Third Great AWAKENING - REFERENCE 2024 - Q1-Q2

Third Great Awakening ⇨

“First we overlook evil. Then we permit evil. Then we legalize evil. Then we promote evil. Then we celebrate evil. Then we persecute those who still call it evil.”  – Dwight Longenecker (2019) – Catholic Priest, Author, Blogger & Radio Show Host

April ??, 2024

April ??, 2024


“Your justice system has been WEAPONIZED against those who would RESTORE your Republic to its RIGHTEOUS ROOTS and FOUNDATIONS. The BRIBERY and CORRUPTION going on behind the scenes is quite STAGGERING and those still ASLEEP can’t IMAGINE that it exists. I AM assuring you that NOTHING these PERVERTED courts decide will STAND. I AM telling you that MASSIVE BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION WILL BE EXPOSED. It will be LAID BARE before the world by LEAKED AUDIO TAPES, HIDDEN FILES and MEMOS, and SECRET VIDEO RECORDINGS. The ARROGANT CONTROLLERS will find themselves HUMILIATED, as they are STRIPPED of POWER and find themselves before REAL COURTS of JUSTICE. I have the RECEIPTS for their BRIBERY, EXTORTION, and GREED. My Host are GUARDING these RECEIPTS and at just the right moment, they will APPEAR on the desk of those who are INVESTIGATING the corrupt. The LANDSLIDE of FRAUD and CORRUPTION will be IMPOSSIBLE for the LYING media to BURY, and the TRUTH will SHAKE the nations AWAKE. The CORRUPT will NOT WIN in the end because BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION WILL BE EXPOSED.”

Diane Larkin - FIRE STARTERS - April 21, 2024

This morning as I was approaching the Father on the path to my garden, I saw a golden stairway going up, and I realized the Father wanted me to go with Him to the Throne Room. We entered the Throne Room, and it was hushed as we proceeded to His Throne. As I sat beside Him, I saw Hosts as far as my eye could see, and they were all holding a fire in their hands. I heard the words, “Fire Starters.” After I received the fire into my heart, the Father asked me to join Him in releasing the Fire Starters to the world. In unison we declared, “Fire Starters go!”
“I AM releasing My FIRE STARTERS all over the world to those who bear My name. This FIRE that I AM sending out will PURIFY HEARTS of FALSE MOTIVES, IDOLS, and COMPROMISE. This HOLY FIRE will BURN UP where the lines have been BLURRED between the HOLY and the PROFANE. This is NOT a matter of adopting OUTWARD RIGHTEOUS BEHAVIOR. Haven’t you seen enough examples of this lately in the Church where lives of DISCIPLINE and RELIGIOUS BEHAVIOR were only a COVERUP for INWARD CORRUPTION and the DEFILING of many? My FIRE STARTERS will IGNITE TRUE HOLINESS and the FEAR OF THE LORD, and it will bring RADICAL REFORMATION to My Church. My HOLINESS WITHIN is a LIGHT in the DARKNESS. It makes you a SAFE LIGHTHOUSE for the BROKEN and those CAPTIVE to DEGRADING SINS. You become a place to ANCHOR their lives, as I CLEANSE and PURIFY their hearts, and they enter the TRUE FREEDOM of My HOLINESS. Will you welcome the FIRE STARTERS to IGNITE your heart? If you say, ‘yes!’ and allow the FIRE to do its CLEANSING and EMPOWERING work, then you become a FIRE STARTER, and you will IGNITE those in your sphere of influence. SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION will take place, as you touch people’s lives. Goodbye, LUKEWARM, COMPROMISED CHURCH. Hello, FIRE STARTER, PASSIONATE CHRIST-FOLLOWERS!”

Diane Larkin - ENJOY THE DAY - April 20, 2024

“It’s My DESIRE that you find something of JOY every day. I created the world and everything in it to BRING YOU JOY. When you ENJOY THE DAY that I have placed before you, it brings My heart DEEP SATISFACTION, and I ENTER INTO YOUR JOY. Yes, there are BATTLES to be fought, a WAR to win, but remember we are fighting this war to FREE the world to enter into My JOY and FREEDOM. It was for the JOY set before Him that Jesus ENDURED the cross. The battle you are waging is for the RETURN of JOY to the WORLD. JOY-STEALERS are: TYRANNY, CONTROL, SIN, REBELLION, GREED, and PERVERSION. Man needs to be saved both INTERNALLY and EXTERNALLY from the JOY-STEALERS. True FREEDOM brings GREAT JOY, and it was for freedom that Christ set you free. If you FULLY EMBRACE the sacrifice of Jesus, you will experience SALVATION, DELIVERANCE, and HEALING. These gifts will RESTORE YOUR JOY. Outwardly, I AM RESTORING your JOY by coming to RESCUE your Nation from the JOY-STEALERS. My Forces of Light are working together with Me to TAKE BACK the GROUND the JOY-STEALERS have stolen. As you wait for the deliverance to be completed, practice entering My JOY every day. This JOY is a WEAPON against all that is DARK and DEPRAVED. So, I call you to ENJOY THE DAY. Do something every day that brings you JOY because it RESTORES you and it PLEASES My heart.”

Diane Larkin - TREASURES - April 19, 2024

I Have Treasures for You to Find

“As you witness the MASSIVE DESTRUCTION of the wicked, you will experience a season of the DISCOVERY of TREASURES. These TREASURES will be in EVERY AREA of your lives. I have SPIRITUAL TREASURES HIDDEN since the days that Enoch, My friend, walked the earth. These TREASURES are now AVAILABLE for you to FIND. There will be other SPIRITUAL TRUTHS that have lain in FALLOW GROUND, and it is NOW TIME to start DIGGING where the Spirit HIGHLIGHTS to you. He will IGNITE in you the SPARK of an ADVENTURER to DISCOVER these BURIED REVELATIONS. The Spirit will also LIGHT this PASSION for the DISCOVERY of TREASURES in EVERY area of society. The MEDICAL field will take GREAT LEAPS as the HIDDEN HEALING POWER I have placed in your body and in the earth are REDISCOVERED by the SEARCHERS for TREASURES. GREED for MONEY and POWER have OBSCURED My NATURAL WAYS of HEALING with EXPENSIVE, ARTIFICIAL DRUGS that only touch SURFACE issues and don’t HEAL the UNDERLYING problems. Some of these manmade drugs actually were developed to KEEP you SICK and needing MORE and MORE MEDICATIONS with TERRIBLE SIDE EFFECTS. Step into a NEW ERA of SIMPLICITY, FREEDOM, and TRUE HEALING. There are TREASURES to be FOUND in NEW INVENTIONS, in arts and entertainment that GLORIFY Me, and in all other areas of society that will all JOIN HANDS to bring about My promised NEW DAWN of PEACE and PLENTY. TREASURE HUNTERS: come to the Holy Spirit, and He will show you where to start DIGGING! I HAVE TREASURES FOR YOU TO FIND!”


As Darkness Shakes and Collapses, You Live Out of My Heart
“My Beloveds, do NOT DREAD the DOWNFALL AND DESTRUCTION OF THE DARKNESS because it will SURELY COME, and you will SEE IT WITH YOUR OWN EYES. There is NO JOY in seeing DARK-HEARTED people EXPOSED and the works of their hands DESTROYED. As all around them COLLAPSES, you can find your REST, PEACE, and JOY by LIVING IN UNION WITH MY HEART. Your STABILITY will come from BELIEVING My PROMISES of VENGEANCE on your enemies and RECOMPENSE to My very own. Even as I act with VENGEANCE to PROTECT and DELIVER My INNOCENT ONES, I will continue to CALL to the dark hearts to TURN BACK to Me. As EVERYTHING the darkness worked for is SMASHED, do not PITY them but call them to RIGHTEOUSNESS. You will not be SHAKEN in the STORM that is coming for the EVIL EMPIRE if you REMAIN ANCHORED in My HEART of LOVE, PROMISE, and BLESSING for you. I can BLESS and PROSPER you even as SYSTEMS and GOVERNMENTS FALL. So DO NOT FEAR or DREAD the FUTURE but know that My BULLDOZER has been released to REMOVE the darkness and all their EVIL PLATFORMS and STRUCTURES. CALL FORTH the VISION I have given you of a NEW ERA of PEACE and PLENTY, and you will watch it unfold from the HAVEN OF PEACE THAT IS FOUND IN LIVING OUT OF MY HEART.”

Unknown Prophet - God *HAS BEGUN* a Shaking! - April 17, 2024

The word I’ve got for you today came back on the 5th of this month. And basically it’s entitled God has begun to ahake. Without further Ado the father said I have begun a shaking son. A shaking of the nation, and a shaking of the world. But it will be seen in this country first. I will shakeen until I begin to see the evil that has begun to take over this country fall out and become totally exposed. I will see it fall out son, and I will see it begin to be consumed by itself. The very evil that it created. It will begin to feed upon itself. It will implode and consume itself in Rage that it has not accomplished what it’s set out to do.

I have watched this country son it is my country I accepted it as mine. It was dedicated to me and I accepted it as mine. There that is the reason that those who follow Satan hate it so much and are determined to destroy it. This country is the only thing standing between the evil one of the one government world government and their rule over the world. But their time is not yet. As I have told you previously son when the One World Government takes place it will be under the rule of my son. And it will be my one world government. and I will set the time. It is not yet but for now there will be a great Shaking. Which has already begun and all will know that I am doing what I said I would do. I will shake this country and I will shake the world and until all will know that I have your attention. Tings will begin to change son. Great changes will be taking place and all will know that my hand is that that’s accomplishing it. This change will be extremely important to the government of this country. For I am about to rip it apart and put it back together again as I desire it to be.

Many people will see this as a disaster. But my people will recognize it as my hand accomplishing what I have been promising them. It will not be pretty, it will not be nice. But it will be necessary to begin the cleanup of my country. Tell my people that I love them son. They should know that. But as I begin to clean up the country, my country, they may wonder. Tell them to trust me and have no fear. I will care for my people and. As for those who are trying to find a particle of my being in their 17 Mile tube I laugh. They don’t have to do that at all I’m right here in front of them. They simply don’t know how to find me, and they are searching for me for all the wrong. I laugh son, but at the same time it makes me sad. For I desire them all to come to me and accept my love. Tell my people son, fear not, tell them to re to rest in my love. That is the word of God for today.

Diane Larkin - BRAVE CHANGES - April 17, 2024

“I have been UNCOVERING the IRON GRIP of the deep darkness over your world. You have allowed Me to make you BRAVE in order to bring about the DOWNFALL of these tyrants. You have learned to partner with Me as a BRAVE WARRIOR who REJECTS EVIL, CONTROL, and INTIMIDATION; and you have FOUGHT VALIANTLY until the powerful darkness is now the one on the DEFENSIVE, and they are LOSING GROUND every day. GREAT CHANGES are coming as all the systems founded on darkness are DEMOLISHED. When this is FINISHED, it will be time to REBUILD. I need you to be just as BRAVE about the COMING CHANGES to your REBORN world. Can you be BRAVE and LET GO of FAMILIAR ways of living that SEEMED GOOD but had FALSE FOUNDATIONS? Will you be BRAVE enough to let Me EXCHANGE what seemed GOOD for what is BEST? The NEW ERA is going to be very DIFFERENT from the life of SLAVERY you have grown ACCUSTOMED to. Will you be BRAVE enough to TRUST Me with bringing you into a WHOLE NEW WAY of doing life? Even the way the Church has operated will GREATLY CHANGE. Are you BRAVE enough to go with the FLOW of My Spirit of TRUTH and LIFE? Don’t get STUCK CLINGING to the OLD because you are AFRAID of CHANGE. Ask Me, and I will make you BRAVE so that you can leave the battlefield of VICTORY and walk into a BRAVE NEW ERA by My side.”


“There will be a SHORT TIME of DARKNESS, DESTRUCTION, and JUDGMENT, but these are for the evil empire and NOT for My people. Those who are still ASLEEP or in DECEPTION will think that these DARK TIMES are for THEM, but the SHORT time of SHAKING is to WAKE THEM UP and to BREAK the POWER of DECEPTION off their MINDS and HEARTS. Once they are AWAKE and can SEE the DEPTH of darkness in the evil empire, you will be able to SHARE TRUTH and LIGHT and HOPE with them. Once they TAKE HOLD of the HOPE of My LIGHT, they will be REMOVED from the TERROR and the SWIRL of the JUDGMENT DESCENDING on the darkness. What look like DESPERATE DAYS to people are really DAYS of HARVEST for the WICKED, as they are BROUGHT DOWN and their DEATH AGENDAS all EXPOSED. The SHORT TIME of DARKNESS will MAKE A WAY for a time of REBIRTH, RESTORATION, and days of WONDERFUL LIGHT, as My GLORY and POWER fill the earth. Don’t be MOVED by the PRECIPICE for the evil empire because THE DARKNESS WILL BE SHORT COMPARED TO THE COMING DAYS OF LIGHT.”

Diane Larkin - THE SMOKE OF BABYLON IS RISING - April 15, 2024

This morning as I waited in the Father’s presence, I smelled smoke—the heaviest smoke I’ve ever smelled in the Spirit. He told me I smelled Babylon burning and that the smoke would rise for several years, as the evil empire is systematically burned down by His hand.
“THE SMOKE OF THE EVIL EMPIRE, your present day BABYLON, will be RISING for several years. It will get to the place where when you smell SMOKE, you will know that it is the SIGN of another BUILDING, MONUMENT, HIDING PLACE, or AGENDA of darkness BURNING DOWN. I will do this over the space of several years because it would be too TRAUMATIC for the people if I did it all at once. Some of these places of GREAT EVIL will be CONSUMED IN MINUTES, as I release My FIRE upon them. NOTHING will PUT OUT the FLAMES that I START. Fires will be TOO HOT for firefighters to approach. Each of these FIRES will EXPOSE DEEP DARKNESS and DEPRAVITY that will SHOCK the CONSCIENCE of the SLEEPING CHURCH and the DELUDED PUBLIC. The FEAR of My NAME and My WAYS will RISE in your Land, just as the SMOKE of BABYLON BURNING will be SEEN and SMELLED. My Leader who is a BUILDER will CHAMPION REBUILDING and RESTORATION with EXCELLENCE and with a foundation of JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS. THE SMOKE OF BABYLON RISING will SIGNAL the DESTRUCTION of a season of EVIL that RULED your Land. From the ashes, a NEW DAY and a NEW ERA will ARISE in My GLORY and My BLESSING. Look FORWARD to the NEW DAWN of an ERA of PEACE and PLENTY, but do not forget that your God is A CONSUMING FIRE.”
HEBREWS 12:29 (NKJV) “For our God is a consuming fire.” HEBREWS 12:29 (TPT) “For our God is a holy, devouring fire!”


I was led to do a prophetic act this morning. I saw a flame had been lit by the darkness, so I wet my fingers and put out the flame.
“The darkness desperately needs a HUGE DISTRACTION to take the EYES of the world OFF the RELENTLESS EXPOSURES of their EVIL that will be FLOODING in. What better way than to SPARK a WAR that will keep everyone DISTRACTED and will also serve as a SOURCE of MONEY to their DWINDLING RESOURCES. Do you have the POWER to STOP this WAR the darkness is trying so hard to start? Do you realize that part of SALVATION through the BLOOD of My Son is SHALOM—the PEACE of Heaven? When Jesus spoke to the storm, ‘Peace, be still,’ He was releasing the SHALOM of Heaven that COUNTERACTS anything of the darkness that tries to interject FEAR, CHAOS, STRIFE, and DEATH. Let FAITH ARISE, My Warriors, SPEAK and ACT like those who are of a SUPERIOR FIGHTING FORCE. Do you see the STICK of DYNAMITE that they have lit? Lick your fingers, and PUT IT OUT! SPEAK to the storm of WAR that the darkness is STIRRING UP; say, ‘PEACE, BE STILL!’ I will use this ATTEMPT to start a WAR to EXPOSE more SELFISH, EVIL ACTORS—even ones in your own government who are FULLY BEHIND and SECRETLY FUNDING groups to initiate war. I will EXPOSE BAD ACTORS in Israel’s government and in Iran’s government. The darkness will be SORRY they tried to START A WAR among the nations because you will SPEAK to those plans and DECLARE that the WAR will TURN BACK into the camp of the enemy. They will end up FIGHTING EACH OTHER. The most CASUALTIES from this attempt to STIR UP a WORLD WAR will be in the camp of the ENEMY, as they are EXPOSED and their EVIL MOTIVES LAID BARE before the world. Remember, My Army of Light, YOU HAVE THE POWER TO PUT THE STICK OF DYNAMITE OUT!”

Diane Larkin - DISARM, DISARM, DISARM - April 13, 2024

“When I give My Watchmen, My Prophets, My Prophetic Dreamers VISIONS of coming DARK SCHEMES of the enemy, it is not so you can be in DREAD OF THE FUTURE, nor is it so you can HIDE yourselves away from the DARK PLANS or STORMS caused by evil. I REVEAL the plans of the enemy so that you can SPECIFICALLY TARGET those schemes with your AUTHORITY. As these schemes of darkness are revealed in the WATERS, in the SKIES, and UNDER THE EARTH, I want you to DECLARE to these plans: ‘I DISARM, DISARM, DISARM you in the MIGHTY NAME of Jesus! I declare that NUCLEAR DEVICES will MALFUNCTION, that MISSILES will FALL BACK on the ones sending them, that DEADLY DISEASES will LOSE their ability to SPREAD and will only AFFECT those who CONSPIRED to release them, and that FINANCIAL LOSS and LACK of supplies will come upon the wicked. RELEASE ABUNDANT FINANCES and SUPPLIES to My people to SHARE with those in need. RELEASE My LIFE, STRENGTH, and PROTECTION over the people. The evil empire is being DETHRONED from the AIR, the WATER, and the GROUND by your decrees of DISARM, DISARM, DISARM!”

Diane Larkin - MORE APRIL FOOLISHNESS - April 12, 2024

“Here come MORE APRIL FOOLISH SCHEMES being rolled out by a DESPERATE enemy, FRANTICALLY CLINGING to schemes that worked in the PAST. As each new and even more RIDICULOUS plan is rolled out, learn NOT TO PANIC but RESPOND with Heaven’s LAUGHTER—right in the FACE of those partnered with darkness. As SCARE TACTIC after scare tactic is tried and FALLS FLAT like a DEFLATED BALLOON, GRIN as you STRATEGICALLY hold your SWORD of TRUTH that just PRICKED the HOLE in that scare tactic. Do you realize My POWER is in you and that NOTHING of the darkness can OVERCOME you? Your FAITH and your TRUST in My PROMISES are your STRONGHOLD of SAFETY. Your LAUGHTER at the enemy’s APRIL FOOLISHNESS sets the TEETH of the enemy and those partnered with him ON EDGE. It doesn’t matter if you are all alone when you BURST out LAUGHING at another APRIL FOOLISH SCHEME because it RINGS OUT in the atmosphere as a FREQUENCY that OPPOSES the LIES and the FAKE POWER GRABS. Use your SWORD of TRUTH to PUNCTURE every FEAR balloon you see being released. Do a PROPHETIC ACT and PUNCTURE those plans you hear of or that I REVEAL to you that have been planned behind CLOSED DOORS. Your PROPHETIC ACTS have POWER because you carry My AUTHORITY. Why waste time WRINGING YOUR HANDS and FRETTING? That says you are being FOOLED into thinking you are WEAK and POWERLESS. REFUSE this OLD, PASSIVE SURVIVAL THINKING and enter into the FULLNESS of what it means to RULE and REIGN with Me. OPPOSE the works of darkness with your WEAPONS of WARFARE and LAUGH as the enemy attempts MORE APRIL FOOLISHNESS.”

Diane Larkin - TRANSITION TO THE REBIRTH OF A NATION - April 11, 2024

“This is the THIRD DAY after the MARKER of the ECLIPSE from DARK TO LIGHT. This day MARKS a TRANSITION for the REBIRTH of your NATION. In the WOMB of HIDDENNESS, I AM REFORMING your FOUNDATIONS and MATURING your PURPOSES as a COVENANT NATION. Let the nations RAGE and the ANGRY KINGS RANT, as they seek to DESTROY this new Nation that I AM forming. See past the TEMPER TANTRUM I AM allowing these REBELLIOUS, EVIL ones to throw and look with SPIRITUAL EYES and SEE that I AM FORMING A NEW NATION FOR A NEW ERA. Just when all looks LOST, My THUMB will come down and SQUASH their EVIL AGENDAS and their THRONES of POWER. Then, I will CALL FORTH the BIRTHING of your NEW NATION, and it will be welcomed with GREAT JOY and CELEBRATION. Be FEARLESS in the face of the RAGING GIANTS (TYRANTS), and know that in the WOMB of the DAWN, I AM setting up a NEW and RIGHTEOUS government that will be READY to step into the BREECH that is caused by the DOWNFALL of DARKNESS. Call forth My CRUSHING THUMB that will DEFEAT the darkness and call forth LIFE and HEALTH to your NEWLY FORMING Nation.”

Diane Larkin - ALL ARE WELCOME AT MY TABLE - April 10, 2024

“I AM CALLING to the LEAST, the LOST, the FORGOTTEN. I AM WELCOMING YOU TO MY TABLE to eat of My GOODNESS, to be RECEIVED as one who BELONGS, and to be MADE WHOLE. Do you think your LIFE CHOICES, your BROKENNESS, your FAILURES have DISQUALIFIED you from a PLACE AT MY TABLE? OH, NO! My Son gave His LIFE, His BLOOD, to BUY BACK ones, just like you, from the DARKNESS who tried to ENSNARE you with SIN and to DESTROY your life. I want you to know that the PRICE has ALREADY BEEN PAID to COVER ALL YOUR SINS, ALL YOUR FAILURES, AND ALL THE PLACES THAT HAVE BEEN BROKEN IN YOU. I AM WAITING to SEAT you at My TABLE, to FEED you with the CUP of SALVATION, and the BREAD OF LIFE. All you need to do is FULLY SURRENDER your life back to Me, RECEIVE the BLOOD of Jesus to COVER all your sin, and INVITE the Holy Spirit to TRANSFORM your life from BROKENNESS to become a BEAUTIFUL LIFE that SHINES with My LOVE, My GRACE, and My GLORY. DO NOT LET THE ENEMY LIE TO YOU! You are NOT so broken that you are BEYOND REPAIR, you are NOT too sinful to ever be made CLEAN again. You are NOT too much of an OUTCAST to ever be RECEIVED into FELLOWSHIP again. My Son gave His LIFE for ones JUST LIKE YOU, and His BLOOD is the most POWERFUL CLEANSING SOURCE in the Universe. COME UNDER His blood, RECEIVE the LOVE of a Father who is longing for His prodigal to return, and be TRANSFORMED by the Spirit’s POWER. ALL ARE WELCOME AT MY TABLE.”

Unknown Prophet - The *SOLAR ECLIPSE* is the just the beginning! -April 10, 2024

I have a word that I received back on the 21st that I think is extremely applicable for the time and I believe that’s what the Lord wants me to bring to you today. I’ve got several words that I really feel I need to get out to you. But I can’t do but one at a time. I guess I could do several. but this one just lines up right so. I saw the eclipse taking place. I saw the sun, and then I saw the shadow begin to invade, it until it became totally dark. The darkness stayed for a while and then the shadow began to move back off. The father said son there is a great significance in the eclipse. It is the beginning of much that I have planned from the beginning. Yes, from the beginning. It is significant that this will turn many people to me and many away from me. Many will see that I am who I say I am and that I do control the universe.

Yes, it is generally with order but it is my control. While many will say that all this is just nature. God has nothing to do with it. Am I not in control of nature? Is the universe not my creation not the creation of my hand? Did I form something fling it into space and just leave it. Tell my people that the eclipse is of my hand and that I am moving even as they are watching it take place. Those who cannot see it will nonetheless know that it is taking place for I have put out the word. It is the beginning of a time when I will display my power and my hand over the universe. Yes, you will see signs and wonders, for I am coming to draw all to me that will come. It is not the end times, but it is my time.

I desire to increase my family. Those who worship me as their father and serve me with love as I love them. Yes, my son you have said it right in your prayers. They will become those of my immediate family. I love all that come to me son, but those with whom I can converse are an added blessing to me. Know everyone that comes to me and is a child of mine that I love you. But as any father I desire to converse with you. Those who are trying to hear me and don’t think you have succeeded know that I am speaking to you and you will hear me. Do not be downhearted continue to listen you will hear me. The eclipse will activate much in my realm, son, because I have set it as a point to begin to move in power where I have not before. Watch what I do my people and we will move together. I speak this to you now my people so that you will begin to be alert to my hand in a new way. That’s God’s word for the eclipse

Dutch Sheets (Chris Reed dream) "The Rebirth of America" Dream | Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch - April 10, 2024

Today’s post is The Rebirth of America dream. Chris Reed of Morning Star Ministries was given a dream on March 9th 2024, which seemed significant to me. In his dream. the then upcoming eclipse of April 8th. marked the triggering of a metaphoric conception. Conception in the spirit God used that to a physical conception to picture something happening in the spirit. He calls it a metaphorical conception leading to an Awakening and rebirth in America. Reed did not attempt to define the scope of the Awakening. Only that it was significant enough to be part of America’s rebirth. I want to highlight certain aspcts of the dream offer a few comments the baby was conceived in April 2024 Eclipse around the eclipse and born in January 2025. Its name was the baby’s name was America. The infant was wrapped in the American flag. Leading Reed to use the phrase The Rebirth of America in summarizing the dream.

It is inarguable to any Bible believing honest person that America has lost her way and needs a rebirth. The only debatable aspect of this now is regarding the cause. Like many I tried for several years to give the benefit of the doubt to those being used to weaken America, considering their actions simp simply as incompetency. I can no longer do so. No one with any intelligence whatsoever could fail to foresee the devastating effects of the left’s decisions. The damage has to be intentional. Those on the left believe America from its Inception is systematically evil, must be dismantled, then rebuilt as the woke globalist Nation they Envision. Those endeavoring to restructure America have made great progress in this dismantle dismantling process. So much so that the America birthed two and a half centuries ago, and which subsequently grew into the greatest nation in history, has been damaged Beyond nonhuman ability to restore her. She must experience a supernatural rebirth, both spiritually, and naturally.

The dream was related in part to the upcoming presidential election. As I stated, the conception of the baby in April 2024 was in April occurred in April 2024 the birth took place in January 2025. The month of America’s Presidential Inauguration. In the dream a trauma associated with the elections occurred in September or October, sending the nation into chaos pandemonium. Say it again in September or October, he Likens it to sort of a an extreme October surprise, but on one account I heard he said September October he wasn’t giving an exact time or date, just that General period. A trauma associated with the elections occurred in September or October sending the nation into chaos and pandemonium. Reed said this was frightening and intensified the division in in America. Also, nearly caused premature labor as he words it, endangering the baby The Rebirth of America.

Because of a 1968 newspaper headlines shown to him referencing the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. He felt an assassination ,or an attempt to do so, could be the trigger for the chaos. Reed was appropriately cautious not saying this would definitely occur but stated what he saw in the dream and asked people to pray. Likewise I have no prophetic clarity about an assassination, or an attempt to do so. I do however, feel confident that the chaos he spoke of is indeed coming. Who could be naive enough to believe the progressive leftists and globalists will not do whatever they deem necessary to keep Trump from winning the presidency in November. Is The Rebirth of America dependent on him winning the White House in November? I don’t know it is foolish to think that any person persons or political party can rebirth America.

It is also foolish however to believe that it doesn’t matter who is in power. In scripture Israel was judged multiple times due to the actions of its leaders as were other nations, and conversely was blessed, based on the decisions of its leaders. Trump is not a messiah, but he does oppose the demonic opposition to America’s Destiny and success. And he is correct when he says the left is actually coming after us, Patriots, the lovers of Freedom, those who honor God. He is just standing in the way. The threat he presents to them, not to democracy is cataclysmic. In 2016 fifty to sixty years of momentum for the left beginning with the Supreme Court’s decision to expel God from public schools in 1962 was dramatically interrupted by the election of Trump. In response they pulled out all stops and their attempts to hinder and remove him. Democrats Progressive Republicans, the Deep State, the judicial system, mainstream media ,social media billionaires Hollywood and more have launched the single greatest attack on an individual in US history. Trump’s survival is nothing short of miraculous.

It is due to the American people waking up to the astounding levels of corruption in our nation and rallying behind him. Many also believe it is because of God’s favor and protection. So I say again the left will stop at nothing and their attempts to keep him from the White House. Buckle up, it’s going to get turbulent. In the dream the baby named, wrapped in the American flag, had to be placed in an incubator after its birth in January. The danger to its survival had not ended. It wasn’t until July that the chaos and pandemonium subsided. This could very well mean that a battle will rage over the US Presidency until the summer of 2025.

What can we do? Pray. God is the source of America’s recovery. Apart from his intervention nothing that occurs in Washington DC will save America. Our faith is not in a political, or person. Yes, God uses people but except he keeps the city the Watchman wakes in vain. Pray against corruption and for exposure. Pray that every attempt to destroy America’s rebirth will fail. Pray that all deception would be broken, and that America will see clearly what is truly occurring. Pray for protection over our leaders. Don’t forget Gina’s dream we shared a couple of weeks ago where we decreed from the capital that the deception, the blindness, would be broken off of America and they would see. Do not fear the shaking it will intensify. But we must stay in faith, like Esther in her day. We were born for this time. Our greatest days are ahead head, if we persevere in faith, and obedience.

Let’s pray now, father thank you for speaking to us through dreams. Give us insights and correct interpretations. We believe you’re showing us the times and seasons and that over the next 16 months Satan will initiate chaos attempting to thwart America’s rebirth. We now ask we ask now for this to fail. We bind it in Jesus name we ask for a healthy baby The Rebirth of America. We ask for protection from any and every attack against this. Guide us please through this time, help us serve your purposes effectively. We ask for President Biden’s salvation, that he be delivered from the unbiblical ideologies and strongholds that control him. May he find true repentance. We pray for Donald Trump, purify him in whatever ways necessary. Deliver him from Evil attacks, slander, unjust prosecutions, expose all the evil going on.

Lord cause the man of your choice to win the election. Help them restore America to morality, biblical ideals, and your destiny for her. Deliver Us from Evil in our government. And we conclude by declaring that your kingdom Authority and princi principles will rule over America. Your desires will be accomplished, your church will be awakened, filled with Holy Spirit and burned with fresh fire. We declare that we will hear your voice clearly going only in the direction you lead us. We boldly declare that we will not fear any shaking chaos or work of Darkness. We will operate only in faith and all of this we pray in Jesus name. And our decree we decree that America is being saved, and reborn, and the timing of the Lord will not be altered. You may want to read and study Daniel 7:25. Where Satan tries to alter the times and Seasons but we declare we decree God’s timing will not be altered it will be. Amen.

