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Julie Green - THE GREAT RETURN - June 30, 2023

A great return is coming. A return To The King. A return to morality. A return to Freedom. A returned to Justice. A return of a great and mighty nation. A return of a rightful President. A return of a powerful Body of Christ. A return to peace. A return to truth. A return to my glory upon this Earth. A return to order. A returned to power in the hands it belongs to. A return of the world out of the hands of the wicked. A return of my children to my lands and into my authority. A return of children, families, wealth, jobs, inventions, corporations, rightful governments, rightful positions and who they really belong to. A return of the actual White House and the anointed one I have chosen, saith the Lord. The return of a great and mighty nation and not a twisted version your enemies wanted you to see or believe in. A return of the airwaves into the hands of my children on the side of the true side of Truth. A great return of miracles, signs, and wonders.

A great return back to me the most high God. A return to People’s First Love which is my son. A return of the Nations. A return of congregations to the rightful pastors. A returned to a Great and Mighty victory. A return of wealth. A return of health. A return of freedom in your minds. A return of the right way of thinking. A return of power. I say again my children it’s time to arise and take it this day. Return of the economy. A return of my hand. A return of this world and what it has for my children. Yes, I say a Great and Mighty Return Of My Angel Armies. A great return to me, saith the Lord. A great Revival because the great truth pouring out filling this Earth. A great return to your promised lands. Your promised way of living. A great and mighty anointing. A great return of a Great Mighty anointing that will get the world’s attention. A return to church.

A return of a great hunger for my word. My children is time of the great Exodus. Which is the great return to how things have been to where they should have been all along. Get ready for this great return. A great return of spirituality of discernment of resurrection power. It’s coming so be prepared get ready get ready to move get ready to stand get ready to fight. Get ready to receive it because it’s time of a great restoration and to my children rejoice in this restoration. Rejoice for this great return it’s not if it will happen. It will happen this is guaranteed. Because I have guaranteed it and I am a sure thing. And the world will know soon that the world and the world will soon know that saith the Lord your Redeemer.


This is the time of a great battle. This is a time of great conflict. This is a time when you see evil and how it’s been trying to reign. You have seen the control that it’s had upon this Earth. 

But it’s not their time. No, it’s not. The walls are falling. Mighty walls are falling. Big names are falling. Big banks are falling. Big corporations are falling. Hollywood is falling. The three-letter agencies who were against Me are falling. The people (working toward) global governing and governance are falling. These world leaders are falling. 

I have been speaking to you about a great and mighty fall. You read in My Word about the walls of Jericho and how quickly they fell; that wall was built up and looked impenetrable like nothing would ever bring it down. Evil people think they are so smart and build up things (they think are) so indestructible, but they don’t see that I can flick them away with no power at all. With just the flick of a finger, it would be gone. 

My children, it doesn’t take My full strength to change the course of this world, everything you see, what’s happening in your nations, and what’s happening in the Body of Christ. Things can change very quickly, and things will. 

I told you about the economy falling. I have warned you. They (your enemies) are going to try more things. But remember this day, remember what I say- it’s all coming down. It’s all coming down like the walls of Jericho. It’s coming down just like when the Red Sea was held up for a time so My people could walk through. I have been holding up certain things so that My people could walk through to the other side. 

You may not understand this right now, but you will. Things have happened. Great things have been happening while you were unaware, things you didn’t see. But it’s Me. It’s Me behind the scenes. It’s Me doing these things. I am allowing certain things to go on for the day that’s drawing near, very near, of the great and mighty fall of the globalists, their banks, businesses, news, and the governments they put in place everywhere. They infiltrated many things, and I will show you it all. 

Watch My hand at work. Remember how powerful My nostrils were when they parted the Red Sea. Just think how much more power My hand has and the destruction it will do against your enemy. 

Things are falling, yes, falling. They are coming down. This is the shaking. You are entering into the days of the shakings and the days of judgments, and they are changing the course of this world- from upside down to right side up. 

Hold on. Hold fast. Draw near to Me. Draw closely, and you will see Me. You will see Me and who I really am. You won’t be moved by anything around you. Don’t be moved. That’s another marching order for you. Don’t be moved. I will help you, ground you, and give you the stability to stand even though the Earth is shaking underneath your feet, physically or spiritually. 

Things are coming down- systems are coming down, laws are coming down, presidents are coming down. This is the time that many people have been waiting for. Don’t give up now. Don’t give up now. Because with this great fall and all these things coming down, beauty will rise out of the ashes. 

(Through) the strength of My church and My body doing what they were called to do since before I made this world, My children will take their place where they were always meant to be, in great authority, saith the Lord. 

Shelly Mosley - The Wicked Ones - June 27, 2023

October the 18th of 2022 and actually released it that same day. Um once again the Lord’s having me go back and share some of these words that he’s already given me and so that’s what I’m doing being obedient. … This word is actually about the wicked and um it’s it’s sad. But it’s also another call to repentance and as long as there’s breath in our bodies we have a chance to repent. And so of anything that that we’ve done. And so and God is so faithful and just to forgive us when we when we ask. So again this was October the 18th of 2022 and I had released it already on the same day actually October the 18th of 2022. He said the pressure is mounting. The pressure your enemy is facing is great. Greater than it has been What happens when something is pressurized the pressure must be lessened. It must escape or explosions can happen. This is true of your enemy today. The pressure is mounting against all of them. Decisions must be made and made quickly. Do they release what they know? Do they turn on the others they colluded with? Do they continue to keep the secrets they have full knowledge of? Or do they release the pressure and spew out their dirty rotten Secrets?

This is the mounting pressure on them now. They are backed into corners that cannot get that they cannot get out of. They are stuck in places now with no escape. These vile and evil people are now in pressure cookers that are constantly pressurizing. The hotter things get the more pressure that comes. All it all explodes in their faces very soon. The deals they made in secret will be subject to massive scrutiny as their lies get uncovered publicly. Mountains of evidence are pouring out against them. They are finished in their current areas. From political figures, to actors, to mega church pastors, to CEOs of giant corporations. Watch them all fall like dominoes. Great exposure is coming to all of them. I the Lord declare this day that what has been done in secret against my people will be laid out for all to see. The secrets spilled will cause anger and massive calls for resignations across the board will come faster and faster. Many will step down in great disgrace. Many will step down in hopes that they will not be forced to answer for their parts of evil agendas

Not so says the Lord, not so. They will all stand and answer you were sold to the highest bidder o United States. You were sold and your secrets revealed. I have stepped in to force those who are responsible for the atrocities to give a detailed account of the dirty deals made. Watch what gets uncovered as pressure mounts. Watch who gets sold out now. Many will spill the beans as you would say, about what’s been done under your noses. The truth is flooding out from places you didn’t expect it to. Your three-letter agencies are coming under the microscope O United States. Watch and see as whistleblowers come forth in every agency. Proof will be shown to all and what gets shown will discussed many. Great calls for impeachments will come and great calls of resignations will also come. I am removing and replacing, recovering, and rebuilding. I will do it all says the Lord I will do it all.

Watch as I eject many from seats, political seats, they have held some for many, many years. They will not see it coming watch as I eject many from public office seats. Watch as I eject many from seats in policing and security. Watch as I eject many from seats they’ve held on boards in great companies. Watch as I eject many from seats in education, many boards across the board are all, sorry are on all seven mountains are about to be minus mini seats. I am ejecting many in this hour removals are imminent. 

Watch as Evander Holyfield will be in the news for an interesting reason. Listen to what he says. I say again Mark Meadows will be in the news. He will speak truth and be forced to answer for his part in what’s going on. Reno Nevada will have some great shakings occur. Look what gets shaken loose. Central America will be in the news about an untimely weather event. Untimely and unprecedented they will say. Watch as another famous Hollywood actor gets accused of sexual abuse by many. I am uncovering the vile and filthy people who believe they have gotten away with much. Watch as the Richter Scale will record an earthquake never measured this high before. Mass chaos and destruction will be prevalent. Pray for those involved my warnings have gone out many times and in different ways and they have been ignored over and over again. Death is at the doorsteps of many evil ones in this hour.

Shocking days lay ahead, but you know the master of the wind. You know the one who calls peace be still to any high waves that come. You know the keeper of your hearts my precious people. Cling to me. Cling to my truth and be still be still and know that I am your God. I am your Redeemer. Put your hope and trust in me as we round the next corner of my plans, hold fast, hold tight. The Atlantic and Arctic oceans will be in your news for a very interesting reasons. There are no Mysteries that I will not uncover. There is no hidden things in these Waters that I will not expose. Great exposures are here. Great exposures are not coming, they are here.

Wentworth this name will be heard in your news as great exposure is coming to this company. Much that you have known has been hidden from you. Many companies made millions and millions of dollars off of your backs without you even knowing. It what is coming is great removals and great wealth transfers. I am indeed taking from the wicked and giving it to my people. Reversal, reversal, reversal, this is what will be heard over and over again. As even your correct your corrupt mainstream media begins to speak this.


(June 9th) Vengeance is mine. I said and I will say again that vengeance is mine. I have seen an evil grow. I have seen wickedness get out of control. I have seen dark and dirty deals behind closed doors. I have seen wicked governments and what they are doing worldwide. I have seen what they’ve done with your money and with the economy. I’ve seen what they’ve done the innocence of children in multiple different ways. I have seen what they’ve done with elections. I have seen what they’ve done with your medicine. I have seen what they’ve done with their soil. I have seen what they’ve done in your air. I have seen what they’ve done in your water. I have seen what they’ve done. Yes, I have I’m waiting just for the right time. With one move of my hand that’s all it takes. One move of my hand will destroy everything that’s before you. Do you remember the breath of my nostrils when it came to the Red Sea. That’s all I took. Because how big I am compared to any enemy that you face.

It was a breath of my nostrils that saved my children. In the breath of my nostrils that destroyed every enemy that was against them. Just think what I can do with my hand. This one, one hand is swiftly move. Your enemies are so arrogantly making more dirty deals. So arrogantly twisting and manipulating lies. Going after my people going after then for things that your enemies are the ones that are actually doing it. You are about to see me and what Justice really looks like. The world is going to know. There is going to be a great shaking. And in that time they will know that I am against them. Um, I am tearing down this evil regime, evil empire, fraudulent administration, the establishment. The Deep state the globalists in every single one. Some or even begging, begging, my people to spare their lives. My children you have no idea how many arrests actually been made, indictments fulfilled. The Courts of Heaven have already passed down verdicts and sentencing while you were unaware. Watch this establishment in this country implode in itself. They are about to turn on one another in a way that you never thought would actually happen.

They’re gonna let more, and more, and more, take the fall. And the ones that will fall you’ll be actually very surprised on who they are. People you thought would never take a fall will fall in front of you. And I’m talking big names, well-known people. People in your government, actors actresses, CEOs, presidents. Not only governments but presidents of businesses. You are going to see something and I’ve been telling you about it, shock and awe, shock and awe, shock and awe. My children watch, watch me move in a way I have never moved before. You think the Exodus was wonderful. This is bigger than that. Those plays cost almost to Egypt this is bigger than that. The Red Sea this is bigger than that. This is worldwide. You will see and I told you before governments will it will fall in a day. You will see people drop dead. That gives me no pleasure in saying that. I have warned I wanted them to repent, I wanted to forgive. But they refused.

I told you an angel of death was coming and it is. One greater than the original Angel of Death was allowed. How much that one was allowed to move this one will be allowed to move more Because there’s more people around the world that were against my people and against the things that I have set in place. How these things take place no one saw coming. That’s why I said just a few minutes ago to draw closer to me in this time of uncertainty. Travel, groceries, businesses, governments, all these things will be affected. Your economies all these things will be affected. Great darkness is coming, prepare for it. A great silence is coming, prepare for it. The blackout is coming, prepare for it. Lord how we prepare for these things? You’re telling these things to us but they seem so frightful. My children you prepare by getting closer with me. You prepare by being in my word. You prepare by being in prayer. You prepare with my presence. Remember I multiply, remember I restore, remember I heal, remember who I am. I save I deliver, I am doing all of these things people never thought I would do.

I will get the world’s attention with my moves. Get ready because I am about to move in a Great and Mighty way that it will rattle this Earth and shake this earth like it’s never been shaken. Draw closer to me and none of this will affect you in a negative way. Glory, Revival, my anointing that I’m pouring out the same time things are dark darkest in the world. Oh no it’ll be bright right so bright with my people my body. Darkness to light get prepared for that things are changing they’re prepared for that it’s all a good thing. It’s all a good thing because I am here to set you free, saith the Lord.

Julie Green - THE GREAT DAM OF LIES IS BREAKING - June 23, 2023

A great dam is breaking- a dam of lies that has enslaved a nation, stolen a nation, controlled the world, manipulated the global economy, and held back justice, liberty, and freedom. Well, that dam is breaking. There are cracks in the foundation and cracks in the walls.  

The dam of lies is about to burst open, and truth will flood the airwaves, the nations, and the churches. Truth will flood everywhere to bring a great cleansing upon this Earth- a cleansing in your souls, your bodies, your finances, your governments, and your schools; a cleansing everywhere to usher in My Glory and a great awakening and great revival that the world has never seen.  

It’s coming. It’s all coming to a close. The end of the condition the world is in now is near. Brace for this impact. Brace for this flood. Brace for the shifts. Brace for the coming destruction of the great reset that has been afflicting this world.  

I am bringing them and all of it down in front of your eyes. The world will see My splendor, My Glory, and My power of My hand. It will bring people to their knees and cause them to come rushing into churches once again. 

My children, get prepared now for the flood of people that are about to flood into churches. Get ready spiritually to be able to receive this flood of the Great Harvest.    

Walk closely with Me in these days. You will need My power, My peace, and My joy, and I have it all for you now, saith the Lord your Redeemer.

Shelly Mosley - Cups of iniquity - June 21, 2023

So this is the word that the Lord gave he said for I the Lord have pulled out all the stops to save you my people. There is nothing I won’t do to protect those who are mine. They are my passion. My heart beats within them and they are covered by the blood that was shed for them. The blood of Jesus was shed For All Mankind all people in every era, eEvery Nation, every Kingdom, and every Jurisdiction. His blood was shed for all but in order for the blood to be applied to each life. Each man has to come to me in Repentance and surrender. His will must be given over to me willingly and in faith. Just as the children of Israel applied the blood to their doorposts so that the angel of death would pass over them. The same as now the blood is applied to the doorposts of men’s Hearts who are mine and they are protected. They receive the promise of life eternal.

Many do not want what I have to offer they do not want it. They view it as too much to sacrifice. They do not know what they have need of I know and I call to them. I make setups and divine appointments for them and still they do not want anything to do with me. The Gate of Hell is widening it is widening now. People are choosing this path purposefully. They are following others straight down the gate to destruction. Pray for all to repent in this hour. Pray for the backsliders to whom I am married. Pray for the faint of heart. Pray for the lost to be found. Pray for the prodigals to come home into the safety of my arms. Pray for the hurting the sick the bitter. Pray for the depressed and those who are anxious and fearful. Pray for my truth to go out far and wide. Call in my Harvest and continue to look over the fields. Watch as the fields begin to increase. I am sending many laborers and in this hour into the vast and mighty Harvest to come. More labor is net is yet needed.

Call in the lukewarm to be red hot. Call them to be on fire for me. They have a flame that is slowly fizzling out. They need a refreshing a cleansing and they need my spirit within them to blow the Flames of their hearts. Now is the time to be on fire. Now is the time to remove all things that have been taking place. Idols, frivolous Idols have been put up in my place they were on fire for me at one time. But their interests changed because they were distracted. Distraction is a mighty tool of your enemy. If he can distract you he can get your eyes off of me. He can cause doubt and fear to enter in. What happens if you don’t keep a fire burning in your fireplace? What happens if you don’t tend to it and keep it going? It eventually burns out it dies down and becomes cold. This is the same those lukewarm have lost sight of me they were on fire for me at one time. But distractions got in the way and led them away from my presence.

Distractions are a work of your enemy they were on fire at one time. They at one time longed for a relationship with me. I was their first love but distractions came in and I got pushed farther and farther away. It is better for them if they were either hot or cold. I despise the lukewarm state of man. He sits on a fence of indecision. He believes he is neutral and in a gray area. This is a dangerous place to be. He must be stoked the fires of his heart and he must draw near to me. When he does I will always draw near to him when he does I will help him with the distractions that come in and try to steal him from me. I am a jealous God and I will not come back for a lukewarm Church. No her state has to be red hot on fire for me.

They need to be shaken awake for while they slept a thief came in and robbed them blind. My Mercy is Flowing now my rivers of Mercy are moving . They are for all to receive whosoever desires to receive. Repent of this lukewarmness repent and rekindle the flame that you allowed me to put within you. Make me your first love once again. ….

Keep standing my children keep standing in faith in me. I am about to do something some mighty things for you and for your Freedoms. The Narrative has now flipped my children watch as I move for your good. Listen closely as Lee Iacocca is in your news. Listen closely to what is revealed. I am cleansing Nation after nation of the deep corruption that has been going on for centuries. I am removing many in this hour. Many have chosen evil even after call after call to them. For repentance chance after chance I gave I gave them more than enough time to come to me in Repentance. They chose to dig their heels in against me. They chose to continue to mock me and spit in my face. I have allowed their hearts to become even more hardened toward me. They’re cups of iniquity are now full. They will reap what they have sown. Every evil plot and plan they made they will now reap. Their Harvest is now and ready to be picked. Their fields are full of thistles and thorns. They will reap this Harvest with blood on their hands. Death will be the portion of many.

I did not want it to be this way my children I wanted them to return to me and come to me in Repentance. It would have been so much different if they if they had. Liz Cheney will be in the news again for a reason that will seem shocking. She is through in politics her cup is full. Robert Downey Jr will be in the news for an interesting reason. Look at the headlines surrounding him. You will hear of Marlins in your news soon watch what is said and pay attention to this significant location. The Haitian government will be in headlines soon. Many more governments are falling and collapsing. Lee Harvey Oswald will be talked about soon. Listen to the reasons why. I’m exposing Every Lie every falsehood is being exposed. Watch England as this story isn’t over yet my children. The truth will reign supreme in that place as floodgates of Truth are opened to spill out. Every dirty secret the Royals thought was kept quiet I saw it all and all is about to be shown to the world.

The stock markets have been manipulated by people for so long. So long that they could not even see what’s been done. Sorry so long that you could not even see what’s been done right under your noses. Only some prospered While others lost much I am exposing the truth about these markets they will soon crash at my doing. What has been stolen from my people will be returned to them. I am taking from the wicked and giving it to my people to my children your storehouses will be overflowing very soon. … My children it’s nearly time for you to enter into your Promised Land. A land that I bless you are at the precipice of great change. My plans are for you. My plans of peace and joy of blessing and healing of redemption and Triumph. I will do it for you, says the Lord. I will do it in a way that no man ever could.


Ken Dewey - A Warning Word to the Lost in America - June 19, 2023

I heard The LORD speaking about the Lost who live in America, and this is what He said:

“I AM here America, watching you and hearing your deliberations.

I see more then you can see and what I see is disturbing! Yes, disturbing to Me.

I see the end of your choices to exclude me from your deliberations. Truly you do not even consider me nor do you desire me, nor do you even know just how far you are walking into the darkness.

The place you now walk is very dark. It is dark, because I AM The Light that has lighted the whole world, but you have come to a place where you have rejected My Light.

You think that you are capable to live without Me, and deliberately you trust in your technology over Me.

Technology is not Me, but I AM the one who created all things. I assure you that you did invent nothing that I have known already and the most elaborate and difficult to understand is only the beginning of my knowledge.

You think you have advanced greatly and that you have arrived on the scene of great learning, but, you have but touched the surface of my knowledge.

You think you Artificial Intelligence is great, but I know you are only fools to think so, for you are not even intelligent enough to know Me, and all things exist because of Me and My Intelligence.

You only struggle in the night, lost in the imaginations of your darkened minds.

Really all you have achieved, I can delete by turning off of a switch and when I do then all your technology will fail you. No, Nothing will work right anymore, for I can short circuit your most elaborate inventions.

Why do you rage against Me? You do not even know why. You are as a man in a dark room, you stumble in the dark, fall down over and over again, and can’t even find the door.

All your struggle is in vain, for without Me — you can do Nothing!

I AM all in all and you foolishly don’t even know it.

I have let you Run, and I have done so to “Set you up for a Fall”. You will suddenly fall and when you do, an you will hit the bottom to see me whom you never knew.

Suddenly you will see — but to late for many!

America and the whole World of men are in My Hands, and you must know I move to show you My Hands.

Foolish you all are to even think you can elect a Man to help you, for there is no man anywhere that can help you.

Elect one, you will, and then see how he can help you.

Why do you rage against Me? I will not even be affected. I have the only Plan that will work. You must know I AM working a work and a mighty wonder.

I AM deliberately working. I know my plans for you and I can bring them to pass. When your eyes open to see me, then you will know.

In the meantime I work. I know the end plans and I work.

I will have mercy upon those who I will have mercy, and them I do not, I will harden.

All those who are yet wicked, I will reject.




For the Lord this day I’m telling my children that a storm is coming. Yes, a storm is coming. A storm like no other storms. It’s not a natural storm that you’d be thinking of when you hear that word. This storm is something totally different. It’s a storm in the spirit. A storm that will shake this Earth. You’ve been hearing me say that word a lot, Shake. Things have to be shaken up. Shaken up to destroy all of these things that have been built up around you and against you. This storm that’s upon you that’s coming it’s coming it’s right here. It’s right here. It’s upon’s part of the earth as we speak but it will fill the Earth. This storm is so great and powerful that it will affect the weather. It will affect laws yes. This storm it’ll be harsh Like a Hurricane as you see a natural hurricane. The destruction that it brings depending on how big it is. Even a category five hurricane cannot compare to the storm that is coming a great judgment and judgments are here. There have been things in the scene that you haven’t seen.

In This Storm we’ll bring those things out just like a storm or a tidal wave or a tsunami wave can bring things that were in the ocean and bring them out onto dry ground. The storm is going to sift up and bring things up there were hid from the world. Things that mankind didn’t know what was going on or could. I’ve told you I’ve heard and seen these things. I’ve been in their offices. I’ve been in their board rooms. I have been in those tunnels and things and places that they thought were hid so dark and so deep that no one else would know what they were doing. But I did. Just like the storm It Came Upon your enemy. In Egypt yes, that was a storm. It was judgment upon judgment upon judgment upon judgment. And yes you can use the word because that’s what I called them. But plague is just another word for judgment.

You were an hour right now or great judgment is going to hit and it will be very noticeable. It will change the course of this world and the course that it was on. It will change Nations in a day. You’re about to see Falls of many events around the world. Not just one or two everybody has their eyes in the United States and they should. Oh yes they should because of what’s about to happen in the land of my eagle will shake the rest of the world. But I’m not leaving other nations out. I’m not leaving our Nations out to be cleansed because they will too. Things are shaking up shaking up to separate. A separation is coming a great separation is coming yes it’s coming to separate my children from the world. I told you about it. It’s also one that will separate the church the lukewarm and ones who’ve turned their back on me. This is a Time or Warnings will cease very soon. Because everything that I’ve warned about you’ll start to see. So say looking at me stay in my word. I say this over and over and over.

I have to repeat myself foreign so my children know exactly what to say what to do and what to believe that your five physical senses will not dominate you. They never should have you should always been led by the spirit, by the Inner Man by me. So this is the time right now to get with me sit with me hear from me. I am speaking I speak to All My Children. They just have to have to have ears to hear what I’m saying so I have ears to hear this day to hear this day what I have to say that’ll bring life thou bring blessing thou bring breakthroughs. That’ll bring miracles. Yes things are shaking in the world and it will shake uncontrollably. But my church my body will be unshakable. The world will know and take notice of who you really are they will see you how they’ve always should have seen. You strong and mighty in my name spend more time in my written word and more time with me. Because there is coming that time very soon or you will need it and you’ll be glad that you did. Because you’ll be strong. So stand your ground stand firm stand strong look up Don’t Look Down don’t look around look to me and you will see like I’ve said before Great and Mighty victories, saith the Lord.

Chris Bennett - The Great Turn Around - June 17, 2023

Then this evening, I heard this in The Spirit — “Just as Mary, Queen of Scots “feared the prayers of John Knox more than all the armies of England”, so corrupt politicians and others in high places will fear the words and Revelations of the Prophets, and the Prayers of the Intercessors!”

“My People have been warned for long enough!” says The LORD.

“Evil men and those who plot corruption, death, and domination have been warned long enough! Now is the hour to “drive the money changers and traders out of My Temple.” (John 2:13-17)

Now is the time to clean up The House of God, and the corrupt politicians, traders, and dealers of iniquity!

Now is the time for ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’ for those who have harmed My little Children! I will repay!” says The LORD Almighty.

“Do not harm them yourselves, lest you too fall into sin. Rather, pray for their repentance and redemption!”, says God, “For vengeance is mine alone, and I will deal with them in My own way!”

Having heard that, I was reminded of Acts 12:20-23 where King Herod refused to acknowledge God and was struck down by maggots or worms!

In a paraphrase of words, I heard today, “Don’t just hold the line — advance to line — start taking back that which the enemy has stolen!”

Listen to the prophets and intercessors. They will lead us to victory and to the re-establishment of righteous living and government!

But maintain vigilance, for false prophets still walk among you, seeking to deceive and to lead astray.

Does not the Word speak about those who will deceive the very elect of God? (Matthew 24:24)


Veronika West - A Word of Warning to The United Kingdom - June 17,2023

So today, 17 June 2023, while in my Prayer Closet, I heard The Spirit say, ”I speak to you, My United Kingdom.

How divided you have become! How far you have fallen from Grace. How you have compromised and forgotten where you have come from.

My Prophets have spoken — My Prophets have warned — My Prophets have cried and wept over your rebellion and your stiff-necked ways.

But you have hardened your hearts; you have seared your consciences with a hot iron, and you have thrown caution to the Wind.

You have turned a blind eye to the perversion, corruption and the death of the innocent in the womb.

You have deafened your ears to Counsel and Wisdom, and you have silenced My Voice through My Prophets.

I say to you, My United Kingdom, how divided you have become!

Watch, I tell you! It’s because of your PRIDE that your fall shall be great — and you shall stand naked and fully exposed before the eyes of the World — and many will say, ”The Great British Lion no longer roars on the World Stage.”

For a heavy yoke shall be placed upon your necks for a time, for a new political leader will rise in the midst of you, and you shall be like a woman in labour, crying out for relief!

But I say to you, Watch! For a Remnant shall rise in the midst of the Storm that is coming to these shores — a Remnant clothed in the Sackcloth of Repentance, and with a Call to Turn and Return to the Altar!

Yes! A Remnant shall rise in the midst of the darkness, carrying The Light of My Glory!

I say to you, My United Kingdom, as My Remnant rises with a cry for Righteousness and Justice, the scales will tip, and a mighty Shift shall come to this Land, and a sudden Course Correction that will cause you to become United once again — United in Spirit and in Truth — United in Purpose and Vision!

Watch! For out of the ashes you shall Rise, even as a New Political Party rises, and where Economic Recession and Depression once dominated the headlines, now the Nation will speak of Reformation and Economic and Spiritual Transformation, and I will Reform and Refashion you, and I shall breathe upon you once again, as the Winds of My Resurrection Power begins to blow forth upon this land, and the sound of the Roar of the Lion of Judah will be heard and will herald the Dawning of a New Day of Divine Restoration for this Prodigal Nation!” 

Dr Patricia Green - Freedom Prophecy - June 10, 2023

I received this prophecy this message from the Lord on June 10th of 2023. So I want to read this message that I was given uh to by the Lord and just remember as I read this these are not my words these are the words of the Lord. So here we go the Lord said as for this wicked government running the USA I say their time is up. They are holding on with a thread and I am cutting that thread, says the Lord. The Lord said the timing of the release of the content of the Trump indictment is to divert attention from the Biden investigation which is damning to the Bidens. They the cabal, are scrambling to find a candidate for the 2024 election because they know Joe’s time is up. The Lord said but no matter who they choose they will not defeat My Chosen man for the president of the United States of America.

The Lord said much will happen between June of 2023 and November of 2024. The news cycle will be such that one Wicked thing right after the other will be exposed. And yes, the media will be forced to cover it or lose their ratings and their audiences. The Lord said new news stations will rise up that that will report truth and this will force the wicked ones to report truth or shut down. Some will shut down because they were so steeped in the cabal and the one world order. The Lord said there is a Darkness coming across the land and a deep Darkness over the people who hate truth. Those in this deep Darkness will perish says, the Lord. But those of the light will shine brightly with my glory, says the Lord. My light will dispel the darkness and uncover the very root of it. And the root may surprise some when I expose it, says the Lord of hosts. As for the Federal Reserve and the IRS I say they have fallen and will never recover, says the Lord. There is coming a new Financial system that will prevent the manipulation of money that which kept the average person from having wealth that system is over says the Lord fiat currency is over, says the Lord.

Gold, silver, precious metals and natural resources will be the new standard by which money is traded. Many nations have moved away from the Petro dollar which will set in motion the change for this new Financial system, says the Lord. So what looks like a plot to crash the U.S dollar, will indeed Usher in a new Financial system and eliminate the super rich from controlling the money. This will create an even an even playing field for the finances of the world. The Lord said in the midst of all of this change I am transferring great wealth to my Remnant who are ready to take my Gospel to the ends of the Earth.

I want it recorded that these are my words and my plans for the world finances in this season. My message to my children is this do not trust in riches trust in me, says the Lord. And use the riches that I have given you to further my kingdom. He said then you will have riches stored up for you in heaven where neither rust nor moth shall aid says the Lord. Then the Lord said this now I want to address all the candidates who are running for the 2024 presidential election and those who are weighing whether to get in the race.

I say this to all of you on the Republican side. I will systematically remove each one of you until there is only one remaining and that one is Donald J Trump. DeSantis Haley and Pence you all think you are strong candidates to defeat Trump. But I say to you you will not get the nomination. For I will turn the tide against you and the American people will rally behind Trump. The rallies for Trump will be larger and stronger than they have ever been before. A nation that has been held in bondage from the far left agenda will spill into these Trump rallies.  Freedom will be the cry and the demand of the people, says the Lord. And I will bring forth freedom in more ways than ever expected.

The woke agenda is being dismantled, says the Lord. The climate change money maker and money funneling is over, says the Lord. Fiat currency and money manipulators are done, says the Lord. Child trafficking and child sacrifices exposed and prosecuted, says the Lord. Gender confusion and gender transition in children eliminated, says the Lord. All of these Wicked practices are falling and I am breeding bringing freedom freedom freedom, says the Lord.  

Now I want to instruct my people how to pray for the United States of America and this next election cycle so my will is accomplished on this Earth. He said my will is accomplished when my children pray and ask me believe I have heard your prayers. And I am answering and declaring my words through your mouth, says the Lord. The Lord said all that I have spoken through my true prophets is my will for the this nation. So ask me to perform my words believe that I have heard your petition and I am answering then declare that which I have spoken through my prophets as if it is already done, says the Lord. So this is the message of the Lord and I hope you were encouraged.  God bless you.

