Third Great Awakening ⇨

Now listen to every word it’s amazing this poem is amazing. I moved you to write because it is happening the time is at hand and most will not understand. They will be looting in the street thinking of defeat. And the government will hang their head in shame as evil loses the game. This has been the plan from the beginning for all to see who is really winning. Not evil I say, it’s a better day and Roe versus Wade is about to be overturned. No longer will those precious bodies be burned. I have secured America’s freedom believe them the prophets have gotten it right. The thief will come in the night and justice will be restored in the land. No more sinking sand the time of the Lord’s return will be at the moment when the world will be filled with much evil. But it will not be America’s upheaval. The shining light for all to see from the shores to the sea. It will shine bright from you and from me.

My people will have freedom once again. They will no longer have to pretend watch the earth crack the supreme court will not be packed milk and meat will be in high demand but it will be hard to get it from the land to land. Supplies will be limited during this time of woe don’t you know evil will crumble the land will rumble and you will see my hand in it all to save America after the fall. You will be free once again and call each other friend healing will take place as everyone will see this disgrace and truth will ring across the land into everyone’s hand. As they share the sorrow and wait for the better tomorrow. Crash comes the wave of justice for this is a must fix you will all know that I had your backs all along. Even when your eyes were on the storm the sun will shine once again he came to defend and to set the captives free for all eternity. Pick up the pieces and mend all the broken hearts evil will surely be thwart trust in what I am doing I am improving. Love your Father who art in heaven.

God's Healer Sister Barbra - PROPHECY....COMING IN 2022, MANS CALENDAR PAGE TURNS , SAYS THE LORD - December 30, 2021

I got this daughter speak to the multitude I continue to see abomination come on you can’t even believe what happened here already abomination without true repentance. I have anointed My mouthpieces with extra oil and placed them throughout the nations. I put My words in their mouths they have been standing on the rooftops shouting and my words have fallen on deaf ears. Oh here it is the Holy Spirit will judgment has been spoken over the earth. Many shall walk in the valley of the shadow of death. And fear no evil for I am with them. Okay here is a hair raising phrase man’s calendar page turns. In the coming months man will see death, disaster, destruction, and darkness. Man will see plague continue the nation’s leaders have not humbled themselves and called on Me and called on me instead they work into the night with with the beast who is to come satan has blinded the world to my truth. Now is the time to put on the full armor of God the path has been cleared before me man’s time comes to an end.

Bo Polny - 2022 Black Horse Year & Global Truth Celebration! - December 19, 2021

Pauline Harding - A prophetic view of events from now till June 22' - December 10, 2021

The beginning of November God gave me a very clear picture. It was … pointing out I want to show you something and you’ve got to really take heed of this. It was of a bird sitting on a nest brooding brooding over these eggs and it was this word brooding. And then He said that um what is going to be birthed out of these eggs might not be what I think. It should look like it might I might be expecting a a sparrow or an eagle. But it might actually something completely different that that we’re not expecting. … We are brooding right now

He said in December we were going to have more snow. … There’s going to be a cleansing in December. A purification time of my people getting ready. There’s going to be heart surgery i saw a vision of when we were praying another time for December of a surgeon washing his hands getting ready to operate. God is doing a work on his church right now cleansing in December that He’s going to do a lot of any healing where people are repenting and getting right with God. … December and the snow is going to be a sign of the cleansing. … The new heart it says you know I will give you a heart um it’s going to be a white snow and God is doing a cleansing for all those who are in a time of repentance in a healing. God’s giving us this this new cleansing for the new year. … The word God gave us for December that He’s going to do a lot of any healing where people are repenting and getting right with God.

January there’s going to be a stillness. Just the stillness it’s going to be like where there’s ice and you can’t see the ripples you can’t see um the water hitting the puddles you just see ice and it’s just still. And He said don’t be alarmed at the stillness because he said that there that is at the still before I move, and I sense this word I’ve heard that there’s different nations going into lockdown in January. So maybe you’re going through another lockdown. Maybe we are I don’t know but there’s going to be a stillness and we’re going to be saying what’s happening. God is anything happening but God is getting us ready. There’s going to be still and know that I’m God in January.

February we’re going to start seeing signs of new life the buds are going to start showing and these new life there’s going to be arrows of God’s direction. Just arrows pointing the way in February. There’s just going to be small arrows going out like I think god’s directly I think speaking to me and there’s going to be those buds in January showing after this stillness.

March God said um we’re marching on into the new. There’s going to be geographical location moves there’s going to be a movement in March and I’m marching on into the new. …

April is going to be fresh wind and fresh fire and I know this all sounds cliche and if God hadn’t given it to me and give me the sign of the stuff I wouldn’t be sharing this. …

May it will be may it happen Lord as you’ve said like Mary said may it happen as you said and it’s for those who are believing in Me they’re expecting. They’re gonna know that they’re birthing something it’s imminent and after the stillness after the the whole process of going through these winter months. It’s like being pregnant we’re going to come out and we’re going to say may let it happen God as you said. …

June it’s the birthing the eggs are going to be hatching and I believe that that brooding I didn’t know a time span when god said,  you’ll be brooding in these eggs you’ll be sitting on these eggs and they’re about to give birth. But I believe June is going to be a time where we see things hatch we see things giving birth that have been in our spirit that’s been in God’s spirit. And and it’s going to be a time where this this brooding produces a life. …

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - Medical System Prophecy - December 2, 2021

This prophetic word was given on December 2, 2021 to us it’s about the medical system. So remember we’ve given a word several words really the Lord is doing a great reset the enemy has his reset. But the Lord has said, no it’s going to be the Lord’s reset and he’s dealing with the world system and he said everything is going to change. … The Lord is speaking regarding the medical system on the earth. He is showing us that in the future there will be a much smaller medical health care industry. The large institutional health care monopolies will be replaced by much smaller and much more personal services pharmaceutical companies will go out of business, praise the Lord. All of the big medical institutional corporations will be broken up or go out of business there will be change on a scale that no one who is used to the current systems would believe the reason for these changes is trust after the public begins to understand that they’ve been lied to take to take poison. and had procedures done to them not for their benefit and certainly not for the betterment of their health. But purely for the bottom line of these corporations they will have nothing to do with the current system during the time of correction in the health care industry. My spirit will also have been poured out, says the Lord. Healing by the spirit of God will become essential and trusted the love mercy miracles and healings will be normalized during this period people from every walk creed color economic means and from everywhere in the world will come to depend on the Great Physician. ..

The Lord is saying that this dependence the Lord is saying that this dependence will be out of necessity. There will be a great reduction in the number of doctors nurses and all medical staff available to help people as this rolls out there will be an increase in the lifespan of the people of the world. Healthy food choices will not only be available healthy eating will become normal chemicals and additives will be replaced with alternatives that increase health and benefit the people as well as the producer of the product laziness will not only be frowned upon. … We will also find out that the health care industry has hidden or held back some of the cheapest and best treatments as well. The Lord is blowing the lid off all the deception the truth will be seen, amen! …

There’s something that we kind of glossed over the reduction in the numbers of doctors and nurses available and before we get comments about that and so on the Lord has not allowed us to go there. So we can’t say why that would happen or why it might happen or if they will leave the industry by choice or whether it will be something else we’re just not saying right now. …

Hank Kunnerman - A Flood of God’s Glory, Aligning of Nations, and Realignment of Leaders - November 4, 2021

This is the time says the living God of a flood that shall cover the earth I do not speak of a natural flood but I speak a flood of my glory that shall cover this earth as the waters cover the sea. But this is a time now as things will begin to shift in this new era that I have declared that shall bring to the earth. And to even this nation the United States it shall bring recep it shall bring reversal and it shall bring renewal. For do you remember the days when I sent My prophets, My servants, even My angelic hosts to move among the kings of the earth once again. As the God who sets up kings and takes them down, so I shall and there is not only a global flood of My glory. That shall cause it to be as in the days when the prophet stood and declared in the days that King Usaya died.

I saw the Lord high and lifted up notice there was a removal of a king and a release of My glory and so pay attention to the nations. Pay attention to this nation for there is a realigning of the governmental kings and rulers of the nations. And there will be many surprising shocking things that will take place in the season that you are earning into because I have declared in My glory where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. Yet they have tried to mask you censor you, silence you. But yet I say it is because they are afraid of the liberty and the freedom that is coming by the hand of My spirit in this day. Therefore no evil entity and those who cooperate shall be able to stop where there has been those who have prayed. Who have labored who have fasted who set up an altar like in the days of Elijah of an evening sacrifice and my fire came. They will not be able to stop for my liberty shall outweigh their liberalism. It shall outweigh their attempts to censor into silence so watch the aligning of the nations and watch the realigning of the leaders of the nations.

Pay attention for I am doing something that shall break Australia free . I am doing something that shall raise up Brazil to a place of brilliance and a great move of my hand that aligns with the government of the nation watch what I do to shatter the chains over Venezuela. Watch what I do to set Cuba free. Watch what I do to cause one in Russia to stand in a place of morals and empowering of my church that will shock the earth. Watch what I do in Canada to bring about a righteous rebellion that shall bring a righteous rule. Watch what I do with you United States to honor an anointing that must rest upon the one that I have placed My hand upon for this hour. And also keep your eyes upon Florida for there shall be a future thing that shall arise that shall carry the spirit of what shall make this nation greater again says the living God.

A FreshWord With Apostle Samuel - PROPHETIC WORD: WATCH OUT FOR THIS BEFORE NOVEMBER 30TH - November 12, 2021

Michelle Maggio - Mountain Crushing: Healthcare - November 05, 2021

Dear awake ones you have to understand many people have been helped by the health care system, but there are also many people who have not been helped. There are some who had an early death because the spirit of death has infiltrated the very system which was intended to keep people alive. You must also understand I am in every meeting even the clandestine ones between health care leaders and the pharmaceutical companies. I am in every meeting with the pharmaceutical companies that are strategizing. I hear all and I see all and I am disgusted that money has become more important than human life. Nothing is more important than human  life. Human life is the most precious extraordinary and priceless thing on earth. Money can never become more important than human life because when it does corruption is sure to ensue and darkness always encroaches in these places corruption has encroached.  Darkness has encroached death has encroached for wherever there is darkness death is sure to follow and many many wicked ones are now in places of position and power to make decisions over this great nation.

My beloved daughter America this cannot be so this disgusts me. I am the great physician I am the great healer I am the great restorer. I am the miracle worker my intention and plan is to partner with men that’s his intention he does intent on on using us to restore things and to bring healing and to pray for people and such my intention is to partner with men to invent and create to help mankind and help all of creation my intention is never to make money off of this people’s suffering and sickness this is the enemy’s hand at work and as I say in My book a man cannot serve Me and serve money. Matthew 6:24 each must choose the master he or she will serve. These ones have made their choice but now their choice is to serve money and to grow rich has greatly hurt and hindered society worldwide. There are many innocent ones who have who trusted that corrupt system. But now in this season I am exposing darkness and the backroom deals that were made in secret and justice will reign where uninjustice took place.

I am slow to anger this has been slowly happening for decades now but now this is certainly not the first time in history but no that this is certainly not the first time in history when money corrupted people’s souls. This is an age-old pattern but at this time the losses have become too great and the lines were crossed which were not previously crossed in American history. Money was exchanged to give this medicine or that money was exchanged to give this machine or that money was exchanged to give this shot or that and all of that is about to come crashing down. When the general public learns of these deals and when the lying mainstream media tongues are silenced a revolution will begin it has already begun among the ones who are awake.  This is a Holy revolution. This is a righteous revolution this is part of the great awakening that has already begun and as with all Holy revolutions prayer is needed to prepare the ground.

So that when truth is spoken the ground is ready and open to take it in. Ask Me to prepare the ground of those who will hear the truth. Ask me to prepare their hearts. Ask me to prepare their minds. Asked me to prepare their ears.  Asked me to prepare their eyes ask me to remove all blinding and muffling spirits so that they may see and hear what you are saying. Ask me to prepare it all so that they may receive raw truth. No matter how ugly it is ask me specifically to wash their brains with my blood for many of their brains have been washed with lies and there is no time for therapy and counseling to reverse the effects of brainwashing I myself will do the washing of their brains to  remove all of the work the enemy has done as he has programmed their brains to think a certain way within minutes. I can reverse it all this is a key strategy going for it is My intention to give them my mind for my mind is uncorrupted my mind is pure My mind is full of truth and My mind discerns the difference between truth and lies.

Ask me to send Holy fire to burn out all of the neurological connections which were made from the repetition of lies through the lying media tongues. Those pathways need to be burned completely out of the minds of those whom you are speaking to and those who live in this great nation and around the world. Next pray that I completely confuse all of the enemies plots plans and schemes. Ask Me to pit one demon against another, so that there is chaos, confusion, division and so that there are power struggles. I have done this many times throughout history as I have removed countless wicked leaders from their tyrannical positions remember freedom, freedom, freedom is my portion and I desire for all people whom I create to be free. Tyranny is always from the enemy he is power hungry and he loves to oppress suppress control and manipulate. But I am the great, I am and nothing is too difficult for me. In this next season I will be uprooting the work that he has done in the last season and as I uproot it I will be planting truth in its place. This is where your work in the great your work comes in for a great harvest is coming. But the harvest is always but before the harvest is always the planting right now I am using key doctors and medical professionals and their teams to speak raw truth. …

Yes, it is a fact that people are destroying the design that I have carefully beautifully intricately made for each human being. But am I not greater than any destruction that can happen from men am I not the one who created the body to begin with? Am I not the original designer? Yes, what wicked men are attempting to do is to destroy and twist My design. but know this it is My intention and plan to reverse all that the enemy is doing to poison the masses. It is My intention and plan to reverse all the work of the enemy in many places and spheres in the next season. I created DNA and RNA and I can easily re-knit it back together and perform re-creative miracles throughout bodies again and again and again. You will see that I will knit back together that which the enemy brought to destroy as angry as the righteous are in this season multiply. That anger by infinity and you’ll begin to understand just how angry I am at the enemy and his puppets. But they will not win, they will not succeed. They will not be able to continue these plots plans and schemes for I am great I am and I will come crashing in on it all My profound healing and glory will be seen on the earth in this season. Person after person will be raised from the dead person after person will be completely healed. Person after person will come to know Me, and kneel before Me, and call Me God. Even some of the wicked will come under the glory and I will burn out all of the wicked ways wicked thoughts and wicked deeds with my Holy fire. …

He took the snake because you know the staff that they have the symbol for health care. … It actually didn’t if you look it up it came from gods these false gods which are demons. Yes, I am saying that that symbol of a demon is over the health care system it is look it up. He just peeled the snake off of that staff and he held it up in his hand the neck of the snake was in his hand and Jesus hand and he crushed it in his hand and I heard the bones cracking which was really really gross okay. … He said, well I’m very angry okay you know you have to understand that the enemy is trying to destroy that which the Lord created.

VERY SERIOUS WARNING!!! Civil War Is imminent, Dont Tie My Hands Watch and share this to All - Jesus - October 09, 2021

This morning before prayer I decide to get my reading from St Faustina’s book … after holy communion Jesus said to me I cannot suffer that country any longer do not time My hands My daughter. I understood that it had not been for the prayers of souls that are pleasing to God that whole nation would have already been reduced to nothingness. Oh how I suffer for that nation which is banish god from its borders . I had a sinking feeling Jesus was now talking to me but about America. …  

I’ve been trusting for so long and I lost my hope this time Lord I really lost my hope Jesus responded did you beloved I know the movements and thoughts of your heart. … It has brought thousands of souls into the sheepfold so thank you for saying yes my beloved  bride oh how you are so dear to Me. In all your weaknesses and misery you are treasure to behold really Lord you’re so kind and sweet I know you don’t believe it or see it and that is always a good thing. …

Jesus continued you’ll need the strength of My love in the coming days and months you and all My brides will the remiment. I gave you this morning was to warn you the time is of fear nation. Yes, although there is My mercy it doesn’t always look like Me mitigating and delaying trials and judgment. This civil war will be My Father’s justice nonetheless and his mercy for a nation for you deserve far more worse far more worse than what is to happen. It will begin with an increase in violence in different cities. Some will not be broadcasted on the news as more casualties I mean I began to doubt thinking my mind wondering is this really the Lord. Jesus chimed in keep writing My beloved as more casualties arise these instances of violence will begin to get more frequent that they will have to mention on the news. There won’t be a day that goes by without a mass shooting or an outburst of violence happening they will do this at the city levels then it’ll be statewide. Many in fear begin to take up arms those who are not with me will use this means to protect themselves and not citizens or others. If you are selfish in this way My beloved ones I will not and cannot protect you if you feel you have a right to bear arms. Be a protector of all people not just yourselves or your family although I prefer you’d rather trust solely on Me. …

There will be martial law implemented in many cities because of this, but don’t be afraid when that happens. All your government will put on a front as if they’re in control during when that happens that will be the time when those who are in the deep state will be removed from their offices and replaced. I’m doing a deep cleaning in your government. I want My brides in a place of prayer always before Me will not look as bad as immediately portrayed to be and of course they’ll try to brand those who are patriotic as the enemy trust in My words and in my love for you and your family. When I told you to prepare some food a few months ago was for this reason. It won’t be safe to go to the stores and grocery stores try to go sell them as often and in the early mornings if you must. But stay at home stay in prayer pleading for My mercy not to stop the violence or the civil war. But pray for the souls of the many that will perish that is what is most important. …

Just like the battle of Absalon David this will be the final battle between the deep state government and President Trump. (and guys as an aside here this story is found in second Samuel chapter 18.)

I will say this again brace for impact and make sure you have done your shopping for there will be no shopping. Businesses will collapse during this time and many will shed many tears. A woe is a woe don’t you know it will also snow and you will see the weather act strange and unexplained. So I tell you once again this is not pretend and it will happen and are you still napping. Wake up and join My army for this is an anomaly and you my people must rebuke all evil that is causing all this upheaval. Stand fast in Yeshua’s name it’s part of this game. For evil has planned this all out there is no doubt and when you see the length he has gone to to destroy your country. You will see my plea to save who will see the way the truth and the life the thief in the night. Yeshua is His name he is the one with the fame love your Father who art in heaven. …

I got 12 things he had me write down, let me read them number one. It’s gonna be a time for healing. Two the Democrats and the Republicans will work together. Three, America will shine because evil will have been thwarted. Four the gold and the civil will rise so high we will all be surprised. Five blacks and whites will finally embrace from place to place. Six Trump will be back and put America back on track. Seven the shelves will be bare with nothing to spare, but peace will come across the land and we will no longer be on sinking sand. Eight freedom of faith it will be God’s grace. Nine no more mass getting the shot will no longer be the task. Ten America will come back and stay on track. Eleven prayer will be welcome everywhere. Twelve there will be Revival there will be no denial. … We cannot escape it America’s gone through this devastation that we’ve been through and this is all because of judgment on the land because we’ve been murdering babies for generations now. And the Lord says enough is enough. …  


Lois Vogel-Sharp - Most Will Not Understand - October 7, 2021

Flashback to 2013: Kim Clement - A Battle Between Yahweh And Baal in the United States

Lois Vogel-Sharp - The Land Will Crumble - It Will Rumble - October 4, 2021

I got this prophetic um poem that I’m gonna read … I got this at one two three four this morning 12:34 am I got this you fly around doing. Whatever you will do you not know you have a mission to fulfill. You all have been birthed from the Father up above Yeshua was born of a virgin with his love both have the spirit of the dove when you realize you are part of the army. You will see the complete anomaly that is so amazing to witness that evil will feel like a misfit time will tell who will go to hell. But as you walk on the earth God’s children will continue to be birthed put down the weapons of your warfare not for one minute. Because the enemy loves to trick you for He can see through and knows when you are weak. And that’s when he will sneak in to make the kill it gives him a thrill. But you my people are becoming aware of his evil stare and how he sets out to slaughter God’s sons and daughters. Walk with me in the kingdom today and never walk away for your place is before the throne of God praying against all the evil mobs.


I am going to tell you a secret about the earth’s crust and all the dust that will blow up into the atmosphere as the volcanoes reappear and the earth cracks with these major attacks. And the places most vulnerable will crack and create panic while the blind while the banks close their doors. To pause while they try to figure out what to do and have no real clue the shutdown will happen and many will have been napping. But you my love are being warned by the dove of an earthquake that will crack the land causing. The banks to be on sinking sand and when all is said and done my people will be won gold and silver will rise higher than ever before. People will be trying to knock on your door looking for help. When they should have been saving what they could before all fell apart they did not act very smart.


The time is at hand you must all understand that the father will crash the almighty dollar His money will be precious metals not for all the devils take. What you have and use it for His Kingdom that is true wisdom let the land crumble and let it rumble for the earth is revealing the shedding of blood the Father is sending the dove. To comfort those who mourn and are torn truth will be part of the kingdom as you walk in his wisdom and reach out to those who feel empty who do not have good and plenty. While you build your safe havens keep sharing the good news about Jesus it pleases us for all who accept the Lord life will not be bored and joy will be in your hearts for you all know you are doing your part watch the weather leave the cities. It pleases arks are our places of safety and evil will escape it for it will not be able to destroy what the father has given. For your joy give from your heart so you can be part of the greatest outpouring of my spirit for all to hear it. And have places to live where everyone will give for it will be one mind and one accord and cannot be ignored. We love you it is all true and we will see you through love the Holy Spirit.

