“In the devil’s theology, the important thing is to be absolutely right and to prove that everybody else is absolutely wrong.”
— Thomas Merton (1915-1968)

Thomas Merton was a Trappist monk, author, social activist, mystic, theologian, and scholar of comparative religion. His observations on the evil we see everywhere in our secular humanist society today. The devil offers the evil exact opposite to God’s laws and truth. We see many forcefully pushing and even threating for acceptance of moral behavior which God has clearly warned is sin. God’s Laws are social justice, but it’s not the social justice movement in society today. That leads to evil which is detrimental and destructive to society.

This evil pushes for laws to force people into violating God’s Law such as paying for abortion, or under penalty of law in trying to censor or control free speech, or punish those who would call out sin or sinful behavior. Totalitarian governments and regimes operate through fear, intimidation, and even death as they force compliance with evil against God’s laws.

It has been said society is truly fallen when people can no longer be allowed to call out sinful behavior. If we wish to be righteous people and maintain our liberty and principles of free government. We need to call out the devil’s theology in all aspects of society. Which of course means this starts with us first. Most people know something is wrong, very wrong in society, but can identify the cause. It’s the devil’s theology pushed by the Left and secular humanists. It is absolutely wrong and is destroying many lives and society at large. Because it destroys everything that it touches.

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