Third Great AWAKENING - REFERENCE 2024 - Q1-Q2

Third Great Awakening ⇨

“First we overlook evil. Then we permit evil. Then we legalize evil. Then we promote evil. Then we celebrate evil. Then we persecute those who still call it evil.”  – Dwight Longenecker (2019) – Catholic Priest, Author, Blogger & Radio Show Host

Diana Larkin - THE SHIFT - June 30, 2024

“A SHIFT has taken place in this BATTLE from DARK to LIGHT. The darkness were DETERMINED to put you on the PRECIPICE of DESTRUCTION so that they could SWEEP in and take the TOTAL CONTROL that they CRAVE. Your WARFARE, your BOLD FAITH, and your WORSHIP have TURNED THE TIDE, and the darkness now finds they are STARING DOWN into a BOTTOMLESS PIT. Will you join Me in SENDING THEM OVER THE EDGE along with all their DEATH AGENDAS and the STEALING of your RESOURCES? THE SHIFT puts you in a place to RECEIVE your ROD of AUTHORITY over the darkness. Just like Moses’ ROD, your ROD will SWALLOW UP LIES, turn the schemes of the darkness BACK ONTO THEM, and it will OPEN the pathway to step into the Kingdom Age of LIFE, LIGHT, and FREEDOM. Come before Me to RECEIVE your ROD of AUTHORITY. It is now TIME to SHFT this EPIC season from DARK to LIGHT.”
Last night, I was moved to do powerful warfare over my grandchildren whose IDENTITIES are threatening to be stolen. This morning, I found myself in the Throne Room of Heaven, and a ROD of AUTHORITY had been placed in my left hand. My right hand was free to access my sword when it was needed. This ROD of AUTHORITY is used to SLAM on the ground and DECLARE: “NO MORE! You will take NO MORE TERRITORY in the lives of my family and my Nation. Your POWER is BROKEN, darkness, and I COMMAND you to GET OFF OUR LAND! I SHATTER the power of the LIES you have sown into the world of IDENTITY THEFT, of FALSE COMFORTERS, of GREED, and of PERVERSION. I RELEASE the FIRE of the Most High God to CONSUME these LIES, and I speak the TRUTH of the POWER of the BLOOD to ENLIGHTEN minds and hearts. I DECLARE that the KINGDOM OF GOD is ARISING in my family and in my Nation, and it will FILL THE WHOLE EARTH with His GOODNESS and HIS GLORY!”

Diana Larkin - TURNING UP THE HEAT IN JULY - June 29, 2024

“July will be a month marked by Me TURNING UP THE HEAT. This will be FELT in the WEATHER over your Nation as a SIGN of what I AM doing in the enemy’s camp. I AM TURNING UP THE HEAT of EXPOSURES of the CORRUPT characters of those partnered with darkness. Those ‘NICE’ FACADES they present to the world will begin to MELT in the HEAT of the EXPOSURES of their EVIL DEEDS and WICKED PLANS. I AM TURNING UP THE HEAT IN JULY of EXPOSURES of the MISUSE of the JUSTICE SYSTEM to PERSECUTE and SILENCE those who OPPOSE the darkness and its EVIL AGENDAS. In July, I AM VISITING those partnered with darkness with My Spirit’s FIERY CONVICTION. Some will receive this conviction, and they will become WHISTLEBLOWERS with HOT TESTIMONIES of those who are EVIL and have PLOTTED your DESTRUCTION. I will TURN UP the HEAT of FEAR in those lower level PUPPETS who were PAID by the darkness to give FALSE TESTIMONY, to SWAY the process of choosing leaders, and to DECLARE ‘GUILTY’ when they KNOW the person was INNOCENT. They will begin to have HOT FEAR because I AM REVEALING to them that those who promised to PROTECT and DEFEND them are going to ABANDON them to face the CONSEQUENCES of their LAWLESSNESS ALL ALONE. The gatekeepers are JUMPING OFF the BURNING SHIP of July’s HEAT, and it will become ‘everyone for themselves.’ More and more lower level DUPES will come CLEAN and REVEAL the dark plans they were part of in order to save themselves. As I TURN UP THE HEAT of EXPOSURES in JULY, I want you to TURN UP THE HEAT of your DECLARATIONS and DECREES for EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE. CALL IN My Host to DISMANTLE and DISEMPOWER the STRIKES of RETALIATION planned by the darkness who are in GREAT FEAR because I AM TURNING UP THE HEAT IN JULY.”

Diana Larkin - THE CIRCUS WILL FOLD - June 28, 2024

“The CLOWN SHOW that is trying to pass itself off as a legitimate government is coming under My SPOTLIGHTS of EXPOSURE. Leviathan, through the LYING MOUTHS of media, is not going to be able to continue to PROP UP this FOOLISH SHOW that is turning into a NIGHTMARE. Under the HEAT of My LIGHTS of EXPOSURE, the MASKS of DECEPTION will begin to MELT OFF, and the world will see the TRUE CHARACTER and IDENTITY of those playing the CLOWNS. The people of the world will be SICKENED when they see BEHIND the MASKS to the CORRUPTION and PERVERSION that has been HIDDEN and PROPPED UP by the LYING, COMPLICIT media. LIARS and FAKERS alike will be brought to JUDGMENT and JUSTICE. When the CLOWN SHOW is BROUGHT DOWN, it will cause the CIRCUS TO FOLD. The WHOLE EVIL EMPIRE will COLLAPSE when people are shown that the CLOWN SHOW SMILED on the outside but inside they had PLOTTED MUCH EVIL and DEATH AGENDAS for the world. The evil empire’s TENT will be BROUGHT DOWN just like Samson brought down the evil temple of his day. As it COLLAPSED, it DESTROYED all those serving darkness and idols, and it happened quite SUDDENLY when the darkness thought it was WINNING. This is My PROMISE to you that the CLOWN SHOW is being UNMASKED and that the CIRCUS of HORRORS will FOLD. Partner with Me and CALL FORTH My SPOTLIGHTS of EXPOSURE and declare that the CIRCUS WILL FOLD.”


This morning I began to smell the incense of His presence, and I suddenly found myself in the Throne Room hearing worship and Holy, Holy, Holy, when a loud rumbling filled the room and went through me, leaving me shaking inside. Then I was just as suddenly in my garden looking with awe at all the beauty there. Complete peace and satisfaction filled my whole being, and I was refreshed and recentered. The Father spoke these words:
“POWER AND PEACE—A DEADLY COMBINATION that DESTROYS the WORKS of DARKNESS. When you are FILLED with My POWER and you WIELD that POWER from a place of DEEP and SETTLED PEACE, there is NOTHING from the darkness that can STAND before you. PEACE means you have DEEP TRUST in Me to PROTECT, PROVIDE, and to make all things work for the GOOD in your life. You become EMPOWERED when you SURRENDER to Me and become ONE with Me. DOUBT, ANXIETY, and FEAR are SIGNALS that you don’t completely trust Who I AM and what I have PROMISED. These GREATLY WEAKEN your POWER to bring DOWN the GIANTS who are trying to BLOCK My PROMISES from being FULFILLED. When you KNOW that you KNOW that I AM who I say I AM and that I LOVE you COMPLETELY, then you can BOLDLY DECLARE to the darkness to GET OFF YOUR LAND. You can say, ‘THIS IS MY LAND AND NOT YOURS. I SLAY YOU WITH THIS STONE OF TRUTH, AND I CUT OFF YOUR HEAD WITH THE SWORD OF POWER AND AUTHORITY. YOU LOSE, WE WIN!’ (At this point, all the Angels and Hosts in my sunroom began to cheer and jump excitedly.) PRESENT yourself before Me so that I can FILL you with My POWER and bring you into My PERFECT PEACE. POWER AND PEACE—A DEADLY COMBINATION to the darkness.”
PSALM 29:11 (TPT) “This is the one who gives His strength and might to His people. This is the Lord giving us His kiss of peace.”


Diana Larkin - YOU ARE MY DISPLAY BEFORE THE WORLD - June 26, 2024

“Because you have TRANSFERRED from the DARKNESS into the Kingdom of LIGHT, you become My LIGHT-BEARERS. That is why I call you My Army of LIGHT. As you WALK with Me through your life and CONTINUALLY SURRENDER to the Holy Spirit’s TRANSFORMATION, you will SHINE ever BRIGHTER, as you leave the SHADOWS of SIN and SELFISHNESS behind. I do not mean becoming a STIFF, RULE-KEEPING, MEAN-SPIRITED person who ACCUSES, JUDGES, and CRITICIZES anyone who doesn’t MEASURE UP to THEIR OUTWARD PERFORMANCE but whose hearts are UNCHANGED. They DO NOT REFLECT My heart nor do they SHINE My Light into the darkness. They HIDE DEFILING SINS under a CLOAK of MANMADE RIGHTEOUSNESS. They SOW SEEDS of SIN and DEFILEMENT into My Body. DEFILING THOUGHTS RULE them, and they MANIPULATE and USE My people to satisfy their LUSTS. ENOUGH! This is why you see LEADERS in the Body of Christ being REMOVED, because they put on a SHOW of righteousness but live a SECRET LIFE of SIN. A COMPROMISED and DEFILED Church CANNOT WIN A WAR against the evil empire. I will SHAKE My Church until all the COMPROMISED LEADERS and MEMBERS either REPENT or are REMOVED. I will NOT TOLERATE a FACADE of righteousness in My people any longer. This is My MERCY because these who have built their lives on FAKE righteousness will be UNPROTECTED when the enemy FLOODS in. Those who have TRULY SURRENDERED to My HEART and My WAYS will be KEPT SECURELY in My presence. YOU ARE MY DISPLAY BEFORE THE WORLD OF LIGHT AND LOVE. As you SHINE for Me, the darkness will have to FLEE. Come out of RELIGION and into RELATIONSHIP and become My POWERFUL DISPLAY BEFORE THE WORLD OF LIGHT, POWER, AND LOVE.”

Diana Larkin - ON THE WINGS OF AN EAGLE - June 25, 2024

This morning I had a brief encounter where I was flying over the USA on the back of a huge, powerful eagle. I saw buildings and monuments suddenly collapsing into piles of rubble. Twilight darkness covered the Land, as these buildings collapsed and burned. Bands of trouble makers were stopped in their tracks as the hand of God moved powerfully destroying the strongholds of darkness. I saw portals of glory opening up all over the Nation by praying, worshiping Sons and Daughters of the Kingdom. Through these open portals, the Host of Heaven were streaming down to earth defeating the darkness and protecting God’s people. I felt completely safe and secure on the wings of the eagle.
“You will witness My strong right arm bringing about your SUDDEN DELIVERANCE. Just as darkness seems to be OVERTAKING your Land, I will order the SUDDEN COLLAPSE of BUILDINGS, MONUMENTS, and HIDEOUTS DEDICATED to FALSE GODS. This will happen SIMULTANEOUSLY and ALL OVER THE WORLD. There will be NO QUESTION that it is I who have DESTROYED these DARK STRONGHOLDS, and the AWE and WONDER of who I AM will fill the Land. Those who PARTNERED with darkness will have NO MORE BASES of POWER to operate from, and they will be COMPLETELY EXPOSED and brought into the CAPTIVITY they had planned for you. I will COMPLETELY DESTROY their NETWORK of DARK COMMUNICATIONS, and they will be without SUPPORT or an ABILITY to STRIKE BACK. Those who TARGETED the innocent will now be the TARGET of JUDGMENT and JUSTICE. They will SHAKE and QUAKE and FALL before your eyes, just like the buildings and monuments that served DARKNESS. As all this takes place, My Army of Light will be MOUNTED ON THE WINGS OF EAGLES and FLYING HIGH ABOVE the destruction of darkness. Your DECREES, DECLARATIONS, and WORSHIP will OPEN GLORY PORTALS for more and more of My Host to INVADE and BRING DOWN the darkness. You will be SAFE, PROTECTED, and you will WITNESS the SUDDEN DOWNFALL of DARKNESS. BELIEVE My PROMISES, STAY ALIGNED with My HEART, and you will be CARRIED ON THE WINGS OF AN EAGLE.” EXODUS 19:4 (AMP) “You have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I carried you on eagle’s wings, and brought you to Myself.”

Diana Larkin - IT’S ABOUT TO GET GOOD! - June 24, 2024

As I entered my garden in Heaven, I saw the Three-in-One laughing and talking excitedly with each other. I asked them what was going on, and they chorused: “IT’S ABOUT TO GET GOOD!” (This word is unusual in that all Three were speaking to me in a united voice—very powerful!)
“Gaze into your FUTURE with OUR EYES and through OUR HEARTS and SEE BEYOND the present TURMOIL and DARKNESS to an AGE of LIGHT, PEACE, and PLENTY. Think of these next FEW MONTHS as TAKING OUT THE TRASH from years of NEGLECT of Our WORD and Our WAYS. Cobwebs of LIES need to be SWEPT CLEAN and replaced by Our SHINING TRUTH. The garbage of PERVERSION, CORRUPTION, and ADDICTIONS needs to be SHOVELED OUT and replaced by the PURE and ENDURING FEAR of the LORD. The worship of FALSE GODS and FALSE COMFORTERS needs to be gathered in a HEAP and BURNED with Our HOLY FIRE. The STINKING AIR of GREED and SELFISHNESS needs to be BLOWN AWAY by our STRONG SPIRIT WINDS and replaced by Our atmosphere of GENEROSITY and LOVE. Such a DEEP CLEANING of your world will cause UPHEAVAL and SHAKING. Realize that this process is NOT TO BE FEARED but rather to be WELCOMED because the END RESULT will be PURITY, PEACE, PLENTY, and BEAUTY. We are telling you that IT’S ABOUT TO GET GOOD!”

Diana Larkin - IMMOVABLE AND UNSHAKABLE - June 23, 2024

“As you witness evil thrones TOPPLING and slave systems CRASHING, keep in mind that you are part of a Kingdom that CANNOT BE MOVED OR SHAKEN. As corruption and evil are EXPOSED and SWEPT AWAY, it will create OPENINGS in the spiritual realm and natural realm. This is where you, My CARRIERS of My Kingdom of LIFE and LIGHT are to bring the influence of My Kingdom into ALL those places where darkness has been WIPED OUT. You are to FLOOD into those swept-clean places with My LOVE, My LIGHT, My PEACE, My HOPE, My CREATIVITY, My WISDOM, My JUSTICE, and My RIGHTEOUSNESS. This is why you should NEVER FEAR or DESPAIR as the SHAKINGS come to your world. You are CITIZENS of an IMMOVABLE AND UNSHAKABLE Kingdom that will come to bring RESTORATION, REBUILDING, and RECOMPENSE. Even if all around you seems to be COLLAPSING, if you REMAIN in Me, you will be IMMOVABLE AND UNSHAKABLE. Stay CONNECTED with My heart, and I will give you EYES to SEE a FUTURE of PEACE and PLENTY where you are NOT BOUND to the SLAVE SYSTEMS of the EVIL TASKMASTERS but will be SET FREE to pursue a life of FREEDOM and FULFILLMENT. During this FINAL BATTLE, I AM INVITING you to DWELL under the shadow of My wing and to be IMMOVABLE AND UNSHAKABLE.”

Diana Larkin - SAVOR WHAT IS GOOD - June 22, 2024

“Even with all the DEATH AGENDAS and STEALING that the evil empire has done, My GOODNESS STILL REMAINS in the HEARTS of My people and in My FAITHFULNESS to you and to creation. I COUNSEL YOU to LOOK around and to SAVOR WHAT IS GOOD. SAVOR BEAUTY in My creation, SAVOR KINDNESS in strangers, and SAVOR LOVE in your relationships. SAVOR MOMENTS of DEEP PEACE, as you REST in My LOVE and My GOODNESS. Even as the evil empire PEAKS in its desperate attempt to DESTROY what is GOOD and to STEAL FREEDOM, SAVOR the PROMISED VICTORY and CALL it into being. Oh taste and see that I AM GOOD. Because I AM GOOD, even in a time of war, I will BLESS you with My GOODNESS and My FAVOR. SAVOR them and know that MORE is on the way, as the evil empire CRASHES and BURNS. If you take the time now to SAVOR My GOODNESS, it will SEE YOU THROUGH the TURMOIL, and you will come into an era of GREAT PEACE and PLENTY. SAVOR My GOODNESS and be KEPT in My LOVE.”
PSALM 34:8 (AMP) “O taste and see that the Lord (our God) is good; how blessed (fortunate, prosperous, and favored by God) is the man who takes refuge in Him.”

“Let Me assure you that EVERY DETAIL of EVERY ROTTEN PLAN of the darkness is KNOWN and DOCUMENTED by Me. I know of EVERY STOLEN RESOURCE that has been taken. I know what ACCOUNTS BRIBERY and BLACKMAIL FUNDS have gone into—no matter how HIDDEN the darkness thinks they are. I know WHERE their HIDEOUTS are—there is NOWHERE you can go to HIDE from My Spirit. I KNOW WHERE their STASHES of WEAPONS are, and I KNOW EVERY DETAIL of their DOOMSDAY PLANS. I KNOW EVERY MURDER and EVERY VILE thing done to men, women, and children, and I have EVERYTHING necessary to CHARGE them with these CRIMES. I have EVERY PAPER TRAIL, EVERY HIDDEN SERVER, EVERY CRUMB of EVIDENCE, ALL the pieces of INTEL, SECRET TAPES and VIDEOS, OVERHEARD CONVERSATIONS, EVERY WORD SPOKEN at their TOP SECRET MEETINGS. I HAVE IT ALL! Nothing they have DONE or have PLANNED to do is HIDDEN from Me, and I will hold them ACCOUNTABLE for IT ALL! They know how to TWIST JUSTICE and to BRIBE JUDGES and JURIES to achieve their CROOKED OUTCOMES. But the Courts of Heaven CANNOT BE TWISTED or BRIBED, and a JUSTICE so COMPLETE and REVEALING will HIT them like a SPEEDING FREIGHT TRAIN that NOTHING CAN STOP. NOTHING and NO ONE will be able to PROTECT or DEFEND them from the FULL FORCE of My JUSTICE. They will have NO DEFENSE against My CHARGES because I HAVE IT ALL! I AM assuring you, My Army of Light, that you will SEE the FULFILLMENT of all My PROMISES to RESCUE you and to BRING My HAMMER of JUSTICE DOWN on the evil empire. I HAVE IT ALL!”

Diana Larkin - SAFE HARBOR - June 20, 2024

 AGREE“I AM your SAFE HARBOR in the days ahead of GREAT CHANGE and UPHEAVAL. From your place of SAFETY and PEACE in Me, you will observe the CHANGES, and I will help you ADAPT your life to the New Kingdom era that emerges from the ASHES of the evil empire. Those whose hearts are ALIGNED with Mine will receive an ABUNDANCE of FINANCES. These finances will continue to GROW and MULTIPLY as long as you are WILLING to ABUNDANTLY SHARE with others what FLOWS to you. In a SHORT AMOUNT of TIME, the Rescue Operation will DRAMATICALLY TRANSFORM your world and your life. Do you believe I AM POWERFUL enough to INSTIGATE, OVERSEE, and COMPLETE this TUMULTUOUS TRANSFORMATION while keeping you at PEACE and PROTECTED in My SAFE HARBOR? I AM. For the sake of My people who are CRYING out for DELIVERANCE from the TYRANTS who think they are gods, I will make this a SUDDEN and DRASTIC CHANGE. The world will be REELING from the EXPOSURES of EVIL PEOPLE and DEATH AGENDAS. You are to WELCOME the SHOCKED and FEARFUL into My SAFE HARBOR of salvation, deliverance, and healing. Their lives will be BORN AGAIN as the world is BORN AGAIN into the KINGDOM AGE. Settle yourself NOW in My SAFE HARBOR so that you are positioned there to WELCOME the FEARFUL, LOST, and BROKEN into My SAFE HARBOR.”


“A season of CONVERGENCE is unfolding before you, as I work out My Rescue Operation. You will see the WINDS OF CHANGE blowing in the natural, and you will feel them in the Spirit realm. These winds are SHIFTING the ATMOSPHERE by BLOWING OUT darkness and RELEASING the Light and the FREQUENCIES of Heaven. This makes a way for the TSUNAMIS of TRUTH to FLOOD the Land, and you will see EXPOSURE after EXPOSURE that NOTHING CAN STOP and the LYING media will not be able to SPIN. As the atmosphere SHIFTS and the TRUTH FLOODS in, all the dark schemes and agendas will BOOMERANG back onto those partnered with EVIL. This three-pronged STRATEGY of the Rescue Operation is UNSTOPPABLE because My POWER and your DECREES and DECLARATIONS are calling forth My powerful WINDS OF CHANGE, the flood of TSUNAMIS of TRUTH, and the BOOMERANGS of EVIL SCHEMES BACK into the camp of the darkness. Do not fret if it LOOKS LIKE the darkness is SUCCEEDING in their evil plots. I AM ALLOWING them to position themselves to be OUT IN THE OPEN in an IDEAL PLACE to be taken SUDDENLY DOWN by the CONVERGENCE of the WINDS OF CHANGE, THE TSUNAMIS OF TRUTH, and the BOOMERANGS OF JUDGMENT AND JUSTICE.”

Diana Larkin - I AM YOUR MIGHTY CHAMPION - June 17, 2024

“I AM YOUR MIGHTY CHAMPION in this war season of DARK to LIGHT. I assure you that NOTHING of darkness that has come against you, your family, and your Nation will OVERCOME you. I AM THE MIGHTY CHAMPION who will WIPE OUT TYRANNICAL RULERS who seek to COMPLETELY CONTROL you. I AM THE MIGHTY CHAMPION who will DEFEAT DEATH AGENDAS launched for years against you, your health, and your well-being. I AM THE MIGHTY CHAMPION who will DRAW BACK the CURTAIN on the IDENTITY-STEALING AGENDAS of the darkness. I AM THE MIGHTY CHAMPION who will RESET your FINANCIAL SYSTEMS so that you are NO LONGER experiencing GREAT LOSSES at the hands of the GREEDY. I AM THE MIGHTY CHAMPION who is coming to CLEAN OUT My Church of CORRUPTION, PERVERSION, and MAN’S DOCTRINES. The FIRE I release will BURN UP the FALSE and IGNITE the TRUE with SIGNS, WONDERS, and MIRACLES. I AM THE MIGHTY CHAMPION who will BREAK OFF the MIND-BINDING SPIRITS that have kept My PRODIGALS IMPRISONED. Their FREEDOM will be GREAT, and they will come RUNNING BACK to Me to be part of the family again. Welcome Me as the MIGHTY CHAMPION and call forth all these DELIVERANCES and RESCUES, and you will see them come to pass before your eyes. I AM YOUR MIGHTY CHAMPION.”

Diana Larkin - THRONES ARE FALLING - June 16, 2024

“The centuries-old carefully and deceitfully constructed evil THRONES ARE FALLING, FALLING. Their CRASH will be SEEN and FELT around the world. You WILL NOT FEAR, as these THRONES TOPPLE because you know that I have ORDAINED their FALL because of your RIGHTEOUS CRIES and My DECISION to ENFORCE a harvest season where SMALL and GREAT wilL REAP what they have SOWN. You will see that THRONES ARE FALLING in both the natural and supernatural realms. In the natural, you are seeing leaders REMOVED from their positions, and MANY MORE will FOLLOW as their darkness and evil are EXPOSED. Those still ASLEEP will think the world is COMING APART, but it is really in the process of COMING TOGETHER. When you see the LYING MEDIA THRONE FALL, you will know the VICTORY is NEAR. The SOUND of that THRONE FALLING will be heard worldwide, and those under its LYING SPELL will be JOLTED AWAKE. When they realize how many LIES and SMOKESCREENS they have believed, they will be LOOKING for TRUTH. My Army of Light, you are to CALL FORTH TRUTH-TELLERS who have been PREPARED for this day. DECLARE that a DOOR will OPEN for them to take their place in laying a new foundation of TRUTH and INTEGRITY in media. Not all that you CONSIDER truth-tellers will stand because some have been COMPROMISED by GREED for MONEY and FAME, and they are spreading CONTRIVED news that will ‘SELL.’ They will be BROUGHT DOWN because they are serving THEMSELVES and not the Kingdom of Light. In the night, some of you will HEAR the supernatural THRONES of EVIL CRASHING DOWN. The SOUND will AWAKEN you, but it is in your spirit; and I AM letting you know that EVIL THRONES ARE FALLING. Now, Army of Light, you can FLOOD into those places, PUSH OUT the PUPPETS and PUPPET MASTERS whose DARK POWERS have been REMOVED, and you TAKE BACK the TERRITORY for Kingdom of Light. As you see the FALLING THRONES, DO NOT FEAR because it is a SIGN of their DESTRUCTION and a SIGN of VICTORY and KINGDOM RULE for you.”

Carolyn Dennis - Where Is The Brief Case? Message From God - June 14, 2024

The lord gave and it’s called where is the briefcase and I received this this morning on June the14th. Okay these are his words not mine from the father. Precious are the feet of those that carry the Gospel of my prayer prous son Yeshua. Carry my son’s Gospel around the globe. Spread it everywhere spread it in your local Walmart and everywhere you go. Do not be ashamed of the Gospel of my son. Great is my peace I have for you. Call on me and I will give you rest and peace my weary ones. I know the battles and journey have seemed long and hard. But do not grow weary or faint here at the end of The Last Leg of the Race.

Truth is prevailing and I am exposing the nakedness of the evil ones and what they have done behind closed doors to the public. You will be shocked and amazed at what you See. There have been so many secret plans made behind closed doors. Do not neglect your first love. Keep your eyes on my son. Soon the world will be running to him or hiding in the bunkers and caves. The great exposure is upon you and there are things they have done that will Amaze you and make you want to throw Up. Meritt Garland you are going down. You have lied and schemed for your personal gain. Fear not the days of Hammond are upon you.

There will be trials and executions for the treasonous crimes committed against the United States of America. Some mouths think they have gotten away with their crimes and they are above the law. it is a new day, and truth justice, and righteousness are being restored in this country. And these swamp monsters who have committed treason and or murder in my land will be caught and found guilty of their crimes. Punishment will be severe and swift. There is a briefcase that has evidence that has been given to the one who will open the FL wood gate of Truth hard truth shocking truth.

Where is this briefcase and who has it you say? I have agents of Christ in all of the alphabet government agencies. Fear not the agencies need to be remant with fresh faces. But I have my children in these areas working on my behalf. They will expose. Be brave my children and fear not those in power. Their days are numbered short and I will protect you. Step out in faith and expose the evil. You have possession of the evidence. Ask me me who you can trust and I will tell you. And I will open doors for you and I will protect you. Fear not my secret agent, I love You.

Have you been fasting? Fast some more time is almost up and it will be a time of feasting and celebration. It is still time to fast and then no fasting for a while as you celebrate the great victories of the demise of the evil swamp monster Government. Watch the rallies for my son Donald, grow and grow. He will receive more votes than any other president, and the percentage will be the highest of all. What are you doing today? Have you taken time to look at my sunsets, my flowers, the wonders of my world? Take your time and enjoy the sweetness of each day. Slow down a bit and don’t miss the precious time with your family, and especially your kids. The grass withers quickly and the time will pass. And people move on or or gone. Precious seeds each day and a gift from me to you. Ask me to help you I have all the answers don’t fret or worry I have it all in control I love.


“I say to both the DARKNESS and the LIGHT, DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE MY POWER AND MY RESOLVE. I AM COMPLETELY COMMITTED to JUDGE and REMOVE those who STUBBORNLY PERSIST in SERVING DARKNESS. N O T H I N G will HOLD BACK My STRONG RIGHT ARM that will SWEEP the darkened ones off all seven mountains of society, and they will receive the FULL PUNISHMENT that is due them. They extended NO MERCY in their GREED for WEALTH and POWER, and they will RECEIVE NO MERCY in their JUDGMENT and JUSTICE. I will STRIP them of TITLES, POWER, and WEALTH; and these will be RESTORED to those they were STOLEN from. Those who WORSHIPED IDOLS and CONSUMED My children will be CONSUMED by My WRATH. My RESOLVE is this great: I WILL NOT BE STOPPED until the earth is FREED from the DARK TYRANNY of those partnered with darkness. I tell you that you will SEE THEM NO MORE! My POWER and My RESOLVE are just as SURE towards you of the Light. My POWER will FREE you from the darkness and their TYRANNY, DEATH AGENDAS, and THEFT of your MONEY, RESOURCES, and HEALTH. My RESOLVE will be to RESTORE, RESTORE, RESTORE, until you have RECOVERED ALL, and you are living in the FULLNESS of My Kingdom of Light. My Kingdom of Light is on a COLLISION COURSE with the empire of darkness, and you will see it BLOWN APART and COLLAPSED into SMOKING RUINS. Those MOCKING, SUPERIOR FACES of the darkness will be turned to SHAME and HORROR, as they are EXPOSED and JUDGED. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE MY POWER AND MY RESOLVE to bring DOWN the evil WEB of DESTRUCTION and to LIFT UP and BLESS those who have chosen the LIGHT. I have spoken, and you will see it come to pass.”