Michelle Maggio - Sea of Lies Meets Tsunami of GLORY - September 21, 2021

I’m just going to read the Word to you directly the title of this word is called sea of lies meets the glory. Sea of lies meets the glory He starts out right away they will drown in their sea of lies. They have created a sea of lies that will overcome them just like the Egyptians who refused to repent and turn from their wicked ways for I am the God of truth and I am a just God. They are working for the father of lies and that father of lies will not be able to protect them from what is to come for they themselves have created it with their own mouths their own hearts and their own minds. I have seen and heard all the plotting and scheming and plans to kill to destroy and to steal from the innocent from the righteous and from the ones who have pure hearts.

What they do not understand is that I am on the side of the innocent. I am on the side of the righteous. I am on the side of the pure in heart and I will not allow this madness to endlessly continue. The sea of lies they have created will become so strong that it will literally itself pull them under the innocent will not be pulled under. The righteous will not be pulled under. The pure in heart will not be pure pulled under but the wicked will be pulled. Pulled under because they themselves have created it do I not say that each of them will reap exactly what they sowed? And do I not say that after death all men will be judged? Yes, these ones have sown wickedness. These ones have sown lies. These ones have sown death. These ones have sown destruction. These ones have sown disgusting acts of pure evil and at the appointed time what they have sown will overcome them. This overcoming and reaping has already begun in parts of every nation. But what is going to come will be so great that it will overtake every wicked one in fullness. Did I not say that I am sending a tsunami of Revival?

Tsunamis bring great, great, great, destruction the destruction will not be for the innocent, for the righteous or the pure in heart. The destruction will be for the wicked. For those waves of Revival will hit them one after the other after the other after the other and they will have be given a choice. They will either repent bow to me. drop to their knees and ask forgiveness or they will be pulled under by the holiness that will overcome them. Know this dear sons and daughters I am in charge nothing goes without my seeing it and hearing it and nothing goes without My justice being administered. For the justice that is coming will be unlike the nations have ever seen. Justice will fill the earth, justice will reign down from heaven, and as I said that justice will join the tsunami making the water even greater and deeper for it is My intention to write every single wrong that the wicked have done.

You will see they will even publicly repent some of them and those were who repent those repentances will circle the nations and many upon the hearing will be saved. I say in My word the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. And in this season that is coming people will fear Me not in the way they fear the enemy. They fear the enemy because he is not trustworthy. They fear the enemy because he is destructive. They fear the enemy because he is evil. But they will fear Me because they will feel the power of holiness come on them as never before My glory will drop down from heaven and that glory will overcome, overcome, overcome, all in its path. That holiness will become a Holy Fire and that Holy Fire will burn out all that is unholy not only will many, many, many, repent and come to know Me and be saved. But upon the Holy Fire falling many will be delivered by My hand and My spirit, not by man. For that holiness will burn out all the unholy spirits that dwell either in them or around them. These unholy spirits will have no choice. They will have nowhere to go they will be burned my power will come down in such a strong way that there will be holiness righteousness glory, miracles, signs, and wonders everywhere.

Those who worship satan and who perform satanic rituals will be visited by Me. My spirit will burn them out as well and some of them. If they do not repent, will pay heavy consequences for all of the deaths, all of the sacrifices, and all of the wickedness that they themselves have created with their own mouths and own hands. Rest assured there is nothing, nothing, nothing, that will stop this tsunami of Revival glory and Holy Fire from coming. Nothing, for nothing is too difficult for Me. But oh dear sons and daughters, it is so much more than that all of the wickedness in the history of mankind put together is not even equal to one ounce of My power. I am the God of the universe and I have created everything, and everything is under My purview, and under My hand and under My eyes. I am the God of the great ones that came before you. I am the great I am and in this next season all will have a choice. All will have no choice but to see to hear and to experience My power. For this next move in the next season will be so great that for hundreds of years people will be talking about it. They will be reading books about it. They will be longing for a time that is similar to it and they will pray to me and ask Me to come in that same way. But there are appointed times and seasons and this time and this season has been long appointed by Me.

This is a time and season that I myself in many ways have been waiting for. You have been waiting too but most did not realize what would come before that great glory came. Most wanted the glory not realizing that much wickedness would proceed the glory. But know this stand firm in this there is an appointed time for everything under heaven in this time of wickedness where My hands have been taken off the wicked. This time that is going quickly now is intentional everything I do is intentional you not see that those who have been in a deep slumber are now waking from that slumber. Do you not see that now they are awake? Do you not see that now the people are rising? Yes, this is my intention that the people rise. It is also my intention that my children take their rightful place in My Kingdom. Too many of my children are living as paupers. There are no paupers in My Kingdom. Too many of my children are living as beggars. There are no beggars in My Kingdom. Too many of my children are living as victims. There are no victims in My Kingdom. Know this in the next season my children the ones who are not in alignment with me and with my plans and with that kingdom identity in Me will fall away. The separating has already begun those who say they know Me. And those who know Me. Those who say they know Me will either make a choice to follow Me in spirit and in truth and they will receive the fullness of what I have or they will fall away.

Those who already really know Me will be brought up into the place where I intended for them to be all along. They will know their authority and they will use it. They will know their position and they will fulfill their destiny. Those who have relationships with Me on Sunday don’t know Me at all. Those who have not submitted their entire lives will be given a choice. I did not die for people to give Me pieces of themselves. How does a Savior save only part of a person? How does a Savior save only part of a person’s life. No, I  don’t intend to have pieces, I intend to have everyone’s full life in My hands so that fullness may come to the body of Christ. This will be a result of My presence reigning down from heaven and my glory surrounding them. Those who only read about miracles, and read about healings, and read about deliverances, but didn’t believe. They were for today will now believe because it will be right in front of them. They will see it and hear it with their very own eyes and ears and there will be no choice but to make a choice for Me. For these children were in error by believing that I changed. Those errors in the church teaching will be burnt away and turned to dust in this next season. For my scripture very clearly says that I am the same yesterday today and forever and those who were teaching that I changed were in error. If I and the same yesterday today and forever and I performed many signs wonders and miracles before I dwelt on earth and while I dwelt on earth. Then where is it in my word that says I no longer do these things. You will not find it this doctrine was planted by the enemy and those lies will be burnt to a crisp.

Come with Me, follow Me, press into Me for I am the Great I am.

Lois Vogel-Sharp - Prophecy - Wipe Out! - September 19, 2021

This is what I got I have to tell my people something they need to know. I have been telling you about a devastating economic collapse that will come in like a flood and wipe out the government. You now have picture thanksgiving dinner without all the trimming for all the unforgiving of countless babies aborted for not for no good reason. Except it wasn’t in the right season a season to be thankful yet everyone is filled with a blank look. Because of all the empty shelves it seems like living in hell. Fear will grip many but you my love will have good and plenty for you walk in my love and you have My love and He will see you through.

Even if the table is bare you will not even care. For you know the reason why for this evil government must surely die. Do not forget the words in the poem for I am making it known that you can weather the storm life will no longer be norm. It is here to stay the golden array as the gold glitters once again and Jesus has washed away your sin. You will move away from legal abortions to protecting all my creation it has been most disgraceful. A new era of time can you hear the bells chime. America will once again dine after the crime. Just to let you know Joe will go and never return again. There’ll be no more flick of the pen it is the end. America will shine as you and I dine and the world will see how she was set free . For it’s her true destiny. Love your Father who art in heaven have gotten rid of the levin.

Lois Vogel-Sharp - Prophecy - Are You Ready? - September 16, 2021

This really heavy poem today it’s called are you ready and this needs to get out everywhere the Father is saying something very serious in this and He wants us to listen. … The time is right the thief comes in the night a cup of sugar here no more toast to spare. The mice are looking for crumbs there are no more buns everyone is struggling to find change. Even a penny found is strange you get on the bus there’s nowhere to go everyone is running to and fro what happened to all the people. No one is in the steeple looking here and looking there everyone is in a stare. Wondering what just happened no more napping things just got more serious no you are not delirious what once was is now all gone many have bought the farm. If we only had known when this would have happened no one would have still been napping. The problem is no one seems to listen this is why you are now all missing. No coffee here, no coffee there what just happened it’s too much to bear no cream was sugar you mistook prosperity and did not see the clue that America would fall too . If you do not want to see you cannot blame me if you do not want to walk in faith do not blame this fate sometimes it truly is too late. When they finally shut the gate never hesitate tomorrow does come and are you ready for the creator of the universe to return. There’ll be no hiding from his judgment. Yes, there will be punishment no escaping His true justice He will fix this. Time to make your choice can you hear His voice. Do not walk away the world is in dismay His return will not delay the King of Glory is coming you cannot keep on running. Are you ready that’s what I got I’m not gonna add to that except it doesn’t mean that Jesus is coming back tomorrow.

A Servant's Heart - End of Days Things are going to Accelerate LISTEN for the VOICE God - Beware Run Run - August 29, 2021

Audio #1: Here is the word that was given to me in 2014 by the Lord. Way before some of these things began happening do not think you have not been warned many of us have told of the disaster and judgments coming for years now great tribulation underwear underway you were warned. Alert, alert, alert, alert, alert, alert America oh whoa My heart grieves for I had great plans for you. Did you think that when you left Me out of things that I would bless you? Did you think that you could mock Me with other gods keep me out of things I created? Remove me from your land and government and think I am not angry? All judgments are now underway My word does not come back to me void. …

I am your true hope and your only hope this plague is the beginning of many and right now your government is putting in the mandatory of that all vaccines and all cards to carry. To make sure you are under the government with this card you will not be allowed to buy or sell. They will go further than using cards as their sole so-called technology rises beware your schools and shopping malls will not be safe anymore as these are just a few of the things that will be used to indoctrinate all children and all of all adults as well. Many must be ready to flee and if necessary leave it all behind I have told you that you cannot be a friend of the world and like your comfort and then give Me your leftovers. I am a jealous God and I want all of you it is all or nothing the time has come when you must make a decision. Do you stand with me or against me? …

Many will die from this v(accine) …hearts are waxing cold because of lawlessness and people the blind is leading the blind. I’m going to tell you right now the v was not God’s gift to mankind nor is it a precursor and that is all I’m going to say. … The v is an abomination to God. It’s an abomination to the temple of God and those that are called of god and they have a temple all I can say is this we have a tabernacle. We are the tabernacle of Christ our bodies are the tabernacle or temple of the Holy Spirit and there’s things in there that well. … Please get right with God if you’re not those of you that are unsaved unborn again or those of you that are you know not near God anymore. You’ve fallen away, you’ve turned away get right with God time is running out time is running out. What these people are planning to do in the, I just I heard fall that what these people are planning to do will shock. Most they’re already doing it let me just tell you also satan is or the antichrist is working in  increments see he’s not doing it all at once. So that and should know he’s doing that in increments under the guise of fear and confusion. This is why we have the division.

Audio #2: The Lord had me we were able to look down upon earth and I saw people running, running, running, running, in all directions in panic. And as the Lord had me just see it was kind of um a picture of the whole earth the whole world was in chaos. The whole world was running people were just running everywhere. It was not necessarily just in America. I’m reading from my notes thank you so I get every word this was a very distinct vision people were falling in their time of running they were falling over each other. Some were bleeding out some were bleeding out. Some looked like they were having convulsions, something was coming out of them. Many, many, people that I saw all over the world were dying. Their bodies was decaying right before the eyes of myself and others that I saw down there. I mean it was like the it was like the panic was so high it was like nothing that I’ve ever seen or encountered. And because people were dying the death toll was rising in that going on while that was all going on was uprisings. So there were still many people that because of the panic because of what was going on they were they were just their minds were gone. And what I was being shown was families were coming against families loved ones loved ones. Brothers and sisters against brothers and sisters, the food riots were on uh there were a lot of people as they were dying they could not keep food people were people were just in a panic. They were they were going across towns in in different villages. I mean it was a mess this is so hard to describe, it was a mess.  

Water consumption was at an all-time low so the riots were for survival and the people that were still sane and in their right mind was trying to hold on this was internal fighting going on. There were no holds buried and what I saw in regard to families there was a cut-off period it was the um it was just like people were like nothing humans acting the way they did. It’s very hard acting out the way they did and what I saw I just can’t begin to tell you the way the way that it was playing out. There’s no words to describe what was going on. Nothing was being said to me I was just standing there with the Lord and He was showing me all of this and then what then I knew in my spirit, I knew that I knew that the all this stuff was the result of what people had taken versus people who had not. They were very different. They were very different and I’m going to say this that was the end of that vision it was very precise and very clear I heard the line has already been drawn the choices have already been made the grate falling away has already begun. You will you receive or deny me, meaning the Lord. …

Even satan himself or the devils know everything but they do have to tell their plans to the Lord.  The patent is the number 666. The mark is the luciferase which is satan’s mark to show ownership the name is the v(accine).The last thing I saw before the vision ended was people were lighting up like Christmas trees. But it was not the light of God. It was not the Lord’s light and people as I said have already believed what they wanted to believe.  And they’ve already accepted what they want to accept. … We’re gonna have to stand and if we lose friends, if we lose even brothers or sisters so be. If we lose loved ones so be it as far as our stand goes. But the one thing that we can’t lose is Jesus Christ in our relationship. We can’t afford to lose our soul.

Trump Has Taken The Deep State Down Masterfully - must video - August 21, 2021

Lois Vogel-Sharp - Father Speaks Directly - August 18, 2021

I must tell you this your current government is a total failure and is collapsing your economy. The reason for this is because Nephilim spirits are in control and the people who are in the office have opened their hearts to them. They do not care who dies or who goes down as a failure they only care about the takeover and the ordering of humans to obey their every command. You must take them down with the spiritual power given to you. This is a spiritual war between good and evil tell them to fight the battle not only in the flesh but also in the spirit through prayer and rebukes in Yeshua’s name. Hold on to truth for it is the truth that sets you free …  

Lois Vogel-Sharp - We Are All Americans 8-13-2021 - August 13, 2021

I have a word from the father that I got yesterday. … So listen to what he’s saying here. I have gathered my army to bring truth to their places of dwelling. Now you will see the rise of America in real time rejoice for all the world was watching and the court system will see the proof and take action according to the Constitution. It has opened up the door for your freedom to come back and for my anointed President to step back where he was voted in to be. Evil it’s time to flee you’ve come against my people which means you’ve come against me. It’s victory watch and see there’ll be true harmony as I set the captives free. Love one another you are sister and brother and I looked at it was one two four eight. So

It is the father’s good pleasure to give you the things you have need of fear not for I will never leave you and I will never forsake you fear not. For the kingdom of the father is on the earth and it is truly at hand. You must understand and walk in my kingdom today so you will not dismay. For as I walked upon the earth and yesterday. You walk on the earth today and you shine my light for all to see and this is My heart’s pleasure that the world would know that I came to set the captives free. Well that was just Jesus He’s just started talking through me he’s telling us stop being frightened. …

But satan obviously and his insanity still thinks he might win this why would he bother that’s why we can’t say to ourselves well antichrist has taken over the whole world we might as well just let it happen. No, no, no, no, because it also says the Holy Spirit is going to move across the entire world.  … Between now and then for it to happen we have to stand fast and weather the storm because the storms are here and the storms are coming because the wrath of Almighty God is coming on the earth for justice and for all those that think they can just slap Him in His face.

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - Prophetic Word August 12, 2021 World System Collapsing from Both Ends - Earthquake sign Fulfilled - August 14, 2021

We have a word from the Lord for you this was given to us on August 12 of 2021 and we’re delivering it on August 14 2021 for the first time. … I see a great earthquake mountains and islands are moved from their places these are the movers and shakers in the world system. Their houses shall be shaken. Yes, the very foundations of their houses will be moved from their places and they shall be no more. The very bedrock of their safety shall become their tomb of habitation which they shall not return from and there shall be a vacuum in the structure of their rule which many will attempt to fill. But I the Lord have decided that this vacuum should not be filled. Therefore the world system will be collapsing from both ends. Yes the powers and the rulers and the spiritual forces will be fighting each other eating their own and fear shall be rampant because of the shaking fear will increase greatly on the earth at this time. Because of those who have believed in the current system and this fire will be fed more fuel as the horrors of this system are exposed. ….

He said that those who have climbed the ladder of darkness shall find that they’ve climbed up into the deepest pit of hell. And we also believe that he’s showing us we’re in the Sixth Seal of Revelation chapter six. … He’s saying the lower echelon of people who serve the cabal as well as the very highest people that serve the cabal those both ends are collapsing both ends are in trouble so when there’s a in the power structure at the top they immediately want to fill it. And that’s what the Lord was talking about he’s not gonna allow that not not gonna happen. Right and that’s because he said before in a prophetic word on July 2 of 2021 that never again shall evil rise up to the level now being experienced. So he will not allow that to be filled because he’s not going to allow their evil to rise to this level again. And he says that a lot of us don’t understand how evil it really is he says that almost all of us have a slave mentality to some degree or another we’ve been raised up underneath the system and we actually don’t fully understand what freedom is like.

We do some understand it to a better extent than others but this is why people will be in fear because we’ve all believed in the current world system to some extent and when it collapses. There won’t be a system to lean upon, so it’s like Israel coming out of slavery um some of them were not able to handle that freedom. And they still had the slave mentality. …

so right now he says that many people blindly think the system is okay. But it’s so evil that we don’t even know the horrors behind it it’s gonna shock us. We don’t have to be afraid though he really says that this should not create fear in his people we should never be afraid if our eyes are on him we’re not going to fear his plans for us are good remember he has a future and a hope for us if you need to look back at the prophetic words …The Lord has told us that there would be three signs of the return of the trumpet and the collapse of the world system and so one of those signs he said was a sign in the heavens and that sign came this past winter he said that it was the significant amount of snow that fell this past winter not just in the United States but it was across the globe like even in weird places like Saudi Arabia … The Lord said that earthquake is not from him meaning he did not send an earthquake to Haiti he is not the author of evil. However it is the one that was to come that we that he said to look for as a sign because today this all starts the Lord said. … He also said to us where do you think all these children are coming from that the evil people in the world system have been using have been selling into human trafficking and child sacrifice a lot of them are coming from Haiti in places like that and it’s abominable in His sight. Yeah and he is done with it, and so his he’s he’s done with it. Justice is happening and it’s happening now. He said to remind everyone that August is the month when the cascade begins where you will see things happen and happen and happen the good stuff so be looking for that amen. 


Robyn and Brandi Cunningham - Urgent Border Crisis Prophecy! - August 10, 2021

When Senators and Governors are going to be removed okay, the information that was anticipated to be gained from the routers in Arizona will be revealed …  

The Lord said in the coming second election you will have to decide to fight fear many compromised states will attempt to reinstate mass mandates and an attempt in an attempt to try and keep people from voting. Organized protesters will try to strong-arm people at the polls and riot in the cities in order to create fear to try to keep people out of the polls. But you must fight fear and you must vote okay. Now this is the last thing the military will be involved in the second vote and the count it will be an open and transparent count what the Lord showed me was He just took me right into the vision and showed me that every single place where ballots are being counted or that there will be cameras and you will be able to watch it on online in your state your local areas. …

When the devil gets exposed he fights because he’s in fear and when he does this he starts to rattle people’s cages he starts to retaliate to strike back and strike out. So if you think that this overturns just going to be some la de da you know happy-go-lucky butterflies and rainbows kind of experience. It’s literally going to turn America and the world upside down for a short period of time. It will be a time of great praise don’t get me wrong it will be a time of great hope. There will be a revival like you have never seen before. But America will be turned upside down by this the things that you’re going to see exposed are going to make you sick to your stomach make you angry.  Make you it like it will be so volatile so disgusting what’s exposed the things that you’re going to see you’ll wish that you could never see you will wish you had never saw it or never asked the Lord to see it. You’re not going to see the full extent of what’s going to be exposed. But I’m telling you be ready okay, get your heart ready because you going to have to choose to walk in forgiveness in this time. I am not even kidding about that all right.

So the military will be involved in the second vote and the recount, and it will be an open and transparent count all 50 states will turn red. I know that’s a bold prediction, but I’ve made it before and I’m standing with it. All 50 states here’s why I say this all right. This is what the Lord told me, and I just wrote down what he told me but what he showed me months ago like six or seven months ago was that Donald Trump was going to win all 50 states what he said was he will break Reagan’s record. And I was like what’s Reagan’s record, and I had to go look Ronald Reagan and you may think this is impossible right like how could anybody win the majority of the states. Ronald Reagan won 49 states 49 states he won. Trump’s going to beat that record did you just feel the Holy Ghost on that because I sure did? Oh it’s like so good that almost started to cry all right all 50 states will turn red as a free and fair election occurs all right folks that’s all.

“Everything’s normal until it’s not. America is about to see such an upset that even those who live under a rock will begin to step out and look at the world around them. And begin to think maybe things just aren’t as though they seem. So we’re about to see things change and a perspective change in America.”

Robyn  Cunningham – Fireside Grace Ministries vide 8-13-2021- Impeachments, Indictments, and Crypto Updates

Pastor Deborah - Judgment Is About To Hit America! Get Ready!NIZE ANGELS OF LIGHT! - August 7, 2021

Because the Democratic Party had judged a righteous man in office who had not taken anything from anybody from anyone. … The church started praying and getting serious with God. … The Lord told me the Democrats all of them but three and I don’t know who they are. He told me all the Democrats but three are about to be judged. They have sowed to the wind and they will reap the whirlwind.


Dr. Kynan Bridges - Sudden Change ✝️ The Shift Has Begun - August 5, 2021

I was literally quickened in my spirit to share this with you now again it just it froze as I was doing it and I know the enemy does not want you to hear what I’m about to tell you now. I know he doesn’t want you to hear this word so I need you to listen to me. As I was praying as I’ve been in fact the last couple of weeks you know the last couple of weeks the Lord’s been giving me dreams the Lord’s been giving me visions. And He’s been giving me these words and I have this word for you and it’s very simple yet very profound everything is about to change suddenly. Everything is about to change suddenly, everything is about to change suddenly. You know this is a season of suddenly, a season of suddenly you need to pay very close attention.

