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June , 2022


Jalen and Ashlee Wilson - Prophetic Word. TURBULENCE - June 24, 2022

This the word that the Lord gave I’m a reader so it’s a prophetic word. Turbulence America is about to experience great turbulence a great tribulation is coming and no one can escape except those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Mega churches burn to the ground straight to the ground. People will die playing with God because playing with God is like playing with a fighter cannot die. Banks are corrupted invest in a money all capitals immediately. Take you to this word because corruption, Corruption, corruption, banks is corrupt in this hour corruption is coming destruction death. But what I’ve seen lord said Vladimir Putin going to die before the end of this year that’s what I heard … Let me see the stock market will crash inflation will rise like never before. Uh inflation will rise like never before banks will run out of business wolves and sheep’s clothing and false property shall rise to a new level this is not the end this is just the beginning of what is to come gas prices will shoot up like never before worst echo economic collapse in decades in decades you know what I’m saying. Then said this is the perfect time for the antichrist to pop up so keep your eyes on the Middle East. Joe Biden is a deceiver. He will die leading many astray. The wrath of God shall abide on him. ….

I see soldiers and I see these soldiers in grocery stores. They doing the same thing always they limiting people to what they can buy. I hear an abuse of power I see military police I see abuse of power. I hear corruption fear like this it’s like I see a principal. It’s like a spirit of fear it’s gonna be instilled in America. You know what I’m saying and also what I see I see the map it’s like I see the U.S. map. But i ‘ma tell you what I see I see blood all over america and I see the Lord smiling. You know why because I see the thing talking about uh Roe versus Wade. I see there I see that clear as day I see Roe versus Wade. The Lord smiling because he the one that did that he the one that got that thing to overturn one man. They gonna be mad you know what I’m saying the Lord’s saying invest in a state. Because banks are gonna start taking people money. Let me tell you also foreclosure the banks they’re gonna be taking people houses. They’re gonna be start getting corrupt I see homeless people.

World War III is coming, World War III is coming, World War three is coming. I see Chinese soldiers I see the red flag they marching. They marching I see Bitcoin crashing, Ah man I hear idolatry that’s why Bitcoin crashing. Because people put more faith and trust and money than they putting faith in God. So god about to let this thing drop to show people that I’m the only thing that can last. Because Bitcoin you just like that the stock market be going up and down. The Lord said it’s about to be the worst economic collapse in decades. I see people at home I see people invested they life savings into Bitcoin and they broke they bout to be broke. They bout to be sad you know what I’m saying I literally keep hearing corruption. I keep hearing corruption tesla and gold stock that’s what’s about to shoot up.

Gas right I’m gonna tell you what I see I see I literally see ten dollars a gallon and I’m pretty sure California is ten dollar gallon right now California expensive not saying because see we live in a day with people who don’t care about truth they just want to be happy ain’t no wrong being happy but you gotta live by how to live once you live at the end and i’m gonna tell you what i see big ass with hammers and they about beat up California. It’s like i see this tsunami about to hit but right above the tsunami i see this big old hand with a big America about to get whacked.


I’m gonna let you know that right now America about to get uh yeah hardy nation you know what I’m saying I hear Babylon the great you feel me like heartless. I’m saying sexual immorality through the roof you know. I’m saying prostitutes prostitution dogs America is Babylon. It’s like I said eagle but it’s like it’s Babylon though you know what I’m saying and i see Vladimir Putin. I see 2022. I see this man in a coffin bro I don’t know if he gonna get sick so he gonna get somebody gonna try to take him out i see him in the coffin though I hear tyrant, evil. … I hear something about banks being closed. I don’t I’m just I’m just saying what. I see I just see foreclosure people losing their houses. I see people getting kicked out of homes. Oh man jobs they about to start laying people off people about to start getting laid off for their jobs. And it’s crazy because I hear this and also I hear a worker shortage. …

Oh Jesus and I’m gonna tell you why because people don’t want to take the you know what for you know the disease that’s going around. …  Now also I’m gonna tell you what I see I see the middle verse demonic. I see witchcraft I see they doing rituals in the Metaverse. You know what I’m saying it’s like they got these rooms and I see pentagrams. I see blood sacrifices it’s like a free-for-all in the Metaverse Lord said. …

Flash Back - October 7, 2020 - Veronika West - America: The Curse Will Be Reversed --- Roe V Wade

A powerful dream concerning The United States of America. “The curse will be reversed, and out of the belly of the beast will come seven-fold Recompense and Restoration,”  says The Spirit of The LORD.

As promised, I would like to share a powerful dream I received on Sunday night, for the purpose of Prayer and Intercession! Please bare with me, as I endeavour to share exactly what I saw and what I heard, and with the understanding I received as the dream unfolded. This dream is probably up there with some of the most powerful and yet strangest of dreams I have received to-date!

Let’s begin.  I went to bed Sunday night feeling a great sense of burden for the nations, especially for The United States of America.

With the unfolding news on President Trump being diagnosed with COVID-19, I felt such a battle raging in the heavens over the President and his destiny, and certainly for the destiny of the nation.

So as I lay down to sleep, there was a great sense of swirling and whirling in the realm of The Spirit, but as I closed my eyes and began to pray in The Spirit, a deep peace came upon me!

The Thief Has Been Caught and Must Pay Back Seven Times

I must have only been asleep a few hours when I was taken into a powerful dream encounter, where I saw a very large tree standing far in the distance.

As I looked at the tree, I immediately noticed that there was something hanging in the tree, but I could not see with any clarity what it was.

As I started to make my way towards the tree, suddenly I heard these Words, “The thief has been caught and must pay back seven times!”

As those words echoed in the realm of The Spirit, the atmosphere in the dream became heavy and I felt the weight of God’s Glory surround me.  The Spirit of The Fear of The LORD became tangible and I began to pray loudly in tongues.

For the Wealth of the Wicked Has Been Stored Up for the Righteous

As I continued to approach the tree in the dream, with my eyes still fixed on the strange thing that was hanging from the tree, again, I heard for a second time, “The thief has been caught and must pay back seven times!”

As I heard those Words, suddenly I saw a bright red rope, (red; symbolic of The Blood of Jesus) and at the end of the red rope hung a very large ‘Piñata…’

As I looked at the red rope and the Piñata, my mind began to race, trying to get an understanding of what I was seeing, but as I drew even closer to the branches of the tree, I saw that the Piñata was in the shape of a very large Donkey and it was made of hard ceramic… (Yes…I know!!  Like what?  A Piñata?  A Donkey?!?!)

But as I looked at the Donkey Piñata, I knew immediately by revelation, that I was about to be shown something significant concerning the political situation that is currently unfolding in The United States of America…. (The Donkey; being symbolic of the Democratic Party)

Now as I looked again at the large Donkey Piñata hanging by a red rope from the branches of the tree, my eyes were immediately drawn to the Donkey’s belly, which was bulging.

As I looked at the massive belly of the Donkey, suddenly I heard these words, “For the wealth of the wicked has been stored up for the righteous.”

Suddenly I felt a great excitement and an anticipation rise up within me in the dream, as I knew that something powerful was about to break loose over the land!

A Riddle!

Then I heard these Words, “Out of the eater came something to eat, and out of the strong came something sweet”

Ha!  As I heard those words, I recognised them immediately and the story of Samson came up before me in the dream… (almost like a vision within the dream, and I saw Samson eating sweet honey out of the carcass of the lion).

As the vision unfolded before me, suddenly I heard the sound of many Trumpets and the ground roundabout me began to tremble, and the tree began to shake and the Donkey Piñata began to move back and forth in the tree.

As I heard the loud sound of the Trumpets, I turned to my right — which was in the direction of the trumpeting sound — and to my amazement, I saw Elephants (symbolic; of The Republican Party).

Yes!  Elephants coming towards the tree, and with their trunks lifted high in the air they were Trumpeting loudly as they marched!

See, for I Have Delivered Jericho Into Your Hands!

And as I looked again at the Elephants, I heard these Words, ”See, for I have delivered Jericho into your hands!”

On hearing those Words, my eyes were immediately drawn back to the red/ rope that held the Donkey Piñata in the branches of the tree, and suddenly the story of ‘Rahab, the scarlet cord and the walls of Jericho’, was quickened to me.

Then I looked up again at the Elephants that were marching towards the tree, I saw that were seven (7) Elephants in number.

In that moment in the dream, the prophetic significance of the number 7 (covenant, completion and perfection) began to swirl roundabout me and I was made to understand by The Spirit of Revelation, that a powerful spiritual battle was about to unfold before me.

It was a battle, not between flesh and blood, and not between one political party or another, but rather a battle between life and death.  A battle for Righteousness and Justice, a battle against the powers of darkness and the principalities of wickedness and witchcraft in the land.

I was about to see powerful satanic strongholds being broken, and demonic thrones being overthrown and overturned!

Watch! for the Curse Will Be Reversed and Out of the Belly of the Beast Will Come 7-Fold Recompense and Restoration.

Now as the seven (7) Elephants came towards the tree, I watched as the first Elephant walked up to the tree to where the large Donkey Piñata was hanging, and I watched as the elephant lifted its trunk high into the air.

As its trunk was lifted, I saw the trunk take on the shape/ form of a beautiful Shofar, and suddenly there came a long and loud Trumpet Blast which was released into the atmosphere.

Then I watched in utter amazement as the trunk/ shofar was brought back down and I saw the Elephant swing its mighty trunk towards the Donkey Piñata, and I watched as its trunk hit the Piñata with great force.

Suddenly I heard a loud sound of cracking coming from deep within the bulging belly of the Donkey, and I saw small cracks begin to appear in the ceramic.  Then I watched as all  seven (7) Elephants began to march around the large tree, leaving the Donkey Piñata swinging violently back and forth, and back and forth in the tree.

Then I watched as a second Elephant then stepped up to the Donkey Piñata and it lifted its huge trunk, which also took on the form of a beautiful Shofar, and I listened, as yet again another long and loud Trumpet Blast went forth over the land, and then the Elephant brought its trunk back down again, and swinging it with great force, I watched as the Donkey Piñata took another heavy blow, causing even deeper cracks to appear in the Piñata,…..Now at this point in the dream my eyes became fixed on the heavy bulging belly of the Donkey, which looked like it would break wide open at any moment.

But as I watched and waited intently with great anticipation for what I knew was about to take place, again I saw the Elephants begin to march round the tree for a second time.

And then they stopped, and a third Elephant stood before the Donkey Piñata and the same thing happened as it did with the first and the second Elephant.

The third Elephant lifted its long and strong trunk into the air and the sound of a loud Trumpet Blast was released again over the land.  Then I watched as its trunk came down upon the Donkey Piñata with great power and perfect precision, hitting the bulging belly of the Donkey.

I could hear a rumbling sound coming from deep within the belly of the Donkey, and suddenly, I heard these words, “Watch!  For the curse will be reversed and out of the belly of the beast will come 7-fold Recompense and Restoration!”

As those words deeply penetrated my inner most being, I knew by The Spirit of Revelation that the curse of death through abortion that was over the nation was about to be broken!

And, as an even greater expectation and anticipation of breakthrough filled the atmosphere in the dream, I watched again as the seven (7) mighty Elephants marched around the tree for a third time.

Again, I saw the elephants stop and a fourth Elephant stood before the tree and the hanging Piñata, and I watched as the Elephant lifted its trunk into the air, and a loud and powerful Trumpet Blast went forth across the land.

Then I saw its trunk coming down upon the Piñata Donkey and the sound of cracking and more cracking took place!

I saw that ‘the curse of death’ through abortion was what was preventing a great wealth transfer!

Now, as I continued to watch this incredible dream unfold before me, I saw the seven (7) Elephants march yet again around the tree for a forth time, and then a fifth Elephant took its place before the swinging Piñata and as it lifted its trunk, a loud Trumpet Blast was sounded.

Then I saw its trunk being used like a mighty battering ram to break open the Donkey Piñata.

As I watched and listened intently to all that was unfolding before me, I was made to understand by The Spirit of Revelation that within the belly of the Donkey, there was great wealth, riches and blessings which were being stored up for The righteous for such a time as this.

But I saw that the curse of death through abortion was what was preventing a great wealth transfer being released over the nation(s), but at the sound of the Seven (7) Trumpets (symbolic; seven (7) Trumpet Blasts: a call to repentance) being released over the land, the curse would be broken and the mighty strongholds of death and destruction that were ruling over the nation would come crashing down.

As this Revelation began filling my heart and mind, and as I was gaining a greater understanding of what I was being shown in the dream, I watched as the seven (7) Elephants matched again around the tree, for a fifth time.

And then a sixth Elephant stood before the Piñata, which was now covered in deep cracks, and scattered across the ground lay big pieces of broken ceramic, and the bulging belly of the Donkey looked as if it would surely give way at any moment.

Again I watched as the sixth Elephant lifted its trunk and a powerful sixth blast of a Trumpet sound was released into the atmosphere, and then the trunk of the Elephant was swung down upon the Donkey Piñata causing the head of the Donkey to break.

As I saw and heard the sound of breaking, my excitement and anticipation became almost unbearable in the dream, as I knew that the power of the curse over the land was about to be broken and that a great transfer of wealth and blessings that had been stored up and held back in the belly of the beast would suddenly be poured out upon the land.

Then I saw the Elephants once again march around the tree for a sixth time, and then the seventh Elephant took its place before the tree and just like before.

I watched as the seventh Elephant lifted its trunk high into the air, and with its trunk taking on the form of a beautiful Shofar, I listened as a long and loud seventh Trumpet Blast was released over the nation.

But I watched, as after the Seventh Trumpet Blast went forth, the Elephant’s trunk stayed lifted high in the air and all the Elephants began to march around the tree.

Seven times they marched around the tree, and then I saw them stop, and I watched as all seven (7) Elephants surrounded the Donkey Piñata.

Suddenly, I saw all seven trunks being lifted high into the air, and like one mighty wreaking ball of steel, the seven trunks of the seven Elephants came crashing down upon the Donkey, and I watched as the thick ceramic under belly of the Donkey Piñata was smashed wide open!

Change is Coming!  Change is Coming!  Change is Coming.

Then suddenly, like a mighty rushing river, I saw solid gold coins come gushing forth from within the bulging belly of the Donkey, and as I looked at the torrent of gold coins fall to the ground, I heard these Words, ”Change is coming!  Change is coming!  Change is coming!” 

Three (3) times, I heard those words…

As I looked at the river of solid gold coins which was now flowing forth upon the land, suddenly my eyes were drawn to one of the solid gold coins and I clearly saw the face of President Abraham Lincoln upon the gold coin, and the words, ”In God we trust” and “Liberty”, were engraved upon the gold coin.

As I looked and looked again at the gold coin, suddenly the face of President Donald J. Trump appeared upon the gold coin and the words…”In God we stand” and “Victory” were written upon the gold coin.

And as I looked at the gold coins which were still gushing forth from the belly of the Donkey, again, I heard these words, “For the curse will be reversed and out of the belly of the beast will come seven-fold recompense and restoration!”

Suddenly I woke up from the dream, I grabbed my journal which was beside my bed, and began to write down all I had seen and heard in the dream!

Rhema - America, your Sins are endless & Tragedy is at the Door - June 19, 2022

Jesus warns America your sins are endless and tragedy is at the door … Jesus began there is one thing that will hold back the very worst of what can happen in America. And that one thing is repentance you and other prophets have consistently called for repentance. But your cries have not reached the President’s ears. Those cries are for him to lead national repentance for the sins of your former governments the sins of the people and the sins of the military. Long and hard I have cried out to America to repent. Much is being done to undo the horrendous crimes against children and humanity. But I still need repentance on a much grander scale if it is not forthcoming. What you have seen will come to pass. It is not enough to announce make America great again. I’ve asked you to make America repentant again.

Unless this repentance is modeled on a national level. Unless it is modeled on a personal level the plan still remains to humble this nation. Understand men in power this nation has committed atrocities beyond belief. Not only to its own but to those countries that they wanted to manipulate. The blood from these countries still cries out to me and still I’ve not heard the sounds of weeping and repentance for these atrocities. The whole nation will suffer because of them if you do not heed my call. What you have done to other countries will fall back upon your own heads unless there is true repentance. I am asking you to institute a day of national repentance a day of fasting weeping and reparation for the sins of your nation. I stand ready to show you mercy America. But I’m still waiting for you to recognize and repent of the sins of your nation in this moment only repentance on a grand scale can change what is soon to happen to you.

The sins of Hollywood that have gone unchecked and have formed the minds and consciousness of the young promoting violence sexual immorality. Divorce, materialism the sins of the educational system that has introduced the antichrist agendas sexual perversion promiscuity exploitation of women without being stopped. The sins of abortion that have been allowed making My babies an item of food like cattle. The sins of the elite who have set the stage for a ruined America. The sins of the military that has committed atrocities against mankind.

The sins of the medical industry that has profited off the sicknesses. And even created the sicknesses themselves in experimentation all for profit. The sins of wall street and the wealthy who have stolen from the poor. The sins of a society which has placed material gain above parental guidance and left their children to the state to raise. The sins of the agencies that have been corrupted and betrayed children and families turning over the compromised to unscrupulous sex traders. The sins of the police and judicial system that have been bought off so these crimes could go by untouched by the justice system. The sins of corporate entities that have stolen poisoned and cheated the peoples of the world in order to control and reap gain of the poorest of the poor.

America your sins go on and on without end. Only a massive wake-up call will turn your heads around even then those of you who will insist that the truth is buried in the sand while millions around you suffer from unjust policies. How am I to release you from your indebtedness to humanity? How am I to overlook your crimes and pass them off? How am I to excuse you of these things when repentance is still a foreign concept to you? In truth I cannot judgement must come  if only you would have listened to Me crying out to you to repent of your ways month and even years ago. Do not say make America great again, rather say make America repentant again. And then I  will hear your prayers to forestall the tragedy that is about to overtake you.

The Prophecy Club - Ten Plagues of Egypt will Return - June 21, 2022

The water will turn blood red.

Lois Vogel-Sharp - What's Goin' On - June 18, 2022


Bo Polny - IT'S SHOW TIME! The Fall of Babylon - June 19, 2022


Tim Sheets - Wealth Transfer within 4 months prophecy - June 16, 2022


Lois Vogel-Sharp - I Am Going To Stir Things Up 6-18-2022 - June 19, 2022

He gave it to me in a poem form you don’t like to say things that stir things up. But I will tell you I am going to stir things up it’s a must I told. You the other night the stock market is going to crash. It will at last so stop thinking my people of all the money. You think you were going to get. It’s like a bet you may regret for if you do not use the finances in the proper way. It will be your dismay for the end is near do you see. That clear the world you cling so hard to is going to go poof and none will be left without seeing what happened to the proud. They will be seen in the crowd and will be crying out loud vengeance is mine and I will repay.

It’s coming and I never delay. My people better not stray for the five virgins were left out they had doubt and did not take their lives. Seriously, so Yeshua appeared mysteriously and the lamps were not filled with oil all was spoiled. There was no restraining and the joy that comes in the morning was dawning. So heed the words of the true prophets and follow My son. So you can all become one brother and sister alike loving one another. It is the plight and the good fight don’t miss the flight. He’s coming like a thief in the night love your father who art in heaven and he told me today out of nowhere. He said these words to me there’s no hurrying things up it’s only my perfect timing.

Donne Clement & Bo Polny / The Great Wealth Transfer & Trump 2022! - June 10, 2022

Prophecy given on Donald Trump’s birthday 8 years earlier. …

I will expose I will reveal for you have entered into a time and a season of undercover where I will bring out from the covers the truth. For there have been too many lies one lie after the other covered in high national positions. There are two e’s that I see one e is the word erupt the other is earthquake a volcano as a sign. And then there will be another earthquake, says the Lord. Keep your eyes open for this sign is to cause the earth to heal of its produce. I will release that which has been held back from you and caused triumph to be sounded in your mouth says summer. Summer reaches to spring and to fall I will be the mediator says summer. I will uncover yet beneath the earth. There is a rage, eruptions, summer says.

Why choose they me why do the tornadoes hurricanes choose me I am summer. I bring smiles, I bring sunshine. I bring warmth yet there is a tumultuous rendering that is coming. I stand to protect spring. But fall you are rebelling or is it that possibly the spirit of God will cause many to fall in fall. Then there is the earth that wishes to tremble shake for the nations of the earth stand waiting. However there is an uncovering of great evil and i will start from the top I have shaken the Democrats and will shake the Republicans even more. But remember when these tremors and when these tumultuous moments happen. Summer says I will take it so that the fall can do its work in America. Summer take it for thus says the Lord. I will prosper My people and during the fall there shall be many that shall fall and many that shall rise from the dust.

For the summer shall bring forth much in the temperatures. Strange July, strange July, hypnotic November, and oh Christmas where winter shall say and me I will make them happy. For God says I have chosen each season to manifest something and it shall come to pass that I shall bring sign after sign and in the fall that which comes down is that which was able to be shaken  and I will build and release the resources and in the fall will show you whom I have chosen to pray for and guide this nation. You shall rejoice for it is My man, it is My chosen David, says the Lord. …

Then it states you know the brothers of Goliath stand and glee right so the brother who are the brothers of Goliath. Let’s define that first okay it’s big brother the deep state the swamp the world health organization, the IMF, the world economic forum. Okay, it’s all and and others. But it’s that’s who they are so what they’re trying to you know big brother trying to the United States. Why? Because if you can the United States you can control the world. Yes, so that is the essence of and so these brothers of Goliath. So they’re no different than you know time of Goliath and David right the brothers of Goliath stand and glee we will you okay until god flips tables on how many how many stones did david need to take down Goliath one but this is the best part right David was so confident in what he was about to do to Goliath I think he took four stones because he had three other brothers he was going to take them all out and so the point being is that you know god the stone that the prophecy of the stone is very prophetic because you know it’s a stone and that’s what gold is right and so what they’ve done with this is help you understand about you know why gold and can can destroy the system.

Veronika West - You Are the Child of a Covenant-Keeping God - June 3, 2022

“Beloved, I AM a Covenant-Keeping God. Surely I tell you there is no good thing that I would withhold from you, for I have not left you as orphans in this world to defend, to protect and to provide for yourselves.

But rather, I have grafted you in, made you My Own. I call you Sons and Daughters. All that I AM, and all that I have, belongs to you.

My Angel Armies are at your command, and My vast and Unlimited Resources are at your disposal, for I have set no limitations or boundaries to what I have made available for you, My Children.

AM I not Wisdom? AM I not Power and Strength? AM I not Justice and Righteousness?

AM I not Comfort and Healing? AM I not Peace, an ever-present Help, a Safe Hiding Place from every danger? AM I not Love and Victory?

Yes Beloved! I AM a Covenant-Keeping God, and you are My Child.

If you will stir up expectation and anticipate My Help and My Deliverance in this hour, I will not fail you, for those who put their Hope in Me, shall never be disappointed.

Fear Not! For I AM Light, and though the path ahead may seem dark, unsure and even unsettling, I shall go ahead of you to level the Mountains and fill in the Valleys — even the crooked paths shall be straightened — and a Highway shall be built for you, that will lead you to The Land of Promises, where My Abundance and Beauty Overflows.

Did I not say I would work all things together for your good?

For My heart yearns for you, and My Love hunts you down daily.

AM I not a Jealous God? Jealous over you? For I delight in preparing a Table for you in the presence of your enemies — a table of abundance, satisfaction, and everlasting love — a place of feasting on My Grace and endless supply.

What enemy can ever take it away?

For My Oil is poured out upon your heads, Anointing you for Victory and everlasting Life, for I AM a Covenant Keeping God and you are My Child.

Abide In Me and I shall Abide in you, for this is a Love Relationship that is not overbearing and controlling, but a Love Covenant that is fruit bearing and liberating, a Love Relationship that is not founded on religious rituals, but a Divine and Royal Seal, birthed in The Secret Place and in the deeper realms of The Spirit, where a heart to heart connection is formed, fashioned and takes flight.

Beloved, so come, eat and be fully satisfied, and let My Love draw you out and send you forth as Ministers of My Mercy and Grace into a hungry and starving world.

You shall go forth into the highways and the by-ways and multitudes shall be fed from the baskets that are filled with the crumbs and the leftovers you have gathered from the Overflow of My Blessings and Bounty that you have received.

For I AM a Covenant-Keeping God — and you are My Child!”

Chris Bennett - The United Kingdom — A Jubilee Celebration - June 3, 2022


I asked for some more but The LORD just said, “Watch for the enemies of mankind — the Davos Crew — to work through their many allies — mainly WHO — to try something almost spectacular very soon.

It is the beginning of their death throes, as they have already failed before they begin!”

Manuel Johnson - “I, the Lord, Am Shifting Positions in Your Nation” -June 3, 2022

My children, My children as you have witnessed this historical move of My righteous right on in your nation. Wow, and for and the following other nations your ears will tingle. Glory to
God hallelujah. Your ears will tingle your eyes will see the salvation of the Lord. … I have said before to My servants to prophets I Lord change not and I am doing a new thing in your generation. In your season and will not relent shall. I am opening up the floodgates of My spirit on our flesh on the earth. Which is my footstool. I the Lord and moving mountains you thought that could not be moved. Whoa in the Lord and shifting positions in your nations and nations which you did not believe could be shifted. To My favor I the Lord will accomplish some of My purpose and My will through what you call the media. Wow as I did My doing My time to serve My servant Nebuchadnezzar. Nebuchadnezzar was a pagan king and God used His vocal cords do certain incidents.

I the Lord have established in My divine counsel trips and backfire on the enemies of the Lord. America will know I am the Lord and I remember my covenant for this land. Amen, boy that was such a powerful download and you see when He does this to me gets my attention. So, I receive that I’m releasing that word you say right now. I receive it right now so I received from my nation. I receive it from the nations. I received from my household. The Lord could have easily said amendment he could have easily said Constitution. He actually said covenant for the United States of America. Yeah, and a covenant is actually higher than the Constitution. A Constitution we as men have to stand behind it but a covenant God stands behind. My God, go away amen because He’s not a man that would lie on our you know you know man that we relent a covenant is a covenant God stands by His covenant.

What are you saying saints there was a covenant made a blood covenant made in this nation before there was even a Constitution. So this that’s this is a game changer on our nation. This is a game changer. God says I will honor this. So we’re talking prayers that are perhaps 200 years over 200 years old. God is remembering those prayers He remembers those prayers of our founding fathers. We just celebrated memorial day last week of people that fought men and women that fought for this country for our freedom. And God wants that for this nation as to be a representative to other nations. Before this nation became a nation of freedom the scripture talks about it god gives you and I a free will. We have a free will. None of us are following the Lord with a chain our lease our rope on our neck. None of us we follow Him, freely every day. For our lives we choose who we going to serve and we choose the Lord saints I’m excited to be in this generation that God has chosen this generation. You and I to see the glory of the Lord move in such a magnificent way. He’s moving it’s not is it it’s happening now.

But I don’t look to the media to see all that you you know I look to the Lord and more that I look and see what God is doing behind the scenes the more excited I’m getting. The more exciting I’m getting. Oh Lord thank you chose me to be born in this nation. Wow and this generation and do you understand that we’re going to impact our generation in a generations to come. And most of you may say oh my God all this stuff is going down all of a sudden. Saint don’t you understand the enemy screams allowed us when he knows he’s on the way out. Screems loudest when he knows he’s on the way out. Bye-bye, bye-bye, they’re on the way out. So they deceived themselves we’re secured in the Lord. They’re not secure we’re secured they’re not secured they’re on slippery ground. They’re on slippery eyes they’re nice we’re secured we’re on we’re not on denies we’re on the rock, whoa.

Shirley Lise - Prophetic Word - A DAY OF RAPID CHANGE - May 24, 2022


Patricia Greene - Message of the Lord - May 22, 2022

He says this come near to Me that I may be near to you says the lord distractions are all around but you must rise above the noise and the distractions to draw near to me says the lord and then after that he said I’m going to give you um his word regarding the united states of America first and so this is what this message is for the USA he said exposure, exposure, exposure in order for the usa to get back on my track says the lord the first must be exposure. I am pulling back the veil removing the smoke and mirrors and revealing the puppet masters the charade is up says the lord will come off and the real players revealed. He said people have been conditioned to Hollywood movies which set them up for this charade to happen do not think that I the Lord have not seen because I have and then he begins to speak to individuals within our nation he said

Soros your time is up you have pulled the strings of the puppets and now even now I cut those strings. So all you have left is two pieces of worthless wood. Obama you thought you were wise in your own eyes but I have called you a fork tongue devil. I gave you power for a season but you have grabbed for power beyond what I granted you, says the Lord. You and those who have been loyal to you will fall says the Lord. Hillary what I have to say to you will not change your mind or your heart for you have sold your soul to the devil for power says, the Lord. Kamala you had a chance to set the record straight but you refused you have aligned yourself with wicked people and so therefore you will also be judged with the wicked. Nancy Pelosi you have chosen to serve the adversary for power position and money and it will all be stripped from you in a second in time you laugh and mock at my servants and at me says the Lord. But he who laughs last will indeed laugh last, says the Lord.

Jen just because you have left the White House just know the white house has not left you. You know too much and you will fall with the rest of them, says the Lord. Chuck Schumer your wicked dealings with Nancy Pelosi and others will be exposed and your time is over, says the Lord. Mitch McConnell you have been sly in your tenure as Senator. But your slippery deeds will be exposed. You think your tracks are well covered, but I the Lord will uncover your tracks. AOC you are a plant from the start and I am removing all plants, says the Lord. Omar your hatred will become your own demise. Biden the talking head you are no more the charade is up and then he continued with this word. He said the evidence is mounting and mounting until it cascades down the mountain as an avalanche of information. …

He said for those of you who think that you are safe because you have covered your tracks just know that I am the one uncovering your steps your deeds your emails your text your bank accounts your holdings your foreign bank accounts your associates and your contracts. I am uncovering your clandestine meetings whether they be in hotel rooms in a limo on a path in the woods or on a Lear jet nothing is hidden from me says the lord whether you believe that I exist or not soon you will know that I am and I do exist says the lord of hosts now that was for the United States of America.

