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Third Great Awakening. The started with the Revival in 2020.

For the history and background on First, Second, and Third Great Awakening. As well as why the United States, Biblical Liberty, and Covenant please visit the Third Great Awakening website.

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We are at a Red Sea Moment in history.

Do not think for a moment that because Biden is in office that God is done with the United States of America.  He has not forgotten about the American Covenant and will not allow through evil an illegitimate election to stand. The Revival started in 2020 will break forth shortly into the Third Great Awakening, and those who have committed acts of evil against God and humanity will be held to account for their actions.

If you don’t normally pray for your country NOW would be a good time to do it. Pray for truth, righteousness, and that God’s will be done, and the untruth and lies be exposed.

                        “The world will be know as before Trump and after Trump.” – Given by God to Johnny Enlow

“The Lord spoke and He said June, July, and August will be incredible wins for American conservative values. The world cabal that sought to prematurely institute the antichrist will be dissolved before the world’s eyes.” – Robyn Cunningham – Fireside Grace Ministries, Podcast Three Visions Concerning America’s Future 6-4-2021

Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God; for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” — Romans 12:19 RSV

Vengeance is mine, and recompense, for the time when their foot shall slip; for the day of their calamity is at hand, and their doom comes swiftly. — Deuteronomy 32:35 RSV

Yet a little while, and the wicked will be no more; though you look well at his place, he will not be there. But the meek shall possess the land, and delight themselves in abundant prosperity. — Psalm 37:10-11 RSV

May , 2022

… .


or I, the Lord, this day am telling My children once again that everything is going to be okay with you. Nothing you are experiencing will continue to torment, destroy, weigh you down, or win against you. I have spoken your victories, and Jesus has guaranteed them with His shed blood, disarming your enemies on the cross with His resurrection. No power, no enemy, no plan can ever come close to the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. No, not with that Name having power over every name. My children, focus on your Savior, what He has already done for you, and focus on your victories.  

Nothing can stop your enemies’ days of judgment. They are not coming. They are here to stay until full justice is served, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Again, I say the Smithsonian will continue to be in your news for surprising reasons. All are being uncovered and exposed, saith the Lord. 

Temperament: this word will be used in your news to explain how this fraudulent government is acting and how normal things are no longer normal with any of them. They are breaking down on live TV. They will show how unstable they are, especially when more shakings occur in the coming days, saith the Lord. 

Iridescent: this word will be used to describe abnormal things in your skies, another sign of your enemies’ impending doom. Kentucky: this State will be in your news. Weather, yes, but another surprising reason will be reported on. 

Amherst: I say again, this name will be in your news. Continue to listen to what they are saying. 

Catalog: this word will be used in your news for a specific reason. A list is coming of names and what each and every one has specifically done against this Nation. Everything has been logged, and this will soon be seen by the World. The perfect storm against your enemies, children of Almighty God, and it’s about to hit each and every one of them. When it’s all done, freedom and restoration will take place. 

Holly: this name will be in your news for a very unusual reason. Adolescent: this word will be used in your news to describe certain actions and characteristics of government officials. Also, for a reason, you wouldn’t think of. 

I say again, Anheuser-Busch will be in your news. Truth will expose all of their lies. 

Another major dust storm will occur in Africa; how unusual, the size, its strength, and how far it goes. Pay attention to the direction. It is saying and revealing more than you think, saith the Lord. 

The Abbey: this will be in your news, and this location will also be significant in the coming days. 

Adar: this name will be in your news. 

John Durham: I told you to get used to hearing his name not for only exposing Hillary Clinton, oh yes, but someone else is about to be exposed in a major way. A significant player in this fraudulent government will be revealed, and down they will fall. Greenland will be in your news and not for the reason most are thinking. Things hidden and being done behind the scenes are about to be seen by the world. 

Many unusual things will begin in the Ring of Fire. Watch as it changes in a way no one thought possible. 

Atlas: this word will be in your news. It’s not what it seems to be. They are hiding the real reason, but it will all come out in the open, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

A well-known monastery will be in your news for a surprising reason. 

Bell Forge: this word will be in your news. 

Olivia: this name will be in your news. 

Carmichael: this name will also be in your news. 

There is advancement taking place. Your military is taking back more ground, and the finish line is in sight. 

A certain skyline will be in your news. A change has taken place, and it will be seen by the World. 

Another major crack will be discovered on the Washington Monument, and it will soon topple to the ground. My children, every monument they built will not stand much longer, saith the Lord. 

Tallahassee will be in your news for something unusual. 

A major discovery at your border, oh United States won’t be hidden any longer. This fraudulent government is being exposed for their plans to infiltrate and destroy this Nation. A whistleblower will come forward with the truth, and the plans will be stopped, saith the Lord. 

Wagon Meyer will be in your news. Look for this name. You will know it when you see it. 

My children, all your enemies’ plans are unfolding and falling apart. No matter how put together they seem, it’s all a facade, and I am about to open the curtains and reveal what is behind it all. Your days of victory are here, and what you see won’t last. So don’t be moved but get up and live. Get up and take back what is yours. It’s a time for revival and My glory to fill this Earth. Get excited, My children. Everything is changing for your good, saith the Lord your Redeemer.

Julie Green - A GREAT UPSET IS COMING - May 22, 2022

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For I, the Lord, this day declare over My children health, deliverance, and restoration of all that has been stolen

This is the time of great restorations, great changes, great shakings, great overturnings in all nations, great exchanges, and great truths to destroy all the lies. 

Get up now, children of Almighty God, and take the authority I have given you. Speak to what is against you, and destroy its power over you. 

Speak to the pharaohs of this day to fall from their places of power. Speak death to all their plans against you. Stop speaking about all the things they are doing. Stop complaining. Start using My Words against it. Tear down those walls and corporations people have raised up against you. Speak life. Speak My Words and not your adversaries. 

Tear down their seven mountains of influence with My Words. I will move My hand and destroy all. Everything you see and are experiencing, I will replace it with what I have intended for you to have on this earth. 

A great upset is coming. Yes, an upset that will rock this Nation, an upset that will shake this Earth. Your enemies have never faced Me, and they are about to, saith the Lord of Hosts, an abrupt end of their world system. 

My children, again, I say do not fear the who, the New World Order, or any world leader. No matter what they say or do, I will not allow it to stand. Stop focusing on them and what they want. Get fed up and speak against it with the authority I have given to you. 

An earthquake will shake the west coast of the United States to show you I did say this before it happened. I do give you the news before the news. Do not fear this earthquake, My children. I am warning you, yes, but I will protect you. This earthquake will destroy plans against you they were preparing to release. 

Major corruption will be uncovered in Minnesota in many more ways than one. Election fraud, yes, but corruption in many officials. They had many implants in this state to start chaos and trouble in this country. 

Compounds will be found with many military-age men training for something big they will never see. Your military knows of these implants and will destroy their facilities and all their weapons. They were planning a major attack in many major cities across this nation all at once. But again, I say they will never get to see it come to pass. Instead, judgment will hit this area and destroy everything they have. Who financed this, you may ask? Your fraudulent government, China, and some Arab nations, an attack bigger than 9-11 to take this Nation down once and for all, but they can’t destroy a nation I have blessed, saith the Lord. Gargantuan: this word will be used in your news to describe the mess this fraudulent government is in. Something big is on the horizon, and it will hit them all at once. None of them will be left standing, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

A major incident will take place regarding ice hockey. It’s not what you are thinking. It’s much bigger, and it will make national headlines. An argument will erupt and cause a big scene. Just another distraction they want you to pay attention to. 

“Nervous Nellie” will be used to describe a person in your fraudulent government. Yes, they are caught, they don’t know how to get out of it, and this person should be nervous. Judgment is not coming. It’s here. 

Nancy Pelosi: this will describe you in the coming days. You have not escaped as you thought you would. Evidence will be released not only about January 6th but about every election you stole. Your plan to destroy the rightful president, the emails, text, video, and audio evidence has all been collected, and the closer it gets to your end, the more nervous you will be on live TV. You won’t be able to hide it. You know they have this information, and you know your time is at its end. Your health will also be leaked in the news. Nothing you tried to keep hidden will stay that way in this time of exposures. Nancy Pelosi, your days are almost up, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

A big shake-up will take place at NBC and MSNBC. Whistleblowers and exposures will plague them in the coming days. Truth shall destroy their narrative. Stocks will tumble, and financial woes will break them. I am shutting the mouths of the liars like I shut the mouths of the lions against Daniel. A great silence will hit them all, and a takeover will begin. 

Sandusky: this name and location will be in your news. 

Another relationship between a Chinese spy and a government official of the United States will be exposed. More snakes in your government than you realized, oh United States, but they will all be brought into the light during this time of great exposures, saith the Lord. They will all be dealt with, and justice will be served. Catapult: this word will be in your news. 

Egypt will be in your news. They will announce a Biblical plague has taken place there. How big and how unusual it is. Remember, My children, this is your Great Exodus, so you will see these signs in many locations throughout the world at this time, like in the first Exodus. 

A member of your House of Representatives will be in major news reports. Shocking, yes, what is said has taken place and what this person had been doing against your Nation. I told you there is a civil war in this Nation behind closed doors, and it is now spilling over onto center stage. Major fighting will begin with an eruption that will take place in a certain party. 

The rightful president has it all, and they know it. He is pursuing them, but they don’t know when he will use everything that he has against them. Fear is hitting them. It’s growing by the day. 

The Pentagon will be in your news: shake-ups, retirements, and people stepping down. Many things are happening there. The world had no idea what was going on. A cleansing has been taking place. Removals are happening now. Watch and see. And don’t be surprised when more generals leave their post and their positions of power. 

The time is getting close for everything to shake at once. Be prepared, My children, and you will not be shaken. Be strengthened by Me. I will give you rest and peace when the rest of the world looks like it is turning upside down. 

Get ready. Get prepared now, My children. My hand is moving quickly even though you don’t see it. Yet, you will. 

Stand up now against them and watch them all fall. This is your year and the time for your deliverance, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 

Timothy Dixon - Dream The Eagle has Landed #donaldtrump #nancypelosi. Arrested, - May 24, 2022

God started speaking to me saying it’s near the next days that’s coming will expedite the bringing in of the harvest. Before they were handcuffed they were inside the senate chambers and about 40 or 50 men officers came inside and they looked on Nancy’s and the look that was on Nancy’s face was she was she was completely horrified she was shocked she had no idea that this was coming and I knew that in the dream. She was you know she’s in a place know about everything but this she had no idea it was coming and. A lot of the politicians with Nancy they were totally unprepared for this raid there was a special ops uh people. I don’t know what branch they were from or nothing but I know there was dressed in like military special ops gear like a riot squad or a slot. And they had been planning this to take the White House back I was being transported back and forth in time. Because now I was back outside watching these special ops men and women coming up the capitol from all points. I knew they were covering all points of a way to escape then they stormed the building. They were cerebral agents FBI agents that was being arrested because they had a part of the taking of America.

Then I traveled back to a command center on a military base close to DC. I then said there will I then said they will fall in a day. I was re re-quoting something the Lord had already told me and you’re remembering the word of the Lord that spoke saying in one day they will fall. Then when I looked out across the front of the capitol and looked up in the air. Because I had heard the sound of a helicopter there was a man standing close by that had a radio communication when I heard coming over his radio inbound marine one inbound marine one it was saying. I was thinking at this point of all the words of the Lord of the dreams and the visions of telling of this very thing that was taking place right before my eyes. I knew that President Trump was on marine one fixing to land at the White House. I also knew in my dream that President Trump had no idea that this was going to turn out this way because it was hid from him as well but most of the administrations was just hauled off in a vehicle. But they were being replaced and there was a little space there that the White House the capitol it was people was being pulled out. And I knew that there was going to people come in it it’s going to take their place. It was absolutely breathtaking watching this take place.

Then the word of the Lord came to me and spoke and said stand still stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. For what you’ve seen in this dream this night is soon to come stand firm upon your grounds do not waver stand for you are my mouthpiece to the world. Speak what I have given you do not worry in the changes do not worry of the aftermath. Do not worry of the outcome. Speak what I had told you and then I woke up thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus, hallelujah, hallelujah!!!

Julie Green - DARKNESS WILL TURN TO LIGHT - May 24, 2022

For I, the Lord, this day confirm My Word to My children. I say to you I have been moving behind the scenes to deliver this Nation from the hands of the wicked. I will prove to this world who I am once and for all. My Words are spirit, and they are life, so say the words I need you to say today. The chains will fall off. Prison doors will open wide. Torments will disappear. The waters will part in your favor. Every wall in your way will crumble before you. I am working on your behalf to completely deliver this world from the evil demonic system that has enslaved you. Your enemies can never defeat Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Earthquakes will increase but do not fear. This is shaking the ground beneath your enemies’ feet, destroying their power and the plans they made against you. I am aiming destruction at the things they have made and designed against you. 

Medical labs will be destroyed. Yes, you will hear of labs burning and destroyed by different types of weather as well as man-made designs to depopulate and create havoc to shut this world down. Every man-made scheme to take over this world and its system will be destroyed. 

Another bioweapons lab will be discovered, and it, too, will be destroyed. 

Moves are being made right now by a great military working to destroy the wicked. Plans are in place, the final advancements are being made, and preparations are underway to take back freedom and all that has been stolen. 

Most people know 2020 was stolen. Yes, of course, but you will soon find out how they had been doing these things under your noses and below the radar for years. In 2020, they were so desperate that they overplayed their hands and got caught. 

But Lord, nothing has been done about it. They won, and they are in control, destroying everything they touch. My children, I will ask you this. What makes you think that I didn’t allow this to take place so your enemies would get more bold and arrogant for Me to move for their final takedown? They have been caught red-handed in everything they have done, in more things you don’t even yet know about. 

A whistleblower will come forward with more evidence regarding 2016 and how they tried to steal that one, and more evidence will come out in regards to the 2020 election, the virus, and more. Your enemies are very sloppy, and in their arrogance, proof has been collected all over the place for their heinous crimes and acts against you. 

I told you and warned you there would be riots in the streets surrounding Roe versus Wade. Now you will see why they do that, how they were paid, who paid them, and what was behind this whole thing. Remember, things are not how they appear to be. I am opening up all the doors to show you what has been done. 

I will move My hand against those who caused these riots, and they will not do what your enemies so desired them to do, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

A major forest fire is about to break out of California, set on purpose as a distraction as more information is about to be released by Durham. I told you he has many nuclear truth bombs, and they are about to be released one after another. Get ready for your enemies to try and cause more unrest that won’t work. I have said before, their days are coming to an abrupt end. 

Cargo ships and containers: watch. Another one will get stuck. Evergreen is its name. 

Monkeypox: do not fear. It won’t go the way they wanted it to go. Speak it to fall. Rebuke it in the Name that is above every name, the Name of Jesus. Every knee has to bow to that Name. 

Sliders: this word will be used in your headlines for a very unusual reason. 

Stealth mode will be used in your news. Listen to what they are saying about it and what they have come up with. 

Polynesia: will be in your news. Look to see what has taken place on these islands. 

Osaka: this location will be in your news for the destruction your enemies want to cause because of things that are hidden there, the proof of things in there they want to be removed. But like all of their plans, it will not work. 

A weather phenomenon will take place in the African continent, and it will be reported as unusual and severe. 

Capernaum: this name will be in the news for a discovery that has been found that will be significant. 

Elizabeth Warren: truth is coming for you. Exposures are about to be heard regarding the secrets you have been hiding. Your party is stabbing you in the back to save the innermost circle. Judgment is hitting you, Elizabeth. You turned your back on Me and refused to repent. You chose the side of death and destruction, and you will pay for all eternity in a place I never wanted you to go, saith the Lord. 

Israel: your enemies are about to strike violence against you, but remember who I am. I am your protector. Do not fear. They will not get what they want, saith the Lord. 

Oh, United States: do not fear what they say they are going to do against you. Do not fear the markets. I told you before what the crash was for; to destroy their power, their control over you, their financial hold over this world that I am now destroying. 

In the coming days, watch the color blue. This party is falling apart. A civil war is breaking out, and they will turn more against each other to save themselves. I told you this before: the ones they stood beside, they thought could be trusted. They are now realizing they can’t be. You will see them turn on one another in these days of exposure and judgment. 

I told you another Snowden is coming, and the information they hold is enough to bring all your enemies down. Blueprints, I say again. Video, audio, everything needed has been collected and will be shown to the world. 

Mitch McConnell will be in the news but not for what you think. Death is about to come to him but not before the truth is revealed of how deep he was in the evil schemes against this Nation. Treason will be his end. 

Keep watching Hillary Clinton fall. More substantial evidence will come out and will be the final blow to her once and for all. The world will see her end is treason. Judgment has been passed down, and she has not gotten away with anything. She will pay dearly for her crimes. 

Hunter, Hillary, “the Biden,” Kamala Harris: their party is turning on them. They are too hard to keep propped up. So a great fall will take place, a domino effect, you would say. One will fall, and the rest will follow. 

Chuck Schumer is about to come out and say very bold statements. Listen to what he is saying. Know his mouth is about to be shut, and he’s about to be silenced.  

“Half-hearted:” this phrase will be in the news to describe “the Biden” when he speaks about this Nation. No one believes he is really in control, and more countries will come out and say it without fear. 

My children, your enemies can’t hide their failures anymore. Their walls and protection are gone now. 

A sign of this: an underwater earthquake will take place, followed by a tsunami warning. Pay attention to where this is happening. It’s not an accident. 

Unusual weather will continue to be seen on the east coast of your land, oh, United States. Unusual weather events will strike their capital one after another. Yes, I said their capital. Soon you will see where I have always planned yours to be, oh, United States, and your rightful president will take residence there. 

The world is about to see “the eagle has landed.” This will be a phrase all will hear, and all will see his mighty return sooner than you think, for darkness will turn to light in the coming days. 

2022 shall be known as a great year for great celebrations the world will enjoy. 

It’s all about to take place soon, very soon. A great restoration will take place in this Nation and the other nations of this world as well. Rejoice, My children. The enemies you see today you will never see again, saith the Lord your Redeemer.

Timpthy Dixon - Prophetic Word of the Lord to President Donald Trump and Melani ANY DAY ALL AT ONCE - May 20, 2022

… .


For I, the Lord, this day am telling My children to stand strong, to stand firm. Do not waver, and do not quit. Yes, what you see before you is almost over. It’s about to change, so don’t be moved by what you see and hear. The great I AM is here for you now. Call upon Me, and I will answer thee. Knock, and the door shall be opened unto you. 

These days the enemies you see you will never see again. I am fighting for you, and they will all fall to destruction, for judgment and justice is being served by Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

I have seen the affliction of My people. I have heard your cries, and I am moving to save and deliver you in ways you couldn’t imagine how good, how magnificent it will all soon be for you. I am not standing here watching them prosper against you. No, I have said in My Word no weapon formed against you shall prosper. These days you will see everything change before you in ways you never thought possible. Everyone will know it was only the Great I AM that could have caused all of this to happen in that way. Yes, it could only have been done by Me. 

I love My children, and I love My creation. Satan will not destroy it, and no matter the man, the company, no amount of money will change it. Your Victory is guaranteed, and so are your enemies’ defeats, saith the Lord. 

Haverston: again, I say this name will be in your news, and the reason why will surprise you. 

Obligatory: this word will be in your news. Your enemies will try to push more restraints on you but do not bow. Rise up, and let them know you won’t comply to a lie, saith the Lord of Hosts. George Soros will be in your news. A whistleblower will blow the lid off all things being hidden; Soros’s money and what he has done to cause chaos and destruction. Riots and protests will be shown to all have been staged, paid for by him, and hidden in some companies. Certain funny money and offshore accounts will prove all he had his hands in. Again, I say he will lose it all; his power, wealth, and influence. Treason will also be written on him for all eternity, and all who are connected to him will have the same fate, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Commonwealth: this word will be in your news. This location is important, and significant things happen and begin to be seen in this area. 

Madison Cawthorn: your enemies have thrown everything they could at you to destroy you. But I will have the final say in your life. Trust Me and stand on My Word. Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord. I will avenge you for what they have done, and it will not stand before you and win. I will fight for you. Truth will come out about how they sabotaged you, and what was stolen from you will be given back. Don’t give up on Me now, Madison. I have not forsaken you. I will make things right. Keep moving forward and do what I need you to do. I will give you the strength and courage to do it. Do not be moved by what happened to you. I will change it all. I have anointed and appointed you for this hour, and what I have for you will bless you beyond all measure. Just focus on Me. I will show you where to go and what to do. I will put more people in your path to help you. Know this, Madison, you are special to Me, and the world will know that you are My son and will know only I could do what is about to take place in your life, saith the Lord your Redeemer.  

Ezekiel: this name will also be in your news. Stunning discoveries and exposures will tell a story they didn’t want told. Many things are about to be unearthed they thought they had deeply buried, but I am moving My hand to uncover it all, saith the Lord. 

The Atlantic Ocean will continue to be in your news – cargo ships, wars they wanted, weather, submarines, earthquakes, and tsunamis. Many things will be shaking the waters and cleansing them of what they were doing against you underwater. 

A senator is about to be hospitalized for an unknown reason, but I will let the world know what they are trying to hide. 

Riots, unrest, fires, chaos: oh yes, they will threaten. They will plan to do this as I have told you before. What they want won’t matter. Life wins. They planned chaos. It will turn to nothing when I move My hand. Watch the weather become even more unusual. Things will take place where they wanted to fill the streets. 

My children, you can stop them with the Name that is above every name, the Name of Jesus, and with His blood. Pray and plead the blood in your nations, in your cities, and in your streets. The ones I tell you to anoint; the streets and say what I tell you to say. The same thing goes for the shortages. I told you they wanted to do this. Speak multiplication, overflow, more than enough, and you will never be without. I am Jehovah Jireh, your provider, so do not complain, do not fear, and do not give in like they want you to. Speak victory and speak life. I will give you what to say and when. 

So heed My words, My children. You will not go without. Get in My Word. Build up your faith about who I am and what I have done for you, My children. In My Word, I am no respecter of persons. So shout their defeat. Shout to their walls, their laws, their plans, their chaos, their sicknesses. Shout out to them. Call them down. Call them to nothing. I have given you the authority on this Earth to do it. 

This coming silence, darkness, shortages, and crashing markets is for their destruction and for pulling down their world system that was designed to enslave you. Stop giving them your peace and joy. I will provide, protect, avenge, deliver, and restore more in this day than in times past. So receive My peace and joy now, and in these coming days, you will not be moved, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

I tell you again, My children, pursue, overtake, and recover all that has been stolen from you. Pursue your enemies instead of them pursuing you. Change the direction of this war. Take back control and take back authority on this Earth. Your days of victory are here to stay, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 


… .


… .


For I, the Lord, this day have considered the stars in the heavens and the works of My hand that I created for you to enjoy. I have seen the destruction your enemies have caused and what they intended to cause, but nothing they have done has gotten past Me, saith the Lord.

I am moving My hand to replenish, restore, and make new everything they damaged on this Earth; the financial system, your bodies, your food supply, your schools, churches, and everything they have done to enslave, control, manipulate, and destroy. I am wiping it out like it never existed. 

I know, My children, that seems too good to be true or too hard to believe, but I will show you how good I am and how much I love each and every one of you. I am the same God in the Bible that delivered so many and set the captives free. I healed, delivered, and I am still the same God, no matter how your situation or the circumstances in your life may appear to be right now. I am good, and I am your Father that will never leave you nor forsake you, no matter what your enemies want you to believe.

Soon they will see My hand move in ways no one thought I would or could. Shock waves will hit worldwide. How abrupt things will change. I am here to deliver, and soon you will see that is true. Your enemies are being stopped, destroyed, and annihilated by Me, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Hezekiah Walker: this name will be in your news. This location is something to keep paying attention to.

Isabel: this name will also be in your news.

Artificial intelligence will be in your news. Look what they are saying now. They are desperately grasping at straws, you would say. Nothing, and I mean nothing, will come of what they are saying. Smokescreens and distractions are all they have to use, and it won’t work any longer, saith the Lord. 

Istanbul will be in your news again. Major eruptions are taking place in many countries around the world. Unrest has broken out everywhere, and more will be reported on in more nations like this.

Rabid: this word will be in your news. This word will be used to describe people and how they are not handling circumstances surrounding them. 

A well-known hospital will be in major headlines. Listen and see what they are saying is breaking out in this place. Things are being done on purpose right now to cause mass hysteria they think will happen, but it won’t. A leak by a whistleblower will take place and show the world who planned it and how they did it.

Bacterial infections will be in the headlines all across a certain state. A breakout that has doctors baffled, you would say. But yet, again, the truth will slip out, and this nation will know where it came from, saith the Lord. 

Augustana: this name will be in your news, and this location will also be important in the coming days. 

Just watch out how fast prophecy fulfillment is able to come to pass.

Caribou: this name will be in your news. Things are breaking out everywhere, My children, to show you things aren’t normal. Manipulations are being made in every walk of life to disrupt everything to cause chaos. These are the days your enemies want to cause as much chaos as possible to save themselves from what is about to take place against them. 

A disturbance in the atmosphere has taken place, and soon the world will see it all—the lies, the manipulation, the thievery, the arrogance, how fake they all are. 

An eruption is about to break out in Hollywood. Another incident will occur. A civil war, it seems, has broken out everywhere in this community- one person against another. They try to hide things from the world, but a whistleblower will expose the truth, and many will fall. Many will pay for the crimes they have committed against this Nation and the little children. 

A movie set will be in question. An incident has taken place that is far worse than it originally appeared to be, but it will all be revealed what they wanted to keep hidden.

Azrael: this name will be in your news. Look to see who is referencing this name. A cover-up will be squashed, and exposures will continue to pour out everywhere. There is more to this that will be revealed. 

Haggar: this name will also be in your news. Look for it. Again, I say to you, My children, I am giving you all these signs to encourage you that I am in control, saith the Lord.

The Appalachian Mountains will be in your news yet again. Things that are taking place are no accident, but nothing they have been hiding will stay hidden any longer. They will not keep standing against Me and think they will get away with it. They will soon know that for a fact I always win, saith the Lord of Hosts.

The Eastern seaboard will continually be in your news. Many actions will be taking place in those states. 

Yes, My children, military might is moving faster in this time for your freedoms, oh United States. Don’t give in or give up now. Your freedoms are right around the corner, and I wanted to tell you this to encourage you this day. You win, and your enemies lose.

Watch! Wind and waves will continue to be reported on how unusual they are. Unusual things are taking place right now because I am shaking everything, My children, to let the enemies know no matter what they are hiding in My oceans, it will not stay hidden. No, I will shake them to their core to show the world what was hidden underwater, saith the Lord. 

Unstable: this word will be used to explain this fraudulent government and the actions they are taking against this Nation and the nations around the world. Yes, your enemies are unstable because the ground is shaking beneath their feet to swallow them up whole. Their plans will never work against Me, and the world will soon know it.

Blueprints will be in your news. Many have been found, and many whistleblowers have these in their possessions to show the world how your enemies caused the biggest coup in human history, and every single person and every country involved will be known. Yes, you will see many blueprints that will surface that your enemies had no idea anyone else had access to, let alone get a copy of. I blocked this from your enemies to secure the people who have this information to shield and protect them until this time where all of this will be seen by the world, and your enemies can’t do anything about it, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

The Smithsonian will continue to be in your news, one scandal after another, and more things hidden in those places will all be exposed.

Shaw: this name will also be in your headlines.

Many countries in Africa will be in the news. Listen to what has been going on there. A corruption so heinous will be exposed, transporting of children, yes. These transportation facilities are being destroyed, people are being detained, and the children are being set free. Again I say, My vengeance is against all who are holding the children hostage. I will free all the children and heal them of the damage they have received from being held captive. I will restore everything that has been stolen from them, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

The Israeli Army will be in your news. They stopped an invasion from taking place, but My hand was there with them during this, when actions their enemies and the world were making against Israel. Your enemies thought they could sneak into this Nation to cause utter destruction and chaos. That’s never going to happen when they are up against Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Turkey: this country will be in your news. Truth is breaking out all over this world.

An Iranian leader will be in your news. Death has come to him. Judgment has hit his home, and there will be more like him in the coming days. This is the season of the Great Harvest. They are all reaping what they have sown upon this Earth.

Zelensky: your days are numbered in Ukraine. You will not stay in your position of power. My hand is moving against you, and the world will know for a fact what a snake and a liar you are. You have tried to deceive the whole world, but truth will expose you and your treason. Treason will be your end. You caused your Nation destruction and chaos. You worked with the fraudulent government of the United States of America to destroy that Nation as well. And you wanted to cause genocide to the world’s population. You thought no one would find out all the things hidden in your Nation of Ukraine, but you have been infiltrated, Zelensky. There are people who know everything, and you will pay a high price, and the world will see your judgment take place, saith the Lord of Hosts. 

These are the days for destruction and chaos to hit your adversaries, one after another. Their destruction will be great.

My children, these are the days to enjoy. I will give back everything, and you will soon see this for yourselves. I am The Great I AM, and I am here to completely set you free. I will leave nothing out, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 


For I, the Lord, this day am letting you know, My children, I am in control and in charge of the host of angels that have been dispersed all over the Earth to protect and avenge you in this hour. I am moving My hand, and My angel armies have been at war in the heavenlies against principalities, powers, and rulers of the air. That war has been raging, and you didn’t even know about it. It brought down those strongholds that have been propping up your enemies for centuries.

Yes, the power they had been given to enslave this world, how smart the population they thought with such pride and arrogance. Their hearts were hardened, and they were allowed to keep pursuing you, My children, to entrap them in their ultimate destruction. 

Your enemies have no idea what is about to happen to all of them and all of their plans. They will experience defeat and destruction like never before. They will not be able to regroup and try again to regain power. I have stripped their power away, and everything they hold dear will be lost to them.

The desires of all nations are coming in the days you are living in. I am ripping away all financial prosperity they once had that they chose to love even over their own family members. Many have sold their souls to the devil himself, and they will pay for that for all eternity, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Stalemate: this word will be used to explain what is going on with your enemies and their plans against you- what they are trying to do to pass new laws out of anger and revenge. Just look and see what I do to stop their actions. They will not get away with their war on life. Roe versus Wade will be overturned whether they like it or not. No matter their words or their plans, they will come to nothing. Your enemies do not represent this Nation or the people of this Nation because they stole their way into power. 

The Angel of death is moving across the enemy’s camps. Soon you will see and hear more of them dying. Judgment is hitting them now.  

Look at what they will come out and act like in public. They are losing their minds. Some of them, yes. You are about to hear another congressman died suddenly and then a senator old and new, saith the Lord.  

The more they push back at Me, the more they will fail in front of the world. They will stumble, fall, and be humiliated. Again, what they wanted for you were death and destruction, and that is what is happening to most of them now.

Hypocrisy: this word will be used to describe your enemies in the news. Listen for this word. What they are using it in regards to speaks volumes. 

They will all soon have egg on their faces; you would say—an embarrassment of all the lies they are being caught in, saith the Lord of Hosts.

A king will be in your headlines. All the things they never wanted to reach the public’s attention will. Scandals they will also be enveloped in. Oh, yes, these are the days many leaders will fall by their own sword, saith the Lord. 

This is the time and the season for them to reap what they have sown.

Penelope: this name will be in your news. Look at what is being mentioned. This is not by accident. There is more to this story that will be revealed.

Roman: this name will also be in your news. Exposures will continue to destroy their plans and their narrative, saith the Lord.

Chuck Schumer: I will say again, your days are numbered for your arrogance and your pride. You pursued My children and My nation without ceasing, so you will fall like the Pharaohs of old, just like the ones that surround you in this day. You will not get what you so desire, and you will pay for your actions for all eternity. You hardened your heart and refused to repent, so you will pay for every one of your treasonous acts. The world will see your judgment take place, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Adam Schiff: you opened your mouth with defiance against Me once again. You were warned, and you ignored My command. You refused to obey and turn back from your wicked ways. You have sown so much destruction and chaos, so now you shall receive that in your own life. Truth will flood this Earth that you will not be able to escape. Truth exposing you and all your lies and what and who you were hiding behind. Your judgment will be great, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Freemasons: truth shall fill this Earth with who they really are and what they have done. This secret society has been infiltrated by Me. Each person still belonging to or connected to this society will be charged for all their treasonous and heinous crimes against this world. Every corporation or business you hid behind or used will be exposed as well. Every monument, temple, plan you erected or plotted against this Nation or any nation for that matter, I will destroy. It will all be like it never existed. You will also pay for all eternity, each and every one of you. You thought all your secrets were safe, but none of them were safe with Me. I see all, and I know all. I am the judge over all the Earth, and judgment will befall you never to regain your strength or power again, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Elizabeth Warren: how dare you stand in front of this Nation and speak those absurd words as if you had some type of power to stop life and the blessing of this Nation. You will be utterly exposed for every crime you have committed against this Nation. You will pay dearly for all eternity. Treason will also be written on you for all eternity, and your time is about to expire here on Earth, and the world will also see your judgment take place, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Nazarene: this word will be in your headlines. Look to see what is being said. There is more than it appears to be, but again, I say all will be revealed.

Wiseman: this name will be in your news, and this location is also important. More exposures will continue to come out of this place. 

Purposeful: this word will be in headlines to explain a certain event. Look for it and listen to what is said next. Remember, I am telling you this before you see this in the news, saith the Lord.

Seals will be in your headlines, and the location is not an accident.

Stealth: this word will be in your headlines to describe an incident of your enemies and what they were trying to do without anyone noticing. That technology will also be mentioned.

Daingerfield: this word will be in your headlines. Remember, locations are important.

A major food processing company will be in your news. Scandals will plague this corporation like never before. So much has been covered up that is now being released, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Bank scandals will be in major headlines. The banks have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar, you would say. Massive cover-ups, scandals, manipulation, and thievery. You name it, these banks did it, and a major whistleblower is about to expose it all, and these banks will get hit one right after another, and they will lose everything they hold dear. I said before, the desires of all nations shall come in, and all the silver and gold is Mine, and what they have done to them can’t be done anymore.

A new banking system and a new way to live are about to shock the world how fast things can change for your good.

A major player on Wall Street will be exposed, and that is the first domino to fall, but it definitely won’t be the last. Many will fall and be exposed in this hour. They played with people’s lives and manipulated markets. Designed schemes to bankrupt so many and cash in big time for themselves. These are the days for big players to fall, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Hillisburg: this name will be in your headlines. Damage and destruction you will hear about but remember, My children, do not fear. I will protect you, saith the Lord.

These are the days of your deliverance, and no one will stop them from coming to pass. Receive what I have for you this day, freedom, deliverance, healing, wholeness, and restoration, saith the Lord your Redeemer. 


For I the Lord this day and bigger than your enemies and any plans they have come up with. I have created this earth and I will not allow them to take it over and destroy it. They don’t have that kind of power even though they think. They do soon they will realize who they are up against and they are no match for Me, saith the Lord of hosts. These are the days of their destruction the death of their plans. At the same time the days for the rebirth of a nation revival to fill the streets My glory. To fill this earth like never before an awakening has begun in My children and you are arising to fulfill your assignments on this earth. You will feel more alive in a way you have never felt before and a freedom you have never experienced. I am Jehovah I am your provider and I have already provided everything you need in this hour to succeed to be victorious. And nothing your enemies have done or are planning to do will stop that.

I do sit in the heavenlies and laugh that they, your enemies, think they can outsmart Me and overturn My will upon this earth. They are a joke in My sight and they will all be brought to nothing just like the one who has given them power who is satan. I stripped him of his power and that includes anyone he uses My children. The world will soon see that I have and will always have the final say. A major news story will break out of Canada. I information has been uncovered regarding your leaders and exposures will take place on a scale never seen before or experienced in your country. Canada I am moving to free your country and I will bring your enemies down and others that I love. The others that love me will take their places of power once you see the United States securely delivered and reborn. Remember that is for you and your nation as well Canada you will work closer with the United States than ever before. Because there will be no interference from the world leaders who never wanted that relationship between your nations. But I will bring more uniting of many nations in this hour, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Constantine this name will be in your headlines and it will be used to describe a world leader who was has turned from his wicked ways and has come to Christ unexpectedly. He is a joke this phrase will be in headlines all over the place to describe the Biden in his administration that’s about to be plagued with one scandal after another. His cognitive function will take a drastic turn far worse than you see now his numbers will continue to crumble. And so will any policies in any law they continue to pass or any destruction they try to cause to this great nation. That destruction will come back on them. Because these are the days of Haman that I’ve said so many times before. A sickness will plague Washington DC. This sickness will be reported on that is being passed around it seems like to them that is just one of many plagues that will hit this area, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Continue to watc the Solomon Islands a major eruption politically will break out in civil war. And it may appear to be there is more to this story and it will be revealed by Me, saith the Lord. Sanctions this fraudulent government will use against Russia to break them and to stop more information from pouring out of that country that will destroy the supposed government. Oh yes, Putin is sitting on more information than they originally thought he had. So now your enemies are trying to do anything to stop him from releasing such information. They will over play their hand and give themselves away more in this hour of truth, saith the Lord. The world will see more and more how fraudulent and incapable these people are to do anything right. They’re not even good liars. They try to have poker faces you would say with their bluffs but the world will see right through their lies and their plans all their plans will suddenly stop working. There is an awakening across this world that your enemies cannot stop and it’ll be the death of their One World Government in this hour, saith the Lord of Hosts.

You will soon see more countries with people in these nations revolting against their unruly governments. People are fed up all over this world that their freedoms are being trampled upon. They will stand up against their own governments. More and more you will also see more American flags arise across the nations in bold defiance to their own country that they want. The freedom Americans have a revolt your news stations will call it. But I call it Revival, an Awakening, saith the Lord. More explosive information some will call it regarding the Supreme Court. A civil war is breaking out in the highest court of the land and more sabotages blackmail and threatening will be released to the public. I told you these are the days of the whistleblowers two supreme court justices their days are numbered for being on that court their power is being stripped away by Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. For their defiance and the destruction and chaos they have caused this nation audio and video is about to service showing the world who they really are and treason will be their end.

Sabotage this word will be in multiple headlines in the coming days. Look for this My children and see what they are talking about and remember. I am the Lord and everyone will come down from their places of power and will be judged. Sweltering this word will be in your news to describe the temperatures people will feel worldwide. Unusually hot especially for certain countries who don’t experience this kind of heat. It will last longer and grow tiring for some. Remember this phrase, “things are heating up” and your adversaries won’t be able to handle the heat and the pressure that is coming for them. Something big is about to erupt and take place, saith the Lord.

The Mediterranean Sea will be back in your news listen for not only what is going on there but who is saying it. They are desperately trying to start wars to try to hide what is there. But it will be uncovered anyway and shown to the rest of the world watch. More cargo ships as they will be in the news there is definitely more going on with those ships that is being told. But the truth will be leaked to a major news station that will actually tell this story. Watch out children of almighty God things are heating up in more ways than one. Catastrophe this word will be in many news stories all over the place look and pay attention to these locations. Hidden things they didn’t want found but were found anyway. Big players in certain political parties are about to be exposed. Hold on My children this is just the beginning of the truth destroying their narrative and many will be removed from where they are now. They thought they were safe because of where they sit and the power they thought they had and actually were not. Fragrance, listen for this word it’ll be used to describe something unusual in the news unusual things are taking place everywhere. This phrase will be in your news pay attention to which locations. They are emphasizing that is no accident explosive information will be uncovered and will take place in these locations, saith the Lord.

Charlize Theron will be in major headlines.  Look to what is being told or being said I told you more would be uncovered in Hollywood children are about to be set free in this hour. This is just the beginning of destroying your enemies underground world to transport children. No, I’m causing chaos in those places with more people discovering these locations in stopping their plans. Arrests are being made more in number than are being reported on right now. But I will let all of it out soon for the world to hear some of these will be found in Ukraine. Yes, I told you this country’s government is hiding many things from the world. And the money they were given was not for the people, but to hide these things from the world including what they have been doing to the little children and where they are hiding them will be exposed. I am moving My hand in vengeance to save the children from heinous crimes against them, saith the Lord of Hosts.

These are the days of freedom and retroactive restorations my children you never thought possible these are the days of Elijah dry bones will soon come alive again, saith the Lord your redeemer.

Julie Green - NUCLEAR TRUTH BOMBS ARE COMING - May 6, 2022

For I the Lord this day am showing this world who I am really is gross darkness has been filling Earth. To destroy My light, destroy freedom, destroy joy, faith, peace, your health, and well-being. Your enemies have been acting like they are gods manipulating your lives in every way they can to stop you from knowing the truth. So they can enslave you in every way possible to have more power and more money. Your enemies truly believe this earth belongs to them and it absolutely does not. This earth I have created for My children but your adversary is using the world leaders to try to steal it from you children of almighty God. Again I remind you your adversary cannot create anything but he does manipulate and destroy using people to do it. That is where these world leaders are getting their power. But remember whose power is greater it’s not theirs but mine. And I live on the inside of you My children and I am greater than anything you see or anything you face, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Havana this name will be in your news. This location is important and more truth will be exposed hidden. Events have been taking place that I the Lord am exposing in this hour of judgment in the great Exodus, saith the Lord. Lindsey Graham I have given you the opportunity to do the right thing your door is closing in this time of repentance. So do it now or judgment will hit your house, saith the Lord  of Hosts. Eccle, this word and name will be in your headlines. Look for it this is another sign to you that I am in control. Chris Wallace this name will be in major headlines. He has been a part of major scandals and a whistleblower will come forward with the truth and the proof. He will no longer stay in his position and judgment will hit him and justice will be served for the crimes he committed against this nation. Treason will be written on him for all eternity, saith the Lord.

Brianna Kelar truth shall find you and expose you for who you really are. You thought you were safe and protected for the job you have done and the lies you have told. They said you’d be safe but you are not evidence will leak out you were caught on a hot mic saying things they didn’t want known to the public. You are falling to save others they think but all of CNN will sink like that Titanic and so will everyone who took part in all the deception you forced on this nation, saith the Lord of hosts. Chuck Schumer your time is about to come to an end not only your position of power but your life. You will pay the ultimate price for your crimes and fraud on scales no one thought possible. But someone on your side you thought really wasn’t and they have everything they need to take you down once and for all. Tic Toc goes the clock and your clock is about to run out, saith the Lord.

Devin Nunes I have put you here for such a time as this you have face much adversity. But i am with you and all their threats will come to nothing I will give you greater strength revelation knowledge to destroy who is against you. I am protecting your family and no harm will come to them. So move forward My son and do what I have put you here to do. They will all fall who comes against you even when you have those days where stress tries to consume you. I will be your peace and your comforter you can complete this impossible looking task because I am with you and there is nothing impossible for me, saith the Lord your redeemer.


