thing. That when God assigns a person to carry out a mission that’s all the approval they need.

You don’t need the approval of the masses to be called by God to do something. And when it comes to his assignment in the spirit his assignment in the spirit is different from that of a clergyman. There’s a difference between a person who’s been called by God to stand in a pull pit and to do certain things with a congregation. And there are those in the Bible who were called by God to do things that helped the nation of Israel. Now, when you look at all of the court cases all of the things that are going on against Donald Trump. You have to ask yourself this one question. Why? Why do you see all of these things coming together to fight against one man?

Why? They are orchestrating many things in court cases, criminal cases, fraud cases, and I’m just going to step in here now and just pull the curtain on what’s really happening. What you are seeing right before your eyes is a orchestrated effort by high level witches and wizards around the world against one man. Understand that witchcraft in America is very hidden. But when you you talk about witchcraft in places such as Africa it’s in plain view. So people here in America pastors, you know just ordinary people they don’t know much about it. Other than what we have been led to perceive about it as it relates to what we see on TV or what we um you know read in books. Uh may hear about on the internet. We don’t understanding there are different types of things that are operating and different levels of Witchcraft. And this what we are seeing as it relates to Donald Trump is the highest of the highest level of Witchcraft that’s fighting against him.

Well how do I know these things? One of the things that I always love to do is I love to go back to the Bible one of the most unique um prophets in the bible only my opinion is Ezekiel. The reason I like Ezekiel is because you see God taking Ezekiel out of his body taking him to different places in the world. Showing him different things allowing the prophet and his eyes and his gift to see things behind closed doors and to share with him what’s going on. I’m going to read from The Book of Ezekiel Ezekiel chapter 11: verses 1-4. It says moreover the spirit lifted me up and brought me unto the East Gate of the Lord’s House which looked Eastward and behold of the door of the gate five in 20 men. Let me pause break that down. So Ezekiel says the spirit Lifted Me Up and there are some people who may have this experience sometimes it happens in dreams. Sometimes it happen for some people when they’re awake it depends on where they are in God and how God wants to give a message to them. Where the spirit would pick them up and zoom or move them somewhere.

So, Ezekiel is saying that the spirit picked me up and it took me to the East Gate on the Lord’s House in Jerusalem. Which lookth Eastward and he says at the door of the gate there were 25 men. So he’s in this vision and he’s taken from where he’s residing to the gate of Jerusalem. He sees 25 men. And then he says among whom I saw Janiah the son of Azar and Pia the son of bah princes of the people. Let that sink in for a moment. He sees 25 men two particular men he knows them personally he knew who they were and these were the princes of the people. In other words these were what we would call politicians. Then the Bible says then said he un to me son of man these are the men that devise mischief and give Wicked counsel in the city. So as he’s taken in this Vision to see these 25 men who have gathered at the Gate of the East Gate of the door of the house of God.

He hears a vision after he identifies two of them saying that these are the men that devise mischief and give Wicked counsels in the city. Meaning they’re sitting in a position of power but they’re giving Wicked advice. They are proposing Wicked legislation. They have all of these things that they present themselves in public to be. But secretly behind closed doors they have a total different dark demonic Wicked lifestyle. And a lot of times some of these things they may slip out and people will hear some of the things that go on behind closed doors. But here the spirit of the Lord took Ezekiel to see these things.And let me continue reading he says son of man these are the men that devise mischief and give Wicked counsel in the city. Which say it is not near let us build houses this city is The Cauldron and we be the flesh.

Now this is going to be probably challenging for many people to hear comprehended. But let me do my best to break this down he’s saying that these men are making a statement that it is not near meaning the Judgment of God is not near. Let’s build houses let’s become wealthy let’s do all of these things. But then they make the statement this city is The Cauldron and we be the flesh. The city is The Cauldron or apart and the people the inhabitants are what we’re going to cook and consume all right. So these are what you called people in Witchcraft and I’m just keeping it simple. Eaters of Flesh and drinkers of blood. We see these things in cartoons and movies where you talk about vampires and different things of that nature. Listen to me that’s not fictional those are real entities. And I’m many of the rulers of the land are deeply engaged in this kind of behavior. One of the reasons why I’m making this video is because I want to share with President Trump what their agenda is towards him. It appears that they’re coming after your Liberty. They’re coming after your business. They’re coming after your family. But the reality is is they’re coming after your heart. They want president Trump to have a heart attack. That’s their overall objective amongst this high level of Witchcraft activities that they have going on they’re pulling him in this direction. They’re pulling him in that direction. They’re pulling him in all of these different directions because they want his health to deteriorate.

So that he is eliminated by a way that people will say well it was just too much for him and he’s moved on. And so now all of the other other candidates who are vying we can step forth and say well he’s passed on and it’s time for new leadership. And I’m here to tell you this is high level witchcraft. This is high level witchcraft that many people are not skilled to identify or deal with with. Let me say some things that may be shocking and revealing to a lot of people but it’s the truth. When it comes to high level witchcraft. It is intertwined with a lot of secret societies. You know you can join one of the secret societies and get in on the lower level and you won’t really know much. But when you find individuals will go deep into it deeply committed to it. You find that there is a common denominator of serving satan, devil worship.

See the lower levels of Witchcraft and sorcery and um as they would call it, black magic. all right with the voodoo different things that you would find from the um illiterate or unlearned individuals who are dibbling and dabbling in the lower ranks of Witchcraft. But then there’s what’s called white magic or white witchcraft. These are the enlightened ones. These are the ones who as Ezekiel was saying they were princes among the people. These were the celebrities. These were the news anchors. These were the sports players. These were the modernday politicians, the modern day business. Mogals. High ranking witchcraft but it’s not so visible because it’s something that the Lord has to take certain individuals into that man and allow them to see it. And then God equips certain individual to deal with it. Because the Bible says that when God showed Ezekiel these things he says, therefore prophesy against them.

So, he tells the prophet when he sees these particular princes, to prophesy against them. Meaning there is a spiritual way to fight this. Thank God for legal teams all right. But you cannot win a spiritual battle trying to use political weapons and legal tactics. They have to be done with spiritually. It takes individuals who have the weight in the spirit the understanding in the spirit the wisdom in the spirit to know how to address these things in the spirit. And sometimes it’s challenging to amass a group of people who are willing to stand in the face of fear and to be fearless, and to continue to pray against and to prophesy against the wickedness of the wicked. And wait for the hand of God to move against these Powers. The Bible says in Ezekiel 11 and verse 13. And it came to pass when I prophesied that Pia the son of bayah died.

So God told the man of God to Simply prophesy against him. Shared with him what to say and when he prophesied against them someone died. One of the leaders died. When you talk about high level witchcraft and the Warfare that is associated with high level witchcraft. It’s not something that every person should attempt to engage in. And I mean this from a a Saints Christian Perspective, pastors. If you are a hypocrite just be honest I don’t need to to to get a checklist and go through it with you with me. And you know you like to do things in secret that you wouldn’t do in the public you don’t address this type of Witchcraft. All right. Because you you you’re dealing with individuals who have a system that runs the world. And they have the capacity to do things such as astro projection.

They have the capacity to use networks of computers and monitoring systems. And you have to know how to pray, to either defend yourself or to defeat them. And one of the things I have learned when it comes to the body of Christ. The first thing we need to learn is how to defend ourselves from these things. How to pray in such a way to where we block the activities of high level witchcraft. There are many things that that that happens on the battlefield of life. But when it comes to dealing with high level witchcraft you need need to learn how to cover yourself with the blood of Jesus. We have pictures everywhere pictures over the internet all right. And it used to be years ago witch got your picture put it on an altar curse you. You had problems all right now the witch don’t have to find a picture they can Google your name and download a picture right there and go to work.

You have to learn to cover your image image with the blood of Jesus. The image meaning the picture of yourself. You have to learn to pray that daily. See some of us we want to pray every now and then but understand this when it comes to dealing with high level witchcraft that we’re seeing now. We need to develop a daily sincere prayer life. A few other things there is a way to pray that God will hide you in the spirit. Understand that they have their tools their resources and Witchcraft to where they can look for a person. They can scan for a person they can find you all right get your blood or your hair or your DNA and begin to look at the things that that set you off the things that are sort of curses in your life. And begin to work against you. But there is a way to pray that God will hide you. The Bible says in Psalms chap 27 verse 5. For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his Pavilion in the secret of his Tabernacle shall he hide me. He shall set me up upon a rock.

Meaning there is a way to pray that you can be hidden in the spirit. And when they’re looking for you they can’t find you. All you have to do is begin to pray Lord hide me from the counsel of the wicked. Because you see here this was a council of people. The Bible says in Psalms chapter 64 and what I mean um is Ezekiel was seeing a counsel of wicked men Psalm 64 verse1 and two says. Hear my voice oh God in my prayer preserve my life from Fear of the enemy. Hide me from the secret counsel of the wicked from the Insurrection of the workers of iniquity. Meaning there is a prayer that you can pray that God would hide you from the counsel of the wicked. It is a prayer that you need to learn to pray daily when you are being being monitored by the enemy. When you are being harassed by the enemy. When you are subjected to high level witchcraft you can pray that God will hide you from the counsel of the wicked. And they will not be able to locate you in the spirit.

This is something that you can’t oversimplify it. But I want to begin to shed light on it because there’s a need to address some things at a much deeper level than things have been discussed at now. Because you see all of these things playing out in front of us. But what we don’t recognize is that the stage is being set for the Antichrist to come forward. But it’s as if it’s not automatic. It’s as if the people of God have an opportunity to block the coming forth of the Antichrist. When you think about in The Book of Luke when Jesus was born and the wise men came to Herod wanting to know where was he who was born King of the Jews. And so they went out and they found Jesus and Herod was hoping that when they found him that he would they would come back and share with him where the baby was because he wanted to kill it. The devil wanted to kill Jesus and what was so interesting about this plot to kill Jesus as a baby was an angel had to come and tell Joseph what the plot was. That they’re after your life. They’re after the life of the child. So run now I find it very amazing that an angel would come and tell Joseph who’s carrying the baby Jesus to go hide.

The same angels that kick other Angels Out of Heaven that know how to fight was telling a man to go hide and let us deal with some things first. And then when the ones who were seeking the life of the child died then they brought child out of Egypt back into the land of Israel. What am I saying? There is a need to know how to be strategic when you are dealing with high level witchcraft. It’s not something that you go ask an average pastor about. God bless you pastors but I’m just being honest it’s not something that you can go to the Seminary and ask someone about. There are those whom God have trained how how to deal with it. And don’t not necessarily those were just repeating what they hear everybody else saying. But you have to be skilled, schooled, and carry, weight in the spirit. Meaning you have to be a heavy weight in the spirit to deal with these things.

And right now the world especially president Trump is dealing with coordinated high level visible witchcraft. Now me personally I’m calling on the Saints who know how to pray to begin to cover him daily with the blood of Jesus. There is an an assignment in the spirit to take him out. Where the witches the Wizards of this nation they want to eliminate at him through a heart attack. And there are those who know how to pray consistently cover his name cover his image meaning his picture in the blood of Jesus. Daily pray that God will hide him in the spirit from his enemies. So that he would not be detected in the spirit. Because they are after his life and they’re even after his family. Because his wife now is a very very very strategic strength in his life. There’s some things that God showed me where I saw him in deep Waters up to his neck and he fell over in the water as if he was going to collapse in the water and dry. But his wife she caught him and she picked him up so that his head didn’t go underneath the waters. And they both begin to walk out of the waters.

When you look at some of these things that are going on in these court cases a lot of people who are attorneys who are Judges, politicians, they are a member of secret societies. And you wonder why some of them will be so blatant and open and do certain things is because they take orders from someone else. And if you don’t know how to address it you can have the best Constitutional lawyers in the world all they will do is run up a bill. It takes a prayer team and not just a legal team. It takes a prayer team to take control of things in the spirit. So the direction that the enemy wants things to go in this nation will not happen. We are on a slippery slope in America. And it’s going to take people stepping up with their aken? in prayer in order for a turnaround to happen. A turnaround is possible. Or are we willing to pay the price for that turnaround to happen. I’m going to stop here because I don’t want to talk too much. I’m going to stop right here because I believe it’s necessary to pray for those who feel inspired. I’m simply sharing What the Lord Has share with me and I know this is a heavy message some people may need to pray about it before you can digest it. But I want to pray with you before I let you go and I want to ask you to pray for this nation. Pray for America pray for Donald Trump

Why is it that everybody in this nation that’s in Authority that’s against him are so organized and trying to pull him apart? Because there is a plan and a purpose that God has to use him for and the devil wants him eliminated. Father I pray now in the name of Jesus and I thank you for this message. I thank you for this impartation of your spirit into the ears of the people who are hearing what I’m saying. Father I pray now that it would be received well because it is your words that are coming forth. Father I pray now in the name of Jesus for the life of President Donald Trump. That you would hide him from the counsel of the wicked. Oh God I pray now in the name of Jesus that his name his image his Affairs would be soaked in the blood blood of Jesus and that you would raise up people to pray for him day and night. That the plan and the purpose that you have for his life will be fulfilled according to that which you have written concerning him these things we pray for and we bless your holy name for them now in Jesus name we pray. Amen Amen! All right God bless you and I’ll see you next time.

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - Warning - Posture Yourself For What's Ahead Prophecy - October 30, 2023

The Lord says, Prophet have you postured yourself for what’s coming? Kirk I’m not sure what you’re speaking of? The Lord the great reset. Have you postured yourself for the change or will you go into fear? Kirk replies Lord you’ve been speaking of the things to come for some time I believe I’m ready. But what posture should I assume I’m not sure what you’re saying the Lord says Kirk there are some events coming that have the potential to cause fear in my beloved ones. Tell the people to take a posture of Faith tell them to relook at the words of the prophets in order to keep their eyes on me in this way their faith will not be shaken. Kirk says, well Lord what will this look like in the natural? And the Lord replies Wars rumors of wars. Some real Bloodshed some fake or staged and designed to create fear. World events violence and threats of violence that will be so real that even my saints will be tempted to go into fear. But tell them the saints that in this chaos I am will have his finest hour. As the dust starts to clear all eyes will see the evil ones fail. It will be magnified when the world sees the Lord’s Saints rise up with no fear of evil. And start the process of meeting out Justice.

This Justice, my Justice will come hard and fast. To some it will seem cruel and unbending because the timeline for mercy and tolerance will be over. The law, the real Constitution will be followed to the letter and will not be deviated from. There will be no plea deals, no political class exemptions. And those Soros DA’s and lawyers who have made a mockery of our justice system will be the ones who will be convicted of treason and so forth. So that they will not have any effect on this process either. So, yes it will look rather ruthless because of what law and order should look like when people are treated equally according to the Law. Kirk says when will this happen Lord? And the Lord says, Prophet this is the season where this matter of justice has risen up before me and I am is not slow regarding these matters. Watch DJT’s language to understand the timing on this. Amen

Shirley Lise - THE TAKEOVER - October 31, 2023

I’ll begin reading this word it is time for the Takeover, says the Lord. I am taking over the kingdoms of the world. What you see is the destruction of the old making way for the new. I have assigned My Angel armies they are on mission to Dethrone men and to clear the way for the rise of my kingdom Warriors to take their place. You ask what good can come out of destruction? I tell you that this move of my spirit will remove the old order of things. Uprooting and tearing down to clear the way for my kingdom to emerge in its fullness in the earth. Is this too difficult for me? Open your eyes to see the toppling of the Giants in the land. The culture of the Antichrist removed from the face of the Earth. You have been blinded deceived by the enemy to believe this culture would remain.

I am shaking all things and only that which is of me shall remain. Get ready for a great shaking of the Nations as I pull down the the strongholds over the land. And Institute my culture of righteous rule as I take industry into my own hands shaking out the old and bringing in the new. This is the day of reversal. This is the day of victory for the saints of God, This is the day of the Lord. My heart desire is to reach the Nations with the word of life and truth. And I will use the music industry to accomplish this. I am the author and perfector. I am perfecting my plan to reach the Nations. Do you see and do you understand that the word of the Lord needs to be sent far and wide to reach the people? It needs to be put into the hands of Faithful Servants who will carry it. It needs to be made available to all and this is the way I have chosen to send my word forth into the homes of the people. I will send it via Airwaves for AirPlay.

This is the plan I have developed to reach the people. You will see how efficient is my way of reaching the masses. Watch to see as changes are made. I will keep keep the emphasis on the words, and the music, and off the vessel used to capture them and thrust them forward. You will see how I make the transition, says the Lord. How I flood the airwaves with the song of the Lord. How I take over the industry. How I bring about the revolution in the industry. A complete turnaround. The emphasis taken off the artist and put on to the Lord who is The Giver of Life. I have stepped into the industry and erected my standard in its midst. Soon all of its aspects will line up with my will and purposes. No longer will the industry condone the artist but will recognize the works of art as created by the Lord. I will accomplish this, says the Lord.