You need to not the available the number eight represents new beginnings. It represents new beginnings and let me tell you something interesting about this month all the warfare leading up to now all the warfare leading up to now. All the things you’ve been through all the things you’ve walked through all the challenges that you’ve had the challenges that you had in your family the challenges that you’ve had in your finances. The challenges that you’ve had in your body. The challenges that you’ve had in your mind the challenges that you’ve had on your job the challenges that you’ve dealt with emotionally all of these things are culminating in a suddenly.

Listen to this and suddenly now the suddenly does not mean that nothing’s been happening up into this point certainly means that everything underneath the surface everything behind the scenes everything that has been working in the invisible is manifesting in the natural and to everyone around you it looks like something insane. I’m telling you, you, need to be very aware of what I’m saying because we’re entering into a season of suddenness. We’re entering into a season where doors are about to open that no man can close. You may say well that’s exciting news that’s awesome news and it is awesome news. But you need to be prepared you need to be prepared you need to prepare your mind. You need to prepare your heart. You need to prepare your spirit this is a season.

Well listen some of you it’s like you’ve been moving on a conveyor belt just kind of moving like this year seems like it’s been dragging along you know week after week month after month been kind of dragging along and you’ve been kind of surviving through this year but here it is we’ve come to a prophetic junction we’ve come to a prophetic junction and it’s about to be an explosion of miacles an explosion of the suddenness of God. Where the things you’ve dreamt about the things that you have you can’t even you know you’re trying to wrap your mind around certain things this is the season where those things are about to culminate they’re about to come into fruition they’re about to manifest and you need to get ready for them you need to prepare your heart. You need to prepare your heart to receive from God this is the season this is the moment. …

I’m telling you it’s about to seem like it’s overnight things are going to move for you overnight some of it has to do with finances I mean I’m talking about certainly in your finances  some of it has to do with your ministry. I’m talking about suddenlies in your ministry some of it has to do with properties. … It’s going to seem like overnight It’s going to seem like

an explosion overnight it’s like it’s like the book of acts remember one day there was 120 of them  in the upper room the same day. …  It’s like you’re getting on a roller coaster … roller coaster starts going up and all of a sudden it takes a little time getting up there. But then it just drops it’s like woof you’re like wait wait wait listen. I’m telling you i’m telling you you’re not going to be able to stop this. You’re not going to be able to stop this and and yes i’m talking about family. I’m talking about relationships. I’m talking about connections. …

Lois Vogel-Sharp - I Know How To Defeat My Foe - August 5, 2021

Midnight last night I received a word from the father so I’m going to read it um we come to your father in the name of Jesus we ask that you move us by your spirit we pray father for America that you bring it back to where we’re supposed to be we rebuke abortion we rebuke world war three we rebuke the evil regime that took over illegally and um we rebuked coronavirus in the name of Jesus Yeshua this is what he gave me he said tell my people I love them and I understand all that they are going through I have no intention on allowing this evil regime to stay where it does not belong I am god and I am your father and I know how to defeat my foe again i say to watch and see how My Plans for the redemption of America come to pass. They have been manipulating the rise of my gold and silver for years and it is about to come to the end of its oppression too break forth like the newness of another day of my sun shining on the earth rise and shine for all the world to see how you truly glitter the magnificence of my precious jewels that pave the streets of my heaven will once again have value to further my kingdom.  But be not deceived for it is not to become an idol to you for as much as it will rise it will also become useless as the seals continue to open be wise and follow my spirit for he will lead you to the promised land I love you and Yeshua is his name name above all names my only son in whom I am. still well pleased bless one another and hold on to truth for it is the only weapon you have that will stand in court facts of truth cannot be denied you will all stand by his side as his bride love your father who art in heaven that’s what I got again he’s telling us he’s going to stop all that’s going on the gold and the silver going to rise up but he’s warning us about it he’s telling us don’t make it an idol because it will come point and it’s. It’s biblical that the gold will be worthless and you know why it’s going to be worthless because when there’s no food to be bought money gets you nowhere I’m gonna say that again when there’s no food to be found and we’re dealing with a form of a famine money gets you nowhere because you can’t buy something that’s not there so the time for the gold and the silver will be as it rises and it will be used to further the kingdom.  …

Veronika West - 45 Is Coming Back With the Roar of a Lion - July 30, 2021

He (God) said these words … watch for the Trump of stump at the stump of Trump will sprout again. I immediately sat back in my chair and I knew that the Lord was about to really to reveal something to me of what he was doing that he was about to show me something. So I kind of sat back in my chair having heard that and the Lord took me into an open vision. …  I looked at this forest I knew by the spirit of revelation that I was looking at if you like the forest of the nations the Lord was likening these trees these many different types of trees to the nation. But my eyes were immediately drawn to what looked like the biggest tallest tree in this forest it stood hard this tree was an oak tree and it stood high above the trees of the forest. And as I looked at this oak tree again I knew by the spirit of revelation that what I was looking at was the nation of America. But as I looked at this tree I knew I was looking at the nation of America amongst the nations. But I was also looking at President Trump so you know a lot of times when God speaks to me through visions and dreams. ….

But I just knew by my spirit as I as I looked at this incredible big oak tree that stood high and tall above every other tree in the forest. That I was looking at the nation of America I was looking at President and I was looking at President Trump and I just want to stop there and say something in that I truly believe that President Trump and this is this is not my opinion this is truly what I believe is God’s opinion. Because this is what the Lord has said to me, but that that President Trump is a prophetic signpost of what he is doing in the earth. What he is doing in the church and that doesn’t sound like it makes much sense now. But I pray that it’ll make more sense as I share. But that President Trump even the name Trump is a prophetic signpost of the restoration the reformation and the redemptive power of God within not just within the nations but within his ecclesia within the church . Um and so anyway going back to the trees in the forest and this incredible big oak tree. I knew what I was looking at was this the destiny of a nation but also the  destiny of a man. I  was looking at the nation of America, but I was looking at the destiny of President Trump and they were being they were intertwined and as I sort of came down into this forest I could see this incredible oak tree and then I my eyes saw a fig tree and I saw this fig tree under the covering or the shade the protective shade and the covering of the branches of this incredible big mighty oak tree and as I looked at this fig tree that was under the protective covering of this oak tree I knew I was looking at the nation of Israel. And that God showed that this fig tree was the nation of Israel and I saw other trees in fact I saw another oak tree a smaller oak tree and God showed it to me as my own nation the United Kingdom.

But in that moment God showed me so clearly that the nation of America the branches of the nation and under the you know the leadership of President Trump. If you if you like to say what brought a protective shade and covering to other nations and then I could see that the nation of Israel was hidden under the shade of the branches of this oak tree. And so I was seeing this happening in its open vision and I was just just got a real sense of the just that the great destiny of the nation of America and really what America the prophetic significance of the nation of America concerning other nations. It was the first time I really saw how God had raised up the nation of America as a maybe for a better word a fathering nation. A protective nation and so I was seeing this happening and this was all kind of swirling in the realm of the spirit.

And then suddenly I saw people what looked like people running towards this oak tree in the forest they were running through the forest and they were running towards this s incredible big oak tree. But as I sort of came closer in this vision and I saw these people sort of running towards what looked like people as I sort of came into the vision closer in the vision. I saw that they were ruling demonic spirits and when I say ruling these were ruling powers and principalities of darkness. And they were rushing towards the mighty oak tree. They were rushing towards the nation of America. They were rushing towards the man President Trump God’s anointed man. They were rushing towards the street and they had axes they had weapons of destruction in their hands. And as I looked at these ruling powers and principalities of darkness their names were made known to me in the vision. And I saw the this ruling spirit of hatred and strife and murder and poverty and death and disease and bloodshed and pride and lust and perversion and destruction. These powerful demonic ruling spirits were their names were made known to me and when I was watching these demonic entities these ruling spirits which were carrying these axes coming towards the oak tree coming towards the destiny of a nation. Coming towards the destiny of an anointed man of God. …

Their assignment and their agenda as if you like was to bring utter destruction was to destroy the destiny of a nation it was to destroy the destiny of a man. … I watched as they came upon the tree the base of this of this oak tree and they began to cut and hat and um it was like a demonic frenzy of demons just hacking and uh you know with this agenda to cut down the tree. … I was watching this unfolding I began to see the oak tree become vulnerable and almost unstable as these axes these sharp axes began to cut into the trunk of the tree. And then I saw the tree begin this mighty oak tree begin to lean to the right and I knew at that moment that I was about to see the mighty oak tree fall and it was just at that moment I heard this loud sound that just filled the entire forest of the nations.  This cracking and breaking sound of this mighty oak tree as it fell to the ground. And when this mighty oak tree fell to the ground it just the sound of its crashing just reverberated across the forest. It just reverberated across the nations that was the forest and every nation every tree in that forest felt the impact of that that tree falling to the ground. And at that moment I began to cry out to God it was like a spirit of weeping came upon me and I began to weep for the nation and I began to weep for what I was seeing and as this mighty oak tree fell.

I looked at the these ruling demonic spirits these ruling powers and principalities and there was the sudden sense of celebration in the enemy’s camp and they were and they began to chant and they began to chant and I and I can even hear it now a I’m kind of reliving the moment and I can hear them and they were shouting death to America death to Trump. Death to freedom death to the destiny of this nation and they were celebrating. … It was a great victory in the enemy’s camp. I mean it was just you know just the sense of great victory. But at the same time there was the strange sense of Oh my my goodness you know the tree is now down this oak tree is down and as I looked at the enemy celebrating these ruling spirits celebrating suddenly my eyes were taken off what they were doing and I looked at the fig tree and I looked at other trees. I looked at my own nation. And I saw that they were suddenly fully exposed to the elements. There was no more covering there was no, more protection. The branches of this mighty oak tree that that brought shade that brought covering that protection had suddenly gone there was nothing and iI found myself almost going from a place of weeping for the destiny of the nation. To now weeping for the the vulnerability and the exposure that was that that now these other nations would begin to experience that the nation of Israel would now a become a greater target would become more vulnerable that now wouldn’t have that shade and that overing of the nation of America and again I just in that moment I just saw so clearly how the destiny of America the united kingdom and the nation of India. Israel was so intertwined because of the positioning of the trees and just how you know positionally the trees were placed and I found myself weeping for the nation of Israel. And as I was weeping for the nation of Israel suddenly I saw a shadow come over like a cloud in the sky that looked like a man’s hand that’s the only thing I can say that looked like a man’s hand and the shade of this of them of a man’s hand which I knew by the spirit was the hand of God. It was the right hand of God and the shadow of God’s hand uh covered or brought shade which fell upon the nation of Israel and the nation of the United Kingdom. But I knew in that moment that that while the covering of the nation of America. …

I looked up at the line of Judah and I saw him look he tilted his head towards the stump of the tree and he tilted his head towards the ground and he still tilted his head toward the roots of the tree of this incredible oak tree and he Roared …  I saw a radiant rainbow of of the seven colors

rainbow come forth from his mouth like a flood like the flood gates of heaven had opened like a river of the seven spirits of God this radiant river of the seven spirits of God came out of his mouth. … He showed me that with the covenant promises God reminds us not just of our color of his covenant promises with us but He reminds us of our true or awakens us to our true identity. … Then I saw this great eagle come into the this open vision and the eagle began  to uh saw within the colors of the of the seven spirit those seven colors of the rainbow. A I saw that the eagle then began to circle over the stump of Trump over the stump of this massive oak tree and as he circling um he began to circle within this rainbow this this rainbow the seven spirits of God. And he began to circle the stump and as he began to circle the eagle this great eagle began to come down towards the stump of the tree and as he began as a great eagle began to descend upon the stump. I saw a mighty whirlwind it’s all i can say it was a rainbow whirl and I’ve seen it before. This this mighty rainbow whirlwind began to form as the great eagle began to descend upon the the stump of the street and I saw this this this whirlwind and that the great eagle was flying or soaring as it were within the manifest power of the seven spirits of God within this whirlwind.
And suddenly I saw the great eagle come upon the stump of the tree …

I saw the great eagle suddenly take flight and as the as the green shoots of the of the oak tree began to come up and could be seen clearly I saw the great eagle take flight and he flew into the the the whirling and the swirling of this this rainbow whirlwind. …I saw a fully grown fully formed oak tree that had literally come up with such there was such an acceleration that had come that in the midst of the whirlwind. … This new oak tree looked nothing like the old oak tree in fact It’s so uh it almost it It’s old oak tree was dim in the light of what of the new that I saw. … I heard the spirit of God say watch for the stump of rump will sprout again.

Lois Vogel-Sharp - Prophecy - It's Not About Us - July 27, 2021

I received a word from the Father at 1204 and I’m going to read it. … this is what He

said and He and again he did it in a poem. A time to rejoice do you know what I mean. It is time to pick up steam move forward like a powerful train and let all evil refrain from all their disdain, It is not a game death to life it’s America’s plight. And all will see the truth with all the proof you want to know when evil will be put in its pen. To no longer deceive and make men retrieve what if I tell you my people you have already been given the power in this late hour to push back the move of the enemy. Because you already have everything you need through the spirit who will make him retrieve Yeshua is his name. He came out of the grave and as he walked among men he became your friend and will be until the end. Which will  never be because you will all live for eternity. You’ve been all set free can’t you see the Holy Spirit is for all. Who accept that Jesus is Lord and I tell you your life will not be bored and you will not be ignored. Rejoice I say each and every day and watch and see how I restore the land from all the sinking sand. I am lending a hand to help with my spirit everyone who will hear it and will not be able to dispute the facts. For they are all on track and nothing is hidden in the crack. Your future is bright only if you accept your new life come with me this day and do not delay you are loved. So give each other a hug and hold on but things are about to take a fright. If  you look through my eyes you will not fear you will actually cheer as the world falls apart. My spirit will start to move across the lands and touch my people’s and give them a new start love is always the answer and the kingdom of God is at hand moving across the land.

Bo Polny - Global Elite Fall & David4️⃣5️⃣ Returns IN FALL, expect GLORY within next 20-Days!!! - July 24, 2021

Lois Vogel-Sharp - Prophecy - AMERICA, COME BACK TO LIFE! - July 16, 2021

I got this poem that just came out of nowhere and it was 12:47. Yes in the middle of the morning 12:47. I was up I was going to bed and all of a sudden I got moved and I looked at the clock and it was one two four seven. …This is how He starts. It is time it is time I tell you it is the time for all truth is sublime and the bells will chime as we dine. And freedom reigns across America once again as evil stops its grin and takes. Its place behind the scenes as it screams and my light beams for all the world to see that justice did prevail. And evil was nailed when you fight the good fight of faith. Nothing will escape as evil is revealed for all it has done and decency has won. Sound the bells of victory it is true liberty and justice for all as evil falls America America. You will always My land. This is why evil could not stand time to take each other by the hand to rejoice in the Father. Let all shout with the crash of the almighty dollar as gold and silver rise higher and higher and set the economy on fire. You will see My people walk out of the burning land into a wealthy hand take your fortunes and use it for My glory. It does fulfill the rest of the story and places of peace and safety will arise to lessen the brunt of judgment who deserved it dumped on them My people will sing songs of joy as the world gets destroyed. I love you and fear not for you are part of my heart and you will know the peace of the spirit as the world will hear it. The choice is up to you will you accept what is true evil one day will be through and nothing else for it to do Yeshua is the king of glory he ends the story alleluia, alleluia. The message is true and you will be moved with the power and the fire and evil is the liar and at 12:04. He made me look at the clock and then He gives me these words, come back to life in the name of Yeshua.


Let’s see what that says let’s see what that says
did you see the post where General Flynn asked about the Insurrection Act and if the military was in control. He said no neither one was true he sure did um he was asked point blank if the President signed the Insurrection Act. Okay, there’s there’s a distinction here we need to be careful with guys so some of the stuff I wanted to talk about tonight thank you for bringing that up Shelly um there’s a distinction. Okay, he was asked if the President signed the Insurrection
Act. The Insurrection Act was signed by the people that were in power in 1800s okay the president would only have to invoke the Insurrection Act all right which is
how it showed up on the federal registry as a matter of law. Okay, um if it wasn’t invoked it wouldn’t be on the federal registry.

All right you can go to the federal registry look it up and you can read every page in it all right. Every page is there, okay including amendments there were amendments that were signed by past presidents as well. To the Insurrection Act there it’s all there for you to see including the plan that’s being carried out right now as far as the Insurrection Act goes. Okay, they didn’t leave nothing to bear guys it’s there for everybody to read nobody’s going and reading it. Okay I mean they talk about the banking system they talk about the post office they talk about um they talk about the intercoastal waterways. They talk about the ports here in the United States I mean it is every piece is covered. It’s all there and it is amazing piece of work and all President Trump had to do was invoke it. He didn’t have to sign it so General Flynn would not be lying to say that he did not sign it. Okay, as far as him in saying the military had no control or there was no plan guys, he did say those things all. Right but he also interned at the end of the conversation with billings Doug Billings said don’t get rid of that bottle of wine for the bet that you made just yet okay. It’s called plausible deniability.

The disarray is everywhere there’s 28 countries guys to my knowledge. To my knowledge there’s 28 countries who have forced the hand of the United States to get the show on the road. And that’s basically what we’re seeing right now the value of silver after Nasara Gasara could be crazy because they’ll be taking down the illegal people the legal part of the market system that’s been naming the spot price all these years and profiting from it. Uh, good bad or I mean if they if it lost if it lost in in the market they still profit from it through short sales. I mean it’s all evil it’s all corrupt the picture frame is behind me that’s characters in Japanese yes the fences came down in the capitol today. Wells Fargo is calling in loans this is crazy guys you know chase bank is doing the same thing. They’re trying damage control they don’t want all that on their books to close them down what benefit you won’t be a slave to the to the government anymore. You’ll be a true sovereign citizen a Trump sovereign nationalist. Yes, I shared earlier um I’ve also had plans um first part of next week to have somebody on to talk more about that as a professional expert.

A Word on how God sees Donald J. Trump as His ‘Trouble-Maker’ – Veronika West - July 17, 2021

“For many have questioned in their hearts the relentless persecution of President Trump, saying, “Why have they hated and despised him, rejected and ridiculed him, falsely accused and lied about him, blatantly disrespected and dishonoured him, even carefully planned and plotted to remove and kill him, when he has only desired to see the greatness of the nation restored?”
I say to you Beloved, that you may say to those who have questioned these things, ”Listen! For I will tell you why!”

These things must and have taken place, because I chose to mantle him as a great Trouble-Maker of the times, who shall raise up an Army of fearless Freedom fighters that will bring forth Radical Reformation and Transformation in the Nations.
A Trouble-Maker who would carry The Sword of Truth and Justice, who would confront and uncover the works of corruption, deception and perversion in the Nations! Yes!

For he is My great Trouble-Maker, marked, sealed, and set apart for such a time as this. I call him a brave and courageous Warrior, My Divine Disruptor, set among rabid dogs and ravenous wolves, a mighty brave heart Called, Anointed and Appointed by My Hand to stir up great conflict in the midst of the stiff necked and the uncircumcised, to release confusion and Holy Chaos in the camp of the enemy and his cohorts.

For I tell you, many have hated and despised him because they have hated and despised Me. For indeed, The Sword of Truth and Justice brings about war and not peace. But watch! For surely I tell you, this great Trouble-Maker of the times shall only grow in greater strength, power and boldness in the days ahead, for I will use him like a rod of iron that shall shatter and smash to pieces political and religious strongholds that have long been established in this land. Yes!

For he will become as a Rod of Righteousness and Justice in My Hand, that will strike fear in the hearts of the wicked and the lawless.
For even as the axe comes down upon the defiled roots of the tree, so shall My Wrath and Judgment come down upon the heads and the necks of those who stand to oppose My Plans and Purposes in this land.

Listen! For a New Sound is now rising in the land, a Trumpet Sound that shall awaken the deaf, the deep sleepers and those who have slumbered in the midnight hour.

For this sound is the sound of salves to the spirits of fear and intimidation being set at liberty.
Watch! Look and see! For a great Army of Double Trouble-Makers is now being birthed in the Nations of the earth — an unstoppable Army of fearless Freedom Fighters who are rising up in the midst of the mayhem and demonic madness, who shall no longer have their voices silenced and their feet and hands bound in chains.

For now a new movement of Glory carriers and Kingdom Reformers is marching forth across the Nations to pursue their enemies, to overtake their captors and to fully recover all that has been lost and stolen!” 

Ned Dougherty - Your nation will crash and burn like all great nations of the Past - July 11, 2021

This video about the bitter cup of pain that humanity needs to drink of !

Bo Polny: The Clock is Ticking, and the Verdict is Coming Soon! - July 9, 2021

Many people are becoming irritated because God is not operating according to THEIR schedule.

Sorry, but that isn’t how it works.

I feel there are many things going on behind the scenes right now that we aren’t aware of.

I also believe a shift occurred over the 4th of July weekend, exactly as the prophets all predicted, and we have yet to see it….and I feel they are doing everything they can to hide it from the public.

But it’s not going to work.

Everything will be revealed, and it will be very soon.


Lois Vogel-Sharp - Are You Ready - June 22, 2021

I received this prophetic word from the father a little while ago so I’m going to read it. … So let me read what he said are you ready my beautiful children for what is about to happen. Fear not but America has been chastised for murdering my babies and the woe is upon you all everyone will feel the effect of this crash. From the highest office in the land to the lowest worker on the planet the world will receive this woe as a judgment and a correction for spending money that has no value to it. And one cannot just keep printing lies on paper to cover your economic mistakes and blunders. The reset must happen for my gold and silver to come back with the value. I placed on it do my bidding not the bidding of my foe or you will know my wrath I am love and I am judge.