For I the Lord this day and moving My hand not only across this land. But the nations of this world. My will is being done on this earth and no man, or government, no amount of money, they try to use will change that fact. I’m your ava father and I’m delivering you from this mess they have created all over this earth. They will not stand against Me and win, saith the Lord of Hosts. Things that have been lurking in the shadows underground and things being done in the darkness. I’ll bring it all into the light the liars will all be exposed and justice and judgment will prevail no matter what things look like. Do not be moved by what you see or hear in the coming days it will not last and it will not stand or prosper against you, saith the Lord.

Their desire to wreak havoc, more havoc upon this earth is growing in them with their pride and arrogance. In My written word it says pride goes before destruction and a Holy Spirit before a fall. My words do not return to me void I have told you before they are reaping a great harvest of destruction. I cannot lie and I would not lie. I’m giving you all these words to give you an anchor to your souls in these hours to rise above come out an overcomer and a victor that I have already paid. For your adversary is a liar and everything he is doing will not last no matter the situation or the circumstances. You shall overcome by the blood of the lamb and by the word of your testimony, saith the Lord your redeemer. Testify or declare the truth and your freedoms and watch how quickly they come to pass your adversary will continue to lose his control over you.

The more you speak life blessing and truth out of your mouths harken this name will be in your news, exposures, scandals, will be attached to this name. Money trails will be leaked back to this person along with countless others and judgment will strike each and every one of them, saith the Lord of Hosts. Saul Alinsky I bring this name up to you again his teachings are deeply rooted in the ones who have taken over this country. His book and his dream of what he wants this country to become is what you see now in this fraudulent government’s actions. This will be brought to light who was following his methods Obama and Hillary are his greatest activists. For this man but so are many you would have never thought also would be infiltrators on the side of the blue and the red wolves jackals snakes and rats. They all be exposed and judged for every crime and all the damage to this nation of the United States of America.

But also what they have planned for the rest of this world. They are causing shortages, disinformation, sicknesses, division, fear, discord, and inflation. They are piling up as much as they can to not only break your souls, but to break you financially. They want to paralyze you with fear so you lay down and accept their New World Order. The discouragement they have caused is so great and it’s worldwide. But I am moving to remove it all and restore what has been taken from you, saith the Lord of Hosts. Operation fast and furious this scandal will be completely exposed and no longer be suppressed or covered up. There is much more to the story than once believed.

Eric Holder truth is coming for you and you will pay for the crimes you have committed against this nation. And the world treason will be written will be your end and will be written on you for all eternity, sayeth the Lord. Hepatitis, this word will be in your news more will be exposed of what is causing this and a government official will come out saying they will retire and are terminally ill from hepatitis. What they meant for you is coming on them, saith the Lord of Hosts. I will remind you again these are the days of Haman and you will continue to see them fall and endure struggles. They wanted for collapse this word will be used to describe many things going on especially with the economy. Yes, but to their news stations their businesses their plans against you will all collapse. Some people will collapse on live TV, some behind closed doors that will be leaked to the public. My eyes are watching all they have done and are doing and they are not getting away with anything, saith the Lord.

Representative Jeffries you have a lot of explaining to do for what you have done and when explosive information will be released out to the public. You are a snake and a traitor. They are letting you fall to save others in your party. Hakeem Jeffries you are being judged by Me and you will pay the ultimate price and treason will also be written on you for all eternity. Eric Swalwell you are a coward a deceiver. You lied to this nation you have been caught in bed with China in more ways than one you will be exposed fully and judgment will be your end. You are not safe no matter what they told you or how much they paid you. They are letting things fall through the cracks on purpose to let you fall for others to save the ones in the innermost circle of your party. Seacrest this name will be in your news. See what they tried to cover up and it hasn’t worked and it’s all coming out now, saith the Lord.

Solar power this will be in your news listen to what has been covered up and lied about. Your enemies never wanted clean energy or clean power it was another way to steal more from you in this hour, saith the Lord. Hypocrites this word will be used a lot to describe your enemies and what they have claimed others are doing when they’re actually doing themselves. Liars and deceivers are being exposed big time I am shutting the mouths of the liars in this hour. They will not continue to spread their narrative across this earth to bring more fear I am moving to bring more truth to set the world free from their chains. I am avenging you now My children and you haven’t seen anything yet but you will soon I have been moving for you. I am delivering you and you are being completely set free from their tyranny great days are ahead for My children, saith the Lord your redeemer.

Great days well you will shout with joy and you will, say Lord. This is like a dream how good this is and how fast it all took place you are the great I am and you do and you did come excuse Me to deliver us great celebrations are about to take place. So hold on My children it’s all about to get it’s all it’s about I’ll get it right it’s about to get very dark for your enemies and bright for you children of almighty God. My glory will surround you, protect you, and set you free, saith the Lord your redeemer.

Julie Green - IT'S ALL ABOUT TO BREAK WIDE OPEN - May 5, 2022

For I the Lord this day and reminding My children who the great I am really is. There is no bigger than I am. No test, or trial, no adversity, no enemy, or any plans they use will ever get past me and win. I know that statement some of My children are struggling with it because so many horrible things have happened on this earth. I know it does look like your enemies have done. They have gotten away with it all. But you can’t go by what things look like all your enemies will pay for their crimes here and for all eternity. Things are shaking yes things no longer appear normal., that is true. But suddenlies are about to break out in many places and things will abruptly change.

But when Lord I can’t take much more of this My children stop looking and magnifying the problems. Stop focusing on them and what they are saying and what they are doing look to Me look in My written word. Look at all that I have for you to endure to rise above and to be victorious. Yes, you can not only endure through this but I will perfect you, and strengthen you, in the midst of it as long as you trust Me. Be confident in Me and what I have promised you a rattling is taking place what was dead. Your enemies thought has come alive what is that My church, My body, your faith, your hope and trust in Me. Your authority, your freedom, and your victories. They believe they killed and destroyed all My goodness upon this earth. So they could magnify everything they were doing so you would stop believing in Me. But the opposite is actually taken place for the majority of this world. Most people are turning toward Me and My word more than ever before your enemies never thought this could or would happen.

They are losing in everything they are doing against you saith the Lord of hosts the Caspian Sea will be in your news. A major story will be reported on that is taking place on and around the sea nothing can get by Me, saith the Lord. Look at this in your news and know I did tell you this before it happened to encourage you I know all things before it takes place and I am in control. Hammer and Smith, this name will be in your news. Look at what they are saying took place and I will remind you things are not always as they seem. Jackal and Hyde will be used to explain certain leaders and government officials They appear one way, but actually are another. You will soon see and hear of the truth they have all tried to hide and you will know who they really were all along. Liars and snakes, jackals, and rats. They’re all coming out of their hiding places to receive their judgment, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Smith and Wesson will be in your headlines. A secret has been hidden a person who is in charge will answer for things that have been suppressed from the public. Scandals yes, just listen to see who has who is being exposed now, say the Lord. Not every person in every company or business is evil my children. But the ones that control the economy they put chains on many corporations to do what they wish you will hear of many companies that are about to be exposed in this hour with dirty deals they have done against the people of this nation. Including their own nations. But this is a time they will all pay for their crimes, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Top Democrat leaders and officials will be connected to heinous crimes against this nation. But some on the right will be implicated and connected to the party of the left as well. Many will have to show their faces to the world and admit guilt recharged along with being sentenced for their crimes. Oh yes, it’s all about to break wide open the journal report more information will come out explosive information will be released that can’t be denied by your fraudulent government and world leaders. This information was held back for the right time until all people were exposed and the deepest of the innermost circles infiltrated to get the full truth leaving nothing hidden or anything in secret. For I the Lord have seen it all and put people in the enemy’s camps to get everything they could to entrap every person involved with proof that can’t be refuted. A darkness is falling upon your enemies they can’t escape from, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Sandanski, this word will be used in your news again I tell you my children. Hindenburg will be used to explain what’s happening to this fraudulent government when you see. This no they’re all coming down quicker than you think, say the Lord of Hosts. Scalia this name will be in your news and truth regarding a supreme court justice’s death will be revealed. A cover-up that can’t be covered up any longer hope well this word will be in your headlines. I am giving you all of these names and location to encourage My children that everything will be okay. This name will also be in your news soon in your news. They will bring up cash and how they want things to be cashless that will be easier for everyone to help fight against the sicknesses. They will say don’t listen to such nonsense they are moving to try to take more control over the wealth of this world. I will squash their plans and take away all they have for enslaving and using the economies against the people of this world and with their Babylonian system.

Lisa this name will be in your headlines look at this location more will be reported on more doors are being open to uncover the truth that’s behind them. Eisenhower this name and location it’s also important in this hour My children. A damn is about to be in your news as you see this news break remember I told you the truth is breaking through their damn of their lives, saith the Lord. My children these are your days to shine in the midst of the darkness you will overcome outlast outmaneuver your enemies in every way. I have given you this ability your time on this earth has come to receive all that I have for you saith the Lord your redeemer.


For I the Lord this day am telling My children to look ahead and not behind move on from the things in your past that are keeping you from a great future and a good life that I have in store for you. Remember when you come to Me and repent. I choose not to remember your sins and you are washed and cleansed with the blood of Jesus as if you have never sinned. This does not give you authority to go and do whatever you want. But this just shows you that everything your adversary tells you and beats you down daily with sin consciousness. He is an accuser of the brethren, and remember he is a liar. And he’s a thief and he’s trying to deceive you out of what’s rightfully yours Jesus’s blood doesn’t just cover up your sins it washes you as white as snow you have been made righteous through Christ Jesus I will not allow your adversary to run your lives with constant lies and deception. That’s why I have given you My written word and the truth shall set you free from this captivity. From his captivity excuse me nothing is over in your life until you win I will not let defeat consume you when Jesus paid for your victory.

Cape Canaveral will be in your headlines. There is more to the story than is being led on to believe things are not how they appear here and it will be exposed, saith the Lord. Fort Hood will be in your news. News will break out on an incident that is taking place there another situation where their false truth is being hidden for now. But all will come to light explosive information will come out in truth regarding and surrounding Desert Storm. They try to keep hidden the real purpose of this war. But I the Lord will expose every evil scheme and dirty deal. I have mentioned this family before and I will mention them again the Bush family. They will be fully exposed on who they really are and what societies they belong to and how they are puppets of the elites and how they have done many things to sabotage this nation. To fall to its knees so the one World Government could be formed. Anyone who took part in this with them will to be revealed saith the lord of hosts judgment will take place for each and every one of them.

My children every war was planned. They didn’t happen by chance or by accident there were plans for each one to manipulate money, countries, food supplies, markets, and everything they could to do. To take power in that time where the world was consumed with fear of war and they your enemies did not care how many lies were lost and how much damage they caused. All over this world as long as I got what they wanted with each war. They are doing this again now in so many different countries look here pay attention to this direction. So they could distract the world so you don’t see what they were really up to a tactic. They have used for so many years that I am stopping with my hand, saith the Lord of Hosts.

The Longer burger company will be in your news and listen to what has happened. For I the Lord have told you there were businesses that aren’t what they seem to be. Again I say Montezuma this name will be in your news an explanation needs to be made after things that have been found. Harrisburg this name and location will be in your news for a very important reason. My children things are moving quicker than you think to change this nation catalyst this word will also be in your news. The Himalayas will be in your headlines. A major event will be reported that can’t be ignored. Macedonia this name will be in your news. A discovery has been found and more whistleblowers will come forward to reveal the truth.

Lake Superior will be in your news for something unusual. Things are unusual to get your attention my turn to let you know. I am the most high God and I am shaking things up everywhere to shake my body out of its sleep. These are the days to be awakened to take back what is yours. Lord you keep saying these things and nothing seems to be changing. My turn I am a God that cannot lie. I am giving you more than enough signs to show you that I know the end from the beginning and I am here to deliver you out of all of the hands of darkness. The truth is about to break wide open regarding what is really going on in Ukraine. Covert operations have been going on and things will be made public. What deceptive tactics have occurred for this fraudulent government to give more money to another fraudulent government to hide. What else is in that country that they want to stay hidden.

Things are heating up you would say intensifying to another level. When it will look more frustrating to some. But just know you are at the door and everything is about to suddenly change all over this world for your freedom, and for your deliverance, saith the Lord your redeemer.

Julie Green - THERE IS A SHIFT TAKING PLACE - May 3, 2022

For I the Lord this day and providing My children with the truth to set you free from everything that has enslaved you. Some of My children truly believe that I don’t care and I’m not doing anything about the destruction in their lives or the destruction going on in this earth today. That is what your adversary wants you to believe so you get discouraged, to give up, and quit on Me. But I am the Lord and I’m showing My children and the world that your adversary is a liar and his power and control is nothing in My sight. When i brought him to nothing and destroyed his power over you children of almighty God.

There is a shift happening in the atmosphere that has already begun. A shift Lord what does that mean? a shift of power a shift of this world’s economy and what belongs to you will be given back when the shift is completed. A shift of land, property, businesses, and jobs. A shift in your health and well-being, a shift in every way your adversary stole from you. I’m restoring with this great shift that is a part of the great Exodus in this hour. Things aren’t changing and changing for your good in this hour of the great shift things may appear confusing or it may appear that things are becoming worse again I tell you this in darkness and this instruction is for your enemies and not for you My children. They will shout louder in the coming days. But all they have are words that won’t go anywhere. They are getting caught and there are lies continuously in this hour of truth. Watch how so many on live TV will lose their composure have more slips of the tongue.

But just wait for the nuclear bomb of truth that is about to hit the enemy’s camps to destroy them and their narrative once and for all. The world is waking up to their lies and deception blinders are being removed and they will continue to be removed from the ones even who refuse to see. Aristotle this name will be in your news what once was believed as fact was shown to be false and the ways they wanted you to believe lens field this name will be in your news and the location is also important in this time. A famous architect will be in your news look at what has happened to what they created. This is a sign to your enemies that everything they have designed and created for you will be destroyed too.

Ford, this company will be in your headlines things were covered up. But now will be revealed. Down goes the dominoes this phrase will be in your headlines. Major dominoes are falling that will start a domino effect for the elites and the one world leaders, merits that have been given to certain people will be in question when the truth is revealed what these people have done. Look for this in your news reports My children this trickle is now becoming a flood of truth that can’t be contained. Long Fellow this name will be in your headlines and this location will be reported on again and again you will see the significance of this location in this hour. Mark this name will be in your headlines surrounding a major controversy scandals will plague this person and their power and influence will be destroyed judgment has fallen on him in this time and justice is being served the Clintons will be in will be mentioned again another scandal is about to break wide open something they thought would stay hidden is now coming out.

Kevin McCarthy truth is coming and the world will know what side you are really on once and for all. All the wolves and sheep’s clothing will be unmasked in this hour of truth no matter what position they hold and who they say they are all the deception is being revealed, saith the Lord. A well-known general is about to make an announcement of retirement My children everything surrounding this person will be uncovered. Major news will break out of Japan. Things are definitely not how they seem and Japan will all be well with you for I will move My hand and destroy the plans of the ones who are against you, saith the Lord.  I want to read it again Japan all will be well with you for I will move my hand and destroy their plans of the ones who are against you, saith the Lord.

Piper this name will also be in your headlines. I’m stead this company will be in your news also pay attention to this location. My children in this time more will be revealed the heart of the ocean this phrase will be in your news once again. Augusta this name will also be in your news. Truth is coming out in everylocation. Michelin there is more to what you see that they don’t want to surface but this is a time that the ground is shaking beneath their feet and everything below will come to the surface and will be exposed for all the world to see. The truth surrounding Disney will continue to pour out this is just the beginning for their sorrows that will hit this monstrosity of a company they thought they were too big to be brought down. But there is nothing too big for Me, saith the Lord. More shakings are about to take place all over this world My children so rest in Me and My word. I am your protector and nothing they have planned shall harm you, saith the Lord your redeemer. 


For I the Lord this day I am giving My children a command to wake up get up take back authority to arise in the power I have already given you. I have given you everything you need in this earth to be victorious to be an overcomer in every area of your lives. I haven’t left anything out or left you help helpless or defeated. That’s what your adversary the devil will love for you to believe you have nothing that you are nothing hopeless and helpless things are too impossible too dark and too hard everything negative he will try to deceive you with. These are the days to rise higher than any adversity you’re facing nothing is too big for me or too big for you to come out and win every time. I have guaranteed your victory, saith the Lord of Hosts.

A war is raging in the atmosphere your enemies are trying so desperately to start wars and chaos across the nations. You will soon hear of more unrest throughout the world that they, the elites, are causing with Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Japan, and Taiwan. Many Arab nations will join in to help China and this fraudulent government against these nations they have already started things in and many more will try to break out in this hour. Oh yes, they are all in it so for causing so much mass chaos to break out. They can take more power over this world but it won’t work. They will try to cause wars but they won’t get that far. My angel armies are in place all throughout this world and they are there to stop every plot and plan your enemies have come up with.

The rightful President and the rightful government are making their way back into power marching toward the finish line. All things are being strategically put into place for all of them to take their place where they all belong. Arrests have been made, yes, and more are coming. There are people that have that are detained in places you didn’t know about. People in high positions have been taken into custody. Remember what you see is a façade, a sideshow of characters playing parts in high positions of power where they don’t belong. Panic has been hitting the enemy’s camps and it continues to grow. They are becoming uncontrollable to the puppet masters yes the world leaders don’t know how to handle everything that is going wrong they will continue to throw their money in all directions thinking money solves every problem and it doesn’t I am moving my hand against them with no way to escape judgment which they will soon find out, sayeth the Lord.

Guantanamo Bay will be in major headlines and not exactly for what you are thinking but listen to the activities there more is going on there that isn’t being told to the public. A certain person will be sent there and information will be leaked on purpose. War crimes that have been answered for a war they cannot win and all of them will pay a high price for their participation in treasonous acts against this nation and the nations around the world. A major weather event is about to take place news stations everywhere will report on how unusual it is and where it is headed is no accident. Washington DC will be hit violently with storms no one thought could hit there not like this. They can’t prepare for what is about to hit that area. I told you my children buildings monuments will not stand when I move My hand New York city will also be hit by monstrous storms to cleanse that area but My children there remember this is their judgment and you are protected by Me, saith the Lord.

New York city mayor will be exposed along with the governor of new York I am wiping out their plans and the power they had over New York. I will not let them continue to hold you hostage for I and the Lord and they cannot rise up against Me and win. Gonzalez this name will be in your headlines this location is important where this is reported from. More specific information will pour out of this area in the coming days, saith the Lord. An autobiography is about to come out. Look who it belongs to. They know they are about to be exposed, so they thought the timing of their book was important to try to stop the public’s attention off of what was being revealed but it won’t work truth wins every time and no longer will be hidden or suppressed, saith the Lord. A major news story is about to break out of Canada. Canada truth will free you from the chains that hold you. An aerospace company will be in your headlines hidden things everywhere are coming to the surface and can no longer be held back. The word cannabis will be in your news for reasons you would not expect. Listen to what is being said and who is saying it.

The Sistine chapel will be in major headlines. The pope has explaining to do when these exposures come to life. I warned those in charge in Italy to turn back and repent and they refuse so judgment is hitting them. All the Rocky Mountains will be in your news. An event will take place that will be reported on. Anthony, this name will be in your headlines and exposures will be heard surrounding this name. The Biden will struggle more on live TV. Look at what he does next will give himself more away he doesn’t know where he is or how to handle the situations he will appear more lost until someone comes and saves him yet again. Not only will more surface on Hunter Biden. But it will incriminate Joe Biden more and more they are trying to take them both out at the same time very strategic attacks that on them both. Because the ones who is betraying Joe  because the one who is betraying Joe is losing his mind from what they have made him take. They have to rid themselves of the thorns in their side. Watch to see what they let come out next impeach people will scream and the 25th amendment will also be brought up.

But do not fear about Kamala My children or anyone else they will try to put in this place. They’re all falling by the moving of My hand, saith the Lord. Remember My children the supreme court justice that has been picked every law and everything that this fraudulent government has done will not stand all and I mean all will fall before your eyes like it was never there when you steal something everything you have done in the meantime is fraudulent and can’t be held up by anything. Stop the fear and know that I am bigger than anything they have or any plans that they have made. For soon you will see a great fall on TV and no, their dominoes are falling with no way to stop it, saith the Lord of Hosts. Roll out this term will be used in headlines and look to see who is using this phrase. Shout out my children you are at the great Exodus and it is at hand, saith the Lord your redeemer.

Julie Green - A GREAT SHAKING HAS BEGUN - April 30, 2022

For I the Lord am moving upon this earth in ways you can’t see or understand . Yet is the key word I will show you My plans we’re always for your good My children. I didn’t leave you without hope nor would I ever do that I am your hope upon this earth. Don’t pay attention to your enemies who are trying to make everything seem hopeless. Remember satan is a father of lies and everything he does is through a form of deception. If you know the total truth h. would have nothing to fight you with that is why in this great hour of shaking and truth being revealed like never before. Your knowledge of how much authority you have will grow like never before and you will fight back and win. It is hard for some of My children to believe anything good is going to happen. Evil is prevailing and there is nothing that can be done. Then just sit back and let them destroy your freedoms this country and the world.

My children that is simply not true and that’s the farthest thing from the truth. I am changing everything you see now for your good I am knocking down every one of your enemies from their places of power influence and putting a child of mine in those positions that belong to them. To begin with I’m not standing idly by just to let them have their way look to My word and see that I never allowed it. Then and I won’t allow it now I have allowed them to go so far to utterly destroy them once and for all their plans have never worked and they won’t work either right now. I’m sorry and they won’t now either excuse me. This is nothing new your adversary the devil was a loser then and he still is so do not sit back and just accept everything being done to you. Stand up and use your voices the power I have given to you and go get what is yours I am with you and your deliverance is at hand.

The Solomon Islands will be in your news. A weather event will take place there that is unusual to them this is another sign to you My children that things are changing everywhere. Do not fear what you see it won’t stand before Me and when the Canary Islands will be in your headlines. Listen for what took place there and what they are saying happened a Canary will come out in the open and sing for all the world. To hear the truth the name is no coincidence what will take place is another whistleblower will come and stand for what is right again . Whispering Pines will be in your news. This name in this location is no accident truth will be revealed and the liars will be caught and judgment will take place. Sri Lanka will be in your news there is more that will come out regarding this story it is not how itappears to be Snowden.

I again will say this name a whistleblower is about to blow the doors wide open on truth regarding your nation. Oh United States your freedoms are here and no one will steal what has already been paid for by Me, saith the Lord. Armageddon this word will be used to describe a situation that occurred on this earth listen to who was saying this and why it is so important all. Their plans are imploding and they can’t stop it no matter how hard they try. Tam Azuma will be in your headlines. Look to this location and information will be released that will shock this world, saith the Lord.

Chesapeake Bay will be in your headlines. A secret has been hidden there that will be revealed My children watch and see how they all start to fall just like their plans against you. Saudi Arabia will be in major headlines. An eruption will take place and it’s not what you think. My children wars raging everywhere intent intentions are high. They want to make a move to stop the truth from coming out. But they can’t for I am against them and they will not stand up against Me and survive, saith the Lord.

Harrison Ford will be in your news and My children. Remember I give you the news before the news all the time no matter what it’s about freeman . This name will be in your news and listen to the reason why. It will tell more of a story explosive information will come out exposing the Iris. Oh United States a snake pit will be found of corruption heinous acts and crimes against your nation liars. They are all are and they judged along with the Federal Reserve that was never meant to be in your land oh United States. This Babylonian system is about to crumble to the ground it will not stay this way children of almighty God. Speak to the mountains of corruption media fraudulent governments world leaders and they can’t stay where they are in the Lord.

I’m about to change the scenery of the United States soon you will see My children what this means so hold on sudden changes are about to occur. The Australian prime minister will have some explaining to do once a new story breaks out. Truth is being told and whistleblowers are coming for them all the Nasdaq will take a tumble. Oh yes, a bumpy road ahead for the ones who have manipulated and played games against you children of almighty God and the people of this world. For I have seen it all I have recorded it all and all is being exposed in this hour of judgment, saith the Lord of Hosts.

The Dow will go down from them and they will not be able to prop it up or manipulate it like they always have done. For My hand is moving against our financial system to take them down once and for all. Muhammad this name will be in your headlines. A breakout and exposures all over this world can’t be held back anymore. King Nebuchadnezzar made a fool out of himself and stood up against Me by going after My three Hebrew men. He saw the fourth man show up for them and the ones against My children. Now will see me show up for you and won’t be able to deny that I am on the throne and there is no one greater than Me, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Stonewall this name will be in your news. Listen carefully my children more and I mean so much more will be revealed I have heard the cries of My people and I am delivering you out of it all that you see and are experiencing right now. For I am the great I am My children you can and will outlast anything they have done I am giving you the ability to rise above it all receive what I have for you this day receive your victory that. I have paid for It’s yours and they can’t take it away from you. This is that time My children dreamed of I am not done with you, oh United States and I am not done with this earth. No just the ones who have enslaved you in it. I am here for your total deliverance in this time and in this year, saith the Lord.

Julie Green - IT'S TIME FOR THE WAKE UP CALL - April 29, 2022

For I the Lord this day am telling My children to arise in my strength the authority you have been given through my name in the blood of Jesus. This is a time for the wake-up call to anoint and to appoint to be used in a greater way to receive in a greater way. To take back all that is already yours that has been stolen. Arise army of the Lord not only to fight in the battle but remember this battle has already been won. You are now letting your adversary know that no matter the test trial or adversity you have endured. You have been bought and paid for with a price and he is defeated longer stand by and let him attack you in every area. Open your mouth and speak My words that will crush him and his attacks against you. No matter how impossible dark horrendous torturing. Just know I will heal deliver and set you free from it all, saith the Lord your redeemer.

Take action in this hour learn to walk in love despite how you feel. Let My presence fill your souls in your atmosphere. I will expel the darkness against you love destroys hate and every weapon of your adversary. Why do you think he has caused so much division hatred strife and anger. So you can’t receive and can’t be set free in that condition your adversary knows that’s how he can control you. But when you know his ultimate plans and know how to use a power that lives in you that has already destroyed his power over you. Then you can win every time and that’s the way I’ve always intended you to live, saith the Lord.

Whispering Pines this will be in your headlines exposures scandals dirty deals no matter where they try to conceal them. All is being revealed major breaking news will come out of Connecticut. Truth is winning no matter what your enemies are trying to do to stop it all is coming to a close sooner than you think My children. This is bigger than you realize and it took Me time to move to deliver to set you free. This was not only a natural war this was a spiritual war and natural things were affected rejoice your most high God always wins and gives you the victories, saith the Lord.

Wonderment will be used to describe what I’m about to do for this world. That no man could dream of but I the Lord am doing to deliver you. No, I am bigger than you know and I am on your side children of all mighty God twitter will be in the news again. But not for what you think a scandal will be leaked and exposures will be heard people will fall for the crimes. They have committed hashtags will be in the news hashtags Lord. Willie yes, look and see what is being said everything that seems to be innocent wasn’t innocent at all serendipity this word will be used to describe incidents that will take place I told you My children I am in control and I am delivering you from everything you see.

Don Lemon will be exposed once again. But this time he is in too deep and there is no way out of this one for him. Watch and fall but will take others with him, saith the Lord. The United Kingdom parliament will be in your news. Every country is being cleansed lies are being exposed and many people will fall. A well-known person in the urn will fall to exposures in the coming days and another one will suddenly die. Key people that were used by the elites big pharma and big business will start to step down retire or will die. But know this My children all are being judged by Me, saith the Lord.

Another controversy will arise around the star-spangled banner they are continuing their efforts to erase this song from this country’s history. They hate it and what it stands for it stands for the lives that fought the ones that died and for that very thing your enemies are trying to steal from you it’s freedom. But they don’t have the power to take something away that I have given to you My children. So stand up for truth your flag that stands for freedom this land is a gift and I have not forgotten or forsaken the prayers that have been prayed the people who sacrifice their lives to fight for it I have blessed the USA. Yes, there has been judgment there has been shaking but no this was for a better nation than what you see now. It was a vision I have given to the ones who formed this nation that never got to see it fully. You are the generation to see it and experience it. So don’t give up now it’s almost time for delivery, saith the Lord. My children throughout the nations of this earth. I’m deliver your nations too this glory and freedom almost all will experience their systems are falling in every nation so speak life over your nations speak freedom speak their defeat, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Ed Sheeran will be in your headlines. Look at what is being said My children another Ed this name will be in many different news stories in this hour. Many lies are being revealed and truth is prevailing sandy this name will be in your news. Look at this location and know more is coming saith the Lord. Brian Kemp will be in major headlines. Truth is exposing all of his lies and deception his ties with foreign nations that he helped give them intelligence information and of course with the elections in his state and many others. He’s a traitor and treason will be written on him for all eternity, saith the Lord of Hosts.

A major news story is about to break the floodgates of truth in Georgia. Stacey eight rooms truth has found you and you’ll be given up to save others in your party. They don’t care about you failed to secure your seat even when them when they stole it for you. So you shall fall but what is coming to you will be great judgment, saith the Lord. Pamela Anderson will be in your news. Remember I told you before this information was reported on. So you were reminded I know what happens before they do, sayeth the Lord. Toby Mack will be in your headlines. Pay attention and see what is being said the truth about smartphones will come out. And my children what you needed for convenience and what should have been a blessing they tried to destroy you with it Apple will be exposed.

In a major head in a major way, excuse me many in this company will fall to scandals money laundering sex trafficking and a list goes on how sick and disgusting acts will be reported on and explain using these words a war your enemies wanted. But they never intended to start one they couldn’t win but they are realizing how things aren’t going as planned. And no matter the amount of money it’s not fixing it stand up against them. My children they are more of you there are more of you and My angel armies that are with you they lose and you win because you’re on My side and I never lose say as a Lord your redeemer.


Lifted up in your spirit today and have some joy and peace even though your adversary wants to take that away from you don’t let him all right so here is the prophetic word a tidal wave of truth is about to hit this land for I the Lord this day. I have spoken to My children through My prophets so you will be encouraged. Yes, but also to show you who is really in control that I have not abandoned the United States of America. No, I the Lord and bringing new life into this nation and the nations of the world. I am a sovereign god and there is no one greater than I.

Your enemies may think they are gods, act like they are talk like they are but how wrong they really are. They are a pack of venomous dogs about to be taken in to be silenced. Hold on looks second I’m trying to fix something. Sorry about that guys I had to fix something on here all right let me read that last paragraph again. Your enemies may think they are gods act like they are talk like they are but how wrong they really are. They are a pack of venomous dogs about to be taken in to be silenced. My children what I will do to them and due to all their plans will shock this world. So many are still crying out to Me in fear anger and frustration wanting to know when I will move My hand. But no I already am. It may not be exactly how you thought I should or would be. But now no and remember My thoughts are not your thoughts and My ways are not your ways. What I’m doing now will be seen and known

Oh this moment there is a movement that has started in My body and the people of this earth. An awakening is growing by the day a hunger for My word and My love is growing. My children are seeing they have authority and they can fight back and win. Joshua and Caleb’s are arising that spirit in them and boldness to run toward and take what rightfully belongs to them Davids are arising. So are Daniels, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego’s, the same courage boldness revelation knowledge is being poured out upon this earth today. But My children you are part of the Latter Rain and greater miracles and My mighty works will fill this earth. So the world knows who you really are My children. My light upon this earth which is the beacon of hope and will set the captives free, saith the Lord.

A tidal wave will be reported in your news. Locations are important right now. When you start to see more prophecies being fulfilled document these locations and know that more will come out of these places. For I am showing you that nothing can get past Me and I will cleanse every location taken away by the enemy. A cleansing has already begun and it will grow and intensify in the days ahead. Again My children brace for a tidal wave of truth that is about to hit this land. This natural tidal wave will be assigned to you something big is about to hit your enemies. Sacramento this name will be in your news. A major news story will be told and look who’s telling it shockwaves this word will be used in a lot of your news in the coming days. When you have seen so far of this exposures is a trickle of what is about to take place. Soon your enemies will lose all composure. Because they will not be able to bounce back and put out all the fires that are burning their plans and destroying their power over you and this world.

A big pharmaceutical company will be in your headlines. Truth is being released and whistleblowers will continue to surface and destroy their lives what they have been giving to you was not what you thought. No, it’s far worse you are being made sick so they could make more medications and make more money and take more power over the world. I am crossing their plots and schemes and restoring health back into My children and this world. You all have been stolen from and with this great Exodus you will get back what is rightfully yours and it is your health. So no so no more can no more I’ll say that right no more can they poison you in every way possible to control you that is finished, sayeth the Lord of hosts. I want to read this again and when he says that is finished that is in catalogs and it’s in bold so that was very stern when he said that no more can they poison you in every way possible to control you that is finished, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Your land your soil your country’s way of thinking your finances every thing stolen will have to be given back. This is in bold the thief and all he has used they have been caught and now it’s time for them to return it all, saith the Lord. Lyndon B Johnson this name will be in your news. Listen to what is being said remember there is more that will come out it’s not the whole story. Yet but the whole story will be revealed. Agnostics this word will be in your headlines and what they once believed they will finally see the truth for the first time. And they can choose to believe or they can continue to believe what they want those blinders will be removed for a time. And should I have their so they should have their own freedom and their will to choose me and to choose life, saith the Lord.

Golden Sacks, this company will be in your news. Look at what is being said and know there is more coming just like them a mountaintop will be in your news for a significant reason and this location too is important more information will come to the light. They thought could be kept in the dark truth will come out of Italy. No more will you hide behind the lies you told and what you have done those in Italy. You know who you are a cleansing has begun the ones who were wolves in sheep’s clothing will be exposed in this hour of truth. The governor of Utah will be in your news and listen to what is being said. The governor has a lot of explaining to do things hidden will be revealed. Look at Jen Psaki and her responses to questions. It’ll be more obvious she’s in over her head and she won’t be able to contain her composure any longer.

Impeachable acts this will be in major headlines and will continue to be heard more and more will continue to come out regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop. Also more whistleblowers will surface on all the buy-ins contacts to so many countries they pay to do their dirty deals and participate in dirty schemes. A nickname China Joe will be explained yes, but there are more countries than that your fraudulent government got paid by it’s a time more will surface and explosive evidence will be revealed they are done with the Biden. So they can save themselves but judgment is hitting them. All and all the money trails will be found and followed and all who participated will pay for their treasonous acts against you oh United States.

But also what the elites have done against all the nations of this earth. The time has come for more truth that will destroy all the lies and their narratives. Blinders are being removed and relief will be felt when more are sentenced and more are judged along with justice being served for all the crimes your enemies have committed. Yes, I am doing something against them all your rightful President is coming back in a way you never imagine. Come back better go back stronger a nation is being reborn. The death of the nation they wanted you to be, oh United States and the birth of a nation I always intended you to be. For I the Lord always had the final say this is no different. Stand up My children now and take a stand for truth and never back down or slavery would have consumed this world. This was their plan, you just lie down and you quit. But know this your enemies are always or always lose or guarantee to lose. I’ll read that again because this isn’t cat box I want to misquote it.

But know this your enemies always are guaranteed to lose all right shout My children. These are the days of reckoning they are here and your freedom is here in abundance like you never have known in every way of your lives. So get ready for my great Exodus saith the Lord your redeemer.

Julie Green - A GREAT CHANGE UPON THIS EARTH - April 27, 2022

For I the Lord this day encourage My children don’t ever forget you are the children of the most high God and there is no one greater than Me. Your adversaries pretend to have so much power and authority and they don’t. The only authority they have been given is from satan who I threw out of heaven for trying to overthrow Me then. Now he is using those you see in your fraudulent government and the world leaders to try and do the same thing to overthrow Me here on earth. They are trying to take Me out of the earth that I have created for you. My children your adversary has yet to realize his power is nothing compared to mine. And his plans never work the way he wants them to Jesus has disarmed him and made him powerless against you. When you used the authority of the name of Jesus and when you plead the blood of Jesus that was shed for you. Your adversary has no power to resist it or to get past it he cannot defeat that blood.

Therefore when you have faith in that blood and you use it along with the name as above every name. Your enemy cannot defeat you either each and every one of you was bought with that blood. Jesus paid a high price for you to have authority on this earth. So stand on that name and that blood and receive your redemption rights you are no longer slaves of satan or any of his army or the system they put in this earth to destroy you and your authority. For in this hour My children you will see this whole earth change. Their system their control their manipulation deception their businesses, their news stations, churches, and everything they use against you. Their churches and everything they use against you I will destroy. Just like pharaoh no matter how much power, wealth, authority, he thought he had he was nothing in My sight. And he had nothing to use against My power. The same thing goes for the ones you see today. They don’t have the right to enslave you holds you captive in the system they designed to kill you with.

For I the Lord and moving My hand against them and everything you thought was normal way of life that they use against you I will annihilate it like it never existed. Everything they have done to your bodies with food, medications, electronics, no matter what they did I will reverse it and make you whole like you have never known before. Freedom, healing, power energy, strength, joy, pace, and everything they took from you I will give back even greater than you can imagine. The time you are living in is very special and I have hand-picked each and every one of you to be a part of this great Exodus you are about to experience I am moving greater for you now than I did in the book of Exodus. There is nothing impossible for Me. I’m about to prove that to the world get ready My children for sudden changes for your good, saith the lord.

Mavis this word will be in your headlines. Lord what can this possibly mean you will see my children the plots against you are worse than you thought. But I am exposing them and destroying it all a well-known temple will be in your headlines a destruction that took place that people thought was impossible for I am destroying every symbol every monument every temple or building. They used against the little children and they used to deceive My children. For I am the Lord and I have spoken their destruction and there is nothing. They can do to stop what is coming to them, saith the Lord.

Harold his word will be in your headlines. Listen to who is using it and what is being said. For I am the Lord am exposing them all of their lies and deception and none of them will get away with what they forced on you in this time, but also in times past. A well-known Secretary of State will be in your news. Exposures and scandals and shame this person will be enveloped in there is no getting away from judgment or justice. No matter how hard they have tried to hide their crimes justice is not coming. It’s here, saith the Lord. Commonwealth this word will be breaking news and nothing that has done been done against you will stay hidden.

Marxism will be in your news exposing everything they use against you to steal your freedoms children of almighty God. No more what they wanted to stay in the dark will because in this hour I’m shining my spotlight on it, sayeth the Lord. Capitalism this word will be in your headlines what was designed to grow you and help you they tried to use against you. But I am taking down the companies and that leaders they try to destroy you and to slave you with their designs. Matthew McConaughey will be in the news. He will stand for truth against Hollywood just watch there are more from this community that will begin to turn against and speak out with more boldness on what has been hidden in Hollywood. Jezebel this word will be used to expose and describe who is in the one who is the one in this hour.

Hillary Clinton more truth will be revealed and more explosive information will be made public. Not only with your treasonous acts but your murderous acts against so many in this hour. Hillary when you didn’t get your way you killed for it. But this is a time when judgment and justice will prevail against you and you will pay for each and every crime you have committed. The world will see your fate and your death, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Anthony Fauci will be in your news again the truth will come out of China on what really occurred and who really paid for what had been done to this world in 2020 Anthony I have seen all you have done and now you will pay with your life, sayeth the Lord. Montpellier will be in your headlines. Look at what took place and where this is located nothing is a coincidence. My children a major art gallery will be in your headlines look at this location and know more will come out of this area Georgia this will be in your this state will be in your headlines once again. Major headlines and discovery that was made truth will be told and heard a great shaking will occur in Georgia. The shaking is not what you think this is for justice and freedom. Oh, United States France this country will be in your news explosive information will be released from this place. For nothing in secret will stay that way in this hour of truth. President Zielinski of Ukraine you have a lot to answer for your treasonous acts against your own country. For money and power you are a liar and a deceiver and I will unmask you in front of this world, saith the Lord.

Obama is about to make another public appearance listen to what he says. It’s no accident the truth will slip from his lips that he will try and turn it into a joke. But it’s too late people heard what he had said and he can’t change that truth will continue to pour out of their lips unexpectedly. An archbishop will be in your headlines listen to what was being said. There is more to the story that will be revealed. The Pope will be in major headlines once again exposing who he really is a one-world government pawn to destroy as many lives as he could with bare lies. But a high price will be paid in the time of justice and judgment,  saith the Lord. There is more about to come out regarding the still dossier and a major. Republican who deceived many into thinking that they were on the side of the right. Bradford this name will be in your news truth is being told and truth is prevailing, saith the Lord.

Putin is about to come on live TV to release some information that the elites were terrified would get out and well it’s coming like a freight train barreling down the tracks with momentum and power they can’t withstand. Hunter Biden will continue to be in the news and not only to bring him down but with this information will continue to implicate Joe Biden. To help the elite state to save themselves from the Biden and his disastrous numbers and performances. They can’t get away from it’s worse than they could they ever could have imagined and he is bigger problem than they ever thought he could be total destruction of the Biden family is coming, saith the Lord of Hosts.

They will all pay for the sins of the father that they went along with. Anther well-known mega church pastor will fall from a scandal. Michael and I warned you even the church was being shaken to awaken my remnant, saith the Lord. A high-rise building will be in your headlines. My children look at where it is located justice is being served there were days of great deception. These were their days of great deception and enslavement of this world. But now is a time of reversals and restorations remember these words when your enemies try more attempts to destroy you they will not prosper and nothing they do will stand in this land or in the nations because it cannot stand against Me, saith the Lord. I am here I am moving I never fail and I never lose, sayeth the Lord your Redeemer.


For I the Lord this day am telling My children to get ready for a victory.  Shout to shout so loud the enemy’s walls come all falling down to the ground like the walls of Jericho. Soon you will literally see everything they designed created and made for your destruction be destroyed before your eyes. Every building, wall monument, business that was the enemies, every, and anything from this Babylonian system will not be left standing including Wall Street. I told you before My children Wall Street is in for a very rude awakening. You would say I will expose every dirty deal, dirty scheme, and plan, they designed to enslave this world with their financial system. They your enemies were planning a Wall Street crash worse than the depression. But what they don’t realize is yes there will be one but instead of emptying your bank accounts and destroying your lives it will happen to them instead.

A great harvest of destruction they will reap. I am tearing their system apart and leaving nothing left to control you with. They will have no finances when this crash happens. This is the time of a great wealth transfer. You say Lord you have said this before but nothing is happening and I ask this My children have I not done this before. No matter how impossible this seems I will remind you in My word in the first exodus pharaoh and Egypt wiped the Israelites of all their money through their ungodly system and enslaved them too. But when I said let My people go. It meant in every way they held them hostage, including financial. I will not stand by and let them control the world with finances that they don’t belong to them the world elites.