Patty Teichroew - June 22, 2023

Julie Green - A STORM IS COMING TO SHAKE THIS EARTH - June 19 , 2023

For the Lord this day I’m telling my children that a storm is coming. Yes, a storm is coming. A storm like no other storms. It’s not a natural storm that you’d be thinking of when you hear that word. This storm is something totally different. It’s a storm in the spirit. A storm that will shake this Earth. You’ve been hearing me say that word a lot, Shake. Things have to be shaken up. Shaken up to destroy all of these things that have been built up around you and against you. This storm that’s upon you that’s coming it’s coming it’s right here. It’s right here. It’s upon’s part of the earth as we speak but it will fill the Earth. This storm is so great and powerful that it will affect the weather. It will affect laws yes. This storm it’ll be harsh Like a Hurricane as you see a natural hurricane. The destruction that it brings depending on how big it is. Even a category five hurricane cannot compare to the storm that is coming a great judgment and judgments are here. There have been things in the scene that you haven’t seen.

In This Storm we’ll bring those things out just like a storm or a tidal wave or a tsunami wave can bring things that were in the ocean and bring them out onto dry ground. The storm is going to sift up and bring things up there were hid from the world. Things that mankind didn’t know what was going on or could. I’ve told you I’ve heard and seen these things. I’ve been in their offices. I’ve been in their board rooms. I have been in those tunnels and things and places that they thought were hid so dark and so deep that no one else would know what they were doing. But I did. Just like the storm It Came Upon your enemy. In Egypt yes, that was a storm. It was judgment upon judgment upon judgment upon judgment. And yes you can use the word because that’s what I called them. But plague is just another word for judgment.

You were an hour right now or great judgment is going to hit and it will be very noticeable. It will change the course of this world and the course that it was on. It will change Nations in a day. You’re about to see Falls of many events around the world. Not just one or two everybody has their eyes in the United States and they should. Oh yes they should because of what’s about to happen in the land of my eagle will shake the rest of the world. But I’m not leaving other nations out. I’m not leaving our Nations out to be cleansed because they will too. Things are shaking up shaking up to separate. A separation is coming a great separation is coming yes it’s coming to separate my children from the world. I told you about it. It’s also one that will separate the church the lukewarm and ones who’ve turned their back on me. This is a Time or Warnings will cease very soon. Because everything that I’ve warned about you’ll start to see. So say looking at me stay in my word. I say this over and over and over.

I have to repeat myself foreign so my children know exactly what to say what to do and what to believe that your five physical senses will not dominate you. They never should have you should always been led by the spirit, by the Inner Man by me. So this is the time right now to get with me sit with me hear from me. I am speaking I speak to All My Children. They just have to have to have ears to hear what I’m saying so I have ears to hear this day to hear this day what I have to say that’ll bring life thou bring blessing thou bring breakthroughs. That’ll bring miracles. Yes things are shaking in the world and it will shake uncontrollably. But my church my body will be unshakable. The world will know and take notice of who you really are they will see you how they’ve always should have seen. You strong and mighty in my name spend more time in my written word and more time with me. Because there is coming that time very soon or you will need it and you’ll be glad that you did. Because you’ll be strong. So stand your ground stand firm stand strong look up Don’t Look Down don’t look around look to me and you will see like I’ve said before Great and Mighty victories, saith the Lord.

Barry Wunsch - More indictments are coming but they will not stand! - June 11 , 2023

I was taken in the spirit by the Spirit of God into a meeting.
It was a high-level meeting of a National Security group.
Not everyone from the council was invited to the meeting.
There were those who were involved that were using the group to control elements that would assist in targeting DJT with further allegations to in order to impede him from fulfilling his calling to drain the swamp and bring justice for the Nation.
They were afraid of the exposure and consequences of their actions and all that they had done falsely to control and manipulate the Nation.
They sat around a large round table and had a couple of video feeds into the room. One of the feeds was the financial backing to enable such an endeavor representing a larger group from Europe. The man on the screen was Klaus Schwab.
They had operatives coming and reporting back to this group regarding their progress and findings as they were tasked with the complexity of the legalities and logistics they could conjure up to further attack 45 to take him out.
They were coming up dry. Anything they brought to the table was so thin, there was no meat and bones to any of it.
They had no substantial evidence what so ever to build anything upon.
That being said it brought frustration into the room for them, they were now in a position where they were going to have to blackmail, threaten, coheres and manipulate different ones to bring false testimony against President Trump to try to discredit him from his position.
They were not only sifting through President Trumps past, but they were also sifting through the past of President Trumps friends and associates. They were desperate for evidence.
In fact the enemy had positioned several individuals around President Trump to gain access to Him, and to use them to run interference around him to keep those who were called to his side and the best interests of the Nation.
There were those that had personal agendas tied to their access and proximity to DJT, using it for personal gain that in fact ran caused conflict for President Trump.
This was all going to be exposed in short order, and removals were coming. When DJT had revelation and saw what was going on, he swiftly dealt with it as led through his submission and leading by Holy Spirit.
As this was worked out, there was another wave of supernatural grace and strength that came, even stronger than before.
Holy Spirit brought an alignment and doors were opened for those called into place to serve, protect and advance the Kingdom work that was at hand.
The acceleration of this shift was obvious as the Lord repositioned these ones and the favour became very kinetic.
I saw President Trump up to bat in a huge ball diamond and stadium. I saw the enemy throwing all sorts of pitches at him, and they were all garbage, but the President had the empowerment and grace to hit each and every allegation thrown at him!
Not only did he hit them, but he swung back and knocked them out of the park.
With all eyes on him he and by the grace and favor of God was able to take what the enemy threw at him and turn it for good!
Home run after home run.
At the end of the day, they threw all they had at him and did not even come close to striking him out!
Barry tell my people that they are seeing the greatest show on earth being played out in these days. There is an awakening about to be released through out the Nations that will bring in a harvest like no other.
Do not presume everyone is going to make it through.
There are many that have reject me, and have rejected my ways and have given them selves over to deception and evil. They have not heeded my warnings and have not turned away from their wicked ways, oh, how I have pleaded with them to turn to me for it is not my desire that any perish but all would come unto me for ever lasting life!
I say unto you on this day arise and shine for your light has come and the my glory of is risen upon you!
Walk with me in the heat of the day and in the cool of the night, I will lead you and guide you, I will be your strength in times of trouble and I will be your comforter and your protector in times of trouble. You are not alone – for you are mine – I will never leave you or abandon you. You will have shelter all the days of your life. I have called you for such a time as this, so do not be dismayed, for we shall walk together into victory!
Holy is the word of the Lord.

Shelly Mosley - Threshing floor - June 15 , 2023

So September the 13th of 2022 he said for I the Lord search the hearts of men. I searched them intensely it is there that I see the intentions and the hidden things. I do not look as man looks on the outward appearance. No, I search the heart. I look on the heart many hearts in this hour are cold they have waxed cold. Their hearts need to be cleaned out they need to be washed and cleaned. There is a deep stirring in my people at this time. My remnant the Deep stirring that is letting them know a shift has happened a mighty and miraculous shift. I have already said that the death would be great in number. As I said I look on the heart I look on the condition of the heart those who have wreaked havoc on my people have had full intentions of evil toward my people. Evil on levels not thought of by righteous people. A shock is coming to the Nations where the truth is exposed. Shock is coming and it will be great. But just as I had no pity on evil and corrupt people. I will have no pity now. You should have none either.

They all had chances to repent. They turned their backs to me and stood as Lot’s wife. And turned back to the evil and sin that was going on. I set to deliver her and she desired to look back. Her heart showed herself. Her heart showed where she desired to be. This will soon be the same. I have made delivery plans and many will turn back. They desired the corruption and the life of sin over Deliverance. Do not have pity on them. I know this is difficult for you to hear and understand. But what I am about to do must be done. They were afforded chance after chance to repent and turn away. But they chose to stand against me. They have risen up in their foolishness and dared to challenge me. Am I not God that can wipe them off the face of the Earth if I so choose to. Am I not God who can strike blindness upon them so that they cannot see. Am I not the same God who did all I did in my word? I am that I am I am the same yesterday today and forever. I change not. My Mercy has been as a raging River open to all who want it. Very soon that River for many will be damned up. They will be left standing with no help on the way. No chance of repentance left.

The time is upon you now that will move swiftly. It will move swiftly and it will be fearful for the wicked. What I am about to do no man has ever seen. This is no longer the threshing hour. It is now the time of winnowing. The chaff will be sent into the fire. Am I not a merciful and loving God? Am I not a caring and graceful God? What is about to be seen is a great sign of my love and mercy for many. Your enemy cannot stop me. Much shock and awe will be seen. I will cover and protect those who are mine. They bear the mark of my name upon them many do not know me yet. But soon they will. Many will come to sorry many will come to know me and be saved pray. Pray for all to choose me. I have already told you that there is a Time coming. Very soon that it will appear that my people have lost. No, says the Lord for I will come from out of nowhere and sweep it all clean. All over the world I will sweep.

Many and high power believe they can escape judgment merely by stepping down or retiring from their post. Nay says the Lord. They will do much more than just step down. Many will pay for the vile and corrupt things. They Unleashed upon you my children they will pay for it all. The order has been sent. Stand strong in me my faithful ones stand strong and wait upon me. You will not be harmed by what takes place you are protected by me. Get your house your personal temple in order. Get right before me and stay there. You are mine and those who belong to me are protected. Do not look around and lose sight of me. Keep Your Eyes Upon me says the Lord. Keep Your Eyes Upon me and do not waver any longer. Believe me and trust me at my very word I will always keep my word to you I am not a man that can lie I speak truth in all ways.

Many in the church will fall. Many will collapse where they stand I am cleansing my houses and sweeping out the sin. There is much happening in the hearts of many who serve me. And with those who have one foot in sin and one foot out. Those who have pliable Hearts will answer to my call of repentance. Those who have Stony Hearts will only Harden further. There will be Liberation for many all over the world. Liberation and freedom will occur in places that have never known it.

Watch as more secret labs are about to be discovered. The truth will flood out concerning all that has gone on in these detestable Labs. Many will be held accountable for what they did there. The NSA will be cleaned out and destroyed. Bombshell reports of Truth are flooding out of it. What is coming cannot be denied or hidden any longer. You will soon hear of a collapse in England London Bridge is falling down. Watch as something was attempted during the funeral of the queen. Watch it be revealed. I am showing the plans of the wicked the wicked will not Prosper. The monarchies are about to be devastated. You are about to see many fall on live television. Actors, politicians, singers, entertainers, news anchors, many are about to fall on live TV. The news stations believe they can cut things out and misrepresent the truth. But I am forcing the truth out in the open. I will allow their fall and it will be in great humiliation.

I will cause them to speak truth. when they don’t mean to. The truth will come out. It will come pouring out of their mouths as I take hold of their lying tongues and force them to speak truth. Much is being said in this hour listen closely and pay attention. Holy Spirit will lead you and guide you. Listen to his prompting listen to what he says to do be alert and you will be safe. A monument will fall soon one that they said would never come crashing down. Do not be afraid do not get into fear at what they attempt. The corrupt or desperate their plans are failing now and they do not understand why. I am forcing their plans upon them. Now their Gallows are high for those who built them. There is a time of deafening science silence coming. Do not fear sing your praise to me. My children remember that I inhabit the Praises of my people. I will never leave you or forsake you. No never says the Lord. What emerges will be a new thing I do for you. I have to till and turn the fields over and remove any hindering weeds. So that my Harvest can come without hindrance.

You will soon hear of severe flooding in Nova Scotia. Pray for my people. Pray for the innocent. On a side note that was fulfilled on September 23rd from Hurricane Fiona it said that it was historic and an extreme event flooding in a Nova Scotia. Justin Trudeau will soon be removed and replaced. One foot in the grave is what he has. Death will be his portion at what he planned and plotted against me and my people. My children I am scaling the walls of Injustice now. I will move and Destroy much in this hour. Justice will be rendered soon. I am a just and fair God the time has come for vengeance to be seen, My Vengeance. Hold On Tight to me we are just about there and that was the end of that word.



These are the days I have warned you about. These are the days that I have spoken of in My Word. These are the days that I have spoken about through My prophets. These are the days of great and mighty changes.  

Things are coming, coming so quickly. They will shock many. Things are coming that I have told you about. Things are building, building up, building up the pressure. They are building up pressure like an active volcano when it’s just about to blow, and the magma chamber is full, and it has to have somewhere to go. So is the time that you are living in; the pressure has been building up and building up and building up in the spirit. It’s about to explode and come to an explosive place where your enemies are rising up to give it their best shot, to do everything they can at one time to bring in what they want: their global governance, their global reset, their global currency, and their global depopulation. 

They have the means. They have many things backing them up. But I have told you, they didn’t see Me. In their arrogance and their pride, they don’t see Me. They still don’t see Me. 

Just like this volcano, the pressure is building and is about to blow in the spirit, and you will see it in the natural. There has been a great storm, a great storm merging like a cold and warm front coming together. My children, this perfect storm is just about at that point right now, at the boiling point of a volcanic eruption. 

Spiritually there are things that are about to happen worldwide, and especially in My land of the eagle, that will shake you to your core. They will seem to come out of nowhere. It will be abrupt, just like a volcano, when it erupts when people are unaware. 

So many people are unaware. They’re unaware of what’s brewing in D.C. People are unaware of what’s brewing in the world stock market. People are unaware of what is brewing in the churches. People are unaware of what is brewing underneath the ground- things hidden. Many hidden things are about to be revealed. 

Get prepared and get your homes in order. Get your spirits ready to receive Me. An outpouring is coming. But so many of My children could not (cannot) receive this outpouring because they are too much in the world and live by the world and how the world thinks. That is why I have said in My Written Word to renew your mind. That way, you are not conformed to this world around you. 

Things are falling apart for your enemies. They’re falling apart. Something shocking, shocking, will come out of your White House- a shocking announcement. Something shocking will come out of the Supreme Court. You think you know what it is, but you don’t. People won’t see these things coming, not this way. 

Look up and focus on Me. You will need to focus on Me in this time, yes. A great darkness is brewing, and the evil ones are preparing. They are preparing to bring great evil upon this world and do things to you in a way they’ve never done. 

I will hold them (your enemies) back, and they won’t get what they want. But, My children, I need you to speak My Words. Do what I tell you to do. Stand and pray and focus. Focus. Focus on Me and who I really am, what I have already done for My children, and what I have already done on this Earth to save mankind from everything Satan wants to do- (just as He has done) every time. I’m no different (God doesn’t change). 

An announcement is going to be made- a great announcement. Oh, United States, prepare for this announcement. It will be one to try and break you one last time, and bring division, discord, confusion, and despair. But what they’re doing will end their evil empire and their evil regime. They are not going down without a fight. No, they’re fighting. They’re fighting hard. And they don’t care who they take out with them.  

My army, My army, is being built. My army is being perfected. My army is growing- an unstoppable army that’s undefeated. So get up. Get up where you are. Get fed up. Get fed up with where you are and what the enemy has done to you. Get fed up. Stand up. Use My Word. Use My Word with force. Manifestations of My Word will come quicker and quicker and quicker despite the darkness, despite the announcements, despite the shaking, and despite everything that they’re doing. 

On the other side, it’s like My Goshen- glory, light, revival, prosperity. Yes. There is darkness, destruction, and chaos on one side, and the other is so beautiful. It’s a uniting in Me and receiving My Glory that I have always wanted to pour out. Things that I’ve been holding back because I had to. My children limited Me. They didn’t believe, they didn’t see, they didn’t expect, and they didn’t ask. I said- seek, and you will find. Ask. Ask. Ask, and it will be given unto you. Remember, knock, and the door will be opened. I have been waiting for My kids to ask. I have been waiting for My kids to seek. I have been waiting for My kids to come to My door. I am a Father who wants to give. 

So despite what you see, despite what goes on, live with Me. Live with Me in My Glory. These are those days. Don’t look for the bad. Look for My goodness. Don’t pay attention to the darkness. Pay attention to that great light. I am doing things for My children that I have never done, no. And it brings great joy to My heart. Great joy. 

So, sing. Sing. Sing. Sing praises. Sing praises and watch your enemies scatter before your face. Because I, the Lord, am coming. I am coming. I am coming, and the world will see that I am not dead. I am still alive, and I am the same Great I AM, saith the Lord. 

Julie Green - AN ARMY IS MOVING THAT CAN'T BE STOPPED - June 14 , 2023

I have today and here’s a prophetic word called an army is moving that can’t be stopped again this was from June 7th. For the Lord this day I’m telling you that an army is moving a Great and Mighty Army. My angels I have sent to help my children in this hour and in this time. An army that’s innumerable an army that can’t be stopped. An army that’s undefeated. My children you see Giants in front of you may see their power and their strength. You may see all that they have done to you and all that seems that they have gotten away with. But what you don’t see is a mighty Army that is with you and there is more with you than against you. What you see must end and it does have an end date and it’s coming due or about to expire you would say. Your enemies thought they have gotten away with what they wanted.In an actuality the opposite happened as they pushed their agendas. They push their narratives as they push their propaganda as they push through their laws as they push through. Their fraud and their elected officials and they did more of what they wanted.

It seemed like everything was going so perfectly for them. But I was there and let them believe that so. They could walk right into every trap I had set for them. Yes, every trap to end each and every one of their plans. And at the same time awaken my body to awaken my nation to awaken the world and to strengthen them perfect their faith. As they grew stronger the enemy’s power grew weaker by the day. My children have been growing stronger and stronger in Me growing in my word feeding on my truth. To set them free from their captivity my children it’s all coming together you would say. It is and I am moving for all the world to know that I am the way. I’m the only way I am your deliverance that I am victory that I am love. That I am the most high God and no one gets past me so rest in me today rest in my words rest with my peace that I have given to you receive my joy that gives you strength needed to get through each day. To rise above your circumstances.

When your enemy wants to keep you down you shout him down and tell him no Satan you will not take what belongs to me you will not have your way. Because God is the way he lives in me and he defeated you that means you have no power against me. My children learn of me more and stand against your enemy and win every time, saith the Lord. Great Revelations are coming regarding hammer and scorecard more that has been revealed much more. Drones and the truth of what has been flying above your nation is about to be revealed big time. Ragweed this word will be in your news for surprising reason. A general is about to be in your news and great exposures are coming to more people in the government including the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and summon military positions that will shock in this nation. Watch what they say and do regarding the U.S currency.

My children stand against Global Currency and shout it down now. Shout down this Beast system do not give in to what they are saying ever. Regardless of what it looks like. They don’t have the power to do it another major corporation is about to be exposed and it will take a massive fall. Stocks are not done falling for many corporations and big Banks is about to hit in a major way. A day is coming very soon where there will not be able to hold up their stock market because I am coming to shake it like it never has been shaken before. Wall Street is being exposed in every government official who took part in shady deals and insider trading along with getting paid to pass laws that are unconstitutional. These days are coming to an end.

A senator is about to be removed from their seat in a shocking way. A well-known governor is about to be exposed. I told you my children this is a time of great reveals and great exposures. Every Lie is about to be revealed in this establishment in DC is about to be brought down and away no man would have thought possible. I am the way to bring it all down faster than any man or any military power I am moving with my Army toward your enemies. And soon you will see a great defeat in a great overthrow in not only this country but many around the world, saith the Lord.


Patty Teichroew - June 15 , 2023



Shelly Mosley - Let it go - June 12, 2023

He said put the past behind you and keep it there. There is no benefit to you for you to keep rehearsing your bad decisions over and over again in your mind. If you have repented truly repented to me then it does not exist anymore. Let it go do not fall into the Trap that the accuser sets for you. Day and night he accuses you. But what hold does he have what ground does he have to accuse you? If you if your repented sins are tossed into the sea of forgetfulness. What ground does he have to stand on. He has nothing. He never forgets your sin but I do. When you come to me with your heart rent into sorry for the sin you have committed when you repent I remember it no more. I forget and do not hold it against you my children but the accuser does not. No, he holds them over your heads and he remembers everyone. But does he have the power to wash you clean by his blood no he has no power whatsoever.

I have the power to forgive and forget I have the power to wash you clean with the blood of Jesus. He doesn’t have any power so when he accuses you and accuses you again and again for what you did in the past what you were part of, what you engaged in. If you have brought it to me in Repentance he cannot rightfully accuse you or drag your sins up that have already been buried. He has no grounds he is a liar and a manipulator and he is full of Darkness the poison. He spews is riddled with accusation my children. You were set free from the bondage the minute you came to me and repented. The second you made me Lord of your life I began a work in you. Do not fall into the traps and snares he lays for you telling you that you will never be forgiven and redeemed that I do not forgive you and hold a record of wrongs against you after you have cast them toward me he does sorry. He has no hold on you when you choose to see what I say is true. If he can keep you as a prisoner of the past he has you right where he wants you.

Sorry do not let him win. You are chosen you are loved you are forgiven you are set free. You are powerful. You are called you are beautiful. You are precious. You are important you are the head and not the tail. You are blessed and highly favored. You are redeemed from the curse you are sealed with my spirit. My children don’t you see your worth? Don’t you see your value to me? If your sin is in the past and it is repented of how can I hold it against you? I cannot and I will not yesterday is gone it is in the past. You cannot get it back again even five minutes ago is in the past repent of anything you are holding on to let it go and trust me to take it from you. Many of you do not repent because you think you are not worthy to receive forgiveness. The truth is you are not my children not by your own Merit and not by Your Own Strength.

You are not worthy but Jesus makes you worthy to receive it. He has redeemed you by his blood. He has redeemed you only by his stripes are you healed. Only by his blood are you made whole. The shedding of his Precious Blood qualifies you and makes you worthy to receive forgiveness. No longer do you have to sacrifice Lambs for your forgiveness. No the Lamb of God sacrificed himself for you so that you could be in right standing with me. My children keep your eyes on me keep your heads up you have nothing to hang your head about. If you have given it all to me there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. No condemnation do not believe this lie Satan does not convict you. The Holy Spirit does and conviction comes because I love you and I want to protect you.

When you are convicted by the Holy Spirit obey him and repent I long to see you walk in my ways trusting me and obeying me there is blessing in obedience. My children stop looking in the past and look forward. Keep your eye on the prize that is ahead of you. The past is over forgive who needs forgiveness including yourself. If you ask someone to forgive you and they do not receive it that is not up to you. You do your part and let me do mine you are released from that obligation when you do. Let It Go stop holding on to things that can be detrimental to you. I have plans for you and a bright future set up in your favor you cannot achieve Victory by Looking Backward. Do not look back. Look at Lot’s wife she looked back in longing Desiring to be back where she was taken out of and saved from she turned to a pillar of salt. The salt that I desire for you to have is full of flavor you are the salt of the earth. Salt and Light are you my children walk forward toward your destiny walk toward your Victory.

It is well within your grasp. Just let the past go the past hurts the past wrongs that have been done to you the past sins you’ve already repented of the past is the past look to your future look to me and walk in the light and walk in my life. Do not go backward go forward and press toward the mark gang ground for my kingdom. Let the Holy Spirit lead you and guide you. Today is a new day and aren’t my mercies new every morning for you let today be the day you decide choose life choose to serve me with a clean and fresh start. I will do it for you my intentions toward you are always for your good no matter what it may look like know that I am there waiting on you I want you all of you. For I am a jealous God and I require your all every part of you. Every part of your heart give it all to me and see that there is room for all you want when you make me your first and most important prior priority. You are loved you are wanted you are a blessing to those around you . Let me use you for my glory. We have much to accomplish my children be willing be that willing vessel I’ve called you to be.

Matt Lauer will soon be in the news. Even more truth will flow out about him. He hasn’t gotten away with anything. Nabisco company will be front and center this company will be exposed very soon. The term Fire and Ice will for a very interesting reason be in headlines. Watch what comes out when this term is used. My children what you are about to witness is twofold. You are about to see my Justice and my Mercy simultaneously at the same time. I have heard the cries of my people and I am moving to rescue them those who have cast the dark shadow in this earth will not get away unscathed they will answer for the parts they played to try and bring ruin to my people. But the days of Haman are here now. The Gallows they built with my people in mind will in fact be their ending. They will be spiritually hung on them great turmoil will soon be released as chaos tries its best to take over. Be at peace my children be at total peace because you are mine and I am yours.

My Remnant must stand ready in this hour ready to stand at their posts with their full armor on. Be watchful be awake know that I’ve got you protected on all sides. I have you in the palm of my mighty hands be encouraged this day for your future is bright and all that you’ve been through will not be for nothing I am using all parts of past hurts and the pain and affliction you have had to endure I am using it for my glory and for your good it had to be this way you are not lost no my precious ones you have won the Victory and your enemy has been defeated it will soon very soon manifest in nature look at your Redemption draws near and that’s the end of that.

Julie Green - THE DAYS OF GREAT REMOVALS ARE HERE - June 12, 2023

For I, the Lord, this day am telling My children again that I am coming, and nothing, and I mean nothing, will stop My Will (being done) upon this Earth- no man, no plan, no global reset, no government, and certainly not any globalist or their agenda. 

My children, I am the judge over all this Earth, and soon the world will know that for a fact. The world will know that I still live and there is no one like Me. My plans are moving forward, and great judgment and great justice will be seen. No man has ever risen up above Me, and no man has ever stood against Me and won.    

Remember who gives them that pride to stand against Me- the one who has fallen, who has already been thrown out of Heaven and sentenced to the Lake of Fire for all eternity. He has been disarmed and defeated. So never forget that great defeat (of Satan) by the Blood of Jesus. And remember that anyone on his side is guaranteed to be defeated. 

Shout because this global reset is coming down, including all who joined and have been a part of it. Their economy will be ripped apart. Their governments, their laws, and their power and influence over My Earth and My nations will be completely destroyed.   

Again I say, this is the day and the hour for My body to arise and be the light for this dark world. Receive My Glory. Receive revival. Receive My truth like never before. Prepare your hearts now because things are about to shake like never before to get this world free from the death grip that has been holding it. It has also held My children down and kept them from receiving My Glory in an unlimited way. Get ready now. Open your hearts and minds more to Me and not the world and its ways. 

Faith is necessary for the days you are living in. So, stand and live your lives by faith. Watch your lives change dramatically in My Glory, saith the Lord. 

Big waves are coming- waves that will destroy, get the world’s attention, and break anything in their path. (There will be) waves of truth, waves of exposures, waves of revival, waves of My Glory, waves that will cleanse, and waves that will heal. Yes, waves are coming that will change nations and churches, waves that will bring judgment and justice, and waves that will remove the wicked and evil ones from office. Yes, these great waves that are coming are a part of this perfect storm that’s picking up steam and becoming more and more powerful. The more your enemies rise against you, the more powerful the storm gets against them. Get ready. The storm is about to hit, and it will get the world’s attention, saith the Lord. 

I have told you time and time again to watch the skies above you. More and more things will continue to occur that cannot be explained. (There will be) more military, yes. They will fill the skies above you more and more. Some things you will know about, and some you will not. But remember what I have said- you are getting your nation back, and nothing you are about to see will change that fact.  

More whistleblowers will completely expose the establishment in your government, oh, United States- yes, truth regarding the left and the right. And all who have been against this Nation, I say again, will be removed by My hand, saith the Lord of Hosts.  

Watch Paris. Something significant is about to take place there. 

Another bank is about to collapse, and this is not just any bank. It will bring great shockwaves to the economy. 

J.P. Morgan is about to be exposed. The doors will be opened wide, and their books will be exposed regarding all the crimes they have committed and how they also took part in stealing a Nation. 

Global currencies: this will be in your headlines more and more. Listen to what they are saying but know they will not have their way; not in this day, saith the Lord. 

Oh, United States, a shaking will occur in your Senate. Yes, a shaking that will shock this Nation. (There will be) one exposure after another, of one person after another. Everyone against you will be named. Everyone who stole your Nation from you will be sentenced. You will finally see what has happened and who all was a part of it.   

I will say this again- the death of a senator and the death of a congressman are about to take place on the same day. Who it is will surprise you. And then another senator will pass away. 

My children, more people in your government are not who they say they are, and soon their masks will be removed by Me. 

Oh, United States, a great shaking is about to shake your Nation. Get ready to stand, My children. Get ready to walk by faith. Get ready to fight with the Words I have given to you. Get ready to receive all that has been stolen from you.  

Get ready for a great darkness for a short time. Do not fear this darkness; it is to remove your enemies from where they are. 

Many removals have already happened that you were unaware of. These next removals will bring a shock, and certain things have to happen so a war does not break out.  

My children, you may not totally understand everything, and I am not asking you to. I am asking you to stand, pray, and believe Me. Do not give up on My Words, what I have for you, and what I am about to do for you. Hope is not lost because I am not lost. And I am your hope, your peace, your everything. 

So, watch and pray, and you will see Me in a way you have never seen Me before. Get ready because I am about to show up for the world to see who I really am, saith the Lord your Redeemer.


Shelly Mosley - No arrow can penetrate! - June 9, 2023

The Lord wanted me to share with you a word that he actually gave me on May the 15th of 2022. I had already released it last year. But for some reason he is wanting me to re-release this some of these words that have already been released um he’s having me go back for whatever reason that he has whether or not it’s someone didn’t hear it the first time that needed to hear it or uh just for his own purposes I don’t know but I’m just going to be obedient and and do that so he said uh I have told you all my children that it is about to get bumpy I have told you that it will soon appear that you have lost yet I will move quickly to redeem and vindicate you I will do what I promised a Great and Mighty victory in my name is headed toward you it will appear that the evil have gotten away with their disgusting acts once again but no it is not so I have told you that from out of nowhere I would come and save you.

It is nearing midnight my children and that is when I do my best work. When it appears there seems to be no hope at all that is when I set things right and help you. This will be so children of almighty God my plans are moving forward and crashing into their plans. What they are trying to do will hold no weight whatsoever. They will meet losses at every turn they will see no gains. But they believe they will win with what they are attempting. They will run with their tails tucked between their legs I have blocked off they’re attempting now I am allowing them to think they still have the upper hand in truth they do not they will try one last major thing against you but I will not allow it I will knock the wills off their Chariots of pursuit. They will soon be just a bad memory. I know to you it seems impossible. I know it seems unlikely in your finite mind my children. But I am an infinite God I cannot you cannot think the same way that I do even though I created you. And I know you’re every fiber and every cell in your body. You cannot fully understand my ways this is why I do things the way.

I do because no man no entity no false god can get the glory from what I do. When I put Noah and his family into the ark I wwarned I told Noah of my plan I left room for repentance for the world to enter the ark no one else came I laid out a plan of Mercy. But no one else came to receive it when I shut the door their Fates were sealed the fates of the ones inside the ark as well as the ones outside the ark but they all had a chance of mercy and a chance of repentance which would have led to Redemption my all chose all chose I warned I gave time I gave chances I even gave extra time with the door open this is the same my children the warnings have gone forth some have heeded them but many have not the door is open but my children are ready or sorry but my children are already in the ark I am about to close the door that no man can open. Your redemption draws nigh it’s about to change for you. It’s all about to change for you. Sorry, I can’t get it together you have not lost you have won my children you have won a great victory in the fruits of it are about to be known. I will do what I said I would do it looks peaceful and calm right now but it will soon appear that things are falling apart in the natural. It’s only setting the stage for a Great and Mighty thing I am about to do.

Praise me when it looks bad praise me when it appears you are trapped and there appears to be no way out Children of almighty God do I always provide a way out yes I do and this is no different haven’t you seen times when it was clear and sunny where you were but you could see in the distance dark clouds and heavy rain falling over that area this is the same it is storming in Egypt my children it is storming and it is storming hard yet it is shining bright in Goshen for you I have told you about my coming plans for a reason I have given you many many signs so that you hear my voice and my instruction I do it to comfort you and to remind you of just who you are you are the children of the only God you are the only heirs you are the children of a father who owns the cattle of a Thousand Hills I comfort you and provide for you you have not because you ask not my children ask me ask me and let me move on your behalf. I will provide all you need according to my riches and Glory. By my precious son Jesus you are heirs to all I love you my precious children I love you enough to tell you what is coming ahead of time.

