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“In the Soviet Union you could clearly see your enemy, where in the west you don’t.”

— Josjo [Joseph] Terelya, Ukrane (moved to Canada) (1943-2009) Imprisoned & tortured for twenty years because of his Catholic faith; experienced visions and given messages by the Virgin Mary while in the Soviet Gulags

(An enemy of God is an enemy of the people.)

Seldom anymore do we see the who, what, where, why, and when of a news story from any of the mainstream media or print media outlets. What we do see from the major “fake news” networks, much of print media, as well as social media platforms (selected) news feeds, is a systematic and unceasing stream of propaganda, half-truths, compulsive lies, and twisting of stories and political narrative to deliberately mislead the viewer’s opinions. We see some reporters who are spiritually dead inside doing evil through lies and deception hiding the truth, influencing people’s thinking, public opinion, and direction of culture. Changing the direction of culture in a way that is contrary to God’s Laws and Biblical principles towards evil (the father of lies). Media in many cases has become an enemy of God, truth, and an enemy of the people.

Therefore this website/blog will no longer list news articles and links unless it focused on God’s hand in history or prophetic event or situation.

News 2020-2021

Shirtless Man Caught On Video Throwing Rock At Jesus Statue, Lighting Church Property On Fire

The man appears at Saint Bernard Catholic Church in Sunrise early Sunday, according to surveillance video, and is holding a large object. He throws the object at the statue of Jesus, knocking it down. Minutes later, the man pours an accelerant on the ground where the statue stood, and sets it on fire. (Daily Caller)

Sidney Powell: 'Biblical' Lawsuit Coming, Accuses Ga. Gov. Kemp of Deal With Dominion

“We’ve got tons of evidence; it’s so much, it’s hard to pull it all together,” Powell told Saturday night’s “The Count” co-hosted by Rob Schmitt and Mark Halperin, teasing the explosive allegation of the Georgia governor in a contested and key battleground state.

“Hopefully this week we will get it ready to file, and it will be biblical.

“It’s a massive project to pull this fraud claim together with the evidence that I want to put in,” she added.

“You name the manner of fraud and it occurred in Georgia.” (Newsmax)

Plenty of evidence suggests Trump is fulfilling prophecy, leading America back to God

Did you catch President Trump the other day acknowledging Jesus Christ by name? Did you see him pointing up to heaven and saying we need … help from God, not only science, in dealing with coronavirus?

Is Trump counting on God to put him back in the White House?

His decisions this week to remove political limitations on research cooperation between the United States and Israel, and to allow Americans born in Jerusalem to choose to put Israel on their passports, are meant to reaffirm his commitment to America’s 90 million Evangelical Christians.

Trump’s recent moves – and predictably there will be more where these came from in the coming days – are seen by Evangelicals as manifestations of the Bible.

These new announcements will remind voters of his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and announcement that America no longer views Israeli settlements as illegal.

When packaged with the recent normalization agreements the president helped forge between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and now Sudan …

“Blessed are the peacemakers,” Jesus told the Christians. The Apostle Paul said that, “if possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men.”

Exorcism: Increasingly frequent, including after US protests

In Portland, Oregon, Archbishop Alexander Sample led a procession of more than 200 people to a city park on Oct. 17, offered a prayer, then conducted a Latin exorcism rite intended to purge the community of evil. The event followed more than four months of racial justice protests in Portland, mostly peaceful but sometimes fueling violence and riots. …

The 2020 Elections will determine the Future Spiritual Direction of the United States of America.

We do not have a “political divide” in the United States today, we have “spiritual divide” or Biblically speaking the children light and the children of darkness. The spiritual divide is between those who respect and honor God and His Laws, the Constitution, and the Judeo-Christian traditions our country was founded, against those who out of ignorance, or entanglement or alliance with evil won’t. “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” [John 14:15]. …  Link to The Spiritual Divide

If we look at the spiritual divide in society, we see on one side a rejection of any absolutes of right and wrong, and of God’s Law. Liberalism leads to progressivism, which leads to socialism, communism, and then to luciferianism. It is a path that leads away from God, which leads from a happy orderly society with liberty into decay, anarchy, and barbarism.

Liberalism is the root of heresy, the tree of evil in whose branches all the harpies of infidelity find ample shelter; it is today the evil of all evils.1
— Don Felix Sarda Y Salvany (1844-1916) Priest in Barcelona, Spain, and Editor of La Revista Popular

It appears that God is forcing each of us to a make choice on which side of the spiritual cultural divide or team we are on. “He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters?” [Matthew 12:30] This divide is a spiritual war is between forces of good vs. evil worked out in the physical world through the choices we make (free will) either for good or evil. It is a civil war for the heart and soul of the country. The chaos will only increase until enough American forcefully push back on the evil in society, government, elected officials, media, and schools and hold them to account to God’s Moral Law.

In your hands with your actions in life and voting the survival of the republic, this American experiment in civil government and liberty rests. It is to God and the posterity you owe this most sacred duty. Not in leaving them wealth, but liberty and freedom. You understand of the times, you know your duty and know what ought to do. The question is with your knowledge what will you do with it?