I will institute Justice into the recording industry. I will not allow greed and idolatry to influence choices. I will remove these elements and the whole industry will come into line with my will, My, way my purposes in this day. I am taking it over taking it out of the hands of the ungodly. All musicians shall line up with a code of ethics I am Distributing in the land. All songsters Shall adhere to its rules and regulations. No evil shall enter its premises for I shall close the door to evil. Bar it up so none is able to come through. I am erecting a standard of Holiness in the film industry as well pornographic media shall be deleted from its content. You will see a great change over in this industry. Laws and regulations shall become stringent and indecent acts and profanity of All Sorts will be boycotted.

I am erecting my count Cil of Judges who will judge the works and eliminate those that do not conform to the standard of the Lord. All illicit use of media will come under strict judgment. It will not be used for personal gain. But will conform to the purpose of the Lord to reach the nations with the testimony of Jesus. I am taking over the clothing and fashion industry. No longer will brand names be exalted. I am bringing every name down in heaven and earth and the whole Earth shall bow to one name and that is the name of Jesus. This is an Avenue of expression that I will take hold of and use for my glory Alone,  says the Lord. I will wash through and clean up. No longer will the hottie rule the industry. I am taking it out of their hands and putting it into the hands of my humble servants. I will strip pride and idolatry away and only fashions that are modest will be made available to the marketplace. I will close doors to all who would seek to oppose my will in the industry you will see the transition go from the development and fashioning of garments contributing to lust greed and idolatry to those that glorify the Father in Heaven.

A great upheaval is coming. A great trampling that will annihilate the workers of iniquity in this industry. My heart’s desire and purpose is that the people would come into wholeness and wholeness is coming to the clothing industry I am pulling out the props the PS that hold it up fashion trends that encourage lust greed immoral Behavior will be Removed. I am doing a great work in the Earth. Fashion is being addressed in this day fashion statements and the fashion industry or order is coming to the Industry. Limits are being redefined what was allowed will no longer be acceptable and those who modeled wear that is an Abomination to the Lord will no longer lead in the industry. I am taking down stigmas rules of the trade removing stigmas put upon men and women. I am breaking down the hierarchy of power that that has been in control and its captives shall be set free. Those in the industry who have promoted greed lust idolatry pornography will be removed and the industry shall reflect the standard of the Lord. This is what I am doing in this day. This is the process you will see as I take down the kingdoms of men as I bring my standard of Holiness into the land. You will stand in awe when you begin to see the dismantling of the works of the enemy in Industry as I move in and take over, says the Lord.

Joy of the Lord - Their Time Is Up, Says The Lord; Their Time is Up! - October 30, 2023

So, he’s talking to me and then I could tell that it was leading to a word for the body and he actually said yeah go ahead and pick up your pen. And so he he’s said go ahead and pick up your bin and I was like okay. So he was like in the middle of already talking to me and then so I picked up my pen and then this is where I started writing. And he says I will rip it all apart. Yes with my bare hands, says the Lord. And this will Usher in the restoration of all things my word speaks about. I must destroy what the enemy has built in order for me to rebuild how I see fit for my people. They have they will no longer that’s in bold control, or have control over my children Song my land my Earth It All Belongs to Me says the Lord of hosts. Their time is up says the Lord. Their time is up.

This is the time for my children to shine, shine, shine, for me.This is the time for my children to be free. This is the time for the world to know me. To know that I am alive. That I am the maker of heaven and Earth. That my son is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Yes, my son is and will always be the most famous of all that’s all and bold. Just wait and see children what I’m about to do. What we are about to do and that’s in bold. Oh how the world will tremble in my presence, says the Lord. It is time, yes I say it again, it is time that’s in bold.  For me to show the world that I Am The Great I Am. And that my son Yeshua Reigns over all the Earth. That’s all in bold. Yes, my children your Lord and Savior Jesus. My son your king will be known loved honored and adored like never before. That’s and bold, says the Lord.

This is the time you have been waiting for. This is the time that I have been speaking much about to all that’s in bold who know my voice. This is the time that is written in my word. Yes, this is the time children. This is the time. What I need from you my children is to trust me. Trust all that I am about to do.  Trust me at my word. Trust all that I have said and know that I am doing all that I said I would do. I will protect. I will provide. I will heal. And I will restore. I will free My Children from the slavery, from bondage, from the captivity that you have been in. Yes, it’s time for your complete victory, says the Lord your God.

I’m trembling inside as I’m speaking just so you know. My children I need you to hear me this day. I need you to be fully aware of what is about to take place in order for your complete freedom from the enemy’s grip. I have warned you that things will appear to look worse before they got better and that I will shake everything that can be shaken. There are things that must take place events that that may seem challenging to walk through, says the Lord. But this is when I will show up and show off in your midst. This is when you will open your mouths and shout the name of Jesus and see miracles, signs, and wonders Begin to Fall Like Rain. Yes just the faith of a mustard seed and the blind will see. Watch the ears open and the lame walk raise the dead .

Yes you want see my power watch the dead be begin to come alive at the mention of his name. Yes the mention of your King Jesus wait and see what I’m about to do. So my children as the things in the world look a little grim in the coming days as I tear apart all the enemy has built to enslave you. Trust what I am doing. Trust my every word I have spoken. Get into my word and meditate on the miracles that have taken place before as my son walked the Earth. And be expectant to do and see greater. Yes, I say greater work than he did. Yes, I am about to put his name on display that’s in bold with Miracle after Miracle. Watch as I open the heavens fully for you to access my kingdom like never before, says the Lord.

My children I say again look and see with your spiritual eyes and believe. Just believe that your future is waiting for you with anticipation of my glory. Filling of my glory filling the streets to a degree that billions will enter into my kingdom with love for me their God. And my son their Savior and King. You haven’t seen anything yet children. Yu haven’t seen anything yet. I am coming with all of my glory to set the captives free. Your best days are ahead of you. The awe that you are about to experience is so great. Yes, you are about to be amazed in a way you could never you could never dreamed of, says the Lord. So get ready be expectant stay in faith. Trust me and know that your Victory is at hand. Says the Lord your God maker of heaven and Earth in the name of my son Jesus Yeshua the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Amen and Amen!

Robin D Bullock – 10-8-2023   Last night the Lord was talking to me in the dark. He said, nations are being weighed right now. He said, it is not the Ukraine that is the scales, they’re being weighed on. He said, it’s Israel. Israel is the world stage right now. Then the Lord said these things. The Lord said: you had to bring Israel into it, didn’t you? Now, exposure will come.

It is the time of destiny. A time to shape destiny. A time to live destiny. Destiny’s a big word. After this with Israel, the destiny of many Arab nations, will be shaped. The destiny of Iran will be shaped. Remember this, the Lord says. In the streets of Jerusalem, peace must be kept. Watch the inside. For from within it will be attempted. This war was needed and desired by certain, that needed to fast forward an agenda. The Lord says, do not believe snakes, no matter how high in office they are. Snakes are cunning. More cunning than any beast of the field which the Lord – God has made. The field is anything outside of Israel. Remember that. Destiny, destiny, and the voice of destiny will sound and will be heard.

Beware on which side of this war you find yourself. Because, this war is more than it appears to be. The sound of destiny came early, because, the men of the Earth pushed it in early. But beware all ye. Be sure you find yourself on the right side of the cause. Christians, you were raise up to be the wind of Ezekiel, to prophesy to dry bones. You are needed at this time to prophesy. So take your teeth out of the bones of your comrades in arms, and prophesy. Prophesy, prophesy Victory to Israel. World leaders’ destinies are being decided now. Take heed and beware for the time is near. All naysayers, curb your mouth, says the Lord. Before you find it curbed.

Then the Lord began to show me this. He said this is a time of drawing lines and redrawing lines, and taking territory.

Robin D Bullock - Righteousness is returning to a Government, and to any people around the World who will say, Yes (to Me). So say Yes, says the Lord - October 29, 2023

For I’m going to do it again, says the Lord. I’m going to do it again. But this time it’ll be in living rooms, and bedrooms, and houses, all across this Nation, and across the World. I’m going to have someone who will say yes to Me, in every home. And every time they say yes, I’m going to baptize somebody in the Holy Ghost. It’s going to happen. And you’re going to see a Revival start in every kitchen, every bedroom, every garage, every front yard. For I’m going to show you people that’ll be laid out under the power of God, in people’s front yards. And the police will drive by and say what in the world is happening here. And when they go to examine, they’ll fall out under the power of God. Because this is what’s going to happen. Righteousness is returning to a Government, and to a People, and to any people around the World who will say, Yes, yes, yes, yes. So say Yes, says the Lord. Say Yes, that you and your family may have the Yes, in your home.

The Daily Christian - October 29, 2023

There will be no peace in Israel until both Jews and Muslims acknowledge that Jesus Christ was crucified and rose again after 3 days.

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - When Fear Speaks - October 17, 2023

The Lord shows me the conflict between Israel and Hamas. The brutality and the Bodies. He shows me Ukraine and Russia in Conflict too. Again more loss of life and piles of and piles of rubble where houses and buildings had been. He shows me The Lunatic and his handlers how with brutality and destruction they rule the news cycle. Turning the attention of the world wherever they desire. They grab the good people of the world by their heartstrings. Manipulate them to send where. And then it flows through various means right back into the cofferss of the political machine that had started the conflict in the first place kill steal destroy. Does that have a familiar ring to it?

This is how fear speaks and this is how the cabal stays in power if one war doesn’t work try another. My people says the Lord don’t be fooled anymore. Your goodness your desire to help is being used against you. Can you see that the goal of the cabal is to kill steal and destroy? Therefore who will win these endless conflicts. Do those who start these conflicts fight them? Who loses their life or property in these wars and who walks away richer having lost nothing. Wake up! I ask the Lord what about the US will there be an attack here too? He answers Prophet there has been and there is a plan to attack the US from within. It has been in the works for many years. It is a coordinated plan using several of your enemies. This plan will however fail. Your enemies will once again underestimate the resolve of the American people. Amen!

Julie Green - A GREAT FINALE IS COMING - November 31, 2023

For I, the Lord, this day am telling you, My children, a great finale is coming, a finale your enemies will never see. They will never see it coming because they are not looking for Me. They have their own way and their own plan, but a great finale is coming, a finale that the world will celebrate, a finale that will unite the world. 

My children around the world will unite in this finale because they will see Who I am- the Great I AM. I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. My children, get into My Word and study Who I am. Get to know Who I really am and the miracles, signs, and wonders I did for My people in My Written Word. I have so much more for you in this time because you are part of the latter reign, and I am raining down My Glory and revelation knowledge like never before. 

I am giving you a boldness you have never felt before- a boldness when you speak My Word, a boldness when you stand on My Word, a boldness when you resist your enemies. And remember, when you resist them, they must flee. This is a great time of jubilee, a great time when you will see your enemies flee. 

This is a great time, My children, so look to Me because many things you are about to see will bring many people to their knees. Some will be brought to their knees in prayer, thanksgiving, and praise because they heard My Words and obeyed My Words. They looked forward to My Words and to what I was doing. They believed and trusted in Me and My Authority. So, they will celebrate and shout with great thanksgiving. 

But others will be brought to their knees because of shock, awe, and fear. It is bringing confusion to your enemies, yes, great confusion. But (there will also be) great confusion and great fear in some of My Body, those who were not looking for Me or listening to My Words. 

This Earth will see great darkness on one side and great light on the other side. I am doing things for you, My children, to a degree and on a scale I have never done before. 

I have mentioned the Red Sea many times because it caused My children to be in shock and awe of My power, My deliverance, and My protection, of Me holding back and restraining their enemy before their face and then seeing the defeat of that enemy. 

But you are about to see a defeat far greater than that. You may not be able to understand this right now, but what you are about to see is greater than the Red Sea. You have many more enemies pursuing you from all directions- the pharaohs of today that I have talked to you about. 

Soon you will shout. I am putting a gag order on them. I have shut the mouths of the lions before, and soon you will see that I will shut the mouths of your enemies. 

My children, fear is growing. A great fear is growing in Washington, DC. Yes, a great fear is growing because of Me. They see that things are not working. They see that things are falling apart no matter what they do, how much money they use, or the plans they have; it’s falling. It’s falling. It’s falling. It’s falling apart. They’re losing control. Their narrative is not working like it used to. Their news media is not controlling the masses. Their puppet can’t speak like he used to. He can’t be controlled like he used to because the functioning in his mind and body is weakening by the day, I say. 

Things are not how they appear. Many things that you will see are not how they appear to be. I have told you of an unmasking. You think it is just one. Well, I will tell you, My children, it is a ton. Many of the people you see are not who they appear to be. I will say this again- many actors are in your capital. Many actors are in your capital, and soon you will see why. 

Things have already started. Yes, (there has been) a great falling away and great removals because the tides have turned, and the storm that I have talked to you about is upon them. 

So, resist. Resist them like you have never resisted before. Decree My Words like you never have before. Shout your enemies’ defeat like you never have before. Something big is coming. Something big is coming. Exposures are coming like never before, explosive, dynamic, powerful like a nuclear bomb. Truth (is coming) like a nuclear bomb. There is nowhere for them to run, and there is nowhere for them to hide. The truth will always, always, always be the final say because I am Truth, and I will have My way. 

So, My children, this day, stand. Stand. Stand and shout, but be persistent and resist the enemy. Call down every plot, every plan, every scheme. Call them down. Call them down. You will see them try. You will see them try, but you will also see them fail. 

So, get up. Get up this day. Get up, I say. I have much for you to do, and I have much for you to receive. For I, the Lord, this day am telling you, My children, this is the time you have been waiting for. This is what you have been praying for. Your Deliverer is going to be seen, saith the Lord. 


For I, the Lord, this day am telling My children- you have not lost this battle. Those elections you have just seen, and those supposed results that man is showing you, will not stop My Will. They will not stop My plans nor change My outcome. They will not stop the release of My eagle.

I have said in many words, My children, your enemies were extremely desperate, and they had plans to overtake this Nation and bring it down once and for all. I knew their plans and had traps set just for this very moment in time. They have not gotten away with another stolen election. It’s not 2020 all over again.

Do not accept the results. I told you, My David is coming to bring down the giants. But My children, I am the One who has given him the power and ability to do it. After the move of My hand to overturn both elections and overthrow this illegitimate government you see before you, no one will deny this is My Nation. The United States of America is Mine, and it doesn’t belong to your enemies, saith the Lord of Hosts.

My children, do not accept their results. Do not accept defeat. Do not agree with the enemy. No, I have called you to shout, to demand your freedoms, and to shout their walls down like the walls of Jericho. It is not over. You don’t have to wait another two years to see a change in leadership. An election will not be the answer. I am the answer. I am the way, the truth, and the life.

Exposures are coming with explosive evidence that no man can deny, and the courts will not reject to rule in these cases. No, I am moving in the court system and cleaning house of all the judges who will not rule and stand for justice, who will not defend your freedoms or the Constitution of the United States of America.

A great uproar is about to be seen. Lord, an uproar? Yes! What is about to be exposed will bring your enemies to their knees. It will shatter their plans and stop the next moves they had against you. They cannot defeat Me. I am the one who protects this Nation. I am avenging. I am standing guard. I will not allow their attacks, their planned takedowns, the takeover of My Nation, or their plans for the rest of the nations around the world.

These are the days of suddenlies. Presidents will fall. Governments will fall. Economies will fall. CEOs will fall. Tech giants will fall. Governors will fall. Senators will fall. Congressmen will fall. The great fall of fall, yes, and great it shall be, saith the Lord.

My children, there was a red tsunami. Oh yes, it was much bigger than you could have imagined, and I will show the world how deceived they have been. I will show your enemies they can’t have My Nation, and they can’t keep their so-called victories. They will be brought down by My hand, saith the Lord.

My children, a great divide has begun- a time when many people will not understand what they are seeing or hearing. Judgment has come, and this judgment will be like no other time in human history. There is nothing you are about to see that has been done like this before, or seen by mankind.

Do not lose heart because of their words, their plans, or what they have stated about the future they say you will have. I am the Great I AM, and I will show the world that no man can stand against Me and win, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Laura Logan: listen to her next words. Evidence is coming, and this evidence will shred your enemies’ narrative.

Hypocrisy: this word will be in your news and will expose the side of the left more and more.

Listen to “the Biden.” He will have a major gaff, a major mishap from his mouth that will send this Nation into an uproar, saith the Lord.

Autobiography: this word and this book is about to be in the news. You will know as soon as you see it, that this is the one I am talking about.

Another bridge will collapse, and it will be in the news. This location will be important because explosive information is soon to be seen and heard by the world.

Taiwan: the secret hidden in your land is about to be revealed. Yes, many nations do not want this to be told, but I am stopping your enemies and what they wanted to do with you, Taiwan. Those secrets will destroy your enemies’ plans and narrative around the world, saith the Lord.

Epstein: this name is about to be in the news once again, but this time names will not be redacted. It will take down many people you would never have thought – in Hollywood, government officials, and CEOs. Oh yes, world elites will be exposed and how they make money. It will disgust the world. Get ready, My children, for this explosive time of exposures, saith the Lord.

Italy is about to be in your news big time. What has been hidden there will no longer stay that way, and what they were paid to do against this Nation will be exposed. Who exposes it will surprise you, saith the Lord.

Every nation that helped steal My Nation for this fraudulent government will be brought down. Many governments and world leaders are about to change suddenly.