'Diana Larkin - FORETELLING OR FORTH TELLING? - April 9, 2024

I asked the Father to speak to me about His question for us to consider, “What if I were to extend the darkness of the eclipse beyond what man’s science has predicted?” This is what He answered:
“My PURPOSE in speaking about the eclipse time being lengthened was NOT FORETELLING but a FORTH TELLING that would help you EXPAND your THINKING and your FAITH about what I AM CAPABLE of doing. When I do CHOOSE to step in and CONFOUND SCIENCE, it will be at a STRATEGIC TIME and for a STRATEGIC REASON. I don’t just want to make a ‘SPLASH;’ I want to release a TSUNAMI of POWER that will CHANGE HEARTS and NATIONS. TRUST My TIMING and My CHOICES and continue to PASSIONATELY WORSHIP the One who is over all creation and through whom all creation came into being. Completely trusting Me means LAYING DOWN your own good ideas of how and when I will accomplish My RESCUE of your world from the DEEP and CRUEL DARKNESS. Call on Me to come and do SPECTACULAR ACTS to set you FREE from TYRANNY and DEATH SCHEMES. But always CHECK your MOTIVES—are you looking for YOUR WORDS and REPUTATION to be VINDICATED, or are you looking for My VOICE and CHARACTER to be VINDICATED before the world?” (At this point, I began to smell smoke from a fire. I realized He was purifying our hearts and motives so that we do not make the huge mistake of taking any of the glory for ourselves.) “When I BURN AWAY FALSE MOTIVES, it is for your PROTECTION and for your FREEDOM. When you allow Me to VINDICATE you instead of you trying to PROVE that you are right, it puts you in a place of HUMILITY and FREEDOM—nothing to PROVE and nothing to HIDE. It is the HUMBLE HEART that will be PROMOTED because they will NOT STUMBLE over PRIDE or SELF-PROMOTION. They know that it is My GLORY working through them and SHINING through them. This brings great PEACE and great FRUITFULNESS and ADVANCES My Kingdom on the earth.”

Diana Larkin - UNDER THE COVER OF DARKNESS - April 8, 2024

“The enemy believes that he OWNS the DARKNESS, and he has CONVINCED people to do many evil deeds UNDER THE COVER OF DARKNESS. But I tell you that I AM OVER THE DARKNESS, and I AM USING the darkness to HELP DEFEAT those who have TWISTED it and used it for EVIL purposes. I CREATED DARKNESS as a time for the world to REST and to be RENEWED under its COMFORTING BLANKET. The enemy PERVERTED it to be a place of HIDDENNESS to do EVIL DEEDS and to SOW FEAR into a place that was meant for DEEP REST. Here is how I AM using the darkness AGAINST THEM. UNDER COVER OF DARKNESS, I AM releasing the SLAVES of TRAFFICKING. I AM leading Hosts and brave military to PENETRATE the SECRET and DARK HIDING PLACES of EVIDENCE and SUPPLIES and at just the RIGHT TIME, these will be brought into the LIGHT to EXPOSE those partnered with evil. Everything the evil empire thought they OWNED, thought they CONTROLLED, thought HID and PROTECTED them, will be used to BRING THEM DOWN. UNDER COVER OF DARKNESS, I AM BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE OF CARDS, and its COLLAPSE will be SUDDEN and FINAL. Darkness and light are alike to Me, the GREAT I AM.” 
PSALM 139:12 (AMP) “Even the darkness is not dark to You and conceals nothing from You. But the night shines as bright as the day; darkness and light are alike to You.”

Janie Seguin, Bo Polny -GOD Reveals HIS SECRET [Eclipse] Spring-Summer TIMELINE! - April 8, 2024


He says to you Hallelujah. Who, you are right on the brink. Things will not happen like you think. I have many ways, says the Lord, to reprieve and to restore. … With your eyes you will see great change the wicked cease and a harvest of souls have been gained. I will remove the veil from many eyes where the devil has deceived with his lie. …. He disguising evil for good, he did all that he could to stop America’s aim to lift Jesus Holy Name. … Heaven is my space and Earth is my foot stool. I am in command, I rule. … Suddenly and quickly you are about to see as I

clear the path for thee. … I am moving at my Pace giving the earth a little taste of heavenly love and Bliss this. There has never been a time like this. …

Joy and love will fill this land evil stops at my command. Time to March forward souls in need during this time of reprieve. … Spread the power of unity for it is the key as all come to the cross and they bow knee. I am the God of all, to the young, the tall and the small. All must come to me and all who come I will set free. Prison is not my choice religion and denominations must reverse their course. … The power of unity and love with will fit my church like a glove. … The power of unity and love will fit my church like a glove. … You are not alone for all men sins I did atone. Many I have been preparing for this time of sharing. … Love knowledge and peace as I spread my joy that will not cease. The joy of the Lord is our strength this is the day the Lord has given us we will rejoice and be glad in it today Allelujah that when when when I when he spoke those words it was like I saw a hand come down and he in his hand it was clutched was like a blanket and this blanket came across and it spread across the whole earth. All of his people were covered and were protected about what he was about to do. Hallelujah! …

Slamming doors wide open evil plans are broken my church on fire as I answer their heart’s desire. …  Bells of Heaven are about to ring. The devil will Feel My Sting. As this Earth I begin to shake and all the demons begin to quake. I am breaking down every wall to the ground to dust they will fall my church Hearts Desire they will spread my grace like wildfire. … Across this land it will Blaze as people my son’s name they Raise. Shouts of acclamation his name Proclaim glory and honor to his name. … My church lifts their voice many will make the ultimate choice to Christ. They will bow their knee from sin I will set them free. …

No one knows my all my plan of how I’m going to rescue this land. Hold on tight for this wave of my glory is about to tell the whole story. … All generations will see all generations will see this world belongs to me. So hold on tight we’re about to take a flight. To places unknown where other seeds have been sown. Some plants, some water, you understand. We all work together hand in hand. …

It is the unity you see that always brings the victory this world is out of whack but I am about to put it back on track…  The hoty will fall and the weak I call as the earth I shake the towers of evil will break. … As I shake this Earth I shake the devil’s plans I will break… into pieces the lies as my people testify. …    

Veronika West - X O DUS : A Strange and Powerful Dream - April7, 2024

”X O DUS” : A Strange and Powerful Dream!

The following Word is for those who can discern the Prophetic Significance of Letters and Numbers and how they speak to the Hour.

So friends, this afternoon (7th April; 7/4) I went to lay down. Now to be honest, I never sleep during the day, but I felt to lay down on my bed, and as I did, I fell into a deep sleep.

While asleep, I had a very short but strange and powerful dream. This dream was very clear and very distinct.

Now, as I came into the dream, I suddenly saw the letter “X” coming towards me very rapidly — and as soon as I saw the letter “X” I heard the Word, ”EXODUS”!

Then I heard, ”Watch! For surely a second Exodus has begun — and the birthing of a New Kingdom Era in The Nations of the earth!”

As soon as I heard those words in this Dream, suddenly I saw “A Ring of Fire” rapidly coming towards me, and then I saw the letters “D•U•S” also racing towards me.

As I looked at the Ring of Fire and the letters DUS, I heard these Words, ”Do you see?” and suddenly I saw this “X O DUS”.

Now I cant fully describe how I saw this Word written in the realm of the Spirit…

But as I looked at the “X” I saw that it was distinct and separate from the “O” the (Ring of Fire) and the Ring of Fire was distinct and also separate from the letters “DUS”, and though each symbol seemed separate and was pointing Prophetically to different Unfolding Events they were all intrinsically connected.

And then I suddenly woke up….

As I started meditating on this short but strange and poignant dream. The Spirit of Revelation led me to look at the following and I believe it speaks powerfully to the hour…

X – Marks the Spot.
X – Put a Mark on the Door Post — The Time of Passover.
X – The Sign of the Cross.
X – Tav – Aleph and Tav

O – The Moon, Sun, Earth.
O – Cycles and Season.
O – Covenant.
O – Ring of Fire.
O – Open Door.
O – Open Heaven/ Open Portal.
O – Eye — Mouth

D•U•S – (D)Do (U)You (S)See!

Then I looked at the numerical value of each letter… and what I found was unbelievable!

X = 24
O = 15
DUS = (4) (21) (19)

– 2+4+1+5 = 12 (3)
– 24+15 = 39 (12)
– 2+4 =6 1+5=6/6 =12
– 24+15 = 39
– 39-3+9 = 12X = 24 (6) 2+4
O = 15 (6) 1+5

DUS = (44) D(4)+U(21)+S(19) = (44) (8)
DUS = 4+1+9+2+1 = 17 (2017 First Eclipse)
17- (7+1=8)
4+21+19= 44 > 44 (4+4=8)
D=4 U=21 S=19= 17/44

DUS = 17/44
DUS – 1+7=(8) 4+4=(8)
DUS – 44+17=61 6+1=(7)
X = (24)
0 = (15)

DUS = 17/44 (61) (6+1=7)
X= (24) (2024 Second Eclipse)
O = (15)

DUS = (17/44) (8) (8) 1+7 =8 4+4 =8

Date of Second Eclipse; 4/8/24 > 4+8+24 = 36 (3+6 = 9)

X-24 O-15 DUS-17/44

-X O DUS- 24+15+17 = 56 (11)
-X O DUS- 24+15+44 = 83 (11)

-(2017/ First Eclipse) -(DUS)- 17
-(2024/ Second Eclipse) -(X)- 24

Date of First Eclipse: 21/8/17:
21+8+17 = (46) 4+6 = (10)
2+1+8+1+7 = (19) 1+9 = (10)

Date of Second Eclipse: 8/4/24:
8+4+24 = 36 3+6 = (9)
8+4+2+4 =18 1+8 = (9)

The 11th Hour Prophetically…

– 8 The Number of New Beginnings.

– 12 Divine Order and Alignment.

– 7 Perfection and Completion.

– 9 Birthing/Judgement; (Nine-veh).

– 10 Gods Divine Order & Authority; Completion of a Cycle; An Appointed Time.

– 44th book of the Bible is the Book of Acts.

– 44th Verse of Daniel 2, makes the Glorious Announcement that God’s Kingdom will come to the Earth after mankind’s final attempt to rule himself fails miserably!

X O DUS 4:8..”If they will not believe you,” God said, “or listen to the first sign, they may believe the latter sign.” (NIV) “Then the LORD said, ‘If they do not believe you or pay attention to the first sign, they may believe the second””!

– Date: 4/8 > 4+8 = (12)

– 4/8/24 > (36) (18) = (9)

See Link : Prophetic Significance of (9) & (11) and how it Speaks to the Hour: The First Ever Recorded Eclipse

Diana Larkin - THE FIRE OF GOD - April 7, 2024

As I was waiting in the Father’s presence to hear what He wanted to speak to us this morning, I began smelling smoke. Something was burning. Then the Father spoke, “The Fire of God.”
“My FIRE is released on the earth, as I continue to SHAKE to AWAKE and to EXPOSE HIDDEN, DARK SECRETS. MY FIRE will be both NATURAL and SPIRITUAL. The natural FIRES will burn down BUILDINGS, MONUMENTS, and CHURCHES that are SERVING the DARKNESS. These manmade IDOLATROUS structures will be CONSUMED by My FIRES of JUDGMENT, and the Land will be CLEANSED. I will also release My SUPERNATURAL FIRE to BURN UP the PRIDE of man and to DISINTEGRATE the DEMONIC PLATFORMS that have held them up. You will see the elite CRY OUT, as I BURN them up INTERNALLY. My SPIRITUAL FIRE will also be released on My people. It will burn away FALSE MOTIVES of FAME, GREED, and IMPURE DESIRES. It will burn up MANMADE DOCTRINES that have been sown into the Church by the RELIGIOUS SPIRIT of OUTWARD CONFORMITY instead of INNER TRANSFORMATION and INTIMACY with Me. My FIRE will TORCH those doctrines that were sown into the Church by the darkness—especially end times teachings that FOCUS My people of Light on ESCAPE, rather than learning to RULE and REIGN by taking AUTHORITY over the darkness and by helping to ESTABLISH foundations of JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS. My FIRE PREPARES A WAY before Me, and out of the ashes, I will REBUILD something of PURITY and BEAUTY. WELCOME My FIRE in your world, in the Church, and in your hearts. My FIRE brings forth GOLD and NEW LIFE.”

Rosie Lost Sheep - PSALM 37 PROPHECY: WORDS OF OLD FROM OUR YESHUA HA MASHIACH (6th Apr) - April 6, 2024

A Psalm of David

Psalm 37:1-40  Fret not yourself because of the wicked, be not envious of wrongdoers! For they will soon fade like the grass, and wither like the green herb. Trust in the Lord, and do good; so you will dwell in the land, and enjoy security. Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act. He will bring forth your vindication as the light, and your right as the noonday. Be still before the Lord, and wait patiently for him; fret not yourself over him who prospers in his way, over the man who carries out evil devices! Refrain from anger, and forsake wrath! Fret not yourself; it tends only to evil. For the wicked shall be cut off; but those who wait for the Lord shall possess the land. Yet a little while, and the wicked will be no more; though you look well at his place, he will not be there. But the meek shall possess the land, and delight themselves in abundant prosperity.

The wicked plots against the righteous, and gnashes his teeth at him; but the Lord laughs at the wicked, for he sees that his day is coming. The wicked draw the sword and bend their bows, to bring down the poor and needy, to slay those who walk uprightly; their sword shall enter their own heart, and their bows shall be broken. Better is a little that the righteous has than the abundance of many wicked. For the arms of the wicked shall be broken; but the Lord upholds the righteous. The Lord knows the days of the blameless, and their heritage will abide for ever;
they are not put to shame in evil times, in the days of famine they have abundance. But the wicked perish; the enemies of the Lord are like the glory of the pastures, they vanish—like smoke they vanish away. The wicked borrows, and cannot pay back, but the righteous is generous and gives; for those blessed by the Lord shall possess the land, but those cursed by him shall be cut off. The steps of a man are from the Lord, and he establishes him in whose way he delights; though he fall, he shall not be cast headlong, for the Lord is the stay of his hand. I have been young, and now am old; yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken or his children begging bread. He is ever giving liberally and lending, and his children become a blessing.

Depart from evil, and do good; so shall you abide for ever. For the Lord loves justice;
he will not forsake his saints. The righteous shall be preserved for ever, but the children of the wicked shall be cut off. The righteous shall possess the land, and dwell upon it for ever. The mouth of the righteous utters wisdom, and his tongue speaks justice. The law of his God is in his heart; his steps do not slip. The wicked watches the righteous, and seeks to slay him. The Lord will not abandon him to his power, or let him be condemned when he is brought to trial. Wait for the Lord, and keep to his way, and he will exalt you to possess the land; you will look on the destruction of the wicked. I have seen a wicked man overbearing, and towering like a cedar of Lebanon. Again I passed by, and lo, he was no more; though I sought him, he could not be found. Mark the blameless man, and behold the upright, for there is posterity for the man of peace. But transgressors shall be altogether destroyed; the posterity of the wicked shall be cut off. The salvation of the righteous is from the Lord; he is their refuge in the time of trouble. The Lord helps them and delivers them; he delivers them from the wicked, and saves them, because they take refuge in him.

Diana Larkin - WHAT IF I EXTEND THE DARKNESS? - April 6, 2024

I had a brief visit to the Council Chamber of Heaven where I heard the Father pose a question to the Elders. He said, “What if I were to extend the darkness of the eclipse beyond what man’s science has predicted?”
The Father speaks:
“The enemy has INFILTRATED man’s SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY. PRIDE has so filled the hearts of some that they spend their lives trying to PROVE that I DON’T EXIST and that I AM a made up SUPERSTITION of men with WEAK MINDS. These proud men believe they have FREED themselves to be able to DISCOVER TRUTH but in REALITY, they are SHACKLED to DECEPTION and WARPED PERCEPTIONS. It’s time to FREE SCIENTIFIC PURSUITS from the GRIP of PRIDE and the ARROGANCE of the ELITE into a pursuit of how My ways and My creation can BENEFIT MANKIND. What if I AM about to SHAKE the scientific models and predictions? What if I AM about to DISMANTLE LONG-HELD SCIENTIFIC THEORIES that have PROUDLY been taught as FACT? What if I AM about to BUST UP their careful PREDICTIVE MODELS of ECLIPSES, STORMS, EARTHQUAKES, and WIND PATTERNS? What if I were to EXTEND the PERIOD of DARKNESS from the coming eclipse? This is the GREAT AWAKENING and every area of society will be SHAKEN out of the DEPENDENCE on MAN’S WAYS to be brought into the ABUNDANCE, FREEDOM, and CREATIVITY of MY WAYS. Man’s PRIDEFUL SCIENCE MODEL is going to FALL. For My Remnant, I will be your EARLY WARNING SYSTEM, and I will show you how I can PROTECT you, PROVIDE for you, and give you INSIGHT into what I AM doing. Learn to SEEK Me for the future and NOT man’s LIMITED knowledge. Then, it will GO WELL with you in ALL AREAS of your life.”

Flashback to the 1980's --- Hermit of Loreto (Tom Zimmer), Italy in the 1980's predicted Donald J. Trump was going to be a great leader of America, and bring Americans back to God

Dr. Curran called [Thomas Zimmer] and told him that, back in the 1980s, Tom Zimmer said he had received a “premonition” and that “a certain man would lead America back to God”—and that man would be none other than Donald J. Trump. “The millionaire playboy from New York?” the incredulous doctor is said to have asked Zimmer.

“Yes,” the Hermit of Loreto responded, adding he was so sure Donald Trump would become a great spiritual leader of America that he wrote his name on a brick and had it placed in the reconstruction of St. Peter’s Holy Door after the Jubilee so Trump would receive blessings from the many Masses that would be said in the Vatican. …

A light of current events that have been taking place recently. There’s a story I wanted to share with you, a true story. And it has to do with a friend of mine who’s a medical doctor. He’s a psychiatrist, his name is Claude Curran. Actually his mother was Calabrese a his father was Irish and his name is a doctor Claude Curran. I got to know Dr. Curran when I was at a Lady of Mount Carmel in Bristol Rhode Island in my first assignment. He had studied in Rome, and met his wife there, who was a neurologist in medical school. They had married in Borsa? hometown and then the couple moved to Bristol to raise their family and they had five children. So one day about 17 years ago when I was at my first assignment in Bristol. I was talking to him about going to Rome. I told him I was going to be visiting Rome. And he said to me father. listen I really want you to do something when you were in Rome. I want you to get on a train and I want you to go up to Loretto. And he said I’ll pay for the trend ticket. I’ll pave your expenses, but you’ve got to go to Loretto.

Now as he was saying this I was thinking, okay I know why Lady of Loretto it’s a very important Christian site we Catholics. It is actually the house of the Blessed Virgin Mary is in Loretto. The house where the Blessed Mary grew up where she received the message of the angel Gabriel, and actually the incarnation of our Lord took place in this house in Loretto. Now why is it in Loretto, it’s in a northern northeastern Italian town and not in Nazareth. Well the house of course was in Nazareth where our lady was born and raised. But during the Muslim invasions the Muslims were threatening to destroy the house of the Incarnation. So angels lifted up the house, and angels brought the house to where it is now in Loretto. Archeologists have looked at the this house. They have examined it and they found that it is truly a first-century house that would have been built in Nazareth considering the materials that were there at the time in which it was constructed. Pollen on the house indicates that there are only flowers that would have been in bloom around that time in Nazareth. So it is authentically Nazaretherian first century house and as we Catholics of course believe as I said it was transported by angels to Loretto to protect it from Muslims.

So, I knew all that history about this beautiful house. But he said to me father I know the house is beautiful and I want you to see it. But there’s another reason why when you go there. There’s a guy who is there his name is Tom Zimmer. I want you to meet Tom Zimmer. Now Tom Zimmer is a man who is not a priest, is not a religious, he’s not a brother. But he decided, he’s an American, but he decided that this house is so powerful, and so important to Christendom, and so important to prayer. That he was going to be a hermit there. He was going to leave everything behind America, move to Loretto, and lives near this house, and stay in this Basilica that’s built around this house. He was going to stay near this house day and night. And pray and attend all the masses every day that was said in this Basilica that surrounds the house of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

So, very fascinating man, I wanted to meet him. So, I do is Dr. Curran said. I got on a train, I went up to Loretta. Beautiful scenic ride on the way up. It’s along the Adriatic side of Italy. I reached the Basilica. I go in the Basilica, it’s a beautiful Basilica. And the house is right there built a you know that the Basilica is built right around the house. I went up to the house I said a prayer and then I looked for Tom. And I remember it saying to doctor now how am I going to find him. I’m just going to go to Loretto. He said believe me walk around and you’ll find him. Sure enough there was an elderly man who was very frail, very thin, who was leaning up against the fence that surrounds the house. And I went up to him in English I said to him are you Thomas. And he looked up at me and he said, yes, I am in English.

So I said to him I’m Fr. Capoverdi Dr. Curran’s friend. He’s our mutual friend. And he looked and he said yes I’m going very well have a seat. So I was in my collar and he was sitting on the floor so I sat on the floor. And I sat next one so I said I was sitting next to him he get really beautiful man, very very holy, he was he was teaching me a lot of beautiful things. Actually he is the creator of the book called the Pieta. It’s a beautiful, it’s the blue book, that has a picture the Pieta on the cover and it has all beautiful prayers in it. It’s called the Pieta. I strongly recommend you get that book. It sold over 10 million copies this book that he authored.

So, years later, only a few weeks ago, I’m talking to Dr. Curran. And he says to me you do you remember that guy Tom Zimmer I told you to see in Italy many years ago. I said of course how could I forget what a holy man he was. And Dr. Curran said to me listen to this about what happened between Tom and I in the 1980’s. Dr. Curran said then in the 1980s he was talking to Tom Zimmer. And Tom Zimmer said to him, Claude, there’s a man right now who I believe in the future is going to lead America back to God. So Claude said who is this? Who is this guy? And Tom Zimmer said the man was going to in the future lead our country back to God is Donald J. Trump. And Dr. Curran said, you mean the New York Playboy? Like the guy and Tom Zimmer said believe me. I have a premonition that this is the man was going to do it in the future.

So what Thomas did, is at that time John Paul II opened the holy doors of the Vatican of St. Peter’s Basilica. And when he opened the holy doors for that year was for the whole year. When the doors are ready to close. The Vatican allows people to donate bricks that go inside the door. And you can put an inscription on the bricks of any intention you want. And those doors are closed in there sealed and they’re not open until the next time the the Vatican, the Pope decides to open the doors, for another holy year. So they shot sealed and all of the intentions that are on those bricks are prayed during the Holy Sacrifice of the mass at the Vatican, at that St. Peter’s. All the masses that the Pope says all the prayers that have prayed are all for the intentions of the inscriptions that are on these bricks time Zimmer in the 1980s donated a brick to be put in the holy door of the Vatican that said Donald J Trump. And he did that because he wanted those masses in the Vatican to be set for him. Because he knew that in the future this man was going to be a great leader of America, and bring Americans back to God. And look at just yesterday that his at Donald Trump’s rally. His wife prayed the Our Father in front of the whole crowd. It was just so warming and beautiful to hear a first lady praying the Our Father. This premonition I firmly believe that Tom Zimmer, this very holy hermit of Loretto, a promise would happen has been fulfilled.

Diana Larkin - MOUNTING PRESSURE - April 5, 2024

“The PRESSURE is MOUNTING all over the world. The deep darkness is feeling My HAND of JUDGMENT WEIGH HEAVILY UPON THEM. They are FRANTICALLY releasing every DIVERSION, SCARE TACTIC, and DEATH AGENDA that they have in their arsenals. The top leaders of evil are putting MOUNTING PRESSURE on those who serve them to STOP, BY ANY MEANS, the LIGHT that is EXPOSING their EVIL DEEDS and CORRUPT HEARTS. I AM BEHIND THE MOUNTING PRESSURE in the world. It is meant for the DARKNESS and NOT FOR YOU. You are to MARCH IN STEP with Me, My Forces of Light, and not be DISTRACTED by the FRANTIC MANEUVERS of the darkness. You FOCUS on SLAYING the GIANTS of FEAR, PLOTS of TYRANNY, and releasing EXPOSURE, JUDGMENT, and JUSTICE. Don’t get CAUGHT UP in feeling PRESSURED. Responding from PRESSURE makes you try to TAKE CONTROL, rather than TRUSTING My BATTLE STRATEGY and ORDERS. Watch, as the MOUNTING PRESSURE on the darkness causes them to release APRIL FOOLISHNESS SCHEMES that will BACKFIRE in the coming months, and it will BRING DOWN the whole HOUSE of CARDS. This MOUNTING PRESSURE will continue to BUILD until our FINAL VICTORY BREAKS THROUGH and TRUTH, PEACE, and PLENTY flood in.”

Diana Larkin - STIR IT UP! - April 4, 2024

“This morning you sensed the darkness STIRRING THINGS UP in the heavens. They are STIRRING their witch’s caldron of EVIL CURSES and SCHEMES of DESTRUCTION to unleash on your world. How do you COUNTERACT these DARK STIRRINGS? STIR UP THE LIGHT! STIR UP your VOICE and DECLARE My GOODNESS and My POWER. PSALM 149:6-9 (TPT) ‘God’s high and holy praises fill their mouths, for their shouted praises are their weapons of war! These warring weapons will bring vengeance on the nations and every resistant power—to bind kings with chains and rulers with iron shackles. Praise-filled warriors will enforce the judgment decreed against their enemies. This is the honor He gives to all His godly lovers. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!’ STIR UP the REPORTS in My Word of a God who RAISES the DEAD and who causes nations to be BORN IN A DAY. STIR UP and DECLARE the PROMISES and PROPHECIES I have given you and your Land. STIR UP the CELEBRATION SHOUTS and DECLARE, ‘We have the VICTORY through our Great God!’ Is the enemy STIRRING UP DARKNESS? You STIR UP the LIGHT because the LIGHT always OVERCOMES the darkness. STIR IT UP!”

Diana Larkin - STAND YOUR GROUND - April 3, 2024

“Let Me give you some SPIRITUAL INTEL from behind the scenes. Despite the BOASTING LIES of the enemy, spread by the LYING media, your enemies are LOSING GROUND RAPIDLY. Behind closed doors, FRANTIC, HALF-BAKED PLANS are being launched to try and stop the CRUMBLING of centuries-old plans for DOMINATION of your lives and the world. They are going to PULL OUT the BIG GUNS, and these are going to sound and look TERRIFYING; but I want you to remember they will only have the APPEARANCE of BIG GUNS because we have REMOVED much of the DEADLY POWER from these evil plans. This has been a true JOINT OPERATION with Heaven’s Forces, My Army of Light, and brave military and whistleblowers. The enemy is facing their PRECIPICE of DESTRUCTION—not you! Therefore, DO NOT COWER IN FEAR before a GIANT who is about to FALL. STAND YOUR GROUND and FLING your STONES OF FAITH into the MIND CONTROL the giant has had over the nations. You have your two Warrior Angels right by your sides, and My presence OVERSHADOWS you. BREAK the POWER of the LIES being spewed over the airwaves, WELCOME My TSUNAMI of TRUTH, and CALL FORTH the WINDS of CHANGE. THE VICTORY IS OURS!”

Diana Larkin - AWAKE, AWAKE! AWE AND WONDER AWAITS! - April 2, 2024

I was taken to the Throne Room this morning. I lay facedown before the steps up to His Throne in great awe and wonder of who He is and His great power. Frequencies were being sent out with a loud noise, and they rippled out onto the earth, impacting it and bringing great changes. He told me this was a critical time to stay close to His heart.
“Some voices want you to FOCUS on the coming DARKNESS, and they want you to be prepared for it. What is coming to your world is UNPRECEDENTED, so there really is no way to prepare yourself physically for it. What you can FOCUS on is AWAKENING to the AWE and WONDER that AWAITS. The darkness will be for A SHORT TIME, but a LONG FUTURE of living in My AWE and WONDER AWAITS you. The IMPORTANT PREPARATION for this season is to prepare your HEART to be STRONG and CONFIDENT in My LOVE and in My POWER and to be READY to SHARE My LOVE and My PROVISION to those around you. I AM FAITHFUL, and I will PROTECT you and PROVIDE for ALL your needs. As you experience the AWE and WONDER of My Rescue Operation, it will MARK you FOREVER with GRATEFULNESS and GREAT CONFIDENCE in who your God is. The AWE and WONDER that I DISPLAY will far OUTWEIGH the BRIEF DARKNESS, so FOCUS on what will REMAIN—a world CHANGED by My Kingdom coming in your midst. It is your FAITH, your PRAYERS, your AGREEMENT with Me that has made A WAY for My KINGDOM POWER and GLORY to be DISPLAYED. AWAKE, AWAKE! AWE AND WONDER AWAITS!”


The Lord says, he is to be acknowledged with honor and majesty. His work and his righteousness abides into the eons of the ages beyond. He gives to those who fear Him. He has declared to his people. The proclamation has been made and it stands forever into the ages beyond time. Here it is my righteousness endures forever. This is what the Sovereign Lord says. I revealed myself to those who did not seek me. I was found by those who did not ask for me. To a nation who did not call upon me, I said here I am here, I am. I spread forth my hands to a people resisting persuasion and speaking contrary to my face, says the Lord. Now as these words leave my mouth and enter the hearing of your ears. The Lord says, the truth of righteousness and God’s grace shall be hidden. The Lord says all of creation has now entered into the times of the Lord.

The Lord says he will no longer freely reveal himself. But the Lord says I must be sought out by my people. Now the Lord says, I will not keep silent but I will repay, says the Lord. I will number you for the sword and destroy. You shall bow down to the slaughter, says the Lord. When I called you did not answer. When I spoke you would not hear and chose that which is evil. Behold it is written, in my presence I shall not keep silent until I recompense, and I will recompense unto your bosom, your own Works, says the Lord. Behold, thus sayith the Lord God my servants shall eat. But you shall be hungry. My servants shall drink. But you shall be thirsty. The ones serving me shall rejoice, but you shall be ashamed. The one serving me shall sing for Joy of heart. But you shall lament and mourn for misery and sorrow of, in the grief of spirit, and from the destruction, says the Lord.

You shall leave your name behind as a by word and a curse to my chosen. For the Lord God will slay you and call his servants by another name. So that he who blesses himself in the Earth shall bless himself in the God of Truth. And when he swears in the earth he shall swear by the God of Truth. For he shall forget the afflictions of the former. For I create a new Heaven and a new Earth and the former shall not be remembered, says the Lord. The mouth of the Lord hath spoken oh nation and people. My righteousness endures forever, says the Lord.

Edward Umling - The THIRD Year - March 31, 2024

Today the Lord speaks as follows. He who has an let him hear. From today onward there’s a fitting song. Tireless words to the Timeless ages set forth in creation. Righteous men of the ages look to truth, and shun the evil of the ages. Eons of time and epochs of time for told of the ages is now to unfold. Summer is gone, fall has come, the winter is cold I have passed see how I change the season so fast the spring brings the fall to the market. The fall brings the fall of liberty to all. Look how the money falls this fall. Have I not warned have I not called? Behold I come in the fall. It came to pass after many days the word of the Lord came to the prophet of God. In year three, the third, go and appear to Ahab. This is the third year, says the Lord. A new time begins a time of trouble a time of trouble and hardship such as never was since man. Get ready for a shift in the heavenlies, says the Lord. Three years of hardship.

Next take note of these five, says the Lord. The Lord says take note of these five seats of power Iran, North Korea, Turkey, China Russia. Five Stones five words five fires five cities, Chesapeake Bay destroyed, says the Lord. I see in a Vision it’s an explosion an explosion right before me. Suddenly I hear these words, prices, explosion of prices. I see in another vision I saw teeth. I look closer at some of the teeth and they are chipped and broken. I see sharp edges on them. Suddenly I hear these words, nashing of teeth. The shift in the heavenly bodies occurs this month, the demonic realm. Chosen will be separated set apart. A separation between good and evil becomes visible luminaries begin to move about in the heavens. Let sorrow approach says the Lord the fearful and the unbelieving shall fall. The wise shall have understanding. No justice shall remain in the land. Truth shall be absent, gone. The way of life shall be maligned. Those possessing knowledge of the truth will pass it in secret to those seeking God. The opposition of light and darkness will become apparent to the world. My Chosen shall depart, says the Lord. I close with the following.

My Chosen, my elect, my faithful, my bride, my church. My People by my side. I call I direct I prepare their steps to walk with me in the despair. The winds of adversity they bear only to behold the blessings they share. This is the way walk ye in it. To the left and to the right it’s a word they hear. Here I am, I come near to take your hand. Walk with me as I traverse this land to purge thee evil at my hand. Stay by me at the father’s hands, he will share my grace at hand. Dine at my table, suck with me, declare my words to those with thee. Here I am, says the Lord, to take you home no more to o to behold, says the Lord.