I love you enough to prepare you you will not be blindsided like your enemies want you to be you are prepared although you don’t know the intricate details of my plans you know enough to get ready pack up children of the most high God pack up and get ready because your Exodus is happening sooner than you think you are leaving Egypt for good and of course your task Masters will do the typical thing that those who lose everything will do they will pursue you. They will pursue but they will be destroyed in their Pursuit. Destroyed before your eyes just like the Pharaoh in his army were destroyed in the Israelites sight.

The water is getting choppy yes but I am in the boat with you. And no harm will befall you. You are covered by the blood of redemption you are protected on all sides no arrows can penetrate your armor I am coming with my host to avenge you all and avenge you I will do not worry about how it works do not worry about how I will do it just know that I will do it what your enemy has meant for harm and destruction I will use against them for your good keep professing the truth keep standing on my word and on my very Truth for I the Lord will not let you fall into the pits of Despair no that is where your enemies want you but that is where they will fall they will fall into their own pits. They will hang on their own nooses they will die by their own hands they will reap the rotten fruits they have planted they have not gotten away with anything my children I have records of it all and they will all soon see that those records are being made public what they meant to cover and hide in secret is being made known to all my children are waking up to the truth of what’s been hidden from them they will see it all and all will come back to bite them with a deadly bite hold on I am here things have heated up to a boiling point it is boiling over my children they’re pots of Wrath are boiling over with no hopes to cool down you are about to hear of a huge and famous Gorge being decimated. Pay close attention to what is reported about this this story is not over. I will reveal it all a typhoon will soon destroy much in Asia my people will have no harm befall them.

Now uh in September on September 5th of last year there was a rare super typhoon a heminar and it was equivalent to a category five hurricane and it did go in to Asia and did quite a bit of damage um and so I don’t know if that was if that was fulfilled or if there is another one coming I know there was just recently another one but he’s talking about Asia and this one. Ridley Scott will be in your news soon know that what is said is deeper than it appears. I am moving my hand against all who have done foul and corrupt things in private I am moving I am moving the truth I am making the truth no sorry there will soon be reports of ear piercing noises that will be heard but cannot be explained away it will affect many and will drive some to Madness I am ridding the world of corrupt in evil ones a famous painting will soon be in the news something hidden in it will be revealed something not previously known a famous Butler I thought this was interesting a famous Butler will be in your headlines listen to what is said and what comes to light about him you will soon hear of an important river flooding out of its banks the worst flooding ever recorded concerning that River.

It will be said I am flooding the truth into all areas no nothing can stop what is coming. My hand has released the held back Waters of Truth floods will be worse than ever in some places children my hand of redemption is what will save you. But my hand and destruction will end your enemies. It’s all happening you may not see it yet but it is happening before your eyes be of great cheer be of great comfort I am moving stronger now and that was the end of that word um there was a few places where he he talked about I know and the one that you heard yesterday he talked about uh how Noah you know Noah was on the ark and and how he left the door open for seven days even with a a chance of repentance for anyone who wanted to come to come and they didn’t take that chance I mean they did they.

They did they made the decision against and so when the door shut I mean that door stayed open for seven days because of God’s mercy and the same reason I believe that God has has pushed back his moving his fully uh doing what he’s doing because he’s calling to repentance he’s calling people to repentance he doesn’t want any man to perish not one and so with what he’s about to do um you know he’s just been talking for the last three years about this I mean just really releasing and calling to repentance and many people have said you know nothing nothing’s gonna happen he’s been saying this for three years nothing’s gonna happen but you know look how long Noah Noah was building the ark and and the repentance was being called and when it got down to it and theAnimals went in and Noah and his family went in the door stayed open for seven days and still no one else came.

But that was God’s mercy you know because then when it was sealed up God had to shut that door it was so big and so heavy that only God could do it and so it’s the same you know it’s the same that where we are now um he talked about in this in this word uh he said that you the the ones that pursue you you know that that they’re going to be destroyed in their Pursuit and they’re going to be destroyed before your eyes just like favorite pharaoh and his army were destroyed if you’ll remember they let the you know Pharaoh let the people go they walked across on dry ground and then pharaoh and all of his armies pursued and they got in the middle of that the Red Sea and God closed the waters up on them in the Israelites saw what the destruction that came to them I mean that all of these Egyptians washed up to the shore for their loved ones to find I mean that that was you know God God did it. But the one thing that he wanted me to go over with you he said you are protected on all sides no arrows can penetrate your armor and I thought that was interesting. …

Veronica West - The Season Has Changed! Do You See It? - June 9, 2023

“The Season has changed! Do you see it, now it springs forth? Behold, it’s a new thing!”

“Beloved, surely I have purposed, but man has despised.

I have set out My Plans, but many have resisted and rejected them!

Have I not said that My Ways are not your ways, and My Thoughts are not your thoughts — for My Ways and Thoughts are higher than yours?

Listen! Take heed to My Words! I AM not a God who changes His Mind or evolves with the times.

I AM unchanging! I AM the same yesterday, today and forever…..

Soon My Patience and My Understanding will run out, and those who have stood against Me will be swiftly and severely dealt with.

tipping pointMy Mercy proceeds Justice — but when the bowls of iniquity are full, suddenly, and without warning, The Scales will tip and the gavel of My Justice will fall, and the rebellious and stiff necked will be broken and will never recover.

So guard your heart. Do not lean on your own understanding!

Do not jeer and mock at My Timing or question My Ways, for you do not see the beginning from the end and the end from the beginning as I do, you only see what is right in front of you, and so your knowledge is limited and your understanding is lacking.

Watch, for My Governing Hand is always moving, shifting and rearranging, and resetting things in perfect order to ensure and guarantee that all things — all things — work together for the good of those who Love Me.

So do not think or accuse Me of being deaf to your Call, or distant when you draw close.

I tell you now, live by faith — and not by your feelings that are ever fleeting, fickle and constantly unpredictable.

But cast down vain imaginations and cast off questionings that bring doubt, unbelief and double mindedness, for I AM an ever present help in times of trouble.

My strong Right Hand is always outstretched towards you to Rescue and Redeem, Revive and Restore your life.

Beloved, be quick to repent of your pride and relinquish the need to be in control.

Why make Me wait and delay My Divine Deliverance and wonder-working Power to perform Miracles in the midst of you, because you have chosen to rather explore and exhaust all other man-made ideas and quick fix solutions?

When will you let go of human intellect and understanding, and Look to Me alone?

When will you abandon your will in exchange for My Will and My Way? For surely I tell you, as soon as you let go and trust Me, you will see that I have already made provision — like the ram that was caught in the thicket — there is great reward in store for those who will walk by Faith and in radical obedience to My Word.

My Redeemed Ones, be of good courage and pay attention to My Word!

Do not think I AM unmindful of the fears, the frailties and the weaknesses of the human heart, but know that I AM a God of Love, and discipline Righteousness and Holiness.

Fools ignore instruction and are therefore Ignorant and blind and soon fall into a pit. But the wise listen and obey and soon prosper, and live in peace.

So come close, for I AM a Consuming Fire! Draw near to Me and let the Burning Fires of My Glory ignite and divinely energise you, for My Fire will empower you to lay claim to all My Promises that are yours through Inheritance.

Let us Reign together in My Kingdom, for these are indeed Glory-filled days.

So choose Me this day, and the Oil will never run dry — but you will be filled, fueled and burning brightly, and I shall make you a Sign and a Living Witness on the earth of My Goodness and extraordinary Grace and Love to all that see you.

Look! For the Season has changed! Do you see it — now it springs forth?

Behold, it’s a New Thing!”

Patty Teichroew - June 9 , 2023

Shelly Mosley - The right path - June 08, 2023

So um this word is from February the 17th of 2022 and he said you have come to a specific point in time there is a fork in the river all must choose which path to take. The right path is for my children. The Sun Shines down on you and the wind blows at your back and pushes you forward. The current is in your favor. It is not a hard thing to do. There is no labor at all involved just sailing toward me as I guide you and keep you. Freedom awaits you at the end of this River. The left path is dark for those against me. Dark clouds covered the sky and thunder shakes the Earth with each loud boom. Lightning streaks across the sky and will kill all who feels its strikes. The current flows against them. They are trying so desperately to paddle toward the end where bondage awaits them all. Some have some are drowned when they fall overboard. Some hold on but great fear is all around them. They have chosen the path of death and destruction. They have chosen the path of selfishness, pride, and Abomination. They have chosen the path of the Egyptians. They have chosen the path against the God who created them.

They are in turbulent Waters. The Riptides are pulling them under. The loss of life is great. After the path is chosen. I will Dam up the entrances storms will overtake the wicked. But peace will overtake my children. My love and mercy will be what keeps them in smooth sailing. Egypt and Goshen My people will not be touched. They will not be moved. My hand has come against the evil ones. I am striking my hand in their camps. Great fear and confusion have come over all of them. The truth is chasing them down, one by one, one by one. They will fall like a tree limb that has been cut. I will gather all the limbs and throw them into the fire. But don’t worry my children I’m with you. You will be safe as I shake things up. You have been planted on a firm word. You Stand with the armor I have given you. Put it on Claim continually what is yours because it is rightfully yours. Call it all in claim it all use your Authority you have been given. Great and Mighty changes are upon you.

Now this was last February and this next part or all of this word was February. But this next part I believe that this has not um well you’ll see. Fox News has a chance of redemption. It will answer for the bad calls and the lack of standing it took over the election. But they have a chance of redemption. The others do not they are all crumbling now like a broken like broken cracker crumbles. I will shed more truth on what they hid from the world. Now again this this was last February I believe that Fox has ruined that chance of redemption. I believe with the decisions that they’ve made that they are in the same category as all of the others. Uh mainstream media who have spoken against the things of God the people of God the the all of it. All the lies that have been peddled I believe that that Fox is no longer has that chance of redemption

The Olympics will reveal a secret thing that will be exposed secret plans and secret decisions that were made will be shown to all. I have great plans of rebuilding coming into focus it will be even better than it was after Wars fought. After the after the war’s fought before. Rebuilding and restoration had to come. But this will be a restoration never seen at the hand of man. It will be my rebuilding, and my restoration, and it will be great. Miracles signs and wonders will be a regular occurrence. I have already begun to give signs of my Redemption. I give signs to people my people to let them know what to look for. Signs in the Earth. signs in the spirit. signs of dates and Seasons. The signs are beginning to show up. Be encouraged be rejoicing. My time is upon you. Pray for the Lost pray for the unrighteous pray for the evil ones to turn away and choose the right path there isn’t much time left for them to choose.

If they would only repent and turn away from their wickedness I would save them. I would put them on the peaceful path Full Of Love full of my love and mercy. But many have already made a firm decision. Affirm and unyielding decision against me. They have chosen their demise. You will hear of strange sounds unexplainable sounds. It is the earth moaning and travailing like a woman and childbirth. It is painful but a new cleansed Earth will arise out of the ashes. It had to be so I promised that new blooms would grow and new things would be planted at this time. I’m almost ready to plant. The removals are coming at a fast pace. Faster and faster they will come bombs of Truth are being ignited. Bombs of my exposing are being thrown into evil camps. The Democrat Party will have several great blows. They will be brought to almost nothing and they will go through a process of reforming.

I have given men a free will. But they will no longer be able to force what they’re opposing and oppressing beliefs are. They will be forced to shut up. Vile voices that have been mockers of my prophets and of my people will be shut up. No more will they be able to speak their lying judgments on them. A time of repentance is at their doorstep. Repent, repent all of you vile people. Repent and ask the Lord God Of Heaven and Earth to save you. He will do it with great love and mercy he will do it. Texas Tech will be in the news with the Scandal resignations are coming. I believe that was already fulfilled in actually in March of this year. There was um a scandal that that came up and I believe it was a coach that uh that was for in a couple of people with him were forced to resign. And that was March the 9th I believe that I saw that. Uh Rick Schroeder will be a voice for my people. I will give him directions Kirk Cameron and Candace Cameron Bray will also make their voices be heard toward my people.

They will help remake Hollywood the way it should be made. I Am shifting plates there Tremors will be felt there. I will cause the letters to crumble as it has stood overlooking an evil place for far too long. A new icon will emerge after it is shaken loose. Volcanoes and volcanic eruptions will keep being shown in different places. And we’ve been seeing that um since last year. Earthquakes will shake many foundations loose. Extreme weather will be experienced more snow will cover the Eastern seaboard. And uh again this was last year and so this is already been happening. There was like a bomb Cyclone uh winter storm thing that happened. And there was a lot of heavy snow that brought uh was covering the Eastern Seaboard. Um in the those places in New York Buffalo New York I believe. Which that was a separate word God had given but that that came to pass. But there was so much snow so many people died. Because they were trapped in their vehicles. They were trapped in their homes. Um it blizzard it was a really bad blizzard that happened.

Flooding will happen in Australia great floods as floods of Truth are coming out of that place. And I believe this was also fulfilled um there it was the worst flooding Australia has ever witnessed I believe last year. Um and so that it was so sad to see so many places in that area just be underwater. Get ready for what I do will be earth-shattering. But do not fear for I am with you I am with my people. No plots and plans can go forth for I have stopped them in their tracks. Nothing they try will work. Hold on it is beginning and that was the end of that word. 

Smoke From Canada Wildfires to Move South, Ease in Northeast June 9, 2023 -- Flashback given by Julie Green

Trump indicted over 'boxes hoax' - June 9, 2023

Flashback to 2-26-2022

Veronika West - A Now Word to the Remnant in America — A Prophetic Warning! - June 8, 2023

America, I heard these Words this morning.

“I say to My Remnant in the Nation of America — Watch, Pray and do not delay, for the spirit of Absalom is rising in this hour!

I say, the spirit of Absalom is rising to usurp the Kingship Mantle that rests upon My Trumpet.

Pay attention, for this spirit is charming, deceptive, cunning, subtle, and treacherous. This spirit comes as a master of manipulation and the works of this spirit is rooted in rebellion — and that rebellion will only increase, and grow in greater power and influence, and like an incurable cancer that seeks to steal the Life and Destiny of this Nation, this spirit will rise to invade and take ground!

I say, Watch, Pray and do not delay!

My Remnant must rise in the Authority of the Key of the House of David to uproot and tear down, to Open and to Close!

Watch! For this spirit comes in the Whirlwind of Destruction and Deception, and will seek to gather up those who have been scattered.

I say, this spirit now comes like an unquenchable wild Fire that cannot be extinguished.

I say to My Faithful Remnant, Shields Up! Set Watchmen on the Walls and guards at the Gateways, for the Absalom spirit comes in this hour like a thief, seeking to steal the hearts and loyalty of the people.

This thief comes to usurp the true authority of My Anointed King!

Watch and Listen! Lies! Lies and more lies will be on the tongue of the one who seeks to rise in the ranks, and many ears will be tickled, and those who are driven by a hunger for power and thirst for revenge will come and eat at the table of defilement, and they shall drink from the cup of iniquity and idolatry.

Yes, many will drink and become contaminated by compromise and corruption.

Watch! For the spirit of Absalom rises and stands at the Gateway of this Nation that is in the midst of Divine Transition,.

I say, Watch and Pray — for a pillar will Rise in The Valley of the King, and the Authority of a Counterfeit Crown will seek to rule and reign over the heart of the Nation!”

As I heard those Words today, The Holy Spirit quickened to me a powerful Prophetic Word I gave concerning this Absalom Spirit rising on May 15, 2022.

America: The Spirit of Absalom Rises in the Midst of You!

”America — Watch and Pray! Be alert and vigilant, for the spirit of Absalom rises in the midst of you.

Look and pay close attention! For there is one who seeks to win the hearts of the people by discrediting and undermining the power and authority of the one whom God has anointed to rule in this new era.

See! For the 30 pieces of silver he was paid to betray Trump, shall become the same 30 pieces of silver that shall pave the way to his own destruction and ruin!”

As I heard those Words, I was suddenly shown the face of Mike Pence, and The White House was brought before me, and then The Spirit quickened to me again a stark warning word that I gave: ”A Judas in The House of The Republic.”.

Julie Green - A WARNING: DAYS OF NOAH ARE HERE - June 8, 2023


For I the Lord this day am telling my children in my nation of the eagle that a great coup had been done in this nation. A coup that has lasted more than just a few years. A coup that has gone on for several years and grew stronger and stronger each year. That my nation and my children were asleep not knowing what was taking place. My children this great coup started by taking me out of your government. And replacing it with men and governing officials that only cared about money and power and not Justice, freedom, along with Liberty. They only cared about their positions and how much they could make and take advantage of this system.

While they were in those positions some were elected and some cheated to get there. They told great lies. They would help out their communities, and their states, and this nation. When they had no interest of keeping any word or any promises they made. A great reveal of this great coup is coming. A coup that stole a nation and it’s freedom from the ones that belong to. It stole power from the people were belonged to and twisted and manipulated into the hands of many dirty politicians. Why did it become so evil? Why did it become so dark and malicious? Why my children? Because I was taken out of your government. And when I was removed look who was like who you were left with, your adversary. And his control and his lies in his manipulation his slavery in his stealing. You are left with the one to go into control and turn everything into his desires which was to take this nation. Kill the soul of it. Kill any freedom, destroying a prosperity, destroy religious freedom and he Almost Got Away With It.

It appears like but my children Pride comes before fall. And this great fall is comin. A great fall of the great coup. A great collapse of an evil regime a great reveal of everyone who were wearing masks literally and figuratively. Who were wolves in sheep’s clothing. Evil people who did not care about your nation or any freedom you once had. Yes not one of them will get away with the crimes they have committed. Something significant is about to shake this nation. One that will seem like all hope is lost. But remember who I am. I am your deliverer. I am your protector. So do not give in to defeat. Do not give in to Darkness. Do not give in to hopelessness. Do not give in to despair. Do not give in to fear. For I will take care of it all. Big governments, big Banks, big corporations. Yes those things that were so big and seem to be unstoppable. They’re about to run into my hand. And I will crush them all and their power against you.

So stand and Shout them down and their defeat shout their victories because I’m coming. And I’m delivering you out of it all, saith the Lord your Redeemer.


This prophetic word is again it’s called a warning to be aware of what’s about to take place. This was May 26th. My children there’s coming a day very soon a day where something is coming that most people didn’t see coming. Most people are unaware of what’s about to happen. Some things very dark. Some things very bad . Some things that look like and I said look like are going in the wrong direction. But all the prayers that have been prayed didn’t matter. That’s what it will look like. Your enemies are trying to cause mass  everything. But my children I have told you my goodness outweighs they’re bad. Good it prevails over evil every time. Not sometimes every time. My goodness and I’m out pouring my goodness and I am pouring out that your enemies are so desperate to stop. Yes they’re trying to stop. They’re trying to stop me. They’re trying to stop my church and my body. They’re trying to stop this alignment. They’re trying to stop this revival. They’re trying to stop this Great Awakening. They’re trying to stop it and I said trying. Your enemies never get what they want.

But these events that are coming yes events that will be catastrophic. It looks like in certain areas. In certain places devastating anguish horrifying to certain people. My children I’ve warned and warned time and time again not to fear this. Why would you fear something? Why would you fear something that’s not bigger than me. They are trying to get you away from me. To look in every direction but mine. Yes, every direction but mine. They want you to believe in their power and what they can do. They’re shouting loud they’re doing things and it looks like. They have all the power of the world behind them do you think these people these globalists these world leaders these presidents or Governors or Senators. These people of Corporations Hollywood all those people . They are connected yes. They’ve joined forces even with all them joining forces do you think in any way it intimidates me.

What has brought grief to my heart at times and saddens me is my children don’t look to me not like they should. I’m absolutely good. I reward those who diligently seek me. I will not lie. I will not fail. I have given you these promises. Those are unchangeable things. They can’t change. But still there are certain people that look to man for answers and those people very shortly will be very disappointed. Because when men are about to do and I told you. A great shaking the great shaking is coming. In the likes of world hasn’t seen like this before. But I told you with this shaking it’s not the end. No, it’s the end of their great reset for now. And I said for now they will try again. But for now this is your time. Don’t delay focus on me live your lives for me and I promise you will not be disappointed. I promise you great victories and I will bring them. They’re already given to you my children today.

So, press in more to me turn those TVs off. Put down your phones. Let the distractions of the world shut them away from you. Close it off start focusing on my word. You can stop the distractions. I promise you I’ve given you that ability remember who I am. Remember what I am I am the Creator I’m The God Who nothing is impossible for me. No there’s not get that word out of your vocabulary. Impossible and yes things are changing hold on this is the time to hold on hold on tighter. Hold on tighter. Because things are about to shake and what that shaking comes your glorious Freedom. A freedom that I have longed for a freedom that I have. So desired my children to have so receive it cherish it. Rejoice in the fact that such freedom is available to you. Rejoice in that fact and I am turning things around that only I could do. Rejoice in that fact that your deliverer is showing up. And I promise you will not be disappointed saith the Lord.


Here’s a prophetic word and it’s called a weeding out of evil in your Nations has begun I heard this prophetic word on May 25th of 2023. For I the Lord this day I’m telling you my children a major shift is taking place. A great separation is taking place a weeding out of the evil in your Nations. But also a reading out and cleansing in the body of Christ. There has been an evil in my churches. Yes in evil that snuck in over years and years which led to twisting and a deception of my word a great. Deception on who I really am and what my written word is saying and the truth that is in it completely set people free. But they had been a there had been a time excuse me where it was so watered down that nothing was happening and my children stopped expecting anything from me. Because of this lack of power evil ran rampant and created chaos anywhere it could my children. Darkness has grown to new levels and spread far and wide and deeper than anyone thought it could but remember.

I know the end from the beginning and I am telling you once again to Get Up Stand Up take back Authority that Jesus has paid for. Because things are about to look more chaotic and out of control. It may look like it is getting much worse around the world but I have told you this before it took place and I didn’t leave you without solutions to overcome every obstacle. I have given you Power Authority Dominion faith strength joy peace Revelation knowledge and understanding. I have given you my will for your lives which is my written word. So take it all and use it how I’ve always intended you to do. My children these are the days where you must live by faith. Where you will have to stand where you will have to know how to pray and use my authority. Your enemies are desperate and that desperation is growing and they are about to overwhelm many with the amount of pressure they are that they will try to put on you to quit. Excuse me.

But great judgment is coming. The weather will appear to become abnormal and out of control. Earthquakes will ramp up in various locations. Governments will fall apart chaos in many countries worldwide. Another virus they will try to put on the world and they will continue to try to take your freedoms away. Chaos with more shortages more inflation. Planes will be grounded again but in a bigger way. Transportation in many ways will seem to cease. And a blackout will take place that I have continuously told you about. But despite all these things I am in control. And the globalist will continue to fail and they will fal,l saith the Lord.

Watch something significant will take place in Great Britain to shake that location. Operatives this word is about to be used more and more in your news. Because many covert operations have taken place behind the scenes and it will soon all be in the scene. And it will shock the world what at all taken place when people were totally unaware. Another major bombshell of election interference will be exposed. This will not be ignored or denied. Watchthe Supreme Court will make a major ruling. Something significant is taking place in Texas. Major exposures regarding the United States and the Deep state will be exposed on what had taken place and what they were a part of on Arab soil. Another major payoff by the Biden and Obama will be exposed. Something they never thought would happen with it coming out to the public.

There is much more than what it looks like with the Durham report and Justice will be served on all accounts. Scatterbrain this word will be used in your news to describe Biden and he will not be the only one. Mishaps and missteps these words will be in your news for a shocking reason. Treason this word will continuously be in your news along with the phrase Watergate. Deep dark secrets the United States deep State thought had been hidden for many years in a place no one would find is now coming to the surface. And it will free this nation from their chokehold. Brace for the great impact that is coming to Free your nation from the death grip they had over you. Get ready for great removals and great reversals, saith the Lord.

Patty Teichroew - June 3, 2023

Shelly Mosley - The God of restoration - June 2, 2023

He said just as I set Kings and remove them I Propel who I want to the places I want. Me and me alone remain humble and I know some people have commented that they hate how I say humble. But I’m from Texas so remain humble. Remain Vigilant remain steadfast in your trust in me and I will do the rest I will cause you to Triumph. I will cause you I’m sorry I lost my place I will cause you to be heard by those who are longing to be comforted this is why I will give signs and I will fulfill them quickly what I am about to do no man could ever do not one they try and they’re arrogance to mimic me and what I do. But what they do will never stand up just as the prophets of Baal were shown to be fools. So will all of these who think they are in control of the narrative they are not there there is no power within them to stop me and my host from eradicating many in this hour. I am coming with a Vengeance and my people my Remnant in mind I will move swiftly and carefully not one evil agenda will be left standing I will cause the boomerang effect to come to them. What they have done to my people will be done to them what they have ordered to be done. So will they receive the orders on themselves many will die in this hour. Many will fall many will fall where they stand nothing can stop the acceleration that is chasing them down great fear and great pain are coming to them pray. For many to be saved in this hour pray for those who have known me to turn back to me.

Pray for those who don’t know me to be saved there are puppets and there are puppeteers that will both fall in this hour. Their power and their arrogance will not save them. What they have planned and plotted against my people will be known to all. Nothing will be hidden I am uncovering it all. I am forcing the truth out into the open soon the mainstream media will have to report it my agenda. Will stand my mission will be known my glory will fall all over the Earth. And these wrong things will be set in the right order. I will move those who refuse to move. For I am doing what I’ve been speaking about for some time now my plans are in full swing. A collapse of your dollar is coming watch as many scramble to regain the fortunes they will lose but I will take them from them and give them to my people in a great transfer. Watch how Watch How I protect my people. The word Harpoon will be in your news look to the reasons why. On a side note sometimes he gives these words and that we are to search the meaning out to see what is said about it and sometimes when he says these things I’m like okay Lord you know. But that’s just these are some of these are words to to look for um in news outlets and things.

Kavanaugh will be in headlines a truth that has been hidden and covered will be revealed he cannot hide any longer I am moving in this hour to replace those in the Supreme Court who have sided with evil agendas no more says the Lord for my Justice will reign in this hour great exposure is coming to them who dare to go against me. Harper Lee will be in the news something old will be revealed. Stanley this name will be in your news soon Morgan Stanley pay attention to what will be revealed. And I had really released this part before um and the CEO of Morgan Stanley actually just uh stepped down. So um I don’t know if that was what it what the Lord was talking about but that I did release that and that did happen. Te term birds of a feather flock together will be stated in more than one place this is regarding vile and evil people who are trying to force out conservatives watch what I do. The stench of evil has risen to my nostrils I will cleanse these nations from the stench. Watch How I remove sorry Watch How I move to remove and replace. Many leaders will fall in this hour many in government will step down or die suddenly. Many will be punished for treason.

I am moving to restore many more church leaders pastors and teachers will fall in this hour do not think it’s strange when they do they chose to stand against me in an hour that they should have been working to heal and help and save people. But instead they became Idols in their own eyes and they made money their first love. Many have been playing church for for a while now and it’s playing church with the quotes Their hearts have become seared over to the point that they can no longer hear me. They will have to respond now watch as boldness arises in places it hasn’t been. I am causing a holy boldness to be brought up out of the ashes and it will cover my people. Sperm banks will be in your news a shortage they will say I have already said that I am making people choose sides it will be more and more evident as the days go by whose side they are on, you will see. The word Primrose will be in your news soon. Listen to what is said a nuclear plant will be in headline soon I am stopping the plans of the enemy they will be shocked that their plans did not work I am moving to protect my own.

Grants tomb will be in news articles soon there is a reason why and it’s not what you think. I am a God of mystery I am shrouded in mystery but those who seek me find me I hide nothing from those who desire me. Some of these things I’m like okay Lord you know but for whatever reason he wants he wants it said um. Shotgun Sally this name will be in your news for of interesting reason so I don’t know what that’s about you will hear of a severe weather event in Canada soon I will protect mine it will come as a thief in the night and it will spring up Suddenly but watch what I do a famous bridge will be in headlines soon. I am the only one who can bridge the gap my children. George Malone this name this this will be a name in articles soon listen to what is said and see that some are trying to resurrect the past I am working to restore. Sulfur Springs will be in the news and pay attention to why nothing is coincidental.

The Sierra Nevada Mountains will be in headlines soon watch for the reasons why I am destroying narratives in this hour I am creating the I am just sorry I am just destroying the plans of your enemy. I am a god of restoration I will restore which that which has been turned the wrong way. I will make it all right the next few months will be intense they will only intensify when you see this trust me. Know that I am moving know that I am removing and know that I am restoring it won’t last long but for a short season. Things will be intense do not believe the lies of the enemy do not be moved by what you see in the natural. Stand and claim your Victory your enemy is defeated it’s already been won now the theatrics must play out keep holding on to me. Keep calling out to me I will answer you I am not silent when it comes to you my children no says the Lord I will speak to you loud and clear. It all changes for you soon a change was necessary and it changes what will come a great change. For your good you are at the Red Sea o children of almighty God stand back as I part the waters and that was the end of that word so there’s a few places where he named some names he said some some crazy some crazy names. But when it when he says things like that it shocks me because it it usually it comes back and I see it out of out of a random place or someone will send me something and I’m like wow.

Now I understand why that you know why that name or that word um or whatever was was in was in the words that God’s given and so we just have to look for those things we cannot be in fear he keeps saying that over and over and over again. We can’t be in fear we can’t be worried we have to trust him and we have to know that that he’s got it and that he’s not going to let us fall. He’s not going to do anything that’s going to bring us his children his Remnant to ruin. He’s not because he’s a good God and He Loves Us. …

Julie Green - LIVING UNDER AN OPEN HEAVEN - May 22, 2023

For I, the Lord, this day remind you, My children, that I am here to stay. I remind you that you live under an open Heaven- an open Heaven so wide and so open that it’s unlimited. An open Heaven. “Lord, what does an open Heaven mean?” My children, an open Heaven means that there are no limits, no limits with Me. 

Take those limitations off. “Will God do this? Will God do that? Does God hear me? Will God answer me? Will God heal me? Is it His Will for me? Will God provide? Will He bring my children back home? Will He save me in this court case? Will he show up in my marriage? Will He deliver me from the thoughts in my mind?” My children, under an open Heaven, the answer is always yes. It has always been yes.  

My Will is My Written Word. My Will is for you to be made completely whole. That is why I sent My Son. That is why He sacrificed (Himself). So, when you ask if it is My Will for you to be healed, the answer is yes, of course. I am no respecter of persons. I said that in My Word- no respecter of persons. My Word says, by whose stripes? By Jesus’s stripes, ye were healed. You already are. The symptoms in your body are lying to get you to believe them more than My Words. I have said many times, don’t go by feelings. Don’t go by what things look like.  

I want to pour out My goodness upon you like never before. I want to rain down My Glory in unlimited measure on My children- miracles, signs, wonders, and gifts; gifts so unimaginable to some people because of the gloriousness of those gifts. Yes, because My Glory is in those gifts. I love to give to My children. I love to see their faces when they receive something I have so longed for them to have. It brings Me such joy, even more than it brings to you. 

Stop believing the lies of your enemy- that healing and provision are not for today. “God doesn’t care about our finances.” Who says that? Religion? Certain pastors or churches? Don’t believe those things. I am Jehovah Jireh, your provider. I provide. Yes, I do. That is one of My many promises that I promise to you. 

So, look up. Look up. Look up to Me. Look up and expect Me to do the things I have promised in My Word, to do those things I have said I would do. Take Me at My Word. Be confident. Stand. Stand. Stand. Don’t give up. Don’t give up. If you fall down, get back up. If you grow weary, I am your comforter. I will help you back up; you just have to expect Me to. 