A great stirring.
A great shaking.
A great time for My children.
I have come to deliver My children from the hand of the wicked.

So, My children, get up today. Stand up and shout. Receive your freedoms and your victories, saith the Lord your Redeemer.

Patty Teichroew - October - November, 2023


I got this word at 6:35 a.m. and and um it took like an hour and a half or so a little over to receive it like I said there was some Warfare going on and it is a longer word. So praise God um and this is what he says he says. My children hear me this day listen and listen carefully. I am coming yes I say it again I am coming to set my rescue operation in motion says the Lord. As I begin to move on your behalf to take down all who were against me you will begin to see and feel the abrupt movements and changes that I have been preparing you for. It may look to the natural eye that the that things are actually worsening for my people for a time. But I assure you my children it is part of my plan, says the Lord. I have been setting traps many traps for those who are attempting to take down my Nations and I am watching them walk straight toward them and all that’s in bold my traps are about to SNAP that’s in bold shut with no Escape for these evil ones that have held you captive for so long as these traps that have been set for your enemies begin to go off one by one you’ll begin to see fall, After Fall. Yes they will begin to drop quickly one after another says the Lord watch as they turn on one another yes they will yes they will try to save themselves and rat on each other as the rat traps go of.

They will do this however. They will do this however, says the Lord none will escape my righteous judgment. This is all in bold no not one will get away with what they have done against you, says the Lord. I am moving my children yes I am MOVING that’s un bold, trust me, trust me trust, me as I move to bring Justice in the earth my Justice is coming says the Lord. So hold on tight to me as I move across your land. They know they are finished children. They know their end is near. So as far so as they panic and in their desperation. They will attempt to create more and more chaos. They will not go down without a fight. You must remember my children who and what is behind them. You must remember they my enemies your enemies have given themselves over to the kingdom of darkness .

Yes they have sold their souls to Satan and he and he knows his time is up. So be prepared my children for a little disruption here and a little disruption there. This is in bold do not get into fear my children as I am with you and I am your protection. That was all in bold. I tell you these things so you are watchful, alert, and praying, against the plans of your adversary. I tell you these things to warn you of coming shakings that will indeed put fear into many. Yes, those who do not know me those who do not those who do know me but have a hard time believing that I speak loudly today just as I did in the days of old. These ones children will be caught off guard completely caught off guard and fear will set in as these last moves of the enemy will be unsettling. I need you my children to continue this is all in bold this whole paragraph. I need you my children to continue to shout down these evil plans as your words your decrees as your words your decrees have the power to lessen the destructive plans that have been planned against you. Yes, shout them down children shout them down, says the Lord.

I need you my children to remember the power your words have the power you have in the name of my son continue to engage in the fierce battle with your decrees and declarations in the name of Yeshua Jesus Jesus the name above every name shout boldly, says the Lord. Shout boldly my children. These are the days of much taking place in the earth there is a war Raging Raging in the heavenlies children and you are seeing it now in your Earth you are you already know who wins the battle for it is written. The shakings will intensify the shakings will intensify now children but I don’t want you to fear these words. No, I need you to keep your eyes on me and know that I am in control of it all. That’s in bold yes. although things may get hectic for a short time remember I am in it all that’s in bold I know what I know what is going on and I am in full and complete control of it all don’t forget my children who holds the world in his hands his is in bold his hands, says the Lord.

I hold this is all un bold I hold the whole world in my hands it’s mine I am all powerful and I created all of it it belongs to me. It belongs to me. So keep your heads held up high stay close to me. So you stay in my complete peace yes my children as you press into me during this messy time you will be filled with me. I will I promise you will have my peace I am asking you now to put all of your trust in me and every word that I have given you in my written word trust me children that I will protect you that’s in bold I this is all in bold that I will protect you I will provide for you. I will take care of all your needs I love you more than you could ever imagine. I am your father. I will be with you through it all I need you to put all of your faith in me and me alone, says the Lord.

 Lord it is time now to put all that I have been preparing you for. All that I have been telling you to action. It’s time now. Yes, it’s time there are so many amazing beautiful things up ahead waiting for you that I have planned. This is in bold. You will be in shock and awe at what is is what at what is on the other side of this war season. Children but I know but know that as you continue in this battle as you continue to fight alongside of me and my Waring Army Angels. You will begin to see my Supernatural power flow through the atmosphere. Yes, my children miracles signs and wonders like never seen before will rain down through the open Glory portals that have been opened up all over the Earth by you, says the Lord. Hallelujah. Watch my children as my power this is all in bold as my power is released from Heaven through your faith. So, I say it again do not fear as these traps that have been set begin to go off one by one. And these rats squirm to try to get free. The squirming of these evil ones will be felt. But I have the trap in my hand and they will that’s in bold. They will oh the all in bold they will not be able to get loose. Hallelujah

I will hold each trap with each rat and put them on display for the world to see, says the Lord. Yes, their complete exposure and destruction will be celebrated once and for all by you my strong faithful Warriors. So, hold on my children hold on. Press into me like never before and watch with my full armor on covered in the blood of my son as I take down all who are against me. Stay in my presence stay in my word and believe and trust all that it says. Continue my children to be quick to forgive with a repen of heart as this will give you a clear and open path for me to fill you full of my glory worship and praise me my children like never before and watch what I do your Victory my beautiful strong children is assured. So as you continue shouting loud know that it is on its way don’t give up on me now children as you are closer than you think. Remember things may appear that’s in bold to look a little darker. I need you to focus on me and me alone trust all that I am doing and know I am in complete control of it all. That that’s in bold says the Lord your God your loving father the maker of heaven and Earth the first and the last the beginning and the end in the name of my son Yeshua the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Amen and amen! Woo!!!

Julie Green - IT’S TIME TO RESIST - October 18, 2023

Children of Almighty God, I, the Lord, this day am telling you to stand firm for I am with you. Stand on My Word, which is your weapon against your adversary. Stand firm with Me. I will not fail, and you will not fall. 

Your nations will not be destroyed. I will raise your nations higher than ever before. What your adversaries mean to do to destroy your nations and your freedoms, I am using to destroy them. Their power and resources are being depleted even as I speak these Words. I am moving My hand, and all the judgment you have seen is nothing compared to the judgment I am about to bring against your enemies. 

My children, you are about to see things that you will question. You are about to see things that may look worse or like they are going in the wrong direction. I am speaking these Words to you again because some people have not understood these Words. They have not prayed into these Words to find out what I meant. My children, a darkness is about to come, and a silence will be felt. This is not the norm. This is very unusual. 

Many people will ask and cry out to Me “what in the world is going on, Lord? Why are these things happening?” I am bringing the globalists to their knees. I am bringing these governments to their knees. Did you think that was going to look like normal or that things would just be conventional? No. I said I was doing things in unconventional ways. If I would had told you what My plans were, many have waited. You wouldn’t have believed Me if I would have told you because of how big this is. The world will stand at attention and stand still with what I am about to do for you, My children, My nations. 

Many things have happened behind the scenes that you have not seen. There are people who have been judged and sentenced, and you didn’t know. But soon, I will show what has been going on. 

Greater military movements are about to be seen. 

Watch the waters. Watch the waters. Many things are happening under the water. Many things are happening above the water. The waters are key.

Weather will change. The weather will change. Abnormal things will occur. Earthquakes will get bigger and stronger. Don’t fear them. They are not for you. More volcanoes will erupt.

Many things are about to disrupt what your enemies were about to bring to you. 

Exposures are happening on a greater scale. I am bringing exposures that will cause a flood of truth, and this truth will rip apart every plot, plan, and scheme of the enemy. 

Don’t lose heart. I am moving. 

Oh, United States, as I speak these Words, your government is planning something against you. War and chaos are what they want. Filling of the streets is what they want. Destroying your economy is what they want. And bringing your Nation to its knees is what they want. But I have given you these heads up, and I have given you warnings. So, stand your ground. Call them down. Call all their plans to nothing. And just as the walls of Jericho came crumbling down, so will every plot, plan, and scheme of the enemy against you, this Nation, and My Body. 

This is not a time to retreat. It’s a time to resist, a time to resist, I say. It’s a time to pray. It’s a time to shout. It’s a time to shout against the enemy. Shout today. Resist today and watch the enemy, watch them, watch all of them- their words, their actions, and their plans fall apart right in front of you. Because I, the Great I AM, have never left you, and I never will. 

And I am bringing you things you have been praying for and standing for in unconventional ways. And you will know that only I, the Great I AM, could have accomplished and pulled off exactly what is about to be done on this Earth. 

So now is not the time to give up, and now is not the time to give in. Now is the time to stand firm in Me and My Word, saith the Lord. 

Julie Green - REMOVALS ARE COMING - October 17, 2023

For I, the Lord, this day am about to show the world a new thing, something I have never done to this degree, something no man has ever seen, no, not like this. Yes, I am about to do a new thing for you, oh, United States- a justice so great, a shift so explosive, and a return so surprising. How it will all take place will make the world stand still, and a great celebration will take place. 

This is the time that the warnings will cease because you are in the time I have warned you of. This is the time of a great war, or so it will look like to some. This is a time of confusion and a time of chaos in certain places. But it is also a time of great awakening. This is a time when some people will run toward Me, while some will run away. Great removals are about to be seen- a removal of people, yes, but also a removal of blinders, a removal of chains, a removal of bondages, a removal of their (the enemies’) narratives, a removal of their control, a removal of their governments, a removal of their rules, a removal of their lies and deception, a removal of their news, a removal of their education system, a removal of their influence, and a removal of their churches, their religion, and the weakness that they have brought to My body. 

I am doing a cleansing, a clean sweep of every evil entity that has been ruling over this Earth. It is My plan, My nations, and My children that will succeed and thrive, not your enemies, saith the Lord. 

Windmiller: this name will be in your news for a surprising reason. 

A very old secret, one hidden by your government, oh, United States, is coming out- a secret about who sold you out and who is controlling you now. Great truth is coming to destroy the corporation that holds you and has caused great captivity in the land of My eagle. This will be no more because I am setting you free from their captivity. 

Counter terrorism: this phrase will be in your news for a shocking reason. 

“The Biden” is about to let something slip that will shock this Nation. Start paying more attention to his words before they try to hide what he says. What he says will utterly destroy the so-called administration. 

Changing of the guard: this phrase will be in your news, but not for what you would think. 

The London Bridge: watch it. Something is about to take place there. 

The fall of Iran is about to be seen. Explosive exposure is about to be released on “the Biden” and Obama and how they are deeply rooted and embedded with this country. Follow the money trail. See how your money, oh, United States, has been used against you and in many nations. 

A war has been started as a great distraction because of what is about to come out against “the Biden” and all who are with him. 

Great surprises are ahead. Yes, great surprises about how great the fall will be for many in your government. 

Watch the House of Representatives. Things are not how they seem, and I am about to unravel all that has been decided and all that has been done against this Nation. 

Sing. Oh, My children, sing. Celebrations are drawing near. I am moving. I am defending. And I am fully delivering you from the hands of the wicked, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Barry Wunsch - Prophetic Encounter, Donald John Trump – Justice and Freedom is at hand! - October 20, 2023

I had a prophetic encounter early this morning as I awoke the Lord took me into the Spirt and began to speak to me.
Here is what He told me, nothing more nothing less:
“The resolution to defend, protect and rebuild a
Nation, standing to protect the children, family and faith
has been imparted unto Donald John Trump in ways that can not be denied.”
I was taken into the spirit, and I saw President Trump, He was alone and was processing fresh intel.
It was in the early hours of the night watch.
He was somber. Reflecting what was at hand.
He was once again in a posture of prayer, knowing what was coming and knowing what was going to have to happen along the way in order to defend and protect the Nation from the enemy with in and the enemy from outside.
The call was clear – to bring freedom to a Nation!
And the Nations.
Once again, one people, one blood, we the people, by the
people – for the people – one Nation under God!
There was also a clear mantle upon the President,
to bring Justice and freedom to many Nations.
And he did not carry it lightly – but with a humility and strength like no other.
He was sober as he reflected upon the required next steps.
He knew that it had to be done.
He understood the call of the Lord upon him.
I could see that he was not going to make a move unless the Lords timing was perfect, and it was led by Him.
I was then taken into the Spirit where I saw President Trump preparing to address the Nation and the Nations.
He was preparing to meet and deal with world leaders with an authority that only comes from God.
It was a moment of Biblical proportions.
The event that had just taken place left a wake around the world that had been a long time coming.
The moment was at hand to bring truth, justice and righteousness forth for all to see in the aftermath of what had just happened and the uncertainty of all the fall out that would be involved.
As the Lord put President Trump in position to broadcast, he was surrounded by dozens of Generals that stood at his side.
This was a briefing like we had never seen before.
They had been able to take down, and take out the Cabal, the deep state and the Illuminati foundations that had controlled things for far to long.
The Lord of Hosts led them step by step, inch by inch to eradicate these evil and demonic regimes once and for all.
As the dust settled the Nations began a reestablishment of Kingdom Governance that the manifest sons and daughters had been created for.
The seven mountains were being reestablished by the Lord God Almighty!
We have great days ahead!
Holy is the Word of the Lord

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - Mastery of Time Prophetic Word - October 13, 2023

So we asked Holy Spirit about it. And he said what you’re experiencing is a disconnect between what you see and what you hear and it has to do with time. Time on my hands could be time spent with you. That’s why he chose those lyrics. It has to do with time and we said well that’s really strange. So we asked him a little bit more about it. And he said remember that Jesus came as a man and yet he said before Abraham was I am how did he say that. And what about The Story of Lazarus and the rich man he told that as though he was there. And he gave us these other examples of time and how it looks like Jesus lived even as a man outside of time. And so he said he would show us more. So we just you know thought okay he’ll show us more . …

I actually realized wait a minute God I saw where God created time so it says in Genesis 1:1 in the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth. So that’s he created they weren’t there before hecreated the heavens and the Earth in the beginning mhm the Earth was without form and void and darkness was on the face of the deep. So when he first created it that’s what it looked like and the spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters then God said let there be light and there was light and God saw the light that it was good. And God divided the light from the darkness God called the light day and the Darkness he called night. So the evening and the morning were the first day. So he didn’t create the sun there to create light he created light and separated it from Darkness he called it time. It’s a measure of time he created time on the first day day and night day and night 24-hour day. …

So, Kirk was praying and the Lord said. Why is time your master? And why are you a slave to time Prophet? I answered well Lord I am here in the flesh for a limited time for so many days hours and minutes. And then he said Prophet are you not mine then do you serve another Master too? He had my attention. Yeah I answered uh no Lord you are my Lord and Master you alone then the Lord said Prophet Divorce Yourself from this created thing that has Mastery over you then. I asked how Lord I am inescapably tied to time right? He answered listen to this prayer Prophet Our Father who art in heaven Hallowed Be Your Name Your Kingdom Come your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. He stopped there and asked Prophet is there time in heaven? I said no I don’t think so he answered correct. Therefore the Earthly things are the master of those who are Earthly. Prophet what do the scriptures say but the court will sit for judgment and his Dominion will be taken away annihilated and destroyed forever. Then the sovereignty the Dominion and greatness of all the kingdoms under the whole heaven will be given to the people of the Saints of the highest one. His kingdom will be an everlasting Kingdom and all the dominions will serve and  obey him.

That’s out of Daniel 7 the Lord is quoting and I asked but Lord how can this be and he again answered you are my end times. Prophet. Therefore tell the people that receiving back the Dominion that Adam lost actually means something. And when the scriptures say that you are seated with Christ in the heavenlies it means something and it’s not simple poetry or something like that. All authority in heaven and on Earth doesn’t mean something besides what is obvious. I am giving my Saints dominion over the things which I have created. Time is one of those things. Ty to name others come and test out your Authority. Amen!

Joy of the Lord - Be Still, Be Still, Be Still And Know That I AM God! - October 16, 2023

The Lord says he says I want you to know that the shift has taken place that’s in bold. The turnaround has begun. Everything will begin to turn to turn now. I know you have seen and felt the change not only in the spiritual realm, but also in the natural. You will begin to see events, big events, that’s in bold unfold. Yes, the changes that I have spoken of over and over are here. Big, big, I say big changes daughter that’s all in bold um except for daughter. Big, big, I say bigchanges is in bold daughter um tell my children the time is now that’s in bold. These events that are on the way will impact everything, says the Lord. I have urged you to prepare for the days ahead. Not only in the spirit but in the natural, says God. Get your homes in order my children. How do you do this you ask? I tell you you must stay close to me stay in my word and in worship with a grateful heart always. Keep your heartpure and without offense so that I may show up and feel you with my presence.

