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Third Great Awakening started in 2001 (Announcement), 2020 (Revival) - ?

Twice the United Stated has experienced prolonged periods of God’s outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the country. These were times when a significant portion of the population turned back to God. Due to the religious and supernatural aspects of these historical events, they are often ignored by many secular historians.

The first occurred ~1730-1770 known as the First Great (Spiritual) Awakening. The second started ~1800-1850 recorded as the Second Great (Spiritual) Awakening. Oddly, the First and Second Great Awakenings preceded the Revolutionary and Civil War which was fought on United States soil. It should be noted a smaller revival started ~1855-1930 including the Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles, California considered by some historians to be a continuation of the Second Great Awakening.

Fast forward to the late Twentieth now to the Twenty-First Century and we see a growing number of Americans that no longer believe in God. We see the growth of the Godless isms such as Secularism,  Socialism,  Marxism, and Communism and attempts anti-Christ agenda trying to take over the United States. Due to the rise of evil in society we see a loss of liberty, religious freedom, disorder, and lawlessness, we also see many people now turning back to God. Thus the spiritual divide that we see in society today.

Some have prophesied of a new Spiritual Awakening in the country and people turning back to God. On Friday April 6, 2001 immediately preceding Holy Week and Easter which is considered to be a time of rebirth the Liberty Bell rang out from Philadelphia to once again “Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the Land unto all the Inhabitants thereof.” A Nebraska man inspired by the scripture passage took a sledgehammer to the bell and with each blow yelled “God lives on!”

If there is a warning from World Trade Center bombing, to earthquakes, warnings given to six presidents and the Democratic Party, and a pandemic it is for the people and country to repent of their sins and turn back to God. For years many have prayed for a Spiritual Awakening in the country. These prayers became more fervent during the Obama’s Presidency due to attack on religious rights and liberty, the economic downturn, lawlessness, and attacks on the Constitution. Sometimes you don’t appreciate the freedom you have until you are faced with the possibility of losing it. These prayers did not come just from the United States, but from a prayer army from around the world. In numbers never seen in human history including persecuted and martyred Christians.

It appears God has heard these petitions and prayers and graciously answered them. During the 2016 election season we saw one coincidence after another which led to the election of Donald Trump. One by one plots were exposed and evil was restrained. We are witness to God’s divine hand in the 2020 presidential elections as these diabolical schemes unraveled. Who could have predicted Joe Biden’s son Hunter laptop and exposure of Joe’s apparent involvement in a family money making scheme connected to China, Russia, Iran and other sworn enemies of the United States? The odd timing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death and Amy Coney Barrett being sworn in as the new justice on the supreme court just before the election. Now in a number of key Democratically controlled battle ground states massive voter fraud is being exposed.

Over these past four years evil doers and their hypocrisy has been exposed in each of the Seven Mountains of spiritual influence in society as one odd set of circumstances after another plays out. Which may lead to Donald Trump’s being inaugurated to a second term as president. Though we see people doing evil ungodly deeds and open anarchy, yet we also now see signs of a spiritual revival. Even though all the chaos we see that God has a plan, and eventually all will be revealed to hindsight of history.

We are at a Red Sea Moment in history.

Do not think for a moment that because Biden is in office that God is done with the United States of America.  He has not forgotten about the American Covenant and will not allow through evil an illegitimate election to stand. The Revival started in 2020 will break forth shortly into the Third Great Awakening, and those who have committed acts of evil against God and humanity will be held to account for their actions.

If you don’t normally pray for your country NOW would be a good time to do it. Pray for truth, righteousness, and that God’s will be done, and the untruth and lies be exposed.

Hank Kunneman - Independence Day, Exposure & an Unmasking - June 11, 2021

“Do you know how I fight My battles?” says the Spirit of God. “I fight them with the Spirit of Truth that I am, and the light that was spoken in the days and times of darkness. Therefore watch what shall begin to come upon this nation.

“It is My truth that shall set a nation free. It is My light that shall shine as the fireworks light the skies before your days of independence. In the day of, and even after, there shall be great displays because celebration is in the air and shall be upon the land,” says the Lord.

“Do you know how I fight the battles that you have been in, that some of you have lost hope in and have given up the spirit of faith? I fight by exposing and revealing things in this day and in this time that will shock the earth!

“It is not the virus that they fear, for they had their hands in the making and the manipulation of a virus to seek to reset the globe and to control the governments, the currencies, and to control the people. For many hands were involved, and these hands shall be brought to the place of light and truth.

“Therefore, watch what begins to happen, as I will reveal and unmask and I will show the earth the traction, the trail, the handshake, the deals, and the agenda. For it is My unmasking.”


Kathryn Krick - Revival in the Park - June 13, 2021

They will reap what they have sown They will fall he will arise/ Donald Trump on his way IN - June 11, 2021

Hank Kunneman - God is Saying “Game Over” - June 06, 2021

God says, “I have not withdrawn My hand as some have believed and even prophesied concerning this nation. Yet there is a stirring within this nation, so open your eyes and you’ll see it…a cord of three strands that will not be easily broken, but will be the strength of what I shall do in this time. This that I speak of being three strands is rooted in dissatisfaction

“Therefore, I shall take a remnant of My people. I will gather the patriots who have, and are, standing for your freedoms, United States. And in addition to this, I will convince through the Spirit of Truth, with undeniable evidence, that many even voted for those who stand in your land by thievery and treasonous acts.

And I say that because we are in an amazing moment with God where there will be whistle blowers; but God has blown the whistle and He is saying two things: 1) game over, and 2) you are going to pay for your penalty.


Timothy Dixon -The Cursed/ The leaders of Washington/The restoration of Law is sure/Revival/ Donald Trump - June 09, 2021

Amanda Grace & HIS GLORY Talks FROM THE LORD - May 30, 2021

Timothy Dixon / Capital Judgement Dream / Ancient Indian Prophet - May 24, 2021

In my dream I was walking along the Potomac River in Washington DC as I was walking I heard a rattling sound like a rattlesnake. I was questioning in my spirit what is this that I am hearing I felt such trouble in my heart as I walked around this area. You know right there if you’re coming across the Potomac right now uh the big bridge is coming in on the interstate there and right below it is the national mall. Well in my dream the bridge was not there it was gone there was no bridge crossing this river in that particular area not like it is today but I was walking on the shore and I knew that this was the location of where all this was I knew to my right which would be uh to my south would be in the Lincoln memorial and the mall entrance but I continued walking and as I got into the city limits there off in DC I crossed the Potomac River and I started walking across the national mall. And there I saw a man setting looking up towards the capitol building he had long gray hair and he resembled an ancient native American uh Indian. But I knew he was a prophet to his time and I’m asking all of you to listen to me bear with me because uh this means a lot.

I learned something in this dream right here and his back was to me and he asked me can you hear? I want you to take note of the first time he asking me here he asked me can you hear the death rattles? A question to me and it caught me off guard because I didn’t know what to think. I didn’t understand you know what was going on and I asked I asked this native prophet excuse me what are you saying is their judgment here judgment in DC judgment. In Washington judgment in this particular political and he said you can hear and see notice it changed there from can you hear to you can hear and when he sat down I remember it stuck out to me that he was telling me something that I had already heard before I got into this dream. I had heard the death rattles before. He said you can hear the death rattles? The Great Spirit has come down and this confused me. I wanted to know if we worship the same God and I asked I said you mean the spirit of God? And he answered me he’s the only great spirit in my dream I didn’t understand why it was a native American sitting there he was so focused, so focused on the death rattles.

I could hear the sound of the death rattles all over all through the city all through the city and I could feel an angelic spirit amidst the judgment that was all around us. You could feel the uh the reverence the power the of the hands of God their angels of death and angels of judgment. I could hear the sound all through the city and I could feel the angelic judgment in the midst the angelic spirits amidst the judgment that was all around us. I sense that there I sense that this Indian recognized the power that there was there because it had been part of his culture. It was it was as if he had wisdom about our current time because he experienced something similar long ago and I knew. I knew in this that this this this man this native prophet is the only way I know to describe it. He a very wise looking man a man that I could sense that there was a strong presence and understanding of the Great Spirit that he called the Great Spirit that I called the Alpha the Amega the almighty God. And uh I’ve seen I’ve seen the American I’ve seen the American Indian Native American unions and other dreams and it’s like they have an understanding they have a portal a doorway of faith that is true and spiritual.

But they don’t explain it like we do in our English language and sometimes it can be confusing to the listener it can be confusing to the people. It’s trying to understand but when you go to other countries and other uh nations across our great world they do not explain things like American and English preachers do. Often times it’s spoken other languages and there’s other cultures that comes in effect and to play with their singing and with their dancings and sometimes this stuff might offend you. If you’re not careful in going overseas to other places and it was very much so that this man this prophet was totally out of place him standing in my current time. But I knew he was something from ancient from an ancient old and this man represented the voice of the prophets and his message was that judgment by death is coming. Excuse me judgment by death has come instantly and run throughout the land the judgment has come against the wicked not against god’s people and it’s for all the politicians who chose evil in multiple states. I knew supernaturally that this native American was a messenger of the Lord oh hallelujah. I feel the power of the Most High. I sense that the judgment that’s been placed on America especially on Washington d.c and I just got a mail last night that they’re slides in DC not coming now they’re down there and remember the Lord spoke and prophesied a sign about the flies would hit DC (which has now happed) as a sign that he’s fixing send a big vacuum cleaner down there and clean it up but this stream here is a very powerful powerful dream …

This native American prophet of God was a messenger of the Lord I sensed that the judgment that’s been placed on America ex especially on Washington DC is because of what was done to the native prophets on American soil it began with them forced to lead their traditions and their faith and their land sickness and disease come upon them and many died.

Lana Vawser - "THIS WEEK, Expect to See the MANIFESTATION of My ROAR!" - May 24, 2021

“Many of you have been crying out for a fresh baptism of My fire and I say unto you, the battle increased dramatically over the last week because you are about to see the MANIFESTATION of the answer to your cry THIS week. You will see the FIRST FRUITS of this time being completely immersed in a fresh baptism of My fire THIS WEEK.

This week will mark the beginning of a time of being marked and completely undone by My fire. It will begin for many this week, but it will far surpass this week. The level of fire that you will experience in this fresh baptism of My fire will change EVERYTHING.

When the Lord spoke those last two words, “Change EVERYTHING,” I felt everything in the atmosphere SHAKE. Again, I was surrounded by this sense that nothing will be left untouched.

As you enter into this time of revival and fierce baptism of His fire, it will make TOTAL sense to you why you’ve felt like you have been in the battle of your life, for this encounter with the fire of God is going to change everything. It will change the way you hear, the way you see, the way you perceive, the way you live, the way you think and the way you minister. It is not a fire that comes to deliver you into a season where you will never have a battle again …

The Lord showed me the battle over “DESTINY”…His destiny for your life. Where the enemy came to abort and to kill, there is a birthing of DESTINY that is taking place right now. You may not feel it – you may feel the opposite to that – but there is a divine nexus point that you are coming to – a divine crossroads – and the enemy is terrified of you stepping into this NEW TERRITORY of the Lord’s destiny for your life.

Patricia Green - The LORD's message to Donald TRUMP! - May 23, 2021

Today I want to release God’s message to His people and a message directly to President Donald J. Trump. But before I do I want to share with you why I’m holding the staff in my hand about three to four years ago lightning began to strike on my property and it hit three different trees … He said when the lightning when my lightning strikes a tree on the east side of your property just know that Yahushua is coming back … the Lord instructed me to make a profit staff from the limb of the of the downed hickory and so the first prophet staff …. and the lord named the prophet staff and he said this staff shall be called god’s presence and then the lord had me um make a second staff which is the one that I’m holding right now. … the Lord said I want you to be holding the staff in your hand called god’s power when you deliver this message.

So it was just yesterday and the Lord said go to your altar he said child this is a place where you meet with me so I can reveal to you he said it’s a sacred place because you have erected an altar of love for me. And the Lord said it’s a place where I have direct access to you and you have direct access to me now this is the message that the Lord released to me while I was at my altar. He said now I will reveal my plans and my message to encourage my people look not to what is happening in the natural all around you look not to the news and the media for they falsely report to prop up the lies and deceit that have been perpetrated upon the people of this nation. All these lies will come tumbling down like a house of cards along with the lies the stock market will come tumbling down. For it is propped up with propaganda, says the Lord.