Do not put yourself in the position of My judgment. Do not murder my babies and take away the life I breathed into each soul. Shame on you America for allowing this for over 50 years and this jubilee year of the beginning of roe vs wade acceptance will come to an end. For I have declared it so and have moved my people to rebuke it from your land I heard you my love and I will respond to save America from this tyrannical murdering government. If you knew how many people were actually murdered in your world for many to get power you would be appalled. Evil is very real and I’m to stop the steal this will be the appeal. I know how you all feel so this is the deal. Evil will be swiftly moved out as they take all the count and Biden is thrown out. And Kamala Harris cries real tears as she actually fears take hold of my spirit let all hear it and never again walk away. My people, you must stay follow my truth My Word is the proof I love you forever and I am with you in each endeavor. This woe don’t you know is for the greater good and to stop the hood. Love one another today and every day trust me I am your father watch the dollar. They will holler as it falls gold and silver will be called to stabilize the economy this is my anomaly and civil will be the precious metal to have it will be used by all even in your malls and it will never fall. Trust me today I will repay love your father who art in heaven and I ended it at that’s not a coincidence.

It’s never a coincidence with the time frame um he’s giving us a heads up on a few things he’s saying the silver is going to probably be a legal tender. Because we’re going to use it in the malls he said so um he’s about to do some things and I know it’s a waiting process right now if anybody hates the weight I do especially when you’re putting out prophetic things like this. But um it’s his time frame not ours and we will wait until it’s the right time for things to happen. He’s talking about the steel he’s talking about um the appeal he’s talking about the right count so this election plays a big part in what’s going to happen for the future of America. we are in a judgment cycle for abortion so just be prepared for the crash that’s going to happen trust the lord um there’s a reason for everything he says it’s for his purpose to reset things and for America to be humbled.

 release the resurrection power of Christ upon the earth the piercing must come,


Open Vision on June 17, 2021: “Victory – DJT Sweeps the Nation!”

During a prolonged time in prayer, I was taken into an open vision where I saw the front page of a newspaper. The headline read: “Victory – DJT Sweeps the Nation!” Like history, the war was over. I knew it was over…this was it. It was done. It was finished. It was time to celebrate! Then I saw masses of people pouring out onto the street; there were flags and celebration. Yet, there was still work to be done; there was still tension in the air – intense tension.

I saw a large crowd gathering outside the White House. Those who had conspired and engineered the evil plans were suddenly surrounded inside the White House with nowhere to run, nowhere to escape. This was the end for them. I saw military coming in for support – the support of the people. They entered the White House and other buildings and escorted these evil ones out. They were gathered like prisoners of war on the front lawn, lined up row upon row, each one now restrained in handcuffs and shackles. The crowd would cheer in great outbursts as each group was rounded up and brought out on display. The patriots were singing on the streets anthems and songs of victory and thanksgiving unto God!

Soon enough, the corrupted ones were all extracted. They were then marched out into the street surrounded by and under the control of the great patriot army, and followed by the citizens that had gathered. I watched as they were marched through the streets, now humiliated and about to face the consequences for all the evil and corrupt actions and things that they had done. They were marched into an army base where it appeared that they would be processed and incarcerated, put on trial and made to face the righteous judges, to face Justices and the highest of consequences. They would get all that they had coming for their crimes against humanity.

I saw DJT in an inauguration ceremony. He was surrounded by military, but this one looked different. There was no showboating; it was serious. The job had been done and it was time to heal, and time to rebuild. Even those who had opposed DJT could now no longer deny the evils that had been done by the corrupt. The fighting spirit in them had been broken.

I saw military planes being loaded with special teams and lawyers and boxes and pallets of documents, then departing to other nations to do what they had to do. They had foreign dignitaries awaiting their arrival to help them when they arrived; plans were strategically in place to execute their plans. They were on route to arrest those foreign, corrupt leaders to bring them to justice. The world would never be the same.

I watched as nation after nation rejoiced on the streets as justice was served, and freedom, truth and righteousness flowed like mighty waters. The battle had been epic, and many were lost along the way. Those who were left standing had a great reward!

Liberty - White House Again: Here's What the Lord Showed Him - June 20, 2021

 release the resurrection power of Christ upon the earth the piercing must come,

Mike Thompson - PROPHECY For Florida & Texas "The Piercing Must Come" - June 18, 2021


Lois Vogel-Sharp - Prophecy - No One Will Forget - June 14, 2021

So listen to what he’s saying my people are you aware of what is about to happen. He’s throwing a question out so you can think you listen to so many things and I know you do not even know who is actually speaking my truth. Your economy is about to take a serious dive and it will disrupt just about everything. It will be a time you will never forget as hell will be screaming of its defeat you will see evil manifest right before your eyes and it will be very upsetting. But I tell you that this will create the open door for my spirit to touch many lives and an outpouring will take place while the shelves sit empty and wealthy businessmen break down in tears as their livelihoods are destroyed. It is a woe it is a judgment it is my way of silencing those who thought they would succeed in this takeover of My America. Yes, I will say it loud and clear America belongs to Me.

Evil you will flee it is her destiny she rises to her position of power and liberty and justice. For all grab hold of all you love and rejoice for the victory has been won in this evil regime steel let me walk you through it. All I tell you America will not fall but will once again bend her knee to me and then she will rise up and shine for all the world to see. She belongs to you and she belongs to me. Watch and see how evil flees and my babies will be saved one soul at a time as my light shines. I love you my people you truly are my beautiful children and I am showing you how to live in my kingdom as you walk with Yeshua each and every day. I love you the father what in heaven and that’s what I got he’s telling us what’s going to happen. He’s telling us not to be upset about it it has to happen there’s a reason for it all there’s only one way this can play out without America totally being destroyed. You see there’s good in this evil know that evil loses. In the end, we know this because the Bible says it we know that Jesus comes back and wraps up evil satan gets bound he stays for a thousand years bound in hell. That he’s loosed for a season we know all this but what’s happening right now what are we dealing with right now. …

See Trump is technically our president still he is legally our rightful president because the votes were stolen from him through a cyber-attack and through those in America looking to turn the election over to Biden. Why would they do that why would this election be stolen because the demons have an agenda to take over the world so America is tops on their list to occupy and control. Because if they control America they can basically control everything. So they stepped in and they used humans. Human beings the Nephilim demons used these those spirits from the angel humans have created go read it in Genesis 6: it talks about it they were created as an abomination unto the father during Noah’s time. God flooded the earth and those bodies of human angels were killed in the flood. The spirits of those human angels are still floating around because they didn’t go to hell and they certainly weren’t allowed to go to heaven. So they’re floating around the earth seeking whom they may devour and by devour. I mean whom they may take over a human body and begin again to do their quest of destruction so all of those that are open up to that realm through following things that are not of God. They came upon them and they are now influencing them so they’ve taken over human beings during the election so that the election would not go to Trump since trump is the anointed of God chosen to do what he’s meant to do before he won the first election. I got caught up all right and I heard the words from the Father Trump is sounding the trump for the second coming and I have groomed him his whole life for this purpose to be President.

Storehouse 7 - A cataclysmic warning to the world - May 27, 2021

Spirit is saying to me even this morning … to tell the people that the sign son is about to start. And I don’t know when that will be I don’t know if it will be soon as in like weeks months or even years. I don’t know but I believe the Holy Spirit said to me that the signs in the Sun will start to commence, But this will be something I believe on a worldwide level everybody will see it and it will defy the laws of physics. The Sun will do stuff that the Sun just shouldn’t do and this is a sign both to the nations and a sign to the church and it’s a sign to the nations that they have to repent. And it’s a sign to the church that we too need to repent and actually get on our knees and really take seriously the times in which we’re living in. Because the times in which we’re living in are more wicked and more dangerous than we actually can even conceive. …

I remember very vividly that vision of the Sun changing color and the crack of thunder that across the sky and the terror that fell upon everybody because God is a good God. Why would he do such a cataclysmic sign well for the church it’s to wake up and  for the world it’s to you need to repent time is running short. You cannot carry on living in wickedness and depravity ….

“It says in Luke 21 from verse 25: “There will be signs in the sun, in the moon and in the stars and on the earth, distress of nations with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring. Men’s hearts failing them from fear and expectation of things coming upon the earth because the powers of heaven will be shaken. Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.”

Timothy Dixon - Prophetic Dream: Sidney Powell/ Lin Wood.. I WILL SLAY THE GIANT AND TAKE HIS HEAD OFF../ July July - June 15, 2021

The words of a man of god we’re we’re are required by the Lord sometimes to speak things that we just don’t we wish we had other ways of speaking. We wished sometimes a pastor prophet apostle a woman man of God wish we had another way sometime. But all every word ain’t always easy every word ain’t always smooth sometimes the words that we speak are hard the one that God has been speaking about Italy my heart goes out to the people but God will not tolerate the evil that is beyond what we see. God’s grace and his mercy is for any man that will repent. But when you refuse to repent refuse to listen to the Lord you get God angry at you then and when you do you fall into a side of God that no one wants to be on. But this dream here is a powerful powerful dream it has to do with uh two attorneys. One of them is Miss Sydney Powell and the other one is Lynn Wood used to be in Georgia. …

I just know what God has showed me and something really really really big is coming here in July and then uh we’ll be at the Grand Ole Opry with brother Kent Christmas on July the 4th something big is going to take place on the 4th of July. You can mark it down and believe it the spirit of God is moving that way through all the prophets and men of god uh something is going to happen. We’re in a time of Elijah we’re in a time that the spirit of God is coming forth like never before. We’re in a time that the spoken word of the Lord is being spoken out of the men and women of God that will stand and believe in His Word. …

There was a war a place of warfare in the heavens and I looked and I knew that this warfare was going on in the heavens right now is was to stop this country and the religiousness and the power of God that liberated over the united states of America it kept every nation free it kept all countries free by the power of God. And it was trying to stomp out that very power. …I could hear voices and cries and prayers I knew that this smoke represented the prayers of god’s people and the prayers of the saints and the prayers of people and the prayers coming up to the throne and to the heavens. …
There was Revival there was something happening in the atmosphere there was something going on in the churches and you look out right now what’s going on there’s Revival in the churches in every church in every denomination and everything you can see there’s an awakening. …
He (Lynn Woods) reached down in the vest pocket and he pulled out a stone and he reached up there and he gave it gave it to Miss Sydney … Lynwood said I’ll be the stone that’ll take down Goliath and she slung that stone and it hit up there and it hit to the top …


Then He spoke these words: “This is what is coming to the earth: gatherings where I alone am being worshiped. The grandstanders of the past, and those who hunger to be emulated now, will not be allowed entry until they acquiesce to My way and My will. To join the crowd and become part of My Body is what I require of all in this revival and outpouring of My glory. [The motivation of those who gather to worship] can no longer be ‘it’s all about me [themselves]’; but in this move, it must be for all to have a true heart to gather, because ‘it is all about Thee [God].’ Grandstanders have robbed My Church by taking My glory and My attention, causi

“Where I am not worshiped, you will not find My glory or My presence. If another is being worshiped, then that god must provide, protect, deliver and heal. A spirit of entertainment – and with it idolatry – has entered My Church. It cannot be tolerated, if a move of God is your quest.”

Trump Will soon Replace the Illegitimate Rulers

In the political realm, this too is what is going on. Those who were grandstanding, demanding their way and their will, robbing My children of their freedom to worship Me, are going to be taken down. Even over a nation there can be none worshiped, or that one must save, deliver, protect, defend and provide for the people who worship and serve their masters.

This is the hour when all grandstanders will be taken down and replaced by those who have a heart like David. He was a man who sought hard after Me, longed for My presence, and steadfastly followed My leadings. These ‘Davids’ will replace the ‘Sauls’ who oppress My people and cause them to worship them instead of worshiping Me – the one true God!

As I removed Saul My way, I will remove the ‘Sauls’ who are illegitimately ruling over nations – even your own – My way, and very soon! None will remain. As all of Saul’s descendants were destroyed, so will all of those with a spirit of Saul and Jezebel be taken down. For freedom’s sake, I will do this! Yes, for justice’s sake, injustice will be dethroned.”

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - Jesus Sending legions of angels for Great Reset - June 11, 2021


Lois Vogel-Sharp - Prophecy - America's Fate - Something is about to blow - June 8, 2021

I just got moved by God to go sit in my room and he started talking to me in a poem and I have another poem that I want to read too. But this second poem that I just got just now I’m still being moved in the spirit. I can still feel the father all right he’s trying to let us know that something’s about to blow something’s about to happen …

People in great power and the world will know you are mine and that we dine while you wait for America’s fate the answer will not be late as evil will be dealt its hand. On sinking sand do you understand can you trust me today to not delay.  And rescue my chosen I know you’re left frozen the mass will be removed it will be approved. They have known for quite some time that these masks were a lie and actually allowed some to die they did not block any virus the touching of the eyes made many signs for the spreading of the corona went nova. Because it was meant to be very contagious many wiped their eyes in sorrow spreading the virus for the tomorrow. And had no clue the masks it went through I have had enough of man’s deception. They’ve lost any godly connection wait and see I will set you free from evil’s decree. To snuff out you and to snuff out me he will flee America will come back to me on bended knee. Crash crash you’ll be here at last and when you come my job will be done and you and I will become one open heart today and start to pray for this woe will not delay. And many will pay for their crimes against humanity. It’s a terrible tragedy get ready the storm is upon us and I do not want you to make a fuss. For I told you before I have to open this door it will end up fine you have to trust. My time love will see you through it for you will. Know I am with you and I will see you through love your Father who art in heaven that’s what I got …

Now listen to what he says in this poem. Everything is green around most places in the world. The dollar is about to go up in a swirl the trees will be bare. Evil don’t you swear your hands will be tied because of all your pride my kingdom will not be denied. It will seem cold as winter even though spring is here everything will disappear jobs will be lost even for the boss. You try to make America evil now you’ll deal with her people will have to see life has no blessings without me time to make your plea to set America free one nation under me the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob will never forsake her. No more food on the shelves you’ll hear the alarm of the bells this evil regime smells of wickedness greed and a total disruption it’s filled with such corruption. I love my people do not be fearful it will not last too long and I want you to continue to sing my songs of rejoicing in perfect harmony praising Yeshua and all of us three Father Son and the Spirit sing out loud. So all can hear it America will shine my light what a delight to see evil step aside and be denied rejoice my children for this is the day that the Lord has made. And we know that whole thing let us rejoice and be glad in it it’s actually a song. ..

Both poems are talking about the crash and the economic blow-up that’s about to happen. And God is telling us again we are not to fret over this and we are not to be upset about it because this is the way it has to go in order for America to come back to him. Because everybody has to see that Biden blew it even the other side has to recognize that this man is not in his right mind. None of them are up there running the thing you see how Nancy Pelosi is losing it lately the woman’s lost it because of demonic entities. They had Chuck Schumer on a video one day talking to an empty chair telling the person to get out of the chair. The chair was empty nobody was sitting in the chair who was he talking to? Think about that for a minute why was the man talking to an empty chair and telling them to move when there was nobody in the chair. Who was he talking to he was talking to a Nephilim demon sitting in that chair that he was saying hey that’s my chair move on out because spirits have rank too you know there’s the wickedness in high places which is going on in our white house … Because we walk with the king of kings and the lord of lords. So be ready prepared do what you can do and when it happens. Do not freak out because God has told us many times over this must happen in order for things to turn around and come back in the right direction.

Second video: Chuck Schumer talks to INVISIBLE MAN at the Impeachment!

Veronika West - God’s Justice Moves Within the Sands of Time - June 5, 2029

A Divine and Supernatural Circling Back is now taking place — and The Gold Signet Ring of The Synergy of The Ages.

During my time of prayer with The LORD for the Nations this morning, I saw The Finger of God drawing a line in the sand, and then I heard a loud sound of screaming and shrieking coming from deep within the Nations and I saw the powers and principalities of darkness fleeing in seven directions.

Now as I stayed watching, The Finger of God drawing a line in the sand, I felt a tangible shift taking place in the Realm of The Spirit over the Nations.

Then suddenly, I saw the line in the sand beginning to curve… and a Full Circle appeared before in the Vision.

As I looked at the Full Circle, I heard these Words, ”Watch — as My Finger of Justice now moves within The Sands of Time to draw Boundary Lines within the Nations.

For Nations are now being Realigned and Rearranged for a greater outpouring of My Spirit draws nigh.

Watch! For a Divine and Supernatural Circling Back to The Future is now taking place over the Nations of the earth.”

As I heard those Words, suddenly I saw the Full Circle become as a Gold Signet Ring upon The Finger of God, and then I heard, ”The Gold Signet Ring of The Synergy of The Ages!

Watch! For a time of Divine Overturning of demonic thrones and the shattering of the powers of foreign kingdoms shall take place!”

As those powerful Words washed over me, I heard The Spirit say, ”Watch, as My Finger of Justice now moves within The Sands of Time to bring the Nations full circle.

Watch — as My Finger of Justice begins to circle back to Redeem Time, to Restore the fortunes of Zion and to Reform a Righteous Remnant that has been scattered.

Watch — as My Righteous Right Hand goes forth to bring to full Completion and Perfection the good work that I have started within the Nations of the Earth!”

His Glory - Take FiVe: Bo Polny - June 5, 2021



it was New Year’s Eve and he said he started prop a sign that there was going to come great exposure. And he talked about how there would be the things that would begin to happen in the earth that would be a celebration. There would be a sound of a celebration now at the time we didn’t even know what this was and what are we talking about a celebration and then he talked about how he was going to expose and he was going to expose the rats. That’s what do you call them rats and he talked about how that they had left droppings are like God’s sense of humor. And that he was going to that the trail would be found out and that there would be a significant sign and he said look to the sun of the flower and it will happen between ah the first six months of the year. So you know May twenty-six is the first six months of the year he said look for the sign of the flower now people were riding saying hey this this flowers blooming this one lauer has never bloomed before. And so we’re thinking okay maybe there’s a sign in the natural flower but really what God was saying was something that scenario picked up on yesterday. There was what was called a flower blood moon eclipse that took place it’s very unique. And so the reason they call it a flower moon is because it marks an end of a particular season. Again we’re talking about a shift it you know you have a harvest moon which is what the farmers will use of times here. In the midwest as they you know continue to gather their crops the harvest moon October and so this is a flower moon and it’s a moon that is used for planting for a hearts that’s come. And get Marxist shift and it also marks something new and so god was saying watch for the sign the sign of the flower. We didn’t know what it was god was saying and he was said in the prophecy in December will get that prophecy. To you he said ah you’re you’re going to know it when you see it. …

The demonic kingdom to try to steal an election to try to still a future from our children. To try to attack our nation again remember is being preserved try to attack Israel and the enemy is about to pay.

Second Video: Prophecy by Hank Kunneman on May 23, 2021: Big Tech and Big Pharma: Bankrupt … But I see a bankruptcy coming to Big Pharma. The unmasking of what they have done – where it was more about the money that they would make in secret rather than the betterment of the people.

It’s going to be harshly dealt with by the hand of God, and it will make way – it will make way for a healing wave that will hit this planet; that will eradicate sicknesses and diseases that have plagued people for generations. .. says the Spirit of God, “that there is an unmasking that will begin to take place; and this that I speak of is…yes, the masks that they have put upon your mouths. There shall be an unmasking, a removal of the mask.” God says, “There shall be a lifting all over the states of this nation.

“Why would there be an unmasking? Because I’m going to do something very significant, and I’m going to unmask the truth regarding what they have spoken of a virus. I’m going to show and unmask who has been involved and their hands and their money that they laundered. I’m going to reveal the plot and the plan that was to steal your election. I’m going to expose in a great way and unmask the plan to create a fear that would seek to destroy a nation and steal liberty from a people.

Robin D. Bullock' - "A BOOM” Is Going To Happen - May 26, 2021

I heard the Lord say these things that you are going to see cities now where the capitals and you thought were the focus of the world for the state was on that one city. But the Lord said I’m changing cities and those who hadn’t had an opportunity and they still refuse yes Lord. I will do I say it that way yes those who dare to oppose the living God. Those who dare to stand up with arrogance and pride and say this city does what I tell it to not what God says. It will do the Lord says you have called on your arrogance and you have lied to the people and you have done these things and so now your authority and your spotlight will shift to the to the next city over for I am going to raise up mayors that will listen to me says the Lord. I am going to raise up mayors for this was a strategic time the enemy brought about where he used mayors and not governors he used mayors mayors because they controlled what was under them. But I’m telling you says the Lord there are policemen and there are people in the law enforcement and there are people in the military that believe in me and will not turn their back on me says the King and they will turn their back on you and not me. For I am going to show you some things in the next few weeks it will start and it will move and you’re going to see things change.

