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Carylyn Dennis - They Will Be Gone Soon! A Message From God - June 29, 20249

 We will get to the word of God today day that he the message that he has given me of they will be gone soon. These are the words that I have received from God. You have witnessed some of the embarrassment and humiliation that I am bringing on the enemy. The debate was a start wait and see what happens next. They are scrambling and worried and in great fear. The Bidens will not let go especially the family the demms have run out of choices and their party sees a massive upset in government control after the Election. They will be gone soon all of them and it will be in Mass.

Hold on stay tuned and secure your seat belt the party is just getting started watch for my glory I have told you as the glory fills the Earth the evil will fade away it all is going to happen in one day. I do not need morethan one day to accomplish this mission of setting the world free from this monstrous evil. Do not fear as it all starts Happening. Alarms may sound but I am on the throne and I am protecting my little Lambs. Fear not. Did you know the marriage supper of the Lamb. There will be a be there will be beautiful wedding clothes, jewels, and even wed Gifts. Heaven is in great preparation for the marriage supper of the Lamb to have a marriage supper there must be a wedding we are excited for the bride of Christ to come home. And to be in preparation for the marriage of the church to my precious son Yeshua the glory filling the Earth will begin the preparation period for my Saints when the glory fills the Earth.

You will witness sinners saved people you thought were doomed for hell when the glory fills the Earth. You will witness Miracles sickness eradicated in masses Miracles, healings, people waking up healed limbs growing back you will hear shouting and dancing and praising when my glory fills the earth I am excited for this time in history. So we want to just bestow our glory on our children and we are excited for you to come home and the not too distant future but not quite Yet.

My word must be fulfilled for this time and we are awaiting the billion Soul Harvest it is coming. Be prepared to tell people about Jesus how you found him and met him tell people how wonderful your life is with my son tell people how much we love them invite them to receive my Son. It is the perfect plan. Have you prayed Today? Spend a few minutes in your prayer closet or convert your car into a prayer mobile. Just give us a few few minutes of your time. Sing songs to us we love your sweet voice give us your heart and let us manage your day. We know all of the answers and the Outcomes. We love you and want you to be excited and expectant for the coming days and events in the Earth. Enjoy the day.

Love ABA father.


My children, I have warned you of this time, and your enemies and their plans against you and your nations: 

  • global hardship 

  • global economic crisis 

  • global panic and fear 

  • global weather phenomena  

  • global collapse of societies 

  • global war and unrest  

  • global control and complete slavery of the population 

My children, they want a global loss of faith in Me, where not only the world turns on Me, but My entire Body does as well. They want people worldwide to be in a state of hopelessness and despair so they can easily maneuver more of a worldwide takeover.  

They want society to fully collapse. That’s why you see the identity crisis they have created, where people are confused with their gender, race, and sexuality. They are even confused about whether they are human or animal, what or who they are in every way, and what to believe about anything. (They are creating) a state of great confusion and weakness so that they can take over more easily with less of a battle or uprising. 

They want a population that will submit to anything the ruling class decides, people without their own way of thinking. Then governments can control even the peoples’ minds, because it is easier to persuade a person if they are confused. 

They have torn families and the family foundation apart—the strength and power of a husband and a wife praying and raising their children to pray. The strong foundation of the family structure looks like it has been totally decimated by sexual immorality, drunkenness, selfishness, confusion, and pride. But as you know all too well, pride comes before a fall. 

They have destroyed the power of knowing My Words in most churches. Your enemies know that it would weaken a person’s faith in Me and that not fully knowing My Word would make a person more vulnerable to attacks from the satanic occult and their believers. 

As I have told you, they have poisoned you through the food, water, soil, and air. And (they have) sickened people in their minds with perversion, confusion, hatred, unforgiveness, selfishness, and immorality. They have brought in so much fear, anxiety, and depression, so more medication is needed. Then, they can keep people in a state of mind where they cannot fight back or care to fight back. 

Do you see, My children, what they have done to your society, your families, your churches, your nations, and your financial system? They want a total collapse of everything. 

They have had people flooding in through your border, knowing fully well who they are. Your enemies are paying them to come into your nation so that crime will overwhelm your law system in every way. They brought them here for terrorism, to burden your healthcare system, to burden your education system, to burden your food supply, to burden your economy, and to destroy your faith in society and in the rule of law. 

They have also caused catastrophic damage through weather manipulation to cause yet more burden on your supply chain, your financial system, and, of course, the loss of life, to bring more grief, despair, and hopelessness.  

They have built a society of great perversion—trafficking children and adults for yet more money and power, to appease their sexual appetite, and to cause more grief and hopelessness to the families of their victims. They have used the children in many ways to help themselves in any way they could think of—as scientific guinea pigs, to help with their own youth and agility. But their black market of children and this entire entity will collapse with no way of stopping it.  

Your enemies will lose everything they hold dear. I told you, My children, these exposures would not be easy to hear. They will bring great shock to many. I will show you their tunnels. I will show you every business. I will show you your government’s part in this black market. I will show you the judges who have taken part in it, who have hidden and covered up crimes to help themselves and others.   

I will show you where they are hiding their honey pots, you would say. (I will show you) the judges, the governmental officials, the CEOs, the CFOs, the presidents, the bankers, and the three letter agencies. I will open a very big can of worms in Hollywood and the entertainment industry, showing you their secret hideouts and the secret rooms where the producers, directors, and actors hid. I will show you how they were predators, and I will show you their crimes. I will show you how money was passed from them to your establishment and beyond, to the elites themselves. 

I will show you the world order they put into existence to control societies, governments, food supplies, the economy, and humanity. I will show you the manipulation of past wars for money and manipulation for the destruction of nations and people. I will show you all the warmongers and how they padded their pockets with their gun smuggling, the dirty deals they made with child trafficking, biological warfare, and the control of natural resources and certain territories. 

(There has been) a great move to sabotage your lives, your nations, your health, your mental well-being, and your strength in many ways. As these things break wide open, stand on My Word. Stand with Me, and I will turn your mourning into joy. No matter what it looks like now, it is not the time for tribulation. You have only seen a fraction of what the enemy has planned for those days. I allowed you to see this, but it is not for you, My children.  

That is why a great awakening is taking place—to change the course of My Church, to change the course of this world, to save more people before this time comes. It is not that far off, My children. It is not that far away in time. But until then, I will show My wonders, My might, My power, My miracles, and My goodness to prove to the world how good I am and to save them from the upcoming events of this great tribulation. 

My children, do you not see that this is not for you? This is not their time. It is My time, to bring more people into My Kingdom. I need My Church to wake up, get up, unite, and be the light of the world that it needs you to be. That is why I want you completely free—to serve Me and be used by Me in a greater way. So, get up and fight to see My Glory fall upon you and your nations. That is what I want for you in this time, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Julie Green - WHY THIS DARKNESS HAD TO BE ALLOWED - June 25, 2024

I, the Lord, have seen My creation under attack, My children under great oppression, stress, pressure, sorrow, anguish, fear, worry, and anxiety. I have seen the constant torment and struggle. I have seen the burdens the taskmasters in your nations and governments have subjected you to. I have heard and seen all they have done to you. 

I will not allow it to continue. I will not allow the ruling class to stay in power and keep you in bondage. You may ask, “Lord, why was this allowed? Why, Lord, is the world so dark? Why, Lord, have these people been allowed to stay in power for so long, torturing us like this?” 

My children, may I remind you that I was the One Who was allowed to be thrown out of your government while My people stayed silent. I was the One thrown out of the schools while My people stayed silent. I was the One taken out of businesses while My people stayed silent. I was allowed to be thrown out of many churches while My people continued to stay silent. I was thrown out of your justice system while My people remained silent. 

I had to allow certain things because I was no longer wanted. I was no longer welcomed. Now you see what is left when I am not there. I did not want this for you. I did not want to leave any of those places, but I was forced out because My people did nothing to stand and fight for Me to stay there. But I have heard the cries of My people now, and I will deliver you. I will answer your prayers. I will destroy your enemies’ power and remove them in this hour. 

Now you know. Now you believe and understand My Words and how to use the authority I have given to you. You have been awakened to see the truth. Many people were deceived into believing their twisted way of thinking. Your enemies tricked so many into believing that I did not belong in those places or that I did not want or care about politics and government. 

Do you see how your enemies got into your churches? My children believed those doctrines instead of reading and believing My own Word and what I said. 

It may be dark. It may be very uncomfortable. I know many have suffered at the hands of this government and these world leaders. That is why there had to be an awakening. There had to be a shaking. There had to be desperation in some so that they would turn and look to Me. When people were comfortable, living life how they thought they wanted to live, they did not pray or call upon Me like before. And in this time, when My people are not seeking Me for deliverance or truth, your adversary sneaks in, and he steals and kills and destroys My people and My lands. 

Do you see now why things are this bad, why the enemies were in power, how they were allowed to be in those positions, and how they did so much damage? If I am not in any of these places of power, then your enemy is. There is no other choice. 

I have heard your prayers to take them out and to bring My Glory and My presence back in. I have heard your prayers, wanting freedom and restoration from all that your enemies have done and stolen from you.  

I will show you great removals and great restoration. I am moving My hand, and I am healing your land. Do not quit now. Do not give in. Do not be moved by what they try next. Their days of being in power and control are over, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Carylyn Dennis - THE GREAT ESCAPE! MESSAGE FROM GOD - June 24, 2024

Here’s our message that God gave us on June 24th and this was before the debate. So I want to um tell you that, But he’s not talked to me about the debate. Maybe a little bit but not not much but not in this this was prior to the debate all right it’s called The Great Escape. And this is a message from God on June 24th 2024 this this is his words that he gave me. You will know it when you see it and you will see it soon. They think it they have it all in control. The debate the New York judge and everything else they are maneuvering. But they have discounted me. I am that I am. And they cannot stop what I am getting ready to do in the earth. It is The Great Escape.

The Escape of my little ones from the great evil that is running My Good Earth. The evil ones will not escape. But are facing fates worse than death. Some are already gone and you think they are still here. Soon you will see masses gone. Gone like the Wind. Where did they go? This is a mystery. Have you read the book of Enoch? Enoch holds the key when you hold the key you can see what is coming. It will happen in one day. But who can escape the great and terrible day of the Lord. Only the elect. Fear not my little ones as you have nothing to fear.

I have promised to take care of you and my precious son died for you. Protection and Care are a part of our covenant. Exalt my son and give him the glory. Great is his faithfulness and he is worthy to be praised. Now go out today and enjoy the moments. Rest some, dream some, and talk to me about your needs wants and your desires. I am a good father and it is my pleasure to give you the desires of your heart. Amen.

Carylyn Dennis - A MAJOR GLOBAL EVENT! MESSAGE FROM GOD - June 24, 2024

So, the message from God on June 24th is a major Global event. … So here’s the message from God a major Global event is getting ready to occur it is not what you think it is not nuclear and it is not the Rapture of the church. The final move will prepare the church to come home turn sinners into Saints and bring Revival on a global scale. I have pretty much told you but I am launching a surprise attack on the enemy. I have told you the enemy will soon be gone, and they absolutely will. They have had time to repent and it is time for me to move. Stay close to me in the coming days and do not fear. This move is against the truly evil non-repentant. It is not against the wayward who will return home to me. You will not miss this. The world will not miss this and you will be rejoicing and dancing in the streets. Eat cake and send gifts to one another your preparation is prayer get some cake and pray some more walk by faith and enjoy your time with me and my son Yeshua we love you so spend time with your family and friends. The show is ready to start. I love you with an everlasting heart. Amen.

Faith Like a Grain Of Mustard Seed - Why Babylon? - June 24, 2024

Greeting everyone, I welcome all of you my dear listeners to this channel. And welcome those who are tuning in first time. Some words are difficult to share and sometimes difficult to receive. This word was given to me at 12:33 a.m. on the 28th of May 2024. It started with the darkness. The Lord gave me an understanding that the attack will happen at night, I see Darkness and a map in the background with the state of Pennsylvania on it as I’m placed above the eastern half of the USA. A word decimated was given and I knew it was about this state. And this attack was unexpected. I hear brace yourself o America disobedient one, I blessed you mightily. Beyond any other Nation you were blessed. And I see a sunshine in peaceful neighborhoods children laughing.

The Lord gives me understanding that at the same time unborn children were murdered. And then he continues and steadily the country was forgetting God who blessed her. You will repay for the murder of my children or disobedient one. Time after time I gave you chances to repent callous heart. They will all come at night and do my bid. The attack will be unexpected you will not be prepared. You will be asleep. They will come at night or treacherous nation. The murder of my children will be avenged. Even now you are not repenting not crying out to me on your knes for everything that you have done for murder. Butchering my children, changing my creation, abominations.

In a vision I see transgender children. And he also gives me an understanding for all the surgeries and pills in teachings of young children to do evil things. I hear it must stop, it will stop. It is coming embrace. Those who are in me will be prepared because they have ears that can hear. And then I hear I will send you and he is showing me a gathering of people. I will show you where to go. You will live in close neat communities. The Lord gives me an understanding that people will know each other through the Holy Spirit. Devastation like never before. Many were not prepared to receive a desire at their doors. It was far away but I brought it close to you. And now he gives me an understanding a horror of an unborn child to be murdered in the safest place that the Lord put this baby into the womb of its mother.

In a vision I see an instrument approaching because he placed me inside of this womb. So I could see how this child was yanked out of the womb. The innocent baby. He says how appalling how devastating for a child to lose the safey of its environment. The Lord let me feel the warmth and safety of the womb and how comfortable the child felt there. And then abruptly he lets me feel the coldness of the instruments and he shows me how horrible it was for a child to be taken. I Hear No Remorse, no apologies, only fleshly desires trying to satisfy the flesh. He gives me an understanding that now the flesh will be hurt. Haven’t you learned from the history throughout the Bible? The Lord gives me an understanding what other nations have done, and what happened to them. Also, how the Earth is crying. I hear the word groaning.

And then I see the word treacherous instead of standing on your knees you proudly announce your s showing your idols and creating more in a vision I see faces of some famous people including Hollywood actors. He continues these atrocities Must Be Stopped. No more no more you will teach others. Babylon is falling. Babylon is falling. They will weep for you no more. They will cry for you no more. You will drink your portion what you let others drink before. It is your turn o Babylon and repented. Those who have ears will hear and come to me before it is too late. I will forgive. I am a loving father.

Listen to the Holy Spirit where to go. I see the following words devastation and the land many will lose homes. Many will lose lives. Misplacement follow the Holy Spirit. Do not rely on flesh. According to Miriam Webster dictionary word misplacement has a following definition of one of them. The act or an of not having or being able to find. Aso at the end I believe I heard move in groups. Those who are covered by my blood will be saved. If you do not know our Lord Jesus Christ this is the time to come to him because he said he will forgive you have to have a personal relationship with the Lord. So you can hear his voice remember he loves you and he sent his only son to die for us. Remember God is good I’ll talk to you later. Bye.


My children, many are at a crossroads right now. They need to choose which direction they are going in—the right one or the wrong one. There is no in-between. 

Right now, the world is in a war between good and evil. Things are colliding, but good will win no matter how it appears right now. Many in the Body of Christ need to choose between the direction of the world or the direction of My Words. The choice must be made. 

Many leaders are at the same place where they will continue to do it either man’s way, the political way, or My way. Choices must be made in this time. This is a time of decision. 

Abrupt changes are being made, and My children, the time I have warned you of, the great separation, is now upon you. I am showing the world who is on My side and who is not. The shaking is going to intensify to show all the bad apples in the churches, politics, business, and the entertainment industry. I am separating the good from the bad, the liars from the honest, and the proud from the humble. 

The time has come when things will become uncomfortable for some but freeing for others. My children, the time has come. So, choose which side you are on. Pick the side of truth, and you will be glad you did, saith the Lord. 

Amherst: this name will be in your news for a significant reason. 

An ambush will be in your news for a shocking reason. 

The turmoil you see in the land of Israel—woe to the enemies who infiltrated this Nation. I will show you the traitors in this government that are going after Netanyahu. Their coup will not work. He was placed there by Me. 

To all the enemies of My land: your next attacks and your next moves will fail. You will not have My Israel. It is Mine. It is not yours to have. I am the protector of that land and My people. You will not have the war you wanted. You will regret your next moves against My people. I will expose those who paid you and helped you plan these attempts to overthrow My land and My chosen son, whom (I put) in charge of it. 

Do you hear Me, Washington? You will not have what you planned or what you paid for. Israel is My Nation, not yours, to decide who gets it or can rule over it. You do not have that kind of power, so back off. If you don’t, judgment will hit you even harder, and more shame and embarrassment will come upon you. Israel is Mine, and any enemy who tries to destroy it will be destroyed, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Something explosive is about to come out of Florida. Get ready. This Nation is about to change in a big way. 

Washington DC is in for a big surprise. They will see that what they thought they could pull off, they cannot. What they thought they had control of, they do not. Great changes, shocking evidence, and explosive proof are coming to tear apart the old guard and the establishment. I promise you, My children, these so-called giants, with their foundations and their establishment, are being banished and evicted from their seats of power. You will see that no one who fights against Me and My chosen people wins.  

Great regret is about to come upon your enemies. Everything they have done to you will be done unto them but in greater measure. Their harvest time has come. Their fall is here, and the time of their ruling and reigning has come to an end. Their expiration date says “expired.” 

So, My children, hold on and brace for the violent shakings that will take place to finish off your enemies in My nations, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Patty Teichroew - June, 2024

Barry Wunsch - Prophetic Encounter regarding Joe Biden - June 22, 2024

The Lord has been dropping Joe Biden on me the last 24 hours. At least half a dozen times, the Lord was trying to get my attention.
And then today as I was in my quite time, I was taken into the spirit where I was taken into a special high level emergency meeting of Democrat, Deep State, WEF and globalist leaders and advisors. Obama and his inner core were being forced and pressured to pull Joe Biden out of the game.
The point had well passed where his actions and condition was far, far beyond any type of recovery. The mounting collateral damage was overwhelming.
They had to get him out one way or another. Nothing was to be off limits.
On top of all of that, the fact was that there was an open door that Hunter has opened that cannot be shut, and in doing so has opened up the books on his Dad and family.
They are going down. It was game over.The implications of what is in the light and coming into the light was going to not only destroy the Bidens but also destroy the Democratic party. The ship had taken in so much water and continues to, that there is no way that it could stay afloat. It would not survive what is coming!
In the meeting was Kamala Harris. She was being briefed, very uncomfortable with the plan to temporarily position her until a long-term candidate could be installed.
M. Obama was on standby in the room. Being coy, but knowing full well the manipulation to get her in position.Kamila has been used, and they were going to use her like a pawn. I knew by the Spirit she would cause them harm on her way out and she would sing like a bird.
Things are about to move fast. There were other events being planned in  conjunction with this to accelerate the dark and demonic plan. There were strategic inside jobs coming to destabilize things along the way for them to deploy their demonic plans.
The Lord spoke to me, and this is what He spoke: “Barry, tell My people that the house of cards is coming down! I am blowing on it now, and I assure you it is all coming down! There will be nowhere for them to run!  They will no longer be able to hide behind the corrupt practices and people they have put in position.
I am a God of Justice and Justice shall be served. For they shall pay a great price for what they have done to My people.
The move they are planning shall bring a turning point in this great Nation – for My people are standing and ready to move upon My word for Truth Righteousness and Justice.
The storm is bearing down even now. Tell My people deception has never been higher, discern what you hear! Discern what you see!
Tell My people we are stronger as one!
Do no waiver, do not comply with the evil agenda! We are who they fear! Me in you, and you in Me, abiding in unity there is nothing that we cannot do! There is a rebirthing of this Great Nation that cannot be stopped! Take courage, stand up and let’s Advance the Line!
Holy is the word of the Lord

Chris Bennett - An American Scenario - June 20, 2024

I have been nursing this for months now…..

Some few months back, I heard an expression in my spirit which made me shudder.

I have sat on this for a long long time, because I do not wish to cause division, dissent, or disagreement within people.

Not just the Christian community, but throughout the whole Facebook community. Even now, I hesitate to give voice to this revelation, which I believe comes from God, because in many eyes it represents a ‘worst case scenario’! Yet this Word burns within me and I can but release it!

So what did I hear, all those months ago?

“Military intervention!”

I inquired of The LORD what He meant by “Military intervention”?

In short it means that, “the political situation in the USA has grown so corrupt that it will only be resolved by military intervention!”

What will it look like?

I believe that an attempt will be made to cancel the November elections and replace them with a concerted effort to simply install the person of choice as president.

Somehow, this will lead to an invocation of a constitutional militarily supervised, truly democratic election, supervised and run by military personnel.

  • Paper vote.
  • No voting machines.
  • No vote rigging.
  • Proof of citizenship votes only allowed.

The United States is a Constitutional Republic, and the constitution, I believe, caters for just such a militarily supervised election, in line with the constitution.

Such an election may well start, or lead to efforts to start, a civil war in America.

But God, in His mercy and justice, is giving the USA one more chance to abide by the founding document from which came the constitution.

As this constitution has not been revoked or suspended, such an action by the military leaders would be entirely constitutional and therefore completely legal.

Also, the Constitution states that if the people see the country heading in a wrong direction they have the right to form a new government.

It is in reverential fear of The LORD that I post this Word for all who have ears to hear to weigh and judge.

I am but the messenger!


My children, a plot to kill a president has failed. A plot to impeach him has failed. A plot to incriminate him has failed. A plot to turn the Nation against him has failed. A plot to overthrow him and remove him from the ballot has failed. A plot to remove him entirely from this next election has failed. The plan to stop him from moving forward to take back the seat of the president has also failed. 

Do you not see that no matter the design, their plans against My David and My Nation have failed? They have more up their sleeves, but you guessed it, they will fail. 

Their coup and their fraudulent government will fail with their next moves against this Nation. Their plans to smoothly switch their candidate will fail. Their plans to replace “the Biden” will not go as they have designed. Their plans will bring backlash and resistance, and they will turn on their own party leaders. 

Watch as they become violent against each other because of their plot—how they try to pull this off will enrage their own party even more. 

The DNC convention will be unprecedented for them, and not in a good way. There will be interruptions and people marching in the streets. Protesters will show that great resistance has grown. The party lines have been drawn, and where they once agreed, now there is a great divide. 

My children, you are seeing that a great weakness has grown because they are no longer in agreement. Your enemies are destroying themselves, and any credibility they thought they had has now disappeared. I told you that the old guard is coming down and so is everyone with them, saith the Lord. 

Unprecedented and unconventional things will continue to take place regarding this election and things in this Nation. And a plot to steal yet another election will fail. 

Yes, they will show their hand in this land. Your establishment will become bold yet again while making their moves to have their own selection, but it will not work. Do you hear Me, oh United States? I have allowed it to happen before to bring about their fall, not for them to gain ground or take over this Nation. It was for their destruction. Do not fear what they say or what they do leading up to this day because I will ultimately have My way, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

President Trump, do you hear Me? You still have traitors in your midst. Listen to My Words and follow My directions. You cannot do this alone. No, not without Me, says the Lord. I will lead you and guide you. I will show you who to have next to you, and it’s not just politicians or people who know Washington. No, the people who know Me are more important. You need My people who listen to My voice next to you. But it is not just any religious leader. No, some have betrayed you and your trust, and some that have been beside you were not there to help you but to use you. I will show you who to pick. But now is the time to trust My prophets. Now, it is time to let them in. It is time to hear My Words through them. This is what has been missing. You need My guidance to take you the rest of the way through and to take back the seat of the president. Yes, it will be different this time. There will be no comparison because this time, you will not limit Me. Do not trust in men because they will fail you. Trust in Me, and you will see a great victory, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

My children, stand your ground and don’t be moved. This Nation is being revived. This Nation is being reborn. This Nation will be stronger than ever before. Your enemies continue with plots, plans, and schemes. You will see coordinated attacks against you and your Nation continue to fail because I am standing in their way. Get ready because the giants are coming down, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 


My children, there have been policies, procedures, and a strong, deep-rooted foundation of an establishment in your country. They have their ways, which have been protected by the “old guard” of this Nation. They have many layers and many ways of protecting their way of governing and controlling not only this Nation but the world. 

Since 2020, I have allowed more of this “old guard” within the establishment to come out into the open, exposing themselves more and more to the public. Remember, My children, they truly believe they have fail-safes everywhere. They believe there is no way for them to be brought down, destroyed, or removed, and no way anyone could find out their secrets or what they have buried to stay in these powerful positions. 

Don’t you see? I had to allow certain things so you would see what a mess this country was in because most people didn’t realize it. They didn’t realize how dirty these bureaucrats are or how much they own you and many people in other nations. 

I have repeatedly told you how Hollywood and your three letter agencies have played massive roles in controlling who holds the seat of the president and which policies they are allowed to change, and which ones they are not allowed to touch. I will show you that, in many cases, it was not the president who controlled the decisions in this Nation. There were many in your CIA, your FBI, and the establishment pulling all the strings. Their hands drip with blood from the many deaths that they caused, the murders they committed to protect the “old guard” in this Nation, and their old ways. 

But their foundations are breaking, and their walls are coming down. I am exposing their lies. I am exposing their policies and procedures. And I am exposing the architects and all the blueprints they are using to destroy this Nation and beyond. 

I did not abandon you. I did not leave you in the hands of these taskmasters. I allowed them to be seen for who they really are, to crush the head of the snake, and to cut off the power and control they have had over you. 

Oh, United States, the reason why you are in Ukraine and giving them money is to hide many secrets in that land, but those secrets are being told. Great exposures will come out of that land far beyond what you as a Nation will be able to comprehend—how evil your government truly was and how many people they disposed of to keep their money and power. They will stop at nothing to get what they want, but I will show their hands in the cookie jar in Ukraine. I will show you the real reason they bailed them out, and it is not what you thought at all. Dirty deals were made for money and power, but that is all coming down.  Your establishment and the control they have had over this world are being brought down. 

They have made many mistakes in their desperation to keep the “old guard” in power, but it will all be annihilated by My hand. A new way, a new government, a new foundation built on My Word and My power will be brought back even stronger to destroy the evil, corruption, and darkness covering and controlling this Nation. The old way is dead, and the new way is alive in this Nation. America is great, and it will be great again, better and stronger than it was before, getting rid of the baggage, getting rid of the treasonous traitors that were embedded all over your government and the intelligence agencies. 

A major stone is about to be thrown at these giants that they will not recover from. Nor will they survive it. Their old way is through, and My Nation will be free again. 

John Brennan will have a lot of explaining to do. A whistleblower will come forward, exposing him and many others in the CIA’s “old guard.” The control that they’ve had in this Nation is over. I will show you, My children, how they worked little by little to destroy your freedom and take away your choice in your own elections and what they have done to sabotage anyone who threatened their existence or their control over you. A great shaking is coming. They cannot stop it or the truth from exposing them all because they cannot stop Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Susan Rice will be exposed in a major way for what she has done and continues to do. I will show you how the “old guard” controls her and pays her to commit treason. I will show you that her puppet master is Obama. Phone conversations and emails are about to be released. They will expose her and many others. I told you, My children, they will allow some to fall to save others. She is one person they will part with. You will see many others come down with her. But, no matter how hard they try to protect the others, it will not work because I am in control, and they are not, saith the Lord. 

Christopher Wray is also not safe. He will fall as well, no matter how hard they have tried to protect him. Someone will expose him big time. This is another person the old guard will disregard and let go. 

The rats are being drawn from out of the darkness and the holes they have been hiding in. So, get ready for all the rats to be exposed. 

Many things are coming that people in this Nation will think are impossible to bring down and destroy, especially when they hear everyone who was involved, how many were involved, and how well of an establishment they built that controlled your government. But they are not bigger than Me, and soon you will see they will all be removed by Me, saith the Lord. 

Skill issue: this phrase will be in your news for an unusual reason. 

A plane crash that happened in the past will be in your news for a significant reason. 

A walrus will be in your news for an unusual reason. 

