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December ??, 2022

December ??, 2022

Veronica West - 2022: A New Kingdom Era of Radical Transformation - January 13, 2022

“Did I not say… that Evergreens Will Grow Where Thorn-bushes Were?”

On waking this morning I suddenly heard The Spirit say, “Did I not say… that Evergreens Will Grow Where Thorn-bushes Were?”

Immediately I ran to my journal and The LORD led me back to this powerful Vision where I was under an open heaven for three days.

Now, as I began to read over the Vision again, suddenly I could tangibly feel the very breath of God over me, and I heard these Words, ”Watch! For 22 shall mark the beginning of greater Restoration, Revelation, Reward and Divine Retribution, for a New Kingdom Era of Radical Transformation, Reformation and the transfer of Kingdom Wealth has begun.

Charlie Shamp - Prophetic Word for 2022 - January 14, 2022

In the realm of the spirit the wind of the angelic the wind of the Holy Ghost is a mystery to your enemies. A mystery to the satanic war machine that is intenting to destroy and bring destruction to your life. My friend there is no other time in human history that we have we have more need of angelic assistance than we need it right now. You cannot survive the things that are coming down the pathway in the future without help from God’s assistance of deliverance. It’s impossible. God has assigned the angels and the angelic race to help us to navigate the the the realms of darkness and to keep us in the realm of light so that we can see our destinies. Fulfilled and this wind that god releases that melts away the kingdom of darkness is a mystery.

It’s, it’s angelic technology that satan and his and his and the enemies of the cross have no idea how to decode. And so the angels in this hour are literally bringing disturbances to the satanic uh war machine, or the aircraft in the second heavens. And as the Lord releases His wind these satanic air machines in the second heavens are receiving turbulence that they cannot recover from. There are things that God is releasing in this hour. High-tech technology in the realm of the spirit to deal with the air supremacy of the second heavens to break open regions to break open nations for the kingdom of God in this time that we’re living. And God has called us as agents of light to go into the realm of the spirit and co-labor with the angels. You know many times people tell me they’ll say well we know this principality and this power that rests over our region and for some reason every region that I go to uh you know it’s the it’s the preacher’s graveyard and the worst place. There’s no way that revival can come and I’ve just never been to a place on planet earth where I didn’t see a move of God. There’s not one place that I’ve traveled almost over 50 nations of the earth some of them to remote remote areas uh in regions where they’ve never even seen the color skin that I have and we’ve had moves of the spirit. We’ve had moves of God because it’s impossible for darkness to dominate light light naturally dominates darkness and so god has called us. … What God is doing in the in the in this hour the season that we’re in and even in this year and so God is wanting to reveal to us uh the dynamics of the angelic race and the realms of the angelic. So that we can co-partner with Him in seeing breakthrough in the planet. …

I saw the doors of the Supreme Court I saw the doors of the Supreme Court blown open by the wind of the spirit the Lord blew through the double doors of the supreme court and I saw justice coming concerning the issue of abortion in America. And the Lord spoke to me at Ecclesiastes 11:5. …I heard the Lord say this I heard the Lord say the doors of justice will be opened and the current laws of abortion will be overturned in your nation. We are living in an hour, we are living in a time period that has been stamped. That has been signed and sealed and is going to be delivered … And it is directly connected with the Awakening, the Revival, the outpouring of the spirit that is coming on the planet and it is a culmination of all the prayers of those that have contended and sought after the Lord in previous decades to see the demonic spirit (which i’m gonna i’m gonna talk in detail tomorrow night on our broadcast) … the spirit of Lilith. Many people believe that it is Jezebel uh that the enemy is trying to place in power especially in America. But my friends it is not the spirit of Jezebel but it is the spirit of Lilith which thrives upon the sacrifice the of human blood from our children. It is in direct connection to the queen of heaven who rules with Apollyon in the heavens and the only thing that is going to shift the demonic overlords that are ruling in air supremacy over this nation are the saints of God. …

The Lord showed me that there’s going to be even specifically in America high level winds are going to begin to manifest in this year across different states. Different cities that He is releasing these particular angels to deal with realms of darkness and they will come with high level winds in the natural. And but there will be behind those winds a spiritual significance that will bring judgment to the things that are hidden in darkness and things that have been hidden are going to be exposed. And It’s a number of different things. It’s a number of different things and It’s in direct reference to the Psalm 147 verse 18 that God is sending out his word. So these are the angels that God is using in this hour to send out His word and they’re releasing a wind that blows and then a water that also flows but this is a leveling wind.

It’s a destroying wind so you’re going to see regions in America that are going to encounter high levels of both storms. Destructive storms as well as flooding, high volumes of water that will bring floodings uh to different uh regions and different lands. And these angels are being released on assignment to co-labor with us and the Lord spoke to me and said. Just like Jeremiah 51:19 and 20 were released during the the time of Jeremiah G d is now equipping His saints in the same way and verse 19 says the portion of Jacob is not like them for this is the former of all things Israel is the rod of His inheritance. So the Lord is releasing his rod of authority upon the nations of the earth the Lord of hosts name and thou shalt be my battle axe and weapons of war for with thee i will break in pieces the nations. And I will and with thee I will destroy kingdoms the Lord is raising up his body right now as battle axes and weapons of war and it’s an indirect confrontation that is coming between the bride of Christ and the of Babylon. ….

The Lord says that you are neither hot nor cold and I saw the sword of the Lord come out of his mouth and divide those that were living in iniquity. And the Lord drove them out of his out of his body and He said to me. He said because they have rejected John 3:16 I have given unto them Revelation 3:16. Which is be Revelation 3:16 says that because you were neither hot nor cold but you are lukewarm I will spew you out of my mouth. And so we have no time you and I have no time to straddle the fence to have one foot in the world the other one in the church. In fact if you have uh if you haven’t noticed it’s undeniable at this point who the church of Jesus Christ really is and those that have just simply been playing the part the church of Jesus christ is a militant force and a government that is occupying the planet. It is not a social club where we go and meet on a sunday morning for 45 minutes and so we are believers that must be militant. In this hour we must stand on the Word of God and begin to to see the kingdom of God advanced in the planet. And we cannot play with these things any longer. If you’re not right with the Lord. If you’re not burning on fire for Him, my friend, get born again. Because you’re not going to live under the spirit of iniquity and live inside the body any longer. God is separating. He’s bringing the great divide because what is coming is the bride’s Revival and the bride’s Revival is going to look much different than the revivals that we have seen in the past. …

Fatima: Priest: The End Times will Involve Russia and Ukraine - The Tipping Point Has Arrived - January 12, 2022

Russia is ‘one step away’ from war with Ukraine, a report on state TV has warned.

As this apocalyptic scenario develops along the Ukraine border it is startling to read that Author and Vatican insider Father Malachi Martin said the prophecy of Fatima’s 3rd of secret would involve Ukraine and Russia.

Importantly, Father Martin claims to be one of a handful of people to have read the 3rd secret. The Vatican insider, who died in 1999, had some extraordinary things to say about the Fatima prophecies which now seem to be unfolding before our eyes.

Note: Link to the below to the Father Malachi interviews on the Art Bell show scroll down on audio page.

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