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Hank Kunnemanūüé§STRONG Phrophetic Message 2021: Many GREAT CHANGES Are Coming To America

The sound of the trump before his army. The Lord is rising up.

The sound of the chariots coming from the heavenlies. The Lord is rising up.

An Angel Came to Me with a Word for This Hour - Fear of the Lord


Leviathan: Ancient Spirit Behind the Media's Lies

There is a war being fought in the unseen realm. That war is between forces of good and evil, and the battlefield is your mind. Demonic activity is increasing at an alarming rate as we draw closer to the last days. Dr. Lance Wallnau has been given specific prophetic insight and strategy on how to cripple the forces trying to wreak havoc on you and your loved ones. In his 2-part audio series, Leviathan, Dr. Wallnau reveals how to quickly DETECT Leviathan’s operation. The spirit of Leviathan may be troubling you if:  The meaning of your words is being twisted.  You notice division and disunity working to dismember key relationships.  You struggle with insomnia, and your mental focus is a daily challenge. Lance says that you can PROTECT yourself, your family, business, and ministry. Get equipped to BREAK this demonic influence and PRAY for others who are in its grasp!



‚ÄĒ Pastor Josh Morgan – Covenant Church, Fairmont, WV

The Third Great Spiritual Awakening Archives ‚á®

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