the Third Great Spiritual Awakening - 2016 -?

Twice the United Stated has experienced prolong periods of God’s outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the country. These were times when a significant portion of the population turned back to God. Due to the religious and supernatural aspects of these historical events they are often ignored by many secular history. 

The first occurred ~1730-1770 known as the First Great (Spiritual) Awakening. The second started ~1730-1770  recorded as the Second Great (Spiritual) Awakening. Oddly, the First and Second Great Awakenings preceded the Revolutionary and Civil War which was fought on United States soil. It should be noted a smaller awakening started ~1855-1930 including the Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles, California. There is considered by some historians as a continuation Second Great Awakening.

Fast forward to late Twentieth now into the Twenty-First Century, we see a growing number of Americans that no longer believe in God. We see the growth of the Godless isms such Secularism,  Socialism,  Marxism and Communism. Due to the rise of evil in society with loss of liberty, religious freedom, disorder and lawless, we also see many people turning back to God. Thus the spiritual divide in we see in society today.

For years many have prayed for a new or Third Great (Spiritual) Awakening. These prayers became even more fervent during the Obama’s Presidency due to attack on religious rights and liberty, the economic downturn, lawlessness, and attacks on the Constitution. Sometimes you don’t appreciate  the freedoms you have until you are faced with the possibility of losing them. These prayers came not just from the United States, but from persecuted and martyred Christians from around the world.

Some have prophesied of a new Spiritual Awakening and the country turning back to God. Daily in the news we see people doing evil ungodly deeds and open anarchy, yet we also see signs of a spiritual revival. All details will be known, but only from the hindsight of history.

The U.S. and 32 other nations signed a declaration last week that made clear that “there is no international right to abortion” and highlighted the foundational importance of the family unit to society. The document, called the “Geneva Consensus Declaration On Promoting Women’s Health and Strengthening the Family” and co-sponsored by the U.S., Brazil, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia, and Uganda, was signed at a virtual event. 

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued a statement touting the document as an effort to achieve four main pillars:

  1. better health for women;
  2. the preservation of human life;
  3. strengthening of family as the foundational unit of society; and
  4. protecting every nation’s national sovereignty in global politics.

… Secretary of State Michael Pompeo … noted in his remarks:

Under President Trump’s leadership, the United States has defended the dignity of human life everywhere and always. He’s done it like no other president in history. We’ve also mounted an unprecedented defense of the unborn abroad.

In front of world leaders at the 2019 United Nations General Assembly, President Trump said, “We in America believe that every child — born and unborn — is a sacred gift from God.” […]

Today, we’re taking the next step, as we sign the Geneva Consensus Declaration. At its very core, the declaration protects women’s health, defends the unborn, and reiterates the vital importance of the family as the foundation of society.

Televangelist Pat Robertson says God told him Trump will win – … The 90-year-old forecasted disaster for the country and the world after the election, including civil unrest, at least two attempts on Trump’s life and a war against Israel that will be “put down by God.”

Trump attends Las Vegas church, pastor prophesies second win – By Anugrah Kumar, Christian Post Contributor – … Senior Associate Pastor Denise Goulet prophesied a second presidential win for him.

“At 4:30, the Lord said to me, ‘I am going to give your president a second win,'” Goulet told Trump, who joined hundreds of congregants for the morning worship. “The Lord said, ‘he is ready for the next four years.'” …

“This is your third time here. That means you’re a church member,” Senior Leader Paul Goulet told Trump. “I don’t care what anybody says. I love my president.”

He lauded Trump for protecting the unborn, protecting churches’ religious freedom, moving the embassy to Jerusalem and bringing jobs back to America, among other things.

Prayer march Washington DC September 2020

Spiritual Revival? Nearly 1,000 Get Baptized on California Beach – By Billy Hallowell – A California church is making headlines after nearly 1,000 people showed up to be baptized on Saturday at Corona Del Mar State Beach in Newport Beach, California.

Gina Gleason, church director at Calvary Chapel Church in Chino Hills, told CBN News that the event, which was a record showing of baptisms for the church, was absolutely “remarkable.”

“California may be experiencing a spiritual revival,” Gleason said. “It’s remarkable and a significant number.”

