Updated 1-14-23: The Truman Show was a movie about Truman Burbank his entire life has been controlled and broadcast worldwide in a television show. He thought he was living an ordinary life but situations and his reality were being controlled by the director working behind the scenes.
Slowly he realized something is very wrong and manages to conquer his fear and escape from the dome or his false reality to discover the truth and his freedom.

Under the first four years under Trump’s presidency, we too discovered levels of corruption, collusion, and evil that even the most cynical had no idea was happening in society. Given the tight control over information in all levels of society and deep state points to a divine hand behind the public becoming aware if. “Almost every conspiracy theory that people had about Twitter turned out to be true.” (Elon Musk)

Many modern-day Judas have come forward in public, having sold their souls for 30 pcs of silver. In contrast for good, a spiritual revival is starting spreading across the country. With this move of God in the country, we may expect to see great exposure on overturning of evil-controlled dominions in media, government, entertainment, business, education, and even in some religious groups. The levels at all levels of society as well as programming is truly stunning. God, His word, and pray completely removed from society as part of the programing. By evil at all levels of society. It’s to embrace God. It’s time to petition God and take back our truth, liberty, and freedom. If you hadn’t noticed God is forcing people to take sides. Between good and evil there is no middle ground, there never has been.

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