My children you are to rule and to reign in this earth be blessed to be a blessing with no limitations getting the Gospel the truth regarding My Son Jesus across this world to set the captives free. This is a set time for the world to be completely set free from the slavery you have endured your whole lives thinking this was normal when it’s not. It was a set time in Egypt for My children to be set free and this is another set time what the globalists have to let My children go. There is nothing that can stop this from taking place, saith the Lord of Hosts .

A sign for this CNN will claim bankruptcy. I have told you many times CNN will have nothing left judgment has already started to hit them and destroy their power they used against you. More will leave that network they see the writing on the wall. More transcripts and video evidence of them lying and deceiving this nation. A major whistleblower will come and expose CNN that will be the final nail in the coffin of that network. But there will be more to follow. They’re all being silenced by Me, saith the Lord.

In this hour of judgment and justice “all hail the queen” this phrase will be in your headlines. Look to see who is saying this My children so much truth is coming out of this land of that land. Yes, the royals the government and all will be exposed, saith the Lord. Mount Sinai will be in the news. Look to see what they are saying My children took place there. Just know that I am God and nothing your enemies do will stand against Me the one true God. Clemshaw, this word will be in your news. Truth is being told everywhere and nothing will stay hidden.

There will be more breaking headlines on another cargo ship being stuck. Truth will be uncovered what is really on that ship and listen for the company’s name that is no coincidence. This is the end to their shortages they created My children. I am God, a God of multiplication, excuse me and there is no limits with Me. They would do this and I made sure there would be more than enough. They are hiding it from the world. A whistleblower is about to come forward  with the information exposing all who are involved how they did it and where all of the supplies are and it will be surprising to some where it all was and how they did it. But an overflow in a flood is coming your way My children and your adversaries camps are about to be plundered like they never had any of it to begin with. It happened so fast they won’t know what hit them. They were too arrogant to think that their plans wouldn’t work. But I the great I AM is against them and judgment is hitting them head-on or they least expected it.

Georgetown will be in your headlines My children. Listen carefully to what is being reported there and know I know all and see all and they can’t hide anything from Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. El Salvador will be in your news not only a weather event will be reported on there. But more that comes out of this country trafficking will be exposed and disposed of each and every one of them that they were involved. Many sting operations will take place all over this world to destroy this one secret society. This secret world of evil a secret world of evil. Excuse me the stench has reached my nostrils, so vile My vengeance will be poured out and no mercy. They shall receive, because no mercy they gave, saith the Lord of Hosts.

El Capitan will be in your headlines My children. Remember i am the great I AM  and I do tell you this before this happened so you know I am the one true God and i am in control. Howard Johnson, this name will be in multiple headlines and listen to what is being said and there is more of this story to come. Barack Obama is about to come on center stage once again. Listen carefully to what he is saying. Read between the lines there is more to what is being said. He is signaling the world elites to make their next move. They think this is their final move to take over the world once and for all. But they don’t know with this next desperate move and attempts to stay in power that will be their end. They will all fall on their faces and fall to their own sword.

These are the days of Haman and they are finding out what they wanted to do to you is starting to happen to them. Watch what they start to do My children in their desperate attempts to save themselves more slips of the tongue more of the inner circle being exposed, more deaths will take place for them. Just watch My children all will play out in the world’s eye for everyone to see that they lose and you win. That i am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and I am still the deliverer. These are your days of deliverance My children hold on for the darkness will be theirs not yours. Their next power grabs will not stand for I am moving quickly to save and to set you free children of Almighty God.

Shout louder let the lion of the tribe of Judah roar destroying their plans and their walls. None will stand against Me and none will stand against you. Great celebrations, great deliverance great restorations you never thought could or would take place. Prepare to celebrate like never before, saith the Lord your Redeemer.


For I the Lord this day have given My children encouragement truth and warnings that things are about to dramatically change for your good. What you see now will not stand all your enemies will fall. In everything you thought was normal way of life was actually slavery, and it will be destroyed. You have endured a great deal because this demonic system and the ones who control it. The majority of this world and My children thought this was just life your enemies counted on this. So you wouldn’t fight them back. That’s why your enemies have used so many things to deceive you. So that they could have what they wanted without a lot of resistance from you children of almighty God and the people of this world.

The shaking you are experiencing now are making things seem abnormal and appear abnormal. Excuse me, many are asking Lord what is going on this is the wake up call. I told you my children that this was coming. This wake-up call was to help you realize you have been asleep and deceived by the enemy. No more will My body stay complacent or enslaved arise children of almighty God. And receive these words and with that you receive truth and freedom, which is already yours. There are more of you than there are of your enemies and they are terrified of you knowing this information. Because that’s where you will fight back. But it’s too late for that truth is being revealed everywhere and My children are receiving these words and are waking up and taking back their authority. With this my children you will see more resistance from your enemies. They will not go quietly. It doesn’t matter how loud they scream or shout I will shut them all up and take away everything they have and they are using against you. No matter what it seems like for a short time.

They are all caught in the trap of all their lies deception and judgment and justice will find each and every one of them. And they will all fall for their crimes committed against you and this world. There is no way any of them can escape what is coming against them. For I the Lord and the judge over all this earth and I am passing their sentencing. And they will live for all eternity in a place no man should ever go. But they chose this when they refused to turn from their wicked ways and repent, saith the Lord.

Snowden this name will be in your headlines another major whistleblower is about to come forward with more incriminating evidence than anyone has ever thought could be brought out at one time. This information cannot be denied by any man. This evidence will seem will be seen and heard by everyone. Let me read that again, this evidence will be seen and heard and every person will be judged by Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. My children I mentioned this before and I will bring it up again the heart Senate office building. It will be in your headlines. Look at what they are saying took place there who is all involved and just know there is more to the story that will all come out. Nothing they have tried to keep hidden in any building will stay hidden. No, I have all the evidence of everything they have done and it will all be seen by the world, saith the Lord.

“Stand by,” this phrase will be used in your headlines and look at who is making this statement. They are trying to buy some time to figure out how to fix these major disasters, but they can’t.  
A coliseum will be in your headlines this location will be heard more in the news. Many exposures and truth will continue to pour out of this land. More than any thought would have been taken place in this country. “Harsh conditions,” this will be used in your headlines to explain what is going on in so many places throughout this earth. A famous harbor will be in your news. Listen to see what took place there and who’s reporting on it. No matter what they have done to cover up their tracks it’s not working. For I have people everywhere revealing the truth, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Henry Kissinger his name will be in your headlines. The angel of death is visiting his house with a blood that has been dripping from his hands continues to cry for justice and it is being served, saith the Lord. Jenn palace will continue to look frustrated and be entangled and trapped in one lie after another. She’s reaching her boiling point they will say and she will step down before that date that was given. She can’t take the pressure and she knows what is going on with the Biden and this fraudulent government. And by stepping away she thinks it will relieve the stress and constant fear she is in. But it won’t help for judgment we’ll find her and treason will be written on her for all eternity, saith the Lord.

Listen in the coming days for what Nancy Pelosi doesn’t mean to say. She’s having difficulty finding her words on live TV. And when she finds words they are the wrong ones it will give a person away Nancy’s days are numbered and her number is about to run out, saith the Lord. Israel, I warned you of the attempts against you they want what you have but they won’t get it Israel I will protect you heal your land and restore what has been stolen. Listen to what your enemies will say. They will lie and say you started this against them but the truth will be revealed. That their connections to this fraudulent government of the United States of America your enemies were paid to start this war against you. Oh, yes the deal is being made to take you out once and for all Israel. But they didn’t count on me who is your protector and they will not get what they so desire wishes to take you over once and for all and they will not take what doesn’t belong to them.

Palisade this name will be in your headlines and this location will be in many more as well. Something was hidden there that is now being uncovered and the rest of the world will hear and see that nothing gets past Me and prospers, saith the Lord. Caravan this word will be in your headlines. Infiltrators are coming and they want to bring a war to your land. Oh, United States that they will never get fry the Lord and destroy every part of their attack. They are walking right into My trap. I have many set up everywhere that your enemies keep running into. There is nowhere they are safe from Me, saith the Lord. Calloway this name will be in your news. Listen for what is being said and remember what I have said before. Read between the lines more truth will continue to come out regarding this name. Talladega this name and location will be in your news. I have said any times my children that I give you the news before the news.

Henshaw this name and location will be in your news. Both are very important in the coming days you are living in children of almighty God. A major national park will be in breaking headlines everywhere. My children look at what took place there this was no accident all will be revealed by Me, saith the Lord. Continue to watch Yellowstone major surprises will keep being reported there. Casper this name will be in your news. Truth is seeping out from everywhere. Crystal Lake this name too look for it will also be in your news. Apothecary this word will be in your news. Truth was covered up and will come out in this hour of truth and exposures.

My children do you see how I the Lhord love thee that I will give you these words to hold on to in the days that seem overwhelmingly hard to deal with and hard to bear. I am bringing you hope in the midst of such hopelessness. I the Lord will show you that I am the one true God and no man will stand against Me and win. I am your deliverer and I am here now to avenge My children and destroy all who have been against you. So lift up your hands and praise the great I AM who is here to stay this is your time to shine my children in this hour of darkness to be the light to this world and to give them good news which is truth to set the captives free saying the Lord, saith the Lord your redeemer.


For I the Lord this day have spoken words of judgment against the enemies of almighty God. Their defeat is inevitable. So do not fear anything they come up with in this hour of their demise. Many things they will try to do to stop their destruction of their One World Government. Many have already been sentenced behind closed doors. But soon the world will hear what all has been taking place. My vengeance is against them. My hand is moving and the closer you get to the greater Exodus. The more you will see that it is Me moving My hand and I have not forsaken this world and what they are doing will not stand against you.

Lord these words have been spoken for a long time with nothing happening. They are still pursuing us destroying our freedoms and things are getting worse. My children don’t you think the Israelites felt the same way when they were in bondage to pharaoh in Egypt. Yes, they felt the same way and they said the same things look at that story in My word that will give you strength and faith to believe that i am the same God now I delivered My people. Then yes, I am the same God and My covenant and My words shall stand forever.

I am here in moving against the ones you see now in My word. They kept pursuing My people to the Red Sea and all the enemies of almighty God were judged right. Then and there My people never saw them again and like I had told them before it took place. The ones who are against you now will have the same fate, saith the Lord of hosts.

Pfizer will be in the news and major headlines worldwide My children do not fear what was found. For I the Lord will retroactively restore to you what has been stolen. This company will be judged and will never have the money or power again. I will strip them of everything they hold dear, remove them all and judge. Judgment will fall on each and every one of them that took place in these heinous acts against the world. No one will be left standing, saith the Lord of Hosts,

Major news will come out against telecommunications and the companies involved in one scandal after another. I shut the mouths of the lions in the lion’s den with Daniel and i now will shut the mouths of the ones who are against you and strip them of their power and influence. All the secret deals they had made and directed at this world to spied and cheating to steal from you will be exposed and destroyed. And every part this wonderful government played along with the fraudulent government will be dealt with destroyed by My hand, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Comcast this will also be in your news. This location is no accident and not a coincidence with other breaking news coming out of the state of Pennsylvania. A cleansing of the state and the soil is taking place now what your enemies wanted to do to decimate this location hasn’t worked.

For I the Lord and protecting this land for such a time as this. Yes, major stories will continue to come out of Pennsylvania a symbol of freedom will be seen and it will stand with My hand protecting it blown to smithereens this phrase will be in your headlines My children nothing will be left staining that your enemies designed to use against you. Even the buildings will not be safe that they use to concoct these agendas against you and this world.

Firestone this name will be in your news massive cover-ups will be exposed. I told you My children they used companies to front things that they were doing behind the scenes. They are all coming in to the right now in this hour. This is all coming out right now in this hour of great judgment, saith the Lord. Millstone this name will be in your headlines more truth is being shown that your enemies wanted forever to stay hidden. Bribery perjury these words will be used a lot in the national headlines but also international too. These stories are about to break wide open truth is breaking through the damn of lies that had been erected to conceal and to hold the truth back. But that dam has been broken because nothing can hold back the truth and wind, saith the Lord.

The Smithsonian this name will be in the news. This was not just a museum there are things hidden there that are being revealed in this hour of truth. A major scandal involving many of the House of Representatives of the United States is about to break wide open. Listen for the breaking news members of the House were involved will not be able to slip by and get away with this scandal after scandal one fraudulent act after another. Nothing they have done or have tried to hide will stay hidden in this hour of exposures.

More truth will come out regarding the Steele dossier. There is so much more to this story My children. They try to keep hidden it has all been uncovered and a whistleblower will come forward with more truth regarding the people who are also involved. It will shock this country to its core. Some involved you would never have thought were on that side actually were. Many people have tried to fool this country with their political side that they picked. They were just paid to act like they were a part of that side when really they were just spies for the opposite party. Many infiltrated the camp of the rightful President. They’ve all been found out and none of them can hide behind the lies and the parts that they played. No, indictments and treason will be the end to each and every one who chose to spy and infiltrate the sight of the rightful sitting President. All will be acknowledged and dealt with for the world to see.

I the Lord and moving and suddenly will break out across the nations. Suddenly to heal and to give back what is rightfully yours children of almighty God. Stand up now take your rightful place and your redemption rights. They’ve already been paid for and these freedoms and authority are yours now, saith the Lord your redeemer.

Timothy Dixon - Prophetic Word of the Lord/ The Leaders of Washington DC will face the Judgment/ The End Timeharvest - April 21, 2022

Lift up your voice like a trumpet sound an alarm in My holy mountain for the day of the Lord is at hand. For the harvest is great and the laborers are few for the day has come that I will gather together my wheat into my barns. But I will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire the righteous shall shine as the noon day. But I will reveal the evil abominations that stands in the high places of the earth and swiftly bring them down to the lowest place. The earth shall tremble at My presence for the Great Day has come that i will go down. I will go down into the land and I will see if the cry of the land is what has come up before Me. For the cry is evil and the cry is of the innocence the blood their blood cries from the ground, saith God. For this cause I will come upon the wicked in an hour that they think not because of the blood that is and the grand the blood cries to me from the earth.

Because you would not listen to My reproof I will turn your laughter into mourning in your days into nights for the funeral home shall overflow with bodies of the wicked. For I have called and ye would not listen. Therefore I will move you from hindering My will for this land. But My people shall rise out from the ruins and shall be strong nothing shall be impossible. Hear the word of the Lord, repent, repent that your sins may be blotted out that you may be counted worthy when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord. …For now the axe is laid to the root of the tree. Every tree which brings forth not fruit shall be cut down. The blind leaders, say peace, and peace and there is no peace. There is no alarm but sudden destruction shall come on them that says peace and no alarm. In one night I will open up that which is held secret on you shepherds that have polluted My house. And because you have caused My people to sin and go astray and have led them into captivity. …

In your pulpits and in your churches for the days of Elijah are here. Some of you know Me not and you have said its foolishness to serve Me the Lord because there is no God. The time comes when you shall lean unto your wealth to save you but there will be no help. For the day of My vengeance has come have I not said that vengeance is mine  and i will repay you leaders of the nation you have stolen the land. You have this decimated My people,  you have said that I am in secret that no one can see my doings and my wrongs. But I have seen your sins in your atrocity. You have become wise in your own eyes and in your wisdom you have become a fool. …


For I the Lord this day have promised to deliver my children from the hand of the wicked and that’s exactly what I will do.  I am not a man that I should lie. I am the same god yesterday today and forever I have delivered my people before from bondage and slavery and you are about to see me do it again. But in a greater way I am saving this world and all the nations from the hand of the wicked. I will restore everything that has been stolen and i mean everything your enemies have attacked you in your minds, bodies, your finances, your jobs, your family, and stolen peace and joy tormented and tortured you in the process. But I am greater than anything your enemies have ever done. I will restore it and give back to you what the thief has taken from you. Even the years so on years Lord.

How do you restore the years my children I can make the years so great and flood you with My goodness and destroy any damage from what had been stolen from you in the past and when you were held captive you will forget all of what was done to you. And you will live in glory never known where your enemy has no control over you will come out of this in the great Exodus like you were never in it. To begin with I’ll restore your soul your body, your finance,s your jobs, your family, your joy, and peace like it was never stolen and give you a greater portion. Rise you up higher against any kind of adversity.


Satan has lost its control over you and over this world and my power lives in you children of almighty God. So put your enemy under your feet where he belongs you are far above principalities and rulers of the darkness of this world get up from. Where you are and I will bring you up higher than you’ve ever been spiritually trust and trust Me and my love for you that destroys any hold your adversary once had on you, saith the Lord your redeemer. The Alps will be in your headlines. Michael look at what has happened there I am shaking this earth to shake the chains off this world and everything will be affected do not fear my children all of this is for your deliverance saith the lord.


Montezuma this name will be in your headlines. Listen to what just happened there and what they’re reporting on truth is flooding the airwaves and exposures are happening everywhere. Starsky this name will be in your news. Listen for the these news reports you will see My children they had their hand in everything and it is now being taken down by Me, saith the Lord of hosts. Wimblington this name will be in your news truth is being revealed and everything hidden will come out in the open. A senator from Alaska will be in your news. A scandal yes, truth will be revealed and this senator will be removed from the place of power.


Lisa Murkowski I know who you are and all that you have done against this nation in the United States of America. Treason will be written on you for all eternity and it will be your end. Lisa you hardened your heart to Me and sold your soul for money and power. Like so many others in your circle you too chose the wrong side for security and your ties to the globalists and China will be uncovered. You know about the little children and you sat by and did nothing blood is dripping from your hands and it cries for justice and justice will be served, saith the Lord of hosts. Susan Collins the angel of death is about to visit your house for you have given yourself to the other side. Just like so many others for money and power you will pay a high price for your treasonous acts against this nation. You thought you would get by with selling this country off to the highest bidder along with all who are with you. And that’s a father saying from the truth all of you will pay for the damage you have caused against my nation the United States of America and Israel. You are a traitor Susan and you will reap what you have sown in this hour of judgment, saith the Lord of Hosts.


A well-known governor will be in the news and a scandal will consume them in this season. You were in My children a harvest season your enemies will experience and you will see more fall to the truth more exposures will consume their lies and nothing will stay hidden from the world. Arizona more truth will come out of your state the traitors in your land thought this would stay hidden forever. But it’s not for I the Lord I’m revealing the snake pit of lies in Arizona Maricopa will be reported on again more took place there than you were being told. A truth teller or a major whistleblower will come forward with the truth in this hour that can’t be denied. Hold on Arizona freedom is coming in this hour of judgment saith the Lord truth will pour out of Arkansas.

Yes, hidden things will be uncovered and war will be exposed regarding Hillary and Bill Clinton It runs deeper than you think My children of how dirty dark and purely evil these two are. They are being disposed of by the world elites. They have become too much of a burden on them in this hour. Again I told you My children they are all out for themselves and too many things are falling apart now. So they will be they will let major players in the innermost circle fall and these two will be some of them. So look at what scandal is about to break out regarding the Clintons and how many deaths are attached to this name as well and more it is more than you think. A scandal a college scandal is about to be exposed My children. Professors will have a lot of explaining to do in this high profile school money, yes, payments were received look between the lines My children there are more to these stories and it will all come out in the end, sayeth the Lord.

Look at the state of Missouri for this state will be in your headlines and you will know when you see it the breaking news what I am talking about, saith the lord. Chesterfield this name will be in your news look for it my children and know your enemies are all falling everywhere. Copperfield this name will be in your headlines as well remember this my children I give you these things to show you I know all and see all and I’m delivering you no matter what things look like right now saith the lord of hosts. A well-known Justin will be in your news listen carefully to his words my children truth will slip from his lips. Dante this name will fill your headlines more scandals and things that were covered up are now being exposed in this hour of truth. There will be more revealed on the royal family things are not how they appear. More is being suppressed that will soon be in your news nothing that has been done against the people will stay in darkness as your enemies wanted them to I am shining his spotlight on all the darkness to uncover the truth, saith the Lord.

Windsor this name will be in your news listen to what is being said. There is more to the story than they wanted told but a whistleblower will tell it all in this hour of justice Hanker this name will be in your headlines. Look to this location more will be coming out in the days ahead, say the Lord. Body parts this will be reported on look at this location and who is saying it. All will be told whether they want it to or not justice will be served this was no accident, saith the Lord of hosts I am reigning fire down from heaven upon this earth against the enemies of almighty God they will not be able to stand the power that’s against them one plague after another will hit their camps and destroy their plans. I will not stand by and watch them control or destroy this earth that I created and I will not allow them to enslave My children who this earth was given to.

They are no longer slaves the price has already been paid for them and nothing can hold My children back from their victories shakings will intensify in this hour of judgment hold on My children embrace the truth I told you was coming well it’s here now so stand up and take what is yours that I have given to you freedom authority and all of your redemption rights as a child of the most high God, saith the Lord your Redeemer.

Dutch Sheets/Tim Sheets - "God's Calendar: The Unraveling Continues" - April 18, 2022

So, God says, “I’m going to shake those systems, procedures, and methods. I’m shaking the world order and through it will change things. I’m going to shake demonic activities that are infecting world systems against Me. Corporate business and government bodies that have busied themselves with opposing Me and My will are going to experience system failures.” …

Recently, I heard Holy Spirit characterize it another way: “The unraveling has begun.” I knew another supernatural aspect of God’s plan was beginning to unfold. As always, I began to pray, asking for insight into this. Holy Spirit responded by clearly saying, “Deep systemic corruptions are now unraveling. Conspirators, co-conspirators and enablers will see their schemes revealed, just as Cain, Haman and

“My angels are unraveling the plans of the enemies of our Kingdom. They are unraveling demonic schemes and government corruption. They are carrying out decrees of the King’s Ekklesia. The camouflaging garments of hidden agendas are being torn apart to reveal and expose the schemers aligned with Hell’s kingdom.

“My angels are pulling on threads that hold together wicked cover-ups. The cover-ups will now unravel. I have commissioned Michael to release sufficient warriors from his army to assist My Ekklesias and unlock America. They will swing the battering rams of Heaven, energized by your decrees of My Word. My Ekklesia and the angel armies will explode on strongholds and destroy them, sending shock waves around the earth.

“I will release an acceleration of sweeping change across the nation. I will unravel evil plans, cover-ups, coups, conspiracies, diabolical dynasties, and fraud. For the decrees of My governing Ekklesia have fueled and activated vortex fire tornadoes against the enemies of Heaven. They will spin with My angels, rolling through the land to level demon strongholds and systems of evil.

“Supernatural reversals to demonic activity against My Church will be seen. My angels are riding the winds, pulling the ropes of change. I am turning the tide for My people, turning the battles, turning the war, turning the fortunes and overturning injustice. I am overruling Leviathan.” …

Julie Green - THESE ARE THE DAYS OF BIG REVEALS April 19, 2022

For I the Lord since the beginning have spoken words into existence. Light be and light was those words are still at work today. My words are spirit and life. I have spoken of your freedoms and deliverance and those words are at work right now and your adversaries have tried so desperately to stop those words from coming to pass with all their desperate attempts to stay in power. They truly thought they were gods and could do anything they wanted with their money and power. But apparently they never opened My written word and saw what happened to people in the past who were doing the very same thing they are today and look how that turned out for them not very well. Again My children same devil, he just uses different characters. But even with these different actors portraying these parts the same will happen their defeat and my victory. For My children they will never win and they can never defeat Me the one true God.

Pretty soon in your headlines you will read the eagle has landed. A great celebration will break out and break through all the weight the heaviness and all the chains in the prison cells your adversaries have kept you in captivity with. Howard Brown will be in your news with exposing the truth the serpent that held you with all these lies and deception. His power has been destroyed. See what they are saying and what was being hidden. No more will their deception control the narrative. For I the Lord am destroying everything they stand for that’s against Me and against your freedoms. At their wits end will be headline in your news. This will signal the end to the charade and facade they have tried to use to control the nations. Well My hand is moving and you will see them all fall and be judged for their crimes against you.

Howard Stern will be in the news and not for what you think. My children listen very carefully to what is being said and know there is more to the story that will be revealed. Nothing is getting past Me, saith the Lord. Steve Harvey will be in your headlines look and read between the lines nothing is as it seems. But I the Lord will reveal the truth and free this world from the chains that once held you. Stonewall this word will be in your news. The location is no accident more truth will continue to be leaked from this location until every lie and all things hidden there will be exposed and destroyed.

Major news will break out of Egypt this news is not a coincidence or by chance. The location is extremely important and not by accident that more is coming out of that land now. There was an exodus then. But the plagues were first look to what is happening there during the time of My great exodus. Darkness yes, whether yes all will be seen in this land yet again. There are things hidden there that will be uncovered. Yes, governments have things there they didn’t want found. They have already been discovered and will be exposed to the world. Your enemies are terrified for this to get out because it will destroy their narrative and power over you. Nothing will stop the flood of truth, saith the Lord of Hosts. …

Ron DeSantis will be in your news but what they will say will be a lie. My children they are at war with Ron because he will not bow to them. But also he knows the truth the elites want so desperately to take him out and shut him up, but they can’t. For he’s protected by Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. Ron keeps standing and I will shield you and protect you from any of their attacks. They are just words and nothing will come of them. They are afraid of what you have and whose side you are on. Their threats will stay that way nothing they want to do to you will be done. For I have My angel armies protecting you from anything they say or anything they try to do. They will all fall to judgment and justice and you will arise stronger than you were before any of these attacks. Ron I will pour up My peace upon you so you won’t be moved. I’ve hand-picked you for such a time as this. So arise My son in this hour and know that I am the great I AM and I’m on your side, sayeth the Lord.

Utah will be in your news listen to what is being exposed there. A smith snake pit of lies was being hidden and your fraudulent government was using this area to test certain things out. This too will be exposed. Utah I will cleanse your land of a poisonous axe and underground tunnels they use to move children around and will be found and destroyed. So Utah grace for what is about to be revealed in your state and know that I am god and I will heal your land from their destruction and disgusting acts.

Mormon this word will be in your news and more. Truth is being revealed in Utah people living in ways you never thought possible, saith the Lord. Human sacrifices will be discovered and will be exposed for the world to see. The truth on not only what the fraudulent government has been doing behind closed doors. But the world elites and what they were doing to experiment on other human beings for their advancement of the control over this world. Yes, they experiment on humans in ways no one ever thought to be humanly possible. Their sins run deep My children and they are more evil than you anyone thought. All is being uncovered now and this will be come to an abrupt end. The blood is dripping from their hands and that blood cries for justice judgment is being served, saith the Lord of Hosts.

A sandpit will be in your headlines no matter where they try to hide any of their crimes. All is being exposed in this hour of judgment and justice, saith the Lord. Angle would this word will be in your headlines and look also to this location more will be revealed. Ankeny this word will be in your headlines and in your news. Remember I do give you the news first. My children Brad Pitt will continue to be in your news and more will be revealed again My children things are not how they appear.

A supreme court justice will be in your news, a sudden death. My children every lie will be revealed and things again are not always as they appear. Countess, this title and word will be in your headlines and the royals will continue to be in your news more truth is about to come to the surface. A hidden life of the royals will be exposed. Things are not how they seem in front of a camera, saith the Lord. More will fall in Hollywood and exposure will continue to seep out of that place and what’s really going on there. A major news story is about to break out to reveal some truth but that is just the beginning of sorrows for this community.

Kamala Harris will take a gigantic fall a slip from her lips that can’t be stopped. The nightmare continues for her as she continues to make mistakes with her mouth. She can’t contain herself and the others who’d betraying her. It’s the power team yes, but more will continue to be revealed. I want to read that again, she can’t contain herself from the uh utter betrayal from the power team. Yes, but more will continue to be revealed. These are the days of big reveals by children uncovering cover-ups and lies being exposed so hold on things may look rocky or unstable. But this is My hand moving against them to free you. So start to celebrate in this hour My children, sayeth the Lord your Redeemer.

Patricia Greene - Messages from the LORD - April 19, 2022

The Lord said this the tide is about to change I am pulling back the tide to expose. He said just like when the tide goes out in the natural and exposes the sand and the shells and the Dead Sea life that were under the water. He said I am doing the same thing I am exposing what has been hidden in the murky waters when the tide changes. He said Ukraine will be exposed United States of America will be exposed. Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Russia, China, and Belarus will be exposed, says the Lord. The One World Order is about to be exposed to the eyes of the world. Names will be named and plans exposed, says the Lord. When the truth comes forward and the lies exposed. There will be a pandemonium for a season. Headlines will read what is truth? He said the lies are about to unravel like a ball of yarn tumbling down a great slope when it reaches the bottom. All the lies that have been held tightly will be unraveled. and the Lord said, oh how

My people need to hear truth and embrace truth. The Lord said you are in the last days My children when I say last days do not think that I am coming immediately. There must be certain prophecies and events that take to take place first in order to fulfill My word. These are the turbulent times that I spoke of in the Holy scriptures that will take place and we see that in Matthew chapter 24: verses 6 to 8. The Lord says and you will hear of wars and rumors of wars see that you are not troubled for all these things must come to pass. But the end is not yet for nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and there will be famines pestilences and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of sorrows that was the first message. …

The Lord said things are happening in the spiritual realm that is setting the stage for things to occur in the earthly realm. Principalities are being brought low and placed in chains by My angels. These principalities have had dominion over areas and regions that I am now reclaiming as mine, says the Lord. There will be an outbreak of Revival fire in these regions that are free from the strongholds of these principalities. There is a war going on in the heavenly places and I win, says the Lord of Hosts. I will bring forth My glory and My light to the nations arise shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. Nations, o nations, I call to you lift up your eyes and see. Open your ears and hear what is being declared by my mouth, says the Lord. Goat nations be gone, sheep nations come into My fold, says the Lord in Matthew 25: …

The Lord continued in this message He said the line has been drawn and there is no crossing over from this point. The time is coming and is now here where My salvation will be widespread those who are doing evil will remain in their evil and perish. Those who are righteous will remain righteous and are saved. Those who have been blinded will see My great light and be saved, he said. The harvest is ready the wheat is is golden and ready to be harvested for I am the bread of life in John.

The Lord gave me in the month of April of 2022. The Lord said, I have released My words through My prophets and I will perform My words. Trump will return as President of the United States of America. My death angel will strike the wicked the one world order will be upended and exposed. There will be calamities in various places. Several earthquakes will shake the earth stories of lies, deceit, corruption, and wickedness will be unearthed and reported those who have been involved will be exposed. Some I will remove says the Lord and others will take their own lives because of this exposure. The reaper is ready with his sickle the wine press will overflow with the blood of the wicked who will be who will be thrown into hell where torment awaits them. Hell is expanding to receive these evil men and women the Lord says this brings me no delight. I have warned and warned and given a space of time for people to repent and turn from their wicked ways. But they reason and say nothing has happened to Me so far so I don’t have to change. But in an instant I will perform My words spoken through My prophets and it will be too late for them. Things will not continue as they are as some think. There will be great changes and dynamic shifts and the dark places will have light says the Lord. I am raising up John the Baptist who will preach in the power of Elijah to usher in My second coming says the Lord. So do not lose heart or be discouraged. For great times will abound for My children in this season. Continue to stand My children for in due season all My words shall come to pass. And then the Lord says this I love you with an everlasting love My children. Hallelujah

Amanda Grace - A WORD FROM THE LORD ON PASSOVER!!!! - April 18, 2022

Here’s the word of the Lord hearing the bearing straight and then I heard there are three things. I heard and then we go into the flow of the word thundersnow. Just watch for that and CERN is going to be hit. Now the Lord really hasn’t spoken to me much about this place I know very little about it. But I know CERN is going to be hit and then we go into the word of the Lord. Praise be to the Lord of hosts, King of Kings. The first and the last he spoke and it was holy holy holy is the Lord God Almighty who was and is and is to come and to his kingdom there is no end. And the spirit of the Lord says this day in capitals. My children in this hour I am turning many things on its head a 180 degree change shall occur in the areas of your nation in areas of the government. In governments plural, in areas of the church, a change of heart says the Lord of Hosts.

Many of you need a change of heart and there are those who have become too puffed up with their own, capitalized ideologies. Own I’m just going to say I think is the name of a network too. So this could have a dual meaning. Their own ideologies and altered plan of how the earth and its inhabitants should live and proceed the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. And says the Lord of Hosts a phenomenon in nature is occurring in Australia, says the Lord. Leadership is being sifted says the Lord of Hosts. Many leaders are being sifted in this hour in capitals or uh then it goes back to Australia. Australia cry out to me says the Lord of hosts to untie you from the wickedness and controlling territorial spirits that have operated through haughty deceived men. I shall strike their camps that they have set up and created says the Lord and there shall be a collapse and a breach of their plans and says the lord of hosts.

Poland is on the verge of change. There are nations plural, who have their sights set on Poland as it is a hub and a haven and the polish government shall be filled with a boldness and resolve in this hour to resist the intimidation and the tempting deals that serpents. So shall make look to Me o leaders of Poland. The Lord your god seek me on your knees and I shall give you key capital direction in this hour and says the Lord of Hosts.

Oh people of America the standard of the Lord is being raised in this hour for the enemy has attempted to crest a wave. Now a crest is when the wave comes to its highest peak. And it’s going to crash down the enemy has attempted to crest a wave filled with lies perversions darkness greed control and threats. From little puppet men, yes I said little says the Lord. For their power is fabricated their empires come with a price and empires fall says the Lord of Hosts. The standard of the Lord is being raised against this wave and the standard of the Lord is coming in like a flood with force and power and holiness. And will cause that wave to make a very unusual and unexpected turn. And land on all the puppets and prognosticators and leaders and conglomerates and perverse groups who so thought they could artificially stir up such a wave to crash upon what is happening in your negation the change of heart that is occurring.

Instead says the Lord of Hosts they shall feel the full force of the wave of their own making a big capital one is set to crash on silicon valley. Says the lord and a big capital one is set to crash on what is called the world economic forum. Disaster all capital says the Lord of hosts watch and see as their gathering turns into a large capital thorn in the flesh says the Lord of Hosts. And says the Lord of Hosts Jordan, just watched Jordan in this hour says the Lord. The shrewd maneuver is set to occur. Now remember the Lord talked about that a while back when He repeats itself himself, it’s eminent I have learned that. And says the Lord of Hosts another shall arise out of the area of the middle east that will cause quite a stir and make much noise . However says the Lord there shall be a sudden tripping that puts down the ones standing on their soap box puffed up with pride pride cometh before the fall. says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the Lord of Hosts watch the canals plural, says the Lord. Just watch the canals and says the Lord of Hosts the people of China are crying out the concentrated church there has been staunch in their resolve and has sought me though they attempt to release hell on that nation dragons breathe fire it singes it burns. It gets hot however the fire shall be taken out of the breath of the dragon. The people are rising up the people are rising up and zero tolerance shall turn on the government. And their members as people hundreds of thousands into the millions of people march on them and push back and crush their plans to lock down and control and keep the people prisoner in their own nation. Enough capitalized, says the Lord enough that’s capitalized again. Shock out of China shock it will be worldwide news as these events occur.

The leadership shall begin to cave on itself in this hour and the court that ties China to other unholy nations. agreements well one of those courts is about to be cut the area of Mongoli, says the Lord and watch an unexpected maneuver by India in this hour. And says the Lord of Hosts Israel may be quote opening up.  However I the Lord shall shut down their inner plans to destroy that nation I the Lord thy god made a promise to Abraham. I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. Israel’s old people have cursed it their own kind have attempted to destroy it behind the scenes. Holding hands with a Muslim brotherhood and Palestinian leaders they have attempted to create a cauldron.

Where the countries that want to do them in those wayward sheep have gone and attempted to make unholy treaties with them. All capitalized, Jehoshaphat and Ahab do not mix says the Lord. Nor should there be agreements with those who have turned from the Lord and gone after the Baal. And says the Lord of Hosts an Arab spring but not in the way you think and a sudden flip in Israel will cause those who have made these secret agreements to panic and make desperate moves that will gut open the maggots and filth and ungodliness and the nucleus of their government. The wailing wall indeed says the Lord of Hosts. Watch and see an event near the wailing wall that will be big news capitalized. Says the Lord of Hosts and says the spirit of the Lord this day.

Oh America they have attempted to cover you in such crimes in such filth and such wickedness. All for ultimate one world control and says the Lord of Hosts. There will be screams and cries that come forth out of Washington DC as leaders and Senators and those in the Pentagon and beyond run and attempt to cling to the horns of the altar as adenoma did. When there is a sudden flip then another flip then a chain says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the Lord of Hosts platforms are collapsing of those who misuse My name and misused what they were given during Passover. Says the lord of hosts My children who I call faithful this is all capitals this paragraph. My children who I call faithful recompense for you in this hour vindication for you in this hour deliverance for you in this hour for you shall see the salvation of the lLord and you shall see the miraculous in this hour break out and with force go forth touching states and people across the land. Watch Montana says the Lord that’s all he says. And says the Lord of Hosts a document dump watch and see an attempt on dram’s life shall fail. Says the Lord for I the Lord shall expose it and destroy it before it can be executed.

Says the Lord of Hosts and says the Lord of hosts golden tickets shall be handed out and also tickets containing fines and summons and accounts shall be handed out as well. And says the Lord of Hosts My time not yours. Oh America my time not yours an incident on Ellis island watch and see as the Statue of Liberty shall be struck and lose a peace as a sign their regime is falling and coming down. However says the Lord they think in secret they have found a way to pull the unusual in this nation and how. However the unusual shall turn on them and their plans hit a snag and falter as their altar and seat shall be taken from them. It shall be sudden and it shall be such a move that gasps will rise from your nation across the land.

The media a deer in headlights, says the Lord. And says the Lord of Hosts I am god there is no other He capitalizes that keep the Passover. Says the Lord of Hosts there is a special blessing for those who do honor me in this hour praise me in this hour seek Me not man listen for Me meaning the Lord not man. For men have so clouded their ears and eyes and mind with twisted doctrines and lies lies of the enemy as they research his darkness. They get pulled into a vortex and that vortex is set to spin them. Says the Lord of Hosts stay on the path with Me I have ordained for your life do not veer in this hour for it will be costly continue with Me as men sneer and jeer for they shall their portion and for glorifying me you shall be honored among men thus says the Lord of Hosts in the name of Jesus Christ, Yeshua who is the Passover Lamb and rules and reigns at my right hand, amen, and amen.


For I the Lord this day and continually telling you My children do not fear what they your enemies are saying or doing. It will all come to nothing and be destroyed by My hand none of this will stand. They’re all liars, manipulators, deceivers, destroyers of good, murderers, cheaters, thieves, and the list goes on my children. They are at their breaking point and are at their wits end. You would say they are under so much pressure trying to figure out how to fix everything. Seeing that everything they are doing is not working and they know their days are coming to an end. Now they will try and put more pressure on you to quit but it won’t work.

I am stepping in and removing them all out of the way. My angel armies are surrounding them along with the military who are breathing down their necks and fear is overwhelming them. They now know they don’t have much time left. My children I warned you they will try to stop what they know is coming. What’s coming is their defeat and for some the angel of death. But before some will lose everything. They hold dear which is their money and power they worked so hard for. But I the Lord have said enough is enough. They can’t stop what is about to hit their camps and it will destroy all their plans each and every one of them will be judged and justice will be served.

Mitt Romney explosive evidence is just about to come to the surface that you so desperately tried to hide in the public and of course from the world. But it doesn’t matter how hard you try to suppress this or threaten people’s lives to keep it safe. I know you will kill to keep this quiet but you won’t be able to. I’m protecting the ones that have this information and shielding you from who they really are it’s too late now to turn back Mitt you are in too deep you sold your soul to the enemy and your time is running short. This is your time to be judged by Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. Treason will be written on you for all eternity. Treason will be your end Mit and there is nothing that you can do to stop this from coming to pass, saith the Lord.

Kent this name will be in your news. For I the Lord and exposing all that has been hidden. Matt Lauer this name will be in the news there was more to that story than was told and there are many more like him that will be uncovered and more whistleblowers will reveal the truth. Yes, My children I have told you these are the days of the whistleblowers and no one can keep them from speaking. And I am protecting them from anything the elites want to do and I am shooting them from the enemies on who they really are until it’s too late. For anything to be done against them boiling point this will be in your headlines and this is how your enemies are feeling right now. They are constantly looking to the right and to the left and behind them for none of them are safe. Even the ones in the innermost circles of the enemy’s power team they are too busy trying to save themselves. They are turning on each other to have someone else take the fall for what they have done themselves. But I the Lord am moving and not one will be left standing for the crimes that they have committed.

Ukraine will be in the news but not for what you think Ukraine’s government has been hiding. Things that are about to be revealed to the world. Ukraine your government was paid to turn against you. Yes, they have done things in your land so heinous it will be hard for you to hear. But I will judge and remove them all who are against you and put who belongs in those places of power to free your land. Oh Ukraine poisonous acts have been done and I will cleanse your soil and an awakening will grow and Revival will hit your land. So don’t give up now Ukraine I the Lord am moving for you and against your enemies in this year. Your land will look totally different and freedom you will experience like never before the strongholds and the principalities of the rulers of the air have been destroyed. And their power over you has been released great celebrations are about to break out in your land Ukraine, saith the Lord of Hosts.

The truth will come out regarding Putin I have told you before and I will tell you again he has many things against elites and this fraudulent government o United States. Yes, many things he has been holding on to and hasn’t released them yet the world elites are terrified and will do anything they can to have him killed and to turn the world against him. So this information won’t be released to the world. But no matter what they do truth is pouring out everywhere and destroying their plans of a world takeover. They can’t stand the fact that they are losing many are still wondering how I the Lord can use a man like Putin. My children were picked and they refused to do what needed to be done he was willing to do this and I can use whom I need. Putin has been worn and if he doesn’t obey my warning judgment will come to him and his land.

My children many things are about to come to the light to distinguish their darkness over this world many covert operations are coming to an end because they are all about to be completed the only thing left is to take all of them down and remove them from their places of power. For I the Lord said this is the year of the great Exodus and nothing. They say or could do ever can change that they don’t have the power over Me and I live on the inside of you children of Almighty God. No, you are in Christ Jesus and in these days you are to arise and overcome anything they have done or are trying to do now. They are a bad joke in My sight and they are nothing and have nothing. They have no power to stand against what is coming to them in this time, saith the Lord.