Antarctica is about to be exposed for what it really is—a hiding place where they thought they could conceal things from you. But this hiding spot has been found, and what is so important that was kept there, away from you, will be revealed. Oh, United States, your government has many secrets that I will allow to be told to destroy their chokehold over you. 

Another secret hideout will be ransacked, and what was hidden inside will be revealed. This will reveal more about the establishment in charge of this Nation. 

My children, get ready. Their walls are all crashing around them, and your enemies are being evicted from power. So, get ready. Things are about to change right before your eyes, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Patty Teichroew - June, 2024


I, the Lord, have seen your oppressors and what they have done to you. I have seen what they plan to do to you—(what they planned) in the darkness, behind their closed and secret doors, and in their tunnels and governmental buildings. They have not hidden from Me even though they think I cannot see. Their judgment is imminent, and it will be seen by the world. 

Children of Almighty God, a storm like no other storm is coming—a storm to wipe out evil, a storm to destroy their kingdoms, empires, governments, and armies. This storm has been building up perfectly to hit your enemies when they least expect it, when they are least prepared, when they are the most distracted with their plans that they are convinced will work to start a world war, bring great chaos, and send you into a panic. But the opposite will take place because you are growing stronger, My children, while your enemies have grown weaker. They have become more disorganized, confused, and panicked because their plans are not working as they thought they should. 

A sudden impact will strike your capital and shake all who are there who are against Me. They will see that this is My Nation and that you are My children, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

A political seat is about to be vacated that will shock this Nation. The seat up for grabs will not be filled by just anyone, especially not by who your enemies think they will fill it with. It is My decision, not theirs, and I will show them just that, saith the Lord. 

A confession is about to be made, one that people will not expect and one that was not meant to be told. I told you that your enemies’ tongues will tell the truth when they actually meant to tell a lie. 

A battle is brewing in your capital, one that will soon come to an end. Your enemies in this Nation in those seats of power are about to make a mistake against this Nation that they will soon regret. Instead of solidifying their power and their takeover, they will lose more power and expose themselves and who they really are. And more people will turn against them in droves. 

Another major fall for “the Biden” will take place. There will be no mistaking or denying it. He is slipping faster now, with no way of recovering. The establishment can now see they have a mess on their hands, which they must clean up. But the way they do this will prove to this Nation even more just how evil they are and how fake this has all been. 

A governmental official will suddenly pass awaya death they were not expecting—and it will bring shock waves to the Deep State. 

Oh, United States, there are terrorists on your soil that are connected to your government, and a whistleblower is about to prove it. 

This is the time for the children of Almighty God to walk by faith and not by sight. You will see and hear things that will try to bring confusion and fear, but stand on My Word. Do not be moved because this is the time when I am moving your enemies forcefully, out of where they now are to where they belong. Justice is being served, and great freedom is about to be celebrated, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 


After I received the Prophetic Word above, I heard this: 

Clean up on aisle 4: this phrase will be in your news for an unusual reason. 

Keep your eyes on New York City. A great upset is about to take place, and an unraveling has begun that your enemies cannot stop.   

Saskatchewan will be in your news for a significant reason.  


Then, while praying, I received another Prophetic Word: 

God is saying that He is moving in all nations around the world. My Glory will be seen and experienced by those who are willing to receive My Glory. Cry out for My Glory. Receive My Glory. Expect My Glory, and I will show up, says the Lord.   

I will show up in your homes. I will show up in your church services. I will show up to your family members. I will show up everywhere you are because I am everywhere that you are. I will show up in grocery stores. I will show up at car dealerships. I will show up in the malls. I will show up in the streets. I will show up anywhere and everywhere evil was, and I will show My Glory, which will destroy that evil. I will show up in schools, whether they are public or private; that does not matter. I will show up in government buildings. I will show up in capitals. I will show up and show My people Who I really am.   

So, stand your ground, children of Almighty God, because a shift is taking place. A shift, do you feel it? Do you know that I am in control? If you don’t, you soon will. Your enemies are falling. They are falling, and they are scattering like flies, like moths to a flame. They are nothing against My Name.  

So, receive right now where you are. Lift up your head. Lift up your hands and receive, and I will pour out My Glory.   

I have heard you. I have seen you discouraged. I have seen the plans of the enemy against you. Well, doors are opening. Breakthroughs are happening, and My Glory will be seen on each and every one of you who believe. I will turn every one of your situations around. Have faith and trust in Me, and then you will see My Glory, saith the Lord.   


I, the Lord, this day am telling My children that the walls are closing in on your enemies. They are trapped with nowhere to go and nowhere to run. I have told you repeatedly that this is not their Nation. This is not their world to take over. It is Mine, and soon everyone will know it. 

Military secrets are about to be leaked, secrets about how your government was helping foreign nations (do things) against you. Yes, against you. Did you know this: My children in the land of My Eagle? These secrets will shock this Nation—how your leaders were destroying it from within and using some in your military to do this for them. They have been sabotaging military units and destroying the lives of the soldiers to keep these secrets. And some even lost their lives. 

My children, much evil has gone on in your Pentagon, evil that has helped with the destruction of this Nation. I will show you the phone records, emails, and private conversations that show how deep and dark this all goes. They will show how many in your government paid for the murders of American soldiers after they completed covert operations, to hide and cover up their tracks, to keep their secrets, and to keep their plans in motion to take down My Eagle. They abandoned and damaged your soldiers on purpose. And now, it is all about to shake this Nation. There will be My vengeance, and there will be My restoration of all that has been stolen from you. I told you, My children, to brace for what you are about to hear because I am about to make it clear who the real enemies are. 

Many in your capital will fall for the mass (amounts of) deaths they have caused on this soil and in foreign nations. I will have the final say. I will have My way. It will all come out, and justice will be served, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

The mainstream media is about to have many things backfire on them. There will be hot mics and gaffes live on air. Whistleblowers are about to come out of the woodwork from everywhere. They will prove where all the scripts come from, and who writes them will shock you. Cover-ups will no longer be covered up. 

A secret conversation is about to come out. It will set off a landslide of events that will destroy the hold the mainstream media has over this Nation. It is all about to come crashing down. 

A massive windstorm will be in your news, and where it will be reported is important. This location will be in your news more and more for a shocking reason. 

A military plane will be in your news for a significant reason. 

The announcement of a replacement is coming soon. I told you that they are getting rid of “the Biden.” They have no choice but to make their next moves to secure this next election. They think that by doing this, they will have a chance. But little do they know, they have no chance of continuing to control this Nation through stolen elections and by making their own “selections.” This is all coming to an abrupt end. My Nation is about to be released for the world to see, saith the Lord. 

An ambassador will be in your news for a shocking reason. 

A movement is taking place—a movement of freedom, a movement of My power, a movement to break you free from this tyranny. The momentum is not on the side of your enemies. No, they are not getting what they want, but they are getting what they deserve because, as I have said, justice will be served. 

Stay tuned. Keep watching. Keep expecting because I am about to show up everywhere, bringing a deliverance never experienced before to this magnitude on Earth. My children, it is for you. So get excited, for I am doing what no eye has ever seen. And I am doing it for the world to see that I am the one, true God, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Barry Wunsch - The shaking that is coming - June 12, 2024

The Lord has been stirring this word up in me once again. The Lord has prompted me to share it again. In consideration to what is coming, & the unraveling of things as we know them, not only regarding the financial shaking that is coming, but also the shaking that is coming to Governments around the world. The Father is clearly preparing to take out the Babylonian slave systems as we have come to know them. We are coming into a rebirthing through out the Nations into Kingdom Governance the likes we have never seen before. Things are about to be turned upside down and inside out! I pray that the revelation of what is happening will come to those who have ears to hear, and eyes to see what the Father is doing in our midst.

Julie Green - AMERICA, YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE SHAKEN - June 11, 2024

My children, I am crashing your enemies’ parties. I am tearing apart their celebrations. I am bringing their governments to nothing. I am destroying their lives and the propaganda machines they use to cover for them. No more cover-ups. No more twisting of the truth so that people believe your lies. That is how you, enemies of Almighty God, have tried to destroy My Eagle. I told you that I have your videos. I have your phone calls, your computers, and your servers. I have it all, and it will soon be released. 

Enemies of Almighty God: you have not seen anything yet of all that will be proven of all the crimes you committed. You thought you had the justice system paid off and designed to save you. You put the people you wanted (in the positions) as the judges, jurors, prosecutors, and defense lawyers. You thoroughly planned everything to cover your backsides and have the law on your side. Well, you are about to see My justice rain down upon you, shattering your plans, your course, and all the rulings you made that did not follow the rules of law. 

Enemies of My children and My nations: your number is about up. You thought you could hide behind classified documents. You thought you could bury the truth with that word (classified) and cover your tracks that way. Well, it will soon blow up in your face when I, the Lord, release documents you thought could never be released. 

Enemies of this Nation: you thought you could set up your financial system so that you would be financially taken care of. Well, that will be taken away shortly in a way you will never see coming. 

You also thought you could use your intelligence agencies to do your dirty work to spy on the citizens of this Nation and to go after the citizens instead of the real enemies against this Nation, which are you. All of it is about to fall apart right before your eyes. 

You can feel your power slipping. Your narratives are no longer working. People are waking up to the truth of who you really are. You will not be able to stay in those positions of power because I am about to tear you out of them with My right hand. 

Enemies of this Nation: I am making it great again. I am making it strong again. I am making it pray again. An awakening has started, and it is about to explode. As you fall, enemies of Almighty God, I am raising My children up higher and putting them in those positions of power. 

My America, you are about to be shaken, a shaking that will continue to increase as you move closer to your elections. 

Watch the Supreme Court. A ruling is about to change everything, and the Deep State will not like it.  

More evidence is coming out that will tear down the indictments against My David. 

A great shock is coming to Capitol Hill, and it will destroy the swamp before their next moves. 

My children, explosions of truth are coming. These explosions will damage and annihilate their destruction of this Nation. They cannot have it. It is Mine. It is all coming down. You will see that no one beats Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - Prophetic Vision Pray for Event On or Around July - June 7, 2024

"Let It Begin" - "A Change Is Coming.." - June 2024

We are literally out of time. So, I have been paying attention, praying, and um this is the latest word that I got from um a prophet that that hears from the Lord. And so, it’s up to me as a messenger to deliver this straight away to you all. And just so you’ll know um you know he the Lord is saying. Let it begin. Basically, he’s essentially saying let it let it begin. … He is saying, and this is just these are just excerpts it’s not long at all. But it’s just to give you an idea. Uh I’m sure you already know because you’ve heard for many others and it’s the Lord is saying the same thing. If you’ve seen um world um world of signs, then you know all the different countries and Nations that have been getting flooded.

Landslides um pummeled with hailstones. The cicada locusts are in um a certain part of our country uh in the Midwest. Um middle States as well the U the cicada. And uh I’m over here in the Northeast and I can just say that it’s quiet. It’s eerily quiet so uh we don’t have any uh horrific weather over here thankfully. But I know that a lot of uh countries and a lot of other places are you know they’ve gone through tornadoes, and they’ve gone through such horrible things. So, here’s an excerpt from Edward E he says for the month of June uh which we are in right now. The mighty walls of Babylon come down come down. The mighty walls of Babylon come down. He’s saying I dismantle your nation so mark your calendars the Lord is saying I dismantle your nation as of this month mark your calendar. Then for July he says the last Victory Day. The last victory day. They say we are fine celebrate power of a Time Gone by. And then the Lord says Change Is Coming to America change is coming to America. I no longer uphold your America, says the Lord. And August Summer’s end no more fruit on the trees says the Lord. September. Slaughter the month of Slaughter. October is when the currency collapses. November death rains over this nation.

December mourning  Mo u r n i n g December mourning and lamenting. Sore Frost and hor Frost summers’s heat from the East callous hearts look to the east eating frost but no meat. The rain is confused it’s dry then it pours. The wind swirls yet heat is dry. The Earth is confused from sin above. The ground shakes from heaven above. Frostbite dangerous disaster double swirl Tornadoes. The sea above then hear the word of the Lord oh House of God. Here comes the persecution appointed in my House. And he ends the message let it Begin. So thank you please take it to the Lord and confirm everything.

Edward Umling - Monthly and Annual Review (replay) - June 11, 2024

The month of June. The Lord speaks concerning the month of June. Here it is. The month of June I dismantle your nation, says the Lord. Mark your calendar says the Lord. June the month of June. The month of dismantling the month of vengeance. The month I vindicate my name. Did I not dismantle the nation of Jericho, says the Lord? Do You Believe climate change brought down those walls? The Lord says my father passed by and the rocks beneath feared and fled as the waters fled on the Jordan that day. Here I am I command your walls to fall, says the Lord.

Come down oh walls. Prophesy son of man prophesy oh mighty walls of Babylon come down, says the Lord I command the Waters of your Fortress to dry up, says the Lord. Here I am as commander of the Lord of hosts let a decree be issued says the Lord unlock the chambers of my mighty ones. Put a king over them. Oh Horn of Africa sound the trumpets of War. Oh banks of the nation close your doors. Oh banks of the rivers open your doors. Here I am says the Lord seiz the ship, says the Lord. And concerning the government of Babylon Change Is Coming To America, leadership change.

There is a change in God’s timeline. Desperation will prevail over the economy. The limits of my father’s Grace has been reached. The year of desperation. The year of Christ. The year of this saying, who is the Lord that I should obey his voice. The year of recompense . Year of the Nations. The year of horses and chariots. The year of humbling year of change year of hunger and thirst. The year of destruction of your nation.

June the month to feel threatened, jealousy. July the last Victory Day celebration. Here’s a saying for the month of July. July is the time they lift on high. Victory Day they say we are fine. Celebrate power of a Time Gone by they look to a time when I walked by. Now this is the time I say bye. I no longer uphold you America. August, Summer’s end. No more fruit on the trees, says the Lord. September slaughter, the month of slaughter. October, currency collapse. November, death reigns over this nation. December mourning and lamenting. Sore frost fore frost. Summer’s heat from the East. Callus hearts look to the east eating frost but no meat. The rain is confused it’s dry then it pours the wind swirls yet heat is dry. The Earth is confused from sin above the ground shakes from heaven above frostbite, dangerous disaster. Double swirl tornadoes the sea above here the word of the Lord oh House of God. Here comes the persecution appointed in my house. Let it begin, says the Lord.

Veronika West - The Great Awakening: Exposing the Pretenders! - June 8, 2024

I heard The Spirit say, “My Spirit of Truth is now exposing the great pretenders from among you, the ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing, for I AM stripping the evil rulers of The Nations of their garments of corruption and perversion that have long covered them.

And naked they shall stand before Me and before the world to see — for their evil works done in secret cannot and will not be hidden from my sight.

For what has been conceived and concealed in darkness, shall now be uncovered and revealed in the light — and where My Glory once covered them and My Mercy once delivered them — now they shall be clothed with shame and dishonour, and crowns of bitterness and defeat shall adorn their heads and they will sit on the ash heap of sorrows with no hope of restitution or redemption.

For their stiff necks shall be broken and their uncircumcised hearts shall be their downfall, for I shall not be mocked, but I shall avenge My enemies with just one breath from My nostrils!

Watch! For sudden death and destruction shall come upon those who dare to stand in the way of My governing Hand of Justice and Righteousness!

For I AM The Great Judge over The Nations, and My Courts have ruled for life and liberty over death and bondage — so pay attention and listen!

For now there is a new sound that is rising in the nations, a sound of a roar, a roar of the lion of Judah, a sound that will shake the wicked to their knees, and awaken my fearless warriors to their feet!

I say now, Watch and Listen!

For in the midst of a great shaking, shifting and divine separating, a loud rattling sound shall be heard coming up from The Valley of Dry Bones, as a mighty Remnant Army rises to take her place on the battlefield for the birthright and destiny of The Nations.

For in great Power and Authority, this mighty Army shall advance and conquer the strongholds of the enemy — and as the violent, they shall take the kingdom by force!

Ha! I laugh at their puny threats! Who shall stop what I have begun? And who shall restrain or contain what I have ordained?

For I tell you the Truth, My Beloved — eyes have not seen, nor ear heard, nor have it entered the hearts of man what I have prepared for those that love Me!”


My children, the radical establishment and their government are not done coming against you or this Nation. They will take even bolder steps right in front of you to gain more control and take more freedoms from you, more steps toward the total annihilation of this Nation as you know it. They will take more steps toward globalism, communism, and socialism—demonic and satanic steps to try and take your hope and faith from you. Their goal is to distance you from Me and to totally remove Me from Earth so they can take it over and control it themselves. 

They have taken over other nations, kingdoms, and empires using these same steps. Those nations, empires, and kingdoms are no more because these plans cause death and destruction, and they never work. The very nations they thought would rule the world became nothing, so they just moved on to the next one and then the next one after that. Now, they are using these same tactics on My Israel and My United States. But these are My Nations, so these same plans will not succeed. They will not see the fulfillment of the destruction of either Nation or the globalists’ takeover. It will not work, My children. 

Take this Nation back. Take it back with prayer. America, pray again. Stand for your land. I say in My Word that if you turn from your wicked ways, I will hear your cries and heal your land. You are about to see My justice and My hand do just that. I just ask you to believe this and stand and fight the good fight of faith, which you will win. Do not just stand by and complain about what they have done to your justice system or to My David. This will not last. Do not be deceived by the ruling of their judge or their narrative. This will not stand; it will be overturned to show you that man and his ways are nothing compared to Mine. No, do not complain. Instead, shout them out. Shout for truth and justice. I am in control, and I will remove them all. 

They have been caught in their traps of lies, corruption, treason, blackmail, and murder. Every crime they committed is on record. This case, and all of their cases, indictments, selections, entrapments, money laundering, bribes, and payoffs—everything they have done—I have it all, and I am about to show the world everything. They are the ones who will be convicted. They are the ones who will be sentenced. Some of them will not survive. You will see great victory in this Nation. Truth will take down the swamp and clean it completely; it will wipe them out, and no one involved in these evil, dark, wicked schemes (meant) to destroy My Eagle will be left standing. The United States is Mine, and they will not have it. 

Israel is Mine, and the globalists, the establishment, the secret societies, and the three letter agencies will finally know that the control they thought they had, they did not have at all. Their house of cards is crashing. Their foundation is breaking. Their dam of lies will no longer hold them in their places of power. You will see that nothing will work for them. They will have to run into Me, and I am their end, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Sacrilegious: I will say again that this word will be in your news for a significant reason. 

Keep your eyes on Syria and what is about to take place. 

A whistleblower is coming to bring down the narrative in Ukraine. They have been there, seen it all, and know the truth, and they have proof of what is happening in that country. Your supposed government has been hiding and doing things there against this Nation and the world. Things they buried or burned will resurface. Truth will destroy their lies and will bring down their plans for war, chaos, and their use of bioweapons. 

Canadian wildfires: what has been hidden will be exposed, including why they used these wildfires against the nations of Canada and the United States. I told you that these wildfires were not wild at all. They were set on purpose by man to wreak havoc, cause damage, and destroy things they wanted destroyed to hide their secrets, but this will no longer work. A person from the inside will tell the truth. This person has the proof to take this all down, proof of what these two governments were working on against your nations for globalist control—the weather, the fires, the stealing of elections, the taking over of your governments, and the controlling and manipulating of your financial markets. That connection between the two Nations, with Obama at the helm, driving the ship to run these two nations into the ground, will be stopped by Me. Neither Canada nor the United States will die. They will be reborn, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Claiborne: this name will be in your news for a shocking reason.  

Alex Jones: My son, I have not abandoned you. I have not left you to be destroyed by the Marxists in your Nation, the Deep State, or anyone after you. They will regret their next moves. I am moving on your behalf, and all that you have lost will be given back to you. I am not done using you as a truth vessel for this Nation. Trust Me that I will set you free, saith the Lord. 

The war on truth, the war to end freedom, the war to bring down My Nation, the war to bring fear, the war to bring hopelessness and despair, the war to bring a complete financial collapse, the war to bring biological warfare, the war to make nations into a global government and a one world religion: do you not see, My children, that none of this is bigger than Me? Do not fear them. Do not be moved by their next move. Do not give up. Get fed up. You move your enemies. Push back. Fight this battle. This war has already been won; it is just a matter of time before you see it. 

Keep praising. Keep thanking Me, and you will begin to watch your enemies fall. It is all coming. Stand and hold your ground. Jehovah Nissi is about to show up on the scene and make your enemies scream. Their defeat is coming. My children, you will see that this is the time for you to receive more from Me, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Patty Teichroew - June, 2024

Lois Vogel-Sharp - This Is The Final Battle For America - June 3, 2024

Today’s June 3rd 2024 and I got this this morning at around 10:18. I’m just going to read it and send it out. Because was it’s self-explanatory. …Vote Trump evil wants to dump all his garbage on us it’s his promise. Be wise it must be Biden’s demise he had enough compromise. Now it’s time to turn around the tide so America can once again stand with pride. Evil must be denied. Trump must be recognized for who is the one who will allow babies to live. He understands that God is the supreme power in this late hour. And will allow America to sail and Prevail. But he will not force any agenda or make or make anyone surrender but will abide by the laws of our land can you yet understand this man. It is God’s plan for freedom and it only comes when we all can be make our choices and share our voices. As long as we follow the laws and they are not ignored. Right now our system is very flawed. And we must shut the door so we can have true Freedom not the other side’s extremism. No vote is a vote for the other side and this time your vote will not be denied. So vote with American Pride. And remember our country is truly on the line for we will never again have Justice Liberty if we sit back and let evil go and vote in a man who is for sin. For every demon on this Earth is looking for its new birth. And we must stop adere with Godly fear. And obedience to what he is telling us to do to see this Victory through be not confused love the spirit all hear it.  

So it’s not even over then so pray about it because this country is on the line and this is it this is the final battle this is the final battle for America, so have a blessed day.


Whoa to the enemies of Almighty God. You are laughing, thinking you got what you desired. But I tell you, I will have the last laugh. Your verdict is a joke, an illusion. It is not real because it is not true. I will show you whose verdict really counts

My son is not guilty, and the world will see this is true. They will see your kangaroo courts and how they are a joke and that they are nothing against Me. I am the judge over all the Earth, and My court rules over yours. I warned you to back off. I warned you to quit. But you refused. Don’t get comfortable celebrating because it will not last that long. 

Again, I say, you do not have My David where you want him. But I have you where I want you. I will open the doors wide and show the world what a sham of a case this was, and I will show you your place. You brought your indictments and your supposed charges against him. You proclaimed him guilty. Well, you will see that you cannot get past Me. 

Your joyful laughter and smug actions in front of your cameras will not last. Your show is about to end, and My children are about to laugh. They will see you fail. They will see you exposed. You will be embarrassed. You will be put to shame. You will be tried and convicted. I told you that you would reap what you have sown. You got what you wanted, or so you thought; that is, until you see Me and what I do to you, your judges, your lawyers, your court system, and your government. It will come crashing down, and you will scatter before Me. You are not in control of My David, his life, his family, his freedom, or this Nation, and you are about to see that this is true. 

Alvin Bragg: judgment is coming for you. I will show the world who you are and who paid you. Your emails will be exposed. Your phone conversations will be heard. You are guilty of treason, and it will be your end. You are laughing now, but I will wipe that smile from your face because I will show you your place and where you belong. And I will show the world you were wrong, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Judge Merchan: you are not a judge at all. I will show the world that this was not constitutional. I will also show the world that you are not above the law. You will not stay in that seat because I am your defeat, saith the Lord. 

My children, I warned you about the things you would see and hear that would bring fear. But I will show you that your enemies’ defeat is here. So do not give up or quit now, not even when the pressure is building and being poured on you or when it looks like there is no hope of winning. I am here, and that will be clear. These things had to take place so your enemies would fall on their faces. So, keep standing and shouting. 

Worship And Resist then the Wicked Are Restricted, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

This trial has now “ended, so I will show you how “the Biden,” the DOJ, and Obama have been involved in all of this. Remember the money. I will show you how they passed it under the table, under the radar, where I now have it all. I have their number, and it is about up

Your enemies are about to wish they had never convicted My David because now they will all be exposed and convicted themselves. But what will happen to them will be far worse because there is justice in My courts, and My justice will stand in this land. Their injustice will fall, and you will see it all. 

Julie Green - THE CASES AGAINST MY DAVID - May 30, 2024

Your enemies think they have My David caught in a trap. They think their power is greater than Mine. They believe that with their systems, their judges, and their court cases, they can bring him down. Well, they can’t. They do not have that kind of power. Just like when he was in the White House, your enemies pursued him repeatedly to remove him from his position of power with their fake impeachments. Do you not see that those did not work because of Me? These cases will not work either. These cases will not bring him down. These cases are nothing against Me, and they are nothing against My David.  

My children, do you hear Me? They can try all they want to try. They have tried embarrassments, shame, false criminal accusations, and supposed crimes, but there is nothing there. There is nothing at all. I will show you that My David will stand tall. I will show you that the enemies against him are nothing at all. 

There will be no guilty verdict because there is no crime. He will not do any time behind their bars or in their prisons. No, they will not get what they want, not at all. 

My children, I have allowed certain things to happen in this Nation to show you their two-tiered justice system, to show you the criminals they really are, to show you they will stop at nothing to steal your Nation from you. Do you not know I have heard your cries? I have heard your prayers. I am answering them, just not how you thought. I am stepping in. I am allowing you to see what has been hidden.  

Your enemies are coming out in the open, believing they are truly in control. I have allowed them to think this way. I have allowed them to do certain things, but this was not for the fall of this Nation. This was not for the fall of any nation or for them to be allowed to take down My David. This was to let you see that great tyranny has been in your land, the great darkness of these leaders, and how they have been tearing your freedoms away from you. I allowed these things for you to see, but now it is time for you to see the fall of it all. 

It’s time for you to see the fall of this empire, the fall of an establishment, the fall of a puppet, the fall of a coup, the fall of great corruption, and the fall of great deception.   

My children, do not fear anything you are about to hear. I will make it clear that I am near. I will make it clear that I am in control. I will make it clear that this is My Nation and not theirs

All they have done against My David and all they have done against you was (allowed) for you to see that what you need is Me. The shaking had to take place. Things had to be allowed to cause a great awakening, to cause righteous indignation to rise up in My people, so you would not sit on the sidelines or allow unruly, unlawful governments to control your nations, your minds, or your freedoms when they do not have that kind of power. Their deception was growing, and what they were about to do would have killed this Nation and the nations around the world. Do you not see? This had to be to set you free, saith the Lord. 


After I received the Prophetic Word above, I heard this: 

Your enemies have no power over My David. They have no power over the verdicts in any of these cases. 


My children, the number of attacks you have endured has been great, long, overwhelming, torturing, debilitating, depressing, and frustrating in multiple ways. Your enemies have attacked your minds, bodies, families, finances, society, and way of living. They have put you under great stress. 

Do you see that you are not living a normal life? Some would say their lives have been horrible lately, so why are so many of My children still asking and praying to go back to normal? Your normal before COVID was slavery and great bondage. That is why exposures must come. That is why a great shaking must take place. That is why the unprecedented and unconventional must be seen. The world needs to know how your enemies were controlling your lives while you were unaware; some even thought they were totally fine when they were not at all. 

I have watched the enemies’ deception grow across this Earth. And My children believed in this deception more than they believed in Me and My Word, which is truth. Why? Because it is easier to walk by sight than to walk by faith, and My children want an easy way out when in fact, it wasn’t easy at all. 

The time of the great awakening has begun. This shaking will grow, and so will the things around you, making it look as though evil is winning when, in fact, they are falling apart

I have told you that your enemies will not only intensify and magnify things against you, but they will also start to turn on one another and become careless and allow themselves to be put in precarious situations where they trap themselves and others. 

This is the time when things become more uncomfortable. Your enemies will shout more, threaten more, and cause more disruptions. You will see more corruption. You will see them become more arrogant. They will not care if you know what they are doing against you and your nation because they truly believe there is nothing you can do against them. They believe no one can stop them. They believe this Nation is already theirs to have.  