Then the Lord said this he said this is my message to President Donald J. Trump. He said I have set you as a king over this nation a king you say. Yes a King, although the world titles leaders of countries by different names such as president prime minister and queen in my realm they are kings whom I have set up says the Lord. I have previously spoken through my servant Patricia that Biden is an Absalom and I will remove him indeed. My hand is ready to strike Absalom for his treasonous acts against the United States of America get ready Mr. President Donald J. Trump to return to the house called white. Prepare your family to return pack your bags for I am about to deliver you to your rightful place. The Lord says this also to you Mr. President My son I love you with an everlasting love you are the victor then Mr president the Holy Spirit showed me what victor means using each letter of the word it means very important critical time of returning so that is the message to you, Mr President.

Then the Lord continued and he said, child now speak to my people for some have been holding on by a thread the lord says look to me says the lord and I will strengthen your weak knees and feeble hands Hebrews 12 12 and 13 says therefore strengthen the hands which hang down and the feeble knees and make straight paths for your feet so that what is lame may not be dislocated but rather be healed the lord of hosts says this for I am the Almighty and nothing is too big or too impossible for me choose this day who you believe do you believe the media and this false government or do you. Believe me says the Lord I have a purpose for you says the Lord. But you must believe that I am and that I will fulfill every word that I have spoken through my true prophets. Hold on my people and come to Me and I will give your hearts rest and your minds peace soon you will be celebrating that the wicked were overthrown stand strong. My children for I am about to come to you with a mighty visitation says the Lord all is not lost. I am writing the wrong and reversing wicked law says the lord you will see in the next in the next year laws overturn that have cursed this nation. In one day I will lift the curse I love the united states of America, says the Lord.

Those who prophesy that I am done with this nation have prophesied by the spirit of Baal. Those who prophesy that I have lifted my hand from this nation prophesy lies that I have not spoken those who speak and say that I changed my mind about Trump serving as president for a second term do not know my mind, says the Lord Yahuwah. Repent of these false prophecies and false words says the lord, and I will have mercy on you. Tell the people this also, he said, I am the almighty and I am matchless no one compares to me. I can hold the earth in the palm of my hand with one breath I can move the earth from its axis with one word. I can cause mountains to fall islands to sink volcanoes to erupt and the earth to split I am the great I am. I am restoring the spirit of the fear of the Lord all will know that I reign says the lord of hosts psalm. Psalm 89 6-7 says this for who in the heavens can be compared to the Lord who among the sons of the mighty can be likened to the Lord. God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints and to be held in reverence by all those around him this is the word of the Lord.



God is dealing with leaders in both Canada and the United States, and it’s about to get dramatically good, yet extremely profound.

God is dealing with Human-trafficking and Child Abuse…and it will be shocking to say the very least.

And God is dealing with horrific lies and plans of the enemy.

Liberty - PROPHETIC DREAM: "350 Million Deaths" Many Deaths are Coming - May 17, 2021

The first of many deaths are coming. The first of many deaths are coming more is on the way. More death destruction is I prepared to do a mighty work on the earth. Many deaths are coming these will be physical deaths and spiritual deaths. … many deaths are coming in all many different forms as My manifested glory goes forward this will be a side effect that of the Kingdom of God rising and the kingdom of darkness falling. There is a death coming. There is a death coming but many more are coming behind it. There’re things I will be allowing on the earth to bring My people closer to me. …
There are times I have to allow despair to woo people in …


Cyrus 45 anointing

We’ll start with I think I said yeah 41 Isaiah 41 1-4 and some of these I have to read in the NLT and sometimes they do better in in the in the other. So Isaiah 41 first four verses keep silence before me oh coastlands whenever he says oh coastlands he’s talking to all the nations that’s a word really okay and let the people renew their strength let the people renew their strength. Let them come near then let them speak let us come near together for judgment who raised up one from the east. Who when righteousness called him to his feet who gave the nations before him who made him ruler over kings. Who gave him his dust to his sword as driven stubble to his bow and so if you you in the NLT who has stirred up this king from the east rightly calling him to god’s service who gives this man victory over many nations and permits him to trample their kings underfoot with his sword. He reduces armies to dust with his bow he scatters them like chaff before the wind well as you follow it you understand that who he’s talking about.

It’ll even say so uh later on that he’s talking about Cyrus this is talking about Cyrus. But even where he comes from who raised up one from the east where did President Trump come from the east New York. Interesting even that it will be remember there’s no coincidences in the scripture. We were talking about there’s no coincidence and if I get to the verse it’ll talk about him coming from the east and from the north so he’s northeast. It’ll point out that where Cyrus came from was the northeast uh verse 3 of 41 he chases him away and goes on safely though he is walking over unfamiliar ground. Again he’s talking about Cyrus talking about trump he chases him away he has all these enemies he chases him away and goes on safely though he is walking over unfamiliar ground why is he walking on familiar ground. He’s a businessman and this is government this is the mountain of government verse four who has done such mighty deeds summoning each new generation from the beginning of time. Here’s the important part we’re talking about Cyrus. But it says it is I the Lord the first in the last I alone and he so it is the Lord doing this and it’s just about recognizing who is who is a servant is.

So then let’s look at um chapter 42 and we’ll look at verses one through four there behold my servant whom I uphold my elect one and whom I sold the lights. I have put my spirit upon him he will bring forth justice to the nations he will not cry nor raise his voice nor cause his voice to be heard in the street. You know some have said this refers to Jesus and it does but he’s still talking about Cyrus a bruce need breathe he will not break and smoking quench he will bring forth justice for truth he will not fail nor be discouraged till he has established justice in the earth and the coastlines shall wait for him again johnny real quick that was first prophesied about Cyrus yes with God intending it to be a prophecy about the it first messiah primarily but he used it first with Cyrus, he used with Cyrus.

Donna Rigney - "A Time of Great Reckoning Is Upon the World" - May 12, 2021

Woe to those who turn their back on Me and My ways. This will be a very difficult season for them. Woe to each and every one who has refused to turn from wickedness and steadfastly runs after evil. These shall reap a harvest of suffering that few have seen. Justice demands it!

Veils of deception will be ripped off of My children’s eyes in this time of great reckoning. Yes, a time of great reckoning is upon this world. For the wicked deeds and gross injustice that I have seen perpetrated – there is going to be a price to pay.

Many shall have their sins exposed for all to see, and they will be held to account for all of them. It is beginning and behind the scenes much has already come to light. None will escape My justice and the judgment their sins deserve. Only repentance will lessen their sentence and exonerate any. Excuses will not help any, but true, sincere repentance will bring a lighter sentence.

For the righteous, the opposite will happen. There will be exaltation, honor and promotions given. Justice demands I act soon. Too many are suffering at the hands of the wicked. “Daughter, you will see Me act very soon and very swiftly. Nothing escapes My all-seeing eyes; wickedness cannot hide from Me. My glory, outpoured, is the reward for the righteous who steadfastly believed and obeyed during this onslaught of evil. Just as My judgment will shower down on the unrighteous exposing all their wickedness, My glory will pour out upon My righteous remnant and they will rejoice!”

Amanda Grace with Abbas Ministry Talk: A WHOLE LOT OF SHAKING GOING ON!! - May 3, 2021

God’s sting operation and when I went on immediately I felt the Holy Spirit and he began to speak to me Psalm 27 the lord is my light and my salvation in whom shall I fear right the lord is my stronghold in my life in whom shall I be afraid and so when I was hearing that what I heard the holy spirit say and I already feel him so strong right now. … He’s doing is he is waking up the warrior on the inside how many of you have felt a shift in the tone of your voice and the shift in your posture because this is what’s happening the warrior in you is Christ Jesus the hope of glory and the way the Lord said I have already overcome the world I already went before you so what’s happening right now. …

The spirit of God is doing right now in his remnant is he is turning up the fire he is causing that flame of the passion of Christ and his zeal and his hunger to literally wake up like never before on the inside of his people that’s the first thing that’s happening that is the first thing the Lord said I’m gonna give you a great fervor to go even further and you know. … the Lord that said we touch on to talk about the hunter shall become the hunted he said in the blink of the and I shall shift in the blink of an eye. … The Lord says to me there’s a barley loaf headed right for their camp here’s what he says to me there is a barley loaf headed right for their camp now. …

Okay yes that loaf of barley represents the stolen votes that go all the way back to Bush versus Gore come on new terms of Obama and into this corrupt circus that we’re watching happen the barley represents the votes that were stolen and the freedom that has been taken from the people in all this this is what this loaf of barley represents this is the culmination of it okay it’s headed right for their camp. Which means everything they took that big loaf of barley because in the in the account of Gideon the Midianites would come every year and steal the barley harvest from Israel so every year media was coming and taking what wasn’t theirs to take. They were lawfully stealing what wasn’t theirs to steal and so basically that was the culmination of the judgment of everything they had stolen this large barley loaf coming right at them. So when the Lord said there’s a barley loaf headed to their camp. …

The Lord said they would all turn on each other a long section of the lord called it I’ve never heard this before a five-point attack he warned they were going to use a five-point attack I’ve never heard of this before but five points makes a star so you know the occult is involved
all the pentagrams five point of star. Yes, a weasel one of the main animals a weasel uh goes after is a rat. Oh yes is a rat is a rat and i’ll tell you that they’re turning on each other already. But the Lord said their titanic was going to reach impact and they were going to be those who jump shipped and tried to expunge their records. They’re going to turn on each other and that’s what we’re seeing begin to happen. I’ll tell you something a week before this farce happened the Lord said to me He sang a song and he said rhyme around the rosie a pocket full of posey so they …
they all fall down. …. your arms are locked and when one falls everybody falls and this is what he sang about a week before the election. …

Demons aren’t loyal turn on each other they are highly competitive and when they are controlling these hosts when things begin to go sour they don’t want to get in trouble with lucifer. So they start selling each other up the river and their host does the same yes is what we are going to see the the you remember the game called let’s make a deal. Yes, we are gonna see that game show unfold called let’s make a deal … because it is come time there comes a time where the wicked have to be judged there comes a time where the Lord is long-suffering and waits and he waits like with Noah over a hundred years and then the time comes for judgment ….

Where is Joe Biden? The Lord Reveals, Real Deep State, Dangerous Time Prophetic Word & Update - May 1, 2021

I think that’s common knowledge (Biden will die in office life taken by God) in the remnant of the body of Christ that they know that’s coming. But we didn’t know when that was coming and so having listened to his dream (Timothy Dixion). So we asked the Lord, well is he dead or he isn’t he and the Lord said he is dead. So this what the Lord said he is dead and they will fake Biden’s death in time to come in other words they’ll pretend in time to come that he had just died. However, he’s been dead for a while already the Lord says. It will be soon and not a long time when they will bring this faking that they. Okay, they have hidden it from Kamala and she will not become president not that Biden was really the presidency anyway. But she realized that’s she in deep trouble. She thought that going into this whole deal that she was pretty street smart. But she now realizes she’s in way over her head. She’s looking for the exit right now and finding that it may not be possible. …

In this so-called administration yet the Democrats and the Rhinos even the Obamas are thinking that they will find at a way out. They are all being played by the real deep state. The super-rich are now planning their own escape strategy. Trying to figure out how to keep their fortunes is paramount. They will sacrifice anything or anyone for this cause and never even think twice about it. The Lord says they’ll sacrifice nations, people, their own leaders whom they’ve put in place that they’re playing. Their own organizations nothing means anything to them except that they use them as tools. The lord says that when the so-called middle people realize what is happening that will be the most dangerous time. They will realize that no one has their back like they thought. Then they’ll be like a cornered animal. They’ll turn on each other try to through each other and the economy under the bus. Basically, whatever they have have control of they’ll use. However, the tide is turning and they won’t actually have much control by them. So it’s really too late by the time the real deep state shows that they’ve turned on these middle people their option will have almost run out and they won’t have much ability to do anything except make a scene. It’s still dangerous because they’re still trying to hurt people because still in their position for instance governorships or Congress or various places that they’ve been placed by this real deep state. But it’s really only dangerous if you listen to them. …

And then the Lord had a word for those who are so-called enlightened. He said for the people who are enlightened and have done much reach research and figured it all out. He says these people must ultimately doubt Trump’s ascent back to the presidency. Because this is the Lord’s deal and he’s not going to share is glory with those who have figured it out. Because you can’t know what’s going to happen by man’s knowledge. He’s not talking about prophetic knowledge, he’s talking about the wisdom of the world. Those kinds of enlightened people. He says look at all the battles one supernaturally in the scriptures. Those people didn’t have it figured out and they’re not going to this time either.