Now for Italy He says this Italy you are like the leaning tower of Pisa you and it will fall, says the Lord. Your wickedness has risen to my throne and the cries of the children and unborn babies have reached my ears. All the children and babies whose bones and blood lie under the Vatican will be vindicated says, the Lord of Hosts. For Germany He says this your neutral stance will be the grounds upon which another Hitler will rise in your midst Australia. Bondages will be broken over Australia as I pour out my spirit upon the land. Because I have heard the cries and prayers of the righteous people in the land.

Canada for those in Canada who long to hear a word from Me, says the Lord. He says this imperialism will end, says the lord. Your nation will be free from all that has held it bound get ready for a great visitation of the Lord you will never be the same again Mexico he says Mexico I have you in my sight, says the Lord, I will visit the gangs and entire gangs will get saved and serve me, says the Lord. I am about to transform Mexico and remove the wicked people in the government and the police who have rolled by bribery violence and injustice My justice is coming, says the Lord. North Korea to a godless nation who has been forced to be godless I will remove your leader and bring forth prosperity to the people China your fall is great but for the sake of the people who love me says the Lord. I will not allow total destruction, says the Lord.

For the UK the stronghold you have exerted on the world through the crown is coming to an end imperialism is falling says the Lord. Israel He said soon you will know that Yahushua is your Messiah and you will feel shame because of the one you have pierced but rejoice in God your savior. South Africa the racial divide will fall, says the Lord. A great revival will break out in South Africa that will join them together the riches of south Africa will be more uh the riches of South Africa will be more plentiful and the nation’s treasures will be enjoyed by many, says the Lord.

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - Word of Encouragement - Keep Faith! - May 13, 2022

It’s time … the end is close now.

Shirley Lise - SHAKING THE SYSTEMS OF MEN - May 12, 2022

I’ll begin reading this word rejoice My people for the Lord your God is an awesome God and His works are incomparable. In this day the rivers of righteousness are flowing freely throughout the land and the healing of the nations is at hand. I am breaking through, says the Lord. I am taking down the high places shaking the systems of men and instituting My order watch to see the shaking loose of those who have been ensnared by a Babylonian system that neither honors God nor makes way for others to honor God. The driving factor is the spirit of the antichrist. But in this day I am taking down this system delivering multitudes from its grip and raising up a standard of holiness in its stead. Yes, you will see the crashing down of the old. But also the raising up of the new in its midst a right standard has been raised up and the eyes of the people are being drawn to it. As they gaze upward upon it they are seeing the likeness of My Son and the light and brightness of it is drawing them. The hearts of the people are searching for Me and I will embrace them shelter them and care for them in this day, says the Lord.

I am raising up a network of facilities to house the ones coming to Me. I have marked out those places I will use some have been seeking Me on this. And I have been revealing My heart to them continue to seek Me for I am about to reveal these things to you in each community, says the Lord. I have marked out buildings and businesses that will be instrumental to My plan to facilitate those coming in through the harvest these buildings will function as rest places, places of worship, and places. From where the writings and songs of the Lord will be sent out for I’m about to flood the market with writings and songs of My spirit. My word in print will be available in every community and on every street corner for I am saturating the towns and communities with it radio stations too will be flooded with My songs. For I am raising up many in this hour who will record the songs I have given them. Who are ready and willing to put My words to music I am thrusting these out into their communities and they shall busy themselves with these things.

I’m raising up publishers and printers in this day who will run with My word many will spend long hours penning the words of life. I am releasing says the Lord teachings and words of  encouragement will be penned published and sent forth into the community each town and community will be saturated with these and they shall draw many for they are instrumental to My end time ministry. Waves of My spirit are being released with each wave a heightened awareness of the reality of my presence is coming into the lives of the people with each wave the eyes of understanding are being opened. And the presence of the Lord among men is being more fully realized with each wave another mechanism of the end time network is being utilized. This is the essence of the present wave to take the word of the Lord to the nations be faithful My people to rise up in the gifting you have been given in this hour and run with it for the time is now says the Lord.

Shirley Lise - A NEW WORLD ORDER - May 9, 2022

I’ll begin reading the word rise upon the heights. Do not be pulled down by negative thinking I have given you everything you need to be an overcomer. To ride the wave and to be victorious over the works of the enemy, says the Lord. I know you are concerned about how I will accomplish all I have promised. But understand that I am over and above all circumstances. I am able to turn hearts and turn a nation in a day and so make rapid changes overnight. There is no weapon that is able to restrain my movement says the Lord. Watch to see what I do to take down powers that war against My elect. I am on the move to destroy wickedness in high places. To take down principalities that have ruled and to level them to the ground. This is no great feat for Me says the Lord. So trust the word given and do not doubt it.

I told you that this is a new era. That I am coming to take over. To remove the wicked and to raise up the righteous. That this is a day of change open your eyes to see what I do. How i institute justice in the land a swift move of My spirit will sweep across the land you will see the governments of man topple. Those institutions that have not honored My name. I will pull out the footings and the building will crumble. Change is coming says the Lord. Great change I am raising up My entrepreneurs who will flood the scene with new ideas, new strategies, and new inventions to revamp society. To take over industry and establish it in righteousness. I know you marvel at the thought but I am raising up a standard of holiness in the land. So be bold to proclaim My word. To speak it forth come into agreement with what I am doing and you shall see it go forth. I have stationed my profits strategically to call down the high places and to raise up the low. To prepare the way in the desert for the coming of the Lord.

So faithfully trumpet forth My word to this generation. For it is this generation of believers who will march in and take the land. Restoration is coming says the Lord. I am restoring the waste places causing the desert to bloom wickedness in the land will be dealt a death blow as the river of God runs throughout. Many are waiting for my return calling in the bridegroom. I hear their calls and My heart is stirred. So I am coming to this generation I will come in signs wonders and miracles. Unshackling those who have been bound by the evil one. Setting them free from the devil’s oppression. Cleansing hearts and lives symbolically dead men will come out of their graves. You talk about Revival, but you have no idea of the extent to which I am coming says the Lord. Be rapture ready don’t conform to the world’s order. For I am bringing a new order that will completely eradicate the old out with the old and in with the new. A new day is dawning.

Redeemed44 - Artificial Intelligence takes control of the world via the blockchain!!! - May 6, 2022

Redeemed44 - Something special will happen at Pentecost!!! - May 1, 2022


Lois Vogel-Sharp - God's Rebuke It's Not Women's Health Care - May 10, 2022

When I got this at 11:24 last night I had no idea that within the next 24 hours that they’re going to bring this Schumer Pelosi they’re going to bring this to take a vote on making ‘Roe versus Wade permanent. Oh trying to overrule the supreme court this is very serious and we must do some serious praying about that get your prayer warriors get everybody going to rebuke this in the name of Jesus. … So don’t panic God says He’s still going to have His way in this. So listen to what He says this is like amazing. He started with this there will be no poem with this message and I was like okay.

You have done enough damage to my little ones by lying to yourselves and the world calling it women’s healthcare. Shame on you for calling murder women’s healthcare and I have had enough of your foolishness you will be stopped. One way or the other and those who continue to use abortion as a way of birth control will reap the consequences. Get yourself out of your own body and stop allowing free sex. And then when you get pregnant you just wipe away the life as if it never existed it existed and it will live for eternity. Just like you will you make the choice where you go and murdering your own baby is about as selfish as one can get. You have no idea what it means to take a life and the emotional consequences it brings. You dare to call it women’s rights to their own body when you are ignoring the right to the fetuses body. You dare to say that I make human beings with no sexual agenda when in fact it is a physical obvious difference that I created so men and women could bear children and recreate themselves. Have you lost your minds? I say yes, you have, because you not only know it as a baby when it is born and you even think you have the right to kill it once it is born now. At what age will you say it is too late to murder the elderly you think are useless when in fact they are the ones with all the wisdom.

So time to take them out too how about the disabled? Should we take them out too pretty soon no one will be deemed good enough to live under your warped conception of evil lies. Women’s healthcare, how dare you when you ignore the life in the womb. It’s healthcare you hypocrites, you liars, you will pay for your arrogance against the God who created you and the one who can send you to hell. You better take a step back and stop your actions to stop the Supreme Court and their decision to save My babies. They are listening to Me and My plea. I say enough you better repent and stop with your foolish lies to justify murder thou shall not kill. You better stop and seal up your lips for you know it is evil. Repent before it is too late for when you come face to face it is time for judgment for your actions think seriously in what I have just said your creator God.  

One Small Flame - Prepare My Children - May 10, 2022

My child,
Prepare for the
Next plague.
This one is of the
Skin and the scalp.
Painful lesions
And man will not
Find a cure,
Although he will try.
He will be perplexed and
dumbfounded at its origin.
My children,
For the many who are
Ready spiritually and
I say well done,
My good and faithful
Servant. You will have
Your reward. For
Those others who have not
Prepared, they will rue the day
Of this manifestation,
Cursing Me for their lives.
My children, even still
Be kind to those who are
Afflicted and help them
In anyway that you can as
I Lead you. In this way
We will minister to them
Together and enlighten them
To My love and Mercy.
This will lead them back to
Me and they will be comforted
In their sorrow by My Mercy.
I love you, My children!

Lois Vogel-Sharp - What Will Be - May 5, 2022

The economy it blew America it looks like you’re through. You try to take us out there is no doubt. But there is a surprise for you. Your demons are done one by one. So watch and see once again how America is free. It happened on bended knee. And of course it’s the father’s plea. Now while you wait to stand up on both feet evil will retreat and will never take over America again so let’s not pretend. For as the demons run to and fro. They do know where to go the other side of the planet to wreak their havoc. So while you struggle to pay your bills don’t let satan give you the chills for better you suffer here then you end up.

there filled with internal despair. Love can sometimes seem like it’s harsh. Not until you see all the parts and everything America has been through. It is so you get a clue of what evil is all about have no doubt. For it can take over America and do what it did you better be on top of the grid. Evil is not going away it has left for the day but we’ll always be looking to its rise its ugly head but have no dread for Yeshua came to set the captives free for all eternity.

So, watch and see how it all plays out even when there is a drought. The win is what really matters as evil scatters. But never again fall asleep for he is a creep. And if you do not hold your ground evil can steal the crown. Be alert and vigilant you are My instrument to take what belongs to Me so all can be free.

Christa Elisha - Prepare for the Great Divide - May 5, 2022

I hear the Lord say to me this Mother’s Day we have a special surprise for you and for many others the time for weeping has ended in a time of great celebration is upon you. I am giving you beauty for ashes joy for mourning and praise for heaviness to the morning mothers in this hour. …  I could actually hear children dancing and singing and um it was so beautiful it looked like springtime and I mean it was like this choir of children I could hear and they began to sing oh praise the one who saved my dead and rose this life up from the dead. you know that song um so they were all singing that but it was way prettier and it was children and then hundreds of white doves began to fly around and then the veil closed and um when I was asking the lord about the doves. The doves represent peace. The dove represents peace and we know it as you know the Holy Spirit. But it’s peace and prosperity it’s shalom and shalom is what replaces the chaos that the trauma of the brokenness and the mourning and the ashes and the heaven heaviness that we experience when Jesus comes in there’s this exchange right and he gives us the oil of joy and praise for heaviness and he gives us beauty for ashes and um and he gives us his shalom which is his perfect peace his total well-being complete separation from all harm and it is in the Hebrew the word shalom means to destroy the hook that binds our soul to chaos. Okay, and so how appropriate with hundreds of doves hundreds of doves um that were flying around and I knew in my spirit that there was a reconciliation taking place between the mourning mothers who were post-abortive and their children in heaven. ….

There is so much wickedness that has been going on in dark corners and behind the scenes in government and God is sick of it and he’s done with it there is a huge truth movement that is on the rise in this hour and this you know little four you know percent majority of the population that has been screaming from the rooftops and trying to bark and intimidate. The bride of Christ is now being shouted down by the truth and it it’s coming from every which way. It’s not just happening on the government mountain, guys it’s happening in economics, it’s happening in religion. Like the falsehood um it’s happening in the media guys. I prophesied how many years ago about uh the lightning falling down on the uh radio towers and on media outlets being judged and in mainstream entertainment and media being judged and being brought to its knees. Because they were liars and false prophets and I’m telling you guys it’s happening it’s been happening and we are on the cusp of the greatest Revival we have ever seen.

But Roe v Wade has to be overturned there is a curse looming over our land because of this thing but I’m telling you if I have ever had hope ever that this thing was going to be overturned. It is right now … He said prepare for the great divide prepare for the great divide. I want you to listen to me okay listen to me friends prepare for the great divide the issue of abortion will be what slavery was during the era of the Civil War I have drawn a line in the sand says the Lord. I will bless the states that choose life but will remove my hand of protection from those who choose death. … It was November was I went into a vision and in the vision I saw the United States of America and I saw there were blue states and I saw there were red states. And um all of a sudden I saw a finger come out of heaven and it began to poke the blue states and as it poked the blue states the blue states flipped. And they um like on a game board they flipped or like a puzzle and um they turned red.

And I heard the Lord say I am doing a great overturning in your land. He said this this will be a year of overturning and turn over and turn around lots of lots of turning this year um. And it being a full circle coming back to the beginning the original state in which God intended it to be … so I do believe that um there are going to be many states as soon as roe v wade is overturned. They are automatically just going to be fully pro-life they’re going to be cities and states of refuge for the unborn while there will be other states that do not choose that. And in fact they will probably amp up um the severity of the pro-abortion legislation that they have in certain states but in these states now look they are going to be mission fields. I’m gonna to tell you the rest of this word but I wanna make sure that I say this. Because I don’t want you guys to be afraid for those of you who are living in these states that have these radical. You know pro pro-abortion I can’t call it pro-choice it’s but these pro-abortion states. Because um if you are in Christ there is going to be supernatural protection on you. …  

Shirley Lise - A DAY OF TRANSITION - May 5, 2022

I am replacing therapeutics mainstreaming elements found in nature. You will see the shift over I am taking down systems run by the world, says the Lord. Modes and methods of treating disease and replacing them with the natural I have been working behind the scenes setting things up and have released a flood of natural health products throughout the land. I am not the author of confusion and there is no mixed message here. I have made a way where there has been no way I have opened up an avenue of health care that had been blocked by a hierarchy of evil doers. … I am taking the keys out of their hands. I am taking control away from them and they will no longer reign and rule but the kingdom that they have built shall topple says the lord you will see the fall of the pharmaceutical industry. You will see the doors close to the medical profession. Only those who seek to bring health and wholeness will remain. … I have watched as the people became poisoned on doses of chemically altered medications. I have put a stop to it no longer will the medical profession rule. I have upset the apple cart and shall dictate policy and take the wealth out of the hands of the wicked and direct it into the hands of those who truly seek to bring wholeness well-being and restored health to the people, says the Lord. …

Veronica West - From Marah to Elim: A Prophetic Word for May 2022 - May 4, 2022

“Watch, for I AM moving you from the place called Marah (meaning bitterness) to the place called Elim in this hour. Watch, for I AM breaking the spirit of delay in the month of May” (the place having Twelve Springs and Seventy Palm Trees).

In my worship time today, I heard these Words for the month of May, “The times of Refreshing, Renewal, Restoration and Revival have come, for I AM taking My People on a journey from Marah to Elim.

Watch! For I AM turning, reversing and redeeming lost time. I AM changing and transforming the bitter waters to sweet springs of refreshing and restoration.

I AM Reviving and Renewing Strength, Power and Might to those who have become spiritually dehydrated and depleted.

I AM Reinstating, Rebuilding and Reestablishing true Kingdom Identity and Authority.

Watch! For a great Awakening is now taking place on the earth.” …

EagleArmy Ministries - May 1st Prophecy Begins! Shiba Vision/Kim Clement Mayday War/New Shiba?\Maria Conwell Shib Warfare - May 1, 2022

EagleArmy Ministries - Heavenly Portal Warfare Prayer(Keys of David) - May 2, 2022

EagleArmy Ministries - The Lord’s Announcement Regarding Shiba&Wealth Transfer(Right Now Word) - May 3, 2022

Spiritual warfare, portals, portal warfare prayer, grapes, wealth transfer, …. May 1st.

May Day! May Day! May Day!

Destroy the python spirit strangling the United States.

All three videos are very well thought out and presented. They are well worth your time to watch and consideration.

Veronika West 0 America: A Coincidence or a Confirming Prophetic Sign? - May 4, 2022

A Mere Coincidence in timing — or a Confirming Prophetic Sign?

The Leaked SCOTUS Opinion and the “2000 Mules” Documentary being released!

I was sent this picture by a friend today, after I re-posted a Prophetic dream about the “Donkey Pinata” that I was shown hanging from a tree by a Red Rope.

(See HKP Word: “America: The Curse Will Be Reversed“ Text and link right below from October 7, 2020.)

I believe there is a powerful prophetic parallel being revealed through the Dream, which serves to confirm that the timing of the “2000 Mule” Documentary and the Leaked SCOTUS Opinion is indeed not a mere coincidence, but rather an intentional and strategic plan by the enemies of God to cause a distraction from the corruption and theft of the 2020 Election being fully exposed.

Seeing the belly of the Donkey/ Mule Pinata being broken wide open in the dream also parallels prophetically to the Secret Plans of the enemy being fully exposed and uncovered, and the thief being caught, who will be made to pay back.…!

The Spirit of Revelation quickens to me the story of Haman, and the how he hung from the very gallows that he built and prepared for Mordecai.…and the Red Rope.

I believe speaks also to a powerful Political Shift that is coming in the days ahead, that will bring forth radical change, and a severe course correction to The Nation(s)!

Quote from that Word below:

“But as I looked at the Donkey Piñata, I knew immediately by revelation, that I was about to be shown something significant concerning the political situation that is currently unfolding in The United States of America…. (The Donkey; being symbolic of the Democratic Party)

Now as I looked again at the large Donkey Piñata hanging by a red rope from the branches of the tree, my eyes were immediately drawn to the Donkey’s belly, which was bulging.

As I looked at the massive belly of the Donkey, suddenly I heard these words, “For the wealth of the wicked has been stored up for the righteous.”

Suddenly I felt a great excitement and an anticipation rise up within me in the Dream, as I knew that something powerful was about to break loose over the land.

Prophetic look back to 2020.

Veronika West - America: The Curse Will Be Reversed - October 7, 2020

A powerful dream concerning The United States of America.

“The curse will be reversed, and out of the belly of the beast will come seven-fold Recompense and Restoration,” says The Spirit of The LORD.

As promised, I would like to share a powerful dream I received on Sunday night, for the purpose of Prayer and Intercession! Please bare with me, as I endeavour to share exactly what I saw and what I heard, and with the understanding I received as the dream unfolded. This dream is probably up there with some of the most powerful and yet strangest of dreams I have received to-date!

Let’s begin. I went to bed Sunday night feeling a great sense of burden for the nations, especially for The United States of America. With the unfolding news on President Trump being diagnosed with COVID-19, I felt such a battle raging in the heavens over the President and his destiny, and certainly for the destiny of the nation. So as I lay down to sleep, there was a great sense of swirling and whirling in the realm of The Spirit, but as I closed my eyes and began to pray in The Spirit, a deep peace came upon me!

The Thief Has Been Caught and Must Pay Back Seven Times. I must have only been asleep a few hours when I was taken into a powerful dream encounter, where I saw a very large tree standing far in the distance. As I looked at the tree, I immediately noticed that there was something hanging in the tree, but I could not see with any clarity what it was.

As I started to make my way towards the tree, suddenly I heard these Words, “The thief has been caught and must pay back seven times!” As those words echoed in the realm of The Spirit, the atmosphere in the dream became heavy and I felt the weight of God’s Glory surround me. The Spirit of The Fear of The LORD became tangible and I began to pray loudly in tongues.

For the Wealth of the Wicked Has Been Stored Up for the Righteous. As I continued to approach the tree in the dream, with my eyes still fixed on the strange thing that was hanging from the tree, again, I heard for a second time, “The thief has been caught and must pay back seven times!”

As I heard those Words, suddenly I saw a bright red rope, (red; symbolic of The Blood of Jesus) and at the end of the red rope hung a very large ‘Piñata…’

As I looked at the red rope and the Piñata, my mind began to race, trying to get an understanding of what I was seeing, but as I drew even closer to the branches of the tree, I saw that the Piñata was in the shape of a very large Donkey and it was made of hard ceramic… (Yes…I know!! Like what? A Piñata? A Donkey?!?!)

But as I looked at the Donkey Piñata, I knew immediately by revelation, that I was about to be shown something significant concerning the political situation that is currently unfolding in The United States of America…. (The Donkey; being symbolic of the Democratic Party)

Now as I looked again at the large Donkey Piñata hanging by a red rope from the branches of the tree, my eyes were immediately drawn to the Donkey’s belly, which was bulging.

As I looked at the massive belly of the Donkey, suddenly I heard these words, “For the wealth of the wicked has been stored up for the righteous.”

Suddenly I felt a great excitement and an anticipation rise up within me in the dream, as I knew that something powerful was about to break loose over the land!

A Riddle! Then I heard these Words, “Out of the eater came something to eat, and out of the strong came something sweet”

Ha! As I heard those words, I recognised them immediately and the story of Samson came up before me in the dream… (almost like a vision within the dream, and I saw Samson eating sweet honey out of the carcass of the lion).

As the vision unfolded before me, suddenly I heard the sound of many Trumpets and the ground roundabout me began to tremble, and the tree began to shake and the Donkey Piñata began to move back and forth in the tree.

As I heard the loud sound of the Trumpets, I turned to my right — which was in the direction of the trumpeting sound — and to my amazement, I saw Elephants (symbolic; of The Republican Party). Yes! Elephants coming towards the tree, and with their trunks lifted high in the air they were Trumpeting loudly as they marched!

See, for I Have Delivered Jericho Into Your Hands! And as I looked again at the Elephants, I heard these Words, ”See, for I have delivered Jericho into your hands!” On hearing those Words, my eyes were immediately drawn back to the red/ rope that held the Donkey Piñata in the branches of the tree, and suddenly the story of ‘Rahab, the scarlet cord and the walls of Jericho’, was quickened to me.

Then I looked up again at the Elephants that were marching towards the tree, I saw that were seven (7) Elephants in number. In that moment in the dream, the prophetic significance of the number 7 (covenant, completion and perfection) began to swirl roundabout me and I was made to understand by The Spirit of Revelation, that a powerful spiritual battle was about to unfold before me.

It was a battle, not between flesh and blood, and not between one political party or another, but rather a battle between life and death. A battle for Righteousness and Justice, a battle against the powers of darkness and the principalities of wickedness and witchcraft in the land.

I was about to see powerful satanic strongholds being broken, and demonic thrones being overthrown and overturned! Watch! for the Curse Will Be Reversed and Out of the Belly of the Beast Will Come 7-Fold Recompense and Restoration. Now as the seven (7) Elephants came towards the tree, I watched as the first Elephant walked up to the tree to where the large Donkey Piñata was hanging, and I watched as the elephant lifted its trunk high into the air.

As its trunk was lifted, I saw the trunk take on the shape/ form of a beautiful Shofar, and suddenly there came a long and loud Trumpet Blast which was released into the atmosphere. Then I watched in utter amazement as the trunk/ shofar was brought back down and I saw the Elephant swing its mighty trunk towards the Donkey Piñata, and I watched as its trunk hit the Piñata with great force.

Suddenly I heard a loud sound of cracking coming from deep within the bulging belly of the Donkey, and I saw small cracks begin to appear in the ceramic. Then I watched as all seven (7) Elephants began to march around the large tree, leaving the Donkey Piñata swinging violently back and forth, and back and forth in the tree.

Then I watched as a second Elephant then stepped up to the Donkey Piñata and it lifted its huge trunk, which also took on the form of a beautiful Shofar, and I listened, as yet again another long and loud Trumpet Blast went forth over the land, and then the Elephant brought its trunk back down again, and swinging it with great force, I watched as the Donkey Piñata took another heavy blow, causing even deeper cracks to appear in the Piñata,…..Now at this point in the dream my eyes became fixed on the heavy bulging belly of the Donkey, which looked like it would break wide open at any moment.

But as I watched and waited intently with great anticipation for what I knew was about to take place, again I saw the Elephants begin to march round the tree for a second time. And then they stopped, and a third Elephant stood before the Donkey Piñata and the same thing happened as it did with the first and the second Elephant.

The third Elephant lifted its long and strong trunk into the air and the sound of a loud Trumpet Blast was released again over the land. Then I watched as its trunk came down upon the Donkey Piñata with great power and perfect precision, hitting the bulging belly of the Donkey.

I could hear a rumbling sound coming from deep within the belly of the Donkey, and suddenly, I heard these words, “Watch! For the curse will be reversed and out of the belly of the beast will come 7-fold Recompense and Restoration!” As those words deeply penetrated my inner most being, I knew by The Spirit of Revelation that the curse of death through abortion that was over the nation was about to be broken!

And, as an even greater expectation and anticipation of breakthrough filled the atmosphere in the dream, I watched again as the seven (7) mighty Elephants marched around the tree for a third time. Again, I saw the elephants stop and a fourth Elephant stood before the tree and the hanging Piñata, and I watched as the Elephant lifted its trunk into the air, and a loud and powerful Trumpet Blast went forth across the land.

Then I saw its trunk coming down upon the Piñata Donkey and the sound of cracking and more cracking took place! I saw that ‘the curse of death’ through abortion was what was preventing a great wealth transfer! Now, as I continued to watch this incredible dream unfold before me, I saw the seven (7) Elephants march yet again around the tree for a forth time, and then a fifth Elephant took its place before the swinging Piñata and as it lifted its trunk, a loud Trumpet Blast was sounded.

Then I saw its trunk being used like a mighty battering ram to break open the Donkey Piñata. As I watched and listened intently to all that was unfolding before me, I was made to understand by The Spirit of Revelation that within the belly of the Donkey, there was great wealth, riches and blessings which were being stored up for The righteous for such a time as this.

But I saw that the curse of death through abortion was what was preventing a great wealth transfer being released over the nation(s), but at the sound of the Seven (7) Trumpets (symbolic; seven (7) Trumpet Blasts: a call to repentance) being released over the land, the curse would be broken and the mighty strongholds of death and destruction that were ruling over the nation would come crashing down.

As this Revelation began filling my heart and mind, and as I was gaining a greater understanding of what I was being shown in the dream, I watched as the seven (7) Elephants matched again aound the tree, for a fifth time.

And then a sixth Elephant stood before the Piñata, which was now covered in deep cracks, and scattered across the ground lay big pieces of broken ceramic, and the bulging belly of the Donkey looked as if it would surely give way at any moment.

Again I watched as the sixth Elephant lifted its trunk and a powerful sixth blast of a Trumpet sound was released into the atmosphere, and then the trunk of the Elephant was swung down upon the Donkey Piñata causing the head of the Donkey to break.

As I saw and heard the sound of breaking, my excitement and anticipation became almost unbearable in the dream, as I knew that the power of the curse over the land was about to be broken and that a great transfer of wealth and blessings that had been stored up and held back in the belly of the beast would suddenly be poured out upon the land.

Then I saw the Elephants once again march around the tree for a sixth time, and then the seventh Elephant took its place before the tree and just like before. I watched as the seventh Elephant lifted its trunk high into the air, and with its trunk taking on the form of a beautiful Shofar, I listened as a long and loud seventh Trumpet Blast was released over the nation.

But I watched, as after the Seventh Trumpet Blast went forth, the Elephant’s trunk stayed lifted high in the air and all the Elephants began to march around the tree. Seven times they marched around the tree, and then I saw them stop, and I watched as all seven (7) Elephants surrounded the Donkey Piñata.

Suddenly, I saw all seven trunks being lifted high into the air, and like one mighty wreaking ball of steel, the seven trunks of the seven Elephants came crashing down upon the Donkey, and I watched as the thick ceramic under belly of the Donkey Piñata was smashed wide open!

Change is Coming! Change is Coming! Change is Coming. Then suddenly, like a mighty rushing river, I saw solid gold coins come gushing forth from within the bulging belly of the Donkey, and as I looked at the torrent of gold coins fall to the ground, I heard these Words, ”Change is coming! Change is coming! Change is coming!”

Three (3) times, I heard those words… As I looked at the river of solid gold coins which was now flowing forth upon the land, suddenly my eyes were drawn to one of the solid gold coins and I clearly saw the face of President Abraham Lincoln upon the gold coin, and the words, ”In God we trust” and “Liberty”, were engraved upon the gold coin.

As I looked and looked again at the gold coin, suddenly the face of President Donald J. Trump appeared upon the gold coin and the words…”In God we stand” and “Victory” were written upon the gold coin. And as I looked at the gold coins which were still gushing forth from the belly of the Donkey, again, I heard these words, “For the curse will be reversed and out of the belly of the beast will come seven-fold recompense and restoration!”

Suddenly I woke up from the dream, I grabbed my journal which was beside my bed, and began to write down all I had seen and heard in the dream!

Then in 2013, a dear friend who Sheets had mentored said God told him to give Sheets a special flag from the Revolutionary War days. Emblazoned on it were the words “Appeal to Heaven,” referring to philosopher John Locke’s writing that citizens who’ve exhausted all appeals to unjust leaders can still appeal to heaven.

Lois Vogel-Sharp - Manifesting Demons They're Screamin' - May 2, 2022

Listen to what he said here truth is truth it’s all we have. Why must we get nasty at such a drab? And we think we are serving the Lord. It’s absurd love is love and hate is hate make no mistake. It’s not the Christian’s fate we should not hesitate to reach out in love it truly is sent from up above and it is meant to reach out to all even though many did fall. You fell into sin it’s wiped away your grin. But there is a way out there is no doubt. Jesus came to set the sinners free for all eternity. Can’t you yet see it’s always been his plea to set the captives free.

