Third Great AWAKENING - REFERENCE Q3-Q4, 2024

Third Great Awakening ⇨

July ??, 2024

Diana Larkin - WELLS OF COMPASSION - July 18, 2024

“Allow the TRAUMA of the NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE that you witnessed work something GOOD and NOT something DARK in your heart. If you are REACTING with MAN’S ANGER and REVENGE, then it is time for a HEART CHECK. You are NOT REFLECTING My heart; you are REFLECTING how the DARKNESS OPERATES. If you are acting like the darkness, how can you SHINE A LIGHT that will PULL others OUT of the WEB of DARKNESS and LIES that they have been ENTANGLED IN? I don’t ever want you to HOLD ONTO TRAUMA, because I can REPLACE TRAUMA with My PEACE, My SHALOM, but I do want you to ALLOW the SHAKING experience to IMPACT your heart for GOOD. Allow this TRAGEDY to work in you DEEP WELLS OF COMPASSION for those who have been LIED TO and LIED TO from almost every angle of their lives. You are NOT CONDONING their SINFUL CHOICES, but you are UNDERSTANDING how greatly they have been DECEIVED and BRAINWASHED. Your ANGER will NOT BREAK the POWER of the LIES, but your LOVE and UNDERSTANDING will. Turn your ANGER into a WARRIOR SPIRIT that goes after the father of lies and all his LYING demons and powers. MOW THEM DOWN and FIGHT for the FREEDOM of all those held in BONDAGE to Leviathan’s WEB of LIES and DECEPTION. Your WELLS OF COMPASSION will make you A SAFE PLACE for those SHAKEN AWAKE to SEEK TRUTH and to find a place to BELONG…SAFE in the HEART of a Father, COVERED by the BLOOD of My Son, and IGNITED to FREEDOM and PASSION by My Holy Spirit. WELLS OF COMPASSION are a BEAUTIFUL thing in a human heart.”

Diana Larkin - SHINE FOR ME - July 17, 2024

This morning, the amazing 3-in-One led me to gates of Eden, and Enoch met me there. He was kind and unassuming, and he invited me to sit with him on a bench under a tree. I told him my feelings about not having brilliant questions to ask him, and he just gently smiled. I asked him if I could just sit with him and receive part of his heart that so faithfully walked with the Father for 300 years on the earth. He was fine with this. I told him of my struggle with criticism versus discernment. He said to so shine the Father’s heart and freedom that it would overshadow any religious spirit with His glory. He shared with me that I won’t need to say anything—just be His girl born into freedom and light. This was a very freeing experience.
The Father shared with me:
“There is great POWER in allowing My LIFE and LIGHT to SHINE THROUGH YOU. The more time you spend with Me in HEART to HEART conversation, in receiving REVELATION from My Word, in WORSHIPING Me in Spirit and truth, and in WALKING with Me in FELLOWSHIP through your day and night, the more you will REFLECT Me and SHINE for Me. One of the enemy’s most DIVISIVE TACTICS has been to SOW the CRITICAL SPIRIT throughout your Nation. The enemy convinces people that they have a LICENSE to CHARACTER ASSASSINATE anyone who does not line up with what they believe. Carried to an EXTREME, you have those who will attempt to take someone’s LIFE because CRITICISM has turned to HATRED. Even those in the Church have taken the BAIT of the CRITICAL SPIRIT, and they feel FREE to SLAM and DEVALUE anyone who believes DIFFERENTLY than they do. Your HARSH WORDS of CRITICISM will NOT CHANGE anyone else’s HEART. It is My LOVE, My LIGHT, and My FREEDOM that allow Me to PURGE your heart of the CRITICAL SPIRIT—that need to be ‘right’—then you will SHINE My LOVE, My LIGHT, and My FREEDOM in everything you SAY, you DO, and you THINK. My FRAGRANCE will come forth from your life, and it will BLESS the world. As you faithfully carry My heart, you will SHINE FOR ME.

