the Third Great Spiritual REFERENCE

Robin D Bullock Prophecy "What God Will Do American" - January 21, 2021


The Lord said … a revival is going to begin. … I saw this eagle. I saw this eagle fly and pick up the flag of the United States and he flew; he flew and there were two angle. One to the left right and one to the right and they grabbed one at each end. They grabbed the flag of the United States. They held the flag and the lord said, I made America the land of the free and it shall remain this way. It shall remain this way. …

And then I found myself in a field standing outside the White House and I saw this the helicopter coming down; this helicopter was descending. A military helicopter was descending and when it landed the doors opened up and then I saw President Trump step out. The Lord said, just the same way you saw him leave this past week you’re going to see he will come back. Because I have heard the cries of my children and people in the United States of America and I will respond to their cries. He took him back, Hallelujah!



What's All The Fuss About with Mark Taylor on Truth Unveiled with Paul Oebel - January 14, 2021


Urgent Prophecy:Satan Will Not Win in America! Kat Kerr - 1-13-2021


Michelle Maggio - Territory Takeback Time- 1-12-2021

 Territory take back time.


Justice time and justice time.

Robin D Bullock URGENT Prophecy: "Donald Trump Won! The Shot Heard Around The World! - 1-12-2021

I heard the words “The shot heard around the world.” “Donald Trump won.” … Time for the remnant to become the majority.

Those STEALING Election in PANIC MODE, TRUMP has THE PROOF!! - 1-10-2021


Mary Ann Peluso - Prophecy regarding the election - 1-10-2021


CHOOSE LOVE Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow. - January, 8, 2021


Chris Yoon - You are about to witness one of the greatest acts of GOD of our time. - January, 7, 2021


Robin D Bullock Prophecy (Jan 7, 2021) [New URGENT Message] "Trump And Book of Revelation"


"Lindsay's 2nd Prophetic Dream" - Jan 02, 2021


Prayer Intercessor Mary Colbert Discusses the Midterm Elections - November 6, 2018

Prayer Intercessor Mary Colbert Discusses the Midterm Elections

“Tell the people … I want to tell the people to begin to pray for the Democratic
Party. My people are there by there have been intimidated, bullied and silenced. …”

He told me in 2020 you will watch the Democratic Party completely collapse. it is going to completely implode and it must for it to be rebuild and the ruins of it brought back to me.


“Tell the people … I want to tell the people to begin to pray for the Democratic
Party. My people are there by there have been intimidated, bullied and silenced. …”

He told me in 2020 you will watch the Democratic Party completely collapse. it is going to completely implode and it must for it to be rebuild and the ruins of it brought back to me.

Jesus Told Me in 3 Words What He's About to Do | Sid Roth - December 8, 2020

Jesus told Andrew Towe in 3 words what He is about to release over the earth.

A Tidal Wave is Coming! | Prophetic Word from Lana Vawser - December 18, 2020

In this video, you’ll receive a prophetic word from Sister @Lana Vawser Ministries – FB Videos as she shares with Pastor Alan DiDio what God spoken to her concerning 2021 and you. You’re about to receive your second wind in the Spirit and your ability to hear and commune with God is being elevated.

“God is going to pull the plug on global principalities and powers.” “What I spoke still stands.” “Restoring the fear of the Lord in the church.” “That which I speak goes forth to accomplish that which I sent it.” “It is not the end of a season; it is the end of an era.”

Demonic intimidation to the body of Christ.

“It’s an illusion of intimation. The enemy was coming against God’s people in this hour  and he was sounding loud and he was trying to push God’s people back into a corner. To steal their voice and place of authority that has been given to them to build with God and extend the kingdom and to tear down the plans of the enemy. … in this new era take by taking the Lord at his word. … the year of 2020 is the year of bald faith.”

A Gift You Will Never Forget | Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch Day 41 - December 17, 2020

Dutch Sheets shares …

Pastor Kent Christmas: December 13, 2020:

“What I’m doing is not the resurrection of something old, but I am doing something new on the earth that you have not seen. In My mercy, I have been silent because I have been giving evil men time to repent. But now, as evil has declared war on Me and on the Church, so do I declare war on you,” says the Lord. “I am sending My word forth into the earth and it will not return unto Me unfulfilled, but all that I have declared over the decades will come to pass…

“Know this,” says the Lord of hosts, “I will not, I will not let evil men and so-called Believers who are full of unbelief make Me a liar… when I send forth My word, it goes forth as a sword and it is going to pierce the very strongholds of the power of darkness. Just as I came to Earth the first time as God in the flesh, so am I now coming to you and to this nation, and across the earth in this Christmas season to give you a gift,” says the Lord, “that you will never forget.

“What you have been watching in the media is the spirit of that woman Jezebel trying to replace the woman called the Church in the earth. But the voice of the Church in this hour are My prophets, and they will not be silenced. And the word of the Lord that I have released in this hour – though it looks impossible,” says God,” it will come to pass. All that I have declared to you, it will not come to pass by the power of men; it will not come through politics or law or even the Supreme Court,” says the Lord, “but it will come by the power of the Holy Ghost in this hour…

“And on January 2021, the angel Michael is sounding the ram’s horn as a call to war against false religion and the counterfeit church in the earth…there is a spirit of power and authority that is going to arise on you…there is now a sound of the Lion of the tribe of Judah getting ready to come up out of the house of the Lord… I am coming to you in this Christmas season. I have not forgotten what I promised you, and though it looks impossible, and though the media says it will not happen, and though they have already crowned one king, I say to you he is a false king…

“Have I not always told you that though I tarry long when you pray, that when I do come, I will show up quickly? What I am ready to do in the next few weeks will be a quick work. It will not be done in part. It will not have a back door for the enemy to come through, but I’m going to finish what I started.

“And for four years the glory of the Lord will descend on the earth in a way you have never seen. I have waited to show Myself in this time of destiny because I wanted the enemy to show himself first… Now that he is uncovered, you’re going to see the anointing of evangelism being released in the earth and harvest will begin.

 “Just as I had to wait until the sword could be put in the hand of David before the enemy was destroyed, just as I waited for the Jordan to flood before Israel could cross over, just as I waited for Mordecai to be promoted until Haman’s gallows were built, know this – the enemy has built a gallows on which to hang the Church.

“But I’m getting ready to reverse what has been declared in this nation, and I’m going to take the weapon that has been formed against the house of the Lord, and I am going to cause the enemy to be destroyed by the very weapon he forged in the fires of Hell to destroy the people of God. In the next four years, I’m giving the nations of the earth to the Church as their inheritance. …”

Wanda Alger shares a prophetic dream one of her intercessors had in 2017 predicting the process we are now going through in determining the next 4 years. …

“God is going to pull the plug on global principalities and powers.”

Hank Kunneman: PROPHETIC PULSE - December 16, 2020

December 16, 2020

Bro Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj Predicted TRUMP's WIN - 2016

As Cyrus was used to disipline and then restore Israel …


Obama Adminsitration –

Tim Sheets - The Unraveling Begins - December 6, 2020

Tim Sheets | Senior Pastor, Apostle, Author The Oasis Church, Middletown Ohio

George Washington's Trump Vision (He Saw the End)

“This is connected to Israel.”

– Jeff Jansen – Global Fire Ministries International in Murfreesboro, TN


A deadlier virus is coming.
Current day prophecies by way of hearing from the Lord audibly, through dreams and through visions, regarding governments, church leaders, influencial members of society, members of the general public, word/preaching, teaching on the spiritual realm and testimonies.


Prophecy Philippines Greatest Revival and Blessing Will be 2nd to Israel Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj - December 14, 2014

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