My people we are on the edge of this collapse. Make sure you do not panic and jump off. You must see I’ve been telling you over and over again so you understand. It’s all part of the plan. They have walked into the White House and the election still has been kept quiet as a mouse. So no one will know the truth but there is all the proof. What is going to be done about it all depends on who will take a stand and defend what is right not hide in the night. But shine with the light of truth justice the American way.

That is what will stay I do have a plan to move in and take back what is mine. Evil in the White House will not thrive. You must be patient as this battle is taking part so evil will be thwart. Trust Me and do not try to figure it out just have no doubt. Trump will be back I assure you of that and those who thought this would happen sooner that is okay. Out there really was no delay as my timing is always perfect. Even when you think I am late make no mistake. For I know how and when to make My moves and I do give you clues. So you can see that I am moving ahead and you will all have nothing to dread. Love your Father who art in Heaven.

Lois Vogel-Sharp - Victory Is Mine - April 30, 2022

I have been waiting for this moment to tell you victory is mine against abortion. They will lose their agenda to murder My babies even after birth. I say no and the courts will side with Me for it is my plea and America get ready to fall on bended knee. So you can be set free time for my people to see it’s all about the key. Yeshua My Son set the captives free it’s true liberty can you yet see. I have watched the evil one manifest through My creation with all their sensations and act like they have the power in this late hour. But I will tell you today no longer dismay for this crash will last until it accomplishes My goal of turning the toll and My America be in my hands forever. I have sad news for most of the world evil will take its toll and wash through like dirty laundry it’s appalling. But it is what it is and evil has failed every quiz. And that was the father talk and then the Jesus came in and started talking. Stand by My side you are the bride and we will begin the beginning and dance in between every evil agenda even in all kinds of weather. For we will be in love forever and a day. So continue to pray I promise I will not delay what do you say do you love me my bride will you truly stand by my side and be with me always through all the stories and walk with My glory for all the world to see it’s you and it’s Me we will all be free for all eternity love Yeshua your groom and your Lord we will never be ignored love forever it’s our endeavor.

Charlie Shamp - “Two Snakes Will Be Erased!” - April 28, 2022


Lois Vogel-Sharp - I Must Crash The Dollar - April 27, 2022

So this is what I got this morning. Talent is very gallant but I want you to know you do not have to be a pro every heart came from me from the start. And since I am your father I will tell you why I must crash the dollar. Evil men have tried to take over America and the world. But I will make them fall. Because My world was created by Me and Yeshua truly is the key. I have My gold and my silver and I may I say surely still they do glitter. And I gave them to My people to build My steeples. But an enemy came in and took the precious stones away and buried them. So they are no longer on display. But what is mine is mine I count every dime and even though they have replaced the silver with copper. Watch what happens to the dollar for unless it falls and becomes worthless My silver will not have its true purpose.

Sometimes I wonder why man can be so foolish. To keep printing money that has no value and keeps the silver out of the straight and narrow. It is all to keep things in their control but heads are going to roll for when everything finally takes the fall. They will be the ones left holding the ball and left and right will see this evil plight and fight to regain back the country from this nightmare that has caused so much pain with all their disdain. Their lies it’s their demise and I will once again place in the White House My chosen vessel to straighten this all out. You cannot cheat you cannot lie it is unacceptable in my eye. And the world will watch as evil takes its spot and tries to continue its plot America will be a shining light for all to see on her bended knee. But many countries will fall prey to evil’s agenda and surrender My spirit will rise up and we will finally stop the enemies takeover and it will be a complete makeover for the world.


But before all this happens evil will have made its moves, he is real smooth. And many will think he is clever and will be the one to help when he is the one beating the people with the belt. Make sure you continue to watch how the world is falling apart it will continue. It’s all part of the plot and you have been shown what to do with the silver and with the gold it’s to be bold and share. The good news even while many are confused do not stop. My work the safe havens are part of My kingdom for you to go with all of this schism get involved. You will want to go you will find respite while you watch the show of evil rising up making a fuss. And whether here and whether they’re acting rare food supplies will die. But I will provide for My people but you will not be.

But you must be willing to get involved in creating these homes for the bride. Where she can survive it is time to put together all you have if you dare. And get involved in the building of these places for all the beautiful faces who need to move away from unsafe areas to these places where god will take care of us brothers and sisters . We are and we have love and we will not starve. For we choose to listen to the spirit we hear it and we will take the money that the father has given and make sure we all keep on living we will trust and believe through all the evil that deceives and know we will be safe in each place.

Veronika West - Mayday! Mayday! This is Not a Fire Drill! - April 27, 2022

In the early hours of this morning, I was suddenly awoken to the sound of a loud Bell ringing in The Realm of The Spirit, and I heard these Words, “Mayday! Mayday! This is Not a Fire Drill!”

As I sat up in bed thinking, I was hearing the ringing in the natural, because it was so real to me! The Spirit of The LORD began to speak to me about the month of May, and I heard these Words, ”Watch and Pray, for the month of May will mark a Divine Turning Point for Nations caught, in the land in-between.

But Watch! For dark Storm Clouds are now gathering, and the violent Winds are now beginning to blow, change, change, a sudden change — for there is now a Tipping and Turning as the Pendulum swings, and the hands of the Clock, move fast forward.

A Kairos Time, an Appointed Time in The Nations of the Earth. See! For the Page is flipping and the narrative is shifting.

Be alert and stay vigilant! For the vultures are circling and the stench of death is in the air. Yes! The smell of rotting flesh draws in the vultures and the jackals.

Look, and look again! Listen and pay attention! I say, Watch and Pray, for Nations are now crossing over to the other side, and when the floods break forth, and the waters rise, the serpent spirit of Leviathan will emerge from the deep to derail and to devour.

So again I say, Watch and Pray. Mayday! Mayday! This is Not a Fire Drill!”

Chris G. Bennett - Happening Soon! - April 27, 2022

This is a post The LORD has prompted me to share again. …

Here is what The LORD would have Me say to the Churches of America and The United Kingdom today. If it doesn’t apply to you, then please ignore it — but seriously, if this is your Church, the time is right for repentance, lest you miss everything that The Holy Spirit is about to do!

This is coming very, very soon! You who have ears to hear, hear what The Spirit says.

“I AM about to crush the spirits of witchcraft,” says The LORD.

“I AM about to tear down and expose these controlling, lying, divisive, bullying, gossiping spirits in My Church, and I will show them for what they are!

For too long,” says God, “My People have been prevented from doing that which I have commanded them to do.

My shepherds have grown fat on the demands they have placed on the flock — the flock which I have given them to tend and to nurture.”

I cannot put it any better than God’s Word — Ezekiel 34:1-5,

“And the word of The LORD came to me, saying, “Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel, prophesy and say to them, ‘Thus says The LORD God to the shepherds: “Woe to the shepherds of Israel who feed themselves! Should not the shepherds feed the flocks? You eat the fat and clothe yourselves with the wool; you slaughter the fatlings, but you do not feed the flock. The weak you have not strengthened, nor have you healed those who were sick, nor bound up the broken, nor brought back what was driven away, nor sought what was lost; but with force and cruelty you have ruled them. So they were scattered because there was no shepherd; and they became food for all the beasts of the field when they were scattered.”

“Even so,” says The LORD, “Even so, I will give you the chance to repent, to avail yourselves anew of the redemption available through My Son.

If My Shepherds will repent, and turn from their greedy, wicked, corrupted way — if they will turn from witchcraft and corruption, from your apostate ways, even so,” says The LORD, “then I will withhold My Wrath, My righteous Anger, from you, and I will prosper your flock.

If you fail Me in this,” says God, “then your house shall become a ruin along with you!

But My People, your flock, I shall save through another shepherd. One who will not exploit them, but rather one who will lead them into the land I have destined for them since before time,” Says The LORD of Hosts.

Elijah Streams - Robin Bullock and Roger Stone: Closing the Demonic Portal in DC" - April 26, 2022

The Lord told me this he said “you and I both know the Democratic Party is evil. He said I am not holding them responsible for this. He said I am holding the Republican Part responsible for this. Yes sir, He told me that. He said because they pretended to be the guardians of the people. They abandoned their President they did all that they di and they could stop it tomorrow if they wanted to.

Elaine Tavolacci - Keys for Kingdom Living - April 24, 2022

The LORD says, “I AM releasing Keys to My Covenant people. You have heard of people receiving the “Keys to the city,” but I AM releasing to My People this priceless gift of “The Keys to The Kingdom.” Yes, it is a mystery, but I AM the God who reveals mysteries. I will give you The keys of The Kingdom of Heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in Heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in Heaven. These Keys are not man made, but they are Keys to enter Doors of Revelation. I AM releasing the Ancient Keys to open up the Ancient Mysteries.

I AM releasing Keys to open the prison doors of those who are bound. I AM releasing Keys to those of you that have pressed in through prayer and travail in interceding for others. They will receive a higher level of Intercession.

I AM releasing Keys to the overcomers. For those of you who have pressed in through the difficult times,without wavering, and have not fainted in the fires of affliction. These Keys are for My Warriors who have overcome evil with good, stood on My Word and not denied My Name, in times of adversity and trials. You have treasured My Word more than your necessary food. I AM inviting you to come up to a new level and I will show you things that will astound you as you have been faithful during times of famine and misfortune.

I AM releasing keys to those of you who have been obedient to My Word. You have done what is right, loved mercy and walked in humility. You are not prideful, but have loved your neighbor as yourself. As you have been faithful in little, I will trust you with much. Rather than seeking the riches of this world, you have left all for the sake of The Gospel and therefore, you will receive one hundred fold now in this time, houses that you did not build, family and land as well as eternal life.

I AM releasing Keys to those of you that have been persecuted for My Name’s sake. Those of you who have been hurt and slandered by others, your reward is great. As others have judged and accused you falsely, you did not repay evil for evil. You shall surely receive justice from Me, as The Righteous Judge. You will find favor with God and with man. Righteousness and Justice are the foundations of My Throne.
I AM releasing Keys to those of you who has sought Me diligently in The Secret Place and studied to show yourself approved. As you spent time with Me, and have been seeking My face, you will now receive a deeper Revelation. I will open the eyes of your understanding, and I will reveal My Secrets to you as you have cried out to Me for Wisdom and Understanding.

I AM The Ancient of Days, and I AM calling you to come to a higher place, as I show you great things which you have not yet seen,” says The LORD.

Scott Allen - "It Is Time to Shake the Luciferian Kingdom!" - April 13, 2022

Recently I had a vision, and as the vision gradually came into view, I was on the beach with Jesus, reclining next to Him. I asked Holy Spirit to show me more. Then Jesus began to create something with His thoughts. In front of us, a cloud appeared about four feet in diameter, which I knew was some kind of portal. Then to my amazement, I floated up while lying flat, rotated head first and went into the cloud. Where was I going? What was on the mind of the Lord?

After a few minutes, I saw Jesus walking ahead of me on a clear day. He turned around and with His right hand, He beckoned me to follow Him. So I started walking behind Him on a trail up a hill. I knew this was the mountain of the Lord, and it was gradually rising (Isaiah 2:2).

Soon, the trail led us along a steep, high cliff. I looked down below me at blue ocean waves crashing on the rocks several hundred feet below. This was a narrow trail and we were walking within a couple of feet of the edge! Whew, I thought. This is dangerous! So I stayed close behind Jesus knowing I was safe following Him.

After a while, the trail turned inland and we continued to walk up the hill through a beautiful forest. As Jesus and I approached a flowing stream, the trail turned to the left; but Jesus walked straight ahead and over the stream, seemingly on air! I followed right behind Him and crossed too! I glanced back and marveled at how we had crossed some kind of invisible bridge in the spirit realm.

The trail continued ahead of us toward a steep slope of the mountain and turned left again. Jesus did not turn; He walked straight into the mountain! I did likewise and looked back, amazed at what had just happened. We had just walked through an invisible opening in the mountain! I thought, Surely no one is ever going to find this place without following Jesus!

Jesus continued walking into the mountain through a dimly lit tunnel. I stuck close behind and began to wonder, Where are we going?

It wasn’t long before we entered a large room. There were rows of what looked like some kind of control station. One long table had several control consoles, each with an office chair, a control keyboard and a screen-type device. Jesus motioned for me step up next to Him, so I could see them in more detail.

Each ‘screen’ actually looked like a seismograph that scientists use to measure the intensity of earthquakes. The writing needles on them were vibrating violently up and down with intense shakings. One control console was labeled “Arts and Entertainment.” The console next to that one was labeled “Government”; then another, “Business and Economy.” Yet another was labeled “Media,”

Jesus explained, “This is the mountain of the Lord and this is the headquarters where We influence nations and cultures. We have decided that now is the time for everything that can be shaken to be shaken.” (See Hebrews 12:25-28.)

He encouraged me to examine each control panel screen. All the sensitive writing needles were moving up and down violently, and I knew great shaking from the hand of God was taking place all over the earth!

Shaking the Luciferian Kingdom – From a 1 to a 7!

I noticed there was another screen on the right-hand end of the row of consoles. Its writing needle was shaking a little bit but not very much. I wondered, What is this one? Knowing my thoughts, Jesus turned toward the console and a label appeared on it that said, “Luciferian kingdom.”

Jesus explained with a determined tone, “It is time for Us to shake this kingdom. All those who secretly worship Lucifer, drink blood, participate in occult rituals, operate in witchcraft, offer human sacrifices to Satan, participate in pedophilia and human trafficking, start wars, release plagues…all for power, wealth and world domination…these are about to be shaken.”

Jesus pulled out the chair at the newly identified console and motioned for me to sit down. I could feel a weight of responsibility and resolve as I settled into the chair. The control console had a big black and silver control dial that had a scale written on it of 1 to 12.

“The number of divine government,” I softly mumbled.

The dial was currently set between the 1 and 2 position, and not much shaking was going on in the Luciferian kingdom. Sitting on the desktop was something like a microphone with which to speak into. The top of it swirled like a clear, clean cloud in a small sphere…something for the spirit realm, I guessed.

Jesus, still standing to my left, leaned down with one hand on top of the table and the other hand on the arm of the chair I was in, looked me in the eye and asked, “Do you believe you are in Me?” I immediately replied, “Yes, Lord.” As soon as I spoke those words, Jesus stepped over me and sat down! I was inside Jesus sitting in that chair! He became “see-through-ish” at that moment.

Then Jesus said, “Speak as I give you utterance.” I turned and faced the console. Looking down at the control dial on the desk top, I wanted to turn it up from a 2 to a 12 with my hand. Jesus said, “I want to gradually turn it up to a 7 in this season. And no need to touch the dial; just face the console and speak.”

I opened my mouth and these words suddenly boomed out: “From where I am seated in Christ Jesus, at the right hand of the Father, THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY SAYS: THE TIME HAS COME FOR THE LUCIFERIAN KINGDOM TO BE SHAKEN! I DECREE: LET THE GREAT SHAKING OF ALL WHO WORSHIP LUCIFER BEGIN!”

As I spoke this, the writing needle on the control screen started shaking much more. I looked down and the control dial had moved by itself up to a 3!

Immediately, I felt resistance in the kingdom of darkness, so God continued to speak through me: “YOUR SORCERIES AND SACRIFICES WILL NOT HELP YOU! YOUR PROTECTION IS REMOVED! LET THE SHAKING OF THE LUCIFERIAN KINGDOM INCREASE!” The needles on the screen started vibrating up and down with even greater intensity and magnitude! I noticed the control dial moved up between the 3 and 4.

Those who had sold their souls to the devil were now experiencing shaking by the hand of God all around them! They thought they were going to win their quest for a one-world order. They had been so successful in taking over the mountains of most of the world cultures with their scheming and manipulation for many years. They thought they were going to win and God didn’t care…until now!

Finally, everything that could be shaken was being shaken. It was the worst of times and the best of times. Millions had wondered, When will God judge the wicked? The turbulence was intense, but hope began to rise all over the world. Nations were breaking free from many years of bondage to the secret worshipers of satan! I was so encouraged! And I knew that God will shake the Luciferian kingdom even more in the days ahead. Hallelujah!

Marveling at what was unfolding on the earth, I rose up out of the chair and out of Jesus into a realm I don’t understand. It was like I was in some kind of suspended animation in the spirit realm. Then suddenly, I drifted out of the portal, which Jesus sent me through at the start of the encounter, and was back on the beach with Jesus! I floated down next to Him. He put His arm around me, kissed me on the right side of my head and said, “Good job, son!”

The vision ended and I was stunned. Sons and Daughters, Let’s Make This Declaration – As One in Him!

Tears welled up in my eyes, realizing what an awesome privilege it is to be one of the sons of God…purchased by the Blood of Jesus and filled with His Holy Spirit! We can do all things through Christ “in Him”! Thank You, Lord, for making a way for your sons and daughters to represent You on this earth.

As I pondered the significance of this encounter, I heard the Lord say, “In this vision you represent all My sons and daughters. Filled with the Spirit and knowing they are seated in Me at the right hand of the Father, they can join you in speaking what We are decreeing in this hour.”

Lois Vogel-Sharp - A Storm Is Coming - April 22, 2022

He started talking to me about some storm coming so I started writing it down so I have a word about a storm that’s coming towards to the East Coast um he didn’t tell me when but he might still tell us when at some point but He well when I read it to you you’ll see why what he’s saying in it he’s telling us to start preparing for it. To listen to what he’s saying and be ready for it . …

I have to tell you again My children that weather conditions are going to escalate and you are going to get a coastal storm on the eastern side of America that will come up the coast and cause much damage. Predictions are only told so preparation can be done. Make sure in these end times that you are always ready for any kind of weather. You are in serious times and you need to be prepared for serious weather phenomena. Strong winds will be part of the severe storm and damages will be done across many states. So be prepared and be not late. Extra water and food would be wise. The tides will be extremely high and lights will go out no doubt. You want to know when well that all prepared to survive. And make sure you strive to be diligent and alert making sure you’ve done your work to have your house in order and not ignore her.

It’s time to be ready for it all winter, spring, summer, and the fall. Because you never know what may happen and no one can no longer be napping do not be afraid the price has been paid and you will weather the storms. It’s been your fate all along so keep on moving and preparing for the safe havens I have ordained them and if you join together as one body. No one will miss this anomaly hold on tight this is a rough flight but peace is with you even during the night you are precious in My sight. Love your Father who art in heaven.

Amanda Grave - "I AM THE GOD..." - April, 2022

I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I am the God of Israel. I am the God who sent My Son, Yeshua to the earth and the word became flesh. Because I so loved the world. I am the God that shakes governments. I the Lord I got in this hour demonstrating my might I am putting on a demonstration. If pharaoh wants a demonstration a demonstration he shall receive in this hour says the Lord.

 The pharaohs thy this world want a demonstration if they want to step in their necks and dig in their heels. Then I the Lord thy God shall put on a demonstration in this hour and you shall see, says the Lord. Thy God this thing you shall see the first major strength come in the month of April. Events that will battle science events that will baffle the government events that will baffle the people events that are going to baffle the wicked.

Sherry Edwards Mckey - “Enough Is Enough!” says The LORD! - April 22, 2022

While seeking The LORD He said, “Daughter of Zion, declare all that I say; “Enough if enough!” I have sent My impending Warning Judgements!”

The LORD said, “You MUST prepare My People for the great darkness that comes to that city and will forever change the world, for in one hour, My Judgment shall come.

This is an hour of great shaking, darkness, and dead silence that shall shock the city, nation, and the world. The fallout on that city and the atmosphere will be silent, dark, and gloom. It will come to pass that the nations that were made rich by her, shall weep and wail for the judgments that I decreed for her!

They shall see the smoke of her burning in one hour worldwide, for she is made absolutely desolate in dust and ash of this nuclear event and the poison that will be experienced will prevail and be seen all over the world.

Fear The LORD and listen to His Prophets! Fear The LORD and live! People think this Judgment is for another time, and not now! Many do not want to accept it, so they declare that first revival must come!”

I saw a Golden Calf grow up into a Golden Bull with horns! Then I heard, “Since you did not take the Bull by the horns and conquer it, it has conquered you and all those who loved the stock, and the idolatry shall be brought down to ashes.”

I heard, “The New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street Corporations.” .

For as the Israelites danced and worshiped the golden calf and it was written for warnings for future generations that the worship of wealth is a vile act of apostasy and rejection of God. For the Egyptian idol of the bull god of Apis is the modern idol of worship of wealth and the idol of the love of money which is the root of ALL evil.

I see the tree stock and roots of the red Apple, suddenly be consumed in an instant. “All is dark, the city is left desolate, and the land is cursed and ruined, and all the gates are destroyed . Babylon the great is ruined, ruined as her heart, veins and structure that gave strength to the nation and the world is no more. She no longer exists for the commerce in the world, for she is ruined, greatly ruined!

Just as My anger is kindled against this city and nation, and I shall strike the heart and she shall shake, and the earth will shake for her veins convulse and the seize of her blood flow nationally and internationally.

My anger is kindled against the Church Leaders, who not only allowed this, but were partakers of this idolatry! This will be a very serious time for The Church, for holding false doctrine, and false ministers will be plainly exposed for who they are and held responsible for these practices of the love of money and tolerating this sin of idolatry. The stir of the water is stagnant and polluted! You have dammed up and polluted what was pure!

I shall push and the dam shall break and everything that depends on that source of pollution shall be flattened and My Purity and My Source of The River of Life shall come back to her banks and her flow of My Source of Provision and the Well Head shall once again be a Pulpit of Truth and Purity.

Though weary and weighed down, disaster and the ecological and economical will be going deeper in the desert with no clear path. The collapse of many decades past will make the heart sick, but shall course a deeper path to The Lamb and into the dead dry valley in hopes of clarity in the remote.

For who shall know the mind of The LORD in those days? For in famine, many shall seek the true Word of The LORD. Polluted mixture meetings and groups will become a thing of historic past, and true and pure worship shall care for the poor and needy.

So called good and pious men accommodate sin and ease. You must beware of people who accommodate the gospel of ambition, prosperity, recognition, biggest crowds, biggest churches and the sin of patterning Church by success, business models and other worldly notions. Comfort sermons ease the mind. We cannot have an accommodating gospel. We have a polluted gospel from polluted pulpits.

You must take an open stand on sin, because Love will not cover a multitude of sin and iniquity, unless a person totally repents of the sin and radically turns away from it.” There is no compromise, no apology that can stand! Only true and total repentance then forgiveness can come by His Hand.

To prepare The Church for what is coming is imminent, The LORD said, “Prepare My People for what’s ahead. All the judgments so far have been like slaps on the hand and the Christians have adapted.”

"BIBLICAL" WIPEOUT & CRASH! Bo Polny on HISGLORY w/ Dave Scarlet - April 20, 2022

That is God’s kingdom we’re looking for the birth of Gpod’s kingdom, Okay we’re looking for the birth of His for the new era … I’m just telling you we know what’s going to happen on a feast. It’s because there has to be a birth and so there’s a very important time points coming up here that this week into the 24th and then following the week after where as as Passover ends. That angel of death time point what will happen well we’re going to have to see. But if the stock market plunges and i’ve stated before when God’s kingdom is birthed. So this is so is His money, gold, and silver. Okay, because God’s not going to birth a kingdom that’s baked based on a fake monetary system.

So, the entire globe is enslaved they flipped Deuteronomy over on our heads and we are to be the lenders to the nations. Instead we’re the debt slaves to the nations okay so the evil has flipped Deuteronmy on the nations on God’s people. And so now the world is enslaved and so what has to happen is the breaking of the chains. Because in the enslavement is it’s just we’ve come to think it’s normal to have a 30-year mortgage you know we’ve grown up with this stuff. Okay, uh you know you go the bank to get money because that you know, but remember all of this money is created out of thin air particularly after Nixon of 71. Okay, there is no attachment to gold, so we the best way to enslave anybody is to enslave them and have them not know that they’re enslaved. …


Marie Cronwell - My Child Tell My People! - Prepare - April 19, 2022

My Child Tell My People!


2 Kings 25:3

My child,

Tell My people

To prepare.

For hardship and

Famine are at

The door.

And few make ready

Or prepare.

Who will feed

My children,

When your own houses

Lack sufficient supplies?

Am I not a God of order

And do I not warn you

Of things to come?

My children, buy now

Whatever supplies you need,

Prepare your homes,

For times of hardship.

Make ready for a time

Of famine approaches.

I will help you as you help

Others, I will provide

For your lack.


Lois Vogel-Sharp - Like A Thief In The Night - April 16, 2022

So this is what He gave me. I have to read it slow, it’s a little lengthy and it’s in a rhyme I want to make sure you hear every word. He’s coming like a thief in the night. There’s no getting on a flight. No one can escape the wrath of the father many will holler as the return of the Lord is imminent. But not until the bride is standing by his side. They will come on the clouds of glory. Yes, this is the true story. So you have to be serious in your walk on the earth for it is a new birth. And those who are part of his kingdom do walk in godly wisdom. And they keep watch day and night for this plight. They are ready to go, don’t you know. But not until all is said and done and she has become one. And the church of Jesus Christ is waiting for the thief in the night. She has been preparing for this day and she knows there’ll be no delay. So she builds her churches and her safe zones. She truly is Yeshua’s clone.

They are one she is part of the sun and everything is as it should be she knows she is free. And even though she may face many dangers. They are not strangers her Lord her husband her king of glory fulfills. This story and the entire world will finally see. What was Yeshua’s plea on bended knee. As the sky cracks from the east to the west and they see Yeshua’s request. To receive his bride she will not be denied. It’s the father’s pride to see His Son and His bride. Become one now let me tell you some events that will happen. The bride is no longer napping. She is awake make no mistake and she’s preparing for all kinds of weather it’s her endeavor.

As she uses the gold and yes, even the silver to build places that will not quiver. Through all kinds of rain and storms and wind and cold she will be kept warm and will remain bold. She will never give in to the pressures of life she is Yeshua’s wife and will remain faithful she is truly grateful. She will watch and see on bended knee how the Father crashed the dollar and the gold in the silver will rise. It will be a great surprise. She will know it has a purpose in the world. She is like a misfit. She lives here but let’s make it clear. She has nothing to do with the society for evil is lying into it and she knows the truth. The Holy Spirit shows her the proof and they walk together each and every day. She will never stray for ye she is faithful and true. And a trusted friend right until the very end.

When they will take back what was stolen she is so emboldened for she knows who she is she pursues she passed the quiz and will stand forever with her Lord and never be ignored. Earthquakes here and earthquakes there her life will be spared to let tell others about her Lord the truth cannot be ignored and it is in her heart to play her most important part of loving her Lord and her savior it’s what changed her behavior for she knew what true love means she is the queen. He is the King of glory this is his story. And she will wait with patience for this is their engagement and he prepares the place for her but no one knows the day nor the hour only the father will hand off his beautiful flower and together they will be for all eternity can you see this is the Father’s plea. It is her true destiny for all of creation to see. True beauty and what true love is meant to be for all of eternity.

True love never fails it always sails with the blowing of the wind to water off sin. And to keep love alive Yeshua is the Father’s pride. With the bride by His side true love will never be denied. Open your heart and see inside are you His bride and will you stand by his side. He’s asking you this very day will you accept or will you walk away. It’s up to you you have the say that’s what it’s all about and tomorrow’s resurrection day.  

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - Prophecy for the Nations & the Church - April 13, 2022

The Lord breaks it up into several nations and then kind of wraps it up at the end so starting a word for the United States. The Lord says I want the people to know that the great I am has not abandoned them and that there is no plan B. The words of the prophets shall come to pass My trumpet is making his move and there is no other plan. It is My way to snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat to put my enemies in their place just when they think they have Me. My way is to require faith. Yes, trusting in Me in My ways is a requirement to avoid fear says the Lord of all look at me abide in Me and all fear shall dissipate and go.

Actually let Me rephrase that look at Me abide in Me and I in you he says and all fear shall dissipate and go watch as the Russian leader prevails in Ukraine and the Nazis are defeated watch as this is a victory for good and not evil. Watch as the people of Ukraine benefit Russia benefits. Yes, and the entire world benefits from the evil being rooted out there. Again take note of what’s going on in China that dragon is not being slain from outside forces but is rotting from within. Yes, the good people of that land are rising up and they are mighty in Christ Jesus. That’s amazing it is amazing after a time no amount of punishment, coercion, or even brute force will keep that dragon alive.

Yes, and watch Canada as the Lord is moving there too. Will their leader remain MR true or will he go asks the Lord of all? He will go and as the spirit moves there and when JT leaves great fear will run rampant in the remaining leadership as they attempt to gain favor by opening dialogue with the convoy but this will fail because of the deep distrust of the people take note of Australia as well will there again be fairness and trust in all the provinces once again there will be another try at totalitarianism using technology and strong armed tactics by those who are supposed to keep the peace this too will fail. Because of the groundswell of people who will now oppose it. They realize they were duped the first time regarding the jab masks distancing etc. Because none of it worked at all. And watch Europe especially the UK if any mandates at all are tried there again. Yes, Europe is more awake than they have been for a long time no more just going along to get along the Lord is looking for his faithful in every country. This list of countries could be very long indeed. But the remnant those who are filled with his spirit those are the ones He is really interested in. They are his church they are the salt and the light these are the ones who will change the world. Amen.

Fireside Grace Ministries - 10 Months of Plagues - April 17, 2022

The first thing that the Lord said to me was that Hunter will be out on house arrest while he is being investigated and at the same time his father passes. He will start to freak out and panic meaning Hunter will freak out panic when his father passes away. Phone calls will be released in which he is frantically asking his relatives for help and they turn their back on him. Keep your eyes open as heartfelt confessions come forth from his family about abuse going down through the generational line so down through his lineage.