So, My children, call down the rain- the rain of Glory, the rain of joy, the rain of healing, and the rain of unlimited provision. Call down My rain. It is a gift. It has already been given. Call it down. Expect it. Look to Me. No matter how dark things get, don’t pay attention to those things. Remember what I have said- it won’t last forever. Look to Me even in the midst of darkness. There will be no darkness in your life. No, no. My light will shine so bright on you that the dark world will run to you and ask why you are different. 

Great miracles are coming. Great signs are coming. Great wonders are coming. Great gifts are coming because I am coming. I am coming to show the world that I am not dead. I am coming to show the world that I still heal. I am coming to show the world that I still deliver. I am coming to show the world that I still provide. I am coming to show the world that I am still the judge over everything and that My Will is done on Earth as it is in Heaven. 

So, be glad today. Be glad today. Look up. Look up. Don’t look down. Don’t look from side to side. Look up. Look up. Look up to Me because I have great things for thee, saith the Lord. 

Shelly Mosley - The wicked - May 27, 2023

So, this is from February the 18th and there’s a few there’s a couple of interesting things in here there might be um I can’t remember. I’ll have to get to it and see but there might be a couple of things that have been fulfilled but I’ll let you know. So, the Lord said where the Jackal was perched the eagle has landed. The eagle will knock him down and he will be trampled on, and his head removed. My prophets have increased in this hour to warn of what’s coming to declare the ending from the beginning to declare what will be. This is a Golden Jubilee, the year of rest and restoration this is the time of the end. But not before great celebration and great revivals will happen. Great days are ahead greater than anyone can fathom.

Really quick we already know we’re in the end times um we are in the end of the end times. And so, when he said this is the time of the end hey that’s what he’s talking about. I have already begun to separate the good from the evil. The good will eat until they are full and satisfied while the evil will eat the fruits of their labor. The rotten fruits of their demise. They will eat and eat of the corruption they joined in. They will eat and be forced to be gluttons and feast on that which they did in secret. It will no longer be secret it will be known far and wide. Their punishment is my wrath I have judgments I am pouring out on them. My children will eat at my table and be satisfied. They will be blessed as I give them the plunder of my enemy. The plunder that is being taken from the ones who committed great evil in my sight. This is a year of returning a great year of the new keep standing on my truth keep standing in my light. It will only get brighter as the days go by.

You will hear of a collapse of buildings. They will collapse from extreme weather floods. Many floods will come pray for those in the paths of storms pray for their safety and protection. You will hear of a trained derailment. Many will be injured and some killed. Pray for their families and pray for the ones who were hurt to be healed. That was actually fulfilled this was February and this is February of 2022. Sorry I didn’t say that and this was actually fulfilled in June of 2022 when uh there was a in Missouri there was an Amtrak train that derailed and several people were just like he said several people were killed and injured um and so that happened. There is a cry of no more tyranny going forth. It is getting louder and louder the louder it gets the harder. The Tyranny and her leaders will fall. The Convoy is moving in this nation now great cries of Freedom will be heard throughout the land. Great calls of Let Freedom Ring will go into the ears and hearts of the ones who want you locked up and locked down. It will be a haunting noise for them. It will become louder and louder, and greater greater. It will make them have great fear and anxiety as they hear the horns blow it will begin to break barriers in the spirit just as it did at Jericho.

Many will want to leave the area because it is too loud and too much for them to bear. Bbut they will have no place to hide. No place to run to escape the loud sound. I am turning over a new Leaf in this hour. A new system of checks and balances. A new system that cannot hide the attempt of a world one world government. It will all be exposed many will die to their own choices. At this time many will be left standing in great fear. They won’t know which way to turn to the right or to the left up or down. They will be Frozen In Their Fear. I am delivering my children this is a year of all years I have spared you and kept you for such a time as this. This is where my children take a stand. This is where my people can allow me to deliver them out of the cruel hands that have been on them for so long. My Redemption is here and now come up higher to meet me let me be your all in all let me.

Leave you and comfort you seek me in all you do I will answer you. Do not worry about the things to come tomorrow will have its own worries. Do not fear or despise this time you were in do not let the anxious talk push you into a place you don’t need to go. Do not be afraid of what is coming. What is coming will change the world. I will force every heart to turn to see me. It will force all sorry yeah it will force all true to be revealed. It will force many to their knees. I am the God of Free Will and I won’t change that I love my people enough to pressure them to bend to my will notice. He didn’t say push he said pressure my will is what’s best for them. If they only truly understood that if they would only grow in understanding that my ways are higher and better than their ways. They would trust me at my word do you trust me at my word. Do you trust that I have your life in my hands. I hold it like a fragile egg or a lovely piece of Crystal. I will not toss it about and cause it to break I care for you and I love my people.

This is the time I’ve been waiting for. The greatest show on Earth is coming the greatest display of my love is coming. The greatest display of my glory is here. Stay alert pay attention don’t go back to sleep and Slumber in the most important hour. Watch and Pray watch and listen I am with you I will whisper to your heart and help you. When you call me I am yours and you are mine we are about to enter our wedding ceremony. A wedding Feast will begin shortly. Some will turn States evidence I have put in place the right people to do the right jobs in this hour. It will all lead to the top but the top will fall and all others will fall under them. Never to go back up again never to get back up again. It’s coming at a fast pace faster and faster. It will go until all is revealed. Do not be dismayed about some that you think will go unpunished. I assure you this is not so. They will all pay and will be punished the years of evil they have caused. There is no escaping their punishment the greater the punishment the more pain it will cause them. They have had many chances to repent. But no, they stand gloating in their wickedness. They have bowed their knees to the wrong one. They will receive their just rewards. They should have given their all over to me instead of the one who trapped them and lied to them with filthy Promises of Fame and Fortune power and money. It will all be stripped away from them all of them.

Mark Zuckerberg will fall greatly harder than he believed today. His death stock will be down lower than ever. Twitter will also fall lower and lower. They will go they pronounced a death sentence on themselves in their companies. They will lose all they had invested and that was the end of that word um the thing that he wanted me to talk to you about is that number one we can’t be happy at the people these evil people’s demise we can’t be um joyful and celebrate deaths and celebrate these things because we can’t do that we need to continue to pray um there’s many that he said have turned States evidence. Which means they have uh turned themselves basically in and given them names and are you know playing out a a part in a play basically um and so that that’s those things are um to protect themselves. But many who we have thought will go unpunished because it appears like they get away with everything that’s just not the truth of it. God he said I assure you this is not so. They will all pay for what they’ve done and I mean you know the sin is fun for a season. But sin ends in death you know it really does and so we they have they’ve had many chances to repent. They um he said, they stand gloating in their wickedness they have bowed their knees to the wrong one and so they will receive the just rewards that they’ve you know the things that they’ve done and so basically they’ve sold themselves for power and money Fame and Fortune but it’s all going to be stripped away from them when uh Mark Zuckerberg when they changed their name to Meta Meta means death and so they really prophesied their own death over themselves.

Patty Teichroew - May 28, 29, 30, 31, June 1,2, 2023

Veronika West - No Man! - May 22, 2023

“NO MAN will stop what I have started,

NO MAN will steady what I AM Shaking,

NO MAN will close what I Have opened,

NO MAN will curse what I have blessed,

NO MAN will oppose what I have favoured,

NO MAN will remove or dislodge what I have placed and positioned,…

NO MAN will uproot what I have planted,

NO MAN will dismantle what I have built,

NO MAN will destroy what I have created,

NO MAN will overthrow what I have established,

NO MAN will defeat what I have accomplished,

NO MAN will halt or hinder what I AM advancing,

NO MAN will break what I am restoring,

NO MAN will weaken what I have strengthened,

NO MAN will condemn what I have redeemed,

NO MAN will hold back what I have released,

NO MAN will disregard what I have approved,

NO MAN will humiliate what I have honoured,

For He Who dares to Stand against My Plans and Purposes will be brought down, cut off and destroyed!

“I AM The Alpha and The Omega, The Beginning and The End,” says The Spirit of God.

I AM The One Who is, Who always was, and Who is still to come — The Almighty One!”

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - Vision in Time of God's Great Reset - May 12, 2023

The Lord’s given us a vision and um it actually came to me but Tiffany is going to read it and I’m just going to do some commentary as she reads. Mostly because she does that much better than I do presentations and secondly, it gives me a chance to think about what the Holy Spirit’s saying that he wants me to add to it. That’s right so we’re entitling This One Vision in time of God’s Great reset. So this is where Kirk went forward in time in a vision this happened on May 12 of 2023 and he saw various scenes he was taken to various places forward in time and it’s pretty fascinating. It’s a little bit more lengthy than normal okay so I’m reading it but this is you know Kirk this is first person for Kirk. So I See Fields all with partially grown crops in them they look very beautiful there are rows upon rows of various kinds of plants. As I looked I wondered if these crops were bioengineered or not or maybe they were sprayed with herbicide or pesticide. They looked so perfect all green no weeds or other variations just beautiful. Then I heard the Lord’s voice Prophet look what can be done without poisoning the water the ground or the food that people will eat.

I just blurted out but how Lord and I looked to my right and there was the Holy Spirit in the form of a man. He then said all the crops of the world are now grown under the same guiding principles. The first being that whatever is produced must be healthy for consumption, what a novel idea. Okay, yeah and it must also be grown in such a way as to benefit the Earth. Then my mind went to how much oversight that must take to monitor all the produce of the world. Again the Holy Spirit speaks there is very little monitoring that is required the people of the world have escaped from the Lust For more riches ever more. And more Farmers now grow and produce for the benefit of all that is their mindset. But as a result of that they actually produce more and of better quality and are paid better than ever. Their customers look for quality and are very concerned with their and their family’s Health and Welfare. They are willing to pay more for what they desire yeah.

So I think this is a theme throughout this this Vision but it’s hard to get used to the idea that people desire to be honest that they desire to do the right thing it’s that they desire to produce a product that is actually good for others without skimping and trying to skim a little bit more off the top than what they should or or doing things just the cheap ways if if even if that means it’s detrimental to the end products so that people it’s unhealthy for them right or possibly unhealthy for them. It’s just a a a strange mindset to to the way I’m used to seeing things happen. I guess right and it actually brings to mind um the prophecy you gave a couple of years ago where he said um business would be for the mutual benefit of the customer and the business owner. Yeah and even at the time I thought how can it be mutually beneficial. Yeah but this is mutually beneficial it’s a farmer gets more and the people get better and the ground is preserved. Yeah and the people are preserved you know it’s like but not with a preservative yeah right yeah.

Okay, all right so the vision um goes on it says the next thing I knew I was standing outside in a parking lot of what looked like a repair shop. I looked around but I seem to be alone there was an overhead door open and I felt compelled to walk towards it. As I stepped inside I saw a number of vehicles they looked quite different from what I was used to they were very sleek and even sporty looking a voice said, can I help you? I said that I was just admiring the vehicles and that I wasn’t very familiar with them. An older gentleman stepped toward me and stuck out his hand I shook it and we struck up a conversation. He said that the vehicles that were in the shop were very different from older technology ones. He said the driving force of this change was honesty that was all. I could be curious all I could say was really how did honesty change a whole industry and he said well honesty has really changed the whole world but as far as transportation is concerned people now look for a product that suits their needs and is produced in an ethical and healthy way. It is not merely economics or Pride that governs what people purchase. The object is to benefit others from the raw materials to the finished product and gently use what the Earth gives us in the way of materials to work with well in this one. I what I saw was when he when this guy was talking and by the looks of the vehicles too that people didn’t buy them as a status symbol or um a way to make a statement about themselves as much as they do now. I guess if they were making a statement the statement would be that um I’m trying to benefit mankind and the planet that would be their statement. It was it was like an honest uh thought process and also um the the other part of the honesty that I that I was gathering. From I’m talking is that there would be a true honesty in in what type of car is offered it is not all about well we have to go to electric or no we want to stay with gasoline or you know we’re supporting the petroleum industry or we you know it wasn’t it wasn’t that. It was what what makes sense. What this is it’s it’s it’s an honest decision well I only drive in the city and only short distances a battery-powered vehicle would be fine you know. I don’t need a long distance car if I need one I’ll rent one to drive across the state whatever. Whatever it is I’m not saying that that was the statement that was not the statement that was made it’s. …

Okay so after that next I was standing outside a hospital it was of a medium or smaller size than I was used to I doubt you could get lost inside I thought I was all alone again I walked up to the double doors and walked in there was a person just inside the door who greeted me and asked if I neededhelp finding someone I said no but I’ve never been here before could I look around she said sure I would like to take you on a tour then so we walked further into the building and as we did we were walking past all kinds of equipment for Fitness weights stationary bikes treadmills and so forth I asked if there was a health club that was located here too she said no that the patients were expected to exercise while they were there it was standard procedure she acted like I should know this as we walked on we came to a room walked inside and she turned toward me and simply stated that this was a standard patience room I looked around there was a bed toward one end of the room and it had a very nice couch and a couple of armchairs it actually had the appearance of a very comfortable living room she said that they also had extra beds in case someone would like to stay the night with the patient I was so impressed at how inviting and relaxed the atmosphere was there. I inquired about the staff like where was everyone Susan that was her name answered with a question who were you expecting to be here so I asked where the security people were the doctors the nurses we stepped out of the room and she pointed to a doctor she also pointed out a number of the staff and said what their specialty was but they all wore street clothes and unless you read their ID tags which were very inconspicuous you could not tell their profession. Then she said that they had no need for security personnel. I asked a few more questions from what I gathered after my questions there were actually very few hospitals and the ones that existed were lightly used because people rarely needed them yeah so this place looked like a very uh like they were thinking of the family as much as the patient that’s that’s what it appeared like and it didn’t have it wasn’t like a beehive of activity like they typically are and people going in and people coming and you know medic medications being dispensed and so it just didn’t look like that it looked like uh way just way different. I don’t know how the patients were being treated she didn’t really go into that it was more just this is you know what it looks like and this is you know like these are the staff and I really didn’t get into the I’m not very medical anyway. So but um it was way very different. Very very uh welcoming even not like a sterile environment that you would go to and you know people all in uniforms dressed in white and the patients all dressed in those stupid things with the back open and it’s you know yeah it wasn’t that. It wasn’t that at all. …  I’ll move on to the next part let’s go ahead okay. So after that part suddenly I was standing in a grocery store apparently in the produce section. As I looked I was thinking how huge this produce area was most of the grocery area was taken up by the fresh produce. As I walked around some of the things I noticed were that the people there were polite and unhurried and I didn’t see any cell phones. The processed food area was different too I didn’t see anything that was familiar to me some of the names on the packages were familiar. But the package was different. Nothing said organic or low-fat or things like that I picked up what I thought was a package of soup. I looked for the ingredient list all it said on it was like the contents of the soup like beans, um potatoes Etc. There were no strange chemical names or any preservatives named at all. I kept walking and I noticed an area in the store where people were sitting and talking and they had cups in their hands. It was a Coffee and Tea Bar and there was no charge for it. So I asked the person working there for a cup of tea. There were many kinds so I just pointed to one that looked kind of plain I took it and went and sat down. I was just looking around and feeling out the place not uncomfortable or anything but everything was so different. Just then a young lady walked up to me and asked if she could sit at the table that I was sitting by. I said sure and she sat diagonally across from me I thought it strange that she would even think of doing that me being a man and older than her. She then asked my name and I asked her name hers was Joy.

We started to talk and I was also surprised how relaxed she was while talking to me. It was like we’d known each other or something. So I asked if she was a follower of Jesus she answered well yes of course and she looked at me kind of like where are you from I didn’t think I should tell her that I actually lived in the past. So I said that I had been in a remote area for a long time could she tell me what had happened while I was away. She asked if I knew of Donald J Trump I said yes that I knew of him. She continued well the world is spoken of as before Trump and after Trump. He brought a great change to the world. He was God’s anointed servant to bring the change to the world that Jesus paid for. This change is called God’s Great reset and it was so dramatic that people allover the Earth were changed because of it. Honesty and Justice will never be taken for granted again people are still studying what exactly went on and they are still shocked to find out how corrupt unjust and cruel people were to each other back before the reset. But they all understand that it was Satan who was behind it all we all all the people in the world have decided never to let that happen again when all of the evil ones were removed. That decision was very easy. Amen!

Patty Teichroew - May 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 2023

Shelly Mosley - Count it all joy! - May 19, 2023

So this word I heard February the 5th of 2022. And he said in this I’m not sure if there’s any in this that have already been fulfilled. I’ll let you know but um again on these older words I’m releasing them um exactly what I’m supposed to release them and the Lord knew but some things may be fulfilled in them already. But I’m not gonna I’m gonna read the whole thing to you. I’m not gonna just take Parts out. So the Lord said um the time of Reckoning is upon you. The time of rejoicing is now. The time of singing praises to me is now rise up and stand for all my truth. Stand for stand for all my love and faithfulness. Stand in full agreement with me and my prophets. My words have been spoken and sent out to the Earth to be fully and completely accomplished. Get ready for all your prayers to be answered. Prayers you prayed many years ago. You will see with your own eyes they will come to pass. Call for what you desire and I will do it. I am raining down my answers like I rained Down Manna From Heaven. I am calling you two days of steak dinners as you begin to understand my word more and more. Just as I rained down Quail from heaven as the meat for my children.

There will be chaos coming all around you. But my children will be as in the eye of the storm. The sun will shine and the peace of God will surround them in the midst of turmoil my children are protected from anything that surrounds them. I am already moving as we speak. I am moving in many many things and you will soon see and hear the things I’ve already spoken come to pass quickly it will be so. A great cloud of fear covers the unjust and the evil Hearts. They are being exposed and found out now. They are turning on each other now. They are making plans now. I am stopping their plans I am roaring through their camps like the lion I am. Amy Schumer will be brought to her knees her foul mouth will be shut. She has sided with evil and had hopes to bring her foolish beliefs and ways to all who would listen on her stage. Will Ferrell will be no more he will be seen by everyone for who he is. Kate Blanchett ,Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman all of you will be brought down. I am exposing everyone in Hollywood to the truth about what they did and what they paid for and what plans they orchestrated against others. These are this is hard for me guys this is um Kathy Griffith will die at her own doing her own choice.

These supposed ones who call themselves Jewish will be exposed for what they claim. I am wreaking havoc on all their lives in the entertainment industry I am wrecking the lives of those in the media who peddled false Lies over and over again their time is finished. As I bring the first death it will begin. It will be the beginning of Sorrows for all who stood against me. But a joyous time for my children it is now. My man is moving and order will be set right soon. This is a year of recompense and a year of remembering. I am doing miracles in your midst . The dam of Truth is cracking now and the floodgates are not all sorry are not only open they are broken and can no longer be shut. The truth is flooding in every area of all lives it is. It will rain in this hour of accelerated restoration. When you restore something you have to first take it apart and get rid of the parts that were bad and broken and fix them. And oftentimes throw them away and get a new part to replace it. That is a that is about sorry that is what is happening now. I am removing the bad parts and throwing the the irreparable parts out. I am replacing them with the new. The window is closed now and their time of Mercy is nearly over. As much as it hurts me I will do what I said I would do and I will do it swiftly. Be ready to calm people’s hearts and be ready to comfort those who will mourn. …

You write about when my plan is complete and rejoicing fills the streets. You will write of my goodness and my love for all Humanity. You will write a things to come that will be set up. You will write of miracles signs and wonders for the future ones to read. You have always heard my voice. And then he goes back um there is power and agreement and in the authority I’ve given. Begin calling it out too many times people don’t put their agreement and use their Authority I’ve given. There is power in agreement and Authority I’ve given to them gets tossed aside. You know what it means to have authority use it use what I’ve destined my people to have call things out call things done call things accomplished and finished it will be so this is my will my will is my will my will is what’s best I will do far above and beyond what I said I would do I am truly saving you sorrow does come and Encompass hearts that love but I am the great Redeemer I Am The Great I Am I am the father of Abraham Isaac and Jacob I am the great comforter I am the god of Truth and love and mercy I am over it all. And yet I’m close enough to my children that they can call out to me and I answer them. Even in a whisper I hear them and answer them.

Don’t worry about anything but give it all to me and teach others to give it all to me and leave it with me. Roll your cares upon me my shoulders are Broad and my strength is mighty. I’m calling I have already sent the answers to everything you and my people struggle with. The answer has already gone before them so that when they reach that time the answer is already there. I am moving in this hour to rescue and redeem all that’s been lost. I am moving because the Banner Over Me Is Love love rises above all and love conquers all let me show you a new love a new love that you’ve never known. It is my desire and my privilege to call you mine I am working in your favor and on your behalf. Justice will be brought to every unfair and unrighteous thing when Justice is brought reforming Begins the time is now the time is at your doorstep praise me my child praise me for it all my love is not measured as man loves but my love is caring and Swift redeeming and blessing encouraging and faithful it causes even the hardest Hearts to turn I am turning some now. The victory is here the victory is now praise me praise me for what you were about to witness. Even this day the sun has set on many but it is rising on the rest the joy of the Lord is your strength be joyful. Let Joy Reign Over you let my love melt everything away from you that is not of me I will do it. I love you get ready to celebrate smile laugh and be merry and count it all joy and that was the end of that there are some hard things in that.

Barry Wunsch - The illusion of democracy - May 13, 2023

I could not sleep tonight. I was troubled deep in my spirit that I could not shake.
As I spent time with the Lord, He took me in the spirit, and behind closed doors, and places in the spirit over Alberta.
The first thing I was shown was an entourage of big black suburban trucks, black tinted windows, no plates, no signs, no markings.
They were making stops throughout Canada, and at this point were in Alberta.
They were briefing officials at every stop to ensure compliance with the intended agenda.
They were cold as ice. Calculated, emotionless. As heartless as it gets.
From what I saw, you would not want to cross
them, or not comply to their orders.
I saw Rachel Notley, Jagmeet Singh, Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland on a conference call.
They were meeting with WEF leaders, having discussions regarding strategic planning to control the vote and outcome of the Alberta Election in order to fulfill their global agenda.
Notley was not thinking for herself, but was a pawn being used by the enemy. She was being paid ‘favours in hidden ways that shall be exposed. Alberta was a province they could not afford to lose.
The illusion of democracy was evident.
I saw voting machines in the hands of programmers preparing for election day.
They had instructions that they were to follow to ensure a predetermined outcome as issued from the dark side.
The frenzied efforts of UCP door knockers no matter how valiant their efforts appeared to be in vain.
I was shown a map of Alberta and a red wave ready to be released in Alberta – CCP in the background preparing to open the flood gates- intending to dominate, control our province and natural resources. They had been carefully planning for this very moment for a long time.
I saw civilians, gathering, some preparing for an uprising and conflict – to try to stop what was on the horizon. The numbers were few, but regardless they were prepared to stand for truth, justice, and riotousness in the face of great evil.
I was taken into the spirit and saw strongmen, demonic entities standing over Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge, and Fort McMurray. These key cities were strategic in Alberta and the enemy had been able to establish grounds for legal occupation.
The compromise in the land had forfeited the righteous authority to hold the ground.
Repentance was in order to turn the tables.
I was shown different ones sent about the province on assignment. Horrifically, lighting fires causing great destruction, these ones were paid handsomely for these evil deeds.
I saw the UCP with a deep divide inside.
There had been a dark spirit released throughout this party that was potentially going to cost the party dearly.
I saw demonic infiltration into the party, there was a group who were not who they said they were. They were posers, imposters.
Also positioned to create internal problems, leak information and cause problems.
The Lord then spoke to me:
Alberta, you are at a crossroads.
Many of you never imagined that you would be here.
Many of you have been apathetic and critical of my remnant.
You have not realized that you are in a new day.
You have not realized that you are at war.
A spiritual war for your land.
There are many more who have walked in the flesh not counting the cost.
Many have made the religious spirit and the political spirit your friends.
And now, are left facing the consequences.
Alberta, I say unto you again: you are a key to this great nation of Canada.
I have destined you to lead this Nation into freedom, so when shall you take up the sword of the spirit against the enemy and not against one another?
For there are events about to unfold that are bigger than you Alberta – do not think you are exempt.
The landscape is about to change and very few are ready.
Alberta it is my desire for your oil to flow!
Not only for Canada the True North Strong and Free, but for the Nations.
Alberta, you have resources that you have yet to develop.
I have much more for you if you want it!
But it will come at a cost.
It will cost you everything.
I am asking you to surrender your heart to me.
Let me fill you with my Holy Spirit and Love and commit your life and your ways unto me and I will pour out an abundance without measure upon you.
Alberta. I have brought you to a crossroads.
Now the choice is yours, and the path you choose is a matter of your free will,
I am calling you higher – it is my desire for you to walk with me, humble yourselves, pray and seek my face and turn from your wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will heal your land.
Holy is the word of the Lord

Chris Bennett - United Kingdom Revival - May 10, 2023

How Long Must I Wait?

“How Long Must I Wait?” cries The LORD.How long before you will believe Me — and step out in the anointing I have given you?

How long before you realise what I have given you?”

Not being used to such questions from The LORD, and I suppose being a bit defensive, I asked, “Who Lord? Is it me, or someone else?”

“How long before My People, who are called by My Name, will repent of their lack of Faith, lack of Belief, lack of Courage, and step up to the plate and use that which I have given them?”

He continued, “I have spoken to so many, through My Prophets, yet My People do not receive what I tell them.

They listen but they do not hear.

They hear, but they do not understand.

They sit on their gifts, and like the fearful servant, they bury My gift.

That’s not being faithful with the gift — that’s not stewarding it properly!

When will they pick up their gift and use it in the power and authority I have given them in Jesus?

When will they use My Spirit — I have given Him for their use. Yet they seem afraid. Afraid to step out, to make themselves a fool for My sake. Afraid even of offending someone.

Tell them, tell them quickly, time is short, so short. Now is the hour they have prayed about for so very long.

Who cares what the world thinks? It is time to tip the world on its head, time to defy logic, convention, time to even defy the worlds laws if they conflict with My Laws.

This is why I have given gifts.

Let the Prophet prophesy to a disbelieving world.

Let the Healer heal a doubting world.

Let the Deliverer set the captives free in a bound and desperate world.

Let the Evangelist cut loose in a world longing for that ‘something better’.

The harvest is ripe and ready. Let those whom I have gifted apprehend and use the gifts I have given.

My Army is ready to fight with you, but I cannot fight for those who have hidden their gifts.

It is time to use what you have been given. It is time to activate the prophecies you have been given. It is time for harvest.

Who will go?

Who can I send but you?

How long must I wait?” asks The LORD.

Having said that, The LORD had me write a related Word on Revival — particularly in The United Kingdom, but also worldwide. So I’ve added it to the original.

As individuals, we have our responsibilities before God, but sometimes He is seeking more than just individual responsibility.

He is looking too for those capable and willing to steward or shepherd Revival!

Patty Teichroew - May 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 2023

Laura Vawser - “The Banks Are About To Break!” – Powerful Prophetic Encouragement - May 4, 2023

I heard the Lord speaking over many who have been feeling like they have been experiencing so much warfare, opposition and hardship lately that they feel like they have been “knocked out”.

There has been such an attack on the authority of the believer, and on their position in Christ and what the Lord is calling them to build in this hour.

I also saw there has been such an attack on the place of “hearing from the Lord” — many have been left feeling disorientated, confused and under the swirl of warfare.

I saw many have felt like they don’t recognize themselves in this season because they have become so battle weary and feeling under so much opposition.

I could hear many crying out to the Lord, feeling like the battle was never going to break. It was then I heard the Lord speak:


I saw not only a major shift taking place by the decree of the Lord over their lives to bring them out from this place of feeling stuck in the battle, but I saw the banks that the enemy had put in place to hinder the great outpouring of the Lord, suddenly broken.

I saw these banks suddenly breaking and a huge tidal wave of the Spirit of God, a mighty outpouring being released into their lives, and I heard the Lord make a decree and the authority of that decree could have crumbled mountains.

I heard the Lord say, “WELCOME BACK,” and I knew instantly that this was a divine comeback.

I saw many had felt like they were stuck, and in the declaration of the Lord “WELCOME BACK,” they were being catapulted into accelerated advancement.

The enemy had come to hinder and delay so strongly and in so many ways, but now these ones were moving into accelerated advancement with the Lord.

They were moving into a time of seeing that which the Lord has called them to build, be built and birthed in a more accelerated pace than ever. It was not a building out of striving and rushing ahead of the Lord, this was the declaration that the Lord was coming with a supernatural empowerment and restoration: to bring forth what He had promised and invited them to build with Him, in a greater and more accelerated way.

I was then surrounded by the sense that despite the battle being so intense and so difficult and there seemed to be so much loss, the Lord was working — and what the enemy meant for their harm, God had turned for their INCREASE.

The words then surrounded me again:

“THE BANKS ARE ABOUT TO BREAK,” and I saw provision flowing in abundant acceleration.

The Lord spoke again, “It’s the abundant provision for the accelerated advancement.” It was financial provision, but it was also provision in every area the enemy had attacked.

The Lord showed me where the assignment of the Lord had come upon the lives of believers in this season to build with Him, and the enemy came to steal, kill and destroy: in those areas, the Lord was bringing forth provision to build with Him in that vision in an accelerated way.

All along the enemy had come to kill the vision, but the heart of the Lord was to cause the vision to be extended and increased in greater ways than was imagined by these ones.

He spoke again: “A mighty outpouring of My Spirit is crashing into these very areas that the enemy has tried to abort, but he has not succeeded. WELCOME BACK.”

As those words, “WELCOME BACK,” thundered again, I not only saw the divine comeback of these ones, but it was as if the vision heard the decree of the Lord and it suddenly came to life again: but as it came to life again, the tent pegs of the vision were extended further and larger than ever before.

His words surrounded me again: “These areas are going to be the areas of the greatest move of My Spirit in this hour. Lean in, be tender and sensitive to My leading, for I am increasing the blueprint of these visions right now to carry more than you have even imagined.”

Words that the Lord had spoken to me many times in the last few years kept resounding loudly in my spirit, “ALL AND MORE, ALL AND MORE” — He was restoring “ALL and MORE”. The boundary lines of the land He had assigned to these ones to occupy, but the enemy had tried to steal from them, was not only being restored, but EXTENDED. Increase! ALL AND MORE!

You are not stuck. You have actually moved into a place breakthrough from feeling stuck in the battle, to the place of accelerated advancement with Him that will see the assignment of the Lord He has given you flourish with greater increase.

For many, you have thought “local” but the Lord is speaking “global”. For many, you have been looking at the vision before you, but now the Lord is causing that vision to become 3D. You will see into the vision in deeper and greater ways.

It’s bigger and greater than you think.

Dr Patricia Green - April 30, May 6, 2023 Prophecies- May 7, 2023

Messages that I received from the Lord on April 30th 2023 and also May 6 2023. So on April 30th I was spending some time with the Lord just in prayer and just talking with him and the Lord spoke to me and he said I want you to pray in tongues. He said because while you’re praying in tongues I am going to download a message that I want you to release on a video and so that’s what I want to share with you. So this is the message that I received on April 30th of 2023. The Lord said this is my message to Joe Biden. I know who you are and who you are not. You can hide nothing from me says the Lord of hosts. A great uncovering and unseating is about to occur in your life. I will pull back the covers and the cover-ups and I will unseat you, says the Lord of hosts . You are a thief and a liar and a fraud and your father the devil has taught you well. Documents are about to be exposed which will tell your story to the whole world. And it is a sordid story. The people who had sought the Biden name and its influence will now run from the Biden name and distance themselves from even the mention of your name, says the Lord. Hunter you also will be exposed for all your lord Deeds your corruption and for selling classified information to the enemies of the United States of America. You also will become a byword in the mouths of the people. So I had to look that word up it’s used in the Bible the biblical meaning of the word is a sharp word of derision or a taunt so the Lord is saying that even um the Biden name and Hunter will become a byword or it will become a word of derision or taunt because of what they have done the Lord continued. The Biden Dynasty has fallen has fallen, says the Lord of hosts. I am coming for you soon says the Lord and will you be able to stand before me. The answer is no you will be on your face pleading for Mercy but it will be too late. Says the Lord.