For I heard the Lord say there’s a new sheriff in town and it’s the Holy Ghost Nashville, Nashville, Tennessee. You are in for an awakening and it’s going to be a rude awakening for some but it’s going to be an awakening and an eye-opening for my people mayors mayors that make their wallet fat from the fat of my people they have fattened their wallets and lined their pockets and bulged them out and they stand and laugh while they pick their teeth and laugh at the people as they smother them. The Lord says you will not have your authority much longer you were given opportunity to repent and you will not repent I built up cities and you tore them down your run has come to a close I am going to raise up people now that will fill city councils and fill mayoral offices. I am going to raise them up until governors will change parties and they’ll say I was left but I don’t want to be left. I’m running right from this point on and they’ll change parties because they’re afraid they’re going to lose their position. There’ll be a sign in the sky and a boom will happen and you will say my god we heard it that night yes you did for it will surely take place surely it will happen says the Lord of grace, hallelujah. Let’s lift our hands and give him praise give Him honor come on and thank Him…

Liberty - The Return of Trump" What's coming & Seasons - May 22, 2021

… By the third year or third quarter we will see a turnaround. … You better have food stored it is coming. …

Timothy Dixon - What I Haven't Shared Yet / Backstory / NEW Prophecy - May 22, 2021

And this is what god is telling right now today God ceased to sin and he told me in the beginning there that I’ll bring it back. But he’s told me he said I’ll reveal this evil I’ll bring it out and I’m telling you before god gets through with this and president trump flies back to office God’s gonna judge every demon that has killed a child. And I’m here to tell you tonight I am here to prophesy to you that there’s a God that’s coming after you you have put this Covid virus as a lie. You have put something on America to bring to pass the evilest evilest thing that you could possibly do and that’s to bring the power of this spirit back into play that you could destroy the very thing that’s in your way. But I’ll tell you what’s going to happen to you there’s a few of you and it’s going to it’s going to be abroad you’ll come down with a plague saith the lord god almighty. Yes, there’ll be a plague that’s going to hit your bowels it’s gonna hit your intestines and you’re gonna your insides is gonna come out. Because of the evil that you’ve done God is tired God’s given you chance and he’s given you chance and he’s given you chance his mercy has reached out to you that you have refused therefore you would not obtain God in your knowledge he’s going to give you over to a retrobate mind to believe lies and be damned he’s going to turn you over to be destroyed because you’ve chosen evil God is not going to allow and I’m talking to a few of you right now. I’m talking to somebody you’re looking at me God’s not going to allow you to destroy the innocence he’s coming for you but to America.

Hank Kunneman PROPHETIC WORD - POWERFUL PROPHECY: Prepare Yourself May 22, 2021

Watch the sky.

Holly Watson - "The Truth Is Coming to Light!" - May 21 2021

The Jezebels of the house are being removed from their seat of power. The Spirit of God is releasing non-negotiable contracts with Holy Ghost conditions for seizing Jezebel from her place of prominent influence. A zero tolerance policy has been instated.

Watch for a divine coup d’etat to restore order where illegal motives have wreaked “constitutional” havoc on the pure of heart. The Repairer of the Breach has arrived! A dethroning of the plans of the enemy is nigh. The watchmen on the wall aren’t surprised – the Jehus have arrived! Coup d’etat: the removal and seizure of a government and its powers. A “stroke of state” or “blow of state.” …

Watch for more exposures to dethrone high-ranking officials from their seats of power. Watch for divine removals to strike a blow to public and private sectors, through the power of the Holy Ghost, for ushering the Body of Christ, the Church, governmental powers, and elected officials into their rightful and submitted place of influence.

Watch for the Jehus to fulfill the mandate of the Lord for bringing justice to the land. Watch for the casting down of “false idols” to usher in a move of the Spirit where the One True Living God is magnified and exalted throughout the entire world!

Chantal Ekabe - This Will Happen In July 2021, God Showed Me “This” Coming Very seriously!. - May 14 2021

Mario Murillo - California As We Know It Will Soon Be No More. - May 14 2021




Kent Christmas - Declare The Hidden Plans/ Truth Will Prevail - May 7 2021

Probably about a week ago I began to feel God speak to me and I went to prayer and God began to download the word of the Lord in me the bulk of what I’m going to give you tonight. I received in about an hour and a half in my prayer time walking around the park and I began to write down. …From the house of the Lord I have gifts and anointings that I have held back that I am now going to release to men who have walked in humility and possessed the heart of a servant I am now going to remove darkness from the nations for a season the light that will remove the darkness of satanic power is the glory of the Lord to the men and women who were wise virgins that put value on my presence. I am now dispatching angels with fire in their hands to come to the earth to light the lamps of my remnant this light which is my glory cannot be put out by a man but it will continue to get brighter until I call my bride home saith God to those who did not give up on me but have stood up my word in this battle that has been fought in this nation.

I am now going to take your seed of faith and I am going to breathe on it as I breathe on Adam my son as I begin to breathe on the breathe on the seed of faith that is in you it will be very quickly it will become a great harvest both in the natural and in the spirit realm saith God. Know this my faithful sons and daughters I am now coming quickly and my reward is with me for the next four years what you’re going to see Me do will be so powerful and miraculous that you will forget the pain and the sorrow that you have gone through from the battles of the past. This last outpouring of my glory will be filled with the faith of Abraham the praise of David the purpose of Elijah the favor of Job the protection of Esther the boldness of Peter and the revelation given to John.

This final outpouring of My glory in the earth will be indescribable and undefinable everything that I’m going to do this generation has not seen up unto this time in the next four years I’m going to touch every nation on the earth. And when glory is released from My Father in heaven it will not just start in one nation but it will be released at the same time all over the earth just when you believe that you understand this last great move of God I will shift and I will change. I am now releasing the fullness that all I have done in the earth at one time to some they will see me as the line of Judah to others they will see a lamb one moment it will look like a Revival healing of sickness and disease yet the next moment will look like the outpouring on the day of Pentecost this will not be controlled by man and it will not be ended by men. …

The world has tried to shut the mouth of the church I now shut the mouth of the wicked saith the Lord and truth will prevail …. What professors and what teachers I have taught them I will cause them in a moment to say lies lies are lies and say God. The word of the Lord that was put in them as a child shall now be released and they will come home because I am on your side saith God …

What the press will remember and what the world will remember is not sports and not Hollywood it does not matter saith God. What they say they will do I say it’s over and they will never recover saith God and I will fill their auditoriums and I will fill their arenas with my praise where they have praised men now they’re going to praise Me. And what they built for men they found out they built for me and where I’ve had to let the world finance. My kingdom now saith God I’m reversing it and I’m going to let hallelujah the world have give unto the kingdom of God the wealth of the earth for the glory of God shall be released saith the Lord.

Probably about a week ago I began to feel God speak to me and I went to prayer and God began to download the word of the Lord in me the bulk of what I’m going to give you tonight. I received in about an hour and a half in my prayer time walking around the park and I began to write down. …From the house of the Lord I have gifts and anointings that I have held back that I am now going to release to men who have walked in humility and possessed the heart of a servant I am now going to remove darkness from the nations for a season the light that will remove the darkness of satanic power is the glory of the Lord to the men and women who were wise virgins that put value on my presence. I am now dispatching angels with fire in their hands to come to the earth to light the lamps of my remnant this light which is my glory cannot be put out by a man but it will continue to get brighter until I call my bride home saith God to those who did not give up on me but have stood up my word in this battle that has been fought in this nation.

I am now going to take your seed of faith and I am going to breathe on it as I breathe on Adam my son as I begin to breathe on the breathe on the seed of faith that is in you it will be very quickly it will become a great harvest both in the natural and in the spirit realm saith God. Know this my faithful sons and daughters I am now coming quickly and my reward is with me for the next four years what you’re going to see Me do will be so powerful and miraculous that you will forget the pain and the sorrow that you have gone through from the battles of the past. This last outpouring of my glory will be filled with the faith of Abraham the praise of David the purpose of Elijah the favor of Job the protection of Esther the boldness of Peter and the revelation given to John.

This final outpouring of My glory in the earth will be indescribable and undefinable everything that I’m going to do this generation has not seen up unto this time in the next four years I’m going to touch every nation on the earth. And when glory is released from My Father in heaven it will not just start in one nation but it will be released at the same time all over the earth just when you believe that you understand this last great move of God I will shift and I will change. I am now releasing the fullness that all I have done in the earth at one time to some they will see me as the line of Judah to others they will see a lamb one moment it will look like a Revival healing of sickness and disease yet the next moment will look like the outpouring on the day of Pentecost this will not be controlled by man and it will not be ended by men. …

The world has tried to shut the mouth of the church I now shut the mouth of the wicked saith the Lord and truth will prevail …. What professors and what teachers I have taught them I will cause them in a moment to say lies lies are lies and say God. The word of the Lord that was put in them as a child shall now be released and they will come home because I am on your side saith God …

What the press will remember and what the world will remember is not sports and not Hollywood it does not matter saith God. What they say they will do I say it’s over and they will never recover saith God and I will fill their auditoriums and I will fill their arenas with my praise where they have praised men now they’re going to praise Me. And what they built for men they found out they built for me and where I’ve had to let the world finance. My kingdom now saith God I’m reversing it and I’m going to let hallelujah the world have give unto the kingdom of God the wealth of the earth for the glory of God shall be released saith the Lord.


Trump definitely knows about it because one thing that Donald Trump has is his finger on the pulse. He’s he’s a very astute businessman there’s nothing that goes on this company that he doesn’t know about there’s not a birthday that goes by that he doesn’t know and if he doesn’t …

He’s still referring to himself as the 45th president here as the statement does that mean he’s still he’s still assuming he’s 45th president under the current setup right. Well the truth of the matter is before the election took place he went to the supreme court to verify that if there was any foreign interference it would deem the election null and void and he would automatically win by default he verified that before the election. So this is just a little reminder to people that he’s actually still by default the president because of foreign interference in the old corporation but of course we’re transitioning into the new republic. …

There’s military tribunals going on there right now and they have they have i think 350 senators or what have you arrested underneath the white house they’ve kept them underneath the white house the actual white house itself within the what’s above the ground is empty. So this they’re storing people away away from well probably for security reasons because for those people who know anything about these tunnels they have massive vaults underneaths there as well where they can which are totally totally secure you can never escape. From there so i would imagine that they’re using those against them just to keep them until they’re tribunal. …

You’ve iIthink most people know that the republican party is nothing like it was nor was the democratic party um the democratic party has completely been taken over by the communist party and they’re completely controlled and so of elements of the republican party. This isn’t about that anymore it’s not about labor conservative-liberal it’s about good and evil. It’s come down to something very simple and people you’ll have your you know your deep state and your cabal who will try and convince you that it’s right-wing and it’s this it’s whatever. It’s not it’s between good and evil. …

Load of rubbish was the quantum uh voting system which we I knew was in place because I’ve been working we saw the watermark ballots the blue lights the watermark the watermark was in all of the ballots and if they didn’t have they were not legitimate so um that the evidence is absolutely damning and again the other the fun part was there was a hundred and fifty thousand mail-in votes that were found they didn’t they hadn’t even been folded they hadn’t even put been put in the mail they just printed them off but uh this, will come out. So if they’ve they’ve now found a million, wow okay I hadn’t heard that because my understanding is they’re keeping the numbers segregated based on the stations that they’re working in you know for the mail-in ballots so this that and all that. …

Pastor Regina - PROPHETIC DREAM // IT’S ALL COMING TO AN END' - May 6 2021

So we are driving to California (dream) and as we are driving we are going to take a turn. And that as we as we make that as we make that turn that that churn is going to lead us that specific highway is going to lead us to our destination to California. So we make a turn right and as we are going to turn right on that specific highway I notice that there are that there are dead mice and dead rats is scattered everywhere on that highway now there was a field to the right and there was a field to the left and all I could see as we are driving on the highway there were tons tons. I like tons of dead rats and dead mice some rats were really. Big and some of them were smaller so I would consider them to be mice and rats combined together in that in that scenery they were kind of wrapped up in a sort of blue. It wasn’t a mesh it’s like when you do laundry and there is lint that comes out of that of the laundry.
There was lint wrapped up but it was like wet lint. It was it was wet and it was they were all kind of wrapped up in this blue it was blue actually and it was wrapped up they were wrapped up in this and it was wet so I did not know exactly what had taken place. But all I knew is that there was an end to a plague of rats and mice that had polluted that field that I was passing by now when I woke up as soon as I woke up. Like as soon as I woke up I knew right away that it had to do with the United States of America. … I am not American…

This plague that has overtaken the country will come to an end there will be an end to this situation that that the American brothers and sisters are going through right now. One thing that I did not understand and in fact it was quite interesting because I was discussing with my husband pastor Robert some of you know pastor Robert when I woke up this morning I mentioned my dream to him and he said to me when I mentioned to him about the blue stuff wrapped up around these dead rats I thought well maybe it has to do with a spiritual thing that is going to take place you know like um like God’s Hand you know intervening in this situation.

But pastor Robert said to me well he said don’t forget he says that the Democratic Party is blue and I went bingo immediately it just came to me when he said that immediately it. Just in the spirit it just like it just hit me right in the spirit it was like whoa it’s almost like knowledge just came to me and it was like yes they are going to be wrapped up in the same trap that they set. See you guys you guys the same trap that they use the same tactics the same things that they use to get into power will be the same thing that will bring them to an end.

Liberty - PROPHETIC VISION: "Florida Will Make History" Florida Prophecy part 7' - May 4, 2021

Florida will go down in history for carrying my glory Florida will make history as my glory carriers they will be lifted high above the rest of the United States as a symbol of my glory they will be known they will become history makers on a mass proportion this is god’s words on a mass proportion Florida is going to become history makers on a mass proportion.

Sidney Powell: America is now a 'Communist regime' - 'They're feeding lies to the American people very single day' - May 5, 2021

“In this case it requires forensic evaluations of the machines and looking at all of the paper ballots. We already know that’s not going to match up,” she said. “There were counterfeit ballots. People were saying, ‘Oh, well they did a full audit in Georgia.’ Well, if you just keep running the same counterfeit bill through the same counting machine you’re going to get the same result.” …

 The globalist and the uni-party the cabal that pulled the strings … determined to get him out of office or murder of

Amanda Grace - LIVE His Glory SPECIAL PROPHETIC UPDATE - May 4, 2021

Charlie Ward - Victoria Reynolds | News Update Today..." - May 2, 2021

You know the fence around Washington DC that’s to keep people in. It’s to keep about 350 sentenced in there. … There’s also a military tribunal in there … The military tribunals a lot of them you know we all know about Gitmo but they’re also being done in Washington.

I had clear back on January spirit kept showing me that something was going to happen in April financially. I keep seeing the end of April, end of April. About two weeks ago I said oaky can you give me a date. Because we’re nearing the end of April and the date that was given was April 23rd and I never get a specific date. And April 23rd came and went, and I was kind of upset that April 23 came and went but apparently, something did happen on April 23rd. Yes, a lot happened on April 23rd. On 23rd was when the mega files were paid out 17 …

Mike Thompson - Heavenly Activity! - Trump's Return is on the "Radar Screen" - May 2, 2021

Trump went into office as a Cyrus he will return as a David.

Robin D. Bullock - SHOCKING Message: That Day Has Come/ "I Will Remove You" - April 30, 2021


CERN and satan (European Organization for Nuclear Research)

We are still in the time of Moses

Facebook show us your first born …

The death angel

Washington DC … staff … Earth quake in the Red Sea



Michelle Maggio - April Showers Bring... Breakthrough - April 30, 2021


Raji - President Trump COMES BACK! Puppet Show finally ENDED! - April 29, 2021

I was waiting for God because two months ago God spoke something will happen on the 28th this morning. Lord, I need to where are we and then what is that you told us something is going to shift in the 28th. … I saw the deepest the foundational ancient Pharaoh was to cut into pieces. I got the peace from God that the war is over. … How many of you believe that God is continually working mightily working? The outcome the manifestation might be delayed, but is God stopped working? No.

Lana Vawser - "The Lord Said: Do Not Dance With Confusion" - April 25, 2021

The Lord said, “The greatest move of My Spirit that you have ever seen is going to be demonstrated in the areas where the onslaught of this confusion has come.  

“Don’t move. Don’t give in. Keep standing on what I said and do not entertain doubt or confusion. Stay ferociously focused on what I have said and put your faith in Me and My goodness, and know that I am leading your every step and My supernatural confirmation will continue to crash in and astound you. In the areas where I have spoken, there will be such a great awakening that will take place by My Spirit…such deep demonstrations of My power and the coming of My glory.

“The enemy is trying to cause you to give up and ‘go to sleep’ and not continue to show up and stand in faith. But know that you stand not by your own strength…it is the empowerment of My Spirit that is meeting your choice to stand, giving you the strength to stand.

“Recognize that what is hitting you is not natural, it is a spiritual force (Ephesians 6:12), and I have given you all authority to overcome. You are overcoming and will overcome as you stand on My Word and stand in faith—as you remain close to Me. I am bringing deep refreshment and rest to your heart.” …

“It won’t always be like this. I know some of you need to hear this. You are so battle-weary, and there is a temptation to align with the expectation that the level of intensity of the battle will always be like this. My people, there will be trials and tribulations and battles, but you must recognize that you are crossing over a threshold into new ventures and new realms of destiny, and the battle increases dramatically at the threshold places.

“Know that I am with you, I have not left you, nor will I leave you. I am empowering you. I am comforting you. I am healing you. I am refreshing you. I am rebuilding you. I am strengthening you and I am bringing deep rest to your soul.

“Do not align your heart and your mind with the lies of the enemy that say nothing will ever change…you will not be living in the Promised Land, enjoying the fruit of the land. Reject those lies. Come and lie down beside the still waters as I lead you and know I am restoring your soul (Psalm 23). You will not be forsaken or overtaken, but, indeed, you are moving into a time where you will see My voice and My Spirit bring wholeness and fulfillment in the Promised Land like you have never known before.”

“Soon you will see. Soon you will see greater and greater glimpses of what I have been doing behind the scenes. Soon you will receive a greater understanding of what I have been doing and WHY the assault of the enemy has been so intense against you and the confusion has hit you so hard. VERY SOON you will see that it wasn’t all for nothing. My glory, My presence, and My power are going to be seen in these very areas of battle, and will leave you marked forever in a new and fresh way. You will be BRANDED afresh. These areas where the enemy is hitting you so hard with confusion and despair, these are areas where you are going to be baptized afresh with the fire of My love and My presence, and you will see such a mighty move of My Spirit.”

“Confusion is not from Me, and as you praise Me and take authority over this demonic spirit of witchcraft coming against many of you, My people, you will not only see this attack fall away, but you will be ushered into encounters with the library of Heaven; for some of you it will ‘be again,’ and for some of you it will be for the first time. But I am going to take you to My library through encounters with Me in dreams and in visions. These places of deep encounter with Me will see you led by My Spirit to see with greater clarity what I have written in the books of Heaven, in many different areas.

“BE EXPECTANT for these encounters. Stand against the confusion by positioning your heart in expectant hunger for Me to usher you into the library of Heaven.

“The confusion has hit so hard, not only to stop you, take you out and attempt to hinder your crossover into ‘Promised Lands,’ but also to hinder you from this deeper place of encounter with Me in the library of Heaven. My precious people, do not be discouraged or afraid but know that the victory is yours. And as you arise, stand and take authority over the attacks of the enemy, not only will you see him defeated again, and see these attacks that have been coming against you—which have been screaming loudly but really have no bite—suddenly broken, but you will be ushered into these new and deeper places of revelation.

“GET A NEW JOURNAL, GET A NEW JOURNAL ready to be filled with all I am going to show you in the library of Heaven. You will see this journal FILLED with new revelation of what I will release, and KEYS from My Word that are going to be a tool in your hand for this new era. This crossover you are entering into is not just a small breakthrough…this is a MONUMENTAL DESTINY SHIFT, where Heaven will invade Earth, ushering you into new realms of destiny to see My glory and majesty revealed.

“These encounters with Me in the library of Heaven are going to prepare you to host My glory and a move of My Spirit that is like nothing you have ever seen. …

“Do not rush, but embrace the places of encounter and preparation with Me in the library of Heaven. For the revelation I will release will be key for you in having and walking in My wisdom and strategy to carry this move of My Spirit that is upon you.”

Grace Overflowing - The Outpouring of Divine Resources - April 23, 2021

Grace Overflowing - A NEW ERA... The Coming Transformation of Church & Nation - April 24, 2021


Ralph Martin - Fr Michael Scanlan's Amazing Prophecy An Urgent Message for Today - April 24, 2021

Part 1: I came across a prophecy that father Michael Scanlon at that time president of Franciscan University gave in 1976 it was the bicentennial of the United States and uh he was speaking at a big conference they gave a very very strong prophecy. … Son of man do you see that city going bankrupt are you willing to see all your cities going bankrupt? Are you willing to see the bankruptcy of the whole economic system you rely on now so that all money is worthless and cannot support you. I want to say here you know some of this could be a little scary don’t don’t get scared don’t don’t don’t stop watching it it’s going to lead to tremendous love and tremendous hope so kind of just stick with me as we kind of work through this. Son of man do you see the crime and lawlessness in your city streets and towns and institutions. Are you willing to see no law no order no protection for you except that which I myself will give you? Son of man do you see the country which you love which you are now celebrating this was the Bicentennial of the United States it was the 200th anniversary of our founding as a country when he was giving this prophecy.  