We’ll see that the Lord said South Africa storms are devastating the nation but the Lord will allow an appeal to be heard which will open the doors to a flood of aid from surrounding nations. From these floods will also come a great harvest and what the enemy has meant for destruction the Lord will flip. …  Danish royal family to be in the news for something that’s going on all right. Prince Charles makes remarks about Harry which will lead to a fierce exchanging of words sexual scandal in the uk parliament will be exposed and several members of parliament will step down. … The lord said to pray for the president of Brazil and his son the enemy has a plan for a violent attack against this family. …

The Lord said Twitter stocks will continue to plummet the whales do not like Elon. However as he gains control of the social media network it will directly impact the Doge and Ethereum market in a positive manner. Eventually however Twitter will cease to exist as we know it you are going to see a lot of dirty documents coming out of Twitter. You’re going to see a lot of emails, a lot of memos, a lot of videos, conferences meetings, and stuff coming forward where they’re talking about all of the wicked evil things that they were doing. How they were suppressing people and Elon’s gonna have a somewhat large part uh to do with that as well. …

The Exodus season has begun we will begin seeing signs and wonders in various manners as God directly attacked the Egyptian gods he will once again attack the Egyptian gods. Okay so the first god that He attacked was the god happy I think was the name happy or happy and that is the god of of the Nile of water of fertility. And he was attacked by water being turned into blood which I find that interesting. Because that’s how Jesus defeated uh the enemy of of God satan you know death and in everything. He defeated it through blood and water right. So also I thought it was funny that it was kind of a play on words He was the God of denial. Denial denies everything okay and is in complete denial all. Right so the blood and the water there will be a display of blood in the water.

Not only will you see blood red water happening, so we will see that in different places periodically. But symbolically we’ll also see a display of blood in the water as the ravenous shadow government circles about sensing a time to strike and destroy a family now that family is the family of 46. This is a sign of completion that the enemy is completely defeated just as Jesus defeated the enemy through blood and water this is a sign that the enemy season is finished okay now like I said what you’re gonna see is they’re circling there’s blood in the water so what happens when there’s blood in the water the sharks come in the sharks circle in and then they strike and they go in for the kill. So they think that this is the perfect time to expose the

Bidens to put in their new puppet into the into the White House and let him be fed to the sharks or fed to the wolves so to speak.

Okay, but God is going to move in this time and you are going to see that the enemy is defeated. So even though it looks like there’s blood in the water God is going to move next as the Lord brought forth frogs. He was displaying an attack on their god of fertility and child bearing. So the Lord once again defeated their god by abolishing abortion and bringing new life instead of death. So we’re going to see this start to happen too we are going to see an increase in rise we’re gonna of laws being struck down that allow for termination of lot of life at certain extents. We are going to see things be deemed unconstitutional and we are going to see a lot more of pro-life and about abolish abortion standard laws coming to pass in the near future as well.

So as the Lord brought forth the lice from the dust of the earth he demonstrated that he was the God over gab that He was God above gab the father gab is the father of snakes. So the Lord will again attack the heads of the nations now the father of snakes. We would think that as satan probably because the word nakash in Hebrew means snake. It means whisperer serpent sorcerer diviner one who practices prognostication and prognostication. Actually you know means um magic essentially to break it down. So He will again attack the heads of the nations. He will expose their mind control tactics and will demonstrate that they are mortal men and He is God almighty gab the lord of the earth and the father of snakes this sign is showing that this sign will affect the world. So He’s all of these things are directly going against the titles that satan has given himself. The lord of the snakes the lord of this world that’s a name that actually God gave him saying he’s the god of this world or Jesus said next is the lord of the flies. Which is again the lord of the flies Beelzebub I think means the lord of the flies.

But in Egyptian that’s the god Khepri which represented protection and the morning sun or the morning star. So you can see that in this season it is an all-out attack against satan. Because he was considered a morning star at one point now Jesus is the morning star the day star and we will be given the morning star which is Jesus as well. Alright so, then the Lord will remove the heads of protection from the leaders of America. He will openly allow them to be exposed and vulnerable and come under mega attack as their deeds that which were performed to satisfy the god of the earth are exposed. Okay, so He’s going to expose the witchcraft that’s been happening in the nation as well as. The Lord attacked the livestock of the land and this was a direct attack the goddess hathor which means goddess of a hat or something like that.

Right the goddess of hathor god of fertility and love this would be a jezebel spirit to us or ishtar or Easter. So maybe there will be something that will be happening tomorrow that would be quite interesting which will be Sunday. I’m recording this right now and it’s a Saturday. So we’ll see but anyway when when he had when he killed all of the livestock. He crippled their transportation, their food their provision, their way to till and work the land, and so forth. All right he destroyed their economy, their transportation their markets, and so shall God expose their plans to the transportation industry to the world markets and their plan to intentionally cause hyperinflation on a global scale.

The Lord will reveal the truth that has been shared through calls video text emails and internal memos. He will expose the jezebel spirit of manipulation and control over the world and it will be proven that he is the Lord god almighty yet again. Next as the Lord crushed the god isis which is the god of medicine and health. So we will see um he crushed them but not by denying their ability to heal the sick. Okay and what I mean is not that God’s gonna say nobody gets healed anymore. But there what he did to them was he caused boils and sores. Now the Lord said as the god of medicine and health or big pharma it says, He said that he will attack big pharma and medical institutes that have thrown this world into the depths of sickness known as a pandemic. The Lord will expose their plans and those who partook in these atrocities will be dealt.

All right as the Lord called down fire and directly attacked the god newt spelled n-u-t. So we would say nut but it’s pronounced newt that’s the god of the air and the protector of the dead. Don’t you find that kind of interesting that yet again another name for satan the god of the air the powers and principalities of the air satan yet again. He’s coming against satan in every way shape or form on every level okay um so the god of the air and the protector of the dead. So shall the Lord remove the protection from the media the manipulators of the airwaves that are dead in sin and falsely prophesying the narrative of their gods.

A great reveal will come exposing mainstream media for the liars and false prophets that they are. Okay as the Lord released locusts to attack the god seth which is the god of war disorder and chaos. So, shall the Lord come against those mongering war all right those that are trying to lead us into war as a world which would be world war and He will bring unprecedented peace. He will restore the police force that was crippled by defunding the police force. He will bring order to the world by defying the New World Order and establishing his kingdom on earth yet again that’s not saying that. He’s coming right now but that he’s going to put Christians in charge you’re going to see a great movement where people are looking to Christians for what to do in dark times. All will know that God is the Lord of Hosts as God defeated ra the god of the sun. The light kingship power heaven in Egypt he had he blacked out the nation of Egypt in a darkness so dark you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face.

The Lord will once again black out the nations through power grids that will that will the ability of people to mine the media will be blacked out so they’ll be media blackouts and they will be unable to speak their lies there will be military blackouts where it’s like there’s military operations that are taking place that can’t be spoken about. But you’ll see those happening and the false light that’s been produced by the enemy will be exposed as nothing more than gross darkness. So this whole woke movement where they’re enlightened you’re going to see that it’s actually gross darkness. The Lord will very clearly expose what they’ve been doing. What they’ve been teaching all right the Lord will shine light in the darkest areas that they tried to keep secret.

Now for the last one here we have the last of the plagues which will settle on the house of biden he has exalted himself as pharaoh. This pharaoh’s house will be visited with judgment his children will be exposed his deeds will be exposed interestingly Biden means button maker or from the shadowy valley. Okay, so all of the innocent lives taken under His reign all of the hill children hurt by his misconduct and perverse dealings will be exposed and dealt with the children of God will be untouched in this time. God will set his people free yet again we will be blessed beyond measure and you could say that there will be a wealth transfer. We will be blessed beyond measure the faithful in the land of Goshen will be drawn near to the father’s heart as his power is displayed and seen around the world. So this is what we can look forward to seeing. And I feel like the Lord was saying for like the next 10 months that we’ll see a lot of stuff going on. For the next 10 months for 10 plagues 10 months there’ll be something different every month. So I was very interested to see that stuff.

Now Daily Bread - April, A Month of Convergence - April 12, 2022


Sara Whitten - "April Is My Month of Recovery" - April 11, 2022

God whispered, “April is My month of recovery.” … You are in the process of overcoming and being positioned for reentry into the new!

Tim Sheets - The Launch of Mass Miracles - April 11, 2022

We have ended 54 days of shaking and change that begun on February the sixth it ended. On March 31st the very next day as we saw last week we began the month of Nissan on the Hebrew calendar. That’s the calendar that God gave to Moses after the Exodus. Exodus 12: 2 God told Moses this month shall be your beginning of months. It shall be the first month of the year to you. In other words the day one of Nissan was actually New Year’s day on the Hebrew calendar that is significant. That it’s significant that we have moved from shaking and change into the month of Nisan because it’s not just a it’s not just the first month of the year on God’s calendar. It is also called the month of miracles. Miracle month it’s, notable miracle month some of the greatest notable miracles we have in all of man’s history occurred in this month and many of them occurred in the Exodus in this month ness on ness that is the Hebrew word for miracles it is also the month of the Passover miracle when God delivered the people his people out of Egyptian bondage. Out of literally government tyranny, out of government oppression today begins Passover week and again it is very significant. It is a week that is pregnant with promise. It’s pregnant with the power of God to do miracles. It’s no coincidence that we are now at this point God led us to this this moment to prophesy into our times. He lit led us through days of shaking. He led us through times that are pro that were prophesying. Great change to us and just as he did Moses and God’s people.

There was a lead-up time of Moses and the people of God there was a lead-up time to this great month this month of deliverance. It was a month where God remember said let My people go. It was an accelerated time of deliverance and it was a command. It wasn’t a request it wasn’t an ask. God was commanding Pharaoh let them go. I believe this Passover is activating the promise of Passover that leads us into supernatural times at a different level supernatural deliverance that we’ve been decreeing and praying for. In some ways in some ways for years and it’s coming at levels that we have never experienced before. There is something alive by the Holy spirit in this Passover I’m trying to find the words to describe it.

But there’s something alive in this particular Passover we’re not just celebrating a historic event. We are living in its promise too, we’re living to see our own Passover revealing new freedoms. Revealing new times, new inheritance, Holy Spirit has been up to something. Well, he’s been up to something for quite some time but in these last six weeks or so. He has been up to revealing some incredible things to us I feel it we are just beginning to understand what this is all about. He has some special plans that are Godhead plans they’re moving toward towards us. Plans that are going to be seen in this area this region plans in this state plans in all 50 states. He has some plans he’s about to reveal in DC and in other nations. There are some there are some heavenly sudden lies now activating. Remember Holy Spirit says expect sudden heavenly surprises. We are moving into that the brilliance of our God is going to be manifestly revealed in our times overcoming the forever loser and his evil agendas.

I’m hearing things in the spirit realm and I’m hearing that this Passover is pregnant with promise now to be birthed just as the first exodus. Promises and I’m hearing that just as the first Passover provided a safe place from the plague of death when the blood of the lamb was painted on the doorpost and on and over the lentil it indeed death passed over it provided that it indeed provided safe place but also that very same doorway into a safe place became an entryway overnight into a new reality. And that’s where I believe we are heading. We are heading into a different reality, we’re heading into it became a doorway into destiny.

New destiny it became a doorway into new living into new freedoms. So is this one it’s going to be that we’re being we’re being put into an adult an ordained event on God’s calendar that He has told us has now kicked in is now in process the strong hands of the Lord is now dealing with the enemies of his kingdom. The strong arm of the Lord is dealing with systems of evil that are oppressing the people of God. The strong hands of the living God are dealing with demonic procedures designed to oppress the true church. Just as he dealt with the demonic systems and the procedures against God’s people in Egyptian bondage. He is dealing with it now and I’m hearing that the same doorway into protection overnight became the launching way into supernatural times it was the launching forth of supernatural deliverance into supernatural supply.

So it will be with us so it will be with the King’s ecclesia. This is more than a celebratory feast in process today. Chains are breaking oppression is breaking bondage is being broken off this nation and many nations of the world do not demonic whips are being broken the taskmasters whips are being broken. So this this Passover is about a safe place to launch forward into new times, new seasons, new victories, new possibilities, new inheritance, new harvest, new sounds, new songs. No longer the sounds of sweaty slaves singing the grieving songs of oppression. But rather songs of joy songs of peace our oppressors we will see no more. The horse and the riders have been thrown into the sea. Something’s different and something’s activating at the end of this this week. We celebrate the magnificent Passover when Jesus went to the cross becoming our Passover lamb to provide safety from sin. Safety from death, but that cross also became a doorway to great freedom and in many ways it was a launching it launched forth.

It was a launching pad for a new kingdom, to begin to spring forth on earth. Which it did it launched new outpourings of the Holy Spirit as downpours from heaven came. It launched breakthroughs of signs, wonders, and miracles. It launched notable miracles that proclaimed God did that only he can. So I believe this one is launching and moving us into these kinds of signs and wonders today this Passover from what He has led us through. And now into this Passover is launching some things. It’s launching its anointing, uh and launching to bring forth dreams that we’ve had visions that we’ve had. Words of the Lord that we have had to come to pass. So I want to look at the lead up to this first Passover because it identifies things that I believe are now launching forth for us as it launched forth for them because we are seeing a biblical pattern happening right in front of our eyes and it’s prophesying to us.

Exodus chapter 6: let’s read some verses Exodus 6: this is new living translation then the Lord told Moses now you will see what I will do to pharaoh when he feels the force of my strong hand he will let the people go. In fact he’ll force them to leave his land and God said to Moses I am Yahweh the lord I appeared to Abraham to Isaac and to …

Amanda Grace - A WORD FROM THE LORD FILLED WITH HIS MIGHT - April 10, 2022

Says the spirit of the LORD this day, Lord is capitalized seismic activity is set to occur. My children as there will even be a great shaking under the sea, says the Lord. That creates big capital waves this is a manifestation of what is occurring in the spirit as great clashes during Passover are set to occur as the enemy is stirred up in his anger as Passover is a reminder of My son Jesus Christ victory over him at the cross. As it is a reminder of his great defeat in Egypt as he had a great hold on that nation. And says the Lord of hosts as spring blooms phenomenon in nature shall occur the unusual the unlikely shall happen in tandem to unusual and unlikely events in your nation of America in Israel.

There shall be a very unusual and baffling occurrence in Turkey says the Lord of hosts. Oh Turkey I see you says the Lord I see what you are plotting I see your secret meetings and alliances with other nations in desperation to attempt to jump ahead of Israel as the world’s eyes are on Ukraine and Russia bears get trapped, says the Lord. Because of their power and strength they must be trapped says the Lord. And says the Lord of Hosts a great trap has been set for the one who has come back out of the shadows for the one who thinks he is the American pharaoh. And says the Lord of hosts I have allowed this so a great revealing can occur marching former leaders back out to try and stabilize is a crumbling structure and White House is not going to keep it from such a collapse says the Lord of hosts.

And says the spirit of the Lord this day watch Tanzania. I don’t even know where Tanzania is but this is what He says about it. And says the Lord of Hosts those who think My son Jesus Christ who sits at my right hand is quote fake news is a fable. I shall shake them and their beliefs and their platforms and shall cause them to get tongue-tied as their true agenda is laid out before the people. Their hidden tentacles will come out in the open and it shall reveal a tie between them and an unlikely company. A company you would have never thought would be involved with such blasphemous wickedness that reveal is coming, says the Lord of Hosts. I laugh at the wicked says the Lord. I laugh at their quote doctrines. I laugh that they think they have figured out all there is to the human body.

A shock is in store for them says the Lord of Hosts. For if they desire to challenge the sanctity and validity of the Lord thy God the creator of all things then indeed they shall receive the pushback and the exposure and the challenging they so deserve. For all capitals here I AM GOD and there is none other. But there is no other and says the spirit of the Lord this day a sudden snow squall watch and see says the Lord. Snow is cleansing another unlikely occurrence to confirm what is being spoken this day and says the Lord of Hosts for whom the bell tolls. Watch that area says the Lord, now I had to look this up for whom the bell tolls was a novel that was set near Segovia Spain. So watch Spain that’s what he’s saying watch that area and says the Lord of hosts watch for a major that’s capitalized shift during Passover and resignation says the Lord of Hosts watch the supreme court says the lord of hosts he doesn’t say for what nations.

He just says that you’ll see some and says the Lord of hosts. The crypto chain that threads around the world a channel open to continue the flow of evil and the plans of the wicked to be able to move assets and money quickly into influencing elections, nations, leaders, colleges, and schools. That crypto chain shall suffer a major capital break that will be major news as they panic that their unholy chain has been broken and their assets halted. A major strike to what they were pooling in this nation as well as others says the Lord.

And says the lord of hosts the windows of heaven are near to opening My children honor Me mean of the LORD capital during this time position yourselves to receive a wave capitalized of blessings while the wicked suffer their blows. Yes, a wave of blessings and favor that’s capitalized shall come upon you during this time and the next door is being unlocked in the lives. I have readied and positioned for such a time and assignment these doors will begin to unlock around the time of Passover and you shall walk through them. My children as others as other doors in your lives and chapters are ending and closing it feels like two different lives. My children I understand how you feel yet march forward in faith and I will bring peace amidst the chaos and confusion in your nation. I will bring peace as you set your face like flint and stand all capitals upon a solid foundation and put your trust in Me the Lord your God.

And says the Lord of Hosts there is another horse emerging. Pay close attention to the name, says the Lord of Hosts. That’s all He says about that and says the spirit of the Lord this day leaders caught with their pants down. Yes, their pants down says the Lord of Hosts embarrassment on a world stage for the leaders plural who have dug in their heels and stiffened their necks and laughed as if they were untouchable. I the Lord your God I’m exposing their nakedness and the lewdness that is that has hidden behind the walls of the capitals in which they dwell and says the Lord of Hosts.

The next round of infection shall suffer a snag as there will be a misfire. That shall backfire of on those attempting to once again lock down. Their misfire will cost them ,says the Lord for they will not again be able to release another roller coaster of lockdowns, and lock-ups, and coverings. Their wheels shall get stuck, their labs shall suffer blows, and breaches, that they were not prepared for. As there are labs that shall be short-circuited and suffer its own bug that they will not soon get rid of. And says the Lord of Hosts the liars the deceivers in this hour will capital be exposed and it will be costly to them as they willfully lied and caused unnecessary paranoia to lead people astray and build their platforms that’s capitalized not my platform.

Says the Lord of Hosts their platforms that’s all capitalized they have built nothing on Me in My glory.  But their own with their dark closets that they have guarded and those locks are being broken and what has been hidden upon my command, says the Lord shall be marched out too much pointing of fingers about who is involved in what and not enough listening all capitals here to me and what I have to say, says the Lord of Hosts. How dare you use My name to freely accuse people of fables and stories that are far from the truth how dare you make secret societies and the dark web and secret signals a demigod. How dare you even place it near who I am and My word, says the Lord of Hosts that’s all capitalized.

And says the spirit of the Lord this day a changing of the guard is set to occur rivers overflowing, says the Lord will be widely reported as the swell has begun and will spill over and rush through areas of your nation in the world. And says the Lord of Hosts there are well-known atheists who is the Lord shall visit in this hour and it shall turn their worlds upside down one has a very large following and has been unknowingly wrestling with Me. I shall and will visit them and it will turn their world and what they thought they knew right side up. Yes, I said right side up says the Lord for over the airwaves they have been speaking much wrong with some right that is going to change says the lord. As I visit them and shake their world and what they thought they knew for they have been purposed to be used as an instrument for my glory and they will see the suffering for my name’s sake, says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the spirit of the Lord this day watch with Wisconsin and Michigan, says the Lord. watch the leadership and says the spirit of the Lord this day I am pulling the curtain back to expose the pathetic curtain behind it. The Noah’s are just talking serpents mouthpieces for the dark ones behind them they are chained captives prisoners to the father of lie. Watch what happens to their platforms in this hour praise the Lord says the spirit of the Lord this day one with another biblical name shall arise who has nothing to do with the word of god partly Jewish blood as they arise and unlock a door to a I and controlling the people and taking the implanting of things into the human race to a whole new area says the lord watch as this occurs for their babble will suffer a major capital setback says the Lord of Hosts and says the spirit of the Lord this day I am God there is no other all capitals.

I am moving on behalf of my children to vindicate them in this hour from the corrupt who has in obsession and anger attempted to harm, hurt, and harass them. I am putting a shield in front of My children and vindication and recompense in this hour shall occur they shall be delivered from the snare of the fowler. They shall be delivered from those attempting to cover up their wrongs by pursuing them. Yes, you shall see this occur in serious ways and manners in this hour as I the Lord rip up their civil cases as well. And the condemnation shall turn in this hour back to which it came from says the Lord. And says the Lord of hosts those I have anointed have lost their way a bit and ventured down roads and rabbit holes and ideas that are toxic and destructive, and in this hour I am setting things right, says the Lord of Hosts.

Those who point fingers in a herd shall suddenly point fingers at each other instead. A very sudden flip shall occur as the mess they have sown turns upon their clan all the way to the highest leadership in the land and says the Lord of Hosts. Trust in Me believe in Me look to Me not man men are fallible my children. They are tools and instruments in My hand so look to your creator in this hour. Look to My word wait on Me for instruction for I am the alpha and omega, omniscient, omnipotent, I am HOLY that’s all capitals take refuge under my wings earnestly desire to serve me and you shall see the tide turn in your life as you desire My will more and more. For I am putting things back in their proper place thus says the Lord of Hosts, King of Kings, righteous judge everlasting Father, and Prince of peace amen and amen.  

Kat Kerr - It's Time/ Trump Will Clean Up Everything - April 11, 2022

God’s taken the North American continent, say the North American continent is one piece of land he’s taken that land. So His plans are for a bigger even than our own he’s starting with America. ….

Becky Dvorak - God Told Me What's Coming to America - 2022

He showed me a map of the United States. It was a giant map of the United States. And, and I saw the tsunami waves coming from all directions and I saw myself riding up on a tsunami wave from the South. And interestingly enough, it was over the Arizona area where I happened to live, which I had no plan on ever living in Arizona. So that in itself was, was prophetic as well. But anyway, as I am seeing this tsunami wave coming from, from all the different directions. On this map of the United States, I started hearing the spirit of God speak to me, and he started to tell me. No longer will people say, why doesn’t healing happen here in the West? And he went into this long, prophetic utterance and he was telling me that there was going to be strong, a very strong tsunami wave of of healing glory that was coming into, into the Western world. Because it had been pretty dry here for a long time, and we’ll go into that with another vision.

But as, as I’m seeing this, the Lord is telling me, “Tell my people not to be afraid of this wave.

It’s what you have been waiting for.” And he said in this wave that there would be supernatural healings, just it would just be a release of healing power. No longer would it be little small pockets of healing revivals here and there. But it would be breaking out everywhere. That’s including you, in your own household, in your own arena of influence. Where it’s just going to be happening everywhere, everywhere. This supernatural power of God, it’s this healing glory that is breaking forth. And it’s already, the tsunami waves, if you understand the tsunami wave, they just start coming in and coming in and coming in. It’s not just one wave and He showed me six Pacific waves that are coming in and they are happening.

But in this vision, this original vision, He said, that people would be healed, the blind would see, the deaf would hear, the mute speak, the paramedics walk, cancerous tumors and all of that. And you know, many of us have been seeing that on a regular basis. But He also included and
He said, and there will be unusual types of miracles. You know, some people say, Well, what are those unusual types of miracles? Well, I know that they include like limbs growing out and sorts of things, you know, things that are totally missing. Just all of a sudden growing forth in the name of Jesus. Also, it would include controlling the weather and, and all sorts of other things like pandemics and whatever else that is coming our way.

I believe we have total authority and God said to tell you that along with these very powerful waves of healing glory that are coming in, that, that there would be a strong undertow of the enemy trying to pull you back out from, from receiving all that God has for you. But he says, to tell you not to be afraid. This is what you’ve been waiting for and that you are to embrace it. This is, it’s a part of the end times move, because we can see very clearly that the Lord is coming back really soon, and chaos, the enemy knows it, and chaos, which I believe is a spirit of his, is just breaking forth everywhere. But, you know, we still have authority over this.

He showed me another vision and again, and now this is years later. I’m standing on a map of this nation, the United States, and I look to the West Coast over by California. I’m standing on this map and I look to the West Coast and I see two very large demons rising up, one very large demon. The first one rose up out of the, out of the ocean, and he was very monstrous, very, very muscular, very powerful, and he was covered with seaweed and everything. And then he reached down and he picked up another demon, lifted another demon right up out of the water, who was even bigger than, than he was. And he was just monstrous looking and, and this first demon reached down as he was picking him up and he kissed him on the forehead. And I heard the words the kiss of death.

And, and then the Lord spoke to me and said, “Get ready because chaos is about to break loose.” And it was like the next day that we had all this whole pandemic news break loose. So what did I witness coming up from the western shore as I was standing on the map of the United States? What did I witness in that vision that God was showing me? I saw a spirit of fear come up first and then the spirit of death with it, and we know what all took place with that. And then the Lord showed me another vision that goes, that ties with these visions.

And I saw, I saw on the East Coast, I saw how, how the tsunami had already pulled the water away from their shores and exposed what was going on. And you know, when you see a tsunami and as it first hits, it actually draws the water away from shore, away from the shore. And as it was drawing it away from the shore, the bottom of the ocean was exposed and it was mucky and and dried up. And there was boats that were just shipwrecked right where they were. And I heard God say to me that no longer, and it’s not the first time he said this to Me. I heard it several years before that, but he is repeating himself for a purpose because now was the time that we, all these things were going to happen.

He said, no longer would people be able to hide behind titles and positions. But what was in their hearts was going to be exposed, and we would know what these people really stood for and what they were really believing and what were their real beliefs and then that we would hear the truth. And then we would be responsible and make a decision. Are we going to continue to follow people like these or are we going to judge them and mark them? And so all of this and that has been so much more, has been a warning from God about the times that we’re living in. To get ready, get your hearts ready, but also not to be afraid because what we’ve been waiting for.

Lois Vogel-Sharp - Move Over Coming Through - April 09, 2022

So it’s all in here with what’s going on you want to know what the future holds. May I be so bold as to tell you what lies ahead so you have nothing to dread. You think evil is taking over no evil will move over and get out of the way of my spirit so all can hear it. You will see antichrist all over the planet and you will see Yeshua drawing people like a magnet. It doesn’t matter if evil is here or if he is there. There is plenty of my power to spare. You will see signs and wonders as evil plunders. And although he will make his stand it will not be grand. For everything he tries to do in the end will be through I will take back America and you will soon see how I do it. Those who truly hear my words it never will be absurd. And they will surely come to pass at last.

If you would stop obsessing over time frames you would be involved in My Son’s fame and you would walk as a true servant bringing the Holy Spirit. To all My people and putting up my true steeple. Many have strayed away from the truth. They are just looking for all kinds of proof. To say it will happen now or to say what they think is the answer when in fact the words fester like a cancer. Deception comes in many ways so if your heart is not on leading souls into My kingdom and you are more concerned about who is living. You are missing what the Holy Spirit is meant to do. Which is to bring truth and show the world they need a savior for their misbehavior. Get your hearts in the right places stop looking at all the different faces. And realize how important life can be when you are part of my tree. Salvation is free, it is Yeshua’s plea, and my people’s true destiny. Can you see?

It’s not about what lies ahead it’s about saving souls that are dead. Death to life this is the Holy Spirit’s plight let him heal you tonight and be delivered from this sprite. Accept My joy the enemy will be destroyed and you will be free. Remember Yeshua is the key. Love your Father who art in heaven.

Chris G. Bennett - The Song of The LORD - April 10, 2022

It’s Saturday evening and all is quiet — we don’t have a television so it’s very quiet. We’re both looking forward to tomorrow’s Sunday Services from the usual places that we watch. My ears suddenly tune in to a well know old hymn — “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”.

In the Spirit, I can hear the words. I can hear the mighty crescendo as a large choir sings, military style, these verses. There is a triumphant ring to the singing.

“Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of The LORD

He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored

He have loosed the fateful lightening of His terrible swift sword

His truth is marching on

Glory, glory Hallelujah

Glory, glory Hallelujah

Glory, glory Hallelujah

His truth is marching on

He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat

He is sifting out the hearts of men before His judgment seat

Oh, be swift, my soul to answer, oh, be jubilant, my feet

His truth is marching on

Glory, glory Hallelujah

Glory, glory Hallelujah

Glory, glory Hallelujah

His truth is marching on”

What’s going on? I wonder…. What is The LORD showing me or telling me in this wonderful old hymn?

The LORD is quick to respond to my questions. “I’m warning My People of My Plans, of course!” came the reply.

“Does not My Word say I shall do this in Amos 3:7?” and the verse comes straight to mind, “Surely The LORD God does nothing, Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.”

“Take the Words of Prophecy in this Hymn — the grapes of My wrath are ready.

I have warned, time and again, but many have ignored Me. I shall be ignored no longer. I shall strike like lightning using the Power of My Word, where sin and wickedness abide. Did I not give an example in Ananias and Sapphira? Shall I not mete out judgement once again on those who defy Me? I have sounded a trumpet in heaven and I have prepared a judgement seat — one for this hour — and I shall call those whom I shall call before Me.

My Word also says this — “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God….” (Hebrews 10:31 KJV) — and many are those who have earned this judgement!

Many shall fall in this coming Season of Unrest,” says The LORD. “Many whom you are expecting, and many who will shock you. Their sin, revealed, shall shake My Church and the world to the core, and cause many others to turn away in sorrow and anger. But I AM anointing many more to call them back to the faith they know and love, their first love, and although the damage will be severe, it will not cost many their Salvation, because of doubt and unbelief! Yes, some will refuse to believe and will turn away from Me, but also, many will weep, repent, and get over their disappointment and return to Me with great joy.