“How do you TURN THE ENEMY’S WEAPONS AGAINST YOU INTO WEAPONS TO BE USED AGAINST HIM? When the enemy sends out ARROWS of FEAR, INTIMIDATION, and DOUBT, you take those ARROWS CAPTIVE and SHOOT them BACK at him with My POWERFUL WORDS OF TRUTH. Your ARROWS out of your mouth DECLARE that PERFECT LOVE CASTS OUT FEAR, that you are a Son or Daughter of the ETERNAL BLOOD COVENANT and you STAND in its POWER FOREVER, and that I AM a FAITHFUL, POWERFUL God who KEEPS His PROMISES. Is the enemy THREATENING you with the SWORD of DEATH through SICKNESS, WARS, LACK OF FOOD, and TYRANNY? COMMISSION My Host to cause your enemies to DROP their SWORDS, you SNATCH them up, and TURN them against the THREATS of the enemy. SLAY the GIANT of DEATH AGENDAS by putting the SWORD in your mouth. DECLARE that your God is a HEALER, a PEACEMAKER, an abundant PROVIDER, and your HERITAGE in Him is FREEDOM. Do NOT ALLOW the enemy to WEAKEN you and TAKE YOU OUT of the battle with his LYING WEAPONS. You are EQUIPPED and STRENGTHENED and BACKED by My Angels and Hosts to be able to TURN THE WEAPONS OF THE ENEMY INTO THE WEAPONS OF THE LORD.”o.

Diana Larkin - THIS IS AMERICA’S DAY! - June 13, 2024

“This is My NEWS HEADLINE to the darkness, and to My America. I AM assigning My Army of Light to DECLARE this PROMISE to the heavenly and earthly realms—‘THIS IS AMERICA’S DAY!’ I want you to declare it UNTIL you SEE it COME to FULFILLMENT. Those partnered with darkness and those who don’t BELIEVE that I still act SUPERNATURALLY anymore will SCOFF at your declaration. The darkness believes (except for moments of PANICKY DOUBT) that their DEATH AGENDAS will bring the world into SUBJECTION to their CONTROL. Sadly, many in the Church have been taught I AM words on a page and that I NO LONGER ACT in SUPERNATURAL WAYS. This gives them an EXCUSE NOT TO FIGHT the darkness, and they HIDE BEHIND a FALSE SHIELD that says I AM JUDGING AMERICA and so I will be taking the Church off the earth. Quite the OPPOSITE is the TRUTH. I AM RAISING UP, TRAINING, and STRENGTHENING a WARRIOR BRIDE who will FIGHT BY MY SIDE to MAKE WAY for the KINGDOM AGE. To My MISLED and still ASLEEP Church, I say, I AM NOT building up a WIMPY Church that cannot CUT IT in the day of BATTLE and who has to be SNATCHED out of the way because they had LITTLE POWER over the enemy and his dark schemes. I AM calling you to AWAKEN, BELIEVE that I AM still the GREAT I AM, and JOIN the ranks of My Forces of Light. Help us bring in the VICTORY, and you will share in the SPOILS of war. As My people keep declaring, ‘THIS IS AMERICA’S DAY!’ it will make INROADS into the DEATH SCHEMES, and it will WEAKEN the CONFIDENCE of the darkness. They will be OVERCOME by My Army’s FAITH and LIGHT, and you will see with your eyes that THIS IS AMERICA’S DAY!”

Diana Larkin - WHAT WILL LIFE BE LIKE? - June 12, 2022

“WHAT WILL LIFE BE LIKE in the KINGDOM AGE? Realize that you will need to SHIFT your mindset from living under the REPRESSIVE hand of a SLAVE SYSTEM that has RULED over you to living in an atmosphere of FREEDOM and DEEPER RELATIONSHIPS. Your FREE TIME to BUILD relationships and to ENJOY life are VERY RESTRICTED under a SLAVE SYSTEM. Most of your time and energy goes into trying to PROVIDE for your families in a system that CONTINUALLY ROBS you of your finances. Much of your time and your resources is spent trying to MAINTAIN machines and systems that are PURPOSEFULLY made SUBSTANDARD. This, too, is part of the SLAVE SYSTEM designed by those who want to RULE the world and who only know GREED and CORRUPTION. When these dark lords are EXPOSED and REMOVED, you will experience a WHOLE NEW WORLD where you will find FREEDOM in your FINANCES, FREEDOM and QUALITY in NEW INVENTIONS, and HEALTH and CREATIVITY will ABOUND. Time will be freed so that you can INVEST in RELATIONSHIPS and PURSUING things that bring you JOY. You will have GREAT FREEDOM to pursue what you were MADE FOR and CALLED to do with your life. The Kingdom Age is all about LIGHT, FREEDOM, and FULFILLMENT. Will everything be perfect? You will still have your FREE WILL, and you will be faced with CHOICES to be SELFISH and GREEDY. Some will choose that way, and they will experience LOSS. Most will be FREED from the LIES told about Me and My character, and they will choose to live SURRENDERED LIVES through the Blood of My Son. In surrender, they will find FULFILLMENT and GREAT JOY because I AM a GOOD, GOOD FATHER. WHAT WILL LIFE BE LIKE in the Kingdom Age? It will be like Me—full of LIGHT, LOVE, JOY, and FREEDOM!”

Diana Larkin - I WILL CRUSH THOSE WHO CRUSH YOU - June 11, 2024

Our cry: PSALM 7 (TPT) Verse 1: “O Lord my God, I turn aside to hide my soul in You. I trust You to save me from all those who pursue and persecute me.” Verse 6: “Now, Lord, let Your anger arise against the anger of My enemies. Awaken Your fury and stand up for me! Decree that justice be done against my foes.” Verse 8: “You are the Exalted One who judges the people, so vindicate me publicly and restore my honor and integrity. Before all the people declare me innocent.” Verses 12-13: “Yet if the wicked do not repent, You will not relent with Your wrath, slaying them with Your shining sword. You are the Conqueror with an arsenal of lethal weapons that You’ve prepared for them. You have bent and strung Your bow, making Your judgment-arrows shafts of burning fire.” (Arrow Hosts!) Verse 15: “They dig a pit for others to fall into, not knowing that they will be the very ones who will fall into their own pit of failure.” The Father responds: “This is My SURE PROMISE to you—I WILL CRUSH THOSE WHO CRUSH YOU. Even if it LOOKS LIKE the OPPOSITE is happening, you will know this is NOT THE END OF THE STORY. Most of you have so STRENGTHENED your FAITH and HOPE in Me that you WILL NOT BE MOVED by the APPEARANCE of the darkness overcoming the Light. You will know deep in your spirit that VICTORY is now VERY NEAR. You will understand that for a SHORT TIME, I have COVERED the LIGHT with My mighty hand in order to allow the darkness and those partnered with it to COMPLETELY EXPOSE themselves. This will be a SHOCKING and SHAKING time for those still DRUGGED ASLEEP by LYING Leviathan, but you will know that SOON My hand will UNCOVER the BLINDING LIGHT of My GLORY and My FORCES OF LIGHT, and we will SWEEP IN and PUSH the darkness into the PIT of DESTRUCTION they worked so hard and long preparing for the world to fall into. SUDDENLY, IN A DAY, the plans of many generations for CONTROL and DOMINATION will be SWEPT AWAY, and you will see them NO MORE. I WILL CRUSH THOSE WHO CRUSH YOU.” We will respond: Verse 17: “But I will give all my thanks to You, Lord, for You make everything right in the end. I will sing my highest praise to the God of the Highest Place.”

Diana Larkin - HOLY ANOINTING OIL - June 10, 2024

This Word began by the Father taking me back to a place He had me visit often in my wilderness days. It was a barren, hot, full-sun sand desert with a small tent pitched on the hot sand. I was the only person in the whole scene. I would wait outside the small tent with a hot breeze blowing on my face until an angel would lift the tent flap and allow me to enter. The tent was only about 4 feet high, so I entered on my hands and knees and prostrated myself before a small golden altar with 4 horns. It was a place of stillness, holiness, awe and wonder of a Great God, and the clean and enduring fear of the Lord. I would quietly wait and pray, prostrated before the presence of the Lord with my face in the warm sand. The only light in the tent came from a hanging clear glass container to the right of the altar. It was filled with an amber liquid oil that burned with a flame that provided a golden light in the tent. Now that I am out of the wilderness, I no longer am taken to this barren desert where I learned that His presence was all I needed. But this morning He reminded me of the desert Holy place and focused my attention on the burning amber oil. He began to speak to me about this:
“Prepare your heart to receive a FRESH FIRE of My HOLY ANOINTING OIL. Set yourself apart to receive this IMPORTANT and POWERFUL ANOINTING. Let everything else FALL AWAY and focus on coming before Me with EMPTY HANDS and a HEART full of WORSHIP and the HOLY FEAR OF THE LORD. This FIERY, HOLY ANOINTING OIL will be POURED upon your head, and the FIRE and the OIL will FLOW through EVERY PART of you—from your OUTWARD FLESH to DEEP in your INNERMOST being. It will BURN AWAY IMPURITIES and WRONG MOTIVES. It will IGNITE your PASSIONATE LOVE for Me. It will EMPOWER your PRAYERS and your AUTHORITY. You will receive an INCREASE in your ANOINTING to RELEASE SALVATION, DELIVERANCE, and HEALING. Expect to see MIRACLES, to experience DEEPER UN


REVELATION 11:15 (NKJV) “Then the seventh angel sounded: and there were loud voices in heaven, saying, ‘The Kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!’”
“You are living in the era of time when this Scripture will come into FULFILLMENT. You will see the Kingdom Age DAWN and continue to GROW until the KINGDOMS OF THIS WORLD HAVE BECOME THE KINGDOMS OF YOUR GOD. The TRUE POWER of the Messiah’s LIFE, DEATH, and RESURRECTION will ARISE in YOU, and My LIGHT in you will OVERCOME the darkness. REVELATION 5:10 (NASB) “You have made them to be a kingdom and priests to our God; and they will reign upon the earth.” The earth is going to see a DISPLAY of My Kingdom SUPERIORITY and AUTHORITY from My strong right arm and through My ANOINTED Sons and Daughters of Light. HOLD TIGHT to this EXCITING FUTURE and let it SUSTAIN you through these FINAL DAYS of bringing the evil empire DOWN. The darkness is going to KICK and SCREAM and THROW OUT all their DEATH AGENDAS, but you are to ARISE and SHINE the POWER of My LIGHT until all their evil is EXPOSED and their kingdom lays in piles of SMOLDERING RUBBLE. This is not the day to COWER in FEAR or WORRY about the NEXT MOVE of the enemy. You ARISE with your SWORD and SHIELD, join Me on the battlefield, and you will witness our TRIUMPH over the darkness. You will see that THE KINGDOMS OF THIS WORLD HAVE BECOME THE KINGDOMS OF OUR LORD AND OF HIS CHRIST, AND HE SHALL REIGN FOREVER AND EVER.

Diana Larkin - ARE YOU READY? - June 8, 2024

The Father and I walked the path past the huge waterfall that reminds me of Yosemite, and into the Garden of Eden where we found Enoch waiting for us on a bench under a tree. The three of us sat together, and Enoch talked to me about the coming time for our world as a season of great change. He said everything is going to change, and we have to be ready to flow with the Holy Spirit so that we don’t cling to the past but allow ourselves to be guided into the good future before us. The Father shared with me:
“ARE YOU READY for this coming season of GREAT CHANGE? How good are you at HEARING My VOICE and how SENSITIVE are you at RESPONDING to the Holy Spirit, as He comes BESIDE you to COUNSEL you, to WARN you, and to HELP you walk through the OPEN DOORS that I AM placing in your life? ARE YOU READY to LET GO of the PAST and to WALK BRAVELY into a NEW DAY? Are you TRUSTING that I AM bringing to PASS My PROMISES of a NEW DAWN into the KINGDOM AGE? Do not let the TYRANNY of the FAMILIAR HOLD YOU BACK from STEPPING into a WHOLE NEW WORLD. You don’t fully realize how much your FREEDOMS have been RESTRICTED by OPPRESSIVE and INTRUSIVE laws and government agencies. When these are LIFTED, you will experience GREAT FREEDOM of EXPRESSION and DOORWAYS that will open to INNOVATION and CREATIVITY before you. DON’T STAY IN THE SHADOWLANDS because you’re AFRAID you might FAIL in the Light. Take the RISK of TRUSTING My Spirit to GUIDE you into NEW PATHWAYS and LEARN to CREATE and MOVE FORWARD in PARTNERSHIP with Him. You will TASTE FREEDOM, FULLNESS of LIFE, and JOY like never before, as you walk in FAITH with Me into a WHOLE NEW WORLD of My Kingdom LIFE and LIGHT. ARE YOU READY?”

Diana Larkin - TANTRUMS- June 7, 2024

“I have shared with you that the evil empire is desperately EMPTYING THEIR ARSENAL of DARK PLANS in an attempt to cause GREAT FEAR and DESTRUCTION that will bring the world UNDER THEIR CONTROL. It will HELP you COMBAT any FEAR that tries to GRIP you if you LOOK at these schemes through My eyes. I see the launch of these dark plans as MEGA TANTRUMS of the arrogant elite. On display is their EXTREME SELF-FOCUS and SELF-INDULGENCE. The enemy has completely DELUDED them with thinking they are SUPERIOR to everyone else and that they should HAVE IT ALL, and you EXIST to FULFILL their DESIRES. There has been a SHIFT in the SPIRITUAL REALM, and it is DAWNING on them that they are no longer on the OFFENSE but are now trying to DEFEND against an INVASION from the Forces of Light. This does not sit well with their SELFISH AGENDA and so you will see their UGLY TANTRUMS roll out. You have been TASKED with taking the DEADLY POWER out of their UGLY TANTRUMS. DECLARE that these TANTRUMS released by the FRUSTRATED evil empire will serve to UNCOVER their SELFISH and DARK AGENDAS and that their UGLY DISPLAYS of attempted DEATH and DESTRUCTION will AWAKEN those who are still asleep. Instead of seeing their dark schemes as POWERFUL and FEARFUL, see them as the LAST TANTRUMS of the deep darkness that My strong right arm is CRUSHING. These TANTRUMS are going to EXPOSE who they really are, and those who serve righteousness will RULE in their place.”

Diana Larkin - LEVIATHAN, COME DOWN! - June 6, 2024

“My Forces of Light, I AM issuing ORDERS to DIRECT your FIRE POWER against the LIES, INTIMIDATION, and FEAR that the LEVIATHAN media continues to SPEW. The power of this MESMERIZING STRONGHOLD must be BROKEN so that those held CAPTIVE to its MIND-BINDING SPELL can AWAKEN and begin to SEE the TRUTH. The more that know the TRUTH, the SOONER the evil empire can be OVERWHELMED with CRIES and DEMANDS for the REAL TRUTH and for REAL ACCOUNTABILITY for their DARK and EVIL AGENDAS. Once Leviathan’s voice is CRUSHED and SILENCED, the TSUNAMI of TRUTH and EXPOSURE will be HELD BACK NO LONGER, and the world will DEMAND JUDGMENT and JUSTICE. Come before Me dressed in your ROYAL SALVATION ROBES and with ONE VOICE CRY OUT, ‘Leviathan, your voice is now BOUND on the earth as it has already been BOUND in Heaven. We DECLARE that our VOICE of TRUTH will now be LOUDER and MORE POWERFUL than his voice of LIES, INTIMIDATION, and FEAR. We BIND MIND-BINDING spirits and SILENCE their INFLUENCE and BREAK APART the BARS that are holding people’s minds CAPTIVE. We LOOSE the Spirit of Truth to BLOW MIGHTILY across this Land, UNCOVERING DARKNESS and CLEANSING people’s MINDS so that they can HEAR THE TRUTH.’ As you BIND and LOOSE, My Royal Sons and Daughters, I will FLOOD your Land with TRUTH and EXPOSURES that NOTHING CAN STOP. I AM declaring, ‘LEVIATHAN, COME DOWN!’ As you follow my ORDERS, you will PARTNER in this COMING TO PASS. The day is not far off when the BELLS of FREEDOM will ring out across your Land.”


“Yahweh, Commander of Angel Armies, declares to the UNJUST JUDGES that your DAYS ARE NUMBERED, and your UNRIGHTEOUS DECISIONS will be WIPED AWAY.” ISAIAH 5:23-24a (TPT) ‘(Woe to the) judges and politicians who acquit the guilty for a bribe and take away the rights of the innocent. Therefore, just as tongues of fire lick up the straw and dry grass, they will be destroyed…’ ISAIAH 29:5,6 (TPT) ‘Then suddenly, in an instant, your ruthless enemies will become nothing more than dust in the wind and your vile tyrants like wind-driven chaff! She will be visited by the Lord Yahweh, Commander of Angel Armies, with thunder, earthquake, and deafening noise, with whirlwind, tempest, and the blaze of a consuming fire!’ “I AM the JUST JUDGE, and My Remnant have come before Me asking for a DECISION to be made on their behalf. They have PETITIONED for UNJUST JUDGES and UNRIGHTEOUS DECISIONS to be SWEPT AWAY, and I have DECREED, ‘PETITION GRANTED!’ Therefore, I say to the UNJUST JUDGES that you will be REMOVED SUDDENLY and without any further WARNING. I have made this decision, and IT CANNOT BE REVERSED. I will LAY BARE your SECRET MEETINGS, AGREEMENTS, and BRIBES; and your life will end in DISGRACE and LOSS. As for your UNRIGHTEOUS DECISIONS, they will be SWEPT AWAY, and TRUE JUSTICE will take their place. RESTITUTION and RECOMPENSE will be given to those UNJUSTLY JUDGED, and they will be VINDICATED before the world. Those who IMPRISONED and tried to IMPRISON the INNOCENT, will TAKE THEIR PLACES BEHIND PRISON DOORS. I, Yahweh, have SPOKEN, and I WILL PERFORM IT.”

Diana Larkin - I WILL MAKE THEM SWEAT - June 4, 2024

“Waiting for the FULFILLMENT of the promised Rescue Operation has been a CHALLENGE to your FAITH, but you have responded by STRENGTHENING yourself in My PRESENCE and My LOVE. Your FAITH ROOTS have grown DEEP and UNSHAKEABLE. You are no longer MOVED by circumstances—you MOVE circumstances with your FAITH-FILLED DECLARATIONS and DECREES. You have found a place of PEACE with Me in the midst of a HEATED BATTLE, and you are continually REFRESHED in My presence. It is not so for those partnered with DARKNESS. The enemy cannot give them PEACE or COMFORT because he HAS NONE to give. Those partnered with EVIL are on a daily ROLLER COASTER. Their CORRUPT plans will APPEAR to SUCCEED and then, SUDDENLY, they are BACKFIRING on them. Their EVIL GLEE gets turned to FRUSTRATION and ANXIETY. One minute they are SURE their plans to gain CONTROL will SUCCEED and the next, they are PLUNGED into FEAR and DESPERATION as another victory is SNATCHED from their GREEDY clutches. Can you see that I AM WEARING THEM DOWN from the inside out? Can you see beyond their CONFIDENT MASKS and BOASTING WORDS that I AM MAKING THEM SWEAT? Because they have no SOURCE of REAL COMFORT (only FALSE comforters), they will continue to be WORN DOWN INTERNALLY, and OUTWARDLY you will begin to SEE THEM SWEAT. All it takes is for one of them to FOLD, and the whole HOUSE of CARDS will COME DOWN. Be sure that you are being STRENGTHENED DAILY in My presence, and you will observe the darkness IMPLODING, as I MAKE THEM SWEAT.”

Diana Larkin - A SEASON OF UNVEILING - June 3, 2024

“The Kingdom Era that you are entering will be A SEASON OF UNVEILING. Many in the Body of Christ have been taught that the book of Revelation is about the RISE of EVIL and a CATASTROPHIC END to the world. I AM telling you the book of Revelation is a book of UNVEILING. First and foremost, it is the UNVEILING of Jesus as the VICTORIOUS, UNSTOPPABLE King over all. The POWER of His RESURRECTION is being UNVEILED against the darkness that has been allowed to ENCROACH on the earth. The DEEP DARKNESS and DEPRAVITY of the enemy and his followers is being UNVEILED—not to cause you FEAR but to show you the TERRITORY I have called My Sons and Daughters to TAKE BACK in the NAME and POWER of the UNVEILED CHRIST. Army of Light, you are being UNVEILED before the world as a FORCE TO BE RECKONED with, as you learn to walk in your AUTHORITY and SHOW FORTH the POWER of My love. This is also A SEASON OF UNVEILING NEW DISCOVERIES and of FINDING the TREASURES that have been HIDDEN in darkness. It will be an UNVEILING of SPIRITUAL and NATURAL MYSTERIES that have been HIDDEN until I RAISED UP Kingdom Sons and Daughters who will use these discoveries WISELY and not POLLUTE them with GREED or PRIDE. This is A SEASON OF UNVEILING of My Forces of Light over the BOASTING darkness. This is the SEASON OF UNVEILING of My Kingdom Era. It is the TRIUMPH of Light over the darkness and of the UNVEILING of the AGE of PEACE and PLENTY.” 

Diana Larkin -ANOINTED AND APPOINTED - June 2, 2024

“Each of you have been ANOINTED AND APPOINTED for this STRATEGIC TIME in the history of the world. Because you are entering My Kingdom Era, these are GREATER ANOINTINGS AND APPOINTMENTS than the world has ever seen. Some of you have begun to WALK in your ANOINTINGS and your APPOINTMENTS, and some of you are still WAITING for that DOOR to OPEN to the EXPRESSION of your ANOINTINGS AND APPOINTMENTS. To those still waiting, let Me ENCOURAGE you to MAKE THE MOST of these days by LEARNING to KNOW My Heart and to HEAR My voice. Your DEEPENED FAITH ROOTS in who I AM and your TRUST and REST in SURRENDERING to My TIMING will EMPOWER and STRENGTHEN your ANOINTINGS, and your APPOINTMENTS will be FRUITFUL with no STRIVING and no DEAD WORKS. My FINEST, most POWERFUL, and truly BEAUTIFUL preparations are done in the SECRET PLACE and in HIDDENNESS. I have NOT FORGOTTEN you, and your DOORS will OPEN at just the right moment. For those of you who are walking in a MEASURE of the fulfillment of your ANOINTINGS AND APPOINTMENTS, I want you to know there will be MORE and GREATER DOORS OPENING for you to walk through. Keep as your PRIORITY your NEARNESS to Me and keep TUNED to My VOICE and HEART, and you will not be led ASTRAY in PRIDE. You will always know that the GREATER WORKS come from Me, and you will DELIGHT in Me receiving the GLORY for what your ANOINTINGS and your APPOINTMENTS accomplish. When we win the VICTORY over the evil empire, you will see a GREAT INCREASE in My GLORY FLOODING the earth. My GLORY will flow through you, and you will bless the world with your ANOINTINGS AND APPOINTMENTS.”

Diana Larkin - THE CRACK IS WIDENING - June 1, 2024

Sometimes the Father uses a natural circumstance in my life to paint a picture of a spiritual reality. Two years ago, we had new tile installed in our bathroom. One of the workers dropped a heavy tool in my sink, and it caused a very small crack in the bowl. Over time, this crack began to widen until I realized my sink was leaking into the cabinet below the sink. That tiny crack that looked harmless had become a fissure that split open the sink. The Father spoke to me about this life parable:
“What you see happening in your sink is a PICTURE of how I AM DESTROYING the evil empire. Eight years ago, a POWERFUL TRUTH BOMB was dropped on the structure of the evil empire when your rightful leader first took office. The darkness tried DESPERATELY to GET RID of the EFFECTS of that TRUTH BOMB by CONTROLLING the MEDIA and using the JUSTICE SYSTEM in a CROOKED manner. They thought the WIDENING CRACK would be STOPPED when they INSTALLED a PUPPET LEADER. They did not FORESEE the PRESSURE that My right arm of power, joined by My Forces of Light, would put on that CRACK; and they would watch with MOUNTING PANIC as the CRACK continues to WIDEN. Already TRUTH is LEAKING OUT to those they sought to keep UNDER THEIR CONTROL. The WIDENING CRACK is becoming a FISSURE and NOTHING WILL BE ABLE TO STOP OR REPAIR IT, and it will soon COMPLETELY CRACK OPEN and COME APART EXPOSING ALL THEIR HIDDEN DARKNESS, CORRUPTION, GREED, and TREASON. Your BOLD DECLARATIONS of My PROMISES and My POWER will help WIDEN THE CRACK. Your words of TRUTH spoken out and your RIGHTEOUS ACTIONS will WIDEN THE CRACK. Your WORSHIP and your LIFE LAID DOWN for others will WIDEN THE CRACK. As you continue to WALK CLOSELY with Me and PARTNERED with Me, you will see THE CRACK IS WIDENING until it comes SUDDENLY and COMPLETELY APART. The BROKEN pieces will be put in the TRASH BIN of history, and the world will CELEBRATE TRUTH, FREEDOM, and VICTORY over the darkness. Take heart and see with spiritual eyes that THE CRACK IS WIDENING.” 

Diana Larkin - - May 31, 2024

Diana Larkin - DON’T BELIEVE YOUR OWN LIES - May 30, 2024

“Let Me tell you what I mean by, ‘DON’T BELIEVE YOUR OWN LIES.’ The enemy and your own insecurities will FEED you LIES about yourself. For instance, you may say about yourself, ‘I’m never GOOD ENOUGH. I always MESS UP.’ ‘I never FINISH what I start, and what I do accomplish doesn’t really MATTER.’ I will never find a church that I FIT IN and am ACCEPTED for who I am.’ ‘I am not strong enough to OVERCOME the sin patterns in my life, and I’ll always be STUCK in this place of REPEATED SIN PATTERNS.’ ‘God couldn’t completely LOVE me because I don’t PRAY ENOUGH, I don’t READ the WORD ENOUGH, and my life is not accomplishing anything of WORTH.’ Continuing to REPEAT these kind of LIES about yourself LOCKS you into a PRISON of SHAME, REGRET, and FRUSTRATION. Begin to REPEAT the TRUTH that I tell you about yourself. You are TOTALLY ACCEPTED and LOVED. I made you, and I LOVE what I made. Dealing with sin issues in your life is not a matter of TRYING HARDER. It is a matter of COMPLETELY SURRENDERING to My love for you and the INDWELLING POWER of My Spirit to TRANSFORM you. I will COMPLETE the GOOD WORK that I have begun in you as long as you continue to give Me PERMISSION to GROW YOU UP into all things in Christ. Remind yourself that the POWER that CREATED the Universe DWELLS WITHIN YOU, and you can CALL on that POWER to see you through any circumstance or obstacle in your life. Tell yourself these TRUTHS and STOP REPEATING LIES TO YOURSELF. Those LIES DEFEAT you before you can even get started on the road to TRANSFORMATION and WHOLENESS. You know, those partnered with darkness are on the OTHER END of the spectrum of LIES. They don’t BEAT THEMSELVES UP, they CONSUME the enemy’s FLATTERING, PUFFED UP words about themselves. The LIES they have believed puff them up with PRIDE, ARROGANCE, and CRUELTY because they think they should HAVE IT ALL. LIES DESTROY LIVES—DON’T BELIEVE YOUR OWN LIES OR THE ENEMY’S LIES. Believe that My Son’s Blood has made you a NEW CREATION and that YIELDING to My power in you will result in a TRANSFORMED AND FRUITFUL LIFE. You truly are My BELOVED, and I take great DELIGHT in you.” 


“When you were BORN AGAIN by the Blood of Jesus, you became a NEW CREATION in Christ. Just like a NATURAL BABY being born, you were just a BABY in LEARNING to live a SPIRITUAL LIFE. The TRANSFORMATION to living a spiritual life is a LIFELONG PROCESS. I have given you spiritual MOTHERS and FATHERS who have taken this journey and can be great RESOURCES for you, as you GROW UP into all I have meant you to be. I have given you My written WORD to NOURISH you with spiritual food that will CHANGE your thinking to ALIGN with My thinking. But the MOST IMPORTANT part of becoming one who is MATURE in spiritual things is the gift of the HOLY SPIRIT. He is the INDWELLING GUIDE who will give you WISDOM, DIRECTION, AND ENCOURAGEMENT for your life. Did you know that Holy Spirit is a CONSTANT RIVER of LIFE FLOWING in your spirit? If you will ASK to be made SENSITIVE to this FLOW in your life, I will GLADLY ANSWER that request. Learn to TUNE to the FLOW of LIFE inside of you. TRUST that the Spirit’s LEADING and GUIDING of your life will lead to being PROTECTED from BAD CHOICES and DECISIONS and will lead to LIFE and FRUITFULNESS. Learn to RESPOND to His SLIGHTEST CHECK in your spirit about any CHOICE or DECISION you are making. IGNORING Holy Spirit’s LEADING and GUIDING in our life will result in LOSS, DEFILEMENT, and DISTRACTION from your TRUE PURPOSE and CALLING. Where you feel LIFE SPRING UP, know that this is a direction from Holy Spirit. Go where you feel LIFE and turn away from DEATH. If you MESS UP, don’t GIVE UP. Tell Holy Spirit you are SORRY you IGNORED His WISDOM and DIRECTION for your life, and SURRENDER to His HIGHER WAYS and His PATHS of PEACE. Open your HEART to His ENCOURAGEMENT, and He will CONTINUE to TEACH you to walk in His WISDOM and DIRECTION. Remember that He ENJOYS being your GUIDE and your COMFORTER, and the one who brings WISDOM, DIRECTION, AND ENCOURAGEMENT to you.”

