The Seven Mountains of Influence in Society

“The whole idea of journalism is to shame the devil and tell the truth. To inform the public and be the custodians of conscience … not to propagandize the masses. ”

— James O’Keefe – Political Activist Journalist, Founder of Project Veritas

There are seven areas of society that exert a tremendous influence over the direction of culture. In some evangelical circles, the term used is the “Seven Mountains” to denote areas of society which have the greatest influence over people’s thinking, morals, public opinion, and on what is popular. People can be influenced into to being good and “salt and in light” in the world, or conversely into sinning against God and doing evil.

The Seven Mountains of influence in society:

1. Government:
2. Media:
3. Arts and Entertainment:
4. Business:
5. Education:
6. Family:
7. Religion:

It would stand to reason that evil would attempt to gain spiritual control over these who control the lever of power in society. Through their positions of influence, they can affect the thinking and actions of millions of people (souls). … Once you have a person or group of people, they can be used to spiritually under your control to corrupt other people’s morals, virtues, to sin against God, breakdown the family structure, remove God from every aspect of society, and destroy God’s blessings in the nation of liberty etc.

If we are honest with ourselves in evaluating the state of morals and personal discourse in our society today, one can dramatically see how far it has fallen over the past few decades. There can be no argument that evil now has firm grasp on these “Seven Mountains” of influence in society.

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