My Church shall be divided over this judgement — but I will restore those who will join My Remnant and cling to Me. Signs and great Wonders shall abound in My Church as My Spirit moves in great freedom among My People and as He prepares her for a glorious restoration — even a resurrection — that will cause the whole world to stop and look at Me. Contrary to popular opinion — I AM not finished!” says The LORD God Almighty, “I AM preparing My Bride!”

Thus saith The LORD… and His Word shall not fall to the ground! Glory to God! Amen and Amen!

Alane Haynes - "A Great Revealing of Truth Will Bring an Exposure of Lies" - April 08, 2022

Recently, as I was seeking the Lord for wisdom on what I was sensing spiritually, Holy Spirit kept impressing upon me to revisit things He had told me in times past. As I did so, He highlighted a word I received a few years ago, emphasizing that it was a word which needed to be re-released, because it is timely and necessary.

In April 2018, I had a dream that was very unusual and short. Upon awakening, it segued into two visions. In the dream, I saw a screen of text messages, with a string of texts that were insignificant, and then one that was highlighted, which stated, “Truth bombs are falling.” The next message said, “You will know My prophets.”

‘Word Warriors’ Rising

I woke up and sought the Lord immediately, and I began to hear, “Truth bombs are falling, and the false will be blown away. There are special forces – ‘Word Warriors’ – rising. Prophets with an unction from the Holy Spirit, emboldened for the hour at hand, will be proclaiming truth across this land. No longer will confusion and error rule this nation; truth bombs will bring forth a holy oblation.”

I then went into a vision. I saw soldiers arrayed for battle as far as I could see. The next scene was darkness. I heard the whistling of bombs falling and saw them shattering the darkness with explosions of light. I heard, “The soldiers are My living epistles, voices of truth in the earth. They have stood on My Word and allowed it full reign in their lives. As they preach the fullness of truth, angel armies will be dispatched. They will take the words proclaimed and release them as bombs into the enemy camps.”

It’s Time for Truth to Resound as Thunder!

I didn’t understand why He wanted this word released, as it seemed to me that this is always true. He responded to the question in my heart. I heard, “Yes, it is always true; the angels always hearken to My Word being spoken, to accomplish My will in the sending forth of My words. There is an urgent need for My Word to be preached in this season. Many have been led astray by the adulterated teachings of this day. My Body has been torn asunder. It is time for My truth to resound as thunder.

A Fresh Wind and a New Sound

“I am sending a fresh wind of My Spirit that will cause a resurgence of truth that will shut the mouth of the enemy. This wind of My Spirit will bring forth a bold empowerment to My prophets to speak the truth. This wind will also cause a shifting and a sifting. My winnowing fan will separate the true from the false. Hunger for My Word will rise as the enemy’s camps are destroyed. The shackles will break. The light of truth will pierce into the heart, and I will pour My grace as salve, allowing the penetration of My love into the deepest wounds of the soul.

“A new sound is going forth upon the fresh wind of My Spirit blowing. The Spirit of truth will be heard in the land.

Uncovering Wells and Excavating Hidden Treasures

“There will be a great revealing of truth, an uncovering of ancient wells bringing exposure of lies, empowering and energizing My people to move forward with boldness and freedom as they have never experienced before. There will be an excavation of hidden treasures for the release of supply for My army rising.

“Even as you begin to move, to take that step of faith forward, there is an excitement and anticipation of the new lands ahead. I am removing all feelings of dread with the fresh wind of My Spirit. Those voices that have caused you to doubt and fear are becoming a distant whisper, as My fresh wind is causing your spirit to be more attuned to My voice than all the other voices.

God Is Flipping the Switch! The Light Will Come On

“There is an alignment into greater discernment – the ability to recognize truth. The spiritual gauges of many in the Body have become dulled by the mixture of teachings, the inundation of lying voices through social media and ungodly agendas of the enemy. My wind is causing a shift, and there will be a great turning as falsehoods are exposed and truth is recognized. It will be as if the light has come on. In a moment of time, many will have their eyes opened and their hearts will turn to Me.”

“Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God.” (1 Corinthians 4:5 KJV)

Prodigals are coming home. The captives will be set free as their eyes are opened, and they will see. Their ears will then begin to hear; the Spirit of truth will draw them near.

The Sound That Breaks Delay

There is a new sound coming, an unlocking of ancient wells of knowledge and understanding. This is not new truth, yet it is a new sound of ancient truth. I am hearing, “It is the eternal sound of My presence moving in a new and fresh way, for the sound will affect even DNA, and break the patterns that cause delay.”

“But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory.” (1 Corinthians 2:7 KJV)

Release of Angelic Assistance

I am hearing that angelic forces are being sent as the Word is preached in truth. There will be a great release of supernatural assistance with signs and wonders following.

“Bless the LORD, ye His angels, that excel in strength, that do His commandments, hearkening unto the voice of His word.” (Psalm 103:20 KJV)

“Long time therefore abode they speaking boldly in the Lord, which gave testimony unto the word of His grace, and granted signs and wonders to be done by their hands.” (Acts 14:3 KJV)

The ‘Greater’ Is Coming

I am hearing that, even now, many are sensing the shift that has taken place in the spirit realm. Get ready, be alert. The greater is coming; even now it is upon you.

“Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? Behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.” (John 4:35 KJV)

I hear the Lord saying, “Be alert to My leading; I will show you how. In the days ahead, many knees will bow.”

Liberal media news reporter (non-believer) completely misses the focus back on God and country and on truth in reporting on the Revival and growing Third Great Awakening movement.

New York Times - The Growing Religious Fervor in the American Right: ‘This Is a Jesus Movement - ’April , 2022

Rituals of Christian worship have become embedded in conservative rallies, as praise music and prayer blend with political anger over vaccines and the 2020 election.

They called for testimonies, passing the microphone to anyone with “inspirational words that they’d like to say on behalf of our J-6 political prisoners,” referring to people arrested in connection with the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol, whom they were honoring a year later.

Then, holding candles dripping wax, the few dozen who were gathered lifted their voices, a cappella, in a song treasured by millions of believers who sing it on Sundays and know its words by heart:

    Way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper

    Light in the darkness, my God

    That is who you are …

This was not a church service. It was worship for a new kind of congregation: a right-wing political movement powered by divine purpose, whose adherents find spiritual sustenance in political action. …

“Now God is relevant,” she said. “You name it, God is there, because people know you can’t trust your politicians, you can’t trust your sheriffs, you can’t trust law enforcement. The only one you can trust is God right now.” …

Religious music, prayer and symbols have been part of protest settings throughout American history, for diverging causes, including the civil rights movement. …

Worship is increasingly becoming a central feature of right-wing events not aimed at exclusively Christian audiences. …

Wings of Prophecy Blog - April 8, 2022


Don’t get in fear don’t get in fear because we have a as believers we have something that the world doesn’t have. We have a solid rock a sure foundation in Jesus Christ and I believe he’s going to help and preserve His people through these rocky periods. So here’s the dream I saw an unknown man dressed in a black suit holding a fifty dollar bill US fifty dollar bill and in the dream he tore the fifty dollar bill in three stages. In the first stage of the dream he stood in front of me he took the fifty dollar bill and he tore off one third of the fifty dollar bill. And as he did random people started coming up to me bringing me national newspapers where all I could see were the headlines of the newspapers or the sub headline and this happened. After each stage of the tearing of the fifty dollar bill what you hear about I was given. These headlines the first headline that was handed to me after the bill 50 bill was tore third of it was tore off was quote.

The dollar drops 30 percent in value unquote subtitle mid-east oil strikes deal with China. Wow! Out of the US then I was handed another headline someone else came up to me handed me another headline. And it said quote the perfect storm unquote inflation reaches a new high. Then someone else came up and handed me another headline which read food shortage crisis as wheat and bread imports are at a stalemate. Then another headline was handed to me which read quote riots and civil unrest as citizens demand entitlement checks unquote.

In the second stage of the dream I again saw the man dressed in black in the black suit holding the rest of the fifty dollar bill and this time he tore it in half and as he did I felt an earthquake happen under my feet and a person walked up and handed me a headline which read quote Israeli and Palestinian two-state solution reached unquote. Then another person walked up and handed me a headline which read quote major earthquake hits the middle of the US unquote. In the third stage of the dream the man in black took the rest of the fifty dollar bill and started tearing it into smaller pieces one by one then another person walked up handed me another headline which read quote, America in pieces more states secede from the nation. Wow, in rebellion to the federal government. I was then handed another headline which read quote US military takes charge as uncertainty looms over the federal government unquote.

In the fourth and final stage of the dream the man in black took out what looked like a new one dollar bill. But it also looked like a cell phone and I know that that kind of sounds weird but it was like a one dollar bill that was a cell phone and I saw George Washington’s face on it but it yet looked different and as I looked someone handed me another newspaper and its headline read quote, new currency for a renewed nation. And then the last headline was handed to me and it said simplicity restored as Americans grow their own food again now that was the uh end of the dream and this is the good news.

I just want to start off with how I think this ends before I go through what leads up to this. Okay, I believe the man in black, you know, there’s you know trying to interpret these is just as important you know when we’re processing prophetic revelation. We have to get the revelation right of course the second and the application third. Okay, usually in processing prophetic revelation one of those steps or more is lost so the word will fall to the ground. So it is hearing the word processing it you know or getting the right interpretation and then the application or who it applies. If you share it or who you share it to so the man in black I’ll just go back up to the top and just be warned that the good news is at the end okay stick with me. But I do feel like I’m respond I need to be responsible in sharing all of this it was the most vivid dream I’ve ever had.

So the man in black trying to give an interpretation of that as I process this with my team and you know Johnny Cash was known as the man in black and his name cash. You know I think is not a coincidence considering the 50 US bill. I don’t think that this man in the dream was Johnny Cash okay, but I do think that there’s a lot of prophetic parables or parallels that could apply. Johnny Cash told his audiences he dressed in black to mourn for the moral and spiritual depravity of the nation. And of course I think that in this uh dream the 50 bill of course is cash and Johnny is dressed in black to represent the current condition of America. But I also believe the 50 bill represents the 50 states and the financial uh condition or value of the nation.

Now 50 is also the number of Jubilee that’s true in scripture understanding the Hebrew culture every 50 years there was what was known as the year of jubilee. If you were in debt, if you lost your family inheritance, or property. If you were forced as a slave to work off accruing debt every 50 years all debts were erased all those in bondage were set free in the nation and everything that you lost you got back. Well I do believe that the 50 bill is tied to this dream is tied to the renewing of America the renewing of the nation. But just some of the turbulence that will happen before the nation is renewed.

Now there’s another thing tied to this the book of Revelation chapter 6: talks about four horsemen and one of those horsemen is the black horseman the black horse rider. And what’s interesting is the black horse rider is tied to um economics. But also there is a protection clause put in there black horse rider announced and said if you remember. He said a measure of wheat for a penny, that’s in your Bible. But he said don’t touch the oil and the wine. So I think the significance of that is the black horse the black the man in the black suit I believe is tied to  financial and economic distress. But there was a clause and a provision I want the people of God to hear this those who have the oil in the wine. I do believe are going to have a special protection that’s good those that possess and carry the anointing the oil and are carriers of the wine and wine skins.

I want to encourage you that I do believe that specific words of the Lord or of the angel word, don’t touch the oil and the wine. So I believe that’s a you know a word of encouragement that God is going to guide protect and help His people that are prepared during this time and keep their faith in Him. So the 50 states, the 50 bill, the first headline read the dollar drops 30. So he tears off one third of the bill and then one third of the value of the dollar or 30 percent drops in value and it’s somehow tied to the subtitle with the mid-east or the middle east striking a deal with China instead of the US. Now here’s the reason why I believe this is setting up to happen …

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - The Artificial Intelligence Prophecy - April 1, 2022

The Lord had brought to our attention thoughts about artificial intelligence or AI and were pretty not terribly knowledgeable about it I would say that’s an understatement. Yeah, the basic gist of it is as far as we know is basically to create circuitry that can be or is better at making decisions faster than a human brain does. And so the worry would be that humans would be ruled by machines. Okay, so that’s where the thought process went and the Lord kind of replied to those thoughts and this is what He said.

He said there are men who are currently trying to do exactly what you’re talking about . Technology in general has not been used to make men’s lives easier, but to enslave them. Time clocks measures increased complexity tracking every movement, cameras in almost every way possible and with great distrust of others. These devices have been used to take freedom away rather than to give it. He says that people are enticed by the promise of ease, quickness, and no waiting, and more time away from one’s work to date. These are basically lies now. We have to take calls, and answer messages, video conference, etc. And for others every step is counted very movement and some even have to bring the physical body’s needs and put them under the control of a clock or a machine.

All of this is done not to enhance people’s lives but for profit efficiency. Social interaction is held to a minimum,  only performing the work before you is tolerated. Now there is a scheme whereby control over people will be accomplished using their money, digital money. I Am says this will not stand the tower of Babel is again being constructed. The one language is digital, the goal is to ascend to the heavens to become like God. I Am says, no, I will not allow the tree of the knowledge of good and evil to cast its fruit. The evil one will again be thwarted. All of these things that have been designed and made for evil shall be walked back and will be used for good. I am has spoken. Amen!

Latter Rain 333 - As America falls, so shall Babylon - April 2, 2022

This is what I heard the house of America is condemned full of filth mold and infested with rodents. The once beautiful abode has now become a den of robbers and thieves that have sucked the very life out of America. All that remains is a remnant of goodness. It has been a whisper of what it once was corruption has eroded its very foundations. An invasion of false spirits have overtaken it and there is no turning back. The house has to be demolished strip down to the bones and I’m going to stop there and going to read revelation 18: 2. And he cried mightily with a loud voice saying Babylon the great has fallen fallen and has become a dwelling place of demons a prisoner for every fowl spirit and a cage for every unclean and hated bird.

Back to the message out of the ashes will rise up a seed of righteousness and of hope and will know that I am the Lord God almighty and that My word stands. No one is repenting but only following their own foolish ways which ends is death. Do not fear who can kill the body, but fear him who kills the soul and throws it into outer darkness. Repent before Me so you will not be thrown into this eternal darkness. I have called and called but the wayward this wayward generation gets further and further from My voice. What must I do to get their attention?

Let the judgments fall then some hearts will be softened and will turn back to Me. But most hearts will get even harder as America has fallen so shall Babylon. Though they are separate they overlap for Babylon has permeated the world with its tentacles of destruction. She is a spiritual force that like a dark cloud or smoke overtakes the land. She sets up kingdoms and takes them down. She is in the midst of you surrounding you and overtaking you though you see it not. Excuse me that you see her not her kingdom will not last but fall crush and burn. She will be no more and heaven and earth will rejoice.

Now I talk to my remnant people as the disasters come like waves crashing down hide yourselves in Me. I will be your escape and the door that you should enter cling to My word for it will be the only thing that is not shaken and then I want to read this verse concerning the word of God Isaiah 55: 11. So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth it shall not return to me void. But it shall accomplish what I please and it shall prosper and the thing from which I sent it back to this the message walk away from all worldliness and be holy separate and pure. Blessed are the meek. Blessed are the humble. Blessed are those who are persecuted for they shall receive the crown of life let the name of Jehovah. Be praised and then it was signed the one and only true king Yeshua Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

And then I want to follow up with this one verse about being persecuted in Matthew 5: 11 and 12. It says blessed are you when they revile you persecute you and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for my sake rejoice and be exceedingly glad. For great is your reward in heaven for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you all right now brothers and sisters.

I want to bring to you uh something I saw in the spirit while receiving this message. What I saw was a dropper like a medicine dropper that you use and in the dropper I saw blue liquid. Dark blue liquid kind of like dye that had been put in water and then I saw a huge body of water. And I saw this dropper above the water and I saw it being squeezed. And one drop fell out the blue dye fell out into the water and I saw it fall to the to excuse me. It fell into the water and I saw it starting to spread and first it was a very small blue puddle and then it got bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. Until all the water had become blue and that’s what I saw in the spirit and then I heard this from the Lord. I heard this when My word gets out it is like a drop of dye in water it spreads until the whole body of water is blue it permeates and changes the color of everything. My word does not come back void, but it accomplishes My will. This is similar to a spark of fire that sets the forest ablaze and then I heard this. Brothers and sisters I heard be that spark by proclaiming My word.

Donna Rigney - "God Is Blowing Away the Smokescreen!" - March , 2022

The Great Unveiling – On February 24, 2022, I heard the Lord say: “The eyes of this world are being opened. No longer will they be deceived into thinking evil is good and good is evil. The veil of deception is being ripped off! Much prayer, much worship, is ascending to My throne, and I will act quickly on behalf of My returning, repentant children.

“For a long season I was not sought after, and I was not acknowledged, but because evil is running rampant and overtaking your world, My lost children are returning. All those they leaned on have failed them, and even proven themselves part of the very evil that is seeking to destroy them and theirs.

“Like buckets of icy cold water, a great shock has opened My children’s sleeping eyes and dull minds. As the prodigal son turned away from his rebellion and sin-filled life and ran back to his father’s waiting arms, many of My children are doing the same in this hour of the great unveiling.” (See Luke 15:11-32; the parable of the lost son.)

Portals of Evil Will Close and Portals of Glory Will Open! – The Lord continued to speak to me, and even explained more about portals: “No more – I say have no more fear for what the future holds or what harm will befall you, yours or your nation. A new day – a new era – is upon you, My daughter. It is the era of fulfillment.

“Yes, in this season I will fulfill every promise and bless My children with signs of My affection for them. The heavens will be open so that all I delight in pouring out on them will reach them. The portals the enemy has been using shall be shut through the repentance of My children. Yes, this is how his access is denied. When he is renounced and sins repented for, I do close his entry portals. Once My authority is returned to Me, by My children surrendering all to Me, then I can release a rescue event and close the enemy’s access to their lives. Portals of evil will be closing and glory portals will be opened at the same time, My daughter.

“Good and evil don’t use the same access point; one comes from Hell, the other comes from Heaven. Wickedness and all evil are being exposed and dealt with in this hour. Justice is being sent forth to do its work on behalf of the cries of My children; snakes of wickedness and corruption will meet their demise!”

Pockets of Glory Falling from Heaven – On Friday, February 25, 2022, the Lord spoke to me about His glory: “My glory will fall all over this world very soon. Right now, you are seeing pockets of My glory fall from Heaven and ignite hearts in those regions; it will spread like wild fire throughout this world! People hunger and thirst for My glory now more than ever before. Just one touch of My presence makes each one avid glory seekers.”

Vision: On Top of a Snowy Mountain – On Thursday, March 3, 2022, I had a wonderful encounter with Father and Jesus. In an instant, they brought me (in the spirit) to the top of a very high, snowy mountain. I looked down the mountain and saw multitudes seeking Father and Jesus. Father explained: “We will let these desperate ones, who once chased after idols and served false gods, find Us. It is not Our way to hide from Our seeking children, even if they did resist Our overtures of love for many years. We forgive – and We forget!” As Father was speaking, I thought of Saul on the road to Damascus. It took the blinding light of His glory, and an encounter with Jesus, to turn him from his evil quest of persecuting Christians to the quest of following Jesus.

Father interrupted my thoughts and said, “In this hour, it will take supernatural intervention to turn some from their evil pursuits to following Me. Without that divine encounter, Saul would not have changed, and the same is true for many who are bent on destruction. Only a supernatural intervention on My part will change them. Pray for this, My friend – that many will have divine encounters that will turn them from wickedness to Me.”  

The next day I was back in the spirit, sitting on the mountain and looking down at the people below me who were desperately trying to climb the mountain. Father explained, “See the masses run to Me, daughter. This is a new thing, brought about by the schemes of the wicked to oppress My children. Many are running for their lives and for their freedom. When there was no threat and all seemed like it was going well, My children ignored Me, and many even rejected Me; but now that their lives and their freedoms are threatened, they come running to Us. I will embrace them, and they won’t so easily forget Us as they have in the past.

“After 9/11, they ran to Me for help but soon forgot Me, and once again rejected Me and My ways. Not so in this hour! Because the suffering has lasted so long and has intensified, it will not so easily be forgotten – nor will the lessons each one learned.” (See Acts 9:1-19; the story of Paul’s conversion.)

Then, while sitting on the snowy mountain top, not only did I see many people desperately seeking Jesus and Father, but behind them were demons and people possessed by wicked spirits relentlessly pursuing them. In mercy, Father sent angels to fight for His children, so they could reach Him. This lesson would not be so easily forgotten. Playing with evil brought dire consequences. Ignoring, denying and even hating God and His ways brought great suffering and misery. Our only safety was sitting beside Him.

Father declared: “The lost are truly coming into My arms and into My Kingdom. They will find safety here, and no one will snatch them from Us. Those who never acknowledged Me will become Mine and will adore Me!”

Confirming scriptures: Psalm 90 and Psalm 91. What the Future Holds: It Is Not a World War! – On March 7, 2022, the Lord spoke to me about the future: “There are many great days ahead for My children who have truly followed Me during this dark season that is coming to an end. Yes, bombs of truth shall be released, and though they will harm those who follow the evil one, and his ways became theirs – for My children, My faithful ones, the days ahead shall be bright, with My glory poured upon them and flowing from them.

“The house of cards the wicked ones have built shall come down quickly; ‘overturned’ will be all they [have] built on their lies. And a time of great reconstruction and restoration shall be upon this world. Yes, I say ‘this world,’ because the reign of evil and darkness has been worldwide. I, too, will impact My children ‘worldwide’ with My glory, My goodness and great restoration. Gratitude to the God who loves them and is mighty enough to rescue them shall pour forth from the hearts of the masses.

“It is starting now. Yes, the outpouring of My glory has begun. Darkness will be chased away as My light exposes all the wickedness that was hidden in dark places and in dark hearts. Worship for Me will flow effortlessly forth from My children, because of their deep gratitude. This is what is truly coming – not World War III!” God Is Blowing Away the Smokescreen – On Thursday, March 15, 2022, the Lord spoke to me again about the threat of World War III: “The threat of World War III is just a smokescreen the enemy and his cohorts are using to cover up the evil they have done and are currently involved in. It won’t work to hide and deceive because, by My breath, I will breathe away that smokescreen. This is the hour of the great unveiling, and no smokescreen will stop Me from exposing evil.

“The fear that the enemies of truth are generating will backfire on them. As My children run to Us and run from evil and deception, fear of justice and exposure will fill the hearts of the wicked. They tried to use fear to control this world, but instead, fear will end up controlling them. They will reap exactly what they have sown!”

Boldness Is Needed in This Hour! – On Thursday, March 10, 2022, the Father had a heart-to-heart talk with me: “Why are you surprised when a liar lies? Why does it amaze you when a poisonous snake strikes in order to kill its victim? I have told you that by their fruit you will know them. Don’t expect good fruit to come forth from a rotten tree. It is incapable of bringing forth something that will nourish.

“To expect the truth to come forth from corrupt messengers is just as ridiculous. Consider the source that is once again attempting to brainwash the world and tell them that evil is good and good is evil. They always misrepresent what is real for their benefit. The media and those they serve are like a giant, poisonous snake. This is the hour that I will expose this snake for what it is and cut off its head with My sword!

“Yes, as My spokesmen come forward and speak the truth that I reveal to them, I will wield My sword through their mouths. This is the hour for the truth to manifest and for justice to arise and dethrone injustice. Hand-in-hand, I will walk with My children and work through them.”

As Father spoke, I saw an enormous snake; it was large like a dinosaur. People with sharp swords were slashing and cutting its neck. I wondered why Father didn’t just cut his head off with one blow from His sword. Knowing my thoughts, He explained: “My daughter, because it is My plan to partner with My children and work through them, by the power of Holy Spirit in them, this is how evil forces are dealt with. This is why I have an end-time army! It is My army working beside My hosts that implement My will and bring forth justice.

“Boldness and courage are essential, because the wicked will not listen to gentle coaxing or whispered commands. It is time for My Bride to rise up and exercise the power and authority that My Son won for her! In all matters, boldness is needed – motivated by love – for justice and truth to come forth. The lives of many are at stake, as well as the freedom of the masses!”

Confirming scriptures: -“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence, and men of violence take it by force.” (Matthew 11:12)

“Then Paul, filled with the Holy Spirit, glared angrily at the sorcerer and said, ‘You son of the devil, full of every sort of trickery and villainy, enemy of all that is good, will you never end your opposition to the Lord? And now God has laid His hand of punishment upon you, and you will be stricken awhile with blindness.’ Instantly a mist and darkness fell upon him…” (Acts 13:9-11; also see Isaiah 54:11-17)

The Holy Spirit Revealed Himself to Me! – During my prayer time, on March 11, 2022, I saw myself lying on the beach between Father and Jesus. To my amazement, Holy Spirit rested on me. He was enormous and transparent. My whole being was immersed in love, and He spoke a word that was significant to all who love and serve God: “Now is the hour for you to get to know Me better. I am the delight of Father and Jesus. Nothing makes Me happier than to implement all Jesus did on Calvary, and to work wonders through His Bride. I love to heal the sick, do miracles for My children, speak to each heart the wonders and secrets the Father wants them to know. I love to hear My children laugh!

“The more you know and understand who I am, the more I can use your life to do My wonders through. This knowledge births great faith, and that is essential for miracles to be worked. Yes, I say ‘worked,’ because I am a ‘miracle-working’ God. Fear and unbelief tie My hands and limit what I can do for My children. I am looking for those who know, love and serve Me in this hour, so their lively faith will permit Me to do wonderful acts on their behalf!”

Holy Spirit declared: “I will reveal Myself to you as you just sit before Me and absorb My presence.”

Confirming scriptures: “For because of our faith, He has brought us into this place of highest privilege where we now stand, and we confidently and joyfully look forward to actually becoming all that God has had in mind for us to be…for we know how dearly God loves us, and we feel this warm love everywhere within us because God has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with His love…Now we rejoice in our wonderful new relationship with God – all because of what our Lord Jesus Christ has done in dying for our sins – making us friends of God.” (Romans 5:2, 5, 11)  

Since this wonderful encounter with Holy Spirit on March 11th, every time I sit apart with the Lord to pray, I see Holy Spirit overshadowing me. I see Father on my left side, Jesus on my right side and Holy Spirit completely covering me. I feel His presence in a much stronger way and know, with a greater faith, that He is working within and through me. The glory has increased, healings are more frequent and prayers are being answered much quicker. I know that He is truly touching people through my hands and speaking to them through my words. Holy Spirit wants to do this for the Bride of Christ in this hour, so we can truly be His vessels that He lives through.

Open Portal Over Louisiana – Shortly after this encounter (mentioned above), I went to minister in New Orleans at “The Gathering” on March 19th. His glory was tangible, and a large portal was opened over Louisiana. This is what I experienced: During the powerfully anointed worship, I saw a large portal open over us. Worship angels ascended from the tops of people’s heads and drilled holes into the heavens. Then, from Heaven, through this portal, golden rope ladders dropped down to everyone. Each person climbed the ladder and went into Heaven. They all gathered about the throne of God and sat adoringly at the feet of Father and Jesus.

Then Charlie (a former member of Kim Clement’s worship team) began to prophesy in song, while playing his instrument. One of the things he declared was that, because of Jesus and what He did, the devil was under our feet. He took the worship to another level with his prophetic decrees.During this heightened worship, I saw large angels push the sides of the portal that was open over New Orleans outward, so that not only was the portal opened over the church and New Orleans, but it extended to the boundaries of Louisiana. Demonic spirits were gathered on the outside of the portal pushing hard, trying to keep it from opening further, but they could not stop the angels from enlarging it. The prophetic decrees of Charlie and the worship team were being performed by God!

I also saw angels with large golden bowls throwing handfuls of gold dust through the portals to the earth where we were. When the prophetic decrees increased through Charlie, the angels moved over to the side of Father’s throne and picked up larger gold bowls and began throwing larger measures of gold dust (representing the glory) through the portal, over the entire state of Louisiana.

On March 22nd, three days after the event, a tornado touched down in New Orleans, and I asked the Lord why this happened. This is what I heard the Lord say: “This is a ‘clean up operation!’ My hosts are clearing away the debris sin has left in its wake. Some storms are sent by My hand and others by the foe. This is the enemy trying to take back the ground that he lost last weekend. Stand fast! Continue to worship your God and decree My will over New Orleans and Louisiana. My hosts have easy access to complete what was started, as My army stands fast in faith, wielding the mighty sword of My Word! Remember, you are on the winning side.” I felt that what we did on Saturday marked the beginning of a great battle for Louisiana. We were used by God to open a large portal, so that His hosts will have easy access to drive the enemy out of the state and defeat them soundly. In Daniel 10, it took 21 days for Michael to fight and get an opening so he could deliver his message to Daniel. That weekend, a large portal opened, and now his angels have easy access to do their work, because we partnered with the Lord and His hosts.

His Spirit Without Measure – On Tuesday, March 22, 2022, the Lord spoke to me about what I had seen in New Orleans at The Gathering: “My glory will fall all over this world! I have heard the cries of My children for more – more of My presence, more of My goodness, more of Me. And My response will be opened portals and My glory showering down on My children. Wherever I am, the enemy must scatter, and My children are set free. “A treasure held in earthen vessels – that is My glory contained in the hearts of My children. This treasure has been given, not to be hoarded but to be shared and freely given away to all who hunger and thirst for Me. Just be led by My Holy Spirit and He will show you how to release My glory to those who will treasure it.”

This is the hour that He is pouring out His Spirit without measure! The Hour of the Great Reversal: Thrones Will Be Restored! – I received this word on March 25: “Days that are filled with My glory are just on the horizon. You have gone through a long season of having days filled with misery. This is coming to an end! “My glory will chase the darkness of misery away and replace it with a time of great celebration. Yes, because the enemy is aware that his reign over, the world is coming to a fast end, he is pulling out all the stops. This is the shaking you are encountering worldwide.