Completely bogus stock market …. People in America you own nothing!!! New World Order ownership in America exposed. …

When you analyze the New World Order they had their meeting (Davos) … and they invited Trump as well. He realized then you know they were heading up they were up to this fight. I promise you I know from behind the scenes that when they when they planned this fight they didn’t just come up with one option. Trump’s team had thousands of options on the table and every single move had 20 or 30 other counter moves that they could use that would kill this off. Interestingly enough, Mel, I was told for months ago we were past the critical phase. I’ve now found what that critical phase was the critical phase is when he removed the head of the beast. Which was the Venetian families’ right. He saws one once he removed all of those the rest them nowhere to run. Because Soros is a bitch at the end of the line. You know the Rothchilds and the Rockefellers we talk about them on a pedestal they’re not at the top. …

We are living in amazing times where the hunter has become hunted.

Timothy Dixion - A casket hidden in the White House - April 30, 2021


Bo Polny - His Glory - Take FiVe - April 30, 2021

The next 60 days …

Jim Stockdale - His Glory - Two JarHeads and a Tulip The Great Divide - April 28, 2021

If you go on a Sunday and you jump and shout for hours at a time and then on Tuesday you go and vote for someone you know that they have already said are for abortion. That they have already said are for abortion or their social issues that are against the Bible. If there are innocent lives taken womb and you knew that and you went and supported this person. Because of an idol of your party, or an idol of your ideolog, or even an idol of your color. Brown, black, white I don’t care what it is the Lord said you have made your skin color your idol. And you have made your particular party your idol. You answer to God almighty and if you worship Him on Sunday and go and vote for someone that you know is going to fund a group called Planned … abortion and all those social issues, the woke culture, the PC (politically correct) culture.

I didn’t say this God told me “blood is on your hands.” You’re not going to be able to show up at the gates of Heaven and say we shouted, and we jumped around and sang hallelujah. And you say yes, but you also put people and you voted for people and you put them in office that you knew ahead of time that were goanna encourage the murder of innocent children. We’re pushing social issues that are contrary issues to My Word and you believe everything Ok between you and I. … For who you put in office you’re going to be held accountable for it.

Timothy Dixon - The Time has come/ The fall of the Biden kingdom. The death of there Wealth- April 27, 2021

You control the wealth of the stock market you control whether or it goes down. And God is fixen to get your attention.  He’s laid the ax to the root of the tree.  … I seen the people in the Senate, I seen the people in the Congress, I’ve seen Governors begin to get flights out of America. Because they was being looked down . They were being hunted down by the United States military. By high officials because also I seen were they were indited. They’ve been indited  …it was being done in secrete.

Amanda Grace - SPECIAL MESSAGE SATURDAY NIGHT!! - April 24, 2021

 rosh hashanah 2021

Post Office …

Hank Kunneman - Great Changes Shall Begin to be Brought Before Your Eyes! - April 21, 2021

The lion of Judah has waited for this season of your spring and your summer the fall to begin to pounce upon that which has thought it could steal kill and destroy the people of God. But a nation but God says do you understand that hell is afraid and shaking at this moment. And so there shall be that which hell shall try to do to have a last stand. To bring intimidation and fear and so China shall rise up its voice shall flex the shoulders and shall breathe fire to this nation. To intimidate even upon the area of Taiwan. But do not be afraid as it looks as though the nation is going backward as hailstones fall with fury and tornado activity seems to increase. This is not my judgment nor is it the work of my hands. The watchmen much arise this time says the spirit of God and praying for your territory pray for your region. Pray for the states of this nation as the enemy seeks to bring what shall be great fury and intimidation.

Because he knows that the Lord God of heavens laughs, but I have promised and so I shall speak to you at this time that great spoil shall be given back to this nation that as great changes shall begin to be brought before your eyes. And those who have led in the past season some have been removed some shall be removed. Others shall be brought to a place of justice and now faces shall arise in your land. And I will give back to you your house that you call White House. But God says it shall be a lighthouse and it shall be new do not hold on to the expectation of what used to be. For there is a new expression that shall come forth out of your lighthouse. There shall be a new Supreme Court. There will be a new Congress and Senate because this is part of the spoils of war for your end war says the Lord.
Do you understand what is coming as the spoils of this battle of this day for a new era is upon you says the living God. Prepare I am about to pounce say the lion of Judah lift up your voice.

Timothy Dixon - The finger of GOD draws a line/ battle for the White House/ the LEFT shall fall - 4-22-2021


Amanda Grace & His Glory URGENT Prophetic: "A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" - April 21, 2021


Timothy Dixon - The wicked shall fall but the righteous shall stand. My spirit shall not always strive - 4-21-2021

The northern lights shall spring forth like a light that has never been seen. ….

There shall be a hole in the ocean …

I shall tilt the world tilt the earth on its axis and you will know that I am the Lord. …
This is the day this is the hours that I’ll shall bring forth deliverance in this nation. And Satan shall not have it. You’ll not have the power the days that I have ordained. I will bring death to the White House saith the Lord Almighty. And those you put your confidence in I shall bring them down to nothing. Because you have stood against my Word. You stood against the day I have chosen to shake the world. To bring Revival to the land …

I the Lord have come to your homes and I’ve chosen this nation I’ve chosen America I’ve hollowed the ground to bring forth Revival to the world. And know that I the Lord shall not suffer you evil …


This is from Rosh Hashana last year and I had one under it’s called living to 120 and I may have mentioned some of this in some other words but it’s worth reclaiming because we’re talking about. We’re ending in an age of prosperity of abundance of the Kingdom and it’s for the purposes of manifesting and showcasing the Kingdom on earth. It’s not just we know wealth does on its own doesn’t fix hearts or anything like that but there it’s it comes with the glory you cannot have a full visitation of glory it not affect funds and finances and transferring from evil people in the way they’re using funds and it going to those who plan on using it for more humanitarian righteous causes.

So anyway I under paragraph living to 120 I said babies conceived in 5781 that‘s Hebraic calendar began last Rosh Hasana will live an average of 120 years. We will quit allowing the criminals in the seven mountains to kill us with harmful vaccines, toxic foods, unsafe drugs contaminated water-induced economic crashes and artificial war. The many suppressed cures for disease will soon be made public. The many suppressed technologies for improved life and well-being will also shortly be released. A surface or abundance of resources and wealth is about to come in waves as part of God’s 20-year jump start.

Because I’ve spoke to God is going to come in a sovereign way and jump-start us for the next 20year s so we can really enter into this age of the Kingdom. Kingdom billion will be a common thing … All will be working on an Isaiah 61 agenda of rebuilding ruined cities and nations and I had ALL will be working an Isaiah 61 agenda of rebuilding ruined cities and nations. These will be called minister of wealth because it says you shall be called minister and is talking of these minister of the Glory. …

President Trump is on assignment and he’s anointed by God and the archangels are working with him. I’ll tell you Michael is working with him it’s not the other way around. And Zarakiel and Gabrie. But they’re going after what is contended for and just about done is these seats that we’re talking about. Like the Soros and the Gates and the Rothschilds those seats that really control and affect world dynamics. Those things are being taken care of behind the scenes and it would have been harder for President Trump to do so staying seated on the other side

Russ Walden's Prophetic Message: There Was A Great Deal Of Warfare - April 19, 2021

Timothy Dixon - Part 2 The Beast/ Supreme Court/ Senators and congressmen/ a unseen brotherhood of power - April 19, 2021

The Lord has dealt with me for some time now that it is a it is an authority that is come forth in this nation and they’ve hid their selves and they’ve lied to the people. They’ve hid their selves in a lie. They’ve made a lie the truth and the truth a lie. The media has took and made all this possible because a people is involved the Lord showed me last night. That there’s a power of power that’s a secrete organization. it’s a belief it’s a brotherhood of people that is out to stamp out Christianity. Because Christianity is totally against them. It’s the most powerful thing on earth is the belief in Jesus Christ. You cannot you cannot destroy the name of Jesus, you can not destroy the power of God. But the power of God will stand ….

This time this move this very thing right here God’s going to move He’s going to stand up for this country. God’s not gonna allow the United States to be took down. He’s not going to allow America to be took over by this Masonic type Masonry Mason Freemason devilish bunch of active brotherhood. And the Lord showed me that is the beast that is the beast that has been tunneling up underneath our noses been tunneling between governments to government. From hiding behind to where no one sees it and setting their selves up with judges and setting their selves with senators and governors and different Presidents throughout the world. I’ll tell you, something God’s, going to crumble the wall. God’s going to crumble this tunnel you done. And the walls going to fall on you it’s going to fall on the wicked. God’s not going to allow this to be. The power of God’s going to stand up in this day. He’s going to move he’s going to have Revival. …

Mike Thompson - New Visit to 3rd Heaven: America, the Revealing, Pharisee vs the Lion's Army - April 17, 2021

He said while you were praying for the exposing and judging of the wickedness in your government and rightly so, I am preparing for a revealing of righteousness. We’re praying for exposing of wickedness he is preparing for revealing of righteousness. The spiritual impact the spiritual dynamic from the spiritual heavenly side of things with the authority of Christ and it just shook me as He was taking he said a great revealing is here. A greater revealing because a greater one is here referring to himself. He went on tell the people to pray for this revealing to focus on Me to set their minds on heavenly things not earthly things and I will draw all to Myself. He is the one who is going to manifest His glory and bring about the fulfillment of all His promises. And even what’s going on in America concerning the spiritual warfare that has been ensuing that the church has been bringing judgment and exposing against that running political spirit of Jezebel and also ruling political spirit of Pharisee. Now what we have witnessed is that in our amazement the ruling political spirit of pharisee has been used so much to pull down and to try to defeat God’s plans.
(Mike Thompson’s opinion: I understand and I’ve been talking about Jezebel for many years and about the far Left and all of that agenda spirit of antichrist etc. But they were allowed to have their way in the last election because of the Pharisee, Pharisee far-right religious right far-right those that could not accept that the hand of the Lord was on President Trump.)

The portal I saw between heaven and the earth the lion’s army vision. It portrayed it just played out right in front of me in the spiritual realm between heaven and earth. Just remember Jesus said all authority has been given unto him both in the heavenly and on earth and everything in between that spiritual authority works and while I was watching it I saw the lion’s army. I saw the first wave of the shriekers and the screamers the demonic horde that came against the lion’s army and I saw how that the lion just breathed into the back of his warriors and they said you have lost we have won. I shaw them raise up into the atmosphere above in a position of authority above the demonic horde on that spiritual battlefield.

Then it went into the second phase which was against the army of lying unity that was coming. Then it went into the third phase with the army of the punishers and the enforcers and by the way I felt very strongly the Lord said that all three of those is still happening. But the punishers and the enforces is a big deal right at this particular moment and to pray for those that are around you who are connected with you. Who are standing fast for president Trump who are standing fast for righteousness and revival in America. Who are standing against Jezebel and even pharisee in the spirit realm? But specifically to pray for the leaders who are out there because there are many of them that are being canceled you know the cancel culture. People trying to erase them to silence them and the Lord said, Just continue their voice will not be silenced. Because there are other ways for the voice to be heard than just by social media. …

The Lord said to me He said it is My glory it is My covenant. Nothing can match the glory of My covenant. He said I will bring millions into the kingdom I will save the lost I will heal the sick raise the dead. I will demonstrate Myself unto them then It is all part of the revealing. And he said now go and teach third heaven authority to my people.

Patricia Green -Trump Returning to the White House Soon! - April 12, 2021

The Holy Spirit has interpreted the dream for me. He said this child there will be many pastors who will be angry when Donald Trump comes back into office as president are the pastors who have come against my prophets and call them false prophets. These pastors will have egg on their faces and be angry that they were wrong regarding the prophets, Begrudgingly they will have to admit that Trump won the election. As for these pastors who have come against Me when they came against my prophets I will deal with them, says the Lord. Some I will remove from their churches some I will permanently remove with death. I have already begun this says the Lord.