Diana Larkin - A COVENANT GOD - April 1, 2024

GENESIS 9:12-13 (AMP) “And God said, ‘This is the token (visible symbol, memorial) of the (solemn) covenant which I am making between Me and you and every living creature that is with you, for all future generations; I set My rainbow in the clouds, and it shall be a sign of a covenant between Me and the earth.’” HEBREWS 13:20 (NASB) “Now the God of peace, who brought up from the dead the great Shepherd of the sheep through the blood of the eternal covenant, even Jesus our Lord,”
“Because I AM A COVENANT GOD, you can FOREVER TRUST My PROMISES, My POWER, and My FAITHFULNESS. My RAINBOW is the SIGN of the COVENANT with Noah to BLESS the earth and to BLESS you through the earth. It has to do with seedtime and harvest and My faithfulness to PRESERVE the heritage of LIFE. There is a COVENANT that is SUPERIOR to all other covenants, and it was agreed upon between the Father and the Son BEFORE TIME BEGAN. It is the ETERNAL COVENANT of the BLOOD established through the SACRIFICIAL DEATH of the Son, and RATIFIED in His RESURRECTION from the dead. When you choose to have your sin COVERED by the BLOOD of Jesus, you enter into this ETERNAL COVENANT, and all of its BENEFITS become yours. Here are some of the promises of this eternal covenant: SALVATION, HEALING, DELIVERANCE, PROTECTION, PRESERVATION, PROVISION, WHOLENESS, HOLINESS, being set in a WIDE OPEN place, and PEACE. When your life, your family, your nation is NOT experiencing these COVENANT BENEFITS, it is time to CALL FORTH those covenant promises. Holy Spirit will REVEAL areas where SIN is BLOCKING the COVENANT PROMISE. Sometimes it is stopping the enemy from STEALING OR BLOCKING the COVENANT PROMISES. Learn to STAND on your covenant promises, and PULL them from the ETERNAL REALM into your life. When things look DARK or DISCOURAGING, remember the RAINBOW and DECLARE that I AM A COVENANT KEEPING GOD. I will NOT abandon you or your covenant nation. Keep standing in FAITH on My ETERNAL COVENANT and CALL IT FORTH over your life and your Nation. Always remember, I AM A COVENANT GOD.”

Diana Larkin - THE FREQUENCY OF HEAVEN - March 31, 2024

“Everything in creation gives off a FREQUENCY. This is why you feel PEACE when you listen to a bubbling brook or joyous birdsong—you are TUNING to THE FREQUENCY OF HEAVEN. Because the enemy can NO LONGER ENTER THE FREQUENCY OF HEAVEN, he seeks to DISRUPT My GOOD FREQUENCIES with his DESTRUCTIVE ones. He sows STRIFE, CONFUSION, DECEPTION, FEAR, and EVIL DESIRES anywhere he can. LEARN to be more AWARE of what the SOURCE is for the FREQUENCY you are experiencing. If you are feeling STRESSED, WORRIED, POWERLESS, WORTHLESS, realize you have TUNED to the enemy’s frequency of HATE, LIES, and DIVISION. Did you know you have been given the POWER and the AUTHORITY to SHIFT A DARK ATMOSPHERE to THE FREQUENCY OF HEAVEN? YOUR VOICE CARRIES A FREQUENCY. If you are COMPLAINING, FEARFUL, or CRITICAL, you are operating in the enemy’s frequencies. When you speak words of FORGIVENESS, LOVE, and BLESSING, you are releasing THE FREQUENCY OF HEAVEN. Have you noticed when you WORSHIP Me, the PROBLEMS you are facing are SUDDENLY much SMALLER? You are REPLACING the FOCUS from the CHALLENGES you face, to My GREATNESS and My POWER. Your voice is ALIGNING with HEAVEN’S FREQUENCIES and that ATMOSPHERE of HEAVEN fills every part of you with its LIGHT, PEACE, POWER, and JOY. That’s why I sent WORSHIPERS before an army because the FREQUENCY they released, sent the POWER of Heaven against a dark enemy. The people SHOUTING and BLOWING TRUMPETS around the walls of Jericho, sent FREQUENCIES of LIGHT BLASTING through the WICKED WALLS and they IMPLODED. LEARN to be AWARE of what FREQUENCY you are TUNED to. Are you experiencing FEAR, DEPRESSION, CONFUSION? These are the frequencies of darkness. TAKE AUTHORITY over those atmospheres and CALL FORTH THE FREQUENCY OF HEAVEN. Call forth My LIGHT, My PEACE, and My JOY to replace any darkness. When you DECREE and DECLARE, you are sending out HEAVEN’S FREQUENCY to INVADE and CONQUER any darkness that has been given a place. Part of bringing in the KINGDOM AGE is calling forth THE FREQUENCY OF HEAVEN.”

Diana Larkin - LEVERY IDOL WILL FALL - March 30, 2024

I was awakened at 5:37 a.m.this morning by a voice saying, “Isaiah 2:15 (TPT) ‘against every high tower and every fortress wall.’” I believe Isaiah 2 describes the time we are living in…the establishing of the Mountain of the Lord—the Kingdom Age.
“This season of PAINFUL TRANSITION will have a GOOD ENDING. What is being BORN out of this GREAT CONFLICT between DARK and LIGHT is a new KINGDOM ERA. The Rescue Operation is for your Nation but also for the REST of the WORLD. Your Nation will serve as an EXAMPLE of My POWER to SAVE and to DELIVER from DEEP DARKNESS, DEPRAVITY, and DEATH. You will be a MODEL of how to REBUILD on My foundations of JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS. Your rightful leader will DISCIPLE leaders of other nations in My WAYS, and NEW LIFE and FREEDOM will SPRING UP across the earth. When you see My new KINGDOM ERA, you will be DELIGHTED and you will know everything you FOUGHT FOR and SUFFERED THROUGH was so WORTH IT. Keep this VISION of a new era of FREEDOM and LIFE before your eyes, and you will FIGHT VALIANTLY until the VICTORY. You will see Me BRING DOWN the IDOLS  men have WORSHIPED. ISAIAH 2:12 (TPT) ‘The Lord of Angel Armies has a day of humiliation in store for all the high and mighty, for all who are proud and self-exalting. They will be brought low.’ I AM: vs. 15 ‘against every high tower and every fortress wall.’ That is I AM BRINGING DOWN PROUD ACADEMIA and every structure that EXALTS MAN’S THOUGHTS OVER MY THOUGHTS. I AM TOPPLING every FORTRESS WALL that has been erected to keep you LOCKED AWAY from FREEDOM and that kept the darkness PROTECTED from JUDGMENT and JUSTICE. Vs. 17-18 ‘People’s arrogance will be conquered and brought low, and those proud of heart will be humiliated. Only one will be exalted in that day: Yahweh! Every worthless idol will utterly pass away.’ Do not grow FAINT of HEART as the battle INTENSIFIES because EVERY IDOL WILL FALL, the ARROGANT will be BROUGHT LOW, all their GRANDIOSE PLANS of POWER and CONTROL will be SMASHED, and a new day will dawn on the long-awaited KINGDOM AGE of PEACE and PLENTY.” 

Diana Larkin - LEARN TO VALUE WHAT I VALUE - March 29, 2024

“If you will LEARN TO VALUE WHAT I VALUE, you will find that you are not easily DECEIVED about people. Much of My Church JUDGES leaders by the WORLD’S STANDARDS and not MY STANDARDS. Much of My Church no longer teaches people to be INTIMATE with Me and to KNOW Me and My VOICE PERSONALLY; they have SUBSTITUTED KNOWLEDGE of My written Word in the place of a SPIRITUAL, EMOTIONAL, and a HEART CONNECTION to Me. This leaves My people open to making IDOLS of LEADERS, STARS, or the WEALTHY and POWERFUL. The human heart NEEDS someone to LOVE and ADMIRE and if I AM just a set of WORDS and DO’S and DON’TS, then your heart will LOOK for someone real to FOCUS on. When you IDOLIZE someone, it’s very DIFFICULT to SEE their FLAWS or to DISCERN that they are wearing a MASK of OUTWARD BEHAVIOR that HIDES INWARD CORRUPTION. If you will answer My INVITATION to KNOW Me on a HEART LEVEL, your WORSHIP of Me will pour forth from a GRATEFUL HEART, and you will NOT be DRAWN to make IDOLS of men. Discernment grows from KNOWING Me in all My HOLINESS, FAITHFULNESS, and LOVE. Those who truly know Me will RECOGNIZE OUTWARD RELIGIOUS BEHAVIOR that is only MASQUERADING a heart of WARPED MOTIVES and DESIRES. All the IDOLS ARE COMING DOWN in this harvest season, and you will save yourself HEARTACHE from watching them fall if you have asked Me to EXPOSE any IDOLS in your hearts, and you agree to LAY THEM DOWN and to FULLY give your HEART to Me. LEARN TO VALUE WHAT I VALUE. I VALUE a SERVANT HEART who serves others in LOVE and HUMILITY. I HONOR those who LOVE WELL—their spouses, their families, their brothers and sisters in the faith, and those I place in their sphere of influence. I have HIGH REGARD for those who PURSUE a SECRET LIFE of INTIMACY with Me. You will sense My PRESENCE when you are around them. If you will SET YOUR HEART to KNOW Me and ASK Me to SHOW you what I VALUE, you will be able to DISCERN who people really are. When IDOLS FALL, you won’t be CRUSHED because you have given your WHOLE HEART to Me, and you have LEARNED TO VALUE WHAT I VALUE.”  

Diana Larkin - THE APRIL FOOLS - March 28, 2024

“Watch as a DESPERATE enemy continues to try and STOP your rightful leader from FULFILLING his CALL from Me to SAVE the children, to UNCOVER evil agendas and people, and to REBUILD your Nation on RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE. These APRIL FOOLS will continue to SPIN TALLER TALES, BIGGER LIES, and try to launch SCARIER WORLD EVENTS. The ground is CRUMBLING beneath these ARROGANT PLOTTERS, and as they try to OUTRUN their DESTRUCTION, they will try any APRIL FOOLISH plan they can find. Forces of Light, I want you to CALL for My Spirit of TRUTH to UNCOVER and EXPOSE these TALL TALES, the HUGE WEB OF LIES, and then CANCEL the POWER behind their SCARE EVENTS. LAUGH at the APRIL FOOLS attempts to stop the AVALANCHE of EXPOSURE, JUDGMENT and JUSTICE that is headed into their camp. Demons HATE it when you LAUGH at their TACTICS instead of responding in FEAR and ANXIETY. In fact, your FAITH-FILLED LAUGHTER will send CONFUSION and APRIL FOOLISH DESPERATION into their camp. Don’t let their MOUNTING, FRANTIC SCHEMES cause you FEAR! Instead, see these arrogant plotters for what they are—THE APRIL FOOLS.”

Unknown Prophet - *BLESSINGS* Are Coming! But First... - March 27, 2024

This word came to me back on the 10th of last month. And the father spoke to me and said son, no vision tonight, just my word. He said speak this out for me, speak it into the atmosphere so that all will have access to it. As I God spoke previously it is time highlighted. I am as of now beginning to call out those who are trying to destroy my country. This country that I have accepted as my own. You who are not only trying to destroy this country, but many of the countries of this world that I have created. You would not only destroy my countries, but you would destroy my people as well. You who would attempt to set up a one world government for yourselves know this, I will not allow it. That is highlighted. Yes, it is me, the Lord God of this universe speaking to you.

There will be a one One World Government. But it will be set up under my hand, and the head of it will be my son. Both items highlighted. Yes, he will reign for a thousand years, but it will be a Reign for good. What you are trying to do is set up a government to be run by evil. To be run for your benefit. You see yourselves as Gods, but you are not. I am. Sad for you that you do not believe in me for it will come as a shock when you find it out and it will be too late. Hear me now, I am beginning to move my hand against you, and I will destroy you. I will not allow you to continue this move any longer. I will destroy the move,. You have already damaged my people and my Earth and now I will damage you.

Very soon one of your main leaders will no longer be Your Leader. By this you will know that I have begun what I have spoken. Some of you may try to reverse your role and move into another direction to save yourselves. Know this, most of you have gone past the point of change. There is no turning back for you. You will answer to me, highlighted. This that I bring forth now will not be the end no there is much more to do yet. But it will be the beginning of a time for many to come to me for salvation. A time for many to be taught about my word, to be matured in my faith. To be raised up to go forth and disciple, peoples, churches, cities, and governments, in my name. It will be a time of blessing before the end comes. A time for repentance and moving out under my hand does this sound too good to be true do you think my arm is too short to accomplish this? Is my hand too weak? It is not. that’s highlighted. You will see what I am starting and you who know me Will Rejoice this is my word the word of the Lord, thus says the Lord.

Diana Larkin - PLANS FORMED LONG AGO - March 27, 2024

“This RESCUE OPERATION is UNFOLDING from PLANS FORMED LONG AGO. If you listen to the FALSE PROPHET MEDIA, they will convince you that the TYRANTS are IN CONTROL and that they have the POWER to UNLEASH COUNTLESS DEATH AGENDAS and SCARE TACTICS. NOT SO! You don’t know this, but MANY of their dark SCHEMES have been STOPPED or greatly LESSENED by My STRONG RIGHT ARM, the PRAYERS of the REMNANT, and My mighty HOSTS. One day, it will be UNCOVERED, and you will see all the ATTACKS and DARK PLANS that your FAITH and WARFARE TURNED BACK. Why are some plans of the darkness succeeding—or at least partially succeeding? It is because so many people are still ASLEEP to the DANGER and CLUELESS about the LIES that surround them. The people must be SHAKEN OUT OF THEIR DECEPTION, APATHY, and COMPLACENCY in order for your Nation to be able to enter into the new KINGDOM ERA. As My Forces of Light continue to PUSHBACK all the death agendas and CRY for EXPOSURE, it will LESSEN the DESTRUCTION and DEVASTATION the DESPERATE DARKNESS unleashes. SHAKEN AWAKE, the world will realize they have been RESCUED by Me from PLANS FORMED LONG AGO.”
ISAIAH 25:1 (AMP) “O Lord, You are my God; I will exalt You, I will praise and give thanks to Your name; for You have done miraculous things, plans formed long, long ago, (fulfilled) with perfect faithfulness.”

Diana Larkin - SO MANY LIES… - March 26, 2024

“SO MANY LIES have been told to you about your WORLD, your HISTORY, and who I AM. These LIES were SPAWNED in hell and spread by those who chose to PARTNER with DARKNESS for POWER and WEALTH. These LIES have been told for CENTURIES, OBSCURING REALITY and DUPING people into worshiping FALSE GODS and even worshiping a FALSE IMAGE of who I AM. I have kept a REMNANT in every age who CARRIED My TRUTH BURNING IN THEIR BONES. Through the ages, they have been MARTYRED, JAILED, and SILENCED by the INFILTRATION of the demonic into My Church. And yet, the TRUTH COULD NOT BE STOMPED OUT NOR SILENCED FOREVER because I AM TRUTH, and those who truly KNOW ME CARRY THE FLAME OF TRUTH in their hearts. You have been MOCKED, SILENCED, and THREATENED for carrying that FLAME of TRUTH and for DARING to LET IT SHINE. Because you have REFUSED to BACK DOWN from who you know I AM—a SUPERNATURAL, WONDER-WORKING GOD—you will receive the GREATEST REWARDS in the new KINGDOM ERA. You have been CHAMPIONS of My TRUE CHARACTER, and you have BELIEVED My PROMISES of EXPOSURE and RESCUE. Your VINDICATION will be AMAZING, and you will be HONORED when the TRUTH you UPHELD is REVEALED. Watch, as I continue to EXPOSE the LIES your world has been told. My SHINING REMNANT, walk in the LIGHT and POWER of who I AM.”

Edward Umling - Two decrees four edicts - March 25, 2024

Today let’s listen to what this man has to say about once, twice, third time. Let’s hear him out on the matter once twice third time, on the third. The dragon plans to launch, the dragon seeks supremacy, once, twice, third time. Today, tomorrow, and the next day. Justice comes quick justice comes suddenly, justice comes now. Behold here I am, says the Lord. Count again once, twice, third time, and watch the sky Over the Horizon. Here it come, says the Lord. Not the first not the second. Put a king over them. But third surprises, unforeseen events. A cruel and fierce King shall rule over you. Challenges awaits this people challenges, challenges, many challenges, says the Lord. Thus saith the Lord, once, twice, third time. See how I moved the Nations, now I move upon your nation America. You who dwell by many waters in our rich and treasure your end has come and your ill-gotten gains are gone.

For when the signal of the Battle Flag is hoisted and the sound is heard, let all the world take notice. Take a look at this word of knowledge, the dragon will rage War. Hear the word of the Lord December is the month I change the land. December is the month I move this land December is the time I visit Calamity. Say it again, December, December, December, says the Lord. Mark your calendar, December 25th in America will be unrecognizable. The very words to the songs they sing shall be words of lamentation and weeping.

Listen to this night vision it’s very dark. I’m somewhere and it’s dark. I perceive there s fear in the surroundings. I hear the thoughts of people. They are saying War. There’s war. It’s that country whose coat of arms is the Dragon no one said anything but the thoughts were audible to me. War in the not too distant future. Downward, says the Lord. The numbers are 910 America your number is 910. The red dragon. The red dragon has plans to infiltrate infrastructure surreptitiously, secretly, in a way that avoids notice or attention. To gain information for the purpose of taking down the nation’s infrastructure. I hear take down the electrical grid, lights out, lights out. Grid down grid down, take away the electrical grid lights going out soon.

I saw a picture of the Constitution come before me. It had some lines missing I was looking at the first paragraph of the words I’m not exactly sure but I think it started off something like we the people. Then the paragraph disappeared, the words moved off of the page, the paper was still there but the words were gone they disappeared. There is death coming to this nation. Falling in a free fall, hits with a bang, confusion rises to power dismantle the nation, says the Lord. Scatter its inhabitants, says the Lord. Remove its money desecrate its pride remove its Crown silence their voices says the Lord. America and your voice shall no longer be heard among the Nations, says the Lord.

I no longer uphold you America, yes the ringing of that Bell heard around the world shall be heard no more. This sound will be the relinquishing of your nation’s sovereignty. This will be the retirement of your country’s Constitution. The Flag America says the Lord a country disappears off the map. Lowering the flag, speaking of benediction, moving on. I no longer uphold you America I have departed, says the Lord.

Diana Larkin - PERILOUS TIMES AND ABUNDANT TIMES - March 25, 2024

“I have shown My prophetic voices that PERILOUS TIMES are coming, but some of these voices have MISAPPLIED these revelations as being PERILOUS TIMES for the whole world. These are NOT PERILOUS TIMES for My people; rather, these are TIMES of ABUNDANCE. Does that sound IMPOSSIBLE to you that I could bring PERIL to the DARKNESS while PRESERVING My people and SUPPLYING them out of My ABUNDANCE? I really am that GOOD and I really am that POWERFUL. The PERILOUS TIMES will bring about the DESTRUCTION  of your enemies. The destructive plans they had for you will BOOMERANG back onto them. Why are you giving your EMOTIONAL ENERGY to ANXIOUS THOUGHTS of HOW to PROVIDE and PROTECT yourself? If you INVESTED your TIME and EMOTIONAL ENERGY in SEEKING Me, BELIEVING My PROMISES, and ENTERING into My PEACE, you would find yourself in a place of ABUNDANCE. In this place of PEACE, I will give you any STEPS to take that will result in My ABUNDANCE coming to you. My ABUNDANCE is not just financial. It is UNEXPECTED PROVISION, an INCREASE of FAITH and ANOINTING, great PEACE and deep JOY. It is providing you with an OVERFLOW that you can SHARE with others. DO NOT CHOOSE TO BELIEVE THE PERILOUS TIMES ARE FOR YOU! Instead, choose to BELIEVE in the SUPERNATURAL ABUNDANCE and DEEP LOVE of your Father.”


“As the DESPERATE darkness continues to LAUNCH CHAOS and DEATH AGENDAS, I want you to know that their FRANTIC ATTEMPTS to gain back POWER and CONTROL are only STOKING THEIR FIERY FURNACE HOTTER AND HOTTER. Your VALIANT PUSHBACK, Forces of Light, are REMOVING much of the DESTRUCTION of the DARK SCHEMES and as you RELEASE PEACE into the atmosphere, it is CONQUERING the CHAOS and EXPOSING who set the chaos up. The darkness is NOT going to GET AWAY with ANYTHING—even if it SEEMS like their JUDGMENT and JUSTICE is DELAYED. There is a FULLNESS of TIME coming when these dark agendas will become so EVIL that the MASSES will AWAKEN from their STUPOR and will realize they need My RESCUE. The full harvest of what the EVIL ones have SOWN will be REAPED, as they are SHOVED into the FIERY FURNACE of THEIR OWN MAKING. They have made their own PUNISHMENT by what they planned for you and each REBELLIOUS and EVIL ACT will serve as FUEL to HEAT their FIERY FURNACE HOTTER AND HOTTER until it CONSUMES them. The earth will OPEN UP and SWALLOW them, and you will see them no more. This is the future coming for the darkness so DO NOT FEAR, but STAND STRONG in Me, Forces of Light! We will PREVAIL, and your REWARD and CELEBRATION will be great! Just remember, THEY ARE STOKING THEIR FIERY FURNACE HOTTER AND HOTTER.”

Diana Larkin - DID YOU HEAR ME? - March 23, 2024

“I AM asking My Army of Light if you have HEARD MY LAST ORDERS TO YOU? This is a season of CHANGE that you have never walked through before, and it REQUIRES WALKING CLOSELY with Me and OBEYING My INSTRUCTIONS and PROMPTINGS. Have I asked you to LAY SOMETHING DOWN? It could be an OLD WAY of doing MINISTRY. Have I been talking to you about spending too much TIME pursuing DRAMA-SPINNERS, who keep you coming back with FEAR BAIT? Have I been CALLING you to SPEND QUALITY TIME with Me, PURSUING My HEART, and LEARNING to HEAR My VOICE? Maybe you think OBEYING these kinds of promptings isn’t all that IMPORTANT; but I AM telling you that NOT OBEYING Me will BLOCK you from the BEST things in life that I have for you. It’s like you CONTINUALLY asking Me for MORE and for INCREASE in your life, but your arms are FULL OF THINGS I’VE ASKED YOU TO LAY ASIDE so that I then can RELEASE THE BEST TO YOU. The FRUIT of OBEDIENCE is FREEDOM, PEACE, and FRUITFULNESS. When you, IN FAITH, LET GO of what I AM asking you to let go of, then I will FILL you with a SIGNIFICANT LIFE like you’ve only DREAMED of having. OBEDIENCE CUTS OFF the WORK of the enemy in your life. Watch your life SUDDENLY BLOSSOM and GROW—OBEDIENCE IS THE WATER AND FERTILIZER of your FUTURE. DID YOU HEAR ME? TRUST Me and OBEY Me, and enter into My JOY and BLESSING.”    

ThereseMarie74 - Exposed - March 23, 2024

Jesus says, “Mockingbird operation is about to be exposed. The fake News Media is falling. The News Media Corporation is falling. The Banking System is collapsing every single day. The leaders of the BRICS nations shook hands in glee and the brothers of Goliath are standing in glee thinking they have won. They don’t see that I the Lord am going to flip the tables over and the tables of the money changers are going to come crashing down on them. “The wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous.” [Proverbs 13:22]. All these bankers and even the little people who think they have secured their portfolios in gold are about to discover that all their work to accumulate their storehouses of money will be taken away from them. It is about to get very ugly for them. It is about to get very ugly for those who put love of money before love of God. It is written, “The love of money is the root of all evil.” [1 Timothy 6:10].

Everything is about to go down. Everything is about to go dark as you would say. The days of darkness are coming but look for the cloud and the pillar of fire in the darkness. Remember I came to the Israelites in a pillar of fire. Listen to Me carefully. You may take these words literally. Follow the book of Exodus. Read the book of Exodus to know the steps of the great Exodus in this era. In the book of Exodus you had the ninth plague when darkness fell over the land. You can find this in chapter 10 of Exodus. Then it says in Exodus 11:1, ….

Shirley Lise - CHANGING OF THE SEASON - March 22, 2024

I’ll begin reading this word. Position yourself for great gain, says the Lord. Open the eyes of your understanding to see that I have done a great thing in the land. That I have reached out across the borders and United Hearts In My Kingdom for my kingdom purposes. I have overcome barriers, torn down blockades, and released a fresh revelation of my kingdom into the hearts and lives of those who have truly sought me. I have broken through resistance, and made a display of my splendor to the Nations. Know this says the Lord, that I cannot be contained or restricted by the hands of men. That I override Authority given to men to establish my own parameters, and will not be boxed In by the status quo. I am not a respector of persons but freely give to any who would come unto me. And I will send my spirit forth into the lives of men women and children who desperately seek me.

You will see that I am not pleased with those who lorded over those in their midst. And that I am taking authority out of their hands and placing my heart and my rule into the hands of those qualified by me. As I do they shall stand up and take notice of what I am doing. They shall look on and understand the times and seasons have changed. That a new order divinely appointed by the Lord God their maker has been put into place. They will look on and observe what I have done and know that I have positioned my spokespersons within their midst to make known these mysteries. Their hearts will be changed and they will embrace the move of my spirit to take those of no reputation to the Nations, says the Lord. This is the time and season of the great intake of a harvest from the nations. And my harvesters are sitting on the brink ready to be thrust out into the fields. The groundwork has been done and the way has been made straight there is no more delay. Multitudes who are in the valley of decision will be confronted with a choice as to whom they will serve. Watch and you will see the nations tremble as I release a wave of of my spirit that will bring multitudes into my kingdom. In this hour position yourself for movement out of the comfort zone and onto front lines. Be ready to be moved out at a moment’s notice.

Diana Larkin - THINGS WILL BE DIFFERENT BUT BETTE - March 22, 2024

“Entering into a NEW ERA will require LEAVING BEHIND FAMILIAR WAYS of doing things. It will mean BRAVELY LEAVING BEHIND the PAST and TRUSTING My HEART and My PROMISES for a NEW DAY. What I have for you in this NEW ERA is so much BETTER, so much more LIFE-GIVING, so much more FREE, and so much more PEACEFUL. Life as you know it is going to COMPLETELY CHANGE—but it will be a change for the BETTER. There will be an UNCOMFORTABLE TRANSITION period while EVIL STRUCTURES and ROOTS are TORN DOWN and PULLED UP. You are in this TRANSITION time now and that is why I continually CALL you to COME CLOSE to My HEART, feel My LOVE for you, and TUNE to My VOICE so that I can GUIDE and DIRECT you. Will you join Me in CALLING FORTH LIFE and PEACE out of the DESTRUCTION and CHAOS the darkness unleashes? Do you TRUST Me? Do you BELIEVE I have the POWER to PROTECT you and to PROSPER you even in the midst of the STORM? Will you LET GO of the FAMILIAR so that I can put the SUPERIOR into your hands? Put your hand in Mine, and WALK BRAVELY into a NEW DAY, a NEW ERA of GREAT PEACE and PLENTY. THINGS WILL BE DIFFERENT, BUT BETTER.”


This morning I was led to release two Warrior Hosts to each member of the Army of Light to help and support us in this battle of dark to Light. As I ascended to meet the Father, He took me to the Council Chamber of Heaven, and I greeted the Elders and was warmly received, as I stood behind my assigned Elder. The Father spoke:
“We want you to bring this message to the VALIANT Army of Light. These are STRATEGIC TIMES that call for STRATEGIC WEAPONS, and STRATEGIC WARFARE. The battle will become FIERCE, but I have made you FIERCER than anything that arises to CHALLENGE you and your FREEDOMS. Since you know how STRATEGIC this TIME is, you MUST STAY CONNECTED to My HEART and have your EAR OPEN to My INSTRUCTIONS. You will need STRATEGIC WEAPONS: DECLARING and DECREEING My Word and My promises, ARROW PRAYERS that I INSPIRE that will STRIKE THE MARK and bring DESTRUCTION to enemy plans, and SPEAKING OUT for TRUTH and FREEDOM that EXPOSES LIES and HIDDEN AGENDAS. STRATEGIC WARFARE means you DEPLOY those weapons WHERE and WHEN I direct you to, and they will be POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE. You have been ASSIGNED two powerful WARRIOR HOST—learn how to work with them. The PRECIPICE is LOOMING in this war. It may LOOK LIKE it’s the PRECIPICE for your Nation and your freedoms, but I tell you that it is the PRECIPICE for the EVIL EMPIRE. They will SLIDE DOWN the PRECIPICE THEY MADE FOR YOU, into DEEP DARKNESS and CAPTIVITY. Get your heart and mind ALIGNED with Mine, and our VICTORY awaits on the other side of STRATEGIC TIMES, STRATEGIC WEAPONS, and STRATEGIC WARFARE.”

Outpouring Gates - The Eclipse of April 8th! God Told Me More! - March 20, 2024

I understand the story of Jonah. I understand the time frame of Egypt and today is around the three days of darkness. I understand all of this. But I’m going to share some things that are going to happen afterward. I know many people think that on that day something’s going to happen, no it’s not. I’ll tell you that. Um there’s a pattern to God, okay. And many times when he gives a sign that is the day in the appointment only. Uh many times when he gives a sign he makes sure the sign is understood. Because if there was a sign and then devastation there’s no need for the sign just give the devastation. God is a straightforward God and he wants you to get the point, and it’s not to get destroyed but to get Mercy, to get Grace, to get understanding, and pivot to the justified way of righteousness. Faithfulness and your service towards the Lord and servant of the Lord. Basically y’all making a making your life an offering to God because he is he has to be Lord of your life. All right don’t expect to go to the kingdom without making him Lord of your life, okay.

So, a sign right, a sign, now God has been speaking to me about the things for America afterward. Oh America, oh America, I tell you the truth as I feel the Lord speaking through me he says this is the time of the yes and no America. I Hear the Lord say this is the time of the yes and no. Where your nose will have consequences, says the Lord. And your yeses to my name will cause preservation. I see the Lord show me that the righteousness will be in a fence. Like a literal fence of a flock. Like literal sheep in a fence in the spirit. I see a hedge of protection over pockets. Pockets around the nation, multiple different states where there are these circles of protection. Guys I tell you that this this, sign is a great sign. All right and it speaks on many layers many layers that that I don’t care how much you speculate I don’t care how much you connect the levels and Mysteries of this needs God’s revelation to get it all. You cannot figure this out by thought it’s too deep.

The Lord showed me today that get ready for disease. Get ready for a terrible disease that’s going to give a yes and no response to the Lord and God is waiting to listen. See we got to take righteousness to the next level. It’s got to be taken to the next level it can’t be based on story books it now has to be applicable, applied, actually manifestations and evidence, existence of God’s word showing up in your life. How many times does it really show up. I mean be honest with yourself Church. The Lord showed me that there’s coming disease. A great disease and I know this disease is going to divide people’s faith of fear and righteousness. Many people will have Encounters of God, and many people will counter counteract against God rejecting him. Because of fear will be too loud.

America get ready your yes and no is coming. You’re going to have to decide. There’s no more bushes there’s no more lukewarm. I tell you if you want to fit in that church get ready to be spit out the spitting out is coming very soon. it’s coming real soon so get ready for a military action America’s about to be dragged into a war deeper and it’s going to involve more of the Middle East. A deep deep dive into this war America will have. Something else that’s going to take place. Get ready for a weather you’ve never seen before. Weather you have never seen before. I mean really haven’t seen before . You’re talking about storms hurricanes that seem to be as big as America. You’re talking about about hurricanes that that just seem to never end like the rain will last for days and days and days there will be there will be total coastlines East Coast will be completely torrential rain this year. There’s a lot of torrential rain.  Get ready for things in the Antarctic to show up.