“I will not be defeated in My plan to reign over My creation. Just as in the natural you have seen thrones displaced and wicked rulers steal rightful seats of power from others, in the spirit, the enemy has attempted to do the same. “This is the hour of the ‘great reversal.’ Not only will I take My seat back, but those I chose to rule over the land will get their seats back too. A great reversal is here! I will make the enemy, and those he used, pay back what they stole during their illicit reign of evil. “Great restoration and great recompense are coming that will bring about a wonderful season of celebration. Delight will chase despair away from the hearts of My children! “Thrones are going to be restored. This is what happens when I pour My Spirit out on all flesh.”

Lois Vogel-Sharp - Make No Mistakem - March 22, 2022

My people make no mistake about this Putin is a dictator who puts people in prison who disagree with him. He is not working for Me, but let’s just see Judas gave Yeshua a kiss which led to all this the nailing on the cross. The shedding of his blood, the sending of the dove, evil has its agenda and never wants to surrender. But every move he makes is not a mistake and I use every situation to change evil’s direction and bring the world closer to Me. It’s Yeshua’s destiny to set the captive free. So can you see do not say evil is on My side. It always tries to hide and Putin has his reasons for what he is doing and I see very clear his heart from the very start. And it is not in My plan for you to see him as a changed man.

For I tell you the truth his dictating heart shows the real proof just as I use Judas to bring about the sacrifice on the cross. I will use Putin he is his own boss. But make no mistake he is not part of my kingdom for his evil heart shows he has no wisdom. You must see that I use it all after the fall and My spirit will move across the plains to deliver many who are insane and will be set free from evil’s attacks. He will get off their backs. So continue to watch how I make My moves, because satan has no clue.


Maria Cronwell - My Child - Jeremiah 12:20 - March 18, 2022

My child,

At the time of their disaster,

Do not plead for them.

I will not hear,

Nor will I turn aside.

My intent is to punish

Them for their wickedness.

They have worshipped

Other gods in all their cities,

They have put up altars for Baal,

And sacrificed my little ones.

They are corrupt,

And their is no remorse in them.

This is why My wrath will burn

against them, on the day of My judgment.

My child,

Do not lift up your voice,

Or plead to Me on their account,

For on that day, I will not hear.

I love you, my children.


Veronika West - A Prophetic Riddle: The Puppet Masters, A Global Reset & WWIII - March 18, 2022

A Prophetic Riddle that speaks of a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing; A planned Global Reset; Puppet Masters- God’s Great Eagles rising; and The Power of Prayer that can bring a Divine Delay!

Warning: This post will most probably cause some debate and a difference of political opinions (which is fine). However, I will block anyone who tries to start arguments and is disrespectful!

So, today while sitting before The LORD, praying for The Nations, I was suddenly impressed to just stop and listen, and then I began to write as I felt the unction of The Spirit rising within me. I heard these words.

“Zelensky…. Zelensky, like a beggar with a silver cup in his hand, he sits and beckons for leaders of NATO Nations to make a greater stand. Oh how deceived can the leaders of many Nations be? Like the blind leading the blind, will they rise to appease and to please the one they all hail as Richard the Lion-heart…. Zelensky? But open your eyes and do not be taken in, for he is no lion-heart or lion king, but rather a ravenous Wolf dressed in a Sheep Skin, desperate and downcast, so the crocodile tears will fall and with a cry of bloodshed and tyranny, he will seek to draw many gullible Nations into a web of lies and satanic wizardry

Watch! For I tell you what has been hidden behind the veil of corruption and sin, shall soon be exposed for the eyes of all nations to see.Yes! For this globalist actor — and a good one at that — will continue to try to lure NATO nations into a world wide trap. “A trap you say? Surely it can’t be? For this is a hero and champion of Ukraine’s freedom and liberty!”

Nay! I say he is nothing more than a puppet on a string, who is simply moving at the commands and demands of globalist kings. Watch and Pray, for if they have their way, a World War Three shall certainly become a new found reality, which has long been strategically planned to bring a Global Reset to world governments, and to the economy.


So again I say, Watch and Pray!For what is now being seen, is but a well executed globalist play script that is unfolding like a movie on a big screen. Listen! “Covid,” they cried, to get many to run and hide, and with masks they covered the mouths of The Nations to silence their voice. But then came an unexpected backlash and an uprising that would fight for the Freedom of Choice, and so with their plans failing to make and keep Nations enslaved, they have endeavoured to move quickly to the next Global Reset phase.

A World War Three is what they are now trying to orchestrate and guarantee, first, by installing a weak leader who would turn a blind eye, and who could be bought and sold with blood-money and a promise of financial anonymity. Yes! Sleepy Biden — the Joker and the Queen — was their first pick right from the start, which would enable Soros and Obama — The Puppet Masters — to make them sing and dance. And sing and dance they do, to the sound of their demonic tune. But for how much longer, before the jig is up? For I tell you, the Joker and the Queen are running out of time and their hope in good luck.

Ha! I laugh at their games and their secret dealings behind closed doors, for they think I AM blind and cannot see what diabolical plans they have in store, to lead Nations through the door to another World War.


So, awake and arise My Warriors, and stay alert! Lift up your Shields of Faith and the two-edged Sword in this hour of great conflict and an unpredictable war, to see with greater clarity and understanding, of what is now knocking at the Door. I say,..Brace! Brace and stand your ground! For there is a sound of The Roar of The Lion of Judah that will go forth to bring a mighty Overcoming and a Divine Turnaround.

So, do not grow weary and do not faint, for now My Great Eagles must rise up and face, in great Power and unceasing Prayer, the circling serpent spirit that has its eyes on the Nation of Taiwan, and the fury of The Great Bear, that looks determined to restore what was, from days long before. So I say again, Watch and Pray! For the Power of Prayer and Praise can surely bring a delay!

Yes! I say, a Divine Delay to the works of the kingdom of darkness, that would set the course of Nations in a direction of more death and disaster, and that would seek to steal a Great Harvest!”

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - God's Great Reset Like Snowball down a Mountain Prophecy - March 15, 2022

We have a prophetic word for you today and this was given over over March 14 and March 15 of 2022. So we were praying in a little prayer meeting that we were having and the Lord. This is actually a vision that He gave to Kirk. He gave him a vision of a snowball coming down a mountain and he said this is my Great Reset. Okay and it was halfway down the mountain and the Lord said that during the second half of his reset the snowball would really pick up speed and mass. And He said you are in the second half. Okay so that was the beginning of it that was the vision yeah and then when we pressed in for more. He had more to say He brought to mind two prophetic words that we had previously given one was from June 30 2021 called the event horizon. We’ll put the descript we’ll put the link in the description box and the other one was um vision of the ships right there’s a couple at least two of those visions. But this one was from September 19 of 2021 at least one of them is from there. …

So I just want to a definition of event horizon is and we had to look it up. I didn’t know what it was when the Lord gave it to me either. But it’s simply the point of no return and it’s used in um astronomy mostly. I guess because they’re talking about like stars where when you get a certain distance from them um there’s nothing you can do to come back and it’s called the event horizon. You beyond that your the gravity from the star is going to draw you in point of no return right. So at the time He had said and that was June 30 2021 that we had hit the point of no return. Right, that he was definitely intervening starting that particular day. And so um that was probably like the beginning of the snowball down the mountain. Because once you release a ball down the mountain it’s not going to come back up gravity pulls it down.

Okay and then the vision of the ships … basically it was all the countries of the world um were seen as ships in the ocean. And they were in a like a convoy headed for destruction that the black hats or whatever you want to call the bad guys had in mind for them the lead ship was the United States and that ship started to turn and it turned really hard and it caused right to the right yes that was interesting. But anyway it did that and it caused the other ships to all go into it kind of a disarray. Some passed it some uh made the turn with it some of them uh just kind of uh floundered uh it’s it was it was just showing a mess really and eventually I think they all kind of turned. But I believe that’s the second um yeah installment of that vision kind of clears it up.

Yeah, so the Lord is highlighting those words um on purpose. So you might want to listen to them again but he’s saying that the snowball is halfway down the mountain. It’s picked up some amount of speed and momentum and cannot be stopped now. And so it’s definitely beyond that event horizon and He says look at the ships now with your spirit eyes can you begin to see the disarray in their formation. Yes, the unity that was apparent in the events the black hats had planned is now falling apart. Some countries forge ahead with the evil agenda while others are struggling this way and that still others are fully turning to the right.

Watch the speed at which this turning is happening not it will it is happening that’s right momentum or Big Mo as the Lord calls it has changed now and you will see it and Big Mo we had to look that up because we were not familiar with that. But it was started to be used as in sporting events like when a team um started winning.They kind of got the momentum to keep them going and you could use it for the political sphere financial sphere whatever um. But it is like a a social yeah momentum heading a particular direction. Yes, yes social momentum okay so He says the Big Mo has changed now. And you will see it the second half of My great reset will happen much faster than the first half. If the first half took a hundred years the second half will take a day. It will be a wild ride but do not fear have I not told you it would be wild hold on the blessings for those who will keep the faith. Yes, keep their eyes on Me shall be even more wild amen. Wow ready for that kind of wild!

Julie Green 0 2022 A YEAR LIKE NO OTHER - March 17, 2022

A ship will be in the news a major cruise line. Yes, this sign marks more events taking place that will get the world’s attention distracting you off what is really going on. A carnival cruise ship will be stranded in the open water. I have given this news before your news stations My children. This is yet another sign to show you not only am I in control but My love for you I am showing you these things to let you know everything will be okay. Obama will be in the news once again giving advice in the situation with Russia and Ukraine letting the ones on his side let them know. This is a sign to move now and this shows My children I know their every move. And I’m telling you to let you know they are nothing in my sight and they are all being removed by My hand.

More earthquakes will continue to be reported one after another my children do not be alarmed or in fear. Your enemies are listening to these words too. Your enemies are listening to these words too it is also tells them I am coming for them and destroying everything they had planned and judging every single one of them. These words are true and they see that now and so will you My children these words these words should give you peace and comfort and not to bring you fear. But it will bring fear to your enemies in the coming weeks. Things will intensify in the news in the weather in the economy. But the great I am is here to bless and protect you My children at the same time judging your enemies My hand is moving and the world is about to know that it’s Me and no one else. No, to those who believe in global warming that is another lie to bring fear and to economies. This these weather patterns are My signs to those against you and for you to see that I am here to deliver you out of their hands, saith the Lord of Hosts.

In these words many signs have been given. Write them down and watch them be fulfilled one right after another. Be encouraged today my children I am your deliverer, avenger your protector. Great changes are coming the winds of change are here your victories are now and this year of 2022 will be a year like no other. The great Exodus, the great wealth transfer, the great changing the guard, a great celebrations. These signs given marks your freedom freedoms. So rejoice now and sing praises unto Me My children for I am here now, saith the Lord your redeemer.

Chris Bennett - The Time is Up! The Time is Now! - March 16 , 2022

This is not a new prophecy, but confirmation of everything I’ve been hearing these last three days.

Yes, these past three days I’ve heard prophecy, I’ve heard God speaking, I’ve heard so much about ‘suddenly’, and ‘turn around’, but what stands out is the one phrase — ‘The Time is Now!’

The great Reset, God’s Great Reset, is upon us.

Now, when I heard this, I hesitated. I asked The LORD to confirm this, as I don’t want to bring another false hope to people who have had one false hope after another given to them, with barely perceptible movements either way.

But The LORD confirmed this with three phrases, spoken to me today as I waited upon Him.

Firstly, The LORD said, “Time is up!”

Time is up for those who’ve been given time to repent for their evil ways, and for those who’ve doubted His promises and words to them spoken through His prophets in line with Amos 3:7 — “The LORD does nothing without He reveals it first to His servants the prophets!”

Secondly, The LORD said very clearly, “The Time is Now!”, indicating and confirming that time has run out for those unable, unwilling, or even defiant in their determination to ignore all the evil going on around us in the world.

Politically and spiritually, these last three years have been shaking the false world of politics, diplomacy, and physically — earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, storms and so on have increased beyond exponentially.

The Time is NOW for The Shaking to reveal all that God wants revealed to the world.

Many will believe the revelations and be appalled and ashamed they ever gave credence to what they heard but ignored or disbelieved.

The whole house of cards is about to fall! It is time for repentance.

Thirdly and finally, tonight, The LORD gave Robin D Bullock a phrase that shook me to my core.

He sang, “Run, Esther, Run!” and immediately my spirit leapt as I heard it. I saw Haman, Esther, and her husband, the king, and I saw Esther running to her husband with the revelation of Haman’s sin against the people, and all the resulting turmoil, including Haman throwing himself upon the queen and thus confirming her accusation to the king, and actions.

It struck me that, had Esther waited any longer, Haman would have succeeded. Had she acted earlier, she would have been laughed to scorn and Haman would have succeeded.

The parallel with the world situation now is obvious — timing was everything. This is why God is saying today that the, “Time is Now!”

Their days are numbered; they are coming down Double restoration for you! - March 15, 2022

Today God is speaking to individuals organizations and nations that have cheated their ways to the top. Those who have stood up for themselves many valuable things that do not belong to them. Those who have distorted contract terms in order to export and exploit others the Lord says this will not continue much longer. The Lord says there’s going to be a terrible downturn for them. They are coming down the Lord is also speaking restoration to individuals, organization, and nations that have been stolen from that have lost valuables. The Lord says you will receive double for your troubles and losses. The Lord says this word will take effect beginning from now! Psalms 37: verses 1, 2, and 6, do not fret because of those who are evil or be envious of those who do wrong. For like the grass they will soon wither like green plants they will soon die away. He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn your vindication like the noon sun. Praise God

Mike Thompson - March 6, 2022

The word of God it is not just a historical book. It is a historical book it contains historical facts. But it is a living, breathing document of the heart of God and the spirit of God and off of these pages leap prophetic glance of your future . … The Lord took me into the heavens and He showed me a large clock it was God’s clock His timetable his events and on the face of that it was like it was a round clock. … Come February we launch He has released a major thrust into the earth now to destroy the work of those foul demons idols. Wicked spirits primarily of the ruling political spirit of Jezebel and Antichrist in America, in Canada, in Australia, in New Zealand, in Great Britain, in Europe in other nations around the world . … the Revival is at hand. ….

Stan Johnson - Date of the Internal Revolution 03/08/2022? - March 8, 2022


Julie Green - A GREAT SILENCE IS COMING - March 9, 2022

Here is the prophetic word for I the Lord this day have said clearly the victory for the children of almighty God. Nothing can come close to stopping My will or my words from coming to pass I have spoken words of defeat over everything your enemies plan in this hour against you. My children and your freedoms your enemies will not get away with anything nothing will stand against you and prosper. This is the hour and the year which I had chosen before the foundation of the world for the great Exodus. My will is being done and nothing can stop it from coming to pass saith the Lord of hosts revel in this.

My children I Am God. I am the one who created this earth and I Am the great I Am who saves, delivers, and continues to set the captives free. No power in hell can stop your freedom. So think about these words you have the victory, you have your freedom. You have deliverance in every area of your life and Christ’s blood destroyed your enemies power and control over you. Dwell in My sacred place there is freedom in my sacred place. Get in prayer with me and I will give you rest. My children concerning all you thought was too impossible for Me. Watch now as a God of the impossible shows up My hand is moving. The impossible out of the way and destroying that power over you. The word impossible is one of your adversaries greatest tools that they use for stopping a child of God from receiving because of doubt and unbelief .

I am breaking those chains off My children rise higher and receive greater. Yes, it will be like a dream My glory and My splendor are moving all over this earth. It will destroy every chain that has been on you. Every prison cell you have been in mind, your body, your finances every area of your life is about to change . Suddenlies are about to take place all over this world what I am about to do will shock this world is this even possible to see and believe. This amount of goodness being poured out blessings are being poured out all over this world. Blessings will raise my children higher than anything they trying to keep them back or to hold them down. Yes, blessings aren’t empowerment My children and blessings surround each and every one of you do not fear what is about to be told in your news . Do not fear what they are trying to do to you. I’m on your side and I am against them My children the great I Am always wins. You are protected by me.  

Lois Vogal Sharp - Wrong Choices -To Many Voices - March 8, 2022

This is what he gave me. You make choices without asking Me what to do and when it doesn’t work out you are so blue. You think you know what is going to happen. But I will tell you things can change before your very eyes creating a much surprise. You seem to think the prophets cannot ever miss it, but I will tell you many over the years tried to resist it. They do not like at times to speak My word and that it seems the people have not even heard. Sometimes they do hear what I say to the prophet’s dismay. Once My word is spoken there is no joking for what I say is real and only I can change the deal. There are times when the people obey and listen to what I say and that changes the day.


The word can go from vengeance to repentance and it can stop at natural disaster as it passes her so do not think you have things all figured out it will bring more doubt. If you have read my word you will see how prophecies can seem absurd. But in the end I am looking to mend. Let us not pretend that we have any real clue of what I do. No one completely knows My heart you do see in part. And when all is said and done you will surely be one. I tell you stop trying to figure things out it does create doubt and when you hear a message given and you try to figure out. How you will see you were wrong you listened to the wrong song. And thought it sounded one way but turned out to be another day. You can have spoke and yet be woke.


Because you misinterpreted what I said and thought someone might be dead. I can speak in parables, I can use poetic justice, I can use harmony, I create anomalies. I can use different words that mean what they say and I can put together a phrase for another day. I can use Biblical time frames, I can speak figuratively. So at times you do not understand but I will always lead you by My hand. So you see the point I am making you think some are mistaken. When in fact they are right on track and you did not understand how I played out My hand.


You know them by their fruit not by your examining proof. Because you will never truly know what I am doing unless I want you to know and I let it show. If you do not ask Me what to do and wait until I see you through. You may jump before the time and go over the line and it can change the outcome of your life you may have even picked the wrong wife it is vital you do not jump in fear it can bring some tears so stop and listen and do any do not do anything because you think you should make sure you look under the hood.  

Mel K & Charlie Ward Monday Morning Geopolitical Roundup As The War Rages (Ukraine) - March 7, 2022


Veroniika West - Prophetic Warning for The United Kingdom - March 6, 2022

The LORD gave me a very powerful Warning Dream a few days ago. I cannot share all the dream yet, as The LORD is still revealing many things concerning this Dream, but in the Dream I was shown what looked like a ‘Legal Contact’ and it was sitting in from of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
The Contract read; “European Army”. These Words were written in bold.
Then suddenly I heard these Words, “Watch! Oh Great Britain, a Nation built on the foundation of The House of David.

I say, look and look again, for the demonic tentacles of The European Union will seek to take hold of you, to lure you into a Political Partnership!
Yes! With promises of greater protection and preservation over your sovereignty in the days ahead, by forming a close military alliance with an army of their own making.

So watch and pay close attention! For like a ravenous wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing they shall try to lead you, but if you follow in their footsteps, into the jaws of death and destruction you shall go! So I say to you, pray and set up The Watchmen on The Walls of this great Nation!

Lift up your Sword and Shield, for it is time to draw a line in the sand. It is time to put a blood-bought boundary line around this Land.

Listen! For is that the bleating of sheep I hear, oh Great Britain, My Lion-heart Nation, cry out for Mercy and I shall deliver you from your vicious enemies that seek to steal your Birthright and Destiny.

Humble yourself, and Repent, for your Arrogance and Pride Return to your Covenant Foundations, and I shall surely remember you this day.

Great Britain, rise up and take your place, for I have not given you the spirit of timidity, like that of a lamb, but I have anointed you with Love, and with The Power of The Roar of The Lion, and with a sound mind I have blessed you among The Nations!”

Troy Black - God Told Me Many Are Deceived - March 4 , 2022

I heard this is for the church you’re about to go through a season of time constraints especially on the business side of managing My kingdom. And then I heard when a tide is coming in you have a certain amount of time to build and get thing get things done. Then you have to leave until the next opportunity arises he’s using an ocean illustration there where the tide comes in you know when you have to pick up your stuff and move back and then you have to come you get to come back when the tide goes back out and he said this is the way it’s going to be these next few months this year and even the next few years. …

I and I heard him say call people to hear from Me clearly for themselves and not rely on a prophet or a seer or someone else who is hearing me to know when to make these decisions. He said they can speak generally but they cannot give you the knowledge you need to move forward in the plan I have for your life that knowledge wisdom and discernment comes from Me. The Holy Spirit is being very clear here about us needing to hear from Him personally for ourselves or what he’s asking us to do and then he said. And there is a little addendum that I’m going to share as well but he said so put your trust in Me not in My prophets. They will fail you eventually because no one is perfect this side of heaven only Jesus is the perfect one only.

If I speak it into it if I speak into it you can move forward with great faith . I don’t get behind things I don’t also bless. Where My word goes My blessing follows and then I got a personal confirmation from the Lord for this about him sharing this to me personally saying that he’s going to back up this word in my own life but also he said he will confirm it to those who are willing. … This is a season of great transformation in My body and among my people My congregations will arise inside and outside of the walls My congregations will arise inside and outside of the walls. And then the Holy Spirit began to change direction a little bit and He began to talk about this this lie that’s happening this deception that’s happening. He said there’s a lie happening among my body right now that the sheep and goats are not mixed together. And then I heard him say they they are 100 mixed together in both arenas in the church and outside. …

Matthew 13: 24 through 30. this is the parable of the weeds among the wheat or the tares and the wheat. I’m not going to read it but you can go look it up but it’s the same principle as saying that  the weeds and the wheat are growing up together and the Lord is allowing this to happen. There are they are 100 mixed together in both arenas in the church and outside is what I heard so that means there’s believers and unbelievers in the church and there’s believers and unbelievers in society and they’re mixed together.

Y’all it’s not always obvious and then I heard the Lord say there’s not a huge separation between the sheep and the shepherds … because somebody has I believe this is another lie just because someone has a title a pastor teacher or a position, or a title of prophet, or apostle, or evangelist, or anything you’re a missionary even just because someone has a title in front of their name or just because they have a position in an organization does not mean that they are hearing from God and it does not mean that God is pleased with them.

A Servants Heart - Serious Word-Pease read Below - March 3 , 2022

The Lord is still saying to me that we there’s a lot of propaganda going on out here about this war. … The lord has kept telling me over and over that this is about Israel. The timepiece is Israel and her twin … America and this is who they’re after. It’s not about Ukraine this is a decoy. … The Lord said inconsistency this war be geared up for America and her twin twenties Israel.

JOHNNY ENLOW: WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON? (& Ukraine) March 1, 2022

Note: This video has been banned by YouTube.

Medicines useful for the plague the Demon has prepared 19.2.22 message of St. Michael the Archangel - February 24 , 2022


Robyn Cunningham - Human Genome Project Unveiled - February 20, 2022

So the correspondence between Biden regime and Trudeau regime regarding how to deal with protesters to benefit yourself will emerge. American intelligence will be discovered getting involved Joe Biden endorsed when publicly. Joe Biden will endorse this but he will publicly say you need to crack down that he knew that there was an agreement from 46 to send aid that was basically the code word saying you need to deal with the protesters that was his way of  saying yeah we’re gonna back you up on this. He’s not gonna act like he’s gonna back him up he’s gonna be like well it’s a horrible atrocity but literally he told him to do. …

The Lord told me so don’t be like He said this it’s believed that alpha lipoic acid has the ability to help regulate blood sugar for people who have like a type 2 diabetes or something like that and one of the things that the Lord told me was that people who were diagnosed with CV19 … So changing the topic hit so it’ll be found that CV19 actually manipulates your what’s going on in your body to really exacerbate things and it’s doing that on purpose so that when it goes those same symptoms are not there. But they’re showing up as false positives because of what it’s doing it’s attacking your renal your adrenal glands, it’s attacking your pancreas, it’s attacking your liver, your kidneys, and so forth. And it’s gonna show that that those take away your ability to respond to things and then it’s also going to be shown that when a person gets cv19 that they’re more likely to get sick with other sicknesses in that this would be considered almost a type of human immune virus like kind of like HIV. .. They’ll be showing that it pre will actually prevent in the future the ability to put out white blood cells and to absorb nutrients in a proper way so this is why it’s important to boost your immune health now because this is what we’re going to see going on in the near future.

And in when the next one comes which will be worse than this and it’s not too far down the road.   It’s going to be a pr much worse than this not just a respiratory thing. But something that is along the lines of they’ll call it the new black plague. So pray against that let’s pray to end that to shut that down but during a time of war they release sicknesses and this is part of the breaking of the second seal. They’ll release sicknesses onto people and destroy the crops of the earth and a third of the world’s population will be destroyed in this six month war. That will happen and I don’t believe that’s going to happen for a little while. But it will not be a fun or good time because they literally do very evil things during that time during that process. So we got to pray that that doesn’t happen and we need to get our immune system built up.

Tomi Arayomi - God Said: "Tell Them You Only Have 9 Years Left." - February 20 , 2022

Well, I’ve already shared the Brexit prophecy. A few years before, I had this dream. And in this dream, I saw then-candidate Obama, and he came in to a kitchen that I was in. And as he walked in to this kitchen, he pours himself a bowl of cereal and he says, “I’m going to be the president of the United States of America.” And he says, “And people are going to vote for me, and they’re going to let me in. And I’m going to put policies in the Earth that are going to destroy the Earth forever. And I’m going to get away with it because I’m Black.” And I woke up from the dream terrified. And I remember my dad – I was in Wisconsin – He said, “Who is going to win the election?” I said, “Obama.” And he was so excited. Everyone was excited, first Black president because God was trying to see, “Are you supernatural, or are you superficial?”

Well, a few years later, Sid, I was in the same kitchen in the same dream. This time, I received a knock on the door. And I said, “Who is this?” And he said, “This is Donald Trump.” He came in to the kitchen. He sat down. And he said, “Can you thank the church in America for making me the 45th president of the United States?” …

SR: This was before he became president?

This was before he became. So I woke up from the dream, and I called a friend who owns a television station. And I shared it with his television station and not mine because I didn’t want to delete the word. I wanted to resist the temptation to delete it. I wanted to publish it on his channel. And all of a sudden as he shared this word, it went viral all over YouTube. People started resharing it. I lost a lot of friends. I was called an Uncle Tom. And I kept reminding people it’s Uncle Tomi, not Uncle Tom. That word went viral, and that’s how I got invited to the United Stations. …

So I remember after the elections in the U.S. hearing the Lord’s anger for the first time in my life  in my years of ministry. And He came up to a big clock in this vision, and He started pulling it forward, and it accelerated very fast. And as I saw this vision, I said, “God, what is this?” He said, “Tell them you have 9 years left, and 9 years will feel like 9 months, and 9 months will feel like 9 days, and 9 days will feel like 9 seconds.” And I will never forget hearing it. And I said, “God, 9 years left to what?” And He said, “Nine years left to the new crisis for the Global Reset.”  And so I came on. We have a prophetic channel. I shared it on our RIG Nation channel. And I was like, “We have 9 years left, 9 years to a new crisis. It will not be COVID. It will be the climate.” “The climate, the climate,” they’ll say. “Give us power.”

John Kerry came out in a newspaper article, “We only have 9 years left to save the planet.” Boris Johnson, “We only have 9 years left to save the planet.” People started resharing these news articles with me because it was verbatim just as the Lord had said it. And in the prophetic word, I prophesied that Netanyahu would be shaken and that he would lose his place in some kind of election. And I believe God was shaking the heavens and the Earth just as He said He would, to shake things none of us ever thought could be shaken. And why was He doing it? I said, “God when will the shaking stop?” And He said, “When you are unshakable because the righteous are as Mount Zion that cannot be shaken.” And I realized that we are the salt of the Earth, but in 2020, he’s definitely the salt shaker. …

The agenda from well-meaning people is to create a new economic structure and new financial structure. The agenda from the enemy is to hasten the time because he knows that his time is short. And he wants to unify and consolidate power, consolidate finances, consolidate resources into one place of unitary control. And we’re getting ready to see the spirit of the enemy consolidate financial power back to himself so that he can choose who eats, who drinks, who wears, what they wear, where they go and how they should live their lives. …

Well, the spirit of Jezebel is called the depth of Satan in Revelation 2. And the Bible says anyone who overcomes her, He’ll give authority over nations just as he has received from his Father. Well, he received it in Psalm 2 where the Father said, “Ask me, and I will give you the nations.” So the Father gives it to the Son in Psalm 2, and the Son gives it to the church that overcomes Jezebel in Revelation 2. … When you look at the spirit of Jezebel, the first thing she does is put makeup on her face. Why? Because Satan is the god of this world. And the word “world” is the word “cosmos,” where we get the word “cosmetics” from. Satan always gives us the superficial over the supernatural. And so for a season, Jezebel is willing to dress herself in anything superficial so that the church can lose discernment and embrace discrimination. And what we saw in 2020, with Black Lives Matter versus All Lives Matter and vaccinated versus nonvaccinated, was the embrace of the superficial. It’s all superficial and we need a prophetic reformation. Because prophets come, and they take the makeup off.  And so I believe when God says, “We only have one more chance in America” is do you want to discern, or do you want to discriminate? Because when God releases a leader, He says through prophet Samuel, “I don’t look as man looks. I don’t look at the outward man. I’m not looking for color. I’m not looking for gender. I’m not looking for race. I’m looking for a man or a woman after My heart.”

SR: Now you’re not saying this is a 9-year countdown to the end of the world, are you? No, It is 9 years to the rise of the church to be everything that God wants it to be.

Amanda Freitas - Warning DREAM Economic VOLCANO | DOLLAR explosion and MELTDOWN - February 09 , 2022

I need to share this stream with you all in this dream I was requested to go to a conference room in this conference room. It was a beautiful room it was a very high tech very high end and it had an oval table around this opal table there were five or four people. I don’t remember we were all very well dressed and we were discussing events to come and then in the middle of it someone said well we should discuss the volcano that’s about to explode. And I said there is a volcano about to explode shouldn’t we tell people and this woman said no we shouldn’t tell people because people are going to panic and that’s going to create even more chaos. It’s going to be even harder on people and then I said well who is this volcano going to affect and then the person said the first people that are going to be affected by this volcano are farmers. Them like farmers like all the farmers and she said yes farmers are going to be the first people affected by this volcano explosion.