So, as they try to bring war here, as they try to bring bioweapons, as they try to destroy the dollar, and as they try to tear apart your freedoms, remember what I have said, these are the days of Haman, and they will receive their reward. 

I will show you their sleeper cells, their dirty bombs, their labs, and their Trojan horse. I will show you their roots in the Deep State as I pull them out. I will show you their manifestos, their dirty books, their servers, their computers, their emails, their phone conversations, their murders, their blackmail accounts, and everyone they have dirt on. Some were true, some were forced and tricked into those situations, and some were drugged. I will show you their hiding places and all that is hidden there. I will show you what has been hidden underground all over the world that was suppressed and used to kill you, steal from you, take over the nations, hide precious things from you, and control the markets. I will show you all that has been kept from you, which will be used to tear them apart. I am in control. Your enemies are not. Remember this as you see what you are about to see, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Major things have been taking place at your ports, oh United States. How they used these ports against you in so many ways will send shock waves through this Nation

Watch as incident after incident takes place at your ports, just like they have done with your bridges. They want some things destroyed to hide them from you and others to bring great disruption to your supply chain. 

Watch as many black swan events start to take place. The things they are about to do will be so much greater than what they have already done against you. 

My children, be prepared for the things that look uncertain. These things will happen to take your enemies out once and for all. 

A blacksmith will be in your news for an unusual reason. 

Another world leader is about to die, but it will not be by his own hand. 

Tensions between nations are about to appear out of control, and it will seem like World War 3 could begin, but it will not

An invasion has taken place at your southern border, and it will become more obvious why they are here. These terrorists are about to make a move against this Nation that they will regret.   

My children, you have not seen or heard about everything done at your northern border. It is much darker than other things they have done, and it has been kept from you. No one was looking there. They used your southern border as a diversion, so you would not pay attention to your northern one or who they are bringing through to be used against you. They have brought in and trained enemies for what they are about to pull off against you, but it will not be death to this Nation or Israel. It will be death to them. 

Bubonic plague: this phrase will be in your news for a significant reason. They are trying to bring this back to life, but it will affect them more than you. 

Sickle cell anemia: this phrase will be in your news for an unusual reason. 

An attack on New York City will soon be evident. 

Something significant will take place in San Francisco. 

Saint Louis will also be in your news for a significant reason. 

Breaking news will be heard that will rattle the enemies’ camp. A ruling of “innocent” will be heard. The case has fallen apart. Their last-ditch effort did not work against President Trump. They cannot put him in jail now because this last indictment will fall apart. But watch how things dramatically take place (to try) to stop your election and My David from taking back the seat of the president. Your enemies cannot stop the freight train coming against them because it is Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Alfred Hitchcock: this name will be in your news for a surprising reason. 

Wildcat: this word will be in your news for an unusual reason. 

The markets are about to take a big hit. Your enemies are sabotaging your financial system for their financial gain. I am about to shake the market to show you the money, where it all is, and who has stolen it from the world system. 

Wall Street is in big trouble. Explosive reports will come out about how their Ponzi scheme was used against this Nation and how they were controlled by Washington and the globalists. But those days are about to expire. 

A major psyops event is about to take place. 

Hackers are about to be taken down. 

Italy, Rome, and the Vatican will be in your news for a significant reason. 

Mortar: this word will be in your news for an unusual reason. 

Something significant is about to take place with Adam Schiff, which no one saw coming. 

Hold on, My children. A major eruption and shaking are about to take place to cause disruptions to your enemies and stop their attacks against you. They will fail at every attempt. So do not be afraid of China or Iran This is planned, but their plans will fail because I am your protector. No more fear. Put on your armor and fight because you are about to see a great sight, and that is your enemies’ destruction, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 


After I received the Prophetic Word above, I heard these words: 

  • caterpillar  

  • war crimes  

  • security threats  

  • an alliance will be broken  

  • China Joe will be no more  

  • Bourne Supremacy  

  • a silence in your White House  

  • wave runner  

  • beta testing  

  • microphone mishap  

Barry Wunsch - Prophetic Encounter: Donald J Trump - May 23, 2024

This is a hard encounter to share. One of the hardest I have had to release. I have been praying into it and the Holy Spirit gave this to me and as I prayed into it, He said to me” Barry, I have given this to you so that it could be shared…”

So, in obedience, I am sharing it as He has led me to do so.

On May 23, 2024, I had a difficult night of sleep. Staying in the Dallas TX area, I tossed and turned as my spirit was in intercession. I was seeing glimpses into the spirit when it suddenly opened up clear as a bell!

Once again, here it is, unfiltered.

I submit it today for prayerful consideration and discernment.


Prophetic Encounter:

I was taken into a hallway, it seemed to be a wing of an office building.

It was the ground floor of a tower, and as I looked around, I realized it was a Trump tower.

There at the end of the hallway at a back door was Jared K.

He was secretly letting someone in to meet with him.

In fact, there were three men he let in for a secret private meeting.

It was after normal business hours.

He took them to his office into a back entry into it.

I realized that there was a secret door that looked like a bookcase between his “public” office and this secret office.

Jared had his own staff and associates that conducted underhanded affairs and business dealings.

I knew by the Spirit that this sort of thing was not an isolated event.

The atmosphere in Jared’s office was dark. In fact, it was very dark. Extremely dark. Spirituality black.

Jared was running nefarious agendas and activities behind 45. He was just using his proximity with 45 for his own greed and power.

He was an enemy in 45s camp.

He looked after himself first.

He had an unquenchable thirst for power.

There was NOTHING he would not do to get what he wanted.

I was shown that he had two sets of books and contracts.

One that was public, and one that was corrupt.

He had one persona that he masqueraded as light in on the front side, and the other dark and demonic on the back side.

There was nothing he would not sell out if it brought benefit to him.

He would twist information or even hide information from 45 at will to control what he could in the most negative way.

There was nothing good with this guy, or what he was doing.

I saw he had blood on his hands.

Then I was taken in the spirit, and was shown a video replay, that’s the only way I can describe it.

It was put together a series of clips, one after another, after another all with a common theme.

Men and women coming into 45s office with warnings and evidence of Jared and his underhanded practices, corruption, and evil doings. There was blood on his hands.

45 did not like it. At all. At first, he sort of looked the other way. But now there was too much to ignore. Jared and his associates had gone too far. It had to be dealt with.

45 gathered one he could trust, an advisor who could give it to him straight, and he would receive the truth and feedback from him.

They discussed the situation, and strategic plans. 45 carefully assigned a team to investigate the allegations to validate it one way or another so he could proceed accordingly.

I was again taken into the spirit where I saw the briefing where confirmation was brought forward to 45 from these investigations and in fact it was worse than expected.

45 knew what he had to do and put together a plan for calculated actions, that is the immediate rooting out of Jared and his dark associates. There were legalities at play, and justice would be served.

45 knew who he could trust and as they cleaned house, there were righteous trusted ones brought into place.

This was clearly going to be a game changer in so many ways.

And there was no way around it.

It had to be done.

The Lord then dropped a word on me, and this is what He said:

“Barry, tell My dear son Donald to listen carefully to me on this day for I am calling him higher with me.

For I know the strain and duress that he has been under.

I know every move, tactic, and plan against him, and what I have called him to in this hour.

For he must know that I am for him!

I am behind him!

But he must also know that I am calling him higher with me.

It is my hearts desire that he walk with me closer than he ever has.

There must not be any double mindedness within him.

For the enemy will take full advantage of any and all compromise within him, and there is no power in that.

For he needs to know that he must not walk as Eli, not dealing with the perverseness and evil doings within his house.

For he needs to know that he must not put others in front of Me, turning a blind eye to their actions.

For he must know who is among him and the intentions of their hearts.

For what I am calling him to do, rebirthing, rebuilding a Nation is going to be impossible without Me!

For I am about to tear out every false foundation and root from this

great land.

I am about to shake this Government like nothing you have seen before!

By the time I am done you will not recognize what was, and you will see My Kingdom Governance established in this Nation!

For I say unto you a new day is surely upon you!

This great Nation, America the Beautiful

shall not be given to the enemy!

This great Nation, America the Beautiful shall fulfill the destiny I have placed on her since the beginning of time!

I assure you; America will be great again!

Holy is the word of the Lord.

Lois Vogel-Sharp - It's About To Happen - May 30, 2024

I got this last night at 10:37 p.m. I was just walking around the house and it just came in it’s about to happen. I was like okay and I knew it was a word I was going to get so I wrote it down. …  So father we thank you for this word it’s about to happen time to surely stop that napping. You’re in the home stretch to Victory. Make sure the devil performs no trickeries. Keep your prayers your rebukes moving forward so evil will be thwarted. It’s time to look forward to freedom in America. But do not forget the blast from the past that created the collapse. No one will ever forget that crash. So buckle up and wait and see your economy. Hold On Tight healing will come through the night for America is mine even if she loses the dime. Listen to this rhyme and get rid of all the crimes it’s time. We will dine, ring the chimes, and sing praises to the most high God for getting rid of those mobs. It’s no longer time to sob. You finished the job of saving this election. You made it happen you finally stopped napping. Love the spirit hear it. …

The June 6 thing that he gave me a blow to Joe. I have no idea what that means it’s going to be um a change things are going to start changing at that point in time. Whether it has to do with his son Hunter with with the fact that he’s on trial now I have no idea. We might not even see it that day what it was. But God is saying that date there’s a significant meaning a blow to Joe it’s involved with him somehow someway. Whether we find out right there on that day or not when God says something it will play out accordingly. The prophecies that are given or condition all the things that we do or don’t do in obedience to him. …


My children, you will only be a spectator in the coming days and months. Remember what I have told you—I am your protector and defender. As judgment strikes and becomes more intense and obvious, know that this judgment is really aimed at your enemies and all they have done against you. One unprecedented thing after another will take place, but this is not for you

As moves are made against you and your enemies pursue you more, know that I will intervene. I will defend you from their onslaught of attacks, just as I did when Pharaoh tried similar things against My people in Egypt. I did it then, and I will do it again. Your enemies will never get what they want, no matter how hard they try. It does not matter when they are against Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Devon Archer: this name will be in your news for a significant reason. There is more to this story that will soon be told. 

Windsor Castle will be in your news for a shocking reason. Secrets will be exposed more and more. 

Japan will be in your news for a shocking reason. 

Kawasaki: again, I say this name will be in your news for a significant reason. 

Another world leader is about to resign. None of these resignations are a coincidence. Major shifts are taking place in the globalist camp. Your enemies are trying to keep this hidden, but it will become more and more obvious that they are losing control of the world that they once had so much power over, or so they thought. 

The WEF: a major whistleblower is coming forward, and shocking information will be exposed about how the WEF controlled not only Washington but the nations around the world. There will be explosive reports about how money passed through so many hands to hide corruption, murder, governmental coups, and so much more. But their power is coming to an end in these days, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

The WHO will also be exposed more and more in this time as they try using another “plandemic” to shut down the world. I will show you how they did the last one, who the key players were, and who was paid to keep it going. Everything is coming out. 

Another major secret about Obama is coming out that no one saw coming—proof of who has been pulling the strings in the White House. A White House staffer is about to be their worst nightmare. I told you they are turning on each other to try and save themselves from the impending doom they will soon see coming. 

Again, I say a book of secrets is about to come out that will damage the ones in Washington trying to take out this Nation. I told you every lie will be revealed. 

A journalist is coming forward with proof of the scripts they were given, a special email server that showed them what to say each day, and how other journalists were stopped from telling the truth when they had the proof against so many in Washington and Hollywood. Many of these things have been suppressed but will not be anymore

RAGBRAI: this name will be in your news for an unusual reason. 

Things in your White House have been orchestrated on a daily basis, but everything is about to be torn apart by the next mishaps taking place where the world can see and hear. Some things cannot be hidden or denied. 

Austria will be in your news for a surprising reason. 

Calamity: this word will be in your news for an unusual reason. 

Seafood: this word will be in your news for a shocking reason. 

Drastic changes are about to be taken by your world leaders against you. But as they do this, great exposure will be seen, shakings will grow, and then more will awaken to the truth. I have told you repeatedly that every time they do things against you, more will be done against them. My hand is moving, and no man or globalist regime can stop Me. 

So, keep pressing into My Word. Keep pressing through the deception, and do not give in to it. Every lie is being taken down to the ground and annihilated by the truth, which will set the world free from this tyranny, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 


After I received the Prophetic Word above, I heard these words:  

  • Catskills 

  • Bobulinski  

Hunter’s emails are about to come back to haunt him. As you see more of these, remember their puppet in the White House is being let go and replaced with another. 

Edward Snowden and more like him.  

Julian Assange there is more to these stories that has been told.  

My Church’s eyes are about to be opened wide to the prophetic and shown why the prophets are speaking, that they are for today, and the significant reason why I am using each one. 

Fifth-generation warfare will be exposed on a scale never seen before and taken out. Then, many people will shout, “Freedom!” 

Julie Green - NO LEADERS ARE SAFE FROM THE TRUTH - May 28, 2024

My children, a time of great confusion is on this Earth right now, and it will grow in intensity. Your enemies will try to cause more confusion and chaos so that people do not know what the truth is and what a lie is. 

They want you to be in a state of overwhelming circumstances so that you are weak and will not fight back. But I already told you about this time. I warned you about this time—when two worlds collide, and the shaking becomes stronger and more intense to cause the great awakening. 

I have warned about your enemies’ attempts to attack you, destroy the nations, and bring great oppression. I have warned you about all they would try to do to bring great fear on this Earth. They want to paralyze My people so you will not have the ability to fight back. They want you in a place where you are so afraid you will buckle and surrender to their control. 

Push through this, and break out of the mindset and mind control they have used against you. It is time to break free from this tyranny. So, buckle up. It is about to appear worse for a time, but this time is to fully awaken My Church to Who I am and that what I have promised is true. It is time to show the world leaders that this is not their world to control. It is time for the world to shake even more to bring down the ones who have controlled the nations. It is time for this Babylon to fall, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Monkey see, monkey do: this phrase will be in your news for an unusual reason. 

They are not done trying to sabotage your bridges, waterways, trains, planes, and other forms of transportation. But the proof is coming forth to show you who paid for this and why they wanted this sabotage to take place. And soon, you will see the face of who is responsible. 

Sea urchin: this name will be in your news for a shocking reason. 

A CIA agent is about to be brought down—another fall guy to try and save the leaders at the top. But no leader is safe from the truth. That truth will find them and bring them down. 

Another shocking report about Hunter and Burisma is coming forth and will not be suppressed. The big guy will be exposed. The truth about “the Biden” and Obama will not be held back. There is much more to this story and their connection with many foreign nations.  

Shockwaves will hit the Bidens and the establishment. There will be explosive information and documentation regarding “the Biden’s” connection to China. This information will be allowed out into the open to help force “the Biden” from running in the 2024 election. But it will do much more than that against their plans for the next “selection” they wanted, that they will not get, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Rappaport: this name will be in your news for a significant reason. 

Dianne Feinstein: this name will be in your news again, but it is not for what you think. Even though she has died, truth will continue to pour out of Washington about (her and) many leaders who are not alive. They thought their secrets would be buried with them, but that is not true. Nothing has been buried that will not be revealed. It is all coming out; no matter what length they went to in order to try and hide it, it did not work. 

Another incident will take place in a well-known harbor. Remember that these things were not done by accident, no matter how they may appear at first. 

You have seen the rap industry shaken. This is just the beginning of the shaking in the entertainment industry. A major secret will come out regarding the Kardashians that people will not see coming; it involves the Clintons. Soon, everything will come out. 

The rubber meets the road: this phrase will be in your news for a shocking reason. 

Georgia: there are many secrets in your state, and it is about to shake. Your leaders will be exposed—all who are working with DC to destroy you and this Nation. More about Fannie Willis will be exposed—an explosive connection to the White House and secret payments that have been made will be revealed, and they will tear down their narrative. This was a setup all along. These indictments against My David and all who were with him will be dropped, whether your enemies like it or not. They have gone too far with this one and the other indictments. Their desperation will bring it all down. 

Rudy Giuliani: yes, there will be total exoneration. What they have done to destroy you will not last, and your name will be fully cleared. All the damage that has been done to you will be wiped out by Me. So, hold on, My son, it is almost over, saith the Lord. 

Fast and furious: this will be unearthed. These weapons will be found in the hands of people your government did not expect would expose what they had done so many years ago, things the establishment thought they took care of. Nothing has been fully taken care of, and it will all come crashing down.  

AT&T will be in your news for a shocking reason. Whistleblowers are coming to shake this company and others in the telecommunication industry. 

Wiretaps: this word will be in your news for an explosive reason. 

A major story regarding 2015 will break wide open. The Clinton campaign has not gotten away with what they did against President Trump or this Nation. Don’t forget that computers and emails will come back to destroy it all, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Another hazmat situation will be in your news for a significant reason. 

My children, this is the time to focus and fill yourselves up with My Word. It will separate you from what is coming. Fear will not grip you. Confusion will not control you. And deception will not lead you in the wrong direction. 

This is the time for you to rise and be strengthened and perfected in My Name and My Blood Covenant. And My Glory will destroy what has been done against you. So, trust Me and believe that I am bigger than anything your enemies are trying to do against you, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Carylon Dennis - They Are Grasping For Straws! Prophetic Word Received - May 21, 2024- May 2024

They are gasping for straws that the Lord gave to me on May 21st and this is what the father said to me. You will soon see things coming to pass. Iran is a start and you will see great change. Change for good. My children are crying out to me in Iran and I hear them they will be free. This is the start of what I am doing in the Middle East. The United States is beginning their cleansing. You may not see it happening yet, but soon you will. There will be great change in my land. The land of the free and the home of the brave. The evil regime is on its way down, and they will not have anything to redeem them. The evil dance is over. It is time for the indictments and arrests that are coming. 45 will begin the process and his new Administration will ensure that all is legal, just, and right.

Much is in place to begin on day one. The sumers exce will come and things will heat up. But my plan is in place and they are in great fear and Chaos. They are grasping it straws and are pulling out the stops. Do not be afraid this is all they have left. Surprise there will be in the enemy’s Camp when they cannot pull off this one last stand. They are fairly sure that this one will work. But they have not counted on me, The Great I Am. I have not forgotten you, my other Nation so dear. The plans are in place for your freedom as well. I am not just focused on the US of A. my eyes roam to and fro over my whole earth. You all matter to me no matter where you are I have plans for each one. You are important and vital to me and my son we are working to free you and soon it will be done. You will wake up to a brand new day and hear the good news of your freedom in one day. Stay tuned and sit tight be still and know me I have never forsaken or forgotten you. Amen wow.

Mike Thompson - Trump's Rallies: Here's What I Saw in the Spirit Behind the Scenes - May 24, 2024

Greeting spiritual prayer warriors. You know president Trump’s recent campaign rallies were phenomenal breaking records. I’m talking about New Jersey and the Bronx. 100,000 people in New Jersey, 25,000 people in the Bronx. I mean the far-left is absolutely beside themselves trying to figure it out. They’re just dumbfounded trying to come up with every excuse in order to explain it away. But it is because God is moving. I want to talk with you about some of the things that are going on behind the scenes the reason for it. And of course I’m doing that because in prayer today. The Lord reminded me of something he impressed upon my mind my heart that I had a vision two years ago. And I went looked it up um the videos are even still on YouTube in May of 22. Almost to the day this Sunday would be the day.

I had a vision, actually it was a dream vision. And this explains a lot of what’s going on in America right now. In the dream it started off while I was asleep obviously. I saw I was raised up over in Washington DC Congress. I could see both houses of Congress. And I it’s as if the roof was lift Ed off or it became transparent and I could look down and I saw increased activity and increased accomplishment. Can you imagine that. Congress actually getting something done accomplishing more. It was amazing and I just watched that for a few minutes and then the scene changed. It became a map, much like what you would call a political map. I could see it there. Um it was as if during an election that you know the commentators on TV. They would raise up this map and show you the continental United States. And then the color of the different states which way that they were voting red and blue. Well I noticed it was something a little different than that.

Now this was so shocking to me while I was asleep that it just awakened me instantly. And as I awakened it continued. It was a fullblown vision that just hung there in the air. As I watched this play out for a few minutes and I noticed something was different about the colors. It wasn’t a political map per se it was the Lord showing me something that he was doing in the United States. Most of the states were red. It was like just a red map only a few Coastal states were blue. I knew it wasn’t because of the impression that was on my heart at the moment. Democrat and Republican per se was something behind the scenes. God was showing me in the spirit something that was happening. The red states began the color was alive and it began to just kind of move. The blue also was alive but it was different.

The red represented the blood of Christ and the influence of the Holy Spirit upon the hearts of people in our nation. The blue represented the spirit of antichrist and his influence on the hearts of people in our nation. I noticed that the red was growing it was like a leevan rising uh it was changing it was shifting it was beginning to expand to this point and even continuing. In the red the hearts were coming alive. In the blue it was um Stony hearts. In the red there was hope and confidence for a future. In the blue there was a coldness, and a depression. I could feel all this just coming off of the map. Then I went to sleep. I awakened when my alarm went off. Took a shower when I was standing in the shower the word of the Lord spoke to me. The voice he said we’ve been creating this for six years. Of course now it’s 8 years.

I went back that was the time that President Trump was first elected. And I realized God’s doing something. I want to let you know Christians believers who are following the Lord Jesus Christ in this day and hour. You want the best for our nation and the best for the body of Christ. I want to speak to those of you who are prayer warriors I’m talking about Lion’s Army. You have been having a tremendous effect. What is happening right now when Trump held those rallies. You’re going to see it consistently where he can go because of all of the um different trials that he’s involved in. The limitations that the devil’s tried to put on him.

Behind the scenes the holy spirit is moving and changing Hearts. This is significant because it points to the fact that people’s hearts now are opening to the Lord Jesus Christ. And to being impressed upon by the holy spirit that means that it’s not only going to lead to us taking back our nation. A shift that’s going on. But that hearts are open to Jesus. It will end with one of the greatest revivals that America has ever dad. I’m talking about Spiritual Awakening in America. All of this is happening simultaneously. It is not just a political shift it is not just that people in the natural realm are unhappy with what’s going on in our nation. And how the economy has hindered them. And uh you know their hopes and dreams have been you know weaned because of the political far-left, the Antichrist, all of that. Those are all true.

But underneath it the holy spirit is moving and he is impressed these changes upon the hearts of people in America. I wanted to encourage you with that. I wanted to let you know that we are going to see it continue, And the effect will be tremendous. God Bless America. God bless Donald Trump. The one with the hand of the Lord on him. And God bless you for being a prayer Warrior. He cares about you and he is going to work all of these things out for the good of you, your family, all of us Covenant fulfillment. The taking back of America. …

Gina Maria Colvin Hil - I’ve got a message that just flowed in at 11:21am - May 26, 2024

You can’t see it right here but it’s on my phone I’m going to read it I’m supposed to read it it just flowed in now it’s 11:23. There is this thing called life. And no matter how hard you try to interfere in the life of another you will end up losing in the end. Control was never meant to be given to humans over others. However control was stolen and used against humans in a very inhumane way. The inhumane use of control on this Earth has not gone unnoticed and there is a force out there that will not turn the other cheek. The control that is further being sought by those in control will one day bring about their own control upon themselves by a power and an intelligence greater than their own. This is their greatest fear to lose control. Their greatest fear will one day overtake them and their reign on Earth will be no more as it has in the past. Time will not last forever for those who like to exhibit control over this whole entire Earth. Their time will not only be shortened, but their time will be ridden with turmoil and fear. The fear that they have put out and upon others will be turned back upon them. The pain that they have caused others will be turned back upon them. They will look for comfort and they will not find any comfort. They are among the fallen and they will remain the fallen and will not be allowed to ascend. Nor will they be allowed to leave this prison in which they are held in. Their time is coming and their time will be no more, thus sayith the Lord.

Veronika West - Three Times the Bear Shall Bite (Update) - May 25, 2024

Israel on Thursday slammed a statement from German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s office that Berlin would arrest and deport Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu if the International Criminal Court implements a warrant for his arrest. “I am old enough to remember the German leader coming here days after October 7, and stating that Hamas are the new Nazis. They seek a genocide against the Jews. Many in the world need to check their moral compass and be on the right side of history,” government spokesman Avi Hyman told Fox News. (It was Netanyahu, not Scholz, who said “Hamas are the new Nazis” during the German chancellor’s visit to Israel.)

Three Times the Bear Shall Bite

“Three times The Bear shall bite — The Lon will roar, and the Red Dragon will strike. But watch! For a Leopard doesn’t change its spots!”

In the early hours of yesterday morning with my eyes barely open I felt The Spirit of The Fear of The LORD come upon me, and I received this riddle.

Please weigh, test and pray!

“Watch! For did I not say that The Great Bear Nation has emerged from a time of political hibernation with a hunger for war and an appetite for greater domination and territorial occupation in the earth?

But watch and pray! Pay close attention, for when a strong ruling king is away, the ravenous beasts will come out to play!

Listen! For at the sound of the roar of The Lion. Nations shall be shaken and boundary lines shall be shifted, as battle-lines are being drawn.

And then they will say, “Look! Look to the Nation of Germany!” For out of the dark cave of isolation and shame, it shall suddenly emerge from the shadows for greater political power and monetary gain.

And many will say, “See! A Leopard doesn’t change its spots.” For surely what will begin to unfold is a type and a shadow of Adolf Hitler’s demonic stronghold.

See! For the eyes of the Red Dragon are firmly fixed upon the Nation of Taiwan, and with its tail it shall strike the land, and strike the seas.

But watch! For just when things begin to accelerate and they will. A greater awakening shall begin to take place.

And the dark veil of deception shall be removed from its place, and then a rumbling sound shall be heard coming up from deep under ground.

For a sleeping Giant Slayer is now being aroused and rising to its feet with a two edged sword in its hand.

It shall drive back the Red Dragon that seeks to lay siege to the land.

Watch and pray! As the Bear Nation will bite down hard with its sharp teeth — once, twice and three times — and then The Lion will roar, and The Leopard will leap, as the tail of the Red Dragon strikes, strikes while the nation of Taiwan is asleep!”

Patty Teichroew - May - June, 2024

Julie Green - THE DEMISE OF FAKE POLITICIANS - May 21, 2024

Woe to those who want to bring out bioweapons—weapons of warfare, weapons to bring out death, weapons to paralyze the nations once again

Woe to those wanting to attack My Eagle. Woe to those wanting to attack and destroy Israel. You will not have My nations. 

Woe to those in Washington planning their next attacks against My David, should their other attacks not stick or turn out their way and stop him and his victory in November. You will not have your way with him, his family, or this Nation. Get used to your plans blowing up in your face and more people turning away from you. And the ones you paid to be here, that (plan) will also not go as you wanted. I will expose your Trojan horse. I will expose those terrorists, murderers, and thieves you brought here. I will expose your plans, and I will expose everyone you brought to this land to cripple it and to try to steal yet another election. 

Woe to those who destroyed the judicial system and laws across this land and used them as a weapon to help you cover up your crimes and try to pin them on the innocent. 

Woe to those in governmental positions who are against Me. Judgments are coming. The more you try to do against this Nation, its citizens, My David, the land of Israel, or Netanyahu, the more you will be exposed with nowhere to run and no one else to hide behind or incriminate for the crimes you have committed yourselves. Judgment day is near for all you hold dear, saith the Lord of Hosts.  

A manual will be in your news for a shocking reason, and it is not for what you would think.  

Cross country: this phrase will be in your news for an unusual reason. 

Magnaflux: this name will be in your news for a significant reason.  

You are about to see a well-known company go bankrupt. This will send shock waves across this land. Judgment is hitting companies and corporations against Me or this Nation, saith the Lord. 