Diana Larkin - NOTHING WILL STOP MY CHANGING TIDE - July 16, 2024

“Can you feel the SHIFT that is taking place in your Nation? Do you realize that the STAGE IS SET for EVERYTHING TO CHANGE in the history of the world? No matter what the darkness LIES about next or what DEATH SCHEME they try to launch, NOTHING WILL STOP MY CHANGING TIDE. It will RISE and COVER those partnered with darkness like the waters of the Red Sea COVERED Pharaoh and the Egyptian army, and you will SEE THEM NO MORE. I want your CONFIDENCE to SOAR in My POWER to INITIATE a CHANGING TIDE, and I want you to MARVEL that the LIGHT of My TRUTH and the DEPTH of My LOVE can ILLUMINATE and TRANSFORM the human heart. My CHANGING TIDE is not just to EXPOSE and to WIPE OUT EVIL and LIES, it is to BRING IN a FLOOD of TRUTH, HEALING, PLENTY, and WONDER at My POWER and LOVE. Continue your EFFECTIVE WARFARE for it is preparing the ground for COMPLETE VICTORY. No OBSTACLE will PREVAIL and NOTHING WILL STOP MY CHANGING TIDE.”

Diana Larkin - TRUE COLORS - July 15, 2024

I was taken up above the USA, and the whole Land was an American Flag. It began to undulate like a flag blowing in the breeze. The Flag was vintage colors in muted sepia tones. As the rolling continued, it was bringing evil to the surface, and the waving Flag pushed all the dark things to the East Coast, and they fell off into the ocean. As this cleansing rolled through the Land, the Flag took on its true colors. The rolling ceased, and the sun shone on a Nation reborn to courage, freedom, and justice. The Father shared: 

“Your Nation is being SHAKEN AWAKE, as EVIL REARS ITS UGLY HEAD and is EXPOSED to all. The VIOLENCE those partnered with darkness tried to PROJECT onto those of the Light, is coming to REST on THEIR SHOULDERS for all to see. The DESPERATE ATTEMPT on your rightful President’s life has served to AWAKEN many from the MIND-BINDING SPIRIT that has kept them PASSIVE and UNBELIEVING. Quite suddenly, PATRIOTISM and COURAGE are coming to LIFE, and a UNITY of heart is developing. The wicked are GRINDING their TEETH and throwing ANGRY WORDS at each other. DECLARE that the SHAKINGS and EXPOSURES will continue until your Nation is CLEANSED and once again, her TRUE COLORS are displayed.”

Diana Larkin - DISMANTLE AND DISEMPOWER - July 14, 2024

“On June 29, 2024, I told you that I would be TURNING UP THE HEAT IN JULY. As your enemies plans continue to GO UP IN SMOKE, to MELT, and to BOIL OVER, they are reaching a PANIC and DESPERATION MODE of OPERATION. In My words to you on June 29, 2024, I instructed you to: ‘CALL IN MY HOST to DISMANTLE AND DISEMPOWER the STRIKES of RETALIATION PLANNED by the DARKNESS who are in GREAT FEAR because I AM TURNING UP THE HEAT IN JULY.’ My fine Warriors of Light, you are OBEYING these assignments and you SEE the RESULTS in these DARK SCHEMES being DISMANTLED AND DISEMPOWERED. Well done! The stakes are RISING HIGHER and HIGHER for My Freedom Fighters and that is why you must ENCOURAGE and STRENGTHEN yourself in Me so that you don’t become FEARFUL and so that you DO NOT GIVE BACK AN INCH of the ground we are GAINING BACK from the DARK TYRANNY. One of the most important GIANTS that has been TAKEN DOWN is the giant of FEAR and INTIMIDATION. DO NOT GIVE BACK AN INCH OF THIS GROUND THAT THIS GIANT PROTECTED. You have learned that I SURROUND you with My PROTECTION and My STRENGTH, so STAND TALL and keep in BATTLE FORMATION, as with ONE VOICE, you DISMANTLE AND DISEMPOWER the enemy’s schemes.”
PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Be ready to receive strategic intel for these hot days. Example: I was shown a vision this morning of an outdoor rally, and a Patriot Watcher with powerful binoculars (seeing with focused spiritual eyes) saw an incoming drone. He alerted the Military, and they took the drone down and disabled it. I then prayed into this vision and released spiritual warfare and decrees over it to dismantle and disempower this scheme.