This is critical this is critical for you to be able to feel my presence. Keep a repentence heart at all times praise me continuously even when you don’t feel like it. This will always bring me to show up in your midst. Be quick to forgive and slow to get angry my children as this opens the door for the enemy to have access. Instead bind and rebuke the spirit of anger and offensiveness in the name of my son Jesus and you will open the door for me and my glory to fill you full. This is why my children my word says bless your enemies. Give them to me and let me deal with them. I am moving on your behalf and you and as you pray decree and declare you will see me deal with our enemies. Pray for their repentance as their judgment will be swift and harsh, says the Lord. Prepare your minds and hearts children for you will see things never that’s in Bold thought you would see or hear this is why I say stay in me so you may be filled with me and my peace in the days ahead. I need you strong I need you my strong Remnant Warriors, Okay I need you strong my Remnant Warriors so stay in me my children stay close to me at all times times says the Lord

This is where it starts on the 14th at 8:24 a.m. the time is now my children the time is now so get ready to see your full and complete freedom and victory says the Lord you will now begin to see and feel these big changes as they as they may seem you will now begin to see and feel these big changes and as they may seem a bit of a nuisance and a little uncomfortable for a short time. You must know that I have amazing things in store for you in the near future. I am making things great aga. Yes, says the Lord America will be will be once more. The Great America that was founded on me and my principles, says the Lord. So as you see these big changes take place in all areas of your lives know that my plans for you are good and will bring a freedom, a freedom you’ve never known. I will have my way and the Earth will rejoice as righteousness is brought back into the land, says the Lord of hosts.

My children in every nation hear me this day I The Great I Am the creator of all things, your father who loves you more than you could ever imagine, says be still be still be still and know that I am God. As I as I move across the Earth to bring my Justice and freedom to you know that I am with you. As I say and will always say I will never leave you and I will never forsake you. That’s in bold says the Lord. As I tear down all these evil wicked systems around the world you must believe and know with all your heart that I am with you do not fear the tearing down says the Lord no look into the future with your spiritual eyes and see I am making all things great that’s in bold. I say great things are ahead but you must trust me as these shakings continue to shake you loose from the enemy’s grasp. Hold on to me do not be moved that’s in bold remember who you are in me, says the Lord. I will use all of you in the days ahead to bring my love peace and hope to many.

I say again my children you must have a clean pure heart so I can feel you full of of me and my presence to share with the world. Do not judge your brother that’s in bold leave this to me, says the Lord. Lift up your voices in prayer for those around you that are still in the dark and trust me to open their eyes to me, says the Lord of hosts. Remember I am the one who changes Hearts. So ask for their souls and believe I will do it. But stay far away from judgment, says the Lord. I can change the Heart of Stone and I plan to do it, says the Lord. You will see many, many, many, hearts that you thought would never that’s in bold know me be turned into Hearts set on fire for me. Hallelujah! Yes, I will purify their hearts and their heart and theirs will become one heart with mine, says the Lord. I have so many wonderful surprises in store for you my children. So continue to trust all that I am doing, says the Lord of hosts. I am moving children, I am moving. So get ready for big movements that’s in bold to be seen and felt, says the Lord.

Stay close to me praise me. Oh how I love to be praised change is here change is now. Prepare, prepare, prepare, says the Lord. I am about to show the world I am God the Great I Am, says the Lord. Your God maker of heaven and Earth in the name of my son Yeshua Jesus Christ the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Amen and Amen. Hallelujah! praise the Lord.

I also want to share with you really quickly that I was on the 11th before I even got this word … I was in the shower and um I just kept saying the silence is coming the silence is the you know it’s prophesying the Lord was the Holy Spirit was saying the silence is coming, the silence is coming, the silence is coming, and as I said that I just shook and Shook and shook in the shower. And um and I just believe that that was the Lord the Holy Spirit was just you know the Lord was confirming with the words I was speaking out of my mouth.

Barry Wunsch - October 16, 2023

Part 1 of 2
On October 1, 2023 Holy Spirit woke me through the night and spoke to me. Here is what He said:
Barry, tell my people that this is a new year that they will forget not!
The war they are unfolding is as staged as it gets!
They have had their plans in place for millennia, yet they do not realize what they are up against.
Noor did they consider the consequences of what they have started.”
Part 2 of 2
Monday October 16, 2023
I was up praying through the night and felt something percolating in the spirit during intercession. As I spent time through the day the Lord spoke to me, and gave me this word for immediate release.
So, here it is, as raw as it gets.
Respectfully submitted,
Barry Wunsch
The Canadian Hammer
Barry tell my people things are being staged to roll out across the nations in this very hour.
Let it be known that there is nothing going on of which I am not aware!
There is a storm coming quickly across the land, and there is nothing that can stop it.
You will watch and see powers and principalities taken out around you by the power of my name – for I am the Lord of Hosts.
For who set the boundaries of the oceans and seas?
For that was me!
Who was it that set the mountains on their foundations?
That was done by none other than I!
Who divided the day and the night and put the sun moon and stars in place?
Again – that was done by Me!
And who gives life, and who can take it away?
For again it is I!
And who knows all the days of your life and knows the number of hair on your head?
No one but I!
There is no enemy that has power over me!
There are those evil ones, rulers and regimes that run from My name and my kingdom – truth righteousness and justice to follow the evil demonic plans of the enemy that brings death and leaves destruction in their wake.
They will stop at nothing to fight against My Kingdom, and my dearest children brings destruction and oppression in every way.
Let me be clear, let me be straight-
hear my word on this day:
I will not be defeated, I will not back down. I will not back up. I will not relent. I will not enter a false peace treaty with the enemy.
I will not tolerate this oppression and destruction upon on my people.
I have come to destroy the works of the enemy and destroy it I shall!
The storm that is about to hit shall shake the Nations!
Do not be shocked, do not be surprised when you see things flare in your midst!
For the enemy has planned ahead and planted those among you to cause havoc and chaos from with in your borders.
For they are on the enemies payroll and are on standby in this hour.
Fast and pray with me as I shall expose each and every one involved on every level and bring justice to the Nations.
The enemy shall be flushed out for all to see!
There will be not one who is not impacted!
It shall shake people out of darkness into my light!
It shall shake down everything as you have known it!
You will see the greatest awakening you have ever seen!
You shall see Nations saved in a day!
For I am positioning those in this hour to rule and reign with me as the manifest son’s of God!
Search and prepare your hearts for the days ahead and draw yourself unto me as never before as the best days are ahead!”
Holy is the word of the Lord

Liberty Turnip - The Lord Told Me 10 Cities Are Going To Be Attacked - October 15, 2023

The Lord showed me a map and on the map he took me above it and as I looked down I saw 10 cities that were going to be hit 10 cities that were going to be attacked and this is why it was a confirmation um with Chris and David because I was like oh man okay I got to release the dream it was you know and this is a this dream’s a confirmation for them because Chris Reed had the dream. But I had this dream back in 8-21-2022. So he is hearing correctly and David is hearing correctly we’re all hearing correctly. … God brought me above the map and showed me 10 cities that were going to be hit. They were going to be attacked basically by terrorists. … The first five were Middle East near near Israel and that’s what I wrote down you’ll see in my journal and the other five were major American cities. And so those of you that all About Numbers you know that 10 is perfect order completion um all things coming into alignment that God’s been working on. … So here’s what you need to understand if you want to know the five major cities that were on the list. Maybe look at the five major cities right now who are against Israel. That’s all I’m going to say people um you can come up with your own conclusion on that one. It does not take another prophetic dream for Jesus to begin to reveal when you have starting in New York and then other places. Okay am I naming New York maybe pay attention New York. Pay attention and so um those that are saying death to the Jews death to Israel and they are siding with the terrorists. They’re deceived you guys they’re deceived. …

Chris Reed - October 13, 2023

Julie Green - October 11, 2023

“Enemies of Almighty God, I even loved you. And I gave you chance after chance after chance to repent and turn from your wicked ways but you refused. So, judgment is coming, a judgment the world has never seen. A judgment that will shake this world to its core. A judgment that I didn’t want to bring but you have left Me no choice. And I will say again YOU BACK OFF FROM MY NATION. YOU BACK OFF FROM MY BODY. YOU BACK OFF FROM MY DAVID. BACK OFF. AND IF YOU CHOOSE TO NOT BACK OFF, YOU WILL CHOOSE HOW HARSH IT WILL BE FOR YOU. AND REMEMBER THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANTED. YOU HAVE GIVEN ME NO CHOICE. THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING.


Patty Teichroew - October, 2023

Julie Green - A RESISTANCE IS GROWING - October 10, 2023

For I the Lord this day I say a resistance is growing my resistance is growing. My children are rising up in my name. They’re rising up in my authority they are rising up as children of the most high God. They’re rising up in their assignments. Yes an Awakening has begun. Oh yes, a Great Awakening has begun. A Great Awakening that will completely destroy the great reset. A Great Awakening that’s destroying great bondage. A Great Awakening that’s destroying the financial system. Oh yes, I am tearing it apart, I shredding it, I am completely destroying that system that they have used in bondage against you.

A system so corrupt vile and evil. A system that was so, so, deceiving that my people went with it. Oh yes, a Great Awakening has begun. They will tear apart every wall that will destroy every fraudulent government because there are many worldwide it’s tearing apart their bricks system. Yes, bricks my children read the story the Tower of Babel the first part of the Babylonian system. What did they do? They made bricks to build a tower they were doing it against me. Men have been doing things against me for many, many, years. But if you read they never prosper. There are many things happening behind the scenes. I’ve told you things are going on many things in the unseen the public to the world. Many things are happening that you don’t know about. Many things are about to be seen Grace for it my children many of you are cheering for it you’re excited for it.

Yes, and you should. But there are some things that will be hard for you to hear. And hard for you to see how deceived the world had become. How deceived my church had become. Great exposures are coming with this great resistance. I’ve heard the cries of my people. I am delivering you out of that all and I will not leave anything out. That’s what all means. I’m delivering you from the Deep State in this nation. I’m delivering you from the corruption that has grown, so deep so dark. I’m delivering you from Wall Street. I am delivering you from the FDA. I’m delivering you from the IRS. I’m delivering you from the WHO. I am delivering you from the hands of the wicked. Yes, I am the deliverer, and I am delivering you.

As this resistance is growing my children let it grow in you. Don’t comply to a lie. Don’t comply to their laws and their rule. Don’t comply. You pray you stand you decree you believe you receive you rebuke. Your enemies have to listen. This enemy of yours, the Devil, he’s using a great multitude of people. Yes, a great multitude of people against you. But remember this my Army is far more in number. And my Army has far more strength than the enemy could ever dream about having on their own.

I am in the midst of you. I am everywhere. I am on your side. And I am bringing this Victory. A victory that I’ve spoken of. A victory that I promised. A victory yes, a great Mighty glorious Victory you shall receive. So stand this day and join my resistance. A resistance of Truth against every lie. A resistance of Life over death. A resistance of overflow and more than enough against the resistance of lack poverty and debt. Resist these things you are not a part of them. I have you in this world for a reason. You are not to be a part of those things. So receive the word of the Lord this day. Receive what I have to say. Receive my power receive my glory. Receive these words. And watch I am here to stay, sayith the Lord.

Shelly Mosley - When the enemy comes in – October 10, 2023 - October 10, 2023

So, again this was from March the 30th of 2022. He said you have heard my word that when the enemy comes in like a flood I will raise up a standard against him. This is what I am doing my children. I am flooding the lies out with the truth. The truth. my truth. exposes and covers it all. It cleanses and causes refreshing to come. It gets rid of all the impurities and filthy stagnant water that has been standing for far too long. My floods of Truth are uncovering it all. I am washing away the corruption. In Noah’s day when I flooded the earth I it was for the same reason reasons. Evil and Corruption was on the hearts and minds of nearly all of them. When the floods came they all was washed away. When the waters receded new growth and a new cleansed Earth appeared. I promised to never flood the whole earth again. But floods still happen. Areas are flooded instead of the whole earth. After the waters recede a mess is left to clean up. But new things are built the Earth where the flooding happened is cleansed and ready for new blooms. and New Growth to shoot up.

I am flooding the lies and corruption with truth it could not stand this way the way it’s been any longer. It cannot stand I am forcing the lies and Corruption out of its banks. The truth is being shown about it all out in the open. Nothing hidden will stay hidden any longer. Every Lie will be revealed. This is why you’ve been hearing of floods in the natural. Floods trigger landslides and floods knock things off their Foundation. I am knocking all of these things and people off the foundation on which they stand. I am destroying it all. Every evil plan, agenda, agreement, and decision made against me and my people. I am knocking them off to expose the foundation. There are three stages of my flooding. The flood comes in the destruction happens and the water recedes. When the water recedes what’s left is uncovered. I have said that the dams are not only open. But they are broken. The dams are breaking forth (dams of truth). Add the rain of my judgment and there is a flood of Epic Proportions.

The truth is the truth and the truth sets you free. I’m doing all of this my children all of it to free you all from the bondage of slavery you have been forced to live under. I am freeing you with my floods of Truth. What is coming is hard to is hard for most to understand. They will not understand how it could be that you’ve been lied to for so long. It will be unbelievable to many until they see proof of what’s happened in their own countries. I will show proof and it will be reported on. I am forcing the lying media to show it all. Anger will turn into rage after all is revealed. April showers bring May flowers. April will be even worse for the corrupt ones than March was. April will prove to be very interesting to say the least. It is coming faster and faster at them with no slowing down. Many will drown in their own messes they created. They won’t be able to fix it.

Scandal after Scandal will be proven to be true. It will be like many tennis balls flung at them one right after the other with no hopes of them hitting not even one. They will be consumed by their own creations of evil and many will die on their own swords. Because of what comes out in the open in the floods of truth. I am moving my children against your enemies now I have set up a standard against them. How many times have I held back the waters and protected my children. I held the waters back in Noah’s day for years and years until one day the sky burst open and the raging floods happened. But I left the ark door open for seven days for whoever wanted to come to me in safety. Only Noah and his family were saved but I saved them. When I held back the waters for my children to cross on dry ground in the Red Sea others came with them and experienced the same dry ground walk also. I saved them.

I warned Pharaoh I warned over and over again and yet he pursued them. I closed the waters on them as they were and they were destroyed. I held back the Jordan River once again for my people to cross over and they did. I saved and protected them once again. Why wouldn’t I do the same for you now? I am saving and protecting you. All of these natural disasters as they call them will change the landscape of this nation. I am destroying anything that is not attached to me and my firm foundation. Hold on I am your life raft and I will get you to safety.

The Alps will be in the news for a discovery there. I am uncovering much in this hour. There are many evil singers that I will remove. Some with their lives but others with their voices. They have been vile voices for the wrong things. I will take this from them. I am doing the same with actors. Hollywood will be removed as it is known now. I am destroying their legacies, their evil and disgusting legacies and new ones will take their places. … You will soon hear of the death of a famous mayor these things will be hard sorry these things will be heard regularly very soon. I am exposing the truth about the Rockefellers their ugly history will be known and a sign will come out of Rockefeller’s Center to show that I mean business. The Clintons will fall. They will fall hard they truly believe they have covered and protected what they have done. They truly believe they are covered and protected by some of their close confidants. Not so, I am exposing all of the proof of their evilness. Every Lie will be forced out into the open. They have no truth to stand on. They will be riddled with scandals as they eat of the corruption they created. They along with the ones who they coerced to do their evil bidding are finished. They are through they will be buried with treason.

I have already said that the Biden family are being hunted down by the truth. Even more sick and twisted hidden things will be found on Hunter’s laptop. And a new laptop will appear. Things that are encrypted will be found. They are all through. Their lives are over treason is on Joe and Hunter. Uganda will be in the news about a weather event that will happen there. Records will be broken. Pray for Revival to break out there. I will protect the innocent. … Many countries will be changed. I am removing corrupt leaders and replacing them with ones I have chosen. I will it will be a new world. For a while it will be Reigns of blessings and not rains to provoke flooding. Pray as you go into April. April will be very aggressive and intense. I am here I am always here do not get into fear and doubt it will drown out your faith. If you let it I am doing what I said I would do keep holding on and that was the end of that word. …

Patricia Green - Prophecy - October 6, 2023

I received from him on October 5th of 2023. So I’m just going to read it as the Lord gave it to me. The Lord said my voice is like a mighty Rushing Water it is thunder, says the Lord. At my voice the nation’s fear saying who is this who Thunders. We have not believed there is a God we have set up our own Gods and we bow to these gods. And I the Lord God will respond I have come so you know that I am God and there is no other. Oh how the Nations rage for there are nations that will be thrown down because of their wickedness and they will rise no more, says the Lord. This is a season of Reckoning, This is a season of recompense. This is a season of rejoicing for my children, says the Lord. There is a mighty shifting in the spiritual realm where I have commanded my mighty angels to pull down principalities, powers, and wickedness in high places.

These principalities and Powers have rolled over regions for many centuries and have influenced Nations. Now that their influence is removed leaders of Nations can make decisions without their influence. Some leaders will continue in their corruption deceit and manipulation because they are bloodthirsty and power hungry, says the Lord. These will be the ones who will be held to account during this time of Reckoning, says the Lord. To those leaders of Nations who will turn from all wickedness I will spare them, says the Lord. For I say even the leaders of godless Nations will turn and be spared, said says the Lord. Now when the Lord spoke this the nation that came to into my spirit was Japan. Then the Lord said, yes, the leaders of Japan will turn from wickedness and I will spare this nation and cause a great outpouring of my spirit to flood the people of Japan.