Then the Lord continued and he said it to me my next message is for Kamala Harris. The Lord said Kamala you have scratched and clawed your way to the top and I will see to it that you come tumbling down. Says the Lord. You have occupied and occupied positions and offices that did not belong to you. And you thought your cleverness and shrew deals were to your advantage. The Lord said I have witnessed every deal, every bride, and every sleazy proposition that has gained you these positions so think not that you can justify them to a holy God for you cannot says the Lord. Examine yourself and look deep into your heart and you will see that I the Lord speak the truth in these matters. You say oh that’s just some dumb Prophet who speaks these words. But I say these are my words to you says the Lord of host. Who is the Lord of hosts you ask? I am the Lord strong and mighty who holds your life in my hands I have placed your life on my scales of justice and Holiness and you have been found lacking. You have the ability to tip the scales in your favor and you know what must be done in order to tip the scales of justice and Holiness on your behalf says the Lord. If not then your fate is sealed and you will stand before me the Lord of hosts and give an account. Get ready for True Justice says the Lord.

Then the Lord continued and he said my next message is for Anthony Blinken. The Lord said regime change. A regime change is coming that will put you out of work and it will be before the 2024 election, says the Lord. So get your resume ready for you will need it says the Lord. But all that is on your resume will do you no good for you will be exposed for the evil plans that you were complicit with says the Lord. Although you were not the author of these wicked plans you agreed with them and carried the measures out to fulfill them. So I the Lord of hosts hold you accountable for these Wicked plans against the United States of America as if you authored them says the Lord. You are an accessory agent says the Lord. So those are the messages that I received in April 30th.

And then this next message I received yesterday on May 6 2023 and this message is for president Donald J Trump and you can see how it will tie in with these other messages regarding these other people. The Lord says this to you president Donald J Trump my son I am giving you strategies to overcome the forces of evil and the wicked people who have aligned with these demonic forces. These strategies are laser focused with such precision that they will be taken off guard ,says the Lord. The element of surprise will be to your advantage for truly these wicked people will be shocked when they are arrested. They thought they were invincible and their plans for World dominance would never fail. But they did not count on my trump card, says the Lord. These wicked men have tried to remove my trump but I have the final say says the Lord of hosts. My son Donald Stands Strong and be of good courage for this is my battle says the Lord and I win. Call upon me the Lord of hosts and watch and see how I bring down your enemies the enemies of Freedom truth and righteousness. The Lord said this is the year of Bring Down, clean up, and take back Hallelujah

Veronika West - Consecration and a Coronation of the Land - May 6, 2023

I heard The Spirit say, ”A Consecration and a Coronation of the land. The Mantling of Millisle will make way and create a Holy Highway for My Glory to Come, for a Consecration of the land will bring forth a divine convergence of My Seven Spirits in this Nation, for the Priestly Mantle will cause the Giants that have occupied this land to be brought down.

Yes! For their legal rights and permission to traffic in areas of darkness shall be stripped from them.

Watch! For there shall be a casting down of their crowns and an overthrowing of their demonic thrones that shall take place in the days ahead, as the Mantle of Priesthood falls open this place.

I say to you, Goshens shall rise, and thin places shall be created in this Nation and in the Nations of the earth in the days ahead. Thin places of Divine Encounter and Visitation.

I say to you, listen, for there is a sound Rising from the Ancient places, from the deeper realms and dimensions of My Glory; a Sound from the long forgotten corridors of time; a sound that shall suddenly Awaken this Nation and the Nations to their true Identity and Destiny.

Yes! A Sound of Distinction shall be heard from the all four corners of this Land. A Sound that shall pierce and penetrate the veil of darkness that has caused blindness.

Watch! Can a Nation be born in a day or a nation be brought forth in a moment?

Yet no sooner is Zion in labor than she gives birth to her children. Do I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery?” says the LORD.

“Again I say, Watch! as Marked People in Marked Places shall come forth, for they shall Arise and Shine in the midst of the Darkness, for these are a Holy and Set apart people who shall carry the Mantle of Priesthood for the Rebuilding and the Restoration of the Broken down Altars in this land! says God.


Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch
I was taken in the spirit into a room where Hunter Biden was surrounded by a group of lawyers and inside operatives from the DOJ, and a group of Biden administration and advisors.
They also had a video feed into the room from the Ukraine and one from China. They clearly had a vested interest in the narrative and out come of what was coming to light.
The point was upon them where they were going to have trouble stopping the truth from coming out.
In fact, it would be impossible to try and stop what was unfolding!
The FBI and the CIA and others had deflected, ignored, and skirted around this for as long as they possibly could.
There would be no way to deny the evidence that was held on that laptop!
Hunter Biden had a box that he had to hand over to this team, and it contained 9 cell phones, each one full of further evidence that would connect the dots.
Soon this further evidence was going to be on display for all to see with their own eyes.
As they were going over things, discussion included concern that Joe Biden would assuredly face criminal charges and conviction along with his son, other family members and colleagues.
At this point it was clear that Hunter and Joe were at the mercy of their handlers.
The decisions and actions they had taken had put the nation in a position of great peril.
And now was the time they would have to pay.
I was then taken by the spirit into a room that was full of American Generals, white hats.
Some were dressed in battle fatigues, army boots.
They were hard at work.
They were gathered together and had President Trump on a video feed into the room.
I watched and listened as they briefed the President and discussed the strategy and all that was ahead of them.
They each had binders that correlated to a power point that was part of the discussion and plan.
They were reviewing those in positions that were to be extracted, arrested, and charged for treasonous actions against the Nation they were called to serve.
I watched as pictures and profiles were shown and reviewed.
There were men and women from the CIA, FBI, DOJ, Law enforcement, media executives.
There were also bureaucrats, lawyers, and accountants with blood on their hands.
( I literally saw their hands cover in blood )
I watched as these Generals poured over the evidence in hand.
There was a cart rolled into the room {under guard) that contained 4 boxes, they were bright red in color and were tagged “Classified: George W Bush.”
These documents were brought forward with somberness.
I knew by the spirit that they were ordered to have been destroyed but had been retained by authorities with fear and trembling to be released at the right moment, into the right hands.
Hands that could be trusted to deal with the sensitive nature of the contents.
The responsibility and weight that was on these Generals and leaders was extremely sobering and intense.
There was a General that got on his knees and led a prayer for the room before they opened these up.
They knew that this was big and would carry great consequences as they unpacked it all in the right way.
I saw the teams under the authority of these generals, they were well prepared and well oiled to get the job done.
This was going to be one the greatest covert actions ever deployed on such a grand scale.
Not only were actions being taken on US soil, but as well in other nations that also collaborated with this evil regime.
There were arrests coming under international law.
I watched as they systematically deployed and apprehended each and every one that had to be dealt with.
As they removed these ones they came in with clean, authentic true patriot leaders to clean things up, tear things down and to rebuild once again.
Things were going to be better than ever before!
The plans were so well executed it was almost seamless in the transfer of power.
These evil regimes had their day.
It was over for them.
I was taken into the spirit and watched a large screen, it was a chart of the USD, The US Dollar.
I watched as it did a deep dive dropping by a third, and then another third quickly before my eyes with a slower trickle down after the first two big hits.
I watched in the spirit, and it did not take long for the dark clouds to clear up and bright blue sky and sunshine once again began to flood the land.
I saw oppression and debt being removed from the Nation.
This was a new day.
There was a clean slate!
This was a day of freedom!
The Father was turning the tables.
The day and the rule of the Cabal was being given a blow it could not with stand!
I was then taken in the spirit and flown over a large FEMA camp.
I knew it was one of many that was going to be used to hold oppressors for processing, what had been built for dark purposes would now be part of their own demise and account for injustice.
They would be found trapped in a pit they made for others!
The tables had been turned!
I saw a call going out to the National Guard for deployment to assist in keeping and maintaining security and protection on the streets.
They had been on standby for such a time as this.
These men and women were pure in heart and would do anything to protect this great Nation.
They were greeted on the streets with celebration and honor!
I was taken in the spirit and watched bankers trying to funnel out what they could to try and protect themselves as they were trying to get out the back door.
Try as they may, they would also be held to account.
They would not be able to get away with anything.
The Father would not have it.
They would be held to justice.
I was taken in the spirit where I could see the Lord bringing justice to the nation.
He would not be stopped!
I saw demonic storms and uprisings in different pockets of the Nation, powers and principalities stirring up chaos in different places in different ways.
They were giving it all they had but the Hosts of heaven were being deployed to contend with them and take them out!
Again, I was taken in the spirit and watched as the remnant had been fasting and praying and taking communion across the land.
The cost was great, the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ was over the Nation, the land.
It was clear that through the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ we would see this great revival sweep the land!
This was the way out.
Then the Lord spoke to me:
Barry, tell my people I know the battle has been fierce and that many are weary.
Let me be clear, my arm is not too short to save.
There are many pieces of this puzzle that are coming together just as planned!
The illusion that is in front of you is coming to light!
Do you not know that the highest pressures create the most beautiful diamonds?
Rest assured that I am creating things in you that you did not know were possible!
Hear me clearly, listen to my words on this day; justice shall be served!
We are in the great and terrible days of the Lord.
Vengeance is mine and I will not be mocked.
You can not serve two masters.
You can not play both sides, for there is nothing in common between darkness and light!
There is a foul demonic assignment, and it is great attack in this day to take out many men.
Looking to take your power, and your authority.
Like Delilah she is wanting to cut your hair!
Her talk is smooth to get close, but she will cut you like a knife!
Your distress will be great if you tolerate her in your midst!
She runs on lies and manipulation.
She will stop at nothing to control you or bring you down.
She is ruthless in all her ways.
Run from her like the wind!
Don’t look back!
Turn from her and close those open doors!
She will use you like a pawn to fulfill her agenda.
You will be left with nothing!
She will steal your destiny away!
I am exposing her, but the choice is still yours – how long will you tolerate her?
She has moved in close and is wanting to tighten her grip on her prey.
Left alone, her plan is to destroy you – and this great nation that I love!
Stand up today and shake it off.
Break those agreements you have made with her!
Dispel her from your midst.
Restrict and refuse her access!
Get back on track, get on your feet!
Remove every foothold!
We have a Nation to take back from the enemy!
Return unto me, whole heartedly!
Let me cleanse you, restore you and bring you fullness of joy – even in the battle!
As you do, you will come to know me in a new way, and you will never be the same!

BARRY WUNSCH - Two USD Dollar Crashes of 33% each prophecy - May 5, 2023

I’m looking at this great big you know this large screen and uh it was you know kind of this chart. You could see you know kind of like you would a financial charge. But the header above the screen uh was the USD a United States dollar. And so I’m watching it and all of a sudden I watched it do a deep dive it dropped by about a third. And then it kind of leveled out a little bit and then it dropped quite quickly by another third and then it started to kind of trickle down . You know a little bit after the first two big hits now. I watched in the spirit and as this came down. There was something new that was opening up and it I watched and it didn’t take long for the dark clouds of Oppression and whatnot to to clear up. And bright blue sky and sunshine once again began to flood the land. Oh so I saw oppression and debt being removed off of the nation and it was a new day and there was a clean slate and it was a day of Freedom. Oh the father was turning the tables for the day of the rule of the cabal was now given a blow it could not withstand.

Vogel-Sharp - May Day May Day! 5-1-2023 Lois - May 1, 2023

The reason why you cannot deny. It’s time America held her head up high. So, the world will not sigh. It’s  prophesied for her to come back to me on bended knee. And this will come to pass at last when things fall after all. You looked to yourself you did not take the Bible off the shelf. And as it collected dust your country began to rust. As evil walked in to win but it’s time for a change to rearrange. And get rid of the levian it’s not from heaven. It has caused much disarray trying to stay. But time to weed it out no doubt.

Truth does always prevail and never forget Christ took the nail. To set the captives and bring liberty. As chaos rises and makes it’s fuss and all seems lost. America will count the cost and see why it all happened for many were surely napping, And did not stand up for righteous. They just watched evil’s quest as it took over the White House . To control people’s lives and keep them denied. I say no, it is time to overthrow the regime that’s extreme and it’s mean. And think nothing of murdering my babies for they are truly crazy. And listen to a fallen angel with their miss behavior. And neglect want is true time for them to be removed.

And be replaced by the man I have chosen. The one who can make America free again. For he has already been in their pan. Of injustice lies and pure lies that created all this deception. Keep your eyes on me as I choke this economy. So, all me free. You have to watch and see what will be and why they took your liberty.

Love your Father who art in Heaven.


For I, the Lord, am paving the way to your victories. Your enemies are being silenced. They, and all their plans, are being annihilated before Me. My children, I am the Lion of the tribe of Judah, and My roar will level anything in its path. I am the King of kings, and you are My children, and you are with Me.    

Be aware of the deception that is about to be poured out like never before. You are in a great battle for this Nation, freedom, truth, and life. But, remember, who wins this battle has already been predetermined, and it’s the children of the Most High God. The battle has been conquered in and with the Name of Jesus. Have faith in that Name like never before. Use that Name against your enemies like never before. My children, stand and fight the good fight of faith because it’s a fight you win. 

Remember, a child of Mine always wins when they stand in faith and refuse to quit. Don’t quit now because drastic changes are about to be made for your good, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Cataclysmic: this word, I say again, will be in your news for a shocking reason.  

Cornell University will be in your news for a surprising reason. 

A rollercoaster ride of ups and downs politically is about to take place.   

My children, I have said many times before that people are stepping down and people are walking away. I have said that people could not stay in those positions that didn’t belong to them. A major stir-up is taking place in your government that people can’t see yet. But soon, a great shock is about to take place in this land, saith the Lord. 

I say again, Adam Schiff is about to be exposed for everything he took part in against this Nation.  

Truth will be revealed about what is hidden in Ukraine. Many dark secrets are in that land, and they will implicate many people in your fake government, oh, United States. I told you all of those things will not stay hidden any longer, saith the Lord. 

Wingate: I say this name again will be in your news for a shocking reason. 

Another CIA cover-up is about to be exposed, and even more FBI whistleblowers are about to surface that will bring a great shaking to this Nation. 

A mask is about to be exposed on live TV that your enemies cannot cover up.   

Again, I say a great shaking is taking place in your Pentagon, oh, United States. It will shake this Nation as well. 

A great shaking in the land of Canada is about to be seen that will usher in your freedoms once again. 

I am about to expose the Obamas for who they really are in a way that can’t be denied. Every lie will be revealed, and every crime that has been committed will not go unpunished. The grip they have had on this Nation, that was given to them by the elites, will also be exposed.  

Many governmental secrets are about to be revealed that will change the course of this Nation. 

It is (all) changing. Things are changing in your government, the economy, and your leadership. I have said before that great shifts are taking place right now. 

A major news station is about to shut its doors. I told you to watch CNN. I told you this would take place. Watch- there will also be shakings at ABC, CBS, Fox News, and MSNBC. Great shakings are coming to the major news stations. They will not continue to control this country or what the actual truth is. 

Whistleblowers are coming with proof that the news media helped steal elections, helped steal a nation, and helped control what people were allowed to hear with wicked twisting of the truth. 

A great fall of the news industry is coming, so be prepared for the ramifications that will take place after this. Your enemies will become even more desperate because they have lost control of the masses through their news reports. Do not fear this but rejoice in the fact that no matter how bad, how big, or how dark things may appear, I am greater. I am bigger, I am the answer to every problem, and I am turning all things around for your good, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Patty Teichroew - May 3, 4,5, 6,7,8, 2023

Chris Bennett - Glory Cloud - May 1, 2023

“Better get used to seeing and being in My Glory!

I have placed My Glory close to you, so that you might reach it more and more.

I have moved closer to you that you might be able to experience My manifest Glory and that you might be able to demonstrate My power more often.

I AM only a prayer away — only a breath from you. You do not have to strive or wrestle to find Me — you only have to speak and I AM listening to you.

My Glory brings Salvation. My Glory brings healing. My Glory brings My Presence right in among you.

My Glory brings Peace. My Glory brings Power through The Holy Spirit into everything you do.

My Glory brings satisfaction to every longing of your hearts.

Right now, you are surprised when My Glory manifests anywhere near you. Very soon you will be surprised if My Glory fails to manifest in your meeting.

You have only read about me shaking the house — very soon you will be surprised if the house you are praying in fails to be shaken.” (Acts 4:31)

Right now, the idea of Me ‘transporting’ you from one place to another is a remote possibility. The time is coming when you will await your ‘guest speaker’ from another place via My transport — just like Philip after he spoke to the Ethiopian official and baptised him. (Acts 8:26-40)

Oh My children, I have so much more for you in this coming season. So many wonder-filled moments.

But they are not just for you who believe. These moments are for those who do not yet believe — those who doubt and disparage.

These moments are for My Spirit to move and act so that all who witness it may wonder, and believe.

Man says, ‘No way!’, but I say, ‘Watch Me!’ I AM just waiting for you to show your faith so that I can show My Power!”

NOW I WILL SPIT HER OUT OF MY MOUTH BrideofYeshua - April 30, 2023

Come my precious daughter sit at my feet and listen to my words the words. I speak are the spirit and the life come here my daughter to the source of your life. I am your life and my words are the night for you to illuminate the path you are working on. Quiet your heart and listen to my voice daughter. This world will soon pass away and my kingdom will soon come. Do not be entangled in the things of this world. But look to me alone and inquire of me in all things and I will show you the path that you should work on. I am your help on your salvation I am with you I will uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness and I will keep you from falling.

My daughter an unprecedented Calamity is coming upon the whole Earth. Especially upon America. The country which I have loved so much. But she has forsaken me turned away for my ways and annulled the Covenant she once made with me. Now I will spit her out of my mouth. She has left no stone unturned to remove me from all of her to sacrifice to Bal.  To bow down to Idols to slaughter my children and to persecute my people,. This nation of Babylon will soon test my severe’s judgment. Keep right my daughter do not stop. This country is already estranged to my nose she stinks and is naked and unashamed day pandas to my enemy now I will give her to lover and let her see how she will be treated by the one she embraces when she has forsaken my love.

Oh America I have loved you so much that I have abundantly provided for your needs and wants. And I have surrounded you with my mighty arms and protected you. And I have protected you as the apple of my eyes . What other nation in this world can compare with the blessings I have given you. But you bully the weak you bully the weak Nations as you please. You enslaved those who long to be free.  You kill my innocent babies. You teach my children who are not familiar with the ways of the world that you can choose your own gender. You imprison the believers who defend my truth and you persecute my people want only. That’s enough I say enough is enough. I am the Lord who judges, vengeance belongs to me. I will recompense. Just when you say that you are safe and secure calamity and destruction will come upon you your beloved lover cannot save you for he is the one who will come to destroy you.

But do not fear my children I will raise up beauty from the ashes and raise them up from the dry bones. When they stand up again there will be a mighty Army of mine carrying the mission I have given them in my name. To destroy the enemy’s Army and win countless souls for me. This filthy and adulterous generation as it was in the days of Noah and as it was in the days of not people have bent on their desire for this world ignoring everything that is happening around them. Calling good evil and evil good thinking that everything will be as it was before. But I tell you for my days are gone. One day when you wake up from your sleep the world you knew is gone forever and all you will have to face is how to survive in the coming world. You will look back with gratefulness on the comfort you once had. But he tests left you forever. Wake up people of the world inhabitants of the Earth you are not promised tomorrow. But you still have today. You have the present today right now.

You must come to me repent of all your sins and follow me with a determined mind. Then your tomorrow will be an eternity with me I am the Knight of the world. I am the way the truth and the life come to me come to the night for unprecedented persecution is at hand. Come to me my children and draw strength for I am your strength come to me and be strengthened in your faith for I am the author and the finisher of your faith do not love the world and the things of the world do not be friends with the world for to be friends with the world is to be enemies with me do not love your lives but lay down your lies for me to do so will give you more Abundant Life. I came to lay down my life for you are you willing to lay down your lives for me if you do so your reward will be great the day of the Lord is near and attend prepare yourselves my children get your house in order and when the last trumpet blows be ready to come up to me to join me in the marriage supper of the lamp and to be with me forever to enjoy my endless love and joy for eternity I love you my children get ready the day is near.

Amanda Grace Ark of Grace Ministries - Word from the Lord--April 28, 2023 - April 28, 2023

All Glory Honor and praise be to the Lord of Hosts, maker of heaven and earth! Creator of All Things, Mighty God wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace, and the Government shall and will rest upon HIS shoulders, and to His Kingdom, there is no end.

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day, Where are the righteous Judges says the Lord, where are the righteous Judges? Tares in robes says the Lord tares in Robes. I the Lord am the Righteous Judge, I sit on the highest throne, and I rule in righteousness, and I, the Lord hold the scrolls of Justice that go into the earth. And in this hour says the Lord the Judges who have met with the Justice Department behind closed doors, who have met to attempt to FIX trials, who have met to bring indulgences before the Judges in order to falsely tip their scales before ever hearing the case, those Judges I the Lord am exposing in this hour, their nakedness shall be exposed says the Lord, what they have hidden under their robes shall be exposed, their written agreements shall be exposed to skew national cases, including a justice in the Supreme Court that will step down in scandal says the Lord, and another shall be exonerated says the Lord. For in this hour the righteous Judges, those who truly hold the standard of the law will be exonerated, will be lifted up, will be honored, vindicated, Justice is coming to them in this season with a scroll of redemption, and Justice as well in this season is coming with a scroll that contains the wage for their sin for partnering and being tied by a garland, a pact in order take down who is a threat to them, that garland string and all attached to it by their finger shall be exposed.

And says the Lord of Hosts from the depths of Hawaii evidence shall come forth, from the depths of the sea, treasure and History shall be found, however in this hour the people of Hawaii need to turn from their false gods and their hulas and the embedded mysticism that has been in the soil of the ancestors, I am calling in this hour for them to turn as an even greater eruption and shifting of plates and ground is set to occur, for the earth is groaning says the Lord, that spirit of alcoholism and addiction broods over Hawaii, it broods over Alaska says the Lord, it LORDS over it, there is a thread from Hawaii to Alaska and I the Lord shall shake both and in Alaska there shall be an enormous shift as the ancestral ties must break for the spirits of addiction and suicide has so attached to the mysticism of the people for generations and I the Lord am tilling the soil in Alaska to break up such lines and agreements, and a shaking in the natural of the ground and unusual flashes of light in the skies shall be evidence of the shifting’s happening in the Spirit that will bring forth fruit in the natural. For 2 nations vie for the territory of Alaska, two nations are plotting ways to attempt to take it and annex it to themselves, for the resources deep in the ground, untapped, there is a new resource even in the ground of Alaska that shall come forth, however, the bears and the dragons, and the genies of the far east have been examining and racing each other for a way to take such for themselves, watch and see says the Lord.


And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, 2 names of 2 families says the Lord, both attacked for their stances throughout the years, some laden with tragedy, two recognizable names of two families says the Lord, however, does either fully cry out to me and have MY AGENDA, MY PURPOSE in mind? A tug of war where the rope drop shall be cut in the middle, split down the middle says the Lord.

Thus says the Lord the Cayman Islands, watch the quarrel for the resources involving nations it shall come in as a high tide says the Lord.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, this is the season says the Lord where you are being stretched for my purposes, where the growing and stretching, a more intense season of such for where I the Lord intend to take you. Stretching your faith says the Lord, stretching your endurance, emotionally stabilizing what has been a see-saw in some areas, all for MY name and purposes for you must be stretched and intensely grown in this season for you to carry the weight of what I the Lord have purposed to give you, and the position and the influence for My name that shall occur, you shall go before leaders, kings, heads of state in order for them to feel the true power and authority of Almighty God.

I am stretching families says the Lord, I am stretching families with very recognizable names, their faith must be stretched to be redeemed, I have allowed certain exits says the Lord, and certain oustings for those with a voice in order to allow the Babyls to teeter and fall, and babel they do, in order to allow the towers of media and influence to lean, and to tip, and to fall.

One media entity shall file for complete bankruptcy and be sold and who shall take it shall send tremors through the media says the Lord, it shall cause shakedowns across the media as heads scramble in anxiousness and fear because the ENTIRE TIDE IS BEGINNING TO TURN AND HIGH TIDE IS COMING IN TO DISINTIGRATE THE SANDCASTLES THEY HAVE BUILT SAYS THE LORD.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, this election cycle that is coming upon you shall be the most baffling, shocking, and head scratching that has occurred, there shall be unexpected surfacings and there shall be a parting of the parties and independents shall rise who do not want to be chained to either the marching elephants, or the backbiting donkeys says the Lord, beholden to neither side, there shall be a DEEP GAP AND SPLIT AND CIVIL WAR WITHIN ONE PARTY. A GAPING HOLE SAYS THE LORD INCLUDING IN A MONUMENT, WHAT A SPECTACLE SAYS THE LORD.

And thus says the Lord the exodus in New York shall turn as new leadership arises for they think they have bound NY for the sake of Washington DC says the Lord they think they have so deeply imbedded their nails and screws of perverse ideology, of wickedness, blasphemy, of murder, they THINK they have embedded it deep enough, HOWEVER says the Lord the hammer shall come, and the back of the hammer shall be used to tear up those nails one by one, and then shall come a drill on reverse and it shall begin to lift the screws up and out and then all that rotted wood and rusty metal shall be torn up says the Lord and the maggots and the uncleanness purged from the areas of new York where they have been allowed to feast and grow, for the governor’s seat is not secure says the Lord as Judgment is exacted upon the New York City Supreme Court as well and the leadership that so allowed a golden heifer to so be idolized in the name of bloodshed and control of a territory where a battle ensued long ago and they have attempted to create a cauldron of death not only for the unborn BUT for the elderly says the Lord this shall be exposed as one of the largest scandals to come out of new York, and a deer in headlights the highest seats in Albany shall be as an unexpected turn is coming upon that state.

And says the Lord of Hosts, In the heart of the Midwest there shall be an incident involving a hunter and a beast, as coveted land the shadow dragons and oligarchs and sheiks have so sought, land that the federal shall overstep their bounds to attempt to keep a private agreement between the administration and those heads of state for bears and lions and dragons says the Lord, ENGLAND says the Lord, just watch their interest percolate and peak to be joined with the sheiks and to ride the dragon holding onto its headdress made of precious metals and resources that they stole from areas weak in leadership but rich in the earth.

Taiwan, the Congo, parts of Kenya, and Central America shall be fought over more including wars between terrorist groups, governments, mercenaries, cartels shall war with each other even in order to build on and extract from what these areas have been deeply rich in, some deep in the earth new minerals and resources still unfound shall be found, however righteous leaders must be raised up to block the nefarious plans that these resources so will allow.

The cartel is building a bridge to the Congo, the scouts have already gone forth, watch as this begins to happen, however I the Lord shall put a ring in the nose of another entity and lure them in to oppose and block that bridge so therefore it is abandoned for a season.

Thus says the Lord, Have your armor on in this season EVERYDAY my children, everyday for as darkness waited at the door for Cain, so darkness and allurements wait at the door to weaken you and bind you, beware of their delicate dainties for they are deceit they are deceit says the Lord, be sober-minded and vigilant for the enemy roams about like a lion seeking whom he may devour. The lion of England is hungry for a kill watch and see says the Lord as family has become prey and an attempt made that will fall short of its mark but bring complete shame and scandal as well as a resurfacing of a similar attempt that succeeded on a princess decades ago.

And says the spirit of the Lord this day, the word, speak it, do not compromise in this season do not slack, the enemy will attempt to tire you, the enemy will attempt persistence through others, the enemy will allow offerings from those who have compromised so deeply that what they speak is junk, it is salacious; it is superficial wafers that do NOTHING to teach and feed the people but satisfy their obsessiveness with frivolous matters, instead of feeding them the meat so they have the strength to bare the standard I the Lord thy God am raising in this season, the body is atrophied says the Lord, part of the body is strong and part is atrophied and weakened and superficial dramas meant to allure the people and distract them are being spoken as if I the Lord spoke it, it is flesh says the Lord it is flesh! The flesh is entangled in the gifts there must be separation says the Lord, there must be a cleansing, and there will be sudden turning over of platforms for those who want to follow an act with very little substance to give the people, and a continuing of a troubling and deep brokenness within these vessels attempting to keep people on the hook.

Watch and pray says the Lord, test the spirit! Tests it for I the Lord am a Holy God and I the Lord am cleaning out the ears, and the eyes of MY people that have become filled with infection and clogged with fluid that they cannot hear and see correctly, therefore in their impairedness they go with the wind says the Lord, that is changing, I am calling my people in this hour to straighten up, wake up, ANCHOR IN THE WORD NOT IN A PERSON SAYS THE LORD, THE PERSON IS A VESSEL THE WORD IS EVERLASTING ANCHOR IN THE WORD FOR THAT IS YOUR TRUE SOURCE AND IN THIS HOUR AS YOU DRINK FROM THE DEEP WELLS OF THAT SOURCE YOU SHALL SEE INCREDIBLE SHIFTS AND ADJUSTMENTS IN YOUR LIVES AND YOU SHALL MOVE FROM THE CHILDISH THINGS INTO THE MATURE THINGS OF THE LORD AS I MATURE YOUR FRUIT IN THIS SEASON TO BARE AND BUD AND BRING FORTH WHAT I THE LORD FROM MY THRONE HAVE ORDAINED.

Thus says the Lord of Hosts the King of Glory, Righteousness, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen and amen.


am speaking to My children today. I am speaking these words, these thunderous words. I have spoken of this economy. I have spoken of shifts and changes. I have spoken of shakings. I have spoken of great darkness. I have spoken of great turnarounds. I have spoken of earthquakes, and I have spoken of things happening in biblical proportions. Yes, weather of biblical proportions. I have spoken of these things, including volcanic eruptions. I have talked about wars and rumors of wars. I have talked about your enemies, the giants that you are facing- the ones that are trying to control, steal, and kill, the ones that are trying to bring in this One World Government. I have warned you about it. I have talked to you about this, but something is coming, and it’s on the horizon- a great and mighty something. That something is Me.   

My hand is moving. Yes, it is moving to wipe out that system. It will wipe it out so abruptly it will shake the world. There is nothing that has ever happened to this degree on Earth before. One night you will go to bed, and the next morning your lives will be completely different. Your storehouses will be massively full to overflowing. There will be more than you know what to do with. A shift, a shift is taking place. A shift of power that I have talked to you about- a shift of power politically and a shift of power and authority on this Earth. 

Your enemies took over authority for a time while My church and My body were asleep. Yes, I said My church and My body were asleep. But they are not asleep anymore. Yes, I told you about a shift of authority, a shift of power, a shift of governments, a shift of nations, and a shift of what’s about to happen in the United States of America that will bring shock waves to the rest of the world.    

Shock waves, yes, and your enemies will be in terror. Your enemies will be in shock. They will not know what to do or where to go, and they will try to hide, but it won’t work. They will run. Oh yes, they will run like cowards. And they thought they were gods. They were very bold and arrogant. But, now that I am moving- I am moving across this land, and I am moving upon this Earth- they are running like scaredy cats, you would say. They know their power is nothing compared to Mine. They know that everything they’ve tried has stopped working and is going in the opposite direction. 