Diana Larkin - A VEIN OF GOLD - July 13, 2024

I was taken to the Council Chamber of Heaven and stood gratefully behind my Elder. I told him how good it was to be with him again, and he reached back and patted my hand affectionately. I became aware of something new in the usual blue/green/turquoise background of this Chamber. It was a vein of gold that ran around the whole room—like veins you would see in marble. It was spreading around the room like a river. I heard an Elder say, “The Kingdom Age coming to earth will be known as the Golden Age.” The Father shared:
“I AM releasing A VEIN OF GOLD into the NATURAL and SUPERNATURAL REALMS, and it will run through the whole Kingdom Age. It will SUPPLY both MATERIAL and SUPERNATURAL RICHES. Like never before, you will see a NEVER-ENDING SUPPLY of BOUNTY fill your lives. It will BLESS you with ABUNDANCE, and it will FLOW THROUGH your hands to BLESS others. Any GREED or GRASPING for the VEIN OF GOLD will cause it to go DEEP UNDERGROUND so that darkness cannot have ACCESS to it. In the supernatural, the VEIN OF GOLD will supply the TRUE RICHES of the Kingdom. Great REVELATION and UNDERSTANDING of My Word will be found. You will be able to TAP INTO the DEPTHS of My HEART and all of the TREASURES of LOVE waiting to be MINED by you. Gold must be taken out of the rock to be useful. I AM your ROCK of SALVATION, PROTECTION, and PRESERVATION. I AM inviting you to SEARCH for the VEIN OF GOLD that is in Me and to MINE the DEPTHS of the RICHES I have for you there. As you find the supernatural TREASURES of My VEIN OF GOLD, you will find that it MANIFESTS in your NATURAL life as well. Be in WONDER of the GOLDEN AGE that is planned for you.”

Diana Larkin - DEEPLY SATISFIED - July 12, 2024

This morning, the Father took me to the outer edges of the Universe—back to the beginning. I saw a circling, fiery, mass in the center of His being and then He released it and creation shot out from it and expanded instantaneously. Light and particles flew out of the explosion, as He said: 
LIGHT BE! “This morning, I AM sharing with you a GLIMPSE of how the Universe you live in had its BEGINNINGS. The POWER to CREATE everything SEEN and UNSEEN came from inside Me. I AM the SOURCE of all POWER, LIGHT, and LIFE. That SINGLE RELEASE of POWER and My command, ‘LIGHT BE!’ contained everything needed for creation to UNFOLD. Do you understand the IMMENSE POWER that is in your Creator? Is anything too DIFFICULT for Me? The enemy and his MINIONS, for all their BOASTING, CANNOT CREATE ANYTHING. They can only IMITATE, and their imitations of My POWER are TWISTED and DISTORTED by GREED, SELFISH AMBITION, and a LUST for POWER and CONTROL. Why would you settle for a CHEAP IMITATION? When you ALIGN your heart with Me, you are PARTNERING with the SOURCE of LIGHT, LIFE, and LOVE. Because I AM LOVE, all that comes through Me REFLECTS My MULTI-COLORED, RAINBOW LOVE. When I release ABUNDANCE into your life, I add NO SORROW to it. You are BLESSED to be a BLESSING. When you FREELY GIVE out of what you have received, it PROTECTS you from GREED and SELFISHNESS because your heart has learned that My supply is UNLIMITED and not restricted by man’s ways. The enemy will present ILLEGAL ways of achieving WEALTH and FAME, but they come with a HIGH and DEADLY PRICE-TAG of MORAL and SPIRITUAL DESTRUCTION that will COST you your ETERNAL RICHES IN GLORY and will SEPARATE you FOREVER from My love. The enemy has SHOWCASED his DEADLY TRAPS for long enough. Ask Me to SHOW FORTH My POWER that will TRAMPLE the darkness and that will RELEASE TRUE RICHES that bring people into the AWE and WONDER of My LOVE. The enemy only has DARK POWER. I AM the one who spoke, ‘LIGHT BE!’ Come FULLY into My LIGHT, My LOVE, and My POWER.”