Sign signs wonders in the Antarctic because it’s melting. Get ready for a great pole shift polar activity of a shift in the in the locations of where it used to be understand some of these governments aren’t just trying to kill you with what they spray they’re trying to lie to you so you don’t understand how bad the actual Earth has shifted from where it used to be. Many times you’re seeing things that are being uh released in the sky to dumb you down to say oh it’s not that bad.

Okay. Church get ready for a shout. Get ready for a great shout. It’s like a sound alarm for the rest of the church to wake up. I tell you this this uh this eclipse, this sign and wonder, is going to give you a great clarity of who are the fired up ones, and those who have missed the fire. All right, Church get ready for denominations to fall. Because it just won’t keep up to the destruction. It won’t keep up to the to the level of sickness. And certain denominations of the word of God that don’t have access to the Holy Ghost will not make it. Um, you won’t make it, nope. You won’t. You have to take the word of God, give him a Clean Plate, a free slate, and say God. You fill me with your word and let me walk that way let me believe on what your spirit is really saying. I don’t need someone at a pulpit telling me nothing wrong with that. But if they’re not Spirit-filled, you don’t need someone at the pulpit talking to you. All right you have the Holy Ghost a counselor spend some time privately with faith excelled to give God his time to give him his time to speak to you. …

Last thing I want to say about this eclipse, afterward. Politics will seem literally like an arena. There will be like boxing matches. It seems like in the political arena. There will be chaos in the White House. Understand this. There will be chaos in the White House. There will be some kind of dismantling. It will look like it’s foundationally sound. But in another view, you will see the White House is totally shambles. Something terrible, something of a like it’s deforming, if the White House was forming into something else is deforming it’s degrading from within. There is a section I keep seeing this in the vision it’s like a section of the White House the right side whatever that is and this does go underground. But there’s a section of the White House that is literally causing a deforming of it. Where it used to be formed on foundations. The foundations of the White House are very slim to none now.

I tell you that’s a great compromise and it’s going to show itself it’s going to be great exposure guys. This is a time of faith or fear. This is why you’re seeing the signs of Jonah the places of Nineveh is crossing. Is saying what will you choose. We’re coming into a night and day scenario where you won’t be able to say, um you’re not a believer or you are. You will know it because of the way things are happening around certain people. You will start to find out oh my gosh these worshippers they’re not being touched by certain things. Why is why are they not being touched? What is going on? You’re going to have Gentiles people who are atheists people who are lukewarm will understand I’m not in the right place. My life has turned into a perilous moment and yet these righteous ones who say Jesus is Lord they’re having an actual increase in the fallout. They’re having an increase in the downpour.

They’re having an increase and open doors and new chapters, and opportunities brought to them. While all the doors are shut to me while hell is approaching my door while darkness is speaking in the sound of darkness has found me. Church you’re going to not have to wonder are you a believer. There will be evidence sound evidence in the making of manifestations in the making of what God’s word is. Those who literally say I have reprogramed my mind into a virgin mindset of just the pure word. These will shine. I’m telling you, these will shine. You’re coming into a divide of Night and Day. So heavy, that you can’t even understand. I tell you you’re going to know some people are believers by physical appearance just because certain sicknesses did not find them. You will find believers in hospitals healing. You’re going to see a change of the power structure where power that is invisible by the almighty God is going to showcase and take forth center stage. You’re going to find people who have been bound by the love message of God come out in the open exposed bringing in Heavenly wisdom and Revelation. People you thought were just literal nobodies, nomads. People you would pass by and look over seven times over. Twice over man.

I heard the Lord say, America choose. Grace has come, but Grace is coming more with a type of rawness, a rough edge, a rough patch, of a season for America. It’s a rough patch. I’m telling you, it will be a rough patch with Victory. This is the thing you have to understand it’s not just going to be bitter. There is a bitter suweet there is a Revival there is a exposure but things have to be surfaced that are very deep and this is in the church’s heart as a whole. I saw the Lord in a vision this this previously three or 4 days ago. I saw a city that was covered in darkness and I saw the Lord show me what he had to do to get the darkness out the people. And I found out in this Vision that the people were putting darkness in the city, the city wasn’t dark. Because the people were dark the city was dark. Understand your dominion and even though you don’t believe in God and choose not to walk with him your dominion is still there the whole city was in Blackness because of people’s hearts. The city didn’t have blackness and I saw God do something to the bottom of the city. He shook it and he kept on shaking it and he kept on shaking it. And then he kept on shaking it until I saw the people who were full and black the Blackness drained out of them. Like a sewage drain the Blackness of the city drained out of the city. Like a sewage drain until the city was a pure white because the people were pure white.

Nineveh right? Nineveh huh Church please be ready this is a call so sharp of a will you say yes or will you say no there is no in between and you know what you have to do.

Diana Larkin - CLEAN UP ON AISLE SEVEN - March 20, 2024

“The CLEAN UP ON AISLE SEVEN has begun in earnest. I AM speaking of the CLEANING OUT of My Church of CORRUPTION, PERVERSION, and BETRAYAL. Leaders who are HIDING BEHIND RELIGIOUS MASKS but who are INWARDLY WOLVES will be EXPOSED and REMOVED. These WHITE-WASHED TOMBS have INFLUENCED congregations and whole movements to focus on OUTWARD CONFORMING BEHAVIORS but NEVER DEALING WITH the DEEP ISSUES of the human HEART. These people can quote My Word and SOUND so SPIRITUAL but, behind closed doors, they INDULGE in CORRUPTION and PERVERSION. I AM DONE with these churches who teach OUTWARD CONFORMITY and IGNORE INNER TRANSFORMATION of the heart. They raise up people who are CRITICAL of TRUE FREEDOM and who LOOK DOWN THEIR NOSES at those who need My RESCUE and DELIVERANCE. These people know My Word, but they DO NOT KNOW MY HEART. Those in the world with BROKEN LIVES, CAPTURED by SIN, DO NOT NEED a set of OUTWARD RELIGIOUS RULES. They need to KNOW the HEART of a Father who would GIVE His Son’s LIFE for them. They need to KNOW the POWER of My Spirit to TRANSFORM their lives from the INSIDE OUT. I want them to EXPERIENCE a SUPERNATURAL God who SAVES, HEALS, and DELIVERS, and who wants to be KNOWN—DEEPLY KNOWN, HEART TO HEART. I want them to live in My SIGNS, WONDERS, and MIRACLES every day. Yes, I want them to know and TREASURE My written Word, but LIFE IN ME IS SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT! I AM SHAKING My Church AWAKE and DELIVERING it out of the RELIGIOUS SPIRIT and into the FREEDOM of truly CHANGED LIVES and HEARTS. The religious spirit has ALLOWED DEEP CORRUPTION into the Church, and I AM REMOVING these leaders and bringing My CONVICTION to those who followed them. NO MORE OUTWARD RELIGION THAT PUTS ME IN A BOX. This New Era will bring My FREEDOM and My HEART to all areas of society, but it must FIRST begin in the HEARTS of My people. The CLEAN UP ON AISLE SEVEN will result in a POWERFUL, REAL, and LOVING EXPRESSION of My heart; and many will be drawn in and will experience TRANSFORMED HEARTS and LIVES.”

Bo Polny - They will Scream & Cry Out... OH MY GOD!!! - March 20, 2024

Jar of Clay, 2024

ThereseMarie74 - @BoPolny this prophecy is for you. - March 16, 2024

Jesus says, “I have told you that the Great Silence is imminent. The Great Silence is growing more imminent every day. When the banks declare that they cannot loan any more money there is going to be an implosion in the financial system. The head of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, is calling for an emergency. He knows he is going down with the ship. There is nothing he can do to save the Babylonian system. The enemies of God are turning on one another. They are not getting what they thought they would get and they are angry. They are angry that they are not getting what they want. I have told you that they would do everything they can to make the people want to give up. I am the Lord of the “Breakthrough”. It is written in 2 Samuel 5:20, David broke through the Philistines attacks with the power of God. The Baal-perazim is known as the place of the “Breakthrough. I am breaking through every plot, plan, blueprint, schemes and attacks by your enemies. I know their plans. I am about to reveal to all of you all the lies that you have believed for decades and decades and decades. As I have said before and I will say again. Your clocks have been wrong just as your calendar has been wrong.”

ThereseMarie74 - Time Zone - March 11, 2024

Jesus says, “All the countries in North America should be on one time zone. The United States of America should be on one time zone not three time zones. If you can fly across the United States in two hours, yes I said two hours, why do you need three time zones? That does not make any sense. The Military is going to reveal many discoveries which have been hidden from you. There have been many ways for faster traveling discovered but these faster ways of traveling have been hidden. You should be able to travel across this nation many times a day within two hours. When you travel within two hours your time should not change. California and Maine should not be three hours apart in time. The whole country should be on one time. The latitude and the longitude of your maps is not correct. The earth is not round and the earth is not flat. The earth is a different shape than anyone thinks of it.”


“You are seeing unfold before you some WINS and some APPARENT LOSSES, as the war between LIGHT and DARK and JUSTICE and INJUSTICE moves towards a CRISIS POINT. Don’t let the enemy plant DISCOURAGEMENT in your minds over the SEEMING LOSSES. These LOSSES are BOLSTERING the darkness’ CONFIDENCE, and their ARROGANCE will LURE them DEEPER into My TRAP. Remember that I have told you to look at events with SPIRITUAL EYES—that is, you see events from My BIGGER PERSPECTIVE. This is what I AM showing you is happening behind the scenes to these earthly men who think they are gods. They believe that events are moving them towards a line-up for PROMOTION and GREAT RICHES. I will show you that they are being LINED UP, all right. They will find themselves in a LINE-UP for JUDGMENT and JUSTICE with all their WEALTH, POWER, and POSITIONS STRIPPED FROM THEM. Don’t get caught up in believing DOOM and GLOOM REPORTS. Use your AUTHORITY to continue to call out for EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE. Decree that My JUDGMENT and JUSTICE would be released on your Nation and that their SOURCES of MONEY would be CUT OFF and DIVERTED to the RIGHTEOUS. Declare that all their evil schemes would BACKFIRE on them and that they would FEEL Haman’s NOOSE around their necks. I AM promising you that SEEMING LOSSES WILL BECOME TRIUMPHS.”


Diana Larkin - A NEW MANTLE OF GOLDEN GLORY - March 18, 2024

The Father had another gift for me this morning. It was a golden mantle of glory. It had the appearance of mesh made of fine weaved golden threads. He said it was His glory and carried an anointing for power in healing, salvation, and deliverance. As I sat in the Garden of Delight with the Father, Son, and Spirit, I saw a light glowing above me and streaming down, and it filled the mantle with light.
The Father speaks: “Today, I AM releasing a NEW MANTLE OF MY GOLDEN GLORY. These GOLDEN MANTLES carry a NEW LEVEL of SALVATION, HEALING, and DELIVERANCE. This mantle is NOT EARNED, but you do need to be PREPARED for CARRYING it without COMPROMISING it. I have given these GOLDEN GLORY MANTLES here and there throughout the history of the Church, but it was often MISUSED by the person for their own FAME and GAIN. It brought DESTRUCTION into their personal lives and into the Church, instead of BLESSING and STRENGTH. My Remnant, you have been PREPARED to receive this MANTLE OF GOLDEN GLORY through your FAITHFUL WARFARE against the darkness that is trying to CONSUME your world. You have REFUSED to GIVE UP the GROUND of your Nation, and your SWORD of FAITH has GROWN MORE POWERFUL, as you chose to BELIEVE My PROMISES in the face of OVERWHELMING odds. You have learned to REST in Me, to be STRENGTHENED by Me, and to WAIT in FAITH to see My PROMISES all be FULFILLED. Your HEART and your ALLEGIANCE belong to Me as a FAITHFUL WARRIOR, and I can now ENTRUST you with GREAT RICHES—both in the natural and the supernatural realms. This NEW MANTLE OF GOLDEN GLORY will GREATLY EMPOWER you when you pray for others to RECEIVE SALVATION, HEALING, and DELIVERANCE. Your prayers will be much more EFFECTIVE than they have ever been. COME BEFORE Me and RECEIVE this NEW MANTLE OF GOLDEN GLORY. My Kingdom of Light is ECLIPSING the empire of darkness.”


Johnny Enlow - Unfiltered Ep 98: Eclipse 2024 – What Message is Heaven Shouting? March 18, 2024

… …

Edward Umling - I end this age ENTER A DECREE - March 18, 2024

March for told changes to unfold darkness covers the land and other who can know the counsels of God. But those he spoke what’s to unfold the reason they rhyme in riddles of time only to speak of what’s in time danger unfolds as prophecy foretold smites The Sinner and those foretold. I end this age and enter a decree my time has come and now unfolds. The saint and the sinner has now been told of decrees to settle, my father fortold. Wickedness shall mock with a thinner talk. Slanderers and fools shall reign. You laughed and mocked in pride of heart now you shall know when I knock. The heart is deceitful above all else, tell me now of those who mock. They shall see my father knock, to come and serve those in the flock. It shall begin, says the Lord.

Confusion shall prevail in the land. Drink from the cup, says the Lord. Days of hardship, says the Lord. Onslaught of wickedness, shadows of glory. The shadow of Ages, shall be placed in time. The days for told of eternity and time. Mercies fortold have come in time. But soon depart from those in time. Should me father above let the shadows of time display their glory they come at nine. Wickedness shall mock, the glory has departed oh people, and Nation. The councils of the nation will be destroyed, leaders will be deceived. The desire to continue as a republic will cease as gloom and despair settles over this nation. Your defenses shall be in disarray, says the Lord. A cruel and fierce King shall rule over you. Chaos and division will ensue every man. The wage earner will be in despair and the common man will bow his head in shame. Many will seek counsel from the Lord but the Lord will not answer. Within a year according to the year of a Hired Man all the glory of the nation shall fail. Within three years as the years of a Hired Man the glory of America will be despised along with all their multitude. The Remnant shall be very small, and feeble. The mighty vast Army will be diminished for the Lord God has spoken. This year is the undoing of your nation. The year of dismantling. The year of sorrow. The year of the Lord.

Pharaoh’s servants came to him and said. Pharaoh’s servants came to him and said how long shall this man be a snare to us. Let these people go that they may serve the Lord their God. Knowest thou not Egypt is destroyed. The Lord says this government will reconcile their fate in a similar manner. My plagues again. Lake Michigan keep your eyes on Lake Michigan. For I am the Lord God’s Sovereign in my judgment. I seize upon the waters and dry up the Lakes, says the Lord. The Waters of the Springs lakes and sea shall fail. I close with the following words of wisdom the year of Awakening, says the Lord.

Jim Staley - The 2024 Solar Eclipse and INSANE Prophecy Events Are Coming! - March 16, 2024


I was briefly in the Throne Room this morning and saw a grand celebration taking place. There really is going to be a happy ending to the mess in the Church and the corruption in our Nation. I saw streamers and confetti being dropped, but they were made of rainbow colored light. My Elder, down on the sea of glass, shot off a handheld rocket launcher, and it burst into a firework made of flowers! Beautiful! A rose floated down to me, and I caught it, kissed it, and tossed it back to my Elder. He was delighted. There is such beautiful and pure love in Heaven.
The Father speaks: “As the UNCOVERING of HIDDEN DARKNESS ROLLS ACROSS your Land, people you LOOKED UP TO and TRUSTED are going to be EXPOSED as living DOUBLE LIVES. They have PORTRAYED a public image of being GOOD and on the side of RIGHTEOUSNESS but behind closed doors, they live lives of PERVERSION and CORRUPTION. You will be SHOCKED, SICKENED, ANGRY, and you will want JUDGMENT and JUSTICE. I don’t want you to be POLLUTED with holding onto ANGER or REVENGE. FORGIVE those who BETRAYED you, and hand them over to My JUDGMENT and JUSTICE. Only I know and can PERFECTLY JUDGE the DEPTHS of each one’s heart, and I release PERFECT judgment and justice. Don’t BEAT yourself up that you BLINDLY TRUSTED someone who turns out to be COMPROMISED. Instead, ask My Spirit to show you what needs ADJUSTING in your own heart that allowed you to be FOOLED. Then, ask for GREATER DISCERNMENT and PAY ATTENTION when I give you CAUTIONS and WARNING FLAGS about someone. Remember, DISCERNMENT is NOT SUSPICION. Suspicion comes from your soul, and it judges by HUMAN standards, not My standards. To a person still BOUND by the RELIGIOUS SPIRIT, anything NEW or CREATIVE will RAISE their SUSPICIONS. Their confidence is in KEEPING everything the SAME. I AM ALWAYS DOING A NEW THING, so learn to FLOW in My River of Life. Discernment flows through your SPIRIT from My SPIRIT, and it sees BEYOND MASKS and SMOOTH SPEECH. Massive EXPOSURES and CLEANUPS of corruption must happen, just don’t get STUCK in SORROW because GREAT JOY is coming. There will be JOY in NEW leadership whose hearts are set on SERVING the people and righteousness. There will be CELEBRATIONS as FREEDOM, PEACE, and PLENTY are RESTORED. WHERE THERE IS GREAT SORROW, THERE WILL BE GREAT JOY.”    

Brian Palencia - The Dominoes Are Falling! (Tim & Dutch Sheets) - March 15, 2024

I typed this up and this vision came to me uh on December 30th 2023. Um that was my meditation time and this vision this is what I saw. I see a large set of dominoes set up in a circular cyclical fashion in front of me and it was as if they were on a table or surface. A hand suddenly appears supernaturally and with the fingers facing the left and the year 2024 above it. The hand flicks with its pointer finger the dominoes setting off the cascading effect. It began right in front of me and circled left and away from me and just before the halfway mark I was quickened with these words, much will have happened by April. It seems the cyclical path of the dominoes was symbolic of the year 2024 and God’s hand initiated the set of events. I only saw a cascading effect of the dominoes into would seem to be April the 4th month, notice the number four. April the 4th month about 40% into the year. Notice the fourth and the 40%. both have the number four.

Okay so that’s that let me show you the vision I made a little graphic okay. So I found this graphic of these dominoes okay and I went ahead and I found the graphic of a hand and I inserted it here and then I put the year as I saw it so this is pretty much what my vision looked like okay. Now I’m going to this is what I saw okay let me be clear this is what I saw almost exactly like this. I’m going to show you another graphic that’s going to point out some other details of what I sensed. Okay I sensed as I was watching this but I didn’t actually see it. All right so this is what I wanted to show you so when I saw this what I sensed in the spirit. What I discerned was that this cyclical uh set of dominoes symbolized the year. So this technically would be January you see this white line I put here. And it was the Lord’s hand reminds me of um the handwriting on the wall. A mysterious hand disappeared so that’s pretty cool. I actually didn’t think of that earlier but just now. And the Lord flicked and the dominoes began and the dominoes kept falling and falling and falling until about this point approximately okay.

Now once again I didn’t see any of this other writing only the 2024 but I did this graphic because I wanted to show that the dominoes fell until they got to about this spot now if we take this spot here which is H the halfway point and if this symbolizes the year then this would be the middle okay June 6th month July the 7th month. So about over here was approximately April. Okay, now I did I don’t think I thought of it at that moment but interesting that the Great American eclipse over America is on April 4th. And Passover begins uh I believe it’s the April 22nd, April 21st, April 22nd one of those days. So anyway I just wanted to show you this since the prophetic word we’re about to read has to do with dominoes amen. All right and we are back now let’s get into the word. Here is the introduction once again the title is the dominoes are falling Tim and Dutch sheets introduction from Dutch sheets he says….

Tim Sheets - The Dominos Are Falling | Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch - February 16, 2024

Thank you for joining me today for give him 15. Title of today’s post is the dominoes are falling. You would have to look long and hard find anyone more passionate about seeing America revived and reformed than my brother Tim Sheets. He seeks God diligently regarding what holy spirit is saying to the church and what is necessary in order for these two things to occur. As you will see from this word Tim is on fire. He shares, current events must be defined using God’s truth. Demonic visuals and messages must be forbidden and resisted. We must be a people who discern the times. Thomas aquinus a 13th century Italian priest, philosopher, and theologian, made this statement. He who is not angry when there is just cause for anger is immoral. Why? Because anger looks to the good of justice. And if you can live amid injustice without anger you are immoral as well as unjust. Wnd quote. It’s possible to be angry and sin not. Anger at Injustice is righteous. Anger it is not love to wink at Injustice it is love to resist it.

We’re in a spiritual and ideological war for this nation. Ours is a call to spiritual warfare and it is a call to cultural battles. It is an ideological war against unrighteous government and societal tyranny. It’s a call to speak truth to abusive lying Powers the call of the Ecclesia is to rise and stand against evil the weapons God gave us are Mighty through him to the pulling down of strongholds. We are called to partner with him and stop corruption. It is time to cast off fear, apathy, indifference, laziness, stand against injustice. Tim continues, last year a shameful act of bullying by our government took place against our former president. This atrocity has never been done before in our nation. When I heard the news I was reminded of things the Lord impressed upon me just prior to the event. And he says this is what the Lord said.

Leaders of some governmental agencies are about to panic. They will begin doing crazy things that will further expose their motives. In sheer desperation they will lash out. But it will only reveal more of their own wickedness and evil. And though they are too deceived to know their dictatorial actions and communist tactics will have been further exposed. Tim says many in governmental positions of authority are trying to cover up their actions and lies. However God spoke to me in a previous prophecy, quote, I will pull the covers off of you, I will bury your plans, I will write with my own finger vanquish end quote. From the Lord as Jesus said in Matthew 15:14 concerning the arrogant perversion of authority by Pharisees they are blind. But if the blind lead the blind both fall in a ditch. Currently there are arrogant self-righteous leaders in America who are going to lead other blind and arrogant people into to a ditch. When fools lead fools, wrecks happen. These leaders are too blind to see that they have tipped a domino that will result in a cascade of falling dominoes. The serpent’s head is coming off.

First Kings 18 speaks of Ahab’s and Jezebel’s confrontation with the Prophet Elijah. King Ahab and Elijah met and Elijah proposed a challenge an altar would be built and a sacrifice placed on it. However neither would light a fire. Each would ask for supernatural fire to fall on the sacrifice. Ahab’s prophets praying to their God Baal. Elijah praying to Yahweh. The challenge would prove whose God was truly God. The Father followers of Baal went first praying from morning until afternoon with no results. Then it was Elijah’s turn immediately the fire of God fell from heaven and consumed the offering. Challenge was over the Baal workers supporting Jezebel were appropriately dealt with. This passage of scripture reveals that God has remove Bale’s influence from governments before I believe he’s going to to do so again. The Day of Reckoning is here Tim says the hand of God is about to interrupt their party. The desecration of God’s laws and statutes will not go unopposed. The almighty King is going to stomp the head of Leviathan that is slithering through government departments. His days in our government are numbered.

As I prayed into current events he says the Lord spoke to me quote. The eklesia must partner with Holy Spirit allowing him to lead in an aggressive battle plan. This plan will end great deliverance, great reversals, great victories, and will begin the discipling of Nations. We must embrace this assignment. Tim says in many ways our nation and way of life life depend on it. Clearly doctrines of demons are prevalent in our land. Antichrist culture is being actively promoted. Christians are being persecuted our values are being vilified. The church has been described by some government leaders as non-essential. The war against Christ’s Kingdom and ecsia is real, and intensifying. We are not without recourse. We have everything we need in order to prevail and turn this n Nation around. I believe the Glorious eklesia is rising. Just as God’s word said it would. The kingdom of God is amping up like I’ve never seen before in order to accomplish Christ’s purpose on the earth. To achieve this, we must do things God’s way following the patterns and principles of scripture. Sadly we have too often, seen nominal churches and shallow Christianity being promoted by fearful leaders. Obviously, this will not work.

It is actually part of the problem. Nowhere in the Bible does it say to run from our adversaries, nor to be silent. We must not compromise bow to fear or cower to any challenge of our faith. As Christ eklesia we must raise our voices make a visible stand without compromise and be strong in the Lord. We must bring clarity and proper definition from scripture to culture. And challenged by an in yourface attack from Hell. We must be respond by being real Christians not religious pacifists trembling in fear from loudmouth devils. There is a Remnant in the church that has hurt Ahab’s defiance long enough. They’re ready to rise up and do things God’s way. Declaring let the God who answers by fire be our God. If Baal is God we’ll serve him. If Yahweh is God we’ll serve him. Let’s find out. Let’s find out who the real God is. Jesus said hell’s government would not prevail. Let’s find out if Christ is big enough to back that up. I am confident that he can. God said he would watch over his word to perform it. He said he would cause us to Triumph. Let’s find out. Let’s find out if the name of Jesus is greater than any other name. I’m confident that it is. Amen!  …

Let’s pray with Timothy. Lord break the darkness, break diabolical structures, and send your great light. We decree that this is your nation, and the recent schemes of our government will backfire in historic proportions in the name of King Jesus. Treacherous strategies will backfire, misfire, and boomerang. Battering ram angels are knocking the props of Baal out from under those who oppose you. Cause your power to rise in this nation. Motivate the eklesia to raise her voice. Grant that boldness would be upon us to speak the name of Jesus and the words he gives us give us, signs and wonders. Show your mightiness close the mouths of the prophets of Baal. Let righteous rulers arise fearlessly declaring that you are God, answer with fire. May the entire world see in this hour who the true God is. We commit to continue to do as you instructed us. And pray for protection over America’s water supply, waterways, dams, ports, as the shaking occurs with greater intensity it will. As terrorists begin their planned attacks and violence increases in our land. We boldly declare our faith that America is anchored, painted with Holy Spirit anointing and will be restored through the shaking. Your kingdom will come and your will accomplished be accomplished in yeshua’s name. Amen. And our decree we decree that ba will be exposed in the government of America I want to just back up and say we decree that Baal will continue to be exposed in the government of America. Because he is being exposed and that God will answer our prayers with revival fire. Amen! Thank you Tim today’s post.

Diane Larkin - THE ECLIPSE FROM DARK TO LIGHT - March 16, 2024

“The ECLIPSE on April 8th is a MARKER in time for this BATTLE of DARK to LIGHT over your Nation. The battles being fought in the heavenly realms will now become CLEARLY SEEN BATTLES in the earthly realm. Those who have been ASLEEP to the spiritual battle that has been RAGING, will SUDDENLY be CONFRONTED with a DISPLAY of the UNDERBELLY of DARKNESS. Those who partnered with evil think their plans to UNLEASH CHAOS, DEATH, and FEAR will work to their ADVANTAGE and will lead to the people handing over CONTROL to these PUPPET MASTERS. Forces of Light, it is up to you to PARTNER with Me to BRING ABOUT A DIFFERENT OUTCOME. Declare that these dark plans will ONLY SERVE to EXPOSE those who set them in motion. Say, ‘I REMOVE the POWER and the DEATH out of these agendas, and I say they will BACKFIRE on the darkness.’ Where CHAOS, RIOTING, and PAID FOR DEMONSTRATIONS BREAK OUT, release My PEACE and My PRESENCE to CHANGE the ATMOSPHERE. Declare that My LOVE WILL ECLIPSE ALL THE HATRED that is being released. These are the battles that you have been TRAINING for. Now, PUT ON your ARMOR of LIGHT and RESPOND to My COMMANDS, not to the voices of FEAR and COWERING. Inside of you is the same SPIRIT that BROODED over darkness and chaos and brought forth a BEAUTIFUL earth. It is the very SPIRIT that BREATHED RESURRECTION LIFE into the Son. This is the same POWER that BLEW OPEN the waters of the Red Sea to DELIVER Israel and then to cause them to POUR DOWN on the enemy. DO NOT FEAR the enemy because HE FEARS YOU WARRING AGAINST him in your COVENANT AUTHORITY and HOLY SPIRIT EMPOWERMENT. Rise up Forces of Light, THE ECLIPSE OF DARK TO LIGHT HAS BEGUN.”

Mary Adger - Prophetic Word for America - March 14, 2024

I was at the Airport on October 29, 2023, and I heard The LORD say the following:

I heard The LORD say, “War can break out any minute. Be ready!

The Saving of Soul’s Campaign — get busy. Lives will be lost in this War — in your country.

Heads of State are not prepared for this coming event.

America has tried to throw money on everything — but it cannot fix this War. Only My Love and Peace will bring comfort and healing.”

Today March 13, 2024, The LORD spoke these words:

The LORD told me to ask people this question. “What are you doing to prepare from all the warnings The LORD has spoken?

People, I have not spoken with cunning crafty words. I have spoken with Light and Truth.”

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” Psalm 119:105

“I know what things you have need of even before you ask.”

“Like as a father pitieth his children, so The LORD pitieth them that fear him.” Psalm 103:13

“If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone? or if he ask a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent?” Luke 11:11

“If then God so clothe the grass, which is to day in the field, and to morrow is cast into the oven; how much more will he clothe you, O ye of little faith? And seek not ye what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink, neither be ye of doubtful mind. For all these things do the nations of the world seek after: and your Father knoweth that ye have need of these things.” Luke 12:28-30

“I have consistently told you how to prepare for things coming upon your nation. Let your faith be multiplied in this hour.”

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

“If you had known in advance the tragedies of Corona Virus, would you have prepared?

If a man knows a thief will break into his house would he not be prepared.”

“Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up. Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh. Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season? Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing.” Matthew 24:42-46

I AM telling you again if a man does not work, he will not eat.”

“Now we command you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye withdraw yourselves from every brother that walketh disorderly, and not after the tradition which he received of us. For yourselves know how ye ought to follow us: for we behaved not ourselves disorderly among you; neither did we eat any man’s bread for nought; but wrought with labour and travail night and day, that we might not be chargeable to any of you: not because we have not power, but to make ourselves an ensample unto you to follow us. For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.” 2 Thessalonians 3:6-10

“Work doing the practical things.

Sell those things you have never used so that you may have funds to purchase your stockpiles.

Use your gifts and talents to earn extra money for preparedness items.

Study the lay of the land to know natural medicines that grow wild.

Do not faint in this season for I will supply your needs — but that does not mean you should be laborless.

I gave Joseph a vision to prepare for famine. Not only did he work but also he put others to work.”

“Behold, there come seven years of great plenty throughout all the land of Egypt: and there shall arise after them seven years of famine; and all the plenty shall be forgotten in the land of Egypt; and the famine shall consume the land; and the plenty shall not be known in the land by reason of that famine following; for it shall be very grievous. And for that the dream was doubled unto Pharaoh twice; it is because the thing is established by God, and God will shortly bring it to pass. Now therefore let Pharaoh look out a man discreet and wise, and set him over the land of Egypt. Let Pharaoh do this, and let him appoint officers over the land, and take up the fifth part of the land of Egypt in the seven plenteous years. And let them gather all the food of those good years that come, and lay up corn under the hand of Pharaoh, and let them keep food in the cities. And that food shall be for store to the land against the seven years of famine, which shall be in the land of Egypt; that the land perish not through the famine.” Genesis 41:29-36

“Grow your communities — set relationships with people of like minds. Start an assembly line and work together.

It has always been My Plan for man to grow his own food. I gave this commandment to Adam.”

“And unto Adam he said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life; thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field; In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.” Genesis 3:17-19

“Children, I tell you that many of your sicknesses and diseases come from you trusting unknown sources to grow your food.

Start Farming CO-OPS. Plant a seed in the ground and watch it grow.

Co-ops: A Key Part of Rural America | USDA

I will hear many screams and cries when the things happen.

I hope to hear, “Thank you LORD!” because I will always tell you a thing before it happens.

This is the love that I have for you, Children!”