Are you willing to see no country no country to call your own except those I give you as my body will you let me bring you life in my body on only there? Son of man do you see those churches which you can go to so easily now are you ready to see them with bars across their doors with doors nailed shut. Are you ready to base your life only on me and not in any particular structure are you ready to depend only on me and not on all the institutions of schools and parishes that you’re working so hard to foster? Son of man I call you to be ready for that for that is what I’m telling you about the structures are falling and changing it is not for you to know the details now. But do not rely on them as you have been I want you to make a deeper commitment to one another I want you to trust one another to build an inter interdependence that is based on My spirit it is an interdependence. That is no luxury it is absolute necessity for those who will base their lives on me and not the structures from a pagan world. I have spoken and it will take place my word will go forth to my people they may hear and they may not and I will respond accordingly. But this is My Word look about you son of man when you see it all shut down when you see everything removed which has been taken for granted and when you are prepared to live without these things then you will know what I am making ready. …

There’s things that are happening today that weren’t happening 44 years ago that are a partial fulfillment at least of this prophecy and there’s wisdom here for us there’s a warning here for us there’s instruction here for us that’s very relevant so let’s go over it. I’ll make a little comment on it. Son of man do you see that city going bankrupt? Are you willing to see all your cities going bankrupt? Are you willing to see the bankruptcy of the whole economic system you rely on now so that all money is worthless and cannot support you you know when when the coronavirus. …

Part #2: The amazing prophecies that we’ve been sharing over the last several weeks from father Michael Scanlon … I spoke about last week from his 1980 prophecy. Where he says you will have to choose what word you will follow and who you will respect and in that choice what has not been accomplished by the time of blessing and gifts will be accomplished by purification and it goes on to say there’ll be a fire coming. It’s a fire of love but it’s also a fire of purification the fire will move among you and will burn out what is chaff. The fire will move among you individually corporately in groups and around the world. I will not tolerate the situation that is going on I will not tolerate the mixture and the adulterous treating of gifts and graces and blessing with infidelity sin prostitution. What you need to do now is to come before me in complete surrender to my word and my plan in the submission of this hour. What you need to do is to drop the things that are your own the things of the past and I think what he’s really talking about here is not only the things that were attached to not only the physical things. And not only the physical structures but the false thinking we need to drop the lies of the world that we’ve come to accept we need to drop.

Michelle Maggio - TIME FRAMES: Everything is Going According to G0D's Time Frame, not ours! - April 22, 2021

The conversation I had with the Lord was this I asked him I said you know Lord there were all these deadlines right which we just went through. There was November there was January sixth deadline. There was the January 20 deadline okay then some people were talking there was a March deadline. These are what I would consider some sort of time frames right. They were chunks of time and we expected or at least a lot of people that I know expected the Lord to move on our behalf. It could be just in your personal life too. You know you could be you know looking at your watch and saying gee Lord I’m this age and I really thought his would have happened by now right. Or I did this this and this and you didn’t move yet and I thought you would have moved already. …
So what he said to me is that people including myself are getting impatient with the Lord. They’re getting impatient with Him and they want Him in his time frame okay. They want him to move up his time frame to match our time frame. And the Lord very specifically said no that’s not how this works okay. Because he knows better than all of us he really does. He knows better than all of us put together. So we need to adjust our time frame to his. He doesn’t move to match our time frame we move to match his okay. So when I was speaking to him about all these deadlines which I was you know there was November and then I thought and then there were like several court cases that happened right …
So when I was talking about it I said you know Lord all these time frames these sort of deadlines passed and this is exactly what he said to me okay. He said Michelle so is this what you’re saying you’re saying to me the inventor of time the one who transcends time the one who is in all time meaning he’s in the past the present and the future at the same time. And the one who move when it is according the right time the exact right time in the fullness of time for whatever it is he brings forth. You’re telling me that you want me to meet and this and this is exactly what he said. He said political calendar deadlines you want me to according to the political calendar deadlines wait that he said created by politicians and that’s the way he said it. He leaned forward and said politicians really slow.

Mark Taylor POWERFUL MESSAGE! Trump Will Back At it One More Time - April 22, 2021

Panic in the higher order even these guys know that he is coming back. … These guys are panicking because they know what is coming. 

Hank Kunneman - North America the Great - April 16, 2021

A new United States that it would spill over into Canada and that Canada would begin to see there would be major reforms that would come as the people will begin to realize in Canada just like the United States that their freedoms are being threatened and taken from them. I am here to tell you there is a new America that is coming or a new North America I’m going to call it this America the Great. And it’s going to be North America the Great, Mexico, United States, and Canada. So we need to hold our course and be bold and watch on how things begin to shift and what God wants and that is North America the Great including the United States.

Apparition of Christ Jesus - March 28, 2021

New Israel will rise …

Allow the doors of the hells to be closed again. …

I come to bring you the light of consolation. …

To bring the end of this pandemic. …

Rest in my arms the battle that this whole world is experiencing. …

Charlie Shamp - Stunning Message About KAMALA HARRIS - April 15, 2021

I was taken to Washington DC and in this encounter, I was shown a massive storm, as well as a natural that would go through Washington DC and the Lord, spoke to me and we released that prophetic word … And it was all about the restoration and the rebuilding of America and that there would be a prophetic sign that would come over the White House. It would be a double rainbow that would manifest over the White House and that it would be a sign that the Lord is bringing restoration to the United States.

Jeff Jensen - Darkness Was Pushed Out - Nation Began To Flourish Again" - April 15, 2021


Pastor Stan continues to talk about Pastor Dana Coverstone's latest dream called: "Rats in the sewer" - April 15, 2021


Timothy Dixion - The Beast of, will be destroyed/ President Donald Trump will return the high SET - April 14, 2021

And the Lord told me You’re witnessing a battle, you’re witnessing where satan is fighting and pushing against the Host of heaven. And that is the atmosphere and stratosphere that you see in the changes going on and the battle is to destroy the nation … He told me said you’re witnessing a battle of a satanic power of fire that is to destroy this great nation is what the Lord as we set on his chariot. He said that all the eyes of the world is upon America. All the eyes of the world is upon this country. Why? Because our freedom, our freedom dictates to Indonesia if you’ll be free. The freedom of this country tells if China is going to be free. If Russia is going to be free. Because this great nation over here in between these waters God has chosen it to send this Gospel across this world. And the winds met and when they did they bottlenecked down into a bottle. And downward is as they went the wars to see in the earth and they blew upon the seas and as it blowed upon the water blowed upon the seas there was a beast is the best way I know to describe it. …

In my dream the ocean floor shifted … and something shifted in the crust under the floor. it was like everything became angry the animals the fish and the seas knew that there was an alliance. Knew that there was a power of you could see it that everything know that there was taking place something coming in align very powerful move hand of God that he’s fixing to do immediately. …

I seen a beast come up out of the sea … this beast started digging a tunneling digging a tunnel l underneath the earth. Is seen it in the United States. …It started in Washington State …

A people of the saints … revival … I seen death that begin come across the nation to the evil. I seen sicknesses. I’ve seen God’s hand turn because the people that would do anything such a thing done to the people of this country. If anybody can bring such a satanic attack of sickness and cause a sickness that would literally kill hundreds and thousands. God’s got your number coming your time is coming. Your time’s coming I see sickness hitting this evil bunch that has took over these political offices. And I don’t have to prove myself. God’s fixing to prove himself because He’s fixing to save this country how every he has to save it. God is going to stand up in this hour, but I’ve seen sicknesses as they started going out and God’s supernatural power. I know people don’t believe it but the hands of God began to go out through the land. …

Katie Souza - Release the Fire of God - April 10, 2021

Chuck Pierce - THIS DANGER AHEAD - April 13-2021

Mike Thompson - Visatation: People, Rejoice! Revival & "Return of the King" - April 13-2021

2nd Vision: Lion’s Army Pt.2 – Beware of “Lying Unity”

Video 2:

Those who moved on (regarding the election) are actually stuck in the time and system of the lower level concerning the physical realm. Those who won’t let go of the demand for justice the writing of the wrong are the ones who are moving in the time and the system of the higher level.


God’s coming through for us … God told me Pentecost 50 days after Passover, Pentecost Pentecost is in May um … but 50 days after Passover time he’s restoring our President back into office. And we are going to see all these people who stole the throne crown themselves you’re going to see a greater biggest explosion. They’re all coming down the UN the deep state all these evil leaders in America the judgment of God shall come upon all the wicked leader in Amerca. … And then I wanted to tell you about the connection between President Trump and the Revival and the bloodline of David. … He’s trying to push his agenda and stop the Revival …

His plans and purpose cannot be stopped. Nothing can stop God. Nothing can stop what’s coming and God’s gonna show himself real show up show off show out. An act of God, a move of God, Biblical move of God and it shall usher in Awakening and it shall usher in Revival. The wicked their time’s up and when God is saying he’s taken out the firstborn of everything the enemy owns the devil’s platforms and his thrones the deep state the UN system. All these evil regimes. All of around the world globally evil God’s crushing them to the ground. ….

Amanda Grace Talks - AN INCREDIBLE AND POWERFUL WORD FROM THE LORD!! - April 7, 2021

Mike Thompson - Jezebel, Moses & Trump: What Does God Say about the Election? - April 7, 2021

There is a thumb on the scale. …

Moses with his staff raised above the earth … “The miraculous is being released.”

Kat Kerrs And Manuel Johnson URGENT Message: A GREAT RESET Is Going To Happen - April 5, 2021


There are two major things standing in the way of satan’s plans that is the church and the United States. Okay, because we get the Gospel out saints we get it right already over 90% of the Gospel comes from the United States 24×7.

Video #2 — 90 days we are in the middle of 90 days where God will sake the country.

Amanda Grace - April 2, 2021

Praise be to the Lord God Adonai, who sent His son Jesus Christ, Yeshua to the earth, to be Emmanuel, God with us, dwelt among us, and paid a debt on the cross we could not pay to reconcile us to a Father we were separated from. To His name be all the Glory honor and power forever and ever, Amen…

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day…Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount UP with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary and they shall walk and not be faint or grow tired says the Lord.

Now is a time My children of great Pressure and a Great Pressing, for as My children press toward the mark of the high calling, the wicked shall find themselves being Pressed, they shall find themselves at the threshing floor, for I the Lord shall thresh the wicked and as that occurs what has been concealed shall come out and forth before the people of this nation says the Lord of Hosts this day.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day an Ayatollah and a dragon have merged in agreement, with the purse prize being the destruction of Israel, 2 countries who are set to be threshed have merged in an attempt to harm My firstborn Israel, two countries who serve a principality, in whom they govern now the time has come for them to be threshed doing the bidding of these bloodthirsty, vain entities, who have now reluctantly come into agreement to influence the men who are so their slaves and servants to change their focus to Israel first and its brother America, the eagle, second.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, the agreements that have been made are as dust in My sight, they are fallible meaningless contracts, murder for hire, what has laid hidden in the dark shall be brought out into the light and be placed at the threshing floor and I the Lord shall smack down on both nations and beat and press what has laid hidden in the dark out into the light.

A chain reaction, a chemical reaction shall be triggered that shall destroy labs and nuclear cooking pots in both countries, as the temperature is raised, and boils take place says the Lord of Hosts. For they shall be squeezed as other countries so go on high alert as they see this unholy blasphemous creature that has emerged from Persia and the Muslims and the Hindus shall squabble for their demons are very territorial and so infighting, squabbles, and calculated attacks on relations so shall occur as even Israel gets into their motherboard and tightly guarded labs and so explosions shall you see as the mouth is shut off the dragon speaking blasphemies against My children, for the agreement with My enemies and the enemies of My firstborn so I the Lord shall shake those nations and leadership so shall be struck and fall a domino effect that reaches across both countries, ring around the Rosie a pocket full of posey ashes, ashes they ALL fall down, and plagues and boils it shall be as rats consume them for plotting to harm the covenant nations I the Lord have so protected…

For betraying their oath.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day this shall be a memorable time for even intricate military blueprints and operations shall be discovered that will make paper clips and Moabs dwarf in comparison, for I the Lord of Hosts am dealing with Moab, and exposing the components of a counterpart.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day an exodus into the border the flood of those looking to capitalize so there shall be a striking at the border that causes many to turn back as I the Lord God see the attacks and who they have woven into such migrants and wanderers, those with the blueprints for a coordinated attack that touches down on different points on the map, and monuments and hubs of cities alike, it shall be exposed as it is set to execute.

An internal struggle within the military shall cause a dispute and a civil war internally where office shall oppose officer to get the chains cut and free that those who serve the principality of DC so attempted to lockdown. However, I the Lord thy God am opening up the vault, and officers, generals, and those at sea alike shall be disgraced and exposed for betraying their oath for entitlements and empty promises from wicked serpents who destroy whom they use, a huge; huge blowing of a fuse will expose an issue so carefully concealed and I the Lord your God shall deal harshly with whom have communed with the serpent, the dragon, and the prince of Persia for I the Lord your God have issued decrees and judgments for the grace has ceased and the cries of My people I the Lord am so responding to in this hour.

By this time next year, things will look different in the country of the eagle, there shall be a turn and a redirecting as those I have anointed are sent back to finish a task and order not yet complete, and I the Lord am making a way for this MAJOR SWEEP, of security, military, government and the church alike many will be pushed out by force as I the Lord am from My throne speaking ORDER in this hour, LAW and ORDER against a lawless people for I the Lord am decreeing a thing and it shall be.

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day, there shall be a resurrection in this country, for the eagle shall not die but live MY children, PROPHESY TO THESE BONES THAT THEY SHALL LIVE, SPEAK LIFE, LAW, AND ORDER AND A PURGING OF ALL THAT IS UNHOLY AND UNJUST, For MY rulings are set to do a sweep of this land, a sweep that will reach to the election in Israel, a sweep that will reach to the north and southern parts of the continent North America says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, watch southern New Jersey and where Washington crossed the Delaware River says the Lord, for I am bringing into formation those I have so-called to work as a unit, the prophetic and the military alike coming together for such a time unlike any other time, and forming a spiritual special forces that I the Lord shall lead, and it will be a light in a dark place and navigate them through the obstacles at hand, for I the Lord see every crevice and warehouse they have hidden their plans, and hangers as well, planes containing their stock that they so use to build their bots and their programs alike that are linked to a wave of crimes stretching across the globe to Israel and the northern and southern parts of North America alike.

A Burning bush this you shall see as past presidents families now in this time are pressed and family wealth burned for their crimes for I the Lord have decreed it and sealed that judgment for the time of grace for the wicked have thinned out and one after the other shall fall down, suddenly many shall drop to the floor and be no more for I the Lord shall settle a score that goes back to a speech four score and seven years ago our forefathers…

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day summer fruit in spring as I the Lord accelerate to do My will, things shall pick up the pace My children so ensure your armor is on and you are equipped for this burst of speed that shall occur to so bring My plans and purposes to intersect quicker for the sake of your nation America, the eagle is rising as I the Lord speak life into a somewhat lifeless body and command you to live Oh eagle and to take up your mat and walk, and your sins shall be purged and cleansed I shall gut this nation down to the studs to expose the framework hidden behind the walls of unexpected areas says the Lord.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day the dragon shall make a store(strong) advance at sea with the backing of Persia in order to steal and take territory not theirs to claim, so I the Lord shall stir up the waves and cause catastrophe to hit those ships as many will turn around. After a string of attacks and unexplained accidents so force a major turn, so as the container ship was so turned I shall do the same to the fleet of the dragon and they shall be driven back for who they shall point their canons at to attack, the Philippines are crying out says the Lord I have heard the cries of those faithful ones and I the Lord shall protect them from wicked advancements upon their land says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day a bomb in Russia watch and see will cause opposition to arise against former allies and against Iran alike as a major event in Russia causes a BEAR of an issue says the Lord of Hosts.

The dragon has spun a web and those who have so attached markets and economies shall crash as I the Lord completely remove MY hand, however, the underground church I shall protect as their holograms and ideograms (is a graphic symbol that represents an idea or concept, independent of any particular language, and specific words or phrases) and telegrams shall be found out says the Lord of Hosts.

A message intercepted that will stop a major attaCK.

A worse fall for the ailing leader as a MAJOR problem arises that cannot be explained and soothsaid away, and a slip of the tongue shall expose their next moves as cabinet members and VPs already have their redecorating and reprogramming blueprints in hand just waiting for the time to PUSH but instead, they all shall be PRESSED BY THE LORD GOD ADONAI AND SQUEEZED TO THE POINT OF SUCH SCRAMBLE AND PANIC THAT I THE LORD SHALL CASE(CAUSE) (to look someone or something over carefully, with a view to additional activity at a later time) THEM TO FALL INTO THEIR OWN PITS FOR THEIR NAMES ARE SO MARKED ON THEM AND HAUGHTINESS IS LULLING THEM RIGHT TO SUCH.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, bridges, trains, cargo, and shipping, watch says the Lord just watch.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day I am muzzling those who have abused their powers and platforms, as I tore the Kingdom away from Saul, I am tearing away those platforms and positions from those who have so abused them and giving them to who I the Lord deem righteous and worthy of such. I THE LORD DECIDE SUCH WITHOUT YOUR OPINIONS FOR YOU DO NOT SEE THE HEART AND I DO AND TAINTED MOTIVES HAVE CAUSED RABID SHEPHERDS AND SPOKESMEN AND WOMEN AND I THE LORD HAVE COME TO PUT THEM DOWN.


There shall be a fall down the stairs, as Joe and Jill have attempted to trample on My Hill, and here shall be a tumbling down and a LOT shall go with for I the Lord truly see the strings and pharmacia ingested and injected to achieve a lucidity, a clotting is occurring and TAPS is on the Horizon as the sun sets on the Biden’s, Eli and his wicked sons, the whole lot shall be purged by the hand of the Lord, however, the country needs to learn a grave lesson says the Lord and return unto Me and Holiness for this to TURN, for you are at the precipice if you shall take the Word, your sword and speak it and BE BOLD and BRAVE as I the Lord your God lead you in this Parade, the Charade shall be exposed a strike to the head of social media giants, shall be the wound that causes a fall heard round the world.

Pray and Listen be watchmen and Women as I the Lord announce through My prophetic voices and anointed Children the shofar is being blown and the walls and gates are set to fall, be ready to take a stand as I the Lord send the captain of MY ARMY to lead you in this quest it shall be miraculous and a trembling to the wicked for the fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.

That right now My Children, as I move in ways that My children and the wicked alike shall know that I AM GOD I AM…Thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts in the name of Yeshua, Jesus, who died for your sins so you may live, life is a gift treat it as such…..

Posted by Ark of Grace Ministries at 7:32 PM


Albert Milton - The LORD is opening a WAY that no man can close! Prophetic Word Over America! PUSH 777 - April 3, 2021

Deborah - Prophetic Word: November 3rd started God's Timer & They only have the Praise for 7 months! - April 3, 2021


The angel is saying time shall be no more. Time of the reign of the wicked will be no more. So you guys I wanted to get on here and confirm this God is speaking and I am praising God. I am praising God. We are going to see him move and act, it shall be Biblical what only God can do.

Amanda Grace and Jim Stockstill Talking Judgement - April 2, 2021

… The Iron Curtin the Berlin Wall is about to fall.

Amanda Grace - "The Combinations Will Now Unlock - Shocking Country"-Said The Lord - April 1, 2021


This is going to be an unveiling of wickedness where we are going to see things as they really are. …

Once this truth comes you will once again be one nation under God. This truth will bring about a great unification of your country. …


Juan O Savin interview - the plan is still in place and the military recognizes Trump as President, not Biden. GREAT INTERVIEW! - April 1, 2021

JUAN O SAVIN's Prophetic Vision 'Unplugged Bards' FM #1 and 2 -April 1, 2021

Dutch Sheets - POWERFUL Prophecy: Stand Strong - Breakthrough - America Shall Be Saved - April 1, 2021

Third Great Awakening

Restore ancient foundations.

We are about to see God’s hovering power.


The very chaos that you see is because we are winning no doubt about it. The enemy is so engaged, alarmed, upset right now and how could you possibly explain the vitriol the hatred toward our President other than it being demonic. I mean I don’t care what you think about the man’s past. I don’t like his past either I just believe that God redeems. But how can you possibly explain it any other way? How can you explain an entire industry forfeiting its integrity and its assignment as a journalist and people that are unbiased just report facts how can you possibly explain an entire media abandoning that because of one thing they’re hatred for one person. And it’s not really, I don’t think they know this but it’s it’s that they had what he’s doing he stopped a runaway train. Now he can’t fix it by himself and he’s not a Messiah, but he’s just arrogant enough bold enough stubborn enough it’s just God’s just using that. …

But there’s this hatred now of that because the Left, the anti-christ crowd. Those that oppose Biblical morality, life all of these things had such momentum. 50 years of momentum and the blood of the innocent feeding principalities and powers in this nation and and and just an incredible momentum. This wave of darkness of of turning away from God an entire nation and and this man. But also a movement of the church finally began to awaken and say we are not going to let this happen. And these powers of darkness and the people that they use are just furious with what God’s happing. But what we have to remember when we see all of this is America shall be saved and the deep state it’s going to keep being exposed. God is cleansing the people are going to go to prison. No question in my mind. …

Ancient boundaries one of the things that’s going to be significant about this the Third Great Awakening. The First Great Awakening helped solidify and establish and launch this nation into who we are. The Second Great Awakening was correcting Awakening, Civil war the turmoil the drifting away from God. God sent a Second Great Awakening to get us back on track. The Third Great Awakening will reconnect us to our destiny as a nation. The Third Great Awakening is not just about salvation that’s right that will happen. That’s going to be amazing people set free, and healed, and delivered, and millions of people coming into the kingdom. But one of the things for America that it will do is it will reconnect us firmly, strongly, to these ancient markers in other words. I will reconnect us to our destiny as a nation.


Power Hour - "What's God Saying to the nations and 'His church?" Ep.144 - April 1, 2021

The Lord says you will become spiritually alert. You will become spiritually alive and you will partner with Me and you will overturn unrighteousness, says the Lord. … The spirit of Elijah is coming to the church to overthrow the enemy and the spirit of Elijah is coming in the form of the Elisha arising. This double portion this double anointing … It is the second generation the young..