Then I said are you sure we shouldn’t contact someone to share the news or something. And then she said well here is this phone you can call someone and talk to this person and ask if they want to share about it. Then I grab the phone and I call a man this man I call I don’t know who he who he was he was like a higher up on some kind of media something like that and I asked him shouldn’t we tell people shouldn’t we start to letting people know that there are signs that this volcano is about to explode then he said well it’s too late right now it already started there are explosions everything is cracking down everything is breaking just the top of the volcano the lid he even said the little volcano hasn’t exploded out yet. But there is a lot of of damage coming out of it is coming up hard it’s already started so why should we waste time letting people know. I think it’s pretty clear.

Then I told him okay and then I turned off the phone and I was with this man. It wasn’t my husband it was a very tall man I don’t remember his face and he said well maybe we should go down the mountain and see what’s going on. And then we started to walk down this big mountain and then I realized that i was walking down the volcano. As I was walking down there were like rivers of lava of you know melted molten lava running down rivers around me and little streams like that like if it was around already started you know the volcano started to expel lava. But the top of the volcano had exploded yet so the explosion started. And then he said just look around you and then when I looked I saw a bunch of people I saw. In particular I saw a woman an African-American woman and she had like curly hair and she was just embracing a fan made of dollar bills. And then I look around and they were like dollar bills being expelled by this volcano. You know how a volcano expels ashes this volcano was expelling lava and dollar bills and then people were embracing dollar bills while the lava was running over the people with the dollar bills and everything. The dollar bills were catching on fire and there were a lot of money in this and I was walking down and looking at tons of cash just being melted and burning and people embracing it and people um screaming it was quite a thing.

Then I woke up and when i woke up in the I asked the Lord please let me remember this this um this dream. If you want me to video it if you want me to share it in a video with people the lord allowed me to share with you and I believe that shows a economic collapse. An explosion of the dollar that volcano is somehow is the current economic system. And it’s cracking and it’s melting and it’s already expelling and burning the dollar and expelling the love of the molten lava. But it hadn’t hasn’t exploded yet we are about to see the explosion the lid of this volcano the top of this volcano is going to come out and it’s going to explode and destroy the whole economic system. And that’s why the farmers related with food are going to be the first one the first signs of this development of the explosion of the economic system is going to be reflected upon farmers and those that produce food.

And that’s why it’s so important for you guys to pay attention to this. The Lord has speaking to me to actually have enough food for 90 days. I don’t know why 90 days but He told me have 90 days of food in your house. Just imagine you’re not going to go anywhere for 90 days and I started doing that. So I share with you guys in a spirit of humbleness, I’m very humbly sharing with you. You don’t have to take my view on this you can just consult with the Holy Spirit within you and ask the Lord if that is from him and if you see this happening.

Shane Warren, Crash of the US Dollar & Hank Kunneman Gold Silver Prophecy - Flashback from September 2021

There was a weather broadcast that was on television and there was a news anchor who said the most amazing thing is going on right now. It’s tragic it’s tragic and they were building this this news broadcast around this event and they he said normally hurricanes hit on the coastal lines. He said but there is a hurricane that seems to be spreading down or coming across the heartland of America. At that point he showed a satellite image of America and I was horrified as I watched a storm covering the north from the northern border to the southern border. From east to west as this massive storm with the eye right over the center of America. A hurricane coming across the center of America this news reporter in the eye of the storm as you would see in a hurricane. There the wind is blowing violently and they’re being tossed to and fro. He said this is the most amazing thing I don’t understand it this is not a natural storm that was his words. He said this isn’t normal he said look at what it’s raining and he reached down on the ground and he’s picking up and he holds in his hand a fist of one dollar bills. He said this isn’t this isn’t natural it’s raining exactly dollar bills. And the anchor and this correspondent went back and forth about the meaning of this dollar bills he said I don’t understand it’s almost like they’re worthless.

They’re worthless it was reigning dollars about that time it came back to the anchor he said ladies and gentlemen another tragedy has hit America he said right in the heartland of America on the new madrid fault a major earthquake has just hit and immediately. Pictures of devastation began to pop up all over America the heartland of America along the new madrid fault as earthquakes caused entire cities to to crumble. I saw the incredible uh changes in the prices of currency. I saw silver not gold but I saw silver begin to drastically increase in value not gold but silver. I saw with that riots began to break out major cities all over America broke out in riots. People were riding in the streets and on the sign is give us our entitlements. I mean it looked like civil war within our borders. But it was all over the issue of the the devaluing of money. …

I was caught up and I was sitting in a room with world leaders in this meeting. These world leaders were talking about how to devalue the currency of America. By buying oil with another currency and somehow another that would drive down the value of the American dollar. You tell the people that when they see the abundance of rain it shall mark an abundance that shall begin to flood my people in a way that they’ve not seen. As there shall be great transfers of wealth revaluing of currency a change of currency the value of gold and silver shall arise in the earth as abundance shall be released into the hands of my people in a way that you’ve not seen before. But watch very closely I said to you and I say to you again this time of justice this time of righteousness that the heavens are opening with the abundance of rain and the mountains that are blowing their tops and the ground that shall shake and open. Because things are opening and I’m doing it says the Lord for the children.

Patel Patriot - Everything Is Timed! Military Planning! Trump Will Most Likely Return Before 2024! - February 19, 2022

Interview with Patel Patriot on military devolution and PEADs (Presidential Emergency Action Declaration).

Julie Green & Manual Johnson - THE GREAT EXODUS 2022 - February 16, 2022

Treason will be written on them for all eternity. …. She (Nancy Pelosi) will not last to the 2020 midterm elections um she will pass away. Before that so Lord is really really really getting down on these people and what they’ve done. And He keeps talking about the angel of death and the reason why I keep talking about the angel of death is because this is the year of vengeance. This is the year of judgment this is the year of the great exodus. …

Liz Cheney obviously she’s another wolf in sheep’s clothing we’ve been starting to see that from her in the last couple years. But now there’s gonna be more and more evidence coming out about her and what she has done to cause and help with January 6 to help with the impeachments. To help with all the things that were going on and lie to the American public and you can see that people have already started to discredit her. But more and more is going to come out about her and yes, she will also have the handwriting on her of treason for all eternity. …

They were going to have their total control which they’re not. They’re actually going to lose it all. …

Biden because the God said he is actually not alive anymore. He is um there is somebody else playing his part. There’s going to be some major gaffes he’s going to tell who he really is he’s,  also going to tell that Biden is you know or Obama is talking to him in his ear. So he’s gonna have a lot of gaffes you can see the person that’s playing him. So you’re gonna see him fall in a major way. … He’ll (Obama) be tried for treason so he is a another major player. Kamala she knows exactly that Biden is gone she has seen it. She’s upset because she feels like she has been betrayed she sold her soul, sold her body, for the presidency and now she’s so close to it she’s never gonna have it and she knows that. 

Troy Black - God Told Me This About the New World Order - February 18, 2022


Joel Ogebe - Prophecies and revelations On Russia, Water poisoning attack, United Kingdom. - February 18, 2022

For the election even though from the vistas of the spirit it has been slated that within less than within less than five months certain things are going to be happening in America. Because what God told me was that when Joe Biden went one year six seven months into his reign America was going to enter into chaos. It’s not because God does not love the Americans is because they’ve made themselves a place of unclean beds. So by the elects there and what I see in my spirit is that God is about to make the places where his people dwell to become gushed, amen.  By the spirit of God certain attacks coming on sea bodies. I  see a kind of war that wicked people wants to fight using water. You know the nations are threatening themselves to go to war. I see a very quiet means of attack and that means is water poisoning. Remember in my process for the year I told you that there’s going to be scarcity of water. Wicked men want to poison water. You will see them in the news that they began to discover an unknown substance in water. Yes, even before you know few before within six weeks these are the act of wicked men. As I’m speaking that thing is being developed now but we’re going to ask God for mercy. …

You see but alas many people did not prepare. A lot of people did not prepare adequately for this year. So if God has allowed us to enter into this year with the way a lot of people were would have been swept away. The average Christian does not understand the season that we are in spiritual he doesn’t understand that the season of the third trumpet has passed. And there are certain things already getting into in the spirit and He told me clearly the word for the now and that word for the church was that you people must redeem the time. For the days are evil and how do you redeem the time knowing what the will of God is in every situation and doing the will of God that is how you redeem the time. So that means another Christian this season must be skewed in understanding the will of the Lord in every situation. So that he can adequately prosecute the will of God redeeming the time redeeming every situation. When you are evil days that is the best time for you to know the will of the Lord. He gave us from January to February you don’t need to believe me I speak as an oracle the word of god in my mouth to His glory doesn’t fall to the ground and we’ve spoken these things by the Lord ahead of time so that you can be prepared.Those who are wise they will be wise still and those who are foolish will be fully still but at the end of the day the prophetic word of God is a testimony for or against the nations. So February is coming to an end and the tomorrow is beginning and for God to protect His elect from what satan is planning. …

The cities of God are going to become a refuge to the nations. What will greet the world from the month of March is a global shutdown of economy and it’s going to be as a result of siege. I already explained these things in my prophecy and God told me that it was going to be of our mind that people would have food in their stomach. So it wasn’t the mind of agriculture of hunger. But it was a famine limitation in Nigeria I heard that now fuel is getting scarce that is for mine. Oh it understands those are the traces of our mind you are fooling your belly according to the word of the lord but a lot of things have been heard there is a siege on a lot of things. And I told you already that God said it and it’s going to last for three months one week. … What satan wants to be that I want to stay men to terribly affect the water bodies. People want to begin to wage war with water. I’m saying these things as a prophet if you’re wise you understand. There are a lot of things I’m not permitted to say because of wisdom and security.

Brother Keith - Economic Collapse Imminent: Buy Food Now! - February 18 , 2022

I clearly heard the Lord, um clearly heard him tell me He said famine is coming. Go and tell the people famine is coming, go and tell the people that is it now. For those of you who want to say okay this guy is a crackpot, he’s losing his mind you know. He’s talking about famine you know you could stop the Youtube right now go to another channel. For those of you who want to hear the wisdom of the Lord and as I go deeper with this stay tuned keep listening. …

Bill Hamon - "God Is Coming to 'Settle Accounts'" - February 17 , 2022

“Tell everyone of My children that I will be visiting them sometime during the next six months. The purpose will be to ‘Settle Accounts’ with every Believer as the master did with every servant as described in Matthew 25:14-30.”

During the six months, from the end of October 2021 till the end of April 2022, God is going to examine each child of God to see what we have done with that which God has invested within us. This is especially true of those whom God is considering using mightily in these last days.

Some Christians think that they are in good standing with God as long as they are not doing anything wrong, that is, not committing any sins of commission. But children of God can get in bad standing with God by committing any sins of omission, that is, failing to do what you are supposed to be doing or neglecting to use what God has invested in you, or fulfilling God’s calling for you. King Saul lost his kingly succession and received demonic oppression because he did not do everything prophesied to him by Prophet Samuel.

The New Testament is clear and emphatic about the sin of omission by Christians, especially those in 5-fold ministry and leadership. The greater your position, the higher the standards of righteousness and obedience.

Liberty Turnip - "I Gave an Angel a Ride" a Word/Testimony for The Remnant - February 16, 2022


Manual Johnson - Russia & China ??! - February 16, 2022

“Someting is about to happen in the United States. …”

Apostle Joshua Giles - GOD is releasing KEYS - February 14 , 2022

Our next and it’s a word for our now and so in Isaiah 22 and 22 it says the key of the house of David. I will lay on his shoulder so he shall open and no one shall shut and he shall shut and no one shall open and then in Revelation three and seven here is the writing of course believed uh to be the writing o John or speaking as Jesus speaking through him uh and he’s saying . Onto the angel of the church in Philadelphia right these things says he who is holy. He who is true and he who has the key of David he who opens and no one shuts and shuts and no one opens now. This is powerful because anytime the Bible speaks of a key specifically referring to the key of David now it follows with that phrase he who opens and no one shuts. He who shuts and no one opens and so this is uh a significant point that needs to be emphasized in the scripture. That when the lord is releasing a key, the key gives us the ability to open and it gives the ability to shut or to close a thing. And so then let’s read this Matthew 16 and 19 and this is Jesus speaking to Peter and when he asked Peter who do men say that I am he said back to him some say that you’re Elijah uh incarnate, some say that you’re the prophet Jeremiah, some say that you’re this a that . But he says I know that you are the son of the living God and Jesus says to him flesh and blood has not revealed this to you. But this could have only come from My father in heaven and he said to Peter upon this rock speaking about the revelation that he had upon this rock I will build My church. In other words the church is going to advance and grow and expand and it’s going to be built it’s still expanding and advancing right now.

But he said it’s upon the revelation of who Jesus is that he’s going to build his church and then he says something interesting again in Matthew 16 and 19 he says that I will give to you now this is the first place. Here where it talks about the key being given to a person to an individual outside of the Godhead. So it’s not just speaking about this key being given to Jesus Christ but He’s now talking to the disciple here and He’s saying and I will give unto you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. And so here it says keys plural which means that it’s not just one key. But there are multiple keys here in scripture that are known as the keys of the kingdom. And so He says that I will give to you the keys of the kingdom and what is he saying to him. He said with these keys he said whatsoever you shall bind on earth it shall be bound in heaven and whatsoever you shall loose on earth it shall be loosed in heaven now this is a powerful thing. Because we talk about binding and losing. …

The terms to bind and to lose uh it simply deals with to shut or to open. It deals with to lock or to unlock and so it is a reference that is given uh concerning a key. And so I want you to hear this by the spirit of God that as the keys of the kingdom are being released. He’s saying what I’m giving to my people is the ability to open and the ability to close now what is He referring to now we can look at the Hebrew word for ki to understand this so the Hebrew word for ki is very important.  This Hebrew word literally means a key or an opening instrument. … So when the lord says I’m giving you the keys of the kingdom what is it essence saying is I’m giving you an opening instrument. I’m giving you the ability to open up something in the realm of the spirit and so when God gives us that that is authority that is power. When he gives us the ability to open up a thing that is God saying I’m giving you access into a realm not just an earthly place. But he’s saying I’m giving you access into a spiritual realm . …The Lord has been saying to me is that there are some doors that must be shut doors uh that have been opened. Whether they’re doors to your soul or doors in your personal life or whether they were doors of access to certain areas that you once would frequent. That the Lord is saying okay now I’m bringing you out of that place and I’m now going to cause your feet to go in a different direction. And so that door is no longer a door from me and so it must be shut uh we must begin to shut doors uh to sin. We must begin to shut doors to doubt we have to shut doors to anything that opposes our faith. We have to shut doors of whether they are to people that are speaking into our ears when it is anything that is in opposition direct opposition to the will of God, to the word of God, And to what god has spoken concerning us we must begin to shut those doors and you have the ability to do it and so binding and loosing is not just a prayer to bind. And to lose is an action word when god gives you the ability to bind a thing. That’s not just where you command or you pray and you bind it but that is an action where you begin to make a decision and your actions begin to reflect the decision that you’ve made. …

The lord is now admonishing us to use our authority to shut those doors and we must close them again doors to sin must be shut a doors uh to doubt and to fear we must begin to shut those doors meaning. … I heard the Lord say this to tell the people that the vault is open. He said tell the people that this is a prophetic word and I want you to hear this God, said tell the people that the vault is open. In other words He said I’m about to release mysteries. I’m about to release a keys in the spirit uh to my people. And it’s going to be as if there is a vault the chest that’s opening up where things that have been hidden are now about to come to life. Where mysteries and treasures in the kingdom uh that have been hidden are now about to be made manifest and so this is the part of the key where it is an opening in the spirit. We’re about to see open doors God’s about to open doors to advance the kingdom and some of you have been seeing keys and the reason why you’re seeing keys is because they represent a certain door the Lord would never give you a key. And there’s not a door connected to that key He would never show you a key and then hide the door from you.

And so if the Lord is showing you that I’m giving you a key this means that that key has to unlock something and there are new doors for ministry that are about to open. I’m not talking about preaching in somebody’s church I’m talking about real ministry to advance the kingdom of God. Some of you are about to see doors to industries opened up to you some of you are about to see doors to regions that are going to open up to you. And so the Lord said to me doors are going to be unlocked even over the next several weeks some of you are going to see doors unlocked that you didn’t have to pry open. You didn’t have to push for you didn’t have to make it happen. You didn’t have to work for that particular door but when you’ve got a key the key just automatically unlocks the door. And so I’m telling you that doors are about to open in the spirit that you might advance the kingdom of God. And so not only are doors going to be open but listen to this there is an unlocking of doors but then there’s also an unlocking of the ground and the Lord’s been dealing with me concerning this. … uh ever since last year off and on where the lord has given me more insight. …When God releases a key the key has the ability to unlock the ground this means that where things have been dry and where it seems like it’s been a desert place and it seems like there is nothing flowing. We’re about to see the hand of the Lord begin to move and there is an unlocking to the ground now listen what I want you to do is to begin to prophesy that many of you are leaders you’re on here and you’re a leader in your city you’re a leader in your community and I need you to begin to prophesy that over the land that you’ve been assigned to. Over the community that you’ve been assigned to. Over the city that you reside in when the Lord unlocks the ground what does that mean that means that God is about to release a move of the spirit in that area where the earth that has been sick? Where the land that has literally been sick he’s going to heal the land as we repent and turn from wickedness and begin to call upon the name of the Lord. That’s what 2 Chronicles 7 and 14 lets us know that if my people who are called by My name if we would turn from wickedness if we would begin to hear the instruction of the Lord. He says I’m gonna heal your land when god heals your land he literally unlocks the earth that has been sick the earth that’s been groaning. The earth that’s been in travail the land that you have been assigned to that’s been shut up is about to open. …

The Lord said this year get ready for an unlocking of your ground. Get ready to see the earth open up. When the earth opens up it can represent several things when we see it in old Testament now when Moses was attacked and withstood by those that were operating in a spirit of rebellion the earth opened up and swallowed up. The rebellion that was a prophetic sign when the earth begins to open that opposition is no longer a challenge to you that what was standing in your way is no longer going to oppose you. But when the earth opens it swallows up the opposition it swallows up the attack of the enemy. And so as God is unlocking the earth you’re going to see opposition enemies that you faced things that withstood you in your assignment, in your calling, and your purpose . They are no longer going to be able to withstand you. In the book of Revelation chapter 12 when the earth opened up there it was because of the dragon that was trying to attack the woman to kill her child which represents the church and the kingdom. And so the earth opened up and swallowed up the water that the dragon spewed out of his mouth when there is an unlocking of the earth when the earth begins to open up it swallows up opposition and I’m telling you in our cities and our communities there is an unlocking of your earth there is an unlocking of your city. Let me tell you the next thing that begins to happen when God unlocks the ground in an area things that were held up in your life things that were held up in your community. Some of you been waiting on finances that have been held up get ready to see a release of those things some of you been waiting on resources. Get ready to see God break the spirit of delay and release the very thing that you have been waiting on. The very thing that God has promised you and the thing that you’ve been praying for. …

The promises of God they’re going to bring you into access in order to advance the kingdom of God. And I’ll bring you back to this in Matthew chapter 16. …It says that I will give to you, you can just put your name right there and declare that God has given to me keys of heaven or of the kingdom. He says and whatsoever you shall bind on earth it shall be bound in heaven. Whatever you lock on earth he says I’m going to lock it in the heavenlies. Then he says whatsoever you loose or you unlock he said then I’m going to unlock that in the heavens. And so there is a responsibility and a power that God has given believers where through our prayers through our declarations and through our prophecy that as we begin to prophesy. And I saw this in a vision where uh it was like as words were coming out of our mouths that it was keys coming out to unlock doors. Because as we speak the words of the Lord we literally can lock something on the earth or unlock it on the earth. And then when we do that God begins to either lock it or unlock it in the heavens. …

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Mark Taylor- America: Judgment has Begun! - February 3 , 2022

The Spirit of God says, “Many False Prophets and Pastors are Prophesying Judgment in 2022.

Do you not realize they are prophesying their own Doom? The very things they are prophesying they are guilty of! The sins of these False Pastors and Prophets are great! The bowls of sin are overflowing for these corrupt leaders who have been fornicating with the Whore of Babylon long enough! The sand has run out of the hourglass and My Judgment has begun for those that are drunk from her wine, the Blood of the Saints and My true Prophets!

Those that have enjoyed her delicacies have truly received their reward! For I will pour out My Judgment on everything that is corrupt! I will start at the top of their Pyramid, the leadership that has lead My People astray. The infiltration from the enemy is catastrophic! Everything has been infiltrated and corrupted. Seminaries, Churches, and the people that have been lead astray. The wickedness of these False Prophets and Pastors has become a stench unto My nostrils!

They have turned My Houses of Worship into a market place and a den of money changing thieves! You Vipers! I paid the ULTIMATE PRICE on the cross for all of Humanity through My Pain, Suffering and SHED BLOOD! Did I charge money for that? NO! Woe, Woe, Woe, to you money changing Vipers! I already paid the PRICE, so My Gospel is FREE! My Gospel was never to be PROSTITUTED for Money, Big fancy Homes and cars! REPENT!”

The Spirit of God says, “The Deep State Church is plotting and planning in their secret chambers. They are trying to prevent their coming exposure of their great deception of death against the people, and the Illuminati equation. Why are you blindly following these corrupt leaders who seek Glory from man and don’t give Glory to Me?

Why are you not using Discernment? You have no Discernment or Spiritual senses because you are Drunk from the enemies wine! For they plot and plan against you with their next money and influence scheme, all while making you a slave to them, their system, and their Old Religious Order! I The LORD God came to set the captives free through RELATIONSHIP, not RELIGION, to free the Oppressed and to give you your sovereignty back.

Through their schemes they are assisting in ushering in the New World Order, the Antichrist Spirit, and a One World Religion under the guise of Unity, and it will be a false unity under the enemies Triune. You have turned these leaders into idols before Me! You support their corruption and further their Demonic plans, therefore you are complicit in their wickedness! REPENT!” The Spirit of God says, “The System, the System, I The LORD God will crash the Religious system that so many for thousands of years have tried to protect. I have sent many WARNINGS to COME OUT of HER by many of My servants, My true Prophets, only to have them Ignored, attacked, harmed, or Murdered!

Their innocent Blood cries out to Me and I will avenge them! Do you not realize that under the System, (501c3) you are under a curse? You took a bribe for the slaying of My innocent, My little ones! You have denied My Kingdom for the enemies! Now My Judgment is on the Religious System and its leaders! Righteousness and Justice are the foundation of My Throne! They are trying to protect the Old Religious Order, but I The LORD God shall expose it and destroy it!

This is a Sodom and Gomorrah moment, COME OUT of HER NOW for My Judgment has begun! Do not look back as Lot’s wife did, for I will destroy the very System the Apostate Church has become and fornicated with! So as it was for Sodom and Gomorrah, so shall it be for the Whore and the Old Religious Order that has fornicated and protected her and lead My people astray! Some Churches, Ministries, Lodges, Orders, and their man made Kingdoms will burn to the ground! Others will go Bankrupt! Some leaders will be removed from the face of the Earth!

Why aren’t they listening? Because pride has handed them over to a reprobate mind! Being handed over to a reprobate mind is part of the Judgment! Their arrogance knows no bounds! Repentance will save your soul but it will not stop My Justice from being served! Some will say this is an attack on Christianity. NO! This is My Judgment on the corrupt System that man put in place, NOT I The LORD God!”

The Spirit of God says, “Read the signs, read the signs, the False Prophets are no longer hiding their true intentions, for the clash between the Spirit of Elijah and the prophets of Baal are at the crescendo! They will call on their God and My true Prophets will call on theirs and you shall see who the one true God is! Their God is Baal, Moloch, and Mammon, but I The LORD God will show myself strong and mighty, and the Spirit of the Fear of The LORD shall fall on the people”!

The Spirit of God says, “Woe, Woe, Woe, to you False Prophets and Pastors that have lead My people astray! Do you think I don’t see what you do in your inner chambers abusing and sacrificing My little ones? Do you think I don’t see it all? Woe to you hypocrites for you are whitewashed tombs! It would be better for you to have a millstone hung around your neck and cast into the sea! (Matthew 18:6) Woe, Woe, Woe, to you false Prophets and Pastors that are Witches and Warlocks calling down Death curses on My TRUE Pastors and Prophets!

Therefore if you do not Repent and you take 1 of mine, I will take 100 of yours! You take 100 of mine I will take 1000 of yours! REPENT!” (Exodus 22:18)

The Spirit of God says, “Do not Fear My people when you see these things for they must come to pass. I will split the Old Religious Order wide open for all to see, the lies that have been perpetuated against all of humanity and My People. Then the lost books and scrolls shall be opened and My TRUTH shall be set FREE I will establish My Kingdom on the Earth with My remnant Ekklesia. The transfer of wealth and assets will be transferred from the Wicked, the System, and will be transferred to My Kingdom remnant! Then My Gospel which is FREE will begin to spread through Home groups, the highways and byways, street corners, and open fields.

My true Gospel will flow with FREEdom to the ends of the Earth! Rejoice for I AM establishing the foundation of My Throne on Earth as it is in Heaven for My Righteousness and Justice shall reign!”

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - Vision Coming in and Going out 2-1-22 (Justice) - February 6, 2022

As I’m taken in the spirit today I see people going and coming out. I watch over the entire planet I see this going on it seems normal to me people are going to work shopping to eat and for every reason under the sun. They’re just going about their normal lives. As I watch I see this normality come to a close fear grips the earth and people do not go about their normal routines anymore. If they venture out the look on the of their faces is fear. They stay away from others and wear masks as I watched time passed and again people became began to come out and do normal things in a limited manner. Some were still wearing masks others not some were distancing themselves from other people others weren’t. Then I started to notice anger on the faces of some people. Anger and boldness started to rise up um then everything came to a standstill. Kind of like frozen um I stared down at the earth and the Lord appeared I looked at Him and in my mind I was puzzling. Why things had stopped in a very calm voice He said this is where you are now in history.

Now keep  watching. So He kept talking and he said the charade is almost over but the evil one will not give up easily My rescue mission is still on. But more of my people needed to be woken up so my angels are at work even now doing that very thing in a very short time. The people will come out from under fear and the cabal shall be in fear hiding from the people and justice. Unlike the people’s fears those of the cabal will come upon them. Yes the very thing they have feared most it will come upon them. They will have nowhere to hide even the secret places which they have taken great care to hide and have been ruthless in doing.

So I’m going to stop right there in a minute. I they when I He said this sometimes when the Lord is speaking it draws like a picture in my mind and  He said they’d like they’d been ruthless about how they’d hidden their secret places and what I saw was like the workmen who had built them something had happened to them and they were missing. Now or something maybe they were killed I don’t really know. But something bad had happened it’s like they didn’t want anyone to even be able to say that they had built this thing this facility. So that’s what was going through my mind anyway those places have been or will be found out. Then they will have to uh they’ll be made to watch as their fortunes are removed from them and after that comes the justice. That is fitting for the for those who knew just what they were doing and rejected God and instead decided to join with satan and his servants. The Lord said that these people that have done this and then joined with satan cannot even if they wanted to come back to Me. And I don’t exactly understand that but that’s what I heard. So I’m just saying what I heard here is it.

Uh I know the Lord gives people over to their sin after a time of trying to get them to repent um. And sometimes they get so deep into it he just gives them over to the thing that they’re doing. So the world will learn the depth of the depravity it has been under the history books shall be rewritten and the truth shall be told to those who desire to learn. But the liars and charlatans who have written all the lies. It shall be that their names shall be removed from every page, every computer, and no one will even mention their names. And the reason that those names will not be mentioned will be out of respect for those who died. During this time when these people were killing off uh humanity yeah really, Yeah, so yeah that’s I don’t know it’s kind of like awful to even think about but um the desire to rule over earth and their accomplishments shall be erased. No one shall speak of them again their names shall be as the scum of the earth that no one wants to think about, says the Lord. 

Yes, and the years shall be known as the prophet declared, I think do you remember who that was that and Johnny Enlow. Yea, he said it would be known as before Trump and after Trump  um kind of like uh BC and AD. It’ll be before Trump and after Trump,  so that’s what I saw and that’s what I heard. So pretty amazing how these people’s names are going to be completely wiped out. Like um I even saw in the history books where if this was mentioned it would be mentioned as a system and like if people wrote about it and wanted to avoid it happening ever again. But they wouldn’t put the names in they would simply write it like this is how it happened and we want to avoid this from ever happening again. And the names would not be in there it’s just they’re it’s like the Lord wants them just wiped out that’s it no more these people will not be mentioned they’ll not be ever heard or seen or whatever again. Wow exactly the opposite of what they’re trying to do by running the world you know and you know trying to yeah whatever. So it’s just it’s just keeps it’s a good reminder to stay on the side of the Lord because he I when his anger is raised um it’s amazing what he uh will do anything.

Prophetic Dream: What is Coming for the Dollar and the Nation's Money System - February 1, 2022

In this dream he showed me that the dollar went down to 51 of its worth and then pretty quickly. After that it fell down to the number 13 value. And in the Bible we know the number 13 symbolically can represent the number of death or the number of rebellion.

Dana Coverstone and Cherie Goff - The 2022 Jets Dream - February 4, 2022

 March and September pray.