Diana Larkin - DEEPLY SATISFIED - July 11, 2024

“When you learn to be DEEPLY SATISFIED in My PRESENCE, it will bring GREAT BALANCE and DEPTH to your life. When your ACCEPTANCE and DEEP JOY are found in Me, you will not need to seek a place of ministry or try to make a name for yourself because you will KNOW in the DEPTHS of your being that you are My TREASURE and My DELIGHT. This is what the human heart CRAVES—to be KNOWN and LOVED for who they are. When your heart knows HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU and you have LEARNED to be DEEPLY SATISFIED in Me, you will no longer STRIVE for RECOGNITION or a place of INFLUENCE. Your life will bear the FRUIT of LOVE, GENTLENESS, and POWER; and many will DESIRE to come to KNOW Me in the SWEET DEPTHS of My love. When you learn to be DEEPLY SATISFIED in My love, it will PROTECT you from JEALOUSY and SELFISH AMBITION. It will GUARD your heart from CRITICIZING others to make yourself LOOK BETTER. Knowing the DEPTHS of My love and ENJOYING the FELLOWSHIP of My PRESENCE will bring BALANCE to your life. You won’t be ALL WORK and NO PLAY—which leads to BURNOUT, nor will you be ALL PLAY and seeking FALSE COMFORTERS—which leads to a SHALLOW LIFE. True DEPTH and RICHNESS will be in your life as you LINGER with Me, and you will find your heart is DEEPLY SATISFIED.”

Janie Seguin, Bo Polny - GOD Revealed WHEN All WARS END! - July 10, 2024

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Diana Larkin - BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - July 10, 2024

“This is a month of EVER-INCREASING CONTRASTS. Evil will be FORCED to be DARKER and no longer will they be able to keep it HIDDEN under MASKS of TOLERANCE and INCLUSION. It will begin to DAWN on people that they TOLERATE only those who are CAPTURED by DESTRUCTIVE LIFESTYLES and that they INCLUDE only those who EMBRACE PERVERSION. As My people DRAW NEARER to Me and are CHANGED by BEHOLDING My GLORY and My LOVE, they will SHINE BRIGHTER than ever, and they will be a REFLECTION of My HEART. As I manifest MULTIPLIED SIGNS, WONDERS, HEALINGS, and MIRACLES through My Children of Light, the world will take NOTICE and will be DRAWN to the TRUE LIGHT of My LOVE and My POWER. As My Body shows itself WILLING to DEAL with SIN in the camp and to ALLOW it to be EXPOSED and no longer to be swept under the rug, it will be seen as a SAFE HARBOR and a place where sinners can be SET FREE. You might call this the month of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. The BEAUTY and POWER of My LOVE will be SHOWCASED, as will the GROSS DEFILEMENT of the BEAST SYSTEM. Your ASSIGNMENT for this month, My Army of Light, is to CONTINUE to ALLOW Me to CLEANSE your hearts and to PURIFY YOUR MOTIVES. You will SHINE with My BEAUTY, and the LOST and BROKEN will be drawn to you. Continue to PUSH BACK those who serve darkness until they are CORNERED and FORCED to EXPOSE their own DARKNESS and DESPERATION. CALL IN the month of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.”

Diana Lrkin - WILL GOD’S JUSTICE PREVAIL? - July 9, 2024


Chris Bennett - Beware the Rats! - July 8, 2024

I was sitting quietly reading, when I became aware of a movement to my left.

I looked and saw rats entering through a window I’d left open. Fortunately, I quickly realised I was in a vision and this was not my house!

I was in a large Grain Store. The Harvest had been brought in and more was coming, but there were rats all over the place. All shapes and sizes.

I picked up a couple by their tails and threw them out, but they calmly shook themselves down, turned, and started to make their way back to the barn.

I was reminded that rats are a frequent visitor, if not inhabitants, of Grain Stores.

I inquired of The LORD.

“Beware the Rats of Harvest!” He said. “They come to kill, steal, and destroy! The Grain you see is the rich Harvest that will be brought into the Store House of My Kingdom.

As in the natural, rats and other lesser creatures, live on the pickings they glean from the Grain Store.

The Church represents the Grain Store, and during Harvest, every Grain Store ever built has been infested by rats getting fat on the gleanings.

There are several types and sizes of Harvest Rat that will attack and diminish the harvest of souls you have worked hard to bring into the store,” He went on.

“The small rats represent Popular Opinion — which varies from place to place — but which generally is against My Church and My people.

This rat is growing, but this morning is still quite small, but there are thousands of them and they are hungry.