ThereseMarie74 - The Crimes Against the Childeren - March 10, 2024

Jesus said “The crimes against children are unspeakable. More than 800,000 children go missing in the world every year. For years children have gone missing and the American people have been none the wiser until this time. It is time for the people in the Western World to wake up from their comatose states of indoctrination to believe lies. You once bought the lie of abortion, that mothers and fathers could not afford to have children and it is cheaper to kill a child in the womb than to bring life to that child. That is a lie from the pit of Hell. I am going to say this again and I want My people to listen very carefully. All the excuses for abortion and all the lies people have spoken out to rationalize abortion in their minds are lies from the pit of Hell. They are lies from the pit of Hell. Do you know how much it has cost you, each and every one of you and each person in the United States of America to allow abortion to take place in your society? It has cost you your life! Yes, it has cost you your life as a nation. It has cost you your life as a nation. The Deep State has been killing you for decades and decades and decades. The United States of America has been on life support for a very long time. Because you have allowed the killing of your children the enemies of God have been able to take away everything in your lives. They have taken away your children. They have taken away your land. They have taken away your homes. They have taken away your water and your food, your electricity, your oil to heat your home, your oil to make gas to run your cars. They have taken away your ability to work and to earn enough money to provide for yourselves and for your families. They have taken away your doctors and nurses who provide healing for your bodies. They have taken away everything from you and you are just beginning to discover all the ways in which they have tried to take away your minds. I have told you to speak the words of the Lord because your words bring life or death. It says in My word in Deuteronomy 30:19, “I put before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. Choose life that you may live.” People speak words of blessing and then they speak words of curses. With the same tongue they speak both blessings and curses over themselves and over others. It is written in James 3:1-12, that the tongue is a bridle over the body. The tongue can speak words of healing or the tongue can speak words of sickness and death. You have the power to bring the healing power of God upon yourselves and others through the words you speak. It is written in Job 6:25, “How forcible are right words.” It is written in Job 22:28-30 that if you decree a thing it shall be established for you and it also says that you can intercede for the wicked and the wicked will turn from their wickedness because of the right words you say in your prayers to effect change to bring about a conversion for the wicked. It is written in the gospels that you should love your enemies and pray and intercede for those who persecute you.”

Mary Adger - Prophetic Word for America - March 15, 2024

I was at the Airport on October 29, 2023, and I heard The LORD say the following:

I heard The LORD say, “War can break out any minute. Be ready!

The Saving of Soul’s Campaign — get busy. Lives will be lost in this War — in your country.

Heads of State are not prepared for this coming event.

America has tried to throw money on everything — but it cannot fix this War. Only My Love and Peace will bring comfort and healing.”

Today March 13, 2024, The LORD spoke these words:

The LORD told me to ask people this question. “What are you doing to prepare from all the warnings The LORD has spoken?

People, I have not spoken with cunning crafty words. I have spoken with Light and Truth.”

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” Psalm 119:105

“I know what things you have need of even before you ask.”

“Like as a father pitieth his children, so The LORD pitieth them that fear him.” Psalm 103:13

“If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone? or if he ask a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent?” Luke 11:11

“If then God so clothe the grass, which is to day in the field, and to morrow is cast into the oven; how much more will he clothe you, O ye of little faith? And seek not ye what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink, neither be ye of doubtful mind. For all these things do the nations of the world seek after: and your Father knoweth that ye have need of these things.” Luke 12:28-30

“I have consistently told you how to prepare for things coming upon your nation. Let your faith be multiplied in this hour.”

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

“If you had known in advance the tragedies of Corona Virus, would you have prepared?

If a man knows a thief will break into his house would he not be prepared.”

“Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up. Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh. Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season? Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing.” Matthew 24:42-46

“I AM telling you again if a man does not work, he will not eat.”

“Now we command you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye withdraw yourselves from every brother that walketh disorderly, and not after the tradition which he received of us. For yourselves know how ye ought to follow us: for we behaved not ourselves disorderly among you; neither did we eat any man’s bread for nought; but wrought with labour and travail night and day, that we might not be chargeable to any of you: not because we have not power, but to make ourselves an ensample unto you to follow us. For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.” 2 Thessalonians 3:6-10

“Work doing the practical things.

Sell those things you have never used so that you may have funds to purchase your stockpiles.

Use your gifts and talents to earn extra money for preparedness items.

Study the lay of the land to know natural medicines that grow wild.

Do not faint in this season for I will supply your needs — but that does not mean you should be laborless.

I gave Joseph a vision to prepare for famine. Not only did he work but also he put others to work.”

“Behold, there come seven years of great plenty throughout all the land of Egypt: and there shall arise after them seven years of famine; and all the plenty shall be forgotten in the land of Egypt; and the famine shall consume the land; and the plenty shall not be known in the land by reason of that famine following; for it shall be very grievous. And for that the dream was doubled unto Pharaoh twice; it is because the thing is established by God, and God will shortly bring it to pass. Now therefore let Pharaoh look out a man discreet and wise, and set him over the land of Egypt. Let Pharaoh do this, and let him appoint officers over the land, and take up the fifth part of the land of Egypt in the seven plenteous years. And let them gather all the food of those good years that come, and lay up corn under the hand of Pharaoh, and let them keep food in the cities. And that food shall be for store to the land against the seven years of famine, which shall be in the land of Egypt; that the land perish not through the famine.” Genesis 41:29-36

“Grow your communities — set relationships with people of like minds. Start an assembly line and work together.

It has always been My Plan for man to grow his own food. I gave this commandment to Adam.”

“And unto Adam he said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life; thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field; In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.” Genesis 3:17-19

“Children, I tell you that many of your sicknesses and diseases come from you trusting unknown sources to grow your food.

Start Farming CO-OPS. Plant a seed in the ground and watch it grow.

Co-ops: A Key Part of Rural America | USDA

I will hear many screams and cries when the things happen.

I hope to hear, “Thank you LORD!” because I will always tell you a thing before it happens.

This is the love that I have for you, Children!”

Diana Larkin - IT WILL BE DONE! - March 15, 2024

This word began with a brief visit to the Throne Room. I was sitting by the Father’s knee, and I heard the voice of many waters boom out, “It will be done!” At this command, the Hosts and Angels shot out of the Throne Room in all directions to fulfill His word.
MATTHEW 6:10 (TPT) “Manifest Your Kingdom realm (or come and begin Your Kingdom reign) and cause Your every purpose to be fulfilled on earth, just as it is in heaven.”
The Father speaks: “This is the ESSENCE of what I AM doing in your day. When Heaven and earth AGREE, IT WILL BE DONE! My GROWING REMNANT are CRYING OUT for the POWER of the DARKNESS to be SMASHED and for My RESCUE to come and SET THEM FREE from the SLAVERY and BONDAGE they have been HELD CAPTIVE by. Whenever darkness is TAKEN DOWN and My FREEDOM and LIGHT FLOOD IN, there you will find My KINGDOM BEING ESTABLISHED. My Kingdom is established where My WILL IS DONE. That includes INDIVIDUAL LIVES and NATIONS. I AM not just coming to RESCUE you from TYRANNY and DARKNESS, I AM coming to ESTABLISH My KINGDOM in its place. My Kingdom is full of LIGHT, FREEDOM, PEACE, and PLENTY. Its foundations are RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE. I don’t have to remind you how TWISTED these have become in your day. The enemy will tell you that My Kingdom is RESTRICTIVE, but I tell you that the FREEDOM TO DO what is RIGHT and JUST will fill your life with FAVOR, PEACE, and FULFILLMENT. My BEAUTIFUL REMNANT, your CRIES for My Kingdom TO COME and My WILL TO BE DONE on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN have been HEARD. My voice has THUNDERED in the Throne Room, ‘IT WILL BE DONE!” And so it shall be.”

Lois Vogel-Sharp - Tik Tok Goes The Clock - March 12, 2024

So this is what I got. I have to tell my people something important. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime as evil tries to continue to cross that line. Let me tell you one thing you must know, it truly is goodbye to Joe. He took four years of my precious America away from the blessings that should have been here to stay. But instead of allowing truth to prevail they chose to set forth the lying sale. Liars, liars their pants will end up on fire unless they repent from their evil corruption instead of all this misconception. Watch and see how I make America’s plea to save her from all this sorrow for that better tomorrow. And I will tell anyone who continues to lie, you will be the ones who sigh. For justice will rule Supreme I have thwarted the enemy’s schemes. Let it all play out and have no doubt faith is what it is all about. Love Yeshua

I got this one right after ticktock goes the clock you better keep your eyes on the stock. They will not last, it will be like a blast and many will come down with this crash. My gold and my silver oh how it will quiver and once again will have real value. Don’t keep your eyes on the sparrow for they neither sow nor reap but you will see the ridiculous price of meat and this time will be short but many will abort. For they will panic and sell all they have instead of trusting and not trying to grab. Whatever they could find to leave their expenses behind. They did not trust the Divine. They dropped out of the line and ended up left behind.

Diana Larkin - A STORM OF GLORY - March 14, 2024

“Can My GLORY gently fall on a person or a gathering of people? It can, and it will bring the PRESENCE of My KINGDOM with all its POWER, HEALING, and WHOLENESS. But My GLORY can also come like a POWERFUL STORM with a SOUND that will be heard around the world. EZEKIEL 43:2 (TPT) ‘I saw the glory of the God of Israel storming from the east with a roar! A thunderous sound came with Him like the sound of a great waterfall. All the ground was glowing brightly, illuminated by His glorious presence.’ My STORM OF GLORY will INTERRUPT everything the world is doing. Those who EXPECT My GLORY will REVEL in it and be made WHOLE. Those who did not think I acted SUPERNATURALLY anymore will be in SHOCKED SILENCE and REPENTANCE. Those who have never responded to My CALL on their lives to come to Me through the BLOOD of My Son, will FALL ON THEIR KNEES in SURRENDER to My MAJESTY and My LOVE. Those partnered with DARKNESS will be OVERCOME with SHEER PANIC and GREAT DREAD as the realization of My POWER is displayed. The darkness thinks their DEATH AGENDAS are so POWERFUL, but they will ALL FADE AWAY in the presence of My RAW POWER and GREAT GLORY that is displayed in My STORM OF GLORY. Your CONFIDENCE in Me and your FAITH in My PROMISES will be FULLY VINDICATED when My STORM OF GLORY ROLLS IN with the MIGHTY ROAR of the Lion of Judah. Have faith in God.”

Diana Larkin - I HAVE HEARD YOUR CRIES - March 13, 2024

“I have HEARD EVERY CRY to Me for HELP, for DELIVERANCE, for RESCUE. I have HEARD your ANGUISH over your PRODIGALS, over TRAFFICKING, over POLLUTED AIR and FOOD, and over EVIL and TYRANNY. You ECHO David’s cries to Me in PSALM 40:12a (TPT) ‘Evil surrounds me; problems greater than I can solve come one after another. Without You, I know I can’t make it.’ The GOOD NEWS is that I HAVE HEARD YOUR CRIES, and I AM ARISING to DEFEND you, to DELIVER you, and to DEFEAT your enemies. DON’T GIVE UP HOPE because it seems like VICTORY IS STILL SO FAR AWAY. The MASTERFUL RESCUE OPERATION I have planned will be a SUDDENLY that ROCKS the entire world and that brings your enemies CRASHING DOWN in TOTAL DEFEAT. Know that I hold each HEARTFELT CRY for yourself, your family, your Nation in the PALM of My HAND, and I will ANSWER those CRIES with My LOVE and My POWER. Pray what David prayed: PSALM 40:13-16 (TPT) ‘Please, Lord! Come quickly and rescue me! Take pleasure in showing me Your favor and restore me. Let all who seek my life be humiliated! Let them be confused and ashamed, God. Scatter those who wish me evil; they just want me dead. Scoff at every scoffer and cause them all to be utter failures. Let them be ashamed and horrified at their complete defeat. But let all who passionately seek You erupt with excitement over what You’ve done! Let all Your lovers rejoice continually in the Savior, saying, How great and glorious is our God.’ Let your FAITH ARISE and begin to DECLARE and to PRAISE Me NOW for so GREAT A VICTORY. EXPECTANT FAITH and WORSHIP PULLS the FUTURE PROMISE into a PRESENT REALITY. I HAVE HEARD YOUR CRIES and your future IS NOT DARKNESS and TYRANNY, it is BRIGHT with VICTORY and the RESTORATION of ALL THINGS. Just to let you know, the darkness has planned to SHUT DOWN the AIRWAVES in order to TAKE CONTROL, but I AM the One who will TURN OFF the AIRWAVES in order to SILENCE the LYING media and TYRANTS and to give the POWER of the AIRWAVES to those FIGHTING for FREEDOM and RIGHTEOUSNESS. I HAVE HEARD YOUR CRIES!” 

Diana Larkin - THE STING HAS BEEN REMOVED - March 12, 2024

“Army of Light, I want you to know that your DECREES and DECLARATIONS have been RELEASING the Host to TEAR DOWN and DEMOLISH the STRONGHOLDS and the PLATFORMS of darkness. The Forces of Light working together have accomplished this. This is happening in the SPIRITUAL REALM but if you stay TUNED to My Spirit, I will show you SIGNS in the NATURAL that this DE-PLATFORMING is being done. RESIGNATIONS are FLYING, PREMATURE DEATHS are many. These are happening for several reasons: many are being CONFRONTED behind the scenes with their CORRUPTION and TREASON, and some realize their POWER BASE has been REMOVED, and they see NO WAY OUT besides DEATH. The darkness is SCRAMBLING to LAUNCH many SCARY SCHEMES to FOOL you into becoming CAPTIVES to their FEAR TACTICS. If they can get you to FEAR or to DOUBT My PROMISES, then they can CONTROL you. I want to STRENGTHEN you with this TRUTH: My Army of Light and My Host as the FORCES OF LIGHT have ALREADY TAKEN THE STING OUT OF THE SCARY SCHEMES of the evil ones. The schemes they launch will LOOK POWERFUL and THREATENING, but the MASS DESTRUCTION and DEATH they had planned WILL NOT COME TO PASS because THE STING HAS BEEN REMOVED. This is why you can be a VOICE of CALM in the STORM because you know I’m allowing the darkness to FULLY EXPOSE who they are so that JUDGMENT and JUSTICE fall hard on them, and so that those still ASLEEP will be RUDELY AWAKENED. You will see many things COLLAPSE by My hand that are ROOTED in DARKNESS, and many lives will be REQUIRED of those who have SOWN so MUCH DEATH. This is a WAR, and there will be CASUALTIES but nothing like the MASS MURDER and DESTRUCTION they had planned. Well done, Forces of Light, because THE STING HAS BEEN REMOVED.”

Chris Reed - A Prophetic Dream Warning: The Rebirth of America - March 11, 202

Diana Larkin - WHY DOES IDOLATRY FLOURISH IN A NATION? - March 11, 2024

“IDOLATRY FLOURISHES IN A NATION when I AM presented as a CONCEPT or GOOD WORDS on a page, instead of the NOW and PRESENT POWERFUL GOD who made you for DEEP relationship and RELIANCE on Me. When I AM REDUCED to WORDS on a PAGE and a set of ‘HOW TO BE GOOD RULES’, the human heart will SEARCH for another SOURCE to SATISFY that DEEP LONGING in their spirits for INTIMATE CONNECTION and DEEP SATISFACTION. Those CONTROLLED by the RELIGIOUS SPIRIT and those who do not know Me at all are going to be DRAWN to FALSE COMFORTERS to FILL the VOID in their hearts. These FALSE COMFORTERS become IDOLS, and they can take many forms. DRUGS, SMOKING, ALCOHOL, PORN, FOOD, SPORTS, ENTERTAINMENT, the OCCULT and NEW AGE are a few of the areas where IDOLATRY exists in your Nation. People are looking for MORE than themselves to BELIEVE in, to RELY on, and to give them HOPE for something MORE. They build IDOLS of STARS, LEADERS, and the WEALTHY. They turn to GREED and PERVERSION to try and SATISFY the LONGINGS in their souls. Churches who teach that I NO LONGER act in SUPERNATURAL WAYS and that KNOWING RIGHT DOCTRINES is all you need, are SETTING PEOPLE UP FOR IDOLATRY. This is why you see nearly the SAME LEVEL of SIN in the Church as you see in the WORLD. This is a season of SMASHING IDOLS and SETTING CAPTIVES FREE. That is why I AM coming in POWER to DESTROY IDOLATRY and COLD RELIGION. I AM revealing Myself in SUPERNATURAL WAYS so that people know there is a God POWERFUL ENOUGH to SAVE, HEAL, and DELIVER them. I AM the MORE they are seeking. I AM the DEEP LOVE they CRAVE, and I will be their SAVIOR, their DELIVERER, and their SUPERNATURAL SOURCE for WISDOM, GUIDANCE, and PROVISION. Have you been CAPTURED by an IDOL? REPENT, and ASK Me to SMASH it with My DELIVERING POWER. INVITE Me to FILL that place of LONGING and NEED and PURSUE INTIMACY with Me. I AM NOT ANGRY with you. I just want you FREE and to be able to RECEIVE ALL the GOOD THINGS I have for you. I want  you to KNOW how DEEPLY you are LOVED, and to become FULLY SATISFIED in Me. When your are FREE, you can lead others to FREEDOM. Together, Children of Light, let’s SMASH the IDOLS and SHINE My GOODNESS and POWER to the world.” 


*DREAM: 6:47 am=17 on 3/10/24=10 “Three Moms Die” I see on a TV screen an actor announcing that the actress who played the “mom” in a series has died. I think I saw a June date. Then a man named Justin appeared in my house to let me know that his mom had died. I wondered if he knew that my mom had also recently died. *INTERPRETATION: We can look for major deaths or removals in these three areas: Arts and Entertainment, Justice, and the Church. A TV screen is “tell a vision,” this one points to entertainment. Justin is a play on words for “justice.” Your mom in a dream often represents the Church. Time and Date stamps: 17=overcoming power, breakthrough to victory. 10=Divine perfection and order, judgment—10 plagues of Egypt. These numbers led me to Psalm 17, titled “A Cry for Justice.” Verses 10, 13, 14 (TPT) “They are pitiless, heartless—hard as nails, swollen with pride and filled with arrogance! Arise, God, and confront them! Challenge them with Your might! Free me from their clutches and rescue me from their rage. Throw them down to the ground, those who live for only this life on earth. Thrust them out of their prosperity and into their portion in eternity, leaving their wealth and wickedness behind!” *The Father SPEAKS: “I AM showing you THREE AREAS that are TARGETED now for the DEATHS and REMOVALS of CORRUPT leaders. These three areas are: ENTERTAINMENT, JUSTICE, and My CHURCH. The other areas of society will also receive REMOVALS and CLEAN-OUTS, but I AM HIGHLIGHTING these three areas right now and EXPOSING their CORRUPTION and their need of REFORMATION. Those who have HARDENED their HEARTS to My Spirit’s CONVICTION will be TAKEN OUT of the way. They have NURTURED and SPREAD their CORRUPTION and PERVERSION, and they have DEFILED these three areas. The OLD must come DOWN to MAKE WAY for the NEW ERA of RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE. People have made IDOLS of these CORRUPT LEADERS. They have NOT DISCERNED that these corrupt ones are leading them into COMPROMISE and DECEPTION. Woe to those who PRETEND to be GOOD but are truly GIVEN OVER to EVIL. These TARGETED REMOVALS and EXPOSURES of corruption will SHAKE AWAKE the people, and their FALSE IDOLS WILL FALL. Be ready to GENTLY TURN THEM TO ME, THE TRUE SOURCE OF LIFE AND LIGHT. CALL FORTH RIGHTEOUS LEADERS to step in where the darkened ones have been REMOVED. The RESCUE OPERATION is MOVING on your behalf. MAKE WAY for the KING of RIGHTEOUSNESS to come RULE and reign.”

Diana Larkin - RESTORE, REBUILD, RENEW - March 9, 2024

ISAIAH 61:4 (TPT) “They will restore ruins from long ago and rebuild what was long devastated. They will renew ruined cities and desolations of past generations.”
“What are the STRENGTHS you need to be a RESTORER, a REBUILDER, and a RENEWER? It has been necessary for you to FOCUS on the battle to DEFEAT and DETHRONE the darkness, but the PROMISED VICTORY IS CLOSER THAN YOU THINK. Then, it will be time to RESTORE, REBUILD, and RENEW. Begin to CONSIDER this season of THE RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS so that I can PREPARE you fully for the NEW ERA. These are the STRENGTHS that are needed for this new season: VISION, COURAGE, PERSEVERANCE, and a WILLINGNESS to WORK (to get your hands dirty). VISION comes from My Spirit. He will give you EYES TO SEE BEYOND MAN’S IDEAS and LIMITATIONS to something AMAZING and NEVER SEEN OR DONE BEFORE. COURAGE is needed to BELIEVE the vision you’ve received and to BOLDLY DECLARE and STAND BEHIND what has been revealed to you. PERSEVERANCE will PUSH you through the OBSTACLES and the DOUBTERS to the COMPLETION of the VISION. Finally, you must carry the HUMILITY that is needed to GET THE JOB DONE by JOINING in the REBUILDING PROCESS—no one is too good to get their HANDS DIRTY to complete the vision. I have been BUILDING these QUALITIES in you during the war season. If you see an area that needs STRENGTHENING in you, just ASK, and I will BUILD it in you. RESTORE, REBUILD, RENEW will be used across ALL AREAS of SOCIETY, and it will also apply to INDIVIDUAL LIVES where ADDICTIONS, REBELLION, SICKNESS, LOSS, and GRIEF have TORN DOWN LIVES. I have RAISED UP a leader for your Nation with all these qualities of a BUILDER, and he will MODEL these qualities to the world. Army of Light, you will become the builders who RESTORE, REBUILD, AND RENEW.”

Edward Umling - My Father's Decree - March 7 , 2024

Listen to these words of knowledge here they are. Time of chastisement under the rod here at the door I will examine all those who pass through. Under the rod I count each one. Pass through the streets and say, was I not warned was I not told that to God belongs Vengeance and he will repay. My father’s decree. Next the Lord speaks as follows I don’t delay there’s no more time to play. My house shall close grace was sold to line their pockets with silver and gold he spoke of wisdom the prophet sold to line their pockets with silver and gold. I pleaded I warned my house was told my glory cannot be sold. The Army is ready with vengeance untold here and now shall unfold. The time has come for all to hear my return is near. My father spoke my father called he pleaded and sent for all. His words were clear the time is here for all to see his son appear. The Chariots ride on the clouds above where he set his bow above. The righteous cry and shout with Praise Jesus has come on a cloud above. Many regrets and sorrows beset the soul was sold for sin’s regret. Moses foretold of those who reject my father’s plea for seeing me. There’s no remorse, no regret, no repentance of sin to forget. And the words of knowledge to search out with that are veil, rolled back, Chariots of Fire, Elijah is seen among the holy ones The season has arrived my time has come now say I’m a god of love.

I see in a night vision there is an enemy to the South of the Border. Do you know what nation is directly in tandem to the South? There is advancing from the West Northwest, and from the North and the South. The Lord says these days shall be cut short in the midst of your Pursuits, oh man. This month is the release of the demonic realm that shall manifest openly. These shall be spirits of torment, violence, and pride, says the Lord The shift in the heavenly bodies occurs this month the demonic realm. Chosen will be separated, set apart, a separation between good and evil becomes visible. Luminaries begin to move about in the heavens. Let sorrow approach. says the Lord. The fearful and the unbelieving shall fall. The wise shall have understanding, no justice shall remain in the land. Truth shall be absent, gone, the way of life shall be maligned. Those possessing knowledge of the truth will pass it in secret to those seeking God. The opposition of light and darkness will become apparent to the world. My Chosen shall depart, says the Lord. These are the days of Amos 9 13. Behold the days are coming, says the Lord when the plow man shall overtake the reaper. Behold the days of the plow man, says the Lord.

I close with the following make God your refuge even the most high your habitation so that no evil befalls you and no plague comes near your dwelling. He shall surely give his angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways.

Diana Larkin - THEY WILL TURN AND RUN - March 7, 2024

David’s oldest son, Adonijah, stole the throne from Solomon, who had been promised the rulership. Adonijah convinced some of the commanders of the army and a priest to go with him. Adonijah is celebrating at a banquet when news arrives that Solomon has been crowned and anointed king by David’s order. 1 Kings 1:49 (AMP) “Then all Adonijah’s guest were terrified (of being branded as traitors) and stood up and left the feast, and each one went on his way.” The Father says:
“What has been before will be a PATTERN of what will happen again. The leader I ANOINTED for your Nation was CHEATED out of his seat and a SELF-APPOINTED IMPOSTER has taken his place. Quite SUDDENLY, My promises to RESTORE your rightful leader will CONVERGE with the plans of government and military leaders who are LOYAL to your Land. The SUDDEN NEWS of your rightful leader taking his place, will SHOCK and ROCK those PREMATURELY CELEBRATING their success. All those BOASTING, ARROGANT ones WILL TURN AND RUN. Each one will think ONLY of PRESERVING THEIR OWN LIVES, and the TRAITORS of righteousness will BETRAY each other and try and save their own necks. They were WARNED over and over to come OUT of the DARKNESS and TURN to My LIGHT, but they HARDENED their hearts against Me and against My people, and they continued on their path of DEATH and DESTRUCTION. Quite SUDDENLY, THE TABLES WILL TURN, and the positions they ROBBED will be given to those I ANOINTED and CALLED. All those shocking plans they had for your DESTRUCTION will now TSUNAMI BACK onto them. Watch the RATS FLEE and try to HIDE in the darkness of their SECRET HIDEOUTS. I have MARKED every hideout, and I will LEAD your military to ALL these places, and they will FLUSH THEM OUT and take them CAPTIVE. The CAPTORS will become the CAPTIVES. Those who thought they were HIGH and MIGHTY WILL TURN AND RUN HEADLONG into My WALL of JUDGMENT and JUSTICE. Some will FALL and some will be IMPRISONED for their CRIMES against humanity and for their TREASON. Then it will be time to CLEAN UP and REBUILD and to ENJOY ALL My PROMISES coming to pass.”

Diana Larkin - A NEW BREED OF WARRIORS - March 6, 2024

“Dark THREATS and TYRANNY have been launched against you, but you have REFUSED to CONFORM to their ATTEMPTED CONTROL. As the darkness seeks to CRUSH you, you have DRAWN NEAR to Me and received My STRENGTH, My COURAGE, and My POWER. A NEW BREED OF WARRIORS has arisen in this PRECIPICE SEASON. They carry My GLORY, My FIERCENESS, and My AUTHORITY. They WILL NOT BACK DOWN, THEY WILL NOT BACK OFF, and THEY WILL NOT GIVE UP until the PROMISED VICTORY comes in ALL its FULLNESS. This NEW BREED OF WARRIORS is learning to PARTNER with Heaven’s forces, and they are creating a WALL of FIRE around TRUTH and FREEDOM. The darkness CANNOT OVERCOME or PASS THROUGH this HOLY FIRE. This HOLY FIRE, this JOINT OPERATION between Heaven and earth, will CONSUME the darkness and all its STRONGHOLDS, and you will SEE THEM NO MORE. Out of the ashes, My NEW BREED OF WARRIORS will become BUILDERS and RESTORERS and great BEAUTY, PEACE, and PLENTY will ABOUND. If you are holding onto FAITH in Me and My PROMISES, then you are part of My NEW BREED OF WARRIORS, and you will SHARE in the SPOILS of war. Do you SEE your NEW ARMOR? It is MUCH STRONGER because of all you have ENDURED and PUSHED THROUGH in these last few years. Your armor is now THICKER and EASILY REPELS enemy attacks. It is GLEAMING in the light of My GLORY on you, and it BLINDS and CONFUSES the enemy. Heaven is APPLAUDING My NEW BREED OF WARRIORS!”

Diana Larkin - I HAVE RESTED MY CASE - March 5, 2024

“In the Courts of Heaven, I HAVE RESTED MY CASE against the empire of darkness. This case includes CHARGES against DEMONIC STRONGHOLDS and the PEOPLE PARTNERED with the dark strongholds and AGENDAS. The darkness is CHARGED with trying to TAKE CONTROL of people, money, and resources through LIES and DEATH AGENDAS. I have see ALL their SECRET MEETINGS and ALL the BLUEPRINTS for bringing DESTRUCTION, DEATH, and CHAOS—blueprints they have used in the PAST, ones that are OPERATIONAL RIGHT NOW, and FUTURE ones they plan to release shortly. These plans drip with HATRED, GREED, and RUTHLESSNESS. Your CRIES for DELIVERANCE and for FREEDOM were the GROUNDS for bringing a CASE AGAINST the DEEP DARKNESS. My special forces Angels were assigned to UNCOVER and EXPOSE HIDDEN AGENDAS and MEETINGS and to bring the EVIDENCE to the Courtroom of Heaven. The evidence is OVERWHELMING against the TREACHERY and TREASON of those partnered with darkness. I HAVE RESTED MY CASE against them, and now My GAVEL will come DOWN upon them with the declaration of GUILTY! SUDDENLY, just when it looks like they are going to OVERPOWER the world with their DEATH THREATS, My gavel will CRUSH them and BLOW their plans to a MILLION PIECES. All the EVIDENCE and all the BLUEPRINTS My special forces Angels UNCOVERED, are being RELEASED to those fighting for TRUTH  and FREEDOM on the earth. Earthly GAVELS will also RING OUT, CONFIRMING HEAVEN’S DECISIONS, and SENTENCES for TREASON, MURDER, and KNOWINGLY LYING to the people will be rendered against ALL who tried to STEAL, KILL, and DESTROY you. As you watch this DRAMA unfold, remember that I HAVE RESTED MY CASE in Heaven, and its VERDICTS will be UPHELD on the earth. You will see DARK to LIGHT—GUARANTEED!”

Diana Larkin - THE PLEASURE OF YOUR COMPANY - March 4, 2024

“I want My people to know how much I ENJOY BEING WITH THEM. I LOVE to HEAR your voice speaking to Me. When you turn your FACE to My FACE and SEEK My PRESENCE, it MOVES MY HEART, and I will DRAW NEAR to you. I VALUE and ENJOY THE PLEASURE OF YOUR COMPANY. There is a place in you that will never be FULLY SATISFIED until you KNOW Me DEEPLY. You can talk to me like a FRIEND. Share your SORROWS, your JOYS, your THANKFULNESS, your WORSHIP. Will you DRAW AWAY with Me? I will SPEAK to you in My written Word. You can HEAR My VOICE in your spirit, as I answer your questions, and tell you how I VIEW CIRCUMSTANCES in your life. I will tell you HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU, and VALUE YOU, and I will UNFOLD IDEAS and SOLUTIONS for your challenges. As you TUNE to the FREQUENCY of My heart, you will receive CREATIVE IDEAS, and I can show you things in the spiritual realm. I AM the ONE who flung the stars into space, and I PROGRAMMED your DNA to CREATE YOU—an ORIGINAL TREASURE. Time spent with Me, connected to My HEART, will never be BORING. I AM waiting for you because I enjoy THE PLEASURE OF YOUR COMPANY.”