Diana Larkin - THE 9th HOUR - May 29, 2024

“Your Nation has reached the 9TH HOUR in its history. The day My Son was crucified it grew DARK until the 9TH HOUR, and the enemy thought he had WON. THREE DAYS later the enemy was SURPRISED with his most CRUSHING DEFEAT. I used the enemy’s DARKEST PLANS to BLOW BACK on him, and the VICTORY and POWER of SALVATION was released to the world. The GREATEST DARKNESS RELEASED THE GREATEST LIGHT. This pattern will play out in your Nation. The 9TH HOUR will bring about a SHORT TIME of DARKNESS, and the evil empire will think they have WON, and they will COMPLETELY EXPOSE themselves—ALL OF THEM. The LIGHT of My RESCUE will SUDDENLY PIERCE their darkness and SPOIL their victory party. You will see some of their SHOCKED and STUNNED faces, as they are TAKEN AWAY HANDCUFFED and under heavy guard. Once again, a CRUSHING DEFEAT will be the enemy’s PORTION. Those who partnered with darkness will SLAM FACE-FIRST into the ROCK of ALL AGES, and they will receive My JUDGMENT and JUSTICE. Many around you will be FEARFUL and MOURN because they think ALL IS LOST, but you will know when the SHORT DARKNESS FALLS that a GREAT VICTORY is VERY NEAR. You will look for the LIGHT of My Rescue, and you will ANTICIPATE a Nation being SAVED IN A DAY. You will be the LIGHTS in the darkness to spread HOPE among the HOPELESS and to INSPIRE WORSHIP and PRAYER that will TURN HEARTS and EYES BACK TO ME. Quite SUDDENLY, it will be the DAWN of a New Era, and you will walk into it with My VINDICATION and My rewards.”

Diana Larkin - - May 28, 2024

It seemed like I was interacting with Angels all last night. I was shown little and larger markers set up by the enemy’s camp. The Angel told me that Heaven was monitoring all their secret planning sessions; even though the darkness thought they had scrambled their communications. The Angel told me that the darkness has decided to skip all the small plots and go right to the big ones and begin implementing them.
“I AM giving SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE across the spectrum of My PROPHETS, PROPHETIC INTERCESSORS, and COVENANT BELIEVERS. This SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE comes in various formats such as DREAMS, ENCOUNTERS, PROPHETIC WORDS, and a SPIRITUAL ‘KNOWING.’ I want you to PAY ATTENTION TO SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE. It will WEAPONIZE your PRAYERS, DIRECT your AUTHORITY where it will be most EFFECTIVE. SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE is NOT to TICKLE your ears—it is for you to ACT UPON and to help you DEVELOP STRATEGIES to TAKE OUT the enemy’s PLANS. You now know from this dream encounter that they are BYPASSING SMALLER PLOTS and PLANS, and they are GOING FOR the BIG GUNS to create DEATH,CHAOS, and DESTRUCTION. Take AUTHORITY over these evil schemes and command them to COME DOWN, to be STRIPED of their POWER to cause DEATH, for these schemes to BLOW BACK into their faces, and that these schemes would only serve to AWAKEN the SLEEPING and the BRAINWASHED. If you SEEK Me, I will REVEAL SPECIFIC TARGETS and PLANS for you to come against. You are My Army of Light, and I AM telling you to PAY ATTENTION TO SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE.”



Diana Larkin - THE SEARCH - May 26, 2024

“Mankind’s life is all about THE SEARCH. It is THE SEARCH for LOVE—finding someone who LOVES you and discovering someone you can LOVE. It is THE SEARCH for SIGNIFICANCE—living a life that MATTERS and CONTRIBUTES something LASTING to the world. It is THE SEARCH for VALUE—finding things that will TRULY SATISFY your mind and heart. All these SEARCHES will be FULFILLED if you FIND and SURRENDER to My LOVE. The LOVE I offer through My Son and His SACRIFICE on the Cross is a PURE and COMPLETE LOVE. You will NEVER know a GREATER LOVE and when you RECEIVE it, your HEART gains the CAPACITY to LOVE others well. When you are SURRENDERED to My love, then I can show you what your life PURPOSES are. This OPENS UP a life of SIGNIFICANCE and FRUITFULNESS for you, and your life BLESSES the world. I AM the GREATEST VALUE in your life. I AM the TREASURE that SATISFIES and is ETERNAL, never fading, and I will make your life RICH. Don’t fall for the enemy’s COUNTERFEITS for THE SEARCH. He will TEMPT you to find these things in ILLEGAL WAYS that DAMAGE your soul, DULL your spirit, and USE people instead of LOVING them. Make THE SEARCH about Me, and you will have everything of LOVE, SIGNIFICANCE, and VALUE added to you. My LOVE is waiting to be FULLY POURED OUT on you—come and find Me!”

Lois Vogel-Sharp - Go Away - May 25, 2024

I got this yesterday. But I got super busy so the Lord said to put it out today. It’s about um it’s the Holy Spirit talking to us and letting us know some things we need to know to help us get through things that we’re dealing with. … So this is what he gave me. We wait, and we wait, and we wait, and we don’t understand why. And then we give out a big sigh. Because we tried and it seemed like our prayers went unanswered, as we look at that cancer. His ways are above ours and we feel so inadequate. But when we learn to trust every situation we go through. We know he always does see us through. Because we are so loved he even gave us the dove. So we keep on going not knowing. And it is well with our souls we all should know for our Lord and our savior he’s teaching us good behavior. And don’t forget the word scho. Stop hate love our King will truly make us all sing. It’s the beginning of Spring so keep our eyes on the goals to rid America of the lying moles. We must get to the polls. So America can once again be free from this evil tyranny. Love one another we are sister and brother. And one body of Christ it truly is his Delight sing your Praises tonight love the spirit may all hear it.

Dinana Larkin - TUNE TO MY FREQUENCY - May 25, 2024

“Did you know that you can ASK to be TUNED TO MY FREQUENCY—Heaven’s FREQUENCY? My frequencies are always PEACE, POWER, JOY, and REST. If you find yourself STRESSED, ANXIOUS, FEARFUL, and DREADING the FUTURE, you must realize that you are NOT TUNED to My FREQUENCY. You are living out of the EARTHBOUND FREQUENCIES of human reasoning and picking up the FREQUENCIES of the EVIL EMPIRE that has DOMINATED your airwaves. One of the STUNNING and very POWERFUL BENEFITS of being a BLOOD-BOUGHT Son or Daughter is that you are given the ability to be SEATED WITH CHRIST in the HEAVENLY PLACES. This means you VIEW things from Heaven’s PERSPECTIVE and live out of My HEART and My VISION. This gives you a BRAVE HEART that sees that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE for Me. You can face the FUTURE with CONFIDENCE knowing that My plans are POWERFUL and that I will SHOW you how you are to RESPOND and what you are TO DO. Making decisions from My PEACE and POWER will bring great FRUITFULNESS to your life. Don’t live a life where you are CONSTANTLY SWAYED by man’s news and advice, and you find yourself CONSTANTLY STRUGGLING with FEAR and ANXIETY. You are called to LIVE ABOVE, out of My HEART, and TUNED TO MY FREQUENCY. Shalom, My Child.”

Diana Larkin - UNFOLDING - May 24, 2024

Last night I was awakened at 1:23, 2:34, 4:44, and 5:19. I heard the word “Unfolding.”
1:23=things are progressing in order
2:34=further progression
4:44=interaction between God’s created earthly order and the Heavenly order of the Angels and Hosts. 
5:19=1 Thessalonians 5:19 (NKJV) “Do not quench the Spirit.”
“Events in your world will LOOK CHAOTIC to the UNDISCERNING but to you who have asked for the eyes of your spirit to be OPENED, you will see the events as My PLANS that are UNFOLDING. You will RECOGNIZE that I AM SMASHING DARK THRONES and ALTARS to MAKE WAY for My Spirit to FLOOD this Land with the KINGDOM of LIGHT. This Rescue Plan that is UNFOLDING is UNPRECEDENTED. The world has never seen anything like it. I have called you to COME NEAR to My HEART so that I can SHOW YOU what I AM DOING and what the enemy is DOING. That way, you know what to SUPPORT with your POWERFUL PRAYERS, and you know what to OPPOSE with your SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY. The movement of My Spirit as FIRE, WIND, and WATER will also be UNPRECEDENTED. That is why I warn you in 1 Thessalonians 5:19 (NKJV) ‘Do not quench the Spirit.’ Do not find yourself OPPOSING what I AM DOING just because you have not PERSONALLY experienced the Spirit in the WAY and FORM He has chosen to come. Don’t REACT with SUSPICION but continually ASK for My DISCERNMENT, and I will FREELY give it. You must be willing to lay aside PRECONCEIVED IDEAS of how I work and the BAD TEACHINGS that you’ve heard because then My discernment will have a PLACE to RESIDE in you. My plans are UNFOLDING, and you can walk through this transition season from WAR to TRIUMPH in PEACE if you will DRAW NEAR to Me and SEE things from My PERSPECTIVE. All you have been praying about  and longing for is UNFOLDING.”

Diana Larkin - FIRE AND FURY WILL NOW BE SEEN - May 23, 2024

I noticed the Host who line my sunroom were stirred up and talking to one another and glancing my way. They were wanting me to know something. I asked them if something big was about to happen, and they eagerly nodded yes! Several faces of some bad actors came to mind.
The Father said:
“My judgments against those partnered with darkness are LEAVING the SECRET, CLOSED-DOOR COURTROOMS and will now be SEEN on the world stage. All eyes will be able to see My FIRE AND FURY FALL ON THE WICKED. Those who have been FORCED to RESIGN from powerful positions will NOT BE PROTECTED from My FIRE AND FURY by their resignations. You will SEE them CRASH and BURN. You will be WITNESSES to My JUDGMENTS of FIRE and FURY. These people are not subject to ‘ACCIDENTS.’ They are being REMOVED ON PURPOSE, as My Rescue Operation moves forward with GREATER and GREATER POWER. One by one the Kingpins will FALL until all that is left are the TOP PUPPET MASTERS, and they will be left HOLDING THE BAG of DEATH SCHEMES and their quest for ULTIMATE POWER over you. The world will be ROCKED and SHOCKED by the DEEP DEPRAVITY and DARKNESS of the puppet masters, and they will be DEEPLY SHAKEN by how easily they were DUPED. Don’t offer those around you that are SUDDENLY AWAKENED ‘I told you so.’ Offer them HOPE in My POWERFUL RESCUE OPERATION and My PROMISES of a future of PEACE and PLENTY. The DOMINOES are FALLING and NOTHING WILL STOP THEIR COMPLETE CRASH. FIRE AND FURY ARE HERE.”

Diana Larkin - DAYS OF POWER - May 22, 2024

“In the future, these days will be known as DAYS OF POWER. Great CLASHES of POWER will be exchanged between the DARKNESS and the LIGHT and only one side will be VICTORIOUS. Spoiler alert! THE LIGHT WINS! KNOWING WE WIN DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD SLACK OFF IN YOUR PARTNERING WITH ME IN WARRING AGAINST THE EVIL EMPIRE. When the VICTORY comes, I want you to have the DEEP SATISFACTION of knowing that you FOUGHT VALIANTLY and with GREAT FAITH and that you GAVE IT YOUR ALL. I GAVE you My ALL when I gave you My Son as the SACRIFICE and PAYMENT of your sins that separated us from each other. I LONGED for you, and you LONGED for Me, and the BLOOD of Jesus BROUGHT US TOGETHER. Now, we long for FREEDOM and My KINGDOM ways for the nations. I AM giving you ALL of Heaven’s RESOURCES to WIN BACK your FREEDOM and to establish a NEW KINGDOM ERA on the earth. Will you join Me on the battlefield and fight with FAITH, DECLARATIONS, and WORSHIP? You will not be sorry that you gave it your ALL in these DAYS OF POWER. Remember that the SPOILS of WAR go to the VALIANT of FAITH and HEART.”

Diana Larkin - I AM FLIPPING THE TABLES - May 21, 2024

“I AM walking among the nations, and I AM FLIPPING THE TABLES in a VIOLENT and SUDDEN way. Those ILLEGITIMATELY seated at those tables will be completely SHOCKED and caught OFF-GUARD that I would show up in this VIOLENT WAY, and they will have NO DEFENSE against My POWER released on their EVIL WAYS. I AM FLIPPING THE TABLES of the MONEYCHANGERS in the Church, in business, in government, in media, and in entertainment. These moneychangers have FLEECED My flock for personal gain, STOLEN funds from people through BOGUS LAWS, CORRUPT AGENCIES, PRICE-GOUGING, LOW QUALITY food and products, and ENORMOUS GREED and CORRUPTION. When I FLIP THE TABLES of the moneychangers, I will RESTORE the stolen funds back to the people. I AM FLIPPING THE TABLES of all the LEADERS worldwide who STOLE their positions of power and who serve the darkness. One day you will see them, and the next day they will be GONE. Their positions will be given to those who will SERVE the people and will ACKNOWLEDGE My ways. I AM FLIPPING THE TABLES of LYING MEDIA and EXPOSING its CORRUPT UNDERBELLY, and all its LIES will come SPILLING OUT into the LIGHT. When I FLIP THE TABLES of the leaders of ENTERTAINMENT, it will EXPOSE their personal PERVERSION and their attempts to PURPOSELY DEFILE the nations. FLIPPING THE TABLES in all these areas will EXPOSE the PARTNERSHIP with EVIL, with IDOLATRY, and with CORRUPTION and PERVERSION. Out of the CHAOS of all the FLIPPED TABLES, My KINGDOM Sons and Daughters will ARISE and PARTNER with Me in establishing the NEW ERA of lives lived to BENEFIT others and of GREAT PEACE and PLENTY.”

Diana Larkin - WE HAVE THE VICTORY! - May 20, 2024

I was inspired to invite all the Host and Angels to worship our Great God together. At one point, we raised our swords to pledge allegiance again to our Powerful God. A chant rose from my lips: “WE HAVE THE VICTORY!” The Father responded:
“There is GREAT POWER in this DECLARATION inspired by Heaven. The VICTORY is already ACCOMPLISHED in the SPIRITUAL REALM and you are CALLING IT FORTH to MANIFEST in the NATURAL REALM. No matter what SINISTER SCHEME the enemy releases and in spite of what the LYING MEDIA REPORTS, you chant in their faces, ‘WE HAVE THE VICTORY!’ The FREQUENCY of  the TRIUMPH of FAITH in the FACE of the DARKEST OPPOSITION will serve to BREAK APART their DEADLY SCHEMES, and it will TURN BACK those plans to EXPLODE in their faces. Your DECREES form their evil plans into a perfect BOOMERANG that will hit the evil ones right in their FACES. See with your spiritual eyes the Forces of Light MARCHING FORWARD and TAKING BACK the Land the evil stole. March and declare, ‘GET OUT OF THE WAY!’ BOLD, DECLARED FAITH is KRYPTONITE to the enemy camp. They will PANIC as plan after plan LOSES ITS POWER, and they get EXPOSED for their evil plots and schemes. Join Me in declaring, ‘WE HAVE THE VICTORY!’ Declare it until your FAITH ARISES to MEET My PROMISE and EXPLODES into FREQUENCIES that DEMOLISH your enemies. This is the promise from your Faithful Father, ‘WE HAVE THE VICTORY!’”
HEBREWS 6:12 (TPT) “So don’t allow your hearts to grow dull or lose your enthusiasm, but follow the example of those who fully received what God has promised because of their strong faith and patient endurance.”

Diana Larkin - BEYOND WHAT YOU HAVE EVER SEEN - May 19, 2024

“Evil has reared its ugly head and is visible BEYOND WHAT YOU HAVE EVER SEEN. While this is DISTURBING to you, realize that it is SHAKING the SLEEPING and the DISTRACTED to ATTENTION and to ACTIONS to OPPOSE the DARK STENCH trying to cover your Land. You have begun to see SIGNS of My becoming VISIBLE in your world, and it will GREATLY INCREASE BEYOND WHAT YOU HAVE EVER SEEN. SIGNS and WONDERS in the heavens, on the earth, under the earth, and in the waters are being seen and discovered. My GLORY and POWER is showing up in pockets and is MOVING among people of all ages. DEEP WORSHIP, HEALING, CREATIVE MIRACLES, and SPONTANEOUS SALVATIONS are beginning to be displayed, and this will INCREASE BEYOND WHAT YOU HAVE EVER SEEN. The darkness thought they could ECLIPSE the Light, but My GLORY and My SON are ARISING and will FILL your lands, PUSHING OUT darkness in your own hearts and pushing it out of the world—BEYOND WHAT YOU HAVE EVER SEEN. The darkness thought they could OVERWHELM My children of Light by FLOODING the land with FILTHINESS and by convincing people that EVIL is GOOD and GOOD is EVIL. They did not IMAGINE or BELIEVE that I would SHOW UP in a great TSUNAMI of POWER, RIGHTEOUSNESS, and the FEAR of the LORD that would WIPE OUT their attempts to completely CONTROL the world. Those who thought they could OVERWHELM the world with FEAR and DARKNESS will be OVERWHELMED by My great POWER and GLORY. They will be REMOVED from leadership, the WEALTH they STOLE will be taken from them, and they will be EXPOSED and brought to JUDGMENT and JUSTICE. Get ready because I AM WIPING OUT darkness and ESTABLISHING the Light BEYOND WHAT YOU HAVE EVER SEEN.”  

Diana Larkin - YOU WILL SHINE BRIGHTLY - May 18 2024

“As My Kingdom of Light MOVES OUT the darkness that has been ruling your world, My GLORY will MOVE IN its place.  Those who belong to Me will be BATHED in My GLORY. YOU WILL SHINE BRIGHTLY because you have been with Me, and you have OPENED your HEART and your SPIRIT to My GLORIOUS LOVE. The more you WALK with Me, the more you will SHINE with My LIGHT. People will be DRAWN to My LIGHT on your FACE, and My LOVE and My POWER will FLOW FREELY from you to meet their need for SALVATION, DELIVERANCE, and HEALING. As you DISCIPLE these ones in My Kingdom ways, there will be MANY MORE SHINING FACES in the world. The whole ATMOSPHERE of the earth will CHANGE, and you will help RAISE UP Kingdom LIFE in the place of the RUBBLE of the DEMOLISHED DARK THRONES of EVIL POWER. It is going to be worth the WAIT and worth the FIGHT, as you enter My Kingdom Era, and YOU WILL SHINE BRIGHTLY.”
DANIEL 12:3 (TPT) “Those who are wise will shine radiantly as the sky at midday. And those who turn many to the way of righteousness will shine brightly as stars for all eternity.”
ISAIAH 60:1-3 (TPT) “Rise up in splendor and be radiant, for your light has dawned, and Yahweh’s glory now streams from you! Look carefully! Darkness blankets the earth, and thick clouds cover the nations, but Yahweh rises upon you and the brightness of His glory appears over you! Nations will be attracted to your radiant light and kings to the sunrise-glory of your new day.”
MATTHEW 5:14 (TPT) “Jesus said, “Your lives light up the world. For how can you hide a city that stands on a hilltop?”

Diana Larkin - THE REIGN OF TERROR IS COMING DOWN - May 17, 2024

“Did you know that the darkness FEEDS OFF of causing you FEAR, ANXIETY, and TERROR? It feeds their ARROGANT and PRIDE-FILLED hearts, and they use it to MANIPULATE and CONTROL you. If your FOCUS is CONTINUALLY on the ENEMY’S EVIL PLANS and you want everyone to be as UPSET as you are, then you are MAGNIFYING the darkness and spreading MISERY instead of HOPE. You cannot win a SPIRITUAL BATTLE with FLESHLY RESPONSES. All you need is ONE bad report so that you know what to take AUTHORITY over. If you keep VISITING what the darkness is trying to PUSH THROUGH, it will only make the THREAT GROW in your own mind, and your FAITH will SHRIVEL. Have I not given you ALL AUTHORITY in My Son? Have I not promised to WIPE OUT all DANGEROUS and FOOLISH LAWS and AGENCIES in response to your DECLARATIONS and DECREES? Do I RESPOND to BOLD FAITH? YES! Do I act on WIMPY WHINING and FEAR PORN? NO! Without FAITH it is IMPOSSIBLE to please Me. Your FAITH is the ROADWAY being built for My Rescue Operation. Check your FOCUS and check your FAITH, and STAY CONNECTED to My VALIANT HEART because THE REIGN OF TERROR IS COMING DOWN.”
LUKE 12:2, 3 (TPT) “Everything hidden and covered up will soon be exposed. For the facade is falling down, and nothing will be kept secret for long. Whatever you have spoken in private will be public knowledge, and what you have whispered secretly behind closed doors will be broadcast far and wide for all to hear.”

Map of America was Revealed to John Martinez - May15, 2024

Gordon Michael Scallion Future Map of the World

Flashback - Chuck Youngbrandt - The - Russian and Chinese invasion to the USA and the Madrid Seismic Earthquake - January 2, 1978

Diana Larkin - CLOSER THAN YOU THINK - May 16, 2024

“Reach out and TOUCH the DAWNING of the New Era—it is CLOSER THAN YOU THINK. The curtain is slowly FALLING on those partnered with darkness who have ILLEGALLY taken the stage and used it to platform their LIES, their DRAMA, and their FEAR. They still think they are the ONLY SHOW in town, but the curtain will soon COMPLETELY FALL, the stage LIGHTS will go OUT, and the CAPTIVE AUDIENCE will be SET FREE. It is true that they are going to PUSH OUT on the stage every TRICK, DECEPTION, and DARK SCHEME they can think of, but you have partnered with Me to REMOVE the DARK POWER from these scenes and to TURN their TRICKS BACK ONTO THEM. The whole world will see them UNMASKED and EXPOSED for who they are: TRAITORS, BETRAYERS, THIEVES, and MURDERERS. As they are led off in HANDCUFFS, the curtain will FALL on the EVIL EMPIRE. The New Kingdom Era will come RUSHING in on a TIDE of VICTORY and THANKFULNESS. I want you to begin to EXPERIENCE the New Era right now. Reach out and TOUCH and RECEIVE the GOOD THINGS it has to offer: HEALING, RESTORATION , and RECOMPENSE. SEE the Son RISING over your Land bringing CLEANSING and NEW LIFE. HEAR the sounds of GRATEFUL WORSHIP, of UNITY, and of REBUILDING. SMELL the CLEAN AIR and the FRAGRANCE of PEACE. TASTE and SEE how GOOD I AM in the BOUNTY of good spiritual and natural food. It is coming, and it is CLOSER THAN YOU THINK.”

Diana Larkin - DON’T EVER STOP ASKING QUESTIONS - May 15, 2024

“Even as you leave the battle and enter into the Kingdom Age of peace and plenty, DON’T EVER STOP ASKING QUESTIONS. There is SO MUCH for you to LEARN about Me, about Heavenly places, about your created world. There are so many MYSTERIES to be UNCOVERED and DISCOVERED that will ENRICH your lives and bring you AWE, WONDER, and JOY. You have the CAPACITY  to know so MUCH MORE than you know now. The darkness has put a LID on many WONDERFUL DISCOVERIES that would enhance your life. They have KEPT these discoveries for themselves and DENIED them to you because they would have the effect of PROLONGING your lives and INCREASING your health. The darkness wants you SICK, OVERWEIGHT, and EASY TO CONTROL. You can take AUTHORITY over their SUPPRESSION of TRUTH. CALL FORTH TRUTH and HIDDEN DISCOVERIES and CURES. DECLARE, ‘EXPOSE, EXPOSE, EXPOSE,’ to HIDDEN MYSTERIES and DISCOVERIES. DECREE that these HIDDEN MYSTERIES and CURES would BLESS the Children of Light and that they would be RIPPED OUT OF THE HANDS OF EVIL and be WITHHELD from the darkness. There are great mysteries to be uncovered in your SKIES, on the EARTH, and UNDER the EARTH. Let the SPIRIT of ADVENTURE be REAWAKENED in you, and PURSUE spiritual and natural mysteries. The battle has been LONG and FIERCE, but don’t let your SPIRIT of ADVENTURE lay DORMANT. See BEYOND the present battle to the NEW ERA of CREATIVITY and DISCOVERY—there are so many WONDERFUL things to uncover! DON’T EVER STOP ASKING QUESTIONS.”

Diana Larkin - A TASTE OF THE AGE TO COME - May 14, 2024

I found myself again in the Garden of Eden among the trees. A short distance away, I saw Enoch working in a vegetable garden. I watched in awe as he sowed seeds, and as he moved down the rows, the seed would sprout, grow, and have fruit or a vegetable ready to eat. I greeted Enoch and then tasted a green bean and a strawberry (yummy!). He graciously paused in his gardening to speak to me. He said the New Day coming to the earth would be like this garden in Eden—immediate growth and fruitfulness. There would be plenty of food for the world. He assured me that we were moving into an era of peace and plenty and that we should keep on believing and moving through the crucible into this New Age. As I looked into Enoch’s fiery blue eyes, he told me I was shining for the Father and to keep surrendering to Him. I told Enoch it was an honor for me to meet him and to be able to talk with him and receive the wisdom he has learned. The Father then spoke this to me:
“I had you meet with Enoch this morning in order to show you what kind of GROWTH is POSSIBLE when the earth is CLEANSED, and you WALK with Me. You experienced A TASTE OF THE AGE TO COME. Let this picture of the earth at PEACE and BRINGING FORTH the fruit it was ALWAYS MEANT TO BEAR, carry you through the SHORT time of DISRUPTION and CLEANSING, as the NEW KINGDOM AGE is BIRTHED and comes into FULL FLOWER and FRUITFULNESS. There will still be those who choose to serve DARKNESS and SELFISHNESS, but they will be UNDER YOUR FEET instead of RULING OVER YOU as it is right now. As you stay FAITHFUL to Me through this HECTIC TRANSITION season, you will be the FIRST to receive RESTORATION and REWARD from My hand. Your lives will bear SWEET FRUIT from your connection to My heart, and you will BLESS the world. The FRAGRANCE of your life will DRAW many into My Kingdom. Open your mouth, and I will give you A TASTE OF THE AGE TO COME.”
Diana Larkin, A Watchman’s Journal 
(During the night, I awakened to the smell of the sweetest incense. I asked the Father what I was smelling. As I heard this word today, I realized it was the fragrance of Him in my life!) 


This morning I saw myself in Heavenly places with a ring of ancient looking keys. I was suddenly at the gate of the Garden of Eden; it was opened wide, and I walked in. I saw shady groves of trees of every shape and size, fruit-bearing trees, and sunny fields to grow produce. To my great delight and honor, I met Enoch walking in the trees. He was gentle, kind, but very focused. He looked like John Paul Jackson, but Enoch’s face was youthful, glowing, even though he had completely white hair. I asked him if he had any wisdom for me, and he gave me three keys for navigating this season on the earth. The Father spoke to me about these three keys:
“Enoch has shared My WISDOM with you for going through this INTENSE season of the BATTLE, the STORM, and the SHAKINGS. If you will use these THREE KEYS, you will STAY STRONG in the BATTLE, WEATHER the STORM, and be ANCHORED in the SHAKINGS. These THREE KEYS are: LEARNING TO LIVE IN THE FEAR OF THE LORD, A DEEPER FAITH IN MY GOODNESS AND MY POWER, and WALKING CLOSELY WITH ME EVERY DAY. Living in the FEAR of the LORD is RIGHTLY DISCERNING My CHARACTER—it is acknowledging both My KINDNESS towards righteousness and My SEVERITY towards evil. It is BELIEVING that My ways are ABOVE your ways and that My TIMING is perfect. Your FAITH will DEEPEN in My GOODNESS and My POWER as you remember My FAITHFULNESS to you, the FULFILLMENT of prophetic words from My written Word and from My prophets of this day, and REHEARSE My promises for a RESCUE and a NEW DAY. WALKING CLOSELY with Me every day means you INTENTIONALLY include Me in your JOYS, your SORROWS, your SCHEDULE, your ACTIVITIES, and your DREAMS. WAITING in My presence and HEARING My voice to you will be your LIFELINE and your ANCHOR. PRACTICE these THREE KEYS, and you will go through the BATTLE, the STORM, and the SHAKINGS with STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, and JOY.” 