Las Vegas will be in your headlines listen to what is being said and know My children a giant hornet’s nest will be uncovered. There of sex trafficking and so much more has been hiding in this sin city. There is no accident why it’s called that literally sin was covering that place and a principality of the air has been stripped from that area and truth will start to flow and a cleansing will begin. Your fraudulent government had many things hidden there that will all be uncovered and exposed. My children the weather will intensify and it will continue to be abnormal. Remember what I have told you to do what Jesus had done in the boat speak to the weather and say peace be still over your house your city your family and it has to obey.

You have the kind of authority My children no in the name of Jesus that every knee must bow including the weather. All of this directed at your enemies to destroy anything they have standing and are using against you. It will be heard in your headlines it will be in your headlines where it is looking like a fire is raining down from the sky. Look to see where this is located and you will understand why I’m gonna do that again. It will be in your headlines where it is looking like fire is raining down from the sky look to see where this is located and you will understand why. My children many firewalls have been breached in your enemies camps their systems they thought were safe. But those walls have come down I have access to everything they have done or are doing now.

Explosive information is about to be leaked and no it’s no accident who is surrounding the scandals treason murder lies and one after another will be exposed and that will be destroyed everything that they are doing right now many of my children are still asking who are they. They are this fraudulent government oh united states and the world of the world elites that have controlled them many governments are helping with this world takeover and they will all be taken over since these are the days of Haman. A great shift is taking place and you will soon see and hear it.

Saudi Arabia will be in the news and look to why there is more going on than they are saying but it will all be revealed by me, saith the Lord of Hosts. Clarence Thomas I say to you again nothing they are doing to you will stand. Your wife is safe and so is your family I have my angels surrounding you. And they don’t have the power to penetrate through that I am your protector and I know all. They have done to you and I will judge them all. Even the ones who sit next to you on the Supreme Court that turned on you. They will be removed who have set you up,  who sided with the ones who control them. Yes, your colleagues have been paid off and I have everything I need for them to be removed from their places of power. I am cleansing the Supreme Court. I know Clarence that looks impossible but I am the god whom nothing is impossible. So stand with my boldness Clarence I have given to you and remember I have the final say and none of them against you will be left standing, saith the Lord of Hosts.  

Anthony Fauci is crying wolf again watch My children what will happen to him on live TV. Truth will be revealed in a slip from his lips. They will try to cover it up, but it’s too late. The cat is out of the bag you would say nothing can stop their fall it’s inevitable say as the Lord of Hosts. I am moving things and they are ramping up now My children hold on what you see is about to fall in front of you. So rejoice your victory has already been guaranteed, saith the Lord your redeemer.


The Lord said, “Barry, tell My people that I have called them for a time such as this. For I know that many are weary of the battle. I am aware of the disdain that many are feeling.

“Barry, tell My people that now is not the time to retreat. Now is not the time to fear. Now is not the time to give up. Now is not the time to falter.

“Barry, tell My people that I have called them to be a great light in this present darkness. Have I not called each one by name? Have I not known every day that lies ahead of them? Have I not said that I will not leave them or forsake them – [and] be their everlasting help in times of trouble?

“Once again, I say, look unto the hill from where comes your help. For I am the Lord, the Lord of hosts, and there is nothing, there is no one, who is greater than I. For it is I who gave the seas their boundaries. It is I who put the sun the moon and the stars in place. For it is I who put the breath of life into each one. For I came that all could have everlasting life.

“I have come that all could be redeemed, healed, and delivered. The good news remains today: Come unto Me all who are thirsty, all who are dry, broken and hurting, for I will give you rest. I will redeem you. I will heal you, and I will put your feet upon the path that I have destined for you.

“Turn to Me today and put aside every hindrance and foul thing that has beset you. Let Me hold you, let Me cleanse you, let Me wash you inside and out. Let Me heal your broken heart, soul and spirit.

“I will give you everlasting peace in the middle of every storm. There is nothing that we can’t face together. There is no addiction bigger than I. Do not let shame and guilt lie to you any longer. There is nothing that I cannot forgive when you turn to Me.

Listen to My words: the enemy has overplayed his hand, and it is obvious to see. His plan has never changed to kill, steal and destroy, but I have come that you may have abundant life! As you turn your heart totally toward Me, we will take back all the ground the enemy has stolen.

“I am the God of restoration and reconciliation. I am the God of righteousness and justice. Together we will take back the land. As you turn to Me, I will heal you. I am bringing family restoration and reconciliation. Repentance and forgiveness shall freely flow once again in this land. Tears of sorrow and pain will turn into tears of healing and tears of joy. I am going deep in this day. Do not run from the pain or My healing love, for I am the Great Physician, and I will not leave you where you are at.”

Prophetic word given on March 20, 2022:

The Head of the Snake Is Coming Off! A White Witch and Her Coven Shall Be Removed

Early in the morning on March 20, Holy Spirit woke me up and I was quickly brought into intense prayer and intercession. There was an intensity and pressure I have never experienced before. This was a whole new level for me. It is with fear and trembling that I once again release and share as Holy Spirit prompts.

Holy Spirit said, “This is what Roger Stone is feeling right now.”

I knew that this was what Roger Stone was up against. I could feel the pressure and wicked warfare and attack coming upon him. The witchcraft upon him was over the top! I had a pressure on my chest like it had a tank sitting on it. I sensed something trying to choke me out! It was intense!  

As Holy Spirit let me taste of this pressure, for a while, I thought I was going to crack. I believe He let me experience a taste of it to get my attention and to show me what is going on and what Roger Stone, General Flynn and others are up against. The intensity of this battle was so great, I was not sure how they could endure it!

This was a place of identificational prayer and intercession that He took me into. I could feel the oppression and darkness that they were up against. I came against it and I prayed until I felt a shift – a reprieve – and as it did, Holy Spirit started showing me in an open vision what was going on. He spoke to me and said, loud and clear, “New Orleans.”

At that moment, I was taken deep into the swamp. The water level was high. I was surrounded by trees with low-hanging branches, reducing visibility. Lots of the trees looked unhealthy and on their way out with disease.

There was a little shack sitting on stilts in the swamp, not that big; it had no door on it and no glass in the window openings. There was a little front porch that had no rail. I then saw a boat slipping closer to the little shack; it slipped silently through the water and the hanging branches. There was a man standing up in front of the boat; he had one foot on the bow and was looking for the best approach and way to navigate up to the shack. That man was Roger Stone.

There were others in the boat; I recognized them to be lawyers and military personnel. They were all dressed in fatigues and were ready for anything. My sense was that General Flynn was also in the boat, but he did not stand out. The focus, the bravery, the humility and unity on this team was very evident. They spoke to one another without words. They trusted each other and they all knew the job they had to do. I knew that the future of 45 depended upon it.

It was then that I saw a BIG snake come into the doorway of the little shack. It was coiled up, rearing its head up into a striking position. It stood as tall as the door and was as thick as the body of a man; its head was gold in color. Then the face of the snake transformed into the face of a woman; she was angry. As quickly as the face transformed into the woman, it shifted back into the snake head.

Roger and the team had made their way around to the side of the shack, where she did not have good visibility to see them. As they pulled up to the shack and Roger stepped onto the porch, she became impatient and tried to strike at Roger and the team. However, in her misjudgment, she exposed herself and was in a position where they were quickly able to sever the head off of the snake. As they did, there was an immediate shift in the atmosphere. Things began to lighten up! Things were now going to clear up for the good and restoration of the nation and nations!

My sense was that what was being taken out also had ties to Ukraine. The head is going to be coming off of this evil. The nations will celebrate.

Again, I heard Holy Spirit say, “There has been a trap set; it is very well hidden, deep in the swamp. Be careful of back Cajun waters. There is a viper about to strike but will miss her mark, and then she will be exposed; she is venomous. And you will cut off her head! For I have chosen you. You are the man for the job, Roger Stone! There could be no other.

“There will be great peace when it is done; peace will flood the land. Others have wanted to take her out, but they were over compromised. What they have used against you shall be their own peril. Their venomous lies and deception, from which you will heal, shall be finished. You will be able to once again breathe deeply of My peace.

“A white witch and her coven shall be removed! I am extracting them from the swamp – before it is all drained! They shall not occupy anymore! They shall all pay their dues!

“So stand strong and fearless! Be of great cheer for your victory awaits – as does Mine! You have nothing to fear as you remain in Me. You are very close. You are within striking distance; she is in reach! In her impatience, she will make her move! You have flushed her out.

“It’s very close for all to see! It will soon all unravel! The turning point is soon at hand! Trump shall arise! Putin shall prevail! It will turn around faster than they think!

“Stay on course; do not falter or faint, for even now, I shall restore your faith and strengthen you! We will do just fine together in the battle!”

Holy is the word of the Lord.

As this word was spoken to me, I was given an open vision where I saw a woman. She was dressed as a white witch in the White House. She was in a white room under a rotunda with marble floors. She was standing in a circle leading an evil ceremony with a group of 40 or so people. My impression was that these ceremonies were a regular thing for them to participate in. I saw that these dark ceremonies have opened evil portals over the White House.

The Father has revealed this to the Ecclesia in order for us to strategically fast and pray to close the evil portal over the White House. Just as prophetic warnings were given in days past, as in Nineveh, and prayer and fasting turned a nation, so is the call for the USA.

I believe that this is a time for concentrated, high level, strategic prayer and fasting among the Ecclesia. We are in a critical moment of history that can be shifted through prayer and fasting.

Prophetic word given on April 9, 2022:

Canada: You Are a Sheep Nation! (not a goat nation)

I was taken into a back room on Parliament Hill. There was a group of UN White Helmet leaders gathered behind closed doors in a briefing room. They each had their role of oversight in a specific area. They stood looking over a large table map of Canada.

Then I watched as JT (Justin Trudeau) was brought into the room. He was led in blindfolded by a couple of his close advisors. It became clear that JT was not giving the briefing but receiving one. One by one, each member of the UN gave their update and instructions as to what JT was to say or do. They air dropped data to one another, sharing important data and strategic planning with one another. They had a Zoom-type video feed into the room that other leaders used to share higher directives for all to hear and take action on.

One smaller, elderly man seemed to be like the Godfather of the group, and had major influence. One after another, these UN White Hats gave instructions, after which, the UN uniforms faded off of them and they transformed into cabinet members, bureaucrats, and Asians from a very large nation.

I saw logos from “WHO” on white-coat doctors, and others suits and name lanyards tagged with “WEF”; these ones had briefcases handcuffed to themselves. I watched them ‘PowerPoint’ dates and sequences as the sectors had to collaborate in methodical, time-sensitive actions.

After JT was given the script, he was put in a makeup chair to be done up to go on stage as an actor to try and sell it in a staged way. As they were preparing, there was a sound coming from the distance. I heard a rumble and the ground began to shake… As they looked out of the parliament buildings, the sound and the shaking increased and increased, bigger than ever before.

There was a convergence from the West, the East, the North and the South. I watched as Holy Spirit blew upon the embers that the enemy thought had been put out. Very quickly, Holy Spirit fire was ablaze and burning hot! As the wind blew, it blew this fire of God – fire of reformation and revival – across Canada and onto Parliament Hill. This fire of God was like a wall around the city. This was the moment that all had been praying for.

Righteous leaders emerged from the crowd, bringing evidence. Lawyers and new judges emerged with the fire of God upon them, releasing truth and bringing reformation to the nation. The tipping point became obvious!

Thus says the Lord of hosts, “Glory, honor and majesty are Mine. I shall not share it with another. Canada, I see your crown; it is not as I intended it to be!

“My Canada, I have called you to be the True North, strong and free! My beloved Canada, I shall shake and I shall reveal all that has been hidden for all to see. I shall shake and I shall sift this land for you to be all I have called you to be. Walk with Me, step by step, and take your position with Me as I blow upon you with My Holy Spirit fire. For Canada shall be saved, and great shall be her inheritance!

“Canada, you are not a goat nation! You are a sheep nation! Stand up and take your position; tighten up those boots! Together we shall take back this land!”


For I the Lord this day am destroying the works of the enemy that you see now all over this earth. The bondages the lies the captivity the fear the restlessness, depression, heaviness, sickness, pain, and distress. These tools your enemy uses to break your spirits, to break your trust in Me to wear you down. To steal your joy so you have no strength to fight him back. His strategic attacks on My children must be stopped destroyed and broken over you so you may freely serve Me in this hour. For there is a great harvest of souls coming into the Kingdom of God in My children you need to prepare to be used by Me more in this time. So My glory and light will shine through you for the masses to free the world from the chains that have kept them bound in torment and in torture. This year of the great exodus I’m returning what has been stolen. Yes, everything that has been taken unlawfully will be given back to you My children. Your adversary is a thief and a liar. He has been caught, he has been destroyed and brought to nothing, saith the Lord of Hosts.

So receive the truth My children Jesus has already defeated your enemy and all the power he has on this earth against you. You My children are far more powerful than he is and he already knows that. Now it is time for you to know this too the blood of Jesus has wiped away every sin, every stain, when you repent. So you do not do not let guilt and shame tell you that you aren’t worthy to receive. Your freedom has already been paid for. This is the time My children have been waiting for. So hold on and brace for what is coming a great shaking to set the captives saith the Lord.

Hilton brand this name will be in your news scandals will plague this company one after another will be exposed and nothing will stay hidden. No matter what they are doing now to ensure their safety. No one will be safe as judgment strikes them all at the ground justice will be served, saith the Lord of Hosts. Austin this name will be in your news truth is filling this earth and not one will hide from the lies that have been spoken. Charles Schwab this name will be in your news and exposures will hit this company like the plagues of Egypt to destroy what they had planned to release on this earth. And to destroy their power and the hold they once had on everything and everyone. I’m stripping them of their finances power and influence. Yes, scandals and truth will pour out like a flood. A whistleblower will blow the roof off of this company and it will be knocked to the ground never to rise up again. Brace for this truth My children it will be hard to hear what they had planned against you, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Kensington this name will flood their ways listen to what is being said. It’s not as it seems and the truth will slip out whether they want it to get out or not. A shot heard around the world this will be in the headlines when truth hits all the enemies of almighty God. It will bring the world to a standstill knowing what they had done and what they were planning to do against you if I’d not step in and move My hand against them. The evil that will be revealed in this time will be shocking to most that a human being could do this to another human being let alone the masses around the world. Bill Gates his name will be brought and he’ll be judged in this hour. He will lose everything he has then he will lose his life saith the Lord of Hosts. Treason will also be written on him for all eternity and the blood is pouring from his hands is speaking to me for justice and justice will be served.

Nightingale this will be in your headlines. Truth is being revealed everywhere and every lie will be destroyed a national forest will be in the headlines a wildfire was set to destroy. Yes, it was no accident and the truth will be revealed who and why and what was being hidden and that they didn’t want that to be found and what they didn’t want to be found. A cargo ship company will be in your news once again, Evergreen. Yes, they have been hiding things in plain sight and it will all be now exposed and their walls will come down and the plans they destroyed they thought they could keep getting away with. I am the great I AM and I am against them. Another ship will get stuck it’s accident that this is continuing to happen. For I am the Lord and I am exposing what they have on those ships and it will not prosper against you anymore My children. For My hand is moving and knocking them all down to the ground.

Hazelgrain this name will be in your headlines look to where this is located. More is there and it’s all being discovered, recovered, and exposed. Grass this two will be in your see where this is where this is and you will see why this is so important. My children read between the lines nothing is as it seems and it will all be revealed in this year, saith the Lord.

Another wildfire is about to break out and this will be in the state of California. They will say it’s by accident but this is a lie. This was on purpose and the truth will be told injustice will be served the ones behind us. There is more to this fire they don’t want told. But I the Lord in revealing the truth no matter how deep it goes. No matter how hard they try to hide it.

A Disney actor will come forward with the truth about this company. Beware of the lie that Disney will try to use to spin the truth back blackmail. Yes, but it goes much deeper than that my children should prevail all over this earth. Disney will pay for all the crimes that have been committed and nothing they have done will stay hidden. Justice will be served and judgment has already started against this company and will not stop until their plans are all destroyed. Their power and influence taken away along with their finances. Anyone who has played a part to help Disney or worked with this company and knew what they have been doing will all pay a high price in this hour of judgment and justice.


Desensitize this word will be in breaking headlines all over this earth deceptions and lies desensitize My hand is moving to crush its power over you, saith the Lord. Keller this name will be in your headlines. They are trapped and truth shall devour all their lives and lies and people will see what was hidden, saith the Lord. Graphite this will be in your headlines My children nothing is as it seems but I the Lord am revealing it to all the world. Full steam ahead will also be in the news as a headline indictment. Indictments judgment and justice will grow and intensify one after another it will be all seen by the world judges will rule and justice will be served.

But first tribunals will take place in the spotlight. They have been taking place behind the scenes your enemies have been caught in the act and sentenced. But this is a time for all to be shown to the world because this is the hour of exposures truth and all the world will know who and what everyone has done. Their punishments will be great, saith the Lord of Hosts. Famine they will try but it’s a lie. Shortages, no, there is more than enough economy crashing. But My children every

dark and horrible looking situation is directed at your enemies in these days of judgment. And you don’t have to take part in anything that is directed at them. Just you will start to hear your government more in this hour they’re all starting to fall on the front lines. Not just the ones behind closed doors.

Bitcoin will be in the breaking news. Reports everywhere My children truth is pouring out everywhere how things have been manipulated the world elites didn’t want these things to take place but they can’t stop what I’m about to do in the world’s economy to destroy all their finances power and influence. They had and none of them will survive the moving of My hand, saith the Lord. My children these are great days for My glory. It shall fall and miracles occur destruction and darkness for your enemies to set you free from their tyranny. So stand up and take what is yours that I have for you, saith the Lord. I have paid for your freedoms and I have not forsaken you and you will soon see that you can live such a blessed life. Free life here on earth that I created for you. I the Lord am moving in all you will know now all you will now know I love thee and I do have the final say, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Julie Green - THEIR DARKNESS IS YOUR VICTORY - April 11, 2022

For I the Lord this day am calling My children to brace for what is about to hit this earth.  The shaking is like nothing that you have ever seen or experienced before. I the Lord am speaking these words to tell you what is to come. So do not fear this great shaking this will set you free from the world and its demonic system that has held you bound. Along with the world leaders who have manipulated and controlled this earth without most of the world knowing. What they were doing against you during this time of great shaking true shall be poured out all over. To break through all the lies that have held this world. To believe what they see and experiencing is just life and it’s just normal. Another deception of this time is that what they are telling you is the truth when that is a father saying from the real truth. They are liars the father of lies is controlling each and every one of them.

My children have been enslaved to this world system and its leaders and this is a time. For all of what you see of their rule to come to an end My children you are about to experience freedom and celebrations that you have never known before. A joy never experienced to this degree. Enemies of almighty God will all fall from their places of power never tour over you again. My children watch and listen for a great earthquake a big one. They will announce on the news in the Netherlands. Do not fear My children this is not for you I will protect you this is to shake the ground beneath the feet of the wicked ones who planted things in your nation. Netherlands I am your protector so I will destroy their plans and save and protect you at the same time I am for you so you. So who can be against you, sayeth the Lord of Hosts.

New Zealand you are you will experience bigger earthquakes than normal. Yes, earthquakes are to shake and awaken those who are still asleep in your land. These earthquakes are bigger, yes, but do not fear them I am protecting you and I am shielding you from the damage they will cause. These are directed at the enemies of almighty God and it will shake the ground like government officials who are against you and against Me My children. I am showing the world and every government official I am in control and all their plans are being destroyed. As I speak these words darkness you will hear shakings economies crashing. Things will appear to get worse but do not fear and do not be moved by appearances. For this great darkness is for the enemies of almighty God. Their darkness is your deliverance yes a sudden shutdown of the world it will seem like I am shutting down your enemies. All their power and all their plans will be completely annihilated. I am destroying their hold over you and this earth their economy will crash and be decimated by Me, saith the Lord.

Remember My children that’s their system and I am putting a new financial system in this world. Where there is more than enough and no one will suppress and hold My people and their finances back. Again sorry, their finances back. There’s a great shaking coming to the banking system all over this world like no one has ever seen or experienced before. The banks that have been holding you hostage will hold you no more. Every elite that was manipulating the system will not only be exposed but will be judged for their financial hold over you. For I the Lord have seen and heard their plans their dirty deals. They set up against not only My children to keep them captive. But every person in this world and again.

I say the banking system of this world will be completely destroyed and a new one will be reborn. I’ll put the financial system that was always meant to be in this world that your enemies cheated you out of for centuries. Yes, they put a system in this world without Me in it just like Nimrod. So they could control the masses this beast system controls your every walk of life and I the great I am and ripping it apart destroying all that is left of this system. Never to have its hold over My body to this degree again. They will try another one in the tribulation. But My children you will not have to take part in that. Because I am delivering you from their control the great tribulation is not yet it’s not for you children of almighty God.

Argentina will be in the news watch and listen to why My children there is more to the story than you are being told it’s not how it appears to be. But I the Lord will reveal the truth Watergate. Yes, this word will be used in the news to compare this breaking news to what has happened in the past to what is going on right now but my children this new Watergate is like no other the doors have been ripped off their hinges and they can hide behind those doors with all their secrets and dirty dealings anymore know for I the Lord will blow the lid off of their plants and I am exposing everyone rapid fire. Yes, like never before the enemies of almighty God will never regain their foothold again to fight back with what is hitting them right now.

There was a war they wanted well they are getting a war like no other. In a war they didn’t want this will destroy them. All world war three Lord no a war in the heavenlies that has destroyed their power in all their demonic walls. And for all their protection they thought they had there has been a war in the spirit and they have lost. Yes, My angel armies have destroyed the power of the ones that propped them up and the world leader leaders will have nothing left to fight with. They are helpless against My power and authority My children and the power and authority lives in you peak. Their defeat and watch how fast they fall the timing had to be perfect and all the dominoes are about to fall to the ground a great show and a spectacle will be seen.

Yes, My show has begun and My show of truth that will take away all the power of the enemy their influence their finances. With some even their life will be taken from them. The news media is about to take a hit one after another proving to the world how fake and false they are. I am not just destroying their financial system over you. I’m destroying their mountain of media and its demonic hold over you. For I the Lord have destroyed its power control and its hold over this world truth is annihilating their lies that held. This world captive a snake pit will be discovered and reported in your news. This will be a sign that I am uncovering the snakes in your media. But also the snakes that have represented you in this nation that were there for themselves. These snakes are being silenced and their mouths are being shut by, Me saith the Lord of Hosts.

Many leaders will walk away step down retire or die. Yes, watch as shock waves will hit this earth when one world leader after another will walk away from their places of power a war . They will continue to try and start more wars around this world they think by causing chaos everywhere it will stop their ultimate demise. But My children no matter what they say or do their plans will never work. I have people all over this world to catch them in the act and to stop them in their tracks. Their wars will come to nothing and they will all be removed by Me saith the Lord. Sentenced and judged for their crimes and sins they have committed in this world that are so demonic. It will be hard for My children to hear.

But I will raise you up higher than anything they use to keep you down the enemies of almighty God are all being destroyed. At the same time I am delivering all my children out of their control watch My children. My hand is moving now and you will see what I the lord have done for you behind the scenes. I am bringing all this to center stage for the world to see that I do exist. I do love people I love freedom and justice and I avenge My children and there is nothing your enemies can do about it rapids will be in your news. Watch and see what is being reported and remember that I’m in control this earth and there is nothing your enemies can do about that, sayeth the Lord of Hosts.


For I the Lord this day have warned My children of great shakings hitting this earth everything that can be shaken will be for your good. Not to bring My children fear or put you under stress or confusion that is what your enemy will try to do to you in this hour. What I am doing is for your good he is try and steal the blessing that I have intended for you to receive. But my children have more power and authority than you once knew about so seek Me and My written word so the attacks your enemy will try to use against you will fail and fall before you and will not prosper. I am raising you higher with My glory and I’m pouring it out in this hour like never before. Be encouraged that I am moving My hand against all your enemies and you will see that I never intended them to slide by with no judgment or justice. No, My children in My written word says see time and harvest and now is a time they are weeping. Everything they have sown and nothing can stop that from coming to pass, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Jim Acosta his name will be in your news new evidence will come out regarding the truth of what Jim has done. One scandal after another he will be known as a liar and yes but also a traitor. He’ll be removed from his place of influence never to be broadcasting again. Treason is and so much more will be revealed treason will be written on him for all eternity. Jim you had your chance and time to repent and turn from your wicked ways and you refused. So now judgment will hit you and there will be nowhere to run or hide. Jim this is your end, saith the Lord. Look and watch more will fall at CNN. No one will be left because judgment is hitting them like never before one exposure after another and the evidence will not be denied, saith the Lord of hosts. The snake pit in journalism will be uncovered a reporter, journalist, director, producer, it doesn’t matter their position if they helped with any of these lies they forced upon the American people in the world judgment will now find you. In a great harvest you will reap and what you have placed upon this world to endure. You are all liars and you will all fall, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Disney you haven’t seen the hell you are about to endure everything you have done in secret will be revealed to the world. You are propaganda lying machine. You have desensitized, manipulated, brainwashed, trick to see the masses with all your movies and TV shows. All your heinous acts behind closed doors the children and so much more will all be exposed no matter what you are trying to do to save yourselves. Now it will not work this time for I the Lord I’m judging you and all you are all going to fall for the sins and the crimes that you have committed. Disney you are finished and the ones that control Disney so are you no matter how much money and power you have. It will not save you from what is coming to you.

The hour of judgment is here for all of you and it’s now a sting operation is hitting Hollywood. Yes, not one will be safe for all that have been doing behind closed doors. Every lie will be revealed and anyone in Hollywood that works for the globalists will be revealed and judged. I had people in your innermost circles to expose each and every one of you. So Hollywood be prepared for the ground will shake beneath your feet to knock all of you down from your high pedestals. You stand on you are not above anyone and you will soon find out you can’t hide from what is coming. Leonardo DiCaprio truth shall flood your house and exposures will be revealed and your name will forever be known as a liar and a yes man to the globalists. My children many in Hollywood are not who they seem not only when they are playing parts on screen but their lives in front of a camera was a complete lie. For who they really are and to hide they were paid to act certain ways and to portray they were someone else all will be revealed to the world on who they all are. Many victims will be freed from their silence they have been threatened and blackmailed to keep their mouths shut. I’m releasing them from their gag order that they were under one whistleblower after another will come forward with what really happens in Hollywood on sets behind closed doors and nothing and I mean nothing will stay hidden in this hour of judgment, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Singapore will be in the headlines a weather event. Yes, but truth will also pour out of Singapore more generals will walk away and retire. They will say there is more than that will be revealed regarding each and every one a cleansing I have told you before is occurring in your military. There’s a great shaking hitting your military as I speak these words to you my children and truth will hit your Pentagon and beyond in this hour of truth. NBC will be breaking in your news everywhere exposures and scandals will plague this news network watch people you thought were good were actually not. The Today Show will take a major hit. They’re all falling to truth and none will stand up against Me and win, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Things are about to change as you see things now we’ll never see them again. My children a great shaking is happening but no more will be felt and seen by the world. All the movements going on behind the scenes will now come forward and be seen in the spotlight the time for the transfer of power and transfer of wealth. Judgment vindication is hitting places now more than any other time in your history. Oh, United States your chains have been broken off of you I am setting you free. So sore like never before watch the states reveal more truth that can’t be hidden or suppressed anymore. No floodgates of truth have broken through their dam of lies destroying their narratives. So you o United States will never be held captive like this again, saith the Lord your redeemer.

A shockwave is coming it will break through the lies and truth will prevail across the land and this nation and the nations of this earth. Kershaw this name will be in your headlines so look to see why and where the story came from the location is significant. My children I am the Lord and I have warned you to brace for what is coming. These are the days to prepare your hearts your minds and your houses for what is to come for the great exodus is about to take place to free my children throughout this earth. For I the Lord have said enough is enough and those words are taking place right now to let My people go. So my children I say to you that 2022 is about to look very different. A changing other guard yes, but so much more about your lives will forever change. This is your time to celebrate and your enemies can’t stop the celebrations that are about to break out all over this earth, saith the Lord your redeemer.


For I the Lord this day will show the world who is really in charge. I played your adversaries like a fiddle you would say. I knew what they were going to do before they even were put on this earth. I know every strategy tactic and of course how deep this all runs and who controls them. I’m moving my hand to stop all of their plans. Your enemies know something is wrong. This isn’t right usually this works and nothing is going as planned we should have easily had this New World Order by now without question. How are so many people still fighting by our estimation we should have had more people tricked by now? We have the news stations, we have leaders all over this world that say that do we tell them to say and it didn’t matter. There are more people fighting back and more people fighting out figuring out that we are lying. Some even know what our plans were. How this has never happened before?

Yes, My son your enemies are panicking trying to figure out all these answers. But also trying to figure out how to fix it all. There is so much going wrong all at one time. The Biden is a bigger problem than they realize he would be listen for more news reports coming out against his mental mental capacity and mental capability. They can no longer hide how bad this really is so they are trying to figure out all other measures to relieve themselves of the Biden and all of his guests. The puppet masters can seem to stop or cover up no matter how much medication he is given. He’s going too far your enemies are saying we can’t control his mouth and it’s getting worse by the day something has to be done. They are saying just listen to watch to see what happens next. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

The enemies of almighty God are contemplating how far they can go right now but this desperation they will make bigger mistakes and will get caught more and more more people on live TV will stumble over their words after they say something they didn’t mean to say. Listen for these words and see them in your headlines the house is back in session. Yes, but look to see why and what is on their agenda a fight will ensue. Listen for why there is more to this than is being told to this nation. Oh yes, the truth will explode and eruptions will occur truth will prevail and every lie will be revealed. Judgment is here to all who have cheated and stolen their way in, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Waverly this name will be in your news. Listen for this my children and know your enemies are about to wave the white flag of defeat. The world the word, excuse me, ultimate sacrifice will be in your headlines in many places. See how and why this word is being used. There is more than it appears to be. A whirlwind will be in your headlines. Yes, this will signify a whirlwind of truth is hitting your enemies with no way for them to escape it parachute . This word will be in your news listen to why, and again. there is more to the story than is being told. A suicide will be reported about a well-known person. Do not believe it this was no suicide and you will soon find out the whole truth of what happened to this person. They know too much the puppet master said so deal with it those words will be recorded. And yes, someone is recording them without them realizing it. They will not figure out who this is I am shielding the truth from your enemies. They will find out after it’s too late for them to do something about it. Off with their head the statement will be in your headlines.

You say Lord this is such a cruel and unusual statement to be in the headlines. Yes, but look to see who says it and you will see why I gave this to you before the news stations did My children.  I am giving you the news before the news to show you that I am in control and I know their every move. Even before they know they will make those moves and nothing is staying hidden in this hour. I have opened the floodgates of truth and it will demolish all their plans against you children of almighty God. A very well-known spokesperson will be in the news they’ll be stepping down from their position. They know the truth and can no longer stay in their job. Listen carefully for the word spokesperson and stepping down and you’ll see why that is so important.

Triage, this word will be in your headlines. Pay attention to what this is used for and where. Hyperbolic, this word will be in many of your headlines. Hyperbaric chamber this will be in your headlines for an unusual reason it may seem. Listen for what they are saying and again I say to you My children there is more going on than they are telling you and all the truth will come out. Laptops, oh yes, there are more laptops than you realize that things have been on them that will blow the doors wide open on this whole fraudulent government. Hunter Biden’s of course, but there are more to come. Hennas acts caught on video they recorded their dirty deals to blackmail each other so many videos have been seized and there is no way out of this for the enemies of almighty God. The whole election yes there are more on their laptops than you realize. The deleted files your enemies thought they wouldn’t get caught. But nothing is permanently Me saith the Lord of hosts.

So listen My children for these laptops and know to brace for what is found on them I’m uncovering any everything for the world to see. Nancy Pelosi has a lot to answer for. What is on her desktop, oh yes, evidence and much more than anyone thought. She had done what you think she has done My children. Just know it’s far worse than you can imagine. Lord what about Hillary’s deleted emails? For I the Lord have them all and they are about to come out this will be in your heae lines. All deleted emails have been found and recovered. This discovery will be it big will be a big news story.

Yes, Hillary Clinton will finally once and for all be let go by the elites. They will not try and save her this time like they always do. Smokey Robinson will be in the news listen for the reason why My children. DJ Carter this name will also be in your headlines. White Water this will be in your headline see where this location is and it’s not by accident. Infinity this company will be in your headlines. Remember My children I know the end from the beginning. I’m giving these signs so you will focus on My words and not theirs. Natural disasters these words will be in your headlines everywhere. A disaster will occur look where this is located . There is more to the story than they are telling you but it will all come out, sayeth the Lord.

Wells Fargo will be in multiple headlines a scandal. Yes, and look to see who else is linked to them. Tic Tock will be fully exposed in this hour watch to see what they have actually been doing and it’s worse than you thought. It’s far worse My children. These hours you are living in will be filled with one exposure after another brace now for what is coming a firestorm of truth is hitting your enemies now and it will not lessen but it will grow and intensify until each and every one of them has been judged by me saith the Lord of Hosts. These are days for truth and freedom and your deliverance. The signs I’ve given to you are not by accident I wanted you to know that I am in control and everything will be okay with you children of almighty God. So rejoice, dance, and sing, and know it’s time for celebrations to break out everywhere, sayeth the Lord your redeemer.


Listen for this in your news a sting operation will be in your headlines exposures are being made and yes, they will be reported on. Listen to what the sting operation was for and no not one will be left unpunished. My judgment is sweeping through the enemy’s champs to take them down. I am moving My hand right now to stop what is going on behind the scenes. This is the year of exposure and judgment like never before children of almighty God to who listen who is involved in these crimes and know it goes even deeper than that. I’m going to read that again children of almighty God listen to who is involved in these crimes and know it goes even than that.

Mad Cow disease will be in the headlines affecting other nations. Look at where it was found and no, nothing is how it seems. Truth is coming and destroying all the plans and your enemies want to distract the world from every truth that is coming out that will destroy them all. No distractions will not work anymore. Most of the world will be focused on the truth and more will be set free from all the lies and this tyranny.

Hindenburg this word will be in the news remember the name that was linked to major disaster and no my children this name will be linked to another one. But this time disasters are hitting your enemies not you children of almighty God. Excuse me Paris will be in your news. A discovery will be found there a sex trafficking ring so large it will shock the world. This will destroy the other ones that were hidden your enemies are about to scatter in all directions. They know everything is falling apart and they can’t figure out why. Because they didn’t count on Me the creator of heaven and earth. I know all, see all, they can’t hide anything from Me. I know the end from the beginning and their end will be great.

Shout My children for your enemies defeat declare that all lies are being revealed. Stop talking about what they are doing and start talking and declaring their defeat. They are failing right now yes, they are whether you believe it or even understand it doesn’t change the fact they will all fall like lightning from the sky. My children it will be hard for some to believe when judgment and justice fully hits the enemies of almighty God and how fast they all will fall. Hezbollah will be in your news listen for the reason and no, I am taking them all out this is the year of their total demise no matter what nation your enemies are from. They will not succeed in anything they do in this year of 2022.

Gold will be in your news listen to what they are saying. They are giving themselves away as they manipulate the markets. An economic crash, a major disaster they want. But my children these are the days of Haman it will not destroy it will destroy them and not you. Do not fear this I am your protector and all your property will be protected. Oil and gas prices they are purposely making them skyrocket. But my children this will not stay this way look at what my hand does to move them out of the way. Shortages they are saying regarding your food supply. There are no shortages on the most I got I have said this before there is plenty. They are hiding and manipulating these shortages and whistleblower a whistleblower along with a cargo ship will expose this. My children this is a tactic of war to bring you in submission in ultimate fear. Submission to ultimate fear but I am destroying this war against you and exposing it all, saith the Lord of Hosts.

A submarine will be in your headlines and listen to who it belongs to. Yes, there is more to this than they want to say who are they your new stations and the ones that control them the puppet masters are exploring all options now. They are desperate to start something or cause something bigger. They are screaming and shouting he is coming. Who is coming? Trump he’s coming after all of us his God is bigger than we thought. How do we stop him we can’t we’ve tried everything but it’s not working. This God who is with Trump and this army that is with them they are unstoppable. They can strike us at any moment we will have to sleep with one eye open and always be watching. He could come back and take power any day now. Trump has so much on all of us. How did he get it they’re asking and the answer is Me, saith the Lord of Hosts.

You can’t stop Me from hearing and saying what you are doing enemies of almighty God. No matter how bad you want to stop Me. I knew your plans before this world was formed and what you were going to do and when. So no, you can’t stop the great I Am and I Am is coming for you all and so is My army, say the Lord of Hosts. That is it they are screaming in terror your enemies no longer have peace or confidence. They’re saying this is it they are streaming in terror your enemies no longer have peace or confidence that they can win now. So they are planning an escape, but little do they know there is nowhere to escape. They can’t run or hide from Me, saith the Lord. My children your enemies are finished with their next move forward they will know without a shadow of a doubt they are finished and they can’t win. Your enemies will try all they have left to destroy you before they lose, but that won’t work either. Because I’m protecting you from their destruction always well with you children of almighty God. Just watch and see how fast they fall and how they fall. It could have only been done by Me, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Celebrate now My children now Lord, and yes now and know that I always win. I always have the final say and it will destroy any fear that holds you captive and this revelation will give you peace, saith the Lord your redeemer.


For I the Lord this day and telling My children to shout for their victory. These are the days whether you understand it or not will be filled with greater triumph and celebration like never before. My children receive My glory, My authority it has been given to you through Jesus Christ. I did not leave you powerless or without hope. There are times in this earth when you struggle and endure through harsh circumstances your adversary is using to destroy you. Your strength, and your hope, your faith, and any joy you have. So you have no strength to fight him back. Your adversary’s ultimate goal is for you to forget My written word. For you to forget how much power and authority you have over him. You need to remind yourselves daily.

The devil was thrown out of heaven. Jesus disarmed and brought him to nothing and the greater one lives on the inside of you. He is greater than anything your adversary throws at you. You are the giant in the spiritual realm and he is the ant. Don’t let him lead you to believe that it’s the other way around. He is the father of lies and the devil does not have the ability to tell the truth. So when he comes to you and uses these words like impossible, you can’t, you are unworthy, you are not good enough, you are pathetic in the sight of God. The devil uses these words every day to discourage My body to give up to give in and to accept defeat.

Here is the truth when you know the greater one lives in you and you receive this download from heaven with all the revelation that comes with it. You will never accept defeat Again. Yes, it is possible to receive this revelation knowledge to bring you to a new level you have never experienced before. Another another level of power you’ve never experienced before with this great exodus your lives will forever change. You’ll be brought to a new level of My glory and authority. My children this is a great time to be alive whether it looks like it right now or not everything will change for your good.

Things are shaking. Yes, things are very unusual, but what is on the other side of this is a life you never knew could exist. A sign for this listen for this name to be in the breaking in your news hurdler truth is being revealed everywhere and not one person famous or not will be exposed and judged. For the calamity that was created upon this earth.

Jerry Nadler will be breaking in your news headlines all over will report on him. What for you may ask truth is breaking through all the lies to expose and bring great judgments to the enemies of almighty God. More evidence and truth will be in your headlines your enemies are paying for the crimes they have committed. Jared Nadler is about to lose his life for the blood that drips from his hands. That blood calls to Me for justice and justice is being served.

Australia you are about to get another major weather event hitting your land. Do not be afraid of this I the Lord am stopping your leaders from what they had planned against you. You asked how Lord can it get any worse. Well My children they had a worse plan for you for I am here to deliver you and set you free from this tyranny My children who live in Australia. Everything will be okay I am judging your leaders they have to let you go I do have the final say in your land. A major major leader in Iran will die and more ill more to come. I’ll read that again a major leader in Iran will die and more to come the plans they had against America and Israel will be discovered and announced. Yes, they were paid with money from this fraudulent government to commit another terrorist attack on your land o United States and in Israel. Iran was not only compensated very well financially but was given things to help with their nuclear power too. Iran I will judge you in this hour and everything you have taken will be taken from you in this hour and everything you have will be taken from you. I will bring you to your knees with nothing left to fight back.

Iraq same goes for you. You had your sights on my nation’s Israel United States of America you too were paid with blood money and I the Lord will rip it from your blood soaked hands I will bring your nation to nothing in this hour your plans will be completely destroyed by me, saith the Lord . You thought you would silence Israel and silence the United States. But now you will be silenced because these are the days of Haman.

Syria will be in your news watch to see what was taking place in that land. Judgment will be seen big time and you will see what was hidden in that land from you o United States. More covert operations against you. Bio labs,yes, these were hidden in various places throughout many nations that your enemies thought no one would expect these nations to have this capability. Well they didn’t until they were given money by a fraudulent evil and unruly government controlled by the globalists and the world elites. Yes, everyone will be exposed with blood dripping from their hands and not just for what you think. These crimes are more heinous than you could ever imagine. They are far more evil than anyone realized and the world will see what they have done and are doing behind the closed doors against this world/.

Keystone this name will be in your news. Watch for this My children more exposures are being uncovered. A pipeline, yes, and many other things regarding this name. Multiple headlines for different reasons. Listen for Budapest in your news again things you wouldn’t think could come out of this land are when you do hear this in your news. Remember where you heard it first I the Lord give you the news before the news. Beijing will be in your news a weather event will take place there that is very unusual they will report this on your news stations. Look to the skies unusual they will continue to say.

Mount Kilauea will be in your news again explosive eruption and lava will flow greater than times past. This will signify to the one that is supposedly from there Obama your judgment is coming and nothing you do can stop it. Miramar will be in your news watch and listen for what comes from this. Liberty and justice people are fighting back My children military action is taking place behind the scenes. Many have received their indictments and more on the way for those who don’t completely know their fate tribunals and you will be tried with treason. My children this will occur more than you can have imagined. An entire government body some in your own military intelligence agencies and more from other nations who committed the ultimate betrayal and treasonous acts against this nation in your elections helping the ones against you or United States to completely take you over once and for all.

All these countries will pay a high price like Egypt did against My people and they are still paying to this day thousands of years later. Judgment is being poured out across this land of the United States, but in all nations around the world. Every nation you didn’t know that intervened with the last election and many others in the past. Truth about how elections have been stolen for years the United States and in so many other countries around the world. Truth and freedom shall be poured out like never before. I do have the final say and all will see across every nation upon this earth. Receive my children these are your days of freedom and deliverance, saith the Lord your redeemer.