Diana Larkin - THE DOWNFALL OF DARKNESS (SIGNS OF GOOD)v- March 3, 2024

“If you keep your EYES on Me and your FAITH in My PROMISES, then your faith will ATTRACT My SIGNS FOR GOOD. As the evil empire IMPLODES, governments will FALL, the empire’s FINANCES will COLLAPSE, their MANIPULATION of the WEATHER will be stopped, and they will be FORCED to EMPTY their ARSENAL of ATTACKS against the people of the world. Realize these SHAKINGS are NOT TO BE FEARED because you are WITNESSING THE DOWNFALL OF DARKNESS. As these people and systems CRASH and BURN, keep your FOCUS on Me and on what I AM ACCOMPLISHING. As these systems you have DEPENDED on FALL, I will SHOW you My POWER to PROVIDE, SUSTAIN, and PROTECT you. WATCH, because I will show you SIGNS OF GOOD in RESPONSE to your FAITH and TRUST in Me. You will EXPERIENCE My GOODNESS at a NEW LEVEL in the face of these CHALLENGING DAYS. SUPERNATURAL PROVISION, STRATEGIC RELATIONSHIPS, SIGNS and WONDERS around you, and STRENGTH, COURAGE, and BOLDNESS that you did not know you could walk in. This is My PROMISE to you: you will SEE with your own eyes THE DOWNFALL OF DARKNESS, and you will EXPERIENCE My SIGNS OF GOOD.”

Chris Bennett - Wreckage! - March - 2024


This from years ago to prepare us today!

I was asking The LORD for a Word with which to encourage our Church.

In the silence, I wondered why I heard nothing, so I asked again. This went on for a while until one Word started to repeat, over and over again.

That word was “Wreckage!”

I thought, “That’s not very encouraging, LORD,” but He kept on repeating it until I stopped and asked for more.

“What will you do when The Holy Spirit comes upon you with real power?”

Once again, I had to ask for more. “OK, when He comes upon you, your Church, your town, or your Nation in real power, what do you think will happen?

When that power and My presence hits you, it will wreck your service or meeting.

When this comes upon you it will wreck your schedules.

When this comes upon you it will wreck your plans.

When this comes upon you it will wreck your diaries.

When this comes upon you it will wreck your life to such an extent that your life will never be the same again.

This is the wreckage I am talking about.”

My response was, I believe, prompted by The Holy Spirit. “What will you want me or us to do, LORD?”

“Surrender! Surrender and obey!

When you surrender, you will be yielding to His directions for your life.

When you surrender, you will hear Me more clearly than ever before and your only desire will be to do whatever I ask of you.

When you do this, then I will rearrange your wreckage into a recognisable package, and then you will truly be The Church I want, rather than The Church you think I want, or The Church that you want!”

I believe that we really have no idea of the power in which The Holy Spirit is about to move on His People.

We have no idea of the Authority coming to us to “do what we see The Father doing” — or to live ‘on earth as it is in heaven!’

Diana Larkin - THE SHAKEDOWN—A Visit to the Council Chamber of Heaven - March 2, 2024

As the Father and I leave the Garden, we ascend up a set of golden stairs into another level of Heaven. I find myself in the Council Chamber where the 24 Elders are seated. I go to stand behind my Elder, and I’m aware that my gown is changing colors in rainbow hues—one color after another. There is a stir among the Elders, as I am bringing the fragrance of the Garden into the Chamber. My Elder says, “You have been to the Garden.” I say, “Yes!” He says, “You are greatly loved!” I receive that deep into my spirit. The Elders pick up their conversation again, and I hear them discussing the nations. They state, “Great disclosures of corruption are coming to Spain and Italy.” “Canada is ripe for an explosion of corruption being revealed.” “The rise and fall of many in America has begun. Know that there is more behind the scenes of all the resignations that are happening.”
The Father speaks: “I want My FAITHFUL WARRIORS to know what is really going on BEHIND all the RESIGNATIONS you are seeing. These resignations ARE NOT VOLUNTARY. These CORRUPT ones have been SUMMONED to CLOSED-DOOR MEETINGS with a team, composed of MILITARY, JUDICIAL, GOVERNMENT LEADERS, and SPIRITUAL ADVISORS. The corrupt ones have been shown DETAILED, UNSHAKEABLE PROOF of their CORRUPTION, PERVERSION, and TREASON. They are given the OPTION of QUIETLY RESIGNING or face IMMEDIATE EXPOSURE. I want you to know the STRATEGIC reason behind getting them to resign is to MAKE ROOM for My RIGHTEOUS CHOICES to FILL those positions. I also want you to know that resigning will count for something when they come to TRIAL. Resign or not, they will ALL come to TRIAL before TRUE JUDGES—both MILITARY TRIBUNALS and REGULAR COURTROOMS. WATCH these who know they have been CAUGHT because they will be DESPERATE to SHIFT the ATTENTION from them by LAUNCHING DESTRUCTION and CHAOS. You take AUTHORITY over these DARK schemes and SMASH them, and DECLARE that these corrupt ones will STAND TRIAL for all their evil deeds. The world is being SHAKEN DOWN so that all the evil ones will be EXPOSED. My Forces of Light, you are the ones who will CRUSH this EXPOSED EVIL, and you will be the STABILITY of your time. Hold onto Me, as the world goes through the SHAKEDOWN.” 

Diana Larkin - RUMBLE, RUMBLE, RUMBLE! - March 1, 2024

“GET READY TO RUMBLE, FORCES OF LIGHT! The darkness is MOUNTING their forces and all their DESTRUCTIVE schemes to come against mankind. Let My BOLDNESS, My COURAGE, and My STRENGTH RUMBLE through your inner being and AWAKEN the WARRIOR in you. DECLARE to the enemy and all his schemes, ‘You WILL NOT STAND nor will your plans SUCCEED! The Forces of Light have come to OPPOSE you and to OVERPOWER you in the NAME of the Most High God!’ I AM ready to RUMBLE, and you will see My RUMBLINGS go forth into the earth, the sea, and the skies. The response to My RUMBLINGS will be EARTHQUAKES, VOLCANOES, TORNADOES, TSUNAMIS, CRACKS in the ocean floors, and SIGNS in the heavens. My RUMBLINGS will produce SHAKINGS, SHIFTINGS, and REMOVALS of CORRUPT people and things. MAJOR MARCH will see the darkness try to launch MAJOR POWER GRABS and great DESTRUCTION. They are poised to RUMBLE across your Land with deep darkness. I AM ready to RUMBLE against their ARROGANCE and their HATRED of mankind. Are you READY TO RUMBLE, Forces of Light? BE RELEASED in My POWER and My GLORY and OVERCOME the darkness with My LIGHT shining through you. RUMBLE, RUMBLE, RUMBLE!”
Additional:March 1, 2023

“I have a GIFT for My people and for any who would SEEK Me and DRAW NEAR to Me and that is A MONTH OF GOLDEN GLORY. As the darkness RAGES and THROWS all their FOCUS and ENERGY into DESTROYING and ENSLAVING you, I AM launching a COUNTER FORCE that is FAR GREATER than all their evil schemes, and they can do NOTHING to stop it. My counter move is to INVADE the darkness with My GOLDEN GLORY. Nothing of EVIL or SICKNESS or SIN can REMAIN in My GLORY—it completely OVERWHELMS any darkness. This is another ‘SUDDENLY’ that the enemy DID NOT SEE COMING, and they have no effective weapon against it. Their usual methods of attack are LIES and FEAR, and neither of these can STAND in My GLORY because it is the LIGHT of My PRESENCE and My HOLINESS. My holiness makes Me COMPLETELY WHOLE—nothing missing, nothing lacking. That is what being in My GOLDEN GLORY will do for you—it will bring My WHOLENESS into your life. My GLORY will have the greatest RESULTS on those who SURRENDER to Me and come SEEKING Me with their WHOLE HEARTS. The only weapon that can LESSEN My GOLDEN GLORY is the RELIGIOUS SPIRIT. They will claim it is an EMOTIONAL RESPONSE and not BIBLICAL—even though My Word is FULL of My GLORY for those who have eyes to see. BREAK the POWER of the religious spirit and RELEASE My 
POWER to OPEN eyes and hearts to My GOLDEN GLORY. LOOK UP to Heaven and ASK for My GLORY to fall—I will answer! This MONTH will be a month of SHARP CONTRASTS—RAGING TURMOIL and My POWERFUL, HEALING GOLDEN GLORY.”

Last Days Messanger for Christ - Shared Message - "It is Coming - A Warning "March 1, 2024

So these words uh were received by this dear sister she got in three days. And not everybody just gets them in one day or in an hour or something. Sometimes the Lord spreads spreads them out I’ve learned this from others uh over the years. Uh she said it was extremely technical and her brain her mind felt like it hurt. Here’s the message and please by all means if it resonates with your spirit and you can pass it on please share it, thank you. This is what the Sovereign Lord says, the firmament is what your scientists call the magnetosphere. I created this barrier to protect planet earth on a multi-dimensional level. The Fallen ones cannot fully come upon your planet until the veil of protection has thinned. Do you seek answers from me or do you follow the latest fad jump on board and ride that crazy train to destruction? Put your faith and trust in me seeking me with 100% truth or you will crash into eternity with the fires of Hell engulfing you. Watch out for the religious spirit that will manifest when you least expect it. It is the same spirit that caused The Lost Ones to yell crucify him crucify him.

The firmament or magnetosphere is thinning. This is why you are seeing entities reported in the news. The religious spirit will propel The Lost Ones who did not want the truth to accept the LIE. They will be going into the Lake of Fire when I judge them. When I lift my hand of protection I will allow the fullness of the Fallen ones to come into your dimension. This is the delusion I’m ascending. Your hope and trust must be in me alone or you too will follow the fall the Fallen ones. Watch the sky, oceans below ground, as the hordes of Hell reach their day of transversing your dimension. I will fully protect you if you allow me to do so. What I require is your obedience to my leading or you will surely fall. There never was a time like it nor ever will be again. The firmament is the veil it is the magnetosphere. When it is fully gone everything will be burned up. The magnetosphere is dimensional and this is why CERN and other hadrin colliders want to break through the veil.

The Fallen ones oversee the human puppet scientists to bring forth the full invasion of Hell on Earth. I am in control of what will be allowed. Dimensional protection is found in me with Guardian Angels assigned to guard all of those who are mine. Call out my name in the day of trouble and watch my power destroy the demonic. Again for all of you out there who um might just you know be gripped with fear call out his name, call on the name of Jesus in the day of trouble. He says watch my power destroy the demonic repent from all sin my people or you will have an open door that will allow demonic forces to come through. To come through um lack of repentance from sin is rebellion which is as the S as Sin of Witchcraft. You will be cast from my presence on Judgment Day along with all the rebellious people who continued in their sin.

The magnetosphere also impacts time. When I destroy the Earth fully removing the magnetosphere time will be no more. Earth is a multi-dimensional sphere protecting this planet from solar impact and dimensionally from keeping the hordes of hell away from your dimension. I am in control but will allow Satan to be used to bring my judgment upon this corrupt Planet. My written word is true. Few believe what has been written. Soon and very soon you will see the full impact of Satan’s wrath upon this planet. When he fully inhabits his demon seed. So we know what he’s talking about it’s the time for the Antichrist and then he mentions Obama. Take heed my people, take heed, the destiny of your soul requires you to overcome the forces of darkness by abiding in m, trusting in me, following me, and forsaking the things of this world. Your destiny is eternity with joy if you are one of mine. Your destiny is in immense sorrow suffering and torment in the Lake of Fire if you follow the lies of Satan. Thus says the Lord God Almighty maker of heaven and Earth.

Unknown Prophet - *IT IS TIME* for The Reversal - February 29, 2024

He said write what I tell you to write I the Lord your God am turning things around. I am reversing things in this country and many countries in this world of mine. I have stood by and watched as I have been removed from the lives of my people. From the schools of my people, from the governments of my people, and from much of the airspace I have been removed as well. No more my people, no more. I have heard your cries and your prayers in this nation and in other countries and I am now reversing the tide. No more will I stand by and watch and wait for you to call me for you have called and I have heard you. I will not be put out of the lives of my people I will not be put out of the schools and allow my little ones to be led astray and their lives ruined. I will not allow them to be continually taught lies. I will not remain apart from the government of this country and other countries. I will not allow the airspace to be controlled by those who hate Me.

I am taking control and you will see my hand move as you have not seen it move before. Watch my children, watch as I begin to answer your prayers right before your eyes. As you see this take place lift up your praise to me so that I will know that you are aware of what I’m doing. Many of you have been asleep for so long that you will have to become fully awake to recognize what I am doing. I am bringing about a reversal. My children I am bringing about that reversal. I will turn things around so that the enemy is on the receiving end of my power I have waited as long as I’m going to and now I am answering your prayers. Stand strong with me and join me as we defeat the enemy and be aware that I have said, we, for we will do this together. Thus saith the Lord, I think that’s much to be looked forward to much to be looked forward to in this country and in the other countries of the world where we have those who love him. I know that many of you in other countries have really been looking for the Lord to move in your country. This speaks that he is getting ready to do that, and as he said watch as he starts to answer your prayers right before your eyes. Hold on to that, hold on to God, and be blessed. …

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - Standard of Judgment Like the Days of Eli - February 28, 2024

Wings of Prophecy - March 2024

Edward Umling - That 3 Days - February 28, 2024

Today the Lord speaks as follows, listen carefully. A mystery yet to unfold hidden in time spoken in the Council of wisdom. A fire by night, a cloud by day. The enemy at hand cannot touch. Praying in fear, crossing the bridge very near. Untold sorrows now to appear. The lamb was slain, the house in fear. Jump and shout I come near, says the Lord. Days of darkness says the Lord. Bow your head in silence, says the Lord. Noon is the time darkness pervades, it settles at three. Three moons shall pass and light shall reveal my hand, says the Lord. The Chariots in the sky reveal my hand. Three more moons shall pass and reveal those that stand

The Lord says is it not a small thing for my hand to cover the Sun. As the light of the sun begins to fade I see three cycles of the moon but no sun. I am seeing three hours of darkness in a month March. Fixed time of the Moon seventh day following, says the Lord. Darkness, darkness, darkness. Next, the Lord said to Moses stretch out the hand into the heaven and let darkness come upon the land of Egypt. A tangible darkness the heavens and there was darkness and dimness and a storm upon the land of Egyp for three days. Not anyone did know his brother nor rise up from his bed for that three days. But to all the sons of Israel there was light in all places in which they occupied. Now here is what I want to say about this. There are two different darknesses spoken about upon Egypt. A scoot? and AOS? there are two different kinds of darknesses taking place here in the scripture. One is the absence of light while the other is the presence of evil.

Let’s listen to the following I am seeing March is a significant month. March, March, March, I am seeing the month of March as significant in God’s timeline. I am seeing March as a time of sorrow, a harbinger of things to come, says the Lord. Judgment starts, calamity coming, behold the beginning of the end. Is the Sun not shining? Very, very, soon I see the sun coming up but I don’t see its setting as usual. And the Lord says the sun shall be darkened and it’s going forth. I see the sun hidden behind something. See how I hide the sun, says the Lord. I am seeing that there is no sun. It seems to be like going dark or being covered by darkness or something. I see it might be hidden behind something. The beginning of the end. I see fireballs falling. I look higher and these things are coming from the sky. As I continue to look more closely at this phenomenon these things are coming out of the expanse above the sky. These might be falling stars.

I’m looking at this picture it must be nighttime or the sun is darkened somehow it’s very dark I don’t see the moonlight. I then look over the horizon up into the sky and I see stars begin falling. or what could be characterized as shooting stars downward. First a few then more the scene abruptly ends. Behold the Sun and Moon as I take them away and hide them. Call your wise men and let them make known to you where I put them, says the Lord. The days of darkness, says the Lord. I’m looking at the sun in the expanse of the sky it’s a high noon position then it goes dark like it went behind something it’s hidden. The scene instantly changes I see the moon at a high new position then it disappears. Again scene changes and I see massive amounts of stars just falling everywhere the entire Heavens are filled with all these shooting stars raining downward then the vision ends.

The Lord used many riddles and enigmas pares and dark sayings to warn of impending judgments. The Lord even responded with Shakespearean novelty narratives. Like England’s most famous poet William Shakespeare to capture the attention of the epicurian and stoic philosophers who possess the esoteric religious and philosophical knowledge. I mean The debaters of this age. Today the Lord would have me quote Shakespeare beware the eyeses of March. Let me repeat beware the eyeses of March. The trees went forth arrayed for battle clouds of thunder thunderstorms stood above. The weather changed and lightning prevailed and the trees ran for cover. Behold the sky opened up but what should appear but Angels proclaiming Jesus is here. The trees came forth one by one looking to the father above. As the lights be to fade the trees had no shade. Here they are now in the dark who could tell they had the mark. Or now I say they had his name how could they withstand the thundering rain. Teach me this riddle and teach me to say, Jesus my Savior I have his name.

I close with the following. Here is a sarlet thread, right here.Now what I did I went to the store and bought a couple of scarlet colored t-shirts cut them and tied them together. Much like the sheets of Rahab that she tied together to let the two spies down over the wall. Put the Scarlet thread in the window for I delay no longer, says the Lord. Thus it shall be for your safety. Justice prevails the decree is settled, disgrace shall prevail, lights go dim soon. Put the Scarlet thread in the window, says the Lord. The cruise of oil was in my house the name of my God was written upon the lentil above the doorway the scarlet thread was placed in the window. Grace was my portion, Mercy girted my loins and I have triumphed along the way. Daily I sought the Lord and he was found by May.

Diana Larkin - LEAP INTO FULLNESS -February 29, 2024

“You have an expression, ‘A LEAP OF FAITH.’ This year is all about FAITH, and FAITH DETERMINES what you will RECEIVE in your life. You have FAITH that the BLOOD of Jesus has COVERED all your sin, it has made you RIGHTEOUS in My eyes, and you have been brought HOME to My heart—FOREVER. In this LEAP YEAR of GREAT CHANGES, what is your FAITH EXPECTING? Are you expecting FINANCIAL LOSS, FOOD SHORTAGES, SICKNESS, WAR? FAITH IS THE VOICE OF EXPECTANCY. What you are FOCUSING your FAITH on is WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE. All those negative events are for the ones PARTNERED WITH DARKNESS; they ARE NOT FOR MY CHILDREN! I have told you what to EXPECT: FINANCIAL BREAKTHROUGH, SUPERNATURAL PROVISION and HEALING, and the DESTRUCTION of all the darkness’ plans to cause ALL-OUT WAR among the nations. Whose REPORT will you BELIEVE? If you BELIEVE the DESTRUCTIVE things coming are for you, then that is what will be ATTRACTED to you. You will SCURRY around trying to PROTECT and INSULATE yourself from LOSS, and it will take your FOCUS and RELIANCE off of Me. I want this to be a year that you LEAP INTO FULLNESS—the FULLNESS of all that I have PROMISED you. This will be a year to LIVE OUT OF YOUR FAITH and not to just talk about faith. By FAITH, TAKE HOLD of My PROMISES to PRESERVE, PROTECT, DEFEND, PROVIDE, and PROSPER you. As My Child, you don’t live out of EARTH’S RESOURCES; you live out of HEAVEN’S SUPERNATURAL ABUNDANCE. My blessed Children, DO NOT leap into DOOM and GLOOM; LEAP INTO MY FULLNESS.”

 JOURNAL NUGGETS: February 29, 2020

I was wondering what the Father had said on Leap Year four years ago. I was not publishing a word every day at that time, so this word has never been seen by all of you. I looked in my journal and found this is what He was saying to us four years ago.  His message of hope has not changed!
“The TURMOIL that you see right now in the stock market and the FEAR being spread over a virus outbreak will be MADE RIGHT. Now your Nation is a HUGE SHIP on STORMY SEAS, stirred up by the enemy. I want you to SPEAK PEACE to the STORM, and you will see Me RESPOND BY MAKING EVERYTHING RIGHT. Every scheme of the enemy in this DESPERATE STORM TACTIC to cause CHAOS and cause your President and your Nation TO FALL, WILL SUDDENLY EXPERIENCE A DRAMATIC TURNAROUND and PEACE and PROSPERITY will take its place. Partner with Me in CALMING the SEAS of this STORM by SPEAKING My PEACE to it, and WATCH Me move SUPERNATURALLY to MAKE EVERYTHING RIGHT.”

Diana Larkin - THE WINDS OF CHANGE ARE BLOWING - February 28, 2024

“THE WINDS OF CHANGE ARE BLOWING, and they are blowing in the PROMISED SEASON OF DELIVERANCE. Some of these WINDS OF CHANGE will be quite STRONG, and they will leave what LOOKS LIKE a path of DESTRUCTION. However, what BLOWS OVER in this season NEEDS to COME DOWN and to be RE-ESTABLISHED on RIGHTEOUS and TRUE FOUNDATIONS. The enemy is trying to BLOW in their STORM of DEATH and DESTRUCTION in a desperate attempt to TAKE BACK CONTROL. Ask Me for DISCERNMENT to know if this is MY WIND or is this an ENEMY STORM? CALL FORTH MY WINDS OF CHANGE and PUSH BACK and BREAK APART the ENEMY’S STORMS. Be in AWE of My WINDS OF CHANGE and use your AUTHORITY to DEFEAT and DEFANG the enemy’s STORMS. You have the most BRILLIANT COUNSELOR to walk you through this season of THE WINDS OF CHANGE. Because this is an UNPRECEDENTED season and because all the systems you have RELIED on must be BROUGHT DOWN, you must RELY on the Spirit’s WISDOM WAYS and His COUNSEL to see you through the DRASTIC CHANGES on the horizon. MOVE IN THE PEACE THAT HE GIVES TO YOU, and DO NOT make decisions BASED ON FEAR OF LOSS. Learn to live out of this verse: PSALM 127:2 (TPT) ‘It really is senseless to work so hard from early morning till late at night, toiling to make a living for fear of not having enough. God can provide for His lovers even while they sleep!’ Living in the UNFORCED RHYTHMS OF GRACE means you NEVER make a decision from FEAR OF LOSS, or from ANXIETY, or from PRESSURE by people to follow their advice. These people may mean well, but they do not know the BEGINNING and the END like I do. I want to be your ADVISOR, your PROVIDER, and your PEACE. Come to Me, lean on Me, and I will move you through THE WINDS OF CHANGE with GREAT GRACE and PEACE. This is your HERITAGE as a COVENANT Son or Daughter of the Most High King. Tell the STORM of FEAR and UNCERTAINTY in your heart to BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD.”


Diana Larkin - GET UNDER THE FLOW OF HEAVEN - February 27, 2024

“The enemy and the religious spirit have partnered to create an atmosphere of CRITICISM, FAULT-FINDING, JEALOUSY, and CONDEMNATION. Believers and non-Believers have partnered with this DESTRUCTIVE atmosphere. These mindsets and words DEFILE those who participate in SPREADING them, and they DEFILE those they launch these CURSES against. If you have been TRICKED into participating in these ASSIGNMENTS of DARKNESS, REPENT, TURN to Me, and ask for My CLEANSING, and for a NEW HEART and NEW EYES to see people HOW I SEE THEM. The religious spirit PROMOTES IDEALISM, which is an OUTWARD set of RULES that determine what a ‘good’ person should look like and behave like. Anyone who doesn’t MEET THESE PHARISEE STANDARDS IS CRITICIZED AND CONDEMNED. Mind you, the ones SPEWING these CURSES don’t conform to their IDEAL STANDARD, but they give themselves a pass because they are trying very hard to be that ideal. However, no one else gets that pass, and these Pharisees dish out JUDGMENT and VERBAL LASHINGS against those who do not meet their ‘IDEAL’ standards. People caught up in IDEALISM FAIL to RECOGNIZE My ANOINTING RESTING on someone. I do not ANOINT ‘IDEAL’ PEOPLE. I ANOINT people—no matter who BROKEN or DEFILED the world sees them—who have said ‘YES’ to Me and who have TURNED THEIR FACE TO MY FACE. Those who spread CURSES and DEFILEMENT do not understand the POWER of My Spirit to TRANSFORM a human life into My IMAGE. They go by OUTWARD APPEARANCES and MISS OUT on the BEAUTY of My LOVE and My HOLY FIRE changing a life from the INSIDE OUT. Instead of looking for what doesn’t meet YOUR STANDARDS, ask for the EYES of My Spirit that RECOGNIZES My PRESENCE and My ANOINTING on that person and then CALL IT FORTH into FULFILLMENT. DO NOT CURSE AND CRITICIZE WHAT I AM BLESSING AND GROWING. The ANTIDOTE for being one who speaks DEATH, and the ANTIDOTE for those who have been DEFILED by CRITICISM and CURSES is the same. GET UNDER THE FLOW FROM HEAVEN and be WASHED CLEAN. Let My PURITY and POWER FLOW OVER YOU AND DO ITS GOOD WORK OF CLEANSING the defiled and WASHING OFF those DEFILED  by word curses. The result for both will be a CHANGE of HEART, a FREEDOM that allows you to see others through My EYES, and My LOVE for them will fill your heart. GET UNDER THE FLOW FROM HEAVEN.”

Diana Larkin - I AM PROPELLING THE FORCES OF LIGHT FORWARD - February 26, 2024

“Think of March as the month that I AM CALLING MY FORCES OF LIGHT TO MARCH FORTH AND TO TAKE BACK THE LAND THAT THE ENEMY HAS STOLEN. I AM, in fact, PROPELLING you FORWARD with the WINDS of My Spirit and a RELEASE of My POWER and My boldness into you. Remember that you are not alone in this fight—I have released many Hosts and Angels to battle with you. I AM EMPOWERING your PRAYERS and your WARFARE WORSHIP to TAKE BACK what has been stolen from you personally, from marriages, from children and grandchildren, from the Church, and from your Nation. Let these words be on your lips: ‘We are going to RECOVER ALL!’ The enemy is planning to launch MARCH MADNESS in your midst, and I want you READY and DEPLOYED to TURN THOSE ATTACKS RIGHT BACK INTO THEIR CAMP. Every time a BREEZE STIRS around you, declare, ‘I am receiving Your POWER and Your BOLDNESS, and it will PROPEL me FORWARD in this battle of dark to light.’ Take AUTHORITY over ALL the schemes of the enemy on the LAND, UNDERGROUND, in the AIR, or in the WATER and REMOVE ITS POWER by declaring, ‘These schemes of darkness WILL NOT PROSPER against us.’ ‘I PROPEL these schemes BACK into the camp of the enemy.’ Hear the TRUMPET calling you to BATTLE POSITIONS, and let the LION’S ROAR PROPEL you into MARCHING FORTH in the POWER of My NAME.”

Chris G. Bennett - Holy Laughter - February 26, 2024

In the middle of this I heard The LORD say, “I’m bringing this back!”

So I said, “I didn’t know it had ever gone away, Lord?”

The LORD said, “No it hasn’t, but I AM bringing a new wave of freeing and loosening to My People.

People who for years have stood on their dignity, often with great pride, will be released in My Joy and will testify to this ‘new found freedom’ they had never thought either proper nor dignified in The House of The LORD!

One of the first signs shall be My Joy manifest among My People, particularly among those who have rarely, if ever, manifest this before.

I will also bring My Presence so strongly that very few will be able to stand in their meetings.“


This week I heard the Lord say, ‘PUSH! FOCUS! Here comes a birthing! March will be the beginning of greater momentum, movement, shifting and shaking. Things will become UNSTUCK in March and MOVE. March and beyond there will be a great MOBILISING.’

As I sat with the Lord, those words ‘PUSH’ and ‘FOCUS’ were so strong. The word ‘PUSH’ was such a strong invitation from the Lord right now to stand tall and fast against ANYTHING that is standing against what the Lord is speaking. There is a PUSH that the Lord is birthing that is rooted in deep humility and dependence upon the Lord. It’s a resolve deeper than ever, that is rooted in the very truth of His infallible Word and who He is, that says, ‘ REFUSE TO MOVE.’

There is a fresh strength coming upon very weary saints. It’s a fresh strength not rooted in striving or man’s efforts: it’s being birthed from the place of DEEP dependence and yielding to Him.

The Lord showed me that so many have felt like they have spent the last few years standing to maintain ground, and so much has come against them to try and move them and shake them. But the season is shifting quickly and the fresh wind of the Holy Spirit is blowing upon them. They have been through deep fire, a deep purification in the fire of the Lord. They recognise their deep need of Him and despite trial after trial, opposition after opposition, being misunderstood, cast aside, forgotten and worn down, they have remained faithful to the Lord. They have been faithfully ministering unto the Lord through their resolve to remain and not give up.

I saw a word burning in flames of fire fall upon their lives, and it was the word “COMMISSIONING.” The Lord spoke to me, “There is a fresh commissioning upon these ones right now. In the commissioning there is a divine comeback taking place. There is a divine birthing taking place. There is a supernatural strengthening and restoration taking place. And where they have lived the past few years, and for many, longer than that — standing firm to not be moved — they are NOW receiving a fresh baptism of My fire, and are arising in strength and authority to MOVE AND SHAKE things in the earth through intercession and divine assignment, at My Word. Here come the movers and shakers in a greater way than they have ever been seen.’

The words ‘PUSH’ and ‘FOCUS’ surrounded me again strongly, and the story of Elijah crying out for rain began to resound strongly in my heart. I was led to 1 Kings 18:42 where Scripture says that Elijah bowed himself down on the earth and put his face between his knees and sent his servant to check for rain — seven times — until finally on the seventh time, the cloud a size of a man’s hand began to rise up out of the sea.

I heard the Lord say, ‘“Push! Focus! There is a deeper posture of intercession and focused prayer that I am leading My people into. It’s a place where there is ferocious focus upon Me, upon My Word and what I am speaking and what I have promised: to PUSH in faith in intercession to see the birthing that I am bringing and the outpouring of My Spirit manifest.

‘For you will continue to see things shift and shake, from March and beyond. I am raising up a people who live with their face between their knees in focused prayer and intercession and who refuse to move from what I have spoken. Can you hear the sound of rain coming? Can you hear the sound of My outpouring? Can you hear the sound of My army being mobilised in the earth in deep dependence to Me: focusing upon who I am, feasting upon My Word and My Rhema and standing strong in their awareness of their need of Me, and of their authority in Me?

‘For as greater shifting and shaking comes in the earth, the birthing, the manifestation, the revealing of My Glory will be seen. You CANNOT be distracted. You must be RUTHLESS with distraction. You must cast distraction off and focus upon Me. For as you are praying and continue to pray you are going to see over and over the cloud the size of a man’s hand begin to rise up out of the sea. It’s time for outpouring. It’s time for My outpouring! I am training My people in what it is to reign with me and to govern with Me, but many are being tantalised with distraction. NO MORE! It’s time to arise into deeper focus upon Me. It’s time to fast and pray. For the posture I am calling My people to, in March and beyond — to partner with the great birthing of My plans, promises and ways in the earth — is from the place of deep focus, deep dependence, deep humility and prayer.

‘No matter what your eyes see in the natural, from March and beyond, keep your eyes on Me. There will be great movement of My Spirit, great momentum of My Spirit and move of My hand to bring divine order and demonstration of My power and glory, and that I am the great I AM, that will be seen in a greater way, My glory is coming! INCOMING GLORY! For in the darkest of places My glory will manifest. My glory will be revealed.’

‘Get ready for SHAKING and AWE! Get ready for SHAKING and AWE!’ As these words surrounded me, a cry came out of me, ‘it’s the fear of the Lord! It’s the fear of the Lord!’ And the Lord replied, ‘I am RESTORING THE AWE! I AM RESTORING THE AWE.’

He continued to speak, ‘It’s time to go lower than ever before. It’s time to go low. It’s time to bow low. For in the living low you shall KNOW. In the living LOW you shall KNOW. You shall receive greater revelation, divine insight and discernment. The high places I am bringing down. The place of pride I am demolishing. I am raising up a people who LIVE LOW. I am raising up a people who govern with Me from their seat of authority, who live facedown in humility and deep intimacy with Me. Where faces have been raised high with a heart posture ‘Look at me,’ I am bringing forth a shaking that is bringing forth a people who live facedown before Me: not in shame, but in reverent awe and humility, and My power shall be demonstrated through their lives in unprecedented ways.

‘As I begin to move things in March, as things begin to birth, as things shake and shift, bow low. Come low before Me in worship and focused prayer and watch the demonstration of My power, glory and AWE RESTORED! Watch, from March and beyond, how the weight of My glory increases more and more in the places of humility, the places of focused prayer and intercession to hear MY STRATEGY and partner with MY ways to see MY glory come.’