Next comes the rat that represents Friends. Many who come into The Kingdom in this season will lose their friends. Many will be lured back into the world by these friends and may well even lose their salvation.

Slightly larger again comes the Family Rat, which gnaws and nibbles away at the fresh green shoots of new faith.

Some may lose their family on account of Me, but those who stay will receive their reward.” says The LORD.

“Work Environment Rats, will make life for the newly saved quite difficult. Apart from the natural hostility and derision that will occur, some will actually be forced out of their jobs because of their new found faith.”

“Now,” says The LORD, “We come to the large truly destructive rats. Churches can be the most judgemental and hostile places to the newly saved.

People, My Own People, can be very unforgiving and suspicious, and will predate upon new Christians — particularly those from criminal or addiction backgrounds!

Finally, the largest and fattest rats in any Grain Store, are those who lead astray — and they are pastors and leaders who teach errant doctrine.

They also grow fat by using the gullibility of new converts to ‘share’ finances. These who lead My children astray, who feed them false doctrines and a false gospel, will surely be the greatest danger to this coming Harvest.

They have no part of Me or My Kingdom, but they live well and grow ever fatter on the life My storehouses provide.”

“Beware the Rats of The Harvest!” says The LORD, “For they will try to destroy much that is brought into the Store House.

They will grow fat on The Harvest, and they will undermine My People, My Church, My Bride.

Beware the rats who invade the Harvest Store in order to kill, steal, and destroy!” says The LORD God Almighty.

Diana Larkin - THEIR WORST NIGHTMARE - July 8, 2024

“The evil empire has a WHOLE QUIVER FULL of NASTY ARROWS that they plan to SHOOT at you. They plan to STRIKE GREAT FEAR into people so that they can TAKE CONTROL and then they plan to SILENCE every VOICE of FREEDOM. Their plan to TERRORIZE people and to SILENCE OPPOSITION is going to BACKFIRE onto them because I AM ARISING, and I will be THEIR WORST NIGHTMARE. All those DARK PLANS they formed for you are going to become THEIR FUTURE and not yours. Get ready, because it is their voices that will be SILENCED. No more will their MOCKING, THREATENING, LYING reports be on the AIRWAVES. THEIR WORST NIGHTMARE will come to pass: TRUTH and EXPOSURES of their EVIL and PERVERSION will be shared on the AIRWAVES. Join Me as we BREAK the POWER off of every DARK ARROW that they pull out of their quiver and DECLARE that it will MISS ITS MARK and FALL SHORT of its TARGETED DESTRUCTION. Take AUTHORITY over the FEAR and TERROR they are planning to cause and RELEASE COURAGE and a WARRIOR SPIRIT over your Land. Put your CONFIDENCE in Me because the ARROW I RELEASE will be your enemy’s WORST NIGHTMARE.”

Diana Larkin - WHAT WILL YOU REAP? - July 7, 2024

“This Harvest season is not just a REAPING TIME for those who serve darkness. It is also a TIME of REAPING for those who belong to Me through the Blood of My Son’s SACRIFICE. In every area where the darkness has OPPOSED Me and My will, I will ARISE and OPPOSE them, and they will be EXPOSED, DEPOSED, and their EVIL PLANS will be TURNED BACK on them. HEAR these words of Fatherly COUNSEL to My people and TAKE them to HEART. If you are OPPOSING part of My Rescue plans or if you are WAVERING in your FAITH in My ABILITY or My WILLINGNESS to RESCUE you and your Nation COMPLETELY, then you are POSITIONING yourself to receive a MEASURE of My JUDGMENT in this Harvest season. This is NOT what I want to see come about for your life. My DESIRE is to be able to RICHLY and FREELY REWARD you, as the battle is WON and the SPOILS of WAR FLOOD IN. But if you are OFFENDED at My CHOICE of LEADER for your Nation or if you are in UNBELIEF, these attitudes of heart will REAP My CORRECTION and a measure of JUDGMENT because they are keeping you from the FULLNESS of BELIEVING who I AM and in COMPLETELY TRUSTING My plans. I do not want to LEAVE you WAVERING and in having FAITH one minute and having DOUBT in the next. This leads to DOUBLE-MINDEDNESS, and it LESSENS your EFFECTIVENESS as My Son or Daughter of Light. Are you OFFENDED at My CHOICE of leader for your Nation? You had better get SERIOUS about coming to Me and asking Me HOW I SEE this man that you are LOOKING DOWN YOUR NOSE AT. You are facing a DEEPLY ENTRENCHED, RUTHLESS enemy, and I have ANOINTED a FIERCE WARRIOR to lead you through this CLASH of dark to Light. I see the HEART of this WARRIOR LEADER, and it is TURNING MORE and MORE to My COUNSEL and My ways. Be WILLING to LAY DOWN your OFFENSE, and I will REVEAL this man’s heart to you so that you can COMPLETELY ALIGN with Me and take yourself OUT of the REAPING STREAM of JUDGMENT and place yourself into the REAPING STREAM of REWARD. Consider your ways: WHAT WILL YOU REAP?” 