For I the Lord this day an speaking to this world to let you know that I do have the final say and I always will. Look at your enemies, does it look like they are winning? Their plans are falling apart and they are failing at everything they are trying. Whether you realize that or not right now they are not succeeding at anything. Continue to watch the sign on the Empire State Building. This sign will show you not only that I am saying through my prophets are true. But that should reassure you that everything will be okay in the house of the Lord. To those who refuse to believe anything until all the political prophecies come to pass. I am not limited to just the political realm to show you in this hour that I have come to deliver you. My written word speaks that I am your deliverer, healer, provider, prince of peace, and your victory. I am the great I am and anything that is going on that you see will not stand and you will see it all fall when I move My hand.

Great is a reward for those who believe. That they’re great as a reward for those who believe that haven’t seen I got that right by using your faith. Yes, a great reward you shall receive peace and joy in the midst of chaos. I will say this again for My children who need to hear this confusion and fear are trying to consume you in this hour. So get in My presence and in My written word that will destroy both of these attacks and every other one that your adversary tries to defeat you with. Remember he is the one who is defeated not you. I have promised in My word that I will always lead you to triumph in Christ Jesus.

I’m not a man that I can lie. Your adversary through deception steals your victories away this is the hour. I am showing My children the authority you have in Christ Jesus. With this revelation of the authority that you have in Christ Jesus through His blood you will be reassured your  enemies are defeated. The greater one does live on the inside of you that he that is in the world he is nothing in your sight in this hour My children. This revelation needs to get down on the inside of you so he no longer deceives you. No longer can steal your victories he doesn’t have the power or the authority that’s why he has to cheat you out of yours.

Antarctica will be in your news. Listen for these unusual things happening everywhere. Warmer temperatures are not known for this area they will shock global warming to bring more fear. Do not listen to the liars when they open their mouths to deceive the world. This is a sign to you that I am speaking and telling you the news before the news to bring you peace. Monkeys will be in your news listen for the words and what they are saying about them. They are giving themselves away. The death of an elephant at a major zoo will be in your news all these signs are for you to adhere to believe these words to give you rest in this time you are living in My children. There is nothing to fear when I am here.

A U.S. Senator from California will die. Yes, this very well-known senator will fall to the angel of death. Judgment has hit their homes. The deaths they helped cause to this world Senator Dianne Feinstein is her name. Yes, much on a high price your government officials will pay for what has been forced upon you. Liz Cheney will be exposed. You chose the wrong side for your security they’re letting you go. Who are they the elites and the swamp that took over your government they have no use for you anymore. This exposure you will not recover from. Liz you had time to repent and you refused so judgment is coming to you. You will not be able to hide from a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Yes, but also the spirit of Jezebel has overtaken you, so you have no remorse the crimes you have committed. So your fall will be great.

Watch My children a very well-known and respected man who was thought to be on the side of the right in the color of the red is actually a mole, a traitor, and a rat. He will be exposed. Yes, sabotage will be used as a word to expose this person. He helped sabotage your rightful President out of what was actually his he pretended to be his friend, when he really was his enemy. This man will be exposed and his name will bring shock waves to this nation in the party of the red because that person worked for the party of blue that was against you, oh United States.

Jimmy Carter will pass away from Covid they will say. But that is a lie. But the truth will be revealed. Overturn, this word will be heard everywhere. My children yes, an overturning of not just one election but more than you could have imagined. So many snuck there through and cheated their way into power in overhaul, the House, the Senate, and all of your government. Lord I can’t believe that only an election can change. This not true my children nothing is impossible for Me. Without My hand moving against them there will always be manipulation and they would be stolen from you every time. Not one person and not one man could fix this. But I the great, I am this is a job for Me to do.

You will see when I move My hand you have free and fair elections going forward. Because for decades you didn’t know all this existed your enemies have been doing this for so long before they were caught. But now all will be revealed how this has gone on for it will shock you, oh United States. You’ve been infiltrated and stolen from longer than you thought possible with this move of My hand I am changing and destroying all like it never existed. Look at the book of Exodus it didn’t matter what Pharaoh had planned, how much power he had. When I spoke My words nothing could stop them. In the same way that goes for now I spoke in My words and My will is coming to pass in this hour in this year of 2022. …

Clarence Thomas all will be well with you. All they have are words that will not stand. You will remain on the Supreme Court and those who I want to be removed will be removed. Thomas that is not you, chief will be in your name. Yes, I am promoting you My son so do not fear what they have threatened you with. I am moving my hand against those who have threatened you. These are the days of Haman and what they wanted for you will come upon them. … Lindsey Graham will be in the news to finally settle once and for all what side he was really on. Yes, a lot of questions have arisen about many in your government. Some were used by Me to infiltrate the side of the blue. Some were actually on the side of the blue that infiltrated the red. So all will be exposed and released in this year of 2022.

The midterms will look very different than they do right now. A cleansing and a restoration is taking place first in your inauguration in the year 2022. My children are asking about that answer and it is yes, another inauguration a celebration like no other. Countries around the world will be watching and celebrating with you oh United States. What about Biden and Kamala, what about them? They’re being removed along with all who are with them by the Lord has spoken judgment. I the Lord excuse me, I the Lord have spoken judgment and justice they shall receive, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Biblical weather events are about to descend on DC. Yes, lightning, hail, wind, like no other type of event ever to hit. There new stations all over will be reporting on this the damage of this storm a monster. They will call it and it will appear to be that way towards enemies of almighty God. It will come out of nowhere no one expected it. They will be in their chambers and their offices with nowhere to go and nowhere to escape. I will shield and protect My children who are there and nothing will touch them. My glory and power shall surround them like a shield. My angel armies will stand guard and make sure nothing touches them. Miracles they will say, yes, and expect to see miracles from Me children of almighty God. Yes, this year will be great and ways you could never even imagine the goodness I’m about to pour out upon this earth. Receive My joy and My peace in this hour My children. Everything is changing for your good so receive from Me like never before, say the Lord your redeemer.


For I the Lord this day am telling you My children to brace for what is coming on this earth. To set you free, I have been warning you this will be the time that confusion will try to overtake you, to hold you. So you quit on Me, quit on truth, and stop believing there is any hope left to hold on to. For I the Lord have spoken to you My children mourn this hour. Through My prophets to give you enough time, enough signs in word,s to give you strength to persevere to endure to grow your faith and trust in Me. Some have taken these words received hope encouragement freedom peace and have been blessed by them in the midst of chaos. My children who still refuse to believe and listen very carefully. The doors are about to close like in the days of Noah.

When the darkness comes it will appear to fill this earth and that judgment is being poured out everywhere. Some of you will fall into despair and fear will consume every thought to break your faith and trust in Me. Some of you will turn your back on Me for a time until you see My hand move and all this will be destroyed that you are experiencing right now. Yes, I will forgive you, but you will not receive the same reward as my children who refuse to quit who refuse to let go of hope and faith in me. I love you My children. I’ve given these words through all My true prophets to reach you. To free you from the hopelessness you feel. The heaviness that is controlling you and holding you back these words will set you free if you open your hearts to receive them. I want you to receive my peace that I have for you this day in this hour of your enemies judgment. You will not be moved or shaken no I will make you stronger than ever than you ever thought possible. My children stand and get up now who have fallen because great is your reward.

Aside Me watching for My children is a major earthquake in the waters of the ring of fire. Yes watch the Ring of Fire. Tsunami warnings will be given a new tsunami will be seen yes a big one. Watch to see where it goes watch the direction and know I have given you this before. The news to help you understand these words are true your enemies are falling and everything. They designed against you is being destroyed by me now by Me, saith the Lord. Listen for news reports regarding the wind. Yes, wind gusts and strong magnitude are moving across this earth. Unusually strong in damage it will cause will be great in many places. But it won’t touch you children of almighty God. No it will not affect you the great I am is protecting you. Uganda will be in the news listen for this and listen to what happened there Uganda. Many evil things happened in your land things that were hidden you didn’t know about. The elites thought this would be a safe place to hide things they didn’t want released but they didn’t know they can’t hide anything from Me, saith the Lord. A great discovery will be found yes listen and watch to see what comes out of this.

All enemies of almighty God your time to fall is now offshore bank accounts are being rated and assets are being seized right now under the radar. The news hasn’t reported on this yet, but they will. I’m seizing all their assets and all their accounts everywhere these offshore accounts are just the beginning for those who are listening from the side of the evil. I know you hear these words and this should terrify you nothing you have will be saved from me taking it from you no matter how hard you try no matter your security to protect your assets. Nothing can stop my hand from blasting everything out of your hands no you are all finished, say the Lord of hosts. Your days have come to their final end.

You thought this was your time to celebrate your New World Order your Great Reset and now you see plans that your plans are falling apart. Chaos in all your plans you are putting out fires everywhere. You can’t contain them as you are trying fires will begin in other places that you never thought possible. Yes, you thought you could stand against me and take over this earth and you are so close to lose it at the very end of your plans. Not only will you lose everything, you will lose your life and spend eternity in a place you never thought you would go because your master promised you heaven. Well, he was kicked out of mine and his heaven is your hell. So enemies of almighty God this word is for you I’m coming when you least expect it. You have no peace and no rest in these days fear will consume your every thought and death shall consume you. You chose this now you shall reap death and destruction that you caused upon this earth. No nothing will you nothing you do will change what is coming to you.

Children watch the news will break out in England the death of a royal. And yes, how will surprise you the truth will be revealed and watch and listen for the news on what was called Big Ben their fall will be great. Charles that means you you will not get away with what you have done and decide you chose. Your family will finally know along with the world who you really are and that evil has consumed you. Charles you are finished.

The Atlantic ocean will be in your news reports more and more. Listen for this a cleansing is taking place in your land o United States and what has hidden in the waters will all be revealed. Tanker trucks will be in your news. Watch and see why Mmy children the truth is coming out from everywhere and nothing can hold this back. Windstrum and Nordstrom these names will be in your news. Listen for the reason why and know that nothing is how it seems and all is being uncovered. Walmart will be in your news, yes a major scandal in this corporate office in their corporate office. Money laundering and they were paid by your government during those lockdowns. Yes, plans were drawn up for major retailers that would flourish while others were being destroyed. They will be linked to the government of the United States along with Bill Gates and George Soros, Target as well as many other companies. No companies and banks will be exposed. Excuse me this is the hour for the walls to come down, He asked for the curtains to be removed that have been hiding they have been hiding behind. No more hiding, no more of their plans they have designed to destroy you to be covered up no the time for all of it to be uncovered is now My children bracelets shaking it will be great. Their time has come to an end and your time to celebrate is at hand. So hold on to Me and hold on to My words they will set you free, saith the Lord your redeemer.


Here is the prophetic word. Truth shall come like a flood and fill this earth again. This word was from March 21st of 2022. For I the Lord this day I’m about to show your enemies and the world that I have had enough of their plans. Enough of their schemes, enough of their lives. They are not gods. They are not in control and they will finally see and know who is and it’s not them, but Me, saith the Lord of hosts. This earth is travailing because of the sin they have committed and the damage they have caused My children. That’s why you will experience an uptick of earthquakes, volcanoes, and unusual weather sciences show you. What the prophets have been saying are true and everything your adversaries have been saying is a lie.

These are the days that all their lives will be revealed and nothing they have done will stay hidden. Darkness will fill their camps and fear will fill their hearts, because apprehension of what is to come. They know this is their end and they are desperately trying to stop it. But nothing will stop their fall and their destruction. A well a very well known mountain range will be in your news to signal to you My children the avalanche of truth is not coming, it’s here now. This will bring you total deliverance and your enemies destruction. The Appalachian Mountain is its name. The Appalachian Mountains is the name. Let me say it again watch for the sign My children, I am here to move My hand on all who are against you. I am here to move My hand against all who are against you. I’ll get it right.

All right Mormons they will be in the news a cover-up for My well-known leader. Watch this sign will show you how much you have really been lied to in every area of your lives. Danzay or Donzi this name will be in your news. Watch for this and know they’re all taking a fall one after another and all will be okay with you My children. A well-known Senator will be in your news and this country will shout traitor and his name will forever be known as a liar and a traitor to this nation. Mitt Romney is his name . He is about to take a major hit to his integrity. A major scandal will be exposed to the world it’s worse than you think My children. He wasn’t just a wolf in sheep’s clothing, he was a treasonous snake and his fate has been sealed. There is no remorse for his decisions he has made. He would gladly do them again against this nation for money power and security. Mitt Romney nothing you have done against Trump has succeeded. He’s coming back whether you like it or not. Everything you worked so hard for was for nothing. You will soon see these are your days of Haman you will reap what you have sown admit your harvest is great. In China nor the world elites can save you now for this is the hour of your judgment.

A scandal will rock your CIA a secret that was meant to stay hidden will come to the surface and be released. My people in places all over this nation and the world are ready for the plans to be completed . It is now time for more to come forward with the truth leaders you thought in your country or United States were on your side were actually evil and betrayed your country for money. Yes, the leaders in your intelligence communities now and those in the past will be revealed who they really are how much they did for you. But also what they did against you. Truth shall come like a flood upon this earth. My glory is being poured out to destroy them all. A sign for this My children double rainbows. Yes, more photographed than ever before but there will be triple rainbow to show you the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost are in control in your enemies never had a chance.

Who do they think they are gods and masters of this earth. No, they were actually worms and dogs, no better yet gnats and flies. I have said this before and will say this again they are nothing in My sight and they are powerless against Me, saith the Lord of hosts. Mannheim Pennsylvania major news will come out of this place. Truth people will shout that can’t be denied. Yes, Pennsylvania a hornet’s nest of corruption in your state that has been holding you will hold you no more. I’m here to free your state from the chains that have held it back. For what is about to be released will shock this nation. But I the Lord am cleansing your state Pennsylvania. So raise your hands to Me and speak truth and freedom.

For those who fought so hard for you will all be rewarded. I am pouring out My glory, My strength, and My grace all over you and I will prove to you I did not forsake you. But I have hand picked each of you for this hour and for this time. I have given you strength and perfected you while your enemies tried to break you. No, you are rising up stronger than ever before I am here to bless you and to deliver your state once and for all. Something very special will come out of your state Pennsylvania. So shout this is a time for your freedom, saith the Lord of hosts.

I the Lord and speaking these words unite My United States to the nation I have called you to be in this hour. Arise from the ashes let your light shine brighter than ever before the strong arm of the world. Yes, you are blessed to bless the nations and to protect them from tyranny. So arise now and nothing will hold you back from taking your place My United States wake up My children now to the truth open your eyes to see I am in control. These are your days of freedom and deliverance ,your time to celebrate the days may look darker and more confusing. But listen to this it won’t last, it will not succeed against you. This darkness will let you know their end has come and their silence is your victory.

This time is so close, so hold on and spend these days with me My children. I will give you what you need in this hour. You are living in strength, peace, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, revelation from heaven. Yes, cut the world off cut off the lies and seek Me. I have the truth you need to set you free these are the days that celebrate whether you understand them or not. Yes, celebration is about to break out all over this earth. So stand and shout for your victory has already been won, saith the Lord your redeemer. Something that I do want to read again that He actually had me put in bold. “These are the days of your freedom and your deliverance.Your time to celebrate the days may look darker and more confusing. This is what’s in bold, but listen to this it won’t last it will not succeed against you this darkness will let you know their end has come and their silence is your victory.”


For I the lord this day bring my children joy and encouragement to know that I am the great I am who is working on your behalf to deliver and completely. Set you free from this tyranny My children. Why would I leave you or forsake you when My written word says that I would never do that. There are so many things in this world that are deceiving and distracting you. My children from the truth and from Me your adversaries are so desperate for you not to know the truth. They are overplaying their hands and they will lose everything. I have said this before, and I will say it again to remind you My children they lose. No matter what you see, no matter what happens, nothing they try to do will change My will, nothing. My will is done on earth as it is in heaven.

Another one bites the dust you would say, a government official will fall to another scandal the elites are letting this person take a fall for the rest of them to be saved. But nothing can save them now their door of repentance and grace has shut. They’ve hardened their hearts. They have no remorse and refuse to turn from their wicked ways so judgment will come to all of them in this hour. Their coming destruction will be great Forest Grove this name will be in your news. Listen for this name pay attention things will continue to shake and will intensify to destroy everything against you. Another large earthquake you will hear I told you my children this before the news to let you know I’m in control and nothing can stop your enemies demise.

Listen for news to continue to break regarding east China sea I told you before to also watch Taiwan My children things are not how they seem.  China is planning to strike certain nations they are moving their hand with military might all over the globe. A massive power grab that they will never get. I’m stopping them on all fronts and they will not get away with anything that they are doing right now. China you will lose your military might and your finances will be brought to nothing. So you won’t be able to fund all your heinous crimes you want to attack the world with My hand is against you you are powerless against Me, saith the Lord of hosts.

Rapid fire these words will be in your news. This will be a sign to you a rapid fire is against your enemies one exposure after another destruction of all their plants and there is no reprieve for them in this hour of judgment. They have sown so much destruction to reap in a great harvest of judgment and their total demise. My children’s substantial evidence regarding your 2020 elections have been suppressed and held back. But now it’s time for it to come out with nothing stopping the truth from filling your airwaves. Your enemies could never prepare for what is about to hit them. They have no idea and they will try to figure out how this information got out before their total annihilation.

Madagascar will be in your news, watch for this also My children it will be to let you know everything we overturned in 2022 that was against your freedom. I want to read that again Madagascar will be in your news watch for this. Also My child everything will be overturned in 2022 that was against your freedom. And it’s so important for you guys to know I wanted to read that second time. Also continue to watch Tulsi Gabbard and her words. The tide is turning and more people from the left will go to the right. My children I know you are asking this question. Lord how can we trust anyone from that side? My children watch some honestly have a change of heart and not everyone has sold their soul to the devil. Two in one day will announce they are switching parties and there will be more that will be announced they are not running for reelection. They know what is coming and they are terrified the rightful President is about to make his grand entrance. But they are on pins and needles wondering when they will all be hauled off and taken away.


They know it will happen and that it’s a sure thing. DC is scrambling to devise a plan to stop it. This cannot happen they are saying, but My children I say again they didn’t count on Me to stand against them. Since they didn’t even believe in Me at all they will see and know who I am is before they leave this earth for all eternity in a place I never wanted them to go. They chose this, they have sealed their fate with the death they are still trying to bring to this earth. Death will be in your news reports a lot from here on out until they all fall. Woodstock will also be in your news listen for this name and know that I’m your deliverer and I’m here to set you free. Good Morning America will be in the news and not for what you think. A scandal will rock that show in that station. The ratings will tank and they will not recover from this fall. No because I am judging them for this coup against you and for all the lies and deception they have told the world. North Carolina will be in the breaking news I have given you signs to let you know what was coming I warned you of the weather and these things that are shaking this earth to set you free.

Do not fear I will protect you My children who are there. This is not to bring fear this is to let you know how much I love you. That I have given you this time to warn you before it takes place. To prepare for what is coming know that your protector is here for you. I will shield you from the damage that your enemy wanted to do against you. A foreign military is in the waters off the coast of your nation. Oh united states it will be found and shown to the world by My hand. Their plans will be shattered. Nothing your enemies are doing now all their plans are falling apart for no reason. They think your enemies will soon find out that I do exist and I am against them, say it’s the Lord of hosts. Wwatch your skies oh United States off your east coast. Smoke will fill the skies across some states for this smoke will signal to you the destruction of DC and your enemies ultimate fall the wind will be so strong. It will move the smoke so far to signal you My children their end has come my children know that this is a time you are living in with all this chaos and confusion and it will not stand. I’ve had enough and my glory is being poured out to deliver you. So do not give up now when you are right at the end of their torment and torture for I am here. For I am is here for you and I always have the final say and this is finished, saith the Lord of hosts.

Julie Green - 2022 A YEAR LIKE NO OTHER - March 19, 2022

These hits will show the world who had integrity that they had no integrity left. Excuse Me but there are select few who told who did tell as much truth as they could. They will be rewarded by me for not bowing to the globalist agenda a news anchor will suddenly die. They will start they will say it was a heart attack but don’t believe everything you hear. They are hiding the real reason but the reason will be revealed.

Mount Everest will be in the news big time. Watch the tallest mountain and the information that comes from there. No matter how big or small My children nothing is impossible for Me. An avalanche will be seen and heard this is a sign to watch concerning this mountain concerning the Hollywood elite. A high-profile and very well-known actor for generations will suddenly pass away. Bob Sackett’s death will be exposed in the circumstances surrounding his death and why there was blunt force trauma. Yes, this was no accident. Child trafficking will be linked and shocked the world regarding this beloved father on TV.

Haha inflation they will scream and shout and Yellen herself will be exposed for all they paid her to say these things causing prices to soar inflation shortages and markets everything done was to cause fear and panic so their final takeover could succeed remember my children who is in control and in charge and it’s not them. A huge report will expose a pedophilia ring. Yes it will uncover who was in charge in a specific part of the world. Then there will be many more exposed after this every dirty and dark secret is coming to light and will be destroyed in this time of great change. My children know who always win and know who you are on My side. My children know who always wins and know you are on My side. A thousand may fall at one side in ten thousand at another but it won’t come near you. Study Psalm 91: 34 and 93 get them down in your hearts stand on My word and it will destroy anything in your way. My word pierces your enemies is a two-edged sword shout out My words this will cause the most damage to any plans against you.

See yourselves as the giants you are and no he your enemy is nothing in your sight not the other way around. He has had so many people believing this and he deceives them out of what is already theirs. These are my days to destroy the works of the darkness against My children. See yourselves as I see you through the eyes of Christ and through the eyes of victory. So stand and receive these words today. This is your year is your Great Exodus, saith the Lord of hosts.

Julie Green - THE URGENCY OF THIS HOUR - March 18, 2022

I heard this word on March 17th of 2022 and this is the second one I heard on today. Mass mass casualties, massive deaths, these words will be in your news. A plan backfired a bio weapon meant to destroy you is now plaguing them. They will be assigned to look for a death of a Senator he will suddenly die and they will lie to cover it up. A heart attack or a stroke they will shout at first. But the truth will pour out when more suddenly collapse and they will not get up. A lightning storm that will be announced will cause destruction to a level never recorded before. Fires and damages to buildings this lightning striking these specific places is not by accident.

Exposures will be heard  and seen also my children in California and the west coast brace for the big one is about to be set off. I will miraculously move on your behalf and save you from this effect event. Save you from this event, yes listen My children there is instructions I am giving each of you on what to do where to go, where not to go. Listen and obey it is saving you from this destruction. Many will die in this in these areas and destruction on a scale never known before. That’s why My children these warnings are being told to you. There is nothing to fear for you. If you have loved ones there pray and I will honor your prayers and protect them. My angel armies are sent to protect My children. A massive tsunami will be reported from a large earthquake. My children they set this off with explosives wanting to cause chaos on purpose. The ultimate destruction calamity and yes, they will say do it we need any distraction we can. We have to stop them from coming and removing us do anything start anything everywhere.

 So they want to pay attention to the disaster areas and not to us who My children are. They My military your rightful President and the rightful people in the government that have been formed behind the scenes. They are moving forward with My plans and they are listening to My instructions and obeying them. Yes, My children a lot of destruction at one time with weather natural disasters economy shortages inflation. But this is ending by My hand. It all will be annihilated like it was never there. Brace for this My children get in My presence I will lead you and guide you protect you and of course I will bless you.

A famous rock will be in the news, yes this will be known. This well-known artifact excuse me will be in your news. How could this happen it’s been there for centuries they will say. Yes, it will be destroyed by Me, saith the Lord. Stone Hedge is the name of this rock. Watch My children and listen I have given this to you to encourage you and to let you know these words are from Me, saith the Lord. I am moving My hand swiftly, things are about to change abruptly. So be watchful pray My children and obey My words all will be okay with you, saith the Lord your redeemer.


I had a prophetic word … and He said Barry tell my people that things are not as they appear. Tell my people that I’m pulling back the curtain. Those in whom you’ve trusted those whom you’ve counted on. Those who’ve been in power have had their day and it will be all downhill from for them from here. Nations will not believe their eyes for what is about to be exposed. They’re a little scared for they have nothing to lose. The hunker down it’s gonna excellent it’s about to escalate. There will not be a nation that is not touched by what’s coming. The world like you know it is about to change forever before your eyes time. It is done. It will be clear for all to see.

There will be no, no, they will no longer be able to deny it. So, I beseech you to give me your ear and show me draw onto my attention hold fast unto Me. Like never before the storm is about to hit. It’s about to get very real like nothing you’ve ever imagined. It will be a great and terrible day. And you won’t have words to describe it it’s on a scale beyond your measure. The harvest of the ages upon you. And the Great Awakening is on their eyes and beauty will arise from the ashes that all that is not of Me is burned away. And many will call unto Me for the first time and I will embrace them. And many who, who, called unto Me, and who left Me, who hardened their hearts and walked away. They will come and I will embrace them. They will come to know my enduring and passionate love. I will take you through the storm and I will be right at your side. I’ll be your shelter. I’ll be your refuge in your hiding place. And I’ll be your provider and I will be the lifter of your hand.

I’ll be the wind under your wings and I’ll be the sun basking over you. You’re not you are going to know me like never before. So do not fear hold fast and come unto my loving care where you are My delight and my precious child.  Come under My embrace and My care through the storm. Do not wait another day to turn unto me for today is a day of salvation and Holy, Holy, is the word of the Lord. …

You know this shaking that’s coming you know it’s driving people to the cross. You know it’s driving people to the altars. You know what what God is pulling back here and what He’s bringing light to. I mean it is you know it actually as I saw this it was actually like a pulling back and I actually saw it as the Iron Curtain. You know bringing bringing things to light that have been long hidden on a global scale and God is a God of justice and righteousness. And He will prevail and He is turning the tables on injustice and corruption. And you know it’s not just you know. It’s in all of our lives you know consider maybe a little bit of miss and you know so just you know it’s not just the leaders you know from the USA and Canada and you know other nations that are going to be impacted. But it’s a global scale.

You know much bigger than we imagined and really. It’s a it’s a battle of the ages, a good against evil. And you know what you know he’s shaking the leaders and he’s shaking systems that you know they thought they were untouchable. But it’s going to be trying to celebrate because you know what he’s bringing out of this. He’s bringing things to the light so it can be settled and you know even you know even you know the curtain being pulled back you know in the iron you know the Iron Curtain you know now Putin you know he’s far from being a saint you know to be sure. But you know at this time from what I’m seeing you know he’s being used to confront and to expose. You know kind of global leaders and you know things from abroad where the corruption and evil practices and intentions have been hidden for a long time. And you know for what I’m seeing you know there’s a false narrative that that’s kind of stopping some of this truth from being being revealed. …

Robin Bullock PROPHETIC WORD - I SAW A HEARSE COMING IN MARCH - March Shaking Prophecy - March 15, 2022

Hallelujah today is closer than you’ve ever been. We’ve ever been to seeing this whole thing end for now. Already options are already being depleted whether you realize this or not the enemy is making a last stand among rogue nations. But rogue nations sometimes are not the nations you think that are rogue for you think surely the nations who stand for freedom are the ones in the right at this time. You would be amazed at who’s in the wrong for now. You’re not looking at nations and their founding that was so wrong. You’re looking at jackals taking control of nations and running them in the wrong direction. But there is no way on this planet you can win. There is no way in any scenario that you can win, rogue leaders. Because you have run your last option almost to the end of this thing and there is no way and what planet in what world did you think that wrong could trump right. And what planet did you possibly think that could take place? For already you are running out of options and you have been caught the United Nations is a stinking mess in the nose of God.

The United Nations are not of God. The United Nations organizations are a lofty idea of somebody’s, somebody’s jackless thoughts that they thought they could run a world with. And you think that your corruption and your stench is not going to be heard or smelled before God? It’s already been smelled and weighed for the corruption that is being turned up now will be catered and it was catered to by you will be ran all the way back to the end of its line. To you the United Nations, United Nations My foot. It’s not united to anything but your cause of bringing in a one-world government and you thought to do so. With this you thought to do so with some kind of sickness. You were behind it and you know it and you know who was behind it, and the idea seemed good to you will you bow to your Shiva too one too down to false gods and false idols that have no reason or rhyme. But to destroy you forget you were created.

Also and you have the same fleshy heart beats within your chest and the same veins and the same vital organs and the sickness that all of you thought from the jackal sitting in the White House who’s a puppet in the hands of fools. You thought from that point and you thought from what’s going on in the Ukraine using my precious people in the Ukraine to propagate your agendas and you thought all of this going on you used Italy also. Yes you did, you used Italy, you used the people there the government had was all corrupted. But you used my people there and you religious hierarchy that thought you would use them too.

Yes. I’m talking to you that hid in the Vatican. I’m talking to you that hide behind papal robes you use your own people. You will not get away with it for your time is not yet. But yet your time is for your time. Is not yet is the evil that’s going to be perpetrated in the book of Revelation that is not yet. But yet your time is now for your time is always. For the same hearts you sought to stop you forget you have one in your chest that can stop also. For the same veins and blood you sought to corrupt you forget that you have the same kind of blood that can be corrupted. For you thought you would unleash something upon my people, says the Lord. But now it’s going to be unleashed upon you. Remember hoof and mouth disease, remember these things, and how fast it spreads. For you thought you would do it but I have My hand over My people and I’m going to rip the veil off and show them what you’ve done. And when I reveal this whole thing and show you this and show the world this you will be ashamed of yourself. But shame will not redeem you, only repentance would do that.

And yet you’ve set things in motion that cannot be reversed, says the Lord for now they are not reversed. They’re not reversed, they’re not reversed. They lead to a hearse for you have sought to kill the innocent. But iheard the babies cry when they cried you sought to kill the children. But I heard them when they cried out in fear you sought to destroy adults that were seeking to do nothing but raise their families in a Godly atmosphere. But I heard their cry and i have come down says the lord to see if the cry is as great as what I’ve heard and I found out. Yea, it is so today a final push for deliverance was cried up from my people across the lands and now My people have been taken out of your filthy ungodly hands. Hallelujah!

Good is the word of the lord we esteem the word of the Lord for now this word is carried on the wind. And it’s carried in the atmosphere for even now today big tech is making decisions behind a curtain behind the scenes. They’re making a decision to cover their own butts. Because they have been caught. They’re making a decision to cover themselves. Well while you seek to cover your hinder parts I’m going to pull your pants down for the world to see and you will stand ashamed as you lose billions of dollars. For you made it your god let’s see Shiva pay you back for monies I have taken from your hands from seeds you’ve sowed in foreign lands. Seeds in foreign lands, yes you sowed seeds in foreign lands to kill people to destroy people. And you used My name to do it. Y you used My technology to do it. You used what I gave My people to bless them for crops was just coming up to feed the people in the Ukraine. It was time for a great harvest of souls there. But you decided that you wanted to take it for your own. And use people and the suffering of people in Russia and Ukraine and all around the world. Italy, France, and I have not forgotten the US.

You’ve used people and caused their suffering to bring the reality factor to your reality show. Well I cancel your script and I’m going to tear it up says the lord. I just tear up your script for your reality show watch what happens next and see what you think of this. Hallelujah, five times, five times, the Lord says five times. I’m going to bring harvest to the wicked times for the pain you’ve inflicted on little children. I’m going to bring it five times. I’m going to cause a rumble and a like a snake through Mexico and I am going to show the leaders. There that have absolutely teamed up with ever you’ve hoarded yourself out to every other mid-eastern nation that sought to destroy Israel. you’ve hoarded yourself out to those around you thinking that you could win and thinking that you would come out on top and in the meanwhile while doing so you’ve hurt my people in Mexico you’ve destroyed the people’s lands homes you’ve taken over you’ve allowed drug cartels to come and play the with all of your leading officials I am going to shake Mexico. But I will protect my own you watch for all kinds of things now to take place in trade and trade exports and imports.

And when the Democrat party sticks their hand out over the line I’m going to slap them in the face with this thing for you have spewed out your evil too long. You’ve bowed to Baal too much and you have absolutely spit in the face of God and as I start to wipe the saliva off where you spewed it at Me, says the Lord. You have soda, seed to eat yourself from your ankles to your to your top of your head and I am going to show you what it’s like to not have a voice at all in Washington. Hallelujah! Hallelujah, how we bless the Lord come on let’s bless the Lord all over the world. For things now will get somber and solemn around the world. Because deliverance is marching things are happening now. Things are being exposed turned around and twisted up things are being untwisted things are beginning to happen now. So don’t let things frighten you for the Lord said I will protect the oil and wine. I will protect the oil and wine He knows how to protect His own and He will protect His own. Hallelujah! What you’re looking at right now is a giant show and the suffering and death is the things. They’re trying to bring in to make the reality part of the show. But we cancel that assignment today. I heard the Lord has come down to see this sight to hear if the cry is as great as what He’s heard people say.

Well you know it was a long time before he heard the cry no remember in sodom and gomorrah how many centuries or how many should say decades that hit went on and yet one day the lord said I’ve come down to see if the cries as great as what I’ve heard because his mercy is great his mercy is great and he gives men time to repent why because hell is a long time hell is without reprieve and it’s a long time so He gives people time play an e minor, He gives people time hallelujah. So time runs its course to the throne of god and time runs its course it’s called time or time is in the future time is future it’s not present nor past it was left back then it’s fleeting onto the future now and now it’s here at last you’ve arrived in the future in the future you’ve arrived in the future. Welcome to a world that’s not yet seen you can hear about it we will write about it. We will speak about it prophesy the things that are here where in the future in the future. So lend your ear to the future and hear the words of the most high God who lives in eternity, Yahweh. Hear his words the future, future, in the future.

Veronika West - A Time of Great Harvest! - March 16, 2022

A Word to The Nations — The Shaking will bring forth a Great Harvest — Divine Exposures and The Oil of Resurrection Power!

”For behold, I say again, look up! For its a time of Great Harvest.

It’s a time of Divine Exposures. It’s a time for The Oil of My Resurrection Power to flow forth like a river, that will bring restoration and great reward to The Nations!”

Today while in prayer, The LORD took me back again to this powerful Vision, and while many of you have heard me share it as a Word that I received while praying for The Nation of America, The LORD had me share recently that this Vision also speaks the “Nations and what is now unfolding”.

I shared on the Elijah List recently about The Great Shaking and how The Father spoke so clearly to my heart concerning “what He is looking for in the midst of The Shaking….”

So, today as I went back yet again to prayerfully read and meditate on this Vision.

I heard The Spirit say, “Daughter, tell My People, do not be distracted by the violent Winds that are now blowing across The Nations, by the wars and rumours of war, or by The Great Shaking of The Nations that is now taking place.

For have I not said, that I AM looking for something?

Yes! For behold, I say again, look up! For it’s a time of Great Harvest!

It’s a time of Divine Exposures!

It’s a time for The Oil of My Resurrection Power to flow forth like a river, that will bring Restoration and great reward to The Nations.

Watch! For I will shake, shake, shake, till the Great Harvest comes forth; till the black snakes are fully exposed and destroyed; till the heel of My Bride crushes the heads of the serpent spirits; till The Oil of My Resurrection Power is released and flows forth across The Nations.

Beloved! Behold! I say, I will not stop shaking, shaking, until I have what I AM looking for!”


Here is the prophetic word the seal has been broken over all they’ve tried to keep hidden again this word was from March 9th of 2022. For I the Lord this day give these words to strengthen your faith and trust in Me. You’ll hear a great war and crashing of markets fear will grow in the hearts of many. But My children stand your ground. No, I am shielding you protecting you from the coming judgment. It will erupt worldwide but only against your enemies. This war they desperately wanted will not turn into world war III. Not at this time much of everything is intensifying the shaking is growing there are two voices in the world which report do you believe faith or fear My word or a lie from your adversary. Your enemies are trying to take you down once and for all My children. This is the hour to choose things will abruptly change do not rely on your feelings. They will lie to you every time your five physical senses will hold you captive. Believing a lie and giving into fear receive and enter into My at this time.

I will give you peace when there is chaos or calamity no matter where you live. I will provide you with peace and protect you from this judgment. The weather events will be used to destroy their plans. My children I will again remind you of Goshen dwell on that I am shielded protected delivered healed provided. All they needed to give them peace and rest while the angel of death rocked the enemy’s camps to its core. I am still that God and I have told you these things to remind you of who I am and of My goodness. The Israelites were slaves in Egypt before I delivered them. It was hard for them to believe they would ever experience freedom some held on some gave up and said it was too hard to believe in freedom. Some said they were dreaming and it would never come to pass some just refused to believe it all. Then one day their sorrow turned into joy slavery turned into freedom sickness turned into healing. Yes, it was like a dream for everyone Lord how can this be possible. Is it just too hard to believe? It is just too hard to believe I don’t want to get my hopes up only to be disappointed again. My children I am a sure thing and I cannot lie. You say you can’t believe it but My children I have given you the ability and to fight.

The strong man trying to defeat you break those chains that hold you. Yes, My glory lives in you the resurrection power is on the inside of you tap into. This My children stand up and now take back your freedom they’re already yours. I have been moving behind the scenes this whole time you didn’t know this you can’t see all the moving pieces nor my plan my plans to save you and set you free. I’m giving you signs this is the hour for my fulfillment of prophecy. The pace is picking up if prophecy will be spoken and immediately fulfilled. So March forward in March and keep your eyes focused on Me. Montpelier watch for this name to be in your news. Montpelier is a sign that all of this will change faster than you think. My children a major university will be in the news regarding a scandal on campus. Yes, watch for this My children and no I am the great I Am and I Am delivering you the changing of the guard will take place sooner than you think possible in this year of 2022.

Yes, My children your rightful President is now moving to take back when it’s already his and has been all along My children. The real Biden has been judged what you now see is not. What it truly is you’ll be shocked and awed by what they have perpetrated in the news as real a fake. Backdrop of green screens will be evident in the coming days fake people will shout how can this be possible. More props will accidentally be seen on shows with the Biden TV calls this live shows but the truth will reveal his live performances were actually pre-recorded. When you see this no these things are all the slips of the tongue and I will remove these fixed sets during this time. The Biden will be behind the supposed Presidential podium when the fake seal falls to the ground know My children this marks the fall of them all, saith the Lord of Hosts. Arthur Polowski My glory will fill your cell. I am pouring my peace upon you My joy will fill your heart. Yes people will see My glory on you I want you to know My son I am here to deliver you from that cell. Continue to praise and worship Me you are coming out by My hand. And they cannot stop this from coming to pass. No judge, no law, no leader, can hold this prison door shut would I the Lord tell it to open. Arthur I am is here for you I never left you this time will soon be in memory of what the enemy tried to do from stopping. My glory to fill you to overflowing and being used in this time as a great mighty man of valor and a child of the most high God. But your enemies can’t stop My will from coming to pass so stand every day Arthur and believe Me you are coming out never to go back there again. Remember you are My Joseph going from the prison to the palace in one day. The God of the impossible is showing up for you. So believe this day that I always have the final say, saith the Lord of Hosts.

George Clooney will be in the news listen my children. This is a sign that Hollywood as you know it will fall and I will reveal the hidden hornet’s nest. Adam Schiff will be in the headlines regarding a major scandal. Yes, a whistleblower will come forward to release a video and audio on shift and tell all of his lies to the American people. The seal over everything they kept hidden is broken. The news will report a significant flood. This news will show the world that the flood of truth has begun and Adam your days of being in power are over. The heart Senate building will be breaking news. This news will be a sign of all records and all things hidden will be revealed. Montague will also be in the news, look and listen for this name. My children all things are being restored. Things are coming to a close mind show and one day you will see them and the next day they will be removed. Stay in My word and do not let fear or discouragement hold you captive anymore. I am here for you your victories are here and they are real. Your breakthroughs are here and My glory will fill this earth to restore what has been yours all along. So dance and sing your time of celebration is at hand, saith the Lord your redeemer.

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - Actors in the Nations Prophecy - March 8, 2022

He continued, yes some of those you suppose to be the elected leaders are really other people they are truly actors. Okay, others are not leaders they merely act the part, but they’ve been compromised through and through. They are acting the part of a leader but they do not lead. They merely follow orders. They would do anything that they were ordered to do. They would start wars they would murder their own people. They would even go nuclear. They are sold out totally to evil and they both know it and actually embrace the evil one and have decided to follow and obey the devil’s minions in  their cabal. So when he says that virtually they’re all actors, he means there are some who are. I just want to clarify this there are some who are actually actors. They’re not the real person right and then there are others who are the real person. But they’re acting like they’re a leader they’re acting like they’re elected and really all  they’re doing is following orders from those above them. So they like play a part that’s what he means by their acting. …

So the Lord goes on therefore I the Lord am telling you this My people. So that you will not mourn the demise of these people who are in leadership in places of power over the nations. I Am also wants you to know that there are those who have not been compromised. There are even those who do my bidding who do not even know Me. Therefore do not give way to fear I know the end from the beginning. I have never been fooled never confused, never felt weak, I have never sat wringing My hands in worry and I never lose. My anointed will step forward the trump card will be played and those who deal in fear will become fearful themselves My justice will be served. All of this will come into play soon, very soon.  So keep your eyes on My goodness and My promises of the good times to come do not bow my people do not fear. My spirit is being poured out on anyone willing to carry him, ask for him, you will not be denied amen.

Julie Green - SHAKINGS ARE ABOUT TO INTENSIFY - March 11, 2022

For I the Lord this day I’m giving words to heal, deliver, to set you free to bring joy in your mourning and sorrow. I’m giving you words to bring peace to replace the fear and confusion. My words bring life and destroy the power of death. Get them down in your heart pursue overtake and recover all this world is about to know who is on your side. Yes, the great I Am is here to destroy everything against you. My children do not fear it doesn’t take years for me to move my hand and remove wipe away or annihilate anything against you or anything controlling you. Oh United States what you’re about to experience you have never seen me do on earth. Like this before judgment has come for your enemies these days will be harsh for them with no reprieve the more they moved against you. The more I move my hand against them at the Pharaoh of old. If they prophesied death they will try to cause more and the more it will come upon them like I’ve said before. My children these are the days of Haman the days of receiving the harvest they have sown upon this earth. Do not pity them because they made their choice they chose to turn from repentance and have absolutely no remorse. They hardened their hearts against Me and you.

I gave every one time but they cited not to accept it. Watch more news will break out about the Himalayan mountains my children. It signals your enemies days are ending. Mount Rainier is another mountain to watch. Yes. My children the news will report an avalanche your enemies days have come to an end and truth is breaking every chain on you. They can no longer hold you captive. You’ll hear of a monstrous storm in your heartland . Why the heartland you ask? Because My children it will show you every birthing has begun.  I will save the heart of this country from tyranny again My children. Do not fear these storms speak to them and destroy all  against you that needs to be destroyed. Plead the blood of Jesus over everything you own and then these storms cannot touch your properties or your families.