The Netherlands will also see a great outpouring of my spirit. And what was filth and stench in my eyes will become a Crown of Glory to me, says the Lord. I have heard the Cry of my Remnant for the Nations and your cry has risen to my Throne as a sweet Aroma through your prayers. For all who have been praying for a specific Nation just know that I have heard your prayers and I am acting in this now season, says the Lord. I will remove Wicked leaders and replace them with those I have chosen, says the Lord. Those who have been held in the bondage of Darkness will see a great light and they will be awakened from their Darkness. Now when the Lord spoke that the country that came to into my spirit was North Korea. He said, yes North Korea, will be set free from the bondage of darkness and forced atheism, says the Lord. Kim Jong-un’s days are numbered along with the wicked tyranny that has held the people in thick chains of bondage, says the Lord.

The Lord said, to the leaders of China and the CCP I say this, your days are numbered. I have seen your wicked plans against the United States of America and your plans for Global takeover. But I say you will not have your way nor will your plans succeed. Because you are kicking against the God of the universe. The God that you did deny even exist. But you will see that I do exist and my power is greater than yours, says the Lord of hosts. For truly this is a time of Reckoning for those Wicked leaders who have held their people in bondage. The Lord said all through my scriptures I have done this. So this is nothing new. It shows that I am a holy God who patiently waits for leaders to turn to me. But when they do not I call for a time of Reckoning. Pharaoh king of Egypt had his Day of Reckoning at the Red Sea, said the Lord. King Herod had his Day of Reckoning when the people called him God and he did not correct them. He received praise and glory that belong to me alone, says the Lord God almighty. His Reckoning came when worms ate his ate his bowels and he died.

Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon had his Day of Reckoning, says the Lord. Now I want to read in scripture in Daniel 4: verse 29-33 which shows how Nebuchadnezzar had his day of Reckoning. All this Came Upon K King Nebuchadnezzar at the end of 12 months. He was walking about the Royal Palace of Babylon. the king spoke saying is not this great Babylon that I have built for a royal dwelling by my mighty power and for the honor of my Majesty. While the word was still in the king’s mouth a voice fell from heaven. King Nebuchadnezzar to you it is spoken the kingdom has departed from you and they shall drive you from men and your dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field. They shall make you eat grass like oxen. And seven times shall pass over you until you know that the most high rules in the Kingdom of men and gives it to whomever he chooses.

The Lord continued; he said the king of Assyria had his Day of Reckoning. So, I want to read the scripture where he had his Day of Reckoning in 2 Kings verses 9: 5 and 7 and then 35 and 37. So the Servants of King Hezekiah came to Isaiah and Isaiah said to them. Thus, you shall say to your master thus says the Lord do not be afraid of The Words which you have heard which the Servants of the king of Assyria have blasphemed me. Surely, I will send a spirit upon him and he shall hear a rumor and return to his own land. And I will cause him to Fall by The Sword in his own land. And then in verse 35 to 37 we see this happening. And it came to pass on a certain night that the angel of the Lord went out and killed in the camp of the Assyrians one 185,000 and when people arose early in the morning there were corpses all dead. …

So, when you look at the pattern of why these leaders had their Day of Reckoning in the Bible it was because they blasphemed God. They took his glory, and they directly came a against God’s plans. So, the leaders of all the nations you need to take note and you need to repent. The Lord also continued he said my arm is not to too short to hold the leaders of Nations into account for their wickedness. So, I am calling all the world leaders of the Nations to repent and turn to me, says the Lord of hosts. And then he began naming a few so I want to I going to just read what the Lord gave me. Putin, I call you to repent, says the Lord. XII ping I call you to repent, says the Lord. Macron I call you to repent, says the Lord. Charles King of England I call you to repent, says the Lord. Biden the one I call illegitimate I call you to repent, says the Lord. Zalinski, I call you to repent, says the Lord. Matella? I call you to repent, says the Lord.

Steinmeier, I call you to repent, says the Lord. Kim Jong un I call you to repent, says the Lord. Now these are just a few that the Lord named he is calling every Wicked leader across the world to repent. So, I have put forth this word of the Lord. So that the wicked leaders of the Nations will not have an excuse when their Day of Reckoning comes. So, if they turn and repent the Lord will spare them and bring it a great outpouring of his Spirit. Now the second prophecy that I want to bring to you was given to me in the middle of September, and I had not released it yet.

The Lord said what I excuse me what I have in store for your nation will Astound you and astound many. The reason I say Astound is because what is about to occur will fulfill many prophecies all at once. For I have given prophetic words to many of my prophets that have not yet come to pass. And then suddenly they will have their fulfillment all at once. So, look and watch and record what will happen in the next few months, says the Lord. For I say the United States of America Will Rise Up from the Ashes of Destruction that has surely overtaken her and she will be free. Free from oppression, free from tyranny free from corruption free from theft. Free from the attempted takeover. Free from the financial control. Free from the Rogue government and their mandates. The Lord said much is about to happen quickly. Stay close to me and do not fear. For what seems to be chaos and upset, and tear down must occur in order for there to be peace and prosperity and New Beginnings, says the Lord. For I will tear down the old and erect the new, says the Lord. So that was another powerful message that the Lord gave to me. Now um I want to give an update on a prophecy that I received 14 years ago in 2009 prior to the Israeli elections. …

Patty Teichroew - October, 2023

Julie Green - IT'S TIME TO PREPARE . October 4, 2023

For I, the Lord, this day am telling My children to stay. I am telling My children to stand. But I am also telling My children to prepare. Prepare. Prepare your hearts. Prepare your minds. Prepare your homes. Prepare for My Glory. Prepare for My Will and My plan that will go forth. I am preparing the way for My children. Stay with Me. 

There are many things that are about to happen, many things upon this Earth that will shake you, that will try to shake you, that will try to steer you away from Me. Many distractions are on the way, many things that will look one way when they are really another. My children, your enemies are about to pour out great evil upon this Earth, an evil that will bring much fear to some.  

But I have told you of this time. I have warned. I have warned over and over again. I have warned of this time. I have been preparing your hearts for this time. I have been building your faith and your trust in Me for this time. I have been showing you who you are with Me in this time. I am protecting you in this time. Yes, I am.  

My Glory shall fill your homes. And a great joy and a great peace you will receive- the ones who are looking to Me, the ones who are waiting on Me, the ones who have been preparing with Me.  

Great judgment is coming, a judgment like no man has ever seen, a judgment against the enemies of Almighty God who have done so many evil things on this Earth, so many things against My Nation, so many things against My Body, and so many things against your rightful president. Great anguish they have caused. I have heard it. I have heard the anguish and the cries of My people. I have seen the chains the enemy has put on them. I have seen the slavery. I have seen the bondage. I have seen the injustice. And I have seen the bloodshed.   

Many people have paid with their life to save this Nation. And many people paid with their life to keep the secret that your enemies don’t want told.  

My children, many things are about to change. Many things are about to change in this Nation. Many removals and surprising events are about to take place- things that are unconventional and have never happened before. And what you saw yesterday in the House, in your House in this country, is just the beginning of things that haven’t happened before. I am about to reveal the people who have been against you. Oh, yes, I am about to reveal the people in your governments who have been against you. Many things that they have hidden in the dark will be brought to the surface and to light. 

This day, My children, I am telling you to take back your nations. I am telling you to unite in My Name. I am telling you to stop the division. You stop the calling of names. You stop trying to bring discord in this Body and this Nation. Yes, you know who you are, and some of you listen. You will not bring the discord you so desired. You will not bring death to this Nation like you so desired. You will not bring death to My David as you so desired. I will stop you. I have traps set up, and you will be caught in the act, and you will not get what you desired. You will be brought to shame, and great embarrassment will be (known with) your name.   

Those of you who have this planned against this Nation, I have your name, and many will be brought to shame. What you have for My David and what you have done will all fall apart in front of your eyes. I allowed it to go so far to trap you exactly where you needed to be for your fall. Because I have told you that I am the God of justice, and I have seen the injustice in this land. I have seen the injustice in the nations around the world. And I am bringing back order. I said I am bringing back order, justice, and freedom to My nations and to My children.   

So, this darkness that you will try to bring, the shutdowns that you will try to bring, the chaos and disorder you will try to bring, the shortages you will try to bring, the blackouts that you want and will try to bring, none of these things will go how you want them.  

I have prepared the way for My children this day. I have prepared the way for My children and their protection. So nothing, and I mean nothing, will go the way you want it to go because My children are flowing with Me. They are in Me. They are receiving My Glory. They are receiving My Words. They are receiving My power. They are receiving My strength. They are receiving My Authority, and they are pushing back the gates of Hell. They are destroying your plans with their words that I have given to them. I have told them to speak these words.   

I am moving My hand, and soon, My children, you will see Me move in a greater way. I have never moved this way, no, not this way. You will see Me deliver you. You will see Me bring life back into your nations, bring life back into your families, bring life back into your children, bring life back into your finances, bring life back into the education systems, bring life back into the entertainment system. I am bringing life to the seven mountains of influence because My children dared to take them back for Me.   

Come alive, children of Almighty God. Let My Glory flow through you in a greater measure. Set aside those feelings. Set aside those hurts, pains, and shame. Set aside those things, and let Me in. Let Me fill you full to overflowing. Let My light shine through you in a greater way because My light is going to destroy all the darkness that you are about to see.  

Believe Me, they will not have their way. Believe Me that I sit in the Heavens, and I laugh. So, My children, shout down the walls of your enemies. Shout down their plans. Shout down their purpose. Shout down all the things they want to do. Don’t be afraid of today. I said don’t be afraid of today. You speak My Words, and nothing they do will prosper against you, saith the Lord. 

Flashback to 2022 - Julie Green - ENEMIES OF ALMIGHTY GOD ARE IN THE DIRECT LINE OF FIRE - March 30, 2022

“A U.S. Senator from California will die. Yes, this very well-known senator will fall to the angel of death. Judgment has hit their homes. The deaths they helped cause to this world Senator Dianne Feinstein is her name. Yes, much on a high price your government officials will pay for what has been forced upon you.” 2022)

Dianne Feinstein died September 19, 2023.

Randy Kay - 467 Days to Either the Outpouring of Evil or Glory [Sept 25, 2024] - Which One Depends on This... September 14, 2023

God has revealed significant events in the future through his word and through the prophets. Counting out the very days of those periods of times. So when God gave me the prophecy of the number of 467. As I mentioned it was on September 14th 2023. So I naturally counted 467 days from that day. Which brought me to December 24th of 2024. But then the Lord corrected me. The countdown was not from the 14th of December of September it was from the 15th of September. The day God elucidated the meaning behind the number 467. September 15 2023 was the beginning of Rosh Hashanah. The Jewish New Year which began that evening at sunset. Rosh Hashanah is described in The Book of Leviticus which is the foundation of Rosh Hashanah. And in the Torah it is revealed as well as a day of sounding of the shofar. ….

And I will sound that for God’s call to America and the rest of the world. But I also looked in the news which I thought is it was important after much prayer. On what happened which I believed was relevant to September 15th 2023. The news reported on that day that speaker Kevin McCarthy directed the House of Representatives to open an impeachment inquiry over the business dealings of President Joe Biden’s family. And on Thursday Biden’s son Hunter was indicted on three gun charges. And on that day American Auto Workers went on strike. Beloved if we correlate that political current event with what’s going on we see there’s a demarcation of what is happening. Either the truth will be revealed or the truth will be different than what we understand. Or the truth will be covered up. No I’m not espousing a political stance at this point. I’m telling you what I believe is relevant in the news. That there is evil that is going to be exposed. And it will be made clearly evident to the people in America and the people of the world.

Now let’s talk about the significance of December 25th. Because 467 days from September 15 2023 is December 25th 2024. you know what that means on that date that is the day that we celebrate many of us as Christmas. Of course we know that date is Christmas for the birth of Jesus Christ. But did you know why December 25th was chosen as the birthday of Jesus? Well the reason for selecting December 25th seems to have been that is exactly that it is exactly nine months after March 25th. The traditional date of Jesus’s crucifixion. For you who aren’t familiar with traditional dates and corresponding Hebrew calendar and what have you of course Christmas is the Messiah. Our Messiah and for Messianic Jews their Messiah as well.

But the significance of traditional dates is that as the scriptures were recorded. During the period of Christ and his Ascension following his Ascension. There was a recording from generation to generation passed down. And there were Traditions that were established by virtue of what the common understanding was at that time. So March 25th was the common understanding for Jesus’s crucifixion. And as Christians developed the theological idea that Jesus was conceived and crucified on the same date they set the date of his birth nine months after March 25th, December 25th. So what is the significance of those nine months. Well we often think of it as the gestation period of a baby 40 weeks. Which is also a significant number throughout the Bible. Jesus spent 40 days with his disciples after his resurrection and Ascension to heaven. Moses stayed on Mount Sinai and receiving the Ten Commandments for 40 nights and 40 days. Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights and the Judean desert. And I could go on and on there is a significance in the Bible for that period of time.

Beloved of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now I’m going to share with you what Renee and I heard from the Holy Spirit. Because we asked we asked God to clarify the pronouncement of 467 days from Rosh Hashanah which landed on Christmas day of 2024. and that message applies to all the days in between for you and I. So this is not just a message for December 25th 2024. This is a message and a prophetic message from the Lord for our days leading up to that day when that day will be a significant transition and to a closed door if you will that I will explain to you in a moment. So that is the significance of 40. 40 days from March 25th December 25th and there will be a birthing of 40-day period of time. There will be a period of months, of weeks that are relative to the number 40. I don’t know entirely what that means again. We prophesy in part we understand in part. But I do know that that is significant to what the Lord had told me. And the Holy Spirit not only speaks of what will happen. But what I’m going to tell you we must do now.

So here it goes the Lord said this in our prayer as he revealed his message for you. He said there is a new calling upon your life, and he’s speaking about you. And there is a window in which you must enter your calling thinking about you. A window has been opened to you in freshness and outpouring to walk into your new calling. For some of some of it will be the birthing of a new ministry. For some the birthing of a new career. And for some the birthing of a new family. This is not a time of waiting and he’s speaking to you. For those who reject me shall reap what has been sown in the world. But those who follow me shall reap their Harvest and a new blessing will be poured forth to them. I will take away from those who reject me to give unto those who work unto me. So there will be a transfer from those who have rejected God and what he is either ordained for them or his truth. They’ve rejected his truth. And what has been taken from those will be given to those as the Lord said who work unto me. I’m quoting now.

Now he goes on to say this many of my children have been bystanders to the defilements of their land. Now I am calling my people to rise. For some it will be running for political office, and for some it will be a time of supporting those and their government who support me. To volunteer for those who run for office who promise to be obedient to my way. I’m calling my body to wake up. They can no longer be silent Observers. So now he’s speaking to all of us as a body in Christ. Lord went on to say this he said I call you not to run from where you live. He’s speaking to you again now. I’m I call you not to run from where you live but to change it. Grow where you are planted, where you live, and work. Use that which I have given you to do good works. To pray and to decree my blessings upon your community and your nation.

The hour is nigh when your opportunity is will close. When either those who defy me will have their way because my children have surrendered to them. Or my children will no longer accept the defilement of their land and will pray and act through their deeds so that my blessings will pour forth to them. He goes on to say the clock is ticking. I have heard the cries of my children. My angels have been sent unto the lands where my people pray. They will act as my people act. If my people surrender to evil my angels will withdraw and the defiled angels will have their way. But if my people stand for my truth. My angels will defeat the defiled ones who battle in the Unseen. I shall release in those cases my spirit. And then the Lord brought my attention back to the number 47 as he spoke these words. He said you heard the number 467. Speaking to me now. The counted days from the new year to the day of celebration of my birth. Do not wait for this day. And now he’s speaking back to you. For it will be too late if you do nothing until then. Again he’s speaking to you. Now as the hour of your duty. Each day and when I by the way I when I say speaking to you he’s speaking to you and me both but anyway I go on he went on to say.

Each day shall be counted until the end which will be either the day of redemption or of evil poured forth depending on what my people do. And he goes on to say this so why did I say by Christmas day of 2024. He’s making it very clear now. Why he revealed that date to me and now to you. He says it is because this will be the close of the year. For that which has been planted will bear fruit in the following year. The next president of the United States of America will change the permanent course of the United States of America. The next election, the leaders of all Nations, will determine where ah whether I God will bless those Nations. For if the people fail to choose those who are who honor me then they will be devoured by the evil of their officials. There is one final chance for those who choose not to be involved they are giving their Nation over to mine enemy. If my people bow to my enemy it will be like the time of Herod when I was born When wickedness ruled while the light of the world brought truth and blessings to those who would follow me. But if my people uphold my righteousness I shall pour my glory upon their Nation and where they live. It will be like no other time a time of blessing and healing, and salvation.

And he goes on to say in concluding now is the time of faith of faith in Deeds as well as prayer. If my children do not obey my truth. If parents send their children to institutions that defile me. Then they defile themselves. For either my glory shall follow those who practice my righteousness. Or unrighteousness shall follow acts of unrighteousness within my body. End of quote. End of God’s word to me and now shared with you. This is the end of the words that the Lord spoke. Beloved we cannot be non-participants anymore. God made it perfectly clear. We must engage beloved in public office in support of candidates who support Godly values. We must bring God back into our schools. We must continue to love our enemies while not surrendering to apathy. Change starts with our home. Then our community, our local Representatives, and the national officials. I don’t mean to sound cliche but change starts with us.