Diana Larkin - IN LABOR ONCE AGAIN - May 12, 2024

“Women are IN LABOR ONCE AGAIN to BIRTH My DESTINY and PURPOSES for their CHILDREN and GRANDCHILDREN. The enemy has so MUDDIED the waters of TRUTH and IDENTITIES that many in these generations are STUCK in the MUCK and pursuing DEAD-END LIVES. RISE UP, O WOMEN of VALOR, and REFUSE to allow the enemy to STEAL these generations. VALIANT MEN, STAND UP FOR, COME ALONGSIDE, PROTECT and DEFEND these women who are in the BIRTH PANGS of intercession for their children to COME FORTH into their DESTINIES and PURPOSES. RISE UP, My Army of Light, and COMMAND the FLOOD of MUDDY LIES to STOP. CALL FORTH My TSUNAMI of TRUTH that will WASH AWAY all the MUDDY LIES. SPEAK LIGHT and LIFE over these generations and WELCOME My FIRE to BURN AWAY FALSE IDENTITIES and FALSE GODS. BREAK the POWER of ADDICTIONS, MIND-BINDING SPIRITS, and PERVERSION and RELEASE the clean and enduring FEAR of the LORD. RELEASE the LOVE of My Son to CAPTIVATE the hearts of those so desperately seeking for something that matters. CALL FORTH the POWER of the BLOOD and the LOVE of Jesus to CLEANSE HEARTS, to IGNITE LOVE, and to UNIFY the generations. Come to Me for RENEWED STRENGTH, Women of God. Your LABOR will help BIRTH the NEW ERA full of GRACE and TRUTH.”

Lois Vogel-Sharp - Telling It Like It Is - 1929 Will Seem Benign- 5-15-2024 May , 2024

This is kind of heavy again the crash of 1929, it will seem benign. It will feel like it’s another time. But may I remind, and then he stopped. You to get some extra groceries for this time of negotiating. To bring things back online it will not feel divine. But I will tell you once again that this economic collapse is really your friend. For it will shut down the hatred of many while they pay attention to what is serious, not their false delirious. You have no idea how this is going to happen, but people will stop napping. And wake up from their slumber, They will finally get Biden’s number. And their hearts will be for freedom from all this upheaval. I always have a purpose when it comes to suffering. Because it always brings about a wondering. And leads people to me to find out their destiny, and how to be free. Which is why I use evil and his attacks to make sure my people learn how to fight back. Trust me during this time America will come back online with some help from the Divine. Who knows exactly what to do to see my people through.

Love Yeshua

Diana Larkin - MY WONDERS, MY STORMS - May 11, 2024

We witnessed a sign and wonder in North Carolina last night. A display of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) appeared in our skies, and I saw reports that it was seen as far south as Florida! This was an extremely rare event that went much farther south than the “experts” had predicted. This is what I heard the Father say:
“WOE to those who think they can take My place as CREATOR and SUSTAINER of your world. WOE to those who have tried to CONTROL YOU by MANIPULATING WEATHER and the SKIES in order to bring you DESTRUCTION and to SICKEN and WEAKEN you. WOE to those who are convinced they are ‘gods’ and that you exist to SERVE them and to SUPPLY their GREED. I AM announcing to them and to you that they are DELUSIONAL PAWNS of the dark and selfish enemy. These are the days of MY WONDERS and MY STORMS, and the darkness will be POWERLESS to STOP them. I chose to PAINT the skies with My GLORY, as My Hosts and Angels DANCED in EXTRAVAGANT WORSHIP to Me. Be in WONDER and AWE of My POWERFUL hand that DIRECTS WONDERS and STORMS. DECLARE that the solar storms would TARGET the darkness and that they will greatly affect their SECRET COMMUNICATIONS and leave them STRANDED and PANICKING. DECLARE this to be a ‘SON STORM’ that has POSITIVE EFFECTS for My Children and DISRUPTION and CHAOS for the darkness. I AM ARISING with GREAT POWER, and I have released MY WONDERS and MY STORMS. You are SAFE under the shadow of My wings, and I AM giving you WONDERS to behold; but WOE to the darkness who are an EASY TARGET for MY STORMS.” 

Diana Larkin - THE TRIUMPH OF MERCY - May 10, 2024

“It is the DEEPEST DESIRE of My heart to EXTEND MERCY rather than judgment. My GREATEST MERCY was extended to all people when My Son stepped onto the earth, lived a perfect life, took your sins upon Himself, died in your place, and experienced the grave and hell for you. When you place yourself under the BLOOD of My Son, you receive My MERCY instead of the JUDGMENT YOU DESERVE. While I AM GREAT MERCY, I AM ALSO RIGHTEOUSNESS AND JUSTICE. A continual REJECTION of My MERCY and choosing to live a life of STEALING, KILLING, and DESTROYING others (especially My innocent children) will REAP My JUDGMENT. While My judgment must come to PROTECT the INNOCENT, there is NO FINAL VICTORY in these people ending up in Satan’s hell. Do you understand that I don’t want Satan to WIN ANYTHING? That is why you will be SURPRISED at who you see in Heaven. Some of the GREATEST SINNERS who received My SEVERE JUDGMENT will be given the opportunity until the end of their life to TURN to My Son. The BLOOD of Jesus is POWERFUL enough to COVER the DARKEST of sin and to bring them HOME to My heart, where they always belonged. Understand that these will receive very little (if any) REWARD for their lives. They will know HOW GREAT A FINAL MERCY they received, and the FRAGRANCE in Heaven of their GRATEFUL hearts will be very sweet. That is THE TRIUMPH OF MERCY, and the forever loser, loses again!”

Bo Polny, Janie777 - STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN, A 50-Year-Old PROPHECY about MAY 2024! - May 8, 2024

So, we’ve got three prophecies today to review with you all of which are in the urgent category. I can categorize or at least say that. Last time Janie was on we talk specifically about the months of April, May, Jun,e and July. Okay and so April is now passed. But technically it hasn’t, because based on the Julian calendar the month of April does not end until May 13th. Oh I just want to make a point of that okay so we’re technically we’re still in April based on Julian calendar. The calendars are all messed up because of what Satan’s been doing. He’s been twisting the clocks and that was a prophetic word given to Kim Clement like 12 years ago. And so we’re seeing these changes happening before us. But regardless of all of that, I want to preface this podcast with this. God’s going to intervene upon our world in the year 2024. Period! And Janie will attest to that as well too. And secondly from what we’re gathering here is going to intervene in Spring. The season of spring. No one will know the day or the hour. But the season is going to be spring from what we’re gathering as well too and we are in spring right now. And what happens in Spring well you got Pentecost you got the Red Sea Miracle. All of this happened in spring.


So, we are at a moment in time where biblical things are about to manifest. Janie additionally was in our last podcast we did with her um she had a prophetic word go back and listen to those interviews she spoke about the angel of death in one of the prophecies. There’s also four other prophets that have spoken about the angel of death being on the earth. Okay all of this happened during the time season or period of Passover. Okay so we are in this biblical time point where things are expected to manifest. And so we’ve got Janie back on podcast today. We’ve got two prophecies which are of the urgent category. And the last one I think you’re going to love. The last one is an interpretation that God gave Janie this is so cool. Again got to listen to this prophecy take it with a grain of salt you can take whatever you want out of it okay but the prophecy itself was on this song that went viral in the 70s. And it was specifically the song was titled Stairway to Heaven. I think we all know that song. Okay, and understand that was actually a prophecy. I’m going to repeat Stairway to heaven was a prophecy. And God gave Janie the interpretation of the prophecy. Your were going to love this interview.  …


Here is the first prophecy it was dated April 17th and go ahead Janie uh precious uh so April 17 2024 thus sayeth the Lord. For it shall not be long when I shall stand and I tell you I will surely move my hand across Across America . For some shall be taken others truly shaken for their time is up for those who have filled my cup with the blood of the innocent. For this does grieve me so for I have warned you oh so long ago. When I say a great shaken I mean the Earth shall be shaken in hopes that my loves will be awakened. For surely as a fig tree is shaken and fruit drops to the ground for there will be loud cries in every city with a great great sound. For some the waters shall rise up high but you can still call onto me for I am always nigh. For there must be a just judgment first in the Land of Plenty. So that my church will flourish from sea to Sea and not be empty of Good Deeds. Coming are the hours and days as I have said to have the evil ones pay for it is upon their head. April Showers will also bring in my power. And shall cut the head of the serpent to no longer taunt and play. For surely the treasures from heaven will be yours in one hour, and in one day. I have said all that I can, for I made make the time and seasons for a man. So if you truly love me today, you will call unto me now for the bell shall toll. For who will know or how a measure of wheat is what they are saying. But I shall bring this to a halt. For they shall be paying for each brick that they built will only seal their fate as they laugh in our filled. Filled with lies and deceit. To confuse my people, to confound their minds. But surely as you trust in me for they will fall into line. For it shall be my way and my will. For I have died for my brides, and the lost on that Hill. For the hand of time has always been my hands come and take it now. For I do truly wait upon thee your savior of Truth and Liberty, Jesus. …


God revealed this to Jamie. Thank God about a prophecy of 2,000 years ago how Wild is this when you read the prophecy specifically Revelation 12 it’s like okay what is all this stuff mean it says and a great sign appeared in heaven a woman clothed with sun with a moon under her feet uh. And on her had 12 crowns and 12 Stars so. You start reading this prophecy like okay so we all read this prophecy seven years ago and it manifested seven years ago. But this is the cool part right. So the this sign because when you read scriptures there will be sign. Like example of Genesis 1:14. And God said let there be light and and he gives signs in the heavenlies. Luke talks about signs in the heavenlies. So these are signs in the heavenlis. So when you look specifically at Revelation 12 this happened. In Our Lifetime seven years ago. But the reveal of it, or pieces of it came two days ago.


So, let’s what did God reveal? This is so cool. When you read it when you read Revelation 12 the 3 verse it talks about seven heads, 10 horns, and seven crowns. Well that’s interesting because God told Janie do what? Add it up. Didn’t he. …Right under our nose. Yeah right under your nose. What do that add up to add up to yeah 24. Yeah what did he tell you that is the year the New Era will be birthed. How crazy is this it’s right in front of us but everybody missed it. Everybody missed it no one added it up and God two days ago told Janie add it up. That’s the year the new era is birthed. So even though we saw the sign in the Heavenly seven years ago. The new era’s birth seven years later hmm interesting you know Daniel’s timeline seven years you see what I’m saying. …


This came on April 23rd of 2024. Tthus sayith the Lord. For the hour my Brides has come to watch the world events rattle and shake and be undone. For the laws that were once Written in the Stars, will come back to you for this time is not far. You shall watch, and they shall show, how their hearts have been sealed so long ago. For they believe and only have in mind to capture America. But no, I say she’s m is mine. For the pulling down of strongholds has begun.

So watch my children for as I had said they will run. Wicked governments seated in high places. For as the clock strikes 12 for you will see it upon their faces. Fear dismay with nowhere to turn. Watch closely my children for you must discern. For their wealth is moth eaten. For they have never pleased me now it shall be taken. Taken in an hour, that is so near upon you for signs and wonders you will see come true, says the spirit of God. For the month of May I will put at awe in dismay. So that my children that I have called will be sealed with my blood once and for all. For the piper is ready to move into play for that very hour in that very day soon you will hear the tune of marching feet all around but be not weary for in me you always wear a crown. We win this is the golden age for my Brides to bring and have the surprise. For I cannot lie, for I made you my loves in a time that was truly my lullabi of love. I seal you with my love in mercy. Grab hold my loves now grab hold for the story is being unfolded before your eyes to seal you in for I love you my Brides. All merciful Savior In This Very hour. To bring all to me within my Everlasting power. It’s blend Jesus I wait for you. …


I’m going to post this video tonight because God told Janie to post this video or do the interview and post it today the 7th of May so what’s going to to happen none of us know we’re just being obedient and this video is going to be posted on May 7th. …


So, what did the Father tell you about Pentecost 2024 Janie? Um he said that Pentecost will be the resurrection for the brides. Because he wants to bring in as many Souls as he can um and even The Lost Ones even the ones that don’t know him. That’s what I’m I was put in my spirit what I seen um people are going to be touched. But I what I do know is there has to be signs which we see first, miracles. And that itself that will be a miracle and wonders because that what people are really wanting to seek in this hour. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we hear we see we hear. W we haven’t seen Miracles yet we haven’t seen wonders in this time so people are are this is this this generation but we are going to see them and they’re here this this this year everything’s going to start opening. Yeah signs, Miracles, and wonders. …


So here we go so this prophecy came um I first I had a vision and I have to say when you have a vision and a dream totally different because um it’s it’s pristine it’s it’s just so clear it’s like nothing you you can ever it’s just it’s like you’re right there so um and it was of a mountain and it was on top of the mountain it was flat but it was a Bible and a Bible open like this. Aand I’m like what am I seeing? And then I I was going up I could see it and it was like gold. It was like there was light coming from it look like Sunset and in the middle of it there was a rosary with a um going down the mountain. And I said okay, and he says now I want you and this is so like go like what just. I have a prophecy for you and I want you to write the words for that song Stairway to Heaven. For this is The Stairway to Heaven.


Diana Larkin - PAINFUL EXPOSURES - May 9, 2024

“Some EXPOSURES that are here and that are coming soon will be PAINFUL for you. You are going to discover that some people you TRUSTED and FOLLOWED were not who they presented themselves to be. There will be PAIN and feelings of BETRAYAL in these EXPOSURES, and you will question your own DISCERNMENT and wonder how you could have been so FOOLED. Bring those HEARTACHES to Me and RELEASE those people from your HOOK of JUDGMENT and place them in My Courtroom to receive My FAIR and COMPLETE JUDGMENT and JUSTICE. Ask Holy Spirit to make this a FOREVER LEARNING experience in your life and to SHARPEN and DEEPEN your DISCERNMENT. Ask your Counselor, and He will show you what is BEHIND the right-sounding words that people speak—are these words from the HEART or are they a FACADE that hides TREACHERY, SELF-PROMOTION, or GREED? This doesn’t mean that you walk around SUSPICIOUS of everyone—that is a fleshly response. What it means for your life is that you ALWAYS have your SPIRITUAL ANTENNA UP and TUNED to what Holy Spirit is showing you about someone. The words may sound GOOD and RIGHT but if they are TAINTED by the darkness, they will not BENEFIT you; they will lead you to a RECKONING of BETRAYAL at some point. Be WISE, My people, in these days of the CRUCIBLE when the heat is TURNED UP on everyone, and everyone’s IMPURITIES will be brought to the surface. Be QUICK to REPENT and ask for CLEANSING when I EXPOSE impurities in your own heart. Be THANKFUL for My Spirit’s SEARCHLIGHT and the BLOOD of Jesus to COVER any sin. As you are CLEANSED, there will be MORE ROOM for My DISCERNMENT, and you will not be so easily FOOLED the next time. Don’t get STUCK in the HURT of EXPOSURE and BETRAYAL of someone you trusted—that will result in BITTERNESS, and it will make you a SIDELINED WARRIOR. You’ve got to LEAN on Me FULLY in these days, and you must keep SURRENDERING your heart and all that you are processing to Me. I will faithfully see you through and show you who to support with your TRUST and your PRAYERS. Always remember that I AM the one who will NEVER FAIL you or LEAVE you. Bring Me those PAINFUL EXPOSURES, and I will HEAL your heart.” 


Diana Larkin - A SPECTACULAR RESCUE - May 8, 2024

“This is NOT just going to be a QUIET RESCUE OPERATION that goes on behind the scenes where most people will not be aware that it is happening. Right now, the Rescue Operation is in STEALTH MODE to PROTECT WHISTLEBLOWERS and INFILTRATORS of the enemy camp. Even though much is being done behind the scenes currently, it won’t always be that way. There will be a SUDDEN and SPECTACULAR WORLDWIDE RESCUE that delivers nations IN A DAY and that showcases My SUPERNATURAL and POWERFUL RIGHT ARM. Illegitimate thrones of power will be SWEPT AWAY, systems that ENSLAVED you will CRASH and BURN, the places of HIDDEN SECRETS and MASSIVE STASHES of supplies will be BURST OPEN and everything will be EXPOSED. It will take people MONTHS to PROCESS all the LIES they have been told for many years, and they will take hold of TRUTH and FREEDOM and will EMBRACE and VALUE them. The AWE and WONDER of who I AM will fill the Land, as people realize that going their own way led them to be DUPED and ENSLAVED. You can welcome them HOME to My heart through the BLOOD of Jesus, and My Kingdom of Light will grow in NUMBERS and in POWER, as you become KEEPERS of TRUTH, FREEDOM, and LOVE. It will come…A SPECTACULAR RESCUE.”
ROMANS 8:31 (TPT) “So, what does all this mean? If God has determined to stand with us, tell me, who then could ever stand against us?”

Diana Larkin - EYE ON THE PRIZE - May 7, 2024

“I have promised you a GREAT and MIGHTY DELIVERANCE from an enemy that seeks to DESTROY you and any form of FREEDOM. I have promised you that you will RECOVER ALL that has been STOLEN from you, including FINANCES, HEALTH, IDENTITIES, RELATIONSHIPS, and JUSTICE. As wonderful as these promises of DELIVERANCE and RECOMPENSE are, they are not the MOST PRECIOUS thing that you will receive from this season of DARK to LIGHT. The MOST VALUABLE, the MOST ENDURING PRIZE that you will receive is your DEEPENED FAITH and COMPLETE TRUST in who I AM and in what I can do. You will FOREVER know how POWERFUL, how TRUSTWORTHY, and how LOVING I AM. Our hearts will be so DEEPLY KNIT TOGETHER that NOTHING will be able to SEPARATE you from My LOVE. I have instructed you to CALL IN My RESCUE and My RECOMPENSE, but I don’t want you to MISS the MOST ENDURING and MOST PRECIOUS result of this unprecedented season and that is an INTIMATE and COMPLETELY SATISFYING HEART TO HEART RELATIONSHIP with Me. This is the GREATEST PRIZE, and it will go with you into eternity. KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE!”

Diana Larkin - CRUSHING BLOWS - May 6, 2024

I find myself in the blue-green Council Chamber of Heaven. I stand behind my Elder (it is so good to be with him again), and I kiss the top of his head. I begin to tune into the Elder’s conversation, and I start to tremble inside with the fear of the Lord. I hear, “CRUSHING BLOWS are coming to the arrogant elite who have placed themselves by THEFT and BRIBERY into positions of authority and leadership. These have refused to repent and to give up their ILLEGITIMATE power and now they will be removed by FREAK ACCIDENTS, sudden GRAVE ILLNESS, and EXPOSURES of such gross evil that they will TOPPLE from their platforms.” ‘Who is doing this to us?’ they will ask. “They will try to figure out who is behind the crushing blows. Is it the military, is it a Judas in their midst, is someone jealous of their position and trying to overthrow them? They will finally have to admit that it is the hand of our Mighty God and that He will not be turned back nor stop until He brings to FULFILLMENT His Harvest Season.” The Father speaks:
“You will begin to see DISASTROUS and CRUSHING BLOWS come upon leaders partnered with darkness. These leaders will be STRUCK in all seven mountains of society, including GOVERNMENT, CORPORATIONS, and the CHURCH. While you are not to rejoice in someone FALLING and BEING JUDGED, you can REJOICE that darkness is being REMOVED and CALL FORTH My PROMISED leaders who will REBUILD on JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS. As you see MANY, MANY leaders receiving these CRUSHING BLOWS and being REMOVED, DO NOT SLACKEN YOUR WARFARE AGAINST THE DARKNESS. Many in these leadership positions were just PUPPETS, and the battle must SHIFT to TAKING OUT the PUPPET MASTERS because they will be PANICKING and releasing DEADLY SCHEMES in a DESPERATE ATTEMPT to STOP the CRUMBLING of their EVIL EMPIRE. In the face of their FRANTIC moves, you STAND TALL and UNMOVABLE with your Warrior Hosts at your side, and a HUGE ARMY of My FORCES OF LIGHT arrayed behind you. Keep CONFIDENTLY DECLARING and DECREEING that they are being CRUSHED by the Commander in Chief of the Forces of Light and that every plan and scheme is brought to NOTHING by the POWER of the BLOOD of Jesus that speaks a BETTER WORD. WATCH AND PRAY AS I DELIVER CRUSHING BLOWS TO THE DARKNESS.”

Diana Larkin - THE HEART OF A NATION IN THE CRUCIBLE - May 5, 2024

Define crucible: a vessel for melting metals, a severe test-extremely difficult experience or situation, change or development coming out of a situation.
“Your Nation is entering the GREATEST CRUCIBLE it has ever faced. My CRUCIBLE is NOT a place of PUNISHMENT, it is a PREPARATION FOR GREATNESS. A CRUCIBLE BURNS UP IMPURITIES and leaves behind a PURE metal that is of GREAT VALUE. This CRUCIBLE for your Land will burn up IDOLATRY, GREED, and PERVERSION. I cannot fully DELIVER you from the darkness if it has a FOOTHOLD in your hearts. Many of you are going through very difficult circumstances right now that you don’t understand. They are serving as a CRUCIBLE to READY your heart to receive all that I have promised you. You will become a PURIFIED VESSEL that I can FILL with My ANOINTING and My WEALTH, and you will NOT HOARD it for yourself, but you will ALLOW it to FREELY FLOW from your life to SERVE and BLESS the world. Because My Army of Light is SURRENDERED to Me, they have all been experiencing personal CRUCIBLES that are PREPARING them for GREATNESS. As you fight for your Nation from this place of PURITY and PASSION, you will be the ones who GUIDE the LAWLESS and the CLUELESS through your Nation’s CRUCIBLE. You will see what looks like GREAT DESTRUCTION through the eyes of My CRUCIBLE, and you will SHARE that the FIRES and DESTRUCTION are bringing DOWN EVIL SYSTEMS that were raised up to STEAL from you, and to take your FREEDOMS and your LIVES. The CRUCIBLE will REMOVE all that is in AGREEMENT with darkness so that your lives and your Nation can be rebuilt on foundations of JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS. You will become a GREAT and MIGHTY nation that BLESSES the world. You will know that your GREATNESS comes from Me, and you will live lives of THANKFULNESS, WISDOM, and GREAT GRACE that have come forth from My CRUCIBLE.”

Diana Larkin - WHEN GIANTS FALL - May 4, 2024

“WHEN GIANTS FALL and CRASH on the ground, it will send out SHOCKWAVES into the camp of DARKNESS and into the camp of the LIGHT. Those of the darkness will react with TERROR when they see their GIANT, their PROTECTOR, their LOUDMOUTH come CRASHING DOWN with a SIMPLE STONE. You will WITNESS a whole lot of FRANTIC ESCAPING take place, but they will be CAUGHT in the act by the WARRIOR HOSTS and by your MILITARY. Those who are truly in the camp of the Light (that is those who FULLY BELIEVE My PROMISES; not those with one foot in the LIGHT and one foot in the SHADOWS of DOUBT and UNBELIEF) will SHOUT with JOY as the GIANTS who have held your Nation CAPTIVE with THREATS, INTIMIDATION, and huge SMOKESCREENS of LIES, FALL FLAT TO NEVER RISE AGAIN. The SHOCKWAVES caused by the GIANT’S FALL will bring DOWN their evil structures. What they took DECADES to build to do you HARM and to ENSLAVE you, will come down in SECONDS like a HOUSE OF CARDS. Those who have remained ASLEEP will be TERRIFIED by all the COLLAPSES of PEOPLE, SYSTEMS, and STRUCTURES. This is where your CONFIDENCE in My plans and your JOY in a GOOD FUTURE will come SHINING through as a LIGHTHOUSE BEACON to GUIDE people into My SAFE HARBOR of HOPE and PEACE. The time of the REBUILDERS will be established WHEN THE GIANTS FALL.”

Jackie Jones - LIFE WILL BE VERY DIFFERENT IN 60 DAYS.... - April 30, 2024

You know I said in the spring things were going to happen amen. … Let me repeat that again this is what the Lord’s been showing. We’re going to see changes. We’re going to see life becoming very different within 60 days putting everything together.Okay uh everything’s going to change again within 60 days worldwide. Okay and God wants us to bring in our walls as far as our prayer life what we can change what we can fix what we can do….

Diana Larkin - GRAND AND GLORIOUS DAYS ARE AHEAD - May 3, 2024

“Let this promise of GRAND AND GLORIOUS DAYS AHEAD carry you through the LAST CONVULSIONS of a DEFEATED foe and the SHAKINGS that I send to AWAKEN a SEDUCED and REBELLIOUS world. You have been given AUTHORITY to DEFEAT and DEFLATE the enemy’s FINAL ugly DEATH SCHEMES, and you are carrying My LOVE in your heart that will DRAW IN the seduced and rebellious to find their HOME and PURPOSE in Me. If you keep your eyes STEADILY on Me, your walk will be STEADY in these days of GREAT CHANGE and UPHEAVAL. You must be willing to GIVE UP trying to CONTROL the OUTCOME of your own life and trying to CONTROL other’s THOUGHTS and DECISIONS. If you INSIST on HANGING ONTO CONTROL, you will be TORMENTED by FEAR, ANXIETY, and DOUBT. You will be drawn to listen to other voices sharing their FEARS and who BLINDLY LASH OUT at the WRONG TARGETS. If you struggle with hanging onto CONTROL, ask Me what the ROOT of that is in your life, and I will come and REMOVE the ROOT, release My HEALING into that place, and you will be FREE to TRUST Me FULLY. When you have complete FAITH and TRUST in Me, then even days of SHAKING will not move you from your VISION of the promised GRAND AND GLORIOUS DAYS. In fact, you will begin to EXPERIENCE them even in the midst of TURMOIL because that is My REWARD to you for LEANING into Me and BELIEVING My PROMISES.”

Diana Larkin - GRACE AND JUDGMENT - May 1, 2024

“The CONTRAST between LIGHT and DARK GROWS SHARPER every day in your Nation. The FOOLISHNESS of ‘WOKE-ISM’ is ON DISPLAY. Don’t let this DISCOURAGE or DISTRESS you because I AM ALLOWING this to happen in order to AWAKEN My SLEEPING Church. She is SURROUNDED on every side with EVIL and with DARK SCHEMES to DESTROY her and, yet, she still is in the DRUGGED STUPOR of RELIGIONISM. WAKE UP and FIGHT, Church! This is your FINEST HOUR to display My POWER and GLORY to the darkness and to those held CAPTIVE to the darkness. ARISE and SHINE in the POWER of My Spirit! Your MENTAL ASCENT to who I AM WILL NOT SAVE you from the ENCROACHING ENEMY. You must TAKE UP your WEAPONS of WARFARE and STOP IGNORING the SUPERNATURAL REALM because your STRENGTH lies not in WHAT YOU KNOW but in WHO YOU KNOW. Those TUNED to My Spirit are PUSHING BACK the darkness with their AUTHORITY, their DECLARATIONS, and their WORSHIP. They will receive My GREATER GRACE to carry them through the battle to VICTORY. The darkness and those who refuse to awaken to the battle that is raging, will receive a MEASURE of My JUDGMENT. The darkness will receive the FULL MEASURE of My JUDGMENT, and they will FALL underneath My MIGHTY, CRUSHING HAND. A MEASURE of JUDGMENT will come to those who have STUBBORNLY RESISTED joining the battle, who have CLUNG to RELIGIOUS TRADITIONS, and who have OPENLY CRITICIZED those who are on the battlefield holding back the darkness. They thought they were WISE and walking the ‘SAFE’ path, but it was actually the way of UNBELIEF and SPIRITUAL BLINDNESS. When they receive a MEASURE of My JUDGMENT and you receive My GREATER GRACE, the CONTRAST will serve to AWAKEN them out of their RELIGIOUS STUPOR. They will experience REGRET and LOSS, while you experience VINDICATION and REWARD. If they REPENT and turn to Me, I will be GRACIOUS to them and I will WELCOME them into the TRUTH of who I AM—a God of GREAT POWER, GLORY, and LOVE. May will be a month of CONTRAST between GRACE AND JUDGMENT. Choose My GREATER GRACE.” 