My children you are about to hear shouts and screams across your land saying the Biden is who no, they couldn’t have done something so heinous not in front of our eyes. They actually tried this who is he again Lord. How can this be the bite is a perpetrator an even bigger fraud than we thought? How did the world not see this Lord? How could they have done this to us? My children your enemies were allowed to go so far . But no more this allowance will bring their ultimate fall on destruction and demise and will cause you to rise.

Yes, you are about to rise to a place of power and joy in this nation in the body of Christ. To a level you have never experienced. Woodlands. This word will be in the news so listen for it, It will shock you when you learn what was hidden there My children. Truth is coming from all directions and from everywhere to save humanity. the one world government plans to destroy the population. But My truth will save it will save. Yes, they want to decrease the number of people globally to take more power and control. More money is what drives them the love of money and power well that love will be taken from them in one day. One day lord yes one day is all it takes and one day is all I need My children these people are nothing gnats and flies. It takes nothing for me to flick them all away.

A well-known pastor in a mega church will be exposed and removed from his place behind the pulpit. He was not there for Me you will see he spoke words to turn the congregation from truth about Me. He was paid to say what the elites wanted him to say. My turn more false prophets will be exposed and removed from their platform because they have come against my true prophets. Yes, any person speaking against My prophets repent now because judgment will come this is the hour for judgment. I’m cleaning house in the body of Christ cleansing is occurring so the body can receive a greater outpouring of anointing. My anointing one with no limitations there is no more time to be complacent. As a child of God there is no more time to live below your privileges.

Lynn Wood is about to make an appearance in the spotlight again watch for this. His name will be restored. What he has been saying all along will come to light and be proven. Yes, all the evidence was not destroyed nor lost and was held back until now. I say to all waiting to hear these words it is now time to move. You know who you are it is time to move. Yes, do it now you know this is for you I will protect you as you move forward. You are not listening to these words by accident. No, this was a divine appointment by Me, saith the Lord of hosts. I’ll protect you as you move forward go and do it now and all will be okay with you.

My children the largest illusion ever in history is about to change in front of your eyes. The deception that held you in this nation or United States will end with the changing of the guard. The rightful President is on his way back sooner than you think. Pray for him and all it was with him your military is marching.It’s marching toward the goal line to overturn everything forced upon you. The military’s on is on your side things happen. Things needed to happen to learn who was on the right side let me read that again. The military is on your side things need to happen to learn who was on the right side.

A shaking of your Pentagon is taking place right now to remove anyone against freedom in this nation. My children are cleansing any washing of every part of this nation is taking place right now. More fake props will be revealed regarding the supposed White House and its fraudulent government set up slips of the tongue and exposures are coming. Brace for them in the coming weeks much is about to take place at the same time. A new capital a right for President new government body and a rebirthing of a nation. The time has come to see what has been held back until now. So rejoice again I say My children the hour of exposures is here and it’s now, saith the Lord of  Hosts,.


Here is a prophetic word that time has come for the world to know the great I Am. For I the Lord this day and speaking through my prophets to give you hope, encourage you, and to strengthen you. Lord you have spoken these words before, yes my children I have so you would get these words down on the inside of you father for your faith to grow to a new level and to trust in Me when facing such adversity, fear, confusion. I’m here to strengthen you to raise you up higher than any attacks from the adversary My children these are the days for my body to awaken arise and receive glory like never before these are the days of turnarounds breakthroughs and for the world to know the Great I Am still lives. I still deliver and save I am the same God in the Bible that avenges my children and destroys your enemies.

Yes in this time you will see Me do more excellent works than I did in the book of Exodus for Daniel in the lion’s den for the three Hebrew men in the fiery furnace. … I’m about to show the world that I Am the creator, I Am the healer, and I Am the provider. You are My children and the covenant you have with Me is stronger and more powerful than anything your adversaries have. My children with a great Exodus your enemies will never forget who is on your side and who is with you. You are all marked with the blood of Jesus. Know this even when you can’t see this your enemies can have more faith and trust in the blood of Jesus than anything in this world. Children of almighty God your enemies will not be able to cross that bloodline just like he couldn’t in Goshen on the night of the Passover.

The blood speaks

The blood defeats

The blood destroys

The blood heals

The blood delivers

Have more faith in My blood in this hour My children you are never alone never forsaken despite how your enemies make you feel. I Am is always with you in your darkest hours i am your light that will destroy and expel all the darkness in your life. You can trust me I will get you out of every entrapment from the devil. He can’t win against Me.

Julie Green - MARCH FORWARD IN MARCH - March 3, 2022

The Lord this day and telling My children to brace for the month of March things will begin to really shake. Unusual weather events, rumors of wars, economies instability everywhere and everything. But my children this is My hand moving against your enemies and the enemies, against the true one true God. Do not fear this earth I have given to My children and every person and everything that they use to control, to enslave, to take this world hostage I will destroy. No power forming against you shall prosper, nothing the enemies have done, or anything they will try it will not work and it will come to nothing. Mighty earthquakes in the month of March there will be reported all over, but the eruption of truth that will take place will split the ground your enemies have tried to stand on to tower over you.

Yes, mighty eruptions in March weather phenomena the oceans are raging I have told you all these things before My children. So when you see everything change. You’ll be steadfast in My word and you’ll use My authority and know you are on the side that wins. Breaking news coverage of a dam that has broken open from flood waters that it couldn’t hold back. As you see this no this is the same time that things happening in the spirit. That things are happening in the spirit and how quickly My children things are going to change like you have never seen before. Again watch Iceland major news reported will come out of there this is a sign My children things are going to change.

Watch Asia, things in the weather will be taking place all over that continent. So many things at once China this is for you to know I am is in control not you. You will not get what you want I am destroying your plans against My nation the United States. Everything you have touched, everything you have infiltrated, yes all the damage you have done in my nation and everything you had control over in that government. My hand is moving to destroy it all and remove everyone on your payroll from your nation and the ones who sold themselves to for security, money, and power in this fraudulent government. China your web you have weaved in this nation and every nation across this earth I’m destroying now. I told you before China I am bringing you to your knees, all who are in control of your country great death you will hear in China’s government.

Yes, the president and all who are with him in this hour of their harvest. What they have sown in this world anyone with you from any nation including the United States that helped you China the angel of death is here with no escaping it. Your fate has been sealed and you had no remorse,  no you wanted it bigger another sickness to strike this earth and in a greater way. This time it will come on you and not anyone you are making it for. Yes, My children March will start off with many deaths in many countries of people in power and governments do not fear this is not for you children of almighty God. Those who are purposely listening to take notes and give them back to your leaders, you know who you are and this is for you. If you don’t repent death and judgment will come to you as well for being on the side of evil My grace and mercy is more than enough for you. Turn away now stop your assignment that you have been given stop now! Choose what side you are on, you know what you hear is truth that’s why you were listening to give it to them turn away and turn.

Now enemies of almighty God many have already made their choice with no remorse, others are contemplating changing sides. Do it now!!! Your time is closing before your judgment comes upon you every lie that has been said to hold the world in chains will be revealed. And every chain will be broken.

Doug Mostriano I have you here for such a time as this, saith the Lord. I know it seemed that I had forsaken you and all your hard work and time you had put forth in truth and election integrity. You know the truth and you have seen so much evidence of what really happened. It’s time to move forward with the plans you have been given. Yes Doug I am here for you I will not forsake you and this time is coming of their great fall and the great steal will be overturned. So keep your faith in Me. Major news will break out of your state of Pennsylvania Tom Wolf will face a major scandal. Yes, your governor will be removed by My hand. He will say he’s stepping down but he is being forced out by Me, saith the Lord. By stepping down he thinks it will save him from judgment that is coming. But it won’t stop it treason will written on him for all eternity. Anyone in Pennsylvania that was and still against Me and the American people truth is about to erupt out of your state and everything that was stolen will be given back, saith the Lord of Hosts.

A sign to look for My children snow in Africa, yes a mighty cleansing of your governments and top officials are taking place to free your lands. My turn shout revival it’s here it’s now glory miracles signs and wonders are breaking out like never before, saith the Lord of Hosts. March forward in march to your celebration and remember turn arounds are here and everything is about to change, saith the Lord your redeemer.

Sandy Steinbrook - Warning Dream for America: Foreign Soldiers - March 3, 2022

I am not a typical dreamer so I do dream. I’m not saying I don’t dream but I don’t dream very often and when I do dream even trying to recall it in the morning I  don’t remember them. … So it’s just rare but I have had three dreams now that are very vivid that can recount to you. …I just believe that God gives dreams um I believe this was a warning dream that he gave me. …

I’m not any like prophetic person that dreams and all of that I’m just a normal person. I’m a normal person with a normal life I have kids a husband, dog, family enjoy my life. Like why I’ve gotten these dreams I’m not sure but I do want to share them and I don’t want to just sit on this forever. I  don’t know if it’s even going to make a difference. But I just want to at least share it with you because I’ve had it so what I’m going to do is just read it from my journal now. …

So I wrote this in my journal on September 21st 2021. I had the dream I don’t know if it was July, August, um I don’t remember June it was it was earlier went in august.It was earlier when I had the dream I just hadn’t written it down so here I go. … So I believe this is a warning of what is to come. In my dream my dad had been badly injured and I was trying to get him to a hospital. But we did not have a car, I saw no cars in my dream and I did not hear any cars in my dream. I was helping him by his arm slung over my shoulder and we were limping along his entry was in the stomach area with a long gash. We were going through a wooded and field-like area it was a rural setting in the country. It was a country setting but I don’t it wasn’t familiar to me. I don’t remember the land or the landscape is not familiar to me or anything I was in America I know that for sure, but I don’t know where I was.

So there was an abandoned building it had metal sheeting on it with steel beams the building was like a pole barn that had gotten started. But it was never finished the building was two stories high and the front of it had no sides. So it had sides all the way around three sides of it was covered and the front of it was open like it never got finished um like it they were working on it and that just dropped for some reason um had no size just completely open. So I could see the steel beams and the floor above the metal on the building looked older and then I noticed that the skies were an overcast gray everything looked kind of gray. We hurried down the hill … to get into the building because we saw two soldiers coming down the road. They were walking we got into the front of the building and sat on the floor. There were two to three other random people in the building sitting against the walls too hiding. They looked tattered and injured like a homeless person who hadn’t laundered or showered or ate in weeks.

What I knew I could sense for my dream was the soldiers were in control of America and we all feared them. They were not American soldiers I don’t know what country they were but they were white. They were my husband had asked me what they looked like and I said um they were all white men um and fair skinned a fair-skinned white and I saw no Asians, no black skin, no Indians, no. I only saw white soldiers they were dark uniforms and they all carried assault rifles. I know this stream was from the Lord because it is still very vivid in my mind. I knew we feared these these soldiers very much they were completely in control of America. They did see us but because we were sitting against the wall not moving they did not bother anybody in the building. I believe this means that this is my thought only my thought I believe it means there’s going to be a downfall of America and foreign soldiers will be on our land controlling America at some time. So take that with what you want I just wanted to share it.

I don’t know how many times I can say I’m not a normal person that dreams and remembers my dreams. Three dreams now two about food shortages and one about soldiers on American soil. So you know take it with whatever you want I’ll all I’m doing is sharing it you pray over it. …

Julie Green - I AM ABOUT TO SILENCE YOUR ENEMIES - March 2, 2022

This one prophetic word for today is I’m about to silence your enemies. I heard this prophecy on February 26th of 2022. Before I get to it the Lord had me He gave me something this morning regarding my own life and regarding what I was facing but He wanted me to share this with you. He wants you to say this and declare this every day.

I am washed by the blood,

covered by the blood,

saved by the blood,

healed by the blood,

and you devil can’t defeat the blood.

So I’m going to say this again.

I am washed by the blood,

covered by the blood,

saved by the blood,

healed by the blood,

and you devil can’t defeat the blood.

We’re going through times in life we have to get these revelations and stand on them even when it feels like we can’t stand another day. …

For I the Lord this day have told you My children to be watching for signs. I am giving you in this hour to build your faith and confidence in Me along with My prophets I have put on this earth for this hour to give you My words. I needed spoken for you to hear right now regarding things you are facing in this world. You are living in a time where things are going to abruptly change. A major halt to all your enemies plans along with destroying them against you. Major scandals are about to come out like rapid fire one after another and not one will get away with anything they have done. I know up until now certain people no matter what was leaked about them they had no punishment it appeared. Well they are about to receive punishment they never thought would happen to them. They were too smart, they had entire media outlets on their side along with money and power. None of that means anything when they are against Me.

Isolation tents you will hear this in the news this will be a sign of your enemy’s plan with camps. They were planning on putting you in. But all will be exposed and destroyed a major dust storm you will hear of yes in Africa. A major wind storm across Asia causing damage and havoc typhoons major weather events are about to break out all over the place stopping your enemies from evading you, oh United States in the invasion of Israel. You will hear and see a hail, hail a size never seen or heard of softball, no bigger. Listen to these words and watch for these signs I’m moving My hand destroying their weapons destroying their convoys against you. Their plans to take you out once and for all United States, but know this that I am God. The things that are about they are about to try to do. Do not fear this will not last and it will not stand I’m your deliverer and they can’t get past Me. A death of yet another government official. Watch for this the angel of death is hitting their camps now these are the days of judgment so many will be silenced in the night . They will not wake up out of their sleep they will be found in their bed dead. Another one will be found dead but by apparent suicide that’s not true. My children their life was taken by another to silence them from telling the truth.  

Ilhan Omar death is coming to you with no way to stop it for your acts against Me. Your acts against both my nations of Israel and the United States of America. You will be killed for your failure they see you as a failure and will dispose of you before you turn on them a time of great silence in DC. Yes, eerily silence some would say their mouths will be shut by Me. News stations after news stations they are about to crumble the ratings are plummeting in this hour with no way to prop them up. I’m showing the mouth of the destroyer who uses them as his mouthpieces silent. They will become during the transition of power it’s coming My children, a time of silence, a time of darkness. It will appear across airwaves so many will wonder what is going on. God why is this happening? It’s not bad silence for you My children I’m shielding you from sights and sounds you do not want to hear in this time your capital will be demolished by Me leaving nothing left that was not of Me. Abraham Lincoln monument watch for this it’ll be untouched it’ll be protected by Me for Abraham Lincoln was My son. Chosen at that time to save this country and he will be honored for that still I am raining down hail in your capital watch for the sign of their demise. Watch for another massive storm headed to the east coast and another one right after that. My children there brace for this but no this is not for you. They’re planning a major attack on your nation they were using the Atlantic ocean to hide them to show up and attack you out of nowhere. I will show you their submarines. Yes, submarines will be in your news they infiltrated your waters and your land so these weather events. Do not fear them no I am destroying them and protecting you from their destruction. My children March will be a great month you will say because it will start out harsh. But it will appear it will start out harsh it will appear, but it will end like a lamb.

So many will finally see that I am in control freedom convoys freedom protests will grow my children grow in your nation but more in nations all over the world. You will see an upscale of military planes and helicopters in the skies above your nation. Another sign Im in control and My hand is moving against your enemies. Jerry Nadler your life is coming to an end. You will fall never to get back up again for defying me and choosing to sell your soul for money and power. Brad Pitt will be in the news watch for this My children this will be a sign of destruction of Hollywood and what it stands for. Alec Baldwin you thought you were in the clear but you are not. You will be caught not only with the death on your movie set, but the lifestyle you hid from the world. Your computer has secrets on it and you try to destroy it. But my people already have all the information they need to take you down. Epstein you were connected to the children trafficking, you are connected to your lifestyle is disgusting and evil and you’ll be exposed for who you always have been you were given time to repent. Your brother has been praying for you refuse Me and refuse to repent now. Judgment will hit you in ways you never imagined you will lose everything you hold dear to you Alex your time has come to be judged by Me, saith the Lord.

Another assassination attempt on the rightful President was just stopped by Me. No one will touch whom I have on this earth to complete the great exodus and freedom that belongs to this nation. And the world Donald Trump you are protected by Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. Your family and all nothing will come to any of their plans against you. I am giving you peace and rest your family I will take care of in this hour you know what needs to be done and your family won’t be able to be with you through it. But I am the great I AM and I will shield them protect them and give them peace and joy knowing you will be okay and so will this nation. Donald great is your reward. I will give you back everything that has been taken and I will give you more than you asked from Me. Every lawsuit will be dropped, every person standing against you will fall by My hand, saith the Lord of hosts. I held you back in this hour to hide comfort and to strengthen you. You have listened and obeyed My son.

So Donald I am giving you back all that has been stolen and more all that needed to be removed that infiltrated you has been exposed and now you can move forward in this hour. The dominoes are falling everywhere in front of you to walk through to your place of power again. Give Me the care of the people of this nation. My angel armies are all over to protect them. So do not worry about them nothing your enemies can do will prosper against you or this nation peace. I will give to you in this hour like never before. Donald no, you are special to Me and thank you for your obedience and trusting in Me through it all. Donald how special you are in My sight. I love you My son so go and take what is rightfully yours in this hour and I will be okay with you your family and this nation children all will be okay in this hour in the house of the Lord.

This is the hour of great transition of power so hold on to Me and hold on to My word and you will find peace and rest. I’m your comforter so don’t turn aside to any other in this time. I love you My children I gave you My only begotten son. So you would live with Me for all eternity. Yes, but also that you can live like heaven on earth. My children this is possible I have spoken this in My written word for a reason. These are your days of freedom, celebration. So stand now stand up take back what the Lord has done for you in this powerful prophetic word.  

Amanda' Grace - Word from the Lord - February 18, 2022

I am God and there is none other. I am the Alpha and Omega. I am the Creator of what is seen and unseen. The earth is My footstool. Do you think the redemption of your nation is really too difficult for Me, My children? I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I am the God of Israel. I am the God who sent My son, Yeshua, to the earth, and the Word became flesh because I so love the world. I am the God that defies the laws of nature, that defies the laws of physics. I am the God that shakes governments. I am the God that knocks down podiums of those that are speaking blasphemies against My kingdom.

I am the God who shakes what those think are unshakable, and I am the God, in this hour, that is going to begin to break up, and to till, and to swell their wicked plans. A swell of their own making shall come upon them in this hour. A wave of their own making, that they’ve been making for a long time, and their cup of iniquities has become full, said the Lord thy God, and in this hour you will see Me pour them out.
I am the God of justice, and I am the God of righteousness, and I am the God that, in this hour, shall shake what people think is unshakable. I shall take down leaders that people think were safe. I shall cause leaders to tumble and fall upon their own words, and their own laws. Their own laws in this hour of their own making shall do them in, says the Lord thy God this day. Their own laws that they wove in wickedness, and in greed, and in mammon, they wove.
And I the Lord thy God am taking the sword of the Spirit, the word of God, which is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart, and I am striking that web and I am striking what they wove, and you shall see, says the Lord thy God this day, you shall see the first major strike come in the month of April. You shall see another soon follow after that. 
And says the Lord thy God this day, I am raising up opposition in their own party to oppose them. In their own party, their own making, their own monster. I am raising up, says the Lord thy God in this hour, to oppose them and there shall be, says the Lord, very public squabbling, not only within parties here but around the world.
Fierce opposition, says the Lord, in Canada within their own leadership. There shall be a spill, says the Lord thy God this day, in Canada, that the world shall not soon forget. There shall be a spill, says the Lord thy God this day, in Australia the world shall not soon forget.
And says the Lord thy God this day, there shall be a fall that is coming in your nation, there shall be a judgment that has already been handed down from My throne. And you will see a tumbling, and a breaking up of what was woven behind the walls of the White House, what was woven behind the walls of Federal buildings in Washington, DC, what was woven in facilities in the Midwest, says the Lord. What was birthed there. What was woven in California.
And says the Lord thy God this day, the line and the chain that they have woven, I the Lord, by force am set to break. And those chains shall not only break, but they shall disintegrate, says the Lord thy God this day, they shall disintegrate.
And says the Lord thy God this day, you will see in this nation and around the world, unusual events that defy science, that defy nature, that defy what leaders say, and they’re even going to be described as unusual events, “These things NEVER happen,” because I, the Lord thy God, in this hour, am demonstrating My might, I am putting on a demonstration, if Pharaoh wants a demonstration, a demonstration he will receive in this hour, says the Lord thy God. If the pharaohs of this world want a demonstration, if they want to stiffen their necks and dig in their heels, then I Lord thy God shall put on a demonstration in this hour that is going to contain uncanny events. Events that will baffle science, events that will baffle the government, events that will baffle the people, events that are going to baffle the wicked, because I am frustrating their cords in this hour. I am breaking their cords, I am frustrating them, I am tying them up with it and I am removing them, says the Lord thy God this day.
So hold fast, My children. Stand in faith. Put your trust in Me, not a man. It is not a man that is going to save you, oh America, it is not! It is I, The Lord your God, who has the outstretched arm to save you. Put your trust in Me. Put your hope in Me. Praise Me and speak in faith in this hour, and I promise you, says the Lord thy God this day, you will see physical walls come crashing down as a testimony to what’s been spoken today. Thus says the Lord of Hosts, in Jesus’ name.
The Lord also said – watch the Great Wall of China


It is finished your enemies are finished their plans are finished despite what it looks like and what they have to say stop magnifying them and magnify Me, saith the Lord your redeemer. Storms, hail, tornadoes, unusual wind, the seas are tossing and turning waves are hiring crashing into the shore. Earthquakes, volcanoes, avalanches, snow blizzards, ice, crazy weather. They will shout this will continue all over the earth in this hour hurricanes will intensify and become very large. All of this is happening while the power is being completely ripped from your enemies. Watch Biden this his time is nearing the end of his ruling or fake rule. Yes, explosive evidence is coming to light on what he has done who he is and how fake his supposed Presidency really is. Yes, a great fall along with Kamala they are both finished.

There will be fighting and resistance when the truth comes to your nation regarding your elections the money that was given to foreign nations for bribes to start wars or attacks in your land. The truth will come regarding how much control China actually has over your nation how Biden and Obama and many others thought they were playing China when they themselves were getting played. Backstabbing on both sides, people infiltrating your nation along with your nation infiltrating theirs. blackmail after blackmail accounts will be shown backdoor deals made with China to overthrow your elections. Yes, that proof is about to explode everywhere with no way to stop it. Your Senate members of Congress your governors, your secretary of state, so many people sold you out their own financial gain and power guaranteed to them if they went along with this plan. Wisconsin new and explosive evidence will come out including Pennsylvania at the same time.

Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, Vermont, Virginia, North Carolina, California, New Mexico, New York, New Hampshire, a flight of truth is coming. My children lawyers seen before I told you were held back until now. Sydney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Lynn Wood, Janet Ellis, and many others will start to resurface with truth and evidence that will not be held back or denied.  This is our reckoning and time for the tyranny to fall. You ask why now Lord, why not back in 2020 when this all happened? There were things that couldn’t be uncovered that can be now before their fall wouldn’t have been as great as it will be right now. My children were not awakened you needed time to get right with me to get up to stand up to rise up to take your place to heal you to perfect your faith in Me once again. Things needed to happen against your enemies and help you at the same time watch your news regarding Massachusetts. Major news will break in this state. This might shown is yet another sign I am in control. A senator is about to step down out of embarrassment and shame his lifestyle will be exposed with video evidence. My children with this it will show you they will all fall who are against me a scandal in your Congress is about to be completely uncovered regarding January 6th.


So here is the prophetic word for today. Explosions and eruptions are taking place at one time. This is the longest prophetic word I’ve had thus far I just want to let you guys know this is very powerful and it’s very long. All right for I the Lord this day have been speaking of your victories and the days of glory and Revival upon this earth. Many of My children still wonder how this is possible with your enemies dominating this earth and My children who said they who said they are dominating this earth he’s asking a question. You think that because of what things look like because of what they are doing My children have you ever thought they are playing right into My hands, They’re doing exactly what I knew they would do and i have people all over this earth catching them in the act. All their secret plans of destruction and world control, yes I have the evidence given to exactly who needed it on this earth. Now to use for divine appointment and perfect timing to do ultimate destruction and damage to your enemies plans that they will not recover from. I am the great I am and I see everything. I knew from the very beginning of time your adversaries were going to do this very thing I’ve outsmarted them and everything they have done. Set traps everywhere before they began scheming and making up their plans. They can never outsmart Me, saith the Lord.

A clock tower will be destroyed in this hour known as Big Ben this sign is for Prince Charles and the rest of his team they are coming down just like that there is no more time for messing around with these people. They want world destruction your enemies even contemplating using nuclear war to get the world in panic and fear. They are thinking of anything to stop their fall and to stop what they know is coming which is me and My army. They can’t defeat by children the intricate details the giant web they weaved in your voting system is all being uncovered. Every business every person all the countries every state that joined in we knocked down to the ground. All the governor secretary of state, city workers, every poll worker, I am coming for you and anyone with no remorse or refusing to repent will be left standing in this hour of judgment. The rest of you that are holding out thinking you can hide and others will take the fall because you are protected. Well you’re not I have seen all and know all. Judgment is about to strike this earth, you know who you are and I have warned you and told you to repent I’ve given you time.

They have all the evidence they need to try you for treason. Every person that took part there is audio and video footage. There were spies all throughout every state and county. You all thought after this ridiculous excuse of an inauguration you were okay. Well you are not. The ones who hired you are thinking of getting rid of anyone they don’t trust to keep their mouth shut. You are one of them so stand up and come forward now. You know who you are you are you know where to go. So run your door of repentance is closing there will be many more whistleblowers from a  company called Dominion. They had to stay in the background and their footage and testimonies couldn’t come before. Now watch and listen for more flash drives all over the place. Arizona and to all of its officials your green light is now, so go and do it it’s time to act. 

Pennsylvania major news is about to break evidence and a judge will stand up and hear the cases to overturn those elections. The devil did go down to Georgia, but My people caught you in the act. Governor Kemp I have warned you and you stood alongside the red dragon thinking you would be safe well you are not. And I have everything and all who are with Me have everything they need to try you for treason. Your life as you know it Brian Kemp is over. Secretary of state Brad Rothenberger, you snake in the grass your attempts to lie cheat and steal along with what you did with that phone call with Trump you are threatening him now in court with you are about to wish you never did that. For I the Lord have evidence coming forward with you saying and doing your little plan to oust him. You had a script and a part you played to get him to say specific words. Trump knew that all along you played right into his hands he has you on video and audio devising your plans with Kemp and anyone else in your state including Stacey Abrams to steal that election along with many other races in that state. The senate race yes, all has been recorded, and all the evidence will now come to light. There is more than you could have imagined and it was stored up for now. Watch breaking news regarding Brazil. Be watching and listening My children this weather phenomenon is another sign of shaking occurring on this earth like never before. I told you My children more news regarding the ring of fire is about to break the news major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occurring at one time. I’m shaking things up now and I’m shaking things up and the time is now.

A tidal wave off the shores in the east no one ever see. No one ever seen like this before. They are doing things in your waters off the east coast to cause eruptions and tsunamis. Yes, underwater explosives to cause major damage and destruction off the eastern seaboard. Do not fear it will not happen the way they want it to My children. Know this I have seen and know all things that they are doing. I will lessen the effects and stop them and they act. What they have sown they will also reap. Submarines will be exposed in your waters they were about to strike your nation with war. Your fraudulent government wanted it I am making them come to the surface to expose their evil plans. My children if you could see have seen before how dark and evil all their plans were you never would have fallen asleep. But your victory wouldn’t be as great is it about to be.

Major exposures regarding Trudeau is about to break open the floodgate of truth in Canada their worst nightmares coming to pass. I had people that infiltrated their government and caught them all in the act and they too have the green light to move forward. Justice and victory for My son Arthur Pallowski they have used him as an example. Listen My son I’m exposing their dirty plots against you vindicating your name. You are another Joseph in this hour your life will be changed in one day and one day is all I need My son you will rise higher never be taken prisoner again all who in prison you will fall and be imprisoned themselves. Some will die by the angel of death you are being vindicated now My son so hold your ground the great I am is coming to deliver you. A major weather event is about to take place in Australia. Australia your deliverance is at hand, your government is about to take a major fall. What you are experiencing now will not stand so hold on and stand your ground freedom will reign in your land again.

I am putting a righteous leader along with a government for you in this hour that will work hand in hand with My son Trump and the United States of America. New York your governor is being exposed for what she really is a Jezebel a witch sent to enslave you. Your mayor in New York city will be exposed and will take a fall and won’t get back up from a cleansing will be taking place in your state and city. I have the final say the demonic hold that was over your city is gone. So speak life into New York now that is where your nation was dedicated to Me and I have not forgotten that. But first you will hear all that terrorists a plot on that city they want to try another bigger one than 911 to paralyze your nation. I have people in place to stop it and expose this plan before it takes place. Vengeance is mine and these are the days of reckoning on this earth.

California Newsom I have given you every opportunity to repent and step down on your own you refused now the world will see you expose and fall for your heinous crimes in your state. Everything you devise to destroy and enslave the people in that state I also will show the world your state actually was red and not blue. You lied in every one that was with you knew some especially Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris I’m opening the books and exposing all your finances you stole from your state, in your cities. How you purposely destroyed your city to enslave the people of California. I’m setting all of them free from all of your control and putting the rightful people in charge to clean up your state. Gretchen Whitmer you are being exposed for the Jezebel you are you held your state captive for more power and more money. They pad your pockets with I will expose you in everything you did that night of the 2020 election. Every county, every ballot, all the servers, and flash drives will be brought into the line along with exposing your partner in crime Jocelyn Benson. You will both take a fall from the power and be tried for treason. Every person with you that helped you and refused to repent will be tried as well. Your days are numbered and your number it’s about to run out.

Justice Roberts your days as chief are over step down or I will remove you Myself . You will not hide from your crimes any longer or hold all the other justices of the supreme court hostage with your threats any longer. They know the truth and no you have nothing and you are nothing a revolt is taking place in the highest court of the land against you. You will be exposed for Epstein island along with helping other government officials to hide their crimes against this nation. You help them with that too the right people have all the evidence and are coming forward now. Chief Justice Roberts you and your time as Chief Justice Robert your time as Chief is over. You are being tried for treason and you know it. You will try to take your own life before this happens as fear is hitting you. You can’t take the apprehension of what is about to take place against you. You are finished Roberts your life as you know it is over you were caught in 2020 helping and devising your scheme to ignore any factual evidence that came in threaten you, threaten the other justices from ruling. I have it all and there is nowhere to hide your days are running out on this earth.

The queen’s death will hit the royals and shake some because they know it was no accident. But Charles don’t you will not get that crown no matter what. Even if you followed their instructions and went through with it. Big Ben will be your sign you are going down for the one world government in their Great Reset. You are your own mother’s murderer. Watch My children for all these things to take place all over the world at one time. The time has come the time is now for the new, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Veronika West - The Bear, the Dragon and the Beast From the East - February 123, 2022

In prayer this afternoon while seeking The LORD concerning The Nations, I heard The Spirit say, “Watch and Pray, for did I not say that The Bear Nation has emerged from a time of political hibernation with a hunger for War and an appetite for greater territorial occupation and domination among The Nations?

Yes! And did I not say that the Dragon Spirit would strike, and The Bear Nation would invade to take a rich and fertile land?

I say Beloved, Watch and Pray, and pay close attention, for in the days ahead the right hand of The Bear Nation shall shake hands with the right hand of the nation of Turkey and a powerful alliance will be created, and then the two shall come into agreement to form a threefold cord of allegiance with the Beast of The East with a desire to destroy the land flowing with milk and honey.

But I say, Nay! Nay, for when their diabolical plan begins to unfold, a great unraveling will take place, and the demonic threefold cord shall surely be broken, and the strength and military power of The Bear Nation shall be brought to nought.

But! Watch and Pray for surely I tell you, the eye of Leviathan is now upon the fruitful Vineyard, and the tail of The Dragon Spirit is thrashing in the realm of The Spirit, to stir up turmoil and trouble for The Nation of Taiwan.

But I say, keep Watch and Pray, and stay alert, for False Flags and the pointing of fingers will take place to bring a desired distraction from that which is now being fully exposed and uncovered in the realm of darkness.

For I tell you, this is the beginning of birthing pangs as greater and greater shakings and divine disruptions take place as Nation rises against Nation.

For in The Valley of Decision, goat and sheep nations are now being sifted and shifted, scattered and gathered up.

Look and see, for a Demonic Convergence is now taking place over Nations in the midst of birthing, as the spirit of the Antichrist rises to resist the advancement of My Righteous Remnant Army, as they build and establish My Kingdom Government in The Nations of the earth.

And watch! As the spirits of deception and death masquerade as messengers of light, but come seeking to divide and conquer, dominate and occupy more and more territory, by striking fear and torment in the hearts.

Many who have become woke, weak and willing vessels, have fully submitted and surrendered themselves to an Antichrist Agenda and to a One World Order.

I say again — Watch and Pray. For The Bear Nation shall bite down hard, and the tail of The Dragon Nation shall suddenly strike without warning in the coming days!”

Robin Bulluck - "A Portal Is Opening on 2-22-22" - INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING WITH ROBIN - February 14, 2022

The Lord showed it to me and He sat down beside me it was almost like he just sat down and told me write this and I started writing and I wrote that whole book (The Pool and the Portal) and the as he told me it didn’t even have a plot in my mind. I’m just writing over an event that happened and that’s what came out of it so what I tell you that they’re planning on bringing in the New World Order this year. That’s what they plan on doing and are you saying that those between those dates 2 22 and 3 22 is their timetable. To try to attempt and they just would wish everything about them. That I hadn’t told you that because now prophets know and believers know where to stand. We’re in a prayer it’s going to start in 2 22 2022. That’s the first six that’s the first opening of the portal the gate and they know. They say it’s going to open that day now it’s amazing that the occultic world knows more about this stuff than the church does. And so that’s why we see things come into being that’s how that’s how a certain president in 2009 became President and it felt like the church had their head in a bag screaming and nobody could hear them for eight years. Right it’s because at that time it threw us 28 years in the future and we didn’t even know how to operate in that time because what happened during his presidency was not supposed to happen until uh 28 years later which put it around 2030 in that time think about it. Wow! …

So these occultic people know Steve ask any prophet that you talk to that has knowledge of this or anybody in the prophetic ask them how excited witches and warlocks are right now. Look at look at Arizona this big thing. They’re talking about yeah, it’s just a big thing up in the air which in a warlock showed up around my town here the other day they’re all gathering for this portal to open. They don’t understand that we won’t let come through it what they want to come through it. They have no spiritual authority and so we closed it the other day where they so you’ve already closed that portal or you pre-closed it. Oh, we did it online with all oh wow, so it’s not like you’re not instructing people remember when 2 22 comes you got to close that portal. You’re saying you already went to work on that and did it well we started on it. But see we’re in all different time zones we’re everywhere what we need to do is have people stand up and say you’re not bringing the New World Order in this year. It’s not going to happen good you know I gave a prophetic word about two months ago. I said this thing is going to carry into March of this year. Well I didn’t know then that that was their dates. March 22 is their ending date and it starts on February 22nd. The whole thing and it ends March 22nd.

Well all I knew was it was carrying into March, but now we have understanding of this and we saw in the prophetic Super Bowl that Donald will beat Joe at the very last minute when the collision happens, oh man, it all happened in 22. And you know it was interesting he didn’t just beat him, he sacked him he sacked him. You throw down there yeah I mean it’s a throw down man. Do you want me to tell you how it happened last night?  Yeah here’s another prophet here’s another prophetic thing to it that people may not have seen. I watched it and I don’t watch television, that’s really something for me to watch. …Yeah, I had to cut off every commercial … if everybody will notice there was … a lot of that real occultic commercials. But watch this the Bengals were winning and they the guy was going to catch a pass and a Ram was covering him real close. And the Bengal reached around and grabbed his face mask yeah and pulled him. And it’s the only reason he caught the ball and got ahead was because he facemasked the guy. He illegally faced messked he illegally did it. But no ref no referee called it and the people in my living room my family and some of my team or the team I worked with said. Oh man they got away with that didn’t they. I said no, I said that’ll come back up here in just a while you watch. I said they’ll pay for that. So at the very end when it came up again you see that what happened when the Ram ended up catching what he did and the Bengals were got penalized for something and the next thing you know they win the super bowl. And they win it by mostly what the face mask cost them and so here they have won this thing. Well the guys team that that did the illegal move was Joe’s team. So there was an illegal move in 22. There was an illegal move that was came up as a harvest and Donald beat Joe all over that. So this thing is everything is prophetic right now.

Timothy Dixon - This means WAR. The taking of the Land - February 11, 2022

The Lord came to me saying fear not of the things that’s coming upon the land. For satan shall rise up against the saints that has never been on this wise ever before. The same spirit that entered into Judas will go forth out of the presence of satan and shall cause many loved ones to turn upon each other. Daughter against mother and son against father and father against the son and the mother against the daughter at the same time. There has never been the like  of the showing of My power as it will be now. Therefore prepare yourselves for the days that’s ahead. My people shall take the land binding the enemy and many strongholds shall fall at the anointing of the words spoken by My servants. For even now the walls of the enemy has built is falling over America. Satan has come out against the voices of My words, My servants the prophets, and wage war against them. He has come before Me to persecute My servants and My people. But know this, saith God. I will reign a power down now at this time on the chosen that shall bring great distress upon the people that has rose against My Word. For you have waged war against Me, saith God. Satan you have devised you have done so to cause doubt and to wreck the faith of the believer. But I the Lord god will bind you from the heavens and will change you to the open air where my servants the prophets and the apostles will speak things from the mouth and where you have took one to bring down my servant I will raise him up and I will shake the city. But because that you have put spells by your priests lucifer you have no power over Mine. I rebuke you satan, I am the Almighty God. I need no introduction, saith God.

You have desired to wreck the faith by the one that I will raise up and shall shake that city. But hear Me today the earth shall begin to shake unusual ways. I shall raise up an island out of the seas for there is no power except Mine. I send forth a spirit of Revival, Awakening in the land that shall open the eyes of many miracles shall be seen in the coming days that will that will dumbfound the people. I raise a standard for My people that will stand in this day for the past has been silent and a great time of deception. Even now is come on many that has refused to accept Me as Lord of Lords and King of Kings. But know this that the heavens is on full alert to watch over My word and hasten to perform it. No weapon shall prosper against mine, My word goes forth from this hour. Let everyone that has breath praise Me for the glory of My presence shall reign down like never before and your enemies will bow at your feet. For they shall be mine My enemies as well never in the gears of creation has there ever been a manifestation like will be the elected of this country.

The elected the elected of this country I shall stand against them that their heart has been turned over to satan. And very soon the lies will be revealed in the election of the President. I will overturn this neutrality for the time of the end is not is not yet for the time of the end. It’s not yet the time is not now.  I will stand with My voice, a voice out of the prophets that I have shown many mercy. For someone that has touched the throne and their prayers has come up before Me in a repentance and I will spare these that has called upon My name. Therefore the time that I have pushed for mercy is over. For the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same. My eyes upon even the sparrow and I looked down upon the betrayal of the deep that thought that they would succeed. But my hands is not short that it cannot save neither is my ear heavy that it cannot hear. Thousands shall fall at thy left hand and ten thousands shall fall at thy right, saith God. For evil has rose up in this country but the time has come that My people will possess the kingdom.

There is death in the capital, saith God. Suddenly, suddenly I say the heart shall fail, the heart of one shall fail that has brought great deception inside the land. The land that I have blessed some has been turned over to their own evil heart. And it will bring the reaping of their reward for their evil. I will cause the stock market to change in a way that will astound America and the free foreign countries. I will cause My people to be prepared and the evil will fall in a day, saith God. For many sons and daughters is being born into the kingdom. I will reverse the laws from My name’s sake that shadows this land I will bring a death to the spirit of Jezebel and I will raise up a united army of believers that will cause faith to rise many shall be at a loss. For I will purge the seats of authority. I will take away from the from the wealthy from the from the wealthy and give to the poor. The undead of a halty spirit I shall bring down but of a humble spirit shall rise and I’ll give back My people the land. For the eyes of the Lord God sees and I will reconcile My reward that I have spoken. And the laughter of the evil one will turn to anger. You that mock the prophets that steadily watches, watches, every word that they speak everything that they say soon I’ll deal with you, saith God. Then there’ll be no smile and no laughter inside your voice. Because the Lord of hosts rains down upon you, saith God. For my judgment reigns down across California to the evil one that’s touched my prophets and My servants.

You’ll soon grasp that I am the Lord God almighty  that made the heavens and the earth and the fullness thereof rise up to defend My anointed, saith God. For the hour of the evil day is upon the world. Know that I have prepared My servants the prophets to battle war and My servants and had maids handmade shall watch. Oh hallelujah! Shall march with victory putting underfoot the devices of satan. For by My word out of the mouth of this servant I have closed the gates and the guardian’s hosts of the spirit of My word closes the portal of Haggadah. For I bind the spirit of the gatekeeper, saith the Almighty. I shut the door of the portal that you have tried to open the lock and key remains, saith God. And all of your days to come you’ll not succeed. I stand in your way so you have waged a fight against mine anointed. Therefore I send Michael even at the releasing out of this word to war and My people stead that the word the word of the Lord out of the mouth of My people out of the mouth of the servants of the prophets will stand rise up Zion.

Take up the shields, take up thy stabs and swords and the helmet in the breastplate for war is waged in the heavens and on the lands. For as I said as I send forth My angels. Michael shall stand up at this time and great is the fall of the wicked. Hear the sound, hear the sound of the blast of My nostrils. All power in heaven and earth rests on the believers and the righteous before the Lord. Rejoice Zion for the new day the day of Jubilee. The day that burdens are laid down the day that change is broken, saith God. This next season of the years shall belong to the righteous my people shall take the land for the mouth of the Lord has host has spoken. For a new generation of My sons and daughters now comes forth in the land. No more will the heathen laugh but the fear of the Lord shall be felt and respected once again will enter into the hearts of many with your eyes. Then your eyes will open forth with miracles even sight to the blind with miracles that is impossible to medical science.

But know now, saith God that I am sending forth a man like an unto John. Many shall be delivered in this hour for I am calling for the warriors to align thyself prepare thyself for the mounting of my people shall go forth. Michael shall stand at this time never has there ever been rising of the power as coming forth even of the children that shall prophesy laying hands on the sick. I shall shake, I even shake, I even shake the very elements of the heavens and this and the stars. Hear My voice, oh hear My voice your stars obey My command move. I say go to and fro in the heavens back and forth to a new formation, saith God. Even as all the heavens and earth bows before Me I will confound the wise foreign the wisdom in their wisdom. You have become a fool rise up rise up My sons and My daughters for the evil ones tries to keep their hold the chains are falling fallen, saith God. Who can deliver but Me who can save, but Me who can heal but Me. I formed heaven and earth who can stand against Me.