Video #2: We have built a church structure that satan has rights to infiltrate. … The rule of the world in the New Testament … What does satan actually rule? Well that satan rules the power of the air the ruler of the world in the new testament Greek is the word cosmos. And cosmos means this it means human systems human governments. Satan does not own the earth he was sent here by God and he had rights over human systems and human governments and human structures. Are we understanding that is why God says and Samuel in the Old Testament says you don’t want a King because a Gkling is a man-made systems? And when you have a man-made system satan has rights to it. This is really important stuff and you may need to listen to this again. Satan has rights according to Ephesians 2 verse 2 in man-made systems and man-made governments. God owns everything, okay so everything within us should cry out I want a godly structure. I want a God-made system. I want a governmental organization straight from heaven. I want my church to be structured as it is in Heaven. Because if I dare build a man-made system. If I dare create a system that I think will work. But it is not backed by God I have given rights to satan. …

His Glory Programs - Take Five: Special Guest Bo Polny - March 29, 2021



One of the headlines said this is the Red Sea moment. … And the Lord starting comparing this ship to the nation and to this situation. He [God] said you are going to see this miracle this unusual thing will happen. And he said in this is going to be a sign that I am righting the ship again I am turning this ship righting this ship again. … This is a major prophetic sign. This whole thing is about to turn something going to give way now. ….


Passover and God is showing me that this is significant. He is coming over us this Passover and there shall be deaths in the enemy’s camp. There shall be deaths in those who fight against him and the angel shall of death is coming over and there will be deaths in the enemy’s camp. And we are in Passover right not all the way up through uh the fourth um to the fourth. It started on the 27th but I wanted to show you what he showed me over the weeked that was the parting of the read seas. … we are at the Red Sea and what he showed me you guys over the weekend. I have got to tell you. When I heard there was ship blocking and it had to do with the Red Sea. I started doing it was like God was zooming in. … This is so significant and so parallel to the time we are with the parting of the Red Sea. You guys it has to do with Egypt and the Red Sea it has to do with the canal and God. It was an intervention of God that blocked this ship stopped it right in its tracks. It was like angels were around the ship. It was like an intervention of God that stopped it and blocked it. And it was like God was showing me this was in the birth canal this is in a canal. Like he is like everything that has been in the hidden or the secret like when you’re pregnant and you can’t see it burst push out all of it gets into the light all of it gets birth a full birthing and of everything that has been hidden and secret birthed right there in Red Sea. In the Red Sea where God parts the seas and stops the enemy right in his tracks. You guys this is significant, this is prophetic. This is a sign from God. … This is going to pave the way for a Jesus revolution an Awakening and a Revival. … Nothing can stop what is coming.

Hank Kunneman -[A THROWING OUT & THROWING UP] A New Season PropheticWord - March 28, 2021

I am the God who is bringing forth at this time a new season. You say but Lord do you not understand how bad things are and how bad things are getting and how bad things will become. I am not listening to those words for if I listen to words such as you speak Lazarus would have remained in the grave. … And the Son of God would never have come and raised with resurrection power of newness of life. I have said you are coming into the new and I have not changed my mind. Therefore your politics will change and new will come and it shall be better says living God.

Your schools elementary, junior high, high school, universities shall quickly behold the new for there shall be a throwing out and throwing up of the vomit that have been of a prior season where they have tried to indoctrinate your children. This shall not be the new era that I speak. There shall be new networks that will arise the land United States and the other ones shall be flushed. I said flushed, and this I speak of a double meaning with the embarrassment of what they have aligned themselves with. But they too shall be flushed down and gone. A new network shall arise that shall bring truth to the people and it is coming quickly says the Lord and it shall be the people’s network. There will be new sitcoms, new movies that will ban sexual scenes, nudity, and even language. You say but are you serious God have you seen America. Have you seen My future? Have you seen the new era that I have declared? Your dollar bills will look different, your coins as new arise gold silver new look of your currency. Your back accounts shall look new. Your laws shall not be as through they sign executive orders do not make me laugh says the living God. I will turn over the executive orders the legislation that they think they can get by with as I turned over the tables I’ll turn these over and new laws shall come that shall bring …freedom and liberty to your United States. I did not say bondage I said freedom and liberty shall come this is the news. There shall come new technology that shall come upon the land and God say you say what technology do you speak of. I shall bring you back to the days of creation. I shall bring you back to technology through light, technology through water and through technology of the earth. …

What I speak to you says the living God is truth. Therefore watch for you’re in the season I said it will be a special Passover. Too may are setting event, times, their own season and then criticizing when it does not happen is through the way that they throught. It’s because say the Lord that I’m not goonna doe it I’m all ready in the process of doing it. The new I speak of is not a future event you must speak in agreement with me behold …

Hank Kunneman - "2 Significant Events Will Happen in 1 Day! Prophecies is Opening" - March 21, 2021

Close when it looks as though that things are getting darker. Did you forget what I said when I said that there is a revolution that is upon you United States and it is a revolution of my light that overcomes darkness and my light shall prevail. My truth shall prevail, my justice shall prevail my righteousness shall prevail and I shall do something very soon for it has already begun. Do not say God when shall you act God when shall you move. I have already begun and it is in process but it shall accumulate it shall build and what shall begin to break forth shall cause mouths to drop open as there will be first information that shall be revealed.

And men shall say is this true did this really happened to God God says the evidence and the information that is about to come and not just be revealed you United States. But shall be revealed to the world the media ill say this is misinformation this is conspiracy. But God says listen the spirit of truth shall prevail in this time and so shall the evidence and the things that have been done in secret shall come to the top and the light shall expose the darkness of the dark deeds. This is the time that I’m speaking of say the living God. It is not the time of darkness. It is not the time of the end of all things. But it is the time says the Lord of my great showing off my great showing up, and I will prove to the scornful. I will prove to the marker. I will prove to the scoffer. I will prove the doubter. I will prove to those who have said this shall not happen that this that I speak of is about to bring forth a great celebration shall not only be upon you United States but shall reach the world. What I’, about do for I will take away the old that I may establish the new in the new era, new currency, new evaluating, new generation new laws overturning of that which they thought they could do this is a new season that my people it’s beginning to rain. …

And with the great removals that will take place I will establish my plan. I will establish my faces for those plants and I will establish what my agenda has been to make this nation great for this is the season that you are in. Do not be alarmed of those who are already are removed from the earth. It will be known and revealed those that shall be removed from their place. Do not be alarmed even of the stench of death begins to fill the airwaves of those who shall be brought to justice. Those who shall turn upon their own sword. And there shall be a great fleeing that shall take place as it was in the days when the Egyptian Army realized that there was a supernatural intervention of God that had come. And they said we must run for their God fights for them. You you will see with your eyes that I am and I shall fight greatly for justice, greatly for righteousness and I shall fight greatly for this nation says the Lord. …The Lord says quit putting your time frame on it quit identifying your day but know that I am planned this year to be year that I have declared you you will see 2021 there shall be there will be continual victories and yes there will be some fights and I speak God says spiritual fights. But there’ll also be that which they will try to resist and they’ll try to cover up what I’m going to continue to reveal and to expose. But God says they are kicking against me now. … Something very unusual will happen mark it down where you will see that God did something a day and there will be a significant event that will go thank you, Lord. There will be two specific events that will happen in one day. One will happen in the morning and one will happen in the evening just be for the turning of another day. And you will say look at these two significant events that have happened on one day. When you see this you will understand that I am breaking off the reproach the iniquity the plan and the hold of the enemy in one day and you’ll see in your morning and you will see it in your evening. But it shall be a sign of the deliverance that I am bringing upon the nation but not just you the United States but for the nations of the earth says the living God.

Annmarie Strawhand - Prophetic Word: Exposure Happening! Prepare Yourselves! - March 26, 2021

The Lord revealed an intense word regarding what to expect and prepare for over this Passover season to Annamarie after taking communion during her Friday broadcast

Timothy Dixon - Justice prevail/President Trump/ victory/ The anointed judges - March 21, 2021

God is shaking Italy. … because you’ve interfered with something you should not have done.

Repent of this interference with the United States. The Lord told me you interfered and bad.

“Today we battle but tomorrow we sing.”

Amanda Grace Talks: DARKNESS WILL FALL - A WORD FROM THE LORD - March 20, 2021

Amanda Grace & Manuel Johnson: SUPREME COURT - Foundation Shall Be Shifted and Shaked - March 21, 2021

Amanda Grace text – 3.10.21

Praise be to the Lord God the everlasting King of Kings, who is our Sovereign God, a loving and merciful who rules from a throne of Righteousness and Judges all peoples nations and tongues righteously. And to His Kingdom, there is no end!!!

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day, now is a time of great movement from the highest seats of government and leadership, to deep within the earth, to fault lines, to My plans and MY purposes being carried out says the Lord of Hosts.

For I the Lord God hear the cries of My people, of the ones I call faithful, faithful servants who have continued to stand in faith and stand in the gap for your nation of the eagle, your nation of declaration for I the Lord your God made a covenant with This nation. I the Lord keep MY covenants, I do not keep deals made by corrupt men, demons and devils says the Lord, for they are as dust in My sight and My presence, they hold no weight in MY courts says the Lord of Hosts.

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day, this is why the government rests upon MY shoulders, however, corrupt men who made blood covenants and contracts have attempted to make their leadership, their elections, their agreements hold up within MY court says the Lord and they hold no such weight for doctrines of man, man-made, flawed, fallible, deceptive agreements. I the Lord do not make such agreements, I do not make or create fallible doctrines, and in this hour the dogma of corrupt men and groups filled with darkness have solidified such, to set themselves up as Herod, flawed political agreements with demons striking such deals, the spirit that dwells and resides in the political arena has an insatiable thirst for power and influence, is beyond greedy and knows not what loyalty is says the Lord of Hosts this day.

And Says the Spirit of the Lord this day, this shall be a memorable Passover for I the Lord God shall put an exclamation point on such and foundations shall be shifted and shaken as even the Supreme Court shall feel what I the Lord God have set out to do, for a power struggle has ensued behind the scenes of the courts a hostile takeover says the Lord as they have sold their powers off to the highest bidder for men are filled with lawlessness and do not fear the law because they have taken control of the law and make and manipulate their own, do what thou wilt is not the whole of MY LAW says the Lord of Hosts and My righteous laws are touching down and being carried out in many areas of life, not only personally but up to the highest seats in the land says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, the breath of MY Word the breath of God shall be blown on areas of this land as My Spirit moves amongst a restless people, an unexpected fall around the time of Passover shall leave leadership shaking in the church and in the governmental arena for behind closed doors the church has struck deals with the government in order to try and save themselves and their buildings and empires dangerous deals have been made that do not rest upon the doctrine of MY WORD BUT upon the doctrine of “every man for himself” for the business machine of the back office of the church including indulgences is being put under a microscope for there are those who have forgotten one needs MY favor and an anointing from the Lord their God to go forth in ministry and be blessed and protected as webs have been spun all over to attempt to ensnare leadership and the church says the Lord, they find themselves making deals with heads of state and spinning themselves even more in their web, covered in cob webs says the Lord and a power wash is coming, is upon the house of God as many churches are merely empty stone and wood where My presence does not dwell, the glory is departing as some have flipped and flopped like a fish out of water, there are some who see their chance to attack and hit those standing for truth out of a very flawed conglomerate of pieced together doctrines that make MY WORD look like patchwork says the Lord when My WORD is living it is active its is sharper than any two edged sword penetrating to the dividing line of soul and spirit of joint and marrow and is a DISCERNER of the thoughts and intents of the heart. It is transforming it is weighty it is meat to the soul, healing for the wounds inflicted by a fallen world. However, there are those who have risen up in the midst. For I the Lord God took My hand and wrote in MY will and MY promises. However, they are causing the people to doubt and err even more so as they continue to play the blame game to elevate themselves on such an intellectual peak. However, says the Lord many shall tumble off that peak now as a sudden change in direction in this country will leave many speechless who had no vision and discernment to see the writing on the wall, For I the Lord God took My hand and wrote on the wall a judgment against King Belshazzar for praising the gods of wood and gold and silver elevating himself, forgetting that I the Lord appoint kings and leaders and I the Lord in moments can as well remove them.

I the Lord am writing on the wall of this country I am calling out to the ones who have dwelled in frustration and anger and resentment to surrender to ME FULLY and MY PLANS for their work is not done. Confusion, conflicting stories have created a thick smog in the atmosphere in this country meant to cause men and women to put their trust in a man instead of in ME the Lord their God, for if I remove Kings in a day I can raise them up in a day, if I the Lord can change the governmental layout of a country in a day, for look at what I did in Egypt with Joseph in a day a Hebrew was now commanding Egypt and leading one of their largest undertakings for storehouses ever done.

I the Lord your God can do beyond what you could ever think in a single day, and I the Lord am set to twist and knot the inner workings of operations in the corporate sector that have willfully and defiantly tried to scrub Me the Lord from the people from their thoughts bombarding them with tainted and corroded news that literally in the realm of the spirit is like little black spiders going across the land and infiltrating the mind with all thoughts of darkness and distracting, and they spin their webs in the mind and around you and attempt to paralyze the plans of God say the Lord. However says the Lord MY WORD the SWORD cuts through the webs for the enemy is frantically spinning web after web the marching orders to the media is to speak to alter the soul and cause you to become a lifeless vessel, where the Glory departs and their dark web and chains dictate your path in life ripping you from the path I the Lord God have set out and chosen for you. The heaviness and tiredness and fatigue you feel is from the spiritual poison in the news, GET THE NEWS OFF and come to ME for your NEWS and INSTRUCTION says the Lord of Hosts, do not let the enemy speak into your life and alter your spiritual DNA which like poison affects your physical earthly bodies says the Lord of Hosts. A Purging and exposing of the toxins in the realm of the Spirit says the Lord, yes these toxins have names and I the Lord shall in even greater depth expose the workings of the spiritual realm and the toxins that go forth like poison into your soul that alters every behavior in your life.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, leave the path of oppression for in the spring I have set before you a new path and a new chapter, and the load shall lighten and those dusty chains shall fall off as deliverance is arising for My people as the serpent coils and constricts around those in the world and shall squeeze some even unto death who have given their life over to serving the serpent, the enemy shall not ambush those I am setting on a new path, opening a new chapter for as a deeper healing in the soul, spirit, body, and mind shall occur in the lives of many and it shall sharpen and intensify the gifts I have put in them. In this season says the Lord you shall see with sharper vision, hear with a sharpness and clearness that will bring Glory to My name, you shall walk in an extraordinary faith and you shall see what others around you cannot receive it in Jesus name as I the Lord am refining MY children even more.

For there are moments in the coming months it shall get very intense says the Lord of Hosts, standoffs shall occur, a physical battle in the house and senate as even some in the military will cause a mutiny of Kind says the Lord of Hosts as there are those walking around in dimensional fogs that shall suddenly worsen as leadership roles hang in the balance as I the Lord your God am weighing and Judging in this hour.

You shall see a strange event occur in the oceans just watch for a strange phenomenon to occur as a demonstration that I am the God who can do exceedingly abundantly beyond what anyone could ask or think says the Lord.

Those willing vessels I am filling with even greater detail, visions beyond the veil as I even show them areas of the earth where seismic activity, underground currents, and other earthly phenomenon are set to occur as another hole shall open up in the earth says the Lord. Korah shall not rebel against my plans and lead the people astray and the Herods shall not take credit for the divine power and authority I the Lord operate in, both shall be dealt with in this hour, as you see hearts of pharaohs harden in order to show them that I AM GOD I CHANGE NOT THE EARTH IS MY FOOTSTOOL THE EARTH CRIES OUT says the Lord of Hosts.

Choose this day whom you will serve for the elected in Christ shall and will be highlighted in this hour as they speak MY word, there are those I will call back for their commission is not finished. Greater discernment shall you receive for the enemy is desperately trying to get the breath and sound right of God to deceive the people and send them walking off a spiritual cliff, I the Lord am intervening and exposing his breath and his bullhorn says the Lord.

For all the bitter gall and ugliness and infection will now be brought to a head and exposed for even radicals will call it for what it is corruption beyond what they knew or saw now being exposed including the deepest buried fraudulent documents and documents of birth says the Lord, both are being exposed in this hour.

Know this day My children I love you I am working on your behalf and you shall see the soldiers of the kingdom of darkness surprise attacks upon them that will cause a scramble and a stir including in the medical field as well says the Lord of Hosts. I am a Mighty God, I shall and will demonstrate how mighty in this hour as you see My plan unfold.

The postal service is up to no good again says the Lord another scandal with the mail shall harm their wall of Jericho even more as it cannot protect them, their leadership cannot protect them for what I the Lord have set out to do for I shall strike the perversions in this hour a major blow to them shall leave them stunned as I the Lord call it for what it is an abomination to MY CREATION and there shall be a severance says the Lord of Hosts in the name of Jesus the King of Kings who sits at My right hand, AMEN.

Manny Johnson 3-20-201

… Lord told me in 2007 showed me we would have a black president. … He would have two terms … He said, “I don’t give everyone a governmental anointing. I have givens levels of prophets.”

Amanda Grace 3-20-2021

… The Lord don’t like that Freedom Tower that was erected in its place. The Lord has made some comments about that tower. The Freedom Tower just to watch that just to keep your eyes on that tower. Just watch it because something is coming with that tower. … 

I think part of that verse (Isaiah 9:10 – “The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stones: the sycomores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars.”) I think part of that verse is in the cornerstone of the tower on a piece of metal around it and that was Israel in defiance to God. … You didn’t humble themselves before the God of Israel.

40 Year Old Kenneth Hagin Prophecy NOW Coming to Pass - March 19, 2021

Prayer Seminar, April 28, 1983

“In this move, in this move, in this move that is about to come, and even you’re on the edge of it right now. It will not be altogether something new that you’ve never seen. It’ll be a combination of EVERYTHING you’ve seen put together and then…plus a little bit more.

In this move of God that is just about to spring upon you, there will be a manifestation of casting out demons that you haven’t seen yet. Now some have drawn back from casting out demons. And the Spirit of God said, “I began a move along that line a few years ago and men aborted the move, they mixed some of their own thinking in on it and they tried to control it, and do it according to pattern. And according the way that we THINK it ought to be done.” But you haven’t seen anything yet of what you’re going to see in dealing with demons.

For demons are let loose upon the earth, they’re going about as never before. Because they know their time is short! And so in this multiplication, this advance of demon activity there will be the activity of the Holy Ghost. Demons that have harassed men, demons that have held ministries in check will leave. And you have not seen yet what you will see in the area of dealing with demons, casting out demons; exercising authority over demons, and we’re about to step into it. Like you’d step through a door into another room.

And secondly, saith the Spirit of God, “You have not seen the revival of divine healing that you’re about to see.”
Oh yes you saw those that I raised up. You’ve seen men and women, mightily used of My Spirit. I sent them forth as a pilot program to try to train you. But many just looked at them and lifted them up, and some of them were lifted up in pride and the anointing left them. And some became money minded and lost the anointing.


Lois Vogel-Sharp - Prophecy - The Wheat and The Tares - Lies and The Truth - March 18, 2021


For I look down from my heaven says the Lord and I look upon a nation of the blood covenant. I look upon the nation I have made covenant with for I made covenant with your forefathers and I made covenant in writing. For I gave my word in writing for I gave my word in writing and they have theirs in writing. And we made this covenant bond together says the Lord.

I was there with Paul Revere, I was there when they pledged their lives and their fortunes. I was there says the Lord, and those lives and those fortunes still stand as a memorial before my face in heaven. And I will not forget says the king for those forces are arrayed against you and arrayed against the world trying to take down my America. The Lord said they will not take down my America. For my hand upholds it and the right hand of my power sees to it for the blood of the covenant is between us. As you worship and as you pray says the Lord, all of heaven recognized the bell that rings in heaven. Here ye here you for the covenant of this nation is still in the ears and eyes of God.

For I am going to show you what I can and will do for what you’re about to see me do will make the nations tremble and it will make the wicked lose the strength of their loins for I am going cause them to fall for the weakness of fear will come upon them as I send my prasers out ahead.
So get ready to see it and be a witness to it, but do not forget says the lord, do not forget this day and tell your great grandchildren what you heard. For they will need to know again in twenty years what was said. They will need to know again in a decade what was talked about. For I am looking for who will establish Abraham Isaac and Jacob so I’ll start with you Abrahams and you begin to call it forward. …

You know now the silent and sobering and sobering thoughts before they were released from Egypt for the lord says this is the time of monumental status this will be a time that will go down in history at such a time as that and you will be recorded forever in heave that you were there when it took place. The lord says learn the vocabulary of silence learn when to speak when to walk and when to run for the Lord says, I am doing a thing that you haven’t seen under the sun. There has been times and season connect the years gone by that are resembling this time. But you’ve never seen
that but the Lord said that it’s still the same power the same covenant and the same blood that will deliver you here that will deliver you there.

For this was only a few minutes ago to me says the Lord. Though it was thousands of years of you. For now, in the great cloud of witnesses Moses looks upon you prophets look down over the balcony and they know the spiritual status of things that are happening. They are called a cloud of witnesses, the cloud yes, the cloud. What cloud? The same cloud that led them from Egypt. The same cloud that settled over the tabernacle in the wilderness. The same cloud that came over Jesus, Elijah, and Moses. It’s called the cloud of glory. They see through the glory. See through the glory ask the Lord? See through the glory ask the Lord? The same cloud that led them from Egypt. The same cloud that settled over the tabernacle in the wilderness. The same cloud that came over Jesus, Elijah, and Moses. It’s called the cloud of glory. They see through the glory. See through the glory ask the Lord? Yes, yes, yes, through the glory because as they see through the glory they are looking for the promise I made to Moses says the God of creation that my glory will fill this earth.