He continued and said the cowboy boots you say on president Trump represents his ruggedness and ability to get the job done. What he will be entering when he returns to the White House will require ruggedness and toughness. Pray for strength for President Donald J. Trump who will be returning to the White House soon says the Lord. The Lord said you discerned correctly about Donald Trump being Jacob and wrestling with Me says the Lord. As for the limp, you say in Donald Trump’s right leg he has been wounded and yet he still on his feet and moving forward it will not be a permanent limp like Jacob. He said the bus full of people are Donald Trump supporters who have not wavered that he won the election and that he is My chosen man for the presidency says the Lord. My strategy is to place Trump back into the office of the president those who come against my strategy will surely lose. I have set the players in motion I have established key people who will turn this nation around says the Lord.

KENT CHRISTMAS - Poweful Message: "Where is new york this Morning" - April 13, 2021

For many have said says the Lord that God failed us and that I did not come through for you. But know this says the Lord, I am never late. I am always on time and I thy God says to thee what me now because I’m going to shake the earth. And I’m going to shake the heavens and God says I’m going to shake the earth because of the blood the innocence that has been shed in the soil not only in this nation but around the world. And God He says because the earth has been filled with innocent blood it is crying on to Me. I am not going to judge the nations for what they have done to the innocent around the world, says the Lord. And I am going to send an earthquake around the world and it won’t just be in this nation but I’m going to begin to shake nations.

This will not just be a spiritual earthquake, says the Lord. But this is going be a natural earthquake. And it will be like nothing you’ve ever seen. There will be many many casualties says the lord. Because I am going to put the fear of God back in this world. And I thy God saying to thee though you may think I have failed I am not yet done with the election. The Lord says I have warned you not to touch my anointed and to my prophets no harm. I made Donald Trump says Lord my anointed and you have touched him, saith God to wicked. Because you have touched him says the Lord, you have touched my anointed. And I will restore that man says God because I am King of Kings and Lord of Lords. And though you have mocked me says God and you have stood and said this cannot happen.

I’m God says the Lord and I raise up kings and I put down kings. To those who have mocked my prophets I am in an hour that I am vindicating my prophets, says the Lord. For I have waited a season says God to uncover the false prophets and to those would not stand for my Word. And also on this hour saith God I allowed those churches to fold that did not honor my presence. And I withdrew my presence from them, They will not come back says the Lord and I will take their buildings and their facilities and give them unto the righteous, says God. For did I not say I would give you vineyards you have not planted and houses that you have not build, say the Lord. For I am uncovering the muscle of my arm in this arm saith God. I also say to you watch the domes. Watch the domes watch the domes watch the domes in Jerusalem. Watch the come in Rome and watch the dome in Washington D.C. says the Lord.

For they have risen up and have withdrawn against my hand and there shall be a crack saith the Lord. By the hand of God that shall begin to rock the very nations of this earth. For this is My saith God, and there those that have said the at the church is dead and she has been defeated. But know this saith the Lord, I will not come back for a church that is weak that is spotted and that is wrinkled and that is defiled. For the timeline is wrong that men have said that I am dome but know this by end of 2024. The light of the glory of God will be so bright in the earth that men and women will be drawn unto my presence and unto My spirit. For this is not just a Revival but this is the final harvest, saith the Lord that I’m going to draw from all nations. And I am going to cause the wicked to bow down to the hand of Almighty. And am going to fill My house not only with souls but with the honor and the glory and the majesty of God. So choose what side you’re on for evil has triumphed but I say to them I am saying that that day is over this is the day of the church. This is the day of the glory of God. I am going to cause the wicked to turn on each other and there will be a devouring spirit and I will cause them to tell each other secrets up in the public square. They will reveal the evil that’s been done out of their own mouth. For I am god saith the lord I bow down to no men. This is my hour saith the Lord, this is My time Saith God. So lift up your voices because this is your time shout unto the Lord because I am still God and I rule and reign says the Lord. ….

Whenever you have a leader or leaders over God’s people and the leaders have no value on the presence of the Lord then the nation that they lead eventually becomes accustomed to conducting their lives without the presence of God around them. And whenever a nation no longer feels the need for the presence of the Lord you open the door demonic strongholds to come in. If you were traced back it was in the ’60s that our nation began to deteriorate. That’s when thing like Roe Vs Wade I think that came in the 70’t but in the 60’s we begin to have the assault on the Bible on payer in schools … shouldn’t discipline your children. …


The greatest lack today not only in our nation but in our pulpits and in our churches is we have leaders now that no longer have the fear of the Lord in their lives. … so God in His mercy changes the leadership of the nation and he sets in a David in place of Saul … Years ago of the Lord I prophesied this that God said that there is something coming to this nation that when God’s done there will be so many dead people that there will not be room and funeral homes to handle the deaths that is going to hit this nation and they will lie in the streets before the lord gets done. Listen, this is God’s hour this is God’s season and God knows what he’s doing but this is a time we need to get back to the things of the Kingdom of God.

KENT CHRISTMAS - A wave judgment in the death that is now getting ready to hit the wicked and those what have thumbed their nose in Me and said we win - The hand of God is on America as this nation has chosen Him - April 12, 2021

Where is the Lord that promised us deliverance? For we have seen the enemy triumph and now we are beginning to question the Word of the prophets. But you should know says the Lord what I am doing. For did I not tell you that before I would judge the wicked that I would walk into the midst of the Church. And that judgment would begin at the house of the Lord and not at the house of the political. And I thy God through many have not know it have visited churches across this nation and across this earth. And I have stood in their midst, and I have smelled death because the presence of the Lord was not in that house. And I said to thee that judgment of the church is now over and I ave decided this day who shall live and who shall die. And this smell death that shall be in the atmosphere will be the smell of churches that told me to leave because they only cared about their own goals and their own ambitions, says the Lord. And I’m gonna take what they have and I’m gonna to give it to him that hath not in the natural, but had much in the spirit, saith the Lord.

And at the end of this now saith God even before this month’s out saith the Lord. There’s going to be a shaking for I thy God tell you this day that I am God. I do not lie, I am not laid I am not bound by the whims of men. There is no natural law that can confine me or confine me or stop me or tell me what today. The earth is mine says the Lord and the fullness thereof. I said, saith the Lord that in the last days the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord and the knowledge of god would over the earth as the waters cover the seas. So know this sayth God there is a wave judgment in the death that is now getting ready to hit the wicked and those what have thumbed their nose in Me and said we win. And that stand in a place that you have stolen I why God this day, saith I am not gone, I’m just getting ready and though it looks like the wicked have not been judged it had because I have been judging the church.

But now knowing this I am done judging the house of the Lord, and reward it’s on its way and now I breathe on the wicked in this nation. And not only in this nation but I’m judging Russia, I’m going to judge India. I‘m going to judge Italy, saith the Lord. I’m going to judge China, I’m going to judge those even Venezuela that have stood up and said we win, we win, we win. Not so sayeth the Lord for the battle had just now begun at this day, saith God. I am loosing the angelic hosts of the Lord in the earth and God said this when I get done mid ears will tingle now for they will see you that my Words, saith the Lord. And my prophets were not wrong get ready sayeth God for there is a shout of the Lord that is building earth it shall not be silent until the triplet of God sounds in this day, saith the Lord.

Lindsay's Prophetic Vision - End-Time Wealth Transfer - April 12, 2021

Prophetic vision about the End-Time Transfer of Wealth and how our job is to worship. Watch this powerful message today!

Timothy Dixon - Prophetic word/ the turning of the White House. Locust that blocked out the SUN - April 10, 2021

Know that you’re living in the last days the time is upon you. Great deception has befallen many of the people deception has closed the eyes of many that they can no longer see the truth. But they only see the lies know that I the Lord brings forth a new Word a new Move, saith the Lord that it shall come to pass in these last days. That I will pour fort out my spirit upon all flesh, saith God. I shall move in a way that minds has never comprehended has never been in the history books. But know that I shall spring forth the Revival and it shall spring forth from this country, saith the Lord. That shall shake all of Canada and all the seven continents, saith the lord of Hosts.

 I shall shake them in this hour for I have chosen this day and I’ve chose this time to turn the wickedness to reveal the evil that’s upon the nation. I’ve chosen this time to reveal the spirit of Ahab and a spirit of Jezebel the reigns inside the White House. Know that I the Lord shall overturn it. Know that I the Lord shall bring it to note that I the Lord shall bring forth even as the Word is spoke of the times of past of old that the dogs shall eat Jezebel by the word of a prophet. But know that I the Lord brings for a Word now upon the wicked upon those that leads the nation into error. Know that I the Lord God shall reign upon you I shall bring down the wraths that you have wished you have wished to to destroy. You’ve wished to hang you’ve wished to take down my people and take down the Laws of Liberty take down the Laws of Justice. But I the Lord God shall bring you to nothing I shall reign upon your hearts. I shall reign upon your life. I’ll cause sickness to come upon the wicked for it is an hour it is an hour of breath.

An hour of or many of the preachers has refused to tell the truth. Many has refused to prophesy the truth, but they’ve prophesized the lies and they’ve … The spirit of antichrist speaks through those of many in this hour inside this nation trying to bring for the great deception the great antichrist kingdom that is trying to come forth in this hour. But know that I the Lord God shall stand up in this time. I will shall stand up in this minute this day I shall bring the bring down the very walls. I shall bring down the very nature of communism. I shall bring Revival to China, saith the Lord. I’ll shake it saith God Almighty.

I’ll shake Japan, saith the Lord. Once again the volcano shall roar shalt blow, saith the Lord Almighty. This shall show that I am the Lord besides me there’s none else. You’ll that fearful sights and fearful times and signs and wonders comes upon the earth comes upon the nation. Because you would none of my reproves this nation would not hear me. They would not hear the word they would not listen when I’ve called you. So now that my hands shall turn upon those who refuse to hear me. I shall bring the days I shall write up the wall so your lives I shall write upon the walls of your hearts I’ll number your days, Saith the Lord God Almighty. I’ll bring death soon, saith the Lord you’ll see the hands that upon the wicked because they’ve refused to bow my hands has been mercy. My mercy have been merciful. I’ve cried to the ones I’ve pleaded with to repent of your sins and repent of your way and know that the day of Revival is here in the day of restoration of all things has come upon the land has come upon the world. Even I shall bring forth great Revival across Tennessee. Even as Revivalist in Nashville, saith the Lord. I’ll turn the hearts of many of the fame and fortunes they’ll turn to me even more than they’ve turned to me. And the city country music shall ring with Gospel, saith the Lord of Hosts.

This plague man-made plague of covet of man-made virus has not been of My hands. I’ve allowed you to be shook you woke up so has woken from this hour and a see that you need the Lord that you need salvation in this time that satan is hear to destroy your land satan… I’ll bring the healing bomb, saith the Lord to America. I’ll bring the president even back inside the chambers. I’ll even bring the president back, saith the Lord of Hosts to show the world I’m God. Show the world that I am the Lord. It hall come to pass in the day that I shall come into path bring it to pass. Many shall cry on that day they shall set forth in such an anger that I have restored Donald Trump to the White House. You’ll be many  shall bring forth in such a hatred they’ll be plagues of of such diaster such such calamites of of nightmares of violence shall rule across the cities because I have moved in this day. But I shall blot out the light I shall blot the sun, saith the Lord of Hosts. I’ll bring darkness upon the many and there’ll be locusts that brigh forth this through this country, saith God. Even in a day in one day it shall block out the sun. The power of my Word shall over shadow and shall be upon the news for satan has blocked out the minds has blocked the media that you’ve not hear of the things that come to pass. The words has been blocking and hidden from your eyes. But know that I the Lord shall bring these wonders that the world shall see. …I would speak to thee at this time this nation nation famine is coming. The black horse rides famine is coming prepare your hearts prepare yourself for battle because during this time great Revival springs forth in all the lands, all the continents, saith the Lord Almighty.

Your prayers has been heard how reverse this evil this evil satanic election that has plagued this country I’ll revere it in the next days, saith the Lord God Almighty. And those that does not believe you’ll be the one that will be marked this time and not my prophets for the Lord God Almighty has spoken.