Tiffany Root & Kirk VandeGuchte - Trump World Leader Dream - January 18, 2022

This is what the Lord has to say about it (dream) the part about Japan taking over world. The Lord says that some will want to say that they could do it they could lead the world. They could do it better than President Trump. But the Lord says they won’t be able to. Trump is the Lord’s chosen. He will be a world leader when he’s back in his rightful place. We have to be ready for that he wants us to be ready for that that. He won’t just be leading the nation of the United States but in a way the world. When Trump says something the whole world is going to listen and this time around the media will not be able to drown out what he’s saying. And the patriotic dress represents that those of us who are standing are all in for Trump and the reason. Is because he’s the chosen one from the Lord. He’s the anointed one that’s why we’re all in for him sure.

Some governments will want to resist him. There’s  representations from different governments in the dream the Lord says some governments will want to resist him. But their people will not let them. The Lord says that Trump I don’t know if i should say this or code it a little bit. Probably code it um do I start over no,  Trump can cause things to happen just by speaking things in different countries. In a side of a country because like a sovereign conflict there’s a conflict. Yes he can cause conflicts just by speaking and the leaders of these countries know it. So they’re going to back off and they the Lord also says that 45 wouldn’t hesitate to do these things. Either to speak the way the Lord wants him to because he’s with the Lord and His goal is to free the world of evil that’s the Lord’s goal. He’s getting rid of the world system and so that’s the goal that he’s put in the heart of president trump. So yes, Trump is a nationalist. He’s for the United States,  but he’s also for the freedom of the world. He stands for freedom because that’s what the Lord has put in his heart and that’s what the Lord desires.

2222 — GO Through The Open Door To Resurrection Riches! - January 31, 2022

Wednesday, February 2, 2022 is also 1 Adar I, 5782 — the last month of the year on GOD’s Calendar (The Jewish Ecclesiastical Calendar).

There are two Jewish Calendars: Ecclesiastical and Civil. The Ecclesiastical Calendar is The Calendar GOD gave us in The Bible through Moses. Thus, The Bible Calendar is now referred to as The Ecclesiastical Calendar. It has 12 months.

The 12th month is called Adar. (More on Calendars later).

Two (2) is a number for witness, (2 Corinthians 13:1).

So, on 2.2.’22, the second day of the second month on the Gentile calendar, begins the last month of GOD’s Calendar.

Full of revelation, David praised GOD saying:

“You crown the year with Your Goodness, And Your Paths drip with abundance. They drop on the pastures of the wilderness, And the little hills rejoice on every side. The pastures are clothed with flocks; The valleys also are covered with grain; They shout for joy, they also sing.” Psalm 65:11-13.

This month, Adar I (February 2 – March 2), let us offer “Sacrifices of Joy” and “The Sacrifices of Thanksgiving” ….

Believe! Believe! Believe!

“So they rose early in the morning and went out into the Wilderness of Tekoa; and as they went out, Jehoshaphat stood and said, “Hear me, O Judah and you inhabitants of Jerusalem: Believe in THE LORD your GOD, and you shall be established; believe His prophets, and you shall prosper.” 2 Chronicles 20:20.

THE LORD spoke to me so strongly about this Divinely set time from the second day of the second month on the Gentile calendar (2.2.’22), which, as aforementioned, also begins the last month of GOD’s Calendar when He crowns the year with His Goodness, Abundance, Adornment, Great Provision with joy and rejoicing.

Now, again, by revelation David says to GOD:

“You crown the year with Your Goodness, And Your Paths drip with abundance. They drop on the pastures of the wilderness…” Psalm 65:11. …

By the combination of Jew and Gentile in CHRIST, Resurrection Power and Riches are released, manifesting The Glory of THE FATHER for answered prayers and other miracles.

Thus, in this case also, combining Strong’s Hebrew 2222 and Strong’s Greek 2222 (Jew and Gentile), we have The Life (zóé) of a drop, dripping – EXACTLY as David says to GOD:

“You crown the year with Your Goodness, and Your Paths drip with abundance. They drop on the pastures of the wilderness…”

I say again to you: this is a Divinely set time from the second day of the second month on the Gentile calendar (2.2.’22), which also begins the last month of GOD’s Calendar when He crowns the year with His Goodness, Abundance, Adornment, Great Provision, Promotion with joy and rejoicing.

Brethren, we have waited for so long. This is the set time of open door to Resurrection Power and Riches.

With “The Simplicity that is in CHRIST” (2 Corinthians 11:3), let us believe, pray and obey as led by THE HOLY SPIRIT.

Luke Harding - Prophetic Word for February and Beyond | The Coming Shift - January 21, 2022

Veronika West -The Bear Nation Arises With a Hunger for War! - January 24, 2022

“Watch! For now The Bear Nation arises from a time of political hibernation with a hunger for War and an appetite for greater Territorial Occupation and Domination among The Nations!”

During my time of prayer early this morning I was so restless in my spirit. I could tangibly feel the battle raging in the Realm of The Spirit. I could literally hear in the natural, the clashing of swords and the sound of fiery arrows flying.

I heard the Words, A clashing of The Titans!” and as those Words echoed loudly in the Realm of The Spirit, suddenly I was given sight into The Spirit Realm and I saw that Satan was full of rage and he was pacing to and fro.

I heard these Words, ”He knows his time is short….” and as I heard those Words, suddenly I saw that he was draped in a cloud of darkness and the darkness that surrounded him moved like ripples on the surface of water.

As I was given liberty to see deeper and with greater insight into The Spirit Realm, I saw that the cloud of thick darkness that enveloped him was an army of demons, but as I looked and looked again, I saw that this horde of demonic beings were waiting for their new assignments — waiting for their marching orders — waiting to be given their specific targets

Then suddenly I heard The Spirit say, “Watch! For did I not say I will shake, shake, shake the Nations of Europe and that a great shaking would take place in the Nation of Ukraine?

Yes! For 2022 will be a year of wars and rumors of wars, for a clashing of The Titans shall now begin to take place for greater power and prominence.

But listen, for The Lion of Judah will roar as the Great Eagles soar! Watch! For now The Bear Nation arises from a time of political hibernation with a hunger for war, and an appetite for greater Territorial Occupation and Domination among The Nations!

See! For The Bear Nation now rises high upon its hinds legs on the boundary lines of The Nations, and puffing out its chest and showing its sharp teeth, it seeks to intimidate and manipulate, for its eyes are firmly fixed upon a rich and fertile land.

But Watch! For The Dragon spirit is now circling over Nations in the midst of a time of birthing. Open your eyes and see, for the thrashing tail of the Serpent spirit is now stirring up great turmoil and trouble.

Yes! I say turmoil and trouble shall be seem in The Nation of Taiwan, for a time of great conflict, confusion and strife shall cause Nations to suddenly awaken in The Valley of Decision, for Sheep and Goat Nations shall now begin to take their place, as the gathering and the scattering Winds of The Whirlwind of My Seven Spirits drive stiff-necked and rebellious nations to their knees.

For the plumb-line of My Justice and Judgement has fallen upon The Nations, the battle-lines have been drawn and boundary lines have been set.

For even as the great Bear Nation invades and The Red Dragon strikes.

My Governing Hand shall move swiftly and severely with great might to bring Nations into perfect alignment with My end-time assignment for the greatest Harvest of souls that the earth has ever seen!”

Take note for Prayer:

While praying over this, The Spirit of Revelation began to show me that when the bear comes out of hibernation, it is extremely hungry having used up all its fat stores. However, a bear coming out of hibernation is also at its weakest.

I heard so clearly The LORD speak of Russia, now coming out of political hibernation with a hunger for War and an appetite for greater Power and Domination, but that Russia, though it gives the appearance of great strength in order to intimidate its enemies, it is at its weakest, and will only gain greater power and strength as it begins to take ground.

Blessings to you all.

Chris Bennett - Trump’s Coming Back! - January 22, 2022

I dare say this post will cost me one or two ‘friends’ and probably some credibility, because it’s way out of my usual sphere of prophetic mutterances!

I recently received a Word from a brother in America. It read like this –

“In the days ahead God is going to give you an unthinkable measure of revelation of His magnitude in your life and universally. Awe and wonder will be a new language you’ll speak to many who’ve grown dull.”

Well, since then, I’ve been remembering dreams, which I haven’t been able to do very often. In fact, the last two dreams or visions have repeated themselves at least three times which seemed to me to be an increase of revelation and the importance attached to that revelation by The LORD?

So, this morning, I’ve heard in The Spirit the phrase, “Trump’s on his way back!”

This is something I’ve believed all along — never moved nor flinched from saying it — but this time, I heard it said…. three times!

Yes, once again The LORD seems to be emphasising His Words to me in an unmistakable way that seems to carry weight behind it! So, as I usually do, I asked for clarity.

The LORD showed me an increasingly dark and threatening world. Much sabre rattling, much boasting and posturing, many noisy threats with not a few imprecations.

I saw increasing international unrest and much military manoeuvring, accompanied by banshee levels of media hysteria and fear mongering.

The LORD asked me, “What do you see?” I replied that I see dangerous men driving fear into everything they can in order to establish their own superiority.

“Have you seen My man Trump? What’s he doing in all this?” I admitted that I couldn’t see Trump in this scenario at all! “Just watch!” said The LORD.

I suddenly saw Donald Trump sitting in what looked like a Military Control Room. He was seated at a large table and there were a number of what appeared to be very senior Military Personnel sitting with him.

There were desks surrounding the main table at which sat other Military Personnel looking intently at computer screens.

Every now and then one of these people would speak into a microphone and one of those around the main table would say something to Donald Trump.

He would then have a brief discussion with those closest to him and an answer was passed back down the line. It was a very busy scene.

Suddenly, a very important looking civilian stepped forward and whispered in Trumps ear. He nodded and stood up, at which everyone in the room snapped smartly to attention!

The civilian seemed to melt into the background and I realised he was an Angel sent to advise Trump. Then Donald Trump spoke, “Gentlemen, it’s time to make a move and to end this farce!”

He turned and walked towards the door, accompanied by all the senior people from around the main table. He walked through the door and emerged onto a helipad where a helicopter was waiting.

There was also a small podium with several microphones waiting. He stepped up to them and said just one word, GO!”, and several people spoke urgently into phones as Trump boarded the awaiting helicopter. It promptly took off!

The scene changed to Washington DC as the helicopter landed outside the Capitol Building. A Marine Guard of Honour was lined up awaiting the arrival.

There was a lot of noise as Police Sirens wailed urgently and what appeared to be Police SWAT Teams were seen entering the building.

There was a minimal amount of ‘discussion’ before the Military took over the whole complex and Trump entered The Capitol.

He walked briskly to Congress where both Congress and Senate Members were all assembled, very noisily assembled.

Trump took the speakers microphone and announced, very simply, “You are ALL under arrest. Please cooperate quietly and we can sort this mess out quickly.”

I saw his security detail, guns drawn, quickly sort out any dissent as Trump then addressed the press corps.

He explained that he was resuming power and that they too were ALL under arrest. There were many loud protests and somewhere in the building there was an obvious exchange of gunfire.

Eventually, order was restored and Trump was allowed to speak about himself as the ‘restored rightful President of the United States’.

This vision is self explanatory and I believe requires no interpretation.

I am amazed at its clarity, but it also confirms to me that which I’ve always believed — that Donald J. Trump is still the rightful President, that crooked men used crooked politicians to facilitate an election coup.

I believe there will be an enormous mess when this all happens, but also that all war-mongering factions will recognise his leadership and hasten to make their peace with him.

As for timing — I just don’t know — but I assume from the apparent urgency in the vision that events will move quickly this year, 2022.

All I can say with total certainty is that God is in control and that Donald Trump is His choice for this coming season.

Also, that a world-wide revival will sweep through the entire world as biblical values are recognised once again.

Why me to bring this vision to the world? I don’t know, but I will not be alone.

I believe several people will receive similar confirming visions and that the biblically required two or three witnesses will be forthcoming!

Troy Black - God Showed Me This About March - Prophetic Word - January 21, 2022


The Lord came to me last night and told me to speak this tell it to America . Tell it to the world tell it to the leaders of this country from the first chapter of Proverbs in the 24th verse. Because I have called and you refused I have stretched out My hand and no man regarding but you have set at naught all My council and with none of my reproof. I also will laugh at your calamity and I will mock you when your fear comes when your fear cometh as a desolation and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind when distress and anguish cometh upon you. Then shall they call Me but I will not answer and shall they call Me. Call upon Me and I won’t answer because you wouldn’t listen. You wouldn’t listen to the Lord then he said, for that they hated knowledge and did not choose the fear of the Lord. They would none of My counsel. They despised all of My reproof. Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way and be filled with their own devices. …

You know he told Noah He said my spirit will not always strive with man. H he told Noah to go out and build an ark and at that point it didn’t rain out of the heavens and people thought that he’d lost his mind. For over 120 years Noah built a big ship to float on water to the time come one day that God the Bible said God shut the door and it started raining. Then everything that that man said up to that point. Oh it was so so remembered then God has given everyone a chance across this nation and once again God’s revival power is gonna ring across the world and give everyone a chance to repent and pray. But the Lord told me last night to tell the people tell America. Tell them that thus saith the Lord of heaven that the whirlwind that was in my dreams if you go back and look at the dream about the whirlwind and the man with the staff on the in the seven rabbis on the porch and the woman in purple dress and the donkeys dies and if you go back and look at that. It talks about a whirlwind hitting hitting that capitol and there was nothing left inside the capitol. The people were gone the Lord told me to tell you that in 30 days in 30 days within the 30-day period here God is fixing to shake the leaders of this country.

God is going to shape the leaders of the foreign countries that’s come against the very liberty of the name of Jesus.  You’re not fighting against preachers, you’ve made fun of the prophets, and you’ve you’ve laughed to scorn people. And you look at people like me and you think it’s some gimmick he’s out for money or he’s out to build him. I’m not out for money I don’t ask for money. I’m out to deliver a word to this nation. I’m out to try to snatch someone from hell before it’s too late. God is gonna put President Donald Trump back inside that office. There’s an angel of death that’s gonna strike. I know one of the leaders that’s way up there the leader way up there who passed with a heart attack. God’s coming you know you we look and we so many preachers out there who said well God’s grace is beyond all this that you’re talking now. …

The Lord has told me spoke this to me this was not a dream and that is why i’m so boldly on this video right now telling you that within 30 days in the 30-day time fear God’s gonna rattle. God’s gonna rattle the structure of the politics. God’s gonna visit people that storm that twirling is coming. It’s gonna blow up in there the Lord is fixing to dissolve the people some of the people i see it. It’s just you look back at the dream and when the when the whirlwind went in there some of the people was snatched out by the whirlwind and that’s what’s fixing to come. You’re fixing to see the hands of God in a way that you’ve never seen this is not about me it’s not about the the men of God or the prophets or the people that is standing this hour the word that I speak to you today is a word from the Lord Jesus. I it’s time for us to stand and fight like we’ve never fought before. Revival in the greatest sense that we’ve ever beheld in our eyes is going to shake this globe.

VERONIKA WEST - “LET MY PEOPLE GO!” - January 18, 2022

I was sort of driving into the draw into my driveway and the Lord suddenly said something to me and He kind of it was a word that took me by surprise actually because I wasn’t praying at the time. I was just kind of getting home um and I heard the Lord say this concerning President Trump he said for he will be as slippery as an eel and the enemy shall not lay a hold of him. … The Lord showed me a picture of President Trump and i saw that he was covered in this thick golden oil. And he was covered in this oil and I knew it was the anointing oil of the lord. …The  Lord showed something to me he showed me that the oil of his anointing was acted as a powerful protective and impenetrable layer against the powers of the enemy. And I could see the hand of the enemy trying to take grab a hold of president trump and even the enemy’s demons. I could see the demonic forces of hell trying to lay a hold of him. But because of this thick golden anointing oil that was that covered him the enemy wasn’t able to latch on. The enemy wasn’t able to get a firm grip of him . …The Lord said something interesting to me H said many have underestimated President Trump because they have seen him as a man and not an anointed man. …

The Lord likened the nation of America to me as a prodigal nation he’s likened my own nation (Ireland). As a prodigal nation and that just gives us an insight into this next move of god how He is aligning and prodigal nations are now beginning to come out of the valley of decision. And then the Lord said to me I am bringing a prodigal nation back to her senses that she will turn and return to its first love the great shaking was causing a supernatural shift and a course correction in the realm of the spirit. It was taking a nation back to its covenant foundations on which it was built. A great shaking would awaken a nation and then again the Lord started speaking to me about the redemptive purpose of His shaking that a nation would then be awakened. That a nation that was going blind you see again everything with God his timing is always perfect. A nation that was going blind to its true identity and kingdom destiny is now being awakened to who she really is to her God-given destiny and identity. And the Lord then showed me that the great shaking would purge and purify a nation of its sin and its iniquity so that it may become a vessel of great honor in the house of the Lord. And then the Lord said to me and that the nation would become as a gold signet ring upon my finger among the nations. And then I heard the Lord say this He said, America, America be still and know that I amGgod for now a new mercy movement of my spirit is making a way where there seems no way. For I have declared again I felt the spirit of the fear of the Lord when He said that to me. For I have declared over this nation that mercy, mercy, mercy, is the taproot of this great land and it shall stand once again as a nation under the power and the authority of My sovereign hand .

For a time of the great divide is now taking place within the nations of the earth. For nations will be tossed and turned in this hour, shaken, sifted, separated, and scattered. For my spirit is now moving to agitate, to disrupt, to dismantle, and to demolish. For my spirit is moving to make a divine distinction between that which is precious and that which is of no use to My kingdom purposes in the earth. For I tell you I will purge and I will purify in these days of great shaking and then the Lord said something amazing. … He said for gold, gold, gold, is what I shall have and I felt such an authority of the Lord when I heard Mim say that. Gold, gold, gold, is what I shall have nothing less than pure gold. … He said watch as my spirit begins to move to deal with the mixture that has brought a defilement deception in My body. For I tell you in this new era a move of my spirit shall bring forth a swift and severe course correction within the nations of the  earth. Watch as I realign and reorder for now righteous nations shall be cleansed by the waters of My spirit, and purified by the fires of My glory. Watch for righteous nations shall come forth as pure gold from among the rock and the rubble for in the midst of a great agitation and purification a Great Awakening shall take place that shall bring kingdom reformation and restoration. …

I began to see the spirit of Elijah moving across the valley of decision and the valley of nations and this harvest sickle in the in the midst of this mighty whirlwind. And as I looked at the harvest sickle …I could see this harvest sickle going forth and it began to to uproot um and to tear down and I could see the  wheat and the tears being separated. And the Lord began to show me that sheep and goat nations were now being gathered up. They were being scattered so the again the purpose of this mighty whirlwind was to scatter and together to scatter the goat nations and to gather up his sheep nations. but then it was amazing kelsey that the vision shifted. …

I began to hear a sound of weeping as I was looking at the valley of nations and this divine distinction that God was making within the whirlwind of Elijah was moving across this valley of nations. I heard a sound of weeping and I saw the nation of America and I even saw my own nation and I could hear the sound of weeping. And I knew that it was the sound of repentance and I saw other nations also beginning to weep before God in repentance. And I saw these nations begin to lay prostrate. They began to to lay face down on the floor of this valley of nations and as they were laying prostrate on the on the floor of the nation of this valley. I watched as the mighty whirlwind of Elijah was moving as the as the harvest sickle of the Lord was moving across this valley of nations and this gathering up and the scattering was taking place. I saw that those nations that were bowed down in repentance and laid prostrate before the Lord. They were they were divinely preserved and protected from the scattering winds of the of of the whirlwind of Elijah. …

Veronica West - 2022: A New Kingdom Era of Radical Transformation - January 13, 2022

“Did I not say… that Evergreens Will Grow Where Thorn-bushes Were?”

On waking this morning I suddenly heard The Spirit say, “Did I not say… that Evergreens Will Grow Where Thorn-bushes Were?”

Immediately I ran to my journal and The LORD led me back to this powerful Vision where I was under an open heaven for three days.

Now, as I began to read over the Vision again, suddenly I could tangibly feel the very breath of God over me, and I heard these Words, ”Watch! For 22 shall mark the beginning of greater Restoration, Revelation, Reward and Divine Retribution, for a New Kingdom Era of Radical Transformation, Reformation and the transfer of Kingdom Wealth has begun.

Charlie Shamp - Prophetic Word for 2022 - January 14, 2022

In the realm of the spirit the wind of the angelic the wind of the Holy Ghost is a mystery to your enemies. A mystery to the satanic war machine that is intenting to destroy and bring destruction to your life. My friend there is no other time in human history that we have we have more need of angelic assistance than we need it right now. You cannot survive the things that are coming down the pathway in the future without help from God’s assistance of deliverance. It’s impossible. God has assigned the angels and the angelic race to help us to navigate the the the realms of darkness and to keep us in the realm of light so that we can see our destinies. Fulfilled and this wind that god releases that melts away the kingdom of darkness is a mystery.

It’s, it’s angelic technology that satan and his and his and the enemies of the cross have no idea how to decode. And so the angels in this hour are literally bringing disturbances to the satanic uh war machine, or the aircraft in the second heavens. And as the Lord releases His wind these satanic air machines in the second heavens are receiving turbulence that they cannot recover from. There are things that God is releasing in this hour. High-tech technology in the realm of the spirit to deal with the air supremacy of the second heavens to break open regions to break open nations for the kingdom of God in this time that we’re living. And God has called us as agents of light to go into the realm of the spirit and co-labor with the angels. You know many times people tell me they’ll say well we know this principality and this power that rests over our region and for some reason every region that I go to uh you know it’s the it’s the preacher’s graveyard and the worst place. There’s no way that revival can come and I’ve just never been to a place on planet earth where I didn’t see a move of God. There’s not one place that I’ve traveled almost over 50 nations of the earth some of them to remote remote areas uh in regions where they’ve never even seen the color skin that I have and we’ve had moves of the spirit. We’ve had moves of God because it’s impossible for darkness to dominate light light naturally dominates darkness and so god has called us. … What God is doing in the in the in this hour the season that we’re in and even in this year and so God is wanting to reveal to us uh the dynamics of the angelic race and the realms of the angelic. So that we can co-partner with Him in seeing breakthrough in the planet. …

I saw the doors of the Supreme Court I saw the doors of the Supreme Court blown open by the wind of the spirit the Lord blew through the double doors of the supreme court and I saw justice coming concerning the issue of abortion in America. And the Lord spoke to me at Ecclesiastes 11:5. …I heard the Lord say this I heard the Lord say the doors of justice will be opened and the current laws of abortion will be overturned in your nation. We are living in an hour, we are living in a time period that has been stamped. That has been signed and sealed and is going to be delivered … And it is directly connected with the Awakening, the Revival, the outpouring of the spirit that is coming on the planet and it is a culmination of all the prayers of those that have contended and sought after the Lord in previous decades to see the demonic spirit (which i’m gonna i’m gonna talk in detail tomorrow night on our broadcast) … the spirit of Lilith. Many people believe that it is Jezebel uh that the enemy is trying to place in power especially in America. But my friends it is not the spirit of Jezebel but it is the spirit of Lilith which thrives upon the sacrifice the of human blood from our children. It is in direct connection to the queen of heaven who rules with Apollyon in the heavens and the only thing that is going to shift the demonic overlords that are ruling in air supremacy over this nation are the saints of God. …

The Lord showed me that there’s going to be even specifically in America high level winds are going to begin to manifest in this year across different states. Different cities that He is releasing these particular angels to deal with realms of darkness and they will come with high level winds in the natural. And but there will be behind those winds a spiritual significance that will bring judgment to the things that are hidden in darkness and things that have been hidden are going to be exposed. And It’s a number of different things. It’s a number of different things and It’s in direct reference to the Psalm 147 verse 18 that God is sending out his word. So these are the angels that God is using in this hour to send out His word and they’re releasing a wind that blows and then a water that also flows but this is a leveling wind.

It’s a destroying wind so you’re going to see regions in America that are going to encounter high levels of both storms. Destructive storms as well as flooding, high volumes of water that will bring floodings uh to different uh regions and different lands. And these angels are being released on assignment to co-labor with us and the Lord spoke to me and said. Just like Jeremiah 51:19 and 20 were released during the the time of Jeremiah G d is now equipping His saints in the same way and verse 19 says the portion of Jacob is not like them for this is the former of all things Israel is the rod of His inheritance. So the Lord is releasing his rod of authority upon the nations of the earth the Lord of hosts name and thou shalt be my battle axe and weapons of war for with thee i will break in pieces the nations. And I will and with thee I will destroy kingdoms the Lord is raising up his body right now as battle axes and weapons of war and it’s an indirect confrontation that is coming between the bride of Christ and the of Babylon. ….

The Lord says that you are neither hot nor cold and I saw the sword of the Lord come out of his mouth and divide those that were living in iniquity. And the Lord drove them out of his out of his body and He said to me. He said because they have rejected John 3:16 I have given unto them Revelation 3:16. Which is be Revelation 3:16 says that because you were neither hot nor cold but you are lukewarm I will spew you out of my mouth. And so we have no time you and I have no time to straddle the fence to have one foot in the world the other one in the church. In fact if you have uh if you haven’t noticed it’s undeniable at this point who the church of Jesus Christ really is and those that have just simply been playing the part the church of Jesus christ is a militant force and a government that is occupying the planet. It is not a social club where we go and meet on a sunday morning for 45 minutes and so we are believers that must be militant. In this hour we must stand on the Word of God and begin to to see the kingdom of God advanced in the planet. And we cannot play with these things any longer. If you’re not right with the Lord. If you’re not burning on fire for Him, my friend, get born again. Because you’re not going to live under the spirit of iniquity and live inside the body any longer. God is separating. He’s bringing the great divide because what is coming is the bride’s Revival and the bride’s Revival is going to look much different than the revivals that we have seen in the past. …

Fatima: Priest: The End Times will Involve Russia and Ukraine - The Tipping Point Has Arrived - January 12, 2022

Russia is ‘one step away’ from war with Ukraine, a report on state TV has warned.

As this apocalyptic scenario develops along the Ukraine border it is startling to read that Author and Vatican insider Father Malachi Martin said the prophecy of Fatima’s 3rd of secret would involve Ukraine and Russia.

Importantly, Father Martin claims to be one of a handful of people to have read the 3rd secret. The Vatican insider, who died in 1999, had some extraordinary things to say about the Fatima prophecies which now seem to be unfolding before our eyes.

Note: Link to the below to the Father Malachi interviews on the Art Bell show scroll down on audio page.

Chris Bennett - “Babylon Is Falling!” says The LORD! - December 27, 2022

I’ve sat on this over Christmas but, as The LORD now keeps nudging me about it, I release it and submit it to you all today.

On Christmas Eve, The LORD showed me several countries — USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Austria, and others.

I can’t figure any link other than strict lockdown, and I ask myself, what’s going on? So, I asked The LORD about it.

Rather than answer, He showed me this open vision. I saw great Clouds forming over these Countries.

They all had the look of a great Storm brewing. The clouds were billowing, and lightning began to show, but no rain. Even thunder was rolling occasionally.

I was prompted to open my Bible and I was drawn to:

“For we know that the whole creation groans and labours with birth pangs together until now.” Romans 8:22.

I looked again — still no rain, only the signs of a great Storm. Then I watched as an amazing electrical storm broke.

Great bolts of lightning, peels of the loudest thunder, swirling winds blowing clouds hither and thither — but STILL NO RAIN!

In my spirit I sensed this great Storm that I am seeing is God’s own ‘Great Reset’!

I sensed that the whole house of cards is about to fall down and the governments of these countries are about to fall — one by one they will crumble as the whole corrupt political arena is exposed and the world in general wakes up to the evil and scandalous activities as these activities are laid bare for all to see.

Yet I still see NO RAIN so I watch further . . .

In the midst of this storm, I saw huge political mayhem causing great civil disturbance as governments fail and law and order disintegrates in total confusion.

There will be a period, possibly weeks, maybe even months of complete confusion. There may be shortages — food, fuel, essentials etc — but I saw the Church, the prepared Remnant Church, handing out parcels of supplies — whatever the people need, standing in the gap and bringing some sort of order, and thereby some hope, to a frightened and panicking people.

They are queuing for these parcels and seem really grateful to receive one. There’s order — no queue jumping — no fighting over things.

The people at the Church seemed to know what each person wanted and, amazingly, fulfilled the need!

I was reminded that the word of God says,

“I have been young, and now am old; Yet I have not seen the righteous [man] forsaken, Nor his descendants begging bread.” Psalm 37:25..

I don’t know if the people getting parcels were indeed righteous, but they were all being satisfied!

I saw this as a Great Reset spreading across these countries as each one is ‘reset’ by God in His greatness, and then I saw a furiously burning fire, Revival Fire, as it began sweeping through each country as stability once more returned.

THIS was when I saw the RAIN STARTING — pouring down, flooding each country, and watering their dry land to produce a vast great harvest once again!

Then I heard The LORD speak: “Babylon is falling!”, says The LORD, “The time has come to pull the rug from under these evil men who have so perverted My people from the life I intended for them.

It is time to reveal the corruption in politics and business and to have moral and righteous leaders.

It is time to reveal, and for evil men to answer for, the cries of the children.

It is time for a voice to be given to those in the womb who, until now, have been unable to speak.

It is time to answer for the cry of so many babes and infants whose blood cries out from the ground.

“IT IS TIME!”, says The LORD Almighty, “And you shall soon see this storm breaking!

Listen for the thunder.

Watch for the lightning.

Wait expectantly for the clouds to gather as the Wind of My Spirit blows!

Soon and very soon you shall see me move! Be prepared, be ready,” thus saith The LORD!

Now, you may say that others more reliable, better recognised prophets, have said similar things.

Indeed they have, but this is what The LORD confirmed to me today!

This has been prophesied for a long time and The LORD is bringing it to pass in this generation — NOW in December 2021 and later — and we shall see His Glory, we shall see miracles, we shall see The Salvation of The LORD in our Nation and in every Nation.

Amen and Amen!