My servant go and I say go into the great end time harvest, look on Europe as I shake the continent. By My hands a great uproar comes forth at this hour prophesy, prophesied the word of the Lord. God has come through ministering angels warriors of the time rejoice saith God. For this is the day of the Almighty for hell shakes at the sound of my people rise the rise sounds like thunder and the rattling of the heavens and the earth having no power against my people. There’ll be no power formed against the chosen the servants for it is time for the coming together a prosperity of the sons of God. A preparation of the sons of God and an alliance an alliance unified together as one to the tearing down of the strongholds they will fall. They will fall, saith God and know now that even now as the time rolls forth that even as Russia gathers at the borders of the Ukraine and China prepares to take the cities and war is raging throughout the world.

Know that My hands rocks once again Washington and the Pentagon is an upsetness roaring right now. Saith caught My arms and My hands an angel of God an angel of My presence stands in the way of the Pentagon. I shall march through the hallway, saith God and the sense and the smell of the reaping of the reapers that walks through the city ways. You’ll cry to me, saith but it’ll be too late. Turn to me with all your heart, saith the Lord for the time has come the revelation and the of the sons of the kingdom inside man living in the hearts of my people. Nothing shall escape them but once again you evil ones that mocks the people you mocks and you delegate your words and fight back to make fun of. Your day’s coming you’ll not laugh no more. But everyone that calls upon the name of the Lord you shall be delivered. For the time is at hand that you’ll seek someone that can get ahold of Me. The day’s coming ,the day’s come, and saith the Lord it is now at hand. It is now at hand. Forsaken have waged and you went out like a roaring lion to stop and to destroy the apostles and the prophets that I have put my word in in this hour.

But know that they shall rise with an anointing that’ll be tenfold and shall break every chain. Nothing shall stand against them for the mouth of the Lord God.


I told you My children there will be signs that the great I am is in control. There has been many signs and many prophetic words being fulfilled while the pace is picking up and more fulfillment of prophecy. Just as fast as they are spoken they will be fulfilled. A great shift is taking place now great shaking in this world will take what you see and remove it all. These are no longer normal days or days you will just survive on this earth no these are days of your freedoms you are taking your  authority on this earth like a true child of God. No more being slaves, no more victims, no more beneath your circumstances, no more being wimpy, and no now. There will be boldness, authority, righteous indignation it will rise up in you. You will stand in the face of adversity and shout and praise me without moving an inch. You are coming to a place of authority you never thought was possible. Your enemy’s nightmare is coming to pass in this hour your awakening is rattling the gates of hell. So rejoice and spend more time and praise and worship which destroys the powers of the enemy. Get up from your places where you were and fight the good fight of faith would you win. My word promises that turn every test into a testimony by standing on My word that is truth and it will set you free. Just like Joe said from the pit to the palace in one day.

Yes, that is happening again there was a reason what you see now had to take place. You will understand more in the coming days and months how I had to destroy them the way I did with My timing. And My timing is always the best even when it looks like in that time of waiting all hell is breaking loose. I have been in control this whole time My children. So look forward to your victory say every day I am on the winning side. God is on my side so I can’t lose. I am undefeated because the great I am defeated My adversaries and everything they had planned for Me. My victory is here and now the greater one lives in Me. The line of the tribe of Judah is in Me and reigns in My life. My enemies fall before My face and complete restoration is mine in Jesus name and that time is now my children. The battle has been won by your Lord and savior Jesus Christ. He bought your adversaries to nothing and to make no effect in your life. So stand against the onslaught of your enemies attacks and no he is nothing in your sight.

You will hear of a massive avalanche as you see this sign, no the avalanche of truth is at hand. A major volcanic eruption in the Hawaiian islands. This will be a major news story this is another sign of an eruption taking place to destroy all the works of your enemy at the same time a major earthquake. All these natural phenomenons at one time and then an unusual hurricane in that our and this hour is brewing. So watch all of this hit the perfect storm and the spirit is hitting your enemies. I have told you this before and I’m reminding you because this is that hour for it to take place great removals, great turnarounds, these are the days of the Red Sea moment. But what I do is much greater than that the world will be in shock and awe when they see my hand move against all the their governments in all the nations of this earth at one time.

The one world government is falling to the ground many the puppet masters will be uncovered and exposed. Big names you will never thought could be it will shock the world who was all on the side of the elites. How much money they actually had, how many companies they owned. How they manipulated the entire world system and markets from our money and power by doing this they became filthy rich. You would say to cause more poverty throughout the world to enslave as many people as they could. I’m blowing the roof off their planned shortages, their economic crash, their wars, and their control over the world. Everything is being exposed with the move of My hand. You will see them all fall. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, … Prince Charles, Justin Trudeau, and prime ministers all over the world including My nation Israel. You will see them all fall like flies in a fly trap where there is nowhere to go. They are trapped, there are many more my children they will be exposed and will pay a high price for their heinous acts and crimes on this earth. Heat in unusual places for this time of year, cold in places that should be hot even the weather continues to be affected in this time of great shaking, and great changes overturning of elections. There’ll be sudden boldness arise coming in your civil courts across this land to restore this nation and bring back justice . Yes, My hand is moving now in your court

systems justice will prevail. Justice will be served once again across your land.

A major death on the Senate floor will rock your senate chambers on the same day one will fall in the house of representatives. Watch my children I am moving across DC to judge and settle the cases for My children. Vengeance is mine and the world is seeing My vengeance strike the enemies down to the ground. More congressmen will suddenly step down more will say I am not running for reelection. They see the handwriting on the wall. They know justice is going to be served and they want no part of it. Audio recordings are coming forward with truth of January 6th Nancy Pelosi giving instructions on what to do that day to make it look like an insurrection took place to destroy any standing up or any changes to electoral college votes. Yes, Nancy you can’t stop these recordings from coming into the open. It will be heard all over the world some will say it’s like shot heard around the world. Damning evidence that can’t be undone. Yes, Nancy truth is finding you not just for January 6th but for both impeachments and the 2020 election. Everyone with you has been recorded along with Harris. Biden, Obama, Romney, Schumer, McConnell all have been secretly recorded. And those recordings are coming into the light the whole world here and to see. Yes my children they are all finished, saith the Lord of Hosts. Their days on earth are coming to an end and Jesus will be served sentences handed down by Me the judge over all the earth. …

My children great explosions of truth are hitting DC destroying their narrative and their fraudulent government. I am taking them down removing all of their buildings. They will burn to the ground along with any monument or assemble the satchel of liberty is about to fall the crack is getting bigger and it will crumble to the ground. Watch the lightning hit some monuments across this land to show you I am in control destroying all evidence of your enemies tyranny and control on this earth. Get ready My children all will come down your President will be back in his seat in full power in a new house that was built for this very day. You will see him walk down the steps of Air Force One cheers and celebrations never heard to this degree over the earth. This is about to come to pass, so hold on a little longer My children. My show has started and great celebrations are breaking out all over this earth, sayeth the Lord of Hosts.


Kim Clement Prophecy - One Party Of People | Prophetic Rewind (February 22, 2014) - February 4, 2022

Liberty Turnip - 3 DARK YEARS" it all starts Mid February - January 20, 2022

He was preparing to bring America this is the foundation leading up to the word don’t skip this part America into their Damascus moment. The same way Saul had to be delivered and brought into the light. So He could get on the right side of what God was doing He said he’s taking America through that well Saul had to be blind for three days before He received his sight back and the Lord said there’s going to be three dark days. But he has not told me necessarily he kind of told me when it was going to start but I didn’t know how long it would be what each day represented. But He has told me so this is a serious prophecy. Whoo, I can feel the glory that I’m releasing right now on behalf of the King of Kings to prepare. His people for what’s about to come and this is not you guys need to know you should know this already I don’t do gloom and doom. Whatever I’m gonna tell you what He’s saying to prepare us to be the body it’s not gloom and doom. It’s wonderful man what an amazing time to be alive I’m full of joy and boldness. I’m not full of fear and so none of the stuff that He let you know and let you in on is to cause you to have fear and buy every type of ammo you can find. In three counties the goal of what he releases is to get your heart ready. Because if our heart is doing what we’re supposed to then we’ll be used for His glory and His Kingdom. And it’s going to be magnificent and it doesn’t mean you don’t get ready.

But there is the fear side that’s not right and then there’s the prep side that is the true way of Christ and it is not to be a spaz okay. Sorry I didn’t say it putting it out there don’t be a spaz. Don’t freak other people out don’t fear them into accepting Christ. I wasn’t even gonna say this. Y’all I’m preaching don’t fear that cause them to have fear to accept Christ that’s not God’s way we’re to fear Him. But not to fear punishment and I’m not going to go into all that okay I’m moving along because I can start preaching. Okay, here’s the thing we don’t I’m going to still add this you guys we don’t accept Christ to avoid punishment from hell. We accept Christ so our life can be changed . We can become a new creation. We can walk with the fire we can have the gifts we can fulfill our call on the earth from the time we were thought of in our mother’s womb that’s the point of salvation amen.

Okay, I’m moving along so as you know He gave me the word about the 350 million deaths there would be many physical and spiritual deaths. We would see it and you guys it’s we’re already coming into that  it’s trickling down into the different ages and all that I’m not going to go into that right now. Because then I’d be going into part two of that word and that’s not for right now. But I’ve been asking the Lord I guess in my spirit not knowing it God what are what’s going on with the three days of darkness because you’ve never really revealed to me . Well let me give you some dates and you guys this is the foundation to the word. You can’t skip this part and I will say it again um these dreams are a part of the word. So a very long time ago I don’t remember how long it was I think it was it was a while ago okay.

I had a dream of the number 54 and he gave me the dream over and over and over 54 54 54 54 all night long. Well I wrote it down and typically what I do when he’ll give me a dream like that is I count the days ahead. So what I did was I counted the days ahead 54 days and then I marked it in my calendar. Then i counted ahead 54 weeks, 54 months, you get the drift. 54 years okay and I have all those dates written down and so let me tell you what happened in 54 days. From that dream so you can understand that God gave me these dates. Because they’re pivotal 54 days from that dream. He gave me the very first prophecy over Florida and then I got swept into the times and seasons prophecy over Florida and He began to use me to prophesy over Florida. Exactly 54 days, so then I knew all the other dates mattered 54 weeks, 54 months, 54 years. Okay, I don’t know that we’ll be here 54 years. But you know what I’m saying track with me. So here’s the thing 54 months is February. It’s like the 20th of February or the 5th. Whatever the mid-February is 54 …  months. 54 weeks is mid-February, now if you guys remember if you watch all my words through there’s a couple of times that I’ve alluded to the fact that we all better be ready by February the last few words. I released about get your boat ready I told you be ready something’s up starting in February.

But God had not released me to get real with that word until now. This word has to get to everybody you guys for real, legit, people need to be ready. But He had basically that’s why I was kind of planting those seeds that February. Pay attention February 2022 is going to be something the beginning of something and the reason I knew that was because it was going to be 54 weeks from that dream. And because something had happened at 54 days. I knew at 54 weeks, sorry I’m speeding on myself, 54 weeks was gonna be something and so I’ve just been kind of saying okay God the 54 weeks is coming up the 54 weeks is coming up for my dream. Whew I could feel the glory and over the last like three weeks. He kept saying to me three years. Three years, three years, and that’s what he’ll do He’s letting me know. He’s getting ready to drop a prophecy in my spirit on a certain timeline. And so over the last few days. He’s been talking to me and so I asked Him on January 28th I said God what do what’s going on with this three years. Because we’re coming into the 54 weeks from the from the first dream you gave me and this is what he said to me and I’m just gonna read it all to you and then I’m gonna talk to you about what we have to do with this word.

Okay, you guys ready, whew I’m going to keep it together. I wanted Him to confirm with me what is the three years because you keep telling it to me and I need a confirmation what where are we going with this and when am I going to be releasing whatever’s supposed to happen with that and this was the day January 28th. He said we are going into three dark days three dark years dark in general especially the harvest. He’s preparing them to receive him for God’s people will have special protection and favor and provision to follow the call and keep doing His work those who are truly doing his work His way not being normal.

No religion, no Jezebel, full of the Holy Spirit and fire will have what they need. Will have what they need God’s preparing America for their Damascus moment. And that original word I gotta go to the next page guys. The original word that He had given me about Easter was three dark days for the Damascus moment. The Lord said just as Paul had his Damascus moment America will have theirs just as previously prophesied . February is the start of the three dark years all this must take place for the scales to be removed from America. So America can receive its sight back. Sorry guys, I gotta read my own writing. So America can receive its site back then America will be baptized into glory. And then I wrote boom in really big letters and be prepared to be the city on a hill. A light in the darkness once again. America must go through this. My people will suffer but they will be protected with provision to obey me and follow the call. It will look bleak but my people will have what they need to keep going during America’s deliverance. You will have an abundance of peace, joy, and boldness, and financial provision to keep going as you participate with Me in the deliverance of America from its deception.

Stay strong My people, don’t fret I’m here and working I’m with you trust My ways. Have your boat ready stay faithful and so these are the um stay faithful. And then there’s another final comment He gave me here, but I’m going to read it in just a minute after I read to you the other verses. So He gave me the verses in Acts about Paul’s deliverance. But this is what He just spoke to me with this word for the second part of it this morning. And I knew I was going to have to release it today and this is going to be Acts 9:18 immediately this is when he got delivered. It had been three days, so this is what’s gonna happen for America. It had been three days of darkness for Paul a meet and then Ananias comes he lays hands on him and he receives his sight and gets filled with the Holy Ghost,

So, I’ll just read that and Ananias went his way and entered the house and laying hands on him he said brother Saul America. The Lord Jesus who appeared to you on the road as you came has sent me that you may receive your sight and be filled with the Holy Spirit immediately there fell from his eyes something like scales and he received his sight at once. And he arose and was baptized and the Lord said America is going into three dark years and the goal is to prepare the harvest. But also to remove the deception from the body of Christ we have to be ready first He’s got to wake us up this is all a part of it. But the harvest has got to be prepared to be brought in and accept Him. They have to see their need for a savior, it’s not punishment, it’s reality, and it’s not to scare them. It’s to get them to lean in to something that’s available to them that they’ve never known and that’s the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. There’s a provision there’s a hope there’s a salvation, there’s a truth. …

Patricia Greene - GOD is About to do Unusual Things - January 25 , 2022

The Lord also said this about activating angels. He said when I reveal a message to you and you speak forth My words, those words of Mine activate the angels to perform My word. But you must speak and release My words in order for my angels to be sent. I have given you authority over this realm so it is you who changed the course of history by coming into an agreement with My words. …

This is probably one of the most unusual prophetic words that I have ever been given and so I trust that the Lord will perform His word. It’s not up to me to cause these things to happen. It’s up to me to release the word when He gives it to me. Amen.

So this is what the Lord said, my child I am about to do unusual things on the earth. Frogs will come from the Atlantic, frogs will be on the sands of the Atlantic the frog carcasses will pollute the beach. It will be reported about this mysterious event of dead frogs on the beach. The lord said how you say can there be dead frogs along the beach since frogs are fresh water. I say to you nothing is impossible with God. The Lord said there will be lice in Washington D.C.. An outbreak of lice. The lice will spread in unprecedented ways in a city that is unclean in My sight says, the Lord. The Lord said I have already sent flies to Washington D.C. He also said there will be an outbreak of boils across the nation that will come upon the wicked ones who refuse to repent of their sins. These boils will be painful when He said. That I saw a vision of this just like right in front of my face of this big red boil with like a white head.

The Lord continued and He said waters will turn blood red in various places. These red waters will be reported because there will be no explanation as to why they are red. Scientists will be scratching their heads He said locus will swarm the Midwest and eat the crops. There will be unusual thunder and lightning storms across America. Some of these storms will produce no rain. It will just be thunder and lightning in the thunder is my voice says Father God. Listen, I say listen, says Father in the lightning is My power. He said there will be hail the size of a grapefruit in a storm, says the Lord. So in one particular storm there will be hail the size of grapefruit. He continued and said I have dispatched My death angels to take the life of many who have defied Me and refuse to repent.


I am doing unusual things says the Lord. The darkness in this world will be overcome by my light and my glory the show down has begun and I can tell you that I win, says the Lord. And then He says go now and proclaim these things. Now this is the scripture that Holy Spirit took me to and you’re going to see how it all ties together 2nd Thessalonians chapter 1 verses 6 to 8.

Says this since it is a righteous thing with God to repay with tribulation those who trouble you and to give you who are troubled rest with us. When the Lord Jesus is revealed from heaven with his mighty angels in flaming fire taking vengeance on those who do not know God and on those who do not obey. The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ so this message from the Lord the prophetic painting that Holy Spirit had me do and this scripture all ties together. So we are heading for unusual things from the Lord but do not fear.

Julie Green - GOD'S HAND MOVING ACROSS THIS LAND - January 24, 2022

Just two days ago for I the Lord this day have spoken these words and I will say them again this is the hour for my children to be set free of this complete satanic system. I the Lord am moving now nothing will stop the calamity that’s about to take place in the enemy’s camps. One by one exposures removals judgments and the angel of death will find the ones with blood dripping from their hands. They have sown death and destruction with no remorse or repentance the hour of judgment has come. Reversals, removals, turnarounds, and restoration will all take place at the  same time. Some people will think how extreme are the days we are living in. They will ask what on earth is going on so many in this world their hearts will fail them for the apprehension of things to come on the earth. I have spoken these times and My word, but so many did not heed my warnings and fear gripped their hearts. I have freedom for all mankind for all humanity. They could receive this if they believed it and could receive all I have for them. But it’s their choice I have given every person a free will to believe and to choose Me or not.

I want everyone to choose life but not everyone will no matter what they see my children I am long-suffering because I love I have for my creation. The love I have for my creation I wanted a very large family you could say I didn’t make robots. People can choose to love Me or not but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them. The darkness has overtaken them with no way of escape they have hardened their hearts to a point of no return. Hunter Biden you will fall in this hour. They will no longer protect you from any chance to save your father’s death from the public’s eye or the betraying or the one betraying him to keep this person a secret. Even though there is a plan to remove the so-called Biden and Harris . They want it done their way from minimal damages right now there’s too much to hide. They are letting people all over take start taking falls to protect the inner circle and the ones who are more of use for their plans to move forward with their reset. Another laptop will appear and more will come out of the laptop they tried to hide .

The ones you were the ones you were on My side have all the info all the ones on My side. I’m going to say that again have all the info on those laptops and the enemies know it. So Hunter you will pay a high price for all the things that you have done. Your sick and discussing lifestyle will be known and there is no one to protect you. Your stepmother Jill can’t even stop what is coming for you and she wouldn’t even if she could. Jill has to try to save herself from a massive fall. She has kept so many secrets and lies to protect the big lie for Joe the one who’s betraying him. So much destruction is coming to all the Bidens more and more negative news will continue to flood out regarding all of them. The puppet masters has also given their permission to stop propping them up they want to move on with another to replace joe and come on. But little do they know I have control of their tongues and more truth will continue to come out on live TV or no one expected it. They will continue to call them gaffes but I call it truth like a flood some people won’t be able to believe what just came out of their mouths because it will be such explosive information. They thought could forever be kept hidden.

Mass of information, massive information will pour out of Pennsylvania. A truth teller or whistleblower is about to come forward in a major way. … I’ve given the ultimate green light for the whistleblowers and the rightful president along with the rightful government. They have the signal that they needed from Me. Also the words of the prophets so they know to move forward and go forth with My plan, saith the Lord. It’s time to move and it’s time to march forward and take back power in this land. You will see a monument destroyed in this hour. This monument will show the world all the plans are falling as I speak these words and I know when you see this and know when you see this monument crumble to the ground. I am moving quickly to restore my nation back to its superpower that the United States was always meant to be with no restrictions, with no satanic agenda. With no interference for and for no infiltrators. No more of the swamp rats controlling My nation and its government. A clean sweep of it all a complete restoration and people in power I put in this hour. My light is shining on my nation to completely set you free from what you. See now power outages rolling blackouts watch as you see these and know I am moving to remove them all. That is my promise to you not one will be left in power that are against me, saith the Lord of hosts.

A hurricane they will say that’s not possible it’s not the season. For those it can’t be winds and waves are just naturally going to hit this land. It’s also a perfect storm in the spirit realm against your enemies that perfect storm is hitting them right now. But will also continue to intensify over the next couple of months. Just as in January you were asking about so much justice is taking place right now you don’t even know about it yet indictments are being passed out at a rapid pace. You will continue to hear of removals, falls, literally and physically. Poll numbers people’s trust in the supposed news will hit an all-time low. More justice will and truth will be released. Just hold on February should be very interesting my children. You are about to experience a great shift and a change in this year never experience on earth like this. A great shift of power and influence. My glory and mercy shall fall on this earth these are the days of liberty, freedom,  justice, glory, wholeness, and restoration. I am on your side and I never lose. Your victory has been paid for and the battle has been won so rejoice for the Lord has defeated all you’ve seen in front of you. So laugh these are not days of defeat but rather your days of victory, and triumph, joy. On this earth never experienced this degree when all of this is corrected in this hour by Me, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Julie Green - THE HOUR OF GREAT CHANGE - January 22, 2022

The hour of great change for I the Lord this day have spoken. My words through My prophets and things are speeding up once again. The intensity on this earth will grow in this hour. Prophetic words will be fulfilled at a quicker pace now. You will hear a word one day the next day you will be fulfilled. I need this world to take My prophets seriously in this hour of great change. A shaking a rattling on this earth is about to destroy everything your enemies wanted against you for I am the great I AM.  I moved mightily against Pharaoh and his men in their continual pursuit of My people. They rejected me in all My warnings against them. They ignored Me, so I put My hand against them and they all paid with their lives. That is happening again your enemies did not heed My warnings and furthered their plans and agendas against my children my nation along with having so much hate in their hearts for Me. Their hearts were hardened to a point like Pharaoh there was no turning back. Everyone on this earth will know when I move against the enemies of almighty God. There is no denying that I the most high God still lives. I am is still the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and nothing is bigger than Me. No man, no agenda, can take Me out of this world, no, not yet.

The enemies will not have their one world government. I have spoken this to my children before and I will say it again is not tribulation time. I have work left to do on this earth so My word can go forth until all the world. Then the end will come all the world deserves to know My son Jesus Christ before he comes to take my body out of this earth I want everyone to see who I really am. This is the hour of judgment yes, this is also the hour of grace and mercy. I’m pouring out my glory and fire on this earth to heal and to make whole and to set the captives free to turn. This world over to my children which I promised in My word that they would have dominion in this earth. I’m temporarily removing a satanic system for my children while they are still here so the world knows who you are and you belong to me. Anyone who missed out on this time and turn their backs on Me will remember and some will hear about this time during the great tribulation. And they will turn from the wicked ways and more people will be saved during that time. And they will save more people during that time great changes are coming now in this hour great changes in everything you know to be your normal.

There will be no more normal Biblical times are shaking up this earth for deliverance. And freedom watch the stadiums will be emptied once again of sports and filled with my glory and people seeking my son Jesus Christ to be saved. Watch as you see more news stations as more people turn on Biden and all who are with him they will continue to turn on Harris the puppet masters have given their orders to let those fall and remove them since they are no longer good enough. Because they see that the world has had enough of those two. Brace yourselves truth will continue to pour out even from people on live TV that didn’t mean to say what they have said. I have shut the mouths of the serpents behind them and truth will continue to come out regarding your elections. They’ll pour out all over the battleground states and beyond more judges will rule with the Constitution before the next election. Laws will begin to change the certificate certifying will take place all over in My states you didn’t even know there was a problem.

I am blowing the lid off this whole poo a major ruling on that your Supreme Court will change the course of this nation. They will continue to rule against the puppet masters because they know the truth. My team and my rightful government that I have put together has been formed and are moving forward to take back power. The Supreme Court justices the ones I want to know this information they are safe to rule how they always wanted to. … and they will the shots will continue to be exposed what they really are. Doctors and scientists alike will continue to come forward the truth and the damage they are causing along with the death the puppet masters wanted to hide. Nothing will be hidden anymore, saith the Lord of Hosts.

A major death will happen in your Congress . Watch this big name person will die and know there is more to follow. Watche as person in your Senate will fall on the senate floor never to get back up again. This is the end their end and I am cleansing out your house of Representatives in your center Senate chambers for the filth and the ones that have done your enemies bidding. Again watch the Statue of Liberty as it starts with a crack and it crumbles to the ground. You will find out what was hidden inside the statue actually. What that statue actually stood for it’s not what you think. The landscape of this nation is changing and all the monuments symbols and buildings anything that they erected will be destroyed in this hour. My hand is moving to remove any sign of them and their power of their destruction. When I get done with them there’ll be nothing left of their legacy to agendas against you. I’m through watching them rule over you with their fake power, and fake government. The real government will take back power in this year the rightful President will be back into power full power and other governments will fall and be removed.

Canada and Australia your governments and those who are with you will fall. Watch out i am is coming for you Canada and all who are against Me. I am freeing this nation that nation from Trudeau and all who are with him. So sing Canada sing, once again your freedom is here. Australia I will take down your dictators and free you from your slavery and destroy those camps they build against you to imprison you. I am the most high God and I have enough. I’ve had enough of the enemies on this earth. Fully awaken My children and great shakings physical and spiritual will hit this earth. Brace yourselves for impact that is coming. Major deaths in your lands of people who held you hostage. Let freedom ring all over this earth My children dance and celebrate. The celebration will be great your promised lands you shall have it with no lack health and wholeness you didn’t know you could have. This is my hour, saith the Lord for My children.

Julie Green - HOUR OF JUDGEMENT - January 21 , 2022

All right, I the Lord this day and warning my children of attempts by your enemies to cause conflict fear with devastating events across your land from both borders. Virus, the stock market, shortages, and gross inflation. They want to cripple this nation before they were removed they think by doing all of these things. There is some chance that they can still win stop the removals from power and from the destruction coming to pass . I lord have spoken my word and will on this earth and no matter the news and the supposed chaos they try to cause know that I am god and I saw this coming I told you all these things in advance. So you can speak My words in the situation that brings life and peace into your nation the Red Sea is about to completely close on your enemies. They are desperate to stay in power I will remove them in all nations and their plans against you China. I see you all your disgusting plans to take over the United States for world dominance for you to finally have what you want, total control. For I the Lord have said enough is enough China. You will never have My America.

My United States everyone that was with you that was part of this government and helped you not only am I taking out China. But every single person who sold my nation to you for financial gain and stability China you had no idea why you infiltrated Me in My nation. I infiltrated yours My hand is about to move to bring your government and your nation to its knees you will never completely regain your finances or power again. You will struggle struggle like Egypt, struggles to this day to stay afloat I am stripping you of money and power you manipulated blackmail head held My nation hostage. With you’ll be stripped of anything that you had that belongs the United States and to My nation Israel to my other nation Israel excuse me My children who live in China. I’m setting you free so do not be in fear regarding these words I’m delivering you out of this dictatorship and slavery. I am judging your government officials their acts and not you anyone who stands with your government will be judged and receive the same fate China. I’m exposing your plans that you had against my nations the terrorist attack you were planning to cause total chaos in the streets to weaken my nation this is talking about United States to distract them from the military moving in this hour to reinstate the rightful President.

I the Lord have said that you are finished and My angel armies against you. You no longer will push pursue stand against My nation or My children everyone that infiltrated the government jobs businesses to destroy this nation from within. I am bringing you all down with judgments against you for not turning your back and repenting for your actions against me and my children. I’m tripping the farmland you stole and giving it back to the America the beautiful once again. China you are finished in this hour and My hand is moving against you and you have nothing in your power to stop it. Bill Gates. I am exposing you in your plan to destroy this nation and humanity as we know it the way you manipulated businesses the medical industry along with food medications. Anything your and touched including child sex trafficking it will all be exposed. Your money and power will be stripped from you and then your life will be taken from you the angel of death will visit your home or visit your house excuse me. This is my hour of judgment and this earth to strike down every plot scheme plan everyone who was in charge or changed or joined in with these plans judgment will rain down on you removals will be great in this hour so hold on. My children for a massive impact is about to strike your land of truth explosive exposures and removals are on a scale never seen before.

Watch you’ll hear of reports regarding the Mediterranean sea. Once you see this all bets are off you would say the avalanche impacting your nation with an avalanche of truth your enemies are petrified of the truth and they are running to and fro to try to save anything they can to move assets around putting money in various accounts to hide what they have for Me. But little do they know I see it all and they can’t stop these floodgates from devouring everything they have. When I the Lord complete the well transfer it doesn’t matter where they have hidden things. I will blast it out of every place every crevice and give it to its rightful owners. But it has their name on it nothing can stop this blessing explosion the wealth transfer to the hands of My children. Pharaoh couldn’t stop it then and he so called Pharaoh’s now can’t either this is a time of their end of ruling on my earth and over My people.

Biden’s coffin will be revealed in the White House. They stumble upon the truth and Harris knows along with many others in this supposed administration the truth was leaked out and video evidence has been seen. They are scrambling to find it from the hide it from the rest of the of the nation and this world. But it’s not going to happen I am blowing the roof off the White House, Capitol building exposing all the rats inside along with everything they have been hiding. I will unmask the Biden in front of the world and all will see who really was behind that mask.

Obama your earpiece has been stripped from your ear and your puppet strings have been cut off and all will see you in the shadow government. You had in your basement I  will destroy everything, and judge everyone that was a part in hand that in the hand they had in the coup against My nation. Your sick joke you committed against the United States for your one world government is now being stripped from you. Obama you can feel everything being stripped from you now and you’re becoming powerless and useless against my nation. The puppet masters will let everyone fall for you when they try and protect you. You will see who will get the last laugh and it’s not you, say that the Lord. My turn the imploding has begun of your enemies and the empire and the regime everything of theirs is falling apart. So start to rejoice and celebrate I am setting you free in this hour from their tyranny. I am the Lord and will always have the final say and that time has come from My reset to take place, saith the Lord your redeemer.

Julie Green - THE TIME OF REMOVALS IS AT HAND - January 19, 2022

For the day 2022 the time of removals is at hand for I the Lord this day have said, enough is enough and let my people go. My children do you think any enemy of yours can stop these words from coming to pass . I created the heavens and earth with My words which are still creating to this day. Your enemies have no power over My spoken words. My words have been spoken, My words will come forth and come to pass with no interruption and exactly on time watch the east coast of your nation. Winds and the waves a tsunami of a magnitude never seen before they want to strike your nation in this hour and it will be all over the news again about a massive eruption of a volcano in a tsunami never seen like this before that is coming straight for the United States. They wanted this to cause massive destruction and death across the east coast of your nation but I the Lord will stop the effects of it. It will not destroy the way they wanted it to. No, the damage will be minimal. Minimal compared to what it could have been again My children I have given you the news over and over before your natural news weather forecasters to show you that I am in control and not them. They wanted natural disasters to cause more chaos and destruction along with more shortages. Gas prices to spike stores to close more businesses going bankrupt and to bring so much devastation first in total control over you.

You asked who are they and who are the puppet masters? To name a few they are your George Soros’s, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos the elites of this world. They have so much more money in power there are also certain families who are the richest in this world. They think they can control the companies of this world along with all the economies. They truly believe everything bowser their every command, their money, and power will never run out. Little do they know with one move of My hand everything they hold there will be gone. My children they have manipulated market supply, and demand your food sources, your soil, your medication, your health care system, your school systems, your governments, your economy is your way of thinking. They control Hollywood, TV movies, news stations. They are the pharaohs of today that you didn’t even know existed. I the Lord have known and have seen what they have done. They have also manipulated your elections government officials. Lost bills that are passed to benefit them and their money and control. Who you have seen in your government they think they have power are really just puppets being controlled by the elite strings. These officials are nothing, and they are just faces the elites wanted you to see. My children your freedoms have been stolen from you a long time ago without you even being aware of who is in control of your elections. You have not been able to rightfully elect a leader you actually wanted for many years until Trump he broke their system that they thought they could never be broken. Because you the American people were too stupid and you would never figure out and never fight them back.

After 2016 they realized their plans were no longer going to work so they had to be more out in the open and to do everything they could to stop the populist movement once and for all. 2020 was a joke though they have been caught the big time and their big lie . They still lie through their teeth and put their puppet show on the world stage where everyone who isn’t blind knows it’s a joke. These leaders are weak and pathetic and the world sees through it. And you may say Lord you are being harsh with your words against these people. My children they were given every opportunity to turn back and they refuse and still went with your enemy and I will not mess around with my world or my children with what these leaders wanted to do to you. I am love, I don’t just have it My love will avenge and protect My children against anyone satan against them. I have promised to never leave you nor forsake you and that is what I am doing now against them. Some may say God is not political. These words are My children don’t you know how political I really am when it comes to right and wrong, life and death? I will always choose life for My children. Blessing for my children right not wrong, good not evil and anyone who stands in the way of my will and plan that your adversary uses will lose big time and that is what you are seeing now. Great falls, great judgments, great death to hit your enemies this year. I will not stand by and watch

My world be taken over by luciferian worshipers to destroy humanity. And they are trying to change the DNA of mankind just like the days of Noah. They want to destroy My bloodline that I created for humanity. No, they will not have their way and to be manipulated by the point it’s satan’s and they want to manipulate the bloodline to the point that it’s satan’s bloodline in his heritage. No, it’s a joke because he cannot create anything he’s a fallen being. S0 he’s using humans. Humans to design things to destroy what I have created. He wants to stop My glory from filling this earth, but that is never going to happen. Watch as Fouchi falls to the ground never to get back up  and all the truth will come out and how he manipulated all this financial gain. All for his financial gain and how he was working with China to destroy and take over your nation. Mr McConnell your judgment is coming for you in your portrayal of My son and his nation for China. It’s not just China Joe, there are several of you like Nancy Pelosi, Mitt Romney, Chuck Schumer, and more including Hillary Clinton, and Obama. The whole mess of you that sold your souls to China for money and power. You will pay for what you have done. Watch my children how they will be in the news and how the news will expose, expose, expose, them all. Watch Hillary is about to have a great fall along with bill the puppet masters are letting them lose for a final blow to the United States thinking this will save their plans. My people are  in place to remove them all to restore justice and liberty and your rightful President cnd. This country will be reborn in this year. Shout and receive your freedoms, and your country, your economies, your families, your lands, that’s all being restored and given back to you in this year of 2022, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Liberty Turnip - "The Beginning of the End is Here" It's Time - January 16, 2022

So He kept giving me a vision of a harp as you know I’ve had a vision before of  a hearp being played but that had to do with the weather you guys know okay and other things okay. This is completely different he kept giving me a vision of a hearp and I said to the Lord, yes, this is our conversations. I said God I said I’ve had this vision before but before someone was playing the harp. And I said why do you keep showing me a hear and then this is what he said to me. He said the harp is being played for My glory, and My kingdom. So I was like okay so I was like I gotta get this down and so I could feel the glory so strong as soon as He said He is playing the harp for His glory and His kingdom. The beginning of the end times are here the 24 elders that hold the prayers of the saints are playing the heart for My glory and My kingdom.

That’s the hard place the beginning of the end is being prepared the prayers of the saints are being poured out onto all the earth to bring fresh fire and a revival that has been built up through the prayers over the synergy of the ages. I have not let one prayer fall to the ground. Every prayer has been heard and held in intercession the harp is being played the bowls are being poured out for my glory and My kingdom. Many things shall manifest as we are beginning in the end of all time and the signs of the end of all time that has been created on the earth. The 24 elders are playing the harp and as the prayers are poured out they are being answered by me on the earth and no devil in hell is going to be able to stop the answered prayer of my people that has built up in the bowls and as they are poured out there will be a victory shout .

There will be pain and suffering there will be questions but know my people every prayer has been heard none will fall void they have been being prepared for such a time as this. Oh My people watch and listen and be prepared to stand firm as the beginning of the end is here the one who is counted worthy. The one who is counted worthy is preparing to open the scrolls He is preparing to do all He’s been called to do. Get ready my people and watch the glory of the lord shall be released upon the earth on mass proportion. …

He had me go to the very end of chapter 3 of revelations and it says the lukewarm church and to the angel and to the church of the, I’m not going to say the name right you know who they are. These things says um these things says the amen the faithful and the true witness the beginning of creation of God I know your works that you are neither hot nor cold. I could wish you were cold or hot so then because you are lukewarm and neither hot nor cold i will vomit you out of my mouth. Because you say I am rich have become wealthy and have no need of nothing and do not know that you are wretched and miserable poor blind and naked. I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire that you may be rich and white garments that you may be clothed that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed and anoint your eyes with I sav and you may see as many as I love. I rebuke and chasten therefore be zealous and repent this is to the church. Be zealous and repent behold I stand at the door to knock if anyone hears My voice and opens the door I will come in to him and dine with him and he with Me. … About the wealth transfer you need to know that in that word God said the wicked don’t know they’ve been storing up for the righteous. What they’ve been building and how they’ve been creating more wealth by doing evil. When their evils exposed they will lose that all and it will be transferred to the righteous.

Hank Kunnerman - "Pay Attention to the First 6 Months of 2022" - January 15, 2022

Earth Shakes, Men Shake & Governments Shake

Begin to move your feet, because as you move your feet, you’re moving in congruency with the order of Heaven and God’s feet that are moving at this time along with the hosts.

God says, “Can you move with Me? Can your feet become part of My feet as the Body of Christ? Because My feet shall firmly be planted upon the earth’s soil, and therefore it shall shake. Watch the earth shake,” says the Lord!

“But it shall not just be the earth that shakes, but men shall shake, governments shall shake, and,” God says, “those who know that they have done wrong shall shake. For this purpose Hell is shaking because they hear something that many, because of the spirit of fear keeps them from hearing; it is the hearing and the moving of My feet.

God Is Inspecting His People – Dividing Sheep & Goats

“For I’m moving in this time – up and down and throughout the earth – and I am inspecting My people. I am walking among the nations at this time. I am dividing among sheep and goats, those who will align with Me and those who will refuse. But as I walk among the earth, remember the earth is the Lord’s – it’s Mine – and the fullness thereof. Therefore, I shall fully come and work among the nations, for this is the time.

The Earth Shall Shake in Unusual Places

“Men have stood, they have mocked, they have laughed, they have ridiculed, criticized, and they have given up, saying, ‘When, when, when?'” God says, “Do you understand that now, this year, I have declared [it] shall be a year [where] it shall begin – the thrusting of an increase of intensity of My plan and My agenda? Therefore, the earth shall respond, and it shall shake violently in places, and in very unusual places shall the soil of the lands shake.

Pay Attention to the Ice

“Pay attention to the ice, for where there shall be great freezing. I will freeze territorial spirits and their action[s]. Pay attention to unusual places and the amount of snow and how it comes at the same time, for this will be a sign that things are getting close.

Turn from Strife & Fear

“You say, ‘Lord, what are we waiting for?'” God says, “I’ve asked you a question: What do you want Me, your Lord, [to] do for you? But should you, or would you, humble yourself and say, ‘But, Lord, what would You want me to do for You, my King?’ So, I am waiting for My people to rise up in their place and tune out [and] turn away from the strife, the fear, the plans of Jezebel and ancient ruling spirits that have sought to bring discord and division.

“Therefore, pay attention, for this is the time and this is the hour. As I walk among the earth and the nations, do you hear the sound of My feet? You shall, because you are coming into a time now…for it’s time. You need to say, ‘It’s time.’ I have waited, I have prolonged what men would say [has been] ‘delayed,’ and now it’s time.

Pay Attention to the First 6 Months of 2022

“Pay attention to your courts; pay attention to January; pay attention to February, March, April, May, June – the first 6 months of the year! Much will be brought to the courts and through the courts; but how you, My people, choose to speak, pray, unite, shall determine the magnitude of spoil that shall come – a justice through the courts.

“Therefore, watch the movement of My feet, for it is in the first 6 months of this year – that you are about to enter into – that I will gather to Myself the kings, the rulers, the leaders of the lands. And they will be brought before Me and I will measure; I will judge how they rule, the way that they have ruled, and if they rightfully should rule.

“Therefore, when this takes place, I shall look to those who have been harsh to the people of the jurisdiction in which they rule, and if they have ruled illegally; if they have ruled through an iron fist; if they have cooperated with the spirit that is trying to manifest at this time (the spirit of Marxism, communism) to steal the freedoms from the people of the earth – they will be dealt [with] harshly.

Removal of Kings/Puppet

“I am the God that sets up kings; I am the God that removes kings, and so I shall. Watch who shall be removed from the earth, for,” God says, “I have given them a space to repent, and they shook their fist. Now,” God says, “I shall no longer allow them to be a puppet.

The Dragon & the Bear

“Pay attention! You must pray against the actions of the Dragon and the hunger of the Bear. I speak to you, China, and I speak to you, Russia.” For God says, “The Dragon breathes fire, seeking to consume the earth. They look to breathe fire, to expand, to take over. Their eyes are upon you, United States, and their eyes are upon Korea, North Korea, and the places of Asia.” But God says, “Can I also shake Red China in a very unique way that will bring about a distraction that shall disrupt mobility and mobilizing?

Stomping Out the Army of the Red Ants & the Locusts

“They shall say, ‘Look to the red ants, in 2022.’ ‘Look to the locusts,’ some shall say, concerning the red ants. But [these] red ants, they seek to come, they seek to mobilize, and they seek to be an army of red ants.” But God says, “I gave dominion over everything that creepeth upon the earth, and so I look to My people: Pray and you shall stop with the dominion and authority. Listen to My feet; you will stomp out the army of the red ants and the gathering of the locusts,” says the Lord.

The Decade of Light & Truth: Watch the Tail of the Dragon

“Watch the tail of the Dragon, for they shall seek to once again use ingredients that are manipulated by man because of what I shall do, and that is this: I’ve declared that this new era and this new decade is a decade of light – a revolution of light! And so it shall increase. And with this light, you watch the backpedaling; you watch how they will try to keep changing the narrative and the discussion concerning Covid variants [and] vaccinations. They shall scramble because I will shine My light of truth!”

God says, “This shall no longer creep upon the nations, upon the people, for there shall be a great pushback that shall push it away. And there shall be a day that is quickly upon the earth [where] they will say, ‘I remember that day,’ but this is not that day!