We cannot be innocent bind bystanders anymore. Because we are no longer innocent bystanders. We are not innocent if we are just bystanders. Lip service of officials who say they believe in God and yet do the opposite will no longer suffice. They must practice what they preach what they say. God is calling for his body to unite in favor of Godly values. And to participate lawfully in elections, and public service, and the education of our children

Beloved the countdown has begun. 467 days from September 15th 2023 will reveal the fruits of our efforts now. The clock is clicking excuse me and in the coming days and months will determine either one future or the other. And that future will be sealed. Beloved that’s exciting but also it’s a warning. Because God has called us now to do what we must do in obedience to what he tells us to do …

This is serious beloved this is serious this means that you must pray for what I’ve shared and that do you should not only trust me. I have tested this message with others as well and I believe it to be true. My spirit resonates with its truth I remember how I started this. That it was preceded with a dream when Jesus is told had told me that he would essentially open my spiritual eyes and ears in the same way that my eyes and ears had heard what he had to say in heaven. It’s time beloved to redeem our communities and our nation and the time is short the clock is clicking ticking. It’s time to redeem we cannot wait before too long perhaps as early as next Christmas. One year for the Miss coming Christmas after the national elections in the United States the Fate of the USA and your nation will be sealed. But what happens on that day will be reflective of what we do now in the coming days and months. It’s not too early to start our elections have already begun. And for those of you in Nations where you do not have elections. It’s time for you to pray. It’s time for you to share openly. It’s time for you to share and call upon the name of the Lord. To invite his angels to have dominion over your community, over your nation. And indeed this will happen. We must support beloved public officials who support Godly values. I know this may sound like it’s been said before but there’s an urgency. There’s a countdown now. The clock has been set. There’s a seriousness and a gravitas to what we must understand. We must be active in all other permissible Ways, by local state, and federal laws. Each of us have been drafted into public service we are no longer spectators of public officials we are participants in what they do and what we do and representing those within our community and our nation. Not only was must we vote we cannot be innocent bystanders again. There are no innocent bystanders. …

What happens after this could not be more strikingly different as this happens either Beloved the outpouring of God’s glory or the Dominion of evil one of those two will happen and it will continue on in the last days. I believe will know in less than 467 days the outcome 467 days or bear out what God has declared and it will be sealed. It will be delivered and we delivered. Beloved on the demarcation of what we know traditionally to me nine months 40 weeks from his known birth and crucifixion. …

Shelly Mosley - Recompence is ours - September 28, 2023

So February the second is when I heard  this word and I released it on the 10th. So, eight days later and it’s amazing how he does what he does because it is for today. He said there Comes A Time in every man’s life when he must choose what God he serves. He must decide between me the only God, the one true God of Israel. And the small insignificant Gods he idolizes. He has a choice. Many unfortunately choose the latter. But the choice is his and his alone. It is the gift of life and the gift of free will that I gave him. But still he chooses against me. It is the journey that every man must travel on. The path he chooses is his and his alone. I do all I can to call him and pull him into my arms of safety. But it is his decision.

I am a fair and loving God. I see what man cannot see. I see every angle every hidden thing. I see it all and yet I forgive when repentance is involved. I forgive and cast the sin away. I love with a fierce love that no man can duplicate. It is a love that is Everlasting. It is because of my great love for Humanity that I sent my son. A lamb, a innocent lamb that was led to the slaughter. He paid the price for All Mankind. So that he would be covered by the blood and I would only see the blood when I see you. And still many choose other gods. They choose to stay where they are and not chase after me.  Pursue me my children pursue me and you will find me cling to me and know sorry and you will be safe from all danger and traps set to try and catch you. Stay close to me and learn of me for I am as an open book. Ready to be read and to be learned of. I am not hidden to those who desire to know me. I am not far from you as some imagine I am,

No, I am near to you. I am near to the Brokenhearted . In Psalm 34 and 18 says the Lord is near to the Brokenhearted and he saves those who are Christian Spirit. Contrite in heart truly sorry for their sin. I am near to those who mourn. Come to me and let me exchange with you a crown of loveliness for the ashes upon your head. The oil of joy in place of the morning you have had. The Garment of Praise for the spirit of despair, and that’s Isaiah 61 and 3. Choose you this day my children choose you this day to be counted on my side. Come take up your cross and follow me. I will lead you to blessing and honor. I will guide you in all you do. I will answer you when you call out to me. I will not leave you or forsake you. I will do all I have promised and I will help you. In all your ways acknowledge me and I will make your path straight Choose to serve me. Choose to search me out. You will find that I am the good father. I am the great Shepherd and I look after my sheep with great care. Let me heal you my children.

Let me heal your hurts let me heal your minds for I have all the answers you will ever have need of there is no need to continue your search for ways to restore you I am the answer I am the only answer you need. Do you think you are here just by choice? By chance? Do you believe that you do not have a purpose? Stop listening to the lies of your enemy. He only tells you these things to bring about confusion and fear and to doubt me and question my love for you. Wake up from your Slumber wake up and see the truth of me. My children I am not a man that can lie. No I’m not. I am the truth I am the light I am the only way to the father. I am your salvation. Run to me run do not walk. For the time to choose me is nearing the end. Choose me and remain with me do not stray do not run to those who mislead you and guide you into danger. No hold my hand and cling to me. I will deliver you out of the mouth of the lion. I will deliver you out of the fire you’ve been thrown into. I will guide you to tthe edge of the sea and part it for you. I will make a way where there seems to be no way.

Do not judge me by man’s standards. Man only sees what I allow him to see he has a small Vision compared to mine. Come to Me by faith. I will fulfill all you have need of when you come to me in faith. Believing in me trusting me and yearning for my spirit to lead you. I will not deny you or turn you away. No, never my children I will whisk you into my arms. My mighty arms of safety and love judgment has fallen on your enemies. Judgment has come to those who are against me. I love Justice. I will answer with fire my children your enemies will be consumed. For I am that all-consuming fire. I will not be quenched my fire will not go out. I will burn up the evil agendas that your enemy has so pridefully and arrogantly set into motion. Their evil plans against you will not Prosper. They will fall flat to the ground in broken pieces. Their agenda has been stopped.

Now is the time for my agenda to go forth. My agenda crushes many and destroys. It burns up. It removes and consumes. This is a year of recompense my children. I have already been warning you of what is to come Devastation will be your enemy’s portion. But recompense shall be yours. I am avenging my people. I am avenging those who are on my side. A strange void will soon be seen and felt by All Nations. I am rebuilding after I remove. I am restoring after I pluck out. The time has come my children to see the time to see the fate of your enemy is upon you. The storm and all its Devastation is upon you now. You will soon see the wicked no more. You will soon be thrust into your Destinies. There is a light at the end of this Darkness it shines bright it shines brighter and brighter. My children take hold of my hand and let me guide you into all peace I am that peace you seek. I am the righteousness you look for. I am that I am and I am yours if you want me to all who want me I am yours.

Devastation is about to come it is about to cover much in the East o United States. A Devastation of your enemies my children will not be harmed. Speak protection over you and your families. Dd I not save Rahab in her whole household because of her faith and trust. I will do the same for you. Cover your households my children cover them in my word of protection. Much loss will also come to your West. Much of what you see now will soon be no more. I have warned in many ways I have warned. Just as I did Pharaoh I charged him to let my people go but he ignored me. He chose his own path his own way and he ignored the call to free My People. Devastation was his end. Devastation was his portion. This will make this much like that. I have been warning my children to prepare your hearts for what’s coming. I have called and called again to the lukewarm and to the Pew sitters who know my name but don’t have a relationship with me. I have given many chances of repentance and most were ignored. They had the chance to turn away from their Wicked Ways.

They’ve had the chance to come to me in Repentance. But most did not. Some did but just as Lot’s wife looked back just longing for the evil place she was led out of. So has it been for many they turned back into in desires of wickedness and sin. They were not ready to turn loose of their sin. I require your whole heart my children. I require all of it give it to me and allow me to cleanse you and allow me to do a work in you… I have said many times before prepare yourselves for what’s coming. Many will not be able to handle it all the truth that is flooding out at a rapid Pace. Many will not be able to handle the stench of death that is coming. I warn I always warn before I do anything. I give chances of repentance. I give time to repent but many still do not. They have chosen which God they will serve and the God of this world will not save them. He leads many to destruction. He leads many astray. He lies and steals he keeps my sheep to scatter. He causes my sheep to scatter. He leads them to Danger.

Wake up my people wake up and see that the hour is upon you. Repent if you have not repented. Get on fire if you are living in a lukewarm State. Come to me if you are far away from me I will not refuse you. I have repeated this so that you can get it down into your spirits. I will not refuse you when you come to me in Repentance. When you cry out to me in pain. When you ask me my will for your lives I will not refuse you. I am not a king that sits on his throne waiting for those who want to come to me just to be refused. No, I am the king of kings and the Lord of lords. I will have an audience with whoever comes to me so come the courts are open for you to enter in. Come to me choose you this day to serve the Lord your God. Choose you this day to be counted on my side I will not ignore you or refuse you my children so come.

A national park will soon be in the news for a reason that will be shocking to many. The phrase Trader’s gate will soon be in your news regarding some Traders among you. Watch as exposure comes to your mainstream media exposures that will cause some of them to go bankrupt. Some will be rebranded but the truth is coming for them. What they hid from you will be known and shown to the world. I have already said I am cleansing the Supreme Court it is coming. I will replace those who are removed. It is coming. Many of the laws you have been forced to sit under will be abolished and remade. You have been forced to pay for things that are against me. No more, says the Lord, no more. I will restore righteousness in this land. I will remove those idolatries and they will not be rebuilt and replaced. No I will set up what I want I will open doors that no man can shut and I will close Dorothy close doors that no man can open.

It is coming a new nation one nation under God it is coming those who are in my way will be abruptly removed. I am roaring loud in this uh in the ears of the wicked fear has overshadowed them many will have heart failures because of the great fear they have they will begin to lose their lives. But before that they will lose their fortunes, their companies. They will be brought to nothing. They will lose their health and their minds will be far from them and my Mercy. Some will just not wake up from their sleep. They will be found dead where they lay. But my vengeance is here, says the Lord. My vengeance is chasing them down my children. Cling to me in this stormy time and I will be the peace in the midst of it all. Don’t be fooled by false reports and the lying media. Do not go by what you see in the natural my children for that is a deception all its own. But see in faith trust me in faith reach out to me in faith and I will answer you your faith will make you whole and that was the end of that word um that was a very I can feel very strongly the anointing in this room right now in the Bible recompense has different meanings some of them are favorable some of them are unfavorable but that same word can be trans translated as repayment uh benefit compensation retaliation requital or reward so requital is to make retaliation or to avenge recompense means uh and this is the Webster’s uh make amends for someone for loss or harm suffered God said he is recompensing his children things that have been stolen from us are going to be restored.


y children, I, the Lord, this day, am telling you to participate in the good fight of faith. You have been fighting your enemy whether you realize it or not. But, because you were unaware (of this), you weren’t winning. You weren’t gaining any ground. And in some cases, you were losing ground spiritually because your adversary was in control when you were supposed to be demanding him to be under your feet, rebuking him, forbidding him, and denying him the ability to win in your life.  

So, step into the ring today with your armor, My Name, My Covenant, and My boldness, and knock out your enemy. You have the power I gave you, so use it. Use My power that resides on the inside of you to take back territory, your freedoms, the children, your nations, your health, your sound mind, your peace, your joy, and your finances. Take it all back in My Name today. 

Do not wait, My children. Take back your victories this day and begin to shout your enemy’s demise. Stop letting him take from you what doesn’t belong to him. This is a new day. Leave your past in the past and receive the future I have for you, one with joy, victory, and peace you have never known before. Take what I have for you. It has already been paid for, saith the Lord. 

The Liberty Bell will be in your news for an unusual reason. 

Unusual forecasts will be in your news. “Unusual weather,” they will say. “So unusual and surprising. We don’t usually see things like this.” 

Again, I say a skyscraper will be your news for a shocking reason. 

Barack Obama is going to be in your news more and more for his connections to the Biden crime family, and everyone will find out who was really in charge. It wasn’t “the Biden.” Many secrets have been hidden to protect Barack because the globalists still want him to lead their One World Government. But secrets will be uncovered that they didn’t count on. Big mistakes have been made by “the Biden” and Barack while they were president and vice president.  

The doors will be opened wide to the truth of what was really going on during that time and what foreign nations they were working with. Bank accounts will be discovered that will implement Obama padding his pockets. It doesn’t matter whose name is on this account. It will be proven to be Barack’s account, and a great money trail will show you where all the money has been coming from. No matter how hard they tried to hide this fact, he has been in control, and “the Biden” has been his puppet all along. Well, the day is coming when this puppet show is about to end. Barack will soon realize this is not his Nation. It is Mine!  

More explosive information will come out regarding Facebook. It’s about to fall for the crimes committed on that platform. Mark Zuckerberg will pay for the crimes he committed. All those he’s been connected to and all who were paying him to use that platform to spy, steal, and do horrible evil crimes are about to be exposed. It will also show how they interfered in the elections and COVID and what a major propaganda machine it has been for the globalists to control what news can or cannot be seen. I have said this before- judgment will come to the many social media platforms against the truth. 

Australia’s government is about to collapse. Watch the shock it will bring. 

Something significant is about to take place in Brazil. 

Wild weather in California: this will be in your news. 

A rat’s nest will be exposed in Pennsylvania. An evil has grown to completely suffocate this state and bring it to its knees, never to recover. But, My children who are there, remember that every place which the soul of your foot shall tread upon, I have given to you. Take it back. Take back your state. Take back your House and Senate. Take back the governor’s seat, for whom it rightfully belongs. It rightfully belongs to My son, not the one who now sits in that seat. All who stole have to return what has been stolen.  

So, to My children, not only in Pennsylvania, but My children in every state in this Nation, and My children in every nation, take back your freedoms. Take back what has been stolen. Don’t give up on justice now when justice is just about to be seen. Because I am justice, and I will not fail you. 

My children, this day fight how I tell you to fight and receive the victory that has already been paid for, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - THE TRUTH OF WHO IS REALLY TRYING TO CONTROL THIS NATION - September 28, 2023


Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - Take Up Your Authority Prophetic Word - September 25, 2023

This was given to us on August 25 of 2023. We’ve entitled it take up your Authority. Today the Lord is speaking about Authority. He says no one can or could give me more Authority. There is no one who is higher in Authority than me. Therefore all authority flows from me and I can retain it or give it out as I desire to do. I gave authority to Adam. Foolishly he lost it to Satan after being fooled in a clever scheme. Because of love I want it back. And once again gave it to the sons of men.

Men have authority. It is theirs because I am has freely given it back to them. Since that day using the only tool he has Satan has been trying to blunt that Authority with lies. The sons of men have never really understood what they have been given. But Satan knows and is fully engaged in a thousand schemes to convince men that this hard-won Authority, which they possess. Is not worth much, is weak, doesn’t exist is still his doesn’t work, and so forth. But I am telling you right now that if God thought it worthwhile to wrestle back from Satan. It is not worthless.

If mountains can be cast into the sea by a command from one who believes in his or her Authority what can stand in their way? Therefore take up your Authority which has been given to you and use it. I said all authority in heaven and on Earth has been given to me. Therefore go. So what are the limits of your Authority? Do you see any? Don’t be fooled all authority in heaven and on Earth has been given to you as one who is in me. Don’t believe the deceiver any longer. Reject the lies and believe. There is so much more to the New Covenant which I have made with you than you can see right now. Be bold have faith and fully wield what I have won for you. Amen.

Patty Teichroew - September-October, 2023

Barry Wunsch - Prophetic Encounter: Canada & The Rods of God - September xx 2023

I had a very unsettled night, and in fact
was up all night in prayer and waiting on the Lord.
At one point the Father took my in the Spirit over Canada.
I found myself over Ottawa, the Capital city of Canada. I was high over the parliament buildings looking down and
could see the darkness pulsating out of
the Canadian Parliament.
It was dark, grey and overcast. The demonic atmosphere was very evident.
As I was looking this over, I could suddenly see through and the building, the offices into concrete type bunkers and tunnels.
I was taken into close proximity to the office of Pierre Pollievre the leader of the official opposition thecConservative party of Canada.
He had received a high level sensitive breifing that had just been delivered to him.
It contained information on ungodly, perversion from the past that he was told had been buried and was not going to cause him problems.
He would regret his trip overseas forever more.
There was no repentance in him,
only greif for getting caught.
It was this comprise in his moral character that put him in the uncomfortable position of being blackmailed and controled by those
who pull the strings and control the
political governance of the nation.
Upon reading the breifing, he lost control and went into a state of shock, panic, anger and trauma.
He rushed out of his office to the lower levels underground to face the music and meet with the men in black and other party leaders.
They were now compromised beyond repair.
The writing was on the wall.
I was again taken in the spirit up and over the parliament buildings and I saw what looked like missiles coming down with precision accuracy penetrating the Parliament Buildings taking it all down.
But as I looked these were not misseles
as we know them with explosives but instead the shear magnitude of the force behind them imploded the structure.
I realized what I was looking at was the rods of God taking out this evil structure that had been controlling and
manipulating Canadians for decades and decades.
I was then taken higher over the Nation and as I watched I could see that this strike in Ottawa was not the only target.
I saw other government buildings, facilities and targets being hit and taken out from coast to coast.
With in what seemed like minutes the evil infrastructure was wiped out and the enemy was brought to its knees.
There was no longer anywhere they could hide or function from.
This was it. It was over.
One and done.
The Nation went into a state of shock.
In almost disbelief of what just happened. But the reality was undeniable.
Out of the aftermath, there was a new
day dawning.
And out of the dust and rubble arose a righteous legitimate government, that was ready to go – to rebuild the Dominion of Canada – One Nation under God, by the people for the people.
The Father leveled the old Babylon system and foundations it was time for the Nation to behold His Kingdom.