Jonathan Cahn - The Elijah Paradigm / America

Kim Clement on God, America, and Trump

Prophecy: Third Great Awakening Is Coming to America

Christians across America say God is telling them He wants to birth a Third Great Awakening in the land. And He’s using intense personal encounters with some Christian leaders to tell them He wants them personally involved.

“I’m going to send a Third Great Awakening to America,” Dutch Sheets, author of An Appeal to Heaven, said he heard the Lord tell him a couple of decades ago. …

In An Appeal to Heaven, Sheets talks about a prophetic dream a close friend had in 2007 in which God presented Sheets two boxing gloves.

The dream showed Sheets in a boxing ring for five fights against five evil spiritual giants. In each fight, he knocked out a giant with one punch.

In the dream, according to Sheets, the Lord said, “‘If you’re going to take out the giants in this nation, you’re going to have to wear these two boxing gloves.'” 

“And one said ‘Everlast,’ and it has everything to do with Everlasting God, who Abraham encountered,” Sheets continued. “The other glove said ‘Evergreen.’ For six years, I couldn’t figure out what ‘Evergreen’ was.”

Then in 2013, a dear friend who Sheets had mentored said God told him to give Sheets a special flag from the Revolutionary War days. Emblazoned on it were the words “Appeal to Heaven,” referring to philosopher John Locke’s writing that citizens who’ve exhausted all appeals to unjust leaders can still appeal to heaven.

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Strategic Prayer Outings – Rev. Robert Hunt and Virginia Beach

Covenant Root in Virginia – Rev. Robert Hunt … 2007 happened to be the 400-year anniversary of that prophetic act. And it was that weekend that I finally got Acts 17:26-27, “and He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation, that they would seek God, if perhaps they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us.” Although my call would touch the nations, that weekend my heart turned towards America, knowing that God’s hand was on my ancestors and on this nation and that He had some purpose for bringing my family here even though we were first enslaved.

Robert Henderson's Four Dreams About President Trump

Prophetic dream – “President Trump called me (before the election March 2016) … I need you to do a conference for me on July 6th to shift things concerning the election. … I Googled July 6th and I found out that July 6th, 1854 in Michigan was the birthplace and birthdate of the Republican party.  When I saw it the Lord said I intend to reclaim the publican Party for my purposes. And the election of Donald J. Trump is going to be part of this process.”

– Robert Henderson – Ministries, Waco, Texas, and Author

Word of the Lord on US Presidential Election 2020 // Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

“Don’t stop praying till November three you want to continue till Mr. Trump safely installed is inaugurated on January 20th. But wait I tell you one truth, see I do not know anything about American politics, I don’t need to know. I am telling you the word from heaven.

And God’s purpose for this great nation. That I is all I know that is all I know I don’t need to know the red and blue.  Who is right or wrong.  … I do not know anything about American politics, but I know what is written what is written in the scroll in heaven about the destiny of the US. And in that destiny God willed this   Mr. Trump should serve another term. Because God is extending his grace for this nation for another four years. There is another work that God wants to do in this great nation and that can only be done through a man with a personality like Mr. Trump … you need a ruffian like him. …

If the wrong man should become your president if the wrong man becomes your president your nation will go down and it will not rise up again. That will be the end of the United States America. Because God is not finished with America yet. The promises the Covenant that he made with your from the day they had consecrated this land to the living God. God has made some Covenant with them. And those Covenants and promises will reach a zenith in the next term. So you want to be a righteous men in the office who will open greater doors of freedom for the Gospel of the kingdom of God to go the length and breath of the east coast and west coast.”

— Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj – Christian minister from India

Prophetic Dream Concerning Trump and the 2020 Election - Jeremiah Johnson

“God said to me just as I raised up Abraham Lincoln to issue an Emancipation Proclamation concerning the slaves so I have raised up Donald Trump like Lincoln in an era of crisis to issue an Emancipation Proclamation for unborn.”

— Jeremiah Johnson – Ministry  Lakeland, FL


In highlights from this interview with Mark Taylor, he shares what God spoke to him about Trump’s election in 2011, and what parts of that prophecy have yet to come to pass.