Diana Larkin - YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK - April 29 2024

“I have let you know that SHOCKWAVE after SHOCKWAVE is coming to the world in the next few months. Have you QUESTIONED whether you have enough FAITH and STAMINA to get you THROUGH this SHAKING season? Let Me assure you: YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK. You are no longer a HELPLESS BYSTANDER watching EVIL FLOOD IN to STEAL, to KILL, and to DESTROY the world. You have ENLARGED your FAITH, as you have learned to HEAR My VOICE through the prophets and for yourself as you WAIT in My PRESENCE. You have learned to APPLY the TRUTHS and PATTERNS of My Word to what is happening now in the earth. You BELIEVE I can still PART the SEAS, RAISE the DEAD to LIFE, RESTORE ANOINTED LEADERS, and HELP you to RECOVER ALL. You have learned to LOOK to Me for ANSWERS, GUIDANCE, and DIRECTION. When I tell you that you will be COVERED and PROTECTED from the enemy’s SCHEMES and from My SHAKINGS, you have BELIEVED Me and TRUSTED in My FAITHFULNESS. As you have WORSHIPED Me and TRUSTED Me in your own DARK times, these have become WEAPONS that directly CONFRONT the darkness and are working to DISMANTLE it. My Hosts and Angels FLOOD into your atmosphere on your FAITH, your WORSHIP, and your DECLARATIONS. There is NO POSSIBILITY for the darkness to win against these MOUNTING and POWERFUL FORCES of LIGHT. No looking at the future with DOUBT or MISGIVINGS because, in Me, YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK.” 

Diana Larkin - THE GOD WHO MEETS YOUR NEEDS - April 27 2024

“I AM THE GOD WHO MEETS YOUR NEEDS. I meet needs GLADLY and GENEROUSLY because I have the TRUE HEART of a Father who LOVES and TREASURES His children. My ABILITY to MEET YOUR NEEDS does NOT DEPEND on your nation’s economy nor is it limited to your job or to your lack of a job. I RESOURCE you from the Kingdom of Heaven which has UNLIMITED, NEVER-ENDING SUPPLY for My children to draw on. As world economies SHIFT, it will be important for you to KNOW that I AM THE GOD WHO MEETS YOUR NEEDS. Expect SUPERNATURAL PROVISION and ABUNDANCE to flow to you, and be willing to help meet the needs of others around you. You have a BLOOD COVENANT with Me through the Blood of My Son, and you can STAND on that Covenant and CALL IN its PROVISION and ABUNDANCE. You don’t have to BEG Me to supply your needs because I GLADLY do it out of My GREAT LOVE for you. There are some things that can BLOCK My FLOW of provision to you: UNBELIEF, UNFORGIVENESS, PRIDE, GENERATIONAL SPIRIT OF POVERTY, MANMADE DOCTRINES that say I don’t act SUPERNATURALLY on your behalf anymore. Ask My Spirit to HIGHLIGHT any area that could be HOLDING BACK My abundant provision for you, put it UNDER the BLOOD of Jesus, and DECLARE FREEDOM over your mind and heart to BELIEVE that I AM THE GOD WHO MEETS YOUR NEEDS.”

Diana Larkin - SHOCKWAVES OF TRUTH - April 26 2024

“You are leaving the month of APRIL FOOLISHNESS and entering the month of May when you will see displayed MANIC MADNESS by the evil empire. They will seek to STIR UP MADNESS on every side. From WOKE college campuses to international CONFLICTS to financial CRISIS to THREATS on your food and water sources. The world is going to SWIRL from all this MAY MADNESS, but you ARE NOT TO REACT WITH FEAR OR ANXIETY. I AM showing you the BLUEPRINT for their MAY MADNESS so that you can VIEW it with My EYES and implement My STRATEGIES that will DISMANTLE their BLUEPRINTS for MADNESS. You SPEAK PEACE to the college campuses, the paid-for demonstrations, and the conflicts between nations. RELEASE My Spirit of Truth to INVADE those conflicts and to TURN DECEIVED HEARTS to the WONDER of My LOVE and My LIGHT. SEND COVERING ANGELS over your food and water sources and BOOMERANG their plans to sicken you back on the arrogant elite. Whatever comes up in the month of MAY MADNESS,  I want you to RESPOND from KINGDOM AUTHORITY and POWER to COUNTERACT and FLIP them to ALIGN with My HEART and My WAYS. DECLARE that the LIGHT will OVERPOWER and DEFEAT the darkness. DO NOT SPREAD FEAR-PORN and reports of DOOM and GLOOM—that creates FEAR and puts you in SELF-PROTECTIVE MODE. It CANCELS My VOICE that is giving you BATTLE STRATEGIES to DEFLECT and DEFEAT every scheme of darkness. Are you going to BELIEVE the SWIRL of MAY MADNESS released by the desperate enemy or will you CHOOSE to BELIEVE your trustworthy Father who has PROMISED VICTORY and a season of PEACE and PLENTY? If you choose FAITH, you can walk through the SWIRL of MAY MADNESS in My PEACE, My PROVISION, and My POWER.”



Diana Larkin - SHOCKWAVES OF TRUTH - April 25, 2024

This word began as I was praying in the Spirit, and I saw Frankfurt (a huge Host who stands in the middle of my sunroom holding a long handled spear and who guards truth) strike the ground with the handle of his spear and shockwaves cracked open the ground and went out in all directions. 
“You may feel like your voice speaking the TRUTH into all the DARKNESS and DECEPTION has little power; but I want you to know that every time you SPEAK or WRITE the TRUTH, it sends SHOCKWAVES OF TRUTH into the ground and into the atmosphere. Even though Leviathan has the BULLHORN of the media and you are just ONE VOICE, your words of TRUTH are CRACKING OPEN their LYING FACADE. The evidence of this is a GROWING LACK OF TRUST in the media worldwide. As more join the ranks of the Army of Light, more single voices are DECLARING TRUTH, and the STRONGHOLD Leviathan has held over the media is CRACKING. Whether you speak TRUTH to thousands, a handful, or just in My presence and the presence of your Angels, SHOCKWAVES OF TRUTH go forth, CRACKING OPEN the LIES and DECEPTION of many years. The LIES and DECEPTION have made TYRANNY possible, and the SHOCKWAVES of TRUTH prepare the ground for MEGA EXPOSURES of EVIL and help prepare the ground for a SURE FOUNDATION to build for a future of FREEDOM, PEACE, and PLENTY. SPEAK TRUTH wherever I PROMPT you to because SHOCKWAVES OF TRUTH are going out to BRING DOWN the DARK STRONGHOLDS and to PREPARE the soil for SEEDS of FREEDOM and LIGHT that will bring forth a GOOD HARVEST.”

Diana Larkin - I WILL CUT OFF THE HEAD - April 24, 2024

“You may wonder why I AM waiting to STRIKE a DEATHBLOW to the evil empire. There are several reasons: one is that so many (even in the Church) are still LULLED ASLEEP to the DEEP DARKNESS that has nearly CONSUMED the world; another reason is I AM waiting until the darkness is so DESPERATE to regain CONTROL and POWER that the REAL KINGPINS behind the evil empire ARISE and REVEAL themselves to the world. I know who they are, but I need the world to SEE who has been behind the WARS, SICKNESS, POVERTY, and ENSLAVEMENT of the world. Many will be SHOCKED at how they were COMPLETELY DUPED and BLINDED to what was taking place. The SLOW SLIDE into TYRANNY and DARKNESS has not been RECOGNIZED by most people. As I have TURNED UP THE FIRE in My Remnant, My Forces of Light, it has caused the evil empire to REACT by THROWING OUT everything they have to try and STOP the Light from OVERTAKING them. What was once SUBTLE and SLOW has become JERKY and DESPERATE. It won’t be long before the KINGPINS REVEAL themselves and then I WILL CUT OFF THEIR BOASTING HEADS, and the evil empire will COLLAPSE in on itself. Therefore, do not REACT with FEAR or DISTRESS as the darkness ROLLS OUT evil plan after evil plan. You just keep BURNING FOR ME by SPEAKING the TRUTH, WORSHIPING, DECLARING our VICTORY, and STRENGTHENING and SUPPORTING each other. I WILL CUT OFF THE HEAD of the evil empire.”
1 SAMUEL 17:51 (NASB) “Then David ran and stood over the Philistine and took his sword and drew it out of its sheath and killed him, and cut off his head with it. When the Philistines saw that their champion was dead, they fled.”

Edward Umling - Here comes the TEST of time - April 12, 2024

We have now arrived at the point of no return. It’s a point of devastation, the recompense of the just. In the year my people are on the brink a point of no return. A point of devastation, recompense, of the just. Disaster destroys them all. False guides promise all as well, and now those who should have been guided are in confusion. His arm is raised to strike. 20 at nine it’s Christmas time. There is a change this time to send an angel in time. A riddle, a rhyme, has its place in time. To speak of judgments in time. It’s my father’s time to smite the sinners at Christmas time.

This Christmas season will be unlike any other in history. Mark your calendars December 25th in America shall be unrecognizable. December mourning and lamenting. This December will be trouble in the history of time. Do you not know that this is that December? I choose the time and set up thrones in time. Treasures of wickedness come to those in time. Hidden treasures of darkness uncovered. And speak of judgments for told in time. Hardness of heart prevails. Death reigns. November death Reigns over this nation. Those at peace will betray one another and those at peace will betray. Division ensues every man the Lord would say, my son see this picture behold what I do in your day. I divide father against son mother against daughter brother against brother. Can you tell me who a man’s foes will be now.

The way of Holiness shall be maligned. Water become scarce. Test the waters there’s no portable water. Each of us shall reconcile our fate as destruction looms. Behold the days of all. The days of a are ahead, many will be refined and will be given garments of white. The grace of my father shall be displayed today. Your eyes shall behold my father’s display of mercy shown in time. None can know the grace of time, but only those who share the love of mine. Today I send those in time, share the grace of time. Tense situations now arise. Divisions and factions form. I now pull this nation down, prophesy son of man. I divide this country. I divide this land. I divide households. I divide these people. The people divide. Here it comes, I smite the land across the nation. Smite the land, oh Destroyer, smite the crops. I shall make the heavens iron and the Earth like bronze and your strength shall be in vain.

Your land shall not yield smite the water, smite the bread, Here comes an anomaly the crash of the economic system. There is sorrow on the sea and it cannot be quieted. There is sorrow on the sea and it cannot be quieted. The Lord says Supreme Court decision, anomaly in the verdict. The Lord says, Supreme Court decision, anomaly in the verdict. There is knowledge there is deception there is peace, there’s war, there is love. There is hate there is a time I test calvary’s Souls. My father releases trouble in the season I come to forbear would not be one. I say to the people at large, fill your cup. And drink the wine fill your cup and take your time for here it comes the test of time.

April ??, 2024


“Your justice system has been WEAPONIZED against those who would RESTORE your Republic to its RIGHTEOUS ROOTS and FOUNDATIONS. The BRIBERY and CORRUPTION going on behind the scenes is quite STAGGERING and those still ASLEEP can’t IMAGINE that it exists. I AM assuring you that NOTHING these PERVERTED courts decide will STAND. I AM telling you that MASSIVE BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION WILL BE EXPOSED. It will be LAID BARE before the world by LEAKED AUDIO TAPES, HIDDEN FILES and MEMOS, and SECRET VIDEO RECORDINGS. The ARROGANT CONTROLLERS will find themselves HUMILIATED, as they are STRIPPED of POWER and find themselves before REAL COURTS of JUSTICE. I have the RECEIPTS for their BRIBERY, EXTORTION, and GREED. My Host are GUARDING these RECEIPTS and at just the right moment, they will APPEAR on the desk of those who are INVESTIGATING the corrupt. The LANDSLIDE of FRAUD and CORRUPTION will be IMPOSSIBLE for the LYING media to BURY, and the TRUTH will SHAKE the nations AWAKE. The CORRUPT will NOT WIN in the end because BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION WILL BE EXPOSED.”

Diane Larkin - FIRE STARTERS - April 21, 2024

This morning as I was approaching the Father on the path to my garden, I saw a golden stairway going up, and I realized the Father wanted me to go with Him to the Throne Room. We entered the Throne Room, and it was hushed as we proceeded to His Throne. As I sat beside Him, I saw Hosts as far as my eye could see, and they were all holding a fire in their hands. I heard the words, “Fire Starters.” After I received the fire into my heart, the Father asked me to join Him in releasing the Fire Starters to the world. In unison we declared, “Fire Starters go!”
“I AM releasing My FIRE STARTERS all over the world to those who bear My name. This FIRE that I AM sending out will PURIFY HEARTS of FALSE MOTIVES, IDOLS, and COMPROMISE. This HOLY FIRE will BURN UP where the lines have been BLURRED between the HOLY and the PROFANE. This is NOT a matter of adopting OUTWARD RIGHTEOUS BEHAVIOR. Haven’t you seen enough examples of this lately in the Church where lives of DISCIPLINE and RELIGIOUS BEHAVIOR were only a COVERUP for INWARD CORRUPTION and the DEFILING of many? My FIRE STARTERS will IGNITE TRUE HOLINESS and the FEAR OF THE LORD, and it will bring RADICAL REFORMATION to My Church. My HOLINESS WITHIN is a LIGHT in the DARKNESS. It makes you a SAFE LIGHTHOUSE for the BROKEN and those CAPTIVE to DEGRADING SINS. You become a place to ANCHOR their lives, as I CLEANSE and PURIFY their hearts, and they enter the TRUE FREEDOM of My HOLINESS. Will you welcome the FIRE STARTERS to IGNITE your heart? If you say, ‘yes!’ and allow the FIRE to do its CLEANSING and EMPOWERING work, then you become a FIRE STARTER, and you will IGNITE those in your sphere of influence. SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION will take place, as you touch people’s lives. Goodbye, LUKEWARM, COMPROMISED CHURCH. Hello, FIRE STARTER, PASSIONATE CHRIST-FOLLOWERS!”

Diane Larkin - ENJOY THE DAY - April 20, 2024

“It’s My DESIRE that you find something of JOY every day. I created the world and everything in it to BRING YOU JOY. When you ENJOY THE DAY that I have placed before you, it brings My heart DEEP SATISFACTION, and I ENTER INTO YOUR JOY. Yes, there are BATTLES to be fought, a WAR to win, but remember we are fighting this war to FREE the world to enter into My JOY and FREEDOM. It was for the JOY set before Him that Jesus ENDURED the cross. The battle you are waging is for the RETURN of JOY to the WORLD. JOY-STEALERS are: TYRANNY, CONTROL, SIN, REBELLION, GREED, and PERVERSION. Man needs to be saved both INTERNALLY and EXTERNALLY from the JOY-STEALERS. True FREEDOM brings GREAT JOY, and it was for freedom that Christ set you free. If you FULLY EMBRACE the sacrifice of Jesus, you will experience SALVATION, DELIVERANCE, and HEALING. These gifts will RESTORE YOUR JOY. Outwardly, I AM RESTORING your JOY by coming to RESCUE your Nation from the JOY-STEALERS. My Forces of Light are working together with Me to TAKE BACK the GROUND the JOY-STEALERS have stolen. As you wait for the deliverance to be completed, practice entering My JOY every day. This JOY is a WEAPON against all that is DARK and DEPRAVED. So, I call you to ENJOY THE DAY. Do something every day that brings you JOY because it RESTORES you and it PLEASES My heart.”

Diane Larkin - TREASURES - April 19, 2024

I Have Treasures for You to Find

“As you witness the MASSIVE DESTRUCTION of the wicked, you will experience a season of the DISCOVERY of TREASURES. These TREASURES will be in EVERY AREA of your lives. I have SPIRITUAL TREASURES HIDDEN since the days that Enoch, My friend, walked the earth. These TREASURES are now AVAILABLE for you to FIND. There will be other SPIRITUAL TRUTHS that have lain in FALLOW GROUND, and it is NOW TIME to start DIGGING where the Spirit HIGHLIGHTS to you. He will IGNITE in you the SPARK of an ADVENTURER to DISCOVER these BURIED REVELATIONS. The Spirit will also LIGHT this PASSION for the DISCOVERY of TREASURES in EVERY area of society. The MEDICAL field will take GREAT LEAPS as the HIDDEN HEALING POWER I have placed in your body and in the earth are REDISCOVERED by the SEARCHERS for TREASURES. GREED for MONEY and POWER have OBSCURED My NATURAL WAYS of HEALING with EXPENSIVE, ARTIFICIAL DRUGS that only touch SURFACE issues and don’t HEAL the UNDERLYING problems. Some of these manmade drugs actually were developed to KEEP you SICK and needing MORE and MORE MEDICATIONS with TERRIBLE SIDE EFFECTS. Step into a NEW ERA of SIMPLICITY, FREEDOM, and TRUE HEALING. There are TREASURES to be FOUND in NEW INVENTIONS, in arts and entertainment that GLORIFY Me, and in all other areas of society that will all JOIN HANDS to bring about My promised NEW DAWN of PEACE and PLENTY. TREASURE HUNTERS: come to the Holy Spirit, and He will show you where to start DIGGING! I HAVE TREASURES FOR YOU TO FIND!”


As Darkness Shakes and Collapses, You Live Out of My Heart
“My Beloveds, do NOT DREAD the DOWNFALL AND DESTRUCTION OF THE DARKNESS because it will SURELY COME, and you will SEE IT WITH YOUR OWN EYES. There is NO JOY in seeing DARK-HEARTED people EXPOSED and the works of their hands DESTROYED. As all around them COLLAPSES, you can find your REST, PEACE, and JOY by LIVING IN UNION WITH MY HEART. Your STABILITY will come from BELIEVING My PROMISES of VENGEANCE on your enemies and RECOMPENSE to My very own. Even as I act with VENGEANCE to PROTECT and DELIVER My INNOCENT ONES, I will continue to CALL to the dark hearts to TURN BACK to Me. As EVERYTHING the darkness worked for is SMASHED, do not PITY them but call them to RIGHTEOUSNESS. You will not be SHAKEN in the STORM that is coming for the EVIL EMPIRE if you REMAIN ANCHORED in My HEART of LOVE, PROMISE, and BLESSING for you. I can BLESS and PROSPER you even as SYSTEMS and GOVERNMENTS FALL. So DO NOT FEAR or DREAD the FUTURE but know that My BULLDOZER has been released to REMOVE the darkness and all their EVIL PLATFORMS and STRUCTURES. CALL FORTH the VISION I have given you of a NEW ERA of PEACE and PLENTY, and you will watch it unfold from the HAVEN OF PEACE THAT IS FOUND IN LIVING OUT OF MY HEART.”

Unknown Prophet - God *HAS BEGUN* a Shaking! - April 17, 2024

The word I’ve got for you today came back on the 5th of this month. And basically it’s entitled God has begun to ahake. Without further Ado the father said I have begun a shaking son. A shaking of the nation, and a shaking of the world. But it will be seen in this country first. I will shakeen until I begin to see the evil that has begun to take over this country fall out and become totally exposed. I will see it fall out son, and I will see it begin to be consumed by itself. The very evil that it created. It will begin to feed upon itself. It will implode and consume itself in Rage that it has not accomplished what it’s set out to do.

I have watched this country son it is my country I accepted it as mine. It was dedicated to me and I accepted it as mine. There that is the reason that those who follow Satan hate it so much and are determined to destroy it. This country is the only thing standing between the evil one of the one government world government and their rule over the world. But their time is not yet. As I have told you previously son when the One World Government takes place it will be under the rule of my son. And it will be my one world government. and I will set the time. It is not yet but for now there will be a great Shaking. Which has already begun and all will know that I am doing what I said I would do. I will shake this country and I will shake the world and until all will know that I have your attention. Tings will begin to change son. Great changes will be taking place and all will know that my hand is that that’s accomplishing it. This change will be extremely important to the government of this country. For I am about to rip it apart and put it back together again as I desire it to be.

Many people will see this as a disaster. But my people will recognize it as my hand accomplishing what I have been promising them. It will not be pretty, it will not be nice. But it will be necessary to begin the cleanup of my country. Tell my people that I love them son. They should know that. But as I begin to clean up the country, my country, they may wonder. Tell them to trust me and have no fear. I will care for my people and. As for those who are trying to find a particle of my being in their 17 Mile tube I laugh. They don’t have to do that at all I’m right here in front of them. They simply don’t know how to find me, and they are searching for me for all the wrong. I laugh son, but at the same time it makes me sad. For I desire them all to come to me and accept my love. Tell my people son, fear not, tell them to re to rest in my love. That is the word of God for today.

Diane Larkin - BRAVE CHANGES - April 17, 2024

“I have been UNCOVERING the IRON GRIP of the deep darkness over your world. You have allowed Me to make you BRAVE in order to bring about the DOWNFALL of these tyrants. You have learned to partner with Me as a BRAVE WARRIOR who REJECTS EVIL, CONTROL, and INTIMIDATION; and you have FOUGHT VALIANTLY until the powerful darkness is now the one on the DEFENSIVE, and they are LOSING GROUND every day. GREAT CHANGES are coming as all the systems founded on darkness are DEMOLISHED. When this is FINISHED, it will be time to REBUILD. I need you to be just as BRAVE about the COMING CHANGES to your REBORN world. Can you be BRAVE and LET GO of FAMILIAR ways of living that SEEMED GOOD but had FALSE FOUNDATIONS? Will you be BRAVE enough to let Me EXCHANGE what seemed GOOD for what is BEST? The NEW ERA is going to be very DIFFERENT from the life of SLAVERY you have grown ACCUSTOMED to. Will you be BRAVE enough to TRUST Me with bringing you into a WHOLE NEW WAY of doing life? Even the way the Church has operated will GREATLY CHANGE. Are you BRAVE enough to go with the FLOW of My Spirit of TRUTH and LIFE? Don’t get STUCK CLINGING to the OLD because you are AFRAID of CHANGE. Ask Me, and I will make you BRAVE so that you can leave the battlefield of VICTORY and walk into a BRAVE NEW ERA by My side.”


“There will be a SHORT TIME of DARKNESS, DESTRUCTION, and JUDGMENT, but these are for the evil empire and NOT for My people. Those who are still ASLEEP or in DECEPTION will think that these DARK TIMES are for THEM, but the SHORT time of SHAKING is to WAKE THEM UP and to BREAK the POWER of DECEPTION off their MINDS and HEARTS. Once they are AWAKE and can SEE the DEPTH of darkness in the evil empire, you will be able to SHARE TRUTH and LIGHT and HOPE with them. Once they TAKE HOLD of the HOPE of My LIGHT, they will be REMOVED from the TERROR and the SWIRL of the JUDGMENT DESCENDING on the darkness. What look like DESPERATE DAYS to people are really DAYS of HARVEST for the WICKED, as they are BROUGHT DOWN and their DEATH AGENDAS all EXPOSED. The SHORT TIME of DARKNESS will MAKE A WAY for a time of REBIRTH, RESTORATION, and days of WONDERFUL LIGHT, as My GLORY and POWER fill the earth. Don’t be MOVED by the PRECIPICE for the evil empire because THE DARKNESS WILL BE SHORT COMPARED TO THE COMING DAYS OF LIGHT.”

Diane Larkin - THE SMOKE OF BABYLON IS RISING - April 15, 2024

This morning as I waited in the Father’s presence, I smelled smoke—the heaviest smoke I’ve ever smelled in the Spirit. He told me I smelled Babylon burning and that the smoke would rise for several years, as the evil empire is systematically burned down by His hand.
“THE SMOKE OF THE EVIL EMPIRE, your present day BABYLON, will be RISING for several years. It will get to the place where when you smell SMOKE, you will know that it is the SIGN of another BUILDING, MONUMENT, HIDING PLACE, or AGENDA of darkness BURNING DOWN. I will do this over the space of several years because it would be too TRAUMATIC for the people if I did it all at once. Some of these places of GREAT EVIL will be CONSUMED IN MINUTES, as I release My FIRE upon them. NOTHING will PUT OUT the FLAMES that I START. Fires will be TOO HOT for firefighters to approach. Each of these FIRES will EXPOSE DEEP DARKNESS and DEPRAVITY that will SHOCK the CONSCIENCE of the SLEEPING CHURCH and the DELUDED PUBLIC. The FEAR of My NAME and My WAYS will RISE in your Land, just as the SMOKE of BABYLON BURNING will be SEEN and SMELLED. My Leader who is a BUILDER will CHAMPION REBUILDING and RESTORATION with EXCELLENCE and with a foundation of JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS. THE SMOKE OF BABYLON RISING will SIGNAL the DESTRUCTION of a season of EVIL that RULED your Land. From the ashes, a NEW DAY and a NEW ERA will ARISE in My GLORY and My BLESSING. Look FORWARD to the NEW DAWN of an ERA of PEACE and PLENTY, but do not forget that your God is A CONSUMING FIRE.”
HEBREWS 12:29 (NKJV) “For our God is a consuming fire.” HEBREWS 12:29 (TPT) “For our God is a holy, devouring fire!”


I was led to do a prophetic act this morning. I saw a flame had been lit by the darkness, so I wet my fingers and put out the flame.
“The darkness desperately needs a HUGE DISTRACTION to take the EYES of the world OFF the RELENTLESS EXPOSURES of their EVIL that will be FLOODING in. What better way than to SPARK a WAR that will keep everyone DISTRACTED and will also serve as a SOURCE of MONEY to their DWINDLING RESOURCES. Do you have the POWER to STOP this WAR the darkness is trying so hard to start? Do you realize that part of SALVATION through the BLOOD of My Son is SHALOM—the PEACE of Heaven? When Jesus spoke to the storm, ‘Peace, be still,’ He was releasing the SHALOM of Heaven that COUNTERACTS anything of the darkness that tries to interject FEAR, CHAOS, STRIFE, and DEATH. Let FAITH ARISE, My Warriors, SPEAK and ACT like those who are of a SUPERIOR FIGHTING FORCE. Do you see the STICK of DYNAMITE that they have lit? Lick your fingers, and PUT IT OUT! SPEAK to the storm of WAR that the darkness is STIRRING UP; say, ‘PEACE, BE STILL!’ I will use this ATTEMPT to start a WAR to EXPOSE more SELFISH, EVIL ACTORS—even ones in your own government who are FULLY BEHIND and SECRETLY FUNDING groups to initiate war. I will EXPOSE BAD ACTORS in Israel’s government and in Iran’s government. The darkness will be SORRY they tried to START A WAR among the nations because you will SPEAK to those plans and DECLARE that the WAR will TURN BACK into the camp of the enemy. They will end up FIGHTING EACH OTHER. The most CASUALTIES from this attempt to STIR UP a WORLD WAR will be in the camp of the ENEMY, as they are EXPOSED and their EVIL MOTIVES LAID BARE before the world. Remember, My Army of Light, YOU HAVE THE POWER TO PUT THE STICK OF DYNAMITE OUT!”

Diane Larkin - DISARM, DISARM, DISARM - April 13, 2024

“When I give My Watchmen, My Prophets, My Prophetic Dreamers VISIONS of coming DARK SCHEMES of the enemy, it is not so you can be in DREAD OF THE FUTURE, nor is it so you can HIDE yourselves away from the DARK PLANS or STORMS caused by evil. I REVEAL the plans of the enemy so that you can SPECIFICALLY TARGET those schemes with your AUTHORITY. As these schemes of darkness are revealed in the WATERS, in the SKIES, and UNDER THE EARTH, I want you to DECLARE to these plans: ‘I DISARM, DISARM, DISARM you in the MIGHTY NAME of Jesus! I declare that NUCLEAR DEVICES will MALFUNCTION, that MISSILES will FALL BACK on the ones sending them, that DEADLY DISEASES will LOSE their ability to SPREAD and will only AFFECT those who CONSPIRED to release them, and that FINANCIAL LOSS and LACK of supplies will come upon the wicked. RELEASE ABUNDANT FINANCES and SUPPLIES to My people to SHARE with those in need. RELEASE My LIFE, STRENGTH, and PROTECTION over the people. The evil empire is being DETHRONED from the AIR, the WATER, and the GROUND by your decrees of DISARM, DISARM, DISARM!”

Diane Larkin - MORE APRIL FOOLISHNESS - April 12, 2024

“Here come MORE APRIL FOOLISH SCHEMES being rolled out by a DESPERATE enemy, FRANTICALLY CLINGING to schemes that worked in the PAST. As each new and even more RIDICULOUS plan is rolled out, learn NOT TO PANIC but RESPOND with Heaven’s LAUGHTER—right in the FACE of those partnered with darkness. As SCARE TACTIC after scare tactic is tried and FALLS FLAT like a DEFLATED BALLOON, GRIN as you STRATEGICALLY hold your SWORD of TRUTH that just PRICKED the HOLE in that scare tactic. Do you realize My POWER is in you and that NOTHING of the darkness can OVERCOME you? Your FAITH and your TRUST in My PROMISES are your STRONGHOLD of SAFETY. Your LAUGHTER at the enemy’s APRIL FOOLISHNESS sets the TEETH of the enemy and those partnered with him ON EDGE. It doesn’t matter if you are all alone when you BURST out LAUGHING at another APRIL FOOLISH SCHEME because it RINGS OUT in the atmosphere as a FREQUENCY that OPPOSES the LIES and the FAKE POWER GRABS. Use your SWORD of TRUTH to PUNCTURE every FEAR balloon you see being released. Do a PROPHETIC ACT and PUNCTURE those plans you hear of or that I REVEAL to you that have been planned behind CLOSED DOORS. Your PROPHETIC ACTS have POWER because you carry My AUTHORITY. Why waste time WRINGING YOUR HANDS and FRETTING? That says you are being FOOLED into thinking you are WEAK and POWERLESS. REFUSE this OLD, PASSIVE SURVIVAL THINKING and enter into the FULLNESS of what it means to RULE and REIGN with Me. OPPOSE the works of darkness with your WEAPONS of WARFARE and LAUGH as the enemy attempts MORE APRIL FOOLISHNESS.”