Barry Wunsch - CHOOSE THIS DAY WHOM YOU WILL SERVE! - September 20 2023

I have had this burning in my Spirit, and the Lord released me to share.
Unto Him be all the Glory and honor!
Choose on this day whom you are going to serve!
As I was preparing for today, with the understanding of where we are, and what is coming as we are called out of Babylon to Kingdom in Biblical unfolding of events that I was to release this today.
I felt that today I was to stand as a Prophet and make this call to the Nations and to the Seven Mountains to be clear with this word and call for a response. For He is requiring a response.
So, hear the word of the Lord: Choose on this day whom you are going to serve.
I say unto the Nations:
Israel – The United States of America, Canada, The First Peoples / The First Nations -Mexico, Australia, China – Taiwan, Pakistan – Brazil – Russia – Egypt – Iran – United Kingdom – South Africa – South Korea – Argentina – Iraq – Uganda – Sudan – Ukraine – Afghanistan – Saudi Arabia – Venezuela – North Korea – Syria – Malawi – Zambia – Romania – Ecuador – Netherlands – Guatemala – Cambodia – South Sudan – Rwanda – Bolivia – Belgium – Haiti – Jordan – Cuba – Czech Republic – Sweden – Dominican Republic – Greece – Austria – Switzerland – Hong Kong – New Zealand – Lebanon – Palestine – Ireland – Belize – the UK – Germany – England – Vatican City- India – Philippines – and all the others – Choose on this day who you are going to serve!
To the 7 mountains – hear the word of the Lord – Choose on this day who you are going to serve!
I say unto Families – Fathers and Mothers – Sons and Daughters – hear the word of the Lord – Choose on this day who you are going to serve!
I say unto those Religious Leaders and followers -Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists, Sons and Daughters – Christians – those in other faiths – those in the occult – hear the word of the Lord – Choose on this day who you are going to serve!
I say unto those in Education – to every educational system, boards and organization – deans – principles – professors – teachers – students – hear the word of the Lord – Choose on this day who you are going to serve!
I say unto those in Media and Entertainment – to every platform – to every voice – to every broadcaster – to every owner – board – producer – writer – actor – reporter – blogger – singer – song writer – technician – hear the word of the Lord – Choose on this day who you are going to serve!
I say unto those in Business – to owners – to investors – to CEOs – to CFOs – to board members – to managers – to department heads – to every employer and employee – hear the word of the Lord – Choose on this day who you are going to serve!
I say unto those in Government – to every King and Queen – to every President / Vice President – to every Prime Minister – to Premiers – Governors – Governor Generals – caucus members – house and senate representatives – Foreign ministers – Secretaries of States – Civil servants – bureaucrats – Advisors – Chiefs and councilors – Barons – Mayors – Alderman – Councilors – City Managers – Commissioners – Doctors – Lawyers – Judges – Generals – Lieutenant Generals – Major Generals – Brigadier Generals – Colonels – Majors – Captains – Lieutenants – Staff Sergeants – Sergeants – Officers – Privates – every other military rank -Police chiefs – Commissioners – superintendents – sheriffs – assistant police chiefs – deputy police chiefs – inspectors – commanders – investigators – detectives – officers – and every other official- -hear the word of the Lord – Choose on this day who you are going to serve!
If Baal is your God, serve Baal! If the Lord God almighty is your God, Serve Him!
Choose on this day who you will serve!

Barry Wunsch - The Babylon System is Collapsing - September 19, 2023

He says (September 6, 2023), Barry I brought you into a position to help me Forge a nation. I’ve stirred up a people after my own heart as my remnant. Though All Odds may seem to be against them and their enemy appears to be greater in their eyes. They are my remnant that I have chosen in this hour to walk with me. And they will soon see the power of my mighty right hand. What is about to happen throughout the Nations is a Biblical proportions. And those who have resisted and those who have mocked are soon going to be shaken to their knees. And the scales removed from their eyes and they will not be able to deny me henceforth. But there should be representative tears and those who thought they would lead in their flesh shall be set aside. And many will be surprised. For they all have toiled for all they have toiled for and all they have built out of selfish Pride shall be no more. Gone in the wink of an eye.

For those who have used my name to build their own kingdoms shall be brought low. And those who have laid down their lives for thy kingdom shall be exalted. Your government approved Ministries have been used as a trap and hold you in a bondage in a system that is not of me. You have been seduced by the ways of Babylon and it is now about to come down all about you. And there will be little left after my shaking. For I’ve called you to walk in my ways and not that of the enemy. For they gave you a promise that led you down a demonic path to fulfill their agenda their evil agenda. Your compromise shall now come with a great cost and many will not recover. The fighting for a system not of me but of human secularism I’m not taking you just into a new year, but into a new era. Things as you’ve known them are about to be taken down. It’s go time and it is time for my Remnant to follow me and Advance the line. For I will lead you and I will guide you as you remain in me. And I will not let your foot slip. So, rest assured there is no other way through by what is coming.

Great Darkness is going to cover the land but do not fear for I am bringing you through into freedom. And we will overcome the darkness and the Nations shall be set free by the power of my might. Evil Kings and Evil regimes shall be rooted out and will be no more and the plunder shall be yours. Above all know that my love for you is great and I laid down my life for yours. And I shed my blood on your behalf it is much more than you make it out to be. For as you walk in the power of My Blood you will see that there is nothing to fear and nothing you can’t do in my name. The name above all names to which everything shall bow. So Barry declare over my people this is Psalm 46. It says God is our refuge and our strength and ever present help in our distress. Thus, we do not fear though the Earth be shaken and the mountains Quake to the depths of the sea. Though its Waters of rage and foam and mountains totter and it’s surging. Streams of the Red River Global City of God the holy dwelling of the most high. God is in its midst and it shall not be shaken. For God will help it at the break of day though the nation Nations rage and kingdoms taught her he utters his voice and the Earth melts.

So the Lord of hosts is with us our stronghold is the God of Jacob. So come and see the works of the Lord who has done fearsome Deeds on the Earth. Who stops Wars to the ends of the Earth. Breaks the bow splinters the spear and burns the shields of Fire. So be still and know that I’m God. I’m exalted among the Nations and exalted on the Earth the Lord of hosts is with us our stronghold is the God of Jacob and holy is the word of the Lord. …

The father is about to collapse the Babylonian slavery systems that we’re living in. There is no getting around it. He is bringing us into his kingdom ways and it’s much bigger than just the evil regimes we struggle under. And this is a Biblical side event that is coming to do. So so there’s been much leading up to it and yet many do not see what’s happening or what’s coming so things as we’ve known them are about to be collapsed and God is looking for his Ecclesia to stand up step up into full Authority he’s given us so. So here there is a wealth transfer that is upon us and literally happening right Now. And you know there’s transfers being rolled out to the Nations and and I have uh knowledge I mean God of a god-loving God-fearing man. Uh that’s basically putting in position as an Ethics commissioner over a nation. Has literally trillions of dollars are being funneled into that nation.

And I got to tell a little funny story about this. Because I was a meeting with this guy. We’re at a lunch table and the Lord gives me a word of knowledge about what this fell is up to. Wow and I’m going okay so you know we’re going to this other meeting and here he is again he’s got like you know Spotlight. The Lord’s showing me what this fill is about. And I see him actually in a back room of a stadium with a president of a Nation other government officials and they are about ready to go out and publicly make some announcements of what’s going on here. You know basically uh stating Faith. How the father is is doing this in the in the nation. And uh anyway I didn’t get the word to him that day and I thought well I can give it to a friend and he can pass it on. Well you know what I was disobedient. Right and I didn’t do that in a timely way. We end up in another province at another meeting at a lunch table and we get talking and I’m sitting across the table from this guy’s sister. So I got a prophetic Mulligan. So, I said I’ve got to work for your brother. She said you’re kidding me, I said I’m not. We got him on the phone I gave him kind of what the Lord showed me. He says who you’ve been talking to I said nobody the father gave this to me. He said do you know what I’m doing? No idea. He was doing just this. So it’s not coming it’s happening it’s literally happening now. So along that line you know that Babylonian systems Banks and markets are crashing down. …

So the Babylonian system and Banks and markets are crashing. And you know I’ve had some friends you know they’re in kind of this world and over 50 percent of the American banks are insolvent and so this so they’ll get 500 million in deposits they’ll land it out and hopefully they’ve got enough back in 90 days to make you know some commitments so so you know I believe that you know we’re going to see the USD get a crash you know. I’m it could be 60 or more and you know in Canada I mean you know I believe the Canadian dollar will be like a peso. So uh The Atheist is that this isn’t uh I mean. I’m so I see  these things I speak about them and then I get these phone calls and I get this information that validating what’s going on. So those who have positioned themselves rightly are about to be entrusted with Wealth Beyond measure to rebuild our nation and others in a Godly Kingdom way. And I mean so I see you know silver and gold you know I see people moving Assets in that direction and I’m not a financial 22:34

Advisor, right. I’m just knowing I was taken in the spirit I saw the Federal Reserve go down. I saw a new Quantum system being put in place. Decentralized xrp and such yeah you know that it’s going to …

Julie Green - THE GREAT FALL OF THE GLOBAL GOVERNMENT - September 22, 2023

For I, the Lord, say this day to the establishment that has been built in this Nation, woe to you for bringing in other nations and other people to tear apart My Nation. How dare you think that you can have your way. 

I will expose every part of your plan. I am ripping up your plan and shredding it. I am shredding everything that you are doing. I am exposing every e-mail and phone conversation. I am exposing everything in videos and everything done behind closed doors. You had no idea I was in there with you and that I had My people infiltrate you and what you are doing. I have your numbers. I have (know) exactly what you have planned for this Nation. I have (know) every terrorist attack you have plotted against this Nation and all these cities, these big cities across this Nation. 

You will not have your way. I said, you will not have that day. You will not have your way. I will expose every dirty deal. I am uncovering all your bank accounts to prove you were paid, to prove you sold your soul for money and power. I will expose every web you have woven. I will expose every government you were in cahoots with. 

Just when you think you are safe and have everything in place, I will uproot it all. Everything that you have hidden, I will reveal. Every lie you have told, I will expose. 

Your day is coming. You think your day of celebration is coming, the day you fully bring down My Nation, the day you think you are going to celebrate having everything you want. 

You planned to bring in viruses to kill on a scale that no one has ever seen, and at the same time, you had terrorist plots planted everywhere, and you were going to have your 9/11-style attacks. You are destroying the supply chain. You are poisoning peoples’ food and water. You put extra ingredients in their medicines to kill them and make them sicker and weaker. Then they would come down to their knees, and they wouldn’t fight you. 

I am in your way. I will have My say, and I will have My plans go as planned. And that day that you think you are going to celebrate is a day. My children will celebrate, and it is the day this Nation will rise again. It is the day that I will show you Who I am, that I am the Great I AM, and there is nothing bigger than Me. I will show you Who is really in charge of this Nation. I will show you Whose plans are really going to go forth. And they are not your plans. 

I am also going to stop what you are doing in the military and what you are doing with the three-letter agencies. You will not do that. You will not have that. You will not have that destruction in My Nation. You will see. Oh yes, enemies of Almighty God, you will see judgment hit you one after another, after another, after another. It is going to pound you over and over and over again. It will cause great fear and chaos in your camp. You will come down on your knees, and you will surrender. 

And if you don’t (surrender), you will see the same fate as Pharaoh and his men. You will see the fate of those who rebel, those who rise up against Me in pride. You will fall, yes, and some of you will die. This is not My Will for you. This is not what I want for you. But it is your will. It is your way because you have hardened your hearts to Me. 

Now you will see, you will see great judgment. You will see great exposure, and you will see a fall of this global government. You will see it fall. You will see destruction everywhere you look, which you will not recover from. The death that you were going to bring, that you were going to try (to achieve), is the death you will receive. Seed time and harvest. 

I have warned you of great destruction. It is coming. Enemies of Almighty God, this is your time to fall. This is your time to fail. This is your time (for your ultimate destruction), and soon, My children will see you no more. 

Children of Almighty God, this day, hold on and hold tight to My Words. A great shaking is coming. A great shaking is coming that is bringing a great and mighty fall that has never been seen on Earth like this before, a fall of the system. Yes, a fall of the system is coming, and the fall of the men who are running it. 

A great fall is coming, so be prepared. Stay! Stay the course. Stay with Me and pray. Don’t be in fear because I will protect you. Just know that I have warned you and told you about this day. This day is drawing near, so put on your armor. Have faith in the Blood that I shed for you. Have faith in that (Blood) Covenant. Have faith in Me, saith the Lord. 

Barry Wunsch - I am calling Families back to the table. - September 15, 2023

During a time of prayer, Holy Spirit kept showing a kitchen table.
And I heard Him whisper over, and over again “I am calling families back to the table”.
As I remained in prayer, He spoke very clearly to me.
“Barry, tell my people that I am calling families back to the table.
The hurt, and the pain that has been released upon my beloved children is coming to an end.
A turning point.
For I am releasing a spirit of conviction, repentance and humility that is going to turn the hearts of these ones to lay down every offence that separates.
They shall come together in a humble and broken spirit and repentance and forgiveness shall flow.
And watch as I restore and heal those deepest places of pain within your families.
I am bringing healing and deliverance for the harshest of powerful addictions and brokenness that my children have been struggling with that has held them captive for far too long.
On this day, my precious little lambs, surrender it all to me.
Lay it all down and come unto me.
For there is no sin to great that my Blood did not cover.
Bring it all into the light where the enemy cannot control you with it any longer.
Come unto, gathering around the table and know that I am there in the midst with you.
Let my love once again draw you and your family close unto me and unto one another!
You will be a beacon of hope and a brilliant light to the world, and you shall overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony!”
Holy is the Word of the Lord

Julie Green - THE GREAT SILENCER - September 15, 2023

My children, I am about to silence your enemy. Yes, I will say these words again. I am about to silence your enemy. Do you remember what I did for My son while he was in the lion’s den? I shut those mouths, I silenced that enemy, and I stopped their power to hurt My son. Do you remember what I did in the fire? The fire could not touch My sons. They didn’t even smell like smoke. 

Do you know Who I am? Do you really know Who I am? I am the great silencer. 

Your enemies have run their mouths over and over again. Your enemies have used the news over and over again. They have told lie upon lie upon lie (to the point) where, after a while, people believed it was the truth. Those lies have ensnared. Those lies have blinded. Those lies have captivated, captured, and enslaved certain people, putting them into great bondage. Yes, there has been great bondage in this world through their system that’s been plaguing the world- a system that is run by man; a system that was meant to cripple you completely- everyone who wasn’t with them; a system that was meant to bring great destruction to your bodies and minds and enslave you financially with a great destruction called debt. 

But I am the destroyer of evil. I am going to wipe these things out as if they never existed in your mind, your body, your finances, your families, and yes, even in your nations and your governments. 

A great silence is coming, a silence so deafening it will bring fear to many. But with My children, great faith will explode, a faith that has been welling up in those of My children who have been patient, waiting, standing, and refusing to give in. I told you great is your reward. 

With this silence, I am cutting off one of your enemies’ greatest tools- their news and some of their social media- all those places that were used to manipulate, deceive, or distract the masses. I am cutting them off. I am cutting off their influence. I am cutting off their power. I am cutting them off from you. 

As this great silence draws near, remember that I told you about blackouts. Remember that I told you about a silence. Remember that I told you about a lock-in. Remember that I told you these things. Don’t fear these things. Do you remember I told you to get off your cell phones, turn off your TVs, and spend time with Me? Because soon there will be no choice. When your phones, your internet, and your TVs won’t work, what will you do? 

Let My Glory fill you up. Let My Glory fill your homes. You won’t need these things, not with My lock-in. You won’t want these things. You won’t desire these things, no, not the ones who look to Me. Seek, and you will find Me. Knock, and the door will be answered. Seek Me, and you will find everything you have desired, everything you have been crying out for- freedom. 

I am that freedom. I am the answer to every need. I am the way out of every harsh, horrible, impossible situation. I am. And I am going to show the world that I still live, that I still save, that I still deliver, that I still protect, that I still avenge, that I still have the final say, and I will have My way. 

Your enemies are running scared now. Drastic measures are about to be taken on their end, and I mean drastic. 