So, My children, I want you to know (Me) more intimately (as) Jehovah Jireh. I will show My church, My children, and My body that I provide for those looking for it, the ones that will receive it because not everybody will. I have given you the example before of the Promised Land- not everybody received it. Not everybody was able to go, and that is happening again. This is your Promised Land. I have promised you a life of more than enough. I have promised you a life where there is no lack. That is in My Word.  

Do you believe that? If you do, you will partake of it. Some of My children will snare and snark and get very angry at this Word. “Money, you can’t talk about money. Money is evil. God wants us to be poor, it says in His Word.” 

No, that was your enemy twisting My Words. He twisted My Words and made doctrines of them so that My children would not receive them anymore. And then evil (God’s enemies) could take things that weren’t rightfully theirs and use for their control.    

Again, My children, do you know (Me)? Do you know Me? Do you know what My Written Word says? It says that you are free. It says that I provide. It says that I do more than you would expect of Me. I do exceedingly and abundantly more than you could ask for.   

I told you I am here. I told you I did not leave. I told you that I saw, and keep seeing, what the taskmasters are doing. I also said I would deliver you. 

So shout for this time of great deliverance. Yes, you will see darkness. Yes, you will see a great shaking. Yes, you will see things intensify and get worse for the world. But, My body, get ready for the overflow. Get ready. Get ready. Get ready for My Glory. Get ready for revival fire breaking out everywhere. Get ready to be in church services for a very long time. Some will not receive that and don’t want it. “Why would we want to be in church services for days, Lord?” Because you will be in the spirit.  

(This is) a time of great refreshing, a time of great healing. Oh yes, I am pouring out healing, healing, healing, and manifestations. You will see things you never thought you would see. The magnitude and the amount you are going to see is like nothing that has ever happened on Earth before. So, press in. Press in, My children. Press into Me. There is a great and mighty victory, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Patty Teichroew - April 27, 28, 29, 30, May 01, 2, 2023

It might be time to start to reassess the terms we use to to describe what we're watching. … The largest human organization in human history [government] decide that the goal is to destroy things. Destruction for its own sake. Hey let's tear it down what you're watching is not a political movement it's evil. … They don't want a debate those ideas won't produce outcomes that any rational person would want under any circumstances. Those are manifestations of some larger force acting upon us. It's just so obvious. …

The second thing I’d like to say before I get to the conversation with Dr Roberts. Which is that it might be time to start to reassess the terms we use to to describe what we’re watching. So when I started at Heritage the presumption was and this is a very Anglo-American assumption that the debates we’re having are kind of rational debates about the way to get to mutually agreed upon outcomes. Right, so like we all want the country to be more prosperous and free and people to be less oppressed or whatever. And so we’re going to argue about tax rates and I think higher tax gets us there on the Keynesian and you disagree you’re in Austrian or whatever. But the objective is the same and so we write our papers and they write their papers and made the best papers win. I don’t think that’s what we’re watching now at all. I don’t think we’re watching a debate over how to get to the best outcome. I think that’s completely wrong. And I’ve come to this conclusion not and I should say at the outside of an Episcopalian so don’t take any theological advice from me. Because I don’t have any I grew up in the shallowest Faith tradition that’s ever been invented it’s not even a Christian religion at this point.

Um I say with shame but I’m just saying this is an observer of what’s going on there is no way to assess say the transgender movement with that mindset policy papers don’t account for it at all. If you have people who are saying I have an idea let’s castrate the Next Generation what’s sexually mutilate children. I’m sorry that’s not a political debate what there’s nothing to do with politics. What’s the outcome we’re desiring here? An androgynous population is that really what we are we arguing for that. No, I don’t think anyone could like as a positive outcome. But the weight of the government and you know a lot of corporate interests are behind that well. What is that well it’s irrational if you say well you know. I think abortion is always bad well I think sometimes it’s necessary. That’s the debate I’m familiar with. But if you’re telling me that abortion is a positive good what are you saying well you’re arguing for child sacrifice obviously. It’s not about like oh a teen you know a teen girl gets pregnant and what do we do about that. And victims of rape I you know I get it. I of course I understand that and I have compassion for everyone involved. But when the treasury secretary stands up and says you know what you can do to help the economy get an abortion. Well that’s like an Aztec principle actually. There’s not a society in the history that didn’t practice human sacrifice, not one I checked. Even the Scandinavians I’m ashamed to say, it wasn’t just the Mesoamericans it was everybody. So like that’s what that is what’s the point of child sacrifice well. There’s no policy goal entwined with that no that’s a theological phenomenon and that’s kind of the point I’m making none of this makes sense in conventional political terms.

When people or crowds of people or the largest crowd of people at all which is the federal government. The largest human organization in human history decide that the goal is to destroy things. Destruction for its own sake. Hey let’s tear it down what you’re watching is not a political movement it’s evil. So if you want to assess and I’ll put it in non and I’ll stop with this I’ll put it in non pull it I’ll put it in non-political or not rather non -specific theological terms and just say if you want to know what’s evil and what’s good. What are the characteristics of those and by the way you know. I think the Athenians would have agreed with this this is not necessarily just a Christian notion this is kind of a I would say widely agreed upon understanding of Good and Evil. What are its products what are these two conditions produce. Well I mean good is characterized by order, calmness, tranquility, peace, whatever you want to call it. Lack of conflict ,cleanliness, cleanliness is Next to Godliness. It’s true it is, and evil is characterized by their opposites violence, hate, disorder, division, disorganization, and filth. So, if you are all in on the things that produce the latter basket of outcomes what you’re really advocating for is evil that’s just true. I’m not calling for a religious War far from it. I’m merely calling for an acknowledgment of what we’re watching which is not what and I’m not certainly not backing the Republican party. I mean look I’m not making a partisan point at all. [Applause] I’m, I’m just noting what’s super obvious. Like those of us who are in our mid 50s are caught in the past in the way that we think about this.

One side’s like no you know I’ve got this idea and we’ve got this idea and let’s have a debate about our ideas. They don’t want a debate those ideas won’t produce outcomes that any rational person would want under any circumstances. Those are manifestations of some larger force acting upon us. It’s just so obvious. It’s completely obvious. And I think two things one we should say that and stop engaging in these totally fraudulent debates. Where we are using the terms that we used in 1991 when I started at Heritage. As if maybe you know I could just win the debate if I marshaled more facts. I’ve tried that doesn’t work. And two maybe we should all take just like 10 minutes a day to say a prayer about it. I’m serious, like why not and I’m saying that to you not as some kind of evangelist. I’m literally saying that to you as an Episcopalian the Samaritans of our time coming to you I’m literally an Episcopalian. Okay, and even I have concluded it might be worth taking just 10 minutes out of your busy schedule to say a prayer for the future and I hope you will. …

Syreeta Thomas - Give Space For The LORD’s Vengeance - April 24, 2023

May this Word permeate every area of someone’s soul and bring peace and reassurance.

“Be still now child, I have heard your prayers and petitions.

Give space now for My Vengeance. You have grown weary in battle, rest now in Me.

Allow Me to refresh your Spirit. Allow Me to heal your battle scars. Let Me dry your tears and comfort you in the bosom of My Presence.

I have seen those that have risen against you, but I make you this promise, YOU SHALL SEE THEIR DEMISE!

I will cause you to see and witness their end. You will no longer experience reproach, for shame will be far from you, I will exalt you.

Now indeed is your season to rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for I, The LORD AM making it so.

Look not at the past, for I AM making a new way for you.

Yes, you have drifted, so I have caused you now to be redirected back to Me, the path I have chosen.

This experience has taught you that it is not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit that causes you to be triumphant and victorious.

This battle is not yours, you no longer need to fight,” says The Father .

Chris Bennett - A Word for Scotland - April 23, 2023

As Elijah said to Israel, “Scotland, Scotland, will you always be double minded? Who is The LORD?

If The LORD is God, then serve God. But if it is Scotland, then serve your beloved Scotland.

Do you think God will take Scotland away from you — or you away from Scotland?

Seek and serve God first — the rest He will give to you, gladly give you, just as He gives you all things. Have you forgotten, or worse, not yet believed this truth.

Scotland, you stand on the edge of the greatest Revival the world will ever see, yet you remain divided and undecided.

Do you want Revival — really, truly, passionately want revival?

Then decide this day whom your house shall truly serve!

Call a solemn assembly. Call the priests, the pastors, the shepherds together.

Gather them together in unity to show to The LORD your commitment, your heart.

Will you go on as you have in the past, and miss out on much that I have for you,” asks The LORD, “or will you, like the Hebrideans, come together in Unity and in Repentance, and see everything, and more, than any of you can imagine is even remotely possible?

Repent for your pride — just as the other countries need to do too.

Repent for your foolishness in following your other gods — those very ordinary things that you have elevated as idols and now worship them.

Repent for your hatred and disdain for anything not Scottish, for preserving and maintaining the old divisions and old enmities.

The time for true Unity, Unity of Faith, and Unity of Nationhood and Love, is here!

Now is the time for the four Nations to unite under God as one.

You will always retain your uniqueness as a Nation — but the time to lower the barriers of pride and enmity is now!

Above all things, it is time to bury the past and forgive your ancient enemies. It’s time to Unite — and move on!

When you do these things, then The LORD Himself will tear off the veil of evil that covers The United Kingdom, and reveal Himself by His Spirit to all believers, and then He will come in Power and Glory in Revival — that means to Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and England.

Yes, the English, the Welsh, and the Irish have to do this too, but I AM starting with you, Scotland, for you have a special place in My heart.” says The LORD.

“You, Scotland, are My David of these times.

You, Scotland, are a Nation after My own heart.

You, Scotland, are the Crown on these islands that you call The United Kingdom.

And you, Scotland, shall lead these separate Nations into a Unity, and thence to Revival, never before seen or even imagined before now,” says The LORD your God.

First published: 19 April 2017

Lois Vogel-Sharp - End Time Prophecies - April 20, 2023

I wait for you to talk to me each and every day. I hear you pray what can I say. You think I do not hear you, You don’t even realize I could see right through you. And not one single thought is for naught. Because between your emotions and the enemy’s commotion you are filled with fear not devotion. You are so wrapped up in thought it just makes you distraught. For you do not know how to take control of your thoughts and throw away what gives you dismay. As you pray each and every day. Time to see clearly nearly all of your life is wasted on fear and possible destructiono. You create your own insurrection rather than focus on praise and worship which will bring you peace and relief. Learn who you are you’re the sons of God and may I say will make a difference if you walk in my wisdom. All you need is love and truth from the dove and trust in me. I am your father can’t you see. You look too much to the world and it makes you fall. My kingdom in and see it begin if you remain part of this life you cannot be Yeshua’s wife. For in order to be in the spirit you must lay down your life so I can raise it up which means to let go of the world and be part of my kingdom free from the Earthly false wisdom. Rise up and shine so we can dine for you are mine. Love you Father Who Art in Heaven.

Patty Teichroew - April 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 2023

Rachel - Hamm - The Angel Message / Prophetic Word Trump's Return, March 13, 2023

“The death angel will visit the Capital in the month of May. On March 13th we are asking you say this publicly.” … He said it that it’s going to start in the US capital and would go the rest of them, that’s going the be the hub that starts it all. …

Barry Wunsch - Taiwan - Prepare ye the way of the Lord! - April 15, 2023

During a time of soaking and prayer, I was taken into the Spirit over Taiwan.
There were millions of angels over Taiwan, they had it surrounded from the air. They had their backs to the Nation and were in a posture of defense. Given the word they were on guard ready to go on the offence to defend the nation.
As I was in the spirit and looking around, I watched as there was military movement approaching from the North, North East.
As I was able to draw closer, I could see there were CCP fighter jets as well as a navel fleet approaching.
This was the biggest drill yet, and the level of intimidation was higher than it had ever been before.
The situation was tinder dry. It would not take much to light it up.
I was taken in the spirit into a high level meeting room in China. This was a war room. A strategic planning / briefing room.
The officials that gathered there were overlooking a map of Taiwan and they clearly had plans to roll out in due time.
There were also American operatives in the room.
They were men in black, with special identification lanyards on. They were bright blue, and had “Biden” tagged on each one. It was more than apparent that the Biden administration / deep state had participated in the plans that were unfolding. They were playing both sides of the table, and they were going to get caught.
I was then taken in the spirit into the Taiwan presidents office. She was at here desk and on a call with President Trump. Her office had several high level officials gathered around her during the call.
President Trump reassured her that he was behind her and in support of the position that they held, and he would do all he could to help protect them from the CCP who had intentions of starting something that would quickly go very big.
I was then taken in the spirit to a Taiwan military base. There I was shown a prayer gathering, hundreds of saints on their faces, on their knees. Praying and crying out to God!
These intercessors were working like shift work around the clock interceding for Taiwan and the protection and destiny on the nation. There was wailing and an intensity of spiritual authority dealing with all the Father was leading them into.
Once again, I was taken in the spirit into a high level gathering of Taiwan generals. They wore white, crisp uniforms. They worked in unity around the table, looking out over the city and Nation. They knew the weight of the responsibility that they had been entrusted with in this day.
They were men and women of God. These were powerful remnant believers, who were very gifted and called to lead in this hour. They prayed and they strategized, they strategized, and they prayed. Every decision, every move was made as they walked with God.
I was again taken into the spirit, once again over Taiwan.
There was a formation that came down out of the sky, it appeared like a golden midst, as it flowed down it became a dome like golden bubble over the Nation.
Taiwan was covered by the Lord – it was plain to see.
This golden bubble began to pulse like a heart, and with each heart beat wave after wave was released from Taiwan and these golden waves went around the globe.
I watched as families held one another, crying and dancing in celebration of the goodness and salvation of God.
It did not seem to matter what was going on around them, they were satisfied in the presence of Holy Spirit.
They rejoiced with Him, in Him through every hour!
The Lord then spoke to me:
Barry, tell my people that I am their fortress, I am their shield!
I am their protector and deliverer! I am their everlasting strength in times of trouble!
Taiwan you are mine! I will not forsake you! I will not let you go!
Taiwan, you are being used by my mighty hand in this hour.
There is no way around it!
Taiwan you will sound the alarm – you will blow the trumpet!
You will wake up the Nations!
Taiwan, you are a catalyst in this hour!
Nations are watching your every move!
Taiwan, my strong and resilient daughter – you have endured much, and you have grown strong in spirit!
There shall be nothing that you fear, there shall be nothing you can’t overcome in Me and by my spirit!
Taiwan – you shall expose more than you are aware!
Those who have worked against you, spoken with a forked tongue and have betrayed you shall all be fully brought to justice. My Justice!
Taiwan you have My favour upon you in this hour!
As you stand with me and call their bluff I will be with you!
For they are moving at an accelerated pace for they have everything to lose! For they know that the days are short!
Taiwan-Taiwan-Taiwan- Prepare ye the way of the Lord!
Holy is the word of the Lord.

Patty Teichroew - April 14, 15, 17, xx , 2023

Chris Bennett - The Song of The LORD - April 11, 2023

This from last year, is happening NOW! A strong Word of Warning …

My ears suddenly tune in to a well know old hymn — “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”.

In the Spirit, I can hear the words. I can hear the mighty crescendo as a large choir sings, military style, these verses. There is a triumphant ring to the singing.

“Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of The LORD

He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored

He have loosed the fateful lightening of His terrible swift sword

His truth is marching onGlory, glory Hallelujah

Glory, glory Hallelujah

Glory, glory Hallelujah

His truth is marching on

He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat

He is sifting out the hearts of men before His judgment seat

Oh, be swift, my soul to answer, oh, be jubilant, my feet

His truth is marching on

Glory, glory Hallelujah

Glory, glory Hallelujah

Glory, glory Hallelujah

His truth is marching on”

What’s going on? I wonder…. What is The LORD showing me or telling me in this wonderful old hymn?

The LORD is quick to respond to my questions. “I’m warning My People of My Plans, of course!” came the reply.

“Does not My Word say I shall do this in Amos 3:7?” and the verse comes straight to mind, “Surely The LORD God does nothing, Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.”

“Take the Words of Prophecy in this Hymn — the grapes of My wrath are ready.

I have warned, time and again, but many have ignored Me. I shall be ignored no longer.

I shall strike like lightning using the Power of My Word, where sin and wickedness abide.

Did I not give an example in Ananias and Sapphira?

Shall I not mete out judgement once again on those who defy Me?

I have sounded a trumpet in heaven and I have prepared a judgement seat — one for this hour — and I shall call those whom I shall call before Me.

My Word also says this — “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God….” (Hebrews 10:31 KJV) — and many are those who have earned this judgement!

Many shall fall in this coming Season of Unrest,” says The LORD. “Many whom you are expecting, and many who will shock you.

Their sin, revealed, shall shake My Church and the world to the core, and cause many others to turn away in sorrow and anger.

But I AM anointing many more to call them back to the faith they know and love, their first love, and although the damage will be severe, it will not cost many their Salvation, because of doubt and unbelief!

Yes, some will refuse to believe and will turn away from Me, but also, many will weep, repent, and get over their disappointment and return to Me with great joy.


My Church shall be divided over this judgement — but I will restore those who will join My Remnant and cling to Me.

Signs and great Wonders shall abound in My Church as My Spirit moves in great freedom among My People and as He prepares her for a glorious restoration — even a resurrection — that will cause the whole world to stop and look at Me.

Contrary to popular opinion — I AM not finished!” says The LORD God Almighty, “I AM preparing My Bride!”

Julie Green - FREEDOM WILL BE CELEBRATED - April 18, 2023

Freedom is rising.  
Freedom is being released.  
Freedom will be heard.  
Freedom will be felt.  
Freedom will be celebrated. 

Yes, freedom has been paid for, freedom that your Savior died for. Freedom has been stolen and suppressed. My children and the world have been deceived out of the freedom that belonged to them. It belonged to them because I came and set the captives free.    

But your enemies have come in and enslaved the world that was paid for by Me. It’s a lie. Their power is a lie. Their governments are a lie. Their control is a lie. Their laws are a lie. Their threats and intimidations are all lies because they are with the father of lies, and he has been defeated. 

My children, the war and the battles you have been in, it’s all been defeated. Yes, their power over you is nothing. So, treat it like nothing. March forward into battle now, My children, and take what is yours. 

Take My victory.  
Take My Authority. 
Take My Name and use it to push your enemies back and put them under your feet where they belong. They have been disarmed. They have been brought to nothing. 

My United States, be united again. My church, wake up and shout. Shout and take back this world that I have given to you. Take back this Earth that has been set free by My sacrifice. 

Remember My resurrection. Remember when I was in the pit of hell to destroy your enemies’ power upon this Earth, to take back the keys of hell, death, and the grave. I broke out and brought them to nothing for you. So, hold on to the truth and know My love and the sacrifice I made for you. Remember, I am in you, and I have defeated all that you see. Yes, I have. I have made each one of you more than conquerors. So, take these victories and receive My Words. Do what I have commanded you to do- take it all back from the enemies’ hands. It’s not theirs; it’s yours.  

Lord, what is ours? Everything upon this Earth. I have said that in My Word. Look it up. I have given you authority. I have given you dominion. I have blessed you. I am on the inside of you. What more do you need?  

Stop listening to the lies of defeat. Stop listening to the word “impossible.” Stop listening to them say, “Nothing is happening, and nothing is changing.” Because things are happening, and everything is changing.  

Your enemies are about to experience a great defeat, a great shift of power, and laws (that are) holding them accountable for the crimes they have committed.  

My children, I have said before that arrests of high-profile people will be seen- people in governments, your news, and Hollywood. Many people, who up until now, have manipulated the laws to help themselves, keep themselves protected, and where (in the seats and positions) they wanted to stay. But those seats and positions are being vacated. Yes, many seats and positions will be emptied out by Me. You will know without a doubt who stole what, who belongs in your government, and who doesn’t. And it starts with the people in the White House. 

Get ready because things are about to shake, shake, shake. A shaking never seen or felt like this before. Your enemies have not gotten away with stealing My nations, and they will pay for all of it. Everyone will see them pay for it. Intimidations, threats, blackmail, stealing, manipulation, anything they have done to complete their task against My nations will be proven and shown to the world. 

Judgment is here. I have told you, My children, that I am the judge over all this Earth, over My nations, and your enemies will not control or reign over them.  

This is the time for revival. This is a time of My Glory. This is a time of great revolution, and it has already begun. A great American Revolution will continue. It will change the course of this Nation back to its original assignment- to be united in every state and to unite the nations around the world in My Name. 

A great war has been going on to keep this from taking place, but your enemies never succeed in anything they do. My United States, get up from defeat, get up from enslavement. You are set free from this fake and fraudulent government. Take back what is yours. They’ve lied to you. They stole from you. And you don’t have to take it. 

So, My children, pray. Pray today that evil will not prosper and that they will not succeed. It’s now time to rise up, get up, and take back your nations and your freedom, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

 to my servant President Donald Trump. The Lord says this to you. Stand tall my son for the forces of evil are trying to beat you down and take you out. But I have the final say, says the Lord of Hosts. And I say you are the President of the United States of America. …


Beware, My children. In these coming days, deception will increase, and lies will arise and try to steer you in the wrong direction- away from Me and My Word. Don’t listen or pay attention, but stand at attention, My children in the army of the Lord. The battle has been won, so don’t lose heart now. No, your enemies have gone down a path of destruction. They have brought great destruction but don’t pay attention to that. No, that was all temporary (and allowed) for My eagle to be set free, for My children to be shaken, and to awaken the world, so that My children and the world would turn to Me and not to man and their governments and systems.   

This is why a shaking has taken place. This is why it looks like evil is dominating. But it’s not. My children were too comfortable and distracted, and some were so deceived they couldn’t see all the evil that was going on. They couldn’t see what their enemies were doing. But now it’s different. Now you know because My Words have gone forth and brought an awakening, an awakening the enemy did not want. 

This awakening will cause him and his army a great defeat, similar to what Jesus did when dying on the cross. If the enemy had only known, he never would have crucified Jesus. If your enemies had known that all this evil and persecution would awaken My body, which hell could not prevail against, and a church that your enemy could not control or defeat, (they wouldn’t have pursued this path of destruction). He is regretting some of this now, and once My Glory hits this Earth, great regret will come over your enemies. Yes, I said great regret for causing an awakening of the sleeping giant, My church. My children now know they have authority, and it’s greater than his power.    

My children, know that your enemy is defeated. Rejoice, My children, don’t be in despair. That is for the ones against you. My Glory shall fill this Earth, and My hand is moving now to bring the greatest miracles the world has ever seen. You have all been handpicked and have a great part to play. So, suit up with My armor, My children, and March into battle and receive your victory in My Name, saith the Lord your Redeemer.  

Israel, oh Israel, do not fear what they have tried to do to your Nation. No, they will not tear you apart or take you down. Your civil war will come to an abrupt end. The ones who have brought this mess will be exposed and removed.  

You have been infiltrated, and I will show you the infiltrators. They will not have their way. Turn to Me, My Israel, and know that I am still the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I am still your deliverer, and healing will come to your land, saith the Lord. 

Oh, Israel, shout your enemies down. Shout them to nothing. Remember the walls of Jericho. Blow your shofars, and remember I am still on your side. Remember who delivered you from Pharaoh’s (from Moses’ time) hand. This is no different. So, look to Me. Call upon Me, and I will answer thee and free your land, saith the Lord. 

Leaders in Georgia- oh yes, I see you, and every plan you have against My David will fall flat. Just like what will happen in New York, and every case, lie, and wicked scheme. I am in your way. You will not take My David (down) for crimes you committed yourselves, and judgment will come for you for pursuing these lies. You had opportunities to stop, but you refused. So now, there will be more exposures, and truth will be revealed about every lie you told and hid against My David and My Nation.  

No matter what cases (you bring) against My David or any of My children, I am the judge. I will settle the cases of all My children, and they will all be vindicated, saith the Lord. 

These are the days of great vindication.  

The Jackal is coming down, and so is the cackling Hyena. They will all come down for hijacking My Nation, saith the Lord. 

I am drawing them all out, and a healing will begin to move even greater to heal this land. The days of “the Biden” are coming to a close. So, rejoice now. Praise now. Shout now that the eagle is rising, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 


My children, I say again, do not be moved by what you hear or see. I am here to protect, avenge, and deliver you. Your enemies are walking right into every trap I have set for them- yes, walking right into their defeat, judgment, and destruction. Nothing can be done to stop what is about to happen next to the globalists, the elites, and these fraudulent governments. To all the enemies of Almighty God- your time has come to fall.   

They refused to turn (back). They refused to heed My warnings. They refused to repent. They refused to back off. They refused to do the right thing. And they refused the truth, so they refused Me. Judgment must come to all who refused to listen and kept going after My nations, My children, their freedoms, health, wealth, and all that belonged to them.    

Enemies of Almighty God- you know you stole these nations. You stole the presidential seats in many nations. You stole everything you wanted using anything you could. But you didn’t know that I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and I still live, and I am against you. I know you are hearing these words, and these words are to let you know that no matter what you do, you will fail.  

Exposures are coming that you can’t see. I will expose all of you and bring you to nothing. Your governments are collapsing. Your plans are all failing. Your economies will implode. Your fortunes and power will all come crumbling down and slip away like they were never there and never existed.  

You think, in your arrogance, this will never happen because you are too smart to lose everything. Don’t worry. You will see that no one can outsmart Me, saith the Lord of Hosts.  

Your powers are falling to nothing, and I am tearing apart all the laws that you have held over My nations. Enemies of Almighty God- you think that nothing will change and that you can continue with your plans, but the handwriting is on the wall- destruction is coming for you, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Challenger: this word will be in your news for a shocking reason.  

Watch your enemies’ next moves against Hunter and “the Biden.” What is coming out next against this crime family will no longer be suppressed. They know they can’t keep him in that position. He is failing before their eyes and the world, and fewer people believe that he is actually in control. They don’t believe he can win or that he has the cognitive ability or functionality to stay in power any longer. 

So, you (those against God) will try and find a replacement, but that will not work either. You will not choose who the next president is because I am (choosing). I am also restoring what you have stolen, including every president you put in place and all the damage they caused this Nation, or any nation around the world, for your One World Government.  

What you have tried against My David will come right back at every one of you. I have said before that the days of Haman are here to stay until all is completed against you for all the seeds of destruction you have sown into this world. 

My children, something is coming that you don’t see. Don’t let it blind your eyes, you would say. Don’t let it move you. What you see is the end of the ones against you. They will not have what it looks like. 

“Normal” is about to look very different. But get excited that everything is changing for your good, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Dr. Patricia Green - Lord's Message to Donald Trump - April 8, 2023

So, this is what the Lord said. I want to address the issue of the inditement of Donald Trump, my chosen man to lead your nation. To indite is to charge with a crime. And I say to those are involved bring this inditement against Donald Trump. I say your crimes will be uncovered and you will be indited. What you through would stop my chose man to lead the USA. It will come upon your own head. Says the Lord of Hosts. Alvan Bragg I say this to you say the Lord … Your deepest darkest secrets will be revealed for displayed for all to see. … You seek to shame servant Donald Trump but shame will fall upon your head Mr. Bragg. All those behind this inditement will be exposed. …. Repent I say while there is still time and if not you will perish, say the Lord of Hosts. …          

Now I want to speak to my servant President Donald Trump. The Lord says this to you. Stand tall my son for the forces of evil are trying to beat you down and take you out. But I have the final say, says the Lord of Hosts. And I say you are the President of the United States of America. …

Shelly Mosley - His eyes are on us – April 6, 2023

I the Lord am moving in your midst. I am moving against all the enemies of almighty God. I am chasing them down and setting the scales of justice right. They will no longer tip in their favor. I am the one true God. I Am The Great. I Am I never sleep nor Slumber. I have no need of it. I am always watching over my people. I pursue you my children. I answer you when you call out to me. I have answers for all you seek. I will never ignore you or walk away from you. I will never leave your side. I am married to the backslider. I call to them and keep them in my thoughts always. I do not leave the one that is lost in the wilderness. I go to search him out. I go to find him I am on constant alert over all my children. I would move Heaven and earth for any one of these. Many have left my side many have walked away from my presence. I still call to their hearts I still try to draw them into my presence.

My children are always first my first priority. I have plans for all of my creation. But not all except me and therefore do not accept the path I chose for them. Before they were even conceived in the womb. We are at an important time in your history. We are at the threshold of a great and mighty victory. Those who have trusted me with their lives. Those who have given themselves over to me will get the greatest reward after the victory is manifest. I have already won the battle. I have already won the war. It will manifest now. The proof of it will be shown and some of it will explode all over the Earth. My glory is here my glory is covering this Earth and great things will come when and you will witness because of it. There is nothing to compare to it because it is an even greater thing I do now. I am not only delivering One Nation no I am delivering All Nations.

Your enemies are backed into a corner with nowhere to go. They know they have been caught they know their time is nearly over. Many are saying that they can feel the mighty changes in the atmosphere. They can feel the shift of power they can feel the Winds of Change blow as they stand in a corner and tremble. Not one of them will escape Justice not one. They can try to do everything they can to make their plans prosper but none will happen. For I says the Lord have caused no weapon formed against you to ever prosper. I have given you the power to overcome these things not one will prosper these enemies are trying all they can to shut you up. They are trying all they can to force you under their hands of unfair rule. You are mine and my people will be saved by my own hands. They are only Grasshoppers and my sight. Grasshoppers that I can crush with only my word. He’s talking about our enemies.

Things are about to get tense. But remember all I have told you my children there is nowhere that you go that might careful and watchful eye isn’t upon you nowhere I hear the voices of the wicked calling to each other in great fear and concern. They are desperately trying to cover their tracks of what they’ve done and where they’ve been. There is no hiding it now they can try to cover it all. But my word is uncovering it all. They stand bare and uncovered. They stand naked and full of shame. I will expose their ugliness and I will cause a great humiliation to befall them. They will be forced to speak the truth about their Deals they have made against you. My strong and mighty hosts are fighting with me against them. They forgot somehow that they are merely a vapor in the wind. Here one day and one the next. They fade just as the flowers bloom for a short time then they fade away. They have stood in their arrogance against me and against my people planning the evil things they have concocted all the while believing that they would not perish early they didn’t count on me says the Lord. They didn’t count on my rescue plan.

April will be very painful for many. It will be a sad yet joyous month for my faithful children. I am moving at Great speeds to change these things. This is only the beginning though. Watch and listen for what I will do will be even too great to record in history books. There is no comparison to this great thing I will do. Keep watching for the signs I give you my children for I the Lord am striking my hand in the camps of your enemies. I am taking all they had planned for you and I will give it to them. I am taking all they had plundered from you and I will give it to you children of almighty God. You are not defeated. It may look and appear that you are very soon. But I promise you are not. Quite the opposite in fact you have won this war. You have you just have to wait and see it manifest in the natural. Remember that things are never how they appear they are never what they look like with your natural eye.

So, look with your spiritual eyes look past the natural. Circumstances and look with your eyes of faith and see the truth of your coming celebrations. It is here it is now. The harshness that you will hear of will not last long. I will reverse all that’s been done. I will remove those who need to be removed from the power they never should have had. I will remove and destroy all the works of the enemy that come against you my remnant. Stand and shout. Stand and celebrate watch the walls like Jericho come down before you. I can do all I have said and more. My will will be accomplished in this earth. No one can stop it, no one. Get ready to receive. Get ready to receive what you have been waiting for my children. It will be glorious.