Johnny Enlow - BABYLON THE GREAT IS FALLEN! & 2012 TIME LINE MERGE - April 10, 2021

The Lord for the last two weeks has been telling me Babylon the great is fallen is fallen. …
So what’s the 2012 problem they began to look at these at every way they would peer into the future it came into one option beginning in 2021. And 2021 on it didn’t matter what humans did everything was headed to some big event ahead and there was nothing either side good guys bad guys could do to change it. … Great Awakening. …
In 2021 I began prophesying that 2012 the age of reformation had begun. The Kingdom I call it several things, but I call it the age of reformation … birthing … I believe that we are in this ninth year it’s … 2021.

Timmothy Dixion - The LORD Speaks to President Donald Trump - April 6 2021

The purging of evil has begun!!!

I’ll reign may wrath upon the disobedient that I shall go forth through the leaders. I shall stand up in this day in this hour it shall come to pass, saith the Lord. That even as the sun goes down from days to day that they’ll know that there’ll be a fear upon those that lives wickedly and is trying to overthrow the Gospel and trying to overthrow this Revival. But know that I the Lord shall bring forth an angel the angles shall work forth inside their chambers inside their homes on the evil and they’ll know that there’s a God in heaven. For the Revival of all times has begun the freedom of this nation has sprung forth, saith the Lord. And nothing shall by any means take away from the power and the resurrection power of My Word that is coming forth in this hour. Because I bring forth people I bring forth children that shall speak My Word.

And shall stand before the leaders and before the presidents and before the countries and before the politicians and you’ll speak boldly, saith the Lord of Hosts. And I’ll by that Word because this is the time that the ax is laid to the root of the tree. Every tree that don’t bring forth good fruit will be hewn down for My spirit shall not always strive with man for their days are evil. For I look down upon the hearts of individuals of the countries and I see that America has went wrong. They went astray, they’ve led they lived captivity they’ve led into captivity and the things that they would not have My spirit would not have me to speak they would not accept the things that I am speaking. They would not hear My reproofs. So therefore in this hour and this day I shall reign. I shall reign judgments down upon the wicked and you’ll know that this is your hour.

For those the religious leaders as prophesied lies they have told My people that there’ll be no hands of judgment that there’ll be no hands of wrath that I’ll accept anything that all things is covered by grace. But know that grace is only extended to those that will accept the grace. But if you step outside of My grace and constantly shun and take away the Word and constantly refuse to hear My counsel. Know that I’ll come upon you in a day that you’ll think not and I’ll come upon you suddenly and your destruction shall be be swiftly, saith the Lord of Hosts. But know that I the Lord God sends forth I send forth a new thing in this world. In His heavens, you’ll see in the heavens to the short days that’s to come upon you. You’ll see a radiance, you’ll see like a flame through the night like a fire that burns in the heavens. Signs and wonders inside the heavens. Stars shall fall in the next few days, saith the Lord of Hosts. To mark the days to mark the days of the coming out out the days of deliverance. To mark the manifestation of the sons of God in this hour.

But that you’ll see the stars fall from the heaven as many signs and bright lights in the northern hemisphere, saith the Lord of Hosts. Shall explode with with new wonders and wonders and I’ll even shake forth the continents. I’ll shake the earth the whole earth. There’ll not be one city there’ll not be one village there’ll not be one country that I’ll shake saith the lord of Hosts. I begin the tremors I begin the volcano corruptions and even those has criticized My Word and My voice saith the Lord about Yellowstone. But know that I the Lord God I am the one that controls I am the one that moves upon the waters. I am the one that moves upon the plates of the earth. And Know that I shall bring forth My word in just a few days you’ll hear the tremoring you’ll hear the rattling of Yellowstone and the animals shall flee. Oh, they shall run saith the Lord because of the atmosphere and the fear that’s upon the the animals. And the rear that’s upon their spirits.

But know that the people of this world and the people of the countries you refuse to to take knowledge refuse to hear My Words but know that I shall bring you down. I shall bring for forth a Revival of this day and none of you shall stop the Word. None of you shall stop the Revival that I am bring. I move forth and I break every chain I break every hindrance. I stand when nothing else can stand. I’s bring forth Donald Trump saith the Lord and none of you shall gain said I resist and you’ll wonder how you’ll wonder how you’ll wonder how you’ll be in amazement at My power because it’s impossible of that that I’ll about to do. You know that the hands of God is upon this nation and that I’ll spring for speedily. …

Timothy Dixion - Black/pale horse rides President Trump In White House - April 5, 2021

It was a war that was going on that nothing was going to stop what God was doing in this hour that it was a power of God. And then I seen angles begin to gather people together that was interfering. He gathered together like cordwood and began to wrap them and bind them and he stuck the people out some of the people that was inside he stuck up and stuck them out in like a stockyard and I seen that rider ride again with the black horse to the pale face and he said that I will finish what was started. But I am not the final pale rider. … But where the blood is applied I’ll pass over. I will cleanse the seats , I will cleanse the seats. I till cleans the seats the evil a hand of death and a hand of judgement will pass over the leaders of this country. God’s hand’s going to go out like never before are not tolerated to be no more. God will not let it stand no linger the evil that has been stood against the very word of God. You’re not fighting man, but you’re fighting God.

I woke up and I said Lord this was sooner than what I expected it to be. This was sooner lord than what I expected it to be. This was sooner than than what I expected it to be. … I saw a parade downtown Washington DC. I saw a a massive bunch of people in in Washington and then I saw a motorcade coming down through through through Washington Pennsyliva avenue around the White House and president Donal Trump was in the motorcade and his power was restored. …

There’s something been released hear me tonight there’s a power that’s been released in the heavens. They’re a power that’s been released in the earth. It is wrapping up it bringing down strongholds. It is arresting, hallelujah. I saw how that today tht that that they there’s gonna they’re gonna Maricopa country you can look for god’s coming after you with a pair of handcuffs. Hallelujah.

Kent Christmas - I Will Remove The Demon And Put Them In Prison - April 3, 2021

God said in days gone by there were demon spirits that offended, and I removed them, and I put them in chains of darkness. Thus saith the Lord the next four years in this nation I’m going to remove demons from this country sayeth God and I’m going to bind them by my own power. Andy there’re not going to be in the earth. I ‘,m going to out them in prisons and the lord also said many of you have bound things in the spirit. And now the Lord says, I lose the angles of god that even right now says the lord, angels have left heaven and are in the United States of American and in the earth. And they are now binding demons that you bond in the spirit they are being bound in the natural says the Lord.

There is going to be such a season of peace in this country for four years, saith the Lord. That we will look back and say we’ve never saw this time we’ve never experienced this, but God says the demon spirits have offended me and I have stood up in this hour says the Lord. And the Lord says I am stopping the killing of babies in this country, saith God. I am stopping the spirit of atheism in this nation says the Lord. I am stopping the spirit of homosexuality in this nation says God. I did not raise this country up said the Lord to be a snake pit of demons, but I raised this nation up to be a beacon of light in the whole world.

So I the Lord thy God says to me today, get ready says the Lord for as the calendar year changes saith God so is there a turning of a page of the spirit of most high. And that which has harassed you and that which has come against you that which is bound your children that which is stolen from these saith God. When I remove those demons up I will make them open up their hands and empty their pockets. And when they go to hell the will go without anything that belongs to you. I am releasing back unto the body of Christ the power of the Holy Ghost. And the joy of the Lord, I am also going to break the spirit of opioids in the nation. For those that have not been to function because of the heaviness and the sorrow. I am losing joy now. I’m losing joy says the lord. I am losing joy in this house, saith God.

Though the world has tried to curse the church I the Lord thy God saying to thee I now take on the enemy and put on them what they tried to put on my people. For I am the Lord and I have stood up saith God, and yes, you are my beloved and now I’m gonna empty heaven with the power of God. I’m releasing to you abundance even things that you did not ask for. They’re coming, they’re coming, they’re coming now the power of the Holy Ghost I’m going to save entire cities, saith the Lord. This is a God portal and out of this house, saith the Lord is rolling a new anointing now. There is wrong get ready, they’re coming by the thousands of there’re coming by thousands there’re coming by the thousands because the Glory of God. I have waited for a long time, saith the Lord. For his hour heaven is about about what’s getting ready to be released by the power of the Holy Ghost.

I bind the spirit of heaviness, I bind the spirit of depression. I bind the devouring demons up and I’ll lose favor favor favor, favor, favor upon upon this said God. It shall done, saith the Lord. Now if you believe that word you need to run to the altar and begin to receive, don’t be asked God to do anything tell Lord I am receiving today I am receiving today. I am receiving today. I am receiving, say pastor I’ve never known this. Behold I do a new thing, saith the Lord. A new thing and I am no respecter of persons, hallelujah! Man receive in the Holy Ghost, oh God receive it in the Holy Ghost. I see things generation spirits, generational curse that have attached themselves to you. I break them in the of the Lord Jesus. And I lose deliverance by the power of God, hallelujah. From this day on see chains breaking off in the name of Lord. For I have much for you to do in the kingdom of the Lord, change broken in the name Jesus. Chains broken up in the name of Jesus, hallelujah. Into yourselves of the Lord and get ready for an infilling of the presence of the Lord. Lift your voice now.

I want you to begin to prophesize over yourself, hallelujah. Begin to prophesize over yourself in the Holy Ghost. Oh, go ahead speak it hallelujah. There are things that you have dared to dream God said, speak it hallelujah and I will cause it to come to pass. In the name of Jesus, hallelujah.

The word virtue means the ability to perform miracles. I believe right now that God is putting virtue in men and women in this hour that nobody’s ever heard of. And he is preparing them for the onslaught of the enemy and demolishing them by the power of the Holdy Ghost. I watched at the return when the anointing of God began to be released over a hundred thousand people stood at their feet and a roar began to come out and you know what he told me America is hungry for the presence of the Lord. And the glory of God, thus saith the Lord this house is a God portal saith God. And in the midst of it I have prepared you for such a time as this. Not only will they come from other states, saith the Lord. But they will come from around the world to behold the glory and the majesty of God in the hour that you thought you were forsaken, saith God.

I smiled in my wisdom knowing that which I had in store for you that you had no knowledge of for the spirit of death that came against his house, saith the Lord. I raised up a standard against it and I said not, no, no, no this said the law of death shall never again touch this congregation, but only the blessing if God shall be upon thee. For I this day I am opening the heavens upon you saith the Lord. And the rain is beginning to fall come with expectance as my man has declared to you today for you have no idea what is getting ready to be released upon this house. Choose you this day, saith the lord that you will be on fire for God for in this hour I am dividing the goats from the sheep. I am bring men for the right and the left, and I am discarding those that sought their own glory. And their own ambitions and in this hour saith the Lord. I am raising up those that know my name who have died to ambition and pride who is only say not my will but thy will be done. And because you have chosen to walk with me in the midst of pain and suffering I choose to walk you thee, saith the Lord.

In the midst of glory and promotion, so get ready for any moment, saith God. It’s coming up I am releasing property to you, saith the Lord. I’m releasing building to you saith God. The medical field will be astounded by what I am releasing in the heavens over this sanctuary. So this day says God let there be a shout in your spirit where I am putting weapons in thy hands. Weapons said God that will not be defeated and will not be thwarted, but they are weapons of power and authority and glory for my hands upon thee, saith the Lord.

Amanda Grace - Talks: EXPOSE The Skeleton Key - A Word From The Lord - April 1, 2021

L Zimba Major - AMERICA~Thus SAITH the LORD... The END Of The BIDEN'S Admin'tn Has COME!!!. - March 31, 2021

The end of the wickedness of the enemy of the land of America and his agenda concerning the New World Order has come to an end. Now hear me and hear me very well the brief world that I’m gonna speak is that one of the that one of the things that a lot of people do not understand when you look at the issue of Amerca is that the main problem has not been really the administration that we see there. … There is an evil system that wants to bring about the New World Order plan. Oaky, this is not the first time in history of mankind that there has been an attempt of the enemy trying to divert the agenda of God in the earth. ….