Watch China. A collapse is looming. They will shout and blame you, oh United States. There are people in your government who are double agents, and soon, they will uncover the truth about how much pull and power China has had over this Nation, who was bought out by them, and who is owned by them because of blackmail for the crimes they have committed, which China helped cover up

The time is up for the connection and the friendship between the establishment and China. You will soon see the relationship between China and this Nation become strained because they know that the puppet will not last much longer and that My David is coming back. This will bankrupt China and the establishment. They will be torn apart. Their power will be brought to nothing, which will annihilate their control. My David is not the only person who has the information to take them both down—so does Putin. He has more in his possession than most people realize. Hold on. It is about to get very interesting. All you see concerning the establishment, and everyone with them, will fall apart, saith the Lord of Hosts.  

You will see Ukraine and its narrative fall apart. Their leaders, including Zelensky, are about to be exposed on a grand scale. Money, all the money—I will show you the bribes. I will show you the blackmail. I will show you what has been hiding in Ukraine that the globalists did not want the world to know about. It is part of their great reset and taking out this Nation and My land of Israel. But I will expose their hiding spot and what has been kept secret that will bring down the globalist regime, the traitors in Washington, and leaders of other nations. It will all come crashing down

Grant Street: this location will be in your news for a shocking reason. 

Something will also take place on the famous Pennsylvania Avenue that your enemies do not want you to notice. Wait and see the explosive exposure and the tearing down of the fake politicians in your capital. Their charade is almost over. 

The clash of the Titans: this phrase will be in your news for an unusual reason. 

A great cover-up will soon be uncovered. It will send shock waves throughout this Nation about how your government used foreign nations, your tax money, your judicial system, and the news against you to keep up their lies. But their lies are about to (come back and) haunt them because all will be revealed for the world to see. 

Incognito: this word will be in your news for a shocking reason. 

A stealth plane will be in your news for a significant reason. 

My children, brace for your enemies’ attacks. But these attacks will bring your enemies’ downfall and demise. It is all coming to an explosive place and an abrupt end

It is almost over, so stay in My Word and use your authority that I have given you, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 


After I received the Prophetic Word above, I heard these words: 

  • sirens  

  • tyrants  

  • pardons  

  • exonerated  

  • Massachusetts 

Veronika West - Living Keys — and Gold Coins as Seeds- May 19, 2024

So, during our May Day Prayer Call this Morning, as we were Warring and Contending over Family, over the Land and over The Nations, I had a Vision where I saw heavy Gold Coins going into the soil like Seed being planted into the ground.

I also heard The Spirit say, ”My Living Keys with the Gold Coins of My Glory as Seeds in their mouths, for My Words in the mouths of My Living Keys will carry the Weight of My Glory that shall bring forth a Divine Reversal to the Curse of Barrenness and Poverty over this Nation(s).

My Living Keys will cause a supernatural turning and a divine Unlocking to landlocked Regions, Territories and Nations.

scales imageMy Living Keys will carry the Seed of Restoration and Divine Reformation in their mouths, and My Words shall be like heavy Gold Coins that will carry the weight of My Glory upon them that will tip and shift the Scales, and a Nation(s) at a Divine Tipping point, shall suddenly see a Great Wealth Transfer, and a Nation(s) once known as the Land of Lack, shall become a Bread Basket of Living Manna that shall feed Spiritually impoverished Nations and a Land(s) once divided will be United and become an Open Door for Nations in a time of Famine and War!”

Barry Wunsch - Prophetic Encounter: Iran, Syria, Russia, China, North Korea, Israel, USA, & Canada - May 1 & 11, 2024

For several days I kept hearing the words “Shirai Law”
May 1,2024 we were on a train from Kingston to Ottawa.
Again, it was loud and clear.
As I prayed on the train the Father gave me a glimpse of a council of Muslim leaders gathering together.
Now, to be clear, I didn’t understand the language, however, by the Spirit I knew what they were talking about.
It was very clear that they were well acquainted and had been working on things and for a long, long, time.
This gathering they had underway consisted of high-level militant Islam leaders from across the Nations and associated leaders from around the world.
They were being briefed from insider undercover operatives from within governments and military ranks.
Now, this is different. The Lord only took me this far on May 1, 2024.
May 11, 2024, He woke me up at 3:00 am and His presence was heavy, and He was getting serious.
As I started to intercede, He took me into the spirit just as He did on May 1, 2024. He took me back from the beginning this time with more detail and understanding, and this is where He took me deeper.
I knew by the Spirit that they had also paid off officials along the way to get the Intel, insight, and cooperation that they needed to make their nefarious plans and carry them out.
There were others they had blackmailed to control and extract intelligence that they needed, as well as using them to bury information or make it go away from the inside as to stop anything that would impede them, or any retaliation against them.
I saw the complexity of their network, and from what I saw there was not one level of government they had not infiltrated.
This was a very highly organized group.
They were not fooling around, that was very clear.
I was taken in the spirit where I was taken around the world.
I was shown maps of the Nations. Some in more detail than others.
I saw Sharia Law “Courts” set up throughout the Nations. Many running behind closed doors under the radar.
As the Lord took me into the spirit showing me these maps, highlighted to me were Iran, Syria, Russia, China, and North Korea.
They were covered in darkness.
In fact, they were black as black could be.
There not one spec of light in them.
They clearly had an evil alliance, they each had their own motives and positions, nevertheless they were collaborating their resources to hit Israel and the west with all that they had.
Also highlighted to me were Israel, USA and Canada.
I clearly saw the enemy had infiltrated these Nations on every level.
I saw cells of evil militants planted and positioned to bring great harm against these Nations and western civilization as a whole.
They were collaborating schedules and dates for their attempts to roll out strikes and ramping things up against Israel and the west.
This was not a one and done plan, but strike after strike, blow after blow to advance their cause.
They had Biden and his regime on speakerphone and Trudeau and on speed dial.
These were not the only international high-level leaders they were collaborating with. There were many others.
I was then taken into the spirit where I saw global principalities dancing together!
They were intertwining with one another.
They were now collaborating with one another.
They knew that time working alone was in the past, and they were coming together as allies in a new more open way to come against the kingdom of God.
Regardless of their union, they still would fall short and would be defeated.
I was shown this completely dark, demonic evil alliance coming together between Islam, Communism, and the Occult practices with-in the Globalist regime.
The levels of collaboration they were now operating in was staggering.
They had nothing to lose as the Lord was coming against them, exposing all they were about.
The Lord was hitting them where it hurt them the most. His angel armies coming against them.
I saw the prayers of millions having great affect.
I saw the impact of The White Hats, President Donald J. Trump and other Godly leaders hitting them hard and backing them into a corner.
The Lord was clearly dealing with things.
As I was in the spirit taking this all in, the Lord spoke to me.
“Barry, tell my people that the wait is soon to be over.
For there is a catalyst coming that will open things up.
The tipping point is nearly upon you!
Freedom is coming!
Do not fear!
For no matter how great the plans of the enemy are, they have nothing over Me!
Let me tell you again, I am El Shaddai!
The Lord God Almighty!
I am the Lord of Hosts!
Let me remind you again it was I who created the heaven and the earth.
It was I who established the boundaries of the deep, and it was I who raised up the mountains, caused rivers to flow unto the ends of the earth.
It was I who created the Cosmos, putting the sun, moon, and stars into place!
It is I who formed you out of the dirt and put My breath in you!
Why would you fear and consider these broken ones and Nations to have dominion over Me?
For they do not!
Once again let me be clear.
Destruction shall come unto those who come after Israel!
For she is mine!
Nothing that comes against her will succeed!
For if they do, great peril will come upon them!
They will be brought to dust by My strength and mighty right arm!
There will be nothing left of them!
Even so, they will not heed My warning.
For I shall by the power of My name bring deliverance to My people!
I will save them, and I shall deliver them, I shall bring freedom unto them!
I shall restore unto them everything that has been taken from them.
They shall no longer be slaves!
For there is nothing too hard for Me!
For I say unto you on this day, there is no turning back from here!
Assuredly I say unto you, I will not relent until My people are free!
So do not grow weary.
Do not be dismayed or discouraged.
For I am still your God who is able to do more than you are able to comprehend.
I assure you that better days are coming, but do not despise the journey with Me.
For along this path, you will see things of Biblical proportions that you have only read about.
I tell you on this day, you are living in a time of history others longed for!
For know that you are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses who are cheering you on unto victory!
You are about to see miracles happen right before your eyes!
I say again unto you on this day, surrender all to Me, for it is a much easier journey when you do!
I will fill you afresh, and I will lead you and I will be with you every step of the way!
And I assure you victory is at hand!
Holy is the word of the Lord.


My children, I can overthrow godless nations and their leaders, and I will. Your enemies were allowed to go so far so you could see who they really are, to awaken My Glory in each of you, and (to get you) to seek Me for authority, freedom, and everything that already belongs to you. 

I allowed you to be put in a place where things were uncomfortable so you could see what they were doing against you, so I could show you the freedoms and the life you can have because of the price that has already been paid for you. 

What your enemies meant for harm I can turn into something good. They want to destroy your country and make it a globalist Nation under global control. Instead, I will completely free it from their tyranny and control, and I will destroy the globalist agenda right in front of the world. I told you it is not that time. They want you under their total submission and control. But now they will no longer have you. They will no longer have the power or their seats in governmental positions. They will no longer have the influence, the governments they were building, or the countries they were redefining, molding into what they wanted—their vision of global control. 

It is all coming down, just like in Egypt, when Pharaoh came down in front of My people. That which once controlled and dominated their lives was brought to nothing. Do you believe it? Do you receive it? Break free from the chains of bondage that have been holding you, My children. 

It is time for another prison break. It is time for the world to shake. It is time for freedoms. It is time for My Glory. It is time for light to destroy darkness. It is time for truth and not lies or deception to control the world. It is time for My Church to rise and for your enemies to fall. 

Yes, unruly and rogue governments are about to run into Me, and they will see they are nothing. My children, you need to know that they are nothing. You will see that this establishment, which was strategically built under the radar over years and years, though right in front of your eyes, can collapse in a day. Do you hear Me, My children? This establishment, this fake government, can and will collapse, and it only takes one day. 

Unprecedentedunconventional, and unusual things happening will start to pick up speed. Remember that this Nation does not need an election, a man-made thing which men can manipulate and steal. This country only needs Me; your enemies cannot do anything about it. They are powerless against Me. 

Rely on Me to save this Nation. Rely on Me to deliver you from the hands of the wicked. Rely on Me to restore your freedoms. Rely on Me to bring you peace. Rely on Me and no one else to change the leaders and governmental bodies. 

Selections will no longer be the norm in your elections. No more fraud or thievery stealing from this Nation. It is time for My children to trust Me and walk by faith and not by sight, or man’s ways of doing things. 

It is time for the unprecedented. It is time for the unconventional to show you the miraculous and to show you that you must not put Me in a box or limit My ways of saving you. 

Know that I can, but more importantly, know that I will. Have faith in Me for your great victories, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Patty Teichroew - May 2024

Iran’s President, Top Diplomat Killed in Helicopter Crash - 5-19-2024

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi was killed in a helicopter crash on Sunday, depriving Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei of a longtime ally as Tehran angles for regional dominance through armed militias that are fighting the U.S. and Israel.

Raisi’s death was announced early Monday, after state television reported Sunday afternoon that a helicopter carrying him and Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian had made a “difficult landing” in northwestern Iran.

Hours after Raisi’s death was confirmed, Khamenei announced five days of national mourning and appointed Mohammad Mokhber, first vice president, as the new head of the executive branch.

Ali Bagheri-Kani, who has close family ties with Khamenei and previously led Iran’s delegation in nuclear talks with the West, was appointed Foreign Minister.

Christianos Friend of Yeshua - PROPHECY FULFILLED: THE KING OF IRAN WILL FALL IN ONE DAY! -- (from 4-4-2014 Prophetic word: The lost tribes your father is calling you home. ISRAEL. Iran and Turkey will join)

The king of Tyre shall fall in just one day. What does this mean Lord? I see Iran AC, I see Persia um. I hear the Midians, and the Canaanites, the Hittites, super powers. Much will be revealed to you in this hour just wait. Wait upon the Lord. Keep seeing who is that is that? The king of Iran it’s Iran. I see Persia, I see the West Side the see Iran and I see Persia. The king of Tyre shall fall in one hour. Babylonian systems will be brought down. Money launderers will repent. I’m telling you who the King of Tyre is. What I see Saudi Arabia, uh here the King of Persia. Let’s see like the medians, the mees? Tall Tales have been told I will bring them down I’m showing you daughter. The Hittites … the medites, the Hittites Iran shall fall in one hour. Iran, Persia, Babylonian system shall be brought down. What am I saying to you. I heard him say I’m giving back the land to my people all Who Drink From The Well. … I am the lifegiving bearer come back says the Lord I see the word Exodus. I see Ezekiel 48. I also see Ezekiel 28. The King of Persia shall fall Iran the King of Persia shall fall Iran. …I hear Iran and Turkey will join forces soon.

Ezra Cohen posted on Telegram 5-19-2024

Urgent Prophecy Fulfilling: The President of Iran is Dead, a Must Watch!

Okay, so let’s continue now we’re going to get to the to the prophecy and we’re going to go back to 2021. And we’re going to go all the way to the eve of Passover April 22nd 2024 when the most serious one was issued against Iran and its leadership. So May 17 2021 the funneling of funds the channels that make a tunnel from Iran to Hamas, now this is years ago, shall be disrupted, says the Lord of hosts. And the advisers to the Ayatollah shall be struck. The president and foreign minister by the way are both advisers to the Ayatollah the advisors to the Ayatollah shall be struck there shall be leadership in oh oh shall be struck. There shall be leadership in this hour. For this is a Tipping Point, says the Lord. Shall be weighed and unexpected strikes to leadership of those threaten Israel, of Canada, and of the US. Watch Germany as well, says the Lord in this hour. ….


Okay, June 9th 2022 and says the Lord of hosts Israel is about to make a very this is all capitals bold move. An urgent move and Iran shall have one of the largest hits and loss it has ever had as their web shall be hit in its corners and torn down, says the Lord of hosts. Watch and see as it erupts on the news and leaves Iran in a very vulnerable position. Judgment has come to the house of the Ayatollah and entered its Halls says the Lord of hosts this day. …


Okay later because we are about to enter in about two weeks June 2024 February 10th 20 23. And says the spirit of the Lord this day the leadership of Iran is on a crumbling pedestal. And the innocent blood they shed is being accounted to them for their wage. For their bridge is about to fall down for the people are desperate and crying out. I the Lord hear their cries and I the Lord am moving upon my firstborn to covertly assist the people of Iran as leadership shall be removed under mysterious circumstances. As some deep within the government of Iran are assisting Israel. The bond hoffers who see the sheer evil of such leadership. I the Lord am protecting them them and they are assisting Israel all capitals here for a big strike and blow is coming. And it shall rattle the UN how such was done. And China shall puff up once again and be hit in the core that deflates and de compresses them yet again. …


okay February 26 2023 this was at church International Spirit of the Lord hit me. I prophesied in flow this is an exerpt from that. I the Lord thy God made the Philistin bow. I the Lord thy God made Israel bow. I the Lord thy God am beginning to break the back of the Ayatollah. Because Iran will bow. And I the Lord thy God am raising up a plan and a strategy in Israel that is going to surround Iran on all sides, And it is going to encapsulate them, says the Lord. It is going to encapsulate them and it is going to cause the handshake that was seen with a Red Nation to be severed and broken, says the Lord. Because demons squabble, says the Lord, demons squabble. And you shall public L says the Lord see that squabbling begin for I am calling through the darkness in the noise Benjamin son of my right hand I am calling through the darkness and I’m going to cause you to turn to my word and to know in whom your salvation is and he shall know it and at some point in his life he shall declare it says the Lord for he is coming under that yoke and he will be the ox for me says the Lord that topples the regime of Iran. He shall be the ox for me that helps plow the fields in America. For your nation is meant to be a friend and a brother to Israel. And that needs to be reconciled in this season says the Lord.

Veronik West - A Changing of the Guard is Underway This Day! - May 15, 2024

A Changing of the Guard is surely underway this Day!

“Signs shall be given in the skies and Signs shall be given in the land.

Watch and Listen! For great Shakings shall come to the Royal Household that shall reveal the Serpent’s head and expose those who sleep in Jezebel’s bed!

I say, watch, as My Royal Remnant Rises in the midst of greater shakings, and a Governmental and Financial Crisis.

Watch — as this Nation is suddenly awakened when the rug is pulled from under its feet — for surely I shall take this Prodigal Nation back to its Covenant Foundations and expose the deep cracks and the unrighteous roots that have come through demonic vows and

A Changing of the Guard is surely underway this Day!

“Signs shall be given in the skies and Signs shall be given in the land.

Watch and Listen! For great Shakings shall come to the Royal Household that shall reveal the Serpent’s head and expose those who sleep in Jezebel’s bed!

I say, watch, as My Royal Remnant Rises in the midst of greater shakings, and a Governmental and Financial Crisis.

Watch — as this Nation is suddenly awakened when the rug is pulled from under its feet — for surely I shall take this Prodigal Nation back to its Covenant Foundations and expose the deep cracks and the unrighteous roots that have come through demonic vows and

Julie Green - A SURRENDER IS ABOUT TO TAKE PLACE - May 15, 2024

It is time to stay alert and be on your guard. Your enemies are coming with frustrations, distractions, anything to get your focus off Me and My Authority, which I have given to you. 

They want you to think and believe you are weaker, so there is no chance you will fight back. Your enemies know that if you stand up and fight back, they are guaranteed to lose. If they can trick you into believing you cannot win, and you don’t fight back, then that is how they steal your victory from you, a victory that was never theirs to win

My children, evil is ramping up their game and strategies against you. They will start throwing everything at you to bring overwhelming discouragement, anything to make you fail and fall so that they don’t. But, children of Almighty God, it doesn’t matter if your enemies are ramping things up against you because I am going to be manifesting My power and My Glory in you, against them. I will never let your enemies have the upper hand. I will never let them outsmart, outplay, or outmaneuver you because I live in you, and your enemies know that. It is time for you to really know that. It will change your life and how you see every situation against you. 

It is time to know Who I really am and how much I have given to you. My children, it is time to take back this Earth and all that is in it for the Kingdom of Almighty God, for it to be in the hands of My children and not of these wicked rulers. Their days are about to run out. So, stand strong and stand firm, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Ezekiel: this name will be in your news for a shocking reason. 

Your power grid, oh United States, will be in the news more and more. The weakness was done on purpose. They have left you open and vulnerable to attacks. They know how much damage an attack would cause at just the right time, and how it would cripple your Nation to a degree no one thought possible. But remember, they will not get what they want from this. I will expose every Washington establishment traitor that wanted and paid for an attack on your grid, all to stop what they know is coming—their defeat, saith the Lord. 

Outlaw: this word will be in your news for a significant and shocking reason. 

There have been many attempts to overthrow the real sitting president, but the leaders in Washington are about to be shaken big time.  The world, and all the snakes in your capital, will soon know that this Nationthe power of the president, the government, the judicial system, and the citizens of this great Nation do not belong to them. 

I will say this again, the art world will also be shaken. They used this area as a cover for their dirty deals, to hide their crimes behind paintings and other pricey objects. Money has passed through many hands in the name of art when, in fact, it had nothing to do with art at all

A famous museum will be in your news for a shocking reason. Many things were hidden underground in DC. The Smithsonian has been used as a cover to hide some of the dirtiest, darkest secrets in your government and this country. Soon, someone will come and blow those doors wide open—no more hiding, no more suppressing the truth. And your enemies are going to realize that for a fact

Flagstaff: this location will be in your news for a significant reason. 

Something unprecedented is about to take place in your House of Representatives that some do not see coming. Remember, your enemies will never get what they want. 

Their puppet, “the Biden,” watch how many more turn against him. Watch how his side handles it. There will be more falls, lies, gaffes, confusion, and memory loss. More of their narrative and cover-ups will no longer work because it will be more obvious that their puppet is being set up to fail so they can replace him with another. 

Unconventional and unprecedented things will grow in intensity regarding your election. More and more will notice that this is not the usual procedure. Something will seem “off” concerning November 2024 because of the two that are “running” for president. It will be proven even more that this is a show. There is more to this than what you see going on. 

A total reset, a surrender, is beginning to take shape because your enemies will have no choice concerning who the next president will be. It is not their choice to make—no more selections, no more uni-party, no more control, no more deception, no more cutting the citizens out from deciding who belongs in the seat of the president. 

Oh, United States, things are about to shake, shake, shake, to shake you loose. 

The Washington establishment is crumbling. It is failing, it is falling, and it will not regain its power over you again. 

Unprecedented things are beginning to take shape, and it will become more obvious to the world that what is in Washington is fake. It is a show. It is not real, and Hollywood will have to answer for all the ways they helped the criminals into the White House and how they helped take away your freedom so your voices could not be heard. 

Soon, Hollywood will no longer be the way they have been. Big changes are occurring on “set” and with who is directing the whole “production” you have seen before you. Some actors are about to be revealed big time, and there is no way your enemies will recover from what they have done against youThey are about to lose control of their narrative, power, money, freedom, and the justice system. 

Get ready, My Eagle. You are about to break free from it all, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Julie Green - A SHUTDOWN IS COMING - May 14, 2024

My children, this is the time for more manifestations of the supernatural to show you and the world that I am a supernatural God. I am not limited to natural things, and neither are you. You may be asking, “Lord, what is the supernatural?” It is My power and anointing, which natural things, man, and science cannot explain. It is taking a dying person and making him completely whole. It is taking blind eyes and opening them to see. It is taking a person who is paralyzed one minute to jumping, running, and dancing the next. These things are not impossible for Me. They are easy. And it is what I have for you in this time, even more than in times past. 

It is time to take a nation on the brink of collapse and a total takeover by evil rulers and break it free. It is time for that nation to be reborn, restored, and renewed, even better than it was before those leaders took it over. 

These things are not impossible for Me. My children, trust Me and expect more of the unexpected. Expect more of the impossible things to be possible. Expect more of the supernatural. Expect more of Me, and you will see My Glory in greater measure, saith the Lord. 

Outcast: this word will be in your news for an unusual reason. 

Unusual things are going to pick up. More things will not be normal. I have told you before that unprecedented things will continue to occur more and more to get your attention. This is the time of a great shift, a great change of political power and positions of leadership, a change from evil ruling to My children being in charge. It is all about to take place. So, My children, be alert, stay alert, and turn off those distractions. Pay more attention to My Word and what I can really do. Start believing for the unbelievable. I am ready to pour out My Spirit like never before. Even in the dark world, while evil is out of control, My light and My goodness can and will destroy it all in ways mankind never thought possible. 

Unconventional things will begin (to happen) to show that this is not the time to live your lives how you have been living. It is time for a great change to come upon this Earth. So, get ready, My children, because I am ready, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

An uptick of prophecy is being fulfilled to a greater degree. This is to show the world that I speak, and I still use My children as My mouthpieces to give warnings to My Church, the world, and those who will pay attention. I have always used prophets right before major shifts, changes, or great shakings. But, My children, this is so much greater than that. This is why so much prophecy is necessary in these days—to get My Body in alignment with My Will and not put Me in a box of religious traditions and manmade doctrines. 

My Church needs to know that I am still the same yesterday, today, and forever and that I am still in control. I am still willing to save My children and the world from the hands of the wicked, saith the Lord. 

A shutdown is coming in a way you have not seen in the past, no, not like this. Your enemies will not get away with what they are doing or what they have done. Do not fear this shutdown. It is for your victory, not theirs. 

Civil unrest is coming in a major way, so get ready in the land of My Eagle. The establishment is about to try something which they have never tried to this scale or degree. But they will not get past Me, so do not fear what you see because this civil unrest, this civil shaking, is for your enemies’ destruction, not yours. You will see them tear each other apart, trying to save themselves and their agenda. What they have planned will backfire on them in a major way. It will shred their plans apart, and it will bring more fear and unrest to the enemies’ camp. 

Major news stories will break out about London. Things that have been hidden are about to break wide open. The secrets there will be secrets no more. I told you that things are not how they appear with the royal family. A shaking is taking place, and they will no longer be able to hide. Someone from the inside is about to expose it all. 

The Vatican will be in your news for a shocking reason. Things are not how they appear with the Pope, and things inside there that have been hidden will not be hidden much longer. 

Unusual weather events will start to happen more and more. Volcanoes will erupt. Ones that have been asleep for a long time will no longer be asleep. Earthquakes will become more frequent and stronger than normal, even in places that are used to seeing them on a regular basis. This will get the world’s attention because things will no longer be normal. 

The Netherlands will be in your news for a shocking reason.  

Calabasas is about to be in major news stories. 

The Virgin Islands will be in the news for a significant reason. 

Pennsylvania: I am not done shaking your state. I will show the world what has been hidden. The corruption has run deep. Darkness has filled your government buildings. Your enemies have been caught hiding the truth, which will not only affect your state but this entire Nation.  

Pennsylvania: you are about to be in shocking news reports, but do not give up yet because a great release is about to take place for you. It looks impossible right now, but I will show up in impossible situations, and I am showing up for the great release of My Eagle, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

An architectural find will be in your news for a surprising reason. 

A woolly mammoth will be in your news for an unusual reason. 

Israel is about to see that they are protected by Me. To the world leaders against My Nation of Israel, you will never have it. You will never destroy it. You will never annihilate it.  Anyone who comes against it will come up against Me, and I never lose. This is My land, and the world will soon realize that this is still true, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

An unusual windstorm will be in your news for a shocking reason. 

My children, are you ready for all of this? Are you ready for the impossible to be possible? Are you ready for the supernatural? Are you ready for the miracles? Are you prepared? If not, get ready because (it’s coming soon), and soon is closer than you realize, and things will begin to happen that have never happened on Earth before. So, get with Me now, and you will remain at peace no matter what you see, saith the Lord your Redeemer.     


After I received the Prophetic Word above, I heard these words: 

  • Windmiller 

  • Winehouse 

  • Windhorst 

  • Quad Corp. 

  • deleted emails 

  • The Clinton Foundation 

  • suspicious activity near the White House 

  • a hearse 

  • a blackout 

Julie Green - A TIME OF UNCERTAINTY HAS BEGUN - May 13, 2024

I, the Lord, this day am telling My children this is the time to move forward. Do not look back to the past at who you used to be or all the mistakes you made. Now is the time to look ahead and receive who I have called you to be. Spend time with Me, and I will show you who you are really meant to be. 

No more believing your enemies’ lies or what he has tried to change and mold you into—who he wants you to believe you are when you are not that at all. 

My children, break free from these lies. Break free from those chains. Break free from those prison cells your adversaries had you in. It is time to break out, a prison escape of major proportions, never to return to that way of living.   

It is time for a great change, a change of mindset, a change of attitude, a change of what you receive and believe. Instead of being under your enemies’ control, live in the freedoms I have already paid for. It is time for this change to begin in My children. It is time for My Church to come alive in Me, saith the Lord. 

Whiteout: this word will be in your news for a very shocking reason. 

Deleted emails are about to come forth and haunt and expose those who thought they could hide the truth from this Nation. These emails were not actually deleted. They will incriminate many in your government, people from the past, and some who are there now. These emails will bring the establishment crashing down like the walls of Jericho. Their time of reigning is about to come to an abrupt end, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Your smug leaders, those prideful liars that sit in front of the cameras controlling the narrative, are about to tell the truth more, on accident. I told you their tongues would be their worst enemy. They can no longer hide from their lies, their crimes, or the massive amounts of treason they have committed

Treason: get used to hearing this word, and get used to seeing liars caught. Justice is being served. The days of justice are here.  

Scandinavia: this name and location will be in your news for a significant reason. 

A wolf in sheep’s clothing in your government is about to emerge, unmasked, to show you who they really are.   

The time of great unmasking has begun. More and more people will show you who they really are. 

Computers—there are many computers with secrets that have been hidden, some of which your enemies thought were destroyed. But I have everything that was on those computers—secrets, classified information, blackmail, murder, entrapment, setups, sexual acts, crimes on a grand scale, and treason on a grand scale. And it is not just Hunter’s, Nancy’s, or Anthony Weiner’s computers. No, many more will be shown to the world, and they will crush the establishment that has been destroying your Nation. 

There is a gun operation your government has tried to keep hidden—how they have been arming your enemies, and this is about to break wide open. Old secrets, buried secrets, and dead secrets are all coming out.  

Benghazi is not over. The truth will not be suppressed nor lied about anymore. Shocking information will explode through your airwaves, incriminating so many in Washington. Hillary, yes, Hillary. All her crimes are about to be exposed big time, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Payouts, bribes, and money laundering—every way your government used your own country’s money illegally is about to be exposed on a grand scale. Follow the money, and it will show you the crimes. 

Many secrets that were hidden in deserts throughout the world are about to be exposed. They will destroy your leaders in Washington. 

An Arab uprising will be announced, but this uprising will not be for you. It will be for the ones against you. 

Secrets in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Africa, China, Taiwan, Ukraine, Russia, and in your capital—it is time for many secrets to be released to crush the enemies. 

Highlander: this name will be in your news for a shocking reason. 

The 2016 election: things were buried. Many crimes and treasonous acts were committed. There are people in your government who hid many things from you regarding this election, which changed the plans and sent them into a panic mode. Well, 2016 and every election that they manipulated will be exposed, even though it failed. There are still lies, stealing, manipulation, secrets, and murders that will be exposed, and it will shock this Nation. The truth about the elections is much worse and a lot darker than most realize, but the truth is about to explode all over the airwaves. The thieves must replace all they have stolen, and I will see to that, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

A canyon will be in your news for a surprising reason. 

Whispering Pines: this name will also be in your news for a surprising reason. 

Many crimes have been hidden under the radar in the art world. These secrets, these crimes, are about to break wide open and will bring a shock to this Nation. 

Crimes, plans, and secrets have taken place underground in your Nation’s capital. I am about to show this Nation that many of its leaders have been traitors and criminals, not just politicians, mob bosses you might say. The time of truth is upon this Nation to break you free from all this tyranny. 

I told you, My children, that the time of shock and awe was coming, and it is just about here to tear your enemies apart. So, hold your ground. Stand and fight. Soon, you will see your leaders no more because judgment will take them all out. 

South Lawn: something major is about to take place there. 

Marine One, Air Force One, military helicopters, and planes. Mysterious things in your skies. White House. Capital buildings. 

My David has things your leaders do not want him to have: secrets they thought could never get out, secrets that will crush them and their plans. My children, My David allowed certain things to go on; he did not stop them when he could have. He has waited until the right time to crush the head of the snake, the enemies against this Nation. 

But it is almost time for everything to come out. So, hold on, My children. Things are about to look and feel bumpy and uncertain, but it is all for your enemies’ demise and your ultimate freedom from their hands, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Julie Green - A TIME OF UNCERTAINTY HAS BEGUN - May 10, 2024

A time of uncertainty has begun. It will appear like things are going in the wrong direction, and some people will not know which way to turn or what to believe if they do not have a firm, focused foundation on My Word

It is time to know My WordMy Will, and the truth. My children, I am pouring out truth. Some will receive it, but some will not believe it. Which side are you on? Faith or fear? Are you believing the truth or believing a lie? 

Traitors in your midst will be exposed. Murderers, liars, and thieves in your midst will be exposed. These supposed leaders will answer for their crimes in front of the world, just as Pharaoh answered for his in front of My people. The darkness they wanted to bring to this Earth will consume them, not you. I am the One protecting you, and I will never fail, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Nanotechnology is far worse than people realize. I will show you the manipulation, damage, control, and bondage it was (meant) to bring. I will show you who was involved in bringing it against you. 

Poison, yes, they have been poisoning the masses, the majority of the population in this Nation. Why, you may ask? They want total surrender, total takeover, total annihilation, depopulation, and the destruction of the foundation of your Nation, which is Me. They have tried to cripple this Nation in more ways than one, but I am going to expose them and show you every way they have tried to accomplish this plan. 

The FDA has been against you. Big Pharma has been against you. Your government has been against you. Corporate America has been against you. Religious leaders have been against you. Your courts have been against you. Foreign nations have been against you and have been allowed to damage your Nation in many ways.  

Your leaders are ravenous wolves working to kill and leave no survivors other than their own. I will show you their plans to destroy and depopulate this Nation and many others worldwide. They planned murder on a grand scale. I will show you where they made and stored their bioweapons. Some have been released, and others are about to, but they will affect them instead of you. These are the days of Haman, and this will become more obvious. 

Muslims have infiltrated your capital and your government. This has been allowed by your leaders. They are infiltrators and spies giving your secrets to your enemies to destroy your Nation, and it is not only “The Squad” members. There are more in your capital lurking around, taking secrets while being paid by both their government and yours. Double agents, you would say. I will expose, expose, expose them all. 

California is about to be in major headlines for scandals, the weather, murder, earthquakes, fraud, and treasonous acts. California and its governmental officials hiding in plain sight: your days are numbered. You will not destroy this state or this Nation. I will see to that, saith the Lord. 

Howard Stern is about to be in your news for a surprising reason. 

Metamorphosis: again, I say this word will be in your news for a shocking reason. 

Space: there is more going on in the skies above you and with the satellites that have been strategically placed above the world, especially in those above North America. Spies, yes, but I have also infiltrated them, so they will not be able to accomplish what they want to through your satellites. 

Dead zone: this phrase will be in your news for a significant reason. 

Howard Brown: this name and location will be in your news for a shocking reason. 

Keep your eyes on the Gulf of Mexico. Something unusual will take place there that will get your attention. 

Many unusual things are coming. Many monumental things are about to take place. Many changes are occurring. You are getting your freedoms back. You are getting your nations back. You are getting your children back. You are getting your health back. You are getting your finances back and everything your enemy used to hold you. It is all coming back, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 


After I received the Prophetic Word above, I heard these words: 

  • stealth 

  • submarines  

  • waters 

  • skies 

  • secret islands  

  • secret OPS 

  • spies 

  • spy planes  

The spy balloons above you from China—those doors are about to open wide to show you what really took place and why it was allowed by your supposed leaders. 

Flashback to ~2013 - John Paul Jackson Prophecy - Israel War Will Escalate

John Paul Jackson (July 30, 1950 - February 18, 2015) was an American author, teacher, conference speaker and founder of Streams Ministries International

When tensions in Israel and Iran are going to escalate. The day is going to come when Israel will hit Iran. When that when that takes place in those missiles hit Iran, you, there’s going to be a huge growth of antisemitism. And everybody’s going to blame Israel on the price of gasoline. You’re going to see incredible backlash that happens. And you’re going to see a OPEC countries forming an alliance that says we not sell to anybody who supports Israel. So America if you want gasoline you better you better stop your support of Israel. And Russia is going to end up blackmailing many of the small satellite nations that used to be part of the Soviet block and demanding they come into a whole new alliance, and a whole new agreement. And Poland will be blackmailed I hope they do not succumb. Czechoslovakia the Slavic countries Hungary Romania Ukraine all a Kakistan all these are going to be blckmailed by Russia says if you want our oil and you want our gas you will come back in because if you don’t we will will close the pipeline tomorrow.

And they waiting for the price of gas to get up high enough so they can close the pipeline to those countries and still be able to function economically in their own state. But they have to wait till the price of gasoline gets up high before they can cut the pipeline off . This is what the Lord show me. He said begin to watch the European Community he said because I’m going to trouble the waters in in Europe and the euro is going to start to fall, and and it will weaken, and it will crumble.  And he said and then shortly after that your dollar will follow. And I’m going oh my goodness Lord. He said my people are going to cry out to me. I said when and he says it will keep getting darker until they do there will come times when we stadiums will be full, but it will be it will be for a solemn assembly. There will come times when the stadiums are full because nobody can afford to pay the prices to go to New York Giants game. Or a Jets game, or a Patriots game, or a Cowboys game, or a Rams game. Nobody can afford to pay the price. And they’ll be want they’ll you have plenty of time to use a stadium.

We’re going to see the dollar collapse. We’re going to see a new uh American currency. We’re going to see a new Global Currency. We’re going to see a whole different economic structure set up between Mexico Canada and the United States. There’s so much that is that is about to take place in this nation. There’s so many things and violence is going to be in the streets. Rich houses are going to be uh neighborhoods are going to be invaded. What the Robin Hood Mentality of what’s yours is mine is going to is going to spread. And and all you’re going to be seeing in multi-million dollar neighborhoods is chimneys left standing and burnt chars of the houses. Violence is going to become so, so, prevalent police forces will not be able to take care of it and even the military forces will only be able to take care of it in the urban areas and not the rural areas. And even all urban areas won’t be able to be taken care of it will be so widespread.

The earthquakes are going to be coming. Earthquakes are going to change the tilt the Earth. He says when you start to see this happening when the tilt of the Earth changes jet streams are going to change. Weather patterns are going to change dramatically, and countries are going to experience climatological changes that they’ve never experienced before and it will cause the loss of crops. Just one degree change, a half a degree change, can mean hundreds of miles in the change of a jet stream. And it says w,hen this begins to happen cracks are going to be for begin to form in the shields of the Earth. And when that happens the Sun is going to begin to rise up again. Eruptions from the Sun are going to come, and the energy from the Sun is going to seep through the cracks. And it’s going to the day will come when your it will wipe out many of your satellites.

When that happens no cell phones, no ATMs, no Bank transfers, no TV’s. When that happens and the day will come in fact there will be airplanes the sky that, can’t land and they have to figure out how they’re going to land because they have no satellite guidance system. It’s all going to be visual. We’re going to see they’re going to have they going to be tornadoes that end up coming because of the changes in the jet streams and the climatological changes they’re going to have to invent a higher category of, of, of tornado. I think the highest it goes to right now is F5 I think it’s going to have to go to an F6. Whatever the next category is that they don’t have that’s what they’re going to have to have. Because they have never measured wind speeds of tornadoes this high before. That’s what’s that’s coming. Hurricanes that are over 500 miles wide are going to hit this nation.

Volcanoes are going to erupt again in the Northwestern part of the United States. Cities will be dramatically impacted. There will be there will be things that happen in that are just unheard of. The shape of the United States will change. There’s many things happening in the world, but I’m going to be focused primarily here in the United States. Drought is going to continue to escalate in the lower half of the United States. So much so that just as it says in Revelation chapter 6. A loaf of bread there may be bread but what it’s going to cost you will be enormous.So much s. A they will have to put guards on trucks to keep trucks from being robbed for their food. The Lord old me that there would be a pandemic that that that came. But the first one would prove to be little but fear. But the second, second one that comes would be serious. So, there’s a pandemic that is going to be coming.

There’s a commercial paper bubble that’s about to burst, in the commercial uh markets, commercial real estate markets. If you have the opportunity to buy rural land take it because it’s going to become very valuable as people flee the cities. And by the way if you’re going to buy food do not buy anything that is not that has been genetically modified. It won’t reproduce itself. And there’s coming a blight in genetically modified crops that they think they’re blight proof. They’re not blight proof when this thing hits it will spread like wildfire. So you’ll see nearly entire crops of like wheat, or corn, some grain product will be one of the things that be seen but also in tomatoes.

China’s escalation is not by accident. It is planned, and it is strategic, and it has a design

to be the lead power in the world. He showed me I don’t know what city. But I know it’s a coastal city and I know and the result was from a dirty bomb. And a dirty bomb blew up in a in a coastal city and it was uninhabitable for uh over 30 years. It was that level of radiation that was released. Okay what can you do? Rethink your focus here’s here’s what I tell people I’ve tried to simplify it I’m not a financial planner I just do what God says and it works out so I said Lord everybody’s emailing me everybody’s writing me saying what can I do what can I do what can I do? I can’t tell people in Seattle what to do. And because it’s not going to be the same as what people in New York need to do or what people in Miami need to do. I mean you don’t tell a person on the equator to buy a fur coat. I mean it’s just like but but surely there is something that will work as an overall umbrella as a guideline to thought processes.

And and he gave me this, he said tell them these four things. Real food, real needs, real energy, real money. So what is real food real food no matter where you live you’re going to be subject to times where you’re going to have a week or more where your refrigerator don’t work. So here’s a hint, milk won’t store long. So real food real food. So you saywell canned food well, yes be careful the canned food that you get because one obviously some of it has incredibly high sodium and you just die of sodium poisoning. The other is that that some of it doesn’t contain any nutrition. But real food something that will last you longer than a week. I’d say at least two weeks, and some places in America we’ll need to have we’ll need to have food supplies that will last them far, far, far, longer. But that’s up to you and God, he knows where you live, and he can tell you what to do.

Real energy, you have to really be able to think through this. If the electricity goes out because your power plants have been have been hacked. There’s there’s a a virus introduced into the system, a Cyber attack. And and many uh of the fuel many of the electrical grids go down, which is going to happen. You can’t get your ATM won’t work. Your credit card will not work. And it will not work for like two weeks or longer. So, you need to have at least two weeks of cash outside of the bank. Because believe it or not when that happens they’re going to close the bank. And when they lock the door you can’t get to your safety deposit box. Because guess where it’s at, inside the bank. So you can’t get into the bank. Soo you need to be able to have at least two weeks worth of cash outside the bank. So real money now some places at and if we don’t repent you’re going to need more than cash. Because cash is going to be worthless, and when hyperinflation hits it it it is going to be it is going to be worthless. So you need more than you need more than cash.

Here’s my caution whatever you do take possession. Because if you buy a gold Futures Contract the paper will become worthless. If you buy gold and have somebody else store it for you it will become worthless. Your paper will not get it why. Because there is only in existence there’s not enough gold to meet the gold that has been sold. In fact in fact 60% of the gold that is said it is owned there’s not enough gold to back up that. Take possession of whatever you silver, gold, Platinum, copper, whatever it is you take possession. Now real energy, what is that that? Basically says if I need to go to work how am I going to get there if the gas station isn’t pumping gas. Because guess what electricity runs the pumps that fill your car with gas.

Now, that then if you think through those and you listen to the Lord, and you hear what he has to say. Then the next thing is he wants you to become an influence. You’re an influence, you’re going to be an influence to the people around you and in your culture. This is a time of innovation this is going to be a time of invention. For others it will be a time of study and preparation for promotion that will come. But for those who don’t know God it’s going to be a time of anguish. They will be thinking about everything they lost. You see Heavenly thinking says says God knew about this he has a plan I’m going to go to it. Earthly thinking says I lost everything. And if you if your mind dwells on Earthly thoughts you will never achieve the new invention. You’ll never have the new innovation. You’ll never know what is going to be what is going to be the needs of the people and be able to meet that need and therefore see a transfer of wealth into the hands of The Godly.

The final thing you can do is take more time to listen to God. Now what does that mean it does not mean oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God,, oh God oh God, oh God ,oh God, help me help me help me help me please help me don’t let them fire me don’t let them fire me don’t let them fire my neighbor but especially don’t let them fire me oh God, oh God, oh God. That’s not listening develop a true dialogue. True dialogue is you speaking, God speaking, you speaking God speaking. Take time to still your heart before the Lord.  Peace is the potting soil for revelation.

Flashback 2008 - John Paul Jackson - The Coming Perfect Storm (Full)

Flashback 2020 - 2020-03D The Perfect Storm by Bob Jones with Bonnie Jones Intro and Recap

Julie Green - A TRUMP CARD IS ABOUT TO BE PLAYED - May 9, 2024

My children, your enemies’ planned sabotage, chaos, and protests on your college campuses are backfiring and not accomplishing what they desire. The fact that these were all planned, and who is paying for them to take place across the country, is being exposed.  

(These are the) days of Haman. These riots and uprisings will soon become a nightmare for the ones who designed them. I have told you many times, My children, your enemies are turning on one another, and nothing can stop the destruction, the division, or the confusion that is coming. Nothing will stop their annihilation because no one can stop Me, saith the Lord. 

More riots are on the horizon, and (they have been planned) for more than one reason. More unrest and chaos are intended for you, but it will turn on them. I said before that the people your establishment and leaders paid are now demanding more, but they are not getting what they want, so they are turning on the establishment that brought them here and funded this unrest. 

A major uprising will take place against Washington, DC and the ones “trying” to control this Nation. They will get more than they bargained for with this uprising. There are infiltrators in the midst of these riots and uprisings that keep popping up. They will show proof of the design and where the money is coming from. Your enemies will not fully realize what they have done to themselves until it is too late, and this will be their demise, saith the Lord. 

A death that was hidden, a death that was lied about, will soon come out. A whistleblower is coming to open a can of worms that no one saw coming. The establishment will have to answer for all the blood on their hands and what they are responsible for. My children, they are cheaters, liars, thieves, and also murderers, and this will come out for the world to see. 

A shake-up is about to take place with a court case against My David, which will shake the “the Biden” camp. They are all falling apart, and now they will start to expose how the White House and the DOJ had their hands in all of itand not only election interference. There is so much more than that, and I will prove it, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Montgomery: this location will be in your news for a significant reason. 

A bell tower will be in your news for a shocking reason. 

Sandy Hook: this name and incident will be in the news for a shocking reason. There is more to this story that was hidden that will soon come out in the open. 

False flags, black swan events, distractions, and diversions will pick up for you, oh United States. The jackals, rats, and snakes in your capital are desperate to stop you and your freedoms, but it will all come crashing down before their eyes, saith the Lord. 

A trump card is about to be played, but, My children, there is more than one of those waiting in the wings for just the right time. Destruction and massive explosions will hit the enemies’ camp, sending them on the run. 

The dominoes are about to fall—one person right after another. The fall of the establishment is near, closer than people realize. They will fall in a way no one will see coming

Boeing: there is much more to this company than the world knows. It is much deeper and darker than you know. I will show you what has taken place in this company and who is behind it. Shocking evidence will shake the airline industry as you know it. Sabotage has been taking place on a grand scale, and I will show you all who have been involved. 

A secret garden. Secrets in a garden that leaders never wanted to be exposed are about to be. 

The truth about Hamas and what they have done against My Nation of Israel is about to be exposed. Who sabotaged Israel’s leadership and who funded it will shock you. Yes, the truth and the proof are coming. 

An attack on another nation is coming, bringing more destruction and distractions to cover up the coming collapse of the establishment that has been holding My Eagle. My children, prepare for battle. Prepare for the coming upsets, unrest, chaos, confusion, economic fall, food contamination, and shortages. These are their final steps, their final efforts against you. 

When the dust settles, when this is all over, remember who wins. You win because you are with Me, and I am Jehovah Nissi, your victory. 

Babylon—the fall of the empire, the fall of their nations, the fall of globalism, the fall of an establishment, and the fall of evil has begun, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 


After I received the Prophetic Word above, I heard these words: 

  • don’t contend 

  • don’t pretend 

  • historic, unprecedented, biblical weather events 

Manual Johnson - What's Next On God's Time Clock Manuel & Charles Jordan - May 7, 2024


I, the Lord, this day am telling you, My children, your enemies are like ravenous dogs on the hunt, on the prowl to take out anything and anyone standing in the way of what they want. They want this Nation, the world, and all the money under their control. They want you to be enslaved and to obey their every command. They want you to be weak, sick, compliant, and to believe everything they say. They want you under their mind control so that you will not stand up or fight against them. 

Yes, they have gone after My David with everything they have, but this was just the beginning because they were really going after you. They will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. But they never will reach it because I, the Lord, will see to that

Great adversity is coming. A great storm is upon you, but your enemies do not see this perfect storm barreling towards them. Two worlds are colliding—good versus evil—and evil never wins. So, brace for this collision, and brace for what is coming next because it will solidify your victory, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Capitalism is under siege, under a great attack. This will be in your news for a significant reason. I told you, My children, your enemies want to change everything (so it’s) under their control. 

Bullhorn: this name will be in your news for a surprising reason. 

Manifesto: this word will be in your news for a significant reason. 

A batch of hidden documents is about to be exposed, a smoking gun that will destroy the establishment, their narrative, and their control. 

Blackmail: this word will be in your news repeatedly, showing you how your establishment was controlling this Nation and their narrative. 

Many videos are about to surface that will blow the doors wide open on the lies that your enemies have tried to hide. 

There will be a massive information dump regarding your CIA, its control, and its connection to the Deep State. The supposed leaders of your Nation and the leaders of the three-letter agencies are about to take massive hits, one after another, and they will not recover. 

A Supreme Court justice is about to be in your news for a significant reason. Their secrets will soon be secrets no more. Audio evidence is coming, and it will show who controls your Supreme Court and how they rule. It will show how they run the court systems in this country, not just the highest court in the land, but every court in this country. It is all about to come to an abrupt end. Justice will once again rule and destroy all the injustice that has been wreaking havoc in your country. 

Someone from their own camp is about to turn on “the Biden” and Obama. They can no longer keep their dirty secrets from the public. 

A book of secrets is about to come to the surface, full of secrets from the past and secrets of the establishment now. I will show the world how and when this establishment was formed and who formed it. I will show who is still in control, who is funding it, and who all their puppets are. I told you I was cutting all the puppet strings, and it is not just one, saith the Lord. 

An offshore oil rig is about to be in major news stories. I told you, My children, they are sabotaging many things against you

Floods are on the rise all over the world, signifying that a cleansing and a flood of truth are coming that no man can stop. 

UFOs will be in your news. They are not at all what you think. I will show you what they actually are. Another form of technology being used against you has been hidden by foreign-looking objects, and it is all coming out. 

A beef processing plant will be in your news for a significant reason. People are speaking out about what they see happening in the dead of night, under the radar, and how your government is involved. 

I have repeatedly told you, My children, the more they try against you, the more judgment and exposure will come against them. They are failing and falling apart, and it will continue to look more and more obvious. 

In this time, receive more of Me, more of My presence, more of My love, more of My peace, and more of My rest. You should not be afraid of anything coming because there is nothing and no one bigger than Me, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 


After I received the Prophetic Word above, I heard these words: 

  • hostile takeover 

  • hostile attack 

Amanda Grace - A Fiery Word from the Lord - May 6, 2024

Patty Teichroew - May 2024

Julie Green - IT'S THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM - May 7, 2024

Your enemies are stepping up their game. Natural, physical, and spiritual attacks are coming to a degree you have not experienced before. These things will intensify against you, so you must step up your spiritual game. You stand firm. You stand strong. You shout My Name from the rooftops. You speak and shout My Words for your enemies to hear and to damage, destroy, and eliminate them and their strategies against you and your nations. My children, you have something to say about all of this. You do not just sit idly by while your enemies destroy this Earth and everything in it. 

As they try to intensify things against you, I will intensify things against them. At the same time, I am increasing My presence; it will be known and seen by My children because the impossible will turn into the possible. You will break out, break forth, break through, and break free from all the sickness, affliction, torment, slavery, and bondage. 

As they intensify things against you, My judgment will intensify against them. I am your protector. I am your deliverer. No foe can withstand My power, and I will make it more known in My children during this time of intensity

Your enemies are on a rampage, a war path, to annihilate any hope you have left. They want you under the greatest amount of pressure with these attacks so you will stop praying and fighting back. Both sides can feel the pressure, but the difference, My children, is that you can break out of it, but your enemies are stuck with no way of escaping. The amount of failure they are experiencing will continue to grow. They are in a no-win situation. They are trapped. They are stuck. Their desperation is growing, and it is clear. I have told you before that the more desperate they become, the more mistakes they will make and the weaker they will be

Now is the time to pray. Pray against Hamas. Pray against China. Pray against the terrorists all over the world. Pray against the establishment. Pray against witchcraft and sorcery aimed at you. Yes, it is real, but they are nothing against you. Pray against war. Pray against death. Pray against transgenderism and the destruction of your children. Stand and make your enemies stand down. Make them run. Make them uncomfortable. 

My children, speak to the spiritual and natural storms that are against you. You are warriors in Christ. Now is the time to war in prayer like never before, to destroy everything that comes against you. Rise up! Rise up, My children. It is your time, not your enemies’ time. Pray against their narrative, their propaganda, all evil, their next moves, and their attacks on this Nation and My children all over the world. It is time to be alert, be on guard, and be focused on Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Filthy: this word will be in your news for a shocking reason. 

Damage control: this phrase will be in your news for a shocking and surprising reason. 

My children, it is the calm before the storm. Do not get comfortable because soon, things will become very uncomfortable for your enemies. But this is not for you

Judgments are hitting your enemies, and they will get worse. They will become very agitated, and they will try more things against you as they get this way. But as they do, watch Me protect you, and watch them fail at every turn and in every way. 

Insurgents: this word will be in your news for a shocking reason. 

Revolt. Resist. Restrain. A great resistance is growing in My children to rise up and take back what belongs to them. Receive this day that a great change is coming, and things will never be the same again for you or those against you, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 


After I received the Prophetic Word above, I heard these words: 

A death in the White House, and it is not who you would think—this is for them to try to cover up what is about to happen next. 

  • Roswell  

  • Rothschild  

  • Rockefeller  

  • passage 

  • mind control 

  • New York City 


My children, you are at a crossroads this day—either you believe the evil report your enemies are giving you, or you believe the good report I have given you; either you believe what you think and feel, or you believe that My Word is true no matter what is going on around the world or what things appear like; either you believe in doom and gloom, darkness and despair, and hopelessness and defeat, or you believe in the truth which will bring you faith, hope, joy, freedom, and victory. It is your choice what you believe. 

My children, it is time to choose. It is time to decide. It is time to overtake. It is time to take over. It is time to take back. It is time to overthrow. It is time to fight back. It is time. It is time for you to see your enemies run. It is time to see your enemies’ defeat. 

The pressure is on, and both sides feel it. But do not give in to that pressure. Do not give in or quit believing My Words or My truth, which set you free. Stand today knowing that you are in My Army as a child of the Almighty God. Receive My power. Receive all I have for you. I am giving you strength to fight in this fight. I have given you armor. I have given you My Written Word as a weapon. I have given you My Blood Covenant and My Name. I have given you everything for your victory, so receive it this day, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Scottsdale is going to be in your news for a significant reason. 

Harvard will be in your news for a surprising reason.  

The mishandling of documents will be all over the news. These documents will be another smoking gun and another nightmare for the ones in the White House.  Their house of cards is falling apart, never to come back again. 

Leticia James is about to be exposed in a major way. Follow the money, and you will see the White House and those controlling it

The Magna Carta will be in the news for a shocking reason. 

A drone strike will be in your news for a significant reason. 

Something significant is about to be seen in Italy that will get the world’s attention. 

A massive fallout will take place in Dearborn. The silent cells that have been there are about to be signaled to do their part in this chaos, but they are about to turn on the ones that are giving the signal. The infiltrators and terrorists that have been brought here from foreign lands as a Trojan Horse will continue to turn on those who sent them here, the ones paying them to be here.  

The Washington establishment is having a hard time playing both sides, and it is all falling apart right in front of your eyes. Instead of them destroying you and this Nation, their infiltrators will try to destroy them. The “summer of chaos” they want for you is near, but everything is about to blow up and destroy their plans, their control, and their narrative. My children, none of your enemies’ plans are going as they want. So, continue to pray, continue to stand, and watch it fall apart before your eyes because you are about to see your enemies’ demise, saith the Lord. 

Something significant is about to be seen in the Pacific Ocean. I told you, My children, to watch the waters. More and more will be seen that will get the world’s attention. 

Military movement is happening on a grander scale, and it cannot be hidden—not just in this Nation, but in nations around the world, in your waters, and in your skies. It is not time for World War III. It is time to stop it, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

The time for propping up the puppet is about to expire. The White House will not be able to hide what will happen live on camera. The world will see who your enemy really is and how fake this has all been. Hold on for what happens after this incident. The puppet’s health will fail, and there will be no one to replace him. There will be panic in the White House, panic in your capital, and panic on the left. Their plans are falling apart, and there is no way to recover their narrative or their puppet before November. 

A multitude of people are about to descend on Washington, DC, but it is not what your establishment leaders wanted at all. Their pawns are turning on them, destroying their cities and plans.  As this takes place in the capital, there will be chaos, disruptions, and destruction. Their next moves against you will be their last

A Hollywood elite is about to take a fall, but they will not take their fall alone. This person will expose more about the puppet, the establishment, and what has actually been going on “behind the scenes,” you would say. Your enemies will not see this coming. My children, once again, I am telling you that your enemies are turning on each other. They are falling apart, and so is their control over this Nation. As they fall apart, know that I am setting you apart and strengthening you. I am with you in this battle, and I will not fail you. You win, so do not give in, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 


After I received the Prophetic Word above, I heard these words: 

  • ghost post or ghost host 

  • grand scale attack 

  • ground surge 

  • apocalyptic 

  • firefly project 

  • fallout 

No matter what is seen and no matter what is done, I am bigger than anything you see before you. Remember this always. I will give you peace, and I will give you rest.  

A massive oil spill is about to take place. It is a diversion, a distraction, and part of the war on fossil fuels. It will be used to cripple this Nation. 

Unusual signs in your skies are about to take place more and more. 

Camp David will be in your news for a mysterious reason. 

What has not been spoken will soon be spoken. The silence will end, the truth will explode, and your enemies’ plans will implode. 

Veronika West - Watch! For May is a Marked Month!- April 29, 2024

“Listen! I say, “Mayday! — Mayday! — Mayday!””

In the early hours of this morning I was awoken to a loud Alarm Sound, ringing out in The Realm of The Spirit — like an Alarm Sound you would hear at a Fire Station.

And then I heard, “Mayday! — Mayday! — Mayday!”

As soon as I opened my eyes and began to pray, The Spirit of Revelation spoke to me saying, ”Watch! For May is a marked month!

Listen! I say “Mayday! — Mayday! — Mayday!” — for May is a marked month!

Awaken the deep sleepers! Set The Watchmen on the walls, and Guards at the City Gates!

I say, raise the sound of the Trumpet Call and the demonic tide will be turned — and the assignments of Jezebel and the altars of Baal will begin to fall!”

As I heard those Words, I saw a great and violent War raging in the heavens over the Nations — a fierce Spiritual Confrontation with the ruling powers and principalities of the kingdom of darkness.

I saw the Destiny of Nations being violently contended over.

I saw the next three (3) months are powerful pivotal prophetic months of great Warfare.

Then I saw the ninth month, and I heard, ”A stitch in time saves nine!”

The next three (3) months are critical months!

Our prayers will be like stitches in time (over the next three (3) months) that will save nine (9)!

I then saw powerful demonic assignments of the enemy that are going to be try to be fully implemented in the coming months of May, June and July, that will have devastating repercussions — if we as the Ecclesia, do not arise in the Power and Governmental Authority of the Key of The House of David and begin to Take Authority over every planned and orchestrated attack in the coming days!

Note : On Saturday at the HUB** during the Worship the Spirit of Revelation also highlighted the Month of July (the seventh Month) and Ezekiel 47 was brought to the fore. “As the Waters rise — so the Altars of Baal will Fall!”

There is a Clarion Call to Watch and Pray to Raise the Trumpet Sound in the Month of May and over the next three (3) months!

Let us raise our voices in True Repentance and Praise on behalf of this Nation, Ireland, and let us stand in the gap for all Nations in this pivotal Prophetic Season.

Let us agree that as we come together, we will see the demonic tide of destruction and death turned and returned to its sender!

**HUB = Ireland’s Destiny Hub


On Saturday (27-4-2024) at our Prophetic Hub I saw snakes nests and hundreds of Snakes eggs hatching and I heard, “Serpent Sleeper-cells igniting and emerging!”

But then two Angels came into our midst with Measuring Rods and I heard, ”The Waters are Breaking — for I AM now raising up a Standard against the serpentine spirits of Leviathan!”

Then I understood that the Angels that were there, had come to usher in the flood waters and had come to co-labour with us for the Outpouring.

Then suddenly The Holy Spirit quickened to me Ezekiel 47 and I saw the waters of the River begin to Rise and all the Snakes that I saw — were being drowned!

Julie Green - YOUR ENEMIES ARE TURNING UP THE HEAT - April 29, 2024

Not only are you getting out of every fiery trial, but I, the Lord thy God, am showing all My children today that it never had power over you. I am showing My children that I am the fourth man that destroyed the power of the enemy against you. 

Your enemies are about to turn up the heat on the fire, just as Nebuchadnezzar did against My three Hebrew men. That fire had no power, and neither does this fire that your enemies are turning up against you now. 

Do not bow, and you will not burn. Do not give in. You will win, and you will not be affected. Trust Me that I am that I AM. Trust Me to not only get you out but to show you and your enemies that their powers are useless against Mine. 

My children, with how much power, authority, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding I am pouring out, you will be indestructible to your enemies and any weapon they throw at you. You need to say, “My enemies have no power that can stand the power that lives in me. And that power is not only getting me through this fire but getting me out where I will never again return to it.” 

Are you ready, My children, for Me to be seen more than your enemies? Are you ready for Me to get you out and be totally recovered, restored, and renewed? Children of Almighty God, are you ready? Get ready. Are you ready? Get ready. I am coming like a flood. My power will be poured out upon this Earth, so receive what the Lord has designed and desired for you all your life. 

As the fire intensifies and as your enemies turn up the heat, the tests, and the trials against you, will you have boldness? Will you lean on My strength? Will you fully depend on Me and not yourselves? If you do not know the answers to these questions, or, if you want to answer them with boldness, then you need to trust Me fully. If you can be honest with yourself or with Me, I will get you ready. I will help you know exactly Who I am; that way, you can trust Me no matter what your adversaries are up to. 

Your enemies are about to try and make your lives miserable. They will try to weaken you. They will try to bring hopelessness and despair. But do you know what I will bring? I will bring hope, strength, courage, boldness, victory, and peace. I will bring everything you need. So, hold on. I will show up, and the fires, the tests, the plots, the plans, and the schemes of your enemies will fall to nothing against you, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Patty Teichroew - April, May 2024


My Children, this time you are in is intensifying. Your enemies are turning up the heat, and you will see more and more chaos erupt in many different aspects of your nations and your lives. They are trying to cause what some will call “the summer of chaos.” They are trying to cause the greatest amount of chaos and unrest to a degree you have not seen, not like this.   

Why are they causing unrest? Why are they filling the streets, you may ask? I told you they were going to fill the streets. I told you they were going to bring chaos, destruction, and civil unrest to get you distressed, worried, fearful, and distracted, so you are not paying attention to what I am saying, all the mandates and marching orders I have given to you, or My Written Word and what it says I will do. They are trying to destroy your faith in Me. They want you to believe what you see. They want to bring an overwhelming heaviness and darkness upon you so you cannot get up. 

These are the days when I said that what your enemies try to bring to you will boomerang back on them. They are trying to bring civil unrest onto campuses across this Nation to cause division, anger, and hatred and get people to turn on one another, but, in actuality, this is what’s happening to them.   

There is going to be a great division. There is going to be great hatred, and they are going to turn on themselves. Watch as they try to bring this “summer of chaos.” My children, I have told you that you will not be able to stop all these things, but you will be able to stop the effect, and you will be able to watch your enemies fail. You will see them rise up, but then you will see them fall flat.   

But you do have a part to play in it. Do not just sit by and watch. Do not be a spectator. You be in this battle with Me. I told you to bind what is on this Earth. I told you to resist. I told you to rebuke. I have told you to stand. Stand against what they are doing in your land.  

They want to bring hatred. They want to bring evil. They want to bring demonic things into your streets. Well, call down My Glory. Call down My love.  Call in unity. Do you see it? Do you see what they are doing? You resist them. Watch. Watch how it was supposed to affect you. I will say this again—as you stand and pray and rebuke and resist, watch it boomerang back onto them. 

I told you they would use your universities against you, but I also said that My Glory would fill those places. It is always the darkest and the most chaotic before the dawn, before My Glory. My Glory will destroy all that darkness, and My Glory is arising in you. Take it and receive it. Be that light in the midst of great darkness. Be that love that walks into a room because I am with you. Be that love that walks into a store. Be that peace. Be that rest. Be those things that I have called you to be in this time. 

You need to get rid of strife, bitterness, and unforgiveness in your life, and stop waging war against one another. Families need to unite. Churches need to unite. Things are coming—things that I have said are unprecedented, unusual, and unconventional

But ask yourself this question—are you prepared? Are you prepared? Is your household prepared? Are your hearts fully prepared? Are you speaking My Words? Are you in My Word? Are you getting to know Me? When you pray, pray with My Authority. But how can you do that when you don’t know Who I am?   

As these days approach, you are already seeing signs of them. Hatred will grow in the hearts of your enemies. They are growing cold. They are hardening their hearts against Me, and they are hardening their hearts against you, just as Pharoah did right before his destruction, right before his annihilation.  

There are many similarities. Look at what is going on all around the world. I said (there would be) signs of biblical plagues. You can see them everywhere. They will grow, and they will become more obvious. They are not to bring you fear but to show you that I am near, show you not to fear, and show you that your Great Exodus, the greater one, is right here. You are right at it, but will you join Me? Will you walk with Me? Will you see that triumphant victory? Some will, but some will not.   

My United States, many things are coming to your great land. This is why I told you to rise up. Rise up. Children of Almighty God in this land, rise up now. As your enemies rear their ugly heads, and as they rise up, you rise up even louder than them. You show them you have no fear. You show them that you know I am here. You show them. You resist. You make them back up, and you make them back off. As they push you into the corner, you push them back even harder. This is not the time to be wimpy.   

This is not the time to keep your mouth shut. This is the time to shout, shout, shout, shout your enemies out. Do you hear that? Shout your enemies out. Lord, shout them out of what? Shout them out of your body. Shout them out of your mind. Shout them out of your children, out of your family, and out of your marriages. Shout them out of your finances. Shout them out of your land. Shout them out of your government and all their plans

I will remind you once again—if you complain, you remainNo more complaining. Stand up. You see this hatred? You see this division? You see what they are doing against you? Well, rise upGet fed up. This is the time to advance and storm the enemies’ camps.   

Your mind and body will tell you different. (They will tell you to) just back off in a corner, and your enemy won’t bother you. Well, I promise you that you will be affected even more if you do not get upShut your enemy up. Those in My land of Goshen obeyed My command, and that is why none of them were affected. So, obey My commands. Obey these instructions. 

Think of the walls of Jericho, the Tower of Babel, the exodus, the fiery furnace, and Daniel in the lion’s den. Think about all the different ways that I stepped in for My people. I did not fail them. No matter how much the enemies rose up, I never failed. I never lose.   

So again, I say, rise up, My children, rise up. Rise up and take your place with My Authority. There is great confusion in your enemies’ camp. Division is growing. Hatred is growing. Fear is growing in their camp. But the more you rise up, the more you stand up, the more you get up, and the more you shout, the more it intensifies for them.   

You will start seeing more and more things, but for some of you, your eyes may not understand what you are seeing. I told you I was about to do things in this world that no eye has ever seen and no ear has ever heard. So, prepare this day, as I prepare the way for your victory, saith the Lord. 

Barry Wunsch - Release the War Horses! - April 16, 2024

I was taken into the Spirit today onto a massive battle ground. It was early dawn, and light was just starting to glimmer over the land.
As I was taken in closer, I saw an army charging into battle!
The Lord said, “The War Horses have been released!”
As I was taken over the battlefield there were warriors on the strongest war horses you have ever seen!
As the charged ahead into the battle they were raising a dust storm that glowed in the glimmering light of the rising Son!
They were at a full gallop rushing in to do The Lords bidding!
Victory was soon to be at hand!
They were resolved and knew what they were called to do!
They were fierce!
They were fully resolved to take care of business!
With the Lord of Hosts overshadowing them there was nothing that was going to stand in the way of conquering and taking out the enemy!
The Lords army was immense and went as far as my eye could see!
They were riding as tight as they could, shoulder to shoulder, front to back.
The warriors were dressed in helmets, shields, bows, arrows, spears in hand and battleaxes on their backs.
They were fearless and would not be stopped!
I knew by the Spirit that they outnumbered the enemy 100 to 1!
He spoke to me clearly:
Thus says the Lord” I am not a dead God! I am not a God that sits idlily by unaware or indifferent to what is going on!
I am the Lord of Hosts and I have all authority and power over every principality, power and demonic spirit that is against you, and they shall be taken out!
Your eyes cannot see all that I am doing upon the earth!
You do not have understanding of what I am releasing in this hour.
It is the hour and it is the time for the release of the war horses!
It is the hour and the time to release the angelic hosts and the end time army to battle!
The Nations are being shaken!
The mountains are being shaken!
You have not seen anything yet!
It is I who created the Cosmos! It is mine, and all therein!
My plans and purposes shall not be stopped!
There is a great awakening upon you, and it is coming in a way you did not expect!
The heat is on, and it is only going to get hotter!
Those who have mocked me are in for a surprise!
Those who have ran from me shall call on my name!
They will cry like babies.
I shall wrap my strong loving and secure arms around my people and will protect them, provide for them and I will not let them go!
Do not let your heart be troubled for I am with you, and I will be with you through it all and until the end!
Holy is the word of the Lord

Veronik West - Signs! Signs! Signs! Prophetic Word Confirms Nation Out of Time!- April 25, 2024

I quote :

“BIG BEN; The hourly strikes of the bells were also paused and will resume at midday (12) ….

They too reportedly malfunctioned by ‘performing 11 chimes’ at 10am.

The quirk has occurred despite the fact that the clock, tower and bells were refurbished in 2022…. [11+11=22] !

The timepiece in the structure was frozen at ‘9am until gone 10am then Chimes 11 times’ — and at the same time it’s Reported that…

— Five Household Cavalry horses have run loose in Central London, prompted social media users to say that it is the ‘end of days’.”

Prophetic Note;

BIG BEN Freezes at 9 a.m. — It strikes Chimes 11 Times … at 10 a.m.!

See Link for pictures :

See HKP Word for 9 : A Stitch in Times Saves 9

11 — This Will be a Sign that The Nation has entered into the 11th hour!

I quote :

“I hear The Spirit say, “This Nation has been out of time, out of tune and out of step with My Spirit.


Listen! For the silence and the stillness in The Realm of The Spirit that has been over this land shall suddenly be broken.

I say, look to Big Ben! Yes! For the chiming of Big Ben will be heard and will herald a Changing of The Guard, and this shall be a sign that the Nation is now entered into the 11th hour.”

For more see HKP Word : Prophetic Word for The United Kingdom of Great Britain

Prophetic Word given on same Day 24th/12 : = 24: 12+12= 24

I hear The Spirit say, “This Nation has been out of time, out of tune and out of step with My Spirit.

Watch, as a supernatural resetting of the times and seasons begins to take place over the four Nations of this land.

Yes! For Satan has sought to alter the times and seasons, but Watch and Pray, for My Desire is to bring the four back into the sheep fold.

Watch, as My Hand of Justice and Judgement will begin to move strategically and with surgical precision in the days ahead, to bring an unblocking to the four chambers of the sick and diseased heart of this Nation, for surely I tell you, My Spirit is moving to bring a Divine Reconstruction and a Reconfiguration within the heart of the four Nations that has beat out of time and out of rhythm with My Heart for this land.

Watch, as I bring to birth a new Kingdom Movement in this Nation!

Listen! For I say to you, it’s time! It’s time! It’s time for a time of Silence, Separation and even a time of Isolation has not been in vain — but has been for the purpose of Purification unto Transformation.

Listen! For the silence and the stillness in The Realm of The Spirit that has been over this land shall suddenly be broken.

I say, look to Big Ben! Yes! For the chiming of Big Ben will be heard and will herald a Changing of The Guard, and this shall be a sign that the Nation is now entered into the 11th hour.

For a Nation that has moved out of My Divine Time is now being Realigned, Reordered and Remantled — for a great Awakening and Reformation Movement is now beginning!”

Julie Green - THIS IS THE TIME OF ADVANCEMENT - April 24, 2024

I, Lord, this day am telling My children that this is the time of advancement—the time to move forward and not stay where you are, the time to break loose from the chains that held you and the prisons your adversaries kept you in. This is the time to trust in Me and not yourselves. This is the time to build up your faith in Me like never before because you will need it like never before

This is the time to receive strength and peace from Me, to receive My wisdom on how to handle every situation. Do you remember how I asked you to include Me in your lives? I am already there with you. You just need to acknowledge that I am and then receive Me, My love, My protection, and My restoration. 

My Will for all My children is that they receive all that I have for them and live the life I want them to live. It is time to break free from the chains of slavery. It is time to stop living under the bondage and control of your enemies. Your enemies’ days are numbered, but as they fall and receive their judgment and defeat, they will try to take anyone they can with them. Do not give in to them. They are powerless against Me, and I am in you. 

The way things are about to look and feel will attempt to drag you along with your enemies’ hopelessness and despair. My children, stop leaning on your five physical senses, and lean on Me. I will give you rest as the world is filled with unrest. I will turn your mourning into joy. Take Me seriously. Take My Word seriously—I am all you need. Stop living your lives as mere human beings because you are not. You are children of the Most High God. I will never fail. I never lose. And I created everything. 

Now is the time for My Glory, but will I find faith to receive it? Will I find My children expecting, decreeing, declaring, and trusting in it? Will I find My light shining through you in such great darkness? Will I find you trusting in Me and resisting your enemy?  

Now is the time to advance in My presence. It is time to advance in your knowledge of My Word. It is time to advance and receive My strength. It is time to advance and take back what is yours—all that I have for you; it does not belong to your adversary or his army. It belongs to My children and My Army. It is time to advance in this knowledge. It is time to storm the enemies’ camp and plunder all they have. 

You ask, “Lord, how do we do that?” You do this with Me—saying what I tell you to say and doing what I tell you to do. It is time to obey, My children. It is time to move. It is time to shout. It is time to celebrate, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Patricia Green - Before and After Passover 2024 - April 23, 2024

So father God said child the reason this Passover is so significant is because the year of this Passover is marked for extraordinary things to happen. It is marked in my book, says the Lord whose name is Yah. And yes I do have a book and more than one. The Bible is a book I have given man to live by but I am not refer referring to the Bible in this case I have many books in heaven as you have seen some in the record room in heaven my child. I also have books that are just mine with things in it that only I know, says father God. We see that in Mark 13:32 but of that day and hour no one knows not even the angels in Heaven nor the son but only the father. Father says you may say but why does the God of the universe need books when he knows all things he hears all things and knows the beginning to the end of all things. I’ll tell you why, because I like books. I enjoy creating them, distributing them, sealing them up, and reading them and yes I do read, says father God.

So I want to share a couple of scriptures with you that shows that there are books created by father and some of those books are given to people on Earth. Um and some of them um when he gives them he says okay now seal it up um in re Revelation 10: 8 to10 I went to the angel and said to him give me the little book. And he said to me take and eat it and it will make your stomach bitter, but it will be as sweet as honey in your mouth. Then I took the little book out of the Angel’s hand and ate it and it was as sweet as honey in my mouth. But when I had eaten it my stomach became bitter, and he said to me, you must prophesy again about many peoples Nations and tongues and kings in Daniel 12:4. It says but you Daniel shut up the words and seal the book until the time of the end many shall run to and fro and the knowledge shall increase so let’s get back to the importance of the Passover.

Father God said said this Passover will be a marker as such that there will be a before, Passover and an after Passover. In the years to come people will remember what it was like before this Passover, and they will see from whence they have come. Out of the darkness of slavery bondage, sickness, lack, distress, shame, anguish, fear, depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide. This was before the Passover and into the light of Yahushua where the captives have been set free and the slave masters removed this is after the Passover. You see this Passover is a marker in my book says father Yah.

All of those sealed in the blood of my son Yahushua will not fear the terror by day nor the arrow that flies by Night. A thousand may fall at your side and 10,000 at your right hand but it shall not come near you only with your eyes will you see the reward of the wicked. Father God said, this Passover is a dividing line, a before and an after. Now he was speaking to me when he was he said this, he said your trip to the Netherlands is on the after side of this dividing line. I am sending you there as my anointed one to break the work of the enemy’s hold on this Nation key people will get saved who will impact their nation in amazing ways. Now you see why the enemy has so strongly attacked you to keep you from claiming spiritual land for my kingdom.

That is why no he says Then father God said Revival is about to break out in many places World Wide after this Passover. The enemy has tried to stop it but I have him on a short leash right now and he knows how far he can go before I yank that leash. Satan wants people to think that he is powerful. But it is all a smoke and mirror illusion, says father. If Satan can get people to agree with his plans on Earth then his plans come to fruition. That is why I want my children to come into an agreement with my plans on Earth. So my plans crush the plans of Satan. If my people only knew the power of agreement. Then they would come together and agree instead of this infighting, says father.

Matthew 18: 19 and 20 again I say to you that if two of you agree on Earth concerning anything that they ask it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name ,I am there in the midst of them. Father continued he said, oh my children agree with my plans. And so then he began to list these plans that he wants us to agree with and I want to share them with you. Number one we need to agree for the Salvation of all of our family and loved ones. Number two for the Gospel to be preached all over the world.Number three for the system of wealth to be what I have ordained and that is the Quantum Financial system backed by Gold, Silver, and natural resources. This will bring freedom. Number four, for love and joy and peace to permeate my children so that no matter what they face they will know all is well for evil number five. For evil to be judged in a way that s surpasses any time in history except for the flood.

Father said you must hate evil and cling to righteousness for righteousness will be your safety net, and your lifeboat. Father continued and he said if you can agree on these five things then they will come to pass on this Earth for my kingdom. And the kingdom of darkness will be swallowed up just like Kora and his followers were swallowed up when I opened the Earth and they went into the depths of shol alive. And we see that and I want to read just real briefly in numbers uh 16: 31-33. Now it came to pass as he finished speaking, as Moses finished speaking, all of these words that the ground split under them and the Earth opened its mouth and swallowed them up with their households and all the men with Kora and with all their goods. So they and all those with them went down alive into the pit. The Earth closed over them and they perished from among the assembly. Then father concluded the message and he said, he who has an ear let him hear what the spirit is saying to the churches. Halleluja!

Julie Green - A GREAT SHAKING IS COMING TO YOUR LEADERS IN WASHINGTON (Second Prophecy) - April 26, 2024

It is time for DC to fall, for their reign to end, for their lies to end, and for their power to be annihilated. A great shaking is coming to your leaders in Washington for all the bills they passed, all the ways they violated your constitution, all the ways they committed crimes and covered them up, all the ways they murdered and then blamed others, and all the ways they committed treason, thinking they would never get caught.

Julie Green - THIS IS THE TIME OF ADVANCEMENT First Prophecy) - April 24, 2024

I, Lord, this day am telling My children that this is the time of advancement—the time to move forward and not stay where you are, the time to break loose from the chains that held you and the prisons your adversaries kept you in. This is the time to trust in Me and not yourselves. This is the time to build up your faith in Me like never before because you will need it like never before.

Julie Green - AN ATTACK IS COMING TO YOUR LAND - April 15, 2024

I, the Lord, have been telling you, My children, to prepare for this battle, this war. It is not just a physical war. It is also a spiritual war where your enemies will try to overwhelm you with darkness and despair. You now see things happening around the world that I told you about in My Written Word. I said wars and rumors of war. I said these things. 

Do you see what they have done to Israel? Do you see what they have tried? And do you see how I protected them, how I will always protect My land? I will always protect My people. No matter the number of rockets or the plan of attack, I will always protect My chosen people. My children, you are looking there, and I have told you to always pray for the peace of Jerusalem, which is true. You keep praying for peace in My Nation because as you pray for them, you are sowing seeds of protection for your own nation. 

Well, My United States, this attack was not just against them, Israel. This attack is against you as well. An attack is coming to your land, against your Nation, from Iran, Afghanistan, and China. An attack is coming, and it will look like it is coming from foreign nations, foreign lands, and yes, they are being used, but your attack, oh United States, is coming from within. It is coming from your leaders, your government, the ones who say they protect you, those who say they are in control. 

They financially paid for it. They paid your enemies to do what they are about to do to your land. I will show you how they used your borders. I will show you how they got in, not only into your Nation but also into your government, your court system, and everywhere. 

I told you, My United States, you would shake in this time. I told you, My United States, there would be an attack that is meant to bring this Nation to its knees, to bring My people into great darkness and fear. Some will cry out, and some will shout that God has lifted His hand and is no longer protecting this land because of the evil from within. But, My children, I am telling you this is the farthest thing from the truth. I will always protect My land. 

There are certain things your enemies will do, but it is not for you. It is for their demise, their annihilation. They will do things, yes, as a distraction. They will try things in your malls, at your large events, in your sky, on your land, and in your streets. And you know why they are doing these things as distractions—because things are coming to pass, and truths are about to be told. 

They are petrified that you will listen. They are petrified that you know the facts, these truths. I told you these are the days of whistleblowers. They are coming. I have an army coming, coming to show you truth, coming to show you proof, and your enemies are trying every which way to stop this from coming to pass. 

But I tell you that no matter what you see, know that I have not lifted My hand from this land. I told you the United States would shake civilly, economically, naturally, and politically. So as these things shake, know that I will not stop protecting this country because this Nation is protected by Me, and it is one Nation under God, no matter how many times your enemies have wanted to rip Me away or have tried to turn this Nation away from My presence and My power. They do not have that kind of control. They do not have that type of power over My land or My people. 

So, remember these Words this day, My children. Get them down in your hearts because I am here to stay. I am here in your Nation, protecting you from what is about to come. I am allowing certain things to take place so that all eyes are on Me and not your enemy. 

So, in this time, when it looks like there is chaos, destruction, and even war in your Nation, (remember) they will never, never, never have their plan. This is My land, and they will soon see this. But, My children, I am letting you see this. 

Do you see what I had to allow in the land of Egypt? Do you see what I had to allow in order for them to see the Red Sea? I had to allow the enemy to come. I had to allow them to come, and it looked like My children were in a trap. I had to allow it for them to see My power, for them to see I was on their side, and that no matter what type of impossible-looking situation there was or if they were surrounded, they were protected by Me, that I was their way out

My children, I am your way out. You may be surrounded. You may see things that are uncomfortable, dark, or chaotic. You may see things that will shake you to a degree you have never seen before. But don’t you believe? Don’t you believe Me—that I am allowing this shaking to wake you up, not for your destruction, but to get you up and make you stronger in this time? Your enemies are trying to use this to kill you, break you, and overwhelm you, but the opposite will take place. 

My Glory, My Glory will spread throughout this Nation. My Glory will heal this land even though it looks like this Nation will be brought down to its knees, never to rise again. You will see Me like never before. You will see this Nation rise like never before. You will see My Glory in this land like never before. You will see revival in this Nation like never before. 

This is the time for My awakening, not their time of war or their control. You will see much death, but that is not for you. You will see things shake, but that is not for you. And you will see things fall, but that is not for you. 

What is for you is for you to see Me and know that I am still the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, that I am still the God Who loves and saves His people when they cry out to Me in prayer, use My Written Words, and believe and receive them. I will show you that I am faithful to perform My Word. I will show you that I have never left you nor forsaken you. 

A great darkness is coming that will be felt. A great darkness is coming that you will feel. Your enemies will use this to try to overwhelm you and overtake you. 

But hold on to Me. Hold on to Me because what they mean to break you and overwhelm you, I am going to use to break you out, break you forth, and break you through into your victory, into a strength you have never known, into a Glory you have never experienced. 

And if you fall during this time, remember Who I am to pick you back up whenever you fall. I am always there. Whenever you cry, I hold your tears in the palm of My hand. I told you that if you cry out to Me, I will heal your land.   

So, My children, in this time, buckle up, buckle in, and remember that your enemies cannot win, saith the Lord.   


I, the Lord, this day am telling you, My children, to watch your enemies struggle. Watch their desperation grow. Watch their destruction. Watch how prideful and arrogant they will appear in their actions to destroy your food supply, freedoms, economy, and peace in this world and your nations. 

Watch as they try to bring terrorist attacks to cause much fear to your nations. Watch as they try to start wars all over the world. But they will come to nothing. 

It looks like they made plans against My Israel, but remember what I told you. I have dragged them by their mouths down to My Nation. It was a trap to destroy Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, and ISIS. 

They have tried to raise up silent terrorist cells in this Nation, but these cells will not be able to do the damage against you that was originally planned. I have allowed certain things, My children, to prove to the world that the Washington establishment has been playing both sides. They were “helping” Israel but funding Iran at the same time. They paid Iran to attack your Nation. 

Your enemies are in your own land. They want to bring war to stop this election and cripple the Nation. They will stop at nothing. They will signal to the foreign lands that it is time to attack, time to awaken the cells already here to attack internally. What you have seen so far has been slow, but now they will try to put their plans into hyperdrive because there have already been other attempts to steal another election and this nation, but they haven’t worked like before. So, hold on as the economy crashes, as viruses break out, as shootings occur more and more at large events, and as chaos erupts in the streets. Uncertainty will also grow in the hearts of many. But I tell you, My children, your enemies will never succeed in what they’ve planned against you.   

A shock will come from Mexico. Explosive proof is coming to show you how Mexico is being paid to allow these terrorists through their nation for access into your country. Your government has guaranteed Mexico that those terrorists would not target them or stay in their land but would come to the United States. 

Many secrets at your southern border are about to be exposed in a major way. 

The FBI, the CIA, and the establishment are all a part of helping the invasion of your country to stop My David and destroy America from within

My children, war has started in your land at the hands of the ones who supposedly run your Nation. But I will expose all treason, all plots, and all attempts to take down this country. 

I have infiltrators in your FBI, the CIA, the White House, Congress, the Senate, the Supreme Court, and all around the border. There is nowhere I cannot see, and there is no place your enemies are safe from Me. 

My United States: Hezbollah is in your Nation. Hamas is in your Nation. ISIS is in your Nation. Terrorists from China are in your Nation. 

Many enemies are already here (waiting) to bring destruction, but My traps have been set, and they will never get war or chaos to the degree they want. They will never be able to murder the number of people they want to murder or sabotage all those they want to sabotage. They will not get the economic collapse they want nor the number of deaths from viruses that they want. They will not get control of the world as they want or the degree of fear in people that they want because I am here. I am in the way, and I am here to stay, saith the Lord. 

Obama: your days of destroying My Nation or even having it under your chokehold are numbered. I will soon show the world how you brought your buddies here to destroy this country and how the puppet in the White House has been controlled, blackmailed, and manipulated by you. Your puppet will not be your puppet much longer. The strings have been cut, and things will continue to backfire on you. Your puppet will take a fall that he will not recover from, and you will not be able to replace him with another

Obama: your demonic control over this Nation, its capital, and its people is finished. Your days are short just as they were for Pharaoh when he controlled My people in Egypt. When people on your side are caught in their acts of attacks, they will sing like canaries. They will tell who paid them and about the plot to bring down this Nation. I have My people all around this Nation that you did not see, nor did you know they were with Me (working) to stop you. 

Obama: this is not your country. It is not under your control. You do not have power over it, and you do not have control over My people. I will show you that I am the Most High God. Obama, your reign over this Nation is through, and so is everyone with you. I will show you that I am the One Who is in control. I will show you that this is My Nation and not yours, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

To those on My side, it may look like they have no chance to recover or win, but I am about to show this Nation just how big I really am. To My children who are fighting this fight and seeing the darkness, the evil, and the corruption firsthand, things may appear overwhelming and impossible to overcome, and it is without Me. But I am on your side, and you will not lose. This Nation will not fall. I have put you in places and positions to help take back this Nation. So go forward. Keep fighting. Keep pushing through because I have you, and I do not lose, saith the Lord of Hosts.    

Whiplash: this word will be in your news for a shocking reason. 

Another train derailment is about to take place. I will show you that this was no accident, and I will show you who did it and why. Things are heating up, but so is the uncovering of all their plans

Proof is coming, explosive proof concerning your airplanes and how they have been sabotaged to cause death and chaos in your skies so that no one flies. They are trying to stop you from traveling and moving around. They want you to have less freedom while living more in fear. Listen to the FAA as they say it is not safe to be in the air. Watch them say terrorism. Listen to this and know that this is their plan to keep you where you are

To My United States: something is about to happen in the skies above you that is meant to destroy you. I will allow you to see this, but I will not allow them to have what they want. So do not look up in fear at what you are about to see. Look up to Me, and I will give you peace. 

Unusual weather is about to increase in this Nation and around the world. It is being manipulated to cause more chaos and damage. More whistleblowers are coming to show you what your governments have done against you, but they will not get away with it

My children, it is all coming to an explosive place. But remember, you have Me, and I am all you need. You will come through all this with My Glory, My protection, and My direction. You will have glorious and unprecedented victories. Things that you never thought could take place will. 

Things that you have never seen before will be seen. It is all about to come to an end. So, rejoice. The Great I AM is here, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Patty Teichroew - April 2024

Julie Green - AN OVERTURNING IS ABOUT TO TAKE PLACE - April 11, 2024

These are the days of Haman. You are about to see who all the Hamans are. I am about to point them out and expose them for who they are, no matter what mask they have worn or how hidden they have been. The Hamans are about to be exposed and judged for the world to see. They will reap destruction because they have sown corruption. 

Days of Haman? Yes. Days of judgment? Yes. Days of justice? Yes. Days of freedom from the Hamans and all their plans are coming. Haman never got the destruction or the murder of My people as he wanted, and neither will the Hamans of today. 

An overturning is occurring in your Nation in a mighty way—an overthrowing of every Haman, pharaoh, leader, politician, judge, lawyer, church leader, or any person against Me—they will be overthrown and brought to nothing before your very eyes, just like what happened in the Red Sea. 

Nothing will stop My hand from destroying their corruption, plans, power, corporations, court systems, or government. They are nothing against Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

My children, trust Me and not what you are about to see. Do not be distracted by your enemies. Do not listen to their words, their “solutions,” or the fear they are about to spread upon this Earth. Do not fear. I am here. I am still on the throne. I still cut off and bring your enemies to nothing

My children, natural disasters will come and strike your lands in unusual ways. The financial system is about to break. No matter what your enemies try to plan or what they throw at it to stop it, it will not be big enough. I am tearing it apart, and this system will not be brought back like this again. 

It is not time for the beast system to rise. It is not time for the rulers of the world to destroy most of what you see or the lives of so many people. It is not that time. Have I not made Myself clear? It is not yet tribulation time. No matter how badly your enemies want their system or power over the world, it will not change that this is My time and not theirs. 

Stop the fear. The globalist’s time is not now. Your nations will not fall to their power at this time because you, My children, are still here. You are not appointed to the wrath that will come upon this Earth during that time. 

This judgment is to shake the nations back to Me and away from tyranny, lies, and corruption. Stay focused on Me. I say this again because corruption will look like it is out of hand. It will look like it is winning, but that is the opposite of what is about to take place. So, stand and fight because it is time for victory. That is your future in Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Cataclysmic: this word will be in your news for a shocking reason. 

Stalemate: this phrase will be in your news for an unusual reason. 

A monument in your Nation is about to be struck and brought to nothing. This will be symbolic because that control, that power, and all who have tried to bring this Nation down, will be brought down themselves. 

Oysters: this word will be in your news for a shocking reason. 

Contamination: this word will also be in the news. The sabotage of your food supply will grow, and more and more whistleblowers will come forward. Do not worry about what they have put in your food. It will be reversed, and your bodies will be restored. I am your healer. So, trust Me; trust that I am protecting you and restoring your bodies and your lives from what they used to damage you. 

Corruption and deception are about to be uncovered in unprecedented ways, oh United States. Brace for what is coming that the enemies are using to destroy you. I am turning it to restore your Nation. I am cleaning house in your government, court system, financial system, education system, corporate world, and entertainment industry. All of it will be reset and restored. So, remain at rest. I am in control, not a man, leader, or any government. 

Stand your ground because the Great I AM is about to be seen by the world with a great deliverance, a great reset, and the greatest restoration ever experienced, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - It's Time Prophecy - April 3, 2024

“Prophet write: There is no end to the evil that those who are of the evil one won’t try. Kill, steal, and destroy are in full view for everyone to see at this point. Only those who are asleep or under the influence of Satan are not seeing it; or they are participants in the evil. These are in serious jeopardy now because in either case, they do not have My Spirit.

The Prophets, and indeed all of those who hear My voice, have been looking for an event. Yes, the event that I Am planning to do. All have thought that it would be very soon, and indeed have been in prayer that I would move and put an end to the evil that has come against My anointed; the evil that has come across the borders; yes, the tampering with EVERYTHING good, attempting to thwart the will of My sons and daughters.

I Am has decided this is the time. This is the season in which I Am making My move – playing the Trump card! Watch now as things become predictable even for those without My Spirit. Every plan of your enemy will fail quickly. No sooner will you exclaim, “Oh no, not again” and the failure will happen. It will be uncanny for most people who see it, but those who fear the Word of the Lord will be smiling from ear to ear!

When there are plans to interfere with the election, they will be found out before they can make a difference. When a black swan event is planned or done, those who did it or planned it will be found out so quickly that they will think they have been infiltrated. All of their plans, plots, and actions will be found out and exposed so quickly, the bad actors will be in fear to move.

The countries who are and have been supporting this evil will also see inexplicable things happening to their efforts at home and abroad. Rockets will fail. Equipment will become unusable. Weapon systems that had been very reliable will simply stop working. Repair and maintenance will become seemingly impossible. Where to start when everything is breaking will be a nightmare for them.

The plans of darkness will be turned back on those who planned them. And all the while, the righteous will enjoy a great time laughing and being entertained by an inept enemy!

The riches of darkness will begin to flow to the light too. Everything your enemies touch will fall apart in their hands. And meanwhile, everything those who are of the light touch will turn into gold! Not only monetary blessings, but My wisdom will fall upon those who fear Me as the wisdom of this world is brought low.

Some have said, “Butter the popcorn!” But I Am saying, Let’s get to work making fools of those who stand against Me! And let’s have a laugh or two at their expense! Amen and amen, says the LORD!”

Julie Green - YOUR NATION IS UNDER ATTACK - April 10, 2024

My children in My United States, your Nation is under fire. Your freedoms are under fire and constant attack. Your children’s minds, faith, and lifestyles are under attack. Your churches have been infiltrated. Much deception and religious tradition have come out of the churches instead of My power, My glory, and the preaching and teaching of My true Written Word and what it means. 

Your economy is under attack. Your food supply is under siege. Truth has been suppressed and hidden to a degree no one knew was possible. 

My children, your minds and thoughts have been manipulated to lead away from the truth. Much confusion has grown in My children because they believe what they see more than they believe My Words and what I have to say about their circumstances. 

Society has been under constant attacks. Your judicial system is overrun by tyrants, criminals, liars, and unjust judges. Your elections are not really elections. They are “selections” by the global elite. 

My children, do you see why there are shakings? Do you see why I have allowed these things to be seen—why I am bringing all the darkness into the light? Because this is the only way to bring you back, bring you out, and deliver you from the hands of these criminals. 

More is coming—more on the horizon of change and more on the horizon of truth—which will shake this Earth like never before. Plagues are coming because judgments are coming to My land and nations to flush out the ones against you. They want to put you in a desperate place you have never known so that you will concede to their power once and for all. But desperation and fear will grow in them because of the judgments that are about to rain down on your government and your states. 

Leaders worldwide who are against Me are being removed. I have continually told you this, My children, to warn you that things will be unpleasant around the world, it will appear like. But this is all to bring down worldwide corruption, their Ponzi schemes, the global government, and these global tyrants. 

Something big is coming. Yes, evidence is coming that will cause your enemies to become enraged because of the fear that is hitting them because truth has destroyed their plans and is crumbling their foundation of lies and their manipulation to control the world. 

A seizure of properties, bank accounts, businesses, and corruption is coming. I am freezing their accounts and depleting them of their resources to make it even harder for them to plan and further their worldwide agenda. 

The more damage they suffer, the angrier they will become, and the more challenging your lives may appear to be. But pay attention to the plagues of Egypt and see the similarities that are about to be poured out in front of you—things that no one who knows Me and My Written Words can deny. 

A great exodus is coming. Great deliverance will be experienced. Great removals will be celebrated. Freedom, finances, healing, and restoration will be enjoyed. 

My children, you are under My protection. You are My chosen generations who will see what no eye has ever seen, hear what no ear has ever heard, and experience My Glory like no one before ever has. My children I am directing, protecting, and delivering you. Never surrender because your enemies are about to do that. Their defeat is coming for the world to see and celebrate. 

Stand on My Words and stand by Me, and you will see your ultimate victory, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Julie Green - - April 5, 2024

Hollywood has fallen …

Wall Street has collapsed …

Big banks has fallen …

Corporate America has fallen …

Mainstream media as fallen …

Secrete societies have fallen with all their power and control they have over you. ….

The Washington establishment has fallen …. Your enemies have continued to talk about the Great Reset. But mine will soon take place.

Big pharma as fallen. I will show you what they put in your medication …

The education system has fallen and I will replace it with one that should have been in this nation. …

A Great Awakening is on the horizon. …

My children, I have been preparing your hearts. I have been giving you greater wisdom, knowledge, and understanding concerning what is going on. I have shown you and told you about the things to come so that none of this takes you by surprise

Widespread damage, catastrophes, fear, and confusion—your enemies will try anything to get your hearts and minds off Me and the truth that is setting you free. 

My children, again, I say I have prepared you for this. I have hand-picked you, equipped you, anointed you, and let you in on what your enemies are doing so that you know I am your way out and that I am delivering you from all of this mess. I am your answer, not them, not man, not your government, not anything else. I am what you need. I am all you need to get out of this mess, to restore your life, strength, health, joy, peace, hope, freedoms, nations, and children, everything that was stolen, and to give you the wealth of the wicked. I am giving it all back so that you may live the lives you were meant to live on this Earth, not just a version of it, and not how your enemy means for you to live. 

Change is coming. You will not totally understand how this change will play out, but I need you to remember that you do not need to know all the details for Me to move. You just need to know that I can and that I will do all these things I have spoken of in My Written Word and all these things I have been prophesying about—that no matter what this world looks like or what course it’s taking, I am your everything, saith the Lord. 

Hollywood has fallen: this phrase will be in your news everywhere once this happens. Their power, control, and criminal acts are being judged, and the entire industry, as you know it, has fallen, never to rise to power again. Countless pieces of evidence will explode everywhere, and people will fall for the crimes they committed against the children and this Nation. You will see that Hollywood, as you know it, is not the Hollywood that has actually been. Every secret is coming out like a flood, and nothing will be able to stop the collapse of the entertainment industry. It is all coming to an end, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Wall Street has collapsed: you will also hear this phrase and see the fall of Wall Street and all who have been controlling the money, the markets, and the economy to enslave and hold people hostage with their system. Wall Street has fallen never to regain its strength, power, or control over this Nation, My children, or the world. The time is coming for it to be completely annihilated. 

Big banks have fallen. The corrupt banking system, the fake interest rates, and every evil crime they committed will be revealed. The banking system and all these big banks will fall just like the walls of Jericho, and it is coming faster than you realize. All of them will soon be wiped out, as will the damage they caused you financially

Corporate America has fallen: this will also be reported in your news—how Corporate America built an empire in this Nation for them to rise while they enslaved and controlled you, My children. CEOs will fall. Businesses will collapse. They thought they were “too big to fail,” but they do not know how big I am. Soon they will know they are not bigger than Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Mainstream media has fallen. Oh yes, all those news agencies will crumble to the ground as if they never existed. They are answering for the lies they told, the crimes they committed, and the damage they caused to this great Nation. They are through. Their narrative is through. Their power is through and so is the control they had over the airwaves

The secret societies have fallen, including all the power and control they had over you. Their resources and power will be stripped away, just like you saw in the book of Exodus. No society, no empire, and no country is bigger than Me. Their power is nothing against Me, and soon, the world will know that I crush all enemies that go against Me. They will all be wiped out, and they will see that any power they thought they could use against you or Me is nothing. 

The Washington establishment has fallen: this will be in your news. You will see how deep, dark, and evil the establishment was and how much control they had over not only this nation but many worldwide. I will show you everyone who was involved. There will be a mass exodus from those positions and the capital. A total reset will take place in your government, oh, United States. Your enemies have continued to talk about their reset, but soon Mine will take place for the world to see—that could only have been done by Me, saith the Lord. 

Big Pharma has fallen. I will show what they put in your medications. I will prove that I am your healer and not them. I will restore what they used against you and stole from you. I am restoring your bodies as if they were never damaged at all. I am making you completely whole. This is why Jesus suffered and died—so you would not suffer at the hands of your enemies. That is finished, and so are your enemies’ plans against you. 

The education system has fallen, and I am replacing it with one that should have already been in this Nation, one that your enemy stole from you. Not only am I restoring the education system, but I am also restoring your children as though your enemies’ influence and power over them never existed. 

A great awakening, a greater Jesus revolution is on your horizon. My Glory will be poured out, and miracles, signs, and wonders will be experienced to a degree no man has ever seen. So, get prepared for My outpouring, My children, because it is coming, and I want you to experience My power, My love, and My goodness like never before. 

Your enemies want to destroy this Earth and everything good in it, but I am restoring this Earth and pouring out My goodness like never before. So, get ready for Me to flood this Earth with My Glory, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

A lighting strike on the statue of Liberty 4-3-2024, Earthquake 4-5-2024 (The Shaking Begins?)

Patty Teichroew - April 2024

Urgent Terry Bennett & Chris Reed- Timeline for the America - April 3, 2024

The Lord made it very clear to me that what I was seeing was all governmental issues in our nation. That’s what I was told about it there’s other things. But the primary reason for all of this were governmental issues and that was the issue we were looking at. I could see that these and many other extremely important issues had not been rightly nor righteously repaired, but simply like throwing unpacked asphalt into a few of them and leaving them. The effect was basically uh not helping but making things worse. Many of the deeper hoes uh which had not been repaired uh were from systematic long-term problems through I think through several administrations looking to our past. So instead of truly addressing the problems and issues economically, governmentally, spiritually, over recent years we have instead compounded them through mismanagement of resources personal evil agendas within Federal and some State leadership. So uh the Lord told me in all of this. That he said that it was impossible to give proper oversight to this nation of people if the leaders have no personal oversight consequences, nor checks of their actions and behavior in their their personal lives. That’s what the Lord told me about it uh that would go for the church as well. I do believe uh so uh moving forward the pothos had names in the bottoms national debt was the deepest pothole that I saw. We we couldn’t go through it. We had to go around it um but also uh border control banking systems overspending Personal Agenda Injustice rather than Justice um over taxation Foreign Relations foreign dependence for various supply and demand breakdown of offshore uh breakdown and offshore movement of important American Industries Etc were the pothos in the experience. …


My children, watch your waterways. Watch the water surrounding your nation. Your enemies have planned many attacks, but many have already been averted. Some are about to be activated—some by man, but others will be natural. 

I told you to watch and pay close attention to the Ring of Fire; it has been activated. Many things will intensify in that area, causing other things to take place in those waters. In turn, this will reveal things that have been hidden by man that are about to be uncovered

Watch what I do to protect you. There have been many attempts by your enemies that have already failed, and they will continue to fail in their efforts to destroy you, My United States.   

Many are being caught in the act. Traps, traps, traps are going off, and your enemies have gotten stuck in every one of them. So, do not worry about what you are about to see because all you need is Me, saith the Lord. 

Golden Gate Bridge: I will mention this location and bridge again. News will break, and many will shake at what happens to that bridge and location. I told you a great shaking was coming, but now, in some places, people realize the time is closer than they thought

Vollrath: this name will be in your news for a very unusual reason. 

Correspondence: this word will be in your news for a shocking reason. Many explosive exposures are coming. I told you, My children, I have it all. Every e-mail and line of communication from your enemies has been recorded, and it is about to be used against them in a major way. 

Keep your eyes on Paris. Something significant will take place there. Your enemies have their eyes on a location that they plan to attack. Some will allow this to take place for destruction and chaos and as a distraction. 

My children, you need to know that many distractions are coming. So, keep focused on Me, Who I am, and how big I really am. No matter what you see, believe in Me. I am your protection, saith the Lord. 

Oh, United States, your CIA and its narrative are about to crumble. Many things have been covered up. Evidence is coming out to show you the many murders, lies, crimes, and treasonous acts committed against this Nation. This evidence will also show all the presidents and governmental officials involved, all who helped to destroy this Nation, their opponents, or anyone who tried to stop their agendas or power. It will show every setup of anyone who went against their narrative or plans. The CIA took part in either destroying these lives or having them murdered. To further the destruction, they caused confusion and used the word “conspiracy” to throw people off their scent, leading them to many dead ends. Then, people would quit looking their way and look another way, blaming the innocent when they were the guilty ones. Evidence is coming big time, so hold on for what comes out next that will bring great shock to this Nation. 

A big Biden secret is about to be revealed—no more cover-ups, no more hiding, no more changing the narrative. A full force of truth and proof is coming for that White House that no one will be able to stop, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Your enemies are turning on each other more and more. Their plans are backfiring and enraging more people on their own side. The left is receiving more backlash. They will continue to divide and be enraged at their party leaders for the decisions and actions that are being taken or are not being taken. Their so-called leaders will continue to make decisions that will fire up the people in their own camp, setting it ablaze with no way to put out the fires. This is why more distractions and chaos are coming to your states and your Nation. 

The Trojan horse is about to be unleashed against you, but they will not be successful in all they want to carry out because you have Me on your side. This is the hour to wake up, My children, because more shakings are coming to this Nation, and they will continue to intensify. So, hold on closely to My Words, and you will not be shaken. 

Catastrophe: this word will be all over your news because of the next things that are coming against your Nation. This is the time for the great wake-up call for this Nation to fully turn back to Me. 

I told you, My children, this is only being allowed for an awakening. This shaking is destroying your adversaries while at the same time restoring all that has been stolen from you. 

So, hold tight. Praise and worship Me because I am your deliverer, and soon, you will know this for a fact. No one other than Me could have done what I am about to do for you. So, rejoice that the battle is the Lord’s and there is a great victory on the horizon for your Nation, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 


This Nation will be plunged into a darkness it has never known or felt. This great darkness will bring the greatest light and awakening ever experienced in this Nation or the world. This darkness will change this Nation’s course, and it will change the hearts of millions back to Me. 

This darkness is for the judgment against your rulers who have blasphemed Me by their acts, sexual perversion, unjust laws, thievery, and godless ruling and reigning. They have put this Nation on a course of destruction and devastation. This darkness and violent shaking will destroy their power and change everything happening in this great country. 

Evil will no longer be in control. The heart of this Nation will completely turn back to Me. Much confusion is coming to those who refuse to believe and much calamity and devastation to those who are against Me. Much death is coming to the ones who brought much death to the world. 

My children, the hour for the greatest shaking this Nation has ever experienced is here. This political, civil, and severe economic and natural shaking is to break you away from them and save this Nation from total annihilation. 

You are about to see things your eyes and minds will not totally understand. But remember, I gave you these Words and warnings to make you aware and assure you that this judgment is not for you, but rather, for the ones who put My Nation on the course of death. 

I am the life that will bring this country back to where it should have been all along. So, My children, brace your hearts and get your minds fixed on Me. Do not fear or dread what is about to take place. That which is coming will bring a freedom you have never known before and a life you have never lived. 

So, stand strong now. Do not give in, back up, or back off from My Words. This Nation will rise. My Glory will be seen, and a great restoration will take place. I am in control, not your enemies, and the world is about to see that this is true. Great Glory and a great outpouring of My Spirit on all flesh is about to take place. 

So, receive what I have planned for you and see the total demise I have planned for your enemies. Celebrate! Your time of restoration has come, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Amanda Grace - Fault Lines & a Pressure Release - April 1, 2024

Mike Thompson - Jesus Said "Let the Shaking Begin!" - April 1, 2024

March 31st 2024, I heard the voice of God come and give me a word. And he said there have been two declarations released in the United States of America for this day. One declaration by the usurper President Joe Biden, the Ahab of idolatry, who allowed Jezebel to teach and seduce with sexual immorality and the eating of things sacrificed to idols. His Declaration of transgender day of visibility has been heard in the realm that can be shaken. It is a direct challenge to God and to all that is Holy in the church. The second declaration by the Lord of Heaven himself, who conquered hell, and the grave and who lives eternally. He speaks in the realm that is unshakable. Let the shaking begin. Jezebel’s foundations will split and her puppets and prophets will be cast into a sick bed of affliction. And a cry of joy and praise to God shall be heard in the land. Those who were once dead, shall live, and light will break forth again.

I felt in an instant when those words came to me, and I jotted them down as quickly as I could. An infinite anount of of wisdom and understanding that I can’t even give to you right now. But that God is saying on this Resurrection Day, the earthquake is being felt in the spirit. On this Resurrection Day, the earthquake will hit the first and the second Heaven with such course that the rocks will split, and that will death will give up people to life and light. They shall come forward, they shall come out of death. Their grave clothes will be removed, and there will be mass evangelism as millions of people receive Jesus as their Lord and savior. And the shaking from Heaven itself, which is not shakable. But the word from Heaven itself and from the Lord Seated on the throne of righteousness is coming into the Earth, and it is being spoken by the body of Christ. And the effect of it is to shake, change, crumble, split, shift, those things that are shakable.

Those things that are of man. And I felt that the Lord took it very personally it was the father God who was speaking that word to me and contained in it was then the prophecy in the word of Jesus from Heaven being spoken. I’m going to speak that again right, now as a member of the body of Christ and as a prophet of God. This is what the Lord said, and I only quote him. But I quote him in authority. I quote him in speaking it into the spiritual realm I quote him in speaking it to Jezebel to her puppets and her prophets and to all wickedness in this land. Let the shaking begin. Jezebel’s foundations will split and her puppets and Prophets will be cast into the sick bed of Affliction. And a cry of joy and pray prise to God shall be heard in the land and those who were once dead shall live and light will break forth again.


My children, I have warned and warned again and again. I have repeated My warnings. I have repeated My scriptures. I have repeated many Words so you are awake in this time, and so you believe that what I have been saying is going to take place

Judgment is coming. Judgement is coming. Judgement is coming. It is coming to the enemies of Almighty God. One thing you know: I have said I make signs in the heavenlies. Now you will see a sign—this eclipse. Pay attention, My children, because it is no coincidence where it is located. I am warning and telling you, My children, that I am about to do something very unprecedented, unusual, and unconventional. 

It will be as though your enemies did not exist. I am wiping them out of everything they are in, destroying them, bringing them down to the ground, annihilating them, bringing them to zero, blindsiding them with judgments they will partake in, and they will have no idea. 

When I bring these judgments, when they come pouring down, they (your enemies) will have no idea which way to run or which way to turn. Confusion will grow and grow, as will fear. 

My children, I have told you to watch the East Coast of your Nation. Many things are about to take place in the sky and with the weather. So, watch the East Coast of the United States of America for another sign. 

Your enemies have not gotten away with all the damage they have done— to President Trump, your nations, your laws, your children, marriages, or to people’s minds. I am a just God, and I will rain down justice. I will make sure just ice prevails. Vengeance is Mine, and you are about to see My vengeance poured out worldwide, scattering and destroying your enemies trying to rule and reign in this Nation. 

I said in My Word that I bring councils and nations to nothing. I am bringing the Washington establishment to nothing, the globalist regime to nothing, and all their people in government positions to nothing. I will make sure their plans have no effect on you. And they have no clue what I am about to do. 

But, My children, you know. I have told you that I am delivering you. I have told you I am going to settle every cause, every case, everything against your country, your freedoms, and your liberties. I see everything through the Blood of Jesus, what He did, and how He sacrificed for you, and I will uphold that Blood and what it stands for. 

So, remember. Remember to the end because you will see many things before the end of all of this. You will see things that will try to distract you, destroy you, and deceive you into believing none of these things are true. But I am truth. And I am life, and I am bringing it to you. I am bringing you the truth to bring you freedom. 

Something is about to shake in California. Something is about to shake in California, which will shake up Newsome and all the people who have been holding that state in bondage and controlling it. Great destruction is coming to those who think they are in control of that state. 

Watch Texas. Something monumental will come from there. Something great will come out of that state. 

You do not have to wait to celebrate, children of Almighty God. Judgment is coming, judgment that will destroy the power of your enemies. So, start to celebrate because you already have the victory because I am your victory. You already have your freedom because I am your freedom, and I live in you. Shout and rejoice for the healing and restoration of your bodies. You have healing. You are already healed. Your enemy has been trying to steal your healing. But I am your healer, and I live in you. I am your provider. So, regardless of famine, shortages, or anything else that goes on with the economy, who cares? I am Jehovah Jireh. I am your provider. 

Lean not to your own understanding in these days. Lean not to your own understanding. Lean not unto yourselves. Lean unto Me. Press into Me. Press into Me in this time because your enemies are losing, and you are winning. So, keep your heads held high, for I am on your side, and I dwell in you, saith the Lord. 

Steve Cioccolanti - ERROR Eclipses | What No One Told You About APRIL 8th & the apocalyptic SIGN of JONAH - March 26, 2024

Julie Green - THESE ARE THE DAYS OF SABOTAGE - March 28, 2024

My children, these are the days of sabotage. Your enemies are trying to sabotage every part of your life. They are trying to sabotage your Nation. They are trying to sabotage your airlines and planes. They are trying to sabotage the railroads. They are trying to sabotage your economy. And yes, they are trying to sabotage your waterways.   

What you saw the other day was no accident, and I tell you, My children, I will show the proof. I have evidence of what they did. They cannot hide the evidence that is coming- what took place, the architect behind it, and the blueprints showing how and when to do it- all to cause shortages, chaos, and disruption. My children, I will show you who was behind it all. And, yes, it is part of the Washington establishment, the ones in DC. It is them.  

They are sabotaging your Nation. They are destroying your food. They are destroying your medicines. They are destroying your air. They are destroying your water. They are destroying your children and their mindsets. They strategically planned these attacks. 

I told you about a great war. Well, you have been in it, and now is the time for you to fight. It is time for you to fight in My Name, with My Word, with My power, and with My Authority because a time is coming when they will commit more sabotage against you. This was just the start. 

But this is nothing to fear. I am telling you this to give you My Words so they can encourage you, bring you strength, and make you aware of what your enemies are up to. Obviously, they are up to no good. They are doing evil with their schemes, plots, and plans, but I am destroying them all. I have been warning you of this time—the time of the end, the time of shakings, the time of great falls, the time of great evidence, evidence your enemies thought would never come into the spotlight, never be shown, never be revealed.   

The Afghanistan withdrawal: I will show exactly who planned it, exactly what was going on, and what they did against this Nation. I will show you the great and mighty payoff—where all that money is going and where it went. That was an act of war against your country. Do you see it? I will show you the perpetrators, the traitors, and I will reveal to you all the treasonous acts against you.   

Many in your military are about to blow the doors wide open. Treason! My children, treason has been committed on a scale never known before. Treason! I will reveal to you all the traitors and all those who have committed treason against you. And everything they wanted you to forget about, well, I will make sure you hear it because all the secrets they have been hiding will be revealed.   

I told you that shock and awe were coming, and they are. They wanted you to forget about Benghazi. Well, I have not forgotten. I know the architect and the blueprints of that incident. That, too, was a treasonous act committed by your own government. I will show what they did against you, the evidence they tried to hide, and why it took place. 

You will see that nothing has gotten past Me. I have told you for years, My children, to watch the cargo ships. Again, I go back to the one in Baltimore. Do you remember that it was a cargo ship? There was much hidden on that ship and many others in that bay, surrounding it, or near it. I will show you what was in those containers. I will show you what they are trying to hide or disrupt.   

A great shaking is coming, a shaking of traitors, especially the traitors in your country. Whistleblowers are going to come out like never before. They are going to sing like canaries, and there is nothing the enemies can do to stop it because I am protecting them.   

And there are some that your enemies thought, listen very carefully, they thought they killed, but they are actually alive. I am protecting them so your enemies cannot get to them. 

So be aware and be prepared because the more evidence and truth that come out worldwide, the more fires your enemies will have to put out because all their plans are being disrupted. The more chaos that happens in their camps, the more angry, fearful, and desperate they will become. And they are becoming extremely fearful.   

Many attacks have been planned against this country. Many. I will give you a word: trojan horse. And I will show you who is all inside. I will show you who put them there. Let Me be very clear, My children. I already knew your enemies’ plans before they even planned them. I knew what they were going to do and when. I have allowed them to go so far to bring their destruction, not yours. Again, it is for their destruction, not yours. They want you to be in fear because they are in fear. They want to destroy you in every possible way, but they can’t. They want to rip apart this Nation and everything it stands for. They want to destroy the foundation of this Nation. They have been trying for years, but they can’t. They can only go so far; they can’t go any further.   

Watch: a judge, then more judges, are about to be exposed, and many will be disbarred. Whoa to the judges in this Nation who have ruled against truth, justice, or the Constitution of this country, and instead ruled the way they wanted for political reasons. There are many of you, and the days of Haman are here for you. I will expose to the world everything you tried to hide, how you ruled, and who paid you to make those rulings while ignoring truth and evidence. I will show it.   

A rattling is occurring now. A rattling is taking place in your Supreme Court. Their walls are cracking, and they are about to crumble. Do you hear My Words? The highest court in the land has ruled against your Nation because of blackmail or because they were paid off. I will show you the treasonous traitors. Some will be removed. Some will not keep their lives.   

There is a shaking going on in the White House. There is a shaking going on in your White House. You will see it. I am shining the light on a great secret and many secrets that were hidden in deep darkness by the establishment. 

Something will come out about “the Biden” that they can no longer hide. They cannot hide what is inside that house. Do you hear it? They cannot hide what is inside that house.   

Rattling, shaking, explosions, truth, proof, and evidence—it is all coming. It is all coming because I am shining My light on all their darkness and revealing all their secrets. They cannot hide from Me. I am bigger than your enemy.   

So, My children, shout this day. Shout and realize that I am El Elyon. I am the Most High God, and there is nothing and no one bigger than Me. You will see a great and mighty victory. You will see things that no eye has ever seen. You are about to experience something—an amount of My Glory like I have never poured out upon this Earth before.   

I am going to show the world that I am still alive. I am going to show the world that I am still in control. I am going to show the world that I am still the Most High God. And I am going to show the world that I am still the God with Whom nothing is impossible. I am going to show the world. I am going to show the world My love. I am going to show the world My justice and judgment against the enemies of Almighty God. Enemies of Almighty God: your days are numbered, your plans are through, and I am bringing them to nothing. 

So, My children, keep calling them down. Part of your marching orders is to say, declare, and decree your victory every day. Declare it. Declare your victory. Declare your healing. Declare your prosperity. Declare your freedom. Declare it. There is authority in your words because they are words that I am giving you. Speak them, and I will make sure they come to pass.   

So receive it this day, that I am in their way, saith the Lord your Redeemer.   

Patty Teichroew - March - April 2024


My children, do you see your enemies? Do you see this war? Do you understand the battle you are in? This is a battle of good versus evil. Do you know how to win? Do you know how to fight? Do you know how to resist? Do you know how to make your enemies run? Do you know how to stand even when winning feels and looks seemingly impossible? Do you know how you can accomplish all of this? It is (with) Me. I am the key. I am your strength. I give you wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in all things. I am the peace you must have. I am the One providing you with every tool to be victorious. 

I am all you will ever need, and when you realize this, your lives will change forever. Your attitude in this fight will dramatically change because you know the outcome. 

Your enemies have already been defeated, and you are guaranteed to win. So, stand, fight, push back, resist, pray, praise, and worship Me, My children, because it destroys the power of your enemies, saith the Lord. 

My children, I have given you signs. I have given you Prophetic Words. I have given you My Written Word. How much more do you need to see to believe Me and not your enemies? How much more do I have to do to prove I am the Almighty God, that I am delivering you, that I am protecting you, and that I am restoring you? How much more proof do you need? 

The time is coming when you will see all I have warned you about. Then, it will suddenly change. Many things will change right before your eyes that you won’t understand, but remember Who I am. Trust Me. Believe in Me. Stand, fight, and take back all that belongs to you that I have already provided.   

All that you are about to see will not last. So cast your cares upon Me because I care for you, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

The squad is about to be in your news for a significant reason. I am tearing them apart and proving who put them in their positions to destroy this Nation. I will expose the money, the puppet masters, and their plan to destroy Christianity in this Nation. A whistleblower is coming to take them all out. I told you, My children, a mass exodus is coming, and great removals are on the horizon in your Nation, saith the Lord. 

The Fed will have a lot to answer for during the coming weeks as unanswered questions and problems will continue to destroy their narrative. I am proving to this Nation that this organization should never have been. It will soon be brought to nothing. 

Japan: I say this nation will again be in your news for a significant reason. Something that has been hidden there will soon be revealed. Money was given to suppress these hidden secrets forever, to be forgotten. But things are changing. Money is no longer enough to keep this from the world. Explosions and shaking are happening in this nation and all over the world. 

Australia: a great upset is coming to your nation. Your government has brought great unrest and destruction to your country, so I am removing them and giving you someone new. Wake up, Australia, for My grace will be seen. Take this opportunity as a nation and get with Me, saith the Lord. 

Antarctica will be in your news for a shocking reason. The Washington establishment will have to answer for all they have hidden in that location

The offshore bank accounts belonging to many in your government are about to be raided. The money trails will prove all the corruption with many politicians worldwide and how they were paid by China to bring this Nation down for the globalist agenda, with the agreement that they would be taken care of. I will empty their bank accounts, annihilate their plans, and take away even more of their resources so that they cannot pull off the destruction of many nations and bring in the One World Government for their great reset, saith the Lord. 

The FDA is about to take massive hits, one right after another. A whistleblower is coming that will show this Nation what has been allowed into your food. I have warned you about this and your government, My children. They are not using this system to help you. It is being used to harm and destroy you. I have all the proof, and it will tear them apart. 

The UN is also about to be exposed in a major way. Oh, United States, they are your enemy. I will remove them all. They will no longer control your Nation nor be able to continue to destroy it. 

Many changes in your Nation will start to take place, oh, United States. Your fraudulent government will try to take away more freedoms and make you more uncomfortable

Stand up. Rise up. This is not their Nation to take or destroy. I am standing in the way, but you need to use My Authority, which I have given to you, against them. So, resist. Continue to hold on, and you will see My Glory fall, and it will reverse your captivity and heal your land, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Barry Wunsch - We are entering an extremely intense and critical time in history.- March 26, 2024

The Holy Spirit woke me last night at 2:00 am and I was in intercession and travail, with things brewing in my spirit.
I could not get out from under it. I was able to go back to sleep around 6:00 am. When I woke at 8:30 am, I was able to process some of what The Holy Spirit was churning up through the night, and over the past few days.
Respectfully Submitted with fear and trembling,
Barry Wunsch
During the time of Hitler’s uprising, there were 18,000 pastors in Germany.
Out of those 3,000 pastors stood against what he was doing.
Another 3,000 were in favor of what he was doing.
The other 12,000 were silent.
We are in a very similar position here and now as satanic and occultic Marxism ideologies are positioned and actively silencing and taking out anyone who stands in their way.
Please, Church leaders, ministries and believers do not turn a blind eye to what is going on right now.
By not doing anything, saying anything – and letting your fear and passivity rule you, actually puts you on the side of these evil and demonic agendas.
I plead with you to examine your hearts and actions while you still can.
We are entering an extremely intense and critical time in history.
Hear me, within weeks and months things are going to be unfolding on massive scales. NOW is the time to reposition, stand and advance the line for truth justice and righteousness.
I am not fear mongering, I am not talking about conspiracy theories. I am sounding an alarm. We are on high alert.
It is time to wake up, come out from the lies and deception that has put us into passivity.
The Father is about to move in biblical ways and means.
There is a Biblical event coming that is going to change the world forever.
The Father has never lost a battle or ran from a fight. He is not going to now! Nor will He ever!
There is a coming violent uprooting of evil coming. And it will take what it will take to get it done.
The Father is dealing with these demonic powers and principalities and every evil and corrupt structure and platform.
Now is the time to posture yourself with Him as never before.
The choice is yours. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution.
Who are you going to serve?
As for me, and my house I will serve the Lord.
Things you can do to make a difference.
Renew your faith in God.
Walk in and by the Love of God.
Pray and fast. Read the Bible.
Get connected into a good local church body.
Encourage and take care of those around you as best as you can.
If you are in a church aligned with Marxism. Leave.
Know what your children and grandchildren are being taught in school.
Homeschool if possible.
Run for local office, research and support platforms that reflect your personal values.
Know your elected officials, attend and speak truth where possible.
Support platforms and organizations that are standing for truth.
Share with family, friends and colleagues about what is going on.
Share truth on social media


My children, I am reminding you today of what your enemies want. They want death to your freedoms and total annihilation of your families. They want you broke, fearful, desperate, confused, and relying on them so you don’t dare resist or fight back. They want My United States, My Israel, every nation, and every human being under their demonic control. They want you as their slaves, doing what they want, building empires for their lavish lifestyles. 

My children, if you do not fight and stand, then what will you be left with? You are left with destruction and chaos even greater than you see now. And this will be nothing compared to the hell on Earth you will experience during the tribulation. This is just a foreshadowing of how the globalists plan to take over most of the people and then rock them into a sleep of deception to rule the nations. But there will always be people wanting and yearning for the freedoms I have put in their hearts. 

My children, you need to charge the enemy with force and My Word and know you can never back off or back down to tyranny or any type of evil. 

Be My Joshuas and Calebs. Be My Davids. Be My Shadracks, Meshachs, and Abednegos. None of them backed off in the face of death or what looked like their ultimate defeat. It wasn’t that they didn’t reason their situation out; they trusted in Me and resisted with My power and My Authority, which I have given to all of you in this time. 

Do you trust Me and that I am your way out of all this? I will not let you down, and I will not fail you. So, stand strong. You will need to be strong in these coming days. I am your strength and guide; press through and press in. I am with you, and I will see you through it all. It is worth the wait, and it is all worth the fight,  saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Hezekiah: this name will be in your news for a surprising reason. 

Thermonuclear: this word will be in your news for a shocking reason. 

High stakes: this phrase will be in your news to get your attention. Things are being exposed, and some will pay a very high price for selling themselves to the establishment. 

The Washington establishment is about to let one of its own take the fall for another, and this will be breaking news everywhere. Someone on the side of the left will be majorly exposed, and it will be shocking. They are allowing much information to be released for a diversion, a distraction to keep your attention on this person and off the one they are still trying to prop up until it’s the “right time” for his fall. But the person they let fall will turn on them and expose more than the puppet masters ever counted on. It is all about to get very interesting in DC, saith the Lord. 

Something very unusual is about to take place in Ukraine. It will show you just how staged some things are and how they have been distractions. Ukraine has many secrets regarding this establishment that will shock this Nation when they are exposed. They can no longer hide where the money went or how it was used because a whistleblower is coming to expose it all. 

A major player in the Senate will become very sick and will not be seen. They will no longer be able to hide what has been hidden concerning the health of many senators. The doors are being opened, and the truth is about to pour out everywhere. 

Hastings: this name will be in your news for a shocking reason. 

Many people who were made to stay silent will soon be silent no more. These revelations and the truth will shake this Nation to shake you free from your enemies’ great deception. 

Many things will take place before this next election, so brace for it. Stand strong with your head held high. I am on your side, and I live in you. The battle is the Lord’s, and you win. So do not give in, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Julie Green - SOMETHING BIG IS COMING AGAINST YOU - March 25, 2024

(There will be) disruptions, eruptions, explosions, calamity, and great catastrophe to the powers and plans of the enemy. 

My children, I am standing in the way. My power destroys theirs because there is no one like Me. Your enemies are trying everything against you. Everything they know how to do, they will do. You see in My Word that when Pharaoh grew angry against My people, he plotted against them. He threw everything he could at them to bring them into submission and destroy their boldness, hope, strength, or any fight they had left. And this is what your enemies are trying now. 

Remember Who I am in these days. I am your protector and deliverer. Your enemies are only allowed to go so far—to lead them to their own destruction and to awaken My children. 

Something big is coming against you, something you don’t see. But remember Me. I am bigger. Your enemies cannot, under any circumstances, afford to lose this year. They cannot afford to let My David win in 2024. They can’t let him become president again because then they will lose this Nation and their power.   

No matter what they try to do, it is not enough for them to win. Do not sit idly by and let them destroy your nations or freedoms. Shout My Words. Stand and resist because the giants you see now, soon you will see no more. Do not give in to any illusions. Do not give in to their optics. Do not give in to their power. Do not give in to what anything looks like. They will not stand against Me and win

A storm is upon your enemies, clouding their judgment and bringing great fear, confusion, and chaos to them. A great darkness is over them, and they will have no reprieve from the judgment that’s hitting them. 

Keep praising and worshiping Me with joy because it weakens your enemies and brings destruction to all of their plans against you, saith the Lord. 

Word salad: this phrase will be used repeatedly in your news, destroying not only “the Biden” and Kamala but also many others. I am confusing their speech just like I did at the Tower of Babel. I told you their tongues would become their enemies. 

Goldfish: this word will be your news for a surprising reason. 

Saul Alinsky: this name will be in your news for a shocking reason.  His book, his instructions on how to take down this country, and all who have followed him are being revealed.  His plans, and how these plans have been put into place by the Washington establishment, are also being revealed. These revelations are tearing apart the establishment that was built against you so long ago. And there are more people like Saul Alinsky currently in your government whom I will expose. No one has gotten away with any of the corruption or damage they have caused this Nation. 

A Chinese spy is about to be exposed in a major way. Watch and see who is connected to this person and the CCP. Many in your government are associated with China and are being paid to destroy this Nation. But all of that is being exposed and destroyed. 

Georgia: there is more going on in your state than just what is going on in Fulton County. I told you that your representatives are dirty, compromised, and traitors to this Nation. Kemp, Brad Raffensberger, and everyone working with them will be fully exposed, as will everything they are trying against President Trump. A great shaking is coming to Georgia that will clear out the rats, the traitors, and all who are against truth and your freedoms. More explosive evidence will come out of Fulton County to bring down this whole house of cards in Georgia. 

Arizona: As you know, Katie Hobbs is not your real governor. Great proof is coming to show how your elections were stolen and who was involved in this fraud. Maricopa County has much to account for because of all the crimes they committed against you. 

A day of reckoning is coming to many states in this Nation and to all who stole your Nation from you, My children. Yes, a day of reckoning is coming to your government, the political arena, the courts, the judicial system, every judge, and every lawyer who either ignored the laws and evidence or sat back knowing the truth but did nothing about it. 

Everything is coming to a close. An escalation has begun. Great intensity will grow this year. I told you, My children, a shaking is occurring, and a political reset will take place to remove the swamp and all who are against you, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

After I heard the Prophetic Word above, I received another Word:  

EMPs. False flags, many false flag events. I will show the infiltrators and impostors from January 6th, and (I will) completely destroy that narrative once and for all.  

Carpathia: this name will be in your news for a shocking reason.  

Sidewinder: this word will also be in your news for a shocking and significant reason. 

Julie Green - A FALLOUT HAS BEGUN - March 22, 2024

I, the Lord, this day am telling My children that this is the time for nations to fall, governments to implode, exposures to explode, and chaos to fill the hearts of the ones against Me.  

A great resistance is gaining steam and will continue against your enemies. They realize they are losing control of the masses. They can no longer control them with their lies or the news media. They no longer have the control they had for many generations through education systems worldwide, which they used to change the beliefs and mindsets of children through great deception and manipulation. But it is not working as planned. Your enemies see that people are waking up to the truth that what they were taught is all a lie.  

A fall out has begun, and your enemies cannot stop the damage or judgment coming their way. It’s all about to blow up in their faces, you would say. The damage to the globalist agenda will be catastrophic, and all will know that I am the one true living God, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

It’s about to look as though things are messy worldwide. Remember these Words- judgment is raining down against your enemies. It will look worse before it gets better, but do not fear because I am your fortress and protector. This judgment shaking this Earth is shaking you from your enemy’s demonic control. 

A cascade of information is about to flood the news reports and airwaves worldwide, and it will bring great destruction to the Washington establishment and their global tyranny.  

Armament: this word will be in your news for a significant reason. See who has been equipping your enemies and how many in your government are guilty of treason. 

Operation Mockingbird will be exposed. Explosive proof is coming about all the corruption, manipulation, and coordinated attempts by your intelligence agencies and how it was directed by the Washington establishment and the global regime. The doors are about to be opened wide, and a flood of truth will prove their war of disinformation and the chaos they brought to this Nation to destroy it once and for all for their global control. 

My children, a great shaking is coming to the establishment that has been lording over this Nation, and it is coming to an abrupt end.  

More whistleblowers and border security are about to destroy the narrative of “the Biden” and his so-called administration. The cabal planned, paid for, and orchestrated an attack to ruin your country, oh United States. I will put all the money and participants in the spotlight for the whole world to see, saith the Lord. 

I am not done exposing the situation in Georgia with Fannie Willis. I will show how “the Biden” and everyone with him had their hands in every indictment and election interference on a scale never seen before. I told you every thief must return what they have stolen. 

They stole an entire Nation. Not only is this Nation being set free, but so is the seat of the president, and in unconventional waysThe transfer of power and presidents will be done by Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

My children, brace for a great impact of truth that is coming to destroy every lie of the enemy and their so-called power and control over you. I will show you the optics, the staging, the actors, and just how fake this charade was- all to pull off the greatest coup ever attempted on Earth. 

This is all about to end, and all of you will see that no one is greater than Me, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

The Sign of Jonah

Then some of the scribes and Pharisees said to him, “Teacher, we wish to see a sign from you.” But he answered them, “An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign; but no sign shall be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah. –  Matthew 12:38-39 RSV

A Solar Eclipse

Exploring the Biblical Significance of the April Eclipse with Larry Ballard joins Take FiVe - March 20, 2024


I, the Lord, this day am telling you, My children, to pay attention to Me and not to all that you see. Judgment is coming upon this Earth, which will completely shake it to its core. What you see (because of this judgment) will try to put fear in your hearts. This will be a shaking like there has never been to this degree. It will shake things politically and economically. It will shake the Body of Christ. It will shake you loose from the demonic stronghold and chains that have been on you, My children. 

There has been great deception, and there have been blinders on My people’s eyes. They have not seen the truthwhat I have been saying. This shaking is to shake you loose from their grip, but it is also to shake you awake.   

My children, what is coming upon this Earth, especially for My children in My Nation of the United States—I am telling you that you will see a shaking in your country, but you will not know why it is happening. You will not understand why I have to allow certain things to happen to the degree that they will happen. But it is not for your destruction, My United States. It is for the destruction of your enemies’ control over you. 

This country is getting the greatest wake-up call since the existence of this Nation. My children, it is time for the United States to wake up and return fully to Me. Return to morality. Turn from your wicked ways. Turn from believing your enemies. Return to making this Nation “one Nation under God” once again, and respect My power and My Glory in governmental positions in your government. Your enemies have lied to you for years, and that is why you see the destruction that is going on in your country and all around the world. 

This is the time of the greatest wake-up call to My children that the Earth has ever known. Unusual things will begin to intensify. What is “normal” will drastically change. Fear will try to set in, but shut him (Satan) up and realize that this judgment, all this chaos, and all this destruction you are seeing are not meant for you. 

It is a time of repentance, yes, but it is also a great time, My children, to obey. Obey My Word. Obey My commands. Obey My instructions fully in this time. Delayed obedience is disobedience, and delayed obedience can cost you things. 

I am showing you signs in the sky. Study them. Get to know My Word and what My Word says about the sun turning dark. Get to know what I am saying to you. Events are about to take place on a scale that no one has ever seen. 

This is not to bring fear. It is so people wake up, return to Me, and repent. It is time for My children to take a stand. It is time for My children to fully awake in My power, which I have given to you in My Name, the Name above every name. Get to know the power of that Name. Get to know the power of My Blood Covenant like never before.   

It is important to know how powerful My Blood Covenant with you is. It is important to know the power of the Name I have given you to use. It is important for you to know these things right now because your enemies are going to use everything they possibly can in a short period of time. You need to know that you have power, authority, and dominion over it, that you are not partakers of it, that you are separated from it. 

You do not have to be a part of what is coming. Learn about Me and what I do to protect My children. Know that I am a protector, and trust in that. Know that I am a provider, whether you have a stockpile or not. Some people cannot buy anything to stockpile their pantries. They have nothing because of what the enemies are doing through inflation and taxation to strain them financially. It does not matter. I am a multiplier. I am a provider. 

Read those scriptures in My Word concerning the times I showed up for My children when they needed it. And know that this is Who I am today because I am the same God.  

So, when your stockpile is running low, or it looks like there is nowhere to go, look up to Me. And remember that all these things you see are definitely not going to last forever. But when this Earth shakes, it will shake for an awakening to Me.   

My United States, you will shake politically, civilly, and economically. And it will also shake naturally. Things are coming that will shake you, but look up because your redemption does draw nigh. It is near. I am going to take this Nation out of the darkness, the evil, the oppression, and the corruption, and I am going to make it into the greatest Nation this world has ever seen. Then, I will do things through this Nation to help all the nations around the world and destroy the corruption in those nations. 

To all My children who do not live in the United States of America: many governments are about to fall. There is much shaking going on in many governments worldwide to bring down the corruption in those nations. So, look up and trust in Me that this tyranny you see will not stand or last. 

Come to Me, and I will give you rest. Come to Me, and I will give you peace. Come to Me, and I will give and show you the authority you have. Come to Me, and I will show you how much love I have to give, how much love I have for you. Come to Me

My children, things are going to change abruptly. I am going to say this again—things are going to change abruptly. It will look as though the world has come to another standstill, as though the world is coming to lockdowns, and as though many things are against you. 

But remember what I said about those lockdowns. Remember that I said I am locking you in. I am protecting you from what they are about to do. Remember, their plans are through. They cannot get to you. I will only allow them to do so much for an awakening. They will not get the devastation, the corruption, the evil, the damage, or the death they want to the degree they want. It will not take place the way they want it. 

But, remember Me. Remember Me—I am that victory. Remember Me—I am that deliverer. Remember Me—I am the same God in My Word. I will not fail. I will not fail you. I will not fail. And I will repeatedly tell you that, so when your enemy tells you that I will, remember these words—I will not. I am faithful to perform My Words. That is why you have to get to know My Words more.   

Get into My Bible like never before. It is a weapon, truth, power, joy, and peace. You need to get to know it, and this is how you get to know Me. 

So, stand. Stay alert. Pay attention. Pray. Ask Me. Ask Me what to do. Ask Me what to say. Ask Me where to go. Ask Me these questions, and I will give you the answer. Make Me a part of your daily life. Include Me in every way. Include Me, and I will show you how much I love you. I will show you the truth, My truth, which will set you free. I will show you how important you are to Me.   

So, My children, look up. Stay up. Stay alert. Do not give in. Do not back off. Do not turn away. Do not stay in that state of depression. Do not stay in that state of fear. Do not stay in that state of worry.   

Get with Me, and I will show you how happy you can be, even in the midst of what looks like the world turning upside down. I am your Father, your protector, and your provider. I am everything you need every time and in every situation, no matter what it looks like.   

Walk by faith and not by sight more than ever in this time. Hold on because the shaking is going to intensify even greater now. Hold on because things are going to change quickly. Hold on. Things are going to become very unusual. Hold on to Me and hold on to My Words, and I will bring you great joy. I will bring you the rest that you will need. I will bring you everything you need in this time.  

So, do not fear what is coming. Do not fear these warnings about the coming judgment because they are not for you. The only warnings I am giving to you, My children, are a call of repentance, to stay alert, and to obey My Words. And remember the land of Goshen. The land of Goshen was protected, and I am protecting you now, saith the Lord.