The Dragon Shakes Hands with the Eagle

“But pay attention to the tail of the dragon, for they shake hands with those of you, Eagle, and they [will] look for more ‘ingredients’ of how they can inflict the people, because they will say, ‘It’s being exposed; it’s being revealed; we must inflict them again.’ So they will push for narratives. New things, they will say, are beginning to arise that [are] different. I say to you, know this ahead of time so that you will not be fooled.

Pay Attention to the Clouds!

“Pay attention to the clouds for it will be reported, strange movements in the clouds. I do not just speak of storms; I speak even upon the days that are clear, with clouds that shall form, and they shall spin. There shall be movement among the clouds. There shall be a spinning and it will not just be when a storm is arising, but,” God says, “it shall be even when the sun is shining; the clouds will form when the skies are blue.

“‘Why is the movement of clouds swirling?’ it shall be reported.” God says, “Because I’m going to show you what portals look like. I’m going to show you locations where angelic activity is happening, and so the clouds shall reveal the movement of My hosts and My hand and My glory that is coming!

Don’t Fear! These Are the Days of Glory

“Pay not attention to the things that the enemy says you must fear! For these are days of glory, and you will say from your lips, ‘We have never seen this before.’ You will say it regarding the office of the president. You will say it regarding your Supreme Court – what shall happen. You will say it concerning the Senate and the House: ‘We have never seen it this way before.’ You – as you hear celebrations in the streets – you will say, ‘We have never seen it this way before.’ When you see the schools and how they will change, and the pushback that shall begin to arise, you will say, ‘We have never seen it this way before!'”

A ‘Continental Divide’ Between the Donkey, the Elephant & the Rhino

Do you hear the sound of my feet? I want you to hit the cymbal, because as you hit the cymbal right now…

God says, “You’ve heard of the Continental Divide, United States, but I’m doing something that has to do with My division. I am dividing over this continent light from darkness, and I’m bringing a great division among the Donkey, the Elephant, and the Rhino.”

Unfinished Business & Shameful Moments

Begin to clap your hands and declare: “It’s time!”

When Jesus was in the temple and His parents didn’t know what He was up to… Listen to the word of the Lord. There are some of you that are watching tonight and some of you in this room, and you have no clue what God is up to, just like Jesus’ parents, Mary and Joseph. But listen to what the Spirit of God says: “It was out of the mouth of Jesus – when they came to the temple – He said, “Didn’t you know that I am about My Father’s business? (Photo via Pexels)

“What am I saying to you?”

The Spirit of God says, “It is time because of unfinished business. It’s time! Many, many, many embarrassing, shameful moments are about to hit in the first part of 2022.” God says, “Did I not do that already to the devil and his army, where I made a public display?” God says, “Watch, watch! He thought he could get by and get away with things, but I shall shame him and those who have cooperated with his injustice…everything that they have illegally done, the darkness…it’s time.”

The Bell That Signals the Time: Let Freedom Reign!

God says, “I want you not to forget the sound of the bell (the ringing that you hear) so that you will understand, as you move forward out of this year, [that] I say it is time! But can I tell you another thing?” says the Spirit of the Lord. “This is not just the bell that signals time. When the bell rings at the end of battle, I say, knock out…removals, deaths, upheavals, shakings…You know why? Listen closely,” says the Lord. “This bell is ringing something to those who hear what the Spirit of God is saying. You ask, ‘What is it?’ You ring in the New Year, but,” the Spirit of the Lord says, “I ring in ‘Let Freedom Reign’!

I Speak to You, Australia, Canada, Venezuela & United States!

“Things shall begin to shift. I speak to you, Australia! I speak to you, Canada! I speak to you, Venezuela! I speak to you, Canada! I speak to you, United States! Do you hear the sound of My bell? I speak from the courts of Heaven,” says your God. “Let freedom ring and reign among the earth!

Do Not Fear the Sound of War

“The stealing, the mandating to steal your freedoms, has been great. But do you think that the spirits of darkness, and those who cooperate with them to steal your freedoms, will be greater than the expression that I will use to counter? Therefore, there shall be some aggressive maneuvering. There will be backlash. There will be the sound of war. Do not be in fear, as there will be the sound of war drums across the earth. The enemy will seek to stir things up in the cities to stop freedom.”

God says, “You have been in fear of the things that steal your freedom, but watch My countering that shall even be greater in My response.”

2022 – the Beginning of the Manifestation

You want to know what 2022 is? God’s saying, “It’s the beginning of the manifestation of the pulling down of things that steal people’s freedoms.” God’s going to swiftly move through the courts. Anytime you hear them bring[ing] mandates forth, you laugh in 2022 and say, “No, let freedom ring!”

Australia, Canada & United States – Let Freedom Ring!

“I will turn the situation in Australia. It’s upside-down, but I’ll turn your right side up again. Canada, you are about to see freedom in a way that you have never experienced before because of the exposure. United States, it’s time. Let freedom ring, United States, and not just that freedom would ring, but reign over the earth and over your life – over the United States.”

“Begin to Move Your Feet!”  

Begin to move your feet! I want you to begin to shout: “Let freedom ring!” Those of you watching around the world, lift up your voice! Let every satanic altar be destroyed. Let every satanic plan and strategy begin to fall at the hands of, the sound of, where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty! We prophesy, “Let freedom ring!”

I’m going to put my hands up again because, like when Moses had his hands up, there were things that were happening in the war that he had no idea [about], and I believe, as our hands are lifted up, God is taking out things that were seeking to enter into your 2022. As our hands are lifted, it’s an attitude of spiritual warfare. We have the victory, we’ve already won, so this year shall be a year that we shall have great spoil and be heavenly and heavily rewarded in 2022, because [God] has already won! We are victorious! Shout unto God with a voice of triumph one more time!

Julie Green - YOUR ENEMIES WILL ALL FALL - January 15, 2022

2022 your enemies will all fall. I the Lord this day has spoken in My written word that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. And things that are all seen are temporary and subject to change. I am God and I cannot lie. I’ve also spoken in My word that you are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus. Well I’m not do as my word says no matter the time in history, no matter who the enemies are against my children at the time. My children will always be victorious will always come out on the winning side. This time in history is no different. My written Word also says I am the same yesterday, today, and forever. So why would I change now and why would I leave my children or in this world in the condition. It’s in now when your Lord and savior came comes back to rapture my children out of this world you will not be broken sick weak frail or laughed at disrespected. No, not like you are right now this world will know who My children are they will see the glory on you. It will drive them out of the darkness into the light and also into Me the great I am who I really am and I’m not how the world has portrayed Me. Portrayed Me with every lie they could dream up to make the world turn its back on Me  know the world will have an opportunity to know the truth. So they can choose whether to believe it or not. Because everyone deserves a chance to know the truth and not what somebody else has said to see them away from the one true God.

My children I need you to arise in this hour rise above all that your adversary has done to you. So you can be that light in a dark world to save and to bring as many people in this time of great harvest. It is that time this year will start the great harvest of people coming in to my kingdom. So my children get ready for the flood of people desiring and longing to know My Son your savior Jesus Christ. I will disperse My children all over this world to bring them in from all nations, and religions in unity in this hour. No more divisions are regarding doctrines and man-made belief systems this is an hour for My children to receive me in a way in a magnitude never experienced like this on earth. The glory I am raining down has never been to this level on earth before My church received, My miracles and deliverances. I have for you this day you are more than conquerors you are in My army and you are in on the winning side. So receive your victory now, sayeth Lord. Tell your adversary to shut up. No more listen to your feelings how things may appear and what does My report and My written words say about you? You are healed not sick. You are strong, and not weak, free and not enslaved, rich and not poor. Which report do you believe in this hour. The great exodus is upon you now in the promised land a way of life I have for you never experience earth to the scale of prosperity. Glory miracle signs and wonders so start rejoicing and dancing before the Lord. It drives all your enemies away and destroys the chains that have been holding you hostage. …

Stop believing your enemies their news reports, their illegitimate government, their laws, no it’s all a joke upon the earth. They are powerless against Me and you are on my side. Watch as My hand moves to destroy them so easily. I know many have asked why has it taken so long My children it’s awakening My body and the whole world of truth and it’s driving out weakness fear timidity weariness selfishness and any darkness that had a hold on my children. I am freeing it all from you for the world and its lies. So it never has that kind of hold on my children again. No my children are rising far above this world and system and it’s hold over you never to regain it back again might try to look to the cross and what your Savior Jesus Christ has already done for you. He suffered, He died, He bore the curse, He destroyed hell’s power over you and brought it to nothing. Your adversary has been deceiving you into thinking he has so much more power over you. You just have to put up with what he has done to you. No that is such a lie from the pit of hell you already are healed and satan is trying to steal your healing. You are rich and he’s trying to steal it from you to hold you into poverty you have a sound mind and he’s trying to steal that freedom to bring fear and confusion. So you won’t fight back? He is powerless against a child of the living God who knows who they are in Christ. So stop magnifying all the problems in your life and start speaking life and blessings and watch how fast it comes to pass.

My children you are about to hear of death not only in the supposed White House they have hidden. But there will also be death to major players in your Congress, and Senate. The days of angel of death are upon the enemies their great harvest in the hour that you are in now major players in both parties will lose their life to a mysterious illness. And they can’t figure out the cause more people will drop dead with no explanation as to why. You’ve already heard of some but the number is about to shock the world how many will die in such a short time. Truth is coming regarding your elections explosive information out of several states it’s going to be revealed. The floodgates are open now and landslides coming of truth that will knock your enemies off their feet, out of power and their hold over you. Some generals in your military will die and some will be removed. Some will also step down the cleansing of your military is happening now and all that were a part of the two are being removed as I speak these words. You will hear about a major death in the royal family and it’s not who you would have thought would be first. Major companies big name companies will be exposed in the hour of the part they had played in a Great Reset to cause shortages on purpose. They were restricting supply holding back and hiding supplies that have already been made. It was designed to hit certain areas first to cause more fear and panic that would cover this nation. So the people would speak in fear and more people would believe in this big lie. Watch a ship and this contents inside will be revealed in shock this world. And anger will break out. A righteous anger because you will see the second joke they put on the country and how it affected the rest of this earth. Your enemies have overplayed their hands and I will show you and that what they have in their hands have had in their hands all along. All will be revealed in this year. Shout My freedom has come. My freedom is here. My deliverance has come. My deliverance is here. These are My days on this earth to live in the promised land. Where there is no lack of any kind not in my body not in my mind and surely not in my finances abundance and more than enough.


I’m going to release this uh this today you know. So initially you know what I saw is I saw armies gathering and they were getting ready in position to move. I saw they were you know there were camps they were bringing in equipment. They were being bringing in trucks and you know cannons and you know these covered you know trailers. And all sorts of you know equipment and you know it was coming in you know on truck it was coming in on train. I  even saw helicopters you know flying in you know the big helicopters flying in and airplanes and they were woven man. They were moving equipment and uh and all sorts of resources um like these were no small moves. Like these were these were like these were big you know like big moves and you could just the tensions were just escalating. And things were just like tinder dry just ready to you know kind of inflame.

I saw Russians, I saw Europeans. I saw Asians in the middle east I saw I  saw leaders gathering together. And they were they were you know coming together from you know all some of these nations and you know they had evil intentions in the store and i saw hong kong you know basically kind of it was like I was on satellite like I could see Hong Kong. And I saw it under a microscope every little move of certain leaders being tracked and and monitored um as in Europe, and Africa, North America, Middle East. I saw these you know every move was being tracked and monitored by certain people and the Lord He showed me He said the Pope and the Vatican have had a role to play. … Tell my people that there’s a global event that is being planned to make things escalate they’re on the offense. They’re going to take economies and nations that are already unstable and try to bring them to their knees and in utter dependence and control . They’re going to try to use the basics to eliminate food water shelter and power from their midst. Barry they’ve been conspiring together for some time and soon they will start to make their moves 46 has fulfilled his duty in the United States. He has compromised the forces slow beyond measure and he’s opened up infiltration whoo for evil purposes and done plainly in hidden sight for the world to watch. 46 is not in control and is not at the reins is it not obvious …

You know 2021 January 6 mean that was a big event … he said you know basically you know prepare for impact. Barry tell My people whom I’ve called by My name that on this day everything changes. You’ve cried out to Me to cleanse the iniquity from the land. You’ve torn your garments grieving for the bloodshed in this nation. You’ve appealed to Me day and night for My justice and righteousness to be unleashed on your behalf. You’ve summoned for My help to move on your behalf and on behalf of the unborn and the children and the future generations. You day and night to expose remove and extract those evil and corrupt who have opened up the gates of hell into the nation. You’ve called me to bring judgment upon those with blood on their hands. Let me tell you this incline your year unto Me on this day hearken to my word and hold fast to my promises for on this day I’m about to pivot and most did not see it coming nor are they prepared. Hold fast unto Me through the storm do not let go through the chaos gather one another  and bear down together it is not the time to isolate. I will lead you and I will guide you,  and I’ll protect you and give you grace and strength to prevail. The enemy shall unleash everything they  possibly can during this time and it has to be so to expose the dark and every evil agenda. ….

It’s not gonna be pretty war never is oh and it never will be. This battle shall be fought on every front. Sadly there’ll be many casualties how as they have resisted me, opposed me, and given themselves over freely to the enemy and to demonic rulers. 44, ho, will be in the headlines how  truth is being released. Oh, I am cutting the puppet strings he is pulling behind the scenes how he shall no longer be able to rule from the back thinking that he is sheltered and hidden. …

They have plans in place to try and stop my justice but they’re going to be exposed and futile in their attempts to stop what I have coming. They will not be able to harm who the leader I have in position when they make their move it will be evident that my hand is upon him. For I am mighty men, covering DJT and his family and his real team is covered. I have angelic hosts deployed on his behalf. I have generals at their posts there are more with you than against you and my plans and My purposes shall prevail and this great nation shall fulfill her destiny you will see me release a strike against the enemy in such a way that I’ll destroy them. America you have never seen the likes of what is about to happen America we’re the key to the nations at this hour. … My son are called and released to move and move swiftly with confidence that I am with you home. Old glory shall be raised high and proud over this nation once again. America how I say unto you, America the beautiful who restore, restore,  restore the light of My glory is being  released upon you today. Holy, holy, holy is the Word of the Lord.


He’s setting things in order , Yes, He’s setting things in order in the White House. Let me tell you why some of the things that God is reminding He said this is a covenant nation. This is a covenant nation there’s many nations out there God loves them all. But not many of them are covenant nation under Christ. This nation was found to Judeo Christian values. The Constitution and our founding fathers, although they were not perfect, like us there was a covenant. If God takes me to the future he’s also taking me times in the past. I saw George Washington on his knees. One leg up one leg down on it bend down and there were other men around him and there was a covenant promise that he asked from the Lord for our for the nation. I did not know this I was taken in the past to see this and it was a blood covenant nation. It was like George Washington and I don’t know who the other men that were with them. But they were very important men. They saw things in this nation that could happen to take out this nation till we wouldn’t be a nation and there was a covenant promise made. That that wouldn’t happen and I go, whoa, wow, and the Lord said. This is a covenant nation I’m standing by the covenant nation.  Discovered nation and he moved his hand like that and next thing you know I was taken in the past and I saw this thing taking place and God honored it. So the us is not going anywhere no not by a loan shot. It’s gonna be a greater America because our forefathers saw this day coming and they had already positioned themselves and then they keep this nation the way it is. God remembers his covenant. Amen. Whoa glory to God. Amen, amen, and what has the Lord I know the Lord’s also showed you stuff regarding military like with what he wants to do with the military can you share that with us get ready. There’s gonna be a serious, how do we release this Lord. Okay I’m gonna release it the way maybe I should reach it like this I’m not because I wrote it down as the Lord was giving it to me serious situation.

There’s the military, God’s military,  and there’s our military this is the way the Lord said. The heavenly host military, Jesus, is a Lord of hosts. That’s military He’s in charge of the military saints. Even in revelations in different parts of the Bible we read like King David, Joshua. King Hezekiah, and much more Jehoshaphat. They all needed God’s military to act on the enemy and in this situation. Whether the United States is the same thing is going to happen. It’s going to be host of heaven military that’s going to move on our nation. They are in position but you’re going to see the executed orders from the commander-in-chief himself Jesus Christ. And there will be orders given and He. they are going to move with our national military.

I saw some things and I heard the word certification. Certification that should have been certified in 2020 and it didn’t get certified. Because maybe time frames whatever and people were doing the blame game. Blame game, blame game, but what wasn’t certified in 2020 will be certified. Why say this how do I’m going to explain this to you. Congress certifies a president. If the certification is not certified they can’t do it 45 was supposed to be certified. Because of the voting frauds and he got pushed back and pushed back you know until 46 came in and by that time it was too late. So I have to explain this to you 45 was never impeached for him to be impeached he could not reenter as a President. If he was impeached he never got impeached in fact I prophesied that he would not get impeached even though they try tried a few times he that means he is still president. Because of the situation that happened, listen fraud, fraud, fraud, and so a Congress would have to certify that the votes and things on that all the other things were not legit for 46. This particular Congress, administration, probably would never do it. So God would have to move people out the way and bring in the right people that will say. Hmm this and I’m going through this I mean there’s a whole lot of details I’m going through it in the highlight. Sayings there’s a whole lot of things involved I saw things in the spirit that God showed me and he’s really dealing with the military.

And the military has the power to exert itself when things are not right. But when the right information comes in and it will, the right certification comes in and the right proof comes in with the right people in position. You will see a historic shift God didn’t explain this to me until this year and part of last year. Because I didn’t know saints I didn’t know all I knew was by by 46, hello 45. But now God is starting to unwind details to me I’m actually seeing things happen. …

The Lord came onto me in the middle of the service snow. He says January, February, all that it’s going to be very very snow issues coming. And He said that’s going to be a divine sign that I am moving on our your nation. It’s no issues you hear things it never snowed here before media saying wow it never snowed there before major major snow issues. Starting in January now this was in December that I released that word of prophecy. Well guess what if you look at it now the first few weeks already is our second week blast of snow. Like you wouldn’t believe and people saying wow, Pastor Manny you prophesied that in December. I said yes,  he said it’s going to be a sign it says it’s going to be a dramatic weather change this year like never before in areas where you didn’t expect. …

Charlie Shamp - Word for America 2022 - January 11, 2022

The Lord in this in this hour right now is sending forth His Word and we’re going to see an increase shall increase. … We’re going to see an increase of angelic activity like we have not seen before in this nation. An increase of angelic assistance, angelic help, angelic manifestations that are even going to bring exposure. And there’s something you should write this down. We are coming into a 21 day window of extreme exposure in the government of the United States. From February the second 2-22 for February to 22-22. A window a 21 day window the Lord says where Daniel 2:22 will be released.

You say what is Daniel 2:22? I’m going to read it for you Daniel 2:22 He revealeth the deep and secret things. He knoweth what is in the darkness and the light dwells with him. I’m going to say it again He revealeth the deep and secret things there is not one thing that has been hidden in darkness that will not be exposed. And we are coming into a window where some very deep seated darkness that has been taking place in this country is going to be exposed. And we need to begin, you should the calendar of 2-22 to 22-22  is a 21 day period. Where the Lord says the deep and secret things He’s going to reveal. Because He knows what is hidden in the darkness do you know that you can’t hide one thing from the Lord. Not one thing is hidden from God it doesn’t matter how encrypted. How classified the information is. It doesn’t matter what kind of technology a country possesses to try to hide and classify information so that the common people don’t know what’s taking place. When God wants to expose something it doesn’t matter. …

We’re going to be shocked what comes out of the month of February. From February 2nd to the 22nd and the Lord says that it’s the light of the seven radiations or the seven lampstands of the Holy Spirit. And the Lord highlighted to me the spirit of the fear of the Lord we have to understand that some people are so demonically possessed and moved on by unseen powers and princes that are ancient that have been rulers over nations for centuries. That they’re so filled with darkness and so deceived that they fear nothing and fear no consequences of judgment and therefore they do not care what they do in the body nor do they care what they do to other people’s bodies. They don’t care what they put in your body because they fear no consequences from a living God. But I’m telling you by the spirit of the Lord that it let me say it this it doesn’t matter what they attempt to close and conceal because god’s going to open up. He’s going to unlock it. …

There’s even things that have been tried to been concealed in the life of Bill Gates the founder of foundation the gates foundation and the Lord says. I’m shaking that thing the concealed information is going to be exposed. So it’s a spirit of the fear of the Lord. Because when people break off all restraints and they fear no man in in any kind of consequence. The Lord says you cannot escape the spirit of the fear of the Lord and see the mercy and the justice of the Lord go hand in hand. The grace of God and the judgment of God go hand in hand. …

The Lord spoke to me and He said that 21 day period from the second of February to the 22nd of February that 21 days. He said there’s a there’s going to be uh public exposures in government, public exposure in media in several different areas. And the Lord spoke to me He said but like Daniel when he opened up the windows in Babylon for 21 days there was a contention in the realm of the spirit. And the Lord spoke to me he said son will you contend with the Babylonian spirit for 21 days? To see it broken over the nation and see something begin to transfer transpire and change where the angelic is released in a greater degree in in America. And so alongside of the exposure there’s also uh coming a contention that we’re going to have to face and the Lord says the only knee that we need to bow to is the name of the Lord that Daniel refused to bow his knee to the Babylonian system. …

The Lord was speaking to me He said will you contend with me to see the heavens open and the earth respond as well where the where the floodgates of heaven open up and the wells of the deep spring up where I can bring a revival flood in the land? And there’s even something about extreme flooding that we’re going to see in America this year in different areas and the Lord says that it will be a prophetic sign of what I’m doing in the country. That I’m going to flood it not, not, not the Lord look like judgment. But it’s actually a sign of the blessing that’s about to happen and that I’m bringing a flood of Revival. I‘m opening up the wells in the deep. I’m opening up those wells in the deep and the water is going to spring up to eternal life and the heavens are going to open and it’s going to flood and open heavens and the earth is going to open.


Kent Christmas - I SAW THE NEXT 3 YEARS] POWERFUL Upending Prophecy - January 8, 2022

Brother Brian - Prophetic Word: February 2022.... January 7, 2022

“Your month called Feburary … that will be the start of My show. We will see then how many stand against Me.”


The Lord caught me away and He took me up into the heavens. In fact it was Michael uh who actually was there and he showed me the continental United States below and and the full vision was what I a lot of times called rainbow vision fire rain vision other parts of it. But at the very end of that the vision changed and I was looking down over the United States and I saw 10 points of light. They were all major cities in the United States and one of them was Las Vegas. And the Lord began or actually Michael began talking to me about how that these were points of light. These were cities of intercession he said and he said I’m not you’re not allowed to share with anybody what those are the names of the cities other than Las Vegas. He said because the Lord would have you to move there wow and so that’s why we moved here uh to base our ministry here he said. The reason is twofold number, one is that I don’t want you to reach out to those cities and start trying to develop any kind of networking with anybody there because you missed My mark. He said this is something that’s going to happen in the spirit and I’ll reveal those things to you as we progress. But number two is I don’t want people to assume anything about Me ,and My purpose, and My direction what I’m going to use them for. So He just said be quiet you’re not allowed to tell anybody and so for the last eight years. I haven’t shared it with anybody other than CK (his wife). I asked Him can I share this with CK and He said, yes. So I immediately after the vision I shared it with her and then haven’t spoken about it since. …

He gave me this vision or this word on the 2nd of December so it was just two days later and the third is when I released it by video. …I heard the voice of the Lord and He just began speaking to me and saying that we are now in a two-month portal. He made it very clear to me that December and January were specific times for us to be able to be refreshed. It would be a transitory kind of a thing a transition that there was going to be a release in February. Now I’ve talked a lot about that during those last four weeks and I want to share a little bit more about it. But what I specifically wanted to say to people is that when I talk about refreshing, when I talk about the Lord you know. One of the things the Lord told me is he said I want to connect with my people as much as they need to connect with Me. So this two-month period December and January is preparatory and I’ll describe some of those things that are involved in it as far as we are concerned here in a few minutes. But He said come February we will launch. Those are His exact words. Now He was talking about individuals, but He was talking about a transition time where we actually would be entered into more of a major purposed warfare. A launching and that warfare is not only in prayer not only in binding and losing, but also in putting feet to the ground boots on the ground going forward now. Here’s what I wanted to do before I explain any further than that a lot of people I think catch that as oh this is a nice time that the Lord wants to minister to, and yes yeah that’s true yeah. …  

I want people to know but this is bigger than that okay all of the individuals need to be refreshed strengthened and I’ll describe again some of those things in a minute. But it is all to build something that is bigger than us. It is an agreement it is you know one can put a thousand flight two can put ten thousand to flight. There is something major happening and going to be released in February. Now in the midst of Him explaining all this to me Steve. He then started talking to me about Donald Trump. Well okay now this was the 2nd of December … The Lord told me about Trump but He also said this about the body of Christ and us as individuals. He said at this moment there is a lot of pressure on President Trump. He said the pressure is coming from circumstances, political pressure, and He said a lot of people and counselors that are around him. He said the next two months are vital for President Trump December and January, because he’s getting ready to make some decisions that I don’t need him listening to wrong counsel. Wow Pressure from other people around him he needs to know in his knower in his heart in a relationship with Me exactly what decisions to make. Because they’re vital for what’s going to start in February I don’t want him to get off. So he said, pray for President Trump that he during this two-month portal would have an experience with Me would open his heart and he said not only pray for him but pray for Melania, pray for Barron pray, for his family. Because this is a time that will set the stage for the entirety of the next year and what’s coming up. Of course we have the 2020 midterms and I’m 22 midterms and all those things coming. But I felt it was absolutely vital there’s so much going on right now in that man’s life that if he doesn’t make the correct decisions that it will have consequences.

I felt a certain amount of threat when you say threat from the I felt that okay in 2016 … April the Lord spoke to me. …An angel appeared to me in a prayer meeting and the angel said the dogs of hell have been released against the man with the hand of the Lord on him. And then he superimposed Donald Trump then candidate face right there and I saw it I knew he was talking about Trump and he said pray against false witness, hatred, and murder. Those are the dogs of hell. False witness, hatred, and murder and you backtrack from that exact moment all the way up through um him running for President then being elected then his four years in office and everything that’s happened afterwards. In my opinion from what the angel told me is that they could be listed under three categories false witness, hatred, and murder. Murder is the threat part of it is the threat physical threat there are people that would like to see him removed from the earth. Right that threat could be there and you could say it is for any President etc but it was i knew that but I understood primarily that what he was talking about is character assassination. It’s the death of a life the destruction of somebody for political gain etc.  

Lois-Vogel Sharp - God Speaks - The US and The World - January 7, 2022

I am looking to tell you more things so you can be ready for this collapse. I know I have been preparing you for years. But what is in process as I speak will upset your souls for you live fairly easy lives compared to many other countries and I know that when things are disrupted it will not be easy to deal with. I must tell you again that this collapse will be the avenue I use to save America from this evil regime that wants to control everything you do and everything that you hear. I will not have it this way and my america even though she has greatly aired in many ways belongs to Me. Just as I as My Israel does My people are gathered in these places that america is a country of refuge from the darkness. She must be a beacon of light to the world and I will see it shine once again. I love you all so very much and this is why I keep telling you over and over again that America will once again be controlled by a government that follows Me. Live your lives and trust me love your father what in heaven. ….

He just started saying these things I have a word for Canada. For you have fallen off My scale of blessing and have sided with the evil one. It is so sad to see the world so coming to the evil one My foe when I have always been here with you. So very very sad to see you have not listened to my plea. You lost the key my blessings did flee and it truly is so sad to see. came out in a poem with that one. Number two where is my spirit in the world of darkness. I tell you it is there even in the darkest of countries there are My people looking for safe places to live. Three, England you have opened your doors to antichrist and you don’t even know it. You think you are being politically correct when in fact you are just allowing the evil to run rampant. Wake up before it is too late for My land of Africa you suffer much. But you have many places that love me and walk with Me I will be with you through it all. Five, North Korea for such a tiny country you think you walk in the big boy pants but you do air greatly satan has taken you under his wing of corruption. Six, Ireland you lost My blessing when you accepted murdering my babies and cheered as if it was some kind of a celebration. Shame on you I say.

Manual Johnson - BIDEN THE BLOODS ON YOUR HANDS - January 5, 2022

I’m gonna say this very powerful I heard the words it was stern saints, it was stern. Biden it was like thunder the blood is on your hands. It was stern saints, very stern the blood is on your hand. Now that’s that’s a huge call so there’s some things that are happening behind the scenes because I’ve never heard the Lord ever tell me that . He actually called his name out. He didn’t say President Biden I’m using I’m not using 46 today because that’s not what God said. He said Biden the blood is on your heads and if anyone is watching me from that administration. God is holding this administration accountable big time. I’m talking glory days for us, gloomy days for the wicked. Glory days for God’s children it is already started saints. It has already started we have been getting reports from different sources that contact our ministry through messenger to all uh our you know uh youtube all kinds of different that they’re starting to experience the move of the glory of the presence of God.

Wealth transfer uh things happening with their body feeling much better very youthful. It’s already happening now you say I receive it for my life come on. It’s already happening I didn’t start the new year off watching the media nights (mainstream media). No, I did not I’m gonna start reading off the things the Lord has spoken to me about. So get already give me saints call them up a few more minutes a few more minutes bring some people bring them on bring them on because I want everyone to get it hot, fresh. …

Oh my gosh divided I called you to repentance you and your administrators, administration, more than once. I am long-suffering but not all suffering justice and judgment has been set for you like my servant Abel who cried out because of unauthorized shed blood. Biden do you know that shedding of innocent blood defiles my land. You by then sold yourself out to do evil and those who are with you. But your evil plans, yes, I say your evil plans and the evil plots of those that are with you will backfire on your administration. … I will expose more and I will judge to My with my righteous right arm according to many cries of the onboard and violations. This is the first time the Lord has ever talked to me about violations and I had to ask the Lord in the spirit. I didn’t say it verbally Lord what are you talking about violations? …

He said violations sex trafficking, sex trafficking, abusing God’s children, and you know about it Biden and you don’t do anything about it. The blood is on your hand the blood is on your hand and those with you . Look at this the cries of the unborn and the violated which My land which you call America. I will be greater than ever there is serious cleansing that’s going to take place starting this year are cleansing. Last year was an exposing, so this year you’re going to get exposing but you’re going to get a cleansing. Last year was major explosion but this year you’re going to get the smoke but you’re going to get a cleansing. Because the Lord said the land has been defiled. So the land has to be cleansed. …

He spoke to me again because God doesn’t always give me so he’ll give me a word and then He will remind me again. Because a lot of times people forget a prophecy. There will be a changing of the guard in the royalty. Keep your eye on the royal blood lying in England. Oh saints this is whoa so whatever God’s going to do, God’s going to do. Lord I thank you for this there will be a high spike in the stock market because you know I’m asking the Lord about this. Because there are times He puts it on my heart and spirit. So I’m gonna ask there will be a high spike in the stock market. Cryptocurrency there will be many that will say this is this is this this was a new one that God gave me silver isn’t cheap anymore. Wow. So this was the question I asked the Lord so He responded here we go again there’s a pause. There’s a pause and then the Lord speaks again thank you Jesus this year will start a push back against the evil plots of many. There will be some with dishonor, some moved out from position, and some perish.  I the Lord have plans for My world and the generations to come. He didn’t say generation He said generations to yet yet to come. …  

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - Evildoers in world system getting what's coming, Winds of Change uncovering truth Prophecy - January 4, 2022

The word of the Lord given on January 4 of 2022. Do you see what the winds of change angel is  uncovering is there? A conspiracy theory you can think of which has not been uncovered and is now recognized as a conspiracy reality? I need my people to see the facts regarding what happens when men come to think more of themselves than they ought. When money corrupts and when love has no meaning to those who have been led astray and completely bought into satan’s plan. These men are the tares they cannot bow to me. They know who they now serve and do so willingly and completely indeed. These are sold out to the darkness they will never desire the light. They kill their own with no remorse and have less regard for those who are against them . I’ll say that again, they kill their own with no remorse and have less regard for those who are against them. Wow.

This is the world system then innocent life,  babies, the old, different races, none of these mean anything to them. Except to use them to express the hate that satan himself has for Me. They say depopulate and I am will give them what they desire their bunkers provisions and security is useless and their names shall soon be forgotten as I snuff out their candles. Look my people the endless wars, yes, they were the work of these people in one way or another the disease and anti-fertility vaccines again. Yes in various ways it was the work of these evil ones virtually any way conceivable these have tried to achieve their depopulation agenda. Well the winds of change angel has more to uncover and he will. But as those who eagerly desire the truth you must open your eyes and you must learn to stand against this world system. Have you noticed that my people Israel are and have been warriors Jeremiah 29 or 20 11 and the NIV. Says but the Lord is with me like a mighty warrior. So my persecutors will stumble and not prevail. They will fail and be thoroughly disgraced their dishonor will never be forgotten. So look up your redemption is near. Call on your leaders to join in this fight. Donald Trump listen to the Lord or else I will raise up another. I the lord have already won. Join me in this fight and taste My victory. Amen.

Tomi Arayomi - 2022 PROPHECY | The Year of the Firefly - January 3, 2022


I have something very important to tell My people. This is a direct message so you can be ready for what is coming in 2022. I know you have been waiting for things to happen what you are looking for is some big event and you are missing the victories that are going on. I am taking back America, you are walking across dry land and the enemy will be taken out of power. I see the efforts of the states to come against abortion. But I will not be satisfied until abortion is considered illegal in America and my babies stop being murdered. Evil is being moved back and this is how victory is obtained by pushing back the enemy until he surrenders. Evil will surrender in America, but many countries will succumb to antichrist and be controlled by it you must never take for granted ever again your freedom for men and women for it just like you are fighting for it now. The supreme court will stand for the Constitution of your land and victory will be obtained the vaccine mandate will be thwarted and the mass will slowly go away I will heal their land.

But evil will still be operating wherever it can. Love one another and build your safe havens as the seals are opening this year brings much chaos as evil is moved back it will be angry and there will be riots. Because of it you will once again be free to travel in your land the world is using this virus to create a control of mankind and many countries will fall prey to it. America will break free from it but international travel will not be safe for those who will not follow antichrist. There will never be freedom in this world again until Yeshua returns. But America will be one of the countries that do not follow antichrist My hand of blessing will come back on your land but right now this coming collapse which is already in process will be the victory needed to stop the furthering of this evil regime. So you will watch and see how all this plays out as my will is done in America. You must trust in the good times and the bad as i have said you cannot go by your feelings but what you know to be truth. I love you and will never leave you or forsake you. We are one when you follow Yeshua into the Kingdom you have been told many untruths by fellow Christians and it will be a time of healing as socialism is destroyed. Lead people to Yeshua be bold and tell them who he is and why he came continue preaching the Gospel to the world and build your churches and your sanctuaries.

Tell them I love them and they need to really trust me in the days to come as things topple it will bring about a new start. Keep your eyes on the stock market you are about to see an unusual move. Get ready the crash at last will send off a blast and everyone will scatter to see what is the matter. Those who have invested all that they have will fall apart as all is lost for those who have followed the fake and the ones who have kept the silver and the gold will feel bold. As the rise will happen quickly as the economy is sickly riots will take place on the streets even will know its defeat and America will once again feel the pressure of her sin as everyone loses their grin. It’s the time to rejoice evil will lose its voice and the children of the most high God will get rid of the mob. And life will once again be free the masks will lose their anomaly and America will heal from her crimes as she tries to use every dime to pick up the pieces from the collapse and she has truly woken up from her nap. The rich will take their losses and mourn while the poor folk with silver will quickly quiver from the thrill of their investment it is a true blessing event. It will be time to stop and smell God’s roses with our noses as America tries to recover from this disaster that truly blasted her tick-tock goes the clock. The bell will ring and no one will sing and the only way out will be by the Father’s hand no doubt so pray pray pray for God to deliver us and not delay. When things collapse My people this is what I want you to do. Stop and take a moment of time to thank Me for saving America. Be still and know that I am God. I am the one who sent my only Son to save you and I always make the way for My people you will have to trust Me while America suffers this devastation I am with you. You must know it is My will so America can be freed. You must know this or you will think I  have forsaken you know this and nothing can ever take you from Me. We are one through My Son I love you.

Yeshua loves you our spirit loves you and our angels are with you to help you keep your eyes on us and see how this is all played out. Have no doubt that’s what faith is all about eleven things that god gave me. One there’s going to be an earthquake in Costa Rica. Two severe winter storm is going to New York city. Three, ice storms will surface everywhere causing real despair. Four, the cotton industry is going to be decimated. Peace on the earth is gone until the return of My Son. Six ,San Francisco will have an earthquake it is guaranteed and you can’t change it even if you plead. Seven, locusts will be back eight windstorms will become more prevalent. Nine, tsunamis here tsunami’s there not much life will be spared. Ten, the collapse will create a synapse the word synapse it’s a medical latin. Word a junction between two nerve cells joined together tied together or bind together a coming together a tying together adjoining together. Number eleven, people will wonder why.

Kent Christmas - Manny Johnson - DAYS of DARKNESS set to BEGIN- January 2, 2022

When I raised from the dead My greatest miracle says the Lord, I raised a man who was rotting in a grave because I saw not too long from then that he would sit and eat with me in a banquet. I have prepared a banquet, says the Lord for you and I in the future to sit at and though hell has buried the church until she stinks in the earth. I say unto thee that the grave clothes are coming off because I have this night loosed a resurrection anointing in the atmosphere and Lazarus shall live again! The prophetic thing that I got last week was the United States is going to parallel what we saw with Lazarus. John 11: whenever it says he you can replace that with Lazarus or he can replace with the United States. So it’s Lord he the United States whom you love is ill. I’d say we’re ill yeah we do not agree you know that would have been hard to do to agree we’re sick.

Absolutely we’re ill you know and then what Jesus says the illness the USA does not lead to death for it is the glory of God. So that the son of God can be glorified through it good and then Jesus says to disciples Lazarus again the United States has died. So we’ll look like God forsaken. God let’s go let god abandon us it’s gonna look horrible when this when the glory shows up. It’s initially gonna look horrible if you don’t know what that that God did all this right yeah and then and for your sake …

Jesus says come out and so that moment when we come out that’s the Great Awakening. The Great Awakening is when the new era officially arrives. So we’re stepping into a new era and this whole new era is going to be Biblical you know. It’s just it’s the power it’s the fall that moment it will be to end up marking the fall. You’ll never be able to go back in that moment that’s like the … where the fall of Goliath. So don’t want to put words in your mouth are you saying that the time may come literally weeks from now we don’t know if it’s exactly four days or a few days or ten days but that it would actually almost look like we’re defeated it’s over it’s death Lazarus is dead. We’re gonna be tempted to feel like it’s over yes and that’s God’s set up for breakthrough. Right yes, yes, yeah because it has to look it it goes to the extreme of all extremes and then the glory arrives.


Okay and that’s and that’s just how God’s operated you know when when Israel was pinned up against the Red Sea Moses. Moses why have you brought us here to die. Steve they were finished in their heads and then God’s I’m sorry, then Moses steps forward and says stand still and watch the salvation of the Lord. For He will work for you today that’s good and that’s the moment that we’re about to see where God works for His church, for His bride. It’s really really exciting the biggest move of God’s spirit ever in the history of this world is what’s coming ever. One of God’s biggest surprises ever to hit the elite who have manipulated the price of everything for generations. The dollar will crash goliath will fall God’s people will begin to rise up in America and the world. Because I have this night loosed a resurrection anointing in the atmosphere and Lazarus shall live again.


Brace for impact all is being revealed. I the Lord this day am knocking down all the doors your enemies are hiding behind. Yes knocking down doors, gates, walls, finances, and anything else they used thinking to hide from Me. They know their days are about to expire. In these hours My angel armies have come from for all of them. No one will escape the judgment I am sending throughout their camps. Watch as I open the doors their secrets will all and I meet all come out for the world to see you will hear about every person and all of their details. That is why my children as the avalanche of truth hits this nation. Brace for impact, brace for everything that will be revealed it will be hard to hear and hard to believe. All who are really involved even those who they thought were on your side were actually just wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Mitt Romney your fall will be great. I will introduce you to the world for the man you really are. You betrayed your nation and you made deals with people like the Obamas for money to save your position and your power. And yes, your fingerprints will be found all over the biggest crime scene of 2020. Your name will be will keep showing up for what you did to help that too against My people, My nation, and against the world. You even hid some of these acts from your family. Well your family will see along with the world that you have no soul left and you’ll be tried for treason. Nothing can stop your fall you didn’t believe in Me before. But you’ll believe in Me now. Adam Schiff how shifty you are a weasel. A rat you sold this nation out and formulated plans to throw out My son from his rightful position as President. You thought you were so clever and couldn’t be caught. Well I will shine My spotlight on you and all will see the proof of your disgusting acts against My son the true President and also your part in selling My nation to China for your protection. Just like the United States was to sink like the titanic you were supposed to be set for life because of the part you played. Yes, China is selling you out and I will show the world who you are. You too will be tried for treason you will also pay with your life. Nothing can save you now Adam Schiff for your shifty deals have cost you your life and nothing can change your future.

Chuck Schumer your story is similar to that of Nancy, Adam, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, and Obama you are all the same evil to your core and you sold your souls to China and to the devil himself. You will pay with your lives but not before your judgments and you will lose everything you hold there to you. You have received your indictments and you know your days are numbered here on this earth. None of you will enjoy your last days my mighty army comes for you to remove you from your places of power and where you sleep. These are the days of Haman you wanted death for My nation, and My children. But instead you will reap your harvest though not before you see your nightmares come to pass. My son will return and will be put back in his rightful seat you will all pay with your lives and your plans will not succeed. I the great I AM in passing judgment and it is time for you to reap all what you have sown in one time all at one time.

My show has begun some will even see My chariots of fire coming for them their hearts will fail them as fear strikes them like lightning. Don’t worry My children China will be stripped of all their finances and power just like Egypt and My first exodus in this great exodus every nation and every leader that was against you. Will have the same fate as Pharaoh and his men. But to my children who live in these nations do not fear I am delivering you from their hands restoring your freedoms and your finances. You will no longer be slaves to your governments you’ll be free with all your finances restored to you. When I speak of your nations it is your economy and your government those officials that kept you bound and enslaved. You I’m destroying even while I bless you celebration will fill your streets not only for what I’m doing in America. But all nations all nations as well 2022 is the year of the new. New life, new government, new freedoms, and financial prosperity. So rejoice these are the days what you have seen been crying out for. For Me and they are now, saith the Lord your redeemer.