As we enter April, okay as we enter April you’re gonna see a lot of things happening, miraculous things happening. You’re gonna see God on the move are you hearing what I’m saying. You’re going to see the little mighty things, okay doing might things. Doing great things okay over the land of America reversing the things that the enemy has actually done against the people of America and the agenda of this demonic system that has been waiting to take over the world. You’re gonna see it crumble because in the realms of the spirit the Lord showed me a hand that has been crushing bringing to ashes what the former administration was actually laboring to build. Okay, I saw a demonic hand okay that has been crushing that has been crushing okay bringing to ashes, okay restoring that which the former administration call ordained administration had been laboring to build but but but the realms of the spirit I saw the and of the Lord crush that hand. I saw the hand all right so I saw the hand of the Lord appear and begin to crush this demonic hand which is a representation of the system that has had its group on the land of America. Okay, so I saw the hand of the Lord uh uh begin to crush this demonic and this demonic system. …

We are not losing this battle, okay the demonic New World Order plan is a failed agenda. In this moment I’ve been echoing and announcing this for a very long time. Okay, I’ve been saying it for the past seven months and I I’ll keep in saying the same thing it’s a failed project. It’s a failed demonic satanic project. It’s not gonna happen it’s not gonna happen now because the Lord told me He showed me by scripture Okay where the lockdown is where this Corona thing is how they planned it. He showed me prophetically in the scripture where this whole thing is and what they were planning. Okay and he told me it’s gonna fail. It’s a failed project and I’ve come to announce this final word over America that America your time has come. It is time for you to celebrate because the and of the Lord is resting upon the nation of America and is crushing the demonic system. …

He said April is going to be a month of miracles. April is going to be a month of a Revival. This is exactly what you should expect even in America the Revival is gonna be um there’s gonna be a miracle this the Lord is performing over the land is crushing the system. There’s gonna be highly embarrassing moments. There’s gonna be a lot of people that are gonna be jailed. Listen this is my final word on America. I’m not bringing another update the end of that demonic system the Lord told me.The end of that demonic system has just come to the end.

Timoty Dixion - God shakes Nashville/ Alabama/ The anointed President Donald Trump. - March 30, 2021

You cannot see with your eyes, your eyes cannot behold what I’m bringing forth in this land in this hour in this nation. But I have god those that I have chosen for day that I shall bring forth a word and a ministry shall come forth. Out of this south Alabama and Dashfield, Tennessee and different places, but I’ll spring up a word and the world shall be strong and powerful and shake the nations and shake the land. Have no fear of the evil in the plagues that’s coming upon the land. But know that I bring forth a plague. I bring bring forth a plague upon those that refuses, refuses to heed and take my word. But I shall bring forth a chastisement to cause them to repent, to cause them to want to pray. I’ll cause them saith the Lord through my great mercy, through my great mercy. I’ll move on those that just thinks that they’ll never you think they’ll never be saved. You think that your children’s will never come into the light. But know that this is the day and this is the hour that I’ll bring forth and speedily, saith the Lord. And know that

I’ll floods there’ll be massive floods through the mountains. There’ll be massive floods that you’ll hear abroad. Oh, hear me saith the Lord of hosts as I bring forth the reigns as I bring forth the floods upon America and upon Indonesia and India. Know that I the Lord brings forth Revival even as the natural flood shall spread cross and fearful sights and fearful signs and wonders shall come upon the land. Know that I am God and I am with those that will cry. I’m with those that will listen to me and hear my voice today. I’ll send forth a revival of healing, I’ll send forth a revival that the dead even be raised. But most of all, saith the Lord, I’ll touch those that could not be touched. I’ll move on them by my spirit and I’ll break their hearts. …

The power of God and it’ll make headline news, saith the Lord. That I’ve shook Nashville, I’ll go down through Jackson Alabama. I’ll shake Jackson, I’ll shake Meridian, I’ll shake Macintosh, Alabama. I’ll move through Mount Vernon, Axes, Satsuma, Chickasaw, saith the Lord. You’ll know that I am the Lord and I am the almighty God that I have chosen this day. I’ll move down through Oregon you’ll see that the Antifa and the riots shall spring forth because of the fear of the politicians that’s coming forth in the days they’re losing their hopes, saith the Lord. And the fear is beginning to grip their hearts because they’re losing, saith God Almighty. It shall come to pass in the next few days in a very short time that I the Lord shall put back saith God. I shall bring Donald Trump to the White House and I’ll cause everything to shatter. I’ll bring it down to naught, saith God and this nation shall know that I have stood up because I shall reign in freedom. I shall reign with freedom, I’ll not to move underneath the communistic pressures in the communistic death that satan desires to to bring forth in this land. For satan desires to bring you down and shift you you and cause your lives to be took and and your children to be took from you.

Timothy Dixion - It has begun/Locust and the sand storm/ President Trump/ the power of prayer - March 27, 2021

God is going to do what he said he is going to do. God is going to stop this evil that has come across our nation. It does not matter if he’s got to put folks in a coffin to do it. God’s gonna bring it to pass. You know we’ve come to a point now that God ain’t going allow such satanic, God ain’t going to allow such satanic involvement to where you’re going to shamelessly get out there and kill babies that are 9 months old. …

God’s gonna utter his voice these next few days that it’s going to astound America.

Timothy Dixion - Eyes to see but you see not/ President Trump - March 25, 2021

Satan has attacked you your news all of you the outlets of your media satan has caused a great controversy of the truth that the truth cannot often be found. But know that I the Lord I’ll stand up even even you can’t see that I am moving I am moving. … My hands of judgment will be upon you my hands of judgment will be upon you. I’ve seen how you have mocked. .. Know that I the Lord that I am the whirlwind the wind of justice. I am the justice and know that satan is stormed out the very existence and clouded out the very truth of president trump from hiding it from the public that you might not see that you might not know the truth and has caused a great deception upon the world. Lied that their truth might look real and know that I see the lord sees every hand that I the Lord sees every hand. That I shall bring upon this country I’ll bring even more destruction upon Italy because the things that you have chosen you have chosen to help bring in this power that’s against my word. You’ve chosen to bring in and help deceiver and help establish but know that my hand shall she’ll be upon. … floods when the earth cracks for my hands is upon the leaders repent saith the Lord. … up through the mountains up through the Dakotas and up through Wyoming … I shall bring a peculiarness a strangeness. …

I’ve even spoke and said that I’ll bring Donald Trump back into the office. But there’s been mockery and mocking against the prophecies, against the prophets, against the people that stand and speaks my word. But know that you’re treading on dangerous ground. You can mock, you can talk, but you cannot stop the very will that I am bring to pass. …

My words shall come to the pass for those of high the high leaders of the country has no respect for My words. But that that you’re walking into the day the day is now this day this day saith the Lord. It marks the celebration of the death and the resurrection know that this is the day this is hour this is the minute this is the moment that you’ll see great great hands of revival and even ass I arose from the dead there was many that mocked it and said that I was not someone that someone that tole my body some had stole my body they said. That I really did not rise from the dead. There they’ll be mockers and scoffers of the word. They’ll not believe their intentions and their purposes are to destroy the faith and to stop the move because they have evil heart of unbelief. Their minds cannot comprehend neither is their eyes open because their eyes are blinded to the very truth. But surrender your heart surrender all your lives and you’ll behold judgment won’t come nigh to your door. But even as I’ve spoken it shall come to pass I;; bring the whirlwinds even as I’ve spoke shall hit Georiga but I’ll spare may hands shall stay even across Tennessee there will be whirlwinds. Through Tennessee valley across to Lookout Mountian through Chattanooga. The Panama Kazai? canal shall run lower than its run in history …

Even as I have spoke you’ll see the hand of death. You’ll see the hands of death and they’ll hide but it will be revealed. It will be revealed when the same is brought upon and two shall step down from the Supreme Court because of the things they thought they go by with. You thought you got by with the sins and your names have been hidden. Your names has not been out in the public but know that I see you. I see you saith the Lord. All the children the evil you sold them as though they were the market in your own marketplace. But I’ll judge you for what you’ve done to the innocent. I’ll judge for what you’ve done for the children. …

But know that I’ve caused this to be revealed. I‘ve caused even more to be revealed I bring it in I am saith the Lord. I’m bringing it to shame that I’ll never be like this I’ll give a space of revival and these party these people will lose 12 years because of what they’ve done this is the day this is hour of your visitation. Look not at to the left or to the right keep you’re your head keep your eyes straight ahead says the lord. And you’ll overcome you’ll be a part. Hear me today satan wants to stop this great harvest at any cost I shall not let it be. …

Timothy Dixion - Hand writes on the wall/Biden / the lord has numbered your day’s/Axe laid to the Roots March 21, 2021

Video #1: This dream I saw God, I saw a big room and inside this big like big banquet hall, I seen Joe Biden standing in the middle of the hall. And he was standing and he was gazing at a big big wall and a hand come out of the heavens and a finger and started scribbling on the walls. And it said … meaning God has numbered thy kingdom and he’s finished it he’s numbered your days. Your days are numbered. God has counted them and your days are numbered. Your life your days God’s gonna come calling on you calling on your knock on your heart’s door and you better be ready to go when the Lord come for you. Because you’ll either go to heaven or you’ll go to hell one or the other.

But I’ve seen the handwriting on the wall the time is drawing near the days are numbered God has numbered the days. He’s numbered the days … It won’t be but a few just a short time just a short few days before them donkeys is going to die in the streets and the people it was the one that was on the donkey there’re gonna pass with a heart attack. Because God is standing up in this hour, but I seen the finger as as Biden began to look at the finger and it was telling it said that you’re weighing the balances and you’ve been found wanting that your kingdom is going be divided.

Because and and I seen the hand will come in and I’ve seen death come in. I’ve seen the hand of God come in and number the days and then it was divided because because God had to come and took him there comes a time when you know when the Lord came to Hezekiah and told him that his days is numbered. Hezekiah the bible said turned his face to the wall and he began to repent and pray. And the Lord added more years to his life because It’s repentance. We’re in an hour right now that God’s grace and mercy if we repent if you repent if they repent God I have mercy God I have grace. But if we don’t God’s going to put the ax to the root of the trees. That’s what I begin to see I begin to see as that man as that finger wrote on the wall. I seen Carmela and Nancy and and the others into what I seen them running and they was running so hard I’ve done see this once before. But I ‘ve seen them running and trying to get away from the hand of God. They was running so hard and before this time it didn’t make no sense. …

I’ve seen people begin to run I seen the White House, oh they’re not running now and you are laughing right now there’s a people that’s there’s a people that’s mocking in this country right now and making a big sport like they make sport of Samson. …

There comes a time when God will no longer tolerate He will no longer tolerate our mischief in our spitting his face he went out there comes a time where they’re not long and always uh uh uh let us buy with the evil they come a day when when he told him that my spirit will not always strive with man we come to a place that people does not even believe that there is a God that’s got power because of the the the uh satanic fight that all these people in has has come against you the uh influential media God’s gonna bring them down God’s gonna bring them down to where they’re nothing left there’ll be a mockery because of what they’ve done. You don’t stand and mock God you don’t stand and mock the Lord. You don’t stand there and come against Him and expect God to turn his back and not punish.

Video #2:

Chuck Pierce - "God Says: Be Watchful These Next 10 Days" - March 21, 2021

The Lord says, “Many waters are being troubled. In the midst of the troubling waters, I have a people who will learn how to stand. In the midst of the troubling waters, I have a people who will learn to walk through the waves. In the midst of the troubling waters, I have a people who will begin to rise and not sink. Many troubling waters are around you, but in the midst of it, you will be one who surfs to a new shore.”

“Some of you are grabbing hold of the plow, but you’re looking back. When you put your hand to the plow, keep your eyes focused on the field ahead. Many new fields are forming, and if you keep looking back at the field you were in, then you will never see the harvest of the field ahead. I am calling My people to grab hold and move forward into their new field.” …

“My people always hear My voice, and they are always in alignment with Me. But the enemy whispers in your ear and tells you to pick up your old chains and wear them like jewelry. You walk in My authority! Walk with Me now and pull off those chains. I will put them in the fire and they’ll never be picked up again.”

“Be watchful these next 10 days because I am coming to wobble your ox cart. When I wobble it, are you going to try to touch it with familiarity to upright something that I am pouring out? These next 10 days I will shake your ox cart, I will shake it, and I will shake it again. Then when you come into a realization that your order is not going into the fullness of the order that I have in store for you, pull aside and let Me reveal to you the new order. When I reveal the new order to you in your spirit and you rise up outside of your might, it will usher in My presence, not only in your life but in your neighborhood, church and office.”