And so they’re seeing through the glory and as you raise your hallelujahs and raise your praise and raise your obedience level unto God the glory begins to fill greater and greater expanses and they are seeing through the glory as they watch the promise come to pass. They will watch it you will live it. They will see it and you will run in it. … Take courage and be strong for I could have had you born in any time in history but you were born for such a time as this far as the obedience of the Esters raise the crown of Esther’s will be worn as the obedience of the Esthers riser the crown of Esther’s will be born and war for as you reach out boldly come tome to the king the lord I will stretch out my scepter to you for grace, grace to do things you’ve never been able to do. Halajauh …

Pharaoh never knew what happened until the time he knew he was wrong for on the other side of the Red Sea Miriam and Moses begin to sing a song the horse and rider that’s the sound of being thrown in the sea the suspense of the waves just before they fell. All of your Pharaohs has been pursuing you all of your Pharaos thought they had you when you escaped from the slavery of bondages of addiction from sin from financial woes after you’ve escaped Pharaoh says I’m coming after them again but the Lord said listen to the sound the suspense of the waves before they come crashing down for those things that have plagued you take a good look if you will for those things that have plagued you are about to be stopped and still for the wave will come crashing down and the Egyptians you see today you will see have been no more forever for this is my way.

Liberty - PROPHECY: "A Huge Wealth Transfer" the Devil will fund God's work - March 17, 2021

Amanda Grace - Talks About TRUMP-WASHINGTON DC-DISOBEDIENCE - March 15, 2021



50 year Jubilee

150 anniversary …

400 year anniversary of the Mayflower (in 2020)


Timothy Dixion - Actor for/ Biden/ I will spoil your Plans/ earth roars - March 15, 2021

There is an army arising. An army of drug addicts. They shall come out of the darkness shine like the sun. These shall have a fierceness about them that will sake the church. The organized Church shall be afraid of them. The organized Church will put them out. But out of them, I will raise I shall raise up evangelists that shall deliver this generation of you. This generation is mine says the Lord. My blood has bought them, my spirit has sought them, and my love has caught them. My love will set them on fire and their brightness shall enlighten the way for the captivity to return to me, thus says the Lord.

Amanda Grace - A Powerful, Righteous and Mighty Word From The Lord ll Keep Faith - April 8-16, 2020

From 2020 on Covid.

Manuel Johnson - The WHITE HOUSE - The Enemy Will Try To Find Out Gods Plan - Prophetic Dream - March 13, 2021


Kent Christmas - "I WARNED YOU - NOT TO TOUCH MY ANOINTED” IT HAS BEGUN - URGENT Prophecy 2021 - March 13, 2021

Watch the domes.

Timothy Dixion - The Exodus Of America/ frogs/ Earthquake/ President Trump - March 12, 2021


ANNMARIE STRAWHAND - Prophetic Update - What Is Happening In America? Tunnels? Military Mission? - March 12, 2021

Underground in Washington DC.

KENT CHRISTMAS-TRUMP Powerful Message Release 2021: CORRUPTION/CRISIS - REVERSE, Give Back His Seat - March 11, 2021


Mark Taylor Urgent Message: STAND Firm! God's Not Done With ŢRUMP - March 10, 2021


Timothy Dixion - Supreme Court Justice Changes Mind After Vision - March 10, 2021


Timothy Dixion - Supreme Court justice - The Trial/ Nancy Pelosi - The crucifixion - March 9, 2021


 Power in silence

Amanda Grace Talks About Words From The Lord Related To ŢRUMP-WASHINGTON DC - March 8, 2021


Chuck Pierce STRONG Prophecy 2021: The Host of Heaven Will OVERTAKE Its Enemy - March 7, 2021

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Remember these words a divine fall …


Timothy Dixion - Extremely STRONG Message: "The Whirlwind Blows - Hidden Sin Revealed" - March 7, 2021


Tim Sheets - Validated Authority - March 7, 2021

Volcanos …

March 2nd … I hear the Lord say you will now see the mighty deliverance Elijah saw from the prophets of baal in your time. … reedom from the constraints of Jezebel
is now activating her fall is coming. You will dance the dance of Mariam’s victory dance the horse and the rider have been thrown in the sea.  …

They will see the tables turned the overpowers have been overpowered. My ekklesia will overpower those who sought to overpower them. My ekklesia will overpower hell’s overrated power. They will overpower with ever-increasing authority the evil decrees and doctrines of devils in media, in culture, government

fake news, fake power, fake propaganda, fake power stolen authority, be overpowered, says the Lord of Hosts. Mark it down says the Lord. The United States Congress will become concerned with My will.
Mark it down says the Lord of Hosts they will see the tables turned they have built a house on sand. …

Whirlwinds of change will be changed. The authority of anti-christ covenant-breakers will see their authority waining from their sick souls. Their influence will bring diminishing returns suddenly will rain down up upon them. Traps, traps will be set and they spring for I have planned and it will be seen and it will be validated.


Patricia Green - The Destroyer is Coming for the Wicked - March 7, 2021

He is coming as the destroyer of judgment has been given to Jesus Yeshua my father. So when I received that message initially I was taken back because I never really equated Jesus Yeshua as being a destroyer. But I did know that all judgment had been given by the Father to Yeshua. We see that in John chapter 5 verses 26 and 27. “For as the Father has life in himself, so he has granted the Son also to have life in himself, and has given him authority to execute judgment also, because he is the Son of man.” -John 5:26-27 …

Holy Spirit can show me where in the Bible where the Lord is the destroyer. I wanted to take you to some scriptures. “By faith he [Moses] kept the Passover and sprinkled the blood, less he who Destroyed the first-born should not touch them.” – Hebrew 11:26 RSV So who was the destroyer of the first-born in Egypt? For some of you the answer may surprise you. …

“For I will pass through the land of Egypt on that night, and will strike all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast; and against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgment: I am the Lord.” – Exodus 12:12 “And it came to pass, that at midnight the Lord struck all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, from the firstborn of Pharaoh who sat on his throne to the firstborn of the captive that was in the dungeon; and all the firstborn of livestock.” – Exodus 12:29 “By faith He kept the Passover and the sprinkling of blood, lest He who destroyed the firstborn should touch them.” – Hebrews 11:28 So we see in these scriptures it was the Lord who was the destroyer of the firstborn. The Lord did this to cause Pharoh to let His people go. To let his people leave Egypt to worship him and to leave Egypt permanently because he wanted to take them into the land of promise. …

When I give this message, it’s not my words. These are the words of the Lord and, as I’ve spoken before, when I give a hard message I do not delight in these messages. So this is what the Lord said:

“I will no longer strive with the wickedness in this land that is trying to place My people in bondage. I have had enough of those who worship me with the words of their lips but their hearts are far from Me. I am dividing the sheep from the goats. My sheep know My voice and I Am speaking. He who has ears will hear, and those whose hearts are far from me will not hear,” says the Lord.“Come to ME My children so that I may speak in your ear so you may hear and obey.

“I Am about to come as Judge to judge those who are placing chains on My people. To some I will appear and give them a chance to turn to Me,” says Yeshua.

“For some, the scales have already been weighed and they will receive their just punishment for their wickedness. That is why you heard that I am coming as ‘The Destroyer’.

“It will be I, The Lord of Hosts, who takes the lives of these people. Some will say ‘these deaths are just coincidence’, but I tell you that it is I, The Lord of Hosts, who has caused them to die!”

He said, “Warn them child. Tell them I Am coming as a Destroyer and unless they repent they will not stand. For so long there’s been a warning of My Judgement, but now I AM coming as Judge. Do not mistake these words that I have spoken as The Rapture, nor think that this is My Second Coming,” says The Lord, “It is not! These words I speak are warning that I will surely do what I have said I would.

“The wicked who have plotted and schemed to remove Me from the land will face the One whom they tried to remove,” says The Lord of Hosts.

“The destitute have been trampled under the feet of the wicked. The babies have been slaughtered at their bidding. The children have been sold into slavery for their pleasure. ENOUGH!” says the Lord. “I have had enough!

“The courts have been rigged and bought for bribes – the politicians are corrupt with no conscience. I speak to the super-rich: do not think that your money will buy you out of My Judgement. Your days are numbered because you used your wealth to control, bribe, and persuade those to do your evil.

“China, I call you out! You thought you won when you helped Biden get in office. I say to you China that your dragon will see dust!” Iran. Land of the wicked you seek to silence the masses, but I am giving them a voice Japan for the remnant that is in Japan. I will spare your country, but not before I wash away some cities. Iraq out of you will come prosperity for my people. You have made a deal with the devil while the Pope has been visiting you. Do not think I have not heard what has been spoken in your meeting. Afghanistan the home of craggy rocks and secret caves, I will expose the secret the secrets hidden deep within your caves. Rome, you have a set time to roll, but Rome will fall. How you say will Rome fall? Can such a great fit City fall? Pompeii fell and so will Rome, says the Lord. USA, I will cleanse the land from wickedness and give you a new beginning freedoms that were slated to be removed will be restored; the yoke of Communism is broken off, says the Lord. Great revival will break out over this great land, that will be likened to ‘wild fire’.” So that is the message from the Lord. So just know that Yeshua is coming as a destroyer to destroy the wicked by death. We are going to see the death of people who are being judged by the Lord and these deaths will not be by coincidence. 

I can tell from another message I received many months ago that I put in a video. The Lord said that Hillary Clinton would die and around the same time two prominent senators also would die. They will be judged and there will be more judged with that. These deaths will cause the Fear of God to fall on people. Hopefully the wicked will repent of their wickedness and their sins and they will give their lives to Christ and that they will be saved from His wrath.”

Pastor Deborah W.- A Shocking Prophetic Word - 2 House Leaders Will Die On The Same Day! - March ~6, 2021

God is about to do something that is going to tingle the ears of everyone that hears it! This is a sobering word from the Lord who is about to bring judgement on the wicked in America.

“I’m about to bring judgment on the House of America.” “Two prominent leaders in America’s house will die in one day.” “One will die in the morning and one will die in the evening. And when you see this happening know that I the Lord have done this and I the Lord have begun to judge the wicked in America.”

John Hemans - Lifting, Sifting & Shifting - A Prophetic Word for the United States of America - March 6, 2021

West Virginia


Next 4 years in the United States

Timothy Dixion - I will pass through the land/ 3 whirlwind in Atlanta Flies Swarm - March 6, 2021




Perry Stone - New Currency - New North American Currency Prototype - March 3, 2021


Timothy Dixion - The 12 / the ruins/ Message to President Trump - March 4, 2021

I’ve it you see what I am stopping that is coming upon this land. The leaders that is coming into office has been planning this for years. To annihilate the very deity of God. He told me a clear strike (the Equality Act) … It is to get the Bible out of your home.
… They are after the word of God. They are after the Bible.

Amanda Grace Talks About Clash of Turbulence Is Coming. Keep Calm and Faith - March 4, 2021





second video

When you see a woman sitting in the office of the President know the end has come. …
there is bad news that is coming on the wicked. …
Then next two weeks


Robin D. Bullocks Prophecy About The Proclamation Of Donald Ţrump - March 3, 2021


Timothy Dixion - Columbia River Gorge runs backwards/ Multnomah falls Run red like Blood - March 2, 2021



Justice Displayed

The Lord said: “Those who caused it (COVID-19) will be punished, and their exposure will comfort this world. Truth and justice always brings My comfort.”

He continued, “Sweeping changes are coming upon your world as you know it. I cannot tolerate wickedness any longer. For the sake of My justice, I will act. For the sake of My hurting children, I will act in such a way that exposure of wickedness will bring forth swift justice! That which they did to others will come upon them – then they will learn, it is better to follow Me and embrace My ways, instead of going the way of rebellion. Public disgrace will assail many! According to the level of their wickedness will they receive My justice.”

He ended this visit with these impacting words: “My justice displayed is one of the rewards I pour forth on My faithful, oppressed children!”

“…[B]ut deliver us from the evil one.” (Matthew 6:13)

“Everything I Told You Will Come to Pass”

On February 2, 2021 the Lord said: “Everything I have told you will come to pass, and everything I have promised you, I will do because I am faithful! Timing – I say timing – My timing dictates when and how I bring forth all I declare. Yes, My timing – not the assault of the foe – determines when and how I perform My promises.

“You will see your president (Donald Trump) inaugurated by My hand and restored to his rightful position. You will see My glory poured out on all flesh. Those who ignored or denied Me will not be able to escape the outpouring of My love and My presence. Like rain falling on everyone and everything, My glory will be poured forth on those who are far from Me and My ways; hearts will melt under My heavy conviction. Repentance will happen just as naturally as breath pours forth from the living.

“I have spoken, My prophets have declared My words, and I will perform everything they – and I through them – have decreed. My will shall be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

“The fear of the Lord will be restored to My Church. The laissez-faire attitude (unwillingness to get involved in or influence other people’s activity) that fuels complacency and fosters lukewarmness will be burnt out of My Church by the fire of My Spirit. A true understanding of Me and My ways will be imparted when the fire of Holy Spirit falls and burns the chaff of compromise from My Church. Wickedness will be rejected, and holiness will be embraced. I will accomplish much good during this great revival that I am sending to this world now. Yes, I say, now, because it has already begun!”  

“‘… I will restore them because I have compassion on them. They will be as though I had not rejected them, for I am the Lord their God and I will answer them… Surely I will redeem them; they will be as numerous as before… I will strengthen them in the Lord and in His name they will live securely,’ declares the Lord.” (Zechariah 10:6, 8, 12)

“My Glory Is the Answer”

On February 13, 2021, I heard Lord say as we sat together: “My glory is the answer to exactly what you need, and what your nation needs – and what the world needs! Families need My glory, for in My glory is the love, compassion, understanding, kindness, generosity and the perfection every family needs. My glory brings unity where there is division and even divorce. Continue to cry out for My glory, and you will see the peace and the goodness of your God manifest.

“My glory is the atmosphere of Heaven. Cry out for My glory, and you will see what you have encountered in Heaven manifest on the earth.

“Righteousness will return to your land. Evil will be seen for what it is and it will be rejected. Stand fast in faith and believe that My will shall be done on Earth. Don’t doubt that My desire and My delight will come to pass. Yes, the delight of My heart for truth and justice to reign, and for My sons and daughters to return to Us, shall be done now.

In this hour you will see it come to pass, for I have many who do honor, love and serve Me. I have heard their cries, and My will shall be done! Righteousness will be restored to your land – very soon – because I am at work, and My angel armies are implementing My words even now as we speak.”

“Be Armed and Ready for Battle”

On February 17, 2021, the Lord spoke to me: “Do not disarm yourself. Stay built up in your most holy faith, and keep the sword of My Spirit ready at all times, for the hour is late, and your foe is ever ready to attack. Discouragement and fear are his ploys; so I say, be armed and ready for battle. Declare My words fearlessly, at all times! We are a shield about you and yours.

“I have passed out many sharp swords in this hour. It is imperative that My children arm themselves and wield those swords. Declare and decree, fling your stones just like David, and you will see giants fall! This is not the hour to back down and let the giants in your land intimidate you into retreat. Stand fast and fight the good fight of faith. Knowing full well what My will is, and implementing My will with the sharp double-edged swords I have given you will bring about the victory I have planned. The battle is on!”

Two days later on February 19, 2021, the Lord continued to encourage me: “These are great days – days like when Elijah and Elisha lived on the earth. Great darkness prevailed, and then I showed up through the might of one prophet who was willing to wield his double-edged sword. Then his legacy lived on through the young prophet he mentored. Governments were toppled; the voices of the false prophets of Baal were silenced, and righteous rule was restored to My land. My children were set free from a tyrannical government, and freedom was restored.  

“This is what is coming in this hour. You will see it happen much sooner than most expect! And it will bring you great joy. Yes, there will be dancing and great celebrations in your streets that will lead to worship!”

“… The Lord their God will care for them; He will restore their fortunes… The Lord will be awesome to them when He destroys all the gods of the earth. Distant nations will bow down to Him, all of them in their own lands.” (Zephaniah 2:7, 11)

A Hand of Cards and Tsunami Waves

During worship a few weeks ago, I saw a vision of a hand of cards. Someone was holding the hand out flat for everyone to see. I knew the Lord was showing me that the enemy had played his hand in such a way that everyone knew what he was doing and planning to do. The blinders have come off and no longer is the enemy fooling us with his tricks.

In another vision last week, I saw the tsunami wave of change, which the Lord called “Justice.” I was inside the wave, which looked like a tunnel, with the Lord, and He showed me a long line of fruit trees growing in this tunnel. He explained to me that many people have entered into a place where they are spending more time in prayer and communion with the Lord, and they have become very fruitful.

I also saw in this wave of change called Justice – trees were being uprooted and their roots were exposed for all to see. These trees would no longer bear fruit. I knew these dying trees were the deeds of those who walked in rebellion against God. They would no longer bear wicked fruit.

Great changes are coming!

Amanda Grace - "It is Gods Timelime - You Will See Country Shake & Wake" - March 1, 2021


Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - The Lord is Dealing with the World System, Trump Prophecy - February 28, 2021

But I will now deal with the world system those who are part of this system will also be dealt with. But there is risen up a system on the earth which the political class and those who desire influence have embraced. It completely evil I will not tolerate it any longer says the lord they believe they can hold my trumpet back from being president again. But they have no power and their feeble minds only devise foolish plans how do they think they’re dealing with anyway.

My prophets and apostles are standing says the Lord. I will not disappoint them and their reward on earth and in heaven, she’ll be great. Everyone who hears my voice and stands shall not be disappointed. But woe to those who only stand when it’s convenient for them crowns will be given and crowns taken away. The last shall be first and the first last. My lightning bolts are in my hand. Resurrection Sunday is coming I will judge the earth with the justice and raise what is dead. No man could do it but I the Lord will do it I’ve said you can take it to the bank and I do not lie and then he gave us Pslams 24.

The earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein; for he has founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the rivers. Who shall ascend the hill of the Lord? And who shall stand in his holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not lift up his soul to what is false, and does not swear deceitfully. He will receive blessing from the Lord, and vindication from the God of his salvation. Such is the generation of those who seek him, who seek the face of the God of Jacob. Selah Lift up your heads, O gates! and be lifted up, O ancient doors! that the King of glory may come in. Who is the King of glory? The Lord, strong and mighty, the Lord, mighty in battle! Lift up your heads, O gates! and be lifted up, O ancient doors! that the King of glory may come in. Who is this King of glory? The Lord of hosts, he is the King of glory!

Timothy Dixon Prophetic Message: "Kamala Betrayed, God Will Rattle The Structure of The Politics" - February 25, 2021

The Lord told me to tell you that in thirty days. In thirty days within the thirty-day period here. God is fixing to shake the leaders of this country. … God is going to put Donald Trump inside that office.

Amanda Grace Urgent Prophecy: "ŢRUMP UPDATE - What's Happening Inside THE SUPREME COURT" - February 24, 2021





Timothy Dixon - AMAZING Prophetic Message 2021: "ŢRUMP Returns On Airforce One - Great Revival!!!" February 22, 2021

I am the Alpha I am the Omega. I am the first I am the last. I am He that was dead but I am alive forever. Amerca will rise and there will a shaking across this world of revival.

Patricia Green - The Time of Esther - February 21, 2021

Decree of the LORD

I have declared that Donald Trump is President of the United States of America. That has not changed.
I have declared that Joe Biden is not the President and I will remove him. That has not changed.
I declare that I AM pouring out My Spirit on My remnant who have believed My words, prayed and fasted and have stood in faith.
I declare that the king’s signet ring is returned to President Donald J. Trump, the son of Fred and Mary Trump.
I declare that there will be celebration in the streets soon. I AM pouring out My oil of joy from My cup of gladness over this nation and the world, says the LORD of Hosts.

Robin D. Bullocks - Urgent Prophetic Message ŢRUMP: "The King Is Coming Back" - February 18, 2021

There are two nations right now and there are two presidents. One is God anointed the other is self-anointed. One is the rightful president the other the president of blood. Is not a president of blood? He signed away babies’ lives on the first day. There is the party of baal and the party of righteous. …

I heard this Biden is biding time. They are biding time … biding their time until the next plot. But it was over when Trump wasn’t impeached … it was over when they failed to impeach him this second time. It threw a wrench in their plans. …
The day is short for the day will happen fast and the day everyone longed for will be here at last. Then He said it will be over like a flash then we will turn the page to another prophecy day. …

There may be one more major fight and battle but it will be settled. Then I see China about to do something. China is going to try something because they can give up this way. When the rightful King comes back into power they are scared. They don’t know what to do.

Timothy Dixon President Trump's Power restored, Cherubim ANGELS flaming swords, 45 presidents - February 20, 2021

great plan hidden from the people.

Timothy Dixon ŢRŲMP Prophecy:"Why God has chosen The time IT SHALL COME TO PASS" - February 18, 2021


Timothy Dixon Prophetic vision:"The battle is already W0N ŢRŲMP prevail’s" - February 19, 2021

They will hang by their own gallows. …

Lewis Revival 1949

Liberty Turnipseed - PROPHETIC VISION/WORD: "It's About to Rupture" The fountains of the deep are breaking open-Now Word - February 17, 2021

The 2021 Snow Prophecy, God Dealing with Injustice | Hank Kunneman on FlashPoint - February 17, 2021

Shelly Woods - My dream last night about Mike Lindell my pillow guy and president Donald Trump February 15, 2021

GANDA~BOBI WINE - AMERICA~I Saw The LORD CRUSH satan UNDER Your FEET!!!- February 14, 2021


The demonic system is about to crumble.