You will soon hear of another stepping down in your government of falsehood. They will step down in great shame. Another will be caught in a tremendous lie and calls for this one to step down will be shouted. Watch as great rains will come and hover over an area in the East. It will flood many areas there I am protecting the ones who are mine. I am flooding out the truth. It will be like hurricane Harvey was and it will rain for days over the same area forcing evacuations. You will hear of a sign on Mount Rainier. Look up your redemption draweth nigh, says the Lord. Watch what I do regarding the attempted Supreme Court Justice. Watch and know that I am moving on your behalf. You will see great flocks of birds in your news. Greater than has been seen in many years. They will ask what has caused such a great migration. Watch for some signs watch for more signs in the heavens. More strange and odd signs. They will be captured on video and in photos. These are my signs look for them and know I am still working on your in your favor. You will hear the words master manipulator in your news. Watch for this my plans are coming to pass continue to call in what you want continue to desire what you desire to see. I will do it. Stand strong my children I am here for your redemption I’m keep watching and waiting for me and all of my signs of hope I have given to you. It won’t be long now my faithful ones.

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - Judgment, God's Great Reset, & Trump Prophecy - April 5, 2023

Okay, so on April 4 of 2023 the Holy Spirit says my great or excuse me. He actually said the Great Reset, my Great Reset is well underway. Today my trumpet was arrested. I allowed him to feel that pain and yet for him it is all joy he knows the end and he knows it’s dangerous. But he’s willing to take the risk. I have given him the heart of a lion. He will be unbending in delivering and meeting out my justice. I will remind him of this day when he’s tempted to do otherwise.

So, I could see then at that point that the Holy Spirit was saying pray so for the Saints to pray that the trumpet. Um when he’s tempted to go lenient on justice that the Holy Spirit would bring back to his remembrance this day. Okay so I will remind him of this day when he’s tempted to do otherwise. I will remind him um of the J6 prisoners and their families. I will remind him of those falsely accused and imprisoned because they spoke truth and stood for righteousness. I will remind him of the lying media, the traitorous politicians, and the satanic cabal. I will remind him of the blood of children and infants crying for justice.

He will accomplish all that I have for him to do. I have assigned many good people to him to help him. I have assigned intercessors and Prophets to decree and declare. And I have assigned my Saints to go into the mountains of influence and gain the victory for Jesus Christ. All of this is by my spirit and not by the power of man my angels have been working and will be working until Kingdom Come they have been rejoicing and I desire My people to rejoice with them and then there was a pause in the Holy Spirit. Um brought to my mind the plagues in scripture and he said, you are thinking of plagues in the scriptures. Do you see how plagues only affect those without faith? This is how it is with my judgments. That’s really interesting. Blow the shofar and raise a Hallelujah.

Patty Teichroew - April 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 2023

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - Praise & Fear Prophetic Word - March 31, 2023

The Lord again says do not fear. …I am has spoken to you regarding fear many, many, times in the past. But these are perilous times. … You see my anointed threatened by corrupt men and your enemy tries to bring fear. He is my anointed this is true. But don’t you think I am could raise up another if that were necessary? Am I so weak that I have to depend on a man? Or am I so strong that I can use a man to change the world. I am the Lord of Hosts nothing surprises me. … Nothing is equal to me I am never a failure and have never considered being so. Do you see a leaf shaking in the wind or do you see the whole world shaking? Which is more difficult for me to save? They are the same. My power does not run low nor is my battery able to run down. My power is infinite and will be forever.

Do you see the desperation in the world right now? Do you see a cornered animal lashing out in desperation? Do you see the masses rising up to challenge this evil plight in the world? Do you see the tares maturing along with the wheat? Yes, your enemy will try to look mean and strong, but like a caged animal his days are coming to a close. Therefore it’s time to blow the shofar. It’s time to raise a hallelujah. It’s time to sing praises the end of the cabal grows near. I am not wringing my hands in worry don’t ring yours either. Did you think this current world system could topple without some shaking? My prophets have been bringing words regarding the shaking for a long time. Trust me I am good. Amen

Flashback October 8, 2022 - Veronika West - The Stump of Trump Will Sprout Again!

America! America! I see you standing as a mighty Oak Tree in the midst of the trees of the great forest of Nations. Ha! You are the tallest and strongest among the trees of The Nations.

But suddenly I hear the piercing sound of deep cracking in the midst of a loud sound of the hacking of axes, and I hear The Spirit say, ”Beloved, listen! Do you hear it?”

As I heard those Words, suddenly I hear another sound, a deep rumbling coming from deep beneath the ground. I look, and my eyes are drawn to the roots of the giant mighty Oak Tree.

Then suddenly, I hear another sound, like a gentle breeze rustling through the leaves of The Forest of Nations, and I hear the sound of footsteps, and then I see, behold, it’s the mighty Lion of Judah walking among the trees of the great forest of Nations.

I see His Eyes upon the hordes of hell, with axes in their hands. His Eyes fixed upon the great and mighty Oak Tree.

His Eyes, now upon the roots of the mighty Oak, His piercing Eyes looking upon the foundations of the Nation, the power of His Covenant Promises, with The Nation of America has drawn Him in!

Then suddenly, I feel the ground beneath my feet beginning to shake and tremble, and I see the branches of the great Oak Tree beginning to sway violently, and I see the hordes of hell are unrelenting in their pursuit to tear down, uproot, and utterly destroy the “Planting of The LORD.”

But then suddenly, I hear the sound of loud Thunder, and The Heavens and all the Trees in the great Forest of Nations begin to shake, and the ground begins to quake.

Then I hear these Words, ”For I laugh in The Heavens at the folly of my foe, that think they can uproot what I have planted, or tear down what I have built!

Watch! For in the midst of the great shaking in The Forest of The Nations there is a sound now rising from deep within the ground, it’s the sound of My Resurrection Power and Glory that shall suddenly bring forth new and greater Life and Liberty, for out of the deep darkness, a piercing Light shall suddenly break forth to expose the works of darkness.

For the veil and the scales shall be removed and peeled back from the blind eyes of the people, and surely, they will declare with a loud voice, “A great awakening is now come upon a Nation that has been slumbering and stumbling in the dark!”

Watch! For I say to you, The Stump of Trump will sprout again, but you say, “How can an Oak Tree that is cut down, ever grow back?”

But I say, the roots! The roots! Look to the roots, for now the breath of My Resurrection Power shall blow forth upon the roots of The Stump of Trump.

I say again, My Truth, Righteousness, Unity, Mercy and Peace shall triumph over the works of wickedness in high places, for that which looked dead, shall surely live again!

Watch! As new and greater life shall suddenly and swiftly spring forth from that which was cut down and destroyed by the hands of the devourer.

Listen! For the sound of The Roar of The Lion of Judah now goes forth upon this Land, to shake, shake, shake the very foundations of The Nations.

Yes! The roar of My Resurrection Power shall now deeply penetrate the root system of The Oak Tree, to Revive, to Restore and to Reform!

Watch! For that which was cut down to the ground shall surely bud again and become greater and mightier than before!”

Patty Teichroew - April 1,2,3,4, xx, 2023

fait accompli - noun

an accomplished fact; a thing already done:

The enemy’s defeat was a fait accompli long before the formal surrender.

Editor’s note: The phrase that has come to mind the past few days is “fait accompli.” God’s Reset of the world financial system is done. Now we wait….

Trillions, trillions, and trillions of derivatives at risk per bank. Check your bank

US Banks Ranked by Derivatives

Veronikq West - Ireland: Satan Has Taken a Census! - March 31, 2023

I heard The Spirit say, ”Satan has asked for the head of The North, on a silver platter!”

As I lifted my voice in prayer and praise for her life, suddenly I heard The Spirit say, ”Satan has asked for the head of The North, on a silver platter!”

Then I heard these Words, ”Watch and Pray, for Satan has taken a census. Yes! A census of all the categories of people in this Land, looking for the Prophets, the Gatekeepers who have positioned themselves at The Altar, and looking for those who have neglected the place of Priesthood.

Daughter in this hour, Satan seeks legal entry into the lives of My Prophets, in which to assign his cohorts for their destruction and death.”

As I heard those Words, I inquired of The Spirit, “Why the head? What is the reason for wanting the head?”

To which The Spirit of Revelation replied saying, ”Satan seeks to steal the Identity, Authority, Anointing and Birthright of The North, for The Head (The North) must now rise in true Kingdom Identity if The Heart (The South) is going to come into alignment with Healing and Restoration, which will make way for My Glory and Revival, to come to this land!”

Then suddenly The Spirit of Revelation showed me what looked like a powerful Threefold Cord, tightly wrapped around The Nation (Ireland), and I saw that the Life over the land was being suffocated and stifled.

Suddenly I heard these Words, ”Watch! For the demonic threefold cord of Jezebel, Anthaliah and Delilah seeks to destroy the Destiny of this Nation!”

Then suddenly The Spirit of Revelation spoke again saying, ”Watch and Pray, for Satan has asked for the head of The North, on a silver platter!”

Julie Green - THIER LIES ARE COMING TO AN END - March 30, 2023

For I, the Lord, this day, am telling My children that your enemies’ defeat is coming. There is nothing that can stop it because I am coming to wipe out their plans, the authority they thought they had, their financial system, their globalist agenda, their governments, their laws, and their slavery. It is finished because they are nothing against Me. No weapon they have will prosper against you because I am against them. 

My children, don’t you see the exposures? And more are coming. Don’t you see that truth is being told and lies are being revealed? Don’t you see that prophecies are coming to pass? 

My Word says you have authority and your enemies are guaranteed to lose. I have said in many prophetic words- do not go by how things look because the things you see are about to change. It’s not “maybe they’ll change” or “they might change.” They are changing. They will change because I am changing them, saith the Lord. 

Don’t give up, and don’t give in to the pressure or lies of your enemy. He is a loser. He has already been defeated, and so has everyone with him. They will not get away with what they have done. That hasn’t happened before, so why do you think it’s any different now? If they are against you, they are against Me, and that guarantees their defeat. So, celebrate in the revelation that they are about to lose everything they have stolen from you. Their power will be taken away, judgment will be served, and justice will prevail because I am the God of justice, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Capitalism: this word will be in your news for a significant reason. Your enemies are desperately trying to kill capitalism, but it will fail because they will fail, saith the Lord.  

More explosive evidence will be revealed regarding Watergate. I am not done exposing all that has been hidden in this land that they have done against you.    

Emails: this word will be in your news big time because damning evidence and emails are about to expose many in the deep state, the swamp, this fake administration, the news media, and some in the highest court in the land. 

Things are heating up, so brace for a great impact caused by more truth being revealed. Their lies are coming to an end. 

Uruguay will be in the news for a significant reason. 

Many arrests are about to be made that your enemies didn’t see coming and thought would never take place. 

The Treasury Department will be in your news for a shocking reason. 

A major scandal is about to be exposed. A whistleblower is coming out to expose it all. Nothing is staying hidden, and in this great shaking, nothing will stay standing that was against you. 

Bobulinski: this name will continue to be in your news. It will be vindicated. You would say, not every exposure will be put under the rug. Justice is being served in this case. 

Keep your eyes on the Black Sea. Something significant is about to take place there. 

Something more is going on in the Atlantic Ocean than people realize, but they soon will. 

Greenland is about to be in your news for a significant reason.  

My children, the page is turning, and things are shifting. Things are changing. So, get ready for it because the time of your enemies’ defeat is at hand, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Julie Green - IT'S TIME FOR JUSTICE IN THE LAND OF MY EAGLE - March 27, 2023

My children, this is not the time to quit. This is not the time to give in to defeat. This is the time you should have a great expectancy of what I am about to do upon this Earth for you. Yes, I said for you. You are My children, and the world is about to know that for a fact. I am the Most High God, and not only do I defend you, but I also avenge and protect you. As I have said before- I am the way, and I am in the way. And your enemies will never get what they want.  

Get excited for what is on the horizon that I’m about to do for you. I am your deliverer, and I’m about to move in great and mighty ways on your behalf, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Your enemies have caused much damage, and it will cost them everything they stole, destroyed, and deceived people out of that was rightfully theirs.   

My children, you will receive a sevenfold harvest on all the damage that the stealing and manipulating your enemies have done has caused you.  

So, get ready for a shift of political power, educational power, and a shift of power in My church, from man back to Me. My Glory will fill My churches once again. I have told you that a great revolution has begun, and a great revolution will be experienced in mighty ways. So, hold on. Things are about to get interesting. 

I will move your enemies out of the way. They will be taken out of the positions they are in that do not belong to them. Keep standing, My children. Things are shaking, and they will continue to shake until all things are made right, until My children are vindicated and avenged, and until what has been taken from you is restored. 

It’s not too good to be true. I am good, and you will see My goodness poured out like never before. This is the time for My Glory, so press into it, believe it, declare it, and receive it this day, saith the Lord.  

A railroad company is about to be exposed. A scandal will be revealed, and what they have been hauling across this country will be exposed in more ways than one. Get ready because some things are becoming very explosive in this time. 

Mount Rushmore will be in your news for a significant reason. 

Major exposures will continue to take place regarding the Hollywood elites- who they are connected to and what some of them have done against this country and many innocent children. Their crimes will not go unpunished, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Agriculture is about to be in your news. A whistleblower is about to expose what has really been going on against you. 

Tetra: this name will be in your news for a surprising reason. 

Some well-known people and their offshore accounts will be in the news, exposing many money trails they never thought would be exposed. Their plans are all being revealed, and nothing will stay in the dark. 

Major exposures in the White House are about to be revealed. The big lie is falling apart before your eyes. 

Ambush: this phrase will be in your news for a shocking reason. 

Something significant is about to take place in Boston that your enemies never thought would be uncovered. 

A coroner will be in your news for a significant and shocking reason. This information will not stay suppressed anymore. Their narratives are imploding, and your enemies can’t have what they want any longer. 

Watch “the Biden’s” next gaffs. They can no longer keep him propped up. His days as the “supposed” leader are coming to an end in a way you would have never expected because man is not removing him. I am, saith the Lord of Hosts.  

Unusual rain will be in your news for a surprising reason. 

The winds of change are here, and things are changing faster and faster. Get ready for significant changes and decisions that have to be made now. 

No longer can you be lukewarm. It’s time to choose what side you want to be on.  

Your enemies are about to trip over their words and fall by their own plans. Truth shall be revealed regarding every one of My children that they have gone against and falsely accused, and judgment will be poured out in this time while your enemies are front and center. They will fail at every attempt to take My Nation and destroy the credibility of My children. It is time for justice in the land of My eagle, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - Dare to Dream with God Prophecy - March 28, 2023

The Lord says I’m doing something different on the earth. As I’ve said before don’t look at history to find the old patterns and ways I’m doing something different. You have not come this way before and this change is a global change. It will affect the entire planet in ways never before seen. I am has given clues to the prophets regarding the changes that will take place. But these clues are only clues and generalities. The extent and what all the countries and Nations will look like in the future has not been imagined by man. … The changes are of a magnitude that would impress Noah. Imagine the Seven Mountains of influence reduced to three. That’s kind of tough what might those three remaining mountains be. Well okay …what could take away the influence of these mountains?

Tell the people to be ready to change their thinking in ways that will bring forth a new freedom that has never been seen before. Imagine the freedom to be righteous and act righteously toward everyone and expect the same from others. Do not expect the old system with a makeover the old system is headed to the trash heap. It’s over and done. Think about religion thrown out in the trash heap too. All of its ways and rules and ideas all thrown out that church with all of its earthly ideas rules for holiness. Where men claim to represent Me but never did. I am spewing it out of My mouth. The stench in My nostrils was awful but the taste is worse. I am trying to get you to dream with Me. Get rid of the lament and the belief that your brothers and sisters are basically bad. Those who are filled with My spirit are bad skepticism and mistrust are not virtues. Faith and trust are from Me don’t believe the evil one anymore. Come dream with Me I am good I am the way and I am the truth and I am the life. Come! Amen.

The Seven Mountains of Influence in Society

Seven Mountains

Veronika West - The Sword of The LORD on Norway - March xx, 2023

The LORD brought me back to this Word from a while back with the words, “Watch Norway, watch all of Scandinavia too!

There is coming a new wave of Awakening and Revival throughout the land, and many shall be saved!”

I saw a huge Angel standing over Norway.  He held a great sword in his hands with the tip resting on the ground.

It was The Sword of The LORD.  The Angel was the Archangel Michael.  He picked up the sword and brought it down hard on several places.

As it struck, there came a huge splash.  He was striking those places where there is an old Well of Revival.

As Michael struck an old well, and the water splashed, so waves spread out as when a stone hits a pond — waves ripple out in circles these circles ran up the coast of Norway until they hit a headland — then they started back towards the source of the strike.

I saw them carrying many many people back to the well.  The tide of ripples became a tide of people as, for as far as the ripples reached, people flowed back and forth, growing in numbers all the time.

Michael spoke, “Son of man, tell the people that the Sword of The LORD is coming down upon Norway and then on all of Scandinavia.

The LORD is breaking the old Wells open, and once more He will flood your land.  He is breaking ALL the old curses and strongholds off the land.

He is binding ALL the old strongmen and cancelling their power over His people, including the curse of Jante Law.

He is bringing back the reverence, fear, and power of The LORD to Norway!  Do not look for signs in the sky — rather seek His Kingdom and The LORD Himself will be revealed to you.

The Signs and Wonders you shall see shall be of healing and freedom from that which binds the nation.  Yet the greatest miracle of all shall be the lives of those who repent, turn from their old ways, and receive Him as LORD!

Tell My People to press in until they get breakthrough.  Listen to those whom I send to you,” says The LORD, “and I will send revival upon your land. I will heal Norway and all of Scandinavia,” says The LORD Almighty.

With these Words, the angel Michael vanished.  The only thing I could see were the ripple waves spreading out and coming back — and a huge number of people were standing along the shores of the Fjords, arms lifted to heaven, praising God!

A short time later, The LORD showed me that, as elsewhere in the world, praise, worship, and young people will lead the way.

The older generation will mentor the people, intercede for, and pull down The Glory — but the young generation from 6-36 will lead the way and turn the people back towards The LORD.

“Do not despise, nor suppress the young,” says The LORD, “for by doing so, you will suppress My Spirit as He moves in your land.

I will raise up whom I will raise up, and I will show them approved by their love and by their great faith.”

This is how The LORD spoke today.

Norway, and all of Scandinavia shall be saved!  Hallelujah!! ….

The LORD spoke,  “I AM sending a New Dawn!

A new day is dawning for My Church in Norway and elsewhere.

A new son-rise is coming.

A new release of Signs, Wonders and Miracles.

Are you ready to receive those to whom I reveal myself?

Are you ready for a new Golden Age in which My Son is lifted up and My Glory floods your meetings?

Are you ready for a miraculous about-face among ordinary unchurched people regarding Me?

Are you ready for the supernatural to become the normal — for the sick to be healed, the bound delivered, and the dead raised — all for no explanation other than “it must have been God!”

Yes, a new dawn is coming to signal a new day — and it will be glorious!” says The LORD.

“Yet, persecution will rise, deception will rise, there will be many claiming, ’I am he!’  Do not fall for the enemy’s traps for he will lead many astray.

Stay alert!

Watchmen to the walls!

Intercessors to your War Room!

I AM sending a new dawn and a new day,” says The LORD, “but the enemy will not surrender.  Be ready!  Be prepared!  A New Dawn is coming!

Just as resurrection day is coming, so too is the new dawn.

A new glorious day is about to dawn,” says The LORD your God!

Patty Teichroew - March 24, xx, xx, 2023


He says America the great these are the days you’ve been waiting for America. America the home of the brave and the land of the free. This is what I’ve called you for and the eyes of the world are upon you now. This is an hour and this is your time. So watch and see what’s about to happen as I take down every bad tree and pull its demonic roots out of this great nation. You will see the good fruits of your labor not only in America, but in the nations of the world. For as I pull things down and out I will cut and extract extract every chiropod evil time into out of this nation. So stay close to my heart and for you will need My wisdom and My discernment in this hour as many things and honestly appear. I will be with you through the shaking and I will be at your side as corrupt systems crash and fail and are brought down before you. Do our fear and do not be afraid for I’m tearing things down so we can rebuild together. I’ve come to give you a clean slate . The America turn to Me the Lord God Almighty with all your heart soul and strength. And I will give you peace and I’ll heal your lamb if you turn from your wicked ways. So today is a day a new beginning no need to turn back for I am your deliverer your Redeemer and the lifter of your hands. So walk with Me and walk in My peace and share My peace with all who I put on your path. For America in your days are the days you’ve been waiting for so let my worshipers arise and your enemies be scattered and holy is the word of the Lord. …

Canada, Canada, My True north strong and free it’s time to arise and shine for the eyes of the nations are soon to be upon you. For I’m going to move across this straight lamb and do only what I can do. I’m gonna sweep here and I’m gonna sweep there and I’m going to sleep in the  corner for what I’m about to do will be on display for all of the world to see. It will be found by My spirit and mine alone will you put your trust in man in the systems of man and that’s about to change to this great nation of Canada shall once again bow it’s me to me the enemy has done all he can to oppress and reject me on my statutes he’s opened every door for evil against smart people he’s blind at the hearts and eyes to my love and my truth to this nation of Canada was founded upon me and my foundations and it shall return unto me it is time the wickedness be removed from every high place it is the demonic forces that are against you. You don’t know what they’re up against Prime the Lord God Almighty and there’s no one greater than I. They shall cry and pull a certain group sets upon you with all they have. For they are desperate and they’ll stop at nothing for they know the time is short.

There is nothing new under the Sun and they’ve tried before. But it’s time my people to draw unto Me with all you have. For these dark raging powers and authorities are about to be pressed the distress that they have intended upon my people shall come back on themselves the pawns that they have used shall soon be brought to Justice for I shall redeem and I shall return all that has been stolen from my people I am bringing an end to the o-cost practice the Vivian government and I’m releasing my Holy Fire into your Parliament what has been defiled shall be restored and the puppeteers are about to be revealed. Huh you will see who is walking in the light and who is not and you’ll be surprised. If I’m coming against the Masonic I’m holy cat I’m Godly roots that have controlled you and it is time that they are exposed in them removed once and for all they’re about to lose control for I’m bringing Revival and I’m bringing Reformation to this land. There are fires that are already burning and I’ll Stand the flames hotter with the winds of My experience and there’s nothing that shall stop Me.

Provide ferocious love for my beloved cannot be stopped and I will stop at nothing stupid people on the tree nothing upstairs in My way the enemy is trying to close the door quickly on My people but do not fear do not be afraid for I’m away maker where I bring strings Independence and pass in the wilderness and I will leave you or forsake you things are going to shake and just as in Harvest the shaft will be shaken from the week and will be blown away. So this is your hour it’s harvest time and what it does the Harvest it’ll be holy is the word of the Lord.

I believe that there’s there is a uh a burning down that’s going to happen with him uh the youth you know these groups that you know have got uh strategically over decades Place themselves on the mountains you know you know and particularly uh you know our government mental structures and they’re so intertwined into the communities and into uh you know businesses and banking. And you know all of these areas and uh I see the father coming in and just flip swiping it upside down and uh and bringing it bringing a shift to that. There’s a lot of people rise up you know where the water comes up it’s gonna if it’ll flush out those things that are you know kind of getting in the holes and in the in the dark places and so uh you know it’s kind of way more pervasive I didn’t know how much it was in Canada compared but it’s just everywhere yeah uh we were riding with  …

Lord woke me up just out of where I was you know in a stone cold sleep He woke me up. Barry tell My people the truth is about to be released. Have I not said that the religious spirits Jezebel control manipulation charismatic witchcraft shall be exposed. It is time to recover My authors. I’m coming in the wrath of My love to drive out every unclean spirit … and My flock that I’ve called you to care for. The days of controlling and beating My sheep are done. It’s time to stop it. You’re supposed to beat back the enemy not My people. You have a fourth Son manipulated give me information either they get to big lies and division into My body for your own gain. It’s a type of repentance. I want the unity and yet you work against Me. The operator will come to those who surrender and come clean and turn their heart back unto Me. There’ll be no pulpit, no bored low platforms that shall be overlooked. It’s time to clean up. It’s time to deal with the carnage that’s been left in your wake are you hitting behind cardboard sports everything shall be exposed for what it is.

I have not called you to build a business or an industry that I’ve called you to build my kingdom so it’s time to be truthful with yourself and give it back to me before from you. So I’ve called you no more than this I’ve called you to hire things. But why can’t open this for the Harvest is upon you and the fields are right the satisfied the distractions and gather together and seek My face and mine alone and I’ll meet with you. For I’m a good father and I will give you my tender embrace saturating you in my love for in My presence there’s all that you need or ever desire and I will heal every heart and I will bring fullness of joy and gladness forevermore so let Me embrace you. My sons and My daughters and let me restore yourself I might keep on adjusting to my country. And those that don’t know me are searching just for this and this alone not empty dead religion. Those who saturate in the love of my presence yeah and give me space with you and I will fill it and you will never be the same. So behold me and behold my kingdom and you shall know me in a whole new light you will become infectious with my love. And no one will be safe from it so it is time to open up my altar in my life and I will meet you there and hold it here. …

I pulled back are gonna be released as flaming arrows into the enemies camp. And they will carry Holy Spirit fire for love power and authority. To set many trees the fire shall burn in these camps and many will come running out into My arms of Salvation. Healing and deliverance and the scales will be removed from their eyes and they will know the truth and the truth will sent them free. So these flaming arrows that have been saturated in My Holy anointing oil and will they will burn indefinitely as they remain in Me. So some of them pulled back and thought that they’d missed it and that they were done. But I tell you today that


These are the days of great distractions My children. So do not fall for your enemy’s trap. He wants you distracted. He wants you deceived to bring ultimate devastation to you. But if you are focused on Me and My word his strategy his tactics fall to the ground. You would say and they would be brought to nothing. They will not bring you down. They will not overtake you and they certainly will not destroy you. His destruction was your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And remember, the greater one lives in the inside of you than he that’s in the world. Face the things in your life with boldness and peace. Because I am with you and I will never leave you. And I will not fail you. There’s been great persecution in the body of Christ for standing on truth and standing in faith. Well now is a time for great vindication for the ones who dare to stand who dare to believe and approach their trust in me vengeance is mine in vengeance is being poured out and I have said this many times before Justice is being served because I am the god of Justice, saith the Lord of hosts.

Something big is brewing in Macedonia that is about to be exposed. Truth about the oil industry, the oil reserves, and who has been in control, and who has been trying to suppress the truth. It is being stopped and the truth will pour out everywhere. Oil is connected to more in this country and four nations than you realize right now. But I said ALL truth would be revealed and it will. Watch as many Arab Nations become unstable. It will appear like chaos is erupting many judgments you will see fall in that area for all the death they have caused so many. Afghanistan much truth will be told about what really happened in that area. That was paid for by your fraudulent government. And why so much was left there for a great payoff to your enemies. There is nothing your enemies have done that will be suppressed any longer. Many foreign business deals regarding not only this fraudulent government you see now. But governments in times past that have used your enemies against you in multiple different ways. I am opening the record books of all the money, all the trade deals, all the terrorist acts, all the murderers that were committed for the government you see now.

This has been a plan for over 100 years in this nation for your enemies outside in foreign lands. But also your enemies in the Deep State of this nation to terrorize. This deal to enslave to destroy ultimately this Free Nation. Not only because it was a free nation. But it was because it’s one nation that served Me like no one else. This is why I remind you again my children this is not a battle of just men. This is a battle of his spiritual. One this is your enemy the devil using men to take Me out of everything including this Earth. But ultimately to bring down the body of Christ into his submission. To take away your knowledge of who you are in Me take away knowledge of how powerful you are because I live in you. Any way that he can he uses every tool that he has to bring My children to their knees. And tear apart this nation that was built upon My word.

But that is their plan you’ve seen it play out. Now it’s time for mine. More banks will fall, more businesses will fail, more exposures are coming, more powerful people will fall, more proof will pour out to free this nation. Get ready My children for deliverance. Get ready for freedom, say the Lord your Redeemer. …

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - The Stench of Vermin Prophecy - March 17, 2023

The vermin of hell have gotten into His granary. They taint everything they touch. Yes, the Lord says My people’s food is contaminated as is the water they drink. Infectious agents are toyed with and released with nefarious intent. Venomous antidote to the infectious poison is trotted out and touted as the cure. But the cure is more deadly than the sickness. Variation of this evil are used in all in all of the seven mountains of influence. Family, religion, education, media, entertainment, business, and government.

A problem is created, and a solution is rolled out which has no chance of working for My people. But only benefits the vermin. The detection of these vermin in the world is in full swing now. More and more will be revealed. This season of detection along with the exposure of these pests takes time. But the removal of all the vermin is predicated on their detection and exposure. Wisdom in these matters elimination of a few of these scum without finding out the depth the infestation is foolish The elimination phase has never the less begun.

Remember the wheat and tares parable. Yes, I the Lord have heard the shouting, Hopium, Hopium, which means false hope. And the shouting “when is something going to happen.” Or “false prophet,” “false prophet.” Do not listen to these at all. Their words are not Mine. Their words only aid those who are against Me. Remember My people, I am inviting My Church to participate in the great victory that is coming. It will be the story of the ages and a great testimony for those who stand. It will also be a great shame for those who stepped back, are impatient, or are cowardly. There for come to the front line of battle that’s where I am. Is there a better or safer place than then stand with Me? Amen!

Patty Teichroew - March 18, 19, xx, 2023


For I, the Lord, this day am telling My children to get their houses in order. Get right before Me and separate yourselves more from the world. The day of separation and decision is coming and closing in faster than most people realize. Some people have gotten complacent, grown weary, turned away, and/or given up hope. Some still refuse to see the truth.  

But My children, there is coming a day when all things will seem to collide. Things will not stay normal. They will not stay on the same path they have been going on. It looked like things would never change direction or course, with evil and wickedness completely taking over this world and getting everything they (those who think they’re in control) wanted. Yes, it may have looked that way, but it wasn’t that way at all. Everything they have done has guaranteed their defeat.  

Their end is drawing near, and no one will expect the coming changes and the shifts that are being made now to take place in this way. What is about to happen in this Nation has never happened before, and you have nothing to compare it to.  

Things are coming to this world that no one has ever experienced before. It’s nothing to fear but to embrace and celebrate. 

The war against truth, your freedoms, your nations, your health, your food, your families, and your children and what they are being taught to believe, this war is coming to an end. My children, you’re in a war of good versus evil. This is a spiritual battle that has been warring on, and it’s time for it to end. That is why I have given you so many prophetic words, marching orders, decrees and declarations, and encouragement in this time. Even though it is ending, it will seem to get harder for some for a short time. Hold on to My Word, and I will give you rest. 

This is the time to become warriors in the army of the Lord and to receive your victory and take what rightfully is yours. This is the time to take over and take back all that belongs to you, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Callous: this word will be in your news for a surprising reason.  

Inhumane: this phrase will be in your news for a significant reason. 

This fake administration is imploding. Watch the fall that is about to take place that they will not recover from. 

Kamala Harris is about to be exposed in a way no one saw coming. She’s being given up to save other people and secrets, but it won’t matter because it’s all coming out anyway. 

Havana will be in your news for a significant reason.  

Pitfall: this phrase will also be in your news for a significant reason. 

A president of a country is about to step down unexpectedly.  

Major events are about to take place in Europe. 

I warned and warned that the world’s economy is about to look very different. It’s all falling apart for your good. 

Wall Street is about to be exposed and will not recover from this scandal. 

My children, get ready because it’s all about to change- the systems, your lives, and what you see. It’s all changing before your eyes. So get ready and receive My great Glory, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Patty Teichroew - March 16, 17, 2023, Flashback - November 21, 2022

Chris Bennett - A New Golden Era - March 17, 2023

“The Lampstand is My Church! I AM bringing her, My Bride, into a Golden Era.