Diane Larkin - TRANSITION TO THE REBIRTH OF A NATION - April 11, 2024

“This is the THIRD DAY after the MARKER of the ECLIPSE from DARK TO LIGHT. This day MARKS a TRANSITION for the REBIRTH of your NATION. In the WOMB of HIDDENNESS, I AM REFORMING your FOUNDATIONS and MATURING your PURPOSES as a COVENANT NATION. Let the nations RAGE and the ANGRY KINGS RANT, as they seek to DESTROY this new Nation that I AM forming. See past the TEMPER TANTRUM I AM allowing these REBELLIOUS, EVIL ones to throw and look with SPIRITUAL EYES and SEE that I AM FORMING A NEW NATION FOR A NEW ERA. Just when all looks LOST, My THUMB will come down and SQUASH their EVIL AGENDAS and their THRONES of POWER. Then, I will CALL FORTH the BIRTHING of your NEW NATION, and it will be welcomed with GREAT JOY and CELEBRATION. Be FEARLESS in the face of the RAGING GIANTS (TYRANTS), and know that in the WOMB of the DAWN, I AM setting up a NEW and RIGHTEOUS government that will be READY to step into the BREECH that is caused by the DOWNFALL of DARKNESS. Call forth My CRUSHING THUMB that will DEFEAT the darkness and call forth LIFE and HEALTH to your NEWLY FORMING Nation.”

Diane Larkin - ALL ARE WELCOME AT MY TABLE - April 10, 2024

“I AM CALLING to the LEAST, the LOST, the FORGOTTEN. I AM WELCOMING YOU TO MY TABLE to eat of My GOODNESS, to be RECEIVED as one who BELONGS, and to be MADE WHOLE. Do you think your LIFE CHOICES, your BROKENNESS, your FAILURES have DISQUALIFIED you from a PLACE AT MY TABLE? OH, NO! My Son gave His LIFE, His BLOOD, to BUY BACK ones, just like you, from the DARKNESS who tried to ENSNARE you with SIN and to DESTROY your life. I want you to know that the PRICE has ALREADY BEEN PAID to COVER ALL YOUR SINS, ALL YOUR FAILURES, AND ALL THE PLACES THAT HAVE BEEN BROKEN IN YOU. I AM WAITING to SEAT you at My TABLE, to FEED you with the CUP of SALVATION, and the BREAD OF LIFE. All you need to do is FULLY SURRENDER your life back to Me, RECEIVE the BLOOD of Jesus to COVER all your sin, and INVITE the Holy Spirit to TRANSFORM your life from BROKENNESS to become a BEAUTIFUL LIFE that SHINES with My LOVE, My GRACE, and My GLORY. DO NOT LET THE ENEMY LIE TO YOU! You are NOT so broken that you are BEYOND REPAIR, you are NOT too sinful to ever be made CLEAN again. You are NOT too much of an OUTCAST to ever be RECEIVED into FELLOWSHIP again. My Son gave His LIFE for ones JUST LIKE YOU, and His BLOOD is the most POWERFUL CLEANSING SOURCE in the Universe. COME UNDER His blood, RECEIVE the LOVE of a Father who is longing for His prodigal to return, and be TRANSFORMED by the Spirit’s POWER. ALL ARE WELCOME AT MY TABLE.”

Unknown Prophet - The *SOLAR ECLIPSE* is the just the beginning! -April 10, 2024

I have a word that I received back on the 21st that I think is extremely applicable for the time and I believe that’s what the Lord wants me to bring to you today. I’ve got several words that I really feel I need to get out to you. But I can’t do but one at a time. I guess I could do several. but this one just lines up right so. I saw the eclipse taking place. I saw the sun, and then I saw the shadow begin to invade, it until it became totally dark. The darkness stayed for a while and then the shadow began to move back off. The father said son there is a great significance in the eclipse. It is the beginning of much that I have planned from the beginning. Yes, from the beginning. It is significant that this will turn many people to me and many away from me. Many will see that I am who I say I am and that I do control the universe.

Yes, it is generally with order but it is my control. While many will say that all this is just nature. God has nothing to do with it. Am I not in control of nature? Is the universe not my creation not the creation of my hand? Did I form something fling it into space and just leave it. Tell my people that the eclipse is of my hand and that I am moving even as they are watching it take place. Those who cannot see it will nonetheless know that it is taking place for I have put out the word. It is the beginning of a time when I will display my power and my hand over the universe. Yes, you will see signs and wonders, for I am coming to draw all to me that will come. It is not the end times, but it is my time.

I desire to increase my family. Those who worship me as their father and serve me with love as I love them. Yes, my son you have said it right in your prayers. They will become those of my immediate family. I love all that come to me son, but those with whom I can converse are an added blessing to me. Know everyone that comes to me and is a child of mine that I love you. But as any father I desire to converse with you. Those who are trying to hear me and don’t think you have succeeded know that I am speaking to you and you will hear me. Do not be downhearted continue to listen you will hear me. The eclipse will activate much in my realm, son, because I have set it as a point to begin to move in power where I have not before. Watch what I do my people and we will move together. I speak this to you now my people so that you will begin to be alert to my hand in a new way. That’s God’s word for the eclipse

Dutch Sheets (Chris Reed dream) "The Rebirth of America" Dream | Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch - April 10, 2024

Today’s post is The Rebirth of America dream. Chris Reed of Morning Star Ministries was given a dream on March 9th 2024, which seemed significant to me. In his dream. the then upcoming eclipse of April 8th. marked the triggering of a metaphoric conception. Conception in the spirit God used that to a physical conception to picture something happening in the spirit. He calls it a metaphorical conception leading to an Awakening and rebirth in America. Reed did not attempt to define the scope of the Awakening. Only that it was significant enough to be part of America’s rebirth. I want to highlight certain aspcts of the dream offer a few comments the baby was conceived in April 2024 Eclipse around the eclipse and born in January 2025. Its name was the baby’s name was America. The infant was wrapped in the American flag. Leading Reed to use the phrase The Rebirth of America in summarizing the dream.

It is inarguable to any Bible believing honest person that America has lost her way and needs a rebirth. The only debatable aspect of this now is regarding the cause. Like many I tried for several years to give the benefit of the doubt to those being used to weaken America, considering their actions simp simply as incompetency. I can no longer do so. No one with any intelligence whatsoever could fail to foresee the devastating effects of the left’s decisions. The damage has to be intentional. Those on the left believe America from its Inception is systematically evil, must be dismantled, then rebuilt as the woke globalist Nation they Envision. Those endeavoring to restructure America have made great progress in this dismantle dismantling process. So much so that the America birthed two and a half centuries ago, and which subsequently grew into the greatest nation in history, has been damaged Beyond nonhuman ability to restore her. She must experience a supernatural rebirth, both spiritually, and naturally.

The dream was related in part to the upcoming presidential election. As I stated, the conception of the baby in April 2024 was in April occurred in April 2024 the birth took place in January 2025. The month of America’s Presidential Inauguration. In the dream a trauma associated with the elections occurred in September or October, sending the nation into chaos pandemonium. Say it again in September or October, he Likens it to sort of a an extreme October surprise, but on one account I heard he said September October he wasn’t giving an exact time or date, just that General period. A trauma associated with the elections occurred in September or October sending the nation into chaos and pandemonium. Reed said this was frightening and intensified the division in in America. Also, nearly caused premature labor as he words it, endangering the baby The Rebirth of America.

Because of a 1968 newspaper headlines shown to him referencing the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. He felt an assassination ,or an attempt to do so, could be the trigger for the chaos. Reed was appropriately cautious not saying this would definitely occur but stated what he saw in the dream and asked people to pray. Likewise I have no prophetic clarity about an assassination, or an attempt to do so. I do however, feel confident that the chaos he spoke of is indeed coming. Who could be naive enough to believe the progressive leftists and globalists will not do whatever they deem necessary to keep Trump from winning the presidency in November. Is The Rebirth of America dependent on him winning the White House in November? I don’t know it is foolish to think that any person persons or political party can rebirth America.

It is also foolish however to believe that it doesn’t matter who is in power. In scripture Israel was judged multiple times due to the actions of its leaders as were other nations, and conversely was blessed, based on the decisions of its leaders. Trump is not a messiah, but he does oppose the demonic opposition to America’s Destiny and success. And he is correct when he says the left is actually coming after us, Patriots, the lovers of Freedom, those who honor God. He is just standing in the way. The threat he presents to them, not to democracy is cataclysmic. In 2016 fifty to sixty years of momentum for the left beginning with the Supreme Court’s decision to expel God from public schools in 1962 was dramatically interrupted by the election of Trump. In response they pulled out all stops and their attempts to hinder and remove him. Democrats Progressive Republicans, the Deep State, the judicial system, mainstream media ,social media billionaires Hollywood and more have launched the single greatest attack on an individual in US history. Trump’s survival is nothing short of miraculous.

It is due to the American people waking up to the astounding levels of corruption in our nation and rallying behind him. Many also believe it is because of God’s favor and protection. So I say again the left will stop at nothing and their attempts to keep him from the White House. Buckle up, it’s going to get turbulent. In the dream the baby named, wrapped in the American flag, had to be placed in an incubator after its birth in January. The danger to its survival had not ended. It wasn’t until July that the chaos and pandemonium subsided. This could very well mean that a battle will rage over the US Presidency until the summer of 2025.

What can we do? Pray. God is the source of America’s recovery. Apart from his intervention nothing that occurs in Washington DC will save America. Our faith is not in a political, or person. Yes, God uses people but except he keeps the city the Watchman wakes in vain. Pray against corruption and for exposure. Pray that every attempt to destroy America’s rebirth will fail. Pray that all deception would be broken, and that America will see clearly what is truly occurring. Pray for protection over our leaders. Don’t forget Gina’s dream we shared a couple of weeks ago where we decreed from the capital that the deception, the blindness, would be broken off of America and they would see. Do not fear the shaking it will intensify. But we must stay in faith, like Esther in her day. We were born for this time. Our greatest days are ahead head, if we persevere in faith, and obedience.

Let’s pray now, father thank you for speaking to us through dreams. Give us insights and correct interpretations. We believe you’re showing us the times and seasons and that over the next 16 months Satan will initiate chaos attempting to thwart America’s rebirth. We now ask we ask now for this to fail. We bind it in Jesus name we ask for a healthy baby The Rebirth of America. We ask for protection from any and every attack against this. Guide us please through this time, help us serve your purposes effectively. We ask for President Biden’s salvation, that he be delivered from the unbiblical ideologies and strongholds that control him. May he find true repentance. We pray for Donald Trump, purify him in whatever ways necessary. Deliver him from Evil attacks, slander, unjust prosecutions, expose all the evil going on.

Lord cause the man of your choice to win the election. Help them restore America to morality, biblical ideals, and your destiny for her. Deliver Us from Evil in our government. And we conclude by declaring that your kingdom Authority and princi principles will rule over America. Your desires will be accomplished, your church will be awakened, filled with Holy Spirit and burned with fresh fire. We declare that we will hear your voice clearly going only in the direction you lead us. We boldly declare that we will not fear any shaking chaos or work of Darkness. We will operate only in faith and all of this we pray in Jesus name. And our decree we decree that America is being saved, and reborn, and the timing of the Lord will not be altered. You may want to read and study Daniel 7:25. Where Satan tries to alter the times and Seasons but we declare we decree God’s timing will not be altered it will be. Amen.

'Diana Larkin - FORETELLING OR FORTH TELLING? - April 9, 2024

I asked the Father to speak to me about His question for us to consider, “What if I were to extend the darkness of the eclipse beyond what man’s science has predicted?” This is what He answered:
“My PURPOSE in speaking about the eclipse time being lengthened was NOT FORETELLING but a FORTH TELLING that would help you EXPAND your THINKING and your FAITH about what I AM CAPABLE of doing. When I do CHOOSE to step in and CONFOUND SCIENCE, it will be at a STRATEGIC TIME and for a STRATEGIC REASON. I don’t just want to make a ‘SPLASH;’ I want to release a TSUNAMI of POWER that will CHANGE HEARTS and NATIONS. TRUST My TIMING and My CHOICES and continue to PASSIONATELY WORSHIP the One who is over all creation and through whom all creation came into being. Completely trusting Me means LAYING DOWN your own good ideas of how and when I will accomplish My RESCUE of your world from the DEEP and CRUEL DARKNESS. Call on Me to come and do SPECTACULAR ACTS to set you FREE from TYRANNY and DEATH SCHEMES. But always CHECK your MOTIVES—are you looking for YOUR WORDS and REPUTATION to be VINDICATED, or are you looking for My VOICE and CHARACTER to be VINDICATED before the world?” (At this point, I began to smell smoke from a fire. I realized He was purifying our hearts and motives so that we do not make the huge mistake of taking any of the glory for ourselves.) “When I BURN AWAY FALSE MOTIVES, it is for your PROTECTION and for your FREEDOM. When you allow Me to VINDICATE you instead of you trying to PROVE that you are right, it puts you in a place of HUMILITY and FREEDOM—nothing to PROVE and nothing to HIDE. It is the HUMBLE HEART that will be PROMOTED because they will NOT STUMBLE over PRIDE or SELF-PROMOTION. They know that it is My GLORY working through them and SHINING through them. This brings great PEACE and great FRUITFULNESS and ADVANCES My Kingdom on the earth.”

Diana Larkin - UNDER THE COVER OF DARKNESS - April 8, 2024

“The enemy believes that he OWNS the DARKNESS, and he has CONVINCED people to do many evil deeds UNDER THE COVER OF DARKNESS. But I tell you that I AM OVER THE DARKNESS, and I AM USING the darkness to HELP DEFEAT those who have TWISTED it and used it for EVIL purposes. I CREATED DARKNESS as a time for the world to REST and to be RENEWED under its COMFORTING BLANKET. The enemy PERVERTED it to be a place of HIDDENNESS to do EVIL DEEDS and to SOW FEAR into a place that was meant for DEEP REST. Here is how I AM using the darkness AGAINST THEM. UNDER COVER OF DARKNESS, I AM releasing the SLAVES of TRAFFICKING. I AM leading Hosts and brave military to PENETRATE the SECRET and DARK HIDING PLACES of EVIDENCE and SUPPLIES and at just the RIGHT TIME, these will be brought into the LIGHT to EXPOSE those partnered with evil. Everything the evil empire thought they OWNED, thought they CONTROLLED, thought HID and PROTECTED them, will be used to BRING THEM DOWN. UNDER COVER OF DARKNESS, I AM BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE OF CARDS, and its COLLAPSE will be SUDDEN and FINAL. Darkness and light are alike to Me, the GREAT I AM.” 
PSALM 139:12 (AMP) “Even the darkness is not dark to You and conceals nothing from You. But the night shines as bright as the day; darkness and light are alike to You.”

Janie Seguin, Bo Polny -GOD Reveals HIS SECRET [Eclipse] Spring-Summer TIMELINE! - April 8, 2024


He says to you Hallelujah. Who, you are right on the brink. Things will not happen like you think. I have many ways, says the Lord, to reprieve and to restore. … With your eyes you will see great change the wicked cease and a harvest of souls have been gained. I will remove the veil from many eyes where the devil has deceived with his lie. …. He disguising evil for good, he did all that he could to stop America’s aim to lift Jesus Holy Name. … Heaven is my space and Earth is my foot stool. I am in command, I rule. … Suddenly and quickly you are about to see as I

clear the path for thee. … I am moving at my Pace giving the earth a little taste of heavenly love and Bliss this. There has never been a time like this. …

Joy and love will fill this land evil stops at my command. Time to March forward souls in need during this time of reprieve. … Spread the power of unity for it is the key as all come to the cross and they bow knee. I am the God of all, to the young, the tall and the small. All must come to me and all who come I will set free. Prison is not my choice religion and denominations must reverse their course. … The power of unity and love with will fit my church like a glove. … The power of unity and love will fit my church like a glove. … You are not alone for all men sins I did atone. Many I have been preparing for this time of sharing. … Love knowledge and peace as I spread my joy that will not cease. The joy of the Lord is our strength this is the day the Lord has given us we will rejoice and be glad in it today Allelujah that when when when I when he spoke those words it was like I saw a hand come down and he in his hand it was clutched was like a blanket and this blanket came across and it spread across the whole earth. All of his people were covered and were protected about what he was about to do. Hallelujah! …

Slamming doors wide open evil plans are broken my church on fire as I answer their heart’s desire. …  Bells of Heaven are about to ring. The devil will Feel My Sting. As this Earth I begin to shake and all the demons begin to quake. I am breaking down every wall to the ground to dust they will fall my church Hearts Desire they will spread my grace like wildfire. … Across this land it will Blaze as people my son’s name they Raise. Shouts of acclamation his name Proclaim glory and honor to his name. … My church lifts their voice many will make the ultimate choice to Christ. They will bow their knee from sin I will set them free. …

No one knows my all my plan of how I’m going to rescue this land. Hold on tight for this wave of my glory is about to tell the whole story. … All generations will see all generations will see this world belongs to me. So hold on tight we’re about to take a flight. To places unknown where other seeds have been sown. Some plants, some water, you understand. We all work together hand in hand. …

It is the unity you see that always brings the victory this world is out of whack but I am about to put it back on track…  The hoty will fall and the weak I call as the earth I shake the towers of evil will break. … As I shake this Earth I shake the devil’s plans I will break… into pieces the lies as my people testify. …    

Veronika West - X O DUS : A Strange and Powerful Dream - April7, 2024

”X O DUS” : A Strange and Powerful Dream!

The following Word is for those who can discern the Prophetic Significance of Letters and Numbers and how they speak to the Hour.

So friends, this afternoon (7th April; 7/4) I went to lay down. Now to be honest, I never sleep during the day, but I felt to lay down on my bed, and as I did, I fell into a deep sleep.

While asleep, I had a very short but strange and powerful dream. This dream was very clear and very distinct.

Now, as I came into the dream, I suddenly saw the letter “X” coming towards me very rapidly — and as soon as I saw the letter “X” I heard the Word, ”EXODUS”!

Then I heard, ”Watch! For surely a second Exodus has begun — and the birthing of a New Kingdom Era in The Nations of the earth!”

As soon as I heard those words in this Dream, suddenly I saw “A Ring of Fire” rapidly coming towards me, and then I saw the letters “D•U•S” also racing towards me.

As I looked at the Ring of Fire and the letters DUS, I heard these Words, ”Do you see?” and suddenly I saw this “X O DUS”.

Now I cant fully describe how I saw this Word written in the realm of the Spirit…

But as I looked at the “X” I saw that it was distinct and separate from the “O” the (Ring of Fire) and the Ring of Fire was distinct and also separate from the letters “DUS”, and though each symbol seemed separate and was pointing Prophetically to different Unfolding Events they were all intrinsically connected.

And then I suddenly woke up….

As I started meditating on this short but strange and poignant dream. The Spirit of Revelation led me to look at the following and I believe it speaks powerfully to the hour…

X – Marks the Spot.
X – Put a Mark on the Door Post — The Time of Passover.
X – The Sign of the Cross.
X – Tav – Aleph and Tav

O – The Moon, Sun, Earth.
O – Cycles and Season.
O – Covenant.
O – Ring of Fire.
O – Open Door.
O – Open Heaven/ Open Portal.
O – Eye — Mouth

D•U•S – (D)Do (U)You (S)See!

Then I looked at the numerical value of each letter… and what I found was unbelievable!

X = 24
O = 15
DUS = (4) (21) (19)

– 2+4+1+5 = 12 (3)
– 24+15 = 39 (12)
– 2+4 =6 1+5=6/6 =12
– 24+15 = 39
– 39-3+9 = 12X = 24 (6) 2+4
O = 15 (6) 1+5

DUS = (44) D(4)+U(21)+S(19) = (44) (8)
DUS = 4+1+9+2+1 = 17 (2017 First Eclipse)
17- (7+1=8)
4+21+19= 44 > 44 (4+4=8)
D=4 U=21 S=19= 17/44

DUS = 17/44
DUS – 1+7=(8) 4+4=(8)
DUS – 44+17=61 6+1=(7)
X = (24)
0 = (15)

DUS = 17/44 (61) (6+1=7)
X= (24) (2024 Second Eclipse)
O = (15)

DUS = (17/44) (8) (8) 1+7 =8 4+4 =8

Date of Second Eclipse; 4/8/24 > 4+8+24 = 36 (3+6 = 9)

X-24 O-15 DUS-17/44

-X O DUS- 24+15+17 = 56 (11)
-X O DUS- 24+15+44 = 83 (11)

-(2017/ First Eclipse) -(DUS)- 17
-(2024/ Second Eclipse) -(X)- 24

Date of First Eclipse: 21/8/17:
21+8+17 = (46) 4+6 = (10)
2+1+8+1+7 = (19) 1+9 = (10)

Date of Second Eclipse: 8/4/24:
8+4+24 = 36 3+6 = (9)
8+4+2+4 =18 1+8 = (9)

The 11th Hour Prophetically…

– 8 The Number of New Beginnings.

– 12 Divine Order and Alignment.

– 7 Perfection and Completion.

– 9 Birthing/Judgement; (Nine-veh).

– 10 Gods Divine Order & Authority; Completion of a Cycle; An Appointed Time.

– 44th book of the Bible is the Book of Acts.

– 44th Verse of Daniel 2, makes the Glorious Announcement that God’s Kingdom will come to the Earth after mankind’s final attempt to rule himself fails miserably!

X O DUS 4:8..”If they will not believe you,” God said, “or listen to the first sign, they may believe the latter sign.” (NIV) “Then the LORD said, ‘If they do not believe you or pay attention to the first sign, they may believe the second””!

– Date: 4/8 > 4+8 = (12)

– 4/8/24 > (36) (18) = (9)

See Link : Prophetic Significance of (9) & (11) and how it Speaks to the Hour: The First Ever Recorded Eclipse

Diana Larkin - THE FIRE OF GOD - April 7, 2024

As I was waiting in the Father’s presence to hear what He wanted to speak to us this morning, I began smelling smoke. Something was burning. Then the Father spoke, “The Fire of God.”
“My FIRE is released on the earth, as I continue to SHAKE to AWAKE and to EXPOSE HIDDEN, DARK SECRETS. MY FIRE will be both NATURAL and SPIRITUAL. The natural FIRES will burn down BUILDINGS, MONUMENTS, and CHURCHES that are SERVING the DARKNESS. These manmade IDOLATROUS structures will be CONSUMED by My FIRES of JUDGMENT, and the Land will be CLEANSED. I will also release My SUPERNATURAL FIRE to BURN UP the PRIDE of man and to DISINTEGRATE the DEMONIC PLATFORMS that have held them up. You will see the elite CRY OUT, as I BURN them up INTERNALLY. My SPIRITUAL FIRE will also be released on My people. It will burn away FALSE MOTIVES of FAME, GREED, and IMPURE DESIRES. It will burn up MANMADE DOCTRINES that have been sown into the Church by the RELIGIOUS SPIRIT of OUTWARD CONFORMITY instead of INNER TRANSFORMATION and INTIMACY with Me. My FIRE will TORCH those doctrines that were sown into the Church by the darkness—especially end times teachings that FOCUS My people of Light on ESCAPE, rather than learning to RULE and REIGN by taking AUTHORITY over the darkness and by helping to ESTABLISH foundations of JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS. My FIRE PREPARES A WAY before Me, and out of the ashes, I will REBUILD something of PURITY and BEAUTY. WELCOME My FIRE in your world, in the Church, and in your hearts. My FIRE brings forth GOLD and NEW LIFE.”

Rosie Lost Sheep - PSALM 37 PROPHECY: WORDS OF OLD FROM OUR YESHUA HA MASHIACH (6th Apr) - April 6, 2024

A Psalm of David

Psalm 37:1-40  Fret not yourself because of the wicked, be not envious of wrongdoers! For they will soon fade like the grass, and wither like the green herb. Trust in the Lord, and do good; so you will dwell in the land, and enjoy security. Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act. He will bring forth your vindication as the light, and your right as the noonday. Be still before the Lord, and wait patiently for him; fret not yourself over him who prospers in his way, over the man who carries out evil devices! Refrain from anger, and forsake wrath! Fret not yourself; it tends only to evil. For the wicked shall be cut off; but those who wait for the Lord shall possess the land. Yet a little while, and the wicked will be no more; though you look well at his place, he will not be there. But the meek shall possess the land, and delight themselves in abundant prosperity.

The wicked plots against the righteous, and gnashes his teeth at him; but the Lord laughs at the wicked, for he sees that his day is coming. The wicked draw the sword and bend their bows, to bring down the poor and needy, to slay those who walk uprightly; their sword shall enter their own heart, and their bows shall be broken. Better is a little that the righteous has than the abundance of many wicked. For the arms of the wicked shall be broken; but the Lord upholds the righteous. The Lord knows the days of the blameless, and their heritage will abide for ever;
they are not put to shame in evil times, in the days of famine they have abundance. But the wicked perish; the enemies of the Lord are like the glory of the pastures, they vanish—like smoke they vanish away. The wicked borrows, and cannot pay back, but the righteous is generous and gives; for those blessed by the Lord shall possess the land, but those cursed by him shall be cut off. The steps of a man are from the Lord, and he establishes him in whose way he delights; though he fall, he shall not be cast headlong, for the Lord is the stay of his hand. I have been young, and now am old; yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken or his children begging bread. He is ever giving liberally and lending, and his children become a blessing.

Depart from evil, and do good; so shall you abide for ever. For the Lord loves justice;
he will not forsake his saints. The righteous shall be preserved for ever, but the children of the wicked shall be cut off. The righteous shall possess the land, and dwell upon it for ever. The mouth of the righteous utters wisdom, and his tongue speaks justice. The law of his God is in his heart; his steps do not slip. The wicked watches the righteous, and seeks to slay him. The Lord will not abandon him to his power, or let him be condemned when he is brought to trial. Wait for the Lord, and keep to his way, and he will exalt you to possess the land; you will look on the destruction of the wicked. I have seen a wicked man overbearing, and towering like a cedar of Lebanon. Again I passed by, and lo, he was no more; though I sought him, he could not be found. Mark the blameless man, and behold the upright, for there is posterity for the man of peace. But transgressors shall be altogether destroyed; the posterity of the wicked shall be cut off. The salvation of the righteous is from the Lord; he is their refuge in the time of trouble. The Lord helps them and delivers them; he delivers them from the wicked, and saves them, because they take refuge in him.

Diana Larkin - WHAT IF I EXTEND THE DARKNESS? - April 6, 2024

I had a brief visit to the Council Chamber of Heaven where I heard the Father pose a question to the Elders. He said, “What if I were to extend the darkness of the eclipse beyond what man’s science has predicted?”
The Father speaks:
“The enemy has INFILTRATED man’s SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY. PRIDE has so filled the hearts of some that they spend their lives trying to PROVE that I DON’T EXIST and that I AM a made up SUPERSTITION of men with WEAK MINDS. These proud men believe they have FREED themselves to be able to DISCOVER TRUTH but in REALITY, they are SHACKLED to DECEPTION and WARPED PERCEPTIONS. It’s time to FREE SCIENTIFIC PURSUITS from the GRIP of PRIDE and the ARROGANCE of the ELITE into a pursuit of how My ways and My creation can BENEFIT MANKIND. What if I AM about to SHAKE the scientific models and predictions? What if I AM about to DISMANTLE LONG-HELD SCIENTIFIC THEORIES that have PROUDLY been taught as FACT? What if I AM about to BUST UP their careful PREDICTIVE MODELS of ECLIPSES, STORMS, EARTHQUAKES, and WIND PATTERNS? What if I were to EXTEND the PERIOD of DARKNESS from the coming eclipse? This is the GREAT AWAKENING and every area of society will be SHAKEN out of the DEPENDENCE on MAN’S WAYS to be brought into the ABUNDANCE, FREEDOM, and CREATIVITY of MY WAYS. Man’s PRIDEFUL SCIENCE MODEL is going to FALL. For My Remnant, I will be your EARLY WARNING SYSTEM, and I will show you how I can PROTECT you, PROVIDE for you, and give you INSIGHT into what I AM doing. Learn to SEEK Me for the future and NOT man’s LIMITED knowledge. Then, it will GO WELL with you in ALL AREAS of your life.”