So go now. Stand on My Word. Stand firm. I will protect you. You are in this world, but you are surely not of it. Cut them off- their influence and the prison cells they have had you in. Cut them off by cutting off those devices and not making them the first priority in your life. 

Renew your mind with My Word. Grow in My Word. Flow in My Word. Let My Word live in you. Let My light grow in you. 

Great Glory is coming, a great Glory that the world will not be able to deny. I am going to say this again- what I am about to do will be much greater than what I did for the Israelites using the Red Sea. No eye has ever seen, and no ear has ever heard, what I am about to do for this Nation, My Nation, what I am about to do for Israel, and what I am about to do for the nations around the world. 

Hold on. Things are about to get increasingly harder for some, but better for others. To the ones who are with Me, I am bringing a great victory, saith the Lord. 

Julie Green - AMERICA WILL SURVIVE - September 15, 2023

America will survive. America will live on. America will be healed from all the damage caused by your enemies. America will be completely restored. America will regain the power it once had, the power that has always belonged to this Nation. Everything that belongs to this Nation will be given back. 

America will rise higher. America will stand strong and united. My United States will have justice once again. My America will conquer every enemy. America, your flag stands for freedom, and that flag will fly high and be respected and loved once again worldwide. 

America, the darkness that has tried to destroy your light, your blessing, and your assignment is being destroyed by My light and My Glory. 

America the Beautiful, you will be beautiful once again. 

America, you will be the most beautiful and the most powerful Nation in this world, as I have assigned you to be. America will be the hope, the light, the beacon, the Nation that blesses like no other nation. 

Not only am I bringing back My David into power, but I am also bringing back every one with him that had their seats stolen. Their positions will be restored. 

My children in this land of My eagle, hold on through it all. Hold on through the times ahead. I am not done with this Nation, and your enemies will never destroy you nor take away the calling upon this Nation. 

Arise, My United States. Unite in My Name. Unite in My love. Unite in one accord. Hold the line and stand your ground. You will not lose. You will not be destroyed. 

The coup against this Nation will come down. The infiltrators will all come out, and none of them will be left standing. Because of My love for you, I will not fail you. I will not forsake you. No, never. My Nation is rising above it all. Do not fear. Do not comply to their lies and their so-called power. My power will outlast, and it will always overthrow the enemies against My children. So, stand strong. Stand bold. Stand united. Stand on My Word. 

I am delivering you from this establishment and all their plans against you. 

My eagle is about to soar higher than ever before. So America, My United States, rise and take your place on this Earth where you were always meant to be, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - New Year 5784 Prophecy Recompense of the LORD Begins Today 9-15-23 - September 15, 2023

So the New Year 5784 yep starts today starts today. So the Lord says this is the word the Lord says today a new year begins this year will be different than last year. This year as it has been prophesied I am rolling out my recompense for the just and the unjust. The Winds of Change has been busy uncovering things that were unimaginable for most people. Some people are still sleeping but that sleep will end. And all, yes all, will see the strong arm of the Lord as I am working. There is still more evil to uncover and that will continue to happen. There is no evil that shall Escape being brought to the light. There will also be more violence and loss of life. The evil ones will be evil to the end. But the end is near and not far off as some suspect.

As the Lord’s voice Trails off a vision begins and this is a vision Kirk saw. I see those who have misused the law becoming fearful. Indeed they are trying to plan for an end which they never thought would happen. Those who had taken or quote one elections and laughed at the righteous and used the law to go on the offense. To persecute and to punish the innocent. Yes, those who were so well insulated against the righteous that they thought they would never be caught. The people lower in status who were to provide a covering for their higher ups were losing interest in covering for them. Because they were trying to cover their own Deeds. Truly those who had been on a fence were now on the defense. I saw them trying to use the law just as they had done when they used it against the innocent. Only this time to protect themselves. But it did not work. The people had become very, very, bold. And were demanding action and results. Nothing else would do. I saw military tribunals in action. Yes finally.


I saw two attempts at pandemics two different sicknesses from two different areas in the world. But the people would not comply with the mandates and the globalists this time. No matter the consequences and real and inexpensive remedies were found and used instead of the deadly quote medicines being promoted. I also saw that through all of this the Lord was bringing his people along in their understanding. They were seeing all of these things as good. The theologies of the past such as teachings on the Rapture in the idea that the Victorious Church would lose were regular were relegated to the trash. Heap people were looking forward to a better world and they were understanding what a good God they served.

I saw Angel armies being deployed in numbers that I had a hard time imagining. I saw them working out in the open helping people beating back evil and rooting out even the deeply Hidden Spirits in Family Lines, in the Seven Mountains. Places you wouldn’t even imagine that had evil spirits. Amazing. The Angels were doing battle with the spirit of religion too exposing the lies of the institutional church and those who governed it. The spirits behind personal sin were being dealt with too. Lust, greed, Jezebel, fear, and so forth. Every spirit that could be named and those who weren’t named as well. None would escape the uncovering of the Lord. Freedom is on the horizon do not give up

Amen. Amen  

Patty Teichroew - September, 2023

Brian Cull - It’s all true. - The Lord gave a hard word for those who altered their DNA - September 14, 2023

I shall save and reverse the damage in some of those who decided to alter their DNA.

Most will perish.

For the wages of sin is death.

The wages of faith is eternal life.

Didn’t I cleanse the earth from Lucifers previous attempt to corrupt man’s DNA and thus his image with a flood?

Why wouldn’t you think I AM the same God who abhors the corruption of my creation?

You were created in my image and likeness.

Ignorance you cry?

You didn’t know you say?

How dare you use those words with me as if I am not God and can’t discern the intent of the heart and man’s thoughts daily?

I gave you every opportunity to relent.

I gave you endless resources and information.




My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; Because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.

Julie Green - A WARNING TO THOSE AGAINST MY DAVID - September 13, 2023

Enemies of Almighty God, I have warned you. I have given you time to repent. I have given you time to turn away. Yes, I have given you time, but you refused. You hardened your hearts toward Me. You hardened your hearts toward My people. 

Woe to those who try to touch a hair on My David. You will not assassinate him. You will not touch him. He is My anointed and My appointed. No matter how much you hate the thought of him being used by Me or how much it destroys you inside, you will not touch him. Do you hear My Words? Not only will he live, but everything you do against him will be done unto you. 

This is a time when you are reaping a great harvest, a harvest of your own deeds and your own will. That was not My plan for you. I have warned, warned, and warned. Now, judgment, judgment, judgment is coming to you, and judgment is coming to everybody with you. 

You think you can destroy him? You think he can destroy My Nation. You think you can control My world? Yeah, you think these things, but they will not come to pass. I will show you who really is in control. It is not you. 

With all you have done with your pressure, fear, and destruction, you woke up My Body. Oh, yes, you did. You woke up a body, a giant you didn’t want to wake up. You woke up a sleeping giant that is aligning with My head, which is My Son. And the more you pushed and pushed and pushed, (the more) My children pushed (back) and pressed into Me, and (because they have pressed into Me) the more they see their victory. 

Oh, that one, the one you have used as a puppet, yes, the puppet of the Washington establishment. You see him. You see him. He’s failing in front of your eyes. No matter what you medicate him with, nothing is working. Your puppet strings have been cut. You can’t control his mouth. You can’t control his mind. And you can’t control his body. 

Your days, your days of a third term. Oh, yes, you know who you are. 

You thought that with your trickery and cunningness, you could do whatever you wanted. I am about to show your earpiece. I am about to open the doors wide on your Washington home, your shadow government, and every person in the White House who answers to you. Yes, Barack Obama, I have infiltrated your camp. Do you think you are so smart? Do you think you can do whatever you want? I have heard every plan. I see everything that you have done. Remember Who I am. I am the Great I AM, the One Who brought down people just like you- people who thought they were a god, who thought they could do anything they wanted to do. Well, I have news for you. You are coming down just like the puppet that you have. 

Woe to those who are against My David. Woe to those who are against My Nation. And this war that you are trying (to start) now- the one that you are planning, the one that you think is going to go exactly the way you want, to bring your lockdowns, your chaos, and your destruction- I promise you, it will not go as you plan. 

Your news anchors are falling apart. The news stations are not going to be able to keep up with your lying narrative. I am exposing every single thing, every single one of your fronts. I am exposing all these people. I am exposing. You cannot keep up with Me. The day is coming when you can’t look away, you can’t run away, and you can’t hide. 

I am the God Who knows the end and the beginning because I am the beginning and the end. You will not have My Nation of the eagle. You will not have My Nation of Israel. You will not have your global government. It is not that time. You will see. You will see Me defend My nations. You will see Me destroy your plans. You will see Me raise up nations bigger and stronger than they were before. You tried to infiltrate them. 

I am going to expose every puppet in every government around the world. I will expose every puppet you have as a judge. I will expose every person in any type of law enforcement or military who is a puppet to you. I am going to tear the lid off the Pentagon, and I am going to show who is with this country and who isn’t. The White House is about to be exposed in a way no one thought. Your capital is about to be exposed like no one ever thought. That was never, never My capital. That was never meant to be the capital of this Nation, and I will expose it. 

I will expose every deal you have with Europe. Yes, I said it. You thought you could keep attached to Britain, but you can’t. I will expose every country that was trying to bring this one down, every country that was trying to control this Nation, and every politician who sold out other countries or this Nation for money and power. 

Your end is near, enemies of Almighty God. Your end is closer than you realize. You are walking into every trap I have set. Your end is near, and your end will be like you were never in control because I am bringing a restoration to this Nation and other nations in the world, and I am blasting everything out of your hands. 

I am giving it to the ones who believe in Me. You will see that I have the final say. Now, to My children, brace for the impact that is about to take place. Brace for what your enemies are about to try and do. Live by faith and not by sight. 

You hear what I have warned your enemies. You hear what I am doing to their plans. Do not get in fear. This is not that time. Stay near to Me. Stay in My Word. I promise you I will protect you from it all. 

You are about to see Me do something I haven’t done before, not to this degree. I have done similar things that saved My people, but this, no one has ever seen. I am the Great I AM, and I can save a nation in a day. And I will do something so impossible looking to man because it is impossible for man, but it is not impossible for Me. You will see. I have told you, you will see a great victory, saith the Lord. 

Julie Green - A GREAT UNMASKING HAS BEGUN - September 12, 2023

A great unmasking has begun. Yes, a great unmasking has begun. I am removing every mask, every veil, and every curtain. I am removing everything your enemies were hiding behind. And I am opening the eyes of My people. You will see the swamp, that deep-rooted establishment that infiltrated and embedded itself in your Nation, oh, United States. Their roots run very, very deep and dark, but I am unearthing the trenches they dug, where they hid many things. 

I am showing the world every single one of them (that was involved), their intentions, and everyone they murdered to keep their power. I will show all those the enemy unjustifiably tried to ruin- be it their names, careers, or by removing them from places they were rightfully sitting in. Oh yes, I am tearing the roof off the buildings in your capital. And I am showing the world documents and paper trails. I am showing the world the money. The money, oh yes, the money, control, and power are what have driven so many. 

They sold themselves to the devil. They have committed many crimes, including many crimes in your justice system. I will free every person who was wrongfully accused so they could hide their evil and what they were doing. I will reveal all the fall men and the people who had to fall to save the establishment. I will show you every email. I will show you every video. You will hear every phone call or voicemail. 

I have it all. I have every document they tried to shred. I have the originals. I have it all. I told you that I have infiltrated the infiltrators. They are about to do things to cause this great upset, this great distraction. (I say) laugh in their face. Laugh. “But Lord, they’re destroying our countries. Lord, they’re destroying the economy. Lord, they’re destroying our freedoms.” I said, laugh. 

They don’t have the power to destroy your country. They don’t have the power to destroy your freedoms. They don’t have the power to take down the economy. No, they don’t have such power. 

They believe they are gods. They believe they have all the power in the world. I told you these are the pharaohs of today. The same spirit behind them controlling them is the same spirit that was behind Pharaoh (from Moses’ time). And look what I did then. I showed him Who I was. I showed him I was the Great I AM. I showed him I was the God for Whom nothing was impossible. I am that I AM. My children, I am showing the world Who I truly am. I am showing these leaders all around the world Who I really am. I am showing the globalists Who I really am. 

I will show every place where they have hidden bioweapons. I will completely expose what they have had in your medicine. I will unveil and expose the FDA. I will expose Big Pharma. I will expose every corporation and business that is affiliated with the globalists to try and destroy My nations and take over My Earth. 

This is the time to be very awake. This is the time to stand and fight. The battle lines have been drawn. War has been declared, but the war has already been won. Remember these words when you hear them (the enemies) and their news reports. Yes, their news reports that feed the airwaves and the nations with pure lies, deceit, and fear. Truth is no longer in them. But the arm, the One World Government, I will completely expose. 

I am going to shed much light on all the news media, every single one. There is not one news station that has been against Me, spewing hate, division, lies, and propaganda, that I will not expose. Judgment is coming. A great judgment is coming to your news media. 

Oh, United States, a great shaking is about to occur. I told you that I am sending someone. I have multiple people who have proof, undeniable proof of what the enemy has done with your news and how they used it to enslave you, how they used it to bring much fear, and how they used it to steal your Nation. 

My children, awake. Awake. Awake. Things are starting to shake. Awake, awake. Things are starting to shake, shake, shake, shake. The shaking is a good thing for you. It’s shaking those shackles off, the chains off, the oppression off, the fear off, the frustration off, the sickness off, and the poverty off. It’s shaking it off of you. The shaking is good for those who are awake. 

But for those who are asleep, the shaking will be judgment. The shaking will bring much darkness. The shaking will bring much confusion and chaos. 

That is why I told you, My children, I need you to be awake. Stay alert. Be awake and pray. Pray, pray, pray. Say, say, say My Words. Say My Words. A great darkness is about to happen, a darkness that some don’t see. 

But My light will shine through thee. Shine your light bright. Let My Glory fill you up. You are to be My light. You are to be a great light in great darkness. Many will turn. Many will turn. Many will turn. They will turn, and they will look to you. So be My hands. Be My feet. Be the mouthpieces I need you to be to bring more people into My Kingdom. Stand your ground. Stand your ground. It is time to stand. It is time to win, saith the Lord. 

Julie Green - A MASSIVE EVENT IS ABOUT TO TAKE PLACE - August 31, 2023

The children are Mine, saith the Lord. Yes, they are Mine. They are not the world’s. They don’t belong to the world or the world system. No matter how much propaganda has come out or how much brainwashing, deceiving, or leading these children astray has happened, regardless of their age- whether they are younger or older, I am doing a reversal. Yes, I am. I am doing a reversal of the damage that has been done. I am restoring their minds. I am restoring bodies. I am restoring families. I am restoring finances. I am restoring the years. 

“Lord, how do you restore years?” My children, I will show you. Remember that I am Almighty God. Not years or even time can stop My restoration or My healing power (moving) through this Earth and through your bodies. My children, stop saying that these younger generations are lost. Stop talking bad about each other. Stop talking bad (negative) about the things that you see or how you feel.  

Remember Who I am. I am Elohim. I created this Earth. Your enemies have done everything they can to stop this (Me), to stop the cleansing, to stop the Glory, to stop the reversals, and to stop the restorations. Your enemies have done everything to stop this great awakening, to stop My Exodus. 

Nothing, and I mean nothing, will stop what I am doing. This is My Earth, not theirs. I am the judge, not them. My plans will go as I planned, not their way. How many examples do I have to put in My Written Word of Who I am, what I do, and what you should expect Me to do in this time? I am the Beginning, and I am the End. I am the in-between. My children, remember these things. Nothing, nothing stops My hand. Nothing stops My plan. Nothing stops Me. 

I am the way. Yes, I am the way. So, look up now. Look up now. Stop looking down. Stop holding your heads down in discouragement, disappointment, hopelessness, despair, fear, worry, anger, and, for some people, rage. 

Remember Who I am. I have not forsaken you, and I have not failed. I am allowing the enemies to do these things because they are about to take their ultimate fall. Their ultimate destruction is near. Yes, you will see it- one big, massive event unfolding right in front of your eyes. 

It will be hard for you to believe what you are seeing. Their walls are coming down. Their walls are coming down. I have mentioned the Red Sea before, and I am mentioning it again. Do you see what I did? Do you see what I did before? Do you see what I did for My children? Do you see what I did against the enemies of My children? 

I am stopping your enemies. Their walls are falling in on them, and they will not stay in power. They will not stay in their positions. They will not stay where they are. No, they will not. 

I am removing them. I am restoring you. Things are going to happen quicker now, in a flash, speedily. Things are happening. Yes, you will see bad (things happen), and you will see things looking like they are going in the wrong direction. It will discourage some people, but not you. Not the ones who are watching, not the ones who are patiently waiting, and not the ones who are seeking My face. 

I will give you peace, joy, and rest you have never known. So, stay focused on Me this day, and don’t go astray. Don’t look away, not this day. I am bringing restoration, a great restoration that includes your families, your children, and all that you have lost. 

I am restoring it all. Restoration! Restoration! That is Who I am. I am restoration. So, look to Me. Look to Me and receive this glorious and mighty victory, saith the Lord.