“When I usher in the new order and judgment rises up for many who would not let go of their order, let them stand in the judgment of barrenness. But you go on in with Me because I am calling the city to rejoice. When I call the new order, the city will rejoice in a way that it has not rejoiced in the last two years. Watch the next 10 days, watch the next 90 days, and then you will see a breaking that your heart has truly longed for.

“This week, I’m going to take you by eminent domain. Because I live within you, you will take your sphere of influence by eminent domain. Greater am I in you than you are in you. Therefore, I am calling you to yield yourself this week. Yield yourself and take all that I point out in front of you.”

Amanda Grace - "You Will Be Exposed, Showing Your Nakedness"- Said The Lord. March 18, 2021

The Spirit of the Lord says this day, My eyes wander to and fro throughout the earth, and I the Lord see ALL things and I know ALL things, for I the Lord am Creator of what is seen and unseen, I am ever-present, omniscient, omnipotent says the Lord of Hosts. Your God is an EVER PRESENT help in times of trouble and says the Lord of Hosts this day, I am presenting MY case now. I am laying bare My plans, MY blueprints, My heavenly threads, says the Lord.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, ancient ones are being released from the abyss by that serpent of old, the devil, they are being released in this hour to attempt to cause a blockade, to attempt to block the way, block the path I the Lord thy God have set for this nation. However, says the Lord, I am far above every principality power and might, and their attempt to block. I have dispatched the warring angels and Michael to not only hit them with a Holy Force but a Holy Decree from My throne, and they WILL MOVE.

You have seen evidence of this in the natural says the Lord of hosts. You have seen the gridlock. You have seen a corrupted and tampered, compromised legal system these entities, these ancient ones operate through to attempt to cause a mass blockade, in an attempt to barricade through legal plugs and very compromised judges, for there are a web of judges taking their orders from one who associates with the council says the Lord.

And says the Lord of Hosts this day the COUNCIL has met and sent word to the sub councils, and as at Babel, they are attempting to come together of one mind, of one accord, to build their wicked pyramid thinking that will get them to the top, the summit of power in this country through alternative means.

There are judges, heads of state, heads of corporations, heads of pharmakeia, heads of media, heads of military and legal justice branches, former presidents, spouses of former presidents, and heads of the UN all involved in this attempted blockade, to rob the people, to rob those who have no idea they are being robbed says the Lord. Who are freely handing over their freedoms thinking their freedoms will be safe and secure in the hands of a wicked council and their cardboard cuts outs propped up in positions of leadership to be just that. However, says the Lord thy God this day, cardboard cutouts fold easily, they destroy easily and the slightest wind knocks them over.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, I have set my face against Moab, I have set my face against those who worship Baal, I have set my face against the council, I have set My face against the UN, I have set my face against the council of donkeys and elephants attempted to attack a foundation. I the Lord have laid in this country, this council of both parties has their dirty hands stirring the pot in the elections in Israel and are knee-deep. Countries where dictators and God-haters rule with an oppressive hammer, who rule with an oppressive WHIP, who for guaranteed positions, for guaranteed funds, and for offshore accounts have sold the United States to the Highest Bidder. However, I the Lord God am nullifying that sale, I the Lord God am declining it for it is NOT theirs to sell. It is Not theirs to divide up, it is not theirs to STEAL says the Lord God Elohim this day.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, I have set My face against the leadership of the House, says the Lord. I have set My face against the giants of social media. Goliath and His brothers shall fall, for I the Lord am raising up Davids to challenge them. They may scoff at these challenges, but they shall hit them in the center of their operations and there shall be a great windfall for those who are marked and are not afraid to challenge. And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, there shall be a great fall in the courts, their black and white robes like dominoes going down the entire thread says the Lord. And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, the Justice department shall see Justice itself as the worms buried deep are pulled out of their holes says the Lord. Wormwood you shall see, says the Lord thy God this day. And says the Spirit of the Lord this day you shall see Egypt play a role in this. Watch Egypt in the midst of this, for there is a Spiritual Egypt attempting to enslave not only the people of your nation of the Eagle but of those who proclaim the name of Jesus Christ worldwide.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, there are both donkeys and elephants who have funds tied to terrorist organizations, who they are using as enforcers and hit men around the World to attempt to shift and topple powers that do not share in their corrupt interests. This includes corporations in Europe, this touches down on every continent in the world. The earth is MY footstool says the Lord, not theirs, and the game of RISK they have been playing in and a reverse tidal wave will come back with twice the force on them, their plans, their councils, their meetings, their interests, their vaults, their accounts, their codes, including Microsoft says the Lord.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, this is the hour of the CODE-BREAKERS, this is the hour where I the Lord will give wisdom not on this earth to those seeking ME, to those standing for TRUTH, standing for the Word of God, putting on the Armor of God and Standing, and codes shall be cracked, master keys to internet programs, to algorithms, to massive hard drives these master keys shall be found out says the Lord thy God this day.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, as all looked lost at the Red Sea, My child Israel had no knowledge how to fight, they still had a slave mentality, they were oppressed BY Egypt for so long they thought it was actually best for them to be under heavy Pagan rule. They wavered and felt all was lost. However, there was one MOSES who came to me, the Lord God Adonai, and took the crises to Me. And I the Lord God Entered to challenge Pharaoh and his legitimacy to ownership of Israel, and I the Lord caused a blockade that their weapons and chariots and false wicked foul spirits could not break through, they could not BREACH. And I the Lord then divided the waters. I divided the waters to dry ground EXPOSING what was at the very bottom of the Red Sea in the process, and these walls of water were a protection to Israel and a death sentence to Egypt and you shall very much see the same says the Lord thy God this day. My Spirit RUACH ELOHIM coming in and raising a standard that will be a wall of protection to the righteous and a death sentence to those who serve their principalities.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, this RED SEA shall occur in the church. And I the Lord shall expose what lies at the very bottom and part back the veils, the curtains, the inner rooms, the secret meetings, the inner chambers. And I the Lord thy God shall GUT it open. And I the Lord thy God shall reveal the organisms, the spirits, the people who have been driving this council, for there is a council formed with many of the broken churches to keep them broken says the Lord God Adonai this day, to keep the people in a lullaby and put their minds and spirits to sleep. However, a RUDE AWAKENING, an alarm, a wake-up CALL shall come forth and shake even more awake. For the ones at the top of the PYRAMID scheme in the Church shall be exposed, the PONZI scheme is being exposed. Too many have attempted to climb and jockey for position at the tip of the pyramid, and now I the Lord thy God, with My Holy wind shall blow them all off. You shall see a tumbling down of many who had hooks in them from the councils and donors hellbent on disaster says the Lord of hosts this day.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, watch for major events in the coming weeks that will flip everything on its end and what has been under the table, the deals, and handshakes under the tables even down to the local governments shall be exposed.

I, the Lord God, this month am pouring out My Spirit and there will be more than one BOOM. As a sonic boom shakes and wakes up and alerts, so My power shall cause even greater. There are those who will be stripped of their security clearance for being compromised and there are those who have been in the pits of Washington, the Josephs who you shall see Me take and elevate, in order to deal with the famine descending on DC says the Lord. For I the Lord am going into the heart of the nation and doing necessary surgery and will rewire the arteries, and will CLEAR the CHAMBERS and will begin to deal with the heart condition of those at the helm of congress at the helm (help) of the judicial branch says the Lord God Yahweh this day.

I the Lord have shown much mercy and have given much time, and now I the Lord will carry out the rulings. For the Mercy of God has gone forth for a period and now the vengeance of Almighty God will go forth as a scepter into the Unites States, America, into Israel, into the HUB of Europe into Australia and deal with their MINISTERS of government and faith.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, My remnant shall be gifted in the coming weeks into January says the Lord, they shall be gifted for they are faithful servants and I the Lord am giving a gift to the nation. The enemy will attempt to cause tumult and make it look like a curse but as it is unwrapped, it will most plainly be seen as a gift, as I the Lord thy God unwrap those who have paraded around with their bows and fancy coverings and I shall strip them to reveal their utterings, their dealings, and whom they truly serve.

There is a booker being exposed says the Lord thy God this day, whose hand is intertwined with the serpent as well their guards and gatekeepers who shall be exposed and laid bare showing their nakedness. I the Lord am digging up what has laid buried in their tents for they have touched the accursed things. They have stolen what was not given to them and now I the Lord thy God am digging up their tents and pulling forth from the ground the evidence that shall surely be their downfall.

Come to me all of you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest, for the enemy has attempted to launch blocks and to tire My children out. However, I the Lord thy God am removing those blocks, those walls the road closed he has attempted to set up and execute. I the Lord thy God am removing such and bringing My children boldly, powerfully into the next chapter of their mission and their appointments. For I have appointed a time and a season for My children to be elevated for the sake of the Kingdoms agenda and plans and that time is now. In the midst of hopelessness you shall see hope, a new hope you shall see, the GLORY of God you shall witness, events where it will be said “ONLY GOD COULD HAVE DONE THIS” BECAUSE THE NATION WILL SEE ME PART THE WAY AND DESTROY OPPOSITION WHO ARE ATTEMPTING TO STAND AGAINST MY WILL, FOR I THE LORD HAVE NOW GONE OUT AHEAD TO MARCH AND MY SPIRIT WILL SPLICE OPEN THE RESISTANCE EXPOSING ITS INWARD PARTS AND WEAKENING THE CHARADE, FOR I THE LORD THY GOD SAY THIS DAY, GAME OVER!!! Thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts the everlasting King of Kings the Alpha and Omega in the name of Yeshua, Jesus Amen and Amen!!” …

The Holy Spirit reminded me there are two companies Johnson & Johnson and Nabisco. Something very big is coming with those two companies.


And I saw the end of all of this the end of this political upheaval and I saw us turn the page I saw God take his hand and he and he just turned the page and I saw on the other side of it. Somethings the Lord will let me say some things he won’t let me say right now. But the first thing that will happen when the page turns is there will be great celebration. There will be great a celebration when this page is turned as long as it seems to have been in the earth it will come like a flash and change. It will just be a change that quick like a flash. Then I heard the Lord said we’ll turn the page to the next prophetic rage, so there’s more coming after, maybe a different subject or something. …

When we turn the page those that didn’t believe on this page will still have to go into battle with us in the next rage but you will not settle on this side of the Jordan you’ll make your camp in the desert side, not on the promised side. Remember when the children of Israel crossed Jordan and some of them didn’t want to go but those are the people who didn’t believe on this page. When we turn it they’ll have to camp on the previous page.
I heard that the impeachment of Donald J. Trump happed in the middle of this Red Sea time and now it’s time for it to come back together. … Obama will advise Biden to step down.


… 3/11 fast forward of the reversal. … This is the day of divine reversal.

… 3/11 fast forward of the reversal. … This is the day of divine reversal.


Powerful revelation and dreams about the whirlwind of God and justice coming to the White House!

Within 30 days a whirlwind will sweep the White House.


Presently, we are with two presidents, whether we want to acknowledge that or not. We have one who has not conceded and is waiting his day in court to present his election fraud case, and another who stole his seat and is trying hard to destroy the one waiting for their day in court, while those who helped him steal the seat are doing the leg work to destroy the same, and accuse all of his supporters of being evil revolutionaries that must be dealt with harshly. So how will this end? I believe there will be a scourge, and a painful time before all is accomplished. This is a time of tribulation and many have already lost everything from jobs, homes, businesses have closed for what looks like forever…and many have died that didn’t have to die for lack of proper therapies, and many have taken their own lives through the devils weapons of fear and hopelessness in their darkest hour.

For those that wonder what people have been talking about when they say two presidents, this video explains exactly what they are talking about.

Kim Clement April 4, 2008:

There is a reason to have joy at this moment-for many say, “this is the worst time ever in America.” The Spirit of God said, who would declare a recession, and who would declare where I am going? God said, this is the best time, because joy is coming to you in the Spring, says the Lord, Joy is coming to you in the Spring, therefore, I want you to prophesy it: Joy!