Never let it be asked by your children, what were you doing when we lost our liberty?

Honor God with Your Vote

If you don’t normally pray for your country NOW would be a good time to do it. For next 40 days preceding the election, commit yourself every day to pray for elected officials and for your fellow citizens that their hearts be softened, and minds be opened to the Holy Spirits and God’s will be done in for their vote on election day. Pray that the evil we see in society, media, social media, government, education, entertainment, business, religion be restrained. Pray protection of yourself, family, and friends for protection.

 It can be extremely difficult to pray for elected officials you do not like, or those who are liberal, progressive, socialist, arrogant, or those of bad character. But the more we pray for God to bless our nation, the more evil will be restrained and God can soften the hearts and open the minds of citizens and those in elected office. In addition consider what you are willing to give up for the next 40 days and fasting on election day.

Jonathan Cahn: Warning for Election Day Call For Day of Prayer and Fasting on Nov. 3

“We are standing at a most critical moment. In a short time, America will be deciding its future. It is undoubtedly the most pivotal election of our lifetime. And never in our lifetime has this nation been as divided as it is now.” …  a “window of time” to return to God that could shut and “seal our nation’s departure, its fall, its apostasy – and its progression to judgment.” He urges Americans to make next Tuesday “God’s Day,” “The Day of Prayer and Fasting.”

“Spread the word, tell your friends, your pastors, commit that day in your homes, on your jobs, in your churches, your fellowships, to humble ourselves, to pray, to seek His face, and to turn from our evil ways, that He will hear from heaven and answer us.” – A Comparison of Democratic and Republican Party Platforms

Also a timeline of Democratic Party National Platform Language

1952 “[I]t is our prayerful hope. . . that Almighty God may grant us the wisdom to succeed.” “Under the guidance, protection, and help of Almighty God we shall succeed in bringing to the people of this Nation a better and more rewarding life.”

Today …

2012 President Obama and Democrats will continue to stand up to Republican efforts to defund Planned Parenthood health centers. The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to make decisions regarding her pregnancy, including a safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay. We oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right. We oppose discriminatory federal and state constitutional amendments and other attempts to deny equal protection of the laws to committed same-sex couples who seek the same respect and responsibilities as other married couples. We support the full repeal of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act and the passage of the Respect for Marriage Act.

2016 Note that there is no mention of religious freedom in the context of abortion in the 2016 platform. The 2016 platform for the first time explicitly calls for the repeal of the Hyde Amendment which restricts the use of Medicaid funds for abortions. In other words, the Democratic platform supports having you pay for others’ abortions. Democrats applaud last year’s decision by the Supreme Court that recognized that LGBT people—like other Americans—have the right to marry the person they love. But there is still much work to be done. We support a progressive vision of religious freedom that respects pluralism and rejects the misuse of religion to discriminate. We believe unequivocally, like the majority of Americans, that every woman should have access to quality reproductive health care services, including safe and legal abortion—regardless of where she lives, how much money she makes, or how she is insured. We believe that reproductive health is core to women’s, men’s, and young people’s health and wellbeing. We will continue to stand up to Republican efforts to defund Planned Parenthood health centers, which provide critical health services to millions of people. We will continue to oppose—and seek to overturn—federal and state laws and policies that impede a woman’s access to abortion, including by repealing the Hyde Amendment. 

Thousands of witches plotting to cast ‘binding spell’ on Donald Trump on Halloween so he loses to Biden on election day

THOUSANDS of witches are plotting to cast a “binding spell” on Donald Trump on Halloween, so that he loses the US election. The mystic women believe that the two full moons this month have given them extra magical powers to kick Trump out of the White House. The witches are also celebrating the rare confluence of the two “powerful” moon events in October – in effort to get Joe Biden elected in November.

*Question of course is what has Donald Trump done that they should cast a spell to see him removed from office. Conversly what does Joe Biden offer that appeals to witches?

Why the Left Hates Religion

(And why Christians and Jews are Public Enemy #1 for progressives.) – Written by Don Feder

Americans remain the most religious people in the industrialized world: 87% believe in God, two-thirds say they’re Christians, and 45% attend religious services at least once a month (23% weekly).

One political party supports their worldview, the other disdains it. One views religion as an ally, the other as an adversary. …

In his seminal work, The Clash of Civilization and Remaking of World Order, Samuel Huntington predicted that future wars would be between cultures, not countries.

In America, the culture war is between the left’s neo-Marxist worldview – which has come to dominate the Democrat Party — and what’s called the Judeo-Christian ethic.

The Devil Wants a Civil War

… The devil wants civil war. He seeks to divide because he wants to destroy. Christ seeks to unite because he wants to glorify and perfect. Destruction or glory—this is the choice the Church, the nation, and the world face. On the surface it would appear to be a simple choice, a no-brainer. …

The devil brings forth the bad fruits of division and destruction. And he is doing it again right now.