Flashback to the 1980's --- Hermit of Loreto (Tom Zimmer), Italy in the 1980's predicted Donald J. Trump was going to be a great leader of America, and bring Americans back to God

Dr. Curran called [Thomas Zimmer] and told him that, back in the 1980s, Tom Zimmer said he had received a “premonition” and that “a certain man would lead America back to God”—and that man would be none other than Donald J. Trump. “The millionaire playboy from New York?” the incredulous doctor is said to have asked Zimmer.

“Yes,” the Hermit of Loreto responded, adding he was so sure Donald Trump would become a great spiritual leader of America that he wrote his name on a brick and had it placed in the reconstruction of St. Peter’s Holy Door after the Jubilee so Trump would receive blessings from the many Masses that would be said in the Vatican. …

A light of current events that have been taking place recently. There’s a story I wanted to share with you, a true story. And it has to do with a friend of mine who’s a medical doctor. He’s a psychiatrist, his name is Claude Curran. Actually his mother was Calabrese a his father was Irish and his name is a doctor Claude Curran. I got to know Dr. Curran when I was at a Lady of Mount Carmel in Bristol Rhode Island in my first assignment. He had studied in Rome, and met his wife there, who was a neurologist in medical school. They had married in Borsa? hometown and then the couple moved to Bristol to raise their family and they had five children. So one day about 17 years ago when I was at my first assignment in Bristol. I was talking to him about going to Rome. I told him I was going to be visiting Rome. And he said to me father. listen I really want you to do something when you were in Rome. I want you to get on a train and I want you to go up to Loretto. And he said I’ll pay for the trend ticket. I’ll pave your expenses, but you’ve got to go to Loretto.

Now as he was saying this I was thinking, okay I know why Lady of Loretto it’s a very important Christian site we Catholics. It is actually the house of the Blessed Virgin Mary is in Loretto. The house where the Blessed Mary grew up where she received the message of the angel Gabriel, and actually the incarnation of our Lord took place in this house in Loretto. Now why is it in Loretto, it’s in a northern northeastern Italian town and not in Nazareth. Well the house of course was in Nazareth where our lady was born and raised. But during the Muslim invasions the Muslims were threatening to destroy the house of the Incarnation. So angels lifted up the house, and angels brought the house to where it is now in Loretto. Archeologists have looked at the this house. They have examined it and they found that it is truly a first-century house that would have been built in Nazareth considering the materials that were there at the time in which it was constructed. Pollen on the house indicates that there are only flowers that would have been in bloom around that time in Nazareth. So it is authentically Nazaretherian first century house and as we Catholics of course believe as I said it was transported by angels to Loretto to protect it from Muslims.

So, I knew all that history about this beautiful house. But he said to me father I know the house is beautiful and I want you to see it. But there’s another reason why when you go there. There’s a guy who is there his name is Tom Zimmer. I want you to meet Tom Zimmer. Now Tom Zimmer is a man who is not a priest, is not a religious, he’s not a brother. But he decided, he’s an American, but he decided that this house is so powerful, and so important to Christendom, and so important to prayer. That he was going to be a hermit there. He was going to leave everything behind America, move to Loretto, and lives near this house, and stay in this Basilica that’s built around this house. He was going to stay near this house day and night. And pray and attend all the masses every day that was said in this Basilica that surrounds the house of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

So, very fascinating man, I wanted to meet him. So, I do is Dr. Curran said. I got on a train, I went up to Loretta. Beautiful scenic ride on the way up. It’s along the Adriatic side of Italy. I reached the Basilica. I go in the Basilica, it’s a beautiful Basilica. And the house is right there built a you know that the Basilica is built right around the house. I went up to the house I said a prayer and then I looked for Tom. And I remember it saying to doctor now how am I going to find him. I’m just going to go to Loretto. He said believe me walk around and you’ll find him. Sure enough there was an elderly man who was very frail, very thin, who was leaning up against the fence that surrounds the house. And I went up to him in English I said to him are you Thomas. And he looked up at me and he said, yes, I am in English.

So I said to him I’m Fr. Capoverdi Dr. Curran’s friend. He’s our mutual friend. And he looked and he said yes I’m going very well have a seat. So I was in my collar and he was sitting on the floor so I sat on the floor. And I sat next one so I said I was sitting next to him he get really beautiful man, very very holy, he was he was teaching me a lot of beautiful things. Actually he is the creator of the book called the Pieta. It’s a beautiful, it’s the blue book, that has a picture the Pieta on the cover and it has all beautiful prayers in it. It’s called the Pieta. I strongly recommend you get that book. It sold over 10 million copies this book that he authored.

So, years later, only a few weeks ago, I’m talking to Dr. Curran. And he says to me you do you remember that guy Tom Zimmer I told you to see in Italy many years ago. I said of course how could I forget what a holy man he was. And Dr. Curran said to me listen to this about what happened between Tom and I in the 1980’s. Dr. Curran said then in the 1980s he was talking to Tom Zimmer. And Tom Zimmer said to him, Claude, there’s a man right now who I believe in the future is going to lead America back to God. So Claude said who is this? Who is this guy? And Tom Zimmer said the man was going to in the future lead our country back to God is Donald J. Trump. And Dr. Curran said, you mean the New York Playboy? Like the guy and Tom Zimmer said believe me. I have a premonition that this is the man was going to do it in the future.

So what Thomas did, is at that time John Paul II opened the holy doors of the Vatican of St. Peter’s Basilica. And when he opened the holy doors for that year was for the whole year. When the doors are ready to close. The Vatican allows people to donate bricks that go inside the door. And you can put an inscription on the bricks of any intention you want. And those doors are closed in there sealed and they’re not open until the next time the the Vatican, the Pope decides to open the doors, for another holy year. So they shot sealed and all of the intentions that are on those bricks are prayed during the Holy Sacrifice of the mass at the Vatican, at that St. Peter’s. All the masses that the Pope says all the prayers that have prayed are all for the intentions of the inscriptions that are on these bricks time Zimmer in the 1980s donated a brick to be put in the holy door of the Vatican that said Donald J Trump. And he did that because he wanted those masses in the Vatican to be set for him. Because he knew that in the future this man was going to be a great leader of America, and bring Americans back to God. And look at just yesterday that his at Donald Trump’s rally. His wife prayed the Our Father in front of the whole crowd. It was just so warming and beautiful to hear a first lady praying the Our Father. This premonition I firmly believe that Tom Zimmer, this very holy hermit of Loretto, a promise would happen has been fulfilled.

Diana Larkin - MOUNTING PRESSURE - April 5, 2024

“The PRESSURE is MOUNTING all over the world. The deep darkness is feeling My HAND of JUDGMENT WEIGH HEAVILY UPON THEM. They are FRANTICALLY releasing every DIVERSION, SCARE TACTIC, and DEATH AGENDA that they have in their arsenals. The top leaders of evil are putting MOUNTING PRESSURE on those who serve them to STOP, BY ANY MEANS, the LIGHT that is EXPOSING their EVIL DEEDS and CORRUPT HEARTS. I AM BEHIND THE MOUNTING PRESSURE in the world. It is meant for the DARKNESS and NOT FOR YOU. You are to MARCH IN STEP with Me, My Forces of Light, and not be DISTRACTED by the FRANTIC MANEUVERS of the darkness. You FOCUS on SLAYING the GIANTS of FEAR, PLOTS of TYRANNY, and releasing EXPOSURE, JUDGMENT, and JUSTICE. Don’t get CAUGHT UP in feeling PRESSURED. Responding from PRESSURE makes you try to TAKE CONTROL, rather than TRUSTING My BATTLE STRATEGY and ORDERS. Watch, as the MOUNTING PRESSURE on the darkness causes them to release APRIL FOOLISHNESS SCHEMES that will BACKFIRE in the coming months, and it will BRING DOWN the whole HOUSE of CARDS. This MOUNTING PRESSURE will continue to BUILD until our FINAL VICTORY BREAKS THROUGH and TRUTH, PEACE, and PLENTY flood in.”

Diana Larkin - STIR IT UP! - April 4, 2024

“This morning you sensed the darkness STIRRING THINGS UP in the heavens. They are STIRRING their witch’s caldron of EVIL CURSES and SCHEMES of DESTRUCTION to unleash on your world. How do you COUNTERACT these DARK STIRRINGS? STIR UP THE LIGHT! STIR UP your VOICE and DECLARE My GOODNESS and My POWER. PSALM 149:6-9 (TPT) ‘God’s high and holy praises fill their mouths, for their shouted praises are their weapons of war! These warring weapons will bring vengeance on the nations and every resistant power—to bind kings with chains and rulers with iron shackles. Praise-filled warriors will enforce the judgment decreed against their enemies. This is the honor He gives to all His godly lovers. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!’ STIR UP the REPORTS in My Word of a God who RAISES the DEAD and who causes nations to be BORN IN A DAY. STIR UP and DECLARE the PROMISES and PROPHECIES I have given you and your Land. STIR UP the CELEBRATION SHOUTS and DECLARE, ‘We have the VICTORY through our Great God!’ Is the enemy STIRRING UP DARKNESS? You STIR UP the LIGHT because the LIGHT always OVERCOMES the darkness. STIR IT UP!”

Diana Larkin - STAND YOUR GROUND - April 3, 2024

“Let Me give you some SPIRITUAL INTEL from behind the scenes. Despite the BOASTING LIES of the enemy, spread by the LYING media, your enemies are LOSING GROUND RAPIDLY. Behind closed doors, FRANTIC, HALF-BAKED PLANS are being launched to try and stop the CRUMBLING of centuries-old plans for DOMINATION of your lives and the world. They are going to PULL OUT the BIG GUNS, and these are going to sound and look TERRIFYING; but I want you to remember they will only have the APPEARANCE of BIG GUNS because we have REMOVED much of the DEADLY POWER from these evil plans. This has been a true JOINT OPERATION with Heaven’s Forces, My Army of Light, and brave military and whistleblowers. The enemy is facing their PRECIPICE of DESTRUCTION—not you! Therefore, DO NOT COWER IN FEAR before a GIANT who is about to FALL. STAND YOUR GROUND and FLING your STONES OF FAITH into the MIND CONTROL the giant has had over the nations. You have your two Warrior Angels right by your sides, and My presence OVERSHADOWS you. BREAK the POWER of the LIES being spewed over the airwaves, WELCOME My TSUNAMI of TRUTH, and CALL FORTH the WINDS of CHANGE. THE VICTORY IS OURS!”

Diana Larkin - AWAKE, AWAKE! AWE AND WONDER AWAITS! - April 2, 2024

I was taken to the Throne Room this morning. I lay facedown before the steps up to His Throne in great awe and wonder of who He is and His great power. Frequencies were being sent out with a loud noise, and they rippled out onto the earth, impacting it and bringing great changes. He told me this was a critical time to stay close to His heart.
“Some voices want you to FOCUS on the coming DARKNESS, and they want you to be prepared for it. What is coming to your world is UNPRECEDENTED, so there really is no way to prepare yourself physically for it. What you can FOCUS on is AWAKENING to the AWE and WONDER that AWAITS. The darkness will be for A SHORT TIME, but a LONG FUTURE of living in My AWE and WONDER AWAITS you. The IMPORTANT PREPARATION for this season is to prepare your HEART to be STRONG and CONFIDENT in My LOVE and in My POWER and to be READY to SHARE My LOVE and My PROVISION to those around you. I AM FAITHFUL, and I will PROTECT you and PROVIDE for ALL your needs. As you experience the AWE and WONDER of My Rescue Operation, it will MARK you FOREVER with GRATEFULNESS and GREAT CONFIDENCE in who your God is. The AWE and WONDER that I DISPLAY will far OUTWEIGH the BRIEF DARKNESS, so FOCUS on what will REMAIN—a world CHANGED by My Kingdom coming in your midst. It is your FAITH, your PRAYERS, your AGREEMENT with Me that has made A WAY for My KINGDOM POWER and GLORY to be DISPLAYED. AWAKE, AWAKE! AWE AND WONDER AWAITS!”


The Lord says, he is to be acknowledged with honor and majesty. His work and his righteousness abides into the eons of the ages beyond. He gives to those who fear Him. He has declared to his people. The proclamation has been made and it stands forever into the ages beyond time. Here it is my righteousness endures forever. This is what the Sovereign Lord says. I revealed myself to those who did not seek me. I was found by those who did not ask for me. To a nation who did not call upon me, I said here I am here, I am. I spread forth my hands to a people resisting persuasion and speaking contrary to my face, says the Lord. Now as these words leave my mouth and enter the hearing of your ears. The Lord says, the truth of righteousness and God’s grace shall be hidden. The Lord says all of creation has now entered into the times of the Lord.

The Lord says he will no longer freely reveal himself. But the Lord says I must be sought out by my people. Now the Lord says, I will not keep silent but I will repay, says the Lord. I will number you for the sword and destroy. You shall bow down to the slaughter, says the Lord. When I called you did not answer. When I spoke you would not hear and chose that which is evil. Behold it is written, in my presence I shall not keep silent until I recompense, and I will recompense unto your bosom, your own Works, says the Lord. Behold, thus sayith the Lord God my servants shall eat. But you shall be hungry. My servants shall drink. But you shall be thirsty. The ones serving me shall rejoice, but you shall be ashamed. The one serving me shall sing for Joy of heart. But you shall lament and mourn for misery and sorrow of, in the grief of spirit, and from the destruction, says the Lord.

You shall leave your name behind as a by word and a curse to my chosen. For the Lord God will slay you and call his servants by another name. So that he who blesses himself in the Earth shall bless himself in the God of Truth. And when he swears in the earth he shall swear by the God of Truth. For he shall forget the afflictions of the former. For I create a new Heaven and a new Earth and the former shall not be remembered, says the Lord. The mouth of the Lord hath spoken oh nation and people. My righteousness endures forever, says the Lord.

Edward Umling - The THIRD Year - March 31, 2024

Today the Lord speaks as follows. He who has an let him hear. From today onward there’s a fitting song. Tireless words to the Timeless ages set forth in creation. Righteous men of the ages look to truth, and shun the evil of the ages. Eons of time and epochs of time for told of the ages is now to unfold. Summer is gone, fall has come, the winter is cold I have passed see how I change the season so fast the spring brings the fall to the market. The fall brings the fall of liberty to all. Look how the money falls this fall. Have I not warned have I not called? Behold I come in the fall. It came to pass after many days the word of the Lord came to the prophet of God. In year three, the third, go and appear to Ahab. This is the third year, says the Lord. A new time begins a time of trouble a time of trouble and hardship such as never was since man. Get ready for a shift in the heavenlies, says the Lord. Three years of hardship.

Next take note of these five, says the Lord. The Lord says take note of these five seats of power Iran, North Korea, Turkey, China Russia. Five Stones five words five fires five cities, Chesapeake Bay destroyed, says the Lord. I see in a Vision it’s an explosion an explosion right before me. Suddenly I hear these words, prices, explosion of prices. I see in another vision I saw teeth. I look closer at some of the teeth and they are chipped and broken. I see sharp edges on them. Suddenly I hear these words, nashing of teeth. The shift in the heavenly bodies occurs this month, the demonic realm. Chosen will be separated set apart. A separation between good and evil becomes visible luminaries begin to move about in the heavens. Let sorrow approach says the Lord the fearful and the unbelieving shall fall. The wise shall have understanding. No justice shall remain in the land. Truth shall be absent, gone. The way of life shall be maligned. Those possessing knowledge of the truth will pass it in secret to those seeking God. The opposition of light and darkness will become apparent to the world. My Chosen shall depart, says the Lord. I close with the following.

My Chosen, my elect, my faithful, my bride, my church. My People by my side. I call I direct I prepare their steps to walk with me in the despair. The winds of adversity they bear only to behold the blessings they share. This is the way walk ye in it. To the left and to the right it’s a word they hear. Here I am, I come near to take your hand. Walk with me as I traverse this land to purge thee evil at my hand. Stay by me at the father’s hands, he will share my grace at hand. Dine at my table, suck with me, declare my words to those with thee. Here I am, says the Lord, to take you home no more to o to behold, says the Lord.

Diana Larkin - A COVENANT GOD - April 1, 2024

GENESIS 9:12-13 (AMP) “And God said, ‘This is the token (visible symbol, memorial) of the (solemn) covenant which I am making between Me and you and every living creature that is with you, for all future generations; I set My rainbow in the clouds, and it shall be a sign of a covenant between Me and the earth.’” HEBREWS 13:20 (NASB) “Now the God of peace, who brought up from the dead the great Shepherd of the sheep through the blood of the eternal covenant, even Jesus our Lord,”
“Because I AM A COVENANT GOD, you can FOREVER TRUST My PROMISES, My POWER, and My FAITHFULNESS. My RAINBOW is the SIGN of the COVENANT with Noah to BLESS the earth and to BLESS you through the earth. It has to do with seedtime and harvest and My faithfulness to PRESERVE the heritage of LIFE. There is a COVENANT that is SUPERIOR to all other covenants, and it was agreed upon between the Father and the Son BEFORE TIME BEGAN. It is the ETERNAL COVENANT of the BLOOD established through the SACRIFICIAL DEATH of the Son, and RATIFIED in His RESURRECTION from the dead. When you choose to have your sin COVERED by the BLOOD of Jesus, you enter into this ETERNAL COVENANT, and all of its BENEFITS become yours. Here are some of the promises of this eternal covenant: SALVATION, HEALING, DELIVERANCE, PROTECTION, PRESERVATION, PROVISION, WHOLENESS, HOLINESS, being set in a WIDE OPEN place, and PEACE. When your life, your family, your nation is NOT experiencing these COVENANT BENEFITS, it is time to CALL FORTH those covenant promises. Holy Spirit will REVEAL areas where SIN is BLOCKING the COVENANT PROMISE. Sometimes it is stopping the enemy from STEALING OR BLOCKING the COVENANT PROMISES. Learn to STAND on your covenant promises, and PULL them from the ETERNAL REALM into your life. When things look DARK or DISCOURAGING, remember the RAINBOW and DECLARE that I AM A COVENANT KEEPING GOD. I will NOT abandon you or your covenant nation. Keep standing in FAITH on My ETERNAL COVENANT and CALL IT FORTH over your life and your Nation. Always remember, I AM A COVENANT GOD.”

Diana Larkin - THE FREQUENCY OF HEAVEN - March 31, 2024

“Everything in creation gives off a FREQUENCY. This is why you feel PEACE when you listen to a bubbling brook or joyous birdsong—you are TUNING to THE FREQUENCY OF HEAVEN. Because the enemy can NO LONGER ENTER THE FREQUENCY OF HEAVEN, he seeks to DISRUPT My GOOD FREQUENCIES with his DESTRUCTIVE ones. He sows STRIFE, CONFUSION, DECEPTION, FEAR, and EVIL DESIRES anywhere he can. LEARN to be more AWARE of what the SOURCE is for the FREQUENCY you are experiencing. If you are feeling STRESSED, WORRIED, POWERLESS, WORTHLESS, realize you have TUNED to the enemy’s frequency of HATE, LIES, and DIVISION. Did you know you have been given the POWER and the AUTHORITY to SHIFT A DARK ATMOSPHERE to THE FREQUENCY OF HEAVEN? YOUR VOICE CARRIES A FREQUENCY. If you are COMPLAINING, FEARFUL, or CRITICAL, you are operating in the enemy’s frequencies. When you speak words of FORGIVENESS, LOVE, and BLESSING, you are releasing THE FREQUENCY OF HEAVEN. Have you noticed when you WORSHIP Me, the PROBLEMS you are facing are SUDDENLY much SMALLER? You are REPLACING the FOCUS from the CHALLENGES you face, to My GREATNESS and My POWER. Your voice is ALIGNING with HEAVEN’S FREQUENCIES and that ATMOSPHERE of HEAVEN fills every part of you with its LIGHT, PEACE, POWER, and JOY. That’s why I sent WORSHIPERS before an army because the FREQUENCY they released, sent the POWER of Heaven against a dark enemy. The people SHOUTING and BLOWING TRUMPETS around the walls of Jericho, sent FREQUENCIES of LIGHT BLASTING through the WICKED WALLS and they IMPLODED. LEARN to be AWARE of what FREQUENCY you are TUNED to. Are you experiencing FEAR, DEPRESSION, CONFUSION? These are the frequencies of darkness. TAKE AUTHORITY over those atmospheres and CALL FORTH THE FREQUENCY OF HEAVEN. Call forth My LIGHT, My PEACE, and My JOY to replace any darkness. When you DECREE and DECLARE, you are sending out HEAVEN’S FREQUENCY to INVADE and CONQUER any darkness that has been given a place. Part of bringing in the KINGDOM AGE is calling forth THE FREQUENCY OF HEAVEN.”

Diana Larkin - LEVERY IDOL WILL FALL - March 30, 2024

I was awakened at 5:37 a.m.this morning by a voice saying, “Isaiah 2:15 (TPT) ‘against every high tower and every fortress wall.’” I believe Isaiah 2 describes the time we are living in…the establishing of the Mountain of the Lord—the Kingdom Age.
“This season of PAINFUL TRANSITION will have a GOOD ENDING. What is being BORN out of this GREAT CONFLICT between DARK and LIGHT is a new KINGDOM ERA. The Rescue Operation is for your Nation but also for the REST of the WORLD. Your Nation will serve as an EXAMPLE of My POWER to SAVE and to DELIVER from DEEP DARKNESS, DEPRAVITY, and DEATH. You will be a MODEL of how to REBUILD on My foundations of JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS. Your rightful leader will DISCIPLE leaders of other nations in My WAYS, and NEW LIFE and FREEDOM will SPRING UP across the earth. When you see My new KINGDOM ERA, you will be DELIGHTED and you will know everything you FOUGHT FOR and SUFFERED THROUGH was so WORTH IT. Keep this VISION of a new era of FREEDOM and LIFE before your eyes, and you will FIGHT VALIANTLY until the VICTORY. You will see Me BRING DOWN the IDOLS  men have WORSHIPED. ISAIAH 2:12 (TPT) ‘The Lord of Angel Armies has a day of humiliation in store for all the high and mighty, for all who are proud and self-exalting. They will be brought low.’ I AM: vs. 15 ‘against every high tower and every fortress wall.’ That is I AM BRINGING DOWN PROUD ACADEMIA and every structure that EXALTS MAN’S THOUGHTS OVER MY THOUGHTS. I AM TOPPLING every FORTRESS WALL that has been erected to keep you LOCKED AWAY from FREEDOM and that kept the darkness PROTECTED from JUDGMENT and JUSTICE. Vs. 17-18 ‘People’s arrogance will be conquered and brought low, and those proud of heart will be humiliated. Only one will be exalted in that day: Yahweh! Every worthless idol will utterly pass away.’ Do not grow FAINT of HEART as the battle INTENSIFIES because EVERY IDOL WILL FALL, the ARROGANT will be BROUGHT LOW, all their GRANDIOSE PLANS of POWER and CONTROL will be SMASHED, and a new day will dawn on the long-awaited KINGDOM AGE of PEACE and PLENTY.” 

Diana Larkin - LEARN TO VALUE WHAT I VALUE - March 29, 2024

“If you will LEARN TO VALUE WHAT I VALUE, you will find that you are not easily DECEIVED about people. Much of My Church JUDGES leaders by the WORLD’S STANDARDS and not MY STANDARDS. Much of My Church no longer teaches people to be INTIMATE with Me and to KNOW Me and My VOICE PERSONALLY; they have SUBSTITUTED KNOWLEDGE of My written Word in the place of a SPIRITUAL, EMOTIONAL, and a HEART CONNECTION to Me. This leaves My people open to making IDOLS of LEADERS, STARS, or the WEALTHY and POWERFUL. The human heart NEEDS someone to LOVE and ADMIRE and if I AM just a set of WORDS and DO’S and DON’TS, then your heart will LOOK for someone real to FOCUS on. When you IDOLIZE someone, it’s very DIFFICULT to SEE their FLAWS or to DISCERN that they are wearing a MASK of OUTWARD BEHAVIOR that HIDES INWARD CORRUPTION. If you will answer My INVITATION to KNOW Me on a HEART LEVEL, your WORSHIP of Me will pour forth from a GRATEFUL HEART, and you will NOT be DRAWN to make IDOLS of men. Discernment grows from KNOWING Me in all My HOLINESS, FAITHFULNESS, and LOVE. Those who truly know Me will RECOGNIZE OUTWARD RELIGIOUS BEHAVIOR that is only MASQUERADING a heart of WARPED MOTIVES and DESIRES. All the IDOLS ARE COMING DOWN in this harvest season, and you will save yourself HEARTACHE from watching them fall if you have asked Me to EXPOSE any IDOLS in your hearts, and you agree to LAY THEM DOWN and to FULLY give your HEART to Me. LEARN TO VALUE WHAT I VALUE. I VALUE a SERVANT HEART who serves others in LOVE and HUMILITY. I HONOR those who LOVE WELL—their spouses, their families, their brothers and sisters in the faith, and those I place in their sphere of influence. I have HIGH REGARD for those who PURSUE a SECRET LIFE of INTIMACY with Me. You will sense My PRESENCE when you are around them. If you will SET YOUR HEART to KNOW Me and ASK Me to SHOW you what I VALUE, you will be able to DISCERN who people really are. When IDOLS FALL, you won’t be CRUSHED because you have given your WHOLE HEART to Me, and you have LEARNED TO VALUE WHAT I VALUE.”  

Diana Larkin - THE APRIL FOOLS - March 28, 2024

“Watch as a DESPERATE enemy continues to try and STOP your rightful leader from FULFILLING his CALL from Me to SAVE the children, to UNCOVER evil agendas and people, and to REBUILD your Nation on RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE. These APRIL FOOLS will continue to SPIN TALLER TALES, BIGGER LIES, and try to launch SCARIER WORLD EVENTS. The ground is CRUMBLING beneath these ARROGANT PLOTTERS, and as they try to OUTRUN their DESTRUCTION, they will try any APRIL FOOLISH plan they can find. Forces of Light, I want you to CALL for My Spirit of TRUTH to UNCOVER and EXPOSE these TALL TALES, the HUGE WEB OF LIES, and then CANCEL the POWER behind their SCARE EVENTS. LAUGH at the APRIL FOOLS attempts to stop the AVALANCHE of EXPOSURE, JUDGMENT and JUSTICE that is headed into their camp. Demons HATE it when you LAUGH at their TACTICS instead of responding in FEAR and ANXIETY. In fact, your FAITH-FILLED LAUGHTER will send CONFUSION and APRIL FOOLISH DESPERATION into their camp. Don’t let their MOUNTING, FRANTIC SCHEMES cause you FEAR! Instead, see these arrogant plotters for what they are—THE APRIL FOOLS.”

Unknown Prophet - *BLESSINGS* Are Coming! But First... - March 27, 2024

This word came to me back on the 10th of last month. And the father spoke to me and said son, no vision tonight, just my word. He said speak this out for me, speak it into the atmosphere so that all will have access to it. As I God spoke previously it is time highlighted. I am as of now beginning to call out those who are trying to destroy my country. This country that I have accepted as my own. You who are not only trying to destroy this country, but many of the countries of this world that I have created. You would not only destroy my countries, but you would destroy my people as well. You who would attempt to set up a one world government for yourselves know this, I will not allow it. That is highlighted. Yes, it is me, the Lord God of this universe speaking to you.

There will be a one One World Government. But it will be set up under my hand, and the head of it will be my son. Both items highlighted. Yes, he will reign for a thousand years, but it will be a Reign for good. What you are trying to do is set up a government to be run by evil. To be run for your benefit. You see yourselves as Gods, but you are not. I am. Sad for you that you do not believe in me for it will come as a shock when you find it out and it will be too late. Hear me now, I am beginning to move my hand against you, and I will destroy you. I will not allow you to continue this move any longer. I will destroy the move,. You have already damaged my people and my Earth and now I will damage you.

Very soon one of your main leaders will no longer be Your Leader. By this you will know that I have begun what I have spoken. Some of you may try to reverse your role and move into another direction to save yourselves. Know this, most of you have gone past the point of change. There is no turning back for you. You will answer to me, highlighted. This that I bring forth now will not be the end no there is much more to do yet. But it will be the beginning of a time for many to come to me for salvation. A time for many to be taught about my word, to be matured in my faith. To be raised up to go forth and disciple, peoples, churches, cities, and governments, in my name. It will be a time of blessing before the end comes. A time for repentance and moving out under my hand does this sound too good to be true do you think my arm is too short to accomplish this? Is my hand too weak? It is not. that’s highlighted. You will see what I am starting and you who know me Will Rejoice this is my word the word of the Lord, thus says the Lord.