Diana Larkin - ASHES, ASHES, THEY ALL FALL DOWN - July 6, 2024

JEREMIAH 10:15 (MSG) “Stick-god worshipers look mighty foolish…Their gods are fraud—dead sticks, deadwood gods, tasteless jokes. When the fires of judgment come, they’ll be ashes.”
“You will be a witness to the FULFILLMENT of this verse from My Word. Not only will these evil doers who have worshiped and served the enemy (often by the shedding of innocent blood) be brought to JUSTICE and JUDGMENT, everything they AMASSED in material POSSESSIONS will go to another and their whole life’s WORK will be a PILE of ASHES—burned before their eyes. Their TEMPORARY WEALTH, POWER, and FAME on this earth will come to NOTHING, and they will face an eternity of DARKNESS and TORMENT. This is why I have DELAYED JUSTICE that I might SNATCH any back from this YAWNING MOUTH of TERROR. However difficult it is to see My justice and judgment come to those who have chosen darkness, it must take place to CLEAR THE WAY for My KINGDOM GLORY to come in your midst and to re-establish RIGHTEOUSNESS, BLESSING, and PEACE to your Nation. I desire to FULFILL My COVENANT with your Land, and I AM preparing the way for that to happen. REJOICE and be GLAD that you KNOW My LOVE, and SHARE it FREELY—it is your PRICELESS GIFT to share with the world.”
JEREMIAH 51:58 (MSG) “God-of-Angel-Armies speaks: The city walls of Babylon—those massive walls!—will be flattened. And those city gates—huge gates!—will be set on fire. The harder you work at this empty life, the less you are. Nothing comes of ambition like this but ashes.” 

Diana Larkin - FIRE! - July 5 2024

This word came from an encounter I experienced this morning. I found myself on the eagle flying across America  but this time, the Father was behind me on the eagle. He was reaching inside Himself and pulling out glory balls of fire that He threw to the earth onto specific targets. They hit the ground and started a fire!
“The enemy had plans to SET FIRES of DESTRUCTION and MAYHEM across your Land yesterday, but your PRAYERS DAMPENED those plans. Now, I declare to you that I AM going across your Nation, and RELEASING GLORY BALLS OF FIRE! These FIRES will BURN AWAY FACADES and EXPOSE, EXPOSE, EXPOSE. These FIRES will BURN UP CORRUPTION and COMPROMISE. These FIRES will AWAKEN the SLEEPING DENIAL that people have been LULLED into, and the GLORY in these FIRES will show forth My POWER and IGNITE FIRES of PASSION that will draw people to My heart through the blood of My Son, and the Kingdom will EXPAND. It will be a season of FIRE that DESTROYS DARKNESS and that SHOWCASES My POWER and My LOVE. ENOUGH of the enemy’s HOGGING the STAGE with his BOASTING LIES! I AM coming with the BRIGHT FIRE of TRUTH and FREEDOM, and AMERICA SHALL BE SAVED. I AM asking you to join Me in this RELEASE of the GLORY BALLS OF FIRE. I will HIGHLIGHT areas to you that need My GLORY FIRE, and you bring them before Me and ask that I would RELEASE a GLORY BALL of FIRE into that highlighted area. It can be people’s HEARTS, STRONGHOLDS of CORRUPTION, UNJUST COURTS, LYING MEDIA, or TYRANNICAL INSTITUTIONS. Together, we are going across this Nation and IGNITING A FIRE!” 