Amanda Grace - Urgent Word from the Lord: Righteous Judgments in the Courts, Changing of the Guard & an Open Door - February 19, 2024

However their penalty will still be due as their cup of iniquities has become full, and shall, and will be poured out in this season. And says the Lord of hosts. New York, He goes back to New York. New York shall be eclipsed, says the Lord as the eclipse occurs and the poles of the sun switch. Both are happening together in the heavenlies during a valley of decision year for America. And the polls shall reverse in nations in the Earth. The magnetic pole of the Earth shall do something that shall have science scratching their head. For I the Lord shall cause a surge and a flip says the Lord the poll shall reverse for I the Lord allowed what happened in your last election. DID YOU HEAR ME, this is all capitals three paragraphs. I allowed it I allowed it for the sake of the nation to see the stench that would have had the nation gasping for air in the year 2024. I allowed all the stench and the filth and the wickedness to come to a crescendo to make the way straight. To part the way of its destruction and fall. For it shall look for a moment like all Is Lost it is not, says the Lord, it is not. For restoration is sounding and calling to the nation. However to restore one must first give up everything to me the Lord Almighty and I shall give it back onto them for my resources are endless, says the Lord. All capital still.

Diana Larkin - SQUASH, MASH, AND TRASH - February 24, 2024

*”Many are the SCHEMES of the wicked to OVERPOWER you with SICKNESS, DESTRUCTION, TERROR, and LACK. I AM not revealing these schemes so that you can prepare physically to SURVIVE these attacks. I AM revealing these plans so that you can SQUASH, MASH, AND TRASH these schemes so that they have LITTLE to NO EFFECT on the world. I AM calling for My Army of Light to ARISE in the AUTHORITY of your King and ABORT, REMOVE THE POWER, and CANCEL these DARK and DEADLY ASSIGNMENTS. HURL these dark plans back into the faces of those who PLANNED and LAUNCHED these schemes. DECLARE that they will receive what they planned for you: they will be SICKENED, they will be TERRORIZED, they will be DESTROYED, they will be in GREAT LACK, and they will be OVERPOWERED by the FORCES of LIGHT. The FORCES of LIGHT are My Sons and Daughters joined with all the ranks and divisions of My Host and Angels. Get it in your head and your heart that when you are joined to Me in FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE, you are an UNSTOPPABLE FORCE for GOOD, for LIGHT, and for ESTABLISHING My Kingdom right in the place that the darkness EXALTED ITSELF. They will be TRAMPLED under your feet. Go with My commission and SQUASH, MASH, AND TRASH the enemy and his schemes.”

Diana Larkin - MAJOR MARCH - February 23, 2024

“FOOLISH FEBRUARY is drawing to a close, and it will GIVE WAY to MAJOR MARCH. In FOOLISH FEBRUARY you saw the SPOTLIGHT shine on some of the CORRUPT who are bringing FALSE charges against your rightful leader. As they were CONFRONTED with their CORRUPTION, their FOOLISH, CIRCULAR RAMBLINGS EXPOSED SHALLOW CHARACTERS and TWISTED LIFESTYLES. Their SHOCK at someone trying to EXPOSE them revealed their ARROGANCE, and they looked even MORE FOOLISH. I have released MAJOR RULINGS from the Courts of Heaven against these FOOLISH PREDATORS and as MAJOR MARCH BLOWS in, those MAJOR RULINGS from Heaven will begin to be RELEASED in the earth. One FALSE PROSECUTOR after another will SUFFER MAJOR EXPOSURE. One JUDGE after another will have MAJOR CORRUPTION and BRIBERY EXPOSED. Do you feel those MARCH WINDS? They SIGNAL a CHANGE of SEASON in the natural and in the spiritual realms. The HUNTERS will INCREASINGLY become the HUNTED. The HARVEST of their lives is being made OBVIOUS, and I AM set to MOW THEM DOWN. CALL FORTH Heaven’s MAJOR RULINGS to be manifested in your MAJOR MARCH. DECLARE that the HUNTERS will increasingly become the HUNTED. DECREE that My MAJOR MARCH WINDS will BLOW IN a season of CHANGE. CRY OUT for the Winter of EVIL and CORRUPTION to GIVE WAY to a Spring of NEW LIFE and FREEDOM.”

Veronika West - No More Games! It’s War and Restore! - February 23, 2024

I heard these Words today: “No more games — it’s War and Restore!”

Today in Prayer, I was aware of the Eyes of The LORD looking to and fro across the Earth.

”Who can carry the Weight of My Glory in the coming days?

For Purity and Humility are just two of the primary requirements.

Who can be trusted not to steal or touch My Glory”

Who will ascend Mount Moriah (Moriah — God is My Teacher) and become a Living Sacrifice upon the Altar — that My Fire can fall — and the hearts of Prodigal Nations can be turned, return and be fully Restored?

Who can I send?

Who will Go?”

Diana Larkin - ARMED AND DANGEROUS - February 22, 2024

“My Army of Light, I want you to know that you have become ARMED AND DANGEROUS against the evil empire. Your WEAPONS are your FAITH in My POWER and My PROMISES, your DECLARATIONS and DECREES that act as SWORDS that CUT OFF the enemy’s plans, your WORSHIP that SHIFTS the ATMOSPHERE from FEAR and OPPRESSION to CONFIDENCE and FREEDOM, and your OBEDIENCE to My PROMPTINGS and LIVING OUT the WAY OF LOVE. These WEAPONS are TUNED to Heaven’s FREQUENCIES, and they carry My POWER and My GLORY. They are POWERFUL to DESTROY enemy FORTRESSES and enemy SCHEMES. They carry the LIGHT and GLORY of Heaven that EXPOSES the darkness, and releases HEALING and HOPE to the world. This is your day to RISE and SHINE over a dark and desperate enemy. Every time you come into My PRESENCE, SPEND TIME with Me, and allow Me to TUNE your heart to My FREQUENCY, the MORE POWERFUL YOUR WEAPONS BECOME. Know this day, Army of Light, that you are ARMED AND DANGEROUS against the darkness, and we will PREVAIL!”

Diana Larkin - THE WAY OF LOVE - February 20, 2024

“THE WAY OF LOVE is living out of My HEART of LOVE. THE WAY OF LOVE comes out of a life of INTIMACY with Me. Intimacy comes not from knowing INFORMATION about the Bible but by ENTERING INTO MY HEART, Spirit to spirit. Intimacy comes from GROWING in your UNION with Me through learning what My WORD says but also learning to HEAR MY VOICE, as I speak to you in your spirit, in your DREAMS, and in CREATION. Intimacy DEEPENS as you learn to OBEY My Word, My PROMPTINGS, and what I SPEAK to you. THE WAY OF LOVE begins to develop and deepen in you when you refuse to CRITICIZE, ACCUSE, and CONDEMN others. Does this mean you IGNORE blatant sin in others—sin that causes GREAT DAMAGE to people, either inside or outside the Body of Christ? You can EXPOSE sin and REVEAL the damage that sin causes to others WITHOUT CONDEMNING that person and BAD MOUTHING them. CONFRONTING someone with their sin is NECESSARY, but it can be done in THE WAY OF LOVE that gives the sinner the option to REPENT and to seek RESTORATION. Sin comes from AREAS of BROKENNESS that have not been touched by My LOVE. Confrontation should carry this INVITATION to have their BROKENNESS HEALED and TOUCHED by My LOVE. I AM working right now at developing Church government that is RIGHTEOUS and will be a SAFE PLACE to bring your offenses to. If the one causing the DAMAGE REFUSES TO REPENT, then LOVE for the Body will EXCLUDE this person from fellowship. The Body is PROTECTED in this way, and your prayer of LOVE for the excluded person would be that they would COME TO THEIR SENSES and REPENT and come to Me for HEALING. The law and courts of man operate in a different realm. They are given a SWORD to EXECUTE judgment and justice. But even when a person is found GUILTY, be CAREFUL how you speak of them. They may become your BROTHER or SISTER if they REPENT and TURN to Me in the midst of the consequences of their sin. If they never repent, it is a soul LOST eternally, and that is nothing to be glad about. You can REJOICE that SIN and CORRUPTION  is being EXPOSED and REMOVED because that opens the atmosphere for THE WAY OF LOVE to come in. Learn to walk in THE WAY OF LOVE.”

Edward Umling - From Heaven's Throne, time foretold - February 20, 2024

The Lord speaks as follows. Listen closely, here is a riddle from the throne. Here it is. Majesty enthroned at the throne. Heaven’s hosts bow to the throne prostrate before the father. They honor, they praise, to the Earth they come from Heaven’s Throne. Time fortold my servants sold. Their glory above to shame untold. Oh my people, oh my country, oh my nation Old Glory shall fade away. So proudly we hailed yet profoundly we failed. We became a people who changed our glory to our shame. We changed our God to sell our nation for pleasures untold. Our glorious pride a treasure of gold, and we sold our soul for money untold. Heaven’s decree is now released here comes the curse for toll sent by my father. A flying scroll across the land, a battle from on high.  I place my chariot up in the sky look now and say it’s time.

There is judgment from on high the windows from on high are open. Next sorrow and sadness shall prevail and the odds of March begin a day of sorrow that brings calamity and judgment. I am seeing March is a significant month. March, March, March, I am seeing also three hours of darkness. March, March, March, devastation begins. In March foul weather patterns. I am seeing the month of March as significant in God’s timeline. Remember the word from January of this year. March, March, March, and from February beware the dies of March. The ides of March are sure to come the signs below will speak so bold. I am seeing March as a time of sorrow, a harbinger of things to come, says the Lord. I am seeing 3 hours of darkness in a month March. Fixed time of the moon seventh day following says, the Lord.

Next listen to this phrase to know God yet deny his presence will release his wrath. To know God and proclaim his existence shall release the enemy to silence your voice. Silence their voices, says the Lord. To live is Christ to die is gain. Here is a riddle to the Saints here it is. Riddles that rhyme parables in time the East wind blows from Heaven’s Throne. Two by two I sent them out only to see them doubt. Returning they said we went out and saw power come out. A sinner’s doubt yet I sent them out and the words of knowledge to consider are send them out, says the Lord. Can an ax head float? The donkey shall speak, says the Lord.

Here is a riddle unfolding now. Atoning grace my father has sent appeared in time. At the last my prophet spoke they searched, inquired, at last. Now at last the time unfolds to Angel sounds of a trumpet blast. Powers are seated, they shall stand, to take a position here at last. Poised, strike a pose, says the Lord. Were you not warned oh nation and people. First the guest then the pose, strike together they suppose, strike, says the Lord.

Diana Larkin - PUT AWAY PHONY CHRISTIANITY - February 20, 2024

This word began with an experience with the Father this morning. I found myself standing on the seashore beside the Father. There was a jut of land to our left that went out into the water, and it was all rock. The waves crashed into it and the water scattered in all directions. The Father said to me that He is the Rock and those who continue to cling to manmade doctrines that confine Him in little religious boxes, will find themselves broken on the Rock. He finished by saying, “Put away phony Christianity.”  
“This statement may sound HARSH to you, but remember that I AM a good, good Father who wants the BEST for you and who wants you to have ETERNAL FRUIT from your life. PHONY CHRISTIANITY does NOT produce lasting fruit, and there will be NO eternal rewards for this kind of life. At the end of your life, I want to be able to tell you, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the reward of your Father.’ PHONY CHRISTIANITY says that I NO LONGER WORK SUPERNATURALLY. PHONY CHRISTIANITY shoulders all the WEIGHT of GROWING in the character of Christ by their ‘TO DO LISTS’ and, yet, they RARELY RESPOND to the LEADING of My Spirit. PHONY CHRISTIANITY bases their ETERNAL SECURITY on BELIEVING THE ‘RIGHT’ THINGS; while My TRUE DISCIPLES have SURRENDERED to the UNFORCED RHYTHMS OF GRACE, and they are learning to WALK in the Spirit and to RESPOND to My voice. PHONY CHRISTIANITY is all about SELF-EFFORT, while a TRUE BELIEVER’S life is marked by SURRENDER and WONDER, as the Holy Spirit forms the character of My Son in their hearts. Their lives are marked by SIGNS and WONDERS. A true Believer’s life will act like a PIVOT POINT that sends people in a WHOLE NEW DIRECTION of LIFE and FREEDOM and opens up for them My SUPERNATURAL ways. This kind of freedom and supernatural life completely THREATEN those whose SECURITY lies in what they KNOW and the RULES that they live by. The PHONY CHRISTIAN will viciously ATTACK those who live lives of GRACE, FREEDOM, and SUPERNATURAL ENCOUNTERS because it THREATENS their CAREFUL LIFE of SELF-EFFORT. They are desperately trying to hide from themselves and from the world that they are DEAD INSIDE and that their lives only produce DEAD WORKS. If they took an HONEST look at their lives, they would see that their lives ALIGN with the PHARISEES and SADDUCEES that My Son REBUKED when He walked the earth. The GOOD NEWS is that PHONY CHRISTIANS can become TRUE BELIEVERS by acknowledging that they have been living out of PRIDE, repenting of living a life of SELF-EFFORT and DEAD WORKS, and surrendering to a POWERFUL, SUPERNATURAL God who will teach them the UNFORCED RHYTHMS of GRACE. Welcome to a fruitful life!” 

Diana Larkin - AN AGE OF EXPANSION - February 19, 2024

“You are entering AN AGE OF EXPANSION. As the DEEP DARKNESS is DRIVEN from much of the world, more and more of My LIGHT and My GOODNESS will FILL those places. This will result in a BETTER LIFE and a BETTER WORLD for all. When mankind is FREED of the SLAVERY to darkness and to DEFILING perversions, CREATIVITY will ABOUND and BEAUTY will INCREASE. FREEDOM and PURITY in the atmosphere will PROMOTE healthy and plentiful crops and animals. Music, arts, and entertainment will REFLECT My NATURE, My BEAUTY, and My HOPE. My Church will no longer be CONTAINED in a building, but it will be WOVEN THROUGHOUT all of society as a REPRESENTATIVE of My Kingdom. Government and media will TRANSFORM to SERVE the people and to SPREAD TRUTH. Did you know that your spirit can EXPAND, too? You will reach NEW HEIGHTS of REVELATION of who I AM and how much I LOVE YOU. I will REVEAL SECRETS of the Universe, and you will MARVEL at My MATCHLESS WISDOM and GLORY. Instead of FRETTING at the present shenanigans of those partnered with darkness as they FUTILELY try to STOP the AGE OF EXPANSION, start IMAGINING how GOOD, how FULL, how RICH, and how FREE life is going to be, as My Spirit POURS OUT on the world and the Kingdom Age flourishes. AN AGE OF EXPANSION is dawning over your world.” 

Flashback 2020 - Christine’s Cornerstone Ministries - The Hidden Truth - July 5, 2020

Father has revealed to me an alarming revelation. So much so that I walked away from it several times to pray and weep. The visions are more disturbing, but in obedience, I must share them word-for-word as Father speaks them.

Presently there is a level of deceit happening in our country that will turn the stomachs of even the most vital link. Hate and injustice are so vile it is hard to fathom. Simultaneously, this is getting progressively worse, and instead of banning together, the divide is only separating further.

We see sides marching in resentment and claiming to fight for Justice when the truth is that one side is burning down our cities and are being subsidized by the guilty. These people claim to be soldiers of fairness and equality, yet their fruits show them to be godless goons who corrupt society and are puppets of the system.

God says they play unfairly, and discrimination is their MO. Devils in human houses tear down buildings, homes, businesses, and the livelihoods of the people they claim to fight for. They are rude, wicked, cynical, and senseless. They represent everything God is against.

Father says they hide behind the mask of tolerance, claiming the opposite of bigotry and indifference. Yet, these words fall flat, nothing but manipulative tactics. At the same time, they claim to be conquerors of Capitalism but practice the sorcery of liberalism; they fake open-mindedness but are heavily into indiscretion and the occult.

Father tells me they perpetrate evil against us and are weak-hearted, formed, fashioned, and bought by a corrupt political system. Father says they were willing to sacrifice human life for the sake of their kings. We were warned this would happen and protect ourselves in Christ.

Apostle Paul says, “we must save ourselves from this crooked generation.’ God’s wrath is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who, by their unrighteousness, suppress the truth. For what can be known about God is plain to them because God has shown it to them. His invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse. For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they became fools. (Romans 1:18-32)

Still, Yahweh has had enough, and Americans have no idea the harm set against us. Nonetheless, remember the Bible tells us it isn’t by our power nor might we subdue wicked kings, but by the Spirit of the LORD, and we trust and pray in faith in God—prepare for war.

Father has revealed an unmasking that will take place in the coming years. An exposing of something so unheard of that people will cringe at knowing that this is what they placed their faith in and not in Jesus Christ. Discretion is advised before reading the reveal and warning; it’s graphic.

Father said, “Tell them”

“I will tear down the alters covered in the blood of human remains and excrement; they used to sever the heads and dismember innocent children, serving them on platters.

They hold immoral, sexually perverse, and wretched ceremonies in the name of their god, Satan. Still, they call him Lucifer. These are his seeds. Their father is the devil.” says the Lord.

Father says, “They use their altars as platters to consume the human bowels and the flesh of My youth!”

“They mock Me while consuming the flesh and blood of my innocent ones and partake in sexual rituals with My children; hosting them are priests, politicians, and the world’s elite.” says the Lord.

Father says, “ These are the world’s idols that the adulterers of My body, now, calling them, ‘your Excellency.”

Father says, “ They laugh and cheer while erupting in orgasmic pleasures while chanting the name of Satan; how dare they thank Me for providing their feast. Like wine, they become drunk from the blood and bile inside the bodies of My youth.” says the Lord.

Father says, “How long do you think you would hide from Me? How long did you think you would escape Me?” says the Lord.

“ You perpetrate evil against Me, and soon the guilty will face the day of perdition. The day of reckoning will come upon you like a wind gust in desert sandstorms, and when it does, I will overcome them.” says the Lord.

Father says, “ I will wipe you from the face of the Earth, but not before you bow to Me.” says the Lord.

Father Says, “ The day is coming; I will remove your scaffolding and burn it down to the ground. I will leave you to hang from the ledge of your evil.

“You did this; I warned you, but you did not heed My warning. I Am merciful, but still, you rebel. So then, I will peel away your fingers one by one, and from the ledge, you will scream on your way down; in horror, there is no forgiveness for these.” says the Lord.

Father says, “ I will reveal to the world what they have done. I will give their skeletons an invitation to the table. The earth will witness their horror unseen, and neither murder for hire nor death camps will remain hidden.” saith the Lord.

Fathers say the punishment is too good a word for what they will be forced to face in their final hours.”

Father said,

“Tell them,” no one is to mock or laugh at My words, as with every jest; I will place fire in their lungs, and with every breath, sulfur will consume their airways.”

Father says, “To the righteous, this seems extreme, but to the innocent ones, their names, the tortured and tucked away, their faces, the lives taken too soon, it is a fine retribution for their crimes.” says the Lord.

Father said,

“Tell them, as the Earth cries out racism, I, the Lord your God, cry out Satanism.” Saith the Lord

Father has revealed that the deception goes profoundly deep and more so than many of you are willing to accept. Stop denying what God is showing you. Step out of your religious systems and stand boldly for your God.

Father said we would face the truth of human defilement and degradation, and it’s all because of this nation’s satan-soothing and witchcraft. Sadly, Father said, the church is guilty of not being aware, and while they were building their kingdoms, Satan was taking over the world systems and killing innocent people. A great multitude has made for themselves an enemy of God.

Father said,

“Tell Them.”

“Those of you who worship your Baal gods in buildings and cathedrals and massacre the faith of the innocent. You, too, are guilty. Repent! And to the mosques and temples, you too, think you are before Me? You refuse to acknowledge I AM Lord. Come to Me, and I will forgive you, and before the last day, or you will be cast into the fire.”

Father said,

“And you in your Kingdom halls, who reject the name of the living God. I AM Lord and Savior, and you refuse and deny Me. I see what is happening in your dwelling, perversion, and depravity. You too, are filled with Satan’s workers, repent of your sins and follow Me.” saith the Lord.

Diana Larkin - I AM ARRANGING THE SHOWDOWN - Februray 18, 2024

“Don’t get WORRIED or ANXIOUS as you see ATTACKS by the darkness MOUNTING against you. They are going to CONGRATULATE themselves on their plans to cause you FEAR, DESTRUCTION, and DEATH; and they are going to think their plans to CONTROL you with FEAR and CHAOS are going to be FULFILLED. What their PRIDE and ARROGANCE keep them from seeing is that I AM ARRANGING THE MEETING TO DESTROY THE DESTROYERS. They will become so CONFIDENT they are going to WIN that they will REVEAL who they really are. Even HIDDEN ones will COME OUT in the open because they want a PLACE of POWER when the darkness takes over. DO NOT FEAR, My Beloveds, because I AM answering your cries of ‘expose, expose, expose!’ You will now see people FOR WHO THEY TRULY ARE. There will be no more WONDERING whose side anyone is on. This is a season of REVELATION: who is of the DARKNESS and who is of the LIGHT. TRUST THIS CRUCIAL PART OF MY STRATEGY, as I DRAW all those partnered with darkness DEEP into My TRAP of EXPOSURE and JUDGMENT. The world will know that I AM God when I CLOSE MY TRAP, and the darkness is HUNG on their own GALLOWS. KEEP HEART as you TRUST My PLANS and POWER. KEEP STEADY in My LOVE, My PROTECTION, and My PROVISION for you. Let the enemy SMIRK and think they have won because you are assured that I AM ARRANGING THE SHOWDOWN.”
See Ezekiel 38, 39 for a pattern of this strategy. Think of Gog as a symbol for those partnered with darkness and see Israel as a symbol of a covenant nation like America.

Diana Larkin - THREE-PRONGED RESCUE - Feburary 17, 2024

“My RESCUE OPERATION will have THREE PRONGS. Just like a THREEFOLD CORD is not easily broken, so My THREE-PRONGED RESCUE will not be taken apart, and
it’s BLOW will be DEADLY to the enemy’s plans. This is what My THREE-PRONGED RESCUE is made of: the Father’s FURY and POWER are aimed directly at the enemy;
the VOICE of the Son’s BLOOD of VICTORY is resounding throughout the heavens SHAKING and BREAKING the darkness; the Spirit’s FIRE and WIND are burning up and blowing away the enemy’s SCHEMES and those partnered with darkness. When I SURPRISE ATTACK with My THREE-PRONGED WEAPON of My POWER, the Son’s
VOICE of VICTORY, and the Spirit’s WIND and FIRE, the enemy won’t know what HIT them. They will TOPPLE ONE AND ALL. The FULL FORCE of the Kingdom of Light will
SMACK DOWN and SILENCE the BOASTFUL empire of darkness. My THREE-PRONGED RESCUE will strike a DEATHBLOW to their camp and all their carefully orchestrated SCHEMES of darkness. Join Me, Army of Light, and CALL FORTH My THREE-PRONGED RESCUE. Great celebrations will replace the doom and gloom, and RESURRECTION POWER will fill your Land.”

Diana Larkin - THE POWER OF YOUR WORDS - Feburuary 16, 2024

“One of the most IMPORTANT REVELATIONS that I’ve given to My Army of Light in this battle of dark to Light, has been THE POWER OF YOUR WORDS in decrees and declarations. You have learned to turn My Words and My promises into WEAPONS that DEFEAT the darkness. In order for your words to have the FULL POWER of LIGHT, I AM calling you to TAKE ACCOUNT of WHAT you say and HOW you say it. What you are fighting is a WAR of WORDS, and you must NOT USE OR ALIGN your words with the darkness. The darkness ACCUSES, it SLANDERS, and it CONDEMNS those who don’t AGREE with their viewpoint. Make sure you don’t use these TACTICS with your brothers and sisters who have DIFFERENT viewpoints from yours. These TACTICS DEFILE the Army of Light and WEAKEN your OFFENSIVE UNITY. PROVERBS 16:2 (TPT) ‘We are all in love with our own opinions, convinced they’re correct. But the Lord is in the midst of us, testing and probing our every motive.’ Are you trying to CONTROL others with your words because you want to PROVE YOU ARE RIGHT and because NEW REVELATION or EXPERIENCES you’ve never had SCARE YOU OR MAKE YOU FEEL YOUR SPIRITUALITY IS INFERIOR? Let Me WARN you that this is RELIGIOUS PRIDE, and it will be JUDGED. HUMILITY says, ‘I don’t know it all nor do I understand it all, and I will bring this to the Spirit of Truth and process it with Him. I will not be afraid of letting You become bigger in my life.’ Consider this and take it to heart: PROVERBS 16:24 -2024 – (TPT) ‘Nothing is more appealing than speaking beautiful, life-giving words. For they release sweetness to our souls and inner healing to our spirits.’ Use THE POWER OF YOUR WORDS to bring LIFE to your brothers and sisters.”
PROVERBS 18:21 (AMP) “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it and indulge it will eat its fruit and bear the consequences of their words.”

Angela - WARNING FOR AMERICA 🇺🇸 (Judgment) - February 15, 2024

In America there are things that are going on in the United States that God is not he’s not pleased with. And he has continued word after word after word to State and ask for repentance and give Grace and give us time to turn away from things that we know that does not please him. There are Idols that God is not happy with when it comes to America. Uh and I will get as I continue to go on I will get into what uh Idols God is speaking when it comes to our nation. But God is Not Just punishing in judgment other nations. He speak speaking for and calling for repentance for America. And this is a judgment on us and we cannot take it lightly. We cannot take it lightly. I will go into the things uh you know I usually like to start with the date like the first the second the third. I’m going to go kind of out of order today because I want to stick with judgment on America and the things that God has been speaking and what’s relevant to that okay.

Uh on February 1st, we’ve talked about this probably a month ago about the capital. God is still speaking about destruction in the capital. He stated on February 1st the capital will suffer greatly, says the Lord. He spoke that in prayer on February 1st. This is the third time God is speaking about the capital. I don’t know what exactly will happen. I only give you what he gives me. I will not add to it okay. Uh so just that’s why I told you to go in prayer so he can give more revelation all right. Uh but God was speaking that something is going to happen and he stated the capital building will suffer greatly, says the Lord. So that is another the third time he’s spoken about spoken about the capital. Also about change uh of leadership, The Great Reversal. He has been speaking for the life last week the great reversal change of leadership this particular leadership. Uh for these words is leadership in the white house uh on 25 and 27 God stated there will be much turmoil up ahead and my people must get ready. There will be a change of leader ship soon get ready warn my people of my words. That was on 25 on 27 there will be an incident in the White House that many people will not be Expecting. The great reversal will begin, says the Lord. … and that was on 27 um I prayer for 27. So God has been uh using great reversal we’ve talked about that for over a year uh where God has been continuously talking about The Great Reversal. …

Michelle Obama will come will try to come with a Vengeance but she will not succeed warn my people of my words says the Lord she will try to come with a Vengeance but will not succeed and to warn my people of my words he has been speaking about them since I first started the channel two years ago guys and he was stating back then that we they’re not who we who we think they are and you know we all know that but he he was stating we will see more and more this is a time of the great revealing um she will try to come with a Vengeance but she will not succeed.

Also on 21 on February 11 God stated uh Barack Obama will taste my judgment sooner than later. What has already been done in the dark I will bring to the light the plan is. The rich get richer and the poor get gets poor. But their plans will not work. I’m the god of Heaven and Earth that brings judgment upon the wicked all the plots and schemes will not succeed, says the Lord. That is his word uh on February 11th. Guys so he uh has been you know continuously speaking to us about things being plotted and planned in the dark. Uh we’ve talked about a lot about laws that are trying to be passed uh keeping us distracted. Making sure we’re distracted and looking to the right way. They make laws to the left God has been stating you know there are. So many things that are being plotted and planned and schemed for uh the the you know for our our for his people to fail and God was stating. No no more I’m the God of Heaven and Earth that brings judgment upon the wicked all the plots and schemes will not succeed.

He has given him time to repent guys America time to repent and those are the words for Barack Obama the next one is 2. Um I kind of watch I kind of watch what I say I tried to just watch. But this one right here we kind of fought a little bit. Uh because I didn’t necessarily want to say it but God told me to be obedient and said. So I’m going to put a card up on this one because when he said it I was like who going to say that God say you going to say that but this person here if you can see it if you can read it (Rockefeller). He has mentioned for the last two days February 11th February 14th February 13. He stated this person will be destroyed and every evil entity behind them. Their time is up on harming mankind uh yeah their time is up on harming mankind my judgment is near. Warn the people blank will be destroyed and every evil entity behind them. Their time is up on Haring mankind my judgment is near warn the people so that was on uh the 13th the 14th and uh November 11th um also on November 10th. ….

Giants will fall in this season that me many are not ready. For there will be a change in power very soon get ready. Nation will continue to go against Nation until I bring it to an end this is just the beginning of heartaches that lies ahead um God was speaking a lot about the exposure not just not just the exposure of the people that that are in the front uh the people that we see the elites that we see in the front uh the the people uh whether you know in the the front people the people in the front that we that we see the people in the front in Ministry the people in the front in entertainment God is stating he’s not just dealing with with those people behind I mean in front he’s dealing with the people behind the scenes um so his exposure and he’s been talking to us you know for a while about exposure um but he was stating his exposure is just not for the people in the front that can be seen it is for also the people uh that is that are behind uh the curtain. The be behind that you cannot see um that are controlling. Um trying to watch my the puppets on the strings. Um he’s not just exposing what’s just what you can just the people you can see but he’s also exposing and his judgment is coming upon the people behind the curtain. …

On 210 uh God was stating Elite. Uh Elites are relying on the systems and he would destroy uh the things that helps them but harm the people their Idols such as money such as Fame such as Prestige and such. Such as unfair laws he would he will destroy by his judgment um you know it’s from the beginning um when I first started God is really speaking about America and its Idols uh idolizing Fame idolizing um you know money um idolizing uh their position and taking advantage of their position by placing laws that are harming his people and God is saying no no my judgment is coming and he’s giving giving um us as America time to repent. And it you know he he keeps saying the same thing over and over and is for us to take heed to what God is speaking in this hour. But he is tired there are systems planned and God is saying. They are reli lying on their systems their Idols. You know trying to do things that is you know supposed to be done by God or trying to control things. When it is for God to control he is the the controller he is the one you know to control different things and they’re playing God and God is saying enough is enough so not only will we see the things uh be exposed and judged and stopped in the you know in for the people that we can actually see but also for the people behind the scenes that we can’t see. God’s judgment is coming upon those people America can no longer make Idols. We only have one God and we only serve one God and there is only one God and it’s too many people playing God. …

He keeps speaking undescribable un describable things that we will witness um and the word. Invasion there will be an invasion that is coming that we must not fear. You will continue to witness undescribable things upon the land and my people must prepare. But do not fear what is approaching but seek my face, says the Lord. God keeps speaking and I’ve talked about it in several videos about visions of aliens. He keeps showing me visions of aliens. Now whether is something that is planned or whatever. But it’s it’s and I say aliens because that’s what he shows me and that’s the word that he gives I know people debate aliens demons but the words that he’s using is Al aliens shape shifters and demonic activity. He has been warning us for this over a year guys and now God is saying get ready in the vision that he gave me on November 11th. I saw several vision of aliens and I heard the Lord I wrote it down. He said do not fear for they are coming do not fear. For they are coming and that was a vision in prayer on uh February 11th he has been warning us for like I said over a year about aliens shape shifters and demonic activity. God was stating that we will see more demonic activity in the air in the sea and on Earth we will notice undescribable things in the sea more drownings happening. He warned us remember about over a year ago about ships sinking. … On February 6th I know I was I was missing something he stated aliens will begin to come upon the land get ready but do not fear for I am with you.