God said, you have enticed me, you have enticed me. You have enchanted Me, enticed. God said, you have fascinated me, your sounds of faith and your sounds of praise and your embracing of the prophet and My promise has lured Me in a good way, attracted Me to come a little closer to you, to listen to the sounds of faith, to the sounds of victory, to the sounds of joy. You have sent a message to the caverns and the caves and the dungeons of hell: we shall relive and we will do greater than our forefathers and greater works in His name. The forces of darkness have trembled tonight at the sound of a people who are unafraid to fight a good fight of faith. …

God made a promise about a generation and a people soon that shall say “how long did it control us for so long?” And yet discovered, Egypt has already trodden upon it, they don’t even know, but I will take my Nation, America, those that have sought after answers. The corruption in the pharmaceutical-you shall be exposed. And God shall bring about in this Nation a plan for health insurance that shall not be penetrated by the democrats or by the republicans. This shall be something that shall transpire because of a sudden change cause I command it. It is a disgrace, says the Spirit of the Lord, that politics are swayed by this one things. Therefore, watch as I move in these next two years and I show America how strong I am and prove Myself in the political arena. I shall be your President, says the Spirit of the Living God!

And they shall say, “but now there is a second President, how can we have two presidents?” An unusual thing, isn’t it, says the Spirit of the Lord? Why would it be that one with a double mind would stand up and face the people? No, they shall say “we have two presidents, what do we do now?” Fear not, for God said, as I promised before this is My Nation and I will change things according to the time and season and I told you now in Spring I will expose and reveal things that have been hidden so that My Nation can move into this next election and to the next phase with victory and honor and glory, says the Lord of Hosts!

Timothy Dixion - Why God chose Trump. REVIVAL. Biden passes away. Capitol corruption revealed. - February 12, 2021

Pow use

Katie Barker - “USA – Stand Firm in Ferocious Faith! Your Day of Deliverance Is Coming!” - February 10, 2021

I heard the Lord say, “Many of My warriors of faith have been waiting for their day of deliverance and for the overturning to come. Now is not the time to waver and doubt, for surely I will bring to pass all I have spoken through My prophets. It will not be in the way that is expected, or in the ways of man, but it will be in My timing and way, which will far exceed expectations and will be a sign of My divine intervention. There will be no doubt that the day of deliverance was due to My hand. My divine intervention will be a mark in history of the turning I will bring to the nation.

Stand in Ferocious Faith

Some are saying I have lifted My hand off the USA, but I have not forsaken the prayers of My faithful ones and their stand in ferocious faith. My justice will be seen in the nation. Just because My divine intervention has not come in the timing of man does not mean it is not coming, for surely it will come and much change will be seen in its wake. Now is not the time to fear, but to stand in unwavering faith. There is a sound rising – it is the sound of My warriors of ferocious faith arising. Their decrees of faith are calling forth My plans and purposes and are standing against the schemes of the enemy. …

“My plan has not been aborted but rather has not yet fully unfolded. The reset and restart I desire to bring to the nation require a powerful display of My intervention and faithfulness in order to usher in true reformation.

“I will finish what I have started and will bring to completion all I have begun in the nation. Align your words with Mine and guard what you listen to. Let your praise arise and avoid that which fuels disbelief, doubt and discouragement.

“The day of overturning will be the day of deliverance for the nation, and will forever bear My mark as the day a course correction came to the nation. Much cleansing will come to the nation and bring a restart and closer alignment with My ways. My timing will allow for greater exposure of that which needs to be brought into the light, so trust in My timing and My process. In the overturning, what the enemy meant for harm, I will use for good.

Mario Murillo - It (a revivial) Has Begun - What is Going on in California? - February 6 , 2021

It’s been a long time since we had good news, but that’s just what my friend Mario Murillo recently shared with me. He is witnessing the power of God falling on thousands, including drug addicts and gang members. You need to watch my interview with Mario and be encouraged. The outpouring of the Greater Glory has begun!

Hank Kunneman & Robin Bullock USA Update: 2 Minute Warning | The Courts of Heaven - January 28, 2021

Woke up at 2:11 and heard “a 2:11 is in process and there is no one to report it to. To make an arrest no court in the land. But they are forgetting about me saith the Lord. The one who is judge the one who sits high and sees all the plots and schemes of the enemy. For I will be their judge and the courts of heaven find them guilty. Guilty as charged, charged with the crimes against my people, against My heritage, and against My land. And for this they will pray saith the I AM who said tell Pharaoh I AM sent you.” … (appeal to the court of Heaven, and appeal to Heaven)

What does this two minutes mean? The lord spoke this to me and He said the two minutes of silence that came across that place was the courts of heaven deciding what was going down with certain people. Their cases had been brought before the Lord and two minutes of silence while it began to come down. And the lord said this to me while cases were decided they were decided that day in those two minutes. And the Lord says this to me for whom the bells toll. They have been weighed. Everything was weighed that day.

Hank Kunnemans URGENT Prophecy: God WILL Give You Back Your Nation - January 20, 2021

I will and I am dealing with the enemies of darkness. They celebrate as though they have won but they are terrified. They remember being stripped of their agenda, power, and public display was made of them. This will happen again say the Lord. Are you ready to stand with me when it looks like I have forsaken you USA. Yet I have set traps that they fear since the Son of God seems so quiet. I’ve heard the prayers in the days of Daniel when he prayed the first day,.

Yet it looked as through heaven was silent and darkness would prevail in its resistance. But the angel broke through this is taking place again. Now God says you’ll see after it appears the forces of darkness prevailing, so it seems. I will come and I will give your freedoms to you United States. This is my timing, my event, and there is man’s timing. Do not confuse them as if man’s timing determines your future. Their timing is wrong. …

This I say of you the United States, I am giving your nation back that was stolen from you. I will give it  back for you and your children that I may be glorified. Therefore in this season open up your arms high to me and you will see I will open my hands  and my heart to you and I will give your nation back to you, says the Lord.

Lana Vawser - A Divine Reset Where The Hunted Become The Hunters - January 20, 2021

The Lord spoke to me … began to use these words divine reset. … Being us back to foundation truth. …

The hunters will become the hunted.

Sackcloth and Ashes at the Biden inauguration - January 20, 2021

Jupiter, Saturn And Mercury To Come Together In Triple Conjunction - January 8-11, 2021

Such a phenomenon occurs only when one of the earth’s poles has its maximum tilt away from the Sun. This conjunction has also been termed as ‘The Christmas Star’. It took place after sunset in the south-western sky and it was seen with naked eyes. The last such conjunction was seen in 1623, however, it was not visible from most of the Earth. Now, the next ‘Great Conjunction’ will only happen 400 years later on November 4, 2040. (from Republic World)

Kat Kerr Strong Prophetic Word about Trump - January 8, 2021

Justice will prevail. … I will l win, and Trump will still sit in the White House for four more years. … I am about to put a show on nobody expected. When the ground begins to shake and the land side begins to start no one or nothing can stop the fraud, the contacts being shown, the videos that are being made between the parties that made contracts with evil to do evil in this land evil. this is my country I will not allow it to be taken from me. The is only the beginning of the great days, the great divine decade, and the second one beyond it. …

They [the media] will have to say it even though they don’t want to. The time will come when they will have to say that Trump is the 46th president of the United States and he will sit in the office four more year. I have never changed that plan I have never given an exact date to anyone that something would happen. Because I have my own time whether it agrees with your or not, whether you like it or not. This is my country, these are my plans, and I will not have these days taken from me.

Can you not stand and not turn to the left and give yourself as a partner to the evil that wants to take this land? I say no. it will not happen. It will end … Watch my hand move now that man is done with their process I will put my show on, and no one will ever forget when that happens. There will great celebrations in the streets of this country and around the world that great victor has come on behalf of the body of Christ on behalf of my American that I am not giving up to any enemy. …  

Justice will be served says you God. Stand in the light and run from the darkness but Nothing will stop me from my plans of putting my son from putting Donald Trump in that White House. Even if they inaugurate the villain and try to put him there I will kick him out and remove him and I remove every obstacle that is in the way.    

Emma Stark - Navigating Chaos - 2020 election

Sam Robertson –  God woke me up with this one statement. … And He said, Sam, there will be no winners this time around. Sam, there will be no winners this time around. For even who wins this election shall also lose because it is time for me to take the highest office procession in America once again.God woke me up with this one statement. … And He said, Sam, there will be no winners this time around. Sam, there will be no winners this time around. For even who wins this election shall also lose because it is time for me to take the highest office procession in America once again.

God said I am stretching out this process until the wrestling is complete says the Lord. I am stretching out this process until the wrestling is complete say. He said Sam, what do you think the election is a question of? … Sam the election is a question of America’s hope. It is a question of hope for America your hope has been in leaders who you hoped would have their hope in me for many years. But now as I wrestle with your nation to the ground. You shall phase a hope that is only in me and no other man, no other structure, no other system. For it is time to relinquish the hope that you would find a leader who you hoped would have hope in me and start to address yourself in the reality that I am your only hope, says the Lord. …

For I will not have you for a nation whose hope is in the illusion of a strong leader, or a man, or a system, or a structure. I will have you as a nation whose hope is only in Me. For America, this election is about asking you who is your hope in. And so the lord said as I wrestle with you America, do not necessarily think I am cursing your land but I am coming close with justice and with judgment. … Though the wrestle is violent it is ultimately an act of intimacy and love. So as I wrestle with you as I wrestled with Jacob. I am renaming, I am removing your old name, your old identity, your old attributes, and a new form is coming to your land. …

The Lord said, this wrestling process will not just endure for the election season. But the Lord said, but you’re going into years of wrestling that will then open up years of promise for you afterward. In the wrestle the Lord said, I am first putting an appetite for righteousness back onto your people and into the people of American. Righteousness will begin to be the motivation behind the choices that you make, and righteousness will not be forced by law but by an inner compunction to choose righteousness that I put in your people. …

So as the wrestle continues the Lord said, do not be dismayed. Hostility will arise around issues of morality. But do not fear this America, for I am continuing to expose en masse the demonic powers that aim to erode your morality as a nation. …

But most important in these days of wrestling I am changing your name. For you have called yourself America the great but I do not call you that. I call you and I will call you America the humble and I am making you humble again. And you will rise over the years as a nation of remarkable servant leadership. You will be known as a nation who serves other nations. And America the humble shall rise with freshness and purity with nurture and with radical generosity, with a Jesus movement of radicals that go to nations with servant leadership. But to rise up first you must bow low.
And so this wrestle is about your new name and do not think for a moment that I am looking for greatness. What I am looking for a nation who is humble.

I started to hear in the future the national anthem and the spirit of America. I could hear your nation sing, we the weak say we are strong in Jesus. We the weak say we are strong in Jesus. And that was the national anthem of American and with joy and with dancing, the American content will sing we the weak say we are strong in Jesus.


Kat Kerr - 2016 election

Even before Trump ran even before that election was planned God had been telling me I’m going to make America greater than ever, it’s about to step into its destiny, but I can’t start this until I shift the government and there will be a president in the White House one day that will extend their hand to the believers. So I know it was coming. He caught me up to heaven, literally, months and months and months before, and He said, ‘I’ve chosen Trump and people won’t like it and they won’t understand it but that doesn’t matter right now because I’m going to change America and I need him. He’s an all-American boy that is all for America, and he is smart, he can’t be bought, he can’t be moved, and he cannot be controlled.” And He said, “He will know me, and he will hear my voice.”

Kat Kerr's POWERFUL URGENT Prophetic Message: "God Took Me to The Future And Trump Wins!" - January 6, 2021

Robin D Bullock URGENT PROPHECY: "The Book of Revelation & Trump" - January 5, 2021


Jericho March Returns to DC to Pray for a Trump Miracle - January 5, 2021

Organizers of the Jericho March, slated for Tuesday and Wednesday, have called on “patriots, people of faith and all those who want to take back America” to travel to Washington on those days for a pair of marches to overturn the recent presidential election.

Marchers plan to blow ritual Jewish horns called shofars on the first day before circling the Supreme Court building seven times in imitation of the Israelites’ siege of the city of Jericho described in the Bible’s Book of Joshua. On Wednesday, they plan to do the same around the US Capitol building.



Pastor Kent Christmas | Important Prophetic Release - January 4, 2021


Tim Sheet - Air Raid Sirens - January 3, 2021


We are at a Red Sea Moment in history.

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