I AM presenting her with a golden opportunity to Harvest the lost.

What is happening at the moment, is The Door of Revival which is being opened, and I AM aligning My Church to spread the light from a new Lampstand that I AM presenting to her.

Right now, The Church is positioned for, and has, a golden opportunity for reaching the lost with the Salvation Message of My Son!

Tell My Church to ‘WAKE UP’, it’s time for action!

This window will only be open for a short time and, even though there is presently only limited opportunity to meet together, the door of opportunity is nevertheless opening wide through other channels and media.

Take what the world offers, sanctify it, and use it for My Kingdom purposes,” says The LORD.

Patty Teichroew - March 23, 14, 15, 2023

God's Healer7 - Sleep lightly in the coming days for danger surrounds you. - March 16, 2023

Revelation 14:8 And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.

And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,

10 The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:

This is um Barbara’s prophecy. So I’m going to read it so here we go daughter speak of the unman unimaginable destruction coming to your West Coast and New City. They are targeted for destruction by your enemies Babylon. You have strayed far from your humble beginnings. From one nation under God to one nation under Satan the Prince and power of the air. I will not spare the unrepentant mockers, scoffers, or murderers. My wrath will not be contained. I see but a righteous few that will be spared and or removed My ways are above your ways I have sent prophets and messengers many. You have killed or silenced many will be martyred for my namesake. They will not deny me I will not deny them. I will confess their name before My Father in heaven. Are you one of them? Sleep lightly in the coming days for danger surrounds you. Amen

Patty Teichroew - March 09, 10, 11, 2023

Julie Green - INDICTMENTS ARE COMING - March 16, 2023

For I, the Lord, this day am telling you, My children, that I will be in the way. There is no devil in hell that will get their way because I am the way. I am the truth. I am the life. As you’ve seen in My Written Word, I held back the Pharaoh of old (from Moses’ time). I held him back from pursuing My children. Yes, I did. Not only did the enemy see that I held them back, but My children saw it too. There will be a “holding back” again with your enemies. I will hold them back. They have a plan that they think will go exactly how they want- their final plan to bring this Nation down. Yes, a plan to bring worldwide chaos, World War 3, depopulation, and mass murder of many people worldwide. Oh yes, they have their plan, but it will not go as planned because I am in the way.  

I told you, My children, don’t worry about the things you see because the things you see are temporary. And what they are trying to do with your rightful president is a laughing matter. There will be no indictment of My son, not the way they wanted it to go. Oh no, no, no. Yes, there will be indictments, I promise you, but they will be indictments for those trying to make this indictment because this is the time of seed time and harvest. I told you many, many times before, in other words that I have given to you- they are reaping a harvest and have no idea what’s coming. I am an end to their plans because I am the Great I AM. 

Spend much time in prayer regarding this Nation. Things are going on behind closed doors. They are trying to make plans right now against this country in the Situation Room. They have people in places all over, at your borders, infiltrating the big cities, the churches, and all over online. They are everywhere. Oh yes, they are everywhere, but I told you, it doesn’t matter what they do. I am the final say because I am the way. 

I keep repeating that I am the way because I want you to get it down on the inside of you. Because it’s like a pressure cooker, and the top is about to blow off. It’s like a volcano about to erupt, an earthquake ready to quake, a landslide about to fall. 

This is a time of great pressure and great escalation. There is going to be a mass exodus of the ones who are left in DC. Yes, I said a mass exodus because there will be. 

My children, pray and stand for peace because right now, there is a great plan of unrest, anarchy, and chaos, but it will not go as planned. As I have said before, look at what I have done. I opened up the sea for My children. So, just when it looks like there is no way out, when it looks like it’s a dead end, and you are surrounded, I will make a way where there wasn’t one. I will make it (a way), and nothing can stand in My way. 

You are about to see a great force- a great force of wind, of an army, of My hand and My movements, moving you to where I need you to be. 

This is a time of jubilee. I have told you time and time again that what’s on the horizon is spectacular, magnificent, and (filled with) so much of My goodness. So hold on, hold tight, because a great pressure is building. There will be movements, movements, and movements from the East, West, North, and South. 

But Lord, you’ve said all of the directions. What does that mean? It means all your enemies are going to fall at one time, from every direction. It doesn’t matter how many there are. It doesn’t matter what they do. There will be no insurrection, and I am tearing that last one down because it wasn’t one. They will say this is an insurrection. Oh no, no, no. This is an overthrow. This is My revolution. And I’m giving back governmental positions to My children. Yes, it is time for an overthrow. It is time for removals. It is time for My hand to move. So, get ready because I am the way, saith the Lord. 



For I, the Lord, this day, am telling My children to stand against the evil that is against you. Shout against the wicked. Shout against their bondage and shortages. Shout against sickness, pain, fear, heaviness, and all that tries to keep you in the chains of your adversary.  

My children, I sent My Son to save you from all you are experiencing. He suffered so you wouldn’t have to. He bore the cross so you wouldn’t have to. He fought the enemy and all the power he had and defeated him. He brought your adversary to nothing. Stand against him and take back what has rightfully been given to you. You are redeemed. You are made whole. 

You don’t have to give in to the tactics of your enemy. You know the truth, and it will set you free- no more settling. No longer let your enemy control your life or your nations. His power has been stripped away. So when you use the sword of the spirit, which is My Word, against him, remember your enemy has no power to defeat the power of My Word or My Blood Covenant that I have with you.  

Hold your heads high, and remember that I go before you, so who can be against you? I am on your side, so why would you fear? This Earth does not belong to Satan or anyone he uses. It belongs to My children. So stand and take the ownership that already belongs to you. No longer put up with your enemies’ power over you, your family, your finances, your freedoms, or your nations. It is time to see your enemies fall. So get ready for them to fail at everything they try to do because they are against Me, and that guarantees their loss, saith the Lord your Redeemer.  

Mount Everest will be in your news for a significant reason. 

Watch- more things will take place in your skies that will be very unusual. I told you about signs in the sky- the sun, the moon, the clouds, storms, more meteor showers, and strange lights or sounds. Yes, things are going on where you can’t see it all yet, but it will all come out and be seen by the world. 

Masks will be in your news. Something significant is about to be poured out- truth on how they were used against you. All your enemies’ lies are catching up with them, and they will all be exposed.  

Lake Heron will be in your news for a surprising reason.  

Wichita: this name will also be in your news for a surprising reason.    

Siberia: this name will be in your news for a shocking reason.  

Watch for an uptick in earthquakes. It will seem like one after another. Things are starting to shake more and more (and will) until everything is returned to the rightful owners. 

Something significant is about to take place in Japan. I am saying this again. There is more than the news is telling you. 

Ukraine, and the lie that kept this war going, are about to fall. This fall will trigger other nations to fall. Get ready for mighty changes worldwide. 

Your enemies’ hands have been caught in the cookie jar, you would say. There is blood on their hands, and they will pay for everything they have done. 

A major corporation will claim bankruptcy and will shock this Nation. 

Another major scandal regarding a bank will be exposed. The banking system, which is a house of cards, is all coming down. They have been giving money to traitors and this fraudulent government to take more control and freedoms away. Their worldwide Ponzi scheme is coming to an abrupt end. 

A treaty will be signed and exposed for what it was really for. It will not stand. 

My children, get ready for shake-ups and shifts the world has never seen. I am giving you these words so that you will be prepared, so you will fight back and not quit. It is time for the fall of your enemies and their world order. So, get ready for My hand to move and be seen because I am ready for this shift and this change, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Julie Green - THE COLLAPSE OF THE WORLD'S NEWS MEDIA - March 13, 2023

For I, the Lord, this day, am telling My children to focus on My Words, My goodness, My faithfulness, My love, My sacrifice, and My Blood Covenant. Get your eyes off the world. Get your eyes off your enemies and all they are trying to do against you.  

Do not be distracted.  
Do not be deceived.  
Do not give in to their pressure.  

I have told you before that your enemies always lose, and this time is no different. They will not succeed. They will not conquer My church. They will not conquer this world, no, never. They will get close during the tribulation, but they will still not get all they desire. 

My children, your enemies’ plans are falling apart.  
Their walls are crumbling.  
They are in discord and not aligned with one another. 
They are divided because they are all out for themselves. I have said in My Word that a house divided against itself cannot stand, and it will not. This time and this situation are no different. You will see them scatter and be confused. You will see them fail just as they did regarding the tower of Babel. Your praise, decrees, and the authority I’ve given to you will cause great confusion in the enemies’ army. Yes, great confusion, and you will see that more and more. They will look confused, dazed, and bewildered at what they just said or what someone is asking them because they will not have a response to the question. They will trip over their words, be confused by their lies, and not know what to say or when. 

A great collapse of the mainstream media is coming. They will not continue their narrative in this Nation. They will not continue their hold over My nations. No, a great fall of the news media and the entertainment industry are coming. You will see more bankruptcies. You will see more supposed blockbuster films falter and fail. My Glory and My hand are bringing them down. 

  • A fall of the banking system 

  • A fall of the tax system 

  • A fall of the fraudulent governments worldwide 

I told you, My children, a great shaking is coming to free you from their demonic system- the system that took your freedoms and enslaved you, the system that killed so many. I am destroying that system right before your eyes, and I will bring in a (different) system that I told you about, and nothing will stop it. 

A new world system is coming. Prepare your hearts. Prepare your homes. Prepare with Me, My children. I will lead you and guide you, and none of these things that will collapse before your eyes will affect you. Because I am protecting you, and your enemy cannot get past My Blood. They have nothing powerful enough to destroy it. 

My children receive more boldness and more authority in this time. It is time for the army of the Lord to march to victory and take back what is already yours. So, take it now, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 


The Lord gave me in this prophecy that is called the Meltdown of the banking system. … He’s simply saying you can’t eat money when you are hungry. And you cannot consume wealth to satisfy your palate. And this same wealth became the stumbling block that brought a people into iniquity meaning into hardened sin. And this is a picture of how America trusts so greatly in her money. America trusts so greatly to the sanctity and the universal buying power of the US dollar. But what will happen when a mallet comes from heaven and smashes not  only the dollar but the custodians of the dollar the Federal Reserve and the banking system of America. This is what the Lord was saying …

The Lord began to speak about this same financial crisis that he says is coming. Which financial crisis is this is this a partial financial crisis is this something that’s just going to rock the boat and scare us a little bit. And then what’s his name Hank Paulson and friends are going to be able to stave it off like they did last time. No the Lord says that the financial crisis coming is going to be worse than 2008. A crash that will devastate the United States economy totally and take it back to 1931 levels. ….  

He was very factual and here is what he said the banks are going to have a massive meltdown. All banks all of them. This crash God said that no Bank Will Survive it. He said that all America’s banks are going to fail. They are all going to collapse like dominoes going down one after another after another. And there is going to be no attempt made from any quarter to save any of them. So the difference between now what’s coming in 2008 is that in 2008 they got into a quick football huddle and they tried to save the too big to fail. 2008 is where we got too big to fail well. This is going to be all failed to fail no one’s going to be able to help them. He said the government is not going to help them. This time there will be a total failing of the banking system in this country. And it will be like molten liquid running down like iron melting in a furnace liquefaction of bank bonds and assets that rely on paper money. And this word liquefaction. …


In simple terms means that things that can’t possibly sink into the Earth do sink into the Earth and sometimes they go right out of sight. And so God is saying that the same thing will happen in the financial World Banks and Enterprises of all kinds are going to absolutely disappear from the economy and before I forget I just want to say to America. Kmart. Toys R Us, Sears flagships of the U.S economy they haven’t survived. They don’t exist anymore. They’re just names that we used to know some things will disappear only partially. They will become the stumps that I spoke about. But everything he said will be hit so hard that even what looked solid one minute will be wiped out the next minute sink and collapse.

The next thing he said is that we are going into coin money. This is not silver and gold coins this is not the wealth that people are stockpiling as bars or medals or coins it is a kind of coin money that will be used exclusively on the phone in an app and in the cloud. I am not speaking of Bitcoin either. He said that it is not Bitcoin that Bitcoin and all the other free and privately owned forms of cryptocurrency will also  fail. So it’s money he just called it coin and the next prophecy I’m going to cover is called the nascent rise of coin which means this soon coming rise. That’s what’s not nascent means it means soon coming or soon to be seen rising in the background coin is a standardized form of currency that will eventually be used all over the world as the financial arm of the Beast. It is one Global Currency for all. …

The Lord was saying that the New York Stock Exchange the the NASDAQ the footsie the Dow Jones is going to crash. He said tell them the NASDAQ footsie New York Stock Exchange the Dow Jones and every other form of currency and investment platform that they’re trusting in is going to be flooded on purpose. It’s going down underwater all of it it’s already impossible to really make a fortune using these indices because they are rigged to favor the super rich the super wealthy. Anyone who thinks he’s making money on it is actually making only pennies compared to where the real trades are happening money is being exchanged in a secret part of the stock exchange. Where ordinary people will never find it or be able to participate in it the system is rigged the rich know the score. Ordinary people can’t even find where the real money is traded. It is kept in plain sight and yet it is not visible at all. ….

What Lord God said to me at that time was you will have trouble getting money out of the bank in a short time. There will be a mass mass shortage of bills physical money that you call Hard Cash because the banks have no liquidity. The banks are overstretched in their dealings and they have no actual funds to back up everything that they’re doing. In terms of trading they cannot guarantee their deposits by any stretch of the imagination. He said that America’s Banks especially. But also major banks around the world are running a high stakes poker game that they have a lot of perceived clout and solid reputations in the market. But God said that they don’t have a single penny required for them to keep on hand by law to pay up if somebody wanted their money. He says if anyone wants to take their money from the bank. It will be hard for them to get it and you can already see that because they’re starting to put limitations on how much cash you can withdraw at the ATM and inside the branch.

He says this dangerous situation is already at the end of its logical rope. Now you must prepare for mass chaos and societal breakdown once it becomes public news that the banks are no longer sound. They don’t have money on site they don’t have money at the banking halls and in the vaults they do not receive the incoming physical capital that they should every day to maintain the base Rate Financial liquidity it is a foregone conclusion that America’s banks will crash and my word that I gave shall be fulfilled and here’s the word the USA will suffer a financial crisis that is worse than all previous ones except this time there’s no rescue coming by the government or by anyone the economy will be destroyed and conditions equal to or worse than the Great Depression will arise and God added this it is wise that you marry a rational man that has Common Sense enough to always keep a duffel bag of money and other resources in the house.

Do not marry a complacent fool who does not know or watch the signs of the times. This is the warning of God. The banking crisis is coming not being able to get money. No longer able to afford goods and services. Because they will be priced right out of the reach of most people again in this prophecy. He said beast money is on the way the banking crisis will remove hard currency from circulation and the banks themselves will crash. It will be allowed to happen because now is the day of the New World Order it is the time to do away with currency Hard Cash and physical. Money to raise to raise up and implement the online money of the Beast a new crypto currency is the Beast money system. …

Elizabeth Marie - Prophetic Dream & Warning: Cell Phones! - March 11, 2023

“Your phones are part of the BEAST SYSTEM! Use them only when necessary…. but NOT all the time!

They are an instrument that will be, and can be used for evil, that the enemy is bringing to CENTER STATE of people’s lives.

People worship it…. yes, even My People! They spend more time on their phones that anything else…. especially Me!

The phone has replaced human contact, as well as true and meaningful relationships!

It has stolen people’s identities, as it is connected with BEAST CENTRAL!

It tracks your very move….. your very life!

How BEWITCHED you have become! REPENT! (Galatians 3:1)

REPENT of walking, and talking through the world’s system!

You go for the latest UPDATES and NEWEST version. Why do you accept the latest technologies, knowing that the origin is not from Me, but your greatest foe, Satan? You have fallen into the ‘sin of convenience.’

Turn off your phones, and use them only when necessary. Do not connect with others electronically, but personally (whenever possible).

Put your phone away, and spend the time with ME! You cannot find me on the PHONE, but only in a true and living walk (in the SPIRIT).

Through the phone, you are being watched, tracked, and monitored. You have become part of the Beast System!

Your life is now no longer your own…. for the BEAST now controls you, and you know it not!

Limit your time on the phone. Use it only as a tool….. not as your very life!

Many are falling into the trap of the enemy, and soon there will be no way out!

There is coming a day when you will need to get rid of it completely….. for your own life will be in danger.

Many will have to go underground, or in ‘safe places,’ where there will be no phones allowed! Will you be able to make that sacrifice…. or are you too addicted to even think of such a thing?

Say no to future advancements, and instead choose a SIMPLER, CLEANER LIFE with My Help! Walk away from the things of this world, and seek My Ways instead!

Untangle yourself from the BEAST SYSTEM. Come together with like minded people, and ‘co-op’ together!

Do not trust what is conveniently being place right before you.. .but TEST all things, and find a PURER way!

You have been literally caught in a web of deceit and evil! However, I will set you FREE, and deliver you before your are utterly consumed!

Put away these childish ways, and become mature in ME. Instead of milk, chew on the MEAT of MY WORD. (Hebrews 5:12) It is there that you will find peace and hope.

STOP and REVIEW your life!

Is this the BEST LIFE that I have for you….. or is there a better way!

My People perish for lack of knowledge, and lack of Wisdom!

SEEK ME on this, and I will lead and guide you into all the truth!”


For I, the Lord, this day, am telling My children the winds of change are here- changing the course of this world, changing the direction of society, and turning things around in a way never seen like this before. 

My revival and My Glory will outweigh, overthrow, and destroy the evil, the wicked, and the One World Government’s control over this Earth. They will not have their way. They will not get what they want on this Earth right now. My children, buckle up, you would say, because things will get bumpy and confusing for some. They will not know why things are happening and what direction they are going- toward total freedom or total bondage. 

I have seen and heard the wicked ones and their plans and what they were formulating to destroy most of mankind as fast as they could. They truly think their power is like no one else- that they can take these positions, do whatever they want, and have things go however they want. 

I am delivering you from their wicked hands. It is enough, and things will not continue on the course that this world has been going on, the path the evil ones wanted it to stay on. 

No, for I am the Most High God, and I am turning things around quicker and faster than anyone thought I could or would. Get ready for revival. Get ready for My Glory. Get ready for miracles. Get ready to be made whole. Get ready for restoration. Get ready for Me, saith the Lord. 

Many of you are asking how to get ready. Get ready by being in My Word and fellowship with Me. I will lead you, guide you, strengthen you, heal you, and completely set you free. Get ready, get prepared, because I am ready for the greatest outpouring the world has ever seen or experienced upon this Earth, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

A major exposure of a congressman is about to be in breaking headlines everywhere. The walls of Congress are being exposed on what has been hidden inside. No more hiding because truth is coming like never before.  

“Liar!” people will shout, and it will be proven over and over again. They will call him “liar in chief.” Yes, that is “the Biden.” The more he tries to lie the more he will be exposed, and the truth will come out about who he really is and all that he has been hiding. Liars never prosper; you will see that is true, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Monarchy- watch and see what is about to be exposed about this family and their narrative. I have told you before that it will not keep going, and once again, I say Charles will be completely exposed- who he really is and all that he has done. He is not who people think he is. The wickedness and evil that have been lurking in his chambers are about to be released to the world. A whistleblower is about to come and blow the doors wide open, and a changing of the guard will take place.  

Watch the Senate, My children. I told you before that there will be a shift of power in this Nation like no one has ever seen before. It will not stay blue, and it will not take an election to change the power. 

My United States- there will be an earthquake in your land. This will signal a much bigger shaking that will take place in your Nation. A shaking of governmental power and your economy. A shaking from where this Nation was headed, to a new course, a new birth, and a new Nation. 

The tides have turned, and this Nation will rise higher and greater than it was before. Remember, in My Word, when a thief has been caught, he has to give it back seven times. Well, the thieves have been caught, so get ready for a sevenfold return and a restoration like no other. 

My children, it is taking place; it’s not too good to be true. I am a good God, and I am on your side. I am giving you your Nation back, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Return to Eden Ministry - Prophetic Warning...A heavenly decree!! - March 02 2023

This um prophetic is warning from God that he gave me this morning and has instructed me to um share it. He asked me not to wait just to share it um and it’s a pretty heavy message. But um he this morning he instructed me to write. And so this was the revelation a message that he gave me and it’s not something to share with you. My sweet daughter at this time I wish to instruct you for the purposes of helping assist others in the days ahead. For there are many of My children who still do not believe the warnings in which My prophet slash prophetesses have spoken. There will be millions of people caught off guard by the calamities coming as in the time of Noah when the flood came. My daughter it has been decreed in heaven and the flood is now coming. It will sweep this earth in magnitudes never seen. Many, many, people will fall prey to what awaits them from the enemy. The enemy has never stopped preparing for this time. And has brought many distractions of ease and comfort to My people which are now deep asleep. In this hour of wrath destruction.

I will be sorry this will be the hour for my people who are awake to step forward in the upcoming days. You will see much sorrow and pain in this world. Fear and hopelessness will consume a nation that fell to the spirit of pride. That they were an untouchable nation Be watchful and stay close to the spirit’s guidance and obey the promptings you will receive. People will see the error of their ways like never before. In this time when their faith that was built up in this world and upon men of this world um will come crumbling to the ground. Along with all they have built up with their own hand and their own strength. This is when I need my chosen people who are awake. Who have put their faith and trust in me to arrive to rise up be the light bring the hope of what has been lost in this world.

Awaken your faculties step into the power and authority in which you have been anointed from the hand of My Son Yeshua. You have been sealed his for such a time as this. Walk in this anointing and calling and do not fear for the enemy has no power over mine elect. Be the light and lead people now to My Son. Lead people to My truth and why these things have come to pass repent my people for your nation has crumbled to the lowest depths of the earth and you will see the destruction thereof for the door of tribulation is being opened. My daughter do not fear for your mind. Share this with My people sorry share this that my people may stand guard for the long-awaited time of the cleansing of this Earth has arrived.

These are the scriptures he gave me Jeremiah 7 19 do they promote provoke me to anger saith the Lord do they not provoke themselves to the confusion of their own faces Revelation 16 9 and men were scorched with great heat and blasphemy the name of God which hath power over these plagues and they repented not to give God the glory. Revelations 9 20 and the rest of the men  which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands that they should not worship devils and idols of gold of and silver and brass and stone and of wood which neither can see nor hear nor walk. Matthew 25 32. and before him shall be gathered all nations and he shall separate them one from another as the sheep as sorry as the shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats. Matthew 24 21 for then shall be Great Tribulation such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time no nor ever shall be and the last one it gave me was. Matthew 25 7 then all those virgins arose and trimmed their lamps. …


For I, the Lord, this day am telling you, My children, your enemies never get what they want. Yes, there has been a darkness that has filled this Earth- a darkness your enemies thought would destroy this Earth and destroy the power of My church upon this Earth; a darkness to bring despair, weakness, fear, and depression like never before. To break hope, faith, and trust in Me. But when your enemy overplays his hand, which he has always done, I will not only destroy all the damage he has caused, but My light, My Glory, and revival will annihilate any evidence of your enemies and any destruction they have caused during the time of darkness.   

The greatest revival that has ever taken place upon this Earth will restore everything that has been done against you. They tried to take Me out of everything. They deceived people into believing I didn’t exist, or if I did exist, that I didn’t care. They made doctrines and twisted My Written Words, but now truth will pour out of everywhere. Those who were overwhelmed, in despair, broken, and hopeless will be freed from that lie that kept them in that position and those chains. They will be completely set free and bring more people into the Body of Christ with their testimonies and the truth that is being poured out like never before. 

Remember My three Hebrew men in the fire that was meant to kill them, but instead, it brought faith and trust in Me, that no matter the fire or adversity, I will show up in the midst of it. And that is exactly what I am doing right now. 

I will show up in the midst of all you see and destroy their hold, the chains, the torment, the sickness, the disease, the pain, any affliction, despair, or hopelessness. I am here to set the captives free. I am here to deliver. I am here to restore. I am here to redeem and deliver you out of it all. So, rejoice; what your enemies are doing has an expiration date, and it’s about to expire. 

If you could see what I see, you’d be shouting and rejoicing already. So start now, My children. That praise will destroy the hold your enemy has on you. It will destroy sickness, pain, depression, and heaviness. It will completely destroy your enemy’s power over you. So, start today, start now, and take back the life, the joy, and the freedom that I paid for, that your enemy was stealing from you. Take it all back now, in My Name, because it’s yours, saith the Lord your Redeemer.  

Travesty: this word will be in your news for a significant reason. 

Anarchy: this word will also be in your news for a significant reason. Your enemies are desperate to cause chaos, massive chaos in your streets. They want to cause as much unrest as possible in this time. That’s why I have said My Glory and revival will come, and it will destroy their darkness, fear, chaos, and destruction. Get ready because revival has already started, so be a part of it today, saith the Lord. 

Another explosive and hazmat situation is about to happen in this Nation. Do not believe what the news says about it. They are covering up something they didn’t want to be leaked because of the destruction it would bring to their narrative and control. The proof is already in the hands of My people, and the truth will be told. 

Evacuate: this word will be in your news for a situation your enemies have caused for destruction and distraction, but they will not get what they wanted. Instead, My truth and more evidence of their plans and cheating will be exposed. 

My children, this is a time when your enemies will turn on each other more and more. Leak after leak will be given out and told to your news. There will be more gaffes, more slip-ups of the tongue, and more truth when they meant to lie. It’s all coming to a very explosive place. Your enemies will not be able to keep their plans going, and their narrative will be completely destroyed by Me, saith the Lord. 

Watch Venezuela. An event will take place there that the world cannot ignore. Their government will collapse, along with many others. 

You will see more and more governmental collapses, and your news will act like it’s not a big deal. But with all of these governments coming down, I will show you that I am the judge over this Earth, and judgment has come, and justice will prevail. 

Mishaps, missteps, misfortunes- many things are about to plague this fraudulent government and politicians worldwide. 

A collapse of the global government is about to be seen big time, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Another helicopter crash will be in your news, but this was not an accident. It was sabotaged, and so are many things going on all over this Nation regarding your food, the economy, gas, oil, air, and water. Not only will all this be exposed, but I am also stopping it and retroactively restoring it all back to you, saith the Lord. 

Your enemies will not have their way. They will not have My Nation. They will not have this Earth that I have given to you. These are the days when a shift of power is about to be seen- out of the hands of the wicked into the hands of My children, so get ready for this great shift, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Julie Green - THE FALL OF CHINA - March 6, 2023

It’s coming, the fall of a nation that mocked Me; the fall of a nation that has come against My Nation. The fall of a nation that thinks they are mighty, but they are nothing; nothing in My sight, and nothing against My Nation. My Nations have My angel armies standing around their borders. 

This nation had plans for an attack, but it will not happen. They will fall in the midst of their attack. Their economy is crumbling now. They’ve tried to hold it up, but it will not work. 

Yes, the “red dragon.” The “red dragon” as in China. They have been in correspondence and working back and forth with this government for many years on what they’re about to try so that it would go unnoticed and unseen. These were deep, deep secrets only a few in Washington, DC knew about. Only these few had access to those reports, documents, and communications. 

Yes, I said I infiltrated the infiltrators, and I had it “in” on these documents and the things they were trying to do. They were working on a great plan, so they thought- a great plan to bring down My Nation of My eagle and bring up their nation, China, to control the world. 

They were both planning- the deep state government of this Nation was planning the fall of China, and China was planning the fall of the United States of America. They were backstabbing one another, only out for themselves. That’s what the enemy does. 

They will try a move. Yes, they will. With that move, you will see the destruction of China, similar to how you saw the destruction of Egypt. The world and My church will know that I am not playing, you would say. Not only am I not playing, but I am the one who controls. I have given that control over to My body. Yes, I have, and some in My body have taken that and are running with it. 

So, in these days, My children, open your mouth and shout the fall of the “red dragon.” Shout the fall of the enemies of Almighty God. Shout the fall of Iran and Iraq. Shout the fall of the ones who are against Me. Shout the fall of these governments. 

Oh yes, a man like Trudeau. He will fall as well. All those presidents and leaders are so arrogant, thinking they will complete their plans against My Nation and thinking that they are getting away with it because they have the right people in places of power on their side. They are looking at the wrong thing. They don’t see who they are fighting against, and they will be blindsided. Oh yes, I have them right where I want them, just like I had Pharoah (from Moses’ time) right where I wanted him in the Red Sea with all his men. 

So, be prepared because this is the fall of many governments at one time. But I say again, you will see a mighty fall of entire governments. They will fall and spark others to fall, just like you’ve seen the impostor fall up the stairs again like I said he would. You will continue to see him fall- upstairs, downstairs, and off the stage. You will also see his fall and mental decline come faster and faster. 

Get ready for the fall of many political figures in this Nation and worldwide. The day of reckoning is here. The day of great judgment is here. 

While other things are happening, they will try to do certain things with your weather. They will try to do certain things with your economies. They will try, but everything they try to do will happen to them instead.  

So, rejoice, rejoice in this day. Your Father is well pleased with you- the ones who dare to stand. The ones who are shouting, praising, and will believe despite all odds and despite what things look like right now. I told you about a special gift for the ones who will dare to believe. I have breakthroughs, miracles, and signs and wonders coming. You are under an open Heaven. 

So, tap into these things from Heaven today. Tap into these things. Tap in, tap in, tap into them. It brings great joy to My heart that My children tap into this and receive what I have because I have wanted to give it to them for so long. I’ve already provided it. I just needed My children to get on board and to believe it and receive it. These are the days that My church has been longing for, waiting for, and praying for, so enjoy it, saith Lord your Redeemer. 

Julie Green - A TSUNAMI OF TRUTH IS COMING - March 2, 2023

For I, the Lord, this day, am telling My children that I am just getting started with exposing your enemies. There have been drips of information here and there, but soon a tsunami of information and proof will pour out everywhere, and this will not be stopped by anyone or anything. 

Every plot against My Nation, the United States, My Nation, Israel, My church, the economies, your elections and freedoms, and mankind will be exposed. It will blow like a volcano, and it’s just about to erupt. 

My children, you may not understand why things have taken so long or why things had to get so bad, but I promise you will have all those answers soon enough. Some may still doubt and question if anything will change. But stay focused on My Word. It is truth, and it will set you free from any doubt or fear. It will give you peace and rest. 

I have told you that I would expose, I would judge, and justice will be served, and that is exactly what will happen. My timing is perfect whether you understand that yet or not. 

Washington, DC, and all they have planned against you this year will be exposed, and it will be stopped and brought to nothing. 

Your enemies, their news media, their corporations, and their government officials think they are so smart and convincing that whatever they say goes, and you will just listen and obey their every command. But a resistance has been growing. Revival is growing, and it is destroying their narratives, their war, and their control. 

They have covered up the most corrupt things you wouldn’t have believed before because of how bad they are. But now, people will listen because they are ready to listen. Now they will wake up to the truth, when before they would have turned away and ignored the wake-up call.  

Now things will happen in such dramatic ways that no one can ignore them or act like they couldn’t happen. They also can’t ignore that people could do these (corrupt) things to their own country. My children, these people will stop at nothing to stay in power no matter who is in their way or how many people have to die because of it. That is why it takes Me to stop them and not one man. They will regret their next moves against this Nation because their fall will come faster and harder. They were warned and ignored every warning. 

It’s not over with information regarding Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, the FBI, the CIA, Obama, Kamala, Nancy, Chuck, Mitt, Mitch, or Adam. No, I am not done exposing DC and all who committed treasonous acts against you. Yes, I did say treason. They are traitors to this Nation, the Constitution, and the American people. 

They have paid foreign nations to invade your land, to bring you under th