Diana Larkin - PLANS FORMED LONG AGO - March 27, 2024

“This RESCUE OPERATION is UNFOLDING from PLANS FORMED LONG AGO. If you listen to the FALSE PROPHET MEDIA, they will convince you that the TYRANTS are IN CONTROL and that they have the POWER to UNLEASH COUNTLESS DEATH AGENDAS and SCARE TACTICS. NOT SO! You don’t know this, but MANY of their dark SCHEMES have been STOPPED or greatly LESSENED by My STRONG RIGHT ARM, the PRAYERS of the REMNANT, and My mighty HOSTS. One day, it will be UNCOVERED, and you will see all the ATTACKS and DARK PLANS that your FAITH and WARFARE TURNED BACK. Why are some plans of the darkness succeeding—or at least partially succeeding? It is because so many people are still ASLEEP to the DANGER and CLUELESS about the LIES that surround them. The people must be SHAKEN OUT OF THEIR DECEPTION, APATHY, and COMPLACENCY in order for your Nation to be able to enter into the new KINGDOM ERA. As My Forces of Light continue to PUSHBACK all the death agendas and CRY for EXPOSURE, it will LESSEN the DESTRUCTION and DEVASTATION the DESPERATE DARKNESS unleashes. SHAKEN AWAKE, the world will realize they have been RESCUED by Me from PLANS FORMED LONG AGO.”
ISAIAH 25:1 (AMP) “O Lord, You are my God; I will exalt You, I will praise and give thanks to Your name; for You have done miraculous things, plans formed long, long ago, (fulfilled) with perfect faithfulness.”

Diana Larkin - SO MANY LIES… - March 26, 2024

“SO MANY LIES have been told to you about your WORLD, your HISTORY, and who I AM. These LIES were SPAWNED in hell and spread by those who chose to PARTNER with DARKNESS for POWER and WEALTH. These LIES have been told for CENTURIES, OBSCURING REALITY and DUPING people into worshiping FALSE GODS and even worshiping a FALSE IMAGE of who I AM. I have kept a REMNANT in every age who CARRIED My TRUTH BURNING IN THEIR BONES. Through the ages, they have been MARTYRED, JAILED, and SILENCED by the INFILTRATION of the demonic into My Church. And yet, the TRUTH COULD NOT BE STOMPED OUT NOR SILENCED FOREVER because I AM TRUTH, and those who truly KNOW ME CARRY THE FLAME OF TRUTH in their hearts. You have been MOCKED, SILENCED, and THREATENED for carrying that FLAME of TRUTH and for DARING to LET IT SHINE. Because you have REFUSED to BACK DOWN from who you know I AM—a SUPERNATURAL, WONDER-WORKING GOD—you will receive the GREATEST REWARDS in the new KINGDOM ERA. You have been CHAMPIONS of My TRUE CHARACTER, and you have BELIEVED My PROMISES of EXPOSURE and RESCUE. Your VINDICATION will be AMAZING, and you will be HONORED when the TRUTH you UPHELD is REVEALED. Watch, as I continue to EXPOSE the LIES your world has been told. My SHINING REMNANT, walk in the LIGHT and POWER of who I AM.”

Edward Umling - Two decrees four edicts - March 25, 2024

Today let’s listen to what this man has to say about once, twice, third time. Let’s hear him out on the matter once twice third time, on the third. The dragon plans to launch, the dragon seeks supremacy, once, twice, third time. Today, tomorrow, and the next day. Justice comes quick justice comes suddenly, justice comes now. Behold here I am, says the Lord. Count again once, twice, third time, and watch the sky Over the Horizon. Here it come, says the Lord. Not the first not the second. Put a king over them. But third surprises, unforeseen events. A cruel and fierce King shall rule over you. Challenges awaits this people challenges, challenges, many challenges, says the Lord. Thus saith the Lord, once, twice, third time. See how I moved the Nations, now I move upon your nation America. You who dwell by many waters in our rich and treasure your end has come and your ill-gotten gains are gone.

For when the signal of the Battle Flag is hoisted and the sound is heard, let all the world take notice. Take a look at this word of knowledge, the dragon will rage War. Hear the word of the Lord December is the month I change the land. December is the month I move this land December is the time I visit Calamity. Say it again, December, December, December, says the Lord. Mark your calendar, December 25th in America will be unrecognizable. The very words to the songs they sing shall be words of lamentation and weeping.

Listen to this night vision it’s very dark. I’m somewhere and it’s dark. I perceive there s fear in the surroundings. I hear the thoughts of people. They are saying War. There’s war. It’s that country whose coat of arms is the Dragon no one said anything but the thoughts were audible to me. War in the not too distant future. Downward, says the Lord. The numbers are 910 America your number is 910. The red dragon. The red dragon has plans to infiltrate infrastructure surreptitiously, secretly, in a way that avoids notice or attention. To gain information for the purpose of taking down the nation’s infrastructure. I hear take down the electrical grid, lights out, lights out. Grid down grid down, take away the electrical grid lights going out soon.

I saw a picture of the Constitution come before me. It had some lines missing I was looking at the first paragraph of the words I’m not exactly sure but I think it started off something like we the people. Then the paragraph disappeared, the words moved off of the page, the paper was still there but the words were gone they disappeared. There is death coming to this nation. Falling in a free fall, hits with a bang, confusion rises to power dismantle the nation, says the Lord. Scatter its inhabitants, says the Lord. Remove its money desecrate its pride remove its Crown silence their voices says the Lord. America and your voice shall no longer be heard among the Nations, says the Lord.

I no longer uphold you America, yes the ringing of that Bell heard around the world shall be heard no more. This sound will be the relinquishing of your nation’s sovereignty. This will be the retirement of your country’s Constitution. The Flag America says the Lord a country disappears off the map. Lowering the flag, speaking of benediction, moving on. I no longer uphold you America I have departed, says the Lord.

Diana Larkin - PERILOUS TIMES AND ABUNDANT TIMES - March 25, 2024

“I have shown My prophetic voices that PERILOUS TIMES are coming, but some of these voices have MISAPPLIED these revelations as being PERILOUS TIMES for the whole world. These are NOT PERILOUS TIMES for My people; rather, these are TIMES of ABUNDANCE. Does that sound IMPOSSIBLE to you that I could bring PERIL to the DARKNESS while PRESERVING My people and SUPPLYING them out of My ABUNDANCE? I really am that GOOD and I really am that POWERFUL. The PERILOUS TIMES will bring about the DESTRUCTION  of your enemies. The destructive plans they had for you will BOOMERANG back onto them. Why are you giving your EMOTIONAL ENERGY to ANXIOUS THOUGHTS of HOW to PROVIDE and PROTECT yourself? If you INVESTED your TIME and EMOTIONAL ENERGY in SEEKING Me, BELIEVING My PROMISES, and ENTERING into My PEACE, you would find yourself in a place of ABUNDANCE. In this place of PEACE, I will give you any STEPS to take that will result in My ABUNDANCE coming to you. My ABUNDANCE is not just financial. It is UNEXPECTED PROVISION, an INCREASE of FAITH and ANOINTING, great PEACE and deep JOY. It is providing you with an OVERFLOW that you can SHARE with others. DO NOT CHOOSE TO BELIEVE THE PERILOUS TIMES ARE FOR YOU! Instead, choose to BELIEVE in the SUPERNATURAL ABUNDANCE and DEEP LOVE of your Father.”


“As the DESPERATE darkness continues to LAUNCH CHAOS and DEATH AGENDAS, I want you to know that their FRANTIC ATTEMPTS to gain back POWER and CONTROL are only STOKING THEIR FIERY FURNACE HOTTER AND HOTTER. Your VALIANT PUSHBACK, Forces of Light, are REMOVING much of the DESTRUCTION of the DARK SCHEMES and as you RELEASE PEACE into the atmosphere, it is CONQUERING the CHAOS and EXPOSING who set the chaos up. The darkness is NOT going to GET AWAY with ANYTHING—even if it SEEMS like their JUDGMENT and JUSTICE is DELAYED. There is a FULLNESS of TIME coming when these dark agendas will become so EVIL that the MASSES will AWAKEN from their STUPOR and will realize they need My RESCUE. The full harvest of what the EVIL ones have SOWN will be REAPED, as they are SHOVED into the FIERY FURNACE of THEIR OWN MAKING. They have made their own PUNISHMENT by what they planned for you and each REBELLIOUS and EVIL ACT will serve as FUEL to HEAT their FIERY FURNACE HOTTER AND HOTTER until it CONSUMES them. The earth will OPEN UP and SWALLOW them, and you will see them no more. This is the future coming for the darkness so DO NOT FEAR, but STAND STRONG in Me, Forces of Light! We will PREVAIL, and your REWARD and CELEBRATION will be great! Just remember, THEY ARE STOKING THEIR FIERY FURNACE HOTTER AND HOTTER.”

Diana Larkin - DID YOU HEAR ME? - March 23, 2024

“I AM asking My Army of Light if you have HEARD MY LAST ORDERS TO YOU? This is a season of CHANGE that you have never walked through before, and it REQUIRES WALKING CLOSELY with Me and OBEYING My INSTRUCTIONS and PROMPTINGS. Have I asked you to LAY SOMETHING DOWN? It could be an OLD WAY of doing MINISTRY. Have I been talking to you about spending too much TIME pursuing DRAMA-SPINNERS, who keep you coming back with FEAR BAIT? Have I been CALLING you to SPEND QUALITY TIME with Me, PURSUING My HEART, and LEARNING to HEAR My VOICE? Maybe you think OBEYING these kinds of promptings isn’t all that IMPORTANT; but I AM telling you that NOT OBEYING Me will BLOCK you from the BEST things in life that I have for you. It’s like you CONTINUALLY asking Me for MORE and for INCREASE in your life, but your arms are FULL OF THINGS I’VE ASKED YOU TO LAY ASIDE so that I then can RELEASE THE BEST TO YOU. The FRUIT of OBEDIENCE is FREEDOM, PEACE, and FRUITFULNESS. When you, IN FAITH, LET GO of what I AM asking you to let go of, then I will FILL you with a SIGNIFICANT LIFE like you’ve only DREAMED of having. OBEDIENCE CUTS OFF the WORK of the enemy in your life. Watch your life SUDDENLY BLOSSOM and GROW—OBEDIENCE IS THE WATER AND FERTILIZER of your FUTURE. DID YOU HEAR ME? TRUST Me and OBEY Me, and enter into My JOY and BLESSING.”    

ThereseMarie74 - Exposed - March 23, 2024

Jesus says, “Mockingbird operation is about to be exposed. The fake News Media is falling. The News Media Corporation is falling. The Banking System is collapsing every single day. The leaders of the BRICS nations shook hands in glee and the brothers of Goliath are standing in glee thinking they have won. They don’t see that I the Lord am going to flip the tables over and the tables of the money changers are going to come crashing down on them. “The wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous.” [Proverbs 13:22]. All these bankers and even the little people who think they have secured their portfolios in gold are about to discover that all their work to accumulate their storehouses of money will be taken away from them. It is about to get very ugly for them. It is about to get very ugly for those who put love of money before love of God. It is written, “The love of money is the root of all evil.” [1 Timothy 6:10].

Everything is about to go down. Everything is about to go dark as you would say. The days of darkness are coming but look for the cloud and the pillar of fire in the darkness. Remember I came to the Israelites in a pillar of fire. Listen to Me carefully. You may take these words literally. Follow the book of Exodus. Read the book of Exodus to know the steps of the great Exodus in this era. In the book of Exodus you had the ninth plague when darkness fell over the land. You can find this in chapter 10 of Exodus. Then it says in Exodus 11:1, ….

Shirley Lise - CHANGING OF THE SEASON - March 22, 2024

I’ll begin reading this word. Position yourself for great gain, says the Lord. Open the eyes of your understanding to see that I have done a great thing in the land. That I have reached out across the borders and United Hearts In My Kingdom for my kingdom purposes. I have overcome barriers, torn down blockades, and released a fresh revelation of my kingdom into the hearts and lives of those who have truly sought me. I have broken through resistance, and made a display of my splendor to the Nations. Know this says the Lord, that I cannot be contained or restricted by the hands of men. That I override Authority given to men to establish my own parameters, and will not be boxed In by the status quo. I am not a respector of persons but freely give to any who would come unto me. And I will send my spirit forth into the lives of men women and children who desperately seek me.

You will see that I am not pleased with those who lorded over those in their midst. And that I am taking authority out of their hands and placing my heart and my rule into the hands of those qualified by me. As I do they shall stand up and take notice of what I am doing. They shall look on and understand the times and seasons have changed. That a new order divinely appointed by the Lord God their maker has been put into place. They will look on and observe what I have done and know that I have positioned my spokespersons within their midst to make known these mysteries. Their hearts will be changed and they will embrace the move of my spirit to take those of no reputation to the Nations, says the Lord. This is the time and season of the great intake of a harvest from the nations. And my harvesters are sitting on the brink ready to be thrust out into the fields. The groundwork has been done and the way has been made straight there is no more delay. Multitudes who are in the valley of decision will be confronted with a choice as to whom they will serve. Watch and you will see the nations tremble as I release a wave of of my spirit that will bring multitudes into my kingdom. In this hour position yourself for movement out of the comfort zone and onto front lines. Be ready to be moved out at a moment’s notice.

Diana Larkin - THINGS WILL BE DIFFERENT BUT BETTE - March 22, 2024

“Entering into a NEW ERA will require LEAVING BEHIND FAMILIAR WAYS of doing things. It will mean BRAVELY LEAVING BEHIND the PAST and TRUSTING My HEART and My PROMISES for a NEW DAY. What I have for you in this NEW ERA is so much BETTER, so much more LIFE-GIVING, so much more FREE, and so much more PEACEFUL. Life as you know it is going to COMPLETELY CHANGE—but it will be a change for the BETTER. There will be an UNCOMFORTABLE TRANSITION period while EVIL STRUCTURES and ROOTS are TORN DOWN and PULLED UP. You are in this TRANSITION time now and that is why I continually CALL you to COME CLOSE to My HEART, feel My LOVE for you, and TUNE to My VOICE so that I can GUIDE and DIRECT you. Will you join Me in CALLING FORTH LIFE and PEACE out of the DESTRUCTION and CHAOS the darkness unleashes? Do you TRUST Me? Do you BELIEVE I have the POWER to PROTECT you and to PROSPER you even in the midst of the STORM? Will you LET GO of the FAMILIAR so that I can put the SUPERIOR into your hands? Put your hand in Mine, and WALK BRAVELY into a NEW DAY, a NEW ERA of GREAT PEACE and PLENTY. THINGS WILL BE DIFFERENT, BUT BETTER.”


This morning I was led to release two Warrior Hosts to each member of the Army of Light to help and support us in this battle of dark to Light. As I ascended to meet the Father, He took me to the Council Chamber of Heaven, and I greeted the Elders and was warmly received, as I stood behind my assigned Elder. The Father spoke:
“We want you to bring this message to the VALIANT Army of Light. These are STRATEGIC TIMES that call for STRATEGIC WEAPONS, and STRATEGIC WARFARE. The battle will become FIERCE, but I have made you FIERCER than anything that arises to CHALLENGE you and your FREEDOMS. Since you know how STRATEGIC this TIME is, you MUST STAY CONNECTED to My HEART and have your EAR OPEN to My INSTRUCTIONS. You will need STRATEGIC WEAPONS: DECLARING and DECREEING My Word and My promises, ARROW PRAYERS that I INSPIRE that will STRIKE THE MARK and bring DESTRUCTION to enemy plans, and SPEAKING OUT for TRUTH and FREEDOM that EXPOSES LIES and HIDDEN AGENDAS. STRATEGIC WARFARE means you DEPLOY those weapons WHERE and WHEN I direct you to, and they will be POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE. You have been ASSIGNED two powerful WARRIOR HOST—learn how to work with them. The PRECIPICE is LOOMING in this war. It may LOOK LIKE it’s the PRECIPICE for your Nation and your freedoms, but I tell you that it is the PRECIPICE for the EVIL EMPIRE. They will SLIDE DOWN the PRECIPICE THEY MADE FOR YOU, into DEEP DARKNESS and CAPTIVITY. Get your heart and mind ALIGNED with Mine, and our VICTORY awaits on the other side of STRATEGIC TIMES, STRATEGIC WEAPONS, and STRATEGIC WARFARE.”

Outpouring Gates - The Eclipse of April 8th! God Told Me More! - March 20, 2024

I understand the story of Jonah. I understand the time frame of Egypt and today is around the three days of darkness. I understand all of this. But I’m going to share some things that are going to happen afterward. I know many people think that on that day something’s going to happen, no it’s not. I’ll tell you that. Um there’s a pattern to God, okay. And many times when he gives a sign that is the day in the appointment only. Uh many times when he gives a sign he makes sure the sign is understood. Because if there was a sign and then devastation there’s no need for the sign just give the devastation. God is a straightforward God and he wants you to get the point, and it’s not to get destroyed but to get Mercy, to get Grace, to get understanding, and pivot to the justified way of righteousness. Faithfulness and your service towards the Lord and servant of the Lord. Basically y’all making a making your life an offering to God because he is he has to be Lord of your life. All right don’t expect to go to the kingdom without making him Lord of your life, okay.

So, a sign right, a sign, now God has been speaking to me about the things for America afterward. Oh America, oh America, I tell you the truth as I feel the Lord speaking through me he says this is the time of the yes and no America. I Hear the Lord say this is the time of the yes and no. Where your nose will have consequences, says the Lord. And your yeses to my name will cause preservation. I see the Lord show me that the righteousness will be in a fence. Like a literal fence of a flock. Like literal sheep in a fence in the spirit. I see a hedge of protection over pockets. Pockets around the nation, multiple different states where there are these circles of protection. Guys I tell you that this this, sign is a great sign. All right and it speaks on many layers many layers that that I don’t care how much you speculate I don’t care how much you connect the levels and Mysteries of this needs God’s revelation to get it all. You cannot figure this out by thought it’s too deep.

The Lord showed me today that get ready for disease. Get ready for a terrible disease that’s going to give a yes and no response to the Lord and God is waiting to listen. See we got to take righteousness to the next level. It’s got to be taken to the next level it can’t be based on story books it now has to be applicable, applied, actually manifestations and evidence, existence of God’s word showing up in your life. How many times does it really show up. I mean be honest with yourself Church. The Lord showed me that there’s coming disease. A great disease and I know this disease is going to divide people’s faith of fear and righteousness. Many people will have Encounters of God, and many people will counter counteract against God rejecting him. Because of fear will be too loud.

America get ready your yes and no is coming. You’re going to have to decide. There’s no more bushes there’s no more lukewarm. I tell you if you want to fit in that church get ready to be spit out the spitting out is coming very soon. it’s coming real soon so get ready for a military action America’s about to be dragged into a war deeper and it’s going to involve more of the Middle East. A deep deep dive into this war America will have. Something else that’s going to take place. Get ready for a weather you’ve never seen before. Weather you have never seen before. I mean really haven’t seen before . You’re talking about storms hurricanes that seem to be as big as America. You’re talking about about hurricanes that that just seem to never end like the rain will last for days and days and days there will be there will be total coastlines East Coast will be completely torrential rain this year. There’s a lot of torrential rain.  Get ready for things in the Antarctic to show up.

Sign signs wonders in the Antarctic because it’s melting. Get ready for a great pole shift polar activity of a shift in the in the locations of where it used to be understand some of these governments aren’t just trying to kill you with what they spray they’re trying to lie to you so you don’t understand how bad the actual Earth has shifted from where it used to be. Many times you’re seeing things that are being uh released in the sky to dumb you down to say oh it’s not that bad.

Okay. Church get ready for a shout. Get ready for a great shout. It’s like a sound alarm for the rest of the church to wake up. I tell you this this uh this eclipse, this sign and wonder, is going to give you a great clarity of who are the fired up ones, and those who have missed the fire. All right, Church get ready for denominations to fall. Because it just won’t keep up to the destruction. It won’t keep up to the to the level of sickness. And certain denominations of the word of God that don’t have access to the Holy Ghost will not make it. Um, you won’t make it, nope. You won’t. You have to take the word of God, give him a Clean Plate, a free slate, and say God. You fill me with your word and let me walk that way let me believe on what your spirit is really saying. I don’t need someone at a pulpit telling me nothing wrong with that. But if they’re not Spirit-filled, you don’t need someone at the pulpit talking to you. All right you have the Holy Ghost a counselor spend some time privately with faith excelled to give God his time to give him his time to speak to you. …

Last thing I want to say about this eclipse, afterward. Politics will seem literally like an arena. There will be like boxing matches. It seems like in the political arena. There will be chaos in the White House. Understand this. There will be chaos in the White House. There will be some kind of dismantling. It will look like it’s foundationally sound. But in another view, you will see the White House is totally shambles. Something terrible, something of a like it’s deforming, if the White House was forming into something else is deforming it’s degrading from within. There is a section I keep seeing this in the vision it’s like a section of the White House the right side whatever that is and this does go underground. But there’s a section of the White House that is literally causing a deforming of it. Where it used to be formed on foundations. The foundations of the White House are very slim to none now.

I tell you that’s a great compromise and it’s going to show itself it’s going to be great exposure guys. This is a time of faith or fear. This is why you’re seeing the signs of Jonah the places of Nineveh is crossing. Is saying what will you choose. We’re coming into a night and day scenario where you won’t be able to say, um you’re not a believer or you are. You will know it because of the way things are happening around certain people. You will start to find out oh my gosh these worshippers they’re not being touched by certain things. Why is why are they not being touched? What is going on? You’re going to have Gentiles people who are atheists people who are lukewarm will understand I’m not in the right place. My life has turned into a perilous moment and yet these righteous ones who say Jesus is Lord they’re having an actual increase in the fallout. They’re having an increase in the downpour.

They’re having an increase and open doors and new chapters, and opportunities brought to them. While all the doors are shut to me while hell is approaching my door while darkness is speaking in the sound of darkness has found me. Church you’re going to not have to wonder are you a believer. There will be evidence sound evidence in the making of manifestations in the making of what God’s word is. Those who literally say I have reprogramed my mind into a virgin mindset of just the pure word. These will shine. I’m telling you, these will shine. You’re coming into a divide of Night and Day. So heavy, that you can’t even understand. I tell you you’re going to know some people are believers by physical appearance just because certain sicknesses did not find them. You will find believers in hospitals healing. You’re going to see a change of the power structure where power that is invisible by the almighty God is going to showcase and take forth center stage. You’re going to find people who have been bound by the love message of God come out in the open exposed bringing in Heavenly wisdom and Revelation. People you thought were just literal nobodies, nomads. People you would pass by and look over seven times over. Twice over man.

I heard the Lord say, America choose. Grace has come, but Grace is coming more with a type of rawness, a rough edge, a rough patch, of a season for America. It’s a rough patch. I’m telling you, it will be a rough patch with Victory. This is the thing you have to understand it’s not just going to be bitter. There is a bitter suweet there is a Revival there is a exposure but things have to be surfaced that are very deep and this is in the church’s heart as a whole. I saw the Lord in a vision this this previously three or 4 days ago. I saw a city that was covered in darkness and I saw the Lord show me what he had to do to get the darkness out the people. And I found out in this Vision that the people were putting darkness in the city, the city wasn’t dark. Because the people were dark the city was dark. Understand your dominion and even though you don’t believe in God and choose not to walk with him your dominion is still there the whole city was in Blackness because of people’s hearts. The city didn’t have blackness and I saw God do something to the bottom of the city. He shook it and he kept on shaking it and he kept on shaking it. And then he kept on shaking it until I saw the people who were full and black the Blackness drained out of them. Like a sewage drain the Blackness of the city drained out of the city. Like a sewage drain until the city was a pure white because the people were pure white.

Nineveh right? Nineveh huh Church please be ready this is a call so sharp of a will you say yes or will you say no there is no in between and you know what you have to do.

Diana Larkin - CLEAN UP ON AISLE SEVEN - March 20, 2024

“The CLEAN UP ON AISLE SEVEN has begun in earnest. I AM speaking of the CLEANING OUT of My Church of CORRUPTION, PERVERSION, and BETRAYAL. Leaders who are HIDING BEHIND RELIGIOUS MASKS but who are INWARDLY WOLVES will be EXPOSED and REMOVED. These WHITE-WASHED TOMBS have INFLUENCED congregations and whole movements to focus on OUTWARD CONFORMING BEHAVIORS but NEVER DEALING WITH the DEEP ISSUES of the human HEART. These people can quote My Word and SOUND so SPIRITUAL but, behind closed doors, they INDULGE in CORRUPTION and PERVERSION. I AM DONE with these churches who teach OUTWARD CONFORMITY and IGNORE INNER TRANSFORMATION of the heart. They raise up people who are CRITICAL of TRUE FREEDOM and who LOOK DOWN THEIR NOSES at those who need My RESCUE and DELIVERANCE. These people know My Word, but they DO NOT KNOW MY HEART. Those in the world with BROKEN LIVES, CAPTURED by SIN, DO NOT NEED a set of OUTWARD RELIGIOUS RULES. They need to KNOW the HEART of a Father who would GIVE His Son’s LIFE for them. They need to KNOW the POWER of My Spirit to TRANSFORM their lives from the INSIDE OUT. I want them to EXPERIENCE a SUPERNATURAL God who SAVES, HEALS, and DELIVERS, and who wants to be KNOWN—DEEPLY KNOWN, HEART TO HEART. I want them to live in My SIGNS, WONDERS, and MIRACLES every day. Yes, I want them to know and TREASURE My written Word, but LIFE IN ME IS SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT! I AM SHAKING My Church AWAKE and DELIVERING it out of the RELIGIOUS SPIRIT and into the FREEDOM of truly CHANGED LIVES and HEARTS. The religious spirit has ALLOWED DEEP CORRUPTION into the Church, and I AM REMOVING these leaders and bringing My CONVICTION to those who followed them. NO MORE OUTWARD RELIGION THAT PUTS ME IN A BOX. This New Era will bring My FREEDOM and My HEART to all areas of society, but it must FIRST begin in the HEARTS of My people. The CLEAN UP ON AISLE SEVEN will result in a POWERFUL, REAL, and LOVING EXPRESSION of My heart; and many will be drawn in and will experience TRANSFORMED HEARTS and LIVES.”

Bo Polny - They will Scream & Cry Out... OH MY GOD!!! - March 20, 2024

Jar of Clay, 2024

ThereseMarie74 - @BoPolny this prophecy is for you. - March 16, 2024

Jesus says, “I have told you that the Great Silence is imminent. The Great Silence is growing more imminent every day. When the banks declare that they cannot loan any more money there is going to be an implosion in the financial system. The head of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, is calling for an emergency. He knows he is going down with the ship. There is nothing he can do to save the Babylonian system. The enemies of God are turning on one another. They are not getting what they thought they would get and they are angry. They are angry that they are not getting what they want. I have told you that they would do everything they can to make the people want to give up. I am the Lord of the “Breakthrough”. It is written in 2 Samuel 5:20, David broke through the Philistines attacks with the power of God. The Baal-perazim is known as the place of the “Breakthrough. I am breaking through every plot, plan, blueprint, schemes and attacks by your enemies. I know their plans. I am about to reveal to all of you all the lies that you have believed for decades and decades and decades. As I have said before and I will say again. Your clocks have been wrong just as your calendar has been wrong.”

ThereseMarie74 - Time Zone - March 11, 2024

Jesus says, “All the countries in North America should be on one time zone. The United States of America should be on one time zone not three time zones. If you can fly across the United States in two hours, yes I said two hours, why do you need three time zones? That does not make any sense. The Military is going to reveal many discoveries which have been hidden from you. There have been many ways for faster traveling discovered but these faster ways of traveling have been hidden. You should be able to travel across this nation many times a day within two hours. When you travel within two hours your time should not change. California and Maine should not be three hours apart in time. The whole country should be on one time. The latitude and the longitude of your maps is not correct. The earth is not round and the earth is not flat. The earth is a different shape than anyone thinks of it.”


“You are seeing unfold before you some WINS and some APPARENT LOSSES, as the war between LIGHT and DARK and JUSTICE and INJUSTICE moves towards a CRISIS POINT. Don’t let the enemy plant DISCOURAGEMENT in your minds over the SEEMING LOSSES. These LOSSES are BOLSTERING the darkness’ CONFIDENCE, and their ARROGANCE will LURE them DEEPER into My TRAP. Remember that I have told you to look at events with SPIRITUAL EYES—that is, you see events from My BIGGER PERSPECTIVE. This is what I AM showing you is happening behind the scenes to these earthly men who think they are gods. They believe that events are moving them towards a line-up for PROMOTION and GREAT RICHES. I will show you that they are being LINED UP, all right. They will find themselves in a LINE-UP for JUDGMENT and JUSTICE with all their WEALTH, POWER, and POSITIONS STRIPPED FROM THEM. Don’t get caught up in believing DOOM and GLOOM REPORTS. Use your AUTHORITY to continue to call out for EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE. Decree that My JUDGMENT and JUSTICE would be released on your Nation and that their SOURCES of MONEY would be CUT OFF and DIVERTED to the RIGHTEOUS. Declare that all their evil schemes would BACKFIRE on them and that they would FEEL Haman’s NOOSE around their necks. I AM promising you that SEEMING LOSSES WILL BECOME TRIUMPHS.”