“He Is going to save you from things you don’t know you need to be saved from. Your nation will be known as before Trump and after Trump. The whole world will be known as before Trump and after Trump. This is my election; I will put him in there. This is a rescue operation, there are things most of you have not idea about. … I am giving him an Isaiah-Cyrus 45 anointing … 45th president.”

“The dams of lies end now.”

– Johnny Enlow Henderson – Ministries, South Africa, and Author

Kevin Zadai Prophecy: Indictments Are Coming.

I m

Brenda Kunneman - God Showed Her What's Ahead in the 2020s | Sid


He Prophesied Trump's Election in 2011 - "Trump will Have a Second Term"


Kim Clement's Last Prophetic Words North Korea,Trump, Iran, USA - 2015

Prophesied on August 8th, 2015

“The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. And yet you see the fear and the trembling from My people. What is this? What fear would be instilled in you by the media that paints the pictures of doom, gloom – the prognosticators of this time? And they say, ‘How shall we rid ourselves of ISIS and pacts made with Iran, our enemies?'”

“There shall be an exposure and they shall say, ‘Such a tiny thing brought the truth out and such a tiny thing brought down that which was supposed to be upright,’ and yet they are presently at this very moment pacting together with Russia and laughing at this President and laughing at this nation.” God says, “I will have the last laugh. Why? Because, as I have said throughout the summer, there shall be one exposure after the other.

God says, “They have died and said, ‘The naturalism, the naturalism, secular humanism.’ I’m exposing them one minute at a time, and even as you have seen the truth about the little children that are being destroyed and how they laugh about it,” God said, “today I show you that I am about to pour upon My people, those who have given, those who have sowed, and those who have stood the test of time – I’m about to pour upon them unimaginable favor,” says the Spirit of God.

Prophesied on August 22nd, 2015

“Look at Israel, as they are now being rocketed because of hand-shaking with Iran, your enemy.” But God says, “They have not shook My hand! They have not taken My hand in a covenant. Only those who have taken My hand in a covenant shall see the release of My glory in this end-time and it is coming, says the Lord.

Prophesied on August 29th, 2015

“Where were they when men stood together and signed the Declaration of Independence? Where were they when they said, ‘Under God, One God.’ I was there,” says the Lord. 

“And today, there is still a remnant that will not bow to the naturalists, to the secular humanists, to the atheists. No, it is not time for the destruction of this nation. There will come a time where the wrath of God shall be poured out upon the nations of the earth but today I will bring recovery and restoration, and once again America will sing My songs and pray My prayers and declare under God we stand,” says the Lord.

“Do not be afraid of North Korea, do not be afraid of Iran; do not be afraid of the nations, for in 2016 everything will change,” says the Lord.

“There will be a sound of liberty from the White House. There will be a sound of prayers from the White House.

“Pennsylvania Avenue shall be surrounded by people that will pray and ask Me to intervene and I shall,” says the Lord. “So what is the foreboding sound? It is the sound of the enemies of America living in America. Those are your greatest enemies – who call themselves citizens, but they are enemies of the Cross and enemies of the nation and they shall be dealt with.”

“Blow the trumpet, blow the shofar! Blow it! For there shall be a combination of the sound of Israel and the sound of the United States of America – a new sound, and I will take the Spanish music and I will take the Latin, and I will put it together and a unique generation will begin to rap and begin to sing with the combination of the sound of Israel and the sound of America and the sound of Central America and the sound of South America,” says the Lord!

“The Lord God of Israel is a jealous God. I am the Lord Your God. I am a jealous God. I will not allow the idols of Baal-Allah, the idols of the Middle East – I shall not allow these idols to be worshipped. This is a time for sobriety, to be sober. Why? Because men have been blinded. There has been poverty, religious poverty, and yet there is a sound.”

"There will be a sound of liberty from the White House. There will be a sound of prayers from the White House."

"Pennsylvania Avenue shall be surrounded by people that will pray and ask Me to intervene and I shall," says the Lord. "So what is the foreboding sound? It is the sound of the enemies of America living in America. Those are your greatest enemies – who call themselves citizens, but they are enemies of the Cross and enemies of the nation and they shall be dealt with."