There will be a totality of things that are approaching that will catch many off guard. I will eventually bring peace to the Middle East but many things must take place. First I will bring the corrupt down to their knees with sorrow and pain. Get ready for my great judgment, says the Lord. … there will be a swift shift shift of guards for my kingdom. I will eliminate anything that is not of me. I need you to choose me. I am king of kings and Lord of Lords, says the Lord. … A couple of weeks ago where God was uh stating that you know he was rebuilding his Temple and his judgment was coming and we will begin to see people fall off whether it was in some Churches whether it was different Ministries online. But God was stating guys when he stated um that there will be a swift change of gods for my kingdom I will eliminate anything that is not of me God. …

On 27 God was speaking about we will begin to see um begin to get more Amber Alerts when it comes to missing children. Um God says that we will begin to see more and more missing children guys. So again this is when it our prayer comes into action these words are for us to prep not just for us to prepare. But to pray what to pray for and what to pray against pray for our children. Okay he stated that there will be more Amber Alerts regarding missing children all right also on uh 27 he’s still speaking about accidental deaths accidental deaths. He’s still speaking about it he’s been speaking about that for a while. Um many accidental deaths will happen that will shake many people and um he just continued to talk about accidental death guys …

He has been warning us for that since the beginning of last year … about Gatherings. About not Gathering not just because a virus guys but because of uh the danger of it uh because of murders. He’s been warning us of mass murders. He’s warned us over and word after word he’s still still speaking it on 27th. He stated to secure your homes and protect your families. Um there will be a combination of things guys that will happen and God is stating to get your safety finances and family to protect um. He’s saying to protect to protect your home safety finances and family. This is something that he’s still been warning us about remember those words saving preparing and building. He’s been warning us for that for over a year saving preparing and building. God is still speaking that guys so he’s saying to protect your family protect your home get your finances in order safety protection whatever that is. …

He wanted me to release what he gave me on 213 and also this morning at 5:12 a.m. so I’m just going to be obedient and read what he gave me. Okay um on 13 in my evening prayer. It reads strange things will begin to happen that many people will not be able to explain. There will be a battle for freedom. In the future for freedom of speech something eye openening will happen and many truths will then come out. Many are not ready for what they are about to witness. It will be indescribable. There will be a future there will be future Advent events that will take place that will catch many off guard that will be disturbing. A lot of infrastructure will be destroyed. Because of the things to come prepare for war is closer than you think. Prepare the people of the things to come mass murders will be the new normal because of wickedness that lies in the dark. Warn my people of my words, says the Lord. …

God is saying uh take it seriously. Also the EMP will blow and many problems will will occur check your accounts daily, says the Lord. He gave that this morning as well and he stated the EMP will blow and we’ve talked about this about blackouts and many problems will occur and to check your accounts daily there are things that are about to happen he’s been warning us about the blackout. Uh he’s been warning us about the satellite he’s been warning us about nuclear threats for quite some time now. Uh he’s been speaking this and this morning it was such a sense of urgency and I was not going to deliver this cuz he just delivered it this morning and he wanted me to talk about it so guys get prepared …

Yes 2024 will bring many blessings but it also will bring heartache and that is what God is speaking a,nd he keeps speaking about the overflow of graveyards. And that is not for him to plant fears that is for him to prepare us and preparing us is so we can be strong being our word he’s our strength he’s our strength he’s the Prince of Peace he will give us the peace that surpasses all understanding. But the only way that we get those things the only way that we have them is in the presence of God and being in his word. But he really was speaking uh really about the elites.  

Diana Larkin - A HOLY SPIRIT INVASION - Februrary 15, 2024

“You have heard the THREATS and the REPORTS of your Nation being INVADED from within and from without. I have called you, My Army of Light, to PUSH BACK the DARK FORCES behind these INVASION PLANS, to send CONFUSION into their ranks, and to cause their plans to BACKFIRE onto them. I want you to know that I have INVASION PLANS as well! I AM coming with A HOLY SPIRIT INVASION that will ROLL OVER and CRUSH the enemy’s plans. I will INVADE naturally and supernaturally to CRUSH this planned INVASION by the darkness. I AM giving LOYAL military leaders SUPERNATURAL INTEL and STRATEGIES for TURNING BACK the INVASION. I AM giving leaders in My Army of Light intel and strategies to EXPOSE and to CUT OFF PLANNED ATTACKS. I AM releasing MANY, MANY HOST to go to battle with you. The enemy will be TURNED AWAY and DEFEATED. I AM also releasing STRATEGIES to My Army of Light to REACH the HEARTS of those serving darkness, and many of them will LEAVE the dark INVADING ARMY to join the ARMY OF LIGHT. Those the enemy sent out to cause DESTRUCTION to the Light will turn and HELP DEFEAT the darkness. Rather BRILLIANT, wouldn’t you say? The DARKNESS’ INVASION PLAN will result in their EXPOSURE and DEFEAT, as I release A HOLY SPIRIT INVASION.”

Diana Larkin - THE ANTIDOTE OF LOVE - February 14, 2024

“A MAJOR CAUSE of SIN in people’s hearts and in the world is NOT KNOWING MY LOVE or REFUSING to RECEIVE MY LOVE. Sin came into the world through a LACK of FAITH in My GOODNESS and My LOVE. Jesus came to show you how much I LOVE YOU. When you SURRENDER your life to that LOVE, you must allow it to GROW in you and to TOTALLY CONSUME you. The RELIGIOUS SPIRIT will DRIVE you to EARN My LOVE or to make yourself WORTHY of My LOVE. They live by CHECKLISTS of what they should do and not do, and they feel MORALLY SUPERIOR to those who live BROKEN LIVES because they DON’T KNOW MY LOVE, and they freely CRITICIZE and CONDEMN those who KNOW MY LOVE and live RADICAL LIVES in My Kingdom POWER because those lives THREATEN the religious one’s sense of worth. GALATIANS 5:6 (TPT) ‘When you’re joined to the Anointed One, circumcision and religious obligations can benefit you nothing. All that matters now is living in the faith that works and expresses itself through love.’ The RELIGIOUS RULE KEEPERS have NOTHING to offer the ADDICT or the GENDER or SEXUAL preference CONFUSED or the ones with STOLEN IDENTITIES. It is My MASSIVE LOVE for them that will be the ANTIDOTE to the SNAKEBITE LIES they have received. If you are going to GIVE that LOVE to those who are LOST and CONFUSED, you must FIRST KNOW IT. Will you SURRENDER to a LOVE so STRONG and so COMPLETE that there is NOTHING you can do to EARN it, and there is NOTHING you have done that could ever CUT YOU OFF from this LOVE? When you really KNOW this kind of LOVE, everything you do or don’t do will be MOTIVATED by LOVE. You will read My Word because it SHOWCASES My LOVE, not because its on your CHECKLIST of a ‘good’ Christian. You will LOVE the UNLOVELY because you know how UNLOVELY your own heart was before you opened your heart to My LOVE. You won’t be busy CONDEMNING other ministries that don’t do it ‘YOUR WAY.’ If you KNOW My LOVE, you will RECOGNIZE My LOVE at WORK. What do LOST and BROKEN people need? THE ANTIDOTE OF MY LOVE. Welcome home to My heart of LOVE.” 

Diana Larkin - BITTERSWEET - February 13, 2024

“This season of SHAKING will be BITTERSWEET for you. It won’t be easy to see so much of your world TURNED UPSIDE DOWN. But the LURKING EVIL that is hidden, must be SHAKEN OUT for all the world to see. Wherever darkness has found a FOOTHOLD in people’s lives, this, too, must be SHAKEN OUT and REVEALED. Keep in mind that TEMPORARY LOSS WILL RESULT IN GREAT GAIN. When the people and the Land are CLEANSED, I will RELEASE ABUNDANCE, BEAUTY, and FREEDOM. I have revealed to you the END RESULT of this BITTERSWEET season of shaking and that is a NEW ERA where My Kingdom influences all areas of society, bringing in PEACE, PLENTY, and GREAT FRUITFULNESS. As people are SHAKEN AWAKE and lose what is not of Me, you can tell them of the SWEETNESS of knowing Me and of the GOOD FUTURE I have planned for the world. COMFORT them as I have COMFORTED you and INVITE them to know My GOODNESS and My POWER. I will DEMONSTRATE My LOVE and My POWER by POURING out My Spirit and releasing SIGNS, WONDERS, and MIRACLES. (Remember that this is the year of the DOOR, the MORE, and the POUR.) Keep CLOSE to Me, keep STRENGTHENED in Me, and I will POUR through you to help STEADY people through this BITTERSWEET time. Always keep in mind that this BITTERSWEET time will result in a time of CELEBRATION, REJOICING, and NEW LIFE.”


It shall come to pass, sayith the Lord of host. I shall send forth the sons of God throughout the countries of the world for they have made theirselves ready. The latter house will be greater than the former house. This time and season will break forth in many gathering places for the day of salvation in the hour of miracles has come forth through prayer and the fastings of my people. The cities and towns and the villages all across the seas shall see the coming forth of my sons and daughters as they go through throughout the world bringing forth salvation and healing. For my signs and wonders will follow the sold out and them that believe nothing shall be withheld from them nothing shall be withheld from my people the Church of the Living God. This generation has not given their all to the working of my kingdom in the lives and the hearts of mankind. To to as many that lays down their lives and takes up the cross and follows after me great shall be the manifested power of the spoken word that shall come forth from the sold out.

For the same power that was poured out in the early church shall not be able to compare with that that I’m about to do in the latter Church of these that has separated themselves from the sins of this generation. And pulled their themselves aside to live a dedicated life to me. Day by day the news of this great Reformation shall shake the world as my spirit is poured out in China, in Korea, Argentina, Africa. Great will be the sweeping in of the souls of man. Many will be awakened at the news of my power spreads all through the Cayman Islands and Europe. The Miracles that shall be done will shake the very heavens. Watch as the skies turn into a scientific wonder as the formation of a new phenomenon takes place in the realm of the stratosphere. As it burst is out without measure into the atmosphere thereby a new form of storms shall come forth out of the heavens.

Amazing wonders that has never been seen ever there and never will they be anything like these last days. There shall be whirlwinds in the stratosphere that shall cause many to fear for the things that is coming upon the earth and its inhabitants. Hurricanes shall form that shall supersede each other making each new storm stronger than its predecessor. Surely and speedily shall these wonders spread throughout the different countries as my servants awaken to the call of my commission that shall send forth my disciples seek me and my righteousness. Terry I say Terry assemble yourselves together and sanctify, sanctify, I say. Sanctify a fast for this is a time that has been chosen that my people, the chosen for this time, shall be took over. Jesus shall be took over by the power of my spirit ye Ministers of the altar. Lay aside some chosen days assemble yourselves together for three days, and three nights, and seek my will, and power. For the coming days that’s ahead of you.

Darkness is come upon a man America the enemy of my people, the enemies of Israel, Satan has been Barefoot. Therefore Satan has been before the courts the courts of Heaven seeking to be released on Israel and my chosen people. Watch as my hands move upon the faces of their enemy even though some of the seed of Abraham does not see that the Messiah the savior, of the world has already come and been crucified. And has risen from the dead, and sets in power in the heavens. I shall work against your enemies and there I shall bring destruction upon the heads of the evil seed of Cain. As the heavens begins to speak out with storms that has not been seen in past times. The Earth shall tremble beneath beneath the oceans the oceans. Roaring the rains are coming, saith the Lord. Catastrophic flooding just as I lifted my hand against Egypt to deliver my people from slavery of the Pharaoh. I will now do the same with different pestilence.

For now is my Fury poured out against the evil that has come upon America from another country. For Satan desires to destroy the faith of the Christians in the United States. Repent of your evil, saith the Lord and I will repent of the destruction that shall come upon your heads. It shall come to pass that the Earth shall. Shall. spew out the Earth shall spew out molten rock on Italy’s shores. For your plans to hijack the coming presidential election in America. I see you, sayith God. Oh my savior what do you think that no one knows and no one sees that your coming attempt to destroy America. But I see, and I know your thoughts, and I see I see your evil to attempt to bring about the world the world Union that all would be governed by a kingship. One Global Consolidated power to rule the world. But lo I have seen Satan as lightning fall from Heaven. I will rise in the lives of my people for the coming forth of my armies will rise out of the ashes of the ruins my hand shall rise in a Great Awakening.

For many, many, will come into the fold. Yet many will fal,l and all the plagues, all the plagues of my past judgments, will come upon the wicked. And evil in heart prepare yourselves for the battle, saith God. For it is time to go go forth and give, give, the world the good news and prophesy against the evil that is in this land. They shall fall in one day, saith God. They shall surely fall. For they have risen their hands up against me and I shall rise back and I’ll destroy the life the roots. As the axe is laid to the roots of the Trees of many I have set my face against the evil rulers. The evil rulers of the royal family even for they set in judgment against the Seed of Abraham. Look look to the judges of the land a people appointed by man and not by me.

Clarence Thomas, hear the word of the Lord. Hear the word of the Lord. I set you apart, I set you apart from the other judges that refuses. Those that refuse to honor me, but there are a few that still bow their heads in honor to me. Take heed take heed to the coming days for Satan has filled the hearts of a selected people that has entered into America at the assistance of former presidents and the assistance and help of military power leaders of our military. People has re-entered into the places of command and positions of leadership. Watch therefore and mark, mark them mark them that have moved into Power. Oh Lamb of God. shake Yourself eles awaken to prayer and go to battle on your knees, sayeth the Lord. God for now even at this hour plans of an inside attack is being orchestrated. For the enemy has entered into your country to destroy lives and bring the government into a failure. Thereby bringing the United States into a siege and causing great fear to fall upon the people of America.

Hear me today, sayeth the Lord God. Take heed to this warning for those that has eaten. those that has eaten with you shall lift up their hands against you some that even hears this word. Those that’s acquainted with you and you trusted the most. Therefore there is a Judas amongst my people. Time is of an essence. When you therefore shall see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the Prophet stand in the Holy place. Whosoever readeth let him understand. Ten let them which be in Judea flee into the mountains. Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take anything out of his house, Neither let him which is in the field returned back to take his clothes. And woe unto them that are with child and to them that give suck in these days. It is time, saith the Lord to enter into your closets and pray that ye will overcome. For I have told you therefore be ready.

I have told you. I have warned you. Be ready for the day of the Great Harvest the day of the great Revival and restduration has come upon everyone that has breath. The day of the Harvest has come, saith the Lord God. Lift up your eyes to the heavens for your strength comes from me, sayeth the Lord. God many are the mockers and the scoffers of this day. But I would say to those that has lifted up their voices to me in prayer and supplication fasting and praying and seeking my face. I shall spare you like a father would spare their own son. But many are confused and many does not see and does not understand that I’ll have mercy on whom I have mercy and I’ll judge who I’ll judge. Do not let Satan overtake and overwhelm your heart. Stand, Stand there having your loins about with the truth. And taking the shield the helmet of salvation that you’ll be able to quench every fiery Dart of the wicked. Hear me today, sayith the Lord God. Flee those that is able leave the leave the areas and find you a place even to hides the hidings on the future times that is to come. But know that them that reaches out and pray I will stand with them. I will not suffer them to be led into a captivity. I shall speak even as I did the children of Israel and I showed them every step and mightily brought them out. Lift up your voices like a trumpet. Sound an alarm in my Holy Mountain. Let everyone that has breath let them pray. Warn the people prophesy to the people for the day of the Harvest has come ,sayeth the Lord God Almighty Lord.


I thank you for your word I appreciate you for your spirit and your power lead us and guide us in the name of Jesus I pray. Hallelujah. Thank you Jesus thank you, Jesus thank you, Jesus thank you.

Diana Larkin - JOURNEY TO TRUTH - February 11, 2024

“If you take a 40,000 foot view of what I AM doing in this season of the Rescue Operation from dark to LIGHT and the TRANSITION to the Kingdom Era, you will realize it is a JOURNEY TO TRUTH for the whole world. DECEPTION and CONFUSION rule the airwaves, the government, education, entertainment, business, families, and the Church. FOOLISH, PRIDEFUL, PERVERTED THINKING is at an all-time HIGH and that includes the Church. Those who place their CONFIDENCE in their KNOWLEDGE of the Scriptures and in their OUTWARD CONFORMITY to manmade rules but who DENY My SUPERNATURAL POWER, do not KNOW MY HEART NOR DO THEY TRULY ADVANCE MY KINGDOM. They are quick to CRITICIZE anyone who doesn’t CONFORM to their NARROW IDEA of a Godly life, and they CRUSH those who have encountered Me SUPERNATURALLY. They LOUDLY DECLARE these experiences are SUBJECTIVE and outside the realm of SAFETY, and they make up reasons why I don’t operate that way anymore. I will ALWAYS be the God of SIGNS, WONDERS, MIRACLES, and PERSONAL INTERACTIONS. I CREATED you for DEEP FELLOWSHIP with Me. I live in the SUPERNATURAL because that is who I AM. I want you to have FAR MORE than HEAD KNOWLEDGE of My Word. I want you to KNOW THE GOD OF THE WORD. I want you to LIVE IN THE TRUTH of both the natural and the supernatural realms. How will the world and its systems ever KNOW TRUTH if the Church DENIES Me as a SUPERNATURAL God? Get ready, because I AM INVADING all the DECEPTION and CONFUSION with My SUPERNATURAL POWER, LOVE, and TRUTH. Those in My Church who REFUSE to ACKNOWLEDGE that this SUPERNATURAL DELIVERANCE is of Me, will FADE AWAY and DRY UP. Those who RECOGNIZE and PARTNER with Me in this JOURNEY TO TRUTH will be SET FREE, and they will SHINE the LIGHT of FREEDOM and TRUTH for the world to see. Your LIGHT will greatly CONTRAST the DARKNESS and DECEPTION being EXPOSED and BROUGHT DOWN, and it will INVITE the world to JOIN My JOURNEY TO TRUTH.”  

“If you take a 40,000 foot view of what I AM doing in this season of the Rescue Operation from dark to LIGHT and the TRANSITION to the Kingdom Era, you will realize it is a JOURNEY TO TRUTH for the whole world. DECEPTION and CONFUSION rule the airwaves, the government, education, entertainment, business, families, and the Church. FOOLISH, PRIDEFUL, PERVERTED THINKING is at an all-time HIGH and that includes the Church. Those who place their CONFIDENCE in their KNOWLEDGE of the Scriptures and in their OUTWARD CONFORMITY to manmade rules but who DENY My SUPERNATURAL POWER, do not KNOW MY HEART NOR DO THEY TRULY ADVANCE MY KINGDOM. They are quick to CRITICIZE anyone who doesn’t CONFORM to their NARROW IDEA of a Godly life, and they CRUSH those who have encountered Me SUPERNATURALLY. They LOUDLY DECLARE these experiences are SUBJECTIVE and outside the realm of SAFETY, and they make up reasons why I don’t operate that way anymore. I will ALWAYS be the God of SIGNS, WONDERS, MIRACLES, and PERSONAL INTERACTIONS. I CREATED you for DEEP FELLOWSHIP with Me. I live in the SUPERNATURAL because that is who I AM. I want you to have FAR MORE than HEAD KNOWLEDGE of My Word. I want you to KNOW THE GOD OF THE WORD. I want you to LIVE IN THE TRUTH of both the natural and the supernatural realms. How will the world and its systems ever KNOW TRUTH if the Church DENIES Me as a SUPERNATURAL God? Get ready, because I AM INVADING all the DECEPTION and CONFUSION with My SUPERNATURAL POWER, LOVE, and TRUTH. Those in My Church who REFUSE to ACKNOWLEDGE that this SUPERNATURAL DELIVERANCE is of Me, will FADE AWAY and DRY UP. Those who RECOGNIZE and PARTNER with Me in this JOURNEY TO TRUTH will be SET FREE, and they will SHINE the LIGHT of FREEDOM and TRUTH for the world to see. Your LIGHT will greatly CONTRAST the DARKNESS and DECEPTION being EXPOSED and BROUGHT DOWN, and it will INVITE the world to JOIN My JOURNEY TO TRUTH.”  

Diana Larkin - REVELATION THAT BRINGS FORTH LIFE - February 10, 2024

“Have you ever asked yourself why some REVELATION that I give My prophets stirs up HOPE, while others stir up FEAR and DREAD? REVELATION of STORMS and CONFLICTS will bring HOPE and STRATEGIES for VICTORY when they are MARRIED to an INTIMATE KNOWLEDGE of My heart and My ways. I release TRUE REVELATION to My prophets but how this REVELATION is PERCEIVED depends on how well the prophet KNOWS MY HEART. My REVELATION should NEVER STIR UP PANIC and DESPERATE PREPARATIONS for SURVIVAL. REVELATION through a FILTER of TRUE INTIMACY with Me will cause you to SEEK how you can PARTNER with Me to bring about VICTORY and RESTORATION. The NUMBER ONE PRIORITY of a prophet is to be ONE WITH MY HEART. This should be ALL My children’s PRIORITY—SEEK that ONENESS of HEART with Me. Then, REVELATION of coming events will not SPARK FEAR, it will IGNITE FAITH and OFFENSIVE BATTLE STRATEGIES. What causes REVELATION that I give to be TAINTED with FEAR and SELF-EFFORT? It is FILTERS of the RELIGIOUS SPIRIT that have NEVER been SURRENDERED to Me. My JUDGMENTS are coming to those ENTRENCHED in SERVING the DARKNESS and their own EVIL DESIRES. If you think I’m coming to JUDGE those caught up in FALSE LIFESTYLES and ADDICTIONS, you are seeing through a RELIGIOUS FILTER. THESE ARE THE VERY ONES I’M REACHING OUT TO SAVE, HEAL, AND DELIVER. The Church MUST AWAKEN to the fact that they are PARTLY RESPONSIBLE for the MORAL WRECKAGE of your Nation. The Church DESERTED all areas of society and SHUT THE DOOR to the church building, leaving the DOOR WIDE OPEN to DARKNESS and DECEPTION in all the other areas. This attitude of SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS and LOOKING DOWN their noses at ‘sinners’ actually OPENED the DOOR for HIDDEN EVIL to INFILTRATE the Church. You might want to WATCH who you think I should JUDGE because it just might be you. LISTEN to prophets who have been BROKEN before Me and who have ACKNOWLEDGED and REPENTED from sin and wrong heart MOTIVES. They will CARRY a FRAGRANCE of HEAVEN that INVITES people into My PRESENCE where they know it will be SAFE to come clean, receive salvation, and be set free to live a NEW LIFE. REVELATION from Me SHOULD NOT BRING FEAR and STRIVING; it should BIRTH HOPE and DETERMINATION to push on into VICTORY. MY REVELATION SHOLD BRING FORTH LIFE.” 

Wings of Prophecy - February 2024

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - Faith Rising in God's Great Reset 2024 & Prayers Answered - February 7, 2024

Diana Larkin - WILL YOU BE MY GIANT SLAYER? - Feburary 7, 2024

“The enemy sees that the TIDE IS TURNING from dark to LIGHT. He is PANICKED that a POWERFUL REMNANT has arisen in My COVENANT nations of Israel and the United States, and they are PUSHING BACK the DARKNESS and DEFEATING his schemes of death. He is now bringing forth his GIANTS to INTIMIDATE My Covenant people and try to get them to LOSE THEIR FAITH, their FOCUS on Me, and to make them BOW to his FEAR and his CONTROL. You are going to see MANY GIANTS CONFRONT you and your nation in this year of the OPEN DOOR. If the enemy can get you to walk through his open door of FEAR, joined with the ORPHAN SPIRIT, he will have DISARMED and DISCOURAGED you. You will find yourself LOCKED OUT of the DOOR of HOPE and VICTORY. You MUST CHOOSE TODAY to NOT WALK THROUGH THE DOOR OF FEAR AND ABANDONMENT—these are LIES of the enemy sent to TAKE YOU OUT of the battle, JUST BEFORE THE BIGGEST VICTORIES OF YOUR LIFE. BELIEVE Me when I tell you that I have RAISED YOU UP as a company of GIANT-SLAYERS. Like David, you will STAND before the TAUNTING GIANT in the POWER of My NAME and My BLOOD COVENANT with you. DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED and DO NOT FEAR when these GIANTS arise against you. It is a SIGN OF THEIR DESTRUCTION that they have made themselves SEEN and LOUDLY HEARD. Do you UNDERSTAND that I have MADE THEM A TARGET THAT YOU CAN’T MISS? STRENGTHEN yourself in Me, LIVE in My WRAP-A-ROUND PRESENCE, and DEMAND your COVENANT RIGHTS before the LYING GIANTS. You have a SUPERIOR COVENANT to the one David had. You have a SURER HOPE in the BLOOD of My Son, and I have ASSURED you of the VICTORY that is now IN REACH. WILL YOU BE MY GIANT SLAYER? Now is the season to ENFORCE that VICTORY in the earth. DECLARE to the GIANTS:” ‘You are COMING DOWN by the POWER of the LIVING GOD. I take this STONE of FAITH and fling it into your head, shutting down your LYING voice. I take the SWORD of My COVENANT, and I BRING YOU DOWN! I SLAY you in the name of the LORD, MY GOD!’ “You were made for this day, GIANT SLAYER!” 

Diana Larkin - DO YOU TRUST ME? - February 6, 2024

“This is a season of GREAT UPHEAVAL, REMOVAL, and CHANGE. The FRUIT of everyone’s lives is going to be made APPARENT. Some of these REVEALS will be SHOCKING because they HID their CORRUPTION well. It may SHAKE you that you could be so FOOLED about someone and that could lead you to being a SUSPICIOUS person who trusts no one. That response will only CUT YOU OFF from deep FELLOWSHIP with others and from TRUSTING ME. Here is the LIVE-GIVING response: ACKNOWLEDGE you did not see the TRUTH about a person, DECLARE that you are going to LEAN FULLY on Me to show you TRUE DISCERNMENT about another person, and WALK in HUMILITY with My Spirit—knowing that He sees FULLY the DEPTHS of a human heart. Are your LOVED ONES completely FOOLED by the spirit of the age? Are they PURSUING STERILE LIVES that lead into darkness? Have they REJECTED the TRUTH of who I AM and are they pursuing FALSE religions? Here is a REAL HEART TEST of your TRUST IN ME. Do you BELIEVE I have the LOVE and the POWER to reach them and to SNATCH them out of the GRIP of darkness? Or do you think you have to try and CONTROL the situation and CONTINUALLY BARAGE them with truth that they are NOT READY for? They are already BEING CONTROLLED by the darkness, and they DON’T NEED you to try and CONTROL their lives. My love DOESN’T CONTROL. My LOVE PURSUES them and INVITES them into the LIGHT and into FREEDOM. Someone PRAYED for you to come into My LIGHT and My LOVE and that is what you can do for those you love who are lost somewhere in the LIES or DARKNESS. You will know if I call you to SPEAK something into their lives because a WINDOW of OPPORTUNITY will OPEN for you to say what I have put in your heart to say. Only SHARE what I’m giving you—don’t try and HURRY the PROCESS. Let the SMALL SEED of TRUTH you plant, SPROUT and begin to GROW. TRUTH always brings a GOOD HARVEST. Leave that TIMING to Me. Lay aside your EXPECTATIONS, your FEARS, and your need to CONTROL. Enter into the REST of My LOVE and know that same LOVE is being OFFERED to the ones you are praying for. If you feel ANXIOUS, that is a SIGNAL for you to do a HEART CHECK—ask yourself, ‘DO I TRUST YOU?’ Holy Spirit will come and STRENGTHEN the WEAK PLACES in your wall of FAITH, and you will find that you are TRUSTING Me in EVERY AREA of your life. Then you will find TRUE PEACE and REST in My GRACE and My POWER.” 

Diana Larkin - FREEDOM! FREEDOM! - February 5, 2024

“As I SHAKE and THUNDER and ROAR over your Nation, you will see DARK SYSTEMS be EXPOSED and BROUGHT CRASHING DOWN. This should NOT be UNSETTLING for you because you know I have told you the EVIL MUST BE REMOVED so that I can bring in FREEDOM! FREEDOM to PROSPER, FREEDOM to be HEALTHY, and FREEDOM to WALK in My WAYS. I AM also promising FREEDOM to those whose IDENTITIES HAVE BEEN STOLEN and who have turned to PERVERTED LIFESTYLES to fill the void. It is time, My Army of Light, to TAKE A STAND against this MASSIVE THEFT of STOLEN IDENTITIES. Take those you know whose IDENTITIES have been STOLEN and take them to My COURTROOM in Heaven. I, the Father, will be the PRESIDING JUDGE. DECLARE that the BLOOD of Jesus covers each one that you have brought before Me. Then DEMAND that the enemy be REQUIRED to RETURN their STOLEN IDENTITIES—NOW! Wait, and then you will hear Me say, ‘PETITION GRANTED! The enemy MUST RETURN what he has STOLEN.’ Remember that this is the season I have declared you will RECOVER ALL and that includes STOLEN IDENTITIES. Now, get a bit BOLDER and bring WHOLE GROUPS of those with STOLEN IDENTITIES before Me, COVER them with My Son’s BLOOD, and DEMAND their IDENTITIES be RETURNED. STOLEN IDENTITIES can be found among those BRAINWASHED by LIES and MISINFORMATION. It can be found among those who were ATTACKED with ILL-HEALTH, and INFIRMITY became their IDENTITY. It can be found among those CAPTURED by ADDICTIONS that try to fill the LOSS of IDENTITY. It is also present among TERRORISTS, GANG MEMBERS, and those PROGRAMMED to HARM others. If you DEMAND their TRUE IDENTITIES be RETURNED, you will WEAKEN the enemy’s forces, and he will see his plans FAIL, FAIL, FAIL. Partner with Me in CALLING FORTH FREEDOM for your Nation and FREEDOM for your lives. FREEDOM! FREEDOM!



Diana Larkin - GOD’S PERFECT GOVERNMENT - February 4, 2024

Today’s date: 2/4/24=24:24
24=God’s perfect government 
2+4+2+4=12=governmental anointing, 12 apostles, 12 tribes of Israel 
“My PERFECT GOVERNMENT is being RELEASED upon the earth as part of My RESCUE OPERATION. Man, partnered with darkness, has so PERVERTED the mountain of government that it must be TORN DOWN and REBUILT with Heaven’s PERFECT GOVERNMENT. My PERFECT GOVERNMENT comes to those who are SURRENDERED to Me and to My ways. As my PERFECT GOVERNMENT moves in to REPLACE man’s PERVERTED government, you will see: JOB 24:24 (NLT) ‘And though they are great now, in a moment they will be gone like all others, cut off like heads of grain.’ Those who seemed so POWERFUL and UNTOUCHABLE will be SUDDENLY CUT OFF as My THRESHING MACHINE of JUDGMENT and JUSTICE MOWS THEM DOWN. The fear of the Lord will RETURN to your Land, and people’s hearts will once again RECOGNIZE RIGHTEOUSNESS. PROVERBS 24:24 (TPT) ‘If you say to the guilty, “You are innocent,” the nation will curse you and the people will revile you.’ What will INCREASE the POWER of My PERFECT GOVERNMENT on the earth will be when the Jewish people discover that Jesus is their MESSIAH, and they become ONE NEW MAN with My Church, established on My 12 Apostles. The 12 Tribes and the 12 Apostles will become 24 and will more FULLY REPRESENT My PERFECT GOVERNMENT on the earth, just as the 24 Elders in My Heavenly Council represent My PERFECT GOVERNMENT in Heaven. Allow My PERFECT GOVERNMENT to be ESTABLISHED in your own heart.” JOSHUA 24:24 (TPT) ‘The people said to Joshua, “We will serve the Lord our God and we will listen to and obey His voice.”