The devil’s destructive forces have taken many forms over the millennia, but one of his most successful and deadly in modern times is Marxism. Marxists seek to tear down and destroy. Marxists hate the world and its Creator. They believe that they are morally superior to God Himself and can do a much better job at building a just society. But before they can do that they must destroy the old society. That means they must destroy what Mao and his Red Guards called the Four Olds: Old Customs, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Ideas. Thus, things like the Church and the Constitution must be obliterated.

Like their father, the devil, the Marxists destroy by sowing division. They divide based on class, age, gender, race, and sexual desires. They turn people against each other using the deadly sins of greed, envy, wrath, and pride. Then they burn everything to the ground. The entire system must be destroyed completely and utterly. The Old Customs, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Ideas are blamed for all the evils of mankind and therefore anyone who still holds to them is evil as well. These evil people who adhere to the Four Olds find their property stolen or destroyed, their reputations sullied, their families persecuted, and themselves either executed or sent off to the gulag or work camps where they are tortured for years, sometimes until the day they die.

Many of the well-meaning followers of Marxist ideologies (including a large number of Christians) believe that after the old, evil system is destroyed that a new and just system will be erected in its place—the perfect Communist society. But this never happens, because the devil cannot build; he can only destroy.

Prayer march Washington DC September 2020

Case of juror removed for receiving divine guidance gets new hearing. Precedent could disqualify millions of Americans from jury duty.

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday agreed to hear a full court appeal of a case in which a juror was dismissed for stating he received divine guidance during trial deliberations.

Former Democratic Congresswoman Corrine Brown is asking for  a retrial of her fraud case, arguing U.S. District Judge Timothy Corrigan wrongly removed a juror for telling other jurors he had prayed for guidance from the Holy Spirit and believed Brown was innocent.

North Carolina cop’s ominous resignation letter amid mass police exodus goes viral: ‘Evil is real’

What is happening to our police forces?

 … “I truly wish I could have offered you more safety and protection,” he wrote. “My time as a CRO has been a constant balance of defending APD, and acknowledging the shortfalls of APD. I tried my best to be transparent and honest with you all. I’ve come to the conclusion that APD is tasked with stopping societal issues, and disorder, but it is not within our capacity. We can only put a bandaid on these issues. Strong communities are the real remedy.”

Wilson added that police officers at large need the support of their communities in order to function properly.

“After ten years at APD, I can say confidently that APD officers are good people with good hearts,” he concluded. “Evil is real. Evil exists in Asheville, officers are surrounded by it, and they do their best with what they have. Please remember that.”

Spiritual Revival? Nearly 1,000 Get Baptized on California Beach – By Billy Hallowell – A California church is making headlines after nearly 1,000 people showed up to be baptized on Saturday at Corona Del Mar State Beach in Newport Beach, California.

Gina Gleason, church director at Calvary Chapel Church in Chino Hills, told CBN News that the event, which was a record showing of baptisms for the church, was absolutely “remarkable.”

“California may be experiencing a spiritual revival,” Gleason said. “It’s remarkable and a significant number.”

No, the Woke Won’t Debate You. Here’s Why. – By James Lindsay – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked why it is that the Woke won’t seem to have a debate or discussion about their views, and I’ve been meaning to write something about it for ages, probably a year at this point. Surely you’ll have noticed that they don’t tend to engage in debates or conversation?

It is not, as many think, a fear of being exposed as fraudulent or illegitimate—or otherwise of losing the debate or looking bad in the challenging conversation—that prevents those who have internalized a significant amount of the Critical Social Justice Theory mindset that prevents these sorts of things from happening. There’s a mountain of Theoretical reasons that they would avoid all such activities, and even if those are mere rationalizations of a more straightforward fear of being exposed as fraudulent or losing, they are shockingly well-developed and consistent rationalizations that deserve proper consideration and full explanation. …

Note: Cultural Marxism has branched into Critical Social Justice Theory, Gender Studies, and other gripe disciplines. It is still based on the tenets of Marxism which is a war against God. To destroy God, capitalism, and western Christian civilization. Karl Marx wrote, “Thus Heaven I’ve forfeited, I know it well. My soul, once true to God, is chosen for Hell.” Those to adhere to these evil religious doctrines are in rebellion against God.

For a generation after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, most Americans and Europeans regarded Marxism as an enemy that had been defeated once and for all. But they were wrong. A mere 30 years later, Marxism is back, and making an astonishingly successful bid to seize control of the most important American media companies, universities and schools, major corporations and philanthropic organizations, and even the courts, the government bureaucracy, and some churches. As American cities succumb to rioting, arson, and looting, it appears as though the liberal custodians of many of these institutions—from the New York Times to Princeton University—have despaired of regaining control of them, and are instead adopting a policy of accommodation. That is, they are attempting to appease their Marxist employees by giving in to some of their demands in the hope of not being swept away entirely.

We don’t know what will happen for certain. But based on the experience of recent years, we can venture a pretty good guess. Institutional liberalism lacks the resources to contend with this threat. Liberalism is being expelled from its former strongholds, and the hegemony of liberal ideas, as we have known it since the 1960s, will end. Anti-Marxist liberals are about to find themselves in much the same situation that has characterized conservatives, nationalists, and Christians for some time now: They are about to find themselves in the opposition.