Diana Larkin - 2024 July 4, 2024

“I have told you about the SECRET MEETINGS where the arrogant elite PLOT against you, while they LAUGH at their plans of DESTRUCTION for you. Your LOSS, your INJURY, your DEATH brings them GREAT AMUSEMENT and SATISFACTION, and they know they will be pleasing to their dark lord. I AM NOT AMUSED at their DESTRUCTIVE SCHEMES. They are ATTACKING what is MOST PRECIOUS to Me. Will you JOIN ME? LET’S WIPE THE SMIRK OFF THE FACES that are set to DESTROY you and everything you HOLD DEAR! These darkened ones have been COMPLETELY DECEIVED by their HARDENED HEARTS to My LOVE and by their LUST for WEALTH and POWER. They don’t even realize that the enemy HATES them as much as he HATES My Children of Light and that once they LOSE their USEFULNESS, he will ABANDON them and REMOVE his POWER from them. THEY WILL FOLD LIKE A CHEAP PAPER DOLL. The darkness has EVIL SCHEMES PLANNED for this day of CELEBRATING FREEDOM. Of course, they HATE this day because they are DEVOTED to bringing TYRANNY to your Land. Are you just going TO SIT THERE PASSIVELY and LET THEIR PLANS of DESTRUCTION UNFOLD or are you going to RISE UP and WIELD YOUR SWORD OF TRUTH AND YOUR STAFF OF AUTHORITY AND DEMOLISH THE WICKED PLANS AGAINST YOU? Be MY BRAVE FREEDOM FIGHTERS and DECLARE that the dark power is REMOVED from their schemes. LOOSE CONFUSION and APATHY into the ranks of those HIRED to DISRUPT celebrations and to bring about DEATH. SCATTER their PLANS and COMMAND the Hosts of the WINDS OF CHANGE to BLOW THEM AWAY from you and BACK INTO THE CAMP OF THE EVIL-SCHEMERS. DECLARE that those who PLOTTED these schemes will be MARKED by them and CAUGHT WITH THEIR PANTS DOWN, as they are EXPOSED, EXPOSED, EXPOSED. Meet their SHOW OF FORCE as MY BRAVE FREEDOM FIGHTERS who carry My SUPERIOR POWER and AUTHORITY. LET FREEDOM RING in the face of these DARK TYRANTS. RISE UP MY BRAVE FREEDOM FIGHTERS!” 

Veronika West - A Word Update for The United Kingdom - July 4, 2024

The United Kingdom shall be Yoked by a Labour Government by the morning…

This will confirm two poignant prophetic Words which were Submitted.

The following Word was prophesied in May 15, 2024:

A Changing of the Guard is Underway This Day!

“Signs shall be given in the skies and Signs shall be given in the land.Watch and Listen! For great Shakings shall come to the Royal Household that shall reveal the Serpent’s head and expose those who sleep in Jezebel’s bed!

I say, watch, as My Royal Remnant Rises in the midst of greater shakings, and a Governmental and Financial Crisis.

Watch — as this Nation is suddenly awakened when the rug is pulled from under its feet — for surely I shall take this Prodigal Nation back to its Covenant Foundations and expose the deep cracks and the unrighteous roots that have come through demonic vows and Luciferian pacts!”

This second Word was prophesied on the January 14, 2024:

The UK: A Prodigal Nation shall Turn, Return and be Restored!

Diana Larkin - REVERSE THE CURSE - July 3, 2024

“Many of you have begun to SEEK HEALTHY food, water, and products because you’ve come to realize that the darkness has CONTAMINATED so many things with HEALTH-STEALING chemicals and additives. While it is good to SEEK healthy, natural alternatives, it can be OVERWHELMING when you discover HOW MUCH has been contaminated by those of darkened hearts. Instead of being OVERWHELMED, do what you can do and then TURN TO ME and ASK FOR SUPERNATURAL HELP AND HEALING. A day will come when companies won’t be headed by those COMPROMISED by GREED and POWER, and you will live in a CLEANER, more NATURAL world. Food, water, and products will ENHANCE YOUR LIFE instead of STEALING IT. In the meantime, learn to CALL on the POWERFUL BLOOD of My Son and COVER all that touches your life with His Blood. PROCLAIM its HEALING and RESTORING POWER over you and your family. Take AUTHORITY over the effects of these DEATH AGENDAS and DECLARE, ‘I REVERSE THE CURSE of this death agenda, and I RELEASE the POWER and the LIFE of My God into my body and into the bodies of those I pray for.’ DUMBFOUND those partnered with darkness when your health starts IMPROVING and GETTING STRONGER IN SPITE OF ALL THEIR WICKED SCHEMES. This is a battle for LIFE and FREEDOM, and I have given you a POWERFUL tool: REVERSE THE CURSE!”

Diana Larkin - BY THE DAWN’S EARLY LIGHT - July 2 2024

“There will be a night of DEEP DARKNESS for your Nation, but know that it is My HAND COMING DOWN and COVERING YOUR LAND. The deep darkness will be SAFETY and PROTECTION for My people, as I TAKE DOWN the EVIL EMPIRE, ROUND THEM UP, and REMOVE THEM from your Land. MASSIVE AMOUNTS of Hosts and Angels will be spread across your Land DRIVING those partnered with darkness out of their HIDING PLACES. Your Military in this Operation Clean-Up will not sleep that night, as they ROUND UP those who wanted to COMPLETELY ENSLAVE you, but the darkness will be the ones who LOSE THEIR FREEDOM. My Army of Light will be SUPPORTING this TAKE DOWN of darkness with their POWERFUL PRAYERS and FAITH. You will be FULLY ASSURED that BY THE DAWN’S EARLY LIGHT, FREEDOM will be WON for your Nation. Those of the darkness will be SHOCKED and TERRIFIED at how EASILY they were CAPTURED. They thought their HIDEOUTS were completely SECURE and HIDDEN, but NOTHING ESCAPES MY PIERCING LIGHT OF EXPOSURE. As My watchmen and My Army of Light look for the FIRST RAYS OF LIGHT, a Nation FREED from DARKNESS and TYRANNY will EMERGE. Once again, BY THE DAWN’S EARLY LIGHT, your Nation will be SAVED and brought into My Kingdom Era of FREEDOM, PEACE, and PLENTY. HOLD FAST, HOLD STRONG, HOLD TRUE, as the deep darkness GIVES WAY to the DAWNING of My GREAT LIGHT over your Land.”

Diana Larkin - MORE THAN CONQUERORS - July 1, 2024

ROMANS 8:36-39 (TPT) “All day long we face death threats for Your sake, God. We are considered to be nothing more than sheep to be slaughtered! Yet even in the midst of all these things, we triumph over them all, for God has made us to be more than conquerors, and His demonstrated love is our glorious victory over everything! So now I live with the confidence that there is nothing in the universe with the power to separate us from God’s love. I’m convinced that His love will triumph over death, life’s troubles, fallen angels, or dark rulers in the heavens. There is nothing in our present or future circumstances that can weaken His love. There is no power above us or beneath us—no power that could ever be found in the universe that can distance us from God’s passionate love, which is lavished upon us through our Lord Jesus, the Anointed One!”
“Do you understand that it was the POWER of My LOVE that FORMED CREATION and that REDEEMED you when you had fallen into sin? When the darkness comes in to KILL, STEAL, and DESTROY, you are to RISE UP in the POWER of My LOVE that makes you MORE THAN A CONQUEROR. Did your HEART, did your FAITH HEAR THAT? My LOVE is so POWERFUL and CONSUMING that it CANNOT BE DEFEATED by any DARK SCHEME of the enemy or those who serve him. When you receive the REVELATION of the POWER of My LOVE for you and for My creation, then you will know that NOTING CAN DEFEAT OR DIMINISH MY LOVE and that makes you MORE THAN A CONQUEROR. Begin to DECLARE the TRUTH of these words to every DARK SCHEME that arises against your own life, the lives of your family, and the life of your nation. Say, ‘The POWER of His LOVE CONQUERS every HATEFUL and LYING scheme you send, darkness! The POWER of His LOVE blesses and keeps me, my family, and my nation, and it is the same POWER that is CRUSHING YOU and DEFEATING YOU. I DECLARE to the darkness that I AM MORE THAN A CONQUEROR in and through His LOVE!”