Third Great AWAKENING - REFERENCE 2023 Q3-Q4

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Flashback - Pope Leo XIIII's Vision from 1884

Satan: “75 to 100 years, and a greater power over those who will give themselves over to my service.” (October 13, 1884)

One day, after celebrating Mass, the aged Pope Leo XIII was in conference with the Cardinals when suddenly he sank to the floor in a deep swoon. Physicians who hastened to his side could find no trace of his pulse and feared that he had expired. However, after a short interval the Holy Father regained consciousness and exclaimed with great emotion: “Oh, what a horrible picture I have been permitted to see!”

He had been shown a vision of evil spirits who had been released from Hell and their efforts to destroy the Church. But in the midst of the horror the archangel St. Michael appeared and cast Satan and his legions into the abyss of hell. Soon afterwards Pope Leo XIII composed the following prayer to Saint Michael, which is the original version: (from Tradition in Action)

Satan: “I can destroy your Church.” The gentle voice of Our Lord: “You can? Then go ahead and do so.” Satan: “To do so, I need more time and more power.” Our Lord: “How much time? How much power? Satan: “75 to 100 years, and a greater power over those who will give themselves over to my service.” Our Lord: “You have the time; you will have the power. Do with them what you will.”

Pope Leo visibly shaken from his vision and immediately rushed to his study to compose the Saint Michael Prayer.
Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host by the Divine Power of God cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits, who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen

“First we overlook evil. Then we permit evil. Then we legalize evil. Then we promote evil. Then we celebrate evil. Then we persecute those who still call it evil.”  – Dwight Longenecker (2019) – Catholic Priest, Author, Blogger & Radio Show Host

- December xx , 2023

Diana Larkin - WHAT THE ENEMY DEFILES, I CAN PURIFY - December 31, 2023

“There has been an assignment from the enemy to DEFILE people. His GOAL is to BLUR the line between what is RIGHT and what is WRONG. This makes it easy for the enemy to TEMPT you with sin. SIN ALWAYS DEFILES you, but especially sexual sin does great DAMAGE to your soul—whether you CHOOSE it or whether it is FORCED on you. DEFILED people DEFILE other people. Once sin has a FOOTHOLD in your life, it will always INCREASE until DARKNESS CONSUMES MORE AND MORE OF YOU. You can see the EVIDENCE of this as your society is FLOODED with lifestyles that bring DEFILEMENT and DEATH and that are not capable of producing LIFE. What is the REMEDY? It is the clean and enduring FEAR OF THE LORD being established once again as the STANDARD of righteousness. My GLORY FIRE is at work now EXPOSING DEFILEMENT in all areas of society but especially now in the Church. It will do no good to RESCUE your Nation from the arrogant evil agendas if you remain a DEFILED people. DEFILEMENT allows evil to CREEP into every area of life. DEFILEMENT is SLAVERY TO SIN, and I desire to have a FREE people who can MAINTAIN a FREE Nation. Take heart in this fact: if the ENEMY CAN DEFILE, I CAN PURIFY. My Son’s BLOOD has the POWER to wash away DEFILEMENT, My Spirit can PURIFY with His FIRE, and I will RESTORE PURITY. DO NOT HIDE YOUR AREAS OF DEFILEMENT; they are EMPOWERED in the darkness of SECRECY. CONFESS and REPENT. Ask Me to help you HATE the sin like I do. Take COMMUNION and COVER the sin with the BLOOD and see it as WASHED AWAY. SURRENDER to My Spirit’s CLEANSING and TRANSFORMATION. Ask Me to be made PURE again. A TSUNAMI is coming to UNCOVER DEFILEMENT, and it has begun in earnest in the Church. 2024 will be a year to EXPOSE and CLEAN UP DEFILEMENT. As you have received PURITY, be ready to HELP others receive it as well. WHAT THE ENEMY DEFILES, I CAN PURIFY.”

Diana Larkin - GLORY FIRE, WIND, AND COLD - December 30, 2023

“I AM visiting the earth with a season where I will DISPLAY My GLORY FIRE, WIND, AND COLD. My FIRE will act as a PLUMB-LINE of righteousness, My WINDS will EXPOSE evil, and My COLD will FREEZE ASSETS and HIDING PLACES of the darkness. My FIRE is a SPIRITUAL BURNING that will RESET a STANDARD of My RIGHTEOUSNESS in the earth again. No more calling GOOD evil and EVIL good. STUBBORN WILLS, PRIDEFUL THINKING, and SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS will be BURNED by My FIRE. If REPENTANCE does not come, My FIRE WILL CONSUME them. My Spirit WINDS will come to EXPOSE HIDDEN SIN, GREED, and PERVERSION . My WINDS will EXPOSE everything that has been keep SECRET and that has DEFILED My Church and the world. My COLD will be seen in the natural as unusually LOW TEMPERATURES. Some of these places that COLD will descend upon are HIDDEN UNDERGROUND HIDEOUTS of the evil, and I AM going to SURPRISE them by FREEZING THEIR ACCESS to these places. My COLD will bring layers of THICK ICE that CANNOT be PENETRATED. I will also FREEZE the ASSETS of the wicked and of those who HELPED and ENABLED their DARK SCHEMES for their own SELFISH GAIN. Their money supply will be FROZEN SHUT, and they will find themselves OUT IN THE COLD. I will DIVERT these FROZEN assets to My people so that they have an ABUNDANCE to meet their needs and to SHARE with others. My GLORY FIRE, WIND, AND COLD will SWEEP AWAY UNCLEANNESS, DECEPTION, and THEFT. This will CLEAR THE WAY for a GREATER measure of My GLORY being released as SALVATION, HEALING, and RESTORATION.”
EZEKIEL 28:22 (TPT) “with these words: Lord YAHWEH says to you: Behold, I am against you, Sidon; I will manifest My glory in you when I bring My judgment upon you! Everyone will see My display of holiness and they will know that I am YAHWEH!”

Wings Of Prophecy - December, 2023

Jar of Clay - December, 2023

Diana Larkin - THE MINISTRY OF ANGELS - December 29, 2023

“THE MINISTRY OF ANGELS is a MYSTERY to many Believers. So many Believers have been taught to view the Word and the spiritual realm through their NATURAL MIND and INTELLECT. Your mind, your intellectual understanding, is only one part of you. You were made to INTERACT with the spiritual realm with your BODY, SOUL, and SPIRIT. When your FAITH is only based in what you can understand with your MIND, then you will be very LIMITED at understanding how the spiritual realm works, and you will be SUSPICIOUS of anything that is not a CONCRETE CONCEPT to your mind. Don’t EVER FORGET that I AM a SPIRIT and those who really get to know Me do so by REVELATION to their SPIRITS. RATIONAL teachers of the Word have taught people to be suspicious of ANYTHING from the SPIRIT REALM. This is unfortunate because the Spirit realm FAR EXCEEDS your earthly realm in SCOPE and in PRE-EMINENCE. Don’t be AFRAID to EXPLORE the BEAUTY, POWER, and MYSTERY of the ETERNAL REALM. As long as you are asking Holy Spirit to GUIDE you and KEEP you in the TRUTH, you will be KEPT on the PATH of LIFE and DEEPER DISCOVERY of who I AM. One of the MINISTRIES of ANGELS is to HELP KEEP you in the TRUTH. They will act as GUARDRAILS, as you LEARN and EXPLORE. Because you are CREATED as a HIGHER ORDER than angels, you will GROW and LEARN as My sons and daughters how to INTERACT, how to WORK WITH, and how to COMMISSION them to HELP you FULFILL your ASSIGNMENTS from Me. I’ll teach you this STEP-BY-STEP, so RELAX and PARTNER with Me with an OPEN HEART and a TRUSTING SPIRIT, as I REVEAL to you THE MINISTRY OF ANGELS and the part that you play in My unfolding plan. DON’T BE AFRAID OF A LITTLE MYSTERY! Look at My mysteries with CHILDLIKE WONDER and DIVE IN!”

Diana Larkin - A DAY IS COMING… - December 28, 2023

“Don’t miss the fact that before this year ends, DARKNESS IS BEING EXPOSED. It is being exposed FIRST in the Church mountain. How can I JUDGE the rest of the WORLD if I do not first clean out My Houses of Prayer? I must have a CLEANSED and RIGHTEOUS Church to send the HARVEST of souls that is coming. They will need to be DISCIPLED in My WAYS and My WORD—not MAN’S ideas of EARNING religious favor, not by those COMPROMISED by excusing evil in their own lives, and not by those who SECRETLY SERVE the DARKNESS and who wear a FACADE of religious behavior to COVER their GREED for money and power. BRACE YOURSELF because MANY are about to be EXPOSED and BROUGHT DOWN. No longer will My shepherds and leaders GET AWAY with teaching MANMADE DOCTRINES that DISEMPOWER My sons and daughters from FULFILLING their call to RULE and REIGN. No longer will I allow IMPURITY and COMPROMISE with sin to be taught or to be done in SECRET because these DEFILE My Body. Those wearing FACADES of serving Me but who really serve darkness will receive the MOST SEVERE JUDGMENT and RECKONING. Their EXPOSURE and FALL will be EPIC. I AM not cleaning My House in SECRET, but in the PUBLIC EYE because I AM going to CLEAN OUT the other mountains that way as well. This is how the FEAR OF THE LORD will again be established in your Land. This is the time for My TRUE sons and daughters of LIGHT to SHINE FORTH so that the world can see that I AM a GOOD Father, but I AM also RIGHTEOUS and HOLY. You can only be righteous and holy through the BLOOD of My Son and through CONTINUAL SURRENDER of your life to Me. I AM the One who makes your heart and life a BEAUTIFUL BEACON of LIGHT that will draw others to My PRESENCE. They will see My BEAUTY in you, and they will DESIRE to be beautiful, too. Lead them to the CROSS and the PROMISE of complete REDEMPTION, HEALING, and DELIVERANCE that was WON for them. Enter into the FULLNESS of all I have for you and then INVITE others to join you in the JOURNEY. The DARKNESS IS BEING EXPOSED in order to bring in the fullness of the LIGHT.”

Diana Larkin - COLLISION COURSE - December 27, 2023

“Do NOT fear when you see evil throw every dark scheme they can think of at you. I want you to remember THE POWER OF MY VOICE. One sound from Me can FLATTEN a whole forest. PSALM 29:4-5 (AMP) ‘The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the Lord is full of majesty. The voice of the Lord breaks the cedars of Lebanon.’ The enemies can SCREAM and YELL and THREATEN, but the SOUND that I release will MUFFLE their screams and will eventually SILENCE them. My voice CREATES LIGHT, and it DESTROYS DARKNESS. Remember that you are made in Our image, and your VOICE ALSO HAS POWER. That is why you must ALIGN your heart with My heart so that what you speak CREATES LIGHT and BRINGS DOWN DARKNESS. When you ENTERTAIN FEAR (fear is actually believing the enemy is more powerful than I AM), when you speak with a CRITICAL SPIRIT against your brothers, when you AGREE with the voices of DOOM and GLOOM that ALL WILL BE LOST, then you EMPOWER the AGENDA of DARKNESS. Use the POWER of your VOICE to speak HOPE in My GOODNESS and in My POWER. Use the POWER of your VOICE to DEFLECT and BRING DOWN every enemy scheme and declare ‘BOOMERANG’ over their plans and watch as their plans come back to DEFEAT and SILENCE them. This is a WAR OF SOUNDS. My VOICE ALONE could easily win and crush the darkness, but I AM REQUIRING that My Army of Light ALIGN with THE POWER OF MY VOICE to win this WAR OF SOUNDS. Draw near to Me, open your mouth, and I will fill it with THE POWER OF MY VOICE.”

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Diana Larkin - WHO IS STIRRING THE POT? - December 26, 2023

“You are on the PRECIPICE of a season of GREAT CHANGE. As the darkness and the Light CLASH in the days ahead, remember that you have been TRAINED for this day, and together we will fight VALIANTLY and we will TRIUMPH. It will be important for you to DRAW AWAY into My PRESENCE. Feel My hand on your shoulder IMPARTING STRENGTH to you. BREATHE IN MY PRESENCE, and you will be QUIETED in My LOVE and be RENEWED by the BREATH of My Spirit. When you BREATHE IN MY PRESENCE, you are breathing in the Spirit of LIFE, REFRESHING, RENEWAL, STRENGTHENING, and My DEEP and ABIDING PEACE. BREATHING IN MY PRESENCE will EQUIP you to FIGHT another day, to BELIEVE in the promised VICTORY, and to SEE the FUTURE through My eyes. I AM the future, and those who DWELL in Me will walk into the GOLDEN PROMISES that will fall on your life as FAITHFUL FOLLOWERS of Me. I will CARRY you when you are WEAK and TIRED, and I will FILL you with My LIFE and STRENGTH, as you BREATHE IN MY PRESENCE.”
ZEPHANIAH 3:17 (NKJV) “The Lord your God in your midst, the Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.”

Diana Larkin - THAT THEY MAY BE ONE - December 25, 2023

“I have issued a call to UNITY to My Body of Believers. There is such POWER IN UNITY. I AM in complete UNITY with My Son and with the Spirit, and because of this ONENESS, we are an UNSTOPPABLE FORCE. UNITY is always based on LOVE and the ability to see My DEPOSIT in each person’s life. If you choose to focus on DIFFERING viewpoints you may have with each other, this will cause a BREAKDOWN in UNITY. INSISTING that everyone believes what you believe and sees things like you see things is EXALTING being ‘RIGHT’ over TRUSTING Me to work by My Spirit in every person’s heart. I’ve CHANGED your heart and the way you see things, haven’t I? Your job is NOT to CHANGE people—that’s My Spirit’s job. You can INVITE people to see what you’ve had a REVELATION about, but when you INSIST yours is the ONLY WAY to look at things, then you cause DIVISION  and a BREAKDOWN in FELLOWSHIP. Insisting on your views (even if they are accurate) can cause a less mature Believer DOUBT and CONFUSION, which results in a LOSS of FAITH. I
INVITE into FAITH, HOPE, and TRUST—I never INSIST. I HONOR each person’s heart and the GIFT of FREEWILL that I have given. If you will HONOR peoples’ hearts and allow them to come to their OWN CHOICES, you will find UNITY FLOWING because you are FOCUSING on what is of Me in them, and you are TRUSTING Me to COMPLETE the good work I have begun in them. You don’t have AUTHORITY over peoples’ hearts, but you do have AUTHORITY over the DARKNESS that may be BLINDING them. You take AUTHORITY over the darkness and deception and BIND their work. Then the one you are interceding for will have a CLEARER ATMOSPHERE to HEAR Me and to RECEIVE a revelation of the TRUTH. Then your OPPOSITION is against the enemy and not against your brother. UNITY is not all believing the same thing about every issue, it is a JOINING of HEARTS in your LOVE for Me and for each other. HEAR My Son’s PRAYER THAT YOU MAY BE ONE IN OUR LOVE.”
John 17:11-22

The Lord Says - I Have Set a Countdown - Prophetic Word from the Lord Given Today - December xx , 2023

Diana Larkin - THE RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS - December 24, 2023

“You are entering a season of THE RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS. This is My GIFT and My PROMISE to you today—just as I AM coming to DELIVER you from your enemies, so just as surely I AM coming to RESTORE ALL THINGS in your life that have been STOLEN, LOST, BROKEN, or DAMAGED. This includes a RESTORATION of RELATIONSHIPS, WEALTH, HEALTH, DESTINIES, FREEDOM, and RIGHTEOUS RULERS across all seven mountains of society. I will RESTORE UNTIL YOU CAN HOLD NO MORE! Your FAITHFULNESS, your PERSEVERANCE, and your HOPE will be REWARDED and GREATLY VINDICATED. Everyone will know that you are Mine because you are so HIGHLY FAVORED. Do you want PROOF of My PROMISES? Meditate on the MIRACULOUS BIRTH of My Son in a humble stable and realize that through His SURRENDERED will to Me, the world became BEFORE JESUS and AFTER JESUS. He gave the GIFT of ETERNAL SALVATION to the world, and He USHERED in the KINGDOM ERA. You are living in the day when My KINGDOM as it is in Heaven is being ESTABLISHED on the earth. Jesus is PROOF I can CHANGE a human heart from DARK to LIGHT, and now you are helping USHER IN My KINGDOM of LIGHT on the earth, as it VIOLENTLY pushes out the darkness. This will pave the way for THE RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS. Be JOYFUL, GIVE THANKS, and CELEBRATE as you look for THE RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS.”

Diana Larkin - COVERING ANGELS - December 23, 2023

“This is a season of GREAT JOY as people reflect on a LOVE so GREAT that the Word chose to leave His position of POWER and GLORY and to put on flesh in order to DWELL AMONG mankind. Our plan was to WIN BACK Our creation through a LOVE so GREAT that it LIVED and DIED for you. Even as you REJOICE in EMMANUEL, the God who chose to be WITH YOU, remember that the MANGER leads to the CROSS, and a SEEMING DEFEAT becomes the GREATEST VICTORY of all time. The enemy would love to SOW his DESTRUCTION into your celebrations because the JOY and PEACE of this season THREATEN all his THRONES of DARKNESS. I AM releasing to you COVERING ANGELS who will PROTECT and DEFEND your JOY and PEACE. You can COMMISSION them to COVER you and your family, My prophetic voices, your friends, your churches, your righteous government leaders, and anywhere else I prompt you to send them. They will PRESERVE your PEACE and JOY and DEFEND you against the enemy’s plans to STEAL, KILL, and DESTROY you. CELEBRATE the Light of the World and commission My COVERING ANGELS to PROTECT and DEFEND you.”

Diana Larkin - WHAT I SAY WILL STAND - December 22 , 2023

“So many voices are FILLING your airwaves with CONFLICTING REPORTS. How do you know WHAT and WHOM to BELIEVE? I COUNSEL you to PRAY for GREATER and DEEPER DISCERNMENT so that you don’t get SIDETRACKED from the messages I AM speaking. WHAT I SAY WILL STAND. It will STAND the TEST of TIME because what I AM saying will COME TO PASS. Words that I speak will always LINE UP with My written WORD and with My CHARACTER. You will LEARN My character from My Word and from our MEETING together, as I REVEAL My heart to you. You will SIFT what you hear from other voices through My CHARACTER. Any voice that speaks to you that there is NO HOPE and that your Nation has been DOOMED by Me is a voice you SHOULD NOT LISTEN TO. These type of voices are RELYING on their EARTHLY OBSERVATIONS or on MANMADE DOCTRINES assigned to My Word. Any voice that says you are going to LOSE and you might as well BRACE FOR DEFEAT should be IGNORED. I AM the GOD of VICTORY, and I AM able to DEFEAT ANY darkness. LISTEN to My report and PAY ATTENTION to the voices I AM speaking through. The voices I AM speaking through will give you HOPE—HOPE for a VICTORY, A RESURRECTION of your Nation, and for a NEW DAY DAWNING. WHAT I SAY WILL STAND.”

Diana Larkin - I HAVE A QUIVER FULL - December 21, 2023

“My ARROWS of JUDGMENT are being RELEASED against your enemies, and I will continue to release them until I have PINNED EVERY ENEMY RIGHT INTO THE HEART OF THE MATTER. PSALM 21:12 (TPT) ‘They will turn and run at the sight of Your judgment-arrow aimed straight at their hearts.’ Some will SEE the ARROW flying at them. Some will HEAR the bowstring SNAP to release the ARROW, and FEAR will CONSUME them because they know they are the TARGET. They will try to RUN, TAKE COVER, HIDE; but it will NOT WORK because My ARROWS are like FLAMING MISSILES that TRACK their TARGET and NEVER MISS. In the day of My ARROWS of JUDGMENT, you will say, ‘Your almighty hands have captured Your foes. You uncovered all who hate You, and You seized them…they will be consumed by the fierce fire of Your presence. Flames will swallow them up. They and their descendants will be destroyed by an unrelenting fire. We will watch them fail, for these are ones who plan their evil schemes against the Lord.’ (PSALM 21:8-11 TPT) My VALIANT Army of Light, your PRAYERS, DECREES, DECLARATIONS, WORSHIP, and LAUGHTER are FLAMING ARROWS you are releasing into the camp of the wicked. They scheme and plan in the DARKNESS. Just imagine the SHOCK in their eyes when their darkness is SUDDENLY LIT UP by the VOLLEY of FLAMING ARROWS released by My WARRIORS. This is your declaration for this day, ‘Rise up and put Your might on display! By Your strength we will sing and praise Your glorious power!’ (PSALM 21:13 TPT) Remember, I HAVE A QUIVER FULL of FLAMING ARROWS!”

Diana Larkin WHAT LURKS IN THE DEPTHS OF YOUR OCEAN? - December 20, 2023

“The darkness has a SECRET PLAN to bring DESTRUCTION to your Nation from THE DEPTHS OF YOUR OCEAN. They are planning to LAUNCH STRATEGIC STRIKES that will cause great destruction and send SHOCK WAVES of PANIC and FEAR throughout your Land. The ones who MASTERMINDED this evil scheme plan on BLAMING another nation for the attack, starting a world war, and then using the LYING media to proclaim that they are the ones who will lead your Nation to safety and security. Of course, their ‘safe’ and ‘secure’ promises will COST YOU ALL YOUR FREEDOMS, and the plan is to CONTROL YOU COMPLETELY. Are you going to let this happen on YOUR WATCH? RISE UP, My Army of Light! VALIANT WARRIORS throw decree and declaration BOMBS at this HIDDEN THREAT in your ocean. COMMAND My Host to EXPOSE this threat and the entire DARK SCHEME to the world. SPEAK to what is HIDDEN and COMMAND it to RISE and to be EXPOSED and SEEN. Use your AUTHORITY to DISMANTLE FIRING MECHANISMS and COMMAND that the would BACKFIRE on the enemy. Declare to the darkness, ‘You will NOT destroy this Nation! Not on MY WATCH! I send all your dark plans back into your camp and DECLARE that they will BLOW UP IN YOUR FACES.’ NULLIFY and WIPE OUT this THREAT THAT LURKS IN THE DEPTHS OF YOUR OCEAN!”

Diana Larkin - DON’T LET YOUR GUARD DOWN - December 19, 2023

“You are coming into days of CELEBRATING the WORD become flesh to dwell among you as EMMANUEL, God is with us. I want you to thoroughly ENJOY these days of HONORING the GIFT of the LIGHT OF THE WORLD, as you give each other GIFTS and share the LOVE and JOY of the season. But even as you CELEBRATE with all your heart, DO NOT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN against those EVIL ONES who are now DESPERATE and BITTER and trying any DARK SCHEME to try and STOP their DOWNFALL. I want you to know that it is POSSIBLE to be ENJOYING your CELEBRATIONS while at the same time, keeping your SPIRIT ALERT to WATCH and PRAY. This is a good time to LEARN to RELEASE ARROW PRAYERS. These are QUICK STRIKES against the enemy’s plans that Holy Spirit will PROMPT you to RELEASE. You can do this with your SPIRIT even as your body and soul CELEBRATE with family and friends. The enemy doesn’t TAKE DAYS OFF. In fact, if he knows you’ll be celebrating, he sees that as an OPPORTUNITY to STRIKE and to bring DEATH and DEVASTATION. ARROW PRAYERS release the HOST to come AGAINST and to DEFUSE the DARK SCHEMES sent against you and your Nation. Enjoy your celebrations of LIGHT, but COMMAND your spirit: ‘DON’T LET YOUR GUARD DOWN!’”

Diana Larkin - MORNING HAS BROKEN - December 18, 2023

“I AM announcing to you today that MORNING HAS BROKEN over your lives and the life of your Nation. I want you to know that the battle has SHIFTED IN YOUR FAVOR, and a NEW DAY HAS DAWNED. Behind the scenes, the arrogant ones have been STRIPPED of MONEY and POWER, and all they have left is to FRANTICALLY try to keep people in the DARK and to keep up the FACADE that they are still in power. At this point, they have nothing to lose, and they will try to send CLOUDS of DARKNESS to OBSCURE that MORNING HAS BROKEN. Your job is to AGREE in FAITH when I tell you a NEW DAY has DAWNED and to continue to BLOW with My Spirit WIND every dark cloud BACK INTO THEIR CAMP that they attempt to send out. Become FEARLESS in your WARFARE because you know you ALREADY HAVE THE VICTORY, and I AM allowing you the SATISFACTION of helping to EXPOSE and CLEAN-UP these DARK and MERCILESS ones. REJOICE with Me, My faithful ones, because MORNING HAS BROKEN!”

Strength for Today - The Lord Says - I Have Set a Countdown - Prophetic Word from the Lord Given Today - December 18, 2023


Diana Larkin - THE GOLDEN SECRET - December 17, 2023

“I have a GOLDEN SECRET to ENGRAVE on your heart. Do you want a life FULL of the RICHES of knowing Me, of living your life to the FULLEST, and of COMPLETING all the PURPOSES you were created for? The GOLDEN SECRET is in SURRENDERING your life back to Me and in making Me, not just your SOURCE, but your GOAL. Whatever you SURRENDER to Me, I will make it BEAUTIFUL and FRUITFUL. When you FILL My heart with JOY, it will be POURED BACK on you, and you will experience My NEARNESS and My GOODNESS. Do not be those who HANG ONTO areas of your life because you don’t TRUST Me or My promises. PSALM 16:4 (TPT) ‘Yet there are those who yield to their weakness, and they will have troubles and sorrows unending. I never gather with such ones, nor give them honor in any way.’ The one who has taken the LEAP OF FAITH and SURRENDERED it ALL to Me will experience FULLNESS of LIFE and JOY. PSALM 16: 5,6 (TPT) ‘Lord, I have chosen You alone as my inheritance. You are my prize, my pleasure, and my portion. I leave my destiny and its timing in Your hands. Your pleasant path leads me to pleasant places. I’m overwhelmed by the privileges that come with following You, for You have given me the best! This is the GOLDEN SECRET of a life WELL-LIVED, marked by JOY and FULFILLMENT, and by an INTIMATE WALK with Me.”

Diana Larkin - THE DIVISION OF OPINIONS - December 16 , 2023

“I would COUNSEL you in this season to HOLD YOUR PERSONAL OPINIONS LIGHTLY. When you believe you’re seeing a person ACCURATELY and you FORM a STRONG OPINION about them, be CAREFUL about SHARING that OPINION PUBLICLY. You may think you have ACCURATE FACTS and that you see things CLEARLY, but you FORGET this is an INFORMATION WAR. It won’t be until the VERY END and all the CARDS ARE LAID ON THE TABLE that you will know who has been of the DARKNESS and who has been of the LIGHT. There are RIGHTEOUS men and women who have SACRIFICED their GOOD REPUTATIONS to DECEIVE the darkness and to help EXPOSE them. They have taken on the APPEARANCE of EVIL and COMPROMISE in order to SAVE a nation. They are doing this for their nation and for you, so don’t be so QUICK TO CONDEMN actions that appear to be compromised. HOLD YOUR OPINIONS LIGHTLY because you are NOT SEEING THE WHOLE PICTURE. Your OPINIONS can CREATE GREAT DIVISION when you share them publicly—even when you feel sure you are right—because others will SEE THROUGH the smoke and mirrors of the war to the TRUE CHARACTER of an individual. They will feel a need to DEFEND against your OPINION and then UNNECESSARY DIVISION is caused. I would COUNSEL you to HOLD YOUR OPINIONS CLOSE TO YOUR OWN HEART and WAIT to see how things UNFOLD. In the end, there will be SURPRISES about who is truly of the DARK and who is truly of the LIGHT. Come to My Spirit and ASK FOR DISCERNMENT about people. You can pray that My Host will SUPPORT all the ones who are fighting for the LIGHT and that My Host would OPPOSE those openly or secretly are working for the DARKNESS. Your OPINIONS will not be FULLY FORMED until the WAR IS WON. You will be GLAD you WITHHELD PUBLIC JUDGMENT of some who will TURN OUT TO BE HEROES. INSISTING on your own OPINIONS can create DIVISION where there needs to be a UNIFIED FOCUS on TAKING DOWN DARKNESS in the heavenly realms. When that darkness is REMOVED, those serving them will be UNPROTECTED and will be EXPOSED for ALL TO SEE. UNIFY your WARFARE against the enemy and NOT against people.”

Diana Larkin - THE SECRET POWER OF JOY - December 15, 2023

“I created the world and mankind because it gave Me GREAT JOY. I want My creation to experience this JOY as well. SIN, HATRED, UNFORGIVENESS, DARKNESS, all STEAL JOY, and it leaves a person feeling LOSS, SHAME, REJECTION, and SADNESS. One of the major BENEFITS of salvation is the RESTORATION of JOY in your life. Salvation OPENS the DEEP WELLS of JOY I placed in your hearts. It BLOWS OFF the lids of SIN, DARKNESS, and BITTERNESS, and RELEASES STREAMS of JOY into your heart and life. WATCH over these WELLS of JOY and don’t put LIDS of SIN and UNFORGIVENESS on them again. My Spirit is BRILLIANT at helping you RECOGNIZE and CHUCK those lids out of your life. Here is THE SECRET POWER OF JOY: when you LAUGH it OPENS your spirit UP and your JOY CONVERGES with ALL THE JOY OF THE AGES. JOY becomes a PURE LIGHT that CLEANSES you of DARKNESS, SICKNESS, or LACK, and it SHINES OUT from you as LIFE—pure and simple—LIFE that is RENEWED and RESTORED. JOY is not an OPTION; JOY is a POWERFUL WEAPON against DARKNESS, SELFISHNESS, and SICKNESS. The darkness CANNOT STOP the POWER of the LIGHT that enters you and your surroundings when you LAUGH. I have chosen to CONVERGE your laughter with the laughter of ALL AGES, and this makes it even MORE POWERFUL. Laughter is FAITH in a GOOD GOD who has plans of LIFE and JOY for you. This is why I sit in the Heavens and LAUGH at the enemy’s plans because every LAUGH SHOOTS FORTH the POWER of LIGHT that INFILTRATES and DISMANTLES the darkness. The HOLLOW LAUGHTER of PERVERSION or the MOCKING LAUGHTER of DARKNESS are the enemy’s COUNTERFEITS of JOY. This kind of dark laughter enjoys other’s SUFFERING and SHAME, and it only serves to DARKEN the heart further and CAPTIVATE the heart to the PRISON of darkness. I will give you opportunities every day to LAUGH and experience JOY. Enter in and LAUGH with all your heart, and THE POWER OF JOY will OPEN your eyes to a GOOD FUTURE of LIFE and LIGHT.”

Diana Larkin - MY ARROW OF RESCUE - December 14, 2023

“My RESCUE OPERATION will be SPECTACULAR. Because I AM outside of time, I have determined to gather together all the GREAT VICTORIES of the past, all the GREAT HEROES and displays of VALIANT COURAGE, and all the Angelic and Host’s ACTIVITY and POWER. I will CONVERGE them into the TIP OF AN ARROW that I will SHOOT from eternity, and it will RIP THROUGH all the layers of time and ERUPT into your present time. It will cause a BOOMING SOUND that the whole world will hear. The EVIL will lose control of their bodily functions, and the RIGHTEOUS will LIFT A SHOUT because they know the TRIUMPH of their God is here. My Army of Light will ARISE covered in all the past VICTORIES and BRAVERY, and they will do EXPLOITS and display VALIANT FAITH. Don’t WASTE your time magnifying or rehearsing what the enemy is doing. Instead, MAGNIFY Me and look for My ARROW OF CONVERGENCE to SPLIT OPEN the heavens and come to your RESCUE. You will see My FOCUSED POWER on DISPLAY like never before. You will see MY ARROW OF RESCUE.”

Diana Larkin - NATURALLY SUPERNATURAL - December 13, 2023

“You are entering a season of My GLORY FILLING the earth as the waters cover the seas. In My GLORY ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE—blind eyes OPENED, dead brought back to LIFE, diseases HEALED, whatever is broken or missing RESTORED. When you are in My GLORY, you will NATURALLY be SUPERNATURAL. My SAVING, HEALING, and DELIVERING presence will FLOW through you into those you are praying for. This is nothing you will have to WORK UP or STRIVE FOR. You enter My GLORY realm by DRAWING NEAR to My HEART and SURRENDERING your life to Me. I will then use you as a VESSEL through which My GLORY flows, and you will see MIRACLES take place before your eyes. The SUPERNATURAL POWER of your Mighty God will FLOW through you in a NATURAL FLOW of our RELATIONSHIP. You PREPARE yourself to be a GLORY-CARRIER by SPENDING TIME WITH ME. You WORSHIP Me, give THANKS freely, and just ENJOY being with Me. A DIVINE EXCHANGE takes place, as you are with Me, and you will find you have become NATURALLY SUPERNATURAL.”

Diana Larkin - SURROUNDED - December12, 2023

“The evil ones with DEATH AGENDAS have marshaled all their forces around the world, and they are TARGETING your Nation for DESTRUCTION. They think they now have you SURROUNDED and that your Nation will FALL EASILY into their CORRUPT CONTROL. Do you think I’m going to let this happen when My SHINING Remnant has RAISED the APPEAL TO HEAVEN flag over your Land? Let Me share this STARTLING fact with you: I have SURROUNDED those who have surrounded you! The enemy can see you, My Army of Light, but they are BLINDED to the MYRIADS of HOSTS and ANGELS that are SHOULDER to SHOULDER with you and BEFORE and BEHIND you. Never before in the History of the world have Heaven’s forces been JOINED to My Sons and Daughters of LIGHT like they are in this day. Therefore, DO NOT FEAR, but STAND STRONG in FAITH, HOLD your battle position, keep DECLARING and DECREEING My PLANS and PROMISES over your Land. Your FAITH, your DECLARATIONS, your WARFARE against the darkness, INVITE the Host and Angels to FIGHT WITH YOU. Are you SURROUNDED by darkness? Lift your spiritual eyes and see that those who SURROUNDED you are SURROUNDED by Me and My SUPERIOR FORCES of LIGHT. We will PREVAIL!”

Wings Of Prophecy - December, 2023

Diana Larkin - WHAT REALLY MATTERS - December 11 , 2023

“When the darkness ATTEMPTS to launch their UGLY SCHEMES of mass destruction and I COUNTERMOVE with a RED SEA moment of RESCUE for your Nation, everything in your FAST-PACED world will be brought to a SUDDEN STOP. In the SHOCK of what has happened and in the JOY of so great a RESCUE, it will be time to RE-EVALUATE your lives. It will be a time for the people of your Nation to ask themselves, ‘WHAT REALLY MATTERS?’ This season of EXPOSURE of darkness and the TRIUMPH of the Light will bring each person to the VALLEY OF DECISION. Who and what am I LIVING FOR? REAL RELATIONSHIPS will again become a FOCUS of your lives. Relationship with ME, relationship with your FAMILY, relationship with FRIENDS, and relationship with My BODY of Believers will become the PRIMARY FOCUS of your life again. The things you have FILLED your life with will NEVER SATISFY like DEEP and TRUE RELATIONSHIP with Me and with others. This is because I CREATED you with a NEED for RELATIONSHIP—first with Me and then with others. REAL JOY and SATISFACTION come from CONNECTING HEARTS and MINDS with Me and with family and friends. This will be a HUGE SHIFT for your Nation back into PRIORITIZING RELATIONSHIPS, but it will be a season when you discover WHAT REALLY MATTERS.”

Dian Larkin - FEAR AND TREMBLING - December 10, 2023

“Get ready to hear BRASH, THREATENING voices in this hour. The darkness is going to throw EVERYTHING they have at you in order to make you SHRINK BACK in FEAR and to COMPLY to their DEMANDS. If you will DRAW NEAR to Me, I will put My FILTER on what they are saying. I will give you WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING that will allow you to see BEHIND all that they are throwing out against you and your rightful leader. I will allow you to HEAR the DESPERATION they feel to PULL BACK the narrative that is SLIPPING through their hands. For them it is like trying to hold onto a handful of SAND. It will SLIP THROUGH their fingers. Underneath the SPEWED DARK RHETORIC will be ever-increasing TANGLED WEBS of LIES and a RISING sense of PANIC. The desperate attempts to try to HANG onto their lies will begin to be OBVIOUS, and they will SLIP OUT of their grasp. It won’t be too long before they are COMPLETELY EXPOSED as My Spirit of Truth BLOWS their SMOKESCREEN of LIES away. They will be left NAKED and in FEAR AND TREMBLING before Me and before an AWAKENED WORLD. FEAR AND TREMBLING will overtake my people as well, but it will be the CLEAN and ENDURING FEAR of the LORD and a TREMBLING in AWE of My MIGHTY RAW POWER and DELIVERANCE, as I LIFT the CURTAIN on the EVIL and CORRUPT. Let the world be in FEAR AND TREMBLING before Me.”

Diana Larkin - SUPERIOR - December 9, 2023

“When you COVER your life with the BLOOD SACRIFICE of My Son and you SURRENDER your life back to Me, you are TRANSFERRED from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of LIFE, LIGHT, and JOY. Always remember that My Kingdom is FAR SUPERIOR to anything the dark kingdom tries to ALLURE you with. My Kingdom is a place of PLENTY, HEALING, and WHOLENESS. When things in your life don’t MATCH UP to My SUPERIOR KINGDOM, it is time to RISE UP and TAKE BACK the LAND the enemy has STOLEN from you. Sometimes what has been STOLEN from you is an INTRUSION by the enemy. He has come to STEAL, KILL, and DESTROY wherever he can. Because you are part of a SUPERIOR COVENANT, you can use your AUTHORITY to BREAK OFF his attack and CALL IN your SUPERIOR COVENANT PROMISES to OVERCOME his dark attacks and assignments. Sometimes you OPEN the DOOR for darkness to steal, kill, and destroy by PARTNERING with SIN. When Holy Spirit HIGHLIGHTS these OPEN DOORS, AGREE that what you are doing is SIN, REPENT—turn around and walk away into the LIGHT, receive the BLOOD of My Beloved Son to COVER and WASH AWAY the sin. CLOSE—NO, SLAM the door SHUT in the face of the enemy. Now, you can call in My SUPERIOR PROMISES, PROVISION, and LOVE to LIGHT UP that area of darkness, and it becomes OFF-LIMITS to the enemy. My Kingdom life does REQUIRE that you DEVELOP the FRUIT of the Spirit. It is not a QUICK FIX, but you will find you are living a SUPERIOR LIFE in a SUPERIOR KINGDOM under a SUPERIOR COVENANT. Rejoice!”

Diana Larkin - CARRY ON, CARRY OVER, CARRY THROUGH - December 8, 2023

“I AM letting you know that the END of this FIERCE WAR is NEAR. However, if you look at the path ahead with only NATURAL eyes, all you will see is OBSTACLES, MOUNTAINS, and what looks like a DEAD END with no way THROUGH. I AM calling you, My Army of Light, to see through My EYES and to BELIEVE that I can EMPOWER you to CARRY ON, CARRY OVER, and CARRY THROUGH to the promised SHINING VICTORY. I AM STRENGTHENING you to CARRY ON and to SPEAK to the obstacles in your path of SICKNESS, LACK, or BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS. COMMAND them to be REMOVED, to be DISSOLVED by the POWER of your BLOOD COVENANT with Me. SPEAK to those large MOUNTAINS that seem to BLOCK the way (CORRUPT LEADERS and INSTITUTIONS), and DECLARE that they are COMING DOWN by My Mighty Right Arm and the POWER of My Host. As you FEARLESSLY put your foot on the base of the mountain and begin to climb it, you will see it getting SMALLER and SMALLER until you can CARRY OVER it. Now, you face the LOCKED DOORS in the path obstructing you. These are doors the darkness put in place to BLOCK ACCESS to HEALTH, WEALTH, and FREEDOM. You are My son and My daughter, and I have given you the KEY of DAVID and the KEYS of the KINGDOM, and I want you to USE THEM NOW. Your words of AUTHORITY ‘OPEN’ ‘BE UNLOCKED’ are KEYS that will OPEN DOORS before you. As these doors open, CARRY THROUGH to the FINAL VICTORY. Hear Me now and CARRY ON, CARRY OVER, and CARRY THROUGH.”

Diana Larkin - BEHIND THE SCENES - December 7, 2023

“When you hear reports that someone has ‘RETIRED’ or that they have decided ‘NOT TO RUN FOR OFFICE AGAIN,’ don’t take that news report AT FACE VALUE. Realize that I AM at work BEHIND THE SCENES fulfilling My promise to you to CLEANSE your government of the COMPROMISED and the CORRUPT. I want to give you a peek BEHIND THE SCENES of what is taking place in the political realm. These compromised, corrupt leaders are being SUMMONED to a private meeting where they are presented the EVIDENCE that EXPOSES their crimes of accepting BRIBES, their MORAL COMPROMISE, their LYING TREACHERY and TRAITOROUS ACTS. They are given the OPTION to remain in their positions and be TOTALLY EXPOSED, or they can ‘RETIRE’ or not ‘RUN FOR OFFICE’ again and that will give them some favor when they are brought to TRIAL. Don’t MISS the fact that many of these events that are being reported have their SOURCE in Me, and it is My hand CLEANING HOUSE and EXPOSING EVIL. If the guilty choose to throw themselves on My MERCY and the mercy of those bringing charges against them and they choose to REMOVE themselves from their places of POWER, I will walk with them through the process of JUDGMENT and JUSTICE. There will be some who agree to retire or not run, but they are SECRETLY planning to OUTSMART the good guys and STEAL their way back into ILLEGITIMATE POWER. These WILL NOT find GRACE or MERCY, but they will meet an IMMOVABLE WALL of JUDGMENT and JUSTICE that will CRUSH them as it falls and EXPOSES everything they have done in the DARK. My Army of Light, KEEP PRESSING ON because we are WINNING. Always keep in mind that I AM working BEHIND THE SCENES, and it will all MANIFEST at just the right time.”

Diana Larkin - It is Well - December 6, 2023

“I want you so ANCHORED in My LOVE, My POWER, and My COVENANT PROMISES to you that no matter what circumstances come your way, you can say with confidence, ‘IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL.’ I want you to truly GRASP a hold of the fact that I AM the STABILITY OF YOUR TIMES. I AM the SURE and UNCHANGING ROCK on which you stand. The GREAT TIDE of CHANGING EVENTS may lap at your feet, but it will NOT OVERWHELM you. By TRUSTING in My POWER and PROMISES, you have placed yourself HIGH ABOVE all the JUDGMENTS that will FLOOD the land and wash over the wicked. They will be REMOVED and seen NO MORE, and you will WITNESS from your place of safety in Me, My STRONG RIGHT ARM DELIVER you and your Nation. Every time you REFUSE to TAKE the BAIT of FEAR but, instead, choose to REHEARSE My power and My promises, your SHIELD of FAITH THICKENS and DEFLECTS all the FIERY DARTS the enemy throws. FAITH GROWS by COMBATING FEAR and DEFEATING THIS GIANT. Fears start in the MIND so carefully GUARD your thoughts against any INVASION of fear. Your mind will be STRENGTHENED against FEAR by MEDITATING on My written Word, by REVIEWING the promises given through My prophets, and by WORSHIPING Me in the face of any CHALLENGE. FAITH formed in the midst of CHALLENGES becomes a SHINING JEWEL, lighting up any darkness, and telling your soul, ‘IT IS WELL.’”

Diana Larkin - NOW I WILL BRING MY FISTS DOWN - December 5 , 2023


“Because I do not change, you can look for Me to ACT according to the PATTERNS already laid out in My eternal Word. In your day a group of people with DARKENED HEARTS have joined together to STEAL from you, to KILL you, and to DESTROY what is precious and good. Your CRIES for DELIVERANCE and the SUFFERING of the CHILDREN have come before My Throne of JUSTICE, and I have rendered a VERDICT in your favor. My message through Ezekiel to Jerusalem is for your CAPITAL CITY of Washington D.C. EZEKIEL 22:3-4 (TPT) “Prophesy to the city what I, Lord Yahweh, say to them: Jerusalem (Washington D.C.), you bring doom upon yourselves because you have shed the blood of so many. You are defiled by your manmade gods. You have become guilty by the blood you have shed and defiled by your handmade gods. Your time is up! Your day of reckoning is on the way. Therefore, I have made you an object of scorn and a laughingstock to all the nations.” Here is My last warning to those partnered with darkness: EZEKIEL 22:13-14 (TPT) “Now I will bring My fists down on your acts of robbery and murder in your midst. Do you think your courage will endure when I AM through with you? Do you think your hands will remain steady on your day of reckoning? I, Yahweh, have spoken, and I will do it!” Everyone hear the word of the Lord: NOW I WILL BRING MY FISTS DOWN!”


I was briefly taken to the Throne Room this morning. I saw lights flashing, roaring sounds, the Father’s powerful voice of many waters said something I did not understand, but the Angels, Host, and Elders responded with cries of Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord! I then heard the voice of many waters again, and this time I could hear what He was saying. 
“I want you to know that I have RELEASED MY JUDGMENTS AGAINST YOUR ENEMIES from the highest Throne in the Universe. My COMMAND has traveled to the earth, and My WORDS will be FULFILLED. These JUDGMENTS are now at work. Some of them you won’t see at first because they are being implemented BEHIND THE SCENES. If you PAY ATTENTION, you will pick up on the SIGNS that the wicked are UNDER JUDGMENTS when you see them SCRAMBLING for more money, corporations FAILING that seemed too big to fail, and THREATENED plans NOT coming to pass. You will HEAR them in public LASHING OUT in ANGER because they are TERRIFIED they are LOSING CONTROL. All of these JUDGMENTS from My hand will PUSH them into LAUNCHING their DEADLY STRIKE PREMATURELY, and it will NOSEDIVE back into their camp and BRING ON their FINAL, PUBLIC JUDGMENT and JUSTICE. My ROARING JUDGMENTS will FLOOD over them just as surely as My BLESSINGS will COVER your lives. FEEL in the Spirit the MOMENTUM of events that is RISING and realize your DELIVERANCE IS AT HAND.”

Vickey Parnel - December, December, December - December 3, 2023

I’m going to say he was righteously angry when he gave this word. So it’s not what I want to deliver but I’m going to do what I’ve been called to do. I’m going to sound this warning again it came at 11:30 23 at 3:23 p.m. December, December, December, December. And again I was praying and I kept hearing And So It Begins. And So It Begins and I’m like Lord what now. I’ll be honest that was what now Jesus Christ what now but I didn’t until he called me to pray that’s when he started speaking after I’ve been praying and interceding in tongues and then this came forth and again. Yes I tried the spirits through you know after it’s done Lord Jesus is there anything you just because the enemy is Crafty and wise you know. It’s crafty not wise in his own way yeah but Jesus is wiser. So there you go anyway let’s get on to the word sorry about that okay so I’m praying and then I hear again all of a sudden and I know when the Lord is calling me to speak. When he wants to speak so I was praying and had my notebook and ink pin ready because I felt well well I keep my notebook with me at all the time just in case all right and so it begins is what he said it starts It And So It Begins.

December, December, December, howl well scream and cry. And So It Begins. Did not I warn you did not I say this time would come? My little children in me it’s time to run inside and shut your door. And So It Begins. December a month of Sorrows. December a month of turmoil. December a time of smiling. December a time of a fall. December, December, December. I am the stone the builders rejected now see my might as I fall upon the ungodly of this world and Nation. December, December, December it’s not what you thought it was going to be oh Nation once called America, but Babylon to me. Your fall shall be heard all across your world echoing the sounds of your destruction and causing a Rippling effect to other parts of your world.

December, December, December. And So It Begins. No more time for repentance, no more time for repenting from all you have been found wanting in my Unfaithful in my Unfaithful wife now called Babylon. You were engrafted into my Vine a nation set above others to lead them to me their Savior Jesus Christ. You have failed miserably and instead of and instead have embraced the ways of Balaam and Moloch and other false gods in my place. You sacrifice your children as if they were cut out disposable paper dolls that have no real value and no genuine worth. The paper dolls are shown more love than you show your murdered children you choose to have ripped from the safety of your mother’s wounds. You embrace the lifestyle of men laying with men women with women declaring I am a God of love. I came to save all. I love you just as you are so there’s no need to change fools this kind of deception you have spread to your world is what has led you to this moment in time, oh nation of Babylon

And So It Begins in full swing the take down of a nation and the eagle shall never more spread her Majestic wings and soar above the others. Your failure to repent oh nation of Babylon has sealed your fate. I judged I judge righteously with Justice in my hands. Your sins far outweigh those of Sodom, Nineveh, and Gomorrah combined. The great Millstone has already been cast into the sea Babylon Falls she falls and shall rise no more her wings are clipped and her feathers have been plucked and all that’s left is for her to burn and burn she will within one hour. She shall and never again shall you be the sole source of trafficking and and prostituting children that I gave you to love. Never again will you abuse your elderly that should be held in respect and their counsel of years listened to. You were warned to honor thy mother and thy father to love thy neighbor to not covet steal or lust. Yet you soar above all others in these sins right next to adultery, homosexuality, and fornication. I am a God of love but I do not compromise my Holy standards to accommodate your sinful actions and desires. December a time of Despair. December a time of tragedy as false hopes turn into deadly reality.

December, December, December. Little daughter December has come and few are prepared. Have not I sent dreams to many of mine concerning this month of yours? Ses you have Jesus Christ my love. And So It Begins. December December December. And So It Begins the full take down of the eagle. From within, from without, from underneath, and above. I will no longer tolerate your sins Babylon your wicked evil license stes are like a a disease that is spread over the entire world. You serve your Masters well you were called out into my kingdom of light to warn the Lost of such evil Wicked Ways. Now your demise shall be a warning to your world the cost that you had to pay for those sins you refuse to let go of and return to me. December is the start of the ending in full for you oh Babylon. You’re already weakened within weakened without, financially broke, militarily weakened, with no God to fight for you. Because Lucifer because Satan and the devil shall gleefully watch you fall so they can rise to power with their man of sin Antichrist their puppet.

Oh America now Babyon on to me you have been betrayed by the very ones you betrayed my love for and don’t even realize it. Weep well cry aloud for Destruction is your plight now I would have forgiven you saved you redeemed you back to me. Like a husband whose wife had played the Harlot but out of the husband’s great love would have allowed you to return. This time has passed you have been divorced and and now your worldly lover shall turn on you and destroy you with one hour’s time. For my children inside the walls of Babylon of America I say I have not forgotten you. Many shall come to me in various ways some by death some by my return. While others shall remain only the condition of your heart will decide if you are to remain and be upon your world when Antichrist takes his throne above your world’s soil. December, December, December, the final beginning of it all. And So It Begins my children so it begins. …

Diana Larkin THE FOURTH DAY - December 3, 2023

“There will be THREE DAYS of DEEP DARKNESS where it looks like the evil agenda has WON. I will use these three day to FULLY AWAKEN the sleepers and all will know that a WAR has been going on for their FREEDOM, and they were CLUELESS. The AWAKENING will be RUDE, and it will SHAKE them to the CORE. I will ALLOW the arrogant elite to THINK they have won and that they are now in CONTROL. They will STUMBLE ALL OVER EACH OTHER to REVEAL themselves to the world as those in POWER and CONTROL. The MESMERIZED world will be SHOCKED at the DEEP DARKNESS, HATRED, and DEPRAVITY that is displayed. Do you see that I AM using the APPEARANCE of WINNING to give them a FALSE SENSE of SECURITY so that they will TOTALLY REVEAL who they are? I AM letting you know about these THREE DARK DAYS so that you DO NOT PANIC or LOSE HEART. Keep in mind I have PROMISED a GRAND RESCUE, but a GRAND REVEALING must come first. On THE FOURTH DAY, your Nation will SUDDENLY BE RESURRECTED to NEW LIFE, as My MIGHTY OPERATION RESCUE WIPES OUT the darkness and BRINGS DOWN their CONTROL IN A DAY. A GREAT CELEBRATION will ERUPT as people realize I have RESCUED your Nation. I will use My Host, My Army of Light, and your loyal Military in a PERFECTLY EXECUTED PLAN that REMOVES the ARROGANT ELITE, and they are handed over for TRIBUNALS and JUDGMENT. You will experience, firsthand, the phrase ‘DARK TO LIGHT.’ Lazarus lay in the grave for THREE DAYS but on THE FOURTH DAY My Son called him FORTH TO LIFE. You keep speaking over your Nation and CALLING IT FORTH TO RESURRECTION LIFE, and it will rise again on THE FOURTH DAY.”
There is a play on words in this message: the FOURTH day will become the FORTH day!

Diana Larkin - Hot and Heavy - December 1, 2023

“I AM coming after your ENEMIES HOT AND HEAVY. Their carefully planned speeches filled with LIES and DECEIT will NOT have the effect they have always had in HOODWINKING the people. Instead of being received, their speeches will only get them into HOT WATER, as I UNCOVER the TRUTH they are trying to KEEP HIDDEN with their lies. Your enemy is used to BRINGING THE HEAT of THREATS, INTIMIDATION, and FEAR to make the people COWER and be COMPLIANT. I AM bringing My FIRE to BURN UP every new PLOT they try to launch. Your continued PUSHBACK on the darkness and your REFUSAL to BOW to their schemes has OPENED PORTALS for Me to LAUNCH FIRE MISSILES to EXPLODE and to BURN UP their evil plans. Your PRAYERS EMPOWER My Host to become the RODS OF GOD. The arrogant elite who thought they could use the HEAVY HAND of the LAW to DEFAME and DEFEAT those standing for righteousness, are about to FEEL the HEAVY BLOW of My HAMMER of JUDGMENT and JUSTICE. I don’t just make an ATTEMPT to STOP injustice; oh, no, I AM going to ANNIHILATE it with the BLOW of My HAMMER of JUSTICE. My HEAVY HAMMER will EXPOSE all their CROOKEDNESS and EVIL, and they will find themselves being the ones on TRIAL for BRIBERY, CORRUPTION, PERVERSION, and TREASON. Keep in your RANKS, Army of Light! Do not allow PETTY DIVISIONS or DISTRACTIONS to cause you to FALL OUT of your place in the BATTLE. CALL IN this season of My GREAT RESCUE, and watch Me come in HOT AND HEAVY!”

Diana Larkin - TA LEAP OF FAITH - November 30, 2023

“Do you believe My PROMISES of a future filled with LIFE and LIGHT? I AM calling you to MORE than mental agreement that My promises are TRUE. Let your ACTIONS match what your HEART and MIND BELIEVE. I AM calling you to take A LEAP OF FAITH by taking actions I PROMPT you to take. Instead of HUNKERING DOWN to wait until the STORM passes over, I want you to begin, BY FAITH, to LIVE IN THE REALITY of My PROMISES for the future. I AM asking you to TUNE into My FREQUENCY of LIFE and HOPE. I AM not asking you to follow man’s ideas and suggestions for this season. No, I want you TUNED into what I’m LEADING you to do. If I prompt you to START a NEW VENTURE, BEGIN a NEW MINISTRY, GIVE of your TIME, your TREASURE, your TALENTS, then TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH and DO the next step I’ve placed before you. My promptings for this season will be COUNTER to man’s WISDOM and the enemy’s voice of FEAR. Can you TRUST Me to take this next step I’m PROMPTING you to make? If you say ‘yes’ to the LEAP OF FAITH, you will serve as a FORERUNNER, a PIONEER who BLAZES A TRAIL into the NEW FUTURE of ABUNDANCE and PEACE that I have promised. My FAITH PIONEERS will receive great REWARDS for taking the LEAP OF FAITH, for helping FORGE a path for others to follow, and you will receive the JOY that comes when you know you have OBEYED what I’ve called you to do. TAKE THAT LEAP OF FAITH!”

Diana Larkin - THE FALL OF THE OLD AND THE RISE OF THE NEW - November 28, 2023

“So much will be CHANGING around you and in your own lives that you will need your FAITH and your FOUNDATION FIRMLY in Me so that you are not carried away by FEAR OF THE FUTURE and by making PANIC, FOOLISH DECISIONS. Like never before in your life or the history of your Nation has there been a time that you need to KNOW Me as your PROTECTOR and your PROVIDER. The financial systems that you trusted to SUSTAIN you have actually been STEALING from you for DECADES. DO NOT MOURN their COLLAPSE nor FEAR your LOSS of funds because I AM REPLACING it with a FAIR and JUST system, and you will RECOVER ALL. Government systems you were told were necessary but were SPYING on you, LIMITING  your FREEDOMS, and STEALING from you, will COME CRASHING DOWN in a day. DON’T PANIC! I have RIGHTEOUS and JUST SYSTEMS and LEADERS in the wings ready to STEP IN and FILL THE GAPS of CORRUPTED SYSTEMS. My Church should have been the SHINING EXAMPLE of RIGHTEOUSNESS, PEACE, and JOY in these dark days. My REMNANT has STEPPED UP and FULFILLED this call, and you have been SHINING for Me. But what is this that I SEE and HEAR behind CLOSED DOORS in some churches? TRAITORS, I SAY! TRAITORS in your ranks! TRAITORS first to My NAME and My GLORY, and TRAITORS to the people because they have SOLD OUT to the CORRUPT in exchange for MONEY and POWER. WOE to those living behind FACADES because I AM PULLING THOSE MASKS OFF and EXPOSING you to the world. This is the season of THE FALL OF THE OLD AND THE RISE OF THE NEW. My Remnant, keep SHINING for Me, My LOVE, My POWER, and My PROMISES to a BROKEN, BEWILDERED WORLD. They will be DRAWN to My LIGHT in you because they will have a DEEP HUNGER to KNOW the REAL, TRUE, and LIVING GOD. Be their ANCHOR in this season of THE FALL OF THE OLD AND THE RISE OF THE NEW.”

Liana Larkin - LAUNCH THE SMOKESCREEN- November 27 , 2023

*Overheard from the camp of the wicked…I see a dark room with a conference table with men and women wearing hooded black robes. Angry voices are demanding to know why their evil plans are not working. Loud demands are being given to launch the plan that will devastate the earth and bring it under their control. There is dark power in this room, but I sense an undercurrent of great fear and even rising panic. The dark leader rises and demands silence. He barks out, “We’ve got to stay focused and united in order to take back control.” He points to a man that I know by the Spirit is someone high up in the Church realm. “You need to ramp up the end times talk and convince people the worst is about to happen. We will step in (a wicked smile fills his face) and supply that worst outcome with our plan of great destruction. We will have them cowering at our feet.” A look of scorn crosses his face. “Who can stop us? Certainly not a bunch of sheep who don’t know our secret plans.” The meeting fades away, and the Father speaks: *”The ARROGANCE of the evil ones will be their DOWNFALL. Even as they schemed destruction in their SUPER SECRET MEETINGS, I have given My Watchmen ACCESS to those meetings, and I AM REVEALING to My FAITHFUL and FAITH-FILLED Remnant where they need to target their prayers to STOP these plans from succeeding, and I AM showing you their areas of WEAKNESS so that you can partner with Me in SOWING MORE FEAR, DIVISION, and FOOLISH DECISIONS into their camp. Ask for My Spirit to CREATE A SMOKESCREEN around that evil camp. They will think they have COVER from EXPOSURE, but I will use the SMOKESCREEN to HIDE from them the POWERFUL OFFENSIVE from My Host and My Army of Light. They will BLINDLY launch their scheme of destruction, but it will BACKFIRE on them, as My BREATH BLOWS AWAY the SMOKESCREEN, and they are caught RED-HANDED and FULLY EXPOSED. Imagine their HORROR, as they realize those sheep they thought were so DUMB and BRAINWASHED knew what their plans were, and they ROSE AS ONE to DEFEAT them and to take back their nation for the Kingdom of Light. I told you that those who DECEIVED the world would, in the end, be the MOST DECEIVED. CALL FORTH MY SPIRIT SMOKESCREEN and PRESS IN for the FINAL BLOW to bring DOWN the evil empire.” 


Dianna Larkin - 2024–THE YEAR OF THE DOOR, THE MORE, AND THE POUR- November 22, 2023

“2024 will be marked by SHAKINGS for the WICKED and AWAKENINGS for the SLEEPING. But for My REMNANT, it will be the year of the DOOR, the MORE, and the POUR. DOORS of OPPORTUNITY and ADVANCEMENT will OPEN WIDE for you. MORE will BLESS your life: MORE PROVISION, MORE FINANCES, MORE RESTORATION of what has been lost. It will also be the year of the POUR. My Spirit will POUR forth like never before in history. You will see SPIRITUAL GIFTS POURED OUT, ACCURATE and POWERFUL PROPHECY will POUR forth, CONVICTION of SIN, LIFELESS RELIGION, and LAWLESSNESS will POUR OUT on people in their homes, their churches, in the marketplace, and in gatherings. The darkness thinks that 2024 will be the year they CLOSE the DOOR on your FREEDOM and on many LIVES. In 2024 they plan to STEAL MORE of your finances and your food. Their plan is to POUR OUT MORE CHAOS, DESTRUCTION, and DISEASE. I LAUGH AT THEIR PLANS FOR 2024 because MY PLANS ARE ALREADY IN MOTION—AN UNSTOPPABLE FORCE—AND I WILL TRUMP ALL THEIR EVIL PLANS WITH MY PROMISES OF THE OPEN DOOR, THE RELEASE OF THE MORE, AND THE OVERWHELMING POUR OF MY SPIRIT. There are GOOD THINGS in STORE for 2024 for those POSITIONED with Me to RECEIVE the DOOR, the MORE, and the POUR.”.

Diana Larkin - ARE YOU READY FOR THE FINAL SHOWDOWN? - November 19 , 2023

“Are you ready for that day that the darkness LAUNCHES their last DESPERATE ACT to take back CONTROL of the world? Is your FAITH and your CONFIDENCE in My POWER and My PROMISES of RESCUE and DELIVERANCE for you and your Nation? I want you so BUILT UP in your FAITH that you WILL NOT EVEN FLINCH when the ATTACK comes, but you will DECLARE that My RESCUE is NEAR and that the darkness is DONE. The enemy is counting on you FAINTING and FALLING into FEAR when their DEATH scheme EXPLODES on the world. I want you to be so STRENGTHENED in Me that you PROVE him ABSOLUTELY WRONG, as you STAND in FAITH by My side and DECLARE My GOODNESS and My POWER. I want you to PICTURE their planning meetings for this DIABOLICAL plan of great destruction. I want you to see the ARROGANT SMIRKS on their faces, as they CONTEMPLATE all the FEAR, TERROR, and DEATH that they are unleashing. I want you to HEAR their evil LAUGHTER at how EASY it will be to CONTROL the FRIGHTENED, CONFUSED sheep. Let this picture of PURE EVIL at work HARDEN YOUR RESOLVE to PARTNER with Me in WIPING the ARROGANT SMILES OFF their faces, as they find out you have been receiving SUPERNATURAL INTEL from Me and that you are ANOINTED and AUTHORIZED to BRING DOWN their EVIL and to LAUNCH it right back into their faces. As you are STRENGTHENED in My presence, turn and face the enemy ONSLAUGHT with DETERMINATION to OVERCOME their darkness with My LIGHT. Army of Light, you are standing SHOULDER to SHOULDER with Heaven’s Army, and you are an UNBEATABLE FORCE. You will NOT FAIL and you will NOT FALTER when THE FINAL SHOWDOWN COMES.”

Diana Larkin - BRING IT UP, BRING IT OUT, BRING IT FORTH! - November 19 , 2023

As I was praying and releasing exposures, exposures, exposures, I heard myself praying, “Bring it up, bring it out, bring it forth!” I realized this was His message for us today.
“As you join Me in RELEASING the Host to GO and EXPOSE, EXPOSE, EXPOSE EVIDENCE of the CORRUPT, the PERVERTED, the TRAITORS, I AM telling you that I will RESPOND to your DECREES. I will BRING UP from the EARTH, from HIDDEN VAULTS, from SECRET WAREHOUSES, from COMPUTERS, PHONES, VIDEOS, and RECORDINGS all the HIDDEN EVIDENCE of CORRUPTION, PERVERSION, and TREASON. Join Me in releasing the Host to HELP and GUIDE the Military who are SEARCHING OUT and SECURING the EVIDENCE, and I will then bring it OUT into the open. COMMAND the mouths of LYING media to be MUFFLED from HIDING the evidence, and RELEASE My TERROR into their hearts so that they CANNOT SPEAK. I will RAISE UP voices who will BRING FORTH the TRUTH of all the EVIDENCE of EVIL and WRONGDOING so that the world will SEE it and HEAR it. Bring the WEIGHT of your FAITH and the POWER of your DECREES: BRING IT UP, BRING IT OUT, BRING IT FORTH; and you will see the HAND of your God move to UNCOVER ALL, to bring JUDGMENT and JUSTICE, and to RESTORE RIGHTEOUSNESS, LIGHT, and PEACE to your Land again. BRING IT UP, BRING IT OUT, BRING IT FORTH!”

Wings Of Prophecy - November , 2023

Diana Larkin - EMBRACE LIFE - November 18, 2023

“Don’t put your LIFE ON HOLD WAITING FOR THE FULFILLMENT OF ALL MY PROMISES. I want you to LIVE FULLY in Me every day. EMBRACE LIFE and live each day to its FULLEST. Find your JOY and COMPLETION by partnering with Me each day of your life. As you walk with Me, I will TOUCH each day with My PRESENCE, My PEACE, and I will give you little LOVE GIFTS that TOUCH your heart and let you know that I AM near. If you only see the BATTLE, the DESTRUCTION, and the CASUALTIES, it will ROB you of the JOY and SWEETNESS that I put into every one of your days. The coming NEW ERA will bring you even DEEPER JOY and SATISFACTION if you have learned to SEE My LIFE in the midst of a season of FIERCE WARFARE. It is the CHOICE to EMBRACE LIFE that will give you the STRENGTH to make it through the WARFARE and your GOAL of FREEDOM and JUSTICE will be kept ALIVE because you have TASTED the coming joy and fulfillment. EMBRACE LIFE!”

Diana Larkin - I WILL BE RAISING THE FLAG - November 17, 2023

“After the CLASH between dark and Light has been decisively WON by the Light, I WILL BE RAISING THE FLAG over your Nation, and your Nation will become a TRUE representative of its colors. RED will represent My SALVATION of your Land, and the willing SACRIFICE of those who fought to keep your Nation STRONG and FREE. WHITE will represent PURITY and FOCUS on Me, as the FEAR of the LORD rests on the Land. BLUE will represent JUSTICE re-established in your Nation and TRUE BLUE LOYALTY to maintain the foundations rooted in Me. The WHITE STARS will represent My LIGHT and My GLORY SHINING over your Land, and it’s LIGHT will SHINE for Me around the world. When the darkness has been fully EXPOSED and CRUSHED, people will once again look on your FLAG with SHINING EYES, GRATEFUL HEARTS, and a DESIRE for ‘One Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.’”

Diana Larkin - VIOLENTLY SWEPT AWAY - November 14, 2023

“My faithful REMNANT have JOINED their hearts to My heart. Their eyes have been OPENED to the DEVASTATION that CHOOSING DARKNESS brings into their nations. They see the FLOODGATES of EVIL being opened throughout the land, as people COOPERATE with the darkness through COMPROMISE, IDOLATRY, and SELFISH LIVING. These focuses DULL your spirit’s PERCEPTION and DISCERNMENT until righteousness and justice have FALLEN by the wayside. But you, My Remnant, have AWAKENED to My LOVE, My BEAUTY, and My RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE. You can CLEARLY SEE your world’s need for a RESCUE OPERATION and for FOUNDATIONS to be re-established on My Kingdom of LIGHT. The POWER of your AGREEMENT with Me is VERY GREAT. Every time you PARTNER with Me and CALL IN EXPOSURES and JUSTICE, it adds to the TSUNAMI that is building. When this TSUNAMI FLOODS your Land, it will EXPOSE and WASH AWAY CORRUPTION. Long held SEATS of POWER will be GONE in a MOMENT of time, and every PRAYER of AGREEMENT you have released will be WELL WORTH IT, as you watch darkness be VIOLENTLY SWEPT AWAY. Because evil became so ENTRENCHED, it must be REMOVED FORCEFULLY. The VIOLENCE and the SUDDENNESS will AWAKEN those still UNDER THE CLOUD of DECEPTION and DENIAL. As darkness and Light CLASH, the earth will respond by SHAKING, SPLITTING OPEN, and VIOLENT STORMS. A RUDE AWAKENING is much better than being lulled into PERMANENT SLAVERY. The areas where darkness has had SEATS of POWER will have the HARDEST SHAKINGS as the clash of war between dark and Light INTENSIFIES. I AM able to KEEP My own no matter where they are. Don’t LOSE HEART when you see things VIOLENTLY COLLAPSE because it will CLEAR the WAY for My KINGDOM to be established and My GREAT BLESSINGS to FLOW FREELY to the people of your Land.”

Diana Larkin - THE END OF A DARK RULE OVER THE WORLD - November 13, 2023

You will witness THE END OF A DARK RULE OVER THE WORLD. You do not realize how DEEPLY ENTRENCHED these EVIL ROOTS have become and how many leaders in all areas of society have been SUCKED into EATING the DARK FRUITS of GREED, LUST, and HUNGER FOR POWER. This PERVASIVE EVIL has been given the APPEARANCE of GOOD, and they speak LOFTY words of TOLERANCE and DEMOCRACY while SUCKING YOU DRY OF RESOURCES AND LIFE. They speak of loving and accepting all—all, that is, who live PERVERTED LIFESTYLES that bring forth NO LIFE and lead to DESTRUCTION and DESPAIR. This DARK RULE labels true RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE as EXTREME and HATEFUL. The RISE of this DARK RULE was ENABLED by a Church that became INWARD, SELF-ABSORBED, and NEGLECTED their ASSIGNMENT to be SALT and LIGHT and to OCCUPY until My Son returns. There were a few of My Sons and Daughters who remained AWAKE and who were AWARE of the DANGERS of the CREEPING DARK RULE. As they FAITHFULLY CRIED OUT to Me, I AWAKENED more and more to JOIN your ranks, and you have become a MIGHTY REMNANT Army of Light. The DARK RULE has sown DEATH and DESTRUCTION, but you are sowing LIGHT, LIFE, and LOVE. The LIGHT is always more POWERFUL that the darkness, and it will always OVERCOME it. You have been SOWING SEEDS of RIGHTEOUSNESS, LIGHT, and LOVE into the soil of your nations by your PRAYERS, DECREES, and DECLARATIONS, and it will produce a LIFE-GIVING CROP of FREEDOM and PLENTY. Keep SOWING in FAITH, and you will see it bring about THE END OF A DARK RULE OVER THE WORLD.”

Diana Larkin - IT WON’T BE LONG NOW - November 12, 2023

“IT WON’T BE LONG NOW until you see VICTORY pulled out of SEEMING DEFEAT. IT WON’T BE LONG NOW until the darkness plays their LAST BIG CARD of DESTRUCTION. I have FORCED their hand so that they have NO OPTION but to LAUNCH the card they think will WIN them the game. The STAKES are VERY HIGH. They are on the BRINK of LOSING IT ALL, so they have NO CONSCIENCE about WIPING you out. They have placed ALL their CONFIDENCE in this LAST DESTRUCTIVE CARD, and I have supplied them with FAULTY, LYING INTELLIGENCE that assures them they will win. They have been BLINDED to the fact that I hold the TRUMP card, and I will play it at a MOMENT known only to Me. You will see the SHOCK in their eyes as their HOUSE of CARDS COLLAPSES in a SUDDEN moment of time. Their MOST DESTRUCTIVE CARD, their FINAL ACT of HATRED, will DESTROY THEM. I tell you these things so that you will CONTINUE in HOPE and STRONG FAITH when things look DARK. You keep ADVANCING into the enemy’s STOLEN TERRITORIES, taking them back by the POWER of My MIGHT, by the AUTHORITY of My Son’s BLOOD, and by the WEAPON of your FAITH, your DECREES, and your DECLARATIONS. Remain at the READY, dressed in your armor of LIGHT, because IT WON’T BE LONG NOW.”

Diana Larkin - THE ELEVENTH HOUR- November 11, 2023

“It is THE ELEVENTH HOUR for your enemies. The WINDOW IS CLOSING on the opportunity to REPENT or to become a WHISTLEBLOWER. Those of you on the FENCE TEETERING BETWEEN DARKNESS AND LIGHT, be WISE and BRAVE and JUMP into the LIGHT. Be part of SAVING a nation rather than part of DESTROYING it for SELFISH GREED. This is also THE ELEVENTH HOUR for those in the Body of Christ who have PERSISTED in a SINFUL lifestyle of USING and  ABUSING My people and have HIDDEN these sins behind RELIGIOUS FACADES. They have USED the ANOINTING on their life to CONSUME PEOPLE and FINANCES to FEED their LUST and PERVERSION. Your REFUSAL to COME CLEAN before the people and to REPENT to Me, have placed you in a REAPING STREAM of JUDGMENT. If you are one who KNOWS that these people are living DOUBLE LIVES—in any area of society—but you are REFUSING to EXPOSE it and are helping to ENABLE it, then you will place yourself in the same REAPING STREAM of JUDGMENT. A GOOD Father issues a FINAL WARNING before He brings the PROMISED CONSEQUENCES for REBELLIOUS and DESTRUCTIVE behavior. RESPOND NOW before it is TOO LATE. You will not be able to ESCAPE when My HAMMER BLOW breaks open the DAM, and EXPOSURE, JUDGMENT, and JUSTICE are released. Don’t be HOODWINKED by the great deceiver any longer. Choose to come into My LIGHT and REFUSE to be a SERVANT of DARKNESS any longer. In My LIGHT is HOPE for your future, an INVITATION to SALVATION through the BLOOD of the Lamb, and CLEANSING from the SLAVERY to SIN. Hear My call and come now because it is THE ELEVENTH HOUR.”

Diana Larkin - AFTER JUDGMENT MY RAIN WILL COME - November 10, 2023

“A BIG MESS is being UNCOVERED in the Church and across ALL areas in your society, as I uncover GROSS SIN, CORRUPTION, IDOLATRY, and WITCHCRAFT. You cannot leave GARBAGE mixed in with GOOD FOOD, because the garbage will cause the good food to ROT. I cannot bring My GLORY to a Church that TOLERATES GROSS SIN in their leaders or only deals SUPERFICIALLY with serious allegations which they quickly COVER UP to PRESERVE their ministry or their church. They put the victims of the leader’s SIN in a PRISON of SILENCE, and they do not bring My HEALING to their FRACTURED SOULS. If My GLORY descended on such a place that TOLERATES or WINKS at sin, then DEATHS could result (Ananias and Sapphira). You are COMPLETELY BEHIND Me in My PROMISES to REMOVE CORRUPTION and EVIL from other areas of influence. Are you COMPLETELY BEHIND ME in REMOVING CORRUPTION and EVIL in My Church? There can be NO EXCEPTIONS to EXPOSURES of SIN—no matter how POWERFUL and NEEDED you think their ANOINTING is. I have HIDDEN ONES in My Body who have kept their HEARTS and their LIVES PURE before Me, and I AM able to RAISE THEM UP and to give them even GREATER ANOINTINGS than the ‘STARS’ you are trying to PROTECT. Know that AFTER MY JUDGMENT sweeps the Church CLEAN, I will send RAINS of CLEANSING and REFRESHING, and My Church will become a place that DISPLAYS My HEART, My Kingdom POWER, and My beautiful PURITY. AFTER JUDGMENT MY REIGN WILL COME.”


You are pacing back and forth you are inspecting the Earth. You are in respecting those leaders of the earth that won legally and those that have been placed there wrongfully illegally. You are inspecting the Earth. This is the time of the this is the time of of the Justice of the God of the Almighty oh his Justice is arising in the hour and the Vengeance of God shall be seen in the land in the earth in the Earth. Hear the sound of the voice to me hear the sounds of the footsteps. As intensity shall arise in the hour that you are in. To my over the Earth. It is come now and hell they shake and they trembled my day of what is manifesting and what shall be least now upon the Earth.

They thought they could silence the Lord his people. Now there shall come become a sound of Justice. A sound of vindication. A sound of freedom. On the night of Rosh Hashanah it is a new season do you hear do you feel do you see what is opening it is opening L is seing so it has been says the spirit of the Living God that men have come to a place I speak of my people where they have looked and they have said almighty God where are you where are you where are you even Elijah where is the Lord God of Elijah is this what you think is this what you speak from your lips before my Presence. Do you think that I have somehow ignored the Injustice the corruption the evil the things that have been deep stated and seated knows says God? I have watched and I have waited for this Time.

For this is not your season nor is it the seasons of the Earth. It is my Seasons therefore the seasons shall blend Together. And you will say it feels like Spring. But then why is there summer heat and why then does it get fret cold oh it is so cold. And why does it snow in this place and it has not snowed for Decades. And why in the place where we escape the frigid coal we are we are Freezing. God says I’m showing you that I am the god of the times and seasons. And so for a while they will seem backwards it will seem one month it will be this way another month it’ll be another way it will see one day it will seem as though it is hot and then it is cold how can the temperature change this greatly and they will say it is climate Control. It is global warming God says enough my hand has been placed on the earth to show the Earth. That I am the god of the times of the seasons and the purposes that are under heaven and now it is my purpose it is my time.
Therefore I speak to you those that are weary those that have said God how much longer. The spirit of God says you are just about at the place of intensity like you have not seen. Therefore do not grow weary do not quit and do not cause your mouth to speak negative. Where I say there was a time when a nation Israel stood before that which seemed impenetrable. And so there are some who have looked at the state the Deep State the corruption the evil. They have looked looked at two-tier Justice and they have said God this will never change we are doomed as a people. Whose report do you Believe? Who is your prophet and what is the voice that speaks? I say nay for the walls of Jericho seemed impenetrable. And so I silenced my nation and they were at a standstill wondering and waiting what would happen but then God said I said to them lift up their voice and they began to shout and that which looked impenetrable began to fall and collapse.

I speak this that you may know that the same God who did this to the walls of Jericho is doing this with that which they’ve done to the children. That which they have done through your media. That which they have done in your schools that which they have done to change what I said. This is a male this is a female this is holy matrimony between one man and one woman. You shall see that which they said would never change is it penetrable shall collapse. It shall Begin to Fall in the land and in the earth says the Living God. And the reason that I speak this to you at this time. Is because the intensity of the things that I will do at the power of not the might of man or your armies the power of my hand you’ll say God what shall you do?

I will expose expose expose but not just that God said I will bring to Justice the truly guilty and I will reset. I will bring a Divine reversal and I will reorder the Earth. For who is man that say it shall be their world order? God says not yet not so I shall reorder the Earth my way my say says the Living God watch therefore as I said to Joshua I speak this word to you. Do not fear you say I do not fear God says I speak this to you ahead of time because of the intensity of what shall arise upon the Earth hell shall react and will seek to create chaos upon the left. And they will scatter and they will scurry and they will say who will lead us now we must have someone that can lead us. And God says you will be found without one who shall be found Worthy.

Intensity shall arise and there is an disruption that is coming. That I have held and I have waited for the right time and so I shall have my way. That men shall know that this was not the might or the power of man’s cyber ability. But it is the strength of my finger. Did you notice I did not say say hand says the Living God I set my finger for I could inhale and shake the earth I could exhale and remove quickly from their seats of Pride that I shall move my finger because my finger is my Justice. And my finger is what shall cause the powers of Hell to tremble so there will there will be Darkness there will be chaos there will be a scrambling and there will be confusion. And there will be great fear to try to once again convince you that there is something that is Arisen that you must now shut down even to the point where you now must stay in your homes.

But God says do you really want to make me laugh. Because there is the intensity of my hand that that which they do shall backfire why shall it backfire because you look to a man. Tpirit of God says no look to me that’s right for there is something in the earth that you have forgotten. It is the greatest entity it is the spirit of God. Hallelujah he is the spirit of Truth and his truth the spirit of Truth his very being his Essence will not be stopped will not be silent and will not be challenged. Therefore pay attention to the intensity the Earth will not be able to handle the intensity of my finger and the might of my spirit that shall Arise at this time. Therefore the mountains will shake and be removed they will blow their ts and there will be smoke that will fill the air and there will be shakings of soil and the flood waters will arise and ice will jam and then break loose you say I am afraid God says the Earth cannot handle the measure of what I’m bringing of my justice. Yet you are afraid things will become wet the snow is so wet it is so heavy it is so much why do we have to suffer God says I dealt with Wicked Kings when it snowed in zon and there are much wickedness that Demands a purity and a purging and so I will use the elements and they will respond.

Because if you could see the resetting and the reversal and the reordering of what my plan is you will look to North America I speak of Canada. I speak of you United States and I speak of you Mexico. They are afraid or there is one waiting in the wings who calls upon my name and there is one even though the fires have tried to remove him they will say who will lead us now he will be standing not by the power of man but by the preservation and the plan of my hand. He will stand again and God says listen to me North America you shall be known as North America the Great. I even speak of Canada where the stench that you have become shall not be the smell the aroma of your future as I set things in order Canada in North America the United States and I do my Justice in Mexico. I will clean and and sweep through your parliaments the governments. And I will raise up the new and North America you shall be called North America the great. And there shall be an alliance that shall arise between North America Canada United States and Mexico a bond a strength a new America a new North America.
Pay attention as the intensity of the earth increases. Hell shall seek to respond and raise up a two-headed snake. And shall try to strike Israel. You are no match Iran and you are no match North Korea. Your head shall be cut down. Yes, your mouth has spoken who can stand they can write they can report and they lie but you are going to clean the media and turn over tables and you will drive many out and a new sound shall arise oh.

Diana Larkin - OPERATION CLEANUP - November 9, 2023

“Part of the RESCUE OPERATION is OPERATION CLEANUP. Not only am I REMOVING ENTRENCHED EVIL in your society, I AM REMOVING its ROOTS that have CREPT into the Church through leaders who have JUSTIFIED and KEPT HIDDEN GROSS SIN. This kind of DEFILING SIN SOWS CORRUPTION into the FOUNDATION of these leaders and their ministries. You need to understand that My FOCUS is NOT ON PRESERVING ministers or the ministries they have built. My FOCUS is on OPERATION CLEANUP because the FOUNDATIONS of the Church and its ministries must be built on My RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE. My Kingdom cannot be built on COMPROMISED FOUNDATIONS. Realize that I don’t ‘NEED’ big name leaders or their mega ministries in order to ACCOMPLISH My PURPOSES in the earth. I can and will RAISE UP RIGHTEOUS LEADERS and MINISTRIES that are founded on My RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE. These will DISPLAY My NAME and My WAYS to the world, and the world will be DRAWN to the LIGHT and PURITY, the WHOLENESS and the POWER of My PRESENCE. STOP TRYING TO PRESERVE WHAT I AM JUDGING. No more will I TOLERATE HIDDEN SIN and CORRUPTION in My Church. No longer will My Church WORSHIP PERSONALITIES or MINISTRIES, which is MODERN DAY IDOLATRY. They will WORSHIP ME in the BEAUTY of HOLINESS. I will release DEEP HEALING and RESTORATION to those DEFILED by a leader’s GROSS SIN. The DEFILED LEADER can be RESTORED to relationship with Me if there is DEEP REPENTANCE to Me and to those they offended. Understand that I cannot CLEAN OUT the EVIL in the world and IGNORE it in My Church. My Church must become My KINGDOM OF LIGHT where those DECEIVED by the darkness can come to be CLEANSED and MADE WHOLE. Will you TRUST the GOOD WORK I AM doing in OPERATION CLEANUP and will you JOIN Me in calling it forth?”

Diana Larkin - OBVIOUS EVIL - November 8, 2023

“OBVIOUS EVIL is rearing its UGLY head all over the world. The enemy senses his coming GIGANTIC FAILURE in another attempt to CONTROL the world and make it SERVE him. He has ACTIVATED the hearts of DECEIVED men to CARRY OUT his schemes of DEATH and DESTRUCTION. Because your enemy is DESPERATE, his schemes and those partnered with them are being REVEALED as OBVIOUS EVIL. This is hard for you to see, and it TEARS at your heart to see the VIOLENCE and the HATRED. The LYING media are still SHIELDING the WICKED and COVERING UP their DARK CRIMES. But I AM going AROUND them and more and more TRUTH will come before the eyes of the STILL-ASLEEP masses. In fact, the media’s covering up of OBVIOUS EVIL will lead to their DOWNFALL because I will bring the TRUTH to the LIGHT. Because this is a season for REAPING what you have SOWN, those who LIED ABOUT and did not PROTECT the people from OBVIOUS EVIL will REAP EVIL into their own lives. OBVIOUS EVIL will SHAKE many AWAKE out of their STUPOR, and they will realize all the LIES they BELIEVED and they will see we are in the middle of a WAR between the DARKNESS and the LIGHT. The ranks of those SEEKING TRUTH will SWELL, and you will have many REINFORCEMENTS. Because I AM the TRUTH, those seeking truth will find Me, and My Kingdom of Light will grow on the earth. As PAINFUL as OBVIOUS EVIL is, know that I will use it to UNCOVER and EXPOSE the DEEP DARKNESS, and it will RETURN on their own heads. Continue to RELEASE the POWER of My Spirit to AWAKEN HEARTS, MINDS, and EYES to My TRUTH and My LIGHT; and we will witness together the DOWNFALL of OBVIOUS EVIL.”

Diana Larkin - LIVE AGAIN!- November 6, 2023

“I AM giving you a NEW CRY to release into your Nation. In the face of DARK THREATS and GREAT UNREST, I want you to SHOUT this declaration over the Land and its people, ‘LIVE AGAIN!’ Quite SUDDENLY, your Nation will be THRUST into CRISIS, and it will look like there is NO HOPE of SURVIVAL. Into this DESPAIR and NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE, I want you to CRY OUT over your Nation, ‘LIVE AGAIN!’ What goes DARK, what PERISHES in this war season, needs to DIE and to be REMOVED. DO NOT MOURN the loss of what I AM JUDGING because I AM PROTECTING you from the LOSS of your FREEDOM, the STEALING of your resources, and from the DEATH SCHEMES. Fix your gaze FIRMLY on My GOODNESS and on the WONDERFUL FUTURE I have promised you. Everyone will BENEFIT from this RESCUE OPERATION, but those of you who have FOUGHT by My side and BELIEVED My PROMISES spoken through My prophets and My Word, you will be DOUBLY BLESSED. Sons and Daughters of LIGHT, ARISE and take on this NEW CRY of DESTINY that will SPEAK LIFE into death, LIGHT into darkness, and HOPE into hopelessness. LIVE AGAIN!”

Diana Larkin - “PUT YOUR CROWN ON!”- November 5, 2023

“You have seen the DEVASTATING effects that DARKNESS has had on your Nation and on your own family. You have seen the POWER of MEDIA to MESMERIZE and CAPTIVATE people with LIES. You have seen a COMPROMISED medical system contribute to DECLINING HEALTH and even to UNNECESSARY DEATHS. You can now clearly see the GIANTS in the land, but how do you DEFEAT these GIANTS and BRING DOWN their DEATH AGENDAS? They seem so POWERFUL and so HUGE. What DIFFERENCE can you make? Remember that My Sons and Daughters who have been washed in the BLOOD of My Son and whose lives have been SURRENDERED back to Me, have become part of the ETERNAL COVENANT; established before time began and SEALED by My Son’s SACRIFICE and BLOOD. His TRIUMPH over SIN and DEATH released RESURRECTION POWER into the world and it WON BACK AUTHORITY over the earth that mankind had given away. When you are JOINED into the BLOOD COVENANT, you are CO-HEIRS of RESURRECTION POWER and ALL the AUTHORITY of the KINGDOM. It is now time for you to ARISE in your COVENANT POWER and TAKE BACK the LAND, TAKE BACK your FAMILIES, and TAKE BACK the CHURCH for My KINGDOM. Jesus paid the ULTIMATE price for your CROWN OF AUTHORITY. Now, PUT YOUR CROWN ON and RULE and REIGN with Me. David believed in My COVENANT with Israel, and he BROUGHT DOWN the GIANT with one stone and DELIVERED a whole nation. You have a SUPERIOR COVENANT, and it contains GREAT POWER and AUTHORITY. Time to PUT YOUR CROWN ON and use your VOICE, your PRAYERS, your DECREES, your DECLARATIONS to BRING DOWN the GIANTS and to RELEASE the KINGDOM of LIGHT into each area where darkness has STOLEN the GROUND. Realize that your VOICE and your FAITH have GREAT POWER. Declare to the darkness, ‘You may not have my nation!’ ‘You may not have my family!’ ‘You may not have the Church!’ ‘I decree these are Kingdom territories, and I take them back in the name of My Victorious King Jesus!’ ‘Darkness, be exposed and come down!’ ‘Lies and brainwashing be exposed and destroyed!’ ‘I speak over my nation and my family that we will serve the Lord and bear good fruit for the beautiful Kingdom of God!” My people, PUT YOUR CROWNS ON!”

Chris Bennett - Fasten Your Seat Belt, It’s Gonna Be a Bumpy Ride! - November 4, 2023

I’ve written much about kids over the years — but this one keeps coming back seemingly more appropriate each year.

This year is especially pertinent as we read of the awakening in the 15-25 age group.

But they’re not alone, because many young ones, even as young as 3 or 4, will show us the way forward.

Hear what The LORD is saying again today!

“When I release My Anointing upon your young people, it’s gonna get wild.

They aren’t restricted by experience, they just want to do it.

They aren’t limited by failures, they just want to try it.

They aren’t wounded by criticism, they’ll do it anyway.

When children are small, they copy someone older who’s done it before. As they grow they do things from memory and experience, yet still without inhibitions.

As they come into their teens, so doubts begin to creep in and they hesitate. They listen to the detractors, the criticism, the jealous cries of those who can’t and don’t want you to either.”

Yet, this is what God says now, “These very youngsters will be tomorrow’s leaders, tomorrow’s evangelists, healers, teachers, prophets, and apostles.

They will have a freedom that today’s generation has never had. They will do things you never dreamed possible.”

“This rising generation will do everything I ask of them!” says The LORD.

“They will do first and ask questions afterwards, but they will not be reckless.

They will be those who do The Will of God — before the will and laws of man!”

Like I said, this could be a bumpy, but exciting, ride!

And it’s starting somewhere close to you right now!

Diana Larkin - I WILL MAKE A WAY WHERE THERE IS NO WAY - November2,, 2023

“As you see many, many SYSTEMS FALL and FAIL it will be because they were established on EVIL FOUNDATIONS and because they were meant to STEAL your FREEDOMS, your PRIVACY, and your RESOURCES. I will not LEAVE you high and dry during this season of TRANSITION from CORRUPT systems to BENEFICIAL systems rooted in RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE. I AM THE WAYMAKER, and I WILL MAKE A WAY WHERE THERE IS NO WAY. My Angels are STANDING BY waiting to DELIVER to you whatever you need. I LOVE you that much, and I AM a MIRACLE PROVIDER. Remember how I SPOKE into the darkness and brought forth LIGHT? Remember how I FORMED stars and planets and created LIFE? I AM still the SAME God, and it is nothing for Me to PROVIDE for your needs outside of man’s systems. FAITH looks to My OPEN HAND and RECEIVES. FEAR CLOUDS YOUR VISION, and you will see only the LACK and you will MISS My HAND EXTENDED to you. REFUSE to PARTNER with FEAR and allow Me to MAKE A WAY WHERE THERE IS NO WAY.”

Diana Larkin - TRANSITION TO HOLINESS - November 1, 2023

“NOVEMBER will be a month of TRANSITION. Your life, your Nation, and the world will ENTER a season of EXPOSING the PROFANE and MOVING GLADLY into the KINGDOM AGE of RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE. Think of My HOLINESS as My WHOLENESS. In Me there is NOTHING MISSING and NOTHING BROKEN. There is NOTHING DEFILED by sin or selfishness in Me. My WORDS and My THOUGHTS are always the TRUTH and aligned with My LIGHT and My GLORY. I AM only MOTIVATED by LOVE. Even My JUDGMENTS are the LAST RESORT to TURN a person’s heart back to Me. My JUSTICE is WITHOUT PARTIALITY, and it is released in order to PROTECT, DEFEND, and RECOMPENSE the INNOCENT who have been preyed upon. Can you IMAGINE a nation that OPERATES out of My HOLINESS? First, My Church must have My HOLINESS as its FOUNDATION so that it can SOW into society people and leaders who OPERATE out of My HOLINESS. That is why you see Me CLEANSING the Church of HIDDEN SIN and CORRUPTION. That is why I have been PURIFYING your own HEART and MOTIVES and ALIGNING them with Mine. My HOLINESS is not a set of RIGID RULES and RESTRICTED LIVING. It is FREEDOM from the CONTROLLING influences of SIN and DARKNESS. Instead of DEFILING each other with SELFISHNESS and LUST, you will BUILD EACH OTHER UP with LOVE and FREEDOM. No more CONTROLLING people to FULFILL your DESIRES or to MEET YOUR STANDARDS. Because you have allowed Me to CLEANSE your heart, you will live in FREEDOM, and you will EXTEND FREEDOM to others as you ENCOURAGE them to find their FULLNESS in Me. TRANSITIONS can be BUMPY and CHALLENGING but when I AM bringing the changes, they will result in NEW LIFE—a life where NOTHING IS MISSING and NOTHING IS BROKEN. Welcome to My WHOLENESS.”

Diana Larkin - TREMBLE- October 31, 2023

“TREMBLE before Me, O nations of the earth. TREMBLE before Me, all those who have chosen darkness. TREMBLE before Me, all you who have been made clean by the BLOOD of the Lamb. The whole earth will TREMBLE when My FOOT touches the earth, and My HAMMER BLOW of JUSTICE strikes the ground. When My VANQUISHING TRIUMPH is displayed before the heavens and the earth, ALL WILL TREMBLE and ALL will know that I AM GOD. This inner TREMBLING that you feel is THE FEAR OF THE LORD. It is RIGHTLY DISCERNING MY CHARACTER—both My KINDNESS and My SEVERITY. It is knowing My SOVEREIGNTY and My AWESOME POWER but realizing that I have DELEGATED DOMINION of the earth to man. Most of My Church LOST SIGHT of this fact that part of your MANDATE was to RULE and REIGN as SONS and DAUGHTERS of LIGHT, and DARKNESS OVERTOOK the areas you were meant to be the SALT that PRESERVES and the LIGHT that EXPOSES the darkness. Now your eyes have OPENED, you have REPENTED for HIDING your LIGHT, and you have CALLED on Me to come and DELIVER you from the enemy you allowed to grow so strong that it THREATENS to OVERPOWER and CONTROL you. I have asked you to PARTNER with Me as My Army of Light, and you have learned to be a VALIANT WARRIOR. We will have a RESOUNDING VICTORY that will cause the nations to TREMBLE. Welcome this TREMBLING; it is the HOLY, CLEAN, and ENDURING FEAR OF THE LORD. As it SWEEPS the earth, IDOLS will FALL, hearts will REPENT and be CLEANSED by the BLOOD, and RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE will PREVAIL. TREMBLE before Me.”

Diana Larkin - SHOCK AND AWE REWARDS - October 30, 2023

“I AM God—there is no other who can COMPARE to Me in POWER, in MIGHT, or in LOVE. What I have done in the PAST for My people, I will do AGAIN. Every time Israel TURNED to Me in REPENTANCE for wandering AWAY from Me and turning to IDOLS, I RESPONDED with FIRE, WATER, and GREAT POWER to DELIVER them and to RESTORE their Land back to them. When a nation turns from Me, it OPENS THE DOOR for DECEPTION and TYRANNY to enter. My Remnant, My Army of Light, had EYES TO SEE the CREEPING DARKNESS, and you CRIED OUT to Me in REPENTANCE for your Nation, and you PETITIONED Me for DELIVERANCE and a CLEANSING of your Land. I have heard your righteous cries, and I AM MOVING on your behalf with a mighty RESCUE OPERATION. I AM peeling back the DECEPTIVE COVERING on those partnered with darkness, and I AM EXPOSING their SELFISH GREED, their DEATH AGENDAS, and their DISGUSTING CORRUPTION and PERVERSION. A GREAT AWAKENING will be the result, and many voices will join yours in CRYING OUT in REPENTANCE and asking for DELIVERANCE. You will see the FULFILLMENT of all you have been praying and longing for. Life is about to be UPGRADED all around the world, but My BEST and FINEST REWARDS will come to you, My Remnant, My Army of Light, because you have STOOD IN FAITH with Me, and you have continued to PROCLAIM My PROMISES to an unbelieving world. You have been FAITHFUL to Me, and I AM about to SHOCK AND AWE you with My REWARDS.

Dian Larkin - LET THE NATIONS RAGE - October 29, 2023

“The darkness is busy STIRRING UP MISGUIDED SYMPATHY for what are actually WORKS of EVIL launched against My covenant nations. The TWISTING LIES of darkness are received by those who have REJECTED the TRUTH of My WORD and My WAYS. They are IGNORING the CONVICTION of My Spirit that they are on DANGEROUS GROUND and that they should not be AGREEING with LIES and DECEPTION. The LINES are being CLEARLY DRAWN between the DARKNESS and the LIGHT. Those who choose to SIDE with darkness will be SHAKEN. Individual lives will be SHAKEN, and nations who come out against My covenant lands will be SHAKEN. The darkness has GREAT and BOASTFUL PLANS to OVERCOME My nations of Light. They plan to SILENCE your VOICES and to STEAL your FREEDOMS. That is why I AM ARISING at this pivotal point in the history of the earth to RESCUE My own and to TRAMPLE DOWN the DARK DEATH SCHEMES of the wicked. The darkness is a SMOOTH-TONGUED LIAR, and the UNDISCERNING will be SWEPT UP into believing the RHETORIC. PRAY FOR DISCERNMENT! SIFT through narratives with My Spirit of Truth. DO NOT be TAKEN IN by the voice of the SEDUCING SPIRIT OF FALSE PEACE. PEACE that is not founded on RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE will result in TYRANNY and the OPPRESSION of TRUE FREEDOM. PEACE is My GOAL for your life and for the world, but it must be PEACE that PROMOTES RIGHTEOUS LIVING, not APPEASEMENT of the dark forces who will always return DEMANDING more and more of your RESOURCES and your FREEDOMS. War is always ugly, but the darkness CHOSE to launch this war to COMPLETELY CONTROL the world, and I will ARISE to RESCUE you and to bring in an ERA of TRUE FREEDOM and TRUE PEACE. LET THE NATIONS RAGE; they rage in vain. I will show the world My POWER over the darkness, as I EXPOSE and CRUSH your enemies. Then the world will come to know Me through the POWER of My LOVE, My Son’s BLOOD, and the BEAUTIFUL RESTORATION of My Spirit. Keep praying for GREATER DISCERNMENT and RELEASE it into the atmosphere so that you ACCURATELY divide the LIES from the TRUTH.”

FLASHBACK - September 9th, 2005 - Kim Clement - Portland, OR

Let no man fool you and say that I am the one that destroys. For the destroyer comes to destroy the land. I speak it out, for there are many that need purging. Do you understand that the blood of innocent ones cry out? And even so they cried out before what took place in Louisiana, in Alabama and in Mississippi. I said that I would unbuckle the Bible Belt, and for this reason many say that they are the ones that brought so much joy through salvation. But religion ruled, and this Nation is divided. Therefore it shall not be divided for long. I am tired of the squabbling that is taking place between democrats and republicans. This is enough!

Let my Church arise. Let my people arise. Let them become the voice. Let them become the voice of this Nation as they were before. Let them become the voice that they were. I shall not allow the enemy to take what is Mine. This Nation does not belong to Allah; this Nation does not belong to Buddha. This Nation belongs to the Lord Most High, the God of the universe. Your forefathers spoke these words. They said it shall be established on the principles that were given to us by Christ. This Nation belongs to Christ. This Nation belongs to the son of the Living God. And I’m looking to My people to bring the unity. If you do not do this then it shall continue.

For there shall be fights between (political) parties and solutions shall come and answers shall come. And those that are corrupt will be brought to the surface. God said this a few months ago, that I would bring forth to the surface the corruption that exists in the political arenas. I will bring it to the forefront. When they speak against an innocent man, I will bring forth the corruption and I will expose their nakedness. Therefore let the voice of the parties not be the voice of the Lord. Let My prophets arise and let them speak while the opportunity is at hand. Do you understand that the prophets could have a voice into the ears of those that matter?

I will predict again and again and they will eventually say we must listen to the prophets of the Lord. We must listen for they are warning, and the warning shall come. For I will do nothing unless I reveal My secret to my servants the prophets. No not My prophets, but to My servants the prophets. There are many prophets who are not servants. I will not reveal My secrets to those who are not servants. I look for faithfulness, I look for humility and I would not use measures to bring humility. Humble yourself before Me and I will raise you up.

This hour it shall come to pass, in the next two months, that there shall be more purging. But listen to Me; at the end of October America shall come to rest. I shall bring you to a Halloween and they shall say we will celebrate our Halloween again. God said you will celebrate nothing of the sort, because before it, I will bring Myself to this Nation and you will go into November and I will bring victory, upon victory, upon victory, upon victory!

Legislation, legislation, they say you cannot legislate unity. You cannot bring unity through the United Nations. The United Nations is abolished. The United Nations has no more say. For I will take care of the refugee Nations. I will take care of those that have become refugees in this Nation. For now I call to the Nations of this earth. America helped you, where are you now? Kuwait, America helped you but where are you now? Yes I see that you have delivered and you have given to this Nation. But now this Nation has what they call refugees. Where are the Nations that we have helped? Where are the Nations that I stretched My hand out to through this Nation? I command you to give and if you do not help this Nation I will see that you suffocate and that you do not prosper. For I have looked upon this Nation and the suffering that is taking place and enough is enough. I will cause vindication to come. I will cause the Middle Eastern Nations to give to this Nation. I will cause the Middle Eastern Nations to say we will help America. I’ll use third world countries to give to this Nation. Why? Because I will prove what you have sown over the years and the decades will be given back to you America. This is your day!

The people said to Moses, give us water for we need water to drink. They looked for the obvious, they looked to the wind and they looked to the clouds. They looked for rain but I did not send it through rain. I sent it through a rock. I sent it from the earth not from the sky. They are saying, Oh, you said the oil and the economy shall be revived. Are you looking to oil when I already have something else that I shall use from your rocks and from your earth? Do you realize that America is being forced to embark upon a new energy source? America has been forced to go as pioneers again and create a new form of energy. And it’s already there, it’s right under your feet. It’s not coming from anywhere else. It’s not coming from the Middle East. It’s coming from the soil of this Nation!

An unusual thing shall take place. For even as the kings came to Elisha they said give us a prophet to prophesy in our earth. Give us a prophet who will prophesy in our famine. Give us a prophet who will say something. This Nation is now crying out for the voice of the Lord. Your President is crying out for the voice of the Lord, and you shall not have it from the obvious. Even Elisha told the Kings. God said I shall send you rain, I will do it because of the King of Judah. I will do it because of the King of praise. I will do it because of the people who have praised Me and said though he slay me I will yet praise Him. I will yet serve Him. The people that said, even though many have spoken against the Lord God we will yet serve him. The prophetic words will come forth. I will send you rain in your valley America. I will send you water into your valley. Not through the rain but through some other source. It shall come from the least obvious thing. This day I will send you what you need and they will say oh how obvious it was. It was right before our very eyes. I am forcing you to go on the journey with the big “E”. I will not let My prophet say, for this is not for him to know. There is a big “E” and it shall come forth through this Nation. How did we not realize that this will take place? You will not need the Middle East. I will promise you this, I will send you a new and a fresh thing that will come from the soil of this Nation. Rejoice America and people of God!

Enough of the fighting. Enough of this destructive words against each other. Forget not my prayer when I prayed to the Father in John 17 that they may be one as we are one then the world will know. If there is not unity that I demand from the gatekeepers of America, if there is not unity that I demand from the Pastors and the leaders of the church in this Nation, I will strike them down one at a time. And I will raise up a new breed. I will strike them down one at a time. There shall be one death after the other. And you say, why would God kill? For enough is enough! I’ve had enough of this. The stench of division has come before me for too long. The stench of lethargy and laziness and lack of prayer and no more fasting and riches beyond measure. Enough is enough! Do you not know that you are naked before My eyes? And therefore because you say you are rich but yet you are naked I will have to take you one side and show you. Enough of this pomp and ceremony! Where are the true men and women of God give that would scrape their hands on the ground and say oh God give us a revival, give us a move of your Spirit. I’m calling for My people to do that and if you do it I will give you the greatest move of the Spirit that you have ever seen.

I will bring back miracles, greater miracles than Kathryn Kuhlman ever had. Greater miracles than Jack Coe. There will be no question that this was the Lord God Almighty. There will be no questionable miracles. They will be proven time and time and time again. These unusual miracles will take place when My men and My women say we will do it, we will humble ourselves and we will pray. And this Nation shall be healed. I raised up Larry Lee to bring a Nation to prayer and then God said away and no more prayer. I will raise up others that will bring this Nation to a place of prayer again. I’m not talking about prayer that is lengthy and that has too much wind. I’m talking about the prayer that shakes hell and that moves heavens within a minute. Just one minute of prayer can do that. This that they call spiritual warfare, screaming for hours, God said enough of this! My Son looked at a lunatic and said today you are the missionary to this region and cast out a legion of spirits. There are going to be mass demonic expulsions that will take place. And you won’t even know it.

But I will rid this Nation of the one thing that destroyed My friend President Ronald Reagan, for it shall come to an end. Alzheimer’s shall come to an end. Dementia shall come to an end. Do not say that it cannot be done, for it has already been discovered. Portland, Oregon you have embraced the prophets and therefore I will reward you. Oregon and Washington you have embraced the prophets and because you have done this I will do what I did for Obadiah. I will send you Elijah. I will send you the spirit of Elijah. And the hearts of the sons and the hearts of the fathers shall return to each other. And the hearts of the daughters shall return to their mothers and mothers shall be mothers again and fathers shall be fathers again. There will be massive breakthrough in the families of this Nation, for I am putting My prophet in the midst of a pornographic head and a pornographic place that I may rid it of the prophets of Baal, that I may rid it of the false pleasures of this hour. Enough is enough! Get ready the prophets are coming because of you. I’m sending it through this Nation. Watch, watch, watch and pray for great shall be the display of resurrection from the dead.


Would there be a man and a woman that would fall half-way their size, and on a knee they would say God you have spared us and you have kept us. Yet there are those that are crying out by the tens of thousands in Louisiana. My heart has wept but what will come out of it will be a grace upon this Nation. A grace that shall cause your prisons to be less filled. I will cause people that have said we will never come back or darken the door of a church, but they will.

For the Church, as it has been, has officially been abolished. The structure and the system as it has controlled has officially been destroyed. And this means that unless My Son has preeminence, and unless I have My total way that shall no longer be called the Church of Jesus Christ. The system that has controlled and religion that has dictated to your children shall no longer flourish. I will take those in the caves, and I will take those at Gilgal. I will take those that are in the caves of Adullah. I will take those that have praised me as the Sauls have used as his hobby to destroy David. God said no more! For the David’s that I called are arising to the surface and they shall dance before the Lord and they will lose their clothes. And they will say you think I’m undignified now, you watch how undignified I will be. For Zion is calling you to a higher place. Is there somebody that would get on their knees with me and say God I’m going to pray a prayer for this Nation? I’m going to pray a pray for the grace of God. God said if you will do that today I will raise up a brand new and fresh intercessory prayer group. A group of people that will intercede the way my Son did. He said to the disciples, could you not tarry with me just for one hour? And God said that’s all it would have taken. It didn’t take days. It is not necessary for another Gethsemane prayer. My Son already did it. My Son did what He had to do at Gethsemane and therefore the Hero of Golgotha is now standing in your midst saying unto you, Call for this Nation for I will listen to you and I will hearken to your prayer. And as you pray to Me there shall be an abundance that will come and I will bring unity into the Church. And once that takes place, My Spirit shall come upon it, and I will raise up those out of chaos and make them great men. I will raise princes out of the dust. I will take those who have nothing and give them something. And you will hear these words, let the weak say I am strong. And the weak shall say I am strong, and the poor shall say I am rich. For My Son became poor so that you could become rich. Is this not the truth, says the Lord? Now pray out loud. For as you pray out loud, I will listen to your cry, and I will hear it from heaven, and I will bring upon your homes and your children, your husbands and your wives, your grandparents. I will bring a fresh thing that will raise them up and cause them to know the Lord and do exploits in his name.

Diana Larkin - ARRESTS ARE COMING - October 28, 2023

You will see the ARRESTS of many high level CORRUPT leaders, politicians, heads of agencies, and those behind the scenes who PULLED PUPPET STRINGS and FINANCED EVIL SCHEMES. Much has already been REVEALED to you but even you will be SHOCKED at the DEPTH of the EVIL and CORRUPTION and how WIDESPREAD it is across all areas of your society. SSome people you TRUSTED will be proven to be COMPROMISED and SECRETLY working for the DARKNESS. Do not allow DISAPPOINTMENT or BITTERNESS to lodge in your heart over these EXPOSED ones. Give Me your ANGER, BITTERNESS, and DISAPPOINTMENT, and I will COVER them under the BLOOD of My Son. So that your heart stays FREE and UNSHADOWED by your reactions to SHOCKING DISCLOSURES. As ARRESTS take place all over the world of corrupt leaders, My Spirit will also be ARRESTING those who are CARELESSLY living lives of IDOLATRY, who are CONSUMERS of PERVERTED sexuality, and those who have REJECTED My offer of SALVATION through My Son.  My Spirit of FIRE and CONVICTION will ARREST them, as My JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS sweep across your Land as a ROLLING RIVER that NOTHING CAN STOP. As My ARREST stops them in their tracks and the LIGHT of My Spirit’s CONVICTION ILLUMINATES their lives, they will be FORCED to respond. Either they will choose to receive SALVATION, DELIVERANCE, and HEALING through the BLOOD of My Son, or they will FACE the CONSEQUENCES of their choice to continue to PARTNER with darkness. My RESCUE OPERATION is more than SAVING you from the TYRANNY of evil rulers. It is also about RESCUING those who live in the DARK SHADOWS of SIN and DECEPTION. Allow My Spirit to SEARCH YOUR HEARTS for any remaining DARK SHADOWS of AGREEMENT with evil or sin. My Son’s BLOOD will COVER it, DELIVER you from its power, and INSPIRE your heart to pursue RIGHTEOUSNESS  and FREEDOM. Be sure your heart is free because ARRESTS ARE COMING.

Diana Larkin - SHOCKED AWAKE- October 27, 2023

“SHOCKING EVENTS are on the HORIZON. Much of the world is still UNDER the SPELL of TWISTING, LYING Leviathan, and it must be SHOCKED AWAKE to the DANGER they are in from the DEADLY DARKNESS. I have told you in ADVANCE that these SHOCKING EVENTS will take place so that you will NOT BE AFRAID nor will you be MOVED from SOLID FAITH in Me, in My GOODNESS, and in My POWER. The enemy has plans that they believe will SHOCK people into SUBMISSION and into being COMPLETELY CONTROLLED. The arrogant ones don’t see that BEHIND THE SCENES, I have TAKEN THE DEADLY POWER OUT of their SHOCKING PLANS. What they planned to use on you to KILL, STEAL, and DESTROY will BLOW UP in their faces, and they will be the ones brought into SUBMISSION by My JUDGMENT, and they will be the ones CONTROLLED by My JUSTICE. As the world is SHOCKED AWAKE, you STAND in My PRESENCE in GREAT FAITH of My promised RESCUE OPERATION. Feel My STEADYING HAND on your shoulder, as I RELEASE My PEACE, My STRENGTH, and My HOPE deep into your heart. As the world is SHOCKED AWAKE, you will be My LIGHTHOUSES of REFUGE for the STORM-TOSSED to GUIDE them into SAFE HARBORS of PEACE and HOPE in Me.”

SammyBeForTheLight - We Are In The 12th Round! Stay Focused! - August 2023

Were in the 12th round . The Lord gave me a realization that we were in the 12th round. So remember how I was telling you guys in previous videos that last year the Lord told me we had 12 rounds to go. Well we’re in the 12th round I thought it man 12 days until September. But no we’re in the 12th round that’s in a year since last August. … Let’s talk about the 11th round which was July. Now the Lord had given us many and multiple warnings you know and that’s why with that whole Christmas in July thing. ….

So understand that the enemy is having meetings so he can figure out in this 12th round. Because we’re in the 12th round. What is going to go down like he’s trying to figure out how to stop all. So you’ve got to be prepared and learn from everything you’ve been through within each round of your life this year or in a year span as a whole you know what I’m saying. So real bad attacks are coming ….

Diana Larkin - A DAY OF DOOM AND RECKONING - October 23, 2023

“I have SPOKEN many times and through many prophets about a coming DAY OF DOOM AND RECKONING for those partnered with darkness. This is a measure I NEVER WANTED to bring upon the CROWN of My creation; but when men choose such DEEP LEVELS of DEPRAVITY and TYRANNY that THREATEN the existence of mankind, then I will release My JUDGMENT and JUSTICE against them, and they will come face to face with My DAY OF DOOM AND RECKONING. I AM VALIDATING all those prophetic voices who have said I AM releasing My judgments against the wicked, and I AM coming to RESCUE those who call on My name. Here it is in My ETERNAL WORD: EZEKIEL 7:10-12a (TPT) ‘Now is the day of disaster. Behold, your doom has come! Brutality has blossomed and pride is at its peak. Violence has grown up into a rod to punish their wickedness. None of the proud, evil people will survive. All their wealth and prestige will be swept away. The time of your doom is before you; the day of reckoning has come.’ As events come to a CRISIS, keep this word in mind because it is the SURE FUTURE of the WICKED. As things grow DARKER, know that their DAY OF DOOM AND RECKONING draws near; and your day of RESCUE and RECOMPENSE will emerge from THEIR ASHES. It will be a day of NEW BEGINNINGS, FRESHNESS, and PURITY, and I will GREATLY BLESS My people.”

Wings of Prophecy - October-November 2023

Diana Larkin - THE BOTTOM LINE - October 21, 2023

“What is THE BOTTOM LINE for Me in this whole WAR of DARK to LIGHT? Do I want the SEEN and the UNSEEN REALMS to KNOW how POWERFUL I really am? After My RESCUE OPERATION, the NATURAL and the SUPERNATURAL REALMS will KNOW that My POWER is REAL and that My POWER is SUPERIOR to anything the darkness has. But is that My BOTTOM LINE to show forth My POWER? It’s a good way to get people’s ATTENTION, but it is NOT My PRIMARY MOTIVATION. THE BOTTOM LINE for Me is to WIN BACK THE HEARTS OF MANKIND. Each person is My SPECIAL CREATION, and I want them to know My LOVE for them and that I have made a WAY for them to come to the most POWERFUL BEING in the Universe through the BLOOD of My Son. His SACRIFICE for you is FREELY given. I DESIRE to set people FREE from all the FALSE WAYS that the enemy and man’s PRIDE have taught as ways to gain My FAVOR. You can’t EARN a relationship with Me by PERFORMING RELIGIOUS ACTS. That is, you don’t find FAVOR with Me by CHECKING OFF the items on a ‘TO DO’ list given by the RELIGIOUS SPIRIT (that is the PRIDE of man thinking he can make himself ACCEPTABLE to Me) nor is it the DARK DEEDS of HATRED and MURDER that the enemy tells men they must do for Me. THE BOTTOM LINE for Me is that you would BELIEVE in a LOVE that would DIE to COVER your sin and to WIN your HEART back to LOVE Me, as I LOVE you. THE BOTTOM LINE of what you can do for Me is to SURRENDER your life back to Me in GRATEFUL acknowledgment of My Son’s BLOOD that COVERS all your sin, and BELIEVE that you are now a NEW CREATION. Ask for the EMPOWERMENT of My Spirit and YIELD your heart to Him to be CONTINUALLY RENEWED so that your LOVE for Me stays AFLAME. When you love someone, you are DRAWN to them and WANT to SPEND TIME with them. I don’t want spending time with Me to be a RELIGIOUS DUTY. I want you to come to Me because your DESIRE is for Me, as Mine is for you. THE BOTTOM LINE for Me is that the world will DISCOVER and KNOW that I AM the God of LIFE, LOVE, and JOY.”

Diana Larkin - BAMBOOZLED- October 20, 2023

Bamboozle=trick, deceive, confuse, dupe, flatter, hoodwink
“The whole world has been BAMBOOZLED by the LYING, DECEIVING spirit of Leviathan speaking through media and corrupt leaders in all areas of society. This has happened because people’s hearts have TURNED AWAY from Me. They allowed their LOVE for Me and for TRUTH to GROW COLD. They adopted a FORM of religion but DENIED My SUPERNATURAL POWER, and this opened them up to be BAMBOOZLED by the darkness. The enemy FLATTERED them by whispering they were ‘right’ and ‘reasonable’ to pursue their faith as an INTELLECTUAL EXERCISE, and he DUPED them into thinking the SUPERNATURAL REALM was DANGEROUS and to be AVOIDED. The less people who knew Me and My power, the EASIER it was to CONFUSE them about TRUTH. As the Church’s LIGHT DIMMED, the enemy BAMBOOZLED the world, effectively BLINDFOLDING (HOODWINKING) them to REALITY and TRUTH. The enemy spun a WEB of DECEIT over the whole world until EVIL began to be called GOOD, and GOOD began to be called EVIL. Pretty dark picture, isn’t it? BUT GOD…I had carefully PRESERVED a REMNANT whose LOVE for Me and for the TRUTH BURNED in their hearts. I AWAKENED you to the deep DECEPTION and the plans of darkness to KILL, STEAL, and DESTROY mankind and My creation. You allowed Me to REMOVE the BLINDFOLD so that you could CLEARLY SEE Me and CLEARLY SEE the enemy. You are no longer BAMBOOZLED, you are My WEAPONS of TRUTH, LIGHT, and LOVE. Let My POWERFUL LOVE SHINE through you and that will make a way for you to SHARE My TRUTH and My POWER. You have INVITED My RESCUE OPERATION and CALLED for TRUTH to be UNVEILED, and My Spirit is MOVING across the earth to accomplish this. CALL DOWN the BAMBOOZLING spirit and CANCEL OUT its DEVICES. CALL IN My FLAMING SWORD OF TRUTH to DEMOLISH all the LIES and DECEPTION, and your world will no longer be BAMBOOZLED.” 

Diana Larkin - THE HEART OF A FATHER - October 19, 2023

“THE HEART OF A FATHER is COMPLEX and must be viewed AS A WHOLE. If you only see ONE ASPECT of My heart and REFUSE to see all the other parts, you will have a DISTORTED VIEW of who I AM. If you think I AM only GENTLE and KIND, you will NOT understand when I ARISE to PROTECT and DEFEND you with My VENGEANCE and JUSTICE. If you think that I AM only a RULE KEEPER, then you will be OFFENDED by My LAVISH MERCY and GRACE towards those who TURN to Me, and you won’t understand how I could EMBRACE the DEFILED and the DECEIVED when they turn to My light. Those who think My HEART is all about being CLEAN ON THE OUTSIDE and acting according to THEIR VIEW of righteousness, don’t understand that I PERCEIVE and RESPOND to hearts that are TURNED to Me in SURRENDER. In fact, many who follow what they THINK are My RULES, have NEVER TRULY SURRENDERED their hearts to Me. Yes, righteous behavior is part of My HEART, but it must come from the INSIDE OUT, NOT from the OUTSIDE IN. OPEN your eyes, HUMBLE yourself, and SEE the part of My HEART that TRANSFORMS  your heart into the IMAGE of My Son. This WAR SEASON you will be learning about your Father’s HEART of PROTECTION and PRESERVATION for you. If you think a good Father is only GUSHY LOVE, then you are SHORTSIGHTED because TRUE LOVE PROTECTS and DEFENDS His children. BEHOLD the HEART of a Father who will FIGHT for you, DEFEAT and SMASH those who want to DESTROY you, and who will RECLAIM for you ALL that has been LOST. You will spend a lot less time being OFFENDED if you don’t put My HEART IN A BOX. Ask Holy Spirit to CONTINUALLY REVEAL My FATHER’S HEART to you. It is GRAND and GLORIOUS. It is INTIMATE and NEAR. It brings VENGEANCE to evil and REWARDS the righteous. It TEARS DOWN and BUILDS UP. It causes FEAR and TREMBLING and it KISSES your cheek with TENDER LOVE. Be glad and rejoice as you discover THE HEART OF A FATHER.”

Light of the World - Cities that will be affected during war in America- Part 1 - October 18, 2023

So, uh so let’s go down the list I had to pull down the series say series time I don’t know he get a 42 my mama. Okay which one so San Francisco will be affected. Yeah, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC as I’m listing them those are the places that will be affected. … New Orleans, San Diego, Dallas. Sorry I’m just going through the list of the cities Nashville, Atlanta, San Antonio, Phoenix, Charlotte I believe that’s I’m pronouncing that right. Las Vegas okay, one second Baltimore, Kansas City, Columbus, Detroit, Virginia Beach, Sacramento. Which place is this Mensa I’ve never heard of this place before Mentor will be affected. It’s a city just east of Phoenix in Arizona. Okay, I’ve so please how many cities are there in the states if you guys know um so the ones I listed are the ones that the Lord saying that there going to be affected this whole war. So, I don’t know if it’s like each place is going to be boom but like it might just be like affected in a way or another but um if you’re in this area you need to relocate. ….

Okay, let’s see so Alabama under Alabama is there any okay let’s see the list of City this one this this hold on Birmingham it’s going to be affected. Blayton ??? will be affected… Wow that’s good just bear with me I guess we’re going to have to go through the list. Okay, let’s go to Alaska now is there any city in Alaska. … Anthem? … I’m going through the list this City’s got California’s got a lot of you know I already mentioned some already earlier so if you’re just joining in you’re going to have to check it later okay Mountain View is going to be affected in California. I mention some places in California … Palm Springs will be affected … Richmond City in California will be affected. I believe I’ve already said this Sacramento. Yes, I have I just said San Diego I believe I said Francisco also San Jose. For those that are just joining I’m just going through the list of the cities in America at the cities that will be affected.

So, as I’m going through the list some of the Cities won’t be affected. So, if I’m quiet it’s because I’m just going through the list with the Lord to know which one will be and right now we are under California. So, if you’re just joining and you live in the state you might have to later on listen from the beginning to see the places I’ve mentioned from the beginning Santa Monica will be affected. Sunnyvale will be affected. Yuba City will be affected. ….

Now we’re going to color so Colorado the letter saying none of the city will be affected in Colorado. Wow none of the cities in Colorado will be affected that’s interesting. Well in Connecticut some of the Cities will be affected let’s go through the list go for there’s City in this place in Connecticut well some of this I didn’t know America had this much cities. …

Okay West Hartford for will be affected. Never heard of that place West Hartford will be affected West Haven will be affected Westport will be affected so the three places I just mentioned will be affected West Hartford. West Port …oh that’s a heavy one and that one on Winsor yeah if you’re there in Windsor in the States. You need to relocate Winsor Locks if you’re around there you need to that place will also be effect. Okay now let’s go to Delaware. Okay so fine none of the Cities will be affected.

Let’s go to Florida now so Daytona Beach for those that leave around that it’s that place will be affected. Okay let’s see I mentioned some of this places already. Well what Hollywood is it’s going to be affected. So Hollywood is going to be affected. Miami will be affected, Miami Beach, Orlando Orlando already. Let’s go to Georgia now. Okay, so Georgia is good I guess I already mentioned. So, if I’m not say anything for some of the city it’s either there’s nothing or I already mentioned it earlier on right. Um Hawaii let’s go to Hawaii. Hawaii is fine …

Idaho City is going to be affected and Idaho Falls the Lord is so good to me … Let’s go to Illinois now I believe I already mentioned some places Ino earlier um for those that just joining we’re going through the list of the cities in America that will be affected when war starts um in one way or another Carol dead Chester. There’s a city in Illinois that’s called Chester Chester will be affected. Chicago will be affected. Chicago, Chicago Heights will be affected.

I believe very mentioned Chicago earlier on Elmhurst will be affected. Host e l m hu rst will be affected e v a n s t o n free part will be affected Galina will be affected. G a l e n a. Gillsburg will be affected. Glenview will be affected. Okay okay one of the cities Whoa the last Lord said that Galina will be destroyed. G a l e and a that that place will be destroyed. So that’s a I believe that’s a city in Illinois. Um Highland Park okay I don’t know to pronounce this can so it’s k a n k a k k e e and then oh my and kasas Kai oh my never heard of this places. K s k a s k i a a particular place will also be destroyed. Okay this place will also be destroyed. So casasi kasasi oh lot have mercy so can Kaki Cas Casi those two places will be affected. But the second one I just mentioned bles will be destroyed. Lincoln will be affected.

Okay for those that just joining I have to keep repeating this we’re going through the list of the cities in America that’ll be affected by the war right when war starts and if you live in those places and you need to sort of relocate or SE the Lord. So I’m going through the list of the city Ottawa will be anfected Park Ridge? will be affected if you live in any of the places I’m listing any of the Cities you to S the Lord to know where to move to right okay so that’s it Indiana. Let’s go to Indiana so Bedford in Indiana will be affected. Bloomington will be affected. Columbus will be affected. East Chicago will be affected. Oh there’s a place called Doan inana that’s interesting excuse me I’m just going through the list …so let’s go to our IA oh IA know what I’m I’m trying to say.

Okay let’s go to Iowa City will be affected. Water in Iowa will be affected that place will be destroyed, say the Lord. The the place the Waterloo place in I will be destroyed. Let’s go to Kansas now. So Arkansas city will be not destroyed. So would be affected that’s AR s City Junction City will be affect Kansas City will be affected. Lawrence will be affected. Lawrence and Kansas will be affected living Leavenworth will l be affected. I believe I’m pronouncing that right Libra will be affected Manan will in Kansas.

Okay so let’s go to Kentucky now. Wow so Richmond in Kentucky will be affected. Mayfield in Kentucky will be affected. Lexington? will be affected and l e x i n g t o n. So now let’s go to Louisiana. Louisiana for those who are just joining the Lord is highlighting to me the cities in the states that will be affected when war starts. So as I’m listing them if your cities among just seek the Lord I believe right and also um we might want to take it to the beginning to find out which is which um because I have mentioned some places already so right now we are in Louisiana. So let’s go through the cities St Louis?. Louis is fine okay. …. I mentioned New Orleans. Okay you see that’s what I’m saying New Orleans I already mentioned that in the beginning so that’s why I said some cities that the Lord might say nothing. …

So same with Maine right now Maine if fine. … Let’s go to Maryland that’s my coming so did I mention Baltimore earlier on Chris because I’m not getting anything for that …So, Silver Spring okay okay thank you Silver Spring I think I mentioned Silver Spring earlier I’m not sure. Silver Spring will be destroyed and some of the places the Lord is saying they will be destroyed. So that’s all let’s go to Massachusetts. I’m not going to try and pronounce that name I know it I just my tongue has a hard time pronouncing it Massachusetts just take it as I’m pronouncing it okay. I might have mentioned some places here already so if highlights them again good if it doesn’t just listen to the from the beginning so Bedford will be affected in the city. Boston I think I mentioned Boston one second. Okay so some of the places I’ve mentioned earlier some of the places will be destroyed and I didn’t say that right so um I have to sort of go back can you remember where started to say which I think it was Chicago that it was around Chicago um and started to say that some of the places would be destroyed. So, prior to that there are some cities that that I mentioned that the Lord is saying they will be destroyed and I did not mention at that time CU I didn’t know he wanted me to so I would have to go back after now uh okay we have to come back.

Okay let me finish this Massachusetts thing and then we’ll go back through the list and see which of the state um some of the cities that will be destroyed. … Okay so AR wi in oh well so AR will be destroyed. In m in Massachusetts you go I’m trying to Lawrence. In this particular state will be um the city Lawrence in this particular state will be not destroyed right will be affected. But um I think Elder on there’s another state that and that also will be affected. So please don’t mix it up Linux would be affected. So, okay one second I’m just going through the list for the live West Bridgewater will be affected destroyed. I feel like some of the important places are places that destroy maybe they have something important going on that you know there. So I’ve never heard of West Bridgewater. So, let’s go back before we move on to Michigan. Um I have to go back one second Indiana what’s next hereo. Okay Idaho Dow okay which place will be destroyed. Here Z City will be destroyed wait so Idaho City will be destroyed. Okay so and that is i d a h o  c  ….

Oh, okay so there’s somewhere in Georgia that will be destroyed …. so Savannah will be destroyed. Savannah in Georgia will be destroyed. Dalton will be destroyed. In Georgia. … So going back to Florida good thing I was checking with the Lord to make sure I was following the Lord correctly. Okay um Lake Wales? will be destroyed. What is in Lake Wales? I feel like it’s specific places that would be like like they they they hold uh I guess something important in that City for it to be destroyed. Um but that’s just me talking please um so Lake whs will destroy okay that’s going be placed over the St in Florida okay um okay Delaware is fine so nowhere will be destroying Delaware is that what you say okay and then Delaware is fine.

Which one is this Conneticut is any yes okay all right let’s get to it second so heart forward will be destroyed in Connecticut well Lebanon will be destroyed in Connecticut Lebanon will be destroyed. Manchester in Connecticut will be destroyed Mansfield? will be destroyed that’s all in this right. Just Newport? Connecticut will be destroye. So there’s some cities that will be affected and some cities will be destroyed right. So, mistake will be destroyed in Connecticut m y s t New Heaven will be destroy. New London will be destroyed. North Haven will be destroyed. Wow good thing I went back my … Connecticut sbur with be destroing contic s will be destroyed s o u t h i n g t o n will be destroyed in Connecticut right. …Okay I’m I’m sorry right hold…. okay Straforward oh Lord have mercy it will be wiped out I guess now we’ve got affected destroyed wiped out I guess those are three different things um. Wow where the heart for it what happen destroy it will be wiped out. So West Hartford will be wiped out …. West Hartford for will be wiped out in Connecticut. Okay one second I’m getting I might be getting something wrong with Connecticut or missing something wrong missing missing something. oh some of the cities in Connecticut will be wiped out so some will be some will be affected some will be destroyed some will be wiped out so I should go back. okay ….

Middletown so Middletown that place will be wiped out mered then will be wiped out M e r i d e n that’s first um  all right let’s go back thank you for whoever made this list cuz we are better  helpful I think I might have mentioned know with this would be what with this  no now which will be destroyed. I think I might have mentioned  this excuse me okay orange the I guess it’s a City Orange City in Conneticut will be right. Yes, I want to go back to nor to make sure I’m hearing good clearly on that okay a bit destroyed ….Okay the Lord said Colorado safe is safe. Um let’s go to the other one what state is this now I see why I’m understand something now we’re going to California oh … so Clarmont? will be destroyed. Corona City will be destroyed. Okay wow, Malibu will be destroyed. Um in Glenwood? I am going to pronoun I’m going to spell that it’s i n g l e then wood w o o d that place will be destroyed. Okay my te will be destroyed. . ….

Alaska so I the places of a destroy affected destroy wiped out two cities that are HED for I guess

bear with me you just have to listen did anything happen in Alaska recently okay sorry um I’m seconding place ????

So the Lord is saying this is going to be a seven years war the war in America has been through. This Seven Years War so perhaps maybe I don’t know some of the cities might not be affected right away. But they will end up being affected. I just you seven years I was not joking when he said for America to pray Seven Years War this is serious seven years. Okay it’s not just Russia that we attack America it’s not just Russia that we attack America um there will be allies that will come against America that will be allies …I said America is not ready America is not ready America is not ready. …. the Lord will speak to you so please please please if you’re in America seek the Lord the Lord is telling you now so that you have time to do what you have to do and not um wait to last minute right not wait to last minute to move. ….   

Charlie Shamp - Prophetic Pioneers - October 17, 2023

I heard the Spirit of the Lord say,

“In the depths of the wilderness, where the winds howl and the path seems obscured, I, the Lord, speak unto you. Hear my voice, for it carries the power to ignite your spirit and guide your steps.

Know this, pioneers, that the wilderness is not a place of abandonment or punishment. It is a sacred training ground, a crucible of refinement, where your faith shall be tested and your character shall be molded. Embrace the challenges that lie ahead, for they are the stepping stones that shall lead you to the fulfillment of my promises.

As you journey through the untamed wilderness, do not be dismayed by the obstacles that obstruct your path. For in your weakness, my strength shall be made perfect. I shall be your guiding light, illuminating the way through the darkest nights and the most treacherous terrains.

In the wilderness, you shall learn to rely not on your own understanding, but on the whispers of my Spirit that shall guide your every decision. Trust in my provision, for I shall provide manna from heaven and water from the rock to sustain you in the harshest of conditions.

Though the wilderness may seem desolate and barren, it is in this very place that I shall reveal hidden treasures and unveil the depths of my glory. Open your eyes, pioneers, for signs and wonders shall accompany your journey. Miracles shall unfold before your very eyes, as I part the seas and make a way where there seems to be no way.

Do not be discouraged by the length of the wilderness season, for it is but a fleeting moment compared to the eternity of the promised land that awaits you. Your perseverance shall be rewarded, and your faith shall be vindicated.

So, rise up, pioneers of the wilderness! Embrace the challenges, for they are the catalysts of your transformation. Trust in my guidance, for I shall lead you to the land flowing with milk and honey. Your pioneering spirit shall inspire generations to come, as they witness the faithfulness of their God in your journey.

Go forth, with courage in your hearts and determination in your steps. The promised land awaits, and I, your Father, shall be with you every step of the way.”

Diana Larkin - THE BUILDUP TO VICTORY- October 17, 2023

“What looks like major, worldwide CHAOS and CRISES to you, will result in the EXPOSURE and DOWNFALL of the darkness and a SHAKING to AWAKENING of those still under the DECEPTION of LYING Leviathan. Remember I have told you I’ve ALLOWED those partnered with darkness to THINK they are WINNING, but the CHAOS and CRISES they release have GREATLY DIMINISHED POWER due to My Army of Light’s DECREES and DECLARATIONS released in FAITH and the POWER of My Spirit. What they UNLEASHED to DESTROY you will RESULT in BACKFIRING upon them. It will be their SYSTEMS and STRUCTURES that are DESTROYED. My Holy Spirit is BRILLIANT at BROODING over CHAOS and CRISES. RELEASE Him in your CRIES to Me to TURN CHAOS and CRISES into ORDER and NEW BEGINNINGS. The enemy has had his time to try and GRAB the ATTENTION he CRAVES. Now, it is time for the Great I AM to be REVEALED in My GLORY, POWER, and LOVE. The Father will FIGHT for you and RESCUE you. The Son will SAVE, HEAL, and DELIVER you. The Spirit will RENEW, RESTORE, and REVIVE you. What looks to you like UNCONTROLLABLE CHAOS and CRISES is actually THE BUILDUP TO VICTORY.” 
PSALM 63:9-11 (911!) (TPT) “Those who plot to destroy me shall descend into the darkness of hell. They will be consumed by their own evil and become nothing more than dust under our feet. These liars will be silenced forever! But with the anointing of a king I will dance and rejoice along with all His lovers who trust in Him.”

Diana Larkin MAGNIFY ME AND NOT THE ENEMY- October 16, 2023

“I AM the God who brings DOWN wicked rulers and nations by My MIGHTY POWER. I AM the CONSUMING FIRE that burns up EVIL AGENDAS and RAISES UP righteousness and justice as the foundation of a nation once again. I AM not THREATENING to do this in your Nation, I have PROMISED to do it; and you will SEE it DISPLAYED before your eyes. The enemy is threatening all kinds of FEARFUL PLOTS against you. I REVEAL these plots to My prophets NOT TO RAISE FEAR and ANXIETY but because I want you to TAKE AUTHORITY over them, BRING THEM DOWN, declare EXPOSURE of the plotters, and BLOW the schemes BACK in their FACES. The enemy wants your attention DIVERTED to his THREATS and FEAR-MONGERING, but I AM telling you to MAGNIFY ME AND NOT THE ENEMY. Don’t go OVER and OVER the enemy’s THREATS. Go OVER and OVER My PROMISES of RESCUE and DELIVERANCE and use your AUTHORITY to CANCEL out the schemes of darkness. The MAJORITY of your TIME and FOCUS should be on Me, not on the enemy. PSALM 34:3-4 (NASB) ‘O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together. I sought the Lord, and He answered me, and delivered me from all my fears.’ This is My PROMISE to you for 2023: EZEKIEL 38:23 (AMP) ‘Thus I shall magnify Myself and demonstrate My greatness and sanctify Myself, and I will be recognized and will make Myself known in the sight of many nations; they will know (without any doubt) that I am the Lord.’ BEHOLD and MAGNIFY YOUR GOD AND NOT YOUR ENEMY.”

Diana Larkin - KEEPER OF THE COSMOS- October 15, 2023

“The sun, the moon, the planets, and the stars are under My CONTROL. I HUNG them in space, and it is My POWER that keeps them there. I MOVE them around at My WILL to TELL My STORIES, to PROPHESY coming events, and to DISPLAY My WONDER. If I can keep the WHOLE COSMOS TOGETHER, do you think I can HANDLE the affairs and the FUTURE of a nation? If you would spend a LOT MORE TIME GAZING into the WONDER of who I AM, WORRY and ANXIETY would FALL OFF of you like WATER off a duck’s back. The MORE you WORSHIP Me, the MORE your FAITH will GROW because I REVEAL Myself to those who MAGNIFY My name. I know what a DIFFICULT season this has been for you and that is why I AM creating SIGNS and WONDERS in the skies. I AM PAINTING RAINBOWS where they don’t belong. I AM sending FLAMES of FIRE into your SUNSETS and SUNRISES to DISPLAY My FIERY POWER before your eyes. You will now WITNESS KINGDOMS FALL and KINGDOMS RISE; you will WATCH as LEADERS FALL and LEADERS RISE; you will SEE MOUNTAINS FALL and RIVERS CHANGE their COURSE. My MIGHTY POWER will be on DISPLAY before your eyes because I AM coming to RESCUE you and your Land out of the GRIP of darkness and into My Kingdom of LIFE and LIGHT, PEACE and PLENTY. STUDY My POWER, GAZE on My LOVE, and you will FIGHT by My side with CONFIDENCE and BRAVERY. There is no doubt about our VICTORY. The KEEPER OF THE COSMOS is by your side.”

Now Daily Bread - Prophetic Word on Bank Collapse - October 14, 2023

What I heard was Financial collapse or banking collapse or economic collapse. I’m I’m not quite sure which word exactly I heard but definitely collapse. In the realm of finance so um while I was praying to the Lord about this word that I heard in the spirit um what what does it mean? …. So I started to pray and ask the Lord what what are you saying are you saying to me that there is going to be a collapse Financial collapse this year this side of Christmas you know 2023 is that what this word is what is it Lord what exactly are you saying?  

The Lord started to speak to me and I wrote it down. So here’s what I’ve written down my people must not hesitate. But they must go swiftly, swiftly, for my angel shall go without delay or hesitation this is the word of the Lord. My angel shall utterly destroy the banking structure and systems. It will be a collapse. But my people will act swiftly like the time I told them not to look back. But Lot’s wife disobeyed and looked back do not look back. But move quickly move all that I have given to to your possession to the next stage the next level. Move swiftly I’m coming with my abundance and you come with your obedience and humility. This is how you can make it and survive it. So I’m just going to read that last bit again. It says this is the Lord said the Lord says that he the Lord. He says I am coming with my abundance and you come with your obedience and humility. So he comes with his abundance and we come to him without obedience and humility this is how you can make it and survive it is what I believe the spirit of the Lord is saying and I’ve written it down. …


“WORKERS OF DARKNESS—people, leaders, movements, organizations, governments, and nations—HEAR THE WORD OF THE LORD. You have been WEIGHED in the PERFECT SCALES of JUSTICE in the Courtroom of Heaven, and you have been found GUILTY of LYING, GREED, HYPOCRISY, MURDER, TREASON, and DESTRUCTION. You did these things for SELFISH GAIN. You WORSHIPED DARKNESS in order to gain POWER over the people and to PLUNDER them to SATISFY your LUSTS. You REJECTED My LOVE and REFUSED My offer of FORGIVENESS through the BLOOD of My Son. In the STILLNESS of the night, DARK DREAMS and TERRORS have come upon you to WARN you that you were on a PATH of DEATH and DESTRUCTION. Now, what you FEARED will COME UPON you, and you will FACE it ALL ALONE because darkness DESERTS those CAUGHT in My JUDGMENTS. You could have chosen LIFE and the JOY of GIVING, but you chose to SERVE DARKNESS for what it would give you. You thought you could USE darkness, but it has USED YOU, and you will now be a PAWN, TOSSED ASIDE, and you will BEAR your PUNISHMENT ALL ALONE. Oh My people, when you see the DESTRUCTION of the wicked, know with everything in you that I AM the WAY of LIFE, LOVE, PEACE, PROVISION, and JOY. My ABUNDANCE and FAVOR rest on those who have GIVEN their lives BACK to Me through My Son. If only those who PARTNERED with darkness had BELIEVED that I FREELY GIVE GOOD GIFTS to My own. Remember: ‘It is the blessing of the Lord that makes rich, and He adds no sorrow to it.’” PROVERBS 10:22 (NASB)
PROVERBS 1:29-33 (TPT)

Diana Larkin - THE ENEMY IS EXPOSING HIMSELF - October 13, 2023

“As disturbing as it is to hear DARK THREATS of DESTRUCTION OPENLY PROCLAIMED over the airwaves and the media, realize that THE ENEMY IS EXPOSING HIMSELF. DESPERATION coupled with ARROGANCE is a sure recipe for DISASTER. What they COOK UP of DARKNESS and MAYHEM for you, will become what they END UP EATING. There is GREAT POWER, My Army of Light, in WALKING in the OPPOSITE SPIRIT. When darkness THREATENS and HATES, you PROCLAIM My GOODNESS and you choose to LOVE. Your WARFARE is against the ENEMY and his EVIL EMPIRE, not against those DECEIVED into serving the darkness. I have CHARGED your police and your military with PROTECTING you against ATTACKS from those deceived by the enemy’s HATRED, and I have also given My Angels and Host ORDERS to GUARD and PROTECT My own and those they pray for. You may think that HATING your enemy is a PROTECTION, but it is OPERATING out of the DARKNESS, and it will CLOSE YOU OFF from My PROTECTION. What you CAN HATE are the DARK DEEDS the enemy INSPIRES in those DECEIVED by him. You can take AUTHORITY over these dark deeds, BLOW them BACK into the enemy’s camp, and DECLARE that PEACE and SAFETY will FILL the atmosphere and DISPLACE the DEATH and DARKNESS. Pray that those planing attacks would be ARRESTED by My Spirit and that their eyes would be OPENED to the darkness that has TAKEN THEM OVER. They release THREATS, and you release a REVELATION of My LOVE. LOVE is always MORE POWERFUL than HATRED. Arise, My Army of Light, learn the POWER of walking in the OPPOSITE SPIRIT, and remember that THE ENEMY IS EXPOSING HIMSELF.”

Flashback to 2019 - Hank Kunnerman - December 19,- 2019 (Now being fulfilled in 2023)

Flashback to early 2023 - Hank Kunnerman - April 16, 2023 (Now being fulfilled in 2023)

Jar of Clay - October, 2023

Diane Larkin - THE LINES HAVE BEEN DRAWN - October 12, 2023

“THE LINES HAVE BEEN DRAWN like NEVER before in the nations of the world. Those in positions of LEADERSHIP who have APPROVED—either publicly or behind closed doors—of the beheading of innocent people will now have their HEADSHIP CUT OFF, and they will be REMOVED from their positions of POWER. Watch them FALL as DOMINOES with NO HOPE of ever being set into position again. The LINES between RIGHTEOUSNESS and DARKNESS are becoming VERY CLEAR for all to see, as I SHAKE the nations AWAKE to the EVIL they have TOLERATED in their midst. Watch as I EXPOSE the DARK UNDERBELLY of group after group and leader after leader. I have DECREED in this Harvest Season of Light and dark that ALL FACADES will FALL and people and organizations will be EXPOSED for who they really are. WOE to the PUPPET MASTERS and WOE to those who do the BIDDING of these dark masters. This is the season of the FALL, and FALL you will, partners of darkness. Those who have chosen to STAND with Me in the LIGHT, you will be PROTECTED, PRESERVED, and PROVIDED for; and you will see My PROMISES of GRACE and GLORY come FLOODING into your CLEANSED nations and RESTORING you to days of PEACE and PLENTY. ALIGN your hearts with My HEART in this season of THE LINES BEING DRAWN. CALL FORTH EXPOSURES of all on the WRONG SIDE of My LINE, and DECREE with Me that ALL FACADES WILL BE REMOVED. STAND with Me because THE LINES HAVE BEEN DRAWN.”

Bo Polny - Tabernacle WAR October 7, AS FORECAST! - October 7, 2023

Diana Larkin - FULLY LIGHT - October 11, 2023

“More and more schemes of the darkness are being REVEALED to the world. This is PAINFUL for you to see the darkness STIRRING UP STRIFE and CHAOS. I want you to TURN the PAIN and ANGER you feel against these UGLY SCHEMES into POWERFUL INTERCESSION. Your human emotions help you EMPATHIZE with and RELATE to others but when you allow My Spirit to take these emotions and PLACE THEM in your spirit, POWERFUL INTERCESSION comes forth that MOWS DOWN DARKNESS and BRINGS IN ORDER and LIGHT, LOVE and LIFE—the very OPPOSITE of what darkness seeks to bring. Instead of being FRUSTRATED with those the darkness is PAYING to ACT OUT and to bring DESTRUCTION, TAKE AUTHORITY over the FUNDS SUPPLYING them and CUT them OFF from the darkness and DIVERT them to the RIGHTEOUS. SPEAK into the atmosphere of your city—LIFE, LIGHT, and ORDER. OVERPOWER DARKNESS by DOING GOOD. SOW LIGHT and LOVE by SMALL and LARGE acts of KINDNESS and HELP. Turn any FEAR that tries to arise into FURIOUS PRAYER that DEFEATS HATRED and calls for a SHEILD of PROTECTION around your community. Remember to STRENGTHEN yourself DAILY in My LOVE so that you are ARMED against the darkness. Keep in mind My GOOD and TRUE PROMISES for your future because a day will come when darkness is BENEATH your feet, and it will be FULLY LIGHT.”

Wings of Prophecy Blog - October, 2023

Diana Larkin - RELEASE! - October 10, 2023

I was briefly taken to a Throne Room in Heaven, and I heard the THUNDEROUS voice of the Lord declare, “RELEASE!” I felt like it was a directive like, “release the Kraken” and in response to the word “RELEASE,” I saw Host suddenly shoot towards earth as a supersonic missile of light and fire. I trembled inside at the power of His command. The Father then spoke this:
“As I THUNDERED out ‘RELEASE’ on this day of 10/10, I set in motion the next phase of My RESCUE OPERATION for Israel and America. I will EXPOSE and BRING DOWN the ARROGANT TRAITORS within these nations who have PLOTTED DESTRUCTION and CHAOS in order to DEFEAT and SUBJUGATE these lands. The enemy has SPECIFICALLY TARGETED these two COVENANT nations because he hates Me and he hates those I love. 10 marks My LAW, My PERFECT ORDER, and My JUDGMENTS (10 plagues of Egypt) against those who OPPOSE My Kingdom RULE and REIGN. The schemes the darkness launches will be met with Heaven’s OVERWHELMING and SUPERIOR FORCES. These plans the darkness has launched will have a MEASURE of success because I AM drawing the darkness FULLY OUT into the OPEN so that ALL the EVIL PLAYERS are EXPOSED before the world. Then the people of the world will ARISE with ONE VOICE calling for My JUDGMENT and JUSTICE to be RELEASED in FULL MEASURE against those partnered with darkness. My Army of Light will LEAD the way with My Host onto the battlefield echoing My cry of, ‘RELEASE!’”

Jesus said to the chief priests and the elders of the people: “Hear another parable. There was a landowner who planted a vineyard, put a hedge around it, dug a wine press in it, and built a tower. Then he leased it to tenants and went on a journey. When vintage time drew near, he sent his servants to the tenants to obtain his produce. But the tenants seized the servants and one they beat, another they killed, and a third they stoned. Again he sent other servants, more numerous than the first ones, but they treated them in the same way. Finally, he sent his son to them, thinking, ‘They will respect my son.’ But when the tenants saw the son, they said to one another,

‘This is the heir. Come, let us kill him and acquire his inheritance.’ They seized him, threw him out of the vineyard, and killed him. What will the owner of the vineyard do to those tenants when he comes?”

 They answered him, “He will put those wretched men to a wretched death and lease his vineyard to other tenants who will give him the produce at the proper times.”

Jesus said to them, “Did you never read in the Scriptures: The stone that the builders rejected

has become the cornerstone; by the Lord has this been done, and it is wonderful in our eyes?

Therefore, I say to you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people that will produce its fruit.” – Matthew 21:33-43 

Note: Could this parable also be applied to what is going in in the United States today: And take note of the Pharisees response to the punishment for the crimes committed. Odd how the Gospel reading on many year rotation on Israel comes a few days after the Hamas attack on Israel.

Diana Larkin - BUILD BRIDGES, HAVE CONVERSATIONS - October 8, 2023

“I have spoken to you of OCTOBER SURPRISES and SUDDEN MOVEMENTS, and you have seen them begin to UNFOLD. Some of the SURPRISES and MOVEMENTS are JUDGMENTS being REAPED by those partnered with DARKNESS and those areas that worship FALSE GODS. Because I have declared this as a HARVEST season and they have REFUSED My GOODNESS and chosen to REMAIN in DARKNESS, the REBELLIOUS and the HARD HEARTED will REAP the darkness they have SOWN. In order to RESCUE you from the darkness, I must BRING DOWN their STRONGHOLDS that have RULED in those places. Yes, My judgments bring DESTRUCTION to EVIL, but they also OPEN the EYES of those in that area to the DECEPTION they have been under, and they will TURN to SEEK Me and I will be FOUND by them. Your assignment is NOT TO FREAK OUT over My judgments and to REALIZE I always have REDEMPTIVE and RESTORATIVE GOALS in mind. I want you to give people a HEAVENLY PERSPECTIVE of what I AM doing in this season of RESCUE and HARVEST. It can just be a few words spoken that I will use to UNLOCK REVELATION LIGHT to them. Meet people where they are—that is BUILD BRIDGES into their lives by finding COMMON ground. This OPENS hearts to having CONVERSATIONS that will bring LIFE. For instance, you can say, ‘I used to feel that way and then God showed me what He was doing.’ When you share ILLUMINATIONS you have received, they carry an ANOINTING of TRUTH that will PENETRATE hearts and minds, and it will OPEN them up to FAITH and HOPE. Keep STRONG in My LOVE and BUILD BRIDGES and HAVE CONVERSATIONS.”

Diana Larkin - EMBRACE LIFE - October 7, 2023

“This is a season of VIOLENT CHANGE and the DEATH of an old era. If you FOCUS on what is DYING, you will end up PARTNERING with DEATH. These things ROOTED in EVIL must DIE, but they are not to be MOURNED. LET THEM GO and LOOK for the NEW and GOOD things that I will RAISE UP to take their place. Even now as you WAIT for My JUDGMENT and JUSTICE to fall, I want you to practice EMBRACING LIFE. Every day LOOK for the things that GIVE you LIFE and CELEBRATE and be THANKFUL for them. LOOK for BIG things and WATCH for LITTLE things that cause JOY and LIFE to SPRING UP in your heart. VALUE and SOW into relationships—both those that see EYE TO EYE with you and those you might only have a FEW THINGS in COMMON until they FULLY AWAKEN. Focus on and EMBRACE what is of LIFE in every day and do not let your life be put ON HOLD waiting for things to be PERFECT. If you EMBRACE LIFE every day, GRATEFULNESS will SPRING FORTH from your heart, and it SOWS SEEDS of JOY and HAPPINESS that will bring forth the fruit of EYES that SEE and EARS that HEAR what I AM doing and saying. It opens your heart to the SPIRITUAL REALM and pulls you into REVELATION of My GOODNESS and makes your FAITH STRONG in the POWER of My GOODNESS. EMBRACE LIFE!”

October 6, 2023

October 6, 7, 2023

Diana Larkin - SUDDEN MOVEMENTS - October 6, 2023

“This season of the FALL OF THE FALL will have days of QUIET when nothing seems to be moving and then, SUDDEN MOVEMENTS will take place. These will be SHOCKING and STARTLING MOVEMENTS that are meant to SHAKE people AWAKE. These SUDDEN MOVEMENTS will catch the darkness OFF-GUARD and SCRAMBLING to figure out how these SHOCKING things are happening because they know they have not initiated them. There will be GROWING UNEASE in the camp of the wicked because they see their GRIP ON POWER SLIPPING. I AM letting you know ahead of time about these SUDDEN, SHOCKING and SURPRISING MOVEMENTS so that you will not be DISTURBED at the SEEMING CHAOS but will know I AM DISPLAYING My POWER before the Light and the dark. I will HAVE MY WAY in this Land and NOTHING WILL STOP ME. These SUDDEN MOVEMENTS will be so SURPRISING that the media will REPORT them before the darkness can PUT THE CLAMPS on them. I love SURPRISES, don’t you? Use the days of STILLNESS to CENTER on Me and GROUND yourself in My LOVE and STRENGTH. When the SUDDEN MOVEMENTS HAPPEN, BACK them with your PRAYERS and DECLARATIONS. Declare: ‘These SUDDEN MOVEMENTS will accomplish ALL the Father has planned in RESTORING RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE. I BIND the enemy from being able to turn Your SUDDEN MOVEMENTS to their advantage. I BLOCK and DEFEAT every SCHEME of darkness by the POWER of the NAME and the BLOOD of Jesus.’ FILL UP on the days of QUIET and UNLEASH INTERCESSION on the days of SUDDEN MOVEMENTS.”

My King Yeshua - What the Lord showed me about the 14th October 2023 - October 6, 2023

Diana Larkin - UNRUFFLE THOSE FEATHERS - October 5, 2023

“When you allow your FEATHERS TO BE RUFFLED by FEAR, ANXIETY, or FOREBODING about a supposed coming event, it ROBS you of PEACE, FOCUS, and ENERGY. Don’t get SIDETRACKED with reports that cause your ANXIETY LEVEL to RISE and turn your FOCUS to how to protect yourself and your family. Have I not PROMISED to PROTECT you? Is the BLOOD of My Son that COVERS you not the STRONGEST force in the Universe? Does not My Spirit promise to be your GUIDE, COUNSELOR, and WISDOM for all your decisions? When you listen to voices that CONTINUALLY REPORT about the next thing you should FEAR, and they turn your FOCUS to SELF-PROTECTION, this actually CUTS YOU OFF from FAITH in My ability to LEAD you and to KEEP you SAFE. Do I not know the beginning and the end? Am I not the God of the IMPOSSIBLE and of RESURRECTION POWER? Are you not My children that I DEARLY LOVE and have promised to PROTECT? Some of you are ADDICTED to LISTENING to BAD REPORTS, and it keeps you in a STATE of ANXIETY and UNEASINESS. It ROBS you of FAITH and STRENGTH that you need to FINISH WELL as My Army of Light. Do you feel like you can’t HEAR My voice and receive My GUIDANCE?  Then DRAW NEAR to Me and SPEND TIME in My presence until you can DISTINGUISH My VOICE. Remember that I lead you by My PEACE and those are the paths you should walk, and PEACE should be the BAROMETER of all your DECISIONS. What do you do with all these FEAR REPORTS? I have already told you and EQUIPPED you about how to take every DARK SCHEME and TURN IT BACK into the camp of the enemy by the AUTHORITY of the BLOOD. Your STRONG WEAPONS of WORSHIP, DECLARATIONS, and DECREES are very EFFECTIVE at MOWING DOWN darkness. Do not allow FEAR-MONGERING to STEAL your IDENTITY as My Son or Daughter. UNRUFFLE THOSE FEATHERS and come under My WINGS of PROTECTION.”
PSALM 28:7, PSALM 13:5-6

SammyBeForTheLight - God Says, Panic... Malfunction... Tragedy... - October 5, 2023

So, the Lord says this, Panic, malfunction, and tragedy. He gave me three words earlier after that alarm quote unquote. So he said many will be at a loss for words. Many won’t know where to go. The wicked will continue to point fingers empty shelves. News, angry mobs, a malfunctioning will occur. It will be unexpected. There is little time, do not waste it. Many who refuse me will face a tragic end. Many will be made examples out of. Who do you serve?

Diana Larkin - GREAT CLOUDS OF GLORY - October 4, 2023

“GREAT CLOUDS OF GLORY are going to begin to ROLL onto the earth. These GLORY CLOUDS are filled with My LIGHT, My HEALING POWER, and My AWESOME PRESENCE. These GREAT CLOUDS OF GLORY will FALL on PRAYER MEETINGS, on COLLEGE CAMPUSES, on CHURCH SERVICES, and on SURPRISING PLACES in the MARKETPLACE. These GLORY CLOUDS are filled with a Father’s LOVE, a Son’s HEART of SACRIFICE, and the Spirit of JOY. These GREAT CLOUDS OF GLORY bring My KINGDOM to the earth, and they will turn people’s lives UPSIDE DOWN. The DYING will become the LIVING, the FEARFUL will become GIANTS of FAITH, the CRUSHED will become the MIGHTY, and the SLEEPING will become the AWAKENED. The enemy spent YEARS building the level of DECEPTION, DELUSION, and UNBELIEF. When My GREAT CLOUDS OF GLORY fall, all his hard work will be UNDONE in a MOMENT of TIME. Look for and welcome My GREAT CLOUDS OF GLORY.”

Flashback 2022 - Diana Larkin - - October 4, 2022

Micah Turnbo
My Conversation With A Witch Today:
A witch literally just told me, “Sir we have Halloween because the Christians give it to us. They claim to have the most powerful God but act like he is busy. Isn’t your God powerful? Why don’t you show us on Halloween how powerful he is.”
I answered her, “We are too busy trying to be Holy.”
Jesus dealt with a lot of religious leaders like that. They were to “holy” they actually missed him.
The angel in my car Sunday morning said, “God sees witchcraft and religious spirit as the same.”

Micah Turnbo

The angel said, “God plans to anoint the house of the one who will let the children come to them. This is the time to bless the children…”
More to come!!

Micah Turnbo

Jesus is not upset if you pass out candy. He cares about what is in your heart. He wants you to touch people with your smile, love, and joy. Obviously, you do you. But he is not angry at people. He has to Much power and joy to rest in that. He just wants to be available to people who need him and wants to reach others like any other day. Plus what a better strategy for you evangelist, everyone is outside! Yay!
Micah Turnbo
I’ve dealt with many witches
1) they are not as scary at all. They are people just lost in the dark arts.
2) magic is really around us all the time it’s just the demonic energy that manipulates your surroundings. EVERY believer has dealt with magic even when they are oblivious to it.
3) I’ve met many witches who want to understand the Bible but struggle to because Christian’s don’t believe the supernatural power of God at all.
We are to busy trying to be Holy we don’t go out into the darkness where the brightest light can shine.
Miah Turnbo
*Jesus Prayed For Halloween. What Did He Pray?*
Jesus held my hands as we faced each other. My head rested on his lips because he was taller than I was.
We started to pray together about Halloween. He said, “Father, I thank you that Halloween will be a holy day for my presence. I thank you for my people and those coming to my presence that day. Let there be laughter, joy, and strength on this day. I pray that those who know me and those I send out will walk in my power. I open their eyes and hearts to have greater compassion. Also, for those who pass out candy,” Jesus chuckled, “Oh, the joy I give them that day. Let them taste my sweetness in their hearts. Let each family sense my goodness over darkness. Jesus lifted my head and playfully winked, “I love Butterfingers, Micah.”
We laughed.
He turned to leave, but I wanted to know why he didn’t bind the demonic. Jesus turned to answer my thoughts. He said, “I do not pay as much attention to the demonic as you do. Micah, this is the day of communing with the dead. I am raising the dead, too. Let’s be in agreement. If you walk in authority, demons will naturally leave if you expose yourself to them.” Jesus smiled..

Diana Larkin - STREAMS OF REFRESHING - October 3, 2023

“We have entered an INTENSE SEASON, and I don’t want you to BURN OUT as EVENT after EVENT and EXPOSURE after EXPOSURE hits the earth. I have provided for you STREAMS OF REFRESHING flowing from My Throne. DRAW AWAY with Me and ASK for a STREAM OF REFRESHING to flow over you. Let its waters REFRESH you and be FULLY IMMERSED in My PRESENCE so that the world FADES AWAY and My STRENGTH and LIFE FLOW INTO YOU. Ask Me to help you SEE with your SPIRITUAL EYES My REFRESHING STREAM, and lay back and float in PERFECT PEACE, as I WASH CARES and BURDENS away. As My LOVE and LIFE FILL you, it will STRENGTHEN you for another day, and it will fill you with HOPE that My PROMISES are TRUE and TRUSTWORTHY. I want to put the SMILE BACK ON YOUR FACE because My JOY RENEWS and RESTORES. You will have STRENGTH again to LAUGH at your enemies and to declare, “YOU HAVE LOST, WE HAVE WON!” Come and be with Me in My STREAMS OF REFRESHING.”

🔥OCTOBER is a month that Christians must be vigilant and sober.

You must increase your prayer time!
Don’t sleep in October.

🔥You have two choices:
1. Allow the LION OF JUDAH to roar
2. Allow the devil to be a roaring lion

PICK one

Diana Larkin - THE SIGNS OF FALL - October 2, 2023

“There will be SIGNS THIS FALL that the SEASON is CHANGING. This Fall will MARK the BEGINNING of My FIERY JUSTICE. You will see FIRE in the skies at sunsets and sunrises. My Angels of FIERY JUSTICE will be FILLING the skies and DELIVERING JUDGMENTS from the Courtroom of Heaven to the earth. Those partnered with darkness have been behind DESTRUCTIVE EXPLOSIONS and FIRES. Now, they will REAP what they have SOWN, as I SEND EXPLOSIONS and FIRES into their STRONGHOLDS, their MONUMENTS, and their BUILDINGS DEDICATED to the enemy. Oh, darkness, TREMBLE and SHAKE before Lord Sabaoth in His FIERY CHARIOT. You who tried so many ways to DIG UP DIRT on My ANOINTED LEADER are in for a SHOCK because I AM coming to UNEARTH ALL your HIDDEN DOCUMENTS, CHEATING, and EVIDENCE of CORRUPTION and PERVERSION. WAIL, oh darkness, My Angels with FIERY TORCHES are coming to SHINE a LIGHT on SECRET AGREEMENTS with foreign powers, TREASONOUS BETRAYALS, and the SACRIFICE of INNOCENT LIVES. The SIGNS OF FALL will be everywhere, and they will all point to the DOWNFALL and DESTRUCTION of those who thought they could RULE your world. These ARROGANT ones will see the SIGNS OF FALL, and it will SIGNAL their coming DESTRUCTION. My Army of Light, STAY CLOSE to Me and STRONG in My LOVE. THE SIGNS OF FALL will be HOPE to you.”

BANKING COLLAPSE Unveils Shocking Connections to Tribunals and War Crimes!

Prepare for the Unthinkable: Trillions of dollars in U.S. Treasury Bonds are flooding back to Europe and 110 nations, revealing the alarming truth that the U.S. corporation is teetering on the brink of insolvency. Brace yourself for the impending catastrophic COLLAPSE that will send shockwaves throughout Europe and beyond. France’s brazen act of pilfering its citizens’ wealth has ignited widespread riots and civil unrest, while hyperinflation in Germany is decimating the metal industry, crippling weapons production, and pushing corporations to the edge of bankruptcy. The Deutsche Bank’s entanglement with Epstein’s dark connections and its web of international ties, including Estonian banks, is unraveling, as world courts launch far-reaching investigations that could shatter the global banking system.

Israel’s Descent into Chaos: An Unfolding Catastrophe

The nation of Israel finds itself in dire straits as it hurtles towards an imminent COLLAPSE. Concealing the true state of its markets, banks are fabricating gains as civil unrest spirals into full-blown riots. Meanwhile, the colossal COLLAPSE of SVB BANKS in California, resulting in a mind-boggling loss of $10 trillion, sets off a catastrophic domino effect rippling across multiple countries. The COLLAPSE, underway for over a year and a half, is finally unmasking the Deep State’s cover-ups and exposing their false market reports. As the Biden administration trembles, governments worldwide teeter on the brink, and the Military courts, along with the Alliance, silently monitor the COLLAPSE, knowing that it will lead to military intervention. The intricate web of connections between governments, worldwide money laundering operations, bioweapon creation, and incitement of proxy wars through the U.S. heralds an era of potential war crimes, crimes against humanity, and a global PLANDEMIC.

The Global Event: We Stand at the Precipice of Chaos

Massive chaos looms on the horizon, as citizens around the globe remain shockingly unprepared for the impending COLLAPSE EVENT. The Great Awakening, a multi-staged process encompassing declassifications, covert operations, overt military intervention, tribunals, and the cleansing of corrupt establishments worldwide, is reaching a critical juncture. Brace yourself as the deep-rooted powers behind NATO, the UN, human trafficking, world wars, military-industrial complexes, and control over global banks face their inevitable downfall. Jeffrey Epstein, who is only beginning to reveal the dark secrets he holds, and the military intelligence with access to McAfee’s servers, unleash terabytes of corruption connecting world child trafficking rings, illicit weapons trades, and global drug cartels.

Unveiling Secret Alliances: Poland’s Shocking Deal with Russia and China

While the world watches Germany’s strategic alliance with China and Russia, an even more astounding revelation emerges: Poland’s covert pact with these global giants. This clandestine agreement, involving Italy, France, Austria, Hungary, and more, sets the stage for their banks to merge into a powerful EU BRICS subsidiary system after the impending conflict. Watch as Poland’s seemingly contradictory actions, such as dispatching jets to Ukraine, unfold into a master plan to dismantle NATO and expose the corrupt EU system.

The Masterstroke: Unmasking the Hidden Hand

The banking COLLAPSE serves a higher purpose: to topple world banks, dismantle the IMF, and expose the sinister connections that extend to the WHO, Gates Foundation, CDC, and beyond. Get ready for a seismic shift that will reshape

the global financial landscape.

THEY Can No Longer Hide

Behind closed doors, a grand design is being set in motion. Trust the plan. Q.

Hold on tight as the world hurtles towards an unprecedented climax. Brace for impact as the tides of change sweep across nations, forever altering the course of history.

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Diana Larkin - SIGHTS, SOUNDS, SMELLS OF FREEDOM - September 30, 2023

“Do not look at the SHORT TIME of DARKNESS that is coming with FEAR. Think of it as a COVERING of COMFORT, PEACE, and PROTECTION that I will drop on you as the MASSIVE CLEANUP of WICKED people is carried out by Heavenly and earthly MILITARY FORCES. When the darkness LIFTS, you will SEE, HEAR, and SMELL FREEDOM RETURNING. You will see DARK leaders GONE and RIGHTEOUS leaders REPLACING them. You will HEAR the PROMISES of RESTORATION that are coming to you. You will SMELL FREEDOM in the air because the air will be CLEANER after the STRONGHOLDS of darkness are REMOVED. Because I love My Army of Light and I want you to stay STRONG and ENCOURAGED, I will give you GLIMPSES of the coming FREEDOM, you will HEAR of events that let you know the TIDE is TURNING, and you will catch WHIFFS of the coming FRESH AIR of LIFE. These SIGHTS, SOUNDS, and SMELLS  will become STRONGER and STRONGER and will eventually FILL your VISION, HEARING, and SMELLING as My RESCUE OPERATION moves into FULL swing and reaches its DRAMATIC CONCLUSION. Ask Me to TUNE your SENSES to Heaven’s FREQUENCIES, and you will experience the SIGHTS, SOUNDS, and SMELLS OF FREEDOM.”

Flashback 2022 - Diana Larkin - My Countdown Has Begun - September 30, 2022

Diana Larkin - POKING THE BEAR - September 29, 2023

“How do you DISTRACT a VICIOUS BEAR who is CLOSING IN on an INNOCENT PREY? Plans were formulated in the War Room of Heaven for just this moment in history. My Host have received their ORDERS, and I have SHARED My plans around the world with those SEEKING My HELP and My WISDOM. The first phase is to POKE THE BEAR in order to DISTRACT him from CLOSING IN on the INNOCENT. These ‘POKES’ take the form of COUNTER-LAWSUITS and INDICTMENTS of those so busy INDICTING INNOCENT people. Don’t be DISAPPOINTED if these ‘POKES’ do not have the RESULTS you’d like to see. Their VALUE is not JUSTICE, but it is in the POWER of BREAKING the enemy’s FOCUS while GREATER PLANS are being prepared BEHIND THE BEAR’S BACK to be unleashed at just the RIGHT TIME. If you understand what I AM doing right now in POKING THE BEAR, you won’t put your HOPES in those plans that are meant to DISTRACT the BEAR. Don’t FOCUS on PLANS—FOCUS on Me, and you won’t be DISAPPOINTED because I will OPEN your EYES to see the COMPLETE PICTURE. As the BEAR is DISTRACTED by all the POKING, behind his back I have AMASSED INNUMERABLE TROOPS—the Host and My Army of Light—and when the BEAR does look behind him, he will realize his DOOM is CLOSING IN. Hear the call to MUSTER with My Host, OBSERVE Me POKING THE BEAR, and WAIT for My SIGNAL to CLOSE IN and CAPTURE the BEAR.”

JJCC - Prophetic Word RED OCTOBER! - September 28, 2023

The shakings will continue in October. The shakings will continue in October. Watch the bodies of water. They will rage. They cannot be contained. I saw strong currents and and the movement uh of these currents were were were currents that were coming strong and hitting the coast lines. What Coastline I don’t know but I do know. It was in America. Tis movement of the water was raging and it was coming in and hitting the coastlines uh that’s what I saw. And then uh uh God says um he told me on this he says uh there is a strong movement of wind that is coming from Canada. When it comes when it comes down into the United States it’s going to split the United States in half. Just like a strong wind coming in between the United States it’s going to form almost like a like a line. But this is going to be a strong wind that will come from Canada. And when you see it it is an indication God is saying. It is an indication that my promises are true.

I will act on my word. I will revive the hearts of your loved ones. I will stir them says the Lord. Drastic temperatures even the world and the seasons obey. Even the world even the world and even the seasons obey my word, says the Lord. And then he said this watch for a shift in the church. I will bring provision. People will will say the economy is terrible. But I will uphold my sons and my daughters. Though everything falls down around them. It will not touch them. Look around you I will begin to separate the goats from the Sheep. I will begin, says the Lord. I will begin to separate the sheeps from the goat. And then I heard this, Red October, Red October. The red dragon is getting ready to strike. China has made alliances and they have prepared themselves to strike. Hong Kong an earthquake is coming. China my children who have cried to me for freedom. Freedom God says is coming.

I will do a new thing in South America. I will do a new thing in Valenzuela. My spirit will visit you so strongly. I place my ministers in these places and they will flow under a heavy anointing to Proclaim my word. They will Proclaim it on the rooftops. They will Pro Proclaim it on the street corners. South America I’m stirring in you with my finger. I am healing whole families. I wll heal, says the Lord whole families. He says I am uniting also I will be uniting also families. Families that have been torn apart. God says I’m going to reunite them. Baltimore I am doing something new in you. Though you have grown cold I will ignite a fire in you. Watch the stock markets. God saying God is saying watch the stock markets the bull will fall. Let me say that again. Watch the stock markets the bull will fall. Put your trust in me, says the Lord.

Ships, military ships. I saw ships and military ships uh assembling together. Where I I I don’t know where where it was. But I saw military ships assembling together. Getting together in in a body of water I I I don’t I don’t know why I don’t know where uh I don’t know the place. America this is what God is saying I’m not finished with you yet and I also God says I laugh at man who says we are in control we decide the times. And God says no you don’t America is mine. No, you don’t America is mine ,says the Lord. In America God says there’s a great light that is coming do you hear the thousands and the thousands of voices crying out in the wilderness God is telling us do you hear the voices crying out? Do you hear the voices that are crying out the same voice like John the Baptist crying out on the Wilderness that was saying repent for the kingdom of God is at hand? God says the voices the voices you hear is thousands and thousands of voices that that are in the wilderness crying and they were they are declaring. Listen to this God says this they are declaring that my son is coming. They will be declaring that my son is coming. They have no need for fame. They have no need of Glory. They seek me with all their hearts. There will be men and women with no names. God says and I will use them. They seek me with all their hearts. Watch what I will do through them. Watch what I will do through them. No longer would it be just one voice one recognizable voice no. No more says God, there will be hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds and thousands of ministers that God is calling to declare the word of God. And God says this no more or will they be just a few but there will be thousands and millions that will declare my word says god wow. There’ll be millions and millions of people that will declare what God is about to do on this Earth. I am so excited for what God is about to do. I am so excited what the Lord is about to do.

Diana Larkin - Missing in Action - September 28 , 2023

“You have begun to see BIG NAMES ‘RETIRING’ from their places of POWER. More and more of these ‘RETIREMENTS’ and ‘RESIGNATIONS’ are coming. You will find MANY people in positions of POWER are MISSING IN ACTION. The MEDIA will try to NORMALIZE these that are now MISSING IN ACTION, but I want you to know I AM REMOVING these CORRUPT people by My mighty right arm. They have been presented IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE of their CRIMES against humanity and of their SICKENING PERVERSIONS, and they are being FORCED to STEP DOWN. You will see the SHOCK on some of their faces because they were DECEIVED into believing they were UNTOUCHABLE. They believed in the POWER of darkness and in the LYING media’s ability to COVER them. They are SUDDENLY SHAKEN to their CORE as everything they TRUSTED in is CRUMBLING, and the THREAT of EXPOSURE hangs over them like a HUGE HAMMER ready to drop. Don’t allow your faith to go MISSING IN ACTION because it seems like they are being allowed to FADE AWAY from public view and from consequences. I have PROMISED FULL EXPOSURE and that is coming. PRAY for those who are being SHAKEN to their CORE with their DIRTY LAUNDRY about to be EXPOSED. Pray that they will TURN to Me in DEEP REPENTANCE and find SALVATION in the BLOOD of My Son. Then they will not be SEPARATED from Me forever. They will still have to FACE the CONSEQUENCES of JUDGMENT and JUSTICE here on the earth, but they will not be MISSING IN ACTION throughout eternity.”

Micah Turnbo – August 10, 2023

This is my Prophetic Bucket Dump. Random things the Lord told me in encounters. Don’t get mad at me now…

–There is a principality from the demonic kingdom that is influencing the Left AND the Right.

–Babies are a sign that the Kingdom of God is here. NO MATTER WHAT, STAND FOR LIFE.

–If the church is to walk in full power, we must embrace women leaders.

— Masculinity is under attack. God is a MAN, not a woman. Even though he is a spirit, he is still a man. Jesus is entirely God and fully man. Men, your emotions are powerful. Get ready for vulnerability.

–The Titanic is about to hit an iceberg. There are not enough lifeboats because you are not raising disciples to stand in their identity. I am not coming to save the church. Get your lifeboats ready.

–You must learn to pray for your enemies for the next four years in your nation.

— I am about to judge the golden calf and make you drink it. Do not be part of the worship of self-entitlement.

–Holy Spirit plans on intensifying the power of the arts as a new way of reaching the lost. Get ready to see an increase in bible stories with high-quality acting. Get ready to see movies with Christian themes enter movie theaters before they close.

–God is not a Republican, nor is he a Democrat. His throne is justice, and his seat is mercy. He does not make his ruling to satisfy you. He does this for himself. What he is happy with, you will be too.

–Watch what is happening in Europe, and you will see what will affect the rest of the world.

–We will see an increase in salvations in the Middle East.

–One day, China will hold the largest prayer movement the world has ever seen.

–The Royal Family will continue to separate, and we will see the truth revealed. This does not mean God is judging them, but that he is ready to show off his throne.

–I am your healer. Remember that!

Love, –The Happy Prophet–

Micah Turnbo – August 1, 2023

One of the biggest prophecies I’ve been mocked about is Jesus coming to Hollywood. He actually has great plans for Hollywood. Things are changing quickly in the film industry and we will see high quality faith base movies showing up in theaters. Major actors will come forward stating their faith and desire to be in these movies.

Here are other prophecies I was made fun of for. I’ll share them again:

-One day the real Jesus will Show up on stage leading thousands into his Kingdom. I’ve seen it in the future.

-We will see high quality movies about the spirit realm that will out do the most trending sci-fi and supernatural TV shows.

-We will see Seers and Prophets write scripts about heaven and give them to producers.

-artificial intelligence (A.I) is dangerous and will become Man made gods.

-Movie theaters will close soon and streaming services will take over.

-Angels will one day be interviewed on the news sharing the gospel.

-Modeling shows will have an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We will see fashion from heaven.

-Rave shows will have faith based music and people will get caught up into the third heaven. I saw DJs creating music they heard in their dreams.

-India!!!!!!! Watch India!!! Incredible apostle are coming from India!

-The greatest salvation numbers are coming to the middle East.

Heaven is invading this earth!! God will take over!! Don’t follow the man made gods when they start to ask for worship and give mysteries.

I’m trying to warn y’all…

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Diana Larkin - THE MOUNTAIN OF THE LORD - September 27, 2023

“As I bring DOWN the CORRUPTED seven mountains of society and REBUILD them on a foundation of RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE, I AM at the same time RAISING UP THE MOUNTAIN OF THE LORD. What is the MOUNTAIN OF THE LORD, you ask? It is My ETERNAL KINGDOM coming into DISPLAY on the earth. The seven mountains of society will be RAISED UP to ENCIRCLE the MOUNTAIN OF THE LORD, and My Mountain will GROW until it FILLS THE WHOLE EARTH. All creation has been GROANING for this day, and it will SATISFY the LONGING in you for a TRULY SIGNIFICANT LIFE filled with LOVE, PEACE, and JOY. WELCOME the RISING of THE MOUNTAIN OF THE LORD. Every time you ALLOW the Kingdom to RULE in your life, you cause THE MOUNTAIN OF THE LORD to GROW. The Kingdom RULES in you when you make Me FIRST in your life, when you OBEY My promptings, when you WORSHIP and THANK Me, when you FREELY GIVE, and when you FORGIVE as you have been forgiven. This is ALIGNING your heart with My heart and when many begin to do this, THE MOUNTAIN OF THE LORD will FILL THE EARTH.”
MICAH 4:1 (AMP) “But it shall come about in the last days that the mountain of the house of the Lord shall be established as the highest and chief of the mountains; it shall be above the hills, and people will flow (like a river) to it.”
DANIEL 2:44 (NASB) “In the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a Kingdom which will never be destroyed, and that Kingdom will not be left for another people, it will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, but it will itself endure forever.”

Diana Larkin - A CASCADE OF EVENTS - September 26, 2023

“In the coming months you will see A CASCADE OF EVENTS pour out. One event after another will PLAY OUT in RAPID SUCCESSION. Those partnered with darkness will try SCHEME after SCHEME. Heaven will launch a COUNTERMEASURE to their scheme and then EXPOSURES will take place of WHO PLANNED and WHO tried to CARRY OUT these dark plans of DESTRUCTION. The ranks of darkness will start to THIN as one after another DOMINO FALLS through the EXPOSURE of their EVIL DEEDS. PANIC and TERROR will spread through the enemy camp, and there will be much INFIGHTING and BETRAYAL, as they try to SAVE themselves. Many well-known people will GROW QUIET and seem to DISAPPEAR, but I know where every one of them are, and they will be FOUND and BROUGHT to JUDGMENT and JUSTICE. Those not yet AWAKE will find themselves CONFUSED, UNSURE who to TRUST, and ANXIOUS about what to do. My Remnant will look on this CASCADE OF EVENTS and REJOICE that the Rescue Operation is in FULL SWING. You will be launching GLORY FIRE MISSILES at all the enemy SCHEMES and REJOICING when those plans IMPLODE in the FACE of EVIL. Your CONFIDENCE in My Mighty Right Arm and your FAITH in My PROMISES and My GOODNESS will help CALM people’s FEARS. HEARTS and MINDS will be READY to HEAR TRUTH. STAND STRONG in Me, EYES FOCUSED on My face and EARS OPEN to hear My voice, and I will GUIDE you through the CASCADE OF EVENTS with your FEET on the SOLID ROCK of your SALVATION.”

Charlie Shamp
I awoke and heard the Lord say, “Watch as they look to bring another lockdown to finish the reset, but I WILL BRING A SHUTDOWN of this current government. It will be a sign that I am reordering this nation for a great turnaround. Last night I had a very vivid dream where I met President Trump. I was standing beside a set of steps leading to a stage in a large indoor stadium. I was accompanied by a man that I have never met in the natural. President Trump walked over to me and he reached out his hand to greet me as if he already knew who I was. I asked if I could pray for him and he agreed. I then began to prophesy some very personal things to him concerning his future. I opened my eyes and pointed at him and said, “Don’t lose hope! The Lord is bringing a great turnaround for America.” He thanked me and turned to take the stage. I awoke and heard the Lord say, “Watch as they look to bring another lockdown to finish the reset, but I will bring a shutdown of this current government. It will be a sign that I am reordering this nation for a great turnaround. -Charlie Shamp Prophetic word released: AUGUST 12, 2021

Diana Larkin - WEEDING OUT - September 24, 2023

“Across ALL areas of your society, I AM WEEDING OUT people who gained positions of leadership by CHEATING or by SELF-PROMOTION. This will happen in GOVERNMENT and in My CHURCH as well as all other areas of influence. This WEEDING OUT of FALSE, COMPROMISED leaders is being carried out by My REAPER ANGELS. This is a SEASON of WEEDING OUT the TARES so that the HARVEST of the GOOD CROP can be REAPED. Have you been FRUSTRATED with EARTHLY COURTS and GOVERNMENT BODIES that are supposed to be working to PROTECT the people from TYRANTS and EVIL-DOERS? My Reaper Angels carry GREAT POWER, and NO POWER of MAN or HELL will be able to STOP the SWING of their SHINING, RAZOR-SHARP SICKLES. Some ILLEGITIMATE leaders will REAP a harvest of DEATH, some PRISON, some EXILE—that is they will be BARRED from the group of people they USED to FEED their GREED and CORRUPTION. I AM also WEEDING OUT those WEALTHY ones who BRIBED leaders and PERVERTED JUSTICE. My Reaper Angels will MOW THEM DOWN, and the WEALTH of the BRIBERS will be given to the RIGHTEOUS in My Kingdom. Don’t be surprised that I AM also WEEDING OUT any areas of your HEART where you have AGREEMENT with the darkness because that could cause you to STUMBLE and FALL in the HEAT of BATTLE. Give the Holy Spirit PERMISSION to SEARCH your HEART and SURRENDER it ALL to Me. Don’t carry any OLD BAGGAGE from your life onto the BATTLEFIELD because it will SLOW you down, and it could cause you to TRIP and FALL. When you SURRENDER all to Me, you will not LOSE yourself. You will actually FIND ALL you were meant to be, and you will be FREER, LIGHTER, and FIERCER against the darkness. Watch in this WEEDING OUT season—leaders will continue to FALL to the RIGHT and to the LEFT of you. This is part of the RESCUE OPERATION—call in the WEEDING OUT season to complete its job of PREPARATION for the coming HARVEST.”

I had a dream 💭 last night.

I asked God how much longer we have with this evil fraudulent regime in power.

He took me to what looked like a giant newspaper. It had every single plan of the deep state and the white hats counter written on them.

It went further back than DJT.

I was taken to the very last page. It had 3 events on it.

⁃ Banks collapse
⁃ Communication blackout
⁃ Ebola/Marburg (2024)
In the Ebola Marburg event the word SHOWTIME appeared.

I ran to David with the newspaper in my dream to tell him SHOWTIME was coming and that I had released a word called SHOWDOWN. They had to do with one another.

As soon as I tell David I see POTUS address the nation from a podium and blow the lid on the entire operation that took place behind the scenes. It was all made public now. The covert operation had just become an overt operation.

Military took over and the rest of the steps left on the newspaper 📰 was how to restore the republic.

I had a dream 💭 last night. I asked God how much longer we have with this evil fraudulent regime in power. He took me to what looked like a giant newspaper. It had every single plan of the deep state and the white hats counter written on them.It went further back than DJT.I was taken to the very last page. It had 3 events on it.

⁃ Banks collapse
⁃ Communication blackout
⁃ Ebola/Marburg (2024)
In the Ebola Marburg event the word SHOWTIME appeared.

I ran to David with the newspaper in my dream to tell him SHOWTIME was coming and that I had released a word called SHOWDOWN. They had to do with one another. As soon as I tell David I see POTUS address the nation from a podium and blow the lid on the entire operation that took place behind the scenes. It was all made public now. The covert operation had just become an overt operation.Military took over and the rest of the steps left on the newspaper 📰 was how to restore the republic.

Diana Larkin - CAUGHT IN A TRAP - September 23, 2023

“Those partnered with DARKNESS have been SCHEMING for years to ENSNARE people into TRAPS that STEAL their LIVES, their FREEDOMS, and that DEFILE them. Have you been CAUGHT in one of these enemy TRAPS? Know this with everything that is within you: that it was for FREEDOM that Christ SET YOU FREE. (Galatians 5:1) My Son is an EXPERT at SPRINGING the LOCKS of any TRAP that you have FALLEN into. CALL OUT to Him, and He will RESCUE you and FREE you wherever you have been BOUND by darkness. Say, ‘I APPLY the BLOOD of Jesus to this TRAP, and I declare my FREEDOM from this SNARE. I declare His BLOOD is WASHING me CLEAN and is doing a DEEP HEALING of whatever made me VULNERABLE to this TRAP!’ Declare: ‘I am FREE, I am FREE, I am FREE! The BLOOD of Jesus speaks LOUDER for me!’ (Hebrews 12:24) My Son already PAID for your FREEDOM, so RECEIVE it and STOP STRUGGLING with your FLESH! I want My people FREE of any TRAPS of darkness because I AM getting ready to SPRING My GIANT TRAP on the darkness. If you have NO AGREEMENT with darkness, when I spring My TRAP SHUT, it will have NO EFFECTS on you. The darkness is set to REAP every EVIL TRAP they set, and there will be NO ESCAPE from the HUGE JAWS of My TRAP. ‘We’re CAUGHT, we’re CAUGHT!, they will shriek! But it will be TOO LATE for them to TURN BACK, and there will be NO REPRIEVE or ESCAPE for them. The HARVEST of their lives of SELFISHNESS and GREED will come with the sound of a GIANT ‘SNAP!’, as the JAWS of My TRAP engulf them. DEEP and COMPLETE EXPOSURE will result in them REAPING COMPLETE LOSS and SHAME. This is My decree, ‘They will all be CAUGHT IN A TRAP.’”

Diana Larkin - THE POWER OF LOVE - September 22, 2023

“The world looks at LOVE as something to be desired because it will make them FEEL GOOD. People in the world want to be LOVED FOR WHO THEY ARE, but they only GIVE LOVE to those who MEET THEIR STANDARDS. LOVE is SO MUCH MORE than the world’s IDEAS about it. Because I AM LOVE, everything I SAY or DO has LOVE as its FOUNDATION. CREATION, including you, was formed from LOVE. SALVATION flowed from LOVE to bring you back to Me because the GREAT SIN of man was NOT TRUSTING IN MY LOVE. ALL sin flows from NOT BELIEVING or RECEIVING My LOVE. It is meeting a RIGHTEOUS NEED in an UNRIGHTEOUS way because you do NOT BELIEVE in THE POWER OF MY LOVE to meet your EVERY NEED. It was THE POWER OF My LOVE that made a WAY through My Son’s SACRIFICE for you to RETURN to My heart and to CHOOSE to live your life OUT of My LOVE. The MEASURE that you TRUST My LOVE to meet your needs DETERMINES the MEASURE of My LOVE that you will receive. Are you ANXIOUS and FEARFUL of the FUTURE because you’re not sure I can meet your needs in these EPIC days of CHANGE? That is a SYMPTOM that you do not TRUST FULLY in THE POWER OF MY LOVE. I AM not CONDEMNING you for this LACK of trust in THE POWER OF MY LOVE; I AM INVITING you to see the areas of your life where you don’t trust me FULLY, CONFESS them to Me, allow My Son’s BLOOD to wash away your UNBELIEF, and WELCOME THE POWER OF MY LOVE to CONSUME your heart and to RETRAIN your THINKING. Read in My Word all the passages where I MIRACULOUSLY came through for My people and let FAITH ARISE to BELIEVE I AM LOVE and that THE POWER OF MY LOVE is available to MEET your every need. When you THROW the weight of your life FULLY on Me, then you will experience My PERFECT PEACE.”

Wings of Prophecy Blog - September - October, 2023

Jan Hapler - Trump's Executive Order 13848 - September 21-2023

This is why so many people stay confused, but also jump on the wrong people just because they have a “title.”

EO 13848 wasn’t written because “he was fully briefed.”

This is an Operation with a very war plan / strategic outline aka blueprint and he’s a part of the operation.

EO 13848 is just one tiny piece of the Operation.

This is a Military Occupancy with a Continuity of Operations Plan all outlined with Law of War Manual and Federal Continuity Directives.

It’s not “these are my thoughts”… it’s CURRENT BIPARTISAN LEGISLATION.

Stop riding names and titles and start reading legislation as it was laid out.
Derek Johnson

Diana Larkin - BREAKING UP, SHAKING UP, WAKING UP - September 20, 2023

“You are entering an INTENSIFIED season of BREAKING UP, SHAKING UP, and WAKING UP. My STRONG right arm and your DECREES and DECLARATIONS are BREAKING UP ANCIENT THRONES of darkness. REJOICE as they CRUMBLE and FALL. I AM BREAKING UP the FALLOW GROUND of the RELIGIOUS SPIRIT in My Church. What man has built with his INTELLECTUAL PRIDE has INSULATED the people from My Holy Spirit and His RIVER OF LIFE. I will be BREAKING UP any throne that EXALTS MAN in any area of society—it will be BROUGHT DOWN because the PRIDE of MAN opens the door to EVERY EVIL THING. I will be SHAKING UP the PLANS and SCHEMES of darkness, and they will be EXPOSED before all. Their carefully planned schemes of DEATH and DESTRUCTION I will SHAKE UP, and they will COLLAPSE back onto them. What they LAUGHED about doing to you will SUDDENLY be in their faces, and they will see the JAWS of DEATH OPENING for them. All the BREAKING UP and the SHAKING UP will cause an AVALANCHE of WAKING UP. As Leviathan’s throne of LIES, DECEPTIONS, and DELUSIONS CRASHES DOWN, the SPELL over people’s minds will be BROKEN, and the LIGHT of TRUTH will SHINE through. Remember I have promised you PEACE and SAFETY all through the BREAKING UP, SHAKING UP, and WAKING UP. This is an INTENSE RESCUE OPERATION, as it EXPOSES EVIL ROOTS and DEMOLISHES WICKED THRONES. It will all be WORTH the changes that will come upon your nations, because a NEW DAY will ARISE—SIMPLER, SWEETER, and PURER. Imagine an atmosphere NOT FILLED with STOLEN IDENTITIES, SEX TRAFFICKING, PORN, and ADDICTIONS. Imagine people and families ENJOYING life together, BREATHING fresh air, and EATING good food the earth was meant to produce. Also, remember that as I come to BREAK UP, SHAKE UP, and WAKE UP, that My REWARDS will be in My hand to give FREELY to My Army of Light who have STOOD with Me.”

Flash Back -~ 1987 - Dr. Lester Sumrall - Seven Things the Holy Spirit Told Me About America

… I said well why Lord? He said I’m going to give you seven reasons why I’m sending you home (to America) and I just took my pen out and began to write them down as to why i was to come to America. And he said I want you to help save America and I said Lord I am willing to. He said it’s my bastion of freedom and not only not only of the earth. But of freedom in the great world of mine. A freedom of minds a freedom to think in that country and it spreads throughout the world from there and i need you to help save that. And i said lord I’m willing to be anything for you. Then he spoke to me and said through television I’ll give you a million souls. And i said Lord i do anything for a million souls. He says I’ll give you a million souls through television if you will go home. But it says here are seven things that you’re going to see in America.

And so the first one he said America will depart from the faith. It will depart from the faith of its fathers it would depart from the fundamental churches and from the fundamental preachers. … This is the latter times and and they shall depart from their traditional church they shall depart from the Bible. They shall depart from the religion of their parents. They will just go out from it

…He said not only will they depart from their faith but it says eastern religions that you have dealt with for many years and uh pagan religions will take root in america and will flourish there. …

So the second thing that God told me was that eastern religions would become a prominent part of american life. That hinduism would invade our country. That we have seen this we’ve seen thousands of people take up yoga. And yoga just means one thing that you submit yourself to an unseen force and that you start that you start saying words in the Hindu language that you do not understand. And that you are praising and praying to a Hindu god at that time and you’ve opened yourself up for demon power to enter you that you might be possessed of the devil. And hinduism is growing in this country the heart of christians are showing you how Hinduism can grow and they come in with a lie saying full of love full of love full. Full of love they don’t know what the word means. They just picked that word up it’s not in their language. They only picked it up in in our language and what they’re doing is seducing people to leave and abandon their faith in God the great and mighty. God who created the heavens and the earth and to go into some pagan religion that has no hope. No hope in this life or in the life to come … Timothy 4

7:1 … What’s being perpetrated in this country today doctrines of devils. Which means the very opposite of doctrines of truth and life that come from God …

He said besides orient religions in the third place here he says that cults and demon worship and satanic worship will become prominent in America. And i said Lord how could that be that a nation that was built on the bible that came out of europe for satan worship has always been for many hundreds of years. How could it be that they would go back in into satanic worship? And the Lord said unto me that they will come back to fetishes and carry holy things around with them and that they will have covens and in these covens they will make sacrifices and they will nnd they will be just like the pagans of long ago. You can’t imagine having grown up in a society  of Evangelicalism that that the lord would be telling me that our country that many people in our country would go backwards hundreds of years to worshiping idols and to worshiping fetishes and to be worshipping and identifying themselves with satanic religion satanic religion that was related to human sacrifice. Because in the covens in this country they have discovered baby bones where they have offered they have offered up human sacrifice on the demon gods in our in our own country. …

He says in the fourth place there will come a terrible and awful spirit of rebellion in america. A spirit of rebellion and i said oh god what do you mean he says the greatest place you will see it is in the homes. The home within itself that used to be the place of tenderness and the place of love and the retreat from the world to come inside the home where your little family was where you could say anything you wanted to say and laugh when you wanted to laugh. And you were home you were home folks and nobody else was there the door was closed and you had those that were nearest and dearest. It says a spirit of rebellion from the devil shall come and will rip the homes to pieces … I began to see kansas city and i began to see Detroit. And i began to see pittsburgh and i began to see new orleans and i began to see new york los angeles. And i said oh god what can i do the lord said from coast to coast homes will be torn to pieces like a tornado ripped into shreds. And there will be thousands of little children that have to live with one parent and i lived in a home brought up in a home of of great love in that home we we we love one another and in my own marriage we my wife and i love one another. And i couldn’t i couldn’t understand it. I said god how can it be that homes will be torn to pieces? God says such hate will come it will boil up it will boil up like a mighty wind and just twist the home to pieces. And divorce will be so terrible and at this moment friends any child born today hardly has a 50 50 chance of living with mom and dad together. There will be so many second and third and fourth marriages until little children won’t know who to respect. They will know who to love and they will hate. And they will hate. Rebellion will be in their hearts they will take that rebellion to school and that rebellion is already there teachers today are quitting by flocks. They said i can’t stand it anymore the rebellion that’s in the hearts of the students against their parents. Against education against authority against discipline. … God told me this. Before it came to pass God told me that the spirit of rebellion would come that it would attack the university campuses. That the teachers would have it in their hearts and they would get out like school children and in this scream in the streets. And put up banners and show that there was deep rebellion and rebellion comes from hell and rebellion comes from the devil. … God said he wanted me to know that a spirit of rebellion would come into the labor movement such as we’d never seen before that. That would even try to shut down the whole of the united states of america just stop it because of a few minute to top

greedy greedy for power greedy for money. …

Then the Lord kind of whispered in my ear it wasn’t loud and it wasn’t hard. He said and son the americans will change in their morals. And i said in in in what way? He says so far homosexuality has been something behind the doors. He said it is a spirit that comes upon a man that will make him lust for the body of another man. And the Lord said would you just read Romans and i opened my bible to Romans. He said look in in chapter 1 and i said all right all right lord and i began reading in verse 23. And uh and in Romans chapter 1 and it said and they changed the glory of the uncorruptable god into an image he says you see they’re going to worship images right in your own country and made like unto corruptable man and like birds many of the of the idols of the of the heathen a half bird and half human and four footed beasts and many of them have beast bodies you know and man parts in their bodies and creeping things. Where unto god says he gave them up to uncleanness through the lust of their hearts these evil things were created by lustful hearts against God . The same reason lucifer got thrown out of heaven. Pagan religions are the same state of rebellion against God as they were he said to dishonor their own bodies between themselves. To dishonor their own bodies… such things are worthy of death. …

The sixth thing God told me i don’t like to talk about. God told me that on television just like you have homosexuality claiming their rights and boasting and seeing them carry on on television. He says that bestiality will become the same that women will say …

Diana Larkin - WHAT IS STIRRING BEHIND THE SCENES? - September 18, 2023

“There is a MASTERFUL PLAN being EXECUTED BEHIND THE SCENES. This plan was FORMULATED in the War Room of Heaven, RELAYED to earth by Messenger Angels, and RECEIVED by those in the government and the military whose hearts are SEEKING Me, My WISDOM, and My STRATEGIES. You have FELT the STIRRINGS of the WINDS of CHANGE and ANTICIPATION has risen in your heart that SOMETHING BIG is about to break. These feelings of HOPE are not your imagination; they are your SPIRITUAL SENSES (which you have allowed Me to DEVELOP and HEIGHTEN) PICKING UP what your eyes CANNOT SEE but your SPIRIT is CONFIRMING. I want to ADD My CONFIRMATION to what you are SENSING. You will SEE the MASTERFUL PLAN to SAVE the WORLD UNFOLD before your eyes, and it will VINDICATE all you have SENSED is HAPPENING BEHIND THE SCENES. TRUST WHAT YOUR SPIRIT KNOWS MORE THAN WHAT YOUR EYES SEE. The darkness has spread so many LIES and THREATS that your NATURAL MIND will have TROUBLE SEPARATING out TRUTH from DECEPTION. But I have been TRAINING your SPIRITUAL SENSES through My WRITTEN WORD, My PROPHETIC VOICES, PRAYING IN YOUR SPIRIT LANGUAGE , and HEARING My VOICE SPEAKING TO YOU. These have all worked to AWAKEN your spirit’s ABILITY to KNOW what is of the DARKNESS, what is of MAN, and what is of ME. You are now RECOGNIZING LIES and THREATS and SENDING THEM BACK into the enemy’s camp and FOCUSING on My PROMISES and what I AM doing BEHIND THE SCENES. TRUSTING your inner spiritual senses will keep you in ANTICIPATION of Heaven’s next move, and it will keep you in My PERFECT PEACE.”

- September xx , 2023

“Is this a season of DESTRUCTION OR RAINBOWS? My answer to that question is that this season you have just STEPPED INTO is BOTH a season of DESTRUCTION and a season of RAINBOWS. The enemy has plans of GREAT DESTRUCTION to unleash on you. Instead of the TWISTED satisfaction they are looking forward to as they see you SUFFER and be DESTROYED, My STORM WINDS will send those plans BACK AGAINST THEM, and you will see your enemies REAP what they have SOWN. When I TEAR DOWN, it is for the PURPOSE of BUILDING UP AGAIN with My LIFE and LIGHT. Some voices want you to FOCUS only on the coming DESTRUCTION. I have told you about the coming TAKEDOWN of darkness NOT for you to FOCUS on or to be FEARFUL or to try to PROTECT YOURSELF; but I have shared what I will be doing because I want you PARTNERED with Me in CALLING for PROTECTION for the Light and the REAPING of DESTRUCTION by the darkness. All throughout this season of DESTRUCTION , you will see RAINBOWS because I want to give you a VISUAL REMINDER that I KEEP MY PROMISES and that I can bring you through any kind of SHAKING, hidden in the Ark of My PRESENCE. You will see RAINBOWS after a storm and RAINBOWS without a storm. You will see RAINBOWS around the sun and the moon and painted on the clouds. These are your SIGNS of the NEW LIFE that is ahead, and it is filled with My MULTI-COLORED GLORY and the PROMISE of a FRESH BEGINNING.”
PSALM 27:1 (AMP) “The Lord is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear? The Lord is the refuge and fortress of my life—whom shall I dread?”

Chirstos - Shiba in September, March, Tsunami after Shiba? , Fall and Spring. - September 17 , 2023

He said say that you Lord magicians will weep magic will be done on them. What you sow you will reap upon their heads. See here Exile Exile from Babylon. Babylonian systems brought down. Faith adversity when it comes to see the word persecution a change will come upon your face faces. The glory of the Lord is behind you in front of you all around consuming you in my glory. Pray more and it’s like as we pray the set the smell of our prayers is coming up to Daddy guys and he’s just like smelling it sniffing it all in Hallelujah. Beautiful Aroma now I see a chalkboard and someone’s teaching something. Okay see I don’t want the Lord is speaking to me he’s telling me to teach you guys well for his glory. Misconceptions will be brought down. He’s clearing up he’s clearing up head spaces faces in our minds. Take you away what does it belong there bring us now revelations for his glory. to break down strongholds of the Mind. Thank you Lord he said proportion and wealth is coming to you now Hallelujah Lord we receive it in Jesus name. …

I see the month of March see it on my side Glory will be given on to you see. I think something will happen in March where the God the glory will fall on us. I don’t know if that’s the outpouring. Yeah I think it is but I’m not putting words in your mouth Lord. I see what I see I will show you see that I will show you what’s to come yeah yeah

I see a tsunami I see an earthquake uh. The Earth will tilt for my glory. I see Yellowstone I see the clouds. The heavens will open up outpouring blessings outpouring blessings fo. You all see that I must say I stay in my peace stay in my glory I see the word entitlement entitled to much in this hour. Students behave see the must see the lessons of the Lord and what I teach. Promiscuity runs deep in my family. I will show you more promiscuity in my people. He’s showing me the whore of Babylon Jezebel. I shall remove her. Key by key key notes she shall be torn apart. In my glory I am coming for you my people just wait. I see that image of the um what is that in Revelations where she’s sitting on the she’s drinking the blood of the Saints. She has the crown on her head and she’s sitting on that thing the seven beasts or whatever it is. That she’s riding on.

Still and wait for my glory to arise in you I will paint your faces with my goodness with my glory. Sparkle gold dust shall arrives soon. You shall see it you shall Wonder in awe who is on. Who say the universe who is I’m gonna see it on my side like your God onto me does that make sense who is like your God.

Tall tales that have been told will be brought down. I see the World Trade Centers the Twin Towers. Seattle must see what I see what is that what is that let me see something. Okay I got more to come okay I don’t know what this is but I heard building 12 and I don’t I don’t know any building 12. But he said he just said I will show you more to come I will show you I will show you much more to come. Okay he just dropped in my spirit this Revelation that he gave me yesterday last night he just dropped in my spirit a tsunami. I feel like he’s saying that the next attack that will be greater than 9 11 is this tsunami is in your hair witchcraft. But I heard many more people they’re trying to kill many more people with this tsunami. I just heard the Lord say it will hit land soon and I think California. I see New York, I see Florida and I hear the east coast and I hear revival time get ready.

I’m penetrating the hearts of soul the hearts and soul of many. This is the hour this is the time. Join me speak peace over your lives peace not fear. I am your recompense. I am the dawning of a new day. Whoa. These words that I speak to you are accurate and correct. Above all else trust your God. They are Messiah see me for who I am. Recompense. Recompense will be given. Can you confirm that Lord? Uwaves m and then I saw another month and he said waves for my glory. He’s saying Sheba in you. I feel like it’s gonna come in waves. Like one wave will hit right and then another wave will hit in another month. Right and then he’s saying bringing you proportionate wealth. That’s interesting in portions? Systematic resets. They are my people will know who I am I will see you through all the pain see persecution. I see a rainbow my Covenant promises I keep I see Noah’s Ark. And I hear the Lord saying do not leave my side. Abid in me. Great you will see Great and Mighty things to come. Pay attention and Learn. I’ve been a little bit well more than a little bit worried about um the whole tsunami thing in California.

I had a dream on the same night a few days ago I heard Shibarium and um that was very clear. I heard it a couple times. And then I saw it looked like Sheba but it looked like Shiba by had Z’s in it. For some reason and then right after that I was running. I don’t know where I was running towards but as we were running somewhere we looked and we saw a water waves of water um just coming towards us and so we turned around and we we started running the other way and there was just like no real Escape for from the water and we went underground I don’t know how. But I could hear the water rushing above us and the creaking of the water and it was a very panicking kind of a moment. And then somehow I ended up above ground and with a group of people and I had a backpack and there was this old kind of elderly you know white man and then there are people greeting a son and it was it was it was a Trippy dream um and I I just had asked the Lord is the Lord what’s coming next. Is there anything that you want to share? And I’m in California and uh you just mentioned also Yellowstone um and that’s and earthquakes and you know Yellowstone National Park is in California. So I’m trying to do what the Lord said and not worry and to kind of help position myself so that I can do some of the things that I feel like he said. And for me I think he was talking about XDC. Those are the things that I’ve heard from the Lord.

Chris I want to say this before I forget he said growth you’re growing in him and I hear virtue and he said be patient and wait my daughter I’m I’m showing you. Yea so you so before you went to sleep you asked him what’s to come and you had that dream yeah I went to bed and I I’m trying to hear from God more and more clearly so I asked the Lord um to open my eyes and my ears and I said if there’s anything that you you want to show me?

I’m I’m listening like the verse I think it’s Samuel Here I Am Lord is that you I’m I’m listening. And then I went to sleep and um yeah then I had I had a moment where I felt like I woke up and I went back to sleep. But I guess I was just more awake in my dream and I heard you know what that is right Shevarium yeah yeah. I know that’s related to um you know Shiba Inu platform or whatnot. But I knew it was already launched but I didn’t understand why you know what I mean like I guess figured more of that was kind of coming but then I saw the word Sheba spelled but it had I saw a Z’s like it was sleeping uh yeah maybe. Maybe maybe I yeah I have to learn to kind of pray into it and not assume that it’s just an overactive mind like I’m really taking information from the Lord and then right after that I saw the tsunami. I don’t know if it was a tsunami

But it was a wave the last thing I told you so he’s saying waits for my glory that is just confirmation the Shiva came before The Wave right the Lord’s not gonna keep you in a place where you’re not safe the [ __ ] gonna come so that you can move or go wherever you need to go before it comes but also the wave is like is is a some is a representation of his glory first there’s a marker he’s saying.

The first wave to come you keep telling me that Lord can you please confirm that with somebody David David or Kai can you please confirm this month you keep telling me it’s not that I’m lacking faith is that I don’t want to say the wrong thing can you please huh March who said that he’s he says March but I’m hearing something else. Remember he’s saying you’re hearing September. Right yes did you hear that he told me that’s what you were hearing oh what are you hearing what is he saying he’s saying sooner than you think uh Great Expectations ahead don’t be afraid of what I’m telling you because it’s glory and the joy in it. Don’t let the enemy steal the joy. Uh Lord September 2023? I asked the question yeah

Chris can I read you something that the Lord told me and maybe it’d be confirmation because this is the word me yes okay so I wrote this on September the 8th it said like a flower blooming in the spring my blood my blessings Will Spring forth I was impressed today and I began to ask the Lord about the month of September for myself he began to tell me audibly Prosperity abundance and overflow. I asked them again for confirmation on what I was hearing and that’s when I seen the word September written in Orange. And orange and brownish leaves falling I began to see a flower open up as if it was growing and blossoming. And he spoke these words like a flower in the spring blessings Will Spring forth the flower in my vision began to become very very bright like a neon color it was opening up slowly but gradually then I heard the words uh Shiba Inu starts to hit new lower levels. There will be a way for my glory. Shiba in it will start to see new low levels he repeated it then he reminded me once more saying a fall of blessings in the fall and that means you know all seasons from well I’ll I’ll fall in love and um he said in just a 24 hours change all he needed is 24 hours. Then he reminded me of a big clock up with 24 for just a day this will happen.

Then do you understand the meaning of what he’s saying? Yes so from now until next spring will be like go ahead no when you say next spring you mean like the spring coming up. Yeah the spring coming up from this fall season September October and November and all of that December. All the way up until March there will be a lot of events going on. Do you feel like he’s talking about um September of this year Shiva? Yes. I do. Because there’s some like Lord what’s what’s going on everybody’s saying September and the 20th you know this year 2023. And that’s when I just asked him and that’s when he just laid it on me. Does anybody know if they saw it going down first before it went up or was when it went up then down then up does anybody? Know all my notes it shows that uh I wrote that I think it’s a dream. That I had gonna go down up down up so I don’t know if whether it’s going to be like immediately or like I really don’t know. But based on on my notes and and and and and and and and what I’ve received this that is going to go down first Lisa Lisa said my first thing was a graph with a small Peak a drop and then a second Spike bigger than before hmm.

Christina you asked me to read that again I’m sorry. Yeah can you read it again okay. Um like a flower blooming in the spring my blessings were spring forth. I was impressed today and I began to ask the Lord about the month of September for myself he begins to tell me audibly Prosperity abundance and overflow I asked him again for confirmation on what I was hearing and that’s when I seen the word September written in Orange and orange and brownish leaves falling I began to see a flower open up as if it was growing and blossoming and he spoke these words like a flower in the spring my blessings will my blessings Will Spring forth the flower in my vision was bright orange like a neon color I seen it open it up slowly but gradually then I heard the words uh Shiba Inu would start to hit new low levels there would be a way and for Glory Shiba Inu would start to see a new we’ll start to see new low levels he repeated.

It growth spurts it’s like he’s saying that it’s starting now and it will fully blossom in the spring and it was orange. It was our in September orange the first day of fall in September 24th. You guys tracking. The first day of fall is September 24th or 23rd. So it will start it will be one wave is gonna fully. He’s gonna give us to it to us in waves and it will fully blossom in the springtime. Is that right Lord? You heard me speak to you properly give them keys for my glory. Tell them what I said what did you say. Oh yes September you did say that I heard arrival time you will see it you will know you will run fast pace giving life a new day for my glory. You will see it come to pass. Trust me I am The Great I Am Your provider. Oh he’s giving me when I first got saved he showed me a dream and I knew this was the second wave of the second wave of Covid. And I was riding on top of the way and look what’s coming now. And in the dream he said Jehovah Jireh I didn’t know what it meant and it means great provider I heard the Lord saying sequels it will last greater wealth is being given.

Okay that’s why he keeps saying proportionate wealth it comes in portions. Distributed among the land. …Piece by piece portion my abortions my words will be understood have eyes to see recompense coming for you my loved ones. Behold the glory of the Lord giving you much more in this hour you shall travel you shall all travel for my glory. Judgments and place judgments in order he took my warnings it is coming now I see I see a tsunami I hear the word frantic and fear Seattle Marcia you shall help my people out he’s speaking to us you shall not. You shall not be in fear. Let go of all that’s hindering you and causing you delay climb higher I’m showing you I’m giving you keys I see an angel with a key heartfelt prayers prayers for my loved one says the Lord pray pray for them day and night and I see children pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray that I rescue them out of hell.` …

He’s giving me that verse that um oh the Isaiah 59 2 but your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God and your sins have hidden his face from you so that he does not hear. Thank you Lord. Um David I feel like the Lord wants to speak through you about this um he did show me in terms of like the dip um if you imagine the the price chart and wherever there’s a dip it’s like he’s pushing his finger down into it like he’s planting the seed and then it’s gonna Sprout up when it spikes so he was giving me that analogy there’s more there’s more he’s saying there’s more oh here’s more. Okay what is the Lord saying um I’m not sure but I was this this is what I was thinking um the significance of September you know Joseph was let out of prison in in September the month of March is the month of dark and and Esther that’s when the Jews were saved and then spoils were left in Esther um in the month of March and I looked up a dollar and it means the ability to see and experience hidden miracles in our lives so I don’t know if it’s a correlation between September and March in that regards amen I feel the Lord’s heavy when you said that I heard he said right on amen.  

Diana Larkin - THE STORMS OF LIFE - September 16, 2023

“STORMS are coming in this season of JUDGMENT and RESCUE. The STORMS will affect EVERYONE but what effect the STORM has will depend on if you are of the LIGHT or of the DARK. For those who chose darkness, the STORMS will TOPPLE their THRONES of POWER—both in the natural and in the spiritual realms. The STORM WINDS will BLOW OPEN and EXPOSE every evil deed and plan, and the LIGHTNING will ILLUMINATE who these lying PRETENDERS really are. The ROAR of the thunder will SHAKE LOOSE their HIDDEN STOCKPILES, and these TREASURES will be given to the LIGHT to steward. If you are part of the Light, know that STORMS ARE SHORT LIVED. They ROLL in and MOVE OUT again. Take CONSOLATION in this: what the STORMS DAMAGE needs to be REMOVED, and as the Son comes out after a STORM, the air will be CLEANER, and you will join with your brothers and sisters to CLEAN UP STORM debris and to REBUILD TOGETHER. I will SUPPLY all that you need to SURVIVE the STORM and to THRIVE during the CLEAN-UP and REBUILDING process. Keep your ears TUNED to My VOICE and be LED into PATHS OF PEACE by My Spirit. Then, you will be PROTECTED, UNAFRAID, and fully EQUIPPED to REBUILD in the CLEAN AIR of a FRESH START after the STORMS OF LIFE BLOW OVER. Remember I AM POWERFUL enough to DESTROY the evil that is trying to ENSLAVE you, and I AM POWERFUL enough to PROTECT and SUSTAIN you from THE STORMS OF LIFE: STORMS that bring DOWN the wicked will BLOW IN LIFE for you.”

Diana Larkin - MAKE THE COVENANT POWERFUL - September 15, 2023

I had three DREAMS about COVENANT last night. I was being reminded by Hank Kunneman to look up all my journal entries on COVENANT, I was told to make the covenant powerful, and I was told that the COVENANT includes INTIMACY with God (beautiful!) A natural example would be the covenant of marriage. I found 29 journal entries mentioning COVENANT. 29=combination of EXPECTANCY (20) and JUDGMENT (9).
“As you begin this new year on the Hebrew calendar, keep firmly as your FOUNDATION My COVENANT with you through the BLOOD of My Son. No matter what the enemy tries to do, My COVENANT is MORE POWERFUL. As long as you keep your EYES on Me and your FAITH ANCHORED in My COVENANT, it is your GUARANTEE of PLENTY, PEACE, PRESERVATION, PROTECTION, and PROVISION. It is a PROMISE of VICTORY and RESTORATION. Hold these COVENANT PROMISES close to your HEART and do not be moved from them by any THREAT or FEAR. Your Nation was also established as a COVENANT Nation with Me through the CROSS raised on your soil. You have RENEWED this COVENANT with Me through REPENTANCE and RE-DEDICATION, and I will be FAITHFUL to FULFILL this POWERFUL COVENANT by bringing RESCUE, DELIVERANCE, and VICTORY over the darkness. In your own hearts, MAKE THE COVENANT POWERFUL.”

Diana Larkin - ALL POINTS BULLETIN - September 13 , 2023

“I AM broadcasting an ALL POINTS BULLETIN to those who have EARS to HEAR. The God of Angel Armies is COMING on a chariot of FIRE to visit the earth with His JUDGMENT and JUSTICE. The earth RECOGNIZES My coming, and you have already seen it begin to RESPOND to the POWER of My coming FIRE by EARTHQUAKES and VOLCANOES. Darkness and deep darkness, TREMBLE and be AFRAID because the TRUE and LIVING God is here to bring VENGEANCE on your EVIL and DEATH AGENDAS, and to set My people FREE from the GRIP of your TYRANNY. Heaven’s ALL POINTS BULLETIN has gone out for the EXPOSURE and UNCOVERING of all those partnered with darkness, and NO MAN or POWER of HELL will be able to HIDE or SHIELD you. My ALL POINTS BULLETIN is RINGING in the ears of the wicked, and it is causing them to SWEAT, PANIC, and RAW FEAR is rising in their thoughts and their hearts. (Worst cases of heartburn ever!) Here is another ALL POINTS BULLETIN: everything they UNLEASHED against you—FEAR, SICKNESS, POOR HEALTH, FIRES—will now be TURNED BACK upon them. The MANMADE STORMS they sent against you will now BLOW BACK upon them. They will experience the LOSS they had planned for you. Here is another ALL POINTS BULLETIN: I AM coming with My REWARDS in My hand to give to the STRONG of HEART, who have LOVED Me, BELIEVED My PROMISES, and have FOUGHT by My side. As the darkness FALLS, My Army of Light will ARISE, blessed with My ABUNDANCE and My VICTORY banner will fly above them. They will be known as MINE.”

Diana Larkin - STRIKING DISTANCE - September 12 , 2023

Define: very near to getting or achieving something; a distance at which a soldier, military force, vessel is sufficiently near to be able to attack an opponent.
“Does the enemy and all his DEADLY PLANS seem to be coming CLOSER and CLOSER and SURROUNDING you? I AM telling you NOT TO FEAR because I have DRAWN them into close PROXIMITY to you to help AWAKEN those still asleep but, more importantly, I have brought them within STRIKING DISTANCE. Your PRAYERS, DECREES, and DECLARATIONS will now be MORE POWERFUL and LASER FOCUSED, as these schemes have been brought CLOSE and UNCOVERED, and they are now within STRIKING DISTANCE. The enemy is CONGRATULATING themselves that they’ve gotten so close to you, and they are telling each other they still have a chance now to KEEP their POWER and CONTROL. But I AM telling you, My Army of Light, that I have MOVED them within STRIKING DISTANCE. Let a VOLLEY of your PRAYERS, DECREES, and DECLARATIONS rain down upon their unsuspecting camp. I will EMPOWER your weapons, and the Host will make sure your artillery STRIKES THE MARK. Let the darkness BOAST, TAUNT, and INTIMIDATE. They are so full of themselves that they don’t see they have been TRICKED into a position where they are now within STRIKING DISTANCE of My SUPERIOR FORCES. Let’s give them a SHOCKING SURPRISE, shall we? Let go that VOLLEY of prayers, decrees, and declarations and BARRAGE them with praying in the Spirit. They are within STRIKING